See Dave Chappelle Spoof ‘Stranger Things’ in Teaser for New Special

Dave Chappelle announced the release date for his third Netflix special on Friday. Dave Chappelle: Equanimity is due out on December 31st. 

In the brief teaser for the project, Chappelle inserts himself into a scene from the

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The story of Timbuktu


Timbuktu is a legendary ancient city in Mali that sits around 12 miles north of the Niger River. The city has found its way into folklore and has a number of legends surrounding it. Timbuktu started out as a 12th Century settlement before becoming a part of the Mali Empire by the 14th Century. The city is shrouded in mystery, with a reputation in the West of being a city of great wealth and intrigue.

By 1988, the city had been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and, by 2005 it had been categorized as an endangered site, largely due to the conflict in the area. In spite of this, Timbuktu remains popular with tourists and has contributed a lot to the economy of Mali. We’re going to take a look at the story of Timbuktu and find out more about this fascinating ancient city.

Trading post

The city started life as a settlement but really came to prominence as a trading post on the trans-Saharan caravan route. By the 14th Century, gold and salt trade was of enormous importance in Africa, and Timbuktu was a crucial part of this trade. There was also a big slave trade history attached to the city, and this gave it status in early times. In recent times, the main source of trade has been rock salt, and Timbuktu is a pivotal trading route for this.

Legend of Timbuktu

During the 14th Century, at the height of its trading power, Timbuktu was thought to be a city of supreme wealth and status. In fact, tales of its wealth and legend grew and spread as far as Europe. This legend is thought to have been traced back to 1324 when the Malian emperor traveled through Cairo on his way to Mecca. While in Cairo, the local merchants and traders were mesmerized by the gold the emperor was carrying, and he told them all it was gold from Timbuktu. This legend was cemented when, some 30 years later, Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta wrote of a city made of gold.

Worlds collide

Such was the legend of the city that many from other continents were desperate to visit and see this mythical city of gold. There were many expeditions over the years that almost all ended in failure, and, it wasn’t until 1826 that Europe finally arrived in Timbuktu, in the form of Scottish explorer Gordon Laing. He found only a desolate, uncivilized city, with a modest salt trade. This anticlimactic experience was shared by subsequent future explorer, including Rene-Auguste Caillie, and Heinrich Barth, who later published books about it.

Timbuktu is one of the most famous and iconic ancient cities in the world. Despite the recent terrorist attacks taking place in and around the city in the past few years, the city is still culturally significant. It’s a city full of incredible history and mythology, and a place you should definitely try to visit. There might be the worthy of finding it underwhelming, as Laing did, but, the sheer influence and legend of the place will make the visit worthwhile. Though not exactly the city of gold we were all hoping for, the trade history of Timbuktu makes it a hugely important city in the history of Africa.


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A vacation in Bora Bora


The French-Polynesian island of Bora Bora is one of the most lavish and ostentatious vacation destinations in the world. A vacation in Bora Bora is something most people can only dream about, and you should make sure you get it on your bucket list right now. Surrounded by a lagoon, and a barrier reef, this is an area of staggering natural beauty just waiting to be discovered.

This major tourist destination is full of luxury resorts and hotels, but, don’t think that means you can’t visit Bora Bora on a budget as well. We love the fact that Bora Bora is one of those unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime destinations, and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to enjoy yourself. Here are some great ideas for an epic adventure in Bora Bora – and some money-saving tips as well.

Getting there

Flights to Bora Bora are traditionally expensive, but, that’s why we think you should look for cheaper alternatives. For example, air miles will cut down on prices significantly, but, we realize you may not have those. So, you need to look for cheaper flights, and these will often depend on where you’re flying from. If you’re going to fly from the USA it is trickier to find cheap flights, but, you could catch a flight from Honolulu to Tahiti for a fairly low price (around $ 300), and Tahiti is very close to Bora Bora. Of course, there are cheaper flights available from places like Europe, so it depends on where you fly from.

Staying in Bora Bora

There are plenty of great ideas for places to stay in Bora Bora these days, and it all depends on your budget. There are some luxury villas and resorts you can stay at, like the Bora-Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa – but, this might be out of the price range of a lot of people. So, you could consider staying somewhere like Villa Temanuata, where you can pay as little as $ 70 per night. There are a lot of different accommodation choices when you visit Bora Bora, and much of it depends on what you have to spend.

What to do on the island

There are loads of things you can do on the island – some people might just want to lie in the sun, soak up some rays, and swim in the warm ocean. But, others might want to get out and see the island. You can swim in the stunning lagoon, go on an all-day hike, or visit some other islands in French-Polynesia. There are loads of excursions here, but they can be pretty pricy. You might be better off checking out one of the adjacent islands, and taking an excursion from there, as it might be cheaper.

Bora Bora is one of the leading destinations for those wanting amazing weather and stunning surroundings. This is the place to be if you want to relax in a tropical paradise, and forget all the stress and worries in your life. We hope the ideas and suggestions here are going to be useful if you want to take a location to this incredible place.


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‘Wonder’ Review: Family Tearjerker Avoids Cloying Cliches (for the Most Part)

On the surface. Wonder looks like the kind of family-pandering pap that makes me want to run the other way. Do you really want to spend two hours watching the plight of a young boy born with a congenital facial deformity that gets him ridiculed when he musters the courage to go outside without hiding under his favorite astronaut helmet? Based on a 2012 bestseller by R. J. Palacio that

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Things you did not know about the Eiffel tower


As the most iconic symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the top tourist attractions, and the highlight of Paris, City of Love. The Iron Lady has reached her 128th year this year and is one of the finest sights in all of France. If you’ve never been to this majestic construct, the time to go is now – she’s pretty stunning! In fact, over 300 million people have gazed upon this epic structure and been inspired.

There are so many wonderful facts about the Eiffel Tower and plenty of things we already know about it. But, there are also a lot of things we don’t know about her, and some of them are much more epic and interesting than we would ever have considered. Tall, chic, and rich in history, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect Parisian landmark, and here are some of the most awesome things you never knew about The Iron Lady.

She wasn’t built to last

The Eiffel Tower, incredibly, was only actually designed to last for 20 years! Constructed by Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the French Revolution, it was meant to showcase the industrial might of France as a nation. Now, the plan was that it would be pulled down after twenty years – point proven and all that! Gustave Eiffel convinced the Government to leave it up, and, for a time it doubled as a telegraph transmitter. This could even have been the decisive factor that saved it from being torn down.

You can ice skate on there

The viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower actually doubles up as an ice rink in the winter, and you can buy tickets to go skate up there. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something romantic to do while in the City of Love. This is an amazing experience, and one you may not get again, so we suggest you make the most of it as much as you possibly can. Situated on the first floor of the tower, the ice rink is open from December through February, and has an amazing 50-plus foot bar where you can get mulled wine and all sorts!

Repaint job

A structure as large, and old as the Eiffel Tower, can’t look this majestic simply by being left to its own devices. It needs constant attention and no small amount of TLC. The tower herself has actually been repainted 18 times over the years, which, considering her age, is not actually as much as we were expecting. But this could have something to do with the fact that it requires 60 tons of paint, just to give it its first coat! Yikes! This is clearly not a job that can be done in a single afternoon!

It’s been replicated

It might surprise you to know that the Eiffel Tower has actually been replicated numerous times. In fact, at last count, there were over 40 different replicas of the tower all over the world. These include one in Las Vegas and one in Tokyo. Paris, Texas also has one, and it wears a stetson, in typical Texas style! It’s amazing that there have been so many replicas of this wonderful structure, but that goes to show the impact and importance of the tower throughout the world.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable constructs in the world, and it’s got a lot going for it. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and iconic, but it is also one of the most interesting and architecturally impressive feats in the modern world. Next time you visit Paris, you have to go see the Eiffel Tower, and, if you’re there in the winter, please be sure you go ice skating on the first floor.


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Travelling on the Inca jungle trek


Jungle trekking is the most exciting and exotic of pastimes, and there is no better way to experience this than to take part in the Inca Jungle Trek. It is viewed as the most appealing and adventurous trekking experience in Peru’s Cusco region – there is also plenty of variety here too. You can trek, mountain bike down a mountain, go river rafting, and take a zip wire too if you want to. There are programs that span a few days, and you should try to make the most of these where possible.

If you’re something of an adrenaline junkie, and you are looking for an adventure that fulfills your physical and emotional needs, this is perfect for you. It’s an action-packed trek, in one of the world’s most beautiful areas. It all depends on your preference, but, we think this is the ideal trip for anyone who wants to be active and take an interest in the wonderful natural beauty of Peru. These are some of the wicked activities you’ll be enjoying when it comes time to take the Inca jungle trek.

Mountain biking

This isn’t for everyone, granted, but it is a big part of the Inca Jungle trail and one that you’ll need to embrace wholeheartedly. The company you’re traveling with should provide you with helmets, hi-vis vests, and sturdy, reliable bikes. There will also be protective body gear as well for those who are a little more cautious. For some tours there will also be a vehicle accompanying in the event of injury or fatigue, make sure your tour company offers this before you book.


In our opinion, this is the coolest part of the Inca Jungle Trek experience. Taking place on the first day, just after lunch, rafting is an incredible way of seeing these amazing surroundings. You will need to put your name down if you want to take part in this, and we definitely recommend that’s what you do. You’ll be provided with safety equipment as well as the rafts, and you’ll get an experienced tour guide to take you round as well. The rapids are not too strong on the river, so it is fine for those feeling a little less confident – if the river is treacherous they will cancel the rafting trip.

Zip lining

The voluntary zip line is another incredibly cool way of getting around on the Inca jungle trek. It’s exhilarating and will give you a whole new view of the surrounding area. As an added bonus, this will cost you extra money to book, but it’s definitely worthwhile doing it. You’ll only have to part with $ 40-50 in order to enjoy this experience, and it’s something you’ve got to make sure you add. You’ll get transportation to and from the zip lines, and you’ll get to experience several zips before continuing your trek.


Of course, the most frequent part of the trek is going to involve hiking so you will need to have a passion for this, and a love for the great outdoors. The main portion of the hiking will take place on the last day of the tour, and will involve hiking to the forests around Machu Picchu. You will also get a tour guide who will take you around and educate you about the area. All this puts the perfect seal on what should prove to be a fascinating experience.

If you’re serious about traveling on the Inca jungle trek, you need to have some idea of what that entails, and what you need to do to prepare. Understanding the different areas of the trek is crucial for enhancing your enjoyment, and ensuring that you make the most of this opportunity. We hope that you have found this post useful and that it will help you to make the most of your opportunity.


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LP Pathfinders: video of the month, October 2017

Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal © chuvipro / Getty Images

Every month, we curate the best blog posts and Instagrams from our Lonely Planet Pathfinders.

This month’s feature is from videographer and Lonely Planet Pathfinder Mark Hadj Hamou who has captured some inspiring footage of his recent trip to India.

Aside from the marvels we witnessed during our trip to India, I was struck by the incredible people we met. A destination that offered a true escape from my everyday routine, I left part of myself in India and have been fighting a sense of nostalgia ever since. These are my dreams of India.

Dreams of India – Mark Hadj Hamou

A huge hat tip to Mark who has perfectly paired a variety of shots of daily life in India with up-close shots of characterful locals and fellow travellers; together they enable us to see India from his perspective. We particularly enjoy the use of spoken word at the beginning of the video which helps tie the footage together.

Once again, we were bowled over by the standard of videos submitted this month. We particularly enjoyed Explore with Ed’s feature which captured a whole lot of adventure in 48 hours in Amsterdam, while Sabina from Girl vs Globe shows us how best to save some Euros in Venice.

Thank you to all the Pathfinders who submitted videos this month – keep your eyes peeled on our Thorn Tree forum where we’ll post the next submission call-out. Find out what else our Lonely Planet Pathfinders are up to (or sign up yourself!) by checking out the Pathfinders video playlist and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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See the world with Virgin Atlantic – Over 30 Destinations Worldwide

Winter town and city breaks: readers’ travel tips

A party vibe, sunshine, snow, shopping … our tipsters look beyond the major capitals to recommend idyllic seasonal breaks from Madeira to Romania. And yes, of course there’ll be glühwein
Write a readers’ travel tip for the chance of winning a £200 hotel voucher

Even in the pelting snow, you can enjoy an evening passeggiata in Modena under the porticos that line all the major streets. Dusk in this Emilia-Romagna town is glorious, with lanterns hanging under arches that are home to lots of cosy bars and cafes. It’s a compact historical centre, thronging at weekends when it’s closed to traffic – a delight just to wander at will, enjoying the lively hubbub. Our favourite place for an aperitivo is Mercato Albinelli, the covered market, which stays open late on Saturday evening. We browsed the stalls, picking up some gourmet treats, then made our way to one of the market’s bars, where you can grab a glass of wine with a platter of local prosciutto and Parmesan for a few euro.
M Thurstan

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The Dude Abides: Every Jeff Bridges Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

For decades now, Jeff Bridges has been one of our greatest American actors. But he's also been, at times, one of our quietest – a workhorse of a performer who rarely draws attention to himself. (Did you know that he appeared in

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24 hours in Seattle


Seattle. The Emerald City. City of eternal drizzle, but, also, of breathtaking beauty and adventure. The pride of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is one of the best and most underappreciated cities in the United States. If you want to check out the gorgeous state of Washington, you definitely need to make sure you swing by Seattle and spend 24 hours here.

The best thing to do is to plan your trip to Jet City in order to make sure you get the most out of it. There is so much here that even the locals never fully uncover, and you’ve got 24 hours to try to experience it all. So this is our guide for some of the most amazing experiences you need to try to cram into your 24 hour visit to Seattle! Don’t forget your raincoat!

Space Needle

One of the great defining landmarks of Seattle is the Space Needle. Anyone who watched The Killing will be keenly aware of what it does for the Seattle skyline. So, make sure you pay a visit to this wonderful Seattle icon. If you’re looking to save some $ $ $ we would advise skipping the view at the top, as it can prove to be expensive. You will find the Seattle Center here too, a 74-acre campus dedicated to science, entertainment, education, and business. This is definitely a great place to kill a couple hours.

Pike Place Market

We love a good market, and, there is nowhere better in Seattle to experience and sample local food and produce than Pike Place Market. There’s also an epic fish market here as well that we totally suggest you try to check out. This is a wonderful place to come to grab some delicious local food, and browse the farmer’s stalls and pop up restaurants while listening to talented local musicians. Whatever takes your fancy, we’re sure you will find something to enjoy with a visit to this market.

Walk along the waterfront

It’s also important to make sure you enjoy some of the amazing sights and natural beauty of Seattle. It might rain a lot, but it’s also a stunning city, and a walk along the waterfront is the perfect way to experience this. The waterfront stretches alongside Elliott Bay and is a pretty awesome spot to check out the city. This is also a great choice for those wanting a romantic walk along the river at night. Of course, you only have 24 hours so you may want to plan when to walk along the waterfront.

Take a water taxi

As a harbor city, Seattle has a huge body of water that you should check out. Taking a water taxi out to the port or bay is an excellent way of getting some breathtaking scenery, and seeing Seattle from a different perspective. This is actually best to do after so you can see the city all lit up, but make sure you note the return times. These taxi rides take about 10 minutes and are a fantastic experience for you, as well as one that won’t take forever.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, it’s time to change that and head over to the Northwest to spend some time in this amazing city. Washington has some amazing cities, but there aren’t many out there as fantastic as Seattle. We hope you will find our guide useful, and that it will help you to have a fantastic 24 hour break in The Emerald City.


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What you need to know about group traveling


Traveling can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but, traveling as a group can become even more arduous. There are a lot of different things to account for, and you need to try to accommodate everybody’s tastes. Group vacations have become really popular in the past few years, and this trend looks to continue for the time being. So, you may want to know some tips about traveling as part of a group.

If you’re heading abroad it’s highly likely you’re going to want to take a group tour. These are excellent because they are helmed by a guide, and, as such they are insightful, and an excellent way of getting a great dose of new culture. However, group tours can sometimes be restrictive on what they allow you to do, and that can be an issue… As long as you follow our handy tips, group traveling will be a breeze!

Get to know the group

The most important thing to do is to get to know the people in the group who are traveling with you. Some of them might be friends and family, but others may be total strangers, and it’s important to try to get friendly with them. This is going to make things a whole lot easier in the long run and will make the trip more enjoyable. Also, this is a unique experience and opportunity for the people on the trip, and it will no doubt bring you closer together as a group. You might even make friends from taking this approach, and everyone could do with a couple of extra pals!

Patience is a virtue

Bear in mind that group tours, while interesting, and occasionally fun, can also be trying and monotonous. There are going to be elements that get on your nerves, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, let them get to you. Try to exercise patience where you can, as that is the most important way of enjoying a big group experience like this. Don’t forget, you’re going to be generally waiting for the slowest or most inquisitive members of the group at every place you stop. Try to exercise some patience, otherwise, the group tour experience is liable to drive you insane.

Have an alternative plan

One of the most important things we think you can do on any kind of group trip is to come up with an alternative plan. Now, if you’re traveling with friends or family, you could get clever and elect to take a self-guided tour instead. This way you can still experience everything the tour guide is showing to others, but you’re not going to have to pay for it, and you won’t have to march to the beat of some else’s drum. This is a highly effective technique if you have people in your group, like kids, who you feel are going to be bored easily, and may want to have their own adventure instead.

