11 Clarifying Shampoos to Save Your Strands After Swimming

While we’re big fans of those beachy waves that come from taking a dip in the ocean, the effect pools have on our hair is another story. Pools can cause hair to feel dry and brittle and sometimes even turn it green. That’s why clarifying shampoos are so important.

Clarifying shampoos are a year-round necessity if you’re a product junkie. But summer brings special concerns from all the time we spend in the water. If you’ve got blond locks, your biggest seasonal hurdle is trying to prevent that dreaded green tinge after swimming in chlorinated water. News flash: Chlorine is not the real culprit. It’s actually copper in the water that’s oxidized by chlorine that gives the less-than-desirable tint.

How often you treat your hair to clarifying shampoo depends on the nature of your strands. It’s best to stick to using one once or twice a week, but be careful if your locks are colored. Clarifying shampoos are great for prepping your hair before getting it colored, but they can wreak havoc on that new shade since they’ve been known to strip color.

If you’re planning to spend the rest of the summer underwater, you’ll need some good waterproof makeup and one of these clarifying shampoos that are real lifesavers for your strands.

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The Weekend Reset: American Classics, great grilling, and some Dusty inspired heartache.

It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week contributor Tim Johnstone pulls together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.


LISTEN:  Shannon Shaw and Dan Auerbach make a little magic.

Shannon Shaw fronts Shannon & The Clams, a band that, according to their Wikipedia page, is an “indie garage punk quartet based in Oakland, California. Known for a vintage sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf…” Shaw’s voice is smoky and sultry and perfectly suited to Auerbach’s desire to make a Dusty In Memphis kind of record with her. Success. Shaw’s voice makes for a grittier update on Dusty Springfield’s classic and the material here is perfectly suited to her big personality. This is perfect for hot summer nights with friends, drinking beers and loving life.


ESCAPE: A pretty cool way to have fun and feel like an idiot.

There’s a good chance you might have already done an escape room before. Or, maybe, you give these places the side-eye. Yes, escape rooms are a favorite activity for corporate team building exercises (this is exactly how I was introduced to them), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate entertainment options. Mostly. It’s always good to do some research on places before you commit. There can be some pretty big swings on the quality control spectrum if you know what I mean. If you can’t find much about a particular company, ask to see a room first. But, back to the fun. And they are fun if you like puzzles and challenges and getting your little grey cells working. The video above does a good job of explaining how they work.


WATCH: H. G. Wells gets the Art Deco treatment in a B&W classic.

This was a revelation. An H.G. Wells story adapted for the screen by a British movie studio. For a black and white film from 1936, this is Sci-Fi AF. The design, from sets to wardrobes, are fantastic. As befits the era, much of the design is Art Deco inspired. All of this in a film that promotes big concepts of what Wells expected for his future and our now. Much of it resonated with what we see today. Some, not so much. But visually it’s a hoot. Added bonus: philosophical discussions of man’s place in the world.


EAT: Summer chops for your next BBQ.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic, Chiles and Anchovies from Food & Wine

Talk about a great way to impress friends at a summer gathering. This recipe, terrific for this time of year, makes for a Pinterest perfect platter of delicious chops. What prep there is can be done in advance (the day before) leaving just the grilling for the big show. The list of ingredients is fairly limited and easy to find. And even if you can’t locate the baby lamb rib chops in your area, regular lamb chops would suffice. I would suggest throwing those small sweet multi-colored peppers on the grill (lightly marinated) along with the lamb. Not only are they great grilled, they would make for a good side dish for the meal.


READ: It’s an American classic for a reason.


Joseph Heller’s Catch -22 is, according to just about everybody, one of the greatest American novels. I admit it. I never read this until last week. Some English major I am. If I am being honest, I think I have pretty much avoided it because I thought it was a war novel. I am an idiot. Yes, it is a novel that takes place in the second world war. It is also laugh out loud funny. It is satire at its best. And I would go on but there are lots of places you can find eloquent essays about why you should read this. Just, you know, don’t be like me. Just read it.

Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s currently undergoing a Tim Improvement Project™ (Version 4.0) and he understands that this is a life-long endeavor.

