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‘Supergirl’ Season 4 Will Introduce TV’s First Transgender Superhero

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains mild spoilers for Supergirl. Proceed at your own risk.

During San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of Supergirl gave fans a glimpse of what to expect in the show’s upcoming fourth season. Season 3 saw the exit of some of the show’s team members including Winn (Jeremy Jordan, who was reduced to a recurring star status) and Mon-El (Chris Wood). The episode’s final moments also revealed a second Kara (Melissa Benoist) in Siberia.

Season 4 promises big changes for the Girl of Steel and her friends. “We wanted to use the show to reflect some of the things happening in our world, but with the same heart and adventure,” says executive producer Robert Rovner. While Season 3 had many episodes set in outer space, this season will be more grounded, he said. During the panel, the cast teased the themes of the season and where their characters are heading.

What Is Stronger: Hope or Fear?

Kara and Alex Danvers

Supergirl has always been about hope. This season will see Kara up against anti-alien sentiments in National City that challenge her role as a hero and a symbol of hope. This season will seek to answer the question, which is stronger: hope or fear? Kara’s heroism will extend beyond her Supergirl persona to Kara Danvers, the journalist. She’ll return to her reporting roots and once again become a hero through her writing.

Kara will also get to flex her mentorship muscles this season, taking new reporter Nia Nial (Nicole Maines) under her wing. Nia will be joining the Catco team from D.C., where she previously worked with Cat Grant. But that’s not all. Nia is also the superhero Dreamer — the first transgender superhero on television.

A soulful woman, Nia has a fierce desire to protect others, and her journey to fulfill her destiny is similar to Kara’s. “It’s such an important issue right now in our society and in the world, so it seems only fitting that we have a trans superhero for trans kids to look up to,” said Maines.

Alex’s Journey

Team Supergirl

Alex‘s (Chyler Leigh) storyline this season will see her balancing her new position in the DEO with her continuing journey towards motherhood. Everything is that much harder because she no longer has Winn or J’onn (David Harewood) by her side. Of course, J’onn is never far from the Danvers sisters lives and, despite his reduced role in the DEO, will always act as a father figure in their lives.

Producer Sarah Schechter also teased Alex’s meeting with Kate Kane aka Batwoman, who will be introduced during the annual DCTV crossover. “Hopefully, Alex really likes her,” she joked during the panel. Could love be on the horizon for Alex this season too?

Supergirl Season 4 premieres Sunday, October 14,2018 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Why ‘Supergirl’ Season 4 Needs to Refocus on the Danvers Sisters

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The perks and pitfalls of being a celebrity superfan

Johnny Cyrus rang in his 21st birthday in May by traveling from his Milwaukee home to San Francisco for Kylie Jenner’s pop-up shop — where the star greeted him with a $ 2,000 Louis Vuitton backpack. “Isn’t it cool?” Cyrus told The Post, using the same unaffected tone the Kardashian-Jenner clan employs when showing off designer…
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U.S. Navy Lifts Ban on Dreadlocks and Other Hairstyles

The U.S. Navy has ended a long-standing hair policy that critics say unfairly targeted women of color in the service.

Last week, the naval branch announced via Facebook that it will now allow servicewomen to sport dreadlocks, ponytails, twists, and wider hair buns. The new policy expands style options for uniformed female sailors as long as it does not compromise their safety. It also gives women more options for dinner-dress uniforms. Male sailors, however, are still required to keep their hair short.

Previously, ponytails were only allowed for female sailors during physical training practices while servicewomen with hair below the collar were limited to buns, braids, or cornrows, reports As a result, some black female service members had complained about being forced to wear a wig to hide their locks. Others felt compelled to cut off their dreads and chemically straighten their hair.

According to U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson, the new policy, which went into effect July 11, will make the Navy more inclusive. “All of this really is again to allow us one to be an inclusive team that is focused on being more lethal to our competitors, more lethal toward our rivals, our enemies and much more inclusive inside our team,” he said during the live Facebook broadcast.

Richardson also credited a team of six female sailors who worked to devise the new standards. Included in the group was Capt. Thurraya Kent, who said her hair has always been an issue throughout her 26-year career in the Navy. At one point, she was even told to take out her braids even though her hairstyle was permitted. “Because of the texture of my hair, it stood straight up it,” Kent said, according to The Associated Press. “It was a very embarrassing moment that stays with you.”

Petty Officer 1st Class Jacqualynn Leak, another member of the working group who has worn dreadlocks since 2014, surveyed dozens of female sailors affected by the ban. She also presented years of research on the cultural and health aspects of wearing locs in order to push to uplift the ban. “I wanted to make an argument so compelling that every reason my chain of command could give me for why dreadlocks were banned could easily be rebutted with facts,” she said, reports The Huffington Post.

Jessica Sims, a 12-year veteran in the military branch, was honorably discharged from the Navy back in 2014  for “failing to obey an order to cut off her natural hairstyle” after she refused to cut her hair or wear a wig. That same year, the Navy made changes to allow more hairstyles traditionally worn by women of color by authorizing two-strand twists and multiple braids, as long and they hung freely above the collar and covered the whole head. The Air Force and Army also allowed two-strand twists and braids in 2014, followed by the Marines in 2015. Subsequently, the Marines authorized locks in 2015, followed by the Army in 2017.

Lt. Cmdr. Jess Cameron told The AP that the new policy is “a step forward.” She added, “They’re getting more female feedback in the service, and updating what I think are somewhat antiquated guidelines that maybe no longer serve their purpose in today’s society, today’s military.”


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How Black Husbands Can Help Wives Cope With Miscarriages, Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Millions of women have battled depression and suicidal thoughts, including Erica Campbell, a Grammy-winning gospel singer and star of TV One’s “We’re The Campbells.” She revealed her devastating struggle during an episode on the reality show that aired Tuesday.

Viewers saw and heard an openhearted Campbell talk about her miscarriage and how she once contemplated suicide. Campbell discussed her miscarriage — the traumatic loss of pregnancy that happens to Black women at higher rates than their white counterparts — with a trusted friend during the episode. The singer, like many other Black women, put on a strong front for the world after the emotional event, saying she didn’t take the time to properly grieve and kept it moving. More women should talk about the experience, with the “hardest part” being the “falling out of love” with your baby that you “fell in love with,” she also said.

A transparent Campbell also detailed her fight with depression and suicidal thoughts as a 12-year-old teen in another moment during the poignant episode. Warryn Campbell, her husband, was shocked to hear that his wife had contemplated taking her own life. (African-American adults are 20 percent more likely to report serious psychological distress than adult whites, and Black teens are more likely to attempt suicide than white teens according to Mental Health America.)

However, the singer’s story served as a testimony that she survived and went on to have a joyous life as a wife, mother and successful music artist.

It is women like Campbell who show the power of opening up about painful experiences to your inner circle and how healing is an attainable goal. There are also organizations and resources that women can turn to for help. Here are steps Black woman can take when life is overwhelming:

Find a Mental Health Professional

Searching these websites can connect women to someone who is trained to assist and support them.

Black Women Birthing Justice

African-American Mental Health Providers

Therapy For Black Girls Directory

Find A Sister Circle

These organizations can connect women with others who are going through trauma and seeking empowerment.

The California Black Women’s Health Project – Sisters Mentally Mobilized Community

Sister Circle Collective

Find Healing Activities

Writing, reading, dance, art and other creative outlets can help women tell their stories, chart their successes and soothe their souls.

Black Girl + Mental Health Blog

Unapologetically Us

The Siwe Project

Black Women In The Arts

The Black Girl Healing Project

The Black Girl Bravado

Here are resources for women who need more immediate help or a list of additional resources: Black Girls Smile and Suicide Prevention Resource Center – Lifeline.


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Meet the First Black Woman to Own a Male Professional Sports League in the U.S.

Evelyn Magley has made history as the first African American woman to ever own a male professional sports league in the United States. Magley and her husband, retired NBA player David Magley, are the founders of The Basketball League (TBL), a newly formed minor professional basketball league which acquired the North American Premier Basketball (NAPB) league and is scheduled to debut next year.

“I am thrilled to start a league that treats our players with the greatest level of respect thereby impacting our community in a manner that is consistent with our faith, by serving those who need it the most,” said Magley in a statement. She was named as the CEO of the league while her husband operates as president.

The league has targeted 40 markets in the U.S. and Canada and expects to start with 12 to 16 teams in January 2019. Some of the teams include the Kansas City Tornados, Ohio Bootleggers, Nevada Desert Dogs, Vancouver Knights, Raleigh Firebirds, Tampa Bay Titans, and San Diego Waves. Each team will play 32 games that will be available via livestream.

TBL offers athletes who don’t make it in the NBA or G-League another option to play ball professionally and earn anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 7,500 a month. TBL is also dedicated to providing families with affordable and quality entertainment as well as community support through the launch of an upcoming philantropic arm, youth camps, clinics, and nonprofit organizations. Plus, the league gives individuals and groups an opportunity to own a professional sports business with a relatively low cost barrier to entry.

David Magley, who most recently served as the Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada, said Mrs. Magley brings a “unique vision” to the new league as the wife of a pro athlete and the mother of four children who played sports collegiately. “Her passion for people allows us to build on a vision of impacting community through giving young men opportunities that do not exist today, then leveraging our platforms to engage each local market to benefit the youth and non-profit initiatives she is so very passionate about,” said the former Cleveland Cavaliers small forward in a statement. He was drafted in 1982.

According to her bio, Magley is the former Director of Community Engagement for the Brampton A’s of the NBL Canada, where she scaled the forward-facing programming of the NBL team and nonprofit organizations within the community at large. She graduated from the University of Kansas and worked as a professional music educator and music therapist. She also co-founded an inner-city ministry focused on mentoring children through the gospel, academic services, food, and music called Children with Purpose.

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For Black Women in South African Film Biz, Equality Still a Struggle

DURBAN   — When filmmaker Zamo Makhwanazi takes meetings with execs at some of South Africa’s biggest production companies, she finds herself asking a simple question: “Where are the black women?” For an industry grappling with questions of racial and gender transformation that cut to the heart of the current global debate, South Africa has […]



Disney’s top-ranked iconic park snacks

There are a lot of reasons to go to a Disney theme park. Maybe you’re celebrating a birthday or honeymoon, maybe you want to finally check some of Disney’s rides off your bucket list, or maybe you just want to feel like a kid again and meet Mickey Mouse. But the best reason to go to a Disney theme…

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Rundown: What’s happened and what’s happening next week


Model Christie Brinkley hosts Saturday’s St. Barth Hamptons Gala benefiting the Bridgehampton Museum. The 64-year-old cover girl will also use the occasion to celebrate being featured in July’s edition of Social Life magazine, where she raves about her Bellissima wine line. The brand…

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Jeremy Jordan: A Career Timeline From Broadway To Hollywood, and Back Again!

Jeremy Jordan – pause for the fangirl screams – is coming back to Broadway this fall in American Son, marking Jordan’s first role in a dramatic play on Broadway. In order to celebrate, let’s take a look back on his career from Broadway classics to Hollywood heroes, he’s done it all Check it out below. Featured Content


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Says ‘Black Panther’ Was A ‘Cruel Experiment’ In Hollywood

Business mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs appears on Variety’s latest cover, in which he touches on a wide range of topics, including his thoughts on the massive success of Black Panther, which he refers to a “cruel experiment.”

Black Panther was a cruel experiment because we live in 2018,” Diddy said, “and it’s the first time that the film industry gave us a fair playing field on a worldwide blockbuster, and the hundreds of millions it takes to make it.”

Combs doesn’t view Black Panther as an outright game-changer. He told Variety that all industries suffer from allowing black men and women hold top-level positions.

“For all the billions of dollars that these black executives have been able to make them, [there’s still hesitation] to put them in the top-level positions,” Diddy said of industries at large. “They’ll go and they’ll recruit cats from overseas. It makes sense to give [executives of color] a chance and embrace the evolution, instead of it being that we can only make it to president, senior VP. … There’s no black CEO of a major record company. That’s just as bad as the fact that there are no [black] majority owners in the NFL. That’s what really motivates me.”

Diddy pointed out that when black creators are given the proper resources in any industry, they always “over-deliver.”

“You can’t do anything without that money, without resources,” Diddy told Variety. “But when we do get the resources, we over-deliver. When Adidas invests in Kanye and it’s done properly, you have the right results. When Live Nation invests in artists and puts them in arenas the same way U2 would be, you have the right results. ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Black-ish,’ fashion; it’s all about access. If you’re blocked out of the resources, you can’t compete. And that’s my whole thing — to be able to come and compete.”

Black Panther is currently the highest grossing superhero film in the U.S. with $ 699 million. The film is expected to be a rare Oscar contender for the superhero genre early next year.

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Janel Parrish Says The Situation In ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Is Her Nightmare | PeopleTV


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Collection of late actor Robin Williams to hit auction block

Artwork, memorabilia, personal possessions and other ephemera from the collection of actor Robin Williams and his former wife Marsha will hit the auction block in October with a portion of proceeds benefiting causes they supported, Sotheby’s said on Friday.
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The cast and director of ‘From the Bridge’ stopped by SDCC….

The cast and director of ‘From the Bridge’ stopped by SDCC. Nichelle Nichols, ‘Uhura’ of Star Trek, even talked about how Martin Luther King Jr. wanted her to keep working on Star Trek. 

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4B Features a Surprising Scene for Morgan

While Lennie James’s impact as Morgan Jones in Fear the Walking Dead might have only been slight so far, he’s set to make a big splash once the second half of Season 4 gets underway. At the zombie spin-off show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, James revealed that we’ll shortly see Morgan somewhere we never thought we’d see him … on the toilet.

“I got a phone call from [showrunners] Andrew [Chambliss] and Ian [Goldberg] saying, ‘I have to have a really serious conversation with you, Lennie,’” James explained. “‘There is a thing we’re thinking of putting into the script, and we want to be really sure that you are okay with it.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be really exciting’. And all it was was, ‘Can we show Morgan going to the toilet?’ That was it.”

He joked, “I felt like a big boy, I did number twos on my own,” before adding, “And also there are new challenges for Morgan coming up in the second half about where he belongs, if he belongs, and how he belongs.”

 James’s revelation prompted a question at a press conference later about whether walkers defecate. Scott M. Gimple, who oversees the Walking Dead universe, replied, “I think there’s a fermentation process that could result in projectiles.”


But while there’s that to look forward to from Morgan, and who-knows-what from the show’s zombies, there are also five new characters to put on our radar. Each can be seen in the brand new trailer for Season 4B.

Ian Goldberg made the announcement. “They’re going to bring very different energies to the show,” he said. “Some are going to bring humour and a different way of looking at the world. Some are going to bring hope. We’re gonna maybe take away that hope, but they’re going to bring a lot of variety to the show.”

While Goldberg named the actors — Aaron Stanford, Steven Henderson, Tonya Pinkins, Mo Collins, and Daryl Chill Mitchell — he stopped short of revealing character names and details.

Andrew Chambliss also teased that the trailer may have revealed the antagonist or antagonists of the second half of the season. He added cryptically, “This person or persons may know our characters better than they do and may have some insights that they don’t have.”

Season 4B of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on August 12.

‘The Walking Dead’ Adds Alpha, the Whisperers and More in Season 9

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5 things you didn’t know about women’s rugby

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco this weekend, Sarah Mockford, editor of Rugby World, gives us the lowdown  on the state of play in women’s rugby while England’s scrum half Natasha Hunt teaches us a thing or two about what it takes to be a player.

‘Every year women’s rugby continues to make strides and we saw a giant leap in 2017, with the 15-a-side Women’s World Cup final shown live on prime-time Saturday night TV,’ says Sarah Mockford, who as well as being the editor of Rugby World magazine was the first female chairman of the Rugby Union writers’ club.

‘Not only did that take the sport to a wider audience but it was recognised as a great game of rugby, regardless of the gender of those playing it.

‘This weekend we’ll see some of the game’s most skilful athletes, women and men, playing in the Sevens World Cup in San Francisco. There are sure to be plenty of thrills at AT&T Park and if I had to pick my favourites to reach the women’s final it would be Australia and New Zealand.’

Meanwhile, Natasha Hunt reveals what it takes to be an international player:

1. Most female rugby players have regular full-time jobs

‘As an athlete, you make sacrifices. Or rather, you make a choice to commit. I am also a trained PE teacher, so I had two jobs when I started out, but I have been a full-time athlete now since 2014.’

2. It’s a sport that forges strong friendships

‘Rugby seems like a strange game. You’re trying to hit people as hard as you can and run past them as fast as possible – everybody is putting their bodies on the line. You work hard because you don’t want to let your team down and, because of this, you forge strong friendships.’

3. They wake up early and workout – a lot

‘An average day starts at 7am, with training at 8am, where we have a screening to make sure our bodies are not vulnerable to injuries. Then we go to the gym for a weights and capacity session, or a speed session outside.’

4. As well as physical training, they also do mental training

‘After lunch, the girls normally head to our local coffee shop for a caffeine hit, before our afternoon training, when we concentrate on mental skills. Sevens is a game about focus, so it’s important to work on our mindsets as well as our moves.’

5. Rugby players need to eat carbs, carbs and more carbs

‘There is a movement at the moment for living actively and finding a healthier lifestyle. I find it difficult to eat between matches, so I load up on carbs in the build-up to a match, as it’s vital to have energy in reserve.’