Traveling as part of a group can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways of taking a trip, but, it is also potentially fraught with problems as well. You need to figure out the best way of making this a more enjoyable experience for you, and your family & friends (should they be traveling with you). You want to have a pleasant and memorable experience, and this is something you will need to try to work on as much as possible. Hopefully, you will find these ideas useful in helping you enjoy group travel much more.


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‘Mudbound’ Review: Epic Drama on Poverty, Race and Family Is ‘Stunning Achievement’

A fiercely intimate epic about poverty, racism, violence and a divided America, Mudbound scorchingly reflects the Trump era without being a part of it. The film reps a new career high for director Dee Rees, whose remarkable 2011 debut feature Pariah is a semi-autobiographical deep dive into a black girl's struggles with coming out. Since 2015's Bessie, was made for HBO and not

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Useful things you’ll need when going on a business trip


Business trips are the backbone of the modern corporate world. Without them, there is no way for your company to thrive, and there is no diversity across the business world. It’s essential to get out in the world and try to make a connection with people from all walks of life. When you’re jetting off abroad for business, you want to have the perfect blend of work and play, and really showcase why you and your company are worth the investment.

Now, many people are seasoned pros and know exactly what to bring on business trip, while others have no idea where to begin. Packing right is essential if you want to enjoy a successful and stress-free business trip. So, we thought we’d put our heads together, and come up with some awesome ideas of the most useful things you will need when you decide to go on a business trip.


These days everything is pretty much digital, and it’s almost impossible to do business of any kind without electronics. So, you have to make sure you pack the relevant electronics with you that you’ll need for your trip. For instance, you will need to take your smartphone, laptop, and, possibly a tablet as well. Don’t forget to pack charges and ports as well so you will always have access to working electronics.


It’s a brave person who goes abroad without any of the local currency changed up. Make sure you have at least some with you before boarding your flight. Yes, it may be cheaper to change it up when you’re out there, but, at the very least make sure you have the cash for a taxi and a snack with you before you go. Now, some currencies are easy to come by, but others may need to be ordered, so make sure you account for this and order yours in plenty of time.


Now, there is a preference these days for making everything digital, and that includes your business documents and information. But, we think it’s also important to have hard copies as well, not to mention the fact that it looks more professional as well. So, make sure you compile all your information before going and print it off, so you have a hard copy of the relevant paperwork. This is a good way of keeping a backup and is essential for helping you to stay in the game, so to speak.

The right clothing

Don’t forget that, even though you’re traveling on business, you’re still going to a separate country, and the climate can be very different. You need to make sure you pack the right kind of clothing to help you acclimate to the weather. This means packing warm clothing for colder climates, and vice versa. You may not think about this too much, but it can definitely make a big difference to your comfort and experience on the trip.

Business cards

The most important part of business is marketing and networking, and business cards play a crucial role in this. They are a calling card, and a wonderful way to generate interest in the company, and put the feelers out when connecting with people. Business cards should be your bread and butter, and you need to carry them with you at all times because you never know when they might come in handy.

These are just a few of the amazing tips we’ve come up with that you need to know about for your business trip. If you’re serious about having the most productive and enjoyable trip imaginable, this advice is invaluable. Don’t forget, the whole purpose of a business trip is to make a connection and help your business thrive in another country. With the advice and tips in this post, we hope you will be able to do that emphatically!


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On the slide in Germany: sledging in the Bavarian Alps

Fancy swooping down snowy Alpine slopes, but not the hassle of ski school and pricey equipment? It’s easy: all you need is a simple sledge. Sarcastic teenage daughter optional

Some human skills are best learned young. Languages, for example, and horse riding, plus of course, sarcasm. But the one that most Britons really lose out on is skiing. For example: instead of flying me regularly to St Moritz and Kitzbühel when I was a toddler, my own feckless parents insisted on piano lessons and Mablethorpe. But hold fast. Hope is at hand. Anyone can be a winter sports whizz, and in the Alps too.

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The unknown wonders of the world


Our world is full of such beauty, delight, and majesty, and there are so many excellent things to see. People have been traveling the globe for centuries to soak up new cultures and see things they’ve never seen before. Many of us are wholly aware of the jaw-dropping sights and experiences this world has to offer, but, what of the things we know nothing about?

Well, we all know about the Wonders of the Ancient World, not to mention the Wonders of the Modern World. These are remarkable feats of human ingenuity that have left a scar in the cultural fabric of the entire planet. But, you may not be aware that there are actually some hidden wonders as well! These are some of the stunning underrated, and largely unknown, wonders of the world.

Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

A simply stunning palace in Paris, this is one of the best-kept secrets in France. Work began on this exquisite palace in 1869, when a local postman began building it. Taking several decades of work and remarkable attention to detail, Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval has inspired artists and architects the world over. And, not only does it look amazing, but, it’s an even more impressive feat because of the fact that it was built by Ferdinand Cheval, a man with no experience or training in masonry or architecture!

Banaue Rice Terraces

We bet you didn’t know that rice accounts for over 20% of all the calories consumed in the world! Carbo-rific! Anyhow, the importance of rice can’t and shouldn’t be overstated, and that’s one of the things that makes the Banaue Rice Terraces so important. Dating back to Biblical times, this incredible structure is an invaluable cog in the machine of rice production – and it looks breathtaking as well. Located in The Philippines, this is considered by many to be the 8th Wonder of the World – we insist you check it out right now!

Kizhi Pogost Transfiguration Church

Over 120 feet tall, and not a single nail in sight, Kizhi Pogost Transfiguration Church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. How this is not classified as a modern Wonder of the World, we’ll never know! Thousands of logs were used to build this UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece, and, there are claims it was built by a single carpenter! Famed for its longevity and durability, this church is simply stunning – looking like something you might find captured in the pages of an old Russian fairytale.

Tower of Hercules

Hercules is a seminal figure in Greek mythology, so it stands to reason that someone, somewhere would have constructed a memorial to honor the fictional demigod. Well, if you want something done, you can always rely on the Romans to do it for you. This ancient lighthouse was erected in Galicia, an area in northwest Spain. Overlooking the North Atlantic coast of Spain, this 55-meter high structure stands tall, a watchful guardian of the deep ocean.

Callanish Stones

We all know about the historical magic and beauty of Stonehenge, and, if you go to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, and visit Callanish, you will be able to see the mythical Standing Stones of Callanish. This structure of standing stones dates back to Neolithic times and is very similar to Stonehenge, but much less well-known. It is thought the stones were used for rituals in the Bronze Age. This amazing, legendary structure is one of the most bewitching in the world, and it definitely deserves to be discovered!

These are just some of the amazing hidden wonders of the world. Structures and places we never knew about, but ones that deserve to be uncovered and experienced as soon as possible. There are so many incredible spots in this world, and we suggest you try to check out a few of the ones we’ve listed. Not many people know about these places so you can enjoy them without having to worry about the huge crowds.


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Bromley’s X Factor winner Matt Terry on how he’d change the show and who his celeb crush is

Bromley’s X Factor winner Matt Terry, who won last year’s TV singing competition, talks about his most frightening moment, why his success was meant to be and the sacrifices his family made to help him achieve his dream.

This Is Local London | Film and TV


‘Thelma’ Review: Psychic-Female Horror Movie Can’t Make Up Its Mind

In terms of opening scenes, Thelma – Norwegian director's Joachim Trier's toe-dip into horror, albeit one burdened with footnotes – kicks things off with a doozy. A girl and her dad (Henrik Rafaelsen) are walking across a frozen lake. She keeps peering under the ice at the fishes swimming below, a slightly distressed look on her face; he doesn't seem so carefree either, for that matter.

This article originally appeared on ‘Thelma’ Review: Psychic-Female Horror Movie Can’t Make Up Its Mind

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How to save money while travelling in Latin America


Latin America has so much to offer those who are looking for a dynamic and adventurous place to visit on vacation. You may have visited this wonderful part of the world, but, if you haven’t, we recommend you visit right now. Now, it might seem like this is going to be a very expensive venture, but, there are actually plenty of money-saving options available to you to help save cash while you’re visiting Latin America.

There are plenty of excellent tips you can find online that will help you save money and have a better experience. However, we like to think that the tips we are offering here are specific to Latin America. Check out these awesome ideas and suggestions that will really play a big part in allowing you to save cash on your visit to Latin America.

Take the cheaper bus

It might seem like it’s the right choice to pay more and get a more comfortable, swanky, and luxurious bus, especially when you’re heading for a long journey. However, we are focused on trying to save as much money as we can on the trip, and that’s the main goal here. So, in order to save plenty of money on travel, you need to make sure you take the more basic bus – sometimes known as the ‘chicken bus.’ These are dirt cheap, and the perfect way of getting from A to B.

Do your own tours

Whenever we go abroad, it’s tempting to try to book and organize local tours. These are a great way of ensuring you get a new experience and soaking up some of the wonderful culture of Latin America. But, these tours are usually overpriced, and you will almost definitely be able to get a more cost-effective trip by sorting it out yourself. Make sure you hire bikes and make your own way around famous sites, such as Chile’s Luna Valley. It will save you money, you’ll get to avoid the crowds, and, as a bonus, you’ll keep fit in the process.

Always eat local

There’s a temptation when you are abroad to stick with what you know, and eat at restaurants that have that flicker of familiarity. The problem is, these restaurants are often much more expensive and can drain your budget pretty sharpish. So, the best thing to do is to make sure you always try to eat local. We think this is the best approach anyway because you get a wonderful amount of culture and experience from trying local foreign cuisines. And, you might even wind up trying something you’ve never had before!

Pick your flights sensibly

It’s actually amazing how much money you can save if you are clever about booking your flights. This is especially important if you are flying to somewhere in the back end of nowhere. When you’re going to book your flights, you need to make sure you aren’t overpaying. So, the first thing to do is avoid the airline’s direct website, where you will invariably overpay. Google or Skyscanner are often the best resources for ensuring you get the best deals, and manage to get your flights for much less money.

We feel these tips are essential if you are serious about wanting to save money on your trip to Latin America. There are some other techniques you can adopt as well, such as opting to go self-catering. Saving yourself money upfront is crucial, and will really help you to shave pennies off the overall cost of your Latin American adventure.


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Talk2Us: how to contact Lonely Planet

We love your honest feedback, and we’re always happy to help answer your questions. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get in touch and how we handle your queries.

A woman in a treehouse drinks tea while on her laptop

Wherever you are, we’d like to hear from you © Henn Photography / Getty Images


Have feedback about one of our books? Perhaps you’ve just got back from your travels and want to suggest we check out some of the great places you discovered? Use our Guidebook Feedback form to express your thoughts.

Everything you tell us is sent to the relevant editor and writer. They use your feedback to inspire new content and improve the information we provide in our guides, on the website and in all our other products. Smaller updates such as closed restaurants and changed addresses get verified by us and corrected when we reprint the book (which happens approximately 1-4 times in an edition’s life).


Has something in our guidebook changed? Let us know! © Tony Czech / Lonely Planet

Unfortunately, much as we’re sure they’d love to, our writers can’t be everywhere at once and our ever-evolving world doesn’t stay the same for long. Though Lonely Planet prides itself on visiting the places we write about and never accepting freebies in exchange for positive coverage, as our founder Tony Wheeler said, ‘Things change – prices go up, good places go bad, bad places go bankrupt and nothing stays the same.’ When this is the case, we want to know about it.

There’s something in it for you too of course! Leave us feedback and we’ll send you a discount code to use in our online shop. This is also the case when you click on ‘Suggest an edit’ next to a listing on our website, and if you use the ‘Mistake on our Website’ form. Plus, if you send us some really great tips or a more extensive list of feedback, we might send you a code for five completely free digital chapters from any Lonely Planet guidebooks you want.

Lonely Planet listings

Perhaps you’re a business owner who wants to be reviewed? Why not let us know about what an amazing set-up you’ve got by filling in our Business Listings form.

We leave it completely up to our trusted writers to decide where they eventually visit and review but this is the best way of letting them know what you do and how well you do it.

Need a correction made to your listing? Fill in the Business Listings form with your new, changed information, and we’ll verify the corrections and have them made to your website listing as soon as possible.

Not what you’re looking for?

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Whatever reason you want to get in touch, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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The best spots in the UK for a great instagram picture


If you’re always looking for the perfect spot to take a casual, candid Insta-shot, you’ll understand how exciting it is to find some hidden gems. Sometimes the best places are somewhere a little unique and these can really up your Instagram game, so here are some of our favorites in the UK.


Of course, the capital of England is going to have a whole load of fantastic locations for you to take pictures in. Get a fun shot in front of Buckingham Palace trying to meet the Queen, or having a fancy meal at the top of The Shard with amazing views. Try to get the city lit up at night from the London Eye for an amazing perspective. There is also a whole host of hipster bars, hidden cocktail clubs, and fantastic art so you really won’t run out of things to photograph!

The Peak District

This National Park is known for being an area of outstanding beauty and as such will give you some of the most spectacular views in the UK. Imagine taking a picture from the top of Mam Tor, or during sunset while standing on one of the majestic peaks and coupling it with an inspirational quote!


Visit Heacham in Norfolk when the lavender fields are in bloom for some incredible shots! You could be in France at the Provence Vineyards looking at the view, but really you’re just in Norfolk! Sadly, an Instagram picture won’t be able to capture the amazing smell, but maybe when you look at the photos, you will be taken straight back there.


Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, with gorgeous cliffs and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Head over to Porthcurno if you want to take fun beach shots that look like you could be somewhere tropical, or go to Minack Theatre to catch some cultural snaps in this open-air performance space.

Cardigan Bay

This Welsh area is perhaps not the first place you would think of when it comes to taking Instagram pictures, but when you consider the fact that there are bottlenose dolphins available to photograph off the shoreline, quirky market towns and incredible landscapes, you will have to clear some room on your phone storage to make sure you can get them all!


Shaftesbury is a very picturesque little town to take gorgeous shots in, especially on a clear day when you can see over Blackmore Vale and even Glastonbury Tor. Get a picture of you walking the cobbled streets in some of the quaint villages as the sun is coming up and we are sure you’ll love it!


The capital of Scotland really is very beautiful. You could take some amazing OOTD pictures in front of Edinburgh castle, or climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat for some incredible views to use as backgrounds. Head there during the Christmas markets for some gorgeous shots featuring Mulled Wine and festive decorations.

When it comes to having a killer Instagram feed, a lot of it depends on getting unique shots in unusual places. Whether you are a #TravelBlogger or you want to share your #OOTD – at least you now know the best places in the UK to do so!


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Eyes on the prize: on the civil rights trail in Washington DC

As America lurches to the right, we check out the cultural heritage sites associated with Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement

At his memorial in Washington DC, the statue of Martin Luther King is half finished. The legs and back disappear, like a ghost, into a slab of uncarved white marble. His face is determined and resolute, but not yet satisfied. A line from his “I Have a Dream” speech, from 1963, is etched into the rock: “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” His sculpture is unfinished for a reason – the struggle continues.

Parts of the Capitol building, the Statue of Freedom, and even the White House, were built by men in chains

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Things to plan for your road trip


Taking a road trip is a rite of passage for any young (or old!) person, and the best way of ensuring you have one of the greatest coming-of-age experiences. Road trips are an excellent way of getting out on the open road and exploring the great outdoors, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. But, in order to get the best possible experience, you need to make sure you plan adequately for your road trip.

There are a lot of great things you will need to do to have an unforgettable road trip experience. A lot of the time it takes the right people, the right attitude, and the right preparation, and you can really have an amazing time if you tick all these boxes. This is the perfect experience and one that can be shared by friends and family members alike. Get a load of these sensational road trip planning tips that you definitely need to make use of.

Plan your route

The most important part of the road trip process is making sure you plan your route. Now, this is a delicate thing because you have to get the right balance. You need to have some idea of where you’re going, so don’t make it up as you go. But, you also need to make sure you have a degree of spontaneity because that’s truly what makes a road trip great. You’ve got to make sure you do a bit of planning, so you know where you’re going, but, also, make sure you leave some stuff to the moment. Trust us, if you find that balance then you’ll have a road trip to remember!

Pack supplies

Supplies are a crucial part of having a successful road trip, and you have to make sure you stock up accordingly. There are plenty of things you will need for a road trip, and you need to ensure you don’t miss anything. Bear in mind that it might take a while for you to get to a store or a place that has supplies while you’re on the open road. So, make sure you pack a first aid kit and a map so you can plot your route. You’ll need the relevant electronics (phones) and charging cables. Not to mention plenty of water and snacks for everyone who is coming on the trip.


It’s actually pretty important to budget for your road trip as it’s going to cost you. And there are bound to be unforeseen costs as well (such is life)! Budget for supplies at the start of the trip, and gas when you fill up the car, but also make sure you account for the fact that there are likely to be other costs you’re going to face. These could include replacing lost items, car repairs, buying clothing, or an impromptu stop at a new restaurant. Making sure you have the right budget is essential for improving and enjoying the road trip more.

Make sure the car is in working order

The most important member of a road trip entourage is the vehicle, without question. Your car is going to have to dig deep and do more work than it has ever done before in its life. And, you need to make sure it is in full working order. That means getting it serviced before you embark on the trip, and ensuring that everything is fine. We can’t stress enough how important this is – the last thing you want is for your car to break down in the middle of the trip.