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Womenshealth.com asks, Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? Presented by Emmy Fink, based on reporting by Colleen M. Story, our latest Womenshealth.com video discusses the benefits of Vitamin D. “Are you getting enough vitamin D? If you’re like most women in the U.S., you may not be. We’re supposed to get our daily …

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The 44th annual Los Angeles Pride Parade occurred on Sunday,…

The 44th annual Los Angeles Pride Parade occurred on Sunday, June 10, but it was far from the only celebration of LGBTQIA life in the City of Angels this weekend, which contained multitudes—photographer Devyn Galindo captured three days of joy, catharsis, and resistance for Vogue.

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The Webster FW 16

These people get paid to make your vacation pics look glamorous

For Ilyse Dolgenas, planning an exotic vacation is a terrific excuse to splurge on clothes. But the busy real-estate lawyer and mother admits she has neither the spare time to shop, nor the kind of sharp eye for trends that makes digging around department stores fun. “I would have a closet full of black dresses…
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Meghan Markle Wore a Thing: Ralph Lauren Shirt and Trousers

Ever since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, the world’s eyes have been fixed on Meghan Markle — and her style. We’ll be following the Meghan Markle Effect™ with our column, “Meghan Markle Wore a Thing.” Wimbledon’s best-dressed wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the Royals, …

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adidas’ D Rose 9 Shoe Set to Release on July 15

Derrick Rose’s latest signature shoe, The D Rose 9, will arrive on adidas.com and at adidas retailers this Sunday (July 15) with a retail price of $ 140. The D Rose 9 has a Primeknit upper with black horizontal stripes landing on the tongue and heel area, plus the customary three stripes logo is reworked in a vertical style by the heel collar. The colorway is different from what adidas revealed back in May, with the D Rose 9 dressed in a tricolored tonal palette consisting of white, black and pink.

See pictures of the D Rose 9 above.

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The Ivy Style Primer

For many, the Ivy, Prep, and Trad styles tend to blend together in a way that makes it difficult to differentiate them from one another.

We’ve discussed preppy style in detail and in this primer, we’re going to focus on the Ivy style, which unbeknownst to most, is actually a style of its own, separate and apart from prep and trad.

Of course, there are many similarities, but in most cases, it’s not so much the clothing, but how they’re worn.

The prep look is far more nautical in appearance, more beach appropriate and an ideal style for the Hamptons and Cape Cod. Ivy style, on the other hand, is a dressier version of prep that’s ideal for the historic chambers in the hallowed walls of America’s Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Yale students in more formal Ivy attire

Yale students in more formal Ivy attire

The History of Ivy Style

While the preppy style has been around since the early 1900s, first making an appearance around 1910, the ivy style really began to flourish in the early to mid-1950s on the grounds of the top universities and colleges in America. Just as prep style influenced many designers, ivy style took its fair share of the credit leading us to use the terms prep, ivy, and trad as synonyms of one another. Blended over the years, Ivy style was born out of an interest in appearing more elegant and well dressed than the casual undertones of the prep culture.

Ivy Style started to flourish in the 1950s

Ivy Style started to flourish in the 1950s

While prep style was reserved for garden parties, sailing, and casual affairs, Ivy style was for more formal, casual occasions such as attending class at Harvard Law, going on a late dinner date with the young lady you met at the Square or an event your parents insisted you attend with them at the country club after giving you a stern warning to leave the boat shoes and anchor bracelets at home.

Ivy style was perfect for on campus lectures

Ivy style was perfect for on-campus lectures

The style was a direct reflection of college life at the campuses only the most affluent and well-versed students could attend. It separated the men of Harvard and Yale from the common youth at other colleges, and especially in a town like Cambridge where there are more colleges than shopping malls, the Ivy style became a way to instantly recognize a member of your social circle. That is until the style caught on and began to rise in popularity amongst all young men and women throughout the Northeastern United States.

Despite the students of the Ivy League schools knowing the style as “Ivy”, the rest of the world simply adopted it as a more formal version of prep and thus the blending of the styles was introduced. It is only the rarest of gentlemen that can pinpoint the differences between the various styles but is something we’ll attempt to explain.

What is Ivy Style?

Ivy style is about two things. Representing yourself through your wardrobe as a member of one of the most elite universities or colleges in the world and dressing down when the authority figure such as your father would normally dress up.

It’s really that simple. Slightly more formal, yet still relatively casual. Of course, today the styles are intertwined like vines along an old rusted fence and ivy style as its own subculture fell from existence in the late 1960s. Today the only separation between the two is the varying degree of formality, yet even that is too close to distinguish.