Tudor Watches is sponsoring The Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, which takes place in San Francisco  20-22 July.

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Models are accusing a brand of discrimination during Miami Swim Week

Models are accusing a brand of discrimination during Miami Swim Week

Models are accusing a brand of discrimination during Miami Swim Week

The past few years have ushered in an age of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. More and more we’re seeing brands not only actively include models of different ethnicities in their campaigns and runway shows, but models with visible disabilities like diabetes and vitiligo. This is why it’s disheartening that fashion brand KYA Swim has been accused of discrimination during Miami Swim Week.

Cosmo was the first to report how model Joia Talbott claimed that 10-15 models were turned away from an audition solely because they were Black. She took to her Facebook to put the brand on blast, with America’s Next Top Model alum, Kacey Leggett, chiming in to say:

“I’m at a loss for words. I’m still trying to process what happened. All of us had to get out of the line – they told us they didn’t want any more Black models.”

It goes without saying that this is beyond unacceptable. Miami Swim Week was created to celebrate swimsuit season. For representatives of KYA Swim to say, “no dark skin,” as Talbott claims they did, is reprehensible.

Other models have also come forward with similar claims against KYA Swim during Miami Swim Week.

Posted by Macaroni Tony on Friday, July 13, 2018

This is extremely upsetting. We need to be doing better, fashion world.

As reported by Cosmo, KYA Swim released a statement on the issue, saying:

“Everyone at KYA Swim is deeply disturbed by the allegations brought by Joia Talbott and other models about the casting event at Miami Swim Week. KYA Swim is proud of its record of diversity and we are in the midst of looking into the events of last Thursday to review the actions of the production company in charge of the casting call.”

It’s possible that someone without the authority to do so made this call. Regardless, it’s not a good look for KYA Swim.

According to KYA Swim’s social media, it looks like they did hire a black woman for the show.

We uncertain if this decision predated the controversy or if KYA Swim hired her as a result of the bad press. Hopefully, incidents like this won’t happen again anytime soon.

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Director James Gunn Fired From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 After “Indefensible” Tweets Resurface

James Gunn, Ant-Man And The Wasp PremiereJames Gunn is out as director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
After controversial tweets resurfaced on social media, Disney has made the decision to part ways with the Hollywood…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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Disney Fires ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Over Offensive Tweets

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” series needs a new director … Disney just fired James Gunn over a bunch of horrifically offensive tweets from years ago. Gunn made comments about 911, AIDS, the Holocaust and rape. In one of the since deleted tweets…


What Productivity Hacks Really Work For You?

Here’s a fun question for today: What productivity hacks really work for you? Does your diligence with productivity hacks come in waves (as resolutions strengthen and weaken) or have you hit on anything that is your new normal? What have you tried but failed to implement regularly — and what productivity hacks really work for you, particularly at work?

This is constantly something I’m thinking about, and I’ve tried a LOT of productivity hacks.productivity hacks that really work - image of efficient businesswoman being productive

These are some of the productivity hacks that really work for me:

  • Adopting a one-touch attitude with mail — I sort it into recycling, trash, and bills the instant I get it to my kitchen counter.
  • Only paying bills once a month — It’s just one fewer thing to worry about, and if I wonder about a bill, my brain very easily says, “But it isn’t the first of the month for another week! Worry then!”
  • Saving all phone calls for one session — I hate the phone, and it really interrupts my focus if I get or make a call. My cell phone’s default ringer is a silent ringtone (you can download them from the iTunes store!), so the only people whose calls make a ringing sound are family and friends for whom I’ve manually changed the ringtone. I also tend to make a list of phone calls I need to make so that when I sit down with the phone and headset I can make them all in one session.
  • Decreasing choices to decrease decision fatigueObama was famous with this in terms of his outfits, wearing the same things repeatedly so that he didn’t have to use brainpower to choose something different every day. I definitely have a work uniform that I repeat most days, and I also tend to repeat a lot of meals (lately I’m really into savory oatmeal with eggs, or grilled chicken with a teensy bit of a guacamole salsa).

Productivity hacks that work like gold… when I do them, which is less than “all the time”:

  • Moving to a new workspace — In a big L-shaped desk office, just moving to the visitor’s side of the desk works wonders!
  • Writing THREE tasks to do that day and only focusing on getting them done.
  • Pomodoro timers — 25-minute bursts of focus + 5 minute breaks — these are really hard for me to do more than 3 or 4 rounds. I think 25 minutes is a bad amount of time for me but I haven’t had a chance to hack it to see what my individualized “premium burst of focus” is.
  • Batching tasks — I try to do this but rarely succeed. For my work, for example, I should only write on one day, then do graphics another day, then do social media and SEO a third day, then do email or “market research” (checking the stores) a fourth day, then bigger projects (like the work outfit challenge) on the fifth day… but instead things tend to get mixed throughout the days.
  • Only keeping ONE browser tab open at once — I am totally that lady who has 75 tabs open in multiple browser windows at all times. There’s a Chrome Extension called OneTab that instantly collapses everything but keeps track of where you were, and I should seriously start each day using it to clear the decks.

Productivity hacks that just aren’t my thing:

  • Keeping track of my time — I suppose this works when I do it, but it’s not a high priority for me to get back to. Fun fact: When I first left law firm life I still kept track of my time in 10-minute increments on purpose because it was normal for me and I felt it helped with productivity.
  • Prioritizing exercise and meditation — While I wouldn’t say these AREN’T my thing, it’s really hard for me when I’m crunched for time to prioritize exercise and meditation (even though I know that taking 10 minutes to meditate or 20 minutes to do some Tabata workouts is a great way to improve focus and productivity). I try my best to institutionalize those things so I do them at the same time… but if I’m in a crunch for time those are the first to fall away.

These are the productivity hacks that work for me (and the ones that I’m still working on) — let’s hear from you, guys: What are your best tips for productivity? Which productivity hacks work for you — and which ones have you tried and dismissed over the years? 

Photo via Shutterstock.

I've tried a lot of productivity hacks over the years to be more efficient with my time and energy -- and these are the productivity hacks that really work for me!


‘Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion’ Review: A Faithful, but Basic RPG

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, or don’t watch cartoons but decided to read a review of a video game based on one for some reason, here’s a quick refresher on Adventure TimeThis colourful animated series follows the adventures of Finn, a heroic human boy, and Jake, his yellow talking dog as they roam the cutesy post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. And it’s pretty darn brilliant.

While it’s obviously aimed at children, thanks to some silly and abstract humour, over-the-top voice acting, and surprisingly deep (and often chilling) lore, the show has managed to amass a rabid adult and teenage fanbase too.

More importantly though, its charming and colourful cartoon world of swords and hijinx is one that’s simply ripe for video game adaptations. But so far, video game-loving fans haven’t had much luck with Adventure Time.  Previous releases, such as the exhaustingly named Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! and Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!!, felt like Cartoon Network merely slapped the Adventure Time brand onto the most basic of gaming concepts and called it a day.

A license to thrill?

Now though, fans are hoping that might change. Why? Because Bandai Namco is publishing the first ever open world Aventure Time RPG– Pirates of the Enchiridion. With the show set to air its last ever episode later this year, this game could be the perfect way to say goodbye to the land of Ooo. So, does Pirates of the Enchiridion finally do justice to Adventure Tim eas a video game adaptation?


The game opens with Finn and Jake waking to find the Land of Ooo has flooded and transformed into a vast ocean, thanks to the villainous-but-lovable Ice King’s Kingdom having almost entirely melted. Very conveniently, the duo finds a makeshift boat nearby their destroyed home, and sets sail to find answers in this newly oceanic Ooo.

Although the sailing aspects may be Pirates of the Enchiridion‘s namesake, it’s perhaps the game’s most boring element. Initially, the sailing gives off strong Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker vibes, but it soon becomes apparent that instead of being the open world we hoped, it’s actually more like your average old-school RPG’s overworld map. And sadly, it’s just as barren.

With the exception of the odd item out at sea for Jake to grab a hold of, there is absolutely nothing of interest to interact with, and these sailing sections act as little more than a way to travel between the waypoints of the various islands around the land.

A (not so) Open World

The one that saves the sailing though, is that these sections contain some of the most genuinely charming moments in the entire game. Thanks to some brilliant performances from the show’s original cast,  we couldn’t help but smile whenever Finn and Jake broke out into song on their journey across the sea. This is reflective of what is perhaps the game’s greatest asset in general. Unlike with previous adaptations, its developers have clearly done their research to understand the show, and have made the effort to emulate the sort of story and dialogue you’d expect to see and hear in a typical episode.

Its characters feel like they do in the series, and its comedic personality is a perfect fit, which, unfortunately, is a real rarity for licensed video games.

The only fault in regards to the personality of the show – which is, let’s be honest, is the single most important element for fans – comes on the technical side, particularly in cutscenes. Although the graphics are generally charmingly cel-shaded, the animation is at times pretty janky, with lip-syncing a little off, and character’s expressions often seemingly unfitting of the situation or dialogue. Finn, for example, appears to be smiling regardless of what he’s actually saying, which is… well, a little weird.

Additionally, there’s some general freezing and juttering in the minute-to-minute gameplay, but if you came into Enchiridon expecting the quality and polish of a blockbuster title,  quite frankly, you were always going to end up disappointed.

Hey, It’s MY TURN

Outside of the sailing sections, there are two other primary modes of gameplay. Once you’ve disembarked from your boat, you control your party in very simplistic and (at times) excruciatingly linear platforming and puzzle segments. Much like the sea, it may at first look more open than it is, but you are effectively set on a very linear path. It feels like the same sort of basic video game concept that licensed titles have been doing since the PlayStation 1 era, bringing little new to the table.

Oh, and Jake can transform into a motorbike for these sections – just don’t ask where the motor sounds are coming from.

Thankfully, these bits are quick enough that they don’t often outstay their welcome. When it comes to the rest of the game, the overworld exploration wasn’t the only thing the developers borrowed from 90’s RPGs. If you’ve ever played a turn-based RPG before,  battles are going to feel all too familiar. When you encounter an enemy, everything plays out exactly as you’d expect an RPG unwilling to shake the boat would; you’re given the option for a standard attack, to use an item, such as a heart vial to recover some of your health, a block, or a special attack.

Special attacks use some of your energy points, which slowly replenish during the course of the battle, and range from simply inflicting more damage, hitting multiple enemies or causing a status effect, such as freezing or confusing. Your ultimate ability, or final attack, can be initiated once a party member takes a significant number of hits during the match, and enemies have their own elemental strengths and weaknesses.

RPG Time

Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion Battle

Ending a match victoriously assigns each party member XP, which can eventually level them up, and you can utilise the in-game currency to upgrade your heroes’ health, attack power, defence, etc. Losing a match, however, results in you having to load from your last save or automated checkpoint. This isn’t likely to happen often, if at all, as combat is very, very easy and you’ll always have an abundance of recovery items to keep you safe. That is, unless you approach an high-level enemy with a red skull above their heads, in which case we strongly recommend you run away and return once you’ve levelled up.

Pirates of Enchiridion never diverges from established genre cliches that have existed for decades then.

Still, while it’s easier to look at this with our serious gamer hats on, what is important to take away here is that despite the show’s varied audience, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridionis absolutely aimed at children. It sticks firmly to the RPG genre and licensed game cliches that have been present for decades, rarely straying from that path to risk presenting any original gameplay ideas. While it’ll be a great entry point to RPGs for younger fans, adults will undoubtedly grow tired of it quickly.

Is Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion Any Good?

Although it may not be saying much, this is the most authentic representation of the series in a video game to date, and it is comfortably the best game based on the show so far. Yet, unless you are a child or somebody completely obsessed with Adventure Time,  despite its charm, Pirates of the Enchiridion will struggle to keep your attention for long.

Still, if you are a big Adventure Time fan and don’t require every game you play to be an original, stellar experience, there’s definitely fun to be had here thanks to the game’s charm and authenticity alone. For fans looking to say goodbye to the land of Ooo, you could definitely do a lot worse.

‘Pokémon: Let’s Go’ Breathes New Life Into Kanto but Feels Worryingly Shallow


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NFL, NFLPA Freeze Anthem Rules Amid Backlash To Miami Policy

(Photo credit: Stephen Brashear, AP)

The NFL’s two-month old national anthem policy is on hold.

Hours after The Associated Press reported that Miami Dolphins players who protest on the field during the anthem could be suspended for up to four games under a team policy issued this week, the league and the players union issued a joint statement late Thursday night saying the two sides are talking things out.

“The NFL and NFLPA, through recent discussions, have been working on a resolution to the anthem issue. In order to allow this constructive dialogue to continue, we have come to a standstill agreement on the NFLPA’s grievance and on the NFL’s anthem policy. No new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks while these confidential discussions are ongoing,” the statement read. “The NFL and NFLPA reflect the great values of America, which are repeatedly demonstrated by the many players doing extraordinary work in communities across our country to promote equality, fairness and justice. Our shared focus will remain on finding a solution to the anthem issue through mutual, good faith commitments, outside of litigation.”

The issue has dominated headlines over the past two seasons, caused division and alienated some fans.

The NFL rule that was passed in May forbid players from sitting or taking a knee if they are on the field or sidelines during “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but allowed them to stay in the locker room if they wish. The policy said teams would be fined if players didn’t stand during the anthem while on the field. The league left it up to teams on how to punish players.

None of the team policies had been made public until the AP obtained a copy of Miami’s nine-page discipline document. It included a one-sentence section on “Proper Anthem Conduct” and was provided to the AP by a person familiar with the policy who insisted on anonymity because the document is not public. It classifies anthem protests under a large list of “conduct detrimental to the club,” all of which could lead to a paid or unpaid suspension, a fine or both.

The Dolphins said in a statement: “The NFL required each team to submit their rules regarding the anthem before their players reported to training camp. We will address this issue once the season starts. All options are still open.”

Miami can choose not to issue any suspension nor fine any player guilty of “conduct detrimental to the club.” Other violations under that label include drug use or possession, gambling, breaking curfew and riding motorcycles as a driver or passenger from the start of camp until the last game of the season.

Jets acting owner Christopher Johnson said shortly after the league announced its policy that he will not punish his players for any peaceful protests — and would pay any potential fines incurred by the team as a result of his players’ actions.

The new league rules were challenged this month in a grievance by the players union. The NFLPA said the NFL policy, which the league imposed without consultation with the players union, is inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement and infringes on player rights. Now, the two sides are hoping to reach a solution without litigation.

Dolphins veteran receiver Kenny Stills took a knee with a hand on his heart during the anthem throughout last season. Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips put his arm around Stills before one game. Two other players who knelt — safety Michael Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas — are no longer with the team.

Defensive end Robert Quinn, who raised his fist during the anthem while with the Rams, is now with the Dolphins.

“Players who are on the field during the Anthem performance must stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem,” says the 16th and final bullet point on Miami’s list of conduct considered detrimental, below disparaging teammates, coaches or officials including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL started requiring players to be on the field for the anthem in 2009 — the year it signed a marketing deal with the military.

In 2016, then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began protesting police brutality, social injustice and racial inequality by kneeling during the national anthem, and the demonstration spread to other players and teams.

Critics led by President Donald Trump called the players unpatriotic and even said NFL owners should fire any player who refused to stand during the anthem. Some players countered that their actions were being misconstrued and that they are seeking social change rather than protesting the anthem itself.

Trump’s criticism led more than 200 players to protest during one weekend, and some kept it up throughout the season.

The league and a coalition of players have been working in tandem to support player initiatives for a variety of social issues. The NFL is committing $ 90 million over the next seven years to social justice causes in a three-segment plan that involves league players.

Kaepernick didn’t play at all last season and still hasn’t been picked up by another team. He threw 16 touchdown passes and four interceptions in his final season in 2016. Safety Eric Reid, one of Kaepernick’s former teammates and another protest leader, is also out of work.

Both have filed collusion grievances against the NFL.

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Cultivating a Community for Creative Millennials of Color

Leaving no stone unturned in the realm of content creation, conversation facilitation, and event curation, Driven Society has become part of the creative professional scene in New York City by its focus on live events targeted to millennials of color.

The organization has partnered with major brands including WeWork, JBL, Hennessy, Belaire Rose, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, New York Latino Film Festival, and more, The platform’s CEO and co-founder Travis Weekes sits at the helm of the ship with co-founders Natalia Saavedra, Zuhaib Kokab, and Darren Bowen. I spoke with Weeks about the mission behind Driven Society, its various arms of business and the importance of amplifying up-and-coming talent.

“The goal of Driven Society is to cultivate a community of creatives that push the culture forward and build success for millennials and post-millennials. We envision a world where business, philosophy, and art converge to provide equal opportunity for success regardless of background or privilege. We want to lead, nurture, and support the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs and leaders in creating cultural change and professional success.”

Driven Society’s goal aligns with the outlook of millennial Americans. According to Forbes, millennials start their first business around the age of 27. Surveys suggest over 62% of millennials have considered starting their own business. Seventy-two percent feel that startups and entrepreneurs are necessary for economic improvement through job creation and innovation (yet 77% are holding back because they view business startups as too risky).


(Photo Courtesy of Driven Society)

“We enjoy always keeping our eyes and ears open to whoever isn’t afraid to voice their opinions and those looking to implement change and/or impact their communities. Whenever we see that, we make it a point keep track of those individuals and look for ways to build relationships. Once you spot one and surround yourself with a rising cultural leader, it becomes easier to keep track and come across them.”