A road trip can be a fun, adventurous, and exciting time for everyone, and is a great way to travel with a difference. But, to avoid the obvious pitfalls of road trips, you need to make sure you plan and execute your properly. The best way of doing that is to make sure you follow some of the advice we’ve offered above. Happy road tripping!


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The colossus of Rhodes


The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the greatest Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as an enduring symbol of the power and might of the Ancient Greeks. The Wonder itself was a 108-feet high statue of the Greek God of the sun, Helios. It stood erect in Rhodes harbor to celebrate the Greek victory over Cyprus in 305 BC. The statue stood at a height similar to the Statue of Liberty and was the largest statue in the ancient world.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the statue today because it was destroyed in 226 BC. The great earthquake that occurred that year destroyed the statue, and it has never been rebuilt since. There have been plans recently to build a new Colossus in Rhodes harbor, though, whether this will happen remains to be seen. These are some epic facts you never knew about this stunning old world beauty.

It took a long time to build

As we know these days, in the Ancient World they took their time with things. It didn’t matter if they were building palaces, pyramids, or statues, it was always a methodical and calculated process. The Colossus of Rhodes was no different, and sources tell us that it took sculptor Chares of Lindos 12 years to build. That is a lot of time and dedication on just one project, but that’s why things lasted back then! And don’t forget, they didn’t have a lot of the building technology that we have today. The statue stood for 56 years before it was brought down by the aforementioned earthquake.

It was left for centuries after being destroyed

After it fell, the Colossus statue remained on the ground, in the sample place, for around 800 years! Now, it’s unclear why this is, but we suggest that perhaps the Ancient Greeks attached some kind of cultural or religious significance to it. As such, they saw it as sacred and left it on the ground where it lay. Some have said that the Greeks saw it as a sign that Helios was angered by it, and caused the earthquake to destroy it, so they dare not replace it. The statue remained here until invaders came and robbed it of its bronze, selling it off, allegedly to Jewish merchants. Legend has it that the merchants needed 900 camels to carry the bronze away with them!

There are plans for a new one

As we previously mentioned, there has been talk of building a new Colossus. In December of 2015, a group of European architects unveiled their plans to build a new Colossus of Rhodes at the entrance to Rhodes Harbor. The idea is that the statue will stand astride two piers at the harbor entrance. There is a debate about whether the original statue ever occupied this position, but this seems to be what is favored for the new design. It is projected to cost $ 283 million, as well as having a library, culture center, and lighthouse. We hope this project becomes a reality, as it would be an epic place to visit!

The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the most opulent and grand constructs in the ancient world. And it’s a shame that the Greeks’ superstitions prevented them from rebuilding it again after its destruction. We could well see a new one built in the next few years, but it’s unlikely it will ever have that same epic scale or grandeur of the original.


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Louis C.K.: Release of New Film ‘I Love You, Daddy’ Canceled

Indie film distributor The Orchard has canceled the theatrical release of Louis C.K.'s controversial new film I Love You, Daddy following a series of

This article originally appeared on Louis C.K.: Release of New Film ‘I Love You, Daddy’ Canceled

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Best Program to Clean up Mac Options

Best Program to Clean up Mac Options

It is going to then launch a ainstallera regimen which will take you get through the procedure step-by-step. Clean your sponges out entirely after you’re through for this particular particular practice. A pc may never substitute the requirement to get a writing pad.

Wait for a while and following it twist on generally when the technique becomes shut down. You have to take control of your self and be certain you’re working to your own optimum to simply take control of the machine. You’ll find a lot of times if you have to produce your work to your consumer in a meeting.

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Best Program to Clean up Mac

The idea of getting a new computer system has been not aware of. Best of all do not cost any such thing however a much more straightforward method would be to find free mac cleaner some programs out there the website which is definitely going to accomplish the job although it is possible to manually perform therefore. Your truck can be at the same area in a moment however your site might be around the globe.

The Fundamentals of Best Program to Clean up Mac Revealed

Applying this specific tool, you might place the standards to your own software to acquire more outcomes Hopefully, you will require a computer that will encourage the applications necessary for the own work. Some with is depriving all of of their data.

Among the small small business that is most effective tips for women is planning sneakers. Then you should require applications that may monitor the digital promotion and promoting trends and analytics if you’re working as a digital advertising and marketing expert. If making your own internet site isn’t attainable for now contemplate media internet sites.

Best Program to Clean up Mac Ideas

You have to back up all the user data and files that are found on the hard disk. Even the Mac’s firmware is restrictive. This app won’t hurt your computer does not anticipate a Java Applet, also differs from browsers.

It really is in a condition that is sterile after the disk drive is washed. Hence, it really is consistently recommended that you just take a thumb force. You will need to scrub the tough disk of your personal computer from time to time, to get functionality.

Extra details about the specifications and features of the product could be gotten from the manufacturer or your dealer ahead of going for the offer. A web developer knows the way in which to convert a more layout into a dynamic site. You can download the program’s latest variant.

To reinstall Windows, then you’ve got to produce a startup disc and add it from the CDD once you begin your PC. You receive a genuine reproduction of this osx along with an empty disk drive. Make sure to down load the most recent updates the moment you have your Mac Mini.

There’s no Mac backup at which you can certainly found your deleted items. You’re definitely going to need to check at all of the Mac files recovery to find out if what’s not there. It can seem hopeless but it’s maybe not if you reset Mac.

The Benefits of Best Program to Clean up Mac

You can elect for the setup after the backup is done. Pick on on the box to conduct CCleaner once the computer starts. Currently in case you need an file begin searching on it at the specific season folder or perhaps at a subfolder named from the calendar month.

The Hidden Treasure of Best Program to Clean up Mac

In the same style whenever you choose to commence a fresh company you need to understand that hurdles can come your path however if you’re well prepared to beat them, no one can discontinue your own success. The very first thing which you need to decide is, whether you prefer to begin from scratch, or you also intend to buy-out a firm. The best method to lure customers will be always to bill less.

Perhaps not having wisdom that is advanced or the perfect resources to be able to resolve the problem can often worsen the circumstance. Plenty of people discover that following no longer than two decades of achieving this, they are prepared to receive qualified to get a bank loan that is new. The case provides a couple cleaning mac of rewards to you, but nevertheless, it will in all probability cost you much longer.

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Volunteering on St Kilda is all about DIY and clearing ditches. Yay!

Volunteer working trips to St Kilda are oversubscribed every summer. After her two-week stint on these wild Atlantic islands, Jay Sivell can fully understand why

Wanted: DIY-er with retail skills – or shop assistant handy with paint brush. Fit outdoor types preferred. Must be happy to be marooned on a remote Scottish island for a fortnight in May with 11 strangers and minimal sanitation. No wifi. Abundant sheep poo.

Ever since the National Trust for Scotland was bequeathed St Kilda in the 1950s, volunteers have taken the wild, three-hour Atlantic boat ride to the four “islands on the edge of the world”. They have reroofed the cottages on the main street, restored the church, and restacked stones that years of gales had toppled from the cleits, or bothies, that dot the volcanic landscape.

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Just back from: Sicily’s Aeolian Islands

Chloe on a sail boat cruising around Sicily's Aeolian Islands

Chloe gets ready to hit the seas around Sicily’s Aeolian Islands © Chloe Gunning

Chloe Gunning, Lonely Planet Trailblazer and blogger at Wanderlust Chloe, recently returned from a trip to Sicily’s Aeolian Islands – which just so happened to make our Best in Travel list for 2018!

Tell us more… I spent a week sailing around Sicily’s Aeolian Islands. Cruising around on a yacht with seven other guests – with Italian skipper Beatrice at the helm – was a pretty unique way to see the region. We spent our days at sea sailing, swimming and paddle boarding, and our afternoons and evenings on land exploring the epic landscapes and cute towns of this region.

In a nutshell… The Aeolian Islands are volcanic which makes for some pretty special landscapes. There’s the active volcano Stromboli which looks like it’s been taken straight out of a geography textbook with its perfect pointy cone, distinctive crater and an ominous smoking top. Meanwhile, the island of Vulcano is totally different, covered with distinct jagged rocks and pungent sulphur mud baths. The sea around these islands is a rich sapphire blue, and is just as crystal clear as the Caribbean Sea.

A burst of lava from Stromboli illuminates the night sky

A burst of lava from Stromboli illuminates the night sky © Chloe Gunning

Defining moment? It has to be hiking Stromboli. The round trip took around six hours and the ascent to the 900m summit was more than a little challenging. We started our climb late afternoon, passing through the island’s adorable main town with its skinny streets and white houses. Then it was onto a steep, black sand section, then rock and scree. The views of the bay and the island of Strombolicchio with its little lighthouse were incredible.

It wasn’t long before the sun was setting and we were hiking in the dark with just the light of our head torches to guide us. By the time we reached the top, we were immersed in mist and clouds, unable to see much, wondering if the journey had been worth it. Suddenly we heard a huge rumble and the darkness was illuminated by a huge burst of fiery-orange lava spraying high into the air.

Good grub? Well of course, not only does Sicily have amazing Italian cuisine, it also has some great regional dishes too. I loved snacking on arancini (risotto balls covered in crispy breadcrumbs) and discovered a new favourite pasta dish – pasta alla norma (pasta with tomato, aubergine and ricotta). I also found space for a few cannolis (crispy pastry tubes stuffed with ricotta and garnished with chocolate chips, nuts and fruit) as well as some delicious Italian gelato.

A Sicilian cannoli sprinkled with chopped nuts

Treat yourself to a few cannolis between sightseeing and island hopping © Chloe Gunning

You’d be a muppet to miss… a dip in Vulcano’s mud baths! If you can make it beyond the smell of rotten eggs, the sulphur mud baths are well worth a wallow. It was a strange sensation feeling the squelch of slimy mud underfoot and rubbing handfuls of it all over our bodies – but it didn’t take long to see the benefits as after my soak my skin felt super soft.

Lesson learnt… You can’t predict the weather! While in Sicily a big storm hit the whole of the Mediterranean leaving us stuck on the island of Salina for three days. While it would have been great to squeeze in a few more islands, we made the most of our time there with an afternoon of wine tasting, some of the best pizza I’ve eaten in a long while and plenty of exploring.

If you do one thing… It’s all about Stromboli! I never thought I’d see fiery molten lava being thrust up in the air. Being on a volcano as it erupted is something I’ll never forget.

Chloe Gunning travelled to Sicily with support from MedSailors. Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.

Want more behind-the-scenes adventures? Find out what Destination Editor Tasmin Waby got up to on her recent trip to Australia’s Northern Territory.

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The world’s best amusement parks


Amusement parks are the perfect opportunity for a bit of family fun and entertainment. The kids can go wild, and there is plenty for the adults to do as well. Whether your legs are dangling over a huge drop, you’re clinging on for dear life on a rollercoaster, or you’re trying to dodge the spray from the water rides, amusement parks are a thrill for all. In fact, in many ways, they are the perfect day out for the family.

You have most likely visited an amusement park or two in your day, so you know exactly the sort of thing to expect. But, the bottom line is that there are some amusement parks out there that are better than others. We decided we’re going to compile a list of some of the world’s best amusement parks, and what it is that makes them so great. Without further ado, follow us on the ride of your life, as we look at the world’s best amusement parks.

Universal Studios – Florida

Based in Orlando, Florida, Universal Studios might be one of the best amusement parks of all time. It is certainly the go-to place for anyone who is a fan of film or television, as many of the rides are Hollywood related. Not only are there tons of awesome rides based on numerous iconic movies and TV shows, but, the park also boasts The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. Muggles galore will be in heaven here as they get to visit this wonderful part of the park. It’s reason alone to take a trip – accio tickets!

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens makes our list because, not only does it have great rides, and affordable prices, it is also one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Opened in 1843, it is the second-oldest amusement park in the world, but this hasn’t stopped it getting with the times. The roller coasters here are amazing, and Rutschebanen, the park’s oldest roller coaster, is one of the best in the world. Tivoli Gardens is the fifth most visited theme park in the world, and it’s not hard to see why it attracts so many visitors every year.

Ocean Park – Hong Kong

If you like the water, you need look no further than Ocean Park. As one of the finest water parks in the world, this is the perfect remedy for the heat and humidity of Hong Kong. The actual complex houses a marine park, an amusement park, and an awesome zoo as well. There are over 80 rides to enjoy, as well as some sensational views of Hong Kong and the bay area. This is a definite must if you have an interest in water parks.

Walt Disney World – Florida

Perhaps the most famous theme park in the world, Walt Disney World is an American institution these days. Not to be confused with the much smaller (and older) Disneyland in California, WDW is the most popular and comprehensive theme park in the world. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves Disney, as well as the second entry on our list from Orlando, Florida. Double the size of Manhattan, the park attracts more than 50 million visitors every year and is still expanding as we write. It’s bright, colorful, magical, and breathtaking, and the best amusement park of all time.

These are some of the most incredible amusement parks in the world. They are ideal for thrill-seekers, those who love a particular theme, and people who like to get out and about. You should be able to find some deals online as well to help you save money on the tickets. This is the perfect choice for a family outing, and you can really make the most of these amazing amusement parks.


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Kevin Spacey Removed From New Film ‘All the Money in the World’

Kevin Spacey will be removed from Ridley Scott film, All the Money in the World, Deadline reports. The film is already finished, and in a rare move the

This article originally appeared on Kevin Spacey Removed From New Film ‘All the Money in the World’

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What you didn’t know about the Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is one of the most historically and culturally important constructs in the world. The 15th Century Inca citadel based in Peru is one of the most iconic structures in the world. And attracts millions of tourists every year. Archaeologists have determined that it was constructed for the Incan emperor of the time, and it’s considered perhaps the most enduring symbol of the Incan Empire.

It is believed to have been constructed sometime around 1450 and then abandoned by the Incas around 100 years later. The citadel is one of the most stunning constructs on the planet and was finally awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1983. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, here are some amazing things you never knew about Machu Picchu.

The numbers don’t lie

We all know Machu Picchu is a wonderfully impressive construct, but you may not be aware of just how impressive it is! The temple is located almost 8,000 feet above sea level in the Cusco Region of Peru. The site also covers a jaw-dropping 80,000 acres and includes three primary structures – the Intihuatana, the Room of the Three Windows, and the Temple of the Sun. These all combine to make one of the most culturally significant constructs in the world. There are also loads of outlying buildings, and, in 1976 there was a restoration project to help restore and rebuild some parts of the citadel and the surrounding area.

It was never meant to be discovered

The history books tell us that the Incas abandoned Machu Picchu in the wake of the Spanish Conquest. The conquistadores were ruthless with their sacking and destruction of many of the Inca constructs. So, they decide to hide it from the Spanish, abandoning it, and burning the forest in the process. The idea was that the forest would regrow and hide the place, as well as disguising the trails that led into the mountains. This actually wound up working brilliantly, and the Spanish never discovered Machu Picchu. It remained hidden by the jungles of Peru until it was accidentally discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911.

It has a dress code

Of course, back in the day, this wouldn’t even have been a thing, but, it might surprise you to learn that, these days, there is actually a dress code for entering and visiting Machu Picchu! No, honestly, we’ve not made that up! As you enter the site, there are rules on which it clearly states that visitors are not allowed to enter the ruins wearing another country’s national dress! Quite why you would visit these iconic ruins in any sort of national dress is a mystery, but it must have happened in order for the rule to be generated. Make sure you bear this in mind before you visit.

Discoveries are still happening there

For a place so full of magic and wonder, we have taken so much from Machu Picchu, and it’s not stopped there. Incredibly, there are still discoveries being made here of an archaeological nature. The Incas, it would appear, had many secrets, and we are still unearthing a lot of secrets even now. In 2014 a secret door was discovered that is believed to be the door to one of the royal burial chambers. However, the Peruvian government won’t sanction the opening of the door, as it could cause significant damage to the temple.

Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing constructs in the world, and a place of supreme cultural importance and significance. Many millions of people each year have visited the ruins of Machu Picchu for an important spiritual journey. There are so many amazing things about this construct, as well as so many things you definitely had no idea about. We hope these amazing facts will open your eyes to a new way of looking at Machu Picchu.


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The amazing table mountain in South Africa


South Africa is a country of heart stopping beauty and elegance, and it also has a hugely important history. The country has changed and evolved significantly over the years, but, the natural beauty has always remained. Always been a constant. There is such a grand cultural legacy in the country, and so many areas of it we look at with awe and wonder. One of the most beautiful parts of South Africa is Table Mountain.

This truly staggering flat-topped mountain is considered one of the most iconic and stunning natural landmarks in South Africa. Overlooking the glorious city of Cape Town, Table Mountain attracts thousands of tourists every year and plays a big role in the cultural heritage of South Africa as a nation. So, let’s find out more about this iconic mountain, and the role it plays in South Africa’s heritage. Here are some awesome facts about Table Mountain that we reckon you never knew!

It’s ancient

You could probably infer from the fact that it’s a mountain that the majestic mound has been around for quite some time. What you probably didn’t know is just how long it’s been around for. Well, all in all, Table Mountain is thought to be more than 250 million years old, making it older than the Alps, the Andes, and the Himalayas! In fact, it is one of the oldest mountains in the world, and we feel this helps add to its sense of grandeur to it. We can’t wait to explore further and find out more about this ancient wonder.