Contemporary Ivy Style by Ralph Lauren

Contemporary Ivy Style by Ralph Lauren

Christian Chensvold of Ivy-Style.com makes the perfect analogy. He says, “In 1964, when a spirited girl meets a handsome, reserved, all-American, clean-cut kind of guy who gets his clothing at Brooks Brothers and simultaneously finds herself both attracted and repelled by him, she teasingly calls him ‘Ivy League.’”

Classic ivy style with a modern twist

Classic ivy style with a modern twist

“And in 1970”, he says, “after the fall of the Ivy League Look when this same spirited girl meets the same all-American guy, she mockingly calls him ‘preppy.’”

Ivy School Boys on a Walk

Ivy School Boys on a Walk

“So you see”, remarks Chensvold, “the clothing is essentially the same. It’s just how women referred to the clothing — and the men who wore it.”

Various Ivy Leaguers

Various Ivy Leaguers

Today, the only difference comes down to semantics. True Ivy Leaguers will opt for penny loafers, Preps will choose boat shoes. A Prep will wear pants and shoes without socks. Conversely, Ivy Leaguers will only do so in the heat of summer. A Prep will almost never wear a suit and usually opt for a navy blazer instead. An Ivy Leaguer – while he loves the blazer – will still wear a suit almost half of the time.

When it comes to Prep, it’s about convenience, comfort, and style. For the Ivy Leaguer, it’s about style followed by comfort and then convenience. A Prep will throw on the first polo shirt he finds in his closet and pairs it with GTH pants. An Ivy Leaguer will take the time to put it under a cricket sweater and wear linen pants in eggshell.

When it comes to sports and lifestyle, both Prep and Ivy styles intertwine completely. Polo, tennis, and golf remain favorites and a weekend in Southampton is considered a sublime way to spend the summer. Winters are spent in Palm Beach, and there’s nothing better than spending a warm afternoon sipping G&Ts on a sailboat.

The tennis sweater was a pinnacle of ivy style fashion

The tennis sweater was a pinnacle of ivy style fashion

Ivy Style Purveyors and Clothing

Of course with blended styles, the same clothiers occupied both the preppy style industry and the Ivy style industry. The most popular for Ivy Style was J.Press followed closely by Brooks Brothers, both of which were instrumental in the development of the mingled style we know it as today.

Of course, with Ivy style being so closely related to prep, we urge you to read our Preppy Style Guide by clicking here for the most iconic clothing. However, let’s examine some style staples we would find in Ivy Style pre-1967.

Classic Penny Loafers

Classic Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

Introduced in 1936 by the G.H. Bass shoe company, penny loafers became an instant hit amongst the wealthy undergrads at Ivy League Schools in the United States. The ease of slipping them on combined with the formality of leather and suede made it the perfect compliment to a formal and yet very casual wardrobe. Read more about the penny loafer by clicking here.

A casual day in the life of an ivy leaguer

A casual day in the life of an ivy leaguer

Khaki Pants

Also called chinos, these are generally made from 100% cotton and despite being worn today by many retail stores and trades workers as uniforms, also work very well to compliment a blazer or with a sweater and tie. Available from numerous merchants, the classic chinos come from Brooks Brothers and are designed as a pair of business casual trousers perfect for a variety of events. They’re especially comfortable to wear in the summer as they breathe nicely, but they also work well due to their sturdier construction when compared to dress slacks.

Knit Ties

Made from silk and wool, knit ties are a great way to fit into a more formal business environment while displaying a certain amount of sprezzatura and casualness. Their luxurious feel and cri de la soie texture make them a style staple for future corporate raiders, oil barons and media moguls that are still grasping onto their youth. Click here to see a selection of the finest knit ties from Fort Belvedere.

A classic Ivy League student

A classic Ivy League student

Herringbone Jackets

The herringbone jacket is a perfect way to turn what could otherwise be a more formal jacket into something casual without a wild pattern. With its country appeal, it became very popular for wear by those who frequented or took part in equestrian events. It was the jacket to use when you wanted to dress up for a date on the town but without looking like you were attending a funeral. With flap pockets and larger buttons to increase its casual tone, it has been and still remains a staple in ivy style. Today, it works very well with a pair of boots, an oxford cloth button-down shirt and corduroy pants.