The group uses a multi-pillar approach to foster the game changers of the culture. Live events, interactive marketplace, and strategic partnerships. The live events serve as platforms for the sharing of knowledge and best practices. The interactive marketplace is where products can be showcased and sold as a result of the knowledge and best practices learned through the live event series. The strategic partnerships help amplify both the live events and the marketplace by putting up-and-coming creatives in the same room with representatives from major brands.


(Photo Courtesy of Driven Society)

“Our community of creative entrepreneurs exists to inspire, energize, and nurture ideas in support of a thriving generation of young people. We envision a world where business, philosophy, and art converge to provide equal opportunity for success regardless of background or privilege. Working with brands that value the multicultural perspective is a big part of it and brands that want to expose our community to something of substance. Since we’re a part of this community, it’s easy for us to identify our peers who are also pushing culture in their own way and giving them the platform to grow.”

Driven Society’s latest event, titled SoundByte, is the organization’s effort to stay on top of innovative life programming. The bi-monthly series addresses the growing convergence of tech, music, and culture as millennials of color seek to obtain the information needed to take ownership of their billion-dollar influence on pop cultural industries.

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Welcome First Child: Pic

She’s here! Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have welcomed their first child together, a girl named Felicity Nicole Vuolo, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm.

“God is so kind. Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 a.m.,” Vuolo tells Us. “Felicity weighs 8 lbs and 3 oz, and is 19.5 inches long. Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!”

The Counting On star, 24, revealed the baby’s gender in April 2018 in a sweet statement posted on the Duggar family’s website as well as the couple’s site that read, “We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this Summer. We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love – Jeremy and Jinger.”

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Baby
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with newborn daughter Felicity. TLC/

Pregnancy came with its own surprises in addition to Duggar experiencing a bout of morning sickness. The reality TV personality revealed to Us in March, “I do think probably what surprised me most is just being so tired all the time. I was never a napper, like having to take a nap, and now it’s like, ‘Ooh! I think I want to nap every day!’”

Luckily, Duggar was able to lean on her husband, 30, during the trying moments. “Jeremy also jumped in and he was there. He got me takeout food a lot because I did not want to step foot in the kitchen,” she told Us. “It made me nauseous, so he did that for that reason and that was very, very good.”

Us Weekly exclusively revealed in January that the happy couple — who married in November 2016 — were expecting. Their child will be in good company: Duggar’s sister Joy-Anna welcomed son Gideon with husband Austin Forsyth in February of this year and their sister-in-law Kendra gave birth to son Garrett David with husband Joseph Duggar on June 8.

TLC’s Counting On returns Monday, July 30, at 9 p.m. ET.

Us Weekly


How much breakfast cost the year you were born

If there is one meal of the day that’s talked about more than any other, it’s breakfast. Given that it’s the first thing you eat in the morning, what you have on your plate can often determine how your day will go. Only have time for a cup of coffee? Prepare for a hectic day. Have the ability to…

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Think you know what it takes to survive a Marvel wedding?…

Think you know what it takes to survive a Marvel wedding? Prepare for the nuptials of the century in “X-Men Gold” #30 with this handy guide:

Marvel Entertainment


Find your favorite Toy Story toys, apparel, , collectibles and more in the Toy Story Character Shops at the online Disney Store.

Jimmy Kimmel Defends Trump on Russia: ‘You Would Do the Same Thing’ If Putin Had Your Pee Tape


“President Trump had another busy day today trying to pull his weiner out of a lawnmower,” Jimmy Kimmel said during his monologue Thursday night. “The president has been working very hard this week attempting to distance himself from himself.”

“As you know, he pretty clearly sided with Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence agencies after his meeting with Putin in Helsinki,” the host continued, explaining that people have been “going nuts” over the fact that Trump said he believed the Russian president when he assured him he did not commit a cyber attack on the American election, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Then, Kimmel took a turn. “I want to defend the president, just a little bit,” he said. “People are calling him a traitor, they’re calling him a liar, a coward. And not just Democrats, he’s being hammered by his own party, too.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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The First Black Woman to be Crowned Miss Universe Great Britain Speaks Out

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, a dark-skinned beauty with dreadlocks, became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain in the pageant’s 66-year history on Saturday. As a result, the 25-year-old will go on to represent the United Kingdom at the international 2018 Miss Universe competition later this year.

Originally from Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, Rogers never aspired to be a beauty queen. Instead, she played competitive sports, dreamed of becoming an Olympic heptathlete, and competed in the Commonwealth Games twice. However, a knee injury deterred her from the Olympics. That’s when she decided to pursue pageantry while simultaneously studying for the bar exam—which she recently passed—in order to become a barrister.

“My dream kind of reinvented itself and it shifted into pageantry because in pageantry you have the same reach,” she told BBC News. “Miss Universe Great Britain was the pageant equivalent of becoming an Olympic athlete for Great Britain.”

Ironically, Rogers says preparing for the Miss Universe Great Britain competition was more challenging than training for a sports match. “They’re very similar, but being in a pageant you have to undergo a kind of surgical examination of yourself, your ambitions, things that people don’t do until they’re very, very old.” She added, “most of the preparation for the Commonwealth Games is done on the track…but in pageantry, the mind is the focal point, and the mind is, I think, the hardest muscle to master.”

Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers


Following her historic win, she received an outpouring of support from around the world via social media, which she admitted “kind of startled” her. “Although I’ve been preparing for this pageant for a long time, I’ve just been preparing as Dee-Ann,” she said. “Now that I’ve won the pageant, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve not only won the pageant as Dee-Ann, but as a black woman.” Nevertheless, she described the win as “a great achievement.”

Prior to her win, the University of Birmingham graduate told Pageants News that she believes she is the first woman to compete in Miss Universe Great Britain with dreadlocks. “To my knowledge, I am the first dreadlocked woman to walk across a Miss Universe Great Britain stage and that is absolutely most exciting to me,” she said. However, she also admitted that she was questioned on whether or not she’d consider straightening her hair for the competition. She refused. “I felt that it was very important for me to represent my cultural identity and to represent myself truly on this platform. This is a part of who I am. If you’re going to take one part of me, you’re going to take all of me.”

Should she win the Miss Universe pageant in December, Kentish-Rogers would join this list of women of color who earned the crown.

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Photo Coverage: PHANTOM, BEAUTIFUL and More Take the Stage at This Week’s Broadway in Bryant Park!

Broadway in Bryant Park is back The 2018 program brings the best of Broadway together for free performances for six consecutive weeks through Thursday, August 16. New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple are invited to come at 11 a.m. every Thursday with performances running from 1230 p.m. EST – 130 p.m. EST on the Bryant Park Stage. Hosted by 106.7 LITE FM’s on-air personalities, this year’s annual presentation continues this week. Featured Content


Disney’s battle plan? Just look around Comic-Con

For those seeking to understand Disney’s strategy under CEO Robert Iger, just take a look around the colorful halls of Comic-Con: Thousands of people who spent hard-earned cash trekking to San Diego — in some cases great distances — to savor their favorite pastimes, many dressed in purchased or home-made costumes. – RSS Channel – Entertainment


Beauty Bytes: Anne-Marie On Weird Sandwiches, Her Love For Moisturiser And Sharing The Stage With Ed Sheeran


anne marie vo5

In this edition of Beauty Bytes, I sat down with chart topper Anne-Marie. She’s the platinum blonde songstress who has some of the catchiest pop tunes I’ve heard in a really long time. She’s partnered up with Vo5 to launch a range of hair styling products just in time for the festival season. We chatted about fame, karate and Philadelphia.


AM: I reckon it’s the eyebrows. There was a point when eyebrows were considered cool if they were really thin. I did that and looking back now, it didn’t look so good!


AM: I think mine is probably to take my make-up off every night before going to sleep, because I feel like that’s really helped my skin. Also I just take it off with a warm flannel and water instead of like soap or products.


AM: I have a moisturising cream called Weleda Skin Food and it’s just the best moisturiser I’ve ever had in my life.


AM: It’s really thick and I use it over my body. I think it was my make-up artist; she had it there while she was doing my make-up once and I was like, “what is this?I started using it and have been telling everyone about it ever since.

Weleda Skin Food, £9.56 Amazon

anne marie vo5


AM: Either my Weleda or lip balm, because my lips get so dry!


AM: Hairstyle would probably be braids, like French plaits down the side of my head, because they’re really easy and look really pretty. Make-up would probably be the ‘natural look’ where it doesn’t look like you’ve got make-up on but you have. And nail colour probably like a nude colour, like a beige because it goes with everything. I used to love black nail varnish, because I thought that went with everything, but then it just got a bit much so I’ve learnt not to do that so much anymore.



AM: This is so hard because I love glitter so much! I actually think I’d probably do sleek hair with like waves at the bottom. I’ve had it before and I feel like you could make it festival-y if you added some of the Vo5 shimmers to the roots.

Vo5 Style Edit Cosmic Gold Shimmer, £6.99 Superdrug

anne marie vo5

Buy Now


AM: I’d say Weleda for the Skin Food, Vo5 for their Tame & Shine spray, it’s the best shine hairspray. There are lots of similar ones that I’ve used for TV, but this one actually holds. And my final one would be Starskin, because I’ve recently discovered their face masks. I use them every day as I’m so tired and I need to look good. I use all of them, but the diamond one is my favourite.

Vo5 Tame & Shine Spray, £2.93 Boots

anne marie vo5

Buy Now


AM: What I do is try not to wear makeup for as long as possible. I wake up, put some moisturising cream on and try to keep it like that all day until I have to put makeup on. As soon as I’m done with what I’m doing in the day, I take my makeup off straight away. I try to keep my skin breathing as much as possible. That’s a big thing, as I never used to leave the house without makeup on, so this is a big thing for me!


AM: Yep, I just take my makeup off with a wet flannel and just water. I’ve done it my whole life, from a young kid. I do use face wipes sometimes. Everything I use is for sensitive skin.


AM: I try and work out as much as possible. On tour it’s hard to find the time. When I’m at hotels I just try and use the hotel gym. being on stage is a workout in itself, especially the stages that Ed Sheeran is performing on. (Anne-Marie is currently supporting Ed Sheeran on his world tour.) I’m just running around, keeping everyone entertained. I honestly get tired just being on stage, so it is a workout for me!

I like him more than I like a lot of things. But he’s still a mug @teddysphotos

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarie) on


AM: I would go to karate as that is a whole body workout. (Anne-Marie is a triple world karate champion.) Other than that though, I do love going to lessons because I do tend to push myself harder when someone is watching, when I’m on my own I’m just like meh. Anything that involves music, doing it to a beat, that’s best for me.


AM: Definitely moisturise my face. I just love moisturising cream! I’ll probably get lip balm on, as my lips just get so dry – I’m not sure why, I probably need to drink more water. And then finally brush my hair. When I sleep, I move around a lot as I wake up and my hair is crazy.


AM: I think I would have to say having confidence. Confidence is beautiful and you can feel it and see it. You don’t have to be wearing particular clothes to look good, you can just see it. It’s a natural thing, it comes from within. Maybe some people see beautiful as an outside thing, but for me beauty is someone being kind and generous. It’s definitely something you can feel.


AM: Take your makeup off everyday before you sleep. So many people don’t do it! I used to sleep in makeup as a teenager, but I see it like this: when you’re wearing make-up, your skin has essentially got a coat on. You wouldn’t sleep in a coat would you?


AM: I love La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. That’s what I buy all the time. I also really love boys’ smells and men’s fragrances.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle, from £41.60 Fabled

anne marie vo5

Buy Now


AM: Yeah. I feel better with a tan. I try not to wear any make-up, but always an SPF to keep my skin healthy. I whack that on. In the evening, I’ll put a little bit of mascara, bit of a brow, and a little bit of a lip. Nothing on my skin though, I’ll try and keep that clear.


AM: Most recent is the love heart. The next is the face with the heart eyes and the tooth bearing face. It’s weird, because I use that when I’m really excited or happy about something!

Thanks for all the L❤VE! 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS 😱😱

A post shared by ANNE♥MARIE (@annemarie) on


AM: I use that emoji to my manager. She used to think I was worried when I used that! Everything I’ve been excited about, she thinks I’m worried.


AM: I love a book called Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow. I love reading about the brain; why we do things and why we think the way we think.


AM: Probably chocolate. I could eat it for three meals.


AM: A classic bar of Diary Milk. Can’t go wrong with that! Used to be a Double Decker, but it got a bit much. I also love bread! I eat so much bread. I’m trying not to eat so much of it. But if it’s a really good loaf, then I’ll eat it. A sandwich is probably my cheat meal!


AM: Philadelphia. With crisps. Any crisps.


AM: Say Yes to The Dress. I watch it back-to-back for hours on end. When I get home, instead of sleeping I’ll watch Say Yes to The Dress.


AM: Whichever one is on! I’m not fussy.


AM: I’ve been going on to look at Balenciaga quite a lot, I’ve been looking at their pictures online. There is also an account called London Grills and she does gold teeth for people, I’ve been looking at that quite a lot!


AM: That’s hard. I try not to see myself like that!


AM: I guess probably after my single Rockabye. That’s when people started to recognise me. You start to gain fans after that and then more people start to follow you. I think it’s through social media. When you put shows on, and people come to see them, it’s a moment when you realise that these people are coming to see you and want to spend an evening with you, that’s a pretty big deal.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

The 6 Best Character Combinations in ‘Octopath Traveler’

Octopath Traveler may have a few narrative flaws, but it more than makes up for these hiccups with its innovative and experimentation-focused combat system. With eight distinct characters that become more powerful with 12 interchangeable subclasses, there are tons of unique combinations players can choose when selecting an active party.

Since some characters are necessary for specific areas and fights in the game, it’s important to level up each of the protagonists and regularly try out different team compositions. While you can’t go wrong as long as you’re having fun and progressing through the game, certain character combinations can be devastating in the right circumstances and against the right enemies. These six character combos are definitely worth checking out as you travel across Octopath’s fantastic world.

Cyrus, Ophilia, and Primrose

Elemental magic madness!

Between the Scholar Cyrus, the Cleric Ophilia, and the Dancer Primrose, a player can use every kind of elemental magic in the game. This is an incredibly versatile set as just about every enemy is weak to some sort of elemental damage. You can even further the effectiveness of this combination by giving each of them the sub-class of one of the others, as they all boost either elemental damage or SP terrifically.

Almost any character can fit into the fourth slot in this strategy as Cyrus covers damage, Ophilia is a great healer, and Primrose can debuff foes. A solid physical attacker like Olberic or Alfyn should make for excellent additions to this team, however.

H’aanit and Olberic

Very physical fighters.

H’aanit and Olberic are the two best characters in the game when it comes to dealing physical damage. H’aanit excels in striking multiple foes at once and Olberic is fantastic at destroying enemies in one-on-one fights. Together, though, the two can unleash massive amounts of damage and break nearly any enemy they come across.

In this pair, H’aanit should definitely have the Warrior sub-class as it allows her to deal more than 9,999 damage with her most potent attacks. This team should also have at least one healing and stat boosting character in the remaining slots to offer support for these two attackers.

Alfyn, Therion, Tressa, and Ophilia

Economical adventures.

Money and resources are pretty scarce in the beginning hours of Octopath Traveler. Thankfully, this combination of heroes offers a useful means of acquiring wealth and items while also using them efficiently. Therion and Tressa can steal items and wealth from enemies in battle and procure them in the overworld. Alfyn’s Apothecary abilities let him generate extra effects when using items, and Ophilia is a great healer who has one of the largest SP meters in the game.

For this set, it’s beneficial to sub-class Therion as a Merchant and Tressa as a Thief so they can more efficiently gather resources from enemies. It’s also wise to give Alfyn the Cleric sub-class so he can offer further support to his teammates and have Ophilia sub-classed as a Scholar or Sorcerer for greater elemental coverage.

Alfyn, Tressa, Olberic, and Ophilia

Fear the immortals!

This combination of characters is easily one of the tankiest sets of characters in the game. Each of these protagonists can either reliably heal or endure massive amounts of damage. This makes this strategy particularly effective at taking on boss enemies that don’t require specific strategies or large amounts of elemental damage.

For this strategy, it’s wise to give Alfyn the Warrior sub-class as it boosts his HP and allows him to deal tremendous damage if leveled up enough. Likewise, Olberic should receive the Apothecary sub-class as the Last Stand skill lets him inflict damage proportional to the damage inflicted on him. While there are plenty of sub-classes you can run on Tressa and Ophilia, you may want to give Tressa the Scholar sub-class for elemental coverage and Ophilia the Dancer sub-class for speedy healing.

H’aanit, Ophilia, Primrose, and Tressa

Die for your queens!

This set is admittedly a bit gimmicky, but it’s fun and powerful nonetheless. Each female protagonist in Octopath can summon either captured enemies or NPCs in battle. H’aanit is basically a Pokémon trainer and can summon captured monsters in battle, Ophilia and Primrose summon NPCs to fight alongside them for a set amount of summons, and Tressa can pay powerful allies to the field to perform a single technique.

This party has an astronomical amount of utility and can devastate nearly any foe if set up properly. With proper research and preparation, a player can uncover the weaknesses of enemies and bosses in an area and recruit the best combination of enemies and NPCs to combat them while also raising enough money to bring in the most useful hired help.