Amazing wildlife

South Africa has no shortage of amazing nature and wildlife as it is, but Table Mountain, in particular, has some stunning examples. There is loads of beautiful flora and fauna here, and a lot of the wildlife only exists on the slopes of the great mountain. For instance, there is a species of frog native to these slopes called the Table Mountain Ghost Frog. This little guy can only be found on an 8 km square area on the southern slopes of the mountain, and nowhere else in the world.

It’s still growing

It might surprise you to learn that Table Mountain is actually still growing! No, you didn’t hear that wrong! Hundreds of millions of years ago the Earth was the supercontinent Pangea, with Africa at the center, and then the continents broke off and drifted away. During this time, the shifting tectonic plates caused land masses to split and fold, but, Table Mountain remained immune due to being made from granite. The force was thrust downward instead, and this resulted in the mountain slowly rising over the years, and this is still continuing. In a few hundreds of millions of years, who knows how big it could be!

Table Mountain is one of the most impressive and incredible sights in the world, and a place you absolutely have to see as soon as you can. The mountain is a huge part of the DNA of South Africa and brings in a lot of tourism for the country. These are a few of the cool things you might not have known about Table Mountain and what an amazing structure it actually is.


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Anger as US national parks plan high-season price hikes

Visitor numbers at US national parks are soaring, yet the government says a proposed price surge is for ‘maintenance’, while slashing federal funding by almost $ 400m

On an unseasonably grey Monday last month, steady drizzle did not deter visitors to Utah’s Arches national park. Long queues of traffic crept sluggishly past viewpoints; car parks filled to capacity forced hikers to give up on planned trails. Such frustrations are typical nowadays: Arches’ dramatic rock formations now draw more than double the visitors they did in 2000. And it’s not an isolated problem: the US National Park Service (NPS) reported more than 330 million visits in 2016 – 44 million more than at the turn of the century.

This could be the real reason for NPS’s announcement last week that it is considering surge pricing at 17 popular parks. Under the proposals, entry to Yosemite, Yellowstone and others would swell from the current $ 25-30 per vehicle, to $ 70 at peak times. Charges for motorcyclists and pedestrians would double.

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Things you never knew about the great wall of china


The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the most profoundly incredible fortifications in the world. A defining symbol of Chinese culture and heritage, the wall has stood for centuries, though it is mostly in ruins now. Tourists can pay a visit to this iconic wall, and discover some of the beauty and magic of the Ming Dynasty while they’re at it.

If you’ve never visited the Great Wall of China, you need to make sure you rectify this by paying a visit as soon as you are able to. As one of the best known Modern Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is an emblem of epic reach and influence of the ancient Chinese Empire. It is the longest man-made structure in the world and played a big role in historical defense and trade for China. Here are some things we bet you definitely never knew about the Great Wall of China.

It’s staggeringly long

Many people don’t realize just how long the Great Wall of China actually is. They called it ‘Great’ for a reason! In fact, the complete wall itself runs for a total length of over 13,170 miles! To put things in perspective, that is half of the length of the equator! This makes it not only the longest man-made structure in history but also an incredible testament to human engineering. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything so vast built again. Of course, what remains of the wall today is not as long as this, but it still comes in at an impressive 5,500 miles in length. And tourists can actually walk the length of the wall, or, at least, part of it.

Badaling is the most popular part

We know the wall is incredibly popular, but, you may not know that it attracts more than ten million visitors every single year. And Badaling, the most famous section of the wall, has been visited by multiple VIPs, celebrities, and heads of state. More than 300 heads of state from around the world have walked on this hallowed ground. It is the busiest part of the wall and has been restored several times. If you don’t mind crowds then this is fine, but, if you’d rather visit somewhere off the beaten track, you may wish to avoid Badaling.

You can’t see it from space

There has long been a myth that the Wall is the only structure made by humans that can be seen from space by the naked eye. This is not strictly true. While it is visible from space, humans require aid to actually see it. It can be seen from the lower part of the Earth’s orbit, only when conditions are incredibly favorable. Nevertheless, this is still a monumentally impressive thing, and one of the only man-made structures visible from the Earth’s orbit.

Almost a million people could have been involved in the construction

The wall is such a staggering feat of human brilliance that it must have taken decades, even centuries to build. It is unclear exactly how many people were involved in the construction of the wall, though sources believe it to have been close to one million! To be more precise, some studies suggest the number of people involved could have come in at 800,000! This shows you the scale and magnitude of the work involved in its construction.

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest feats of engineering and construction in the world. It is a structure that has to be seen and experienced to be fully comprehended. If you ever get the chance to go to China, you must make sure you visit the Great Wall and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We hope you found these facts about the Great Wall fun and interesting!


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Perfect locations for travelers that hate crowded places


We love to travel and see the world. There’s something about getting on a plane and getting that stamp in the passport that does it for us. Exploring and experiencing new cultures and different ways of life is really great, and important for enriching the soul. However, the one thing we could do without is the crowds; they seriously are the worst part of being a tourist.

Visiting remarkable countries and stunning destinations is amazing, but you don’t always want to be dealing with the crowds of annoying people – usually other tourists! So, you can either risk it in a busy place, and try to get out and about when it’s less busy, or you can visit somewhere perfect for those who hate crowds. These places tend not to be too busy, and have plenty of calmer and more serene areas where you can focus on enjoying your vacation – here are a few of the best.

Upolo, Samoa

If you’ve never been to Samoa, you’re in for a real treat, and this is the best way of experiencing it. Far from the madding crowds, the tropical paradise of Upolo is one of the most amazing in the world. You can enjoy the perfect tropical paradise free from the constraints of crowds of noisy and irritating people! This blissful destination is unheard of by so many, and that’s the perfect thing to take advantage of. But, make sure you take advantage of this remarkable place right now before people wise up!

Oregon Coast, Oregon, United States

We bet you had no idea the US was tailor-made for those who hate crowds, and still want to have an amazing vacation or travel experience. The Pacific Northwest is still one of the most stunningly beautiful areas in the world, and the Oregon Coast is the perfect encapsulation of this. If you love the outdoors, and you want to lose yourself in the middle of nowhere for a while, this is the most picture perfect place to do that. Hire a cabin in the middle of nowhere, just switch off for a while, and enjoy a more relaxed way of life.

North Shore, Hawaii, United States

Hawaii might not be your go-to place when you consider destinations that are uncrowded, but the North Shore could be just the remedy you need. The more tourist-centric parts of Hawaii are definitely going to be crawling with tourists, however, the North Shore is one of the most beautiful places in the state. It also remains relatively tourist-free most of the time. How amazing would it be to check out one of those stunning golden beaches, absolutely free of people?! That’s just one of the delights of visiting the North Shore.

County Donegal, Ireland

There is so much hidden beauty in Europe, and, if you want a less crowded and more peaceful vacation, head for the Emerald Isle. County Donegal is a land of almost unrivaled beauty, with swirling, sweeping hills, sublime peaks, and sumptuous coastline. Oh, and it helps that they never have too many people here either. You get to enjoy uncrowded pubs, amazing scenery, and some sensational history as well.

Taking a vacation doesn’t have to be a busy, stressful and frantic experience. There is no reason to let stress affect your enjoyment of a vacation, so you must make sure you choose a destination that is perfect for those who hate crowds. The places we’ve listed above are ideal if you want to find a place that’s a little quieter and off the beaten track. Trust us when we say, these destinations are no less enjoyable and stunning just because they’re less crowded.


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Just back from: Uluru, Australia

Tasmin on her self-guided stroll around the base of Uluru

Tasmin on her self-guided stroll around the base of Uluru © Tasmin Waby

Tasmin Waby, Destination Editor for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, recently returned from a trip to Australia’s Northern Territory.

Tell us more… I went to see Uluru (or as it was once called, Ayers Rock) in the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park for the second time recently. The first time I drove there with a friend from Melbourne, camping all the way. This time I flew over from Sydney. It was much quicker (and probably cheaper) but it did feel less like a pilgrimage to the heart of Australia.

In a nutshell… I don’t want to overstate it but the beauty of Uluru is really quite astonishing. I fell in love with the contrasts: the flat desert landscape with this enormous icon, the smell of spinifex in the desert air, the colours, the tiny details you notice when you get up close to the rock and the wilderness in the park. It’s an indefinably powerful place to visit.

Traditional bush tucker displayed on a wooden board

Trying some traditional bush tucker © Tasmin Waby

Good grub? I ate at a few places at Ayers Rock Resort, where there’s accommodation and restaurants for every budget – including a small supermarket with outback prices. The thing I loved about the food is how Aboriginal bush tucker is fused with international flavours – at  Tali Wiru (an open-air dining experience), for example, I had beetroot with Illawarra plum mousse topped with crisped kale and wattle seed shards, plus Persian feta and finger lime caviar (spot the Australian indigenous ingredients).

You’d be a muppet to miss… the sunrise. Seriously get to bed early and go. More than once.

A camel saddled up and waiting for it's rider in the Australian desert

Buddy the camel waiting to take Tasmin on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure © Tasmin Waby

Fave activity? I wasn’t expecting to like the camel ride experience with Uluru Camel Tours, but I went along for the Instagram photo opportunity (tragic I know) and because I had read Tracks by Robyn Davidson (a book about the writer’s 1700-mile trek with her camels through Australia’s western deserts).

I thought it would be terrifying as I have some serious vertigo, or that the camels would be poorly treated in some way and I’d feel terrible having visited them. But nothing could be further from the truth – I was really impressed. The actual ride was very relaxed and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially when we rounded a red sandhill to see the sunrise colours still slowly washing over Uluru.

Quintessential experience? Hearing some of the Aboriginal astronomy stories and learning about the tales told with the didgeridoo while sitting by a campfire under a sky ablaze with the stars of the Milky Way. Australia’s indigenous culture is the oldest continuous culture in the world and there’s so much to learn from it.

A section of red rock along the Uluru self-guided Base Walk

Views from the self-guided Base Walk © Tasmin Waby

If you do one thing… walk the self-guided Base Walk around Uluru. It’s 10km but it’s so much better than climbing the rock. The custodians of Uluru, the Anangu, ask people not to climb and from October 2019 it won’t be possible.

There are dozens of other activities to connect with this place and have a truly memorable experience without having to ‘conquer’ the rock. I haven’t even mentioned the helicopter trips (once in a lifetime and amazing), cycling in the national park, the ‘bush tucker’ classes with indigenous superfoods, five-star dining under the stars and the truly mesmerising Field of Light art installation by Bruce Munroe.

So um, don’t climb the rock. Learn something new instead.

Tasmin Waby travelled to Australia with support from Tourism Australia. Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.

Want more behind-the-scenes adventures? Find out what PR Manager Phil Harper got up to on his recent road trip to Rome and Naples.

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See the world with Virgin Atlantic – Over 30 Destinations Worldwide

Corey Feldman Names His Alleged Pedophile Abuser on Dr. Oz Show

UPDATE: Corey Feldman named Eighties actor John Grissom as one of the men who allegedly sexually molested him as a teenager during a sit-down chat with Dr. Oz Thursday. The former child star called the LAPD to file a report against Grissom during the show, noting that the actor still had photos of himself with Feldman and his late friend Corey Haim on his social media

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Unraveling the great pyramid of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the great Wonders of the World, and the last to still exist full intact. Located in El Giza, Egypt, this is one of the most mysterious and fascinating constructions in the world. As the oldest Wonder of the Ancient World, the pyramid complex (with three pyramids) is a breathtaking site. There have long been theories and conjecture about how and why the pyramids were constructed.

At the height of the Ancient Egyptian empire, they were a testament to the enduring power and majesty of the Pharaohs. Originally believed to have been constructed as a tomb, the Great Pyramid was once the tallest man-made structure on the planet! For centuries we have marveled at the pyramids and the iconic nature of them. So, let’s delve a little closer, and unravel the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


The pyramids were thought to have been built around 2560 BC, over a period of about 20 years. They were constructed from giant stones and used as a tomb to hold the Pharaohs and their spouses. Many people have questioned how the construction of these great monuments was possible with the rudimentary tools and limited resources available in ancient times. This has led to a lot of people postulating extraterrestrial and supernatural methods of construction. However, the most logical explanation is that the Egyptians used ramps and stone blocks, as well as a hierarchical form of labor.


Many people don’t know it, but the largest pyramid of the three, the Great Pyramid, actually has three chambers inside it. There is the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber high up in the structure, and there is a larger chamber at the bottom of the pyramid. There are also passages and airways that run throughout the pyramid. There are air vents that travel from the King and Queen Chambers, and these are thought to have been for the purposes of ventilation, or even to allow the spirit of Ka to travel in and out of the pyramid.

Present day

The Giza complex has become a huge tourist hotspot, and, in recent times has undergone something of a renovation. There have been refurbishments and renovations to the site, and the pyramids over the years. And they play an important role in the tourism and economy of Egypt as a nation. It is still a construct full of mysteries and secrets, some of which we will never be able to unlock. But, for now, we will have to make do with what we know about these majestic constructs as they are, and marvel at their architectural and engineering brilliance.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is truly one of the marvels of the Earth and an unbelievable feat for an empire and civilization that was way ahead of its time. Even still, the pyramids are a construct that should not have been able to be built or exist when they did. They are one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world and attract millions of visitors every year.


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10 of the best contemporary art spaces in south-east Asia

Artists in Myanmar, Cambodia and across south-east Asia produce work in a climate of authoritarianism – and often in open defiance of it. Here are 10 spaces that promote their artistic freedom and independence

In the face of headlines about racial and religious tensions and complex political situations, a traveller today has to wonder: is it better to boycott or to engage, to ignore or to exchange?

To varying degrees, issues of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression have been raised in every country in south-east Asia, yet the region remains a hugely popular destination. Many artists create under censorship or adverse social pressure; all express their differences through art.

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The history of stonehenge


Stonehenge is one of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks in the United Kingdom, and a place that attracts thousands of tourists every year. There have been many theories about the formation and purpose of Stonehenge, as well as the influence it has had on British culture. As one of the most beautiful and recognizable monuments, Stonehenge has been the subject of plenty of study and theories. We’re going to look at the history of Stonehenge, and look at how it came to be the world’s most famous prehistoric monument.

What is it?

For those unfamiliar, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Salisbury, England. It is made up of a ring of standing stones of different sizes and shapes. The stones are set in the ground, and many scientists who have carried out studies believe them to be ancient. The dates posed for the construction of Stonehenge range from around 3000 BC to around 2000 BC. Considered one of the world’s most famous landmarks, Stonehenge is a British cultural icon, and has been classified a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How it was made

We know now that much of Stonehenge was constructed in phases, over a period of about 1000 years. In fact, it is thought that Stonehenge began as a kind of burial ground, and was expanded from there to become the monument we see today. It began life as a sort of crude ditch before more stones were added in the center of the monument. It is actually a mystery how some of the stones got on the site. Many people view it as extraordinary that the people who constructed it, with only primitive tools and equipment, were able to haul huge stones to the site, much less shape them. Some believe that people hauled them over water to get to the site, while others think glaciers were responsible for pushing them.

Alternative theories

There have, of course, been alternative theories offered for how the stones got there, and why Stonehenge exists in the first place. There are a number of myths surrounding the stones, and the ancient site, with many suggesting supernatural involvement! For instance, there are elements of Arthurian legend that have been attributed to the creation of Stonehenge. Some attribute the creation to the wizard Merlin, others to giants who carried them across the sea. Because the site was thought to be a healing site, it has led to many of these alternative theories. The complexity of the stones and the site, coupled with the rudimentary resources of the time, have understandably made people think of alternative theories. This is much in the same way that people thought aliens had constructed the pyramids.

Present day

Stonehenge has undergone several archaeological restorations over the years, to help preserve and protect its legacy. Since the turn of the century, there has even been an excavation called the Stonehenge Riverside Project – a series of digs investigating the surrounding areas. There were also more human remains found at the site, dating back hundreds of years. There have been extensive studies to try to unlock the secrets of Stonehenge and its surroundings, and it remains a source of mystery for many of us.

It’s clear that Stonehenge is a site of extreme historical and cultural; significance. And, we can learn loads about the people of the time from studying the site. Its links to the winter solstice throw up more clues as to why the site exists and what it was used for. One thing is certain, Stonehenge is one of the most iconic and memorable natural monuments in the world.


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‘My Friend Dahmer’: From Graphic Novel to Chilling New Film

In 2013, filmmaker Marc Meyers took a trip to Bath, Ohio, to visit the suburb where serial killer Jeffery Dahmer spent his formative years. Several months earlier, Meyers had optioned the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer – a memoir by cartoonist Derf Backderf about his brief but intense high-school friendship with the man who would become known as the Milwaukee Cannibal – and he was

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Cheap traveling in Portugal


Portugal is a nation with so much to offer tourists, and one of the places you need to add to your bucket list if you’ve never been. The climate is amazing, and the geography is stunning, not to mention the hugely important culture and history of the country. If you’re planning on paying a visit to Portugal, you will want to know about how you can visit and experience it as cheaply as possible.

We understand that taking a vacation these days can be an expensive prospect, so it’s important to look for ways of saving money. This is something you can do in a number of ways, and we’re going to look at some of them right now. It’s perfectly possible to have an unforgettable Portuguese experience, without having to spend too much money doing it.