Tweed sportcoat with with green and purple herringbone tones

Tweed sport coat with green and purple herringbone tones paired with Fort Belvedere accessories

Two Button Cuff Jacket

Almost a homage to avoiding anything worn by your father, the two button cuff jacket became the standard worn by the Ivy League crowd. As if intended to piss off the older generation, it’s still worn today by Ivy Leaguers and is a great way for anyone to turn a formal jacket into leisurewear.

The iconic letter sweater

The iconic letter sweater

School Sweaters

School sweaters are usually reserved these days for the cheerleading team, but back in the 1950s, men would wear these knit sweaters boasting their School’s letter in the center of the sweater. Not necessarily popular today, it was a standard amongst men on game days both on and off campus as a show of support for their school.

Classic Ivy Leaguer in a School Sweater

Classic Ivy Leaguer in a School Sweater

Recommended Reading

Here are a few of our favorite books on Ivy Style.

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style by Jeffrey Banks

An authority on preppy style, Jeffrey Banks focuses on the style that helped shape what we know today as Prep. Taking us back to the Ivy League campuses of the fifties, this incredible book shows us the most fashionable ivy league style staples from its heyday. Click here to get a copy.

Ivy Style: Radical Conformists by Patricia Mears

A look into the styles of the most prestigious college campuses in the mid 20th century, Mears introduces us to what was pinnacle of classic preppy fashion. A great read filled with insights and history, you can get your own copy by clicking here or read our review here.

The Ivy League by Daniel Cappello

While it discusses the style, this book focuses on everything Ivy League related. From the private clubs to the classroom, it’s a really fantastic read if you’re interested in the schools and the lifestyle but never had the chance to attend. Click here for your copy.

The Ivy Look: Classic American Clothing – An Illustrated Pocket Guide by Graham Marsh

“Democratic, stylish and comfortable”, The Ivy Look is literally a pocket guide to everything Ivy Style. Focused on life before the preppy style, it showcases what it meant to be a member of the Ivy League in the early 1950s to mid-1960s. It’s an interesting book but one that tends to tread slightly outside of the Ivy Style focusing on celebrities who attempted to replicate parts of it. Click here for your own pocket guide.

Take Ivy by Shosuke Ishizu

Described by The New York Times as, “a treasure of fashion insiders,” Take Ivy is a look at the classic Ivy Style and how the American fashion influenced Japan. An archive of photographs serves as its road map to discussing the trend that swept the nation and then jumped the pond. Click here for your own copy.


Hopefully, this has given you a glimpse into the minor differences between Preppy style and Ivy League style. Obviously, there aren’t many and it’s very difficult to differentiate the two; especially when designers, the media, and the general public all classify them as one in the same.

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19 Wrap Skirts to Take You From the Beach to the Streets

When it comes to swimsuit cover-ups, sarongs are near the top of the list. The wrappable pieces often give off tropical vibes thanks to floral or palm prints making them even more appropriate. But you don’t have to invest your summer cash in a bunch of sarongs you’ll never use inland.

Wrap skirts are sarongs’ more versatile cousins and they’ll see some heavy rotation in your wardrobe this season. That’s because the skirts can serve as cover-ups or just your daily bottoms teamed with a basic white tee, tank or frilly blouse. And they come in more varieties than those themed sarongs. Feeling sporty? Look for a wrap skirt that resembles a tennis skirt. Got a big date? Opt for a flamenco-inspired take complete with ruffles. Or take the trend with you to the office with semi-conservative versions HR won’t object to.

Whatever your summer plans, wrap skirts have got you covered. Shop 19 of our favorites above and spend that extra sarong money on a cute one-piece or oversized straw hat.

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Is Goat Milk the New Cow’s Milk?

Cow’s milk is still America’s most common choice, but if you’re one of the 65% of the population that has trouble digesting lactose, it’s good to have an alternative! You’ve likely noticed that soy and almond milk are popular substitute options offered in most grocery stores, but now goat’s milk is …

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Report: Tonne Goodman, Phyllis Posnick Stepping Down From ‘Vogue’

No publication is exempt from the game of top-level musical chairs facing the editorial world today — not even Vogue.  On Friday, Business of Fashion reported that, per sources, two of the Condé Nast fashion mainstay’s most veteran editors will be stepping down: Fashion Director Tonne …

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How to Wear Cold Weather Colors in the Summer

One of the key rules of style is always to dress according to the season. This means switching from linen to flannel, but do you have to reject winter’s color palette entirely in the warm weather?