Alfyn, Olberic, Primrose, and Therion

Battle on the edge of death.

This combination of characters is incredibly risky, but super satisfying when executed perfectly. If Olberic uses the Apothecary sub-class and Alfyn has the Warrior sub-class, both will possess a massive amount of HP and the ability to inflict damage inversely proportional to the damage they’ve sustained. While both Olberic and Alfyn need to be near death for this strategy to pull this strategy off, the damage dealt is totally worth the risk.

To make the most of this strategy, Therion and Primrose should mainly focus on debuffing enemies and supporting Alfyn and Olberic. Primrose should probably have the Cleric sub-class equipped or at least have an NPC that can heal as her possible summon. Therion, meanwhile, can utilize the Hunter sub-class for better weapon and elemental damage options or the Rune Lord sub-class for reliable elemental damage.

‘Octopath Traveler’: The Best Characters to Start Adventuring With

‘Octopath Traveler’: Mastering the Classes and Sub-Classes

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Inside ‘Chicago’ actor’s final rehearsal before suicide

How bad was the rehearsal that some say caused Jeff Loeffelholz, the longtime standby at “Chicago,” to kill himself? The actor’s handwritten notes, which friends spearheading a “Justice for Jeff” campaign have released on blogs, describe it as a grueling, brutal and humiliating process. Loeffelholz stood by for the role of Mary Sunshine, the newspaper…
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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Crucial Bedroom Conversations To Have With Your Partner

African American couple relaxing in bed

Source: Klaus Tiedge / Getty

There is this sentiment that talking about sex can ‘ruin the mood,’ but sex therapist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. believes the opposite.

“You can’t have a great sex life unless you have great communication about sex with your partner,” Brame explained. “The more you can talk about what you want, ask for what you like, and listen to and act on your partner’s needs, the better your sex life will be.”

Here are 5 important conversations you should be having with your sexual partner, according to the experts.

1. How Does Your Partner Know You’re In The Mood? It’s important to be able to interpret when you’re partner is trying to initiate sex—otherwise you miss an opportunity. “Many people think that this should be obvious and doesn’t really need to be discussed,” says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., sex therapist and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive. “But this is one question that most couples learn the most about each other when they first come in to see me for counseling. Think about it: If you aren’t picking up on the signals your partner is sending you, misinterpreting the signals, or maybe even ignoring them, you are missing out on a chance to form a connection with your partner.”

2. Discuss Turn Ons/Turn Offs Maybe it’s morning breath. Maybe it’s not so hot to get down and dirty when you haven’t showered. Whatever the reason may be, you and your partner need to understand what turns the other off, so that you don’t kill the mood with your behavior. Alternatively, turn ons, like lingerie, a good meal or stimulating conversations, are also important to note. Brame explains, “The best way to ensure your partner keeps you turned on is to know and indulge each other’s biggest turn-ons. If there are specific acts, positions or words that instantly turn you off, telling your partner will help him avoid upsetting you in bed,” Brame says.

3. Open Up About Your Fantasies. When it comes to sex, being shy is not an option. Telling your partner your deepest desires can open up a world of sex you all never knew was possible. “Vulnerability breeds trust,” says Kat Van Kirk, certified sex therapist and author of The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life, “The more you can establish that in your sex life, the better and more fun it will be. Oftentimes, it’s just the thought that can help you create arousal,” she says.

4. Talk About Changes In Your Sex Life. Sex changes just like everything else in this world–and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Telling your partner about your personal mental, social, or physiological changes when it comes to sex is crucial. “Sharing what you’ve noticed can be ways that sex has become more positive for you or more challenging for you,” says Castellanos. “By sharing this information, both of you can celebrate how things are better and collaborate to find solutions for the challenges that your sexual relationship may face.”

5. The Honeymoon Won’t Last Forever. It’s hard to keep the spark in long-term relationships, but it’s not impossible. Acknowledging the changes without judging them is the key. “All long term relationships have ebbs and flows regarding sex,” says Van Kirk. She suggests a “quickie, make out session, or simply giving foot rubs during a Netflix marathon,” can make or break the relationship. 





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Everything coming to (and going from) Hulu this August


With Insecure Season 3 as its only binge-worthy newcomer, Hulu has definitely seen better months for TV than August 2018. That being said, its movie selections should more than make up the difference.

Classics abound with rom coms including 10 Things I Hate About You and Pretty Woman, sci-fi staples like The Terminator and the Species franchise, and even a few horror meets comedy mashups in Teen Wolf and Shaun of the Dead.

Make the most of this classic selection during your final days of summer! Check out everything Hulu is bringing on and kicking off its platform this August down below. Read more…

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Trevor Noah Defends ‘Africa’ World Cup Joke, After Letter From French Ambassador

Trevor Noah

After France’s World Cup victory on July 15, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah made a racial joke congratulating Africa. The comment landed him in hot water with several fans including French ambassador to the U.S., Gerard Araud, who wrote the South African-born comedian a letter, critiquing his comments. During his Between The Scenes segment on Wednesday, he […]

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Patton Oswalt On Working With Charlize Theron: ‘She’s A Pro’ | PeopleTV


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Backstage with Richard Ridge: Just One of the Boys- Matt Bomer Reveals All About His Co-Stars, Character and Debut in THE BOYS IN THE BAND!

The men of The Boys in the Band indeed are one integrated being, and part of that being is Matt Bomer, who makes his Broadway debut in the role of Donald. Watch below as Bomer chats with Richard Ridge about finally making his Broadway debut, and highlights of his career so far Featured Content


R. Kelly’s ex-wife, who accused singer of abuse, says victim shamers are ‘biggest supporter of my abuser’

R. Kelly’s ex-wife says the singer’s supporters have been trolling her online after she came forward with allegations of abuse.

Andrea Kelly said she’s been the target of attacks by critics defending her ex-husband.

“To the ones that come on my page to spew venom and #victimshame, you are by far…

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‘Queen Sugar’ Season 3, Episode 8 ‘Bordelon Blues’

Queen Sugar Ep 308 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Right now on Queen Sugar, nobody’s happy. In Episode 8, of what is, this year, a 13 episode season (down from 16 last year) everyone’s trying to get there but struggling to do so. Charley  (Dawn Lyen Gardner) is tasked with not only moving Prosper Denton (Henry G. Sanders) into her place but figuring out how to keep the family’s land.

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) wants to keep his son happy and stable but Darla (Bianca Lawson), who has become increasingly unlikable this season, isn’t making things easy. Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) wants to make pies but her health is causing problems. Micah (Nicholas Ashe) wants to be woke, but the thought of getting arrested triggers bad memories. Nova (Rutina Wesley) well, she’s still writing her book and mooning over Remy and neither of those things seem to be getting done. (See what I did there?)

This honestly makes for a downer episode and one that feels like a filler song in an already lesser follow-up album. Queen Sugar‘s premise was to not just show the ups and downs of a Black farming family in the South but to showcase the beauty, not just of the actors, but their surroundings. But no matter how pretty the palette, the artwork has to move you.

Last week’s episode was such a great balance but this week…meh.

Prosper has to move and doesn’t want to bother his own daughter because she has a family but Charley can take on the world, apparently, so now he’s her houseguest. But when does she get a break? It likely won’t be when she finds out Woke Micah is planning a protest at the slave plantation.

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Affordable Office Attire: How to Buy an Entire Work Wardrobe With No Money

how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money - guide to affordable office attireIt’s a common problem for people just starting out — you may need to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money or an extremely limited budget. Short of relying on the kindness of parents (or using credit cards — please resist the urge to go into debt to build your work wardrobe!), what’s a person to do? Whether it’s for an internship or a new job, let’s talk about it: what are your best tips on how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money? Where can you cut — and where can you save? A fun question for today: what did your very first work wardrobe look like — did you have a strict budget? Did you buy it in one trip to the mall or over a series of weeks or months? 

The Guiding Principles: Know Your Office — and Let Your Work Speak Louder Than Your Clothes

If you’re just starting out at a new office, you don’t “know your office” — that’s the trick. You may THINK you know your office. But really you’ve got to work there for a week or two to get a feel for how people dress for work, what’s usual, what’s off limits or eyebrow-raising. The whole goal of buying a working wardrobe when you’re starting out is to let your WORK speak louder than your clothes. So in the beginning, you want to stick to the “safe” options that are appropriate for work at even the most conservative of places, and focus on doing a great job on your work. This isn’t to say you have to look frumpy or boring — think sleek, classic, polished, timeless.

Note that “business casual attire” can be even more complicated than conservative office attire because the margin for error is wider. You can check out our Ultimate Guide to Business Casual for Women, but when in doubt your best bet from a budget perspective is to buy more conservative options at first if you’re trying to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money. (This goes double if you’re just interning and might some day be working in a conservative office.)

Assess Your Existing Wardrobe: Know What You Can’t Wear to Work

Before we talk about what you need to buy, let’s talk about what you’ve already got — which may be easiest by going through what you can’t wear to a conservative office (and may not even be able to wear to some business casual offices depending on geography and industry). So: these are the items you shouldn’t wear to work until you know it better: graphic t-shirts, hoodies, ripped denim, maxi skirts and dresses, mini skirts and dresses (if it’s more than 5″ above your knee it’s way too short), spaghetti-strap camisoles (really anything that shows your bra or requires a special bra), jogger pants, cargo pants, and anything exposing your back or midriff. (See more discussions on what not to wear to work here.)

So…. what’s left? If that is literally your entire wardrobe, let’s look at your t-shirts or blouses — if any of them are too fancy to work out in (polo shirt, polyester floral t-shirt, etc) then you can probably wear them to the office. Look at your accessories: do you have closed-toe shoes that aren’t sneakers? Belts? Jewelry? You may want to look at the colors and metals in what you’ve already got — if everything you have is silver-toned and you’re not an expert in mixing metals, you may just want to stick with silver-toned stuff for accessories. If you have a bright red necklace you love, consider making that one of your accent colors (see below).how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money tight budget The rest of the blanks you’ll have to fill with affordable office attire and some intentional shopping.

Your Initial Shop: WHAT and HOW MUCH to Buy

You really don’t need that many pieces to have a professional wardrobe, and if you’re trying to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money, it’s better to have fewer pieces to start. In your initial shop, buy enough clothes for 7 or 8 days of work, and look for pieces that you can mix and match so by the time you rewear the same pants to the office you’re wearing them with a different top. (It may be a bit weird if you wear the exact same outfit to work repeatedly, but mixing and matching, as well as a wardrobe full of neutrals, is just part of the game.) Reassess after you’ve worn everything to the office once. To that end, go for quality over quantity — if you’re building your work wardrobe you should look for classic pieces that you think will last you for a few years, and use fast/cheap fashion sparingly to add trendier pieces. You may want to check out our work outfit challenge, or our post on how to build a capsule wardrobe for work (one suggested wardrobe for a conservative office below) — note that all of these pieces can be mixed and matched, and if you need to transition from a conservative office to a more casual one, just the addition of one pair of dark rinse denim and a pair of funky shoes can go a long way towards bridging the gap.

how to buy a work wardrobe with no money - buy a capsule wardrobe!

If you need a suit that will probably be the biggest expenditure, so make sure you can wear the blazer, skirt, dress, and pants all as separates as well as together as a suit. For a business casual office, though, all you may need are separates. My best advice is to pick a neutral base (black or gray will probably easiest) and then a few accent colors (red, light blue, and white for example) and buy within those accent colors. Everything should work together; you shouldn’t have any closet singletons.

An initial shopping list might look like this — note that if you’ve already got a suit you may already have some of these pieces:

  • 1-2 pairs of nice trousers in a neutral color (not too tight, not too loose)
  • at least one skirt in a neutral color that isn’t too short
  • a neutral dress in a flattering shape – no special bra required! Sheath, shift, or fit & flare are the most common.
  • 4-6 nice tops (you can go for a basic t-shirt here or sweater here! — they just have to fit well and not be washed out or workout wear
  • 2-3 toppers: cardigan, jardigan or blazers
  • 1-3 accessories: a watch, a scarf, a necklace you love — I’d go with necklaces to make the biggest impact on your wardrobe
  • 1-2 pairs of neutral, classic shoes you can walk in — for my $ .02 I’d argue one pair of heels and 1 pair of flats, but that’s me. You always want to be able to let your shoes “breathe” for a day between wearings so you should be able to alternate.

Where to Buy Affordable Office Attire: Stores, Thrifting, and More

Fast fashion is everywhere these days, and if you really have to buy your entire work wardrobe at one of those spots, so be it — but don’t get carried away and get 100 pieces because everything’s so cheap. (I would suggest shops like Express, Uniqlo, Old Navy for reliable basics — H&M, Topshop and Zara can be hit or miss in terms of what’s too trendy or youthful for a conservative office.) You may want to check out our regular series, How to Build a Work Wardrobe At… to see which are the best-sellers/reader favorites/repeat classics from the various workwear stores.

If you are REALLY working with an extreme budget — and truly are wondering how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money — look to thrift stores and eBay — sometimes you can buy an entire work wardrobe that someone’s outgrown or no longer needs in a single lot. Don’t forget your friends, either — if you all graduate together and then start work together soon, odds are good everyone will have some hits and misses. Schedule a closet swap party for a few months in so you can swap the misses out early.

How to Pay For Your New Work Wardrobe

I would argue that you should NEVER go into debt to buy a bunch of new clothes — don’t put it on a credit card and figure you’ll pay it off later! If you can start early, one way to make a big spend less painful is to put aside a little bit of money each week or month so that it builds up over time. If you put $ 20 away each week you’d have $ 520 in six months. If that’s your budget, you can still buy a work wardrobe for that first year of working, but it will likely be very much on the minimal/capsule side.

Readers, what are your best tips on how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money? What are your favorite spots for affordable office attire? Do you have any hacks or tricks for building an entirely new wardrobe on a very tight budget? 

Pictured at top and on social media: Deposit Photos / IgorVetushko

It's a really common problem if you're just starting a new job or internship: you're hunting for affordable office attire and wondering how to buy an entire work wardrobe with no money or an extremely tight budget. We rounded up our best tips for buying a work wardrobe on a tight budget, a mini shopping list for your initial shop, a few notes on quality vs quantity, and suggestions of the best work stores for affordable office attire.


The Fluid Classes and Roles of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

Cyberpunk 2077 comes from a deep role-playing history with tabletop roots. Its class system came out of a different time, when roles were for role-playing as much as deciding abilities. A much needed revamp is on the cards, while staying true to the classes — and Cyberpunk 2077 will go with a fluid system that lets players chop and choose.

Before we take you down to it, please understand that Night City isn’t Paradise City. The grass is not green here (in the year 2077 it’s either non-existent or faked via holograms). And while the girls are pretty nothing is quite what it seems with anybody’s… body.

That hottie you’re flirting with at the bar could be one bad firmware update away from half their face falling off into their drink. Those sexy limbs you’re dying to have wrapped around you come closing time? They may just be sheathes for transforming blade tech borrowed from the General Grievous Spring Collection. You may need Kenobi-level reflexes to get out of this bar alive…

Extreme Makeovers: 2077 Edition

Cyberpunk 2077 is the next RPG from CDProjekt Red — custodians of The Witcher series — and it’s got our neurals fully amped. After witnessing the title at E3 2018 it’s gotten under our skin deeper than the sub-dermal augs we bought in the board game that inspired it — Cyberpunk 2020.

CDPR’s video game adaptation isn’t a 1:1 replicant of its pen and ink progenitor, but it will pay to have a working knowledge of 2020. You’ll need every edge you can get to stop yourself from being cyberpunk’d by the psychos inhabiting Night City.

This is How Cyberpunk 2077 Roles

The Cyberpunk 2020 equivalent of character classes were named “Roles,” of which the main rulebook contained nine (supplements greatly expanded this number, too). We’ll delve into the details of those in a sec, but for now all you need to know is that Cyberpunk 2077 ditches the pigeon-holing of Roles in favour of a fluid class system.

You won’t pick from an edgy, futuristic version of Fighter / Mage / Rogue here. CDPR has co-opted three of the named classes of 2020 and used them as a basis for three major branches of a skill-tree.

Other RPG tropes still remain, of course. You’ll have your attributes – Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflex, Tech, and…uh, Cool – but these are still quite malleable to the branches of NetRunner, Techie and Solo (more on these in a bit).

A bunch of Techies admire a robot spider. Bristling with tech, it's still nowhere near as lethal as the ones we have in Australia.

Interestingly, before you can set about defining yourself by your actions in Night City you’ll need to take a survey in the Life Path system. Yes, while you’re in the opening character creation menu – giving yourself an awful nose and mutton chops – you’ll need to give a brief indication of what your life has been like so far and what your motivations are moving forward.

According to our interview with cinematic animation acting lead Maciej Pietras, our backstory, class, and sex will all have big effects on how people will treat us in the world. But when it comes to choosing classes and roles, Cyberpunk 2077 will let you drift between each and pick the skills you fancy.

That said, 2077’s rudimentary questionnaire won’t go as deep as the War and Peace novel one needs to write before rolling some dice in 2020. The board game went into crazy depth, thanks to year-by-year timeliness, nationality, ethnicity – everything but your turn-ons and whether you scrunch or fold your toilet paper, basically.

Trauma Squad Night City armed medics
Even the paramedics are packing in Night City.