Where to visit

There are plenty of great places to see in Portugal, even on a budget, and we would recommend you check out The Algarve, as well as Lisbon when you get the opportunity. In fact, Portugal was rated as one of the cheapest vacation destinations in Europe. Lagos in the Algarve is a personal favorite of ours and is incredibly budget-friendly. However, we reckon the best place to visit has got to be Porto – it’s cheap, lively, and brilliantly located. If you want a budget-friendly trip to Portugal Porto might just be the ideal place to go.

Getting around

Traveling around Portugal on a budget is another thing you can actually do pretty easily, and for cheap as well. The best thing to do is to make use of public transport and really get the most out of your money. The city Metro would be your best bet, and this will cost you around €1.50 for a single journey – buses are also incredibly cheap. You could even catch the bus or train for longer journeys on the cheap too. Like, a journey from Lisbon to Porto (and vice versa) will generally cost you around €30. If you want a different and more immersive experience, that is also cheap, we would recommend hiring a bicycle for around €15 in most places.

Food and drink

Food and drink is a real treat in Portugal, and, as you might imagine, there is a huge seafood culture here. There will be expensive restaurants, and cheaper restaurants, as is the case wherever you go. Snacks and light meals will set you back anywhere up to around €10, whereas a sit-down meal will cost closer to €20. But, if you look into the area you’re visiting, you’ll be able to find places wonderful restaurants that are much cheaper. Portugal has some of the best-value food in Europe, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to save money where they can.


There are so many amazing things to see while you’re in Portugal. You could head for Lagos, the southernmost point in Europe, and see the great lighthouse there. Wander the Abbey of Santa Maria, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Pop to the small town of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of beautiful historic buildings and monuments. And, if you want a more tropical experience, make sure you head to the stunning Azores Islands, nestled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

So, there we have Portugal in a nutshell – it’s the ideal European destination for anyone looking for an amazing budget vacation. This is an amazing country, with loads of important history – did you know the Portuguese colonized Brazil?! If you are looking for somewhere in Europe that has delicious food, amazing weather, stunning cities, and mind-blowing tourist attractions, and doesn’t cost the Earth, Portugal is the place for you.


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Discovering the beauty of Slovenia


We bet you didn’t know that Slovenia is one of the most gorgeous countries in the whole of Europe. It might not make your bucket list of places you want to visit, but maybe your bucket list needs a bit of an edit! This is one of the hidden gems of Europe and a country with simply staggering natural beauty and elegance. There is so much beauty, history, and majesty on display in Slovenia, and it’s just waiting to be uncovered.

If you enjoy the unspoiled surrounding of nature, and the call of the wild, Slovenia is definitely the perfect place to escape to. The crossroads of European culture, Slovenia is one of the countries that combines many different elements and customs, and it’s perfect for travelers looking to see a new side of Europe. Discover this wonderful, sprawling fairy tale as soon as you can – here are some things you have to do if you want to discover the beauty of Slovenia.

Hike the trails

Anyone who loves the great outdoors is going to be in their element in Slovenia. There are so many sensational places to hike, and some wonderful trails to discover as well. If you head to Triglav National Park, you will find some of the most awe-inspiring trails marked out for you to walk. Cross luscious alpine pastures as you ascend the Triglav Mountain on one of the most beautiful trails. There are seven lakes along the mountain route, which are well worth a stop at, and, of course, a few photographs as well.

Visit Postojna Cave

Before you start worrying, this isn’t a dark, dank cave where claustrophobics dare not venture, oh no! Postojna Cave is one of the most stunning we’ve ever seen and the second-longest cave system in Slovenia. There are plenty of amazing chambers and passages you can venture down. The place is incredibly popular with tourist, and a bridge system will help you around the complex. Gaze in awe at some of the incredible natural rock formations and lakes that have formed in the cave system. It’s an absolute must for experiencing the beauty of the Slovenia up close and personal.

Discover wine country

How great is it to go on vacation somewhere, and get to sip some delicious wines?! Slovenia might not be your first choice when it comes to tasty wine, but you need to check it out. Goriska Brda is an emerging wine region in the country, and as some excellent wine tours, you can be a part of. Did you know, Slovenia also has one of the best Pinot Noirs in Europe? This is the perfect activity for enjoying tasty wine, and getting to see the natural beauty of the region as well.

Enjoy the Soča

The Soča is a large river that runs through Western Slovenia and into Italy. It is incredibly picturesque and affords all sorts of opportunities for exploring the natural world of the river. You can take part in some rafting, fly fishing, or even just walk along the banks. It’s like walking into a fantasy world full of adventure and excitement, never knowing what adventures wait over the horizon. This river is among the most stunning in Europe, and will only serve to enrich your Slovenian adventure even more.

What are you waiting for? Get online and book your Slovenian adventure now. You’re going to uncover one of the great secrets of Europe, and enjoy the stunning beauty of this great country. If you love the outdoors, great culture, fascinating history, and friendly locals, Slovenia is definitely the place to be.


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Gaudí opening to lead Barcelona’s tourism comeback

The first house designed by the iconic architect – exuberant Casa Vicens in the beleaguered city’s Gràcia district – opens to the public later this month. ‘This could be a moment of peace,’ says its manager

It’s not just would-be voters in the Catalan independence referendum who have taken a knock-back in Barcelona this year. The city’s image has also suffered from anti-tourism demonstrations and terrorist attacks, and the tourist industry is down some 15% since police violence and mass rallies grabbed international headlines in October. It’s down, but resolutely not out, however.

Brand Barcelona’s comeback begins with a contribution from its heaviest hitter: Antoni Gaudí. Almost a century after his death, the architect of La Sagrada Familia is still synonymous with the city. On 16 November, Gaudí’s first house, Casa Vicens, begun in 1883, will open permanently to the public for the first time.

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‘My Friend Dahmer’ Review: Welcome to the Origin Story of a Serial Killer

Is this a joke? That's the first reaction you have when you hear the title – but the joke's on you. My Friend Dahmer, which chronicles Jeffrey Dahmer's senior year in high school before he graduated and became infamous for being a serial-killing cannibal, is a warped wonder of a movie that takes twisted to areas few have investigated. 

Crisply directed by Marc Meyers from a

This article originally appeared on ‘My Friend Dahmer’ Review: Welcome to the Origin Story of a Serial Killer

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Backpacking in Thailand and Vietnam


Backpacking is an amazing way of experiencing the world differently. Yes, a luxury hotel is something we all want from time to time, but, sometimes it’s great to have a more basic vacation experience. Going on a backpacking trip gives you a more stripped-back experience and helps you to appreciate the more basic things in life. We recommend everyone go backpacking at least once in their life.

Seeing the world differently opens your mind, and shows you what you have and what you rely on. We love just putting life on hold now and again and taking a backpacking trip, with no technology! A couple of the most beautiful places to head to for backpacking adventures are Thailand and Vietnam. So here is a brief guide for anyone looking to go backpacking to either of these great places.


The stunning locations of Thailand beckon, and, while backpacking, you have to check out Bangkok and Chiang Mai in particular. These are stunning cities with so much amazing history and culture, and you have to make sure you pay a visit. The Grand Palace and Wat Arun are some of the most iconic places in Bangkok, while Chiang Mai boasts Wat Phra Singh and the must-see Elephant Nature Park.

What should you do?

There is a lot you can experience in Thailand, and we would certainly recommend checking out some of the stunning Buddhist temples here. Experiencing the people, faith, and culture of this wonderful country is so important, and can open your eyes to a brand new way of life. You should check out the floating lantern festivals, and the street markets with loads of delicious and cheap food to choose from. As a bonus, head for the Khao San Road, where many backpackers gather to begin their journey through Thailand. There are loads of stalls here, and plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs. You could even head out to one of the islands around Thailand – we would suggest Koh Lipe, or the Phi Islands, as these are stunningly beautiful, and offer a slightly different vibe to the towns and cities of the mainland.


Vietnam has some stunning and historically important places to visit, and the two most important are Hanoi and Saigon. Both of these places have so much to offer tourists, and really capture the essence of Vietnam as a country. Hanoi is a charming, traditional Vietnamese city, where you can really get a slice of a more simple way of life. Saigon is more frenetic and fast-paced, and there is plenty to do for those who like to get out and about and soak up new experiences.

What should you do?

When you’re in Vietnam, there is plenty you can do, such as trekking to the North and checking out Ba Be National Park. We also insist you take a look at Halong Bay, the tourist hotspot in Vietnam. Try to plan the time you visit to avoid too many crowds, though this can be difficult because of its popularity. In the middle of Vietnam is the Imperial City, with its citadel, and ancient tombs – this is not an opportunity you want to pass up. As an added bonus while you’re here, why not check out the charming and picturesque town of Hoi An, with its stunning markets and Japanese bridge? If you fancy a beach experience while you’re here check out the resort of Nha Trang, with its amazing beaches – just try to keep sand off your backpack!

These are some of the best places to go, and some of the best things to experience when you’re backpacking across Thailand and Vietnam. You will get to enjoy a special and memorable experience that will change your life for the better. And, to make the most of it, you need to follow the tips and advice that we give you.


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Pathfinder pics: hiking the Lares Trek and Machu Picchu

laresdan (2)

Lonely Planet Pathfinder Dan James experiences Peru‘s most famous attraction and its lesser-known Inca hiking experience.

Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is deservedly near the top of most travel lists, including mine. The magical region of Cuzco, Peru is home to the sophisticated citadel that welcomes around one million tourists a year. If that sounds mighty crowded then fear not, the real adventure is, as always, in the journey rather than the destination…

While the Inca Trail is the most popular route in the region, the lesser-explored Lares Trek, which I recently hiked with G Adventures, offers a more remote, local and authentic experience, served with some truly mind blowing scenery to boot.

Welcome to the Sacred Valley

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The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and nearby Cuzco formed the central hub of the Inca Empire, and are home to incredibly well preserved Inca ruins, that I found made for an excellent introduction to the history of the region. This includes the beautiful terraces of Písac, which were built to increase the agricultural area are impressive feats of construction, and the cobbled streets and ruins in the village of Ollantaytambo, which are as charming as they are educational.

Meet the Quechua locals

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One of the highlights of the Lares Trek for me was meeting the locals, both at the community supported projects by G Adventures and in the small villages and stone houses dotted along the route of the hike. With fewer tourists passing through this valley, you get a glimpse of the Andean Mountains’ slower pace of life. The Quechua natives, in their brightly coloured ponchos, herd their alpacas, llamas and mules past you, stopping for broken conversation in Quechua and exchanging coca leaves, which are chewed to help with the altitude.

 Admire rugged, remote beauty

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With landscapes of snow capped mountains, blue lagoons and grazing wildlife, I was in awe from day one, but it was the silence of the Andes that had me captivated. I can count on one hand the number of tourists our group passed over the three days, and every time I paused I was amazed by just how few people were around to share the incredible vistas.

 Sleep under the stars

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After the sun sets the the temperature drops dramatically, but that didn’t stop me from wrapping up warm, grabbing a coca tea and admiring the incredible night sky above our tents. With no light pollution to speak of, the milky way and constellations were the brightest I’ve ever seen in my life.

 The Lares Trek is breathtaking (literally)

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The highest point of the Lares Trek is at 4800m, and here both the view and altitude will take your breath away. Spending a couple of days in Cuzco to adjust, taking acetazolamide tablets before arrival and drinking or chewing the coca leaves are all ways to alleviate the effects. One thing I can promise you though, is the views from the top are well worth the strenuous climb on day two, the toughest of the three day hike.

End with a modern world wonder

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Once you’ve conquered the hike, the reward is one of the most impressive citadels in the world, Machu Picchu. While the Inca Trail hikes directly in, at the end of the Lares Trek you take the scenic train to the touristy town of Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu. The pit stop allows for a much needed warm shower and good night’s sleep before exploring the most famous Inca site. Built in the 15th century, there are a few theories about the exact use of the Machu Picchu, but I can guarantee that it truly lives up to the hype.

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The mystery behind the Easter Island


Easter Island is one of the most striking and unforgettable islands in the Pacific Ocean. As a part of Chile, the island is located in the Polynesian Triangle and has a huge amount of Polynesian culture and heritage attached to it. Most people assume that because it’s a part of Chile, the island would best represent Chilean culture, but, that’s not the case. Because the principal inhabitants of the island were the Rapa Nui people, Polynesian culture is most definitely the order of the day here.

There have been a lot of studies of the Easter Islands, and Polynesian culture, but, some of the studies have thrown up some interesting findings. We’re going to look a little closer at Easter Island, and what genetic analysis has shown us about the island. This is one of the most picture perfect places on Earth, and would make a wonderful choice for your next vacation!

The island

Easter Island is one of the defining islands in the Pacific Ocean, and one of the most recognizable of all islands. It is best-known for the 887 moai statues that populate the island, built by the indigenous Rui Napa people. These are a huge draw and bring a lot of tourism to the island, and resulted in Easter Island being classified a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. With only around 5,800 residents, the island is among the most remote inhabited islands in the world.

DNA testing

A genetic study of the island and its people has thrown up some very interesting results. They showed that the people of the island had definitive South American DNA, despite the fact that a large amount of their heritage was actually Polynesian. Furthermore, more tests revealed an absence of South American DNA before around the 18th Century. It seems incredibly strange that there would be no direct genetic link between Polynesians and South Americans, especially considering the location of Easter Island.


The findings seem to contradict the evidence and vice versa. It is clear that those on the island had links with South Americans around the 18th Century, due to DNA results, but, it is also obvious that there was no mark left by any kind of inbreeding. It’s most likely that trade routes opened up between Easter Island and South America, and this is why there was such a strong apparent link with South Americans. It seems as though the South Americans could have returned to the island to trade, and left descendants among the Polynesians.

Overall, we can’t really be sure why the results here are the way they are. There are a lot of potential reasons that could have led to such a discovery, and contradictory evidence might simply be as a result of not having enough samples or evidence to study. Nevertheless, Easter Island and the genetic makeup of the population is an incredibly interesting study. Hopefully, in the future, we will find out more and be able to nail down with certainty, where the genetic DNA line can be traced back to.


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Kevin Spacey: More Men Come Forward With Sexual Assault Accusations

Actor and filmmaker Tony Montana shared the story of his own encounter with Kevin Spacey in a new interview with Radar Online, alleging that the House of Cards actor once groped him inappropriately at a Los Angeles

This article originally appeared on Kevin Spacey: More Men Come Forward With Sexual Assault Accusations

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Things anyone must do when traveling abroad


It’s important to travel and see the world as much as possible. They say travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul, and they’re absolutely right. It’s essential to experience all forms of cultures and customs, and find out how diverse and different our world can be sometimes. If you’re planning to jet off to some faraway land, you need to make sure you go with some idea of what you’re going to face.

Yes, traveling abroad is a good thing, an essential thing even, but it can also be perilous. You have to prepare for where you’re going, and make sure you know a little about the area. When it comes time for your vacation, you want to get the most amount of enjoyment possible from it. So, here are a few of the key things to consider when it comes to traveling abroad – consider this your Bible!

Be sensible

It’s so important that you are sensible when traveling abroad. Don’t forget that many countries in the world have different customs and cultures to what you might be used to, and you have to make sure you use common sense. Be careful about who you let into your life, and understand that not everyone who’s being nice is being nice for the sake of it. As a tourist, you might be an attractive prospect for criminal behavior, so be on your guard. Most places you will be fine, you’ve just got to be careful about the people you encounter.

Educate yourself about the local culture

Make an effort to educate yourself about the culture of a specific country or people. This is important for helping you understand and appreciate the country you’re visiting much more. It will also help you out if you don’t know the language. Some things that are considered appropriate in your culture may not be appropriate in others, and you need to figure this out. Also, if you’re abroad, you want to experience the culture of a new place and immerse yourself fully – that’s how you have an unforgettable experience. Oh, and, if possible, learning a bit of the language will help as well.

Always check in with someone

Being careful and vigilant is important, and one of the best ways of doing that is to make sure you always check in with somebody. Each day make sure you call or message someone and let them know how your day was, and that you’re okay. This is a good way of helping you to stay safe and means that if anything happens, and you miss a day, people will have an idea of where you are. Checking in with someone is safe and sensible, but also lets you share your adventure and experience with others.

Going on vacation should be a fun and exciting experience, and you want to make the most of it. That means completely embracing another country or continent, and experiencing things you would never be able to experience at home. These are some of the important things you absolutely must do when you travel abroad. They will help you to stay safe, blend in, and share your wonderful adventures with others as well.


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Monkeying around in Borneo: a voluntourism trip with a difference

Voluntourism is popular but controversial. In Indonesian Borneo, however, the Orangutan Foundation puts conservation (and graft) first, as our writer discovers

I’ve got a hammer in my hand when the cry goes up: “Orangutan in the camp.” Nine people down tools and grab their cameras and a chance to snap one of the critically endangered primates that we are here to help on our three-week stay in Indonesian Borneo. Rimba, a 17-year-old male orangutan, doesn’t disappoint: he circles the camp, going from tree to tree just a few metres above our heads for almost 30 minutes, hooting gruffly if anyone comes too close.

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10 from Len: Greenhithe’s Strictly judge shares his highlights as he gets set to dance off show

As Greenhithe’s Len Goodman prepares to hang up his scoring paddles and bow out as head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, the ballroom dancing guru looks back at his highlights from 14 series on the show.