Summer suits in brown & pinstripes with spectators + odd jacket summer combination

Summer suits in brown & pinstripes with spectators + odd jacket summer combination

How to Wear Cold Weather Colors in the Summer

Summer colors like yellow, royal blue and white take a back seat to olive, gray, and burgundy in the cool weather. However, the opposite is not necessarily true; you don’t need to confine your traditional cold weather colors to the back of your wardrobe in hot weather. Here are some tips on how to get more mileage from fall and winter hues during the summer.

Repurposing Winter Colors for Summer

Olive green summer suit

Olive green, traditionally a fall color, is repurposed here as a summer suit

When we consider the cold weather range of colors, we’re sure to include gray, brown, olive or forest green, burgundy or maroon, and rust. Some of these are meant to parallel the colors seen in nature during autumn and winter. Most of these are said to be “drab” in the most neutral sense of that term since bright hues would look out of place when the conditions you wear them in are cloudy and devoid of vegetation. Fortunately, when summer is in full bloom, color is everywhere–in the flowers and trees–enhanced by direct sunlight that shines down from a higher angle. This means you can wear your traditionally drab or muted colors with no fear that they will be overwhelming. On the contrary, they will attain a greater vibrancy in the summer sunshine.

Let’s look at which traditional winter colors you can still combine to great effect in the warmer months.


Among cold weather colors, gray is the one that most closely mirrors the overcast skies of fall and winter. However, gray is also a classic foundational color in menswear, especially in combination with blue. The first consideration when choosing a color is always the purpose. Why are you wearing what you’re wearing? If you’re dressing for business. a gray suit is appropriate in any season as “drab” colors are chosen as a rule for professional environments. Still, you’d probably want to forego dark gray or charcoal in favor of a lighter gray, the equivalent of pastel, which is always a sign of spring. Try a Prince of Wales patterned suit or jacket, which is commonly available in gray but with an additional accent color, such as blue or red, as an overplaid that brightens it for the season.

Prince of Wales Check with Overplaid

Prince of Wales Check with Yellow-Toned Overplaid (and a Bright Blue Tie)

In less formal circumstances, a staple spring-summer wardrobe item is a pair of light gray wool pants, perhaps in a cool fresco fabric, the warm season equivalent of winter’s gray flannel trousers. Though the weather may invite white, beige, or colorful “go-to-hell pants,” a gray pair serves as a neutral companion for a variety of blue sports coats. As a bonus, the light color and texture of a fresco eliminate any association with the “security guard uniform” that can be suggested when pairing a blue jacket with darker gray pants.

Paul Lux wearing trousers with open pleats.

Paul Lux wearing light gray wool trousers with beautiful open pleats

Neckties that are in the gray family are the easiest way to incorporate the color in summer as they tend to be lighter and called silver rather than in dark tones. The texture and material of the tie also help fit it to the season and either a gray cotton knit tie, a gray linen, or an airy silver grenadine with an open Garza fina weave will fit the bill of more casual fabrics that immediately say summer.


Of all the cold weather colors under consideration, burgundy or maroon is probably the hardest to pull off in the summer because it is a strong color with equally strong winter associations; think burgundy knit vests or maroon velvet dinner jackets for the holiday season. It is, therefore, best used in the form of an accent like a tie or pocket square. The good news is that burgundy coordinates readily with gray and blue. Fabric choice is again your friend, and a raw silk such as a burgundy shantung tie is an excellent choice. The slubby texture of the raw silk gives it just the right degree of informality that you need for summer, yet shantungs also cross over easily into fall and winter, so you can use the tie year round.

Another trick that applies not just to burgundy but to all the colors under consideration is to pair them with other items and colors that are definitively summer. For example, in the image below, Ethan Wong wears a maroon blazer, yet it looks appropriate for warmer weather because he has combined it with white pants and a summery, floral white tie. Even the contrasting white buttons help enhance its status as a warm-weather piece, which dark buttons would not accomplish.