Licence to Skill

No matter what your shady past is, when 2077 starts you’ll always be V, a ludicrously customisable mercenary who can nudge him or herself into any sex, skillset, or shape desired. “Techie” class skills will be for renegade mechanics and medics who are even less legit than Dr. Nick Riviera.

When you’re not being an organ-swiping, chip-ripping scumbag you can engineer your way into security panels to run bypasses on locked doors. Techies will also probably be quite adept at milking more performance from their items and weapons and augmentations while ruining the tech their opponents via malware.

Meanwhile, “Solo” skills are for the violent-minded among you. Soloists are bodyguards, soldiers, wet-workers – the sort of dyed-in-the-wool killers that Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg would keep on retainer. The fruit at the end of the Solo branches are lethal body augs that turn you into a living weapon, big gun proficiency, and one-use combat stims. (Think: a little pick-me-up to put other people down. Permanently.)

In the year 2077 you rate your Uber passengers 12 stars and have lollies on hand or you get ventilated

We spotted a bunch of cool Solo things in the behind-closed-doors demo. Expect to nab reflex neuralware that can turn the world slow-mo while giving the user normal-paced agency. Quick-slide dashing and sword arms will be something we’ll go out on a limb to get, too. Last but not least, we just can’t see the downside in a cover-thwarting gun that bends bullets. We can’t wait to go (Beck)ham on people with it.

The last branch on the tree sprouts towards “NetRunners,” Matrix-like users who put their physical bodies at risk by jacking into virtual worlds. Interestingly, we’ve seen these skills used to brain-hack unfortunate people. It was nothing so harmless as planting the inception of an idea – it was more a case of setting their head more on fire than a pissed off Ghost Rider. Here’s hoping we can hijack and commandeer NPC consciousnesses as well. A bit of cyberpunk possession, like the action in obscure 2000’s PC game Messiah.

Each Role from the board game had its own special ability, and now that nine playable classes have been cut to three, we can see some of these being absorbed by the survivors. While the Rockerboy might not warrant a full playable class, the “Charismatic Leadership” ability could be co-opted. And while the Medic isn’t a class, its “Med-Tech” ability would be right at home in the Techie category. Perhaps Nomad won’t be selectable, but could a quest, ability, or consumable item similarly call for the help of its “large, extended tribal family?”

Corporate woman smoking questgiver high level
A corporate representative holds the cards in a meeting that could've turned violent.

NPCs Classier Than You

This isn’t to say that the six remaining classes in the 2022 rulebook have been ditched – the keen-eyed tabletop player will notice that these archetypes are alive and well in the large cast of NPCs. Night City is still home to Rockerboys, bard-types who use music to fight authority; Corporates, cybernetic versions of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman; and Fixers, the futuristic smuggler equivalents of Red from Shawshank Redemption.

Within the space of one mission during the E3 demo, we saw two of these classes. A Fixer and high-level Corporate acted as questgivers, each with their own agenda. It perhaps makes sense for Corporate to be an NPC Role — given this city is run by powerful corporations, it’s unclear how the power balance would work with a Corporate player class.

Also sure to be involved will be Cops, law enforcers cut from the same cool-ass trenchcloak of Rick Deckard; Medias, influential attention-seekers who wield considerable people power; and Nomads, ex-middle-class worker drones who have gone feral à la Mad Max. Our hope is that the unique skills and opportunities associated with these Roles will filtered into V’s repertoire over time. Possibly via bolt-on DLC adventures.

Who knows — with the aforementioned consciousness hijacking, perhaps you can play other Roles by proxy? Fingers are very much crossed.

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Celebrate wieners with these five deals and fun facts on National Hot Dog Day

Hot diggidy dawg! It’s National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday and you can chomp ’em for cheap at several restaurants offering deals.

Here’s where to chow down:

7-Eleven: $ 1 Big Bite Quarter Pound hot dog at the convenience store chain. No coupon is necessary.

Philly Pretzel Factory: Free pretzel dog…

Life Style – New York Daily News


New Inspirational Online Series Unpacks the Journey of Creatives of Color

Creatives looking for some inspiration? This show may be for you. Corey Emanuel Omnimedia recently launched its first online docu-portrait series, Lend Me Your Lens, a show that unpacks the journey of successful creatives of color, highlighting artists, authors, designers, influencers, and musicians. During each episode, these creatives dive into their journeys by sharing inspirations and the tangible steps they’ve taken to transform their passions into a purpose-driven lifestyle.

“This project was really a labor of love that derived from my dissertation research,” said creator and producer, Corey Emanuel. “I set out to assess the positive and negative effects of black entertainment and entertainers on black culture. Eventually, I had this ‘aha moment.’ I could create an online platform for shared stories of self-efficacy, therefore, contributing to the discourse surrounding black mental health. I wanted to ignite positive emotions, behaviors, and attitudes toward one’s creative endeavors. I wanted to create what I felt was missing from the unscripted genre of entertainment and make it accessible across the globe.”

Emanuel became inspired by the content that would eventually become this project while studying Media Psychology in graduate school. The new school form of psychology helped to provide an understanding of what happens when people interact with media as producers, distributors, and consumers. According to Emanuel, black millennials watch almost 33 hours per week of television and 48% of them are watching it on PCs and smartphones.

Emanuel sought to understand more about how black millennials perceived the content they were consuming and through that journey, Lend Me Your Lens was born. Inspired by his own creative journey, he designed a series to target a Black audience seeking to take their own creative endeavors to the next level.

The first episode highlights Jennia Fredrique, a multihyphenate, a term currently used to describe career-oriented individuals who excel at multiple endeavors. During this episode, Emanuel chats with Fredrique, who discusses transcending from being an actress to a working writer and director, while maintaining her work-life balance as a wife and mother.


Lend Me Your Lens (Image: Corey Emanuel Omnimedia)

Tune in to Lend Me Your Lens every Thursday and catch the new episode here.

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SAG-AFTRA Members Approve TV Animation Strike Authorization

SAG-AFTRA members have approved a strike authorization for work in TV animation, with more than 98% voting in favor. The union announced the vote Wednesday evening, shortly after the deadline for members to vote. The key issue for the union is the refusal of employers to provide scale wages or residuals in the fastest-growing area […]



Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers Show PDA on ESPYs Red Carpet

NFL player Aaron Rodgers and host Danica Patrick attend The 2018 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

There they are! Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers turned heads while walking the 2018 ESPY Awards red carpet.

Patrick, 36, who is hosting the annual ceremony celebrating accomplishments in sports, stunned in a bejeweled dress and gladiator sandals. Meanwhile, Rodgers, 34, sported a classic black suit.

The duo looked so in love as they posed for photos before heading inside Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, July 18.

Patrick previously gushed about the Green Bay Packers quarterback during her Monday, July 16, visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! The former race car driver affirmed that she will “absolutely not” make fun of her “hot” beau while hosting the ESPYs.

NFL player Aaron Rodgers and host Danica Patrick attend The 2018 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The couple were first spotted together on a dinner date in January. Patrick confirmed the relationship later that month and expressed her support for her beau’s team. “I told him a long time ago I’d root for him as a player. Now I am probably going to cheer for the whole team,” she told the Associated Press at the time. “Take out the word ‘probably.’ Now I’m going to cheer for the whole team.”

While speaking to Rachel Ray in April, the racer raved about the football player’s personality. “He’s funny. He’s very kind. He’s thoughtful,” she said at the time. “He’s super smart. And he’s really good at football.”

Patrick previously dated NASCAR’s Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for five years before splitting in December 2017. Rodgers broke up with girlfriend Olivia Munn in April 2017 after three years of dating.

Us Weekly


BWW Live Chats with PHANTOM Star Jay Armstrong Johnson- Tune In at 6pm!

Today, July 18, 600pm EST BroadwayWorld’s Steve Schonberg is getting up close and personal with Broadway’s newest Raoul, Jay Armstrong Johnson Don’t forget to tune in to our official Facebook page to submit your questions live or send us questions in advance on Twitter BroadwayWorld with AskJayBWW. Featured Content


Body brushing is the key to better skin texture – here’s why

From buffing away dry skin to reducing the appearance of cellulite, here’s why you should invest in a body brush, stat

body brushing

If there’s one thing you should be doing for better looking skin, it’s body brushing.

The skincare trend has surged in popularity this year, probably owing to a recent BBC documentary (more on that later). So how does it work, exactly?

Keep scrolling to find out why body brushing is the key to improved overall skin texture.

Body brushing for cellulite

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having cellulite, a lot of us will admit that we’d be happy to see the back of it. So if you’ve frantically been Googling ‘how to get rid of cellulite‘ this whole time, allow us to step in.

The Truth About Looking Good, which first aired in January, conducted a small five-week experiment with the University of Sunderland comparing the effects of body brushing, toning exercises and a caffeine-based cellulite cream on the appearance of women’s cellulite.

Those in the body brushing group saw 26% improvement in appearance on average, more than 10% more than each of the other two methods, while one woman’s cellulite was 35% less visible.

Although it’s likely that the fat was redistributed rather than got rid of, the proof was very much in the pudding (or pictures).

What’s the best body brush?

This is kind of a trick question, as there’s little differentiation between them: generally speaking, a body brush is a body brush. That said, it’s thought that those with natural cactus bristles are slightly superior. Aromatherapy Associates, Elemis and Hydrea all make great ones. Consider them an investment in yourself.

Aromatherapy Associates, £25, Net-a-Porter

body brushing

Buy now

Benefits of body brushing

As well as reducing the appearance of cellulite, using a body brush is a great way of keeping dry skin under control and will help to get rid of pesky ingrown hairs. Body brushing before you apply your best moisturiser will give those results an all-important boost, leaving you silky smooth.

Using a dry brush on the regular is also known to boost your circulation and aid lymphatic drainage, which helps the body expel toxins and avoid fluid retention, leading to healthier looking skin overall.

How to body brush

The key to nailing body brushing is to use a circular motion as you brush to help buff away dead skin cells, stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourage cellulite to budge.

Use the brush in clockwise circles all over the body and, if you’re looking to target cellulite, apply significant pressure but not so much that it’s painful.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

The Julia Child Foundation is giving a major award to female chefs — for the first time ever

The Julia Child Foundation is giving a major award to female chefs — for the first time ever

The Julia Child Foundation is giving a major award to female chefs — for the first time ever

In “news we’re ecstatic to report,’ the Julia Child Foundation has announced that it will grant the next Julia Child Award to their first female chefs ever. The organization, founded in 1995, aims to provide grants for culinary research and scholarships for those hoping to work in the food industry, and this specific award is for chefs “who have made a profound and significant difference in the way America cooks, eats, and drinks,” according to the foundation’s website.

The New York Times reported yesterday, July 17th, that the award’s first female recipients will be chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, the duo behind the Border Grill in Los Angeles.

“It’s an obvious time to recognize women,” Eric Spivey, the chairman of the foundation, told the Times. “Susan and Mary Sue have empowered women during their careers.”

Milliken and Feniger have worked together for 35 years, according to the Julia Child Award’s website. The two met when Milliken was serving as the first female chef at Le Perroquet in Chicago, and they went on to found the Border Grill. Today, their restaurant has three locations throughout L.A. and one at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. In addition to being the first female recipients, Feniger and Milliken are the first team to win the award.

Milliken told the Los Angeles Times that she had always admired Julia Child, saying “I remember feeling like she was such a professional and somebody I would love to emulate.” She added that she was “blown away” that she and Feniger are the first female recipients.

“Maybe we’ve reached a time where people are actually being a little more cognizant of how embedded the whole boys club is in the culinary world and how it needs to get shaken up,” she told the Times. 

Feniger and Milliken will be honored on November 1st during the Food History Gala at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. In addition to receiving an award with their names engraved on it, the honorees will be able to choose a food-related charity to which the foundation will donate $ 50,000.

We’re stoked to see female chefs getting the recognition they deserve. Hopefully this is a sign that the “boys club” of the culinary world is coming to an end. Congratulations to Milliken and Feniger!

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Divine Intervention: How ‘Divinity: Original Sin 2’ Saved Larian Studios

The evening before FANDOM gets its hands on the console version of Larian Studio’s Divinity: Original Sin 2, the highest rated PC RPG of last year no less, we find ourselves standing at a BBQ in the suburbs of Ghent, Belgium. It’s hosted by Larian boss Swen Vincke — and this is his house. He makes an excellent potato salad, by the way. And as drinks are poured and conversation becomes louder, one of Larian’s developers turns to FANDOM and says, excitedly, “the thing with this game, is we just wanted to make something where you could do anything you want…”

“Like what?” we say.

“Well, I dunno, anything!”

“No, go on, give us an example…”

“Well,” says the developer, grinning, “if you want to have a conversation with a crab, you can have a conversation with a crab.”

At this moment, and you can blame the alcohol if you’d like, having a conversation with a crab pretty much sounds like the coolest gaming moment ever.

From Financial Pain, To Critical Acclaim

Studio head Sven talking to journalists in Larian's Belgium-based office.

The following morning, as we arrive at Larian Studio’s offices, it quickly becomes clear that few studio teams have ever believed in the game they’re working on quite like the 130 people who make up the Larian team. Why? Because this studio owes its very existence to the success of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Despite marking its RPG intentions from the moment the studio opened in 1996 with The Lady, the Mage and the Knight (it was never released, though a tech demo exists online), a series of bad decisions and terrible luck meant that the studio only managed to keep its doors open by churning out a long procession of educational games.

There was upsizing. There was mostly downsizing. At one point the team was just three. But despite the hardships, the light stayed on. Yet Swen didn’t start up Larian Studio’s just to make educational games — he wanted to design the RPG he’d always dreamed of playing. And so came Divinity: Original Sin 2 and with it — the studio’s first true success story.Now, after enjoying critical and commercial success on PC, this acclaimed RPG is finally making its way onto Xbox One and PS4 on August 31st.

“I made my first game when I was twelve-years-old,” says Swen, explaining his route to RPG fandom. “As a kid I was always in the arcades, but then I fell very sick and couldn’t leave the house. I got given a computer and I learned to program. I got an Amiga and I discovered strategy games. Then on my PC I discovered a game called Ultima VI and that changed everything. I was reading loads of fantasy by then, I was really into the Dragonlance novels and Lord Of The Rings.”

“And I discovered Dungeons & Dragons, which I really wanted to play, but I couldn’t find anyone to play it with because I was too nerdy.I realised that if a game like that existed on computers the computer would do the Dungeon Master element for me,” he continues with a smile. “From that point on, I’ve been trying to make a game that replicated how I felt about all those things I loved. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the closest I’ve got.”

Divine Dungeoneering

While traditional D&D based RPGs are normally just reserved for PC gamers, Bandai Namco is bringing a special version of Divinity to console in August.

Swen talks about RPG’s with fervour. It’s perhaps telling the game is called ‘Divinity’ — as its a game that enjoys an almost religious degree of reverence. One of the exciting things about the game coming to consoles is that this very special game is about to receive a whole new audience. RPG’s this steeped in lore and personalisation are so often the preserve of PC gaming, there is a certain level of experience implied for someone to approach one.

Yet there’s a hope within Larian that the more action loving quota of console gamers will perhaps have a similar lightbulb moment to what the young Swen Vincke did. The new version is certainly designed with that in mind.

For such a big game, it’s not an intimidating one, and the tutorial system has been completely overhauled since the PC release. It holds your hand, but with a touch that you barely realise. You never ever feel led. Swen enthusiastically tells us that more at Larian is going on than just last-minute tweaks for the console version, that there are other plans and other games in the pipeline – he even closes his until then ajar office door when FANDOM walks past, laughing that “you can’t look in there…”

But from where we’re standing, the whole building feels like it’s chock full of a whole load of clever people focused on nothing but making the best version of Divinity: Original Sin 2 possible.

Why adventure Alone?

You can adventure with a friend or loved in in local co-op, all because the game's director wanted to play with his wife. Awww.

There’s a host of new additions. It’s silly really. There are more than thirty hours of new play in Act 3. There’s a slurry of new twists and turns in the new story mode, especially for the dwarf, Beast. There are all new battles and fights, and, for fans of lore, there’s a completely rewritten journal. Oh, and it should go without saying that the whole thing looks more beautiful than ever.

But what Swen is most proud of,  is the split screen experience in story mode. He blushes slightly when he says it, but he tells us that Divinity: Original Sin 2 really came about because he wanted to play the game with his wife. He wants friends and partners to have adventures together. It’s like, now he’s found someone to play RPG’s with, he wants to share that gift. He doesn’t want people to play alone.

“When we pitched this game to publishers, way before the PC version was released, there was a pack we gave out,” he says. “On it there were two avatars playing the game together. The hook was that the decisions you made would affect the game your partner was playing. There are common goals for each player, and there are individual goals. The conflict between the two players becomes part of the game. You might say to your partner, ‘I want to kill this guy’ and they might be, like, ‘no, I need him alive’. There’s so much freedom with the game, but with freedom come consequences. I don’t think you can have that kind of freedom outside of a pen and paper RPG, other than in this game.”

Kickstarting a Roleplaying Revolution

There's nothing better than talking to animals before setting an army of orcs on fire.