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Travelling in Oman


If you fancy a trip to the Middle East, why not check out the seductive and glorious Arab state of Oman? This might not rank on most people’s lists of top places to visit, but it’s a highly underrated place to go for a vacation. Positioned at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Oman is one of the most beautiful and accessible countries in the world. Oman has seen a staggering level of development over the past four decades and is hugely popular among tourists these days.

With a rich and varied history, stunning landscapes, and friendly people taking a trip to Oman is a no-brainer. A slice of bronzed, sun-kissed desert beauty, Oman is a place you can’t help but be bowled over by. And, it’s important to try to find out about the best places in Oman to visit, and what you absolutely have to experience while you’re here.

Musandam Peninsula

If you’re feeling adventurous, you should head to the northernmost point of Oman. Separated from the rest of the country by the East coast of the United Arab Emirates, Musandam is one of the hidden gems of Oman. Often referred to as the ‘Arabian Norway’ this is the perfect place to enjoy diversity. Here you will find large jagged cliffs that plunge into the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Oman, and you will be able to experience the incredible fjords here. Don’t think that it’s only Scandinavia that boasts fjords! This is one of the best places to visit in Oman, and one of the hidden gems of the country.

Sharqiya Sands

Because there is so much glorious desert here, you would be doing a disservice if you didn’t get out and explore it. These iconic and beautiful dunes are a popular tourist hotspot (geddit?). The diversity of the terrain is intriguing, and it’s just so beautiful to look at. Bear in mind that locally these are referred to as the Wahiba Sands, so make sure you call them that when you’re in Oman! It’s the perfect chance to see something unique, as well as allowing you to interact with the bedouins who live a nomadic life out here as well.

Bahla Fort

This iconic and artistic fort is literally carved into stone and is one of the most impressive walled cities in the world. The historic fortress is said to have been designed by women 600 years ago and is one of the most historic landmarks in the country. Make sure you head to the foot of the Djebel Akhdar highlands to come face to face with this incredible UNESCO World Heritage site. If you want to get a feel for some of the great culture and history of Oman, this is certainly one of the places you need to visit.

Mutrah Souq

If you want a true slice of Omani culture head for the capital Muscat and check out the authentic souq – an Omani/Arabic market. It has the wonderfully chaotic nature of most Arabic markets, except that it’s indoors. You will become faintly aware of the scent of frankincense as you wander the lanes examining the silk, gold, and souvenirs on display. This is the perfect place to go and buy a token or souvenir to help you remember your trip.

These are just some of the great highlights of visiting Oman. Of course, you might already have your set itinerary and to-do list, but, these are some of the things we definitely recommend you do. This magical land is full of secrets that should be uncovered, and you will want to go deep into the heart of Oman to find them – time to enjoy some of those Arabian nights!


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‘Lady Bird’ Review: Greta Gerwig’s Coming-of-Age Story Is Simply Irresistible

Just when you think there's nothing original or exciting left to mine from a coming-of-age story, along comes the totally irresistible Lady Bird – a reminder that no genre is played out when there's a new artist around to see it with fresh eyes. Screenwriter Greta Gerwig, in a spectacular solo directing debut (she co-directed Nights and Weekends with Joe Swanberg in 2008),

This article originally appeared on ‘Lady Bird’ Review: Greta Gerwig’s Coming-of-Age Story Is Simply Irresistible

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The history of Angkor


Angkor is an ancient Cambodian city and was the capital city of the Khmer Empire. The ruins of the city are located amid forests and greenery, near modern day Siem Reap. Perhaps the biggest legacy of Angkor is the sensational Angkor Wat, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Many of the temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom have been restored, and are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Angkor Wat is a temple complex in the Siem Reap province, considered to be one of the world’s largest religious monuments – the site is over 400 acres! It is a crucial part of the fabric and identity of Cambodia as a country, and one of the places you simply have to see. Constructed during the 12th Century, as part of the Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat has become one of the most famous sites in the world. Let’s delve a little deeper into the history, and mystery, of Angkor.

Khmer Empire

The Khmer Empire was one of the most important in Cambodian history, and the Empire was responsible for much of the unification that happened in the country at that time – which the temple is a testament to. This Hindu-Buddhist Empire was spearheaded by King Jayavarman, around the 9th Century, and ran until the 15th Century. The immense power, wealth, culture, and artistry possessed by the Khmer Empire led to the construction of Angkor Wat, to showcase the aesthetic and architectural ability, as well as being a monument to religion.

Religious history

You may not know, but Angkor Wat began life as a Hindu temple, before being turned into a Buddhist temple in the 14th Century, showing the change in religious direction in the city at the time. In the time of the Khmer Empire, all buildings that weren’t religious were built using perishable materials – perhaps why they could spare the expense for temples such as Angkor Wat. The original religion here was a combination of elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other indigenous religions. But, it was under the rule of King Suryavarman II that the city became predominantly Hindu, changing to Buddhist years later.

The fall of Angkor

The Khmer Empire fell in the 14th Century when the city was lost to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. 1431 was thought to be the date that signaled the end of the Khmer Empire, and sacking of Angkor. By the 15th Century, the city was largely abandoned, but the monument of Angkor Wat remained. Perhaps the enemies of the Khmer decided it was simply too breathtaking to destroy – and lucky for us it still remains to this day!

Present day

Today, as we know, the city of Angkor lies in ancient ruins, spread across the province. However, Angkor Wat is preserved as a World Heritage site and attracts millions of visitors every year. It;’s not really hard to see why, either. This is one of the most stunning places in the world, and a true testament to architecture, and religious devotion. However, the 2 million+ visitors every year is considered unsustainable tourism and is putting a lot of pressure on the monuments and structures in the area. There are worries that this could cause fairly significant damage in the future and may lead to problems in the area.

There’s no denying the great beauty and majesty of Angkor Wat, and, it seems strange to think it’s the only part of a once great city that has actually endured and survived. The city of Angkor was the main seat of the Khmer Empire for centuries and has fallen out of memory, but its presence will always remain because of the magnificence of Angkor Wat.


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Travel quiz: November edition


Lesser-known capitals, surprisingly snow-capped mountains, the ‘Merlion’ and population extremes in places beginning with ‘M’… November’s travel quiz will push even the well-travelled to their wisdom’s limits. Give it a whirl and let us know how you score on Twitter or Facebook!


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The best lodges in the world


When you go on vacation, you need to think about the sort of vacation you want to have. We love adventures in the wilderness, exploring the world, and looking at things from a different perspective. There’s something so rewarding about getting out of the city now and again and exploring off the beaten track. But, if you’re going to do this you need to be sure you choose the perfect accommodation for your trip.

This is easier said than done because it can sometimes be tricky to find somewhere with great accommodation that is precisely what you’re looking for. At least you have options in the city, right? Well, that’s true, but you don’t get the breathtaking landscape and serene surroundings there. So, why not check out these incredible lodges so you can be sure you have an excellent experience every time you go away.

Sonora Resort, Canada

Canada is a land of so much natural beauty, and this is one of the best outdoor lodges to illustrate that beauty and majesty. The luxury resort is a jewel in the wilderness, and will really go a long way towards making your visit extra special. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of British Columbia, and enjoy the perfect eco-adventure. The resort is nestled in the Desolation Sound, where you have some of the best salmon fishing in the world, not to mention unbelievable wildlife. This is a must for anyone traveling in North America, and wanting to enjoy the wilds of Canada.

Lapa Rios, Costa Rica

Check out this amazing private resort, spread over a staggering 1,000 acres of tropical rainforest. In fact, this is some of the last tropical rainforest in the wilds of Costa Rica and is amazing for wildlife enthusiasts, and there are even beaches here as well! Holing up in one of the 16 private bungalows on offer is the best way of making certain you have a sensational time of things. Sustainable tourism is a big thing here, and the lodges are a great way of helping you embrace that.

Bushmans Kloof, South Africa

We’ve got to admit, this is one of the most idyllic places we’ve ever seen – when can we move?! Situated in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains, this ecological oasis is the only way to enjoy a country as stunning as South Africa. The open plains and wonderful rock formations really make this a place that’s unlike anywhere else in the world. The lodge has the perfect mix of modernity and retro and has made a big effort to integrate with the natural surroundings. We have no doubt you’re going to love this amazing place.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Australia is a country with so much elegance and staggering natural landscape, and you want to experience as much of it as you can. The best way of achieving that is to head to Kangaroo Island and check out this phenomenal resort. Positioned on a secluded cliff, this is like having your very own beachfront property, in one of the most amazing places in the world. There are 21 eco suites in the lodge, but, you’d better make sure you start saving because this place ain’t cheap!

As you can see, there are so many amazing lodges in the world – some desert, some coastal, and some nestled among tropical rainforests. Whatever you look for in a vacation, one thing is certain, you’re likely to find at least one of these stunning lodges to be right up your street – we know we did!


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‘Grindhouse’ Director Robert Rodriguez: I Cast Rose McGowan to Spite Weinstein

Grindhouse co-director Robert Rodriguez said in a statement Friday that he and ex-girlfriend Rose McGowan once schemed to get back at Harvey Weinstein in the most industry way possible: by working together on the 2007 cult flick.

Rodriguez, who dated McGowan from 2006 to 2009,

This article originally appeared on ‘Grindhouse’ Director Robert Rodriguez: I Cast Rose McGowan to Spite Weinstein

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The essential spots in New York that every Seinfeld fan has to visit


When it comes to bucket-list destinations, New York is definitely at the top. The Big Apple has always been a popular tourist destination and offers its visitors some of the greatest scenery in the world, the hustle and bustle of city life, and a whole load of excitement. Many people travel to New York to see a Broadway Show because they want to take a trip to Coney Island, or they want to get up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty. However, TV show nerds like us have always been enticed by New York City, because of the one and only Seinfeld. Yep, the ‘show about nothing’ was filmed and set in this wondrous city, and there are some epic places that have featured on the show that any Seinfeld lover just HAS to visit.

Monk’s Coffee Shop

A sitcom isn’t a sitcom without a coffee shop. Friends had Central Perk, Beverly Hills 90210 had the Peach Pit, Gilmore Girls had Luke’s Diner, and Seinfeld had Monk’s Coffee Shop. Nowadays, Monk’s is one of the busiest Seinfeld tourist locations in the city, but no trip to New York would be complete without a photograph in front of the iconic sign. The coffee shop is now called Tom’s Restaurant and can be found at 2880 Broadway and 112th Street. Unfortunately, the interior of the restaurant is completely different, as the show used a set to film the inside of Monk’s, but you can still order a ‘Big Salad.’

Yankee Stadium

One of the biggest storylines of Seinfeld revolved around George Costanza’s job at the Yankee Stadium – so it would be rude not to visit, right? The stadium that was used during filming was unfortunately ripped down in the early ‘00s but has been replaced by a new and improved stadium for you to feast your eyes on. Still, a tour of the Yankee Stadium is a major must-see, even if you’re not a fan of Seinfeld (which is basically a crime against humanity). A stadium tour will offer you an up-close insight into the world of the New York Yankees, and you can check out its awesome museum and restaurant – you can even catch a game if you wanted to.

H&H Bagels

H&H Bagels is popular for two reasons. One, they make some of the most incredible bagels in the world (fact). Two, the shop is the ultimate Seinfeld landmark. This bagel shop is located on 2239 Broadway between 79th Street and 80th Street, and served as Kramer’s workplace – y’know, the one he had been on strike for the past 12 years. Many Seinfeld fans often make the pilgrimage to this legendary location to take pictures outside and try out some of the bagels for themselves. It’s a must-see.

Al’s Soup Kitchen

No soup for you! Actually, that’s kinda mean – so you can have a little soup. However, if you want the best soup ‘Seinfeld’ style, you just have to take a trip to Al’s Soup Kitchen. Although there are various Al’s Soup Kitchen’s across the city, the true Seinfeld lovers will want to visit the little restaurant on 55th Street and the corner of 8th Avenue. This quirky little soup kitchen featured in the 116th Seinfeld episode, ‘Soup Nazi.’ Yev Kassem wasn’t wrong to be obsessed with their soup though. The restaurant still makes their famous soup today, and concoct weird and wonderful soups every single day. The franchise has even launched their soups in grocery stores across the country!

NBC Studios

The NBC Studios in New York are some of the most famous filming studios in America. Although the actual show was not shot in the studios, NBC played a huge part in the Seinfeld legacy. Not only did they show the series on their channel, but they also served in the storyline – as George and Jerry originally pitched their ‘show about nothing’ to the producers at NBC. Nowadays, a lot of fun can be had at the studios. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to bag yourself tickets to see the filming of Saturday Night Live or the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Are you a Seinfeld fan and looking to visit New York? You just have to go to these must-see places for Seinfeld lovers…


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The weirdest islands in Japan


Japan is such a weird and wonderful nation, and has so much more to offer than any of us imagine. Sure, mainland Japan has places like Tokyo, which have to be experienced as urban technology hubs. But, you might not be aware that Japan also has a load of interesting islands attached to it as well. You see, Japan is actually an archipelago, made up of several islands, some of which are just downright strange – and here is a selection of the weirdest!

Okunoshima Island

This island is also named Rabbit Island because it’s home to thousands of hoppy, floppy bunny rabbits. That makes it a total paradise for those who love rabbits, and a definite tourist hotspot for visitors. The story goes that during the Second World War, the island was used to produce Japan’s chemical weapons. The rabbits were brought to the island to test out the poison gas! But, don’t worry, these bunnies obviously bred a lot, and now there are hundreds of the floppy-eared friends populating the island. None of them mutants, we hope. There is also a small golf course here too, for those who like teeing off!

Hashima Island

Did you know, this island could once boast the claim of being the most densely populated place on Earth? Hashima Island was once used for coal mining, but is now totally deserted – this makes it an iconic tourist hotspot. Since Japan switched its main energy source to petroleum, the island has become obsolete. For this reason, it is now a ghost island and more than a little eerie in places! The floating island is definitely one of the most iconic and weird places to visit in Japan, and, if you can get there, make sure you pay a visit. Fun fact – it was actually featured in the James Bond flick, Skyfall.

Tashirojima Island

So, we know there’s an island of bunnies in Japan, but, did you know there is also a Cat Island too?! Tashirojima Island is often referred to as Cat Island and has less than 100 human occupants. The cats arrived on the island in around 1850, introduced to tackle the mouse population, and their numbers have multiplied since! The residents of the island actually view the cats as lucky charms, and they are considered sacred. If you’re a feline lover, you have to visit this weird island – you can even stay in a cat cabin!


If you’re looking for stunning, colorful, and unique views, you should check out Itsukushima. The island is located in Hiroshima Bay and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Itsukushima Shrine is located here, and the island is home to some staggeringly beautiful maple trees. In the Fall they turn the island a deep and dark red color, making it one of the most beautiful of all the Japanese islands. The island also features some amazing temples and monuments, as well as the orange-colored Grand Torii Gate, which is partially submerged in the water at high tide – stunning.

As you can see, there are so many wonderfully weird and unusual islands in Japan. In fact, there is such diversity, that often you will feel like you’re in a different part of the world. If you’re considering visiting Japan, we recommend you check out one of these stunning islands, for a unique and memorable experience.


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São Tomé & Príncipe: a travel adventure that’s great, green and diverse

A remote, eco-friendly trip reveals a plantation house that’s now a hotel on the smaller of these two islands off the west Africa coast. Hopes are high it will bring jobs and highlight the captivating wildlife

Nelito, the boatman, took one look at the rocks and the swell smashing over them and shook his head. A clutch of tropical birds looped overhead, their long white tail streamers dancing in the wind. Ahead of us a cliff with a skirt of steep jungle ended in a maelstrom of rock and surf. Landing looked a horrible prospect. We motored around the coast a little and came to a quieter place. Nelito made a face: “You can try.”

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‘The Square’: Why This Award-Winning Art-World Satire Will Make You Squirm

We should probably start with the muscular, shirtless man perched on a banquet table, shrieking like an animal and terrorizing folks at a $ 5,000-a-plate dinner.

There will be many scenes in The Square, the new pitch-black comedy from Swedish director Ruben

This article originally appeared on ‘The Square’: Why This Award-Winning Art-World Satire Will Make You Squirm

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5 beautiful Natural Pools Around The World


The world is simply stuffed full of so much natural beauty these days, and there’s so much you need to try to experience. If you don’t get out and see the world, you’re going to be seriously missing out. Make sure you do a bit of traveling and experience all the wonderful beauty and majesty the world has to offer. Start with some of the most stunning natural pools on Earth. These are the perfect places to visit for either a spot of secret swimming or to just marvel at the magnificence of them.

The Devil’s Pool

Judging by the name, you’d imagine this to be a pretty intimidating place, and you’d be exactly right. The Devil’s Pool is an infinity pool located in Zambia, which overlooks Victoria Falls, one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. You’d have to be quite the daredevil to swim atop these amazing falls. Yes, it might be the best experience of your life, but, we don’t like the idea of falling over the edge of that waterfall! When the water levels drop, the Devil’s Pool has minimal current, making it perfect for swimming and getting a stunning view.