Purplish Burgundy blazer

Ethan Wong pulling off a maroon blazer in the summer by combining it with distinctly warm weather elements, such as white and floral


Green is already a hue that is underused in menswear. For spring, a true crayon-box green tie or pocket square can be worn for a small dose of the color alongside mid-blue tailoring. In this case, green reflects the fresh renewal of the season and growing grass; you may associate it with Easter or baseball fields. However, it is a very forceful color and not for everyone.

Dark Green Silk Pocket Square with Orange Dots Motifs and Blue Paisley - Fort Belvedere

Pair this dark green silk pocket square from Fort Belvedere with blue tailoring for summer

Olive or forest green appears much more frequently in menswear, but because they are more muted these have more in common with the faded vegetation of winter. Worn in the form of a tie with a white shirt, these colors awaken associations with pine woods in winter snow. Nonetheless, they tend to brighten up in the sunshine, especially when worn alongside other warm weather colors.

Green linen and gingham

Linus Norbom wearing a green linen jacket with a green and white gingham shirt and white pants

A personal favorite combination of mine is an olive green linen sports coat, which I like to wear with a muted green and white gingham shirt and white trousers. Nothing says summer like gingham, and doing the whole look in olive green makes for a unique way to stand out but not in a way that appears too bold.

An olive tie is another option, and my choice is a knit tie for added texture or again a shantung, either a solid or with alternating broad stripes of olive green and off-white. The juxtaposition of a bright companion color gives the tie the pop it needs for warm weather use. So, as a guiding principle when going with winter greens in summer, look for items that provide contrasting lightness.


Whether you call it rust, tobacco or something else, if there’s one color you’d typically associate with autumn, this is it: the color of a dead leaf, either fallen off a tree or rolled into a cigar. The subtle red tone of this shade of brown seems to be particularly suited for fall and winter, and one would, therefore, assume that rust wouldn’t work in summer. Yet the color does surprisingly well, perhaps because it shows to its best advantage in strong, direct sunlight.

Wrinkled Linen Suit via Stile Maschile

A rich, wrinkled tobacco linen suit at Pitti Uomo via Stile Maschile

Case in point is the tobacco linen suit that blew up the internet a few years back when it was pictured being worn by Italian gentlemen. It became a quintessential summer option and it still is, judging from the dozens of versions visible during the last few years of June Pitti Uomo.

Unusual seersucker with green hat by Gui Bo with purple mottled suit, tobacco linen and light grey summer sport coat

Tobacco/rust linen jacket for summer at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Generally, sports coat and odd combinations are recommended for summer over suits because the former are less formal, and in the case of autumn colors worn in hot weather, it seems logical that less of the color would be better. Yet, the tobacco linen suit proves otherwise; there’s just something special about its versatility. I just purchased my first tobacco linen jacket, and it has rapidly become a favorite of mine, not because it’s trendy (which would be a negative in my book) but because the color just works so well with brown hair, with a range of skin tones, and with a variety of other colors. For one thing, it pairs beautifully with the aforementioned olive green ties, so you can bring two non-traditional summer colors into play at the same time.


Tassel loafers without socks

Brown tassel loafers without socks

In the summer, it’s likely you already wear some brown in the form of suede or calf loafers and a matching belt, but you can also wear larger swaths of this color. Brown linen or tropical wool sports coats; brown chinos in linen, cotton or a blend of both; brown shirts; and brown ties are all fair game. The success of brown can be attributed to how well it pairs with beiges and mid-blues, both of which are popular warm-weather colors.


Brown linen shirt

A brown délavé linen shirt from Boggi Milano

For a simple casual hot weather outfit, you could wear a brown washed (or “délavé”) linen shirt with a pair of off-white pants. The relaxed nature of linen coupled with the faded treatment of a délavé makes it more summery than a deep brown would be. As a rule, with warm-season brown you want to avoid darker versions of the color, as these will tend to make you look hotter (literally, not metaphorically). With a shirt, this is particularly important as strong browns can be difficult to wear near your face, no matter what your skin tone. If your complexion is pale, it will make you look even whiter, and if you’re brown, it can clash. So, choose your shade of brown carefully.

Brown Windowpane Suit Ralph Lauren Purple Label with Boutonniere, pocket Square and Tie

A beautiful mid-brown windowpane suit from Ralph Lauren Purple Label is ideal for summer

One of my go-to combinations for summer is a brown sports coat paired with a white shirt, beige chinos and brown loafers; as simple as the outfit sounds, it looks really sharp. For added richness, try to find a brown jacket that has some beige in it as well, such as in the form of a windowpane pattern or some flecking, which will bring up the color of your pants while also lightening the shade.