Swen talks about how the game’s fanbase shaped many of the changes the console version brings to the table. “I read the forums, even after all these years,” he says, smiling, but also with the vibe of a guy who has seen things. The fanbase is “crucial” to the Divinity series, he says. The changes contained within, are changes the community wanted. The PC version of the game was funded via Kickstarter, Swen admitting that Larian learned somewhere in their recent past that they had so many ideas, so much they wanted to do, so much of an affection for detail, that they couldn’t make a game to a deadline and budget was a struggle too.

Sometimes it helps to own your failings. Yet, there’s so much love from the series fanbase, they met their Kickstarter in hours. All the stretch goals too. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a game that entered a world that really wanted it. Bizarrely, however, there’s a corner of Larian’s studio that is wall to wall boxes of unclaimed Kickstarter rewards.

“If that’s you, let us know. We keep tripping over them!” says a Larian employee.

We tell Swen that we like where the console version of the game has gone to. One thing though, even after a day’s play, we haven’t found a crab to talk to…

He laughs. “You can talk to the rats, you can talk to the cats, but you have to have the Pet Pal talent. Without that, the animals will just make their natural animal sounds…”

Another laugh. “You have to try explore more”.

And there’s that fervour in his eyes again. Swen Vincke wants you to feel that.

With ‘Echo’ Ex-Hitman Devs Have Brought AI Back To the Forefront of Gaming

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Trump Doing a Bad Thing Publicly Doesn’t Make it Better – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Prince Harry And Meghan Visit Mandela Exhibit In London; Meghan’s Father Speaks

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

LONDON (AP) — Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have visited an exhibition in London charting the life of Nelson Mandela.

Peter Hain, a former anti-apartheid campaigner and chair of the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition, said it was “very fitting” for the royal couple to visit because Harry does charitable work in southern Africa, and Meghan has said that Mandela is one of her heroes.



Harry has visited sites associated with Mandela, including his Robben Island prison cell, and a former Mandela aide has said that Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed a solid friendship with the South African leader.

Meghan chose a sleeveless beige trench coat-inspired dress by Canadian brand Nonie for the occasion.

The exhibition, curated by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, is opening Tuesday at London’s Southbank Center.

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle has been making news of his own lately. He told The Sun in Britain that he hadn’t talked to his daughter since the wedding but feels like she is struggling in her new role. (Royal watchers have remarked on her obvious weight loss since the ceremony.)

My thing about my daughter right now is that I think she is terrified. I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile,” he said. “I’ve seen her smile for years. I know her smile. I don’t like the one I’m seeing now. This one isn’t even a stage smile — this is a pained smile.”

Markle said his daughter is no longer picking up the number he had for her and he “doesn’t have her address.” But doesn’t everyone know where she lives?

Markle, who still has not visited Britain, missed his daughter’s wedding with a heart ailment.



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Christopher Sieber And Jennifer Simard Lead ANNIE At The Muny Opening Today!

The Muny announced today that Tony nominees Christopher Sieber and Jennifer Simard will star as the stoically affluent Daddy Warbucks and the deliciously wicked Miss Hannigan, respectively, in the theatre’s centennial season production of Annie, July 18 – 25. Annie is directed by John Tartaglia and choreographed by Jessica Hartman with music direction by Colin Welford. Annie is proudly sponsored by Edward Jones. Featured Content


Trevor Noah Slams Trump’s Russia Damage Control: ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here, Man’

Comedy Central

“After President Trump threw America under the Russian bus, everyone stateside lost their shit,” Trevor Noah said Tuesday night of the president’s joint press conference with Vladimir Putin the day before. That explains why the White House apparently forced him to walk back his comments about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

In yet another surreal moment Tuesday afternoon, Trump claimed that when he said, “I don’t see any reason why it would be” Russia, he actually meant to say, “I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be.”

“You know what? That makes sense. I actually believe Trump on this,” the Daily Show host said, before checking his notes. “Sorry, what I meant to say was, ‘Get the fuck out of here, man!’”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here

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Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi Launched a Hilarious New Podcast

A new podcast has graced our presence featuring author Luvvie Ajayi and actress/comedian Yvonne Orji, who both proudly represent their Nigerian culture. According to the logline, the women are discussing everything they love, their life stories, and whatever else comes to mind in a fun and entertaining way.

The name? Jesus and Jollof, two things that the ladies say they can’t do without. “We need Jesus in our life,” says Orji, and “Jollof rice is a necessity,” proclaims Ajayi.  According to their site, alternative options jokingly included, 2 Goat Queens, a play on Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s 2 Dope Queens.

The first episode is comedically titled, “The Five Nigerian Love Languages,” which highlights the way Nigerians communicate and show affection, but before they get into the details, Ajayi and Orji introduce themselves and explain how they met and became friends, and how the podcast came to fruition.

“We have Elaine Welteroth to thank,” said Orji. “We were at a party. We were at Bozoma Saint John’s house, it was her birthday and she was being a great host, [pouring everyone tea]. Here goes Elaine, ‘Boz do you have Matcha?‘ Me and Luvvie just went full tirade Nigerian on her.”

Sitting with a mix of extreme shock and foresight meets vision, “Elaine was like, you guys are ridiculous! The very next day she had a poll on Instagram and she was like, who thinks Yvonne and Luvvie should do a podcast? I think 3,000 people responded. 97% said yes,” said the hilarious duo.

After explaining their relationship, the ladies go deep into what they call, the Five Nigerian Love Languages, which are nothing like Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts. Without giving it all away, based on the duo’s personalities, you can imagine what these love languages consist of.

To listen in full, check out their new podcast here.

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6 Villainous Actors Perfect for Playing Doctor Doom in the MCU

Fans may be disappointed that Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom standalone film will probably not see fruition anytime soon, but they shouldn’t abandon hope about getting the legendary Marvel villain back on the big screen. The Disney-Fox merger has taken an important step towards becoming reality with Kevin Feige revealing he’s waiting on a certain important phone call. Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed has even expressed interest in directing a Fantastic Four film for the MCU.

All of this suggests Marvel’s First Family could play a big role in Phase 4 of the MCU. So, the question is: who should play Doctor Doom? Several suitable actors are already well known for a villain role that appeals to a particular aspect of Doom’s character. Here are six villainous actors perfect for playing the MCU version of Doctor Doom.

Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendlesson as Director Orson Krennic in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Mendelsohn was Noah Hawley’s choice to play Doom in his film and for good reason. As Director Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Mendelsohn’s character exhibits many of Doom’s important traits. Both characters are steely, exhibit hubris, and even wear a cool cloak.

Most importantly, like Doom, Krennic is determined to see his own ambitions come true while callously disregarding anything and anyone else. Krennic’s desire to ascend to the top of the Galactic Empire is akin to Doom’s quest to become the most powerful being in the universe. In this quest, Krennic plays a pivotal role in the creation of the Death Star and demonstrates the superweapon on Jedha City. His loving admiration over the resulting death and destruction would be a classic Doom moment. Mendelsohn’s portrayal of Krennic has indeed prepared him to illustrate Doom’s evilness.

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldermort

As Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, Fiennes is quite haunting in his portrayal of the powerful wizard. He conjured up particularly gruesome ways to try and kill Harry, starting with the Avada Kedavra curse when Harry is just a baby.

Doom can be downright horrifying at times in the comics, especially when it comes to his dealings with the Fantastic Four, whom he considers his sworn enemies. He once used mystical abilities to switch their powers just to torture them. This aspect of Doom’s character has sorely been lacking in every Fantastic Four movie so far. Fiennes would be the perfect choice to portray a version of Doom that sends a chill through the audience.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

The man responsible for bringing to life antihero Walter White in Breaking Bad deserves a chance to portray the legendary Marvel villain. Perhaps the most important aspect of Doom’s personality is his intelligence, and Cranston would shine in bringing this aspect of Doom to life. After all, it is Walter’s expertise in chemistry that begins his meth empire.

Even more impressive than their backgrounds in science is both Walter’s and Doom’s strategizing abilities. Walter always seems to have a clever solution for wading his way through a harrowing situation. Similarly, Doom masterminds creative methods for eliminating his adversaries. Walter maintains the confidence necessary for clearly thinking things through. Such gravitas puts Cranston in a uniquely ideal position to play Doom.

 Shasha Roiz

Shasha Roiz as Captain Sean Reanard in Grimm

Roiz’s role as Captain Sean Renard on NBC’s hit series Grimm may lean more heroic than villainous, and this positions him to play off a unique side of Doom. There have been times in which Doom isn’t the villain of the story, whether he’s battling a greater threat or, yes, flat out aiding the Fantastic Four or another hero. For Renard, it’s the opposite.

Renard ultimately comes off heroic, but you question his allegiance throughout the series. He lies to Nick from the start about his knowledge regarding Nick’s ancestors and even had associate Adalind Schade attempt to kill Nick’s Aunt Marie. Such dichotomy in a character is no easy feat to pull off. It would be great seeing Roiz portray a more complicated version of Doom.

Denzel Washington

It’s time we got to see Doctor Doom in his natural habitat: in his homeland of Latveria where he rules with an iron fist as King. Doom’s rule over the country is that of an absolute monarchy. What he decrees is law, and no one has the power to question his authority. Sure, Latveria may seem like a utopia at times, but this comes at the high cost of sacrificing freedom.

A unique source of inspiration for this more manipulative version of Doom could draw from Washington’s role as corrupt police detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day. Harris uses his authority and intimidation to successfully put other corrupt cops and gang members in his pocket to do his bidding. Despite being known by some as crooked, Harris is a decorated officer who’s able to cleverly disguise his misdeeds as legitimate police work. Washington could be just what the doctor ordered in illustrating Doom’s tyrannical side.

 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Gender swapping characters in the MCU is not a new concept. Tilda Swinton and Carrie-Anne Moss have both portrayed characters that are usually male in the Ancient One and Jeryn Hogarth respectively. Doctor Doom’s prominence in the Marvel Universe would make it a huge gamble to cast the character as female. Such a gamble could pay off in spades if the right person is chosen, such as Jennifer Lawrence.

It certainly helps that she’s already played another Marvel baddie: Brotherhood Mutant Mystique. Both Mystique and Doom come from tragic backgrounds. Lawrence would do well in showing that Doom can sometimes elicit sympathy as well as occasionally have a conscience. Perhaps the MCU should introduce us to Victoria Von Doom rather than Victor Von Doom.

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When Your Colleague Offers Your Firstborn to Sweeten the Deal

Reader N wrote in with an interesting problem: her colleague offered to throw in her firstborn to sweeten the deal. HiLARIOUS, right? Here’s her question:

Here’s an interesting dilemma, recently a senior male colleague and a new client were haggling over price when my colleague said jokingly, “to sweeten the deal we will throw in [my name]’s first born” (I am in my 20s and have no kids), they all laughed. It has since become a running joke, to refer to my first born in all pricing discussions with this client. I feel uncomfortable whenever it happens, but don’t want to seem high-maintenance. Should I raise it with my colleague?


YEOUCH. What in the… We’ve talked before about how to deal when you work with sexist pigs  and how to deal with sexist jokes from offensive clients, which may or may not be appropriate reads for you if circumstances warrant. I think it’s entirely possible here that he doesn’t mean anything by it (it can always be worse!), and that this is just a Case of the Clueless Dude, promoting the patriarchy unwittingly. I think your feelings are legitimate, though, and I do think you should shut it down. Gently, maybe, but firmly. You are not, after all, the maiden or victim in some fairytale story, and that is kind of the worst thing to me here — it calls up all those old ideas of gender roles. (In fact this is kind of unflattering to all parties here – if the client is an older woman is he saying, you remind me of a fairytale witch? If an older man, a troll under a bridge or firebreathing dragon?) Nope. The next time he brings it up I’d take him aside after the call, privately, and suggest it’s time to move on from that particular running joke. You could be even more direct and, ahead of the next client call, let him know that you’re no longer amused at the trope and everyone should move on. (Or: you could just get a mug like the one pictured! It’s available at Etsy for $ 15 (affiliate link).) I suppose you could take a jokey turn and address it yourself during the next time he (or the client) brings it up — alas, that’s no longer on the table! I committed my firstborn myself when I made a deal with that genie for complete and total power, sorry! But being direct with him is probably the best thing here.

(As a side note, I must say whenever I hear this kind of thing I think, GAH, who wants a baby to settle a debt, and go on a Seinfeld-ian rant in my head about how impractical the payment of a baby is. Like, have they seen babies? Do they know how fussy they are? And YOU try dealing with the hassle of hiring an appropriate caregiver…)

Readers, take it away — how would you deal with this senior colleague? If someone offered to sweeten the deal with YOUR firstborn, would you be uncomfortable? How would you deal?
Pictured at top (affiliate link).

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The best Amazon Prime Day deals for home cooks

Upgrading kitchen appliances and tools can sometimes cost an absolute fortune. After all, who can justify spending an arm and a leg on a new blender, when the one you already have works…adequately. How can you even consider buying a stand mixer, when you’ve been making cakes and cookies perfectly…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Nickelodeon is reviving ‘Rugrats’ with new episodes, movie

LOS ANGELES — Tommy, Chuckie and the gang have a new TV and movie deal. Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures have announced the animated children’s series “Rugrats” is returning to the network with 26 episodes. The creators of the series will be executive producers. A live-action movie, written by David Goodman, featuring computer-generated characters is slated…
Entertainment | New York Post


The Gucci By Dapper Dan Collection Launched And It’s Gorgeous

Gucci launched their collaborative collection with Dapper Dan globally on Tuesday both online and in select stores. The collection is now officially available to the masses and y’all…it’s fire. The collection is currently headlining the website and I’ve been gathering my coin for months, so I can give myself and early birthday gift.

The fashion house sought Dutch photographer, Ari Marcopoulos, to shoot the collection.

The images pay homage to Dapper Dan’s beloved Harlem, shot on the uptown streets with a retro flair. The campaign shots are super stylish.

The 89-sku collection ranges from $ 240.00 for Men’s Slides to $ 7,980.00 for a Gucci GG logo bomber jacket. While the collection includes menswear, womenswear, and accessories, it has a unisex feel.

The collection, not surprisingly, has a Harlem feel. I’m glad that Alessandro Michele and House of Gucci corrected their wrongs and allowing Black culture to flow from the source straight to the runway back to the streets.

Personally, I love the Gucci Dapper Dan Tank Top ($ 550, and the oversized Gucci Dapper Dan t-shirt ($ 550,, which is perfect for ladies (or men), that want to upgrade their casual wear and support the brand at an affordable (by designer standards) price. The bomber jackets, particularly the all gold jacket ($ 4,500.00, as well as the oversized glasses. The $ 3,390.00 Gucci Dapper Dan Backpack is something that every city dweller needs to up their commuting game.

This is a collection that I’ll happily give all my rent money towards.




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The Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin Defends Tia Booth Over Colton Underwood Love Triangle

Becca Kufrin, Colton Underwood, Tia, The BacheloretteBecca Kufrin is coming to Tia Booth’s defense after Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette.
After going on the hometown dates, Kufrin sat down with her pals, including Bachelor alum…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


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President Trump Says He Simply Misspoke When Siding with Putin Over U.S. Intelligence

Donald Trump’s doing something a tad out of the ordinary for him — taking back a comment he made … but only after saying his message SHOULD have been obvious. The Prez just issued a clarification after siding with Vladimir Putin over the U.S.…


‘The Hate U Give’ Author Angie Thomas Talks About Upcoming Film and Using Love to Combat Hate

Angie Thomas’ debut novel, The Hate U Give, became an instant success, topping The New York Times best-seller list and earning multiple literary awards shortly after its release in February 2017. The book addresses the ills of modern day racism and police brutality as seen through the lens of a 16-year-old black girl named Starr Carter. Throughout the story, Starr grapples with living in two vastly different worlds: the low-income community of color where she grew up and the predominantly white prep school she attends. Her life, however, takes a tragic turn when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend—an unarmed young, black man—at the hands of white police officers.

Although fictional, The Hate U Give depicts the brutal reality of racial profiling and discrimination that people of color face. It’s also reflective of the constant exposure that young people have to the killings of black and brown bodies by police in real-time via social media, like Philando Castile, whose death was live-streamed on Facebook, and Eric Garner, who was recorded on a mobile phone taking his last breaths as police choked him to death.


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Censoring Literature

While Thomas has been applauded for tackling controversial themes in The Hate U Give, some critics argue that the social context is divisive and inappropriate for young adults. In fact, police in Charleston, South Carolina, have made a concerted effort to ban the book from a summer reading program for students at Wando High School. According to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Tri-County Lodge #3, one of the largest police unions in the country, both The Hate U Give and All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely depict police officers in a negative light. FOP lodge president John Blackmon even went as far as to describe the books as “an indoctrination of distrust of police.”

“Whether it be through social media, whether it be through text message, whether it be phone calls, we’ve received an influx of tremendous outrage at the selections by this reading list,” said Blackmon to local news channel News 2. “Freshmen, they’re at the age where their interactions with law enforcement have been very minimal. They’re not driving yet, they haven’t been stopped for speeding, they don’t have these type of interactions.”


He added, “There are other socio-economic topics that are available and they want to focus half of their effort on negativity towards the police? That seems odd to me.”

Written In Love

However, in an interview with Black Enterprise, Thomas said the basis of the book was written out of love and to inspire people to become more compassionate toward each other. “There’s so much love in this. And I hope that they walk away feeling that,” she said at the 2018 Essence Festival.