Figure Eight Pools

If you want to enjoy one of the great natural wonders of the world, make sure you visit Sydney and check out the Figure Eight pools. These pools, aptly named for their shape, are located in Royal National Park. They are naturally formed this way, and definitely an experience well worth having. Once a secret hotspot, the pools have become more popular with tourists in recent years, but, that’s no reason to shun them. Bear in mind it is in an isolated location, and you may well have to hike to get there – totally worth it though.

Barton Springs Pool

There is another great natural pool in Texas (Hamilton Pool Preserve), but this is our favorite. Dating back centuries, and once used by Native Americans, this pool is formed by freshwater underground springs. It covers more than 3-acres, and holds a temperature of around 65-degrees all year round! Admission is free during the day as well, so this is the perfect place to come for a wonderful swim, and a serene environment.

Cenote Ik Kil

Mexico has loads of natural pools, but there are none quite as iconic and breathtaking as this one near Chichen Itza. Surrounded by lush greenery, hanging vines, trees, and rainforests, it’s 85-feet deep, and one of the most stunning natural swimming holes in the world. You will feel like you’re in a different world when you pay a visit here. It will almost feel like time stands still as you swim and bask in the natural beauty of the exceptional surroundings. And, you can even go visit Chichen Itza afterward too!

Jellyfish Lake

Located in Palau, this lake might seem like everyone’s worst nightmare, but bear with us! Have you ever wanted to swim with jellyfish?! Okay, probably not. Well, what about if they couldn’t sting you? That’s the big appeal of Jellyfish Lake, and one of the main reasons to come swimming here. Because of this unique opportunity, and the truly stunning surroundings, it makes our list as one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world.

So, there we have it, some of the most gorgeous natural pools in the world. These are places you can go swimming, or simply lounge around and relax for a while. One thing is sure though, these places are so iconic that you’re not going to forget them in a hurry!


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places that every “Beauty and the Beast” fan needs to see in Disney World


We’re sure you’re familiar with Beauty and the Beast, after all, it’s a tale as old as time! Disney World has long provided us Disney fans with the chance to get our dose of all things Disney related. There is so much you can see, do, and experience at this amazing resort and Disney fans the world over flock here every year. If Beauty and the Beast is right up your street, there is plenty for you to enjoy at Disney World. Here are just some of them!

Gaston’s Tavern

The Magic Kingdom section of the park is kitted out to be almost exactly like the sets from the movie so you will have the opportunity to visit Gaston’s. This is a wonderful tavern near Beast’s Castle, in which you can indulge in this family-friendly restaurant. There is plenty of tasty food on offer, including cinnamon rolls, vegetable cups, fruit cups, and hummus. You can also enjoy the tasty LeFou Brew, the non-alcoholic signature beverage offered in the restaurant. This is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy some food and drink, as Gaston would have!

Be Our Guest Restaurant

If we were going to come up with a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, this is pretty much the best name we could think of. This restaurant is so glamorous and opulent you will feel like you’ve actually stepped into the movie yourself. Lunch will be a quick affair, but dinner, where you have table service, is the best way of getting the full experience. You can end your meal with a delicious cupcake or tart to cap things off. The restaurant features the ballroom, the wilting rose, and falling snow – seriously, it’s like being in the castle!

Festival of Fantasy

This is a huge parade that is thrown each afternoon, across the Magic Kingdom. Not only does it feature Belle and Beast, but it’s an excellent way of getting to see all your favorite Disney characters in person. This fun and charming parade is the ideal opportunity to take a break from your busy and action-packed day, and enjoy the visual beauty of this place for a bit. Take the opportunity to enjoy a few refreshments while you’re doing it as well.

Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage

You’re also going to be able to enjoy a live stage production of the timeless tale. It’s a 25-minute stage production, giving an abridged version of the story, with all the characters and songs featured. This is definitely something that fans will not want to miss, and gives you a bit of extra bang for your buck. Seeing the story on stage is different to watching it on film, and this is the perfect experience for both children and adults.

Enchanted Tales Experience

You simply must check out the Enchanted Tales With Belle experience, perfect for families, and aimed at the younger audience. This is an opportunity to get fully immersed in the world of Beauty and the Beast, as guests can volunteer to play iconic roles from the movie. This interactive storytelling is a fun and immersive way of making sure you get the best possible experience. At the end, the kids will get to queue for a photo with the star of the attraction, Belle. Just make sure you get in line as soon as you can, that way you can be surer of getting a photo.

When you visit Disney World, you can’t pass up the opportunity to check out the Magic Kingdom. It’s the place all Beauty and the Beast fans gravitate toward, and the perfect location to get your fix of Belle and Beast. These are some of the best places for fans to visit when they go to Disney World.


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Pathfinder pics: the new New York


Lonely Planet Pathfinder Abigail King looks beyond the usual icons of this ever-changing city to discover a new New York.

If you think you know New York by its yellow taxis, city skyline and landmarks from when Friends and Frasier first hit the screen, it’s time to think again.

The city that never sleeps puts its insomnia to good use, notching up grand architectural projects here and urban regeneration there. From creative restructuring of worn down parts (hey, it happens to us all) to Ground Zero’s balance between memorial and life-goes-on defiance, New York has enough new projects to keep even a jaded traveller wide awake. It’s even taken another look at those iconic yellow cabs.

Inside the Oculus

A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

The Oculus – a flamboyant dove, whale or fish skeleton depending upon your mood – stands out for standing small in the heaven-hugging Big Apple. The inside is humble too – it’s a shopping centre and train station, celebrating the everyday as thousands commute to work and play on the land that was once Ground Zero.

Single Flower, World Trade Center Memorial


A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

A single flower. A single name. Simple things can be so powerful. This flower, and this name, sit amid line after line of other names in lower Manhattan. They belong to those who lost their lives in the September 11th attacks, and can be found in the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

New York High Line

A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

Meet an urban lesson in cool: the High Line, a former rail track turned open-air art museum and 1.45 mile path above the red-brick grid of Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. Look out for benches in front of a giant clear screen – it’s like live theatre where you literally watch the city beneath you move.

Brookfield Place


A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

New York, new places… But some things stay the same. Like my preference for a physical paper book once I’m on the ground. This one stands within the glass grid of the Winter Garden in Brookfield Place, the first structure to be rebuilt following the 9/11 attacks. Look closely to spot the Oculus.

One World Trade Center

A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Freedom Tower, otherwise known as One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the sixth tallest in the world. Positioned in front of it, resplendent in sunset gold, is the wing of the Oculus.

Iconic taxis hit middle age


A post shared by Abi King (@insidetravellab) on

Yes, America has supersized the iconic yellow taxicab. By 2018, all licensed NYC taxis will have to be Nissan NV200s. They may not look as sexy, but they sure are comfier. In other words, the citizens of New York have become middle-aged. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Do you love to write about your travels? Or perhaps Instagram is your thing? Find out more about our Pathfinders programme and how you can contribute to Lonely Planet here.

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See the world with Virgin Atlantic – Over 30 Destinations Worldwide

‘Novitiate’ Review: And Then There Were Nuns in Stirring, Soulful Convent Drama

Don't mess with Melissa Leo. As Novitiate's Reverend Mother Marie St. Claire, the boss lady who calls the shots at the fictional Tennessee convent where this religious drama is based, the actress gives the kind of bravura performance that not only sparks Oscar talk but richly deserves it. She finds the tyrant in this woman of God without neglecting her aching vulnerability as she tries

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Enchanting Towns that are taken from a fairytale


Fairytales always make us swoon. We look at the enchanting and beautiful surroundings, and we often wish we could live somewhere so idyllic and enchanting. You might not be aware, but there are actually a load of great places in the world that look like they’ve come straight out of a fairy story. We don’t know about you, but some of these places… We’d move there tomorrow if we had the chance! Here are five of the most impressive and breathtaking towns that look like fairytale settings.

Colmar, France

This picture-perfect town, full of vibrant colors, narrow streets, a stunning river, and an enchanting bridge looks like it could have been plucked straight from something like Beauty and the Beast! We can just imagine all the tales that were told here back in olden times, and it’s definitely like stepping back through the years. Colmar is a charming and beautiful town in France, and every inch the perfect fairytale destination. If you are in love with the quiet corners of the world, it’s time to pay a visit to this hidden gem in northeast France.

Ronda, Spain

This incredible town is built on a gorge and was first established in the 9th Century. An Andalusian paradise, Ronda is still as impressive today as it has ever been, and the exquisite bridge spans the gap between the Old Town and the New Town. Beneath the bridge is the breathtaking El Tajo gorge, which, we’re sure you’ll agree, looks like something out of Game of Thrones, or a medieval fantasy story. The way it lights up below is a big part of what makes it all the more atmospheric and adds to the appeal.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Get a load of this stunning town, painted to match the color of the sky. We don’t think there’s a destination like this anywhere else on Earth. It’s a truly striking image and a place that will stay in your memory for a long time. Unsurprisingly nicknamed The Blue City, Chefchaouen is one of the most fantastical places on Earth. It looks as though it could so easily have been plucked from the pages of a storybook – we absolutely want to live here, look how blue it is!

Hallstatt, Austria

Wow is the word of the day here. Take a look at this town – it’s got to be one of the most charming and unique in the world. There are so many different fairytale elements included in the makeup of this town, and we love the charming buildings, and sprawling, epic lake. In fact, this is such a stunning place that, rumor has it, the Chinese made an exact replica of the town. This is definitely a place that has that pure fairytale feel about it and really transports us to another world.

Cua Van, Vietnam

What a treat this astonishing floating city is, and it certainly looks like something out of an ancient Eastern fairytale. Situated in Vietnam, this incredible city has over 170 houses all roped together along the Ha Long Bay. It looks like a place you might read about in a high fantasy epic, as opposed to a real-life town you can visit. There are stunning photo opportunities aplenty here, and you definitely get the feeling of being in another universe – perfect!

These are some of the best places in the world for fantasy lovers, as they look like settings from amazing fairytales. If you ever get the opportunity to visit any of these places, make sure you definitely try to get to at least one.


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10 of the best wildlife trips around the world: readers’ travel tips

Polar bears, rare wolves, aye-aye and gorillas – our readers share heart-racing encounters with the world’s wild ones

Growing up on a diet of Gerald Durrell books, it was a childhood obsession to see an aye-aye – one of the most unusual and elusive primates on the planet. And so there I was in north-east Madagascar, in the pouring rain and inky blackness, thrashing through wet undergrowth, with squadrons of mosquitoes homing in. To my astonishment, from out of the darkness the aye-aye suddenly appeared on a branch above! Like some mystical gremlin, with blazing amber eyes, radar dish ears, monstrous front teeth, a bushy black witch’s cat tail and that thin, bony finger probing the bark. To add to my enchantment, a second, much smaller aye-aye then revealed itself, tap-tapping its way along the branch behind its mother. A dream come true. I travelled independently and stayed at Aye Aye Hotel, Mananara, visiting Aye-Aye Island. Naturetrek also leads trips to northern Madagascar to look for aye-aye.
Harriet Nimmo

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These places in Scotland look like they came from “Game of Thrones”


Game of Thrones is just about our all-time favorite TV show, and we simply can’t wait for the final season. Whether you’re up to date, or late to the party, this multi-layered show has so much to offer TV audiences. One of the first things you may have noticed when you first watched the show is how stunning it looks. Many of the locations in the show are some of the most staggeringly beautiful places.

We bet you’re dying to know where some of those magical locations, like The Eyrie, and Winterfell were shot. Well, Northern Ireland is a popular place for filming on the show, as well as Scandinavia. But, there are also place in Scotland that look like they could have come right out of the hit HBO show. We’ve listed five for you to browse, and, don’t worry, unlike Jon Snow, we actually know what we’re talking about!

Craigmillar Castle – Winterfell

The North remembers! Winterfell is the home of the Stark family, and one of the defining strongholds of the North, and, don’t you think Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh looks exactly like it?! The actual castle used is Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, altered slightly using CGI. But, we think Craigmillar could easily have filled in; Bran would definitely have loved climbing the towers of this beautiful place!

Logan Botanic Garden – The Water Gardens of Dorne

The Dornish live across the Narrow Sea and have some of the most beautiful landscapes in all the GoT universe. To capture the feel of House Dorne’s lavish grounds, the producers traveled to Seville in Spain, but there was no need! They could have just visited these incredible gardens in the south of Scotland instead – don’t they just look every inch the tropical paradise?! In fact, this place looks so amazing you’d never even know you were in Scotland.

The Storr – The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie

A big part of Littlefinger’s scheming, The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie are hugely iconic and atmospheric locations in the show. The producers chose the stunning backdrop of Iceland to get their location, though they could equally have used the lush, sprawling mountains of the Isle of Skye. The Storr is the sort of location that is just crying out to be in a high fantasy movie or TV show; we hope they use it soon!

Culzean Castle – Casterly Rock

The beacon of House Lannister, Casterly Rock is frequently used in the show and is shown to be a stronghold, highly prized by Tywin Lannister and family. In the show, as you may already know, Castle Trujo in Spain is the actual colossus used for Casterly Rock. But, we have to be honest, we actually prefer this Ayrshire bastille, built way back in 1777. In fact, it could even have been used in the same way as Casterly Rock is used in the show!

Talisker Bay – Dragonstone Beach

You probably recall Dragonstone Beach as the place where Stannis Baratheon would go for walks to think and unwind when Season 3 got a bit much. It was also visited again more recently by Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister, as the Khaleesi finally set eyes on her birthplace. Again, Spain was used as the real location – Muriola Beach in the Basque region, to be precise. Though we’re sure you’ll agree, the stunning Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye is pretty much a dead ringer for the famed beach in the show.

Scotland has so much stunning landscape, and this makes it the ideal setting for Game of Thrones lookalikes! We know the producers did use some parts of Northern Ireland to film the show. Scotland was used for some of the first season, and, judging by these sensational locations, we wish they’d filmed all of it there!


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See 50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson Jr. in Thrilling ‘Den of Thieves’ Trailer

"Anybody moves, you shoot 'em," 50 Cent's character says in the new Den of Thieves trailer, setting the tone for an action-packed trailer for the heist film, which also costars Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson Jr. whose first major role was portraying his father in the 2015 N.W.A. biopic,

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The Happiest Places in America


The pursuit of happiness is the great goal of so many Americans, and many of us never quite get there. It’s important to be happy and contented in your life and find some degree of fulfillment. A big part of improving your happiness is looking at the area you live, and trying to make sure you move somewhere marvellous. That’s why it’s a good idea to look at the happiest places in America and see if your hometown pops up in there (and if it doesn’t, it might be time to move)! This is a list of the top 5 happiest places in the country, officially…

Charlottesville – Virginia

This college town showcases Virginia at its most picturesque and beautiful. It is one of the best places in the country for young, aspiring students, and the natural beauty of the place keeps residents happy throughout the year. Just outside the town, a short drive away, you can visit Shenandoah National Park, and gaze in wonder at the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. No wonder this is one of the happiest places in America to live!

Honolulu – Hawaii

If you have ever visited Honolulu, it won’t surprise you that it’s made this list. A tropical paradise full of beautiful scenery, golden beaches, and wonderful people, it’s no wonder the residents here are so happy. It might be farther out of the way than visiting other US cities, but it’s most definitely worth it because of the sensational surroundings. Sat on the coast of Oahu, and with the Diamond Head Volcano on its peninsula, you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away – in the best possible way.

Santa Cruz – California

It would seem absurd if Cali didn’t make this list, and it does with Santa Cruz. This is a dreamy oasis of golden sun, sandy beaches, and deep blue oceans – ideal for those who love the water. It’s the perfect slice of West Coast life in the United States, and a great way to get a taste of the natural beauty of the country. Check out the Beach Boardwalk, around since 1907, and famously used in the ‘80s movie The Lost Boys. You know what they say… it’s always sunny in Santa Cruz!

Barnstable Town – Massachusetts

New England is one of the most stunning areas of the US, and Barnstable Town is a perfect example of exactly why. Situated between Boston and Cape Cod, it is the perfect idyllic paradise for those who love a more laid back and relaxed way of life. It’s actually just a short journey from Martha’s Vineyard as well. Barnstable Town ranks as one of the happiest places in the country, and it’s certainly not difficult to imagine why.

Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island – Florida

It should come as no surprise that Florida takes the top spot on our list. Despite the tongue-twister of a name, Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island is a true slice of heaven on Earth. The sea air and incredible surroundings have plenty of health benefits, and stress is a distant concept when you’re living somewhere this wonderful. With sprawling coastline and peaceful surroundings, is it any wonder this is the happiest place in the country?!

If you’re looking for somewhere to move where you want to be happier, these places are your best bet. It’s not just places that can boost your health, but, also a less stressful and intense way of life. City living can get on top of you, so it’s sometimes good to look elsewhere, like these places!


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5 tips to eat healthy while traveling


While you’re traveling, it can be difficult to stay healthy because it’s easier to just grab some fast food. But, this is a habit you need to get out of as soon as possible. We understand it can be tricky, and that’s why we’ve come up with tips to help you achieve this. It’s incredibly important to remain healthy while you’re traveling, but you still want to get the best possible enjoyment out of your vacay. These are some of the best, and most practical., tips to use to help you eat healthy while you’re traveling.

Choose where you stop carefully

The first part of the battle is making sure you’re sensible about where you choose to stop. If you stop at a McDonald’s, you’re only going to have access to fast food. So, try to be a little more selective about where you choose to stop. Give yourself the best possible chance of access to healthy foods – for example, a grocery store or supermarket, or, at the very least a healthy restaurant. This is step one in the process of eating healthy and is the perfect habit to get into as soon as possible.