Thomas also talked about her excitement for the release of the book’s film adaption, which stars Amandla Stenberg (Hunger Games), Regina Hall (Girls Trip), Algee Smith (Detroit), Russell Hornsby, Common, and Issa Rae.

“I think the movie, in a lot of ways, will be cathartic, especially for people who are dealing with this every single day. I think this is an experience that will heal in a lot of ways. And it’s going to open more eyes,” said Thomas. “I think they’re going to walk away feeling even more empowered and inspired. And if, nothing else, I hope they feel seen.”

The Hate U Give

Russell Hornsby, Angie Thomas, Regina Hall, and Amandla Stenberg at the 2018 Essence Festival Courtesy of Allied Integrated Marketing. Photo credit: Ryan Theriot)

Thomas also acknowledged that the strong social context may be triggering for some audiences, especially those who have been directly affected by police brutality or are fighting against it. “I’m never going to tell a person to go beyond their own emotional boundaries or what they feel like they can or cannot handle. But I would say, give it a shot, because if nothing else, I hope you walk away from this inspired.” She added, “You have people in the [Black Lives Matter] movement who’ve read the book, who were like ‘I wasn’t sure if I should read this book because I didn’t know if it was going to trigger me.’ But then they read it and they were like, ‘this is what I needed.’”

Ultimately, she says she hopes that both the book and the movie “create more empathy” and makes a lasting impression particularly on young women of color.

“I hope that the young black girls who go into the theater or pick up my book see themselves in it and see just how amazing they are in a world that so often tells them that they’re not enough. I hope that the movie and this book shows them that they are perfect just the way they are.”


The Hate U Give

Russell Hornsby, Angie Thomas, Regina Hall, and Amandla Stenberg, and George Tillman at the Ford activation at the 2018 Essence Festival (Photo credit: Ryan Theriot)

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AW18 Trend Report: All the looks you’ll be wearing this autumn

Autumn trends 2018: it might not feel like it, but it’s time to get ahead and jump on board the new season trend train – here’s our ultimate guide to the hottest key looks to start stocking up on…

Autumn trends 2018

Yes, we know the phrase ‘autumn trends 2018’ isn’t really music to the ears right now. And yes, we know your mind’s probably occupied by summer fashion trends 2018 like crayola brights and how on earth to wear suit shorts. The current weather conditions don’t really have you thinking, ‘MUST buy more Arran knits’. But never has the saying ‘success is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration’ been more apt. The last model stalked off the last Paris Fashion Week AW18 catwalk a while ago. And after traipsing round the four fashion capitals, we’ve filtered all the shows into the best Autumn Winter 2018 trends for you. So come on, fashion fans. Time to put that Ganni sundress down and brace up.  A teeny bit of brow-mopping in the changing rooms and clever summer sales blitzing now and you’ll have your entire autumn/winter wardrobe sorted – while other, less organised beings are still panic-buying bikinis on their way to the airport. Mwah ha ha.

So, what did we learn from the NY/London/Milan/Paris AW18 Fashion Week whirl?

The buzzword of the coming season is ‘protection’ – whether it’s from the mean streets, or just from the elements, the options for cosseting and swathing yourself in layers of coverage are endless. It might not sound that welcome now – but when the chill winds start a-blowing, you’ll see this mega trend in a whole, grateful new light (we promise). Parkas, puffas, blankets, double, even triple coats – if in doubt, it’s all about adding another layer. And we’re starting from the head down. Balaclavas, silk headscarves, beanies, glamorous Little Red Riding Hood style hoods for evening… basically, it’s going to be a really good season for bad hair days. Hurrah! Without further ado, here are the trends to start planning your AW18 wardrobe around.

Scroll on down for all the Autumn Winter 2018 trends to know about…

Autumn trends 2018: Check print

Autumn trends 2018

Her Majesty appearing in Richard Quinn’s frow, Prince Charles’ support of the British Fashion Council, the fashion furore surrounding The Wedding…the royals are on trend as never before. And fashion loves them right back – stiff upper lip style in the form of trad tweeds, plaids and Balmoral-perfect silk headscarves are everywhere. Quinn worked foulards (the classic patterned silk scarf) into crazy layered looks, while Paul Andrew crafted archive foulard prints into chic shirtdresses for his Ferragamo debut.

Autumn trends 2018: Colour blocking

Autumn trends 2018

Designers including Marc Jacobs and Francesco Risso at Marni brought all the joy by showing off their skills as colourists – beautiful, unusual palettes were everywhere, reminding us of some of our favourite artists. Full-on Keith Haring neon at Prada, refreshing David Hockney pastels at Eudon Choi, tonal blocking a la Rothko at Marni and amazing Matisse style primary colour combos at Marc Jacobs.

Autumn trends 2018: 70s fashion

Autumn trends 2018

It’s the decade that won’t die when it comes to recent trends. And the sepia-tinged retro mood continues for autumn. But which 1970s character are you? Roksanda’s uptown girl, Marco de Vincenzo’s flares-wearing preppy or Louis Vuitton’s sporty jersey dress fan? Whichever way you go, remember – it has to be caramel, tan, toffee, tobacco..any colour as long as it’s a variation on camel, basically.

Autumn trends 2018: Boho clothes

Autumn trends 2018

Womens’ rights, LGBTQ rights, anti-sexism, anti-Trump, plastic in the oceans…you name it, we’re feeling strongly about it. Maria Grazia Chiuri has stoked controversy – and sales – with her political slogan t-shirts at Dior. And there was another heavy waft of CND-protest feeling in her AW18 Dior collection – nuclear disarmament symbols, tufted woven-rag knits, flat caps…Elsewhere, Missoni and Peter Pilotto also made a strong case for studenty knits and tie-dye.

Autumn trends 2018: Floral prints

Autumn trends 2018

We all love a floral dress for summer, but designers are amping them up with a dark, dramatic twist for this winter too. Rendered on black backgrounds, flowers look dark and decadent – at Saint Laurent, Anthony Vacarello covered his signature micro Dynasty dresses with flowers including sequinned poppies. Over at Preen and Erdem, there was a more historical mood, with blowsy roses winding over coats and silk dresses.

Autumn fashion trends 2018: Leopard print

Autumn trends 2018

Zebra is galloping into the spotlight as the animalia du jour – see Tom Ford’s OTT red take – and luckily for the Bet Lynch at heart, there’slots of amazing leopard. And there’s a lot happening in the world of furry coats – after Gucci’s recent announcement that they would no longer use real fur, we’re pleased to say that other major luxury houses are following suit. Designer of the moment Claire Waight Keller produced silky, standout leopard coats at Givenchy – and they’re all faux. Hur-roar…

Autumn fashion trends 2018: Hats

Autumn trends 2018

Whether it’s all about drama, a move towards the modest or just being plain toasty warm – covering your head is autumn’s biggest accessory message. Raf Simons set the tone at Calvin Klein during New York Fashion Week with standout knitted balaclavas – watch out for homages galore coming to a high street near you soon. Versace was all about the 1980s-tastic coloured beret, and the large silk headscarf is your best new accessory friend. Your mum will be so pleased.

Autumn trends 2018: Puffer jackets

Autumn trends 2018

‘Protection’ was the buzzword bandied around during the shows – a sense of clothes as urban armour, whether you’re stalking the mean streets, or just battling the elements. Shows like Balenciaga, Maison Margiela and Marni sum up the season’s styling – take a functional, sports-inflected polo, pile on a coat over a jacket, and add a puffa (and then another one)…

Autumn trends 2018: Blanket coats

Autumn trends 2018

Cape lovers – there’s a new update in town. Say hello to the blanket. And it’s not even a ‘blanket coat’ as such – it is quite literally a blanket. They were draped round the girls at shows including Roksanda and Isabel Marant,  for an insouciant take on covering up for the cold. Easy to whip on, easy to take off and use for emergency winter picnics. Just joking – Roksanda’s cashmere would definitely demand a table, not grass.

Autumn trends 2018: Graphic print clothes

Autumn trends 2018

If delicate winter blooms aren’t your thing, there’s a whole other bold, non-pretty pattern trend to make a statement with. Choose from a host of graphic prints with a strong 1980s urban art vibe: Burberry’s graffiti squiggles looked as if they’d been lifted from the side of a New York subway carriage, while Jeremy Scott paid tribute to Lichtenstein cartoons at Moschino and Mary Katrantzou did bold Bauhaus lettering.

Autumn fashion trends 2018: Pajamas

Autumn trends 2018

The perfect antidote to animal print, bold colours and aggressive outerwear – say bonjour to the new AW18 update on robe dressing. Silk pajama suits, flowing belted robe coats and Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s pretty lace-trimmed separates at Chloe. And relax…

Autumn fashion trends 2018: Silver clothes

Autumn trends 2018

Global Bacofoil shortage incoming. That’s right, cool futuristic silver is the metallic to shine in. At MM6, it was head to toe (and wall to wall – the presentation took place in a blinding silver-lined room) – from trenches to boots. At Balmain, it was all about the glamazon that Olivier Rousteng loves so much, dressed in high shine lame. There was good old-fashioned movie star glamour courtesy of Givenchy’s swishy silver beading. Butif all this is making you think ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ – fear not. There are also cool, less ‘Hollywood’ takes on the trend – like the parkas at Marques Almeida and a holographic trench at Sies Marjan.

Autumn fashion trends 2018: Accessories

Autumn trends 2018

Autumn trends 2018

More is more is more. Our favourite kind of season…cowboy boots have been taking Instagram by storm and they’re set to continue as the must-have footwear trend for autumn. In keeping with all the layering going on, even scarves are getting in on the act – Karl Lagerfeld piled different coloured versions round the models’ necks at Chanel, and we are obsessed with Miu Miu’s punky retro knitted scarf-lets (is that a word? We say yes). Also on our wishlist: the giant squashy clutch, the fluffy Muppet bag, OTT earrings…and lastly – the cheap and cheerful banana clip. Splash out on a designer version – or hit the bargain bucket at the local chemist. You’re welcome!




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UPDATE: Actors Equity Association Hires Counsel to Investigate Suicide of CHICAGO Standby Jeff Loeffelholz

Last week, it was reported that Jeff Loeffelholz, an original cast member of the 1996 revival of Chicago, had taken his own life. Since then, the producers of the show have hired attorney Judd Burstein to oversee the developing situation and conduct an exhaustive investigation. Featured Content


Showtime refutes Sarah Palin’s claim that Sacha Baron Cohen posed as disabled vet to book interviews

Showtime says comedian Sacha Baron Cohen did not claim to be a disabled veteran to secure any interview subjects for his series “Who Is America,” despite claims from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the contrary. – RSS Channel – Entertainment


Big Brother’s Swaggy C, Bayleigh Plan to Move in Together

Big Brother’s Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton will soon be roommates once more. The couple — who began a showmance on the CBS show — also plan to live under the same roof in real-life.

“It’s crazy but we talked about moving in with each other after the show ends,” the day trader exclusively tells Us Weekly. “When you confide in someone and can put 100 percent trust in them it grows fast. You see them at their worst, you sleep with them every night, you see them at their best.”

Swaggy and Bayleigh
Swaggy and Bayleigh Sonja Flemming/CBS (2)

Swaggy C (real name: Chris Williams) says that the pair had a four-hour conversation about their future the night before he was evicted. His backdoor was orchestrated by Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman and he lost to Winston Hines by a 8-4 vote.

It didn’t take long for Swaggy C, 23, and Bayleigh, 25, to align. In fact, the Bridgeport, Connecticut, native says they’ve used the “boyfriend and girlfriend” labels since day 10 in the house.

Swaggy and Bayleigh
Swaggy and Bayleigh CBS

“It’s her personality,” he tells Us on what he loves most about the Atlanta-based flight attendant. “How much she actually cares for me, aside from the game, in terms of me bettering myself. She’s genuinely concerned about that and not so much her physical attraction, so that’s the main thing that attracted me to her.”

It’s way too early to discuss marriage, though. He adds: “That is obviously way far down the road.”

For more, read the rest of his Q&A below:


Us Weekly: What was going on in your head when Tyler Crispen used the Power of Veto on Scottie Salton?

Swaggy C: I’m looking at Fessy [Shafaat] and I see him pissed off and I’m looking across from me and I see Rockstar’s [Lantry] head’s down. Looking to my right and I see Kaitlyn is crying. I knew it was going to be me for some reason. I knew it before she ever said my name.

Us: Do you wish you had said something to Kaitlyn during the ceremony?

SC: No because I knew she could have broke the tie and I felt like if I flipped out on her then at the end of the day she probably wouldn’t have broke in my favor. So that’s why you saw me playing to her emotional side and her heart. If I knew the votes were going to be 8-4 and lopsided like that, I would have flipped out on every single person in that house before I left.

Us: Do you think she has too much blood on her hands now after nominating you?

SC: It’s going to backfire on her … I always said that I was going after Brett [Robinson], Winston, Angela [Rummans], and Rachel [Swindler] if I won HOH. They could have waited until I did that and then got me out but they did it too early. Now my side doesn’t like them as opposed to playing both sides and me keeping them safe and then letting me take the heat and be the threat and they could fly under the radar. But now their game is shown.

Us: How many personalized shirts did you bring into the house?

SC: I only brought seven in the house — or eight — and I left four in the house. Threw three in the crowd. I only got one on right now. I have a lot more at home but those are the one’s I brought to the show.

Us: When did you start making them?

SC: Literally a month ago I made them because I wanted this summer for me to only wear stuff that has my name on it. And then I did that and I got the call that said I was on Big Brother so I was like, you know what, let me just bring the shirts since I’m on the show. I didn’t make the shirts for the show. People think I made it for the show to sell it. No, I literally made it for myself.


Host Julie Chen interviews Chris Williams
Host Julie Chen interviews Chris Williams Monty Brinton/CBS

Us: Did you know far in advance you were going to throw the shirts into the crowd before speaking with Julie Chen?

SC: I actually thought of it days before. I was like, alright if I ever get evicted I’ll just throw them out in the crowd. But my speech — I didn’t think of that until an hour beforehand. … I was literally thinking about it for maybe 5-10 minutes and then ran off with it.

Us: Do you usually give yourself pep talks the way you did on the show?

SC: Not pep talks but I do talk to myself from time to time, when I analyze things. Instead of thinking in my mind I kind of say it out loud.

Us: Where does your confidence come from?

SC: I always say that whether people love me or hate me, at the end of the day when they see me, their face makes a reaction. Whether it’s a good reaction or a bad reaction I’m not going to walk into a room and you’re just going to ignore me. I thrive off of that, which is why literally my high school yearbook quote was, “Whether you hate me or love me you’ll always remember me.” I live by that every day.

Us: What are three words to describe your BB experience?

SC: Greatest summer ever. Even though it was only 23 days it’s still great to be in that house.

Season 20 of Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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‘Sopranos’ memorabilia, including Bobby’s fat suit, go up for auction

You, too, can dress just like a New Jersey mobster.

A treasure trove of memorabilia from “The Sopranos” is being auctioned off by Steiner Auctions this summer, including autographed scripts, a cast varsity jacket and several posters.

‘Sopranos’ prequel movie brings back series director Alan Taylor…

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‘Power’ Season 5, Episode 3 Recap: “The Lies You Tell”

The lies are starting to catch up with everyone who’s been telling them, and things are slowly unraveling for everyone involved. This is especially true for Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) who’s been telling both his parents that he was no where around when his sister Raina (Donshea Hopkins) was murdered.

A surprise visit to the St. Patrick’s home from a detective who’s asking follow up questions on Tariq’s whereabouts the night of the murder are setting off red flags for Tasha (Naturi Naughton). She knows he’s not being honest but, then again, she hasn’t been completely honest with him about anything pertaining to their family business as drug dealers.

Their dishonesty with one another finally comes to an end during their trip to Choate. In the car they have an open, heart to heart conversation where Tasha tells him how rough it was growing up in Queens for she and Ghost (Omari Hardwick). Selling drugs was their only way out of the hood to provide a better life for their family.

She tells him that she and Ghost kept that part of their lives away from him and his sisters to protect them. Since she’s willing to open up to him, he finally opens up to her and tells her the truth. In a tearful confession, Tariq admits to being there when Ray Ray shot Raina.

He may have finally spoken the truth about the details from that night but that doesn’t stop the continuous damage control that needs to be done on his behalf. Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) seems to be doing her best in handling that. Especially when it comes to Internal Affairs officer Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriella Curnen).

Rodriquez is getting way too close to figuring out there’s a connection between Valdes, Tariq, Ray Ray’s murder and Raina’s. She’s poking around asking way too many questions and finds that Valdes’ name keeps popping up in all of those answers. The pressure is on Valdes and she has to act fast. She issues a warrant to have Rodriquez’s investigation shut down. After all, she is calling the shots over at the AUSA’s office now, so she can do that!

Valdes and her AUSA cohorts are busy in other areas too. They finally put the pieces of the puzzle together to see the big picture and at the center of it all is not the Jiminez “brothers” but the Jiminez siblings – Diego and his sister Alicia.

The brother/sister pair are the big drug connects they’ve been searching for and they’ve finally figured out that they’ve been right there in their city this whole time. Valdes is ready to issue warrants to bring them both in Meanwhile, Mak (Sung Kang) and Saxe (Cooper Johnson) are on a private mission of their own to bring down Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost but they don’t have the information that they need to make that happen just yet. So, they arrange a visit with someone who may be able to provide them with some inside information – Tony Teresi (William Sadler), Tommy’s newfound father.

Mak and Saxe meet with Teresi in prison and offer him a deal for immediate, early release if he’s willing to play ball with them on gathering information to take down Tommy and Ghost. Ironically, Teresi tells them that this is the deal he’s been waiting for since he connected with Tommy.


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‘Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!’ Review: Sappy Sequel Dissolves Into the Cher Show

Here we go again. That’s the title of the sequel to the 2008 smash hit Mamma Mia. But this time around, the trip is not as charming, the ABBA songs not as well-known, and the plot even more ridiculous. Luckily, Cher enters in the third act to save this sappy but at times charming sequel.

The Prequel Problem

As we’ve seen with several films this year, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! suffers from the prequel problem. The first film was adapted from a successful musical with the same name. The follow-up feels pieced together, switching back and forth between the present, where Sophie Sheridan (Amanda Seyfried) is trying to re-open her late mother Donna’s (Meryl Streep) hotel, and the past, which depicts how a young Donna (Lily James) became pregnant with Sophie via three potential suitors.

The identity of Sophie’s father is the device that drove the first film; in the second, it’s inconsequential as she has strong relationships with all three. Instead, her battle is with a looming storm, literally.

Mamma Mia 2 Mamma Mia Here We Go Again! Donna and the Dynamos
Donna and the Dynamos perform at university.

The film incorporates more obscure tracks from ABBA’s discography — including “One of Us” and “Andante, Andante” — to tell of Donna’s dalliances and desires to do something on her own (opening a hotel). Popular songs from the first film like “Dancing Queen” and the titular “Mamma Mia” — are re-used. Some numbers feel lifted straight from the first film; the townspeople once again descend to the docks singing “Dancing Queen.” Lily James performs most of the vocals in Here We Go Again! She has a sweet voice, but lacks some of older Donna’s swagger (and thankfully Amanda Seyfried’s vibrato).

Younger audiences who do not know the more obscure songs end up waiting for the more familiar ones to come on. They’re treated to eye candy in the forms of young Sam (Jeremy Irvine), Bill (Josh Dylan), and Harry (Hugh Skinner).

Mamma Mia 2 Here We Go Again! Pierce Brosnan
There’s no face Pierce Brosnan can make that looks bad.

The men are so impossibly attractive that the women ask, “Jesus Christ, what kind of island is this?” And while the men are easy on the eyes, they’re hard on the ears. Each has a mercifully short solo, and their older counterparts (Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard, and Colin Firth) even less. However, when the familiar melodies do come, moviegoers can’t help but smile and tap their feet along. That’s the magic of ABBA’s music.

There are some additional highlights. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters reprise their roles as Tanya and Rosie, Donna’s best friends and bandmates. Once again, they provide much of the laughs, especially during the cheesy group choreography numbers. Even their younger versions are quite funny; Jessica Keenan Wynn channels young temptress Tanya perfectly, while Alexa Davies proves Rosie’s always had spunk.

Cher mamma mia here we go again
Cher swoops in and saves the sequel.

Of course, the sequel’s biggest savior is Cher, who plays Sophie’s estranged grandmother Ruby Sheridan, a famous Las Vegas headliner. Cher’s performance is so over the top (like any diva, she has multiple wig and outfit changes in the limited scenes she’s in) that viewers can’t help but laugh. It’s sheer, or should we say, Cher ridiculousness. And audiences eat it up.

Is Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! Good?

Even the most diehard ABBA fans wouldn’t call Here We Go Again! good, but it’s cute with a few surprisingly tender moments. Not least of which is an ending duet to “My Love, My Life.” And of course, the stunt casting of Cher can’t be missed.

‘Mamma Mia 2’: Meet the Hot New Additions to the Musical Sequel’s Cast

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Keshia Chante Posts Heartfelt Goodbye to Fiancé Ray Emery

Canadian singer Keshia Chante shared an emotional tribute to her former fiancé Ray Emery on Monday, after his untimely passing on July 15. According to TMZ, Emery, a former NHL goalie, apparently drowned when he was reportedly swimming at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club in Ontario. Authorities found his body near the docks after he […]

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Showtime is not having Sarah Palin’s lies about Sacha Baron Cohen’s show


Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t done with Sarah Palin.

Following Palin’s claims that Baron Cohen “duped” her into an interview for Who Is America? by passing himself off as an American veteran with disabilities, “fake wheelchair and all,” Showtime has released a statement calling out the “widespread misinformation” about the show.

“Baron Cohen did not present himself as a disabled veteran, and viewers nationwide who watched the premiere on Sunday can now attest to that,” said the network.

The episode showed Baron Cohen disguised as Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Ph.D. to interview Sen. Bernie Sanders. When Sanders asks if he lives with disabilities, “Ruddick” responds that he is not. Though Ruddick uses a mobility scooter, he explains that it’s just “to conserve my body’s finite energy.” Read more…

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7-Eleven now offers a Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries Slurpee

Fans of Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal will want to plot a course and sail down to their nearest 7-Eleven this summer. The convenience-store chain now has a Crunch Berries Slurpee flavor.

The new flavor was introduced at the beginning of July in preparation for 7-Eleven Day (July 11), and will…

Life Style – New York Daily News


A Marvel Cinematic Universe Newcomer Attempts to Unravel ‘Infinity War’

While I’m a film fan, delving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never particularly appealed to me. I can see the interest in a fantastical, multi-faceted world with energy and heroism in abundance, but Nordic Noir, dark British indie dramas and mumblecore are more my things. It’s not as if everything I like has to be grounded in reality: Gremlins, for example, thankfully wasn’t a documentary. But given the MCU’s huge commercial success and positive reviews, I’m clearly the one in the wrong. How to rectify that? By throwing myself in at the deep end and making ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ my first MCU film.

There’s one problem with that otherwise simple solution. Without seeing any of the previous MCU films in the franchise, I’m missing any semblance of context.

What I Think is Happening…

A malevolent d–head, apparently.

The battle between forces of good and evil is self-explanatory. On first impression, Thanos is an oversized malevolent d–head out to do galactic-scale harm purely for anti-hero bantz. But everyone knows that such linear bad guys are outdated, so clearly there’s more to it than that. Eventually, his vulnerability and motivation is revealed: a fear of over-population that reduced his home planet of to a wasteland.

The motivation behind the actions of the Avengers and their associates is therefore simple. If Thanos obtains all six stones, he acquires God-like powers which he’ll use for mass genocide.

The Avengers’ cultural presence is such that I recognise the vast majority of the characters, even if their backstories and specific skills aren’t always immediately apparent. Spider-Man and Iron Man? Yeah, makes sense. Wong’s cross-dimensional portal? Not so much but I get the basics. That said, Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as an aristocratic hybrid of British TV stalwart Noel Edmonds and flamboyant TV interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen takes me by surprise. And Loki has the appearance of a Tory festooned in a rock star’s haircut. As for Bruce Banner’s inability to go full Hulk? I’m not certain, but it could be a euphemism for erectile dysfunction.

Rock star, superhero, or leader of the Young Conservatives?

The characters constantly refer to past dramas: a labyrinthine back-plot of death, destruction, rivalry and family drama that feels like a pan-galactic, amphetamine-fuelled Eastenders omnibus. Given that I have no idea what the hell anyone is on about, I establish a quick way to compartmentalise my lack of understanding – let’s put it down to a long-running beef about how much everyone gets paid by Marvel.

The battle scenes are similarly baffling. An inner logic as to who emerges victorious must exist, but without a basic grounding in each character’s powers and next to no knowledge of how that might be applied strategically, I’m as good as lost.

The same goes for the different planets. I get Edinburgh (and the “We will deep fry your kebab” sign ignites my appetite) but how the others came to be eludes me. The advanced tech of Wakanda is cool as, though, even if the offensive tactics of what my notes describe as “those Predator/dog/dinosaur things” have a Lemmings-esque naivety which means most of them get wiped out in moments.

No Resurrections This Time?

Infinity War
They can save the world but they're terrible at DIY.

Doctor Strange’s decision to sacrifice a vital stone to Thanos in order to save Tony Stark seems like a bizarre choice until I remember Strange’s ability to foresee every outcome from the conflict. There was one possible positive outcome from millions of scenarios. They’re odds that would immediately kill the entire betting industry stone dead. Ol’ Tone, therefore, must be key to finally finishing off Thanos in the future.

The big question is the fate of those killed off. I suspect those slain in regular combat are dead forever – no-one appears to have the power to reanimate a corpse, and conveniently not all of those characters are big box office draws. But there’s surely some way for those whose matter was disintegrated by Thanos to return.

Commuters crack after delays between Edinburgh and London.

I have just enough Marvel education to expect some post-credits action. We’re in New York. Looks like Thanos is getting on with the busy work of eliminating most of mankind. Samuel L. Jackson is here with thingy from How I Met Your Mother. They too disintegrate but not before Jackson hits a panic button. He’s trying to send a message to someone who can get the world out of this most sticky of predicaments. But who?

Is there a key hero I don’t know about who can undo these deaths? I haven’t seen Ant-Man, but my uninformed perception is that he’s the Tottenham of the MCU: entertaining but unlikely to win much. Or maybe we’ll see a new Guardians of the Galaxy-style team who might be able to succeed where Groot and Mr Raccoon failed? And “Thanos will be back”? Isn’t he the one behind this mess? Or is he now going to take his obliteration to Wakanda and beyond?

It’s a brave decision to end on a massive downer like The Empire Strikes Back while setting up the sequel without entirely selling out the fact that this is part of a greater whole. The MCU might not be a world I understand, but it’s clear why millions of people keep coming back.

The Avengers will return in the as-yet-untitled concluding part of Infinity War in 2019. The latest instalment in the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp, is currently in US and Australian cinemas and hits UK screens on August 3.

Why Thanos is the True Hero of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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Emily Ratajkowski’s unique two-stone engagement ring has raised the proposal bar

From paperclips to princess-cuts.

emily ratajkowski engagement ring
Sara Jaye Weiss/REX/Shutterstock

While we were obsessed with every detail of Emily Ratajkowski’s wedding outfit (the Zara trouser suit! The wide brimmed hat!), there was one thing that was missing from the day – namely, her engagement ring. The model revealed earlier this February that her husband Sebastian Bear McClard had proposed to her with a placeholder paper clip ring, however the couple have finally upgraded from stationery and gone full sparkle in a recent Instagram post.

Emily showed off her new bling last week, posting two images to Instagram of the massive stunner. The bespoke Alison Lou two-stone ring combined a princess- and pear-cut diamond nestled side by side, a unique take she revealed more about in an interview with Vogue.


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

She revealed that she and her beau had designed the ring together after more than fifty sketches, saying, ‘We liked the idea of two stones instead of one and spent a long time looking at rings with multiple stones for inspiration. At one point it included a ruby as the second stone, [but] ultimately we loved the idea of the femininity of the pear contrasted with the architecture of the princess.’

While you won’t be able to score your own EmRata original, we did manage to find something sort of similar below by Messika.

Messika My Twin Toi & Moi 18-karat White Gold Diamond Ring

emily ratajkowski engagement ring

Priced at £8,550, available at NET-A-PORTER

Buy now

If you haven’t heard the Emily Ratajkowski paper clip engagement story, it’s a bit of a wild one.

She revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, ‘He proposed to me at Minetta Tavern and he didn’t have a ring so I was like, “mmm, nah”. And then he took the paper clip that the bill was paid with and made me a ring which I actually thought was really romantic.’

It wasn’t just their engagement rings that they made themselves, as they also DIY-ed their own wedding rings using gold that they casually picked up in Chinatown (as you do).

She continued, ‘We walked into Chinatown and bought a little piece of, like an ounce of gold, and he was like, “We’ll melt down the gold and make the rings.” Right, so I was like, “I just don’t see us melting down gold, that just seems kind of difficult.” But then he ended up going to some store in Midtown — this is the night before our wedding, by the way — and this very nice man was like, “I know how to do that.”’

‘So we came into his studio after hours and we actually hammered them out, the whole thing, used a little blow torch,’ Emily said, ‘They were supposed to be temporary rings but now I’m very attached and I really don’t want to get rid of [mine]. I just feel like making it yourself, like could you be more personal, really?’

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TV Review: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6

It was hard to know how “Orange is the New Black” would — or could — come back after its fifth season, which was as ambitious as it was ultimately disastrous. The show became as scattered and chaotic as the inmate protest-turned-riot it was trying to depict, sending every character spinning seemingly for the sake […]



Taylor Swift handled a concert malfunction like a professional stand-up comedian

Taylor Swift handled a concert malfunction like a professional stand-up comedian

Taylor Swift handled a concert malfunction like a professional stand-up comedian

Even though live performers spend months preparing for a tour, things can quickly go awry onstage, as plenty of artists know all too well. Recently, everyone from Beyoncé to Britney Spears have experienced stage malfunctions — from costumes that won’t stay put to getting stuck in mid-air…making for some majorly memorable moments for the thousands of fans in the audience.

The latest icon to get stuck in a stage snafu is none other than Taylor Swift, who’s currently on her Reputation World Tour. The singer was onstage for night two of her stop in Philadelphia on July 14th when she literally got stuck mid-air during a performance of “Delicate” (in a sparkly basket, no less). And it was a, well, delicate situation.

“I’m pretty sure I’m stuck up here,” Swift said as soon as she realized something was wrong. “It’s a nice view though,” she added.

“I think it’s really important to be honest with friends,” she continued. “What you just saw was me going straight up and down in this sparkly basket. It’s supposed to take me to the other side of the stadium. I’m somehow gonna figure out how to get over there. So what happens now is basically I’m just chilling waiting to figure out what happens next.”

As her crew worked to get her safely back to the main stage, Swift continued updating the crowd, saying, “This is such a spoiler alert but I have another flying thing across there that works apparently. Or wait! So there are people talking in my ear. This is so boring for you, I’m sorry.” She then joked about how there’s no way for her to talk to them without addressing the entire crowd, asking her team if she can walk over to the other stage or, “does it have to be flying?”

Instead of awkwardly standing there with no music to perform, Swift improvised, singing two of her biggest throwback hits, “Our Song” and “Wildest Dreams,” without any background accompaniment. Pro move, Ms. Swift!

Not only are we majorly impressed with Swift’s ability to improvise on the fly, but um, Tay — have you ever considered a career in standup if this whole music thing doesn’t work out?

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Muslim Stylist Hullema Reddick Finds Success In Haircare Business

According to a Pew Research Center estimate, Muslims comprise over 23% of the global population, but the haircare industry struggles to represent Muslim women. Haircare is for everyone; whether or not Muslim women choose to show their hair in public. Hullema Reddick, color stylist and owner of HStylez Hair studio in Philadelphia, is Muslim and wears a hijab which places her in a unique situation of acceptance—by both the beauty industry and her Muslim faith family. Known as “The Covered Colorist” Reddick has already grossed over $ 100,000 in sales in 2018 and continues to be a champion for Muslim women in the beauty industry.


The obvious lack of representation of Muslim women in the beauty industry has provided Reddick with an interesting perspective on being Muslim while also being a stylist. “It has enlightened me to the prejudices within the industry, and secondly it’s made me realize that women [Muslim and non-Muslim] are looking for meaningful and relatable inspiration,” says Reddick.


For Reddick, being able to provide relatable inspiration oftentimes comes with backlash from those in the Muslim community because of her chosen profession. Some view it as a contradiction to her religious belief.


“I am always confused about. I have yet to see where in Islam it says that we cannot beautify ourselves or be the source of the beautification process. Contrary to popular belief, it is one of the teachings of Islam that a woman should beautify herself, and look beautiful for her husband.”


To some, being fully covered from head to toe and being a stylist is considered taboo or unheard of. But as a small woman-owned business, Reddick does not allow the beauty industry to ostracize her, nor does she let those within her own community with an opposing view keep her from growing.


“I refuse to compromise my belief system just to fit in,” says Reddick. “I have had to make a stand that my talent speaks for itself and my appearance does not define me or my expertise.” Constantly evolving in her craft and enhancing her skills, Reddick finds new ways to create new looks. “I pride myself on giving a vibe you can’t find anywhere else. I pride myself in knowing that I am an artist.”


With a growing business and a focus on changing the perspective that Muslim women have no place in the beauty industry, Reddick has some very straightforward advice for young Muslim women interested in a similar career path.


“Remain firm in your belief and don’t compromise. Allow your creativity to open doors for you, and know with an unwavering sincerity that what’s for you is for you. What’s meant for you will not pass you. In addition, do not allow what people say discourage you. Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing, but keep in mind, you’re doing this for you not everyone else. Let what people can’t appreciate about you be that thing that makes you go harder.”

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Alexis Ohanian Posts Heartfelt Message To Serena Williams After Wimbledon Loss

(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Serena Williams has been balancing mommy duties,with her 10-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia, and training for her 10th return to the Wimbledon stage. Although the tennis superstar had high hopes of winning, she lost to Germany’s Angelique Kerber leaving her short of a record-tying 24 Grand Slam title with tennis pioneer Margaret Court.

While fans took to social media to share encouraging words to Serena, her husband, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, posted a heartfelt message to his Instagram assuring her that he’s proud of her and more trophies are on the way.

Instagram Photo


After her loss, a visibly moved Williams shared her disappointment but said she was playing for all the moms:


Do you expect Serena to win another major championship before she retires?



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