Little and often is the key

It might go against what we are normally told – 3 square meals a day with minimal snacking – but, the little and often approach is surprisingly effective. Eating small amounts of healthy food on a regular basis is incredibly important because it actually tells your body to burn the calories faster. Furthermore, you consume less energy and store less fat by spreading your consumption out than you do eating in one sitting. If you can eat little and often, and keep your meals as smaller portions, this will keep you healthier when you’re on the move.

Eat lots of protein

There are different types of foods you can consume, and it’s always important to have a balanced diet. But, you need to make sure you consume plenty of protein if you want to stay healthy, as proteins are packed full of amino acids. Protein helps keep you strong and improves your concentration, it’s also essential for energy that you will need when traveling. Make sure you fill your body with plenty of lean protein.

Make sure you snack

The problem with traveling is that we often don’t get the opportunity to eat at the right times. This sometimes means skipping meals or having irregular mealtimes. No problem there though, right? Wrong. This means your body responds as though you’re facing a food shortage, and your metabolism slows. In order to combat this, you have to make sure you pack healthy snacks to consume while you’re hungry. Things like fruit, vegetables, and nuts are the perfect foods.

Avoid too may treat foods

What you don’t want to be doing is eating foods that make you feel guilty afterward. Treating yourself seems like a great idea at the time, but afterward, you get the fear! Avoid these sorts of foods like the plague, as they are so easy to come by when traveling, and they drain energy. Things like soft drinks, donuts, baked goods, and lots of sugars. These things are okay in small doses, but, to consume them too much when traveling will have a negative affect.

We understand that when you travel, you can’t always be in the right place at the right time for healthy eating. That’s why you need to make sure you make full use of these tips, and try to eat as well as you can when you’re on your travels.


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Weak pound makes UK a ‘value destination’ for foreign tourists says Lonely Planet

The travel guide publisher’s annual Best in Travel list puts UK in the budget bracket, while naming Chile best country and Seville best city

The UK is among the world’s “best-value destinations” to visit in 2018, according to travel guide publisher Lonely Planet, which has released its annual Best in Travel hotlist.

Chosen by its editors, authors and a network of travel experts around the world, the list highlights the top 10 countries, cities, regions and best-value destinations for travellers to visit in the year ahead.

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‘Hunting Ground’ Team Plan Hollywood Sexual Assault Documentary

The filmmakers behind The Hunting Ground, a documentary about the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses, will tackle the same issue in Hollywood following the Harvey

This article originally appeared on ‘Hunting Ground’ Team Plan Hollywood Sexual Assault Documentary

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The rainbow river in Colombia


Colombia is one of those mysterious and amazing countries that we still know so little about. It might not generally be on your list of places to visit in South America, but that’s probably because you don’t know too much about it. There are some areas of extreme natural beauty throughout Colombia, and these are places you need to make sure you go see and experience as much as you possibly can.

Now, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country is the legendary Rainbow River. If you’ve not heard of this, you’re about to experience an incredible cultural awakening. Cano Cristales, as the Colombians call it, is one of the defining features of the country, and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the whole of Colombia. So let’s find out more about it, and how those sensational colors came about!

What is it?

First things first – what is the rainbow river? Well, as the name might suggest, it is a river that is located in Meta, in the Serrania de la Macarena province. The bed of the river runs with a multitude of colors between the months of July through November. Some of the exquisite colors that can be found in the river include yellow, blue, green, red (most commonly), and, even, black! As you can imagine this is quite the sight to behold, and, quite rightly, it has led to the river being named as the world’s most beautiful. To have something this stunning that is also natural is just amazing!

How does it happen?

Just east of the Andes, this 100km natural wonder is one of the most unique places in the world. The curious rainbow colors that form were often thought to come from moss or algae, but this has been disproven in recent years. It was actually found to be as a result of the multicolored riverweed that lies on the bottom of the river. This aquatic plant is known as macarenia clavigera, and it is a temperamental little thing. The plant requires exactly the right amount of sunlight, water level, and conditions in order to omit its stunning color display. This is why the river isn’t multicolored through the whole year.

Visiting this natural wonder

There are few places in the world as truly breathtaking as the Rainbow River, and visiting has never been easier. It used to be much harder to visit the river, as it was in guerilla territory for much of the early-’00s. However, things have changed in recent times, and it’s an incredibly safe place to visit now. The military controls the area around La Macarena, making it the perfect gateway to Cano Cristales. If you ever decide to visit Colombia, you absolutely have to head straight for this breathtaking river. In fact, you can even organize to be part of a tour – catch a boat from La Macarena, then get off and hike the rest of the way – heavenly.

This is one of the most vibrant, colorful, and breathtaking pieces of natural beauty in the world. You will never get the opportunity to visit a river like this anywhere else in the world, so make the most of it while you still can. Just make sure you get your timings right, and avoid dry season (January – May) or you’ll be disappointed.


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Just back from: Montenegro and Croatia

Bay of Kotor

Christina is all smiles above the Bay of Kotor © Christina Webb

Christina Webb, Assistant Editor for Lonely Planet’s Trade and Reference team, recently returned from a trip to Montenegro and Croatia.

In a nutshell… My boyfriend and I road-tripped through Montenegro’s untouched north down to the Bay of Kotor and over to Dubrovnik in Croatia. It was shoulder season, but we were lucky with the weather, which resulted in a combination of empty roads, beautiful beaches and hiking through snow in radiant sunshine. It was an incredible adventure in a destination that feels like your little secret!

Quintessential experience? Driving precarious mountain passes. En route to Lovćen National Park, one lesser-known road took us round 25 hairpin turns over 17km. At the bend of each of the 25 turns is a painted number – a reminder that you’re almost there (or still miles away)!

Defining moment? Driving round a bend and seeing the mass of dark blue that was the Bay of Kotor appear ahead of us. You can drive right along the waterfront through little villages with overgrown ruins – it’s fantastic. There were tons of steps around the lake to get into the water and no one else was there to make use of them, so we dived in the bay for a swim. It feels very much like a lake until you taste the salt water.

Curevac viewpoint, Durmitor National Park

At the Curevac viewpoint in the Durmitor National Park © Christina Webb

Fave activity? Walking and hiking. Walking up to the Curevac viewpoint in Durmitor National Park is a short but amazing hike, as is exploring the serene scenery of the dramatic Black Lake landscape. When hiking here we were joined by four friendly dogs who made sure we got home safely, walking us back into town for two miles. We did a lot of walking, but not all of it was amongst nature: we tackled the 1350 steps up the battlements of Old Town Kotor and in Croatia we walked Dubrovnik’s city walls.

Good food and drink? In the north we stopped off at rustic places serving hearty meals of river trout and countless local cheeses, ham and bread, including deliciously creamy cicvara (a porridge-like dish made from cornmeal and cream). In a cosy wood-panelled bar in Žabljak, locals kept us warm for the evening with shots of a spirit made from plums from a neighbouring village. We also gorged on fishy delights along the Adriatic Coast – a particularly great spot was Dubrovnik’s Bota Oyster & Sushi Bar.


The rock-hewn Ostrog Monastery © Christina Webb

You’d be a muppet to miss… The Ostrog Monastery in Central Montenegro, a blindingly white, tiny rock-hewn monastery – the construction of which is still a mystery today. We entered the cave-like rooms through tiny doorways to see extravagant Orthodox art and mosaics on the walls. Locals kiss the walls and step out of doorways backwards in respect.

Time it right… and you’ll see spectacular sunsets in all the right places around Dubrovnik. One evening we stumbled upon Buza Bar II located through a small doorway in the city walls. Clambering past the bar itself we found a spot on some rocks below where we were treated to a brilliant view of the lapping ocean, the island of Lokrum beyond and a beautiful sunset. We chilled out with other travellers and watched kayakers paddle past against the orange sky. Just topping this was getting an evening cable car to the top of Mount Srđ and seeing the sun set over the Croatian islands from the top – the perfect end to our trip.

Watch the interview

Want more behind-the-scenes adventures? Find out what Picture Editor Claire Richardson got up to on her recent trip to Hawaii.

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The best sports hotels in the United States


Getting away on a trip or a vacation is a great way of seeing other parts of the world, or even of your own country. You want to be able to explore and take in the great surroundings, as well as focusing on just being out of your routine. But, the best kind of vacation, we think, is one where you combine your passion for sports with your passion for vacations. Staying at a sports hotel is the perfect way of combining both of these passions.

Now, you may not think it, but there are actually a fair few sports hotels across the USA, and each of them provides you with the ultimate opportunity to play sports in style, and unwind in luxury. This is pretty much the best way of experiencing your favorite sort of game and making sure you get the most out of it. If you’re looking for the next great idea for your vacation, you should check out some of the best sports hotels in the USA.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Hawaii

How’s your backhand? Well, after a week at this sumptuous tennis resort, you’ll be able to answer that with a fizzing double hander down the line! Mauna Kea is one of the best hotels in the world for tennis fans, and the only place to be this summer. Located in tropical paradise Hawaii, tennis lovers from across the globe flock here for the amazing weather and sensational courts.

The Lodge at Sea Island, Georgia

Golf fans will be left drooling over this one – an opulent and stunning 18-hole course fit for champions! This is sensational 5-star luxury at its finest, and, after a hard day on the green, you can kick back on the beach, or in the amazing rooms they have here. Ideal for couples and families alike, The Lodge will see golf nuts in seventh heaven – and their families will be more than happy to spend time at the resort too!

The Nonantum Resort, Maine

We all know the beauty of New England, and that’s what makes it perfect for a sporting vacation. This amazing resort is the kind of place we have dreams about during a stressful and busy week at work. The great thing about it is how much of a diverse range of sports they offer here – including kayaking, cycling, and paddleboarding. This is ideal for families with kids, and those who just enjoy the active nature of sporting activities.

Fairmont Grand Del Mar, California

Okay, now we’re talking. Golfing vacations simply don’t get better than this place. The opulent, luxurious paradise of Fairmont Del Mar, set against the backdrop of the stunning California landscape is simply to die for. There’s a 5,000 square foot driving range to make use of here, as well as the Performance Academy aspect that studies your game and helps improve it. This place is simply magnificent, the golf is the tasty, satisfying icing on this most delicious of cakes.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We couldn’t have a list of the best sports hotels in the US without mentioning this amazing skiing resort. Anyone who’s anyone in the world of skiing knows about Jackson Hole, and it’s clear to see why. Stepping into this lodge is like entering another world of decadence and indulgence. The decor is heavenly, and the facilities and amenities are above anything you could have imagined. And that’s before you even get to the skiing. Sublime.

Wouldn’t you love a stay in one of these exceptional sports hotels? They are the ultimate experience for sports lovers everywhere, and the quality of the hotel may even make the sports side of things more bearable for your family! Make your next vacay a sporty one, and be sure to check out these places while you’re at it.


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Over 30 Women Accuse Director James Toback of Sexual Harassment

James Toback, the writer and director of films like Black and White and Two Girls and a Guy, has been accused of sexually harassing over 30 women over the course of the last three decades.

While rumors of Toback's behavior toward women had widely been reported in previous exposés,

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How to pack efficiently for your travels


Aaaaargh! If you’re anything like us, you love going on vacation, but you absolutely HATE packing! We all have that one person in our life who considers themselves a packing guru. You know, they type who will invariably tell you that you’ve packed wrong – yeah, them. Well, it’s bad enough having to pack anyway, without someone smug judging your efforts. So, we’re not going to do that.

What we are going to do is offer some constructive advice about how to pack more efficiently for your travels. These are techniques we have used the past few times we’ve been away, and they have proven really useful. When it comes to packing, it’s something you want to do right, and get out of the way as quickly as you possibly can. Make sure you refer to these techniques the next time you pack, especially if it’s for a long trip.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

Leaving it until the last minute is something we always used to do, and it’s the biggest mistake you can make. Think about how stressful it’s going to be to have to rush your packing the day or night before you’re going away. This is the best way of adding stress and making you more likely to forget things. So, the best thing to do is to leave yourself plenty of time to pack, and start several weeks before you need to leave. That way you can do little bits of packing now every few days, and you don’t need to worry about it.

Plan what you need

The best thing to do in the beginning is to plan out what you need. That way you aren’t just packing aimlessly, and you actually have an idea in mind of what you want to take. The best thing to do would be to write a list of the items you want to pack, that way you save time when it comes to the actual packing process. A good thing to do might be to look at the weather and what the forecast is for when you’re going to be out there – then you can plan accordingly. We’ve found this is the best way to make your packing process more efficient.

Rolling vs. folding

Ah, the age-old debate – should you fold, or should you roll? Well, we have come to conclude that it largely depends on how much you’re taking. See, folding clothes keeps them wrinkle-free, while rolling can sometimes cause them to wrinkle, but, also, takes up a fraction of the space. In fact, the best course of action would be to do a combination of the two. Roll things that don’t wrinkle easily, like cotton and wool, also underwear is fine too. Folding can be for the items that are smarter, like dresses and shirts.

Layers matter

The secret to packing success is most definitely layering. You need to know where everything is, and that’s why you should pack things together in a layered fashion. So, all your trousers, shoes and jumpers on the bottom, then shirts and dresses, then t-shirts, etc. It gives a bit more order to the chaos and makes it much easier to find the things you’re looking for. Remember to layer when you pack, you will be glad you did – trust us!

As you can see, there are a fair few idea that will help you pack in a more efficient way. When it comes to packing your case for your vacation, you want to make the process as stress-free as you possibly can. By following our ideas and suggestions, you’ll be able to make it a much more efficient and enjoyable process.


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Ocho Rios: a Caribbean hideaway on Jamaica’s north coast

On the opposite coast to the island’s busy capital, Kingston, ‘Ochi’ is a tranquil but thriving haven with plenty to do, see and eat – and some characterful places to stay

Jessica Ogden has just finished applying a fresh lick of paint to the holiday cottage, one of two she rents out at Te Moana, close to Ocho Rios, occupying a scenic position on a cliff 30ft above the Caribbean Sea.

Unlike other luxurious and more opulent villas in the area, these cottages feel rustic, cosy and uniquely personal. That’s because they are. For Jessica, a fashion designer, they are an extension of her work, following in the footsteps of her mother, Annabella, who moved here in the 1960s. When her mother died two years ago, Jessica moved out soon afterwards to live at the family home. Although she has lived abroad for most of her adult life, her roots in Jamaica run deep. Annabella ran an art gallery here, Harmony Hall, which she opened in 1981, displaying the work of local artists – the gallery is still thriving today in a former 19th-century clergy house. Now Jessica has taken on the family business with her brother, looking after the two cottages at Te Moana, and adding a few touches of her own.

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Why the Maldives should be your next vacation


The Maldives. A tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, and the perfect hotspot for your next vacation experience. Famed for its amazing beaches, azure blue lagoons, and stunning coral reefs, the Maldives is truly the pinnacle of the sun, sea, and sand vacation. We should warn you though, a visit here could trigger in you a desire to remain permanently! Welcome to the epic, sprawling, tropical paradise that’s been missing from your life!

Now, you might be wondering why The Maldives should be your next destination versus any other place, and that’s a valid query to have. It would actually be difficult for us to list any reasons why you might not want to go, and there are so many entries in the plus column. We’re just going to pick a few of the most compelling and captivating reasons why your next plane ticket needs to read ‘The Maldives.’

Undisputed coastline

Now, sure, you’ve probably been to places with some stunning beaches – Florida, Majorca, Sydney. But, trust us on this, you’ve never seen anything quite like the beaches in the Maldives. Sprawling, flaxen sand, stretched out beneath a honey sky, and oceans of deep, mysterious, crystal blue. This truly defines the beach-going experience, and, the luxury nature of the place ensures you never have to deal with overcrowding. The only drawback is, it’s going to ruin every other beach in the world for you.

Incredible wildlife

The incredible wildlife is another of the stunning reasons you should head to the Maldives for your next vacay. Beneath those deep blue waves, there are so many riches hidden. You only need to take half a day snorkeling or scuba diving to understand how much of a stunning ecosystem there is under the sea. The amazing islands stretch for miles, and there is so much incredible wildlife to enjoy, both in and out of the water. And, if snorkeling isn’t your thing, you can kill a few hours trying to ride a wave or two – divine!

Island hopping

A fascinating quirk that sets the Maldives apart from so many other tropical destinations is that the country is a chain island. This constantly keeps things fresh and exciting and ensures you’re never going to get bored. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all the possibilities on the island you’re on, you can simply island hop to a new island or resort. Personally, we would recommend you check out Biyadhoo, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to go snorkeling.

Unique resorts

Yeah, yeah, we know, you’ve stayed at stunning tropical resorts before. So have we. But nowhere quite like this, trust us! Overwater bungalows are literally our new obsession, and they are just a taster of the stunning beachside residence available in the Maldives. The luxury accommodation is the absolute height of opulence and is situated right on the water. You could literally dive out of your door and into the ocean with some of them!

Convinced yet? Trust us, once you see pictures, and talk to a few people who’ve been, you’ll be booking flights while whipping up the meatloaf for tonight’s dinner! The Maldives is one of the most incredible places on Earth, and a tropical adventure the likes of which we’ve never experienced before.