Brown fresco trousers

Brown fresco trousers with a light beige plaid linen jacket

Often overlooked in summer is the possibility of wearing brown pants. A muted grayish-brown fresco works great with jackets that are beige or taupe. Meanwhile. something like a chocolate brown linen-cotton chino is fantastic with sky blue jackets or the aforementioned tobacco sports coat if you want to double up your non-traditional summer tones. Add that olive tie again and you have three. In this case, the fact that you’re wearing it on your legs and not on your torso allows the deeper brown color, and, of course, you don’t need to worry about it being near your face.


To sum up, the appropriate fabric choice makes a big difference in extending the wearability of typical cold-weather colors in the summer. Cotton, linen and raw silks provide texture and a casualness that reflects the season. Selecting lighter versions of fall-winter colors or wearing them alongside brighter summer hues also disguises their drabness though the higher angle of the sun from June through August can already make them pop more. Once you imagine the possibilities and apply these techniques, you can boost your style while expanding your summertime options and your wardrobe.

Do you wear fall or winter colors in the summer? Tell us how you do it in the comments section below.

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Huckberry’s big Summer Sale, Italian Made Boots, a Moonphase Watch, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Huckberry: Big ol’ Summer Sale


It’s mid season clearance time people. Now that we’re all sweating balls, what better time to buy some boots, eh? It actually is a good time, considering the prices. They want to get this stuff out of their warehouse to make room for the new fall stuff on the way. So this old stuff from last fall has gotta go. Still can’t believe those Astorflex boots are kickin’ about at ninety bucks. Also. Levi moon sale? Awwww yeeeeeeeah. Big thanks to Brandon D. for the tip!


Brooks Brothers: Summer Online Sale + Clearance

Brooks Brothers

This is a weird one because they’re advertising a summer clearance AND a summer sale… yet most prices don’t look like they’ve moved much if at all? Beats me. I thought the Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers shoes were long gone. But it doesn’t appear that way. Some people insist that these aren’t AEs, but… the Park Avenue style (the plain oxford cap toes) are still labeled as AEs. And if they aren’t from Allen Edmonds… who’s making them? Made in the USA and Goodyear welted. Boots are obviously Red Wings.


Spier & Mackay: New Items Added to Sale + 2 for $ 40 Polos (reg. $ 30 each)

Spier & Mackay

Sizes are scattered (it’s Spier & Mackay after all) but there are still some solid deals to be found in their sale section right now. And it’s not just suits and sportcoats. Trousers, sweaters, ties… etc. But if you are going for something more dressed up/tailored, head here for a review of their slim fit suits, and head here for a review of their more generous contemporary fit. Meanwhile, for those who are a fan of their polos, they’re doing a two for $ 40 deal through 7/15. That’s a savings of $ 10 each when you buy two or more.


Massdrop: Allen Edmonds Chukkas Still Available – $ 249.99 FINAL

Massdrop X Allen Edmonds

Looks like the chocolate brown is sold out, but the other colors are still fair game. I’m wondering if the timetable is just too long this time. It’s the middle of summer, and you’re asking guys to lay down a quarter of a grand on shoes they won’t see until the very end of October (the estimated ship date). That’s a lonnnnnnnnnnng time. AND you can’t return them if they don’t work out? That’s a big ask.


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts NOW


And we’re off. If you’re a cardmember. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until Friday July 20th. And yes, we’ll have a full run down of picks then when the doors are thrown open to the general public.


BONUS  Massdrop: Glycine Moonphase – $ 399 FINAL 


Oddly easy to dress up or down for a moonphase. Swiss made automatic with a true moonphase cutout (it’s not some AM/PM indicator). Final sale of course, being that once again this is Massdrop.

Also worth a mention:

  • Club Monaco: Extra 30% off sale styles. No code needed.
  • J. Crew: Extra 30% off sale styles w/ SHOPNOW
  • GAP: Up to 50% off everything, + an extra 20% off everything w/ MORE

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Engineered Garments Mixes Sportswear, Workwear & Military Influences for Barbour Collaboration

Following on from a reissued capsule with Vans, New York-based Engineered Garments is back with another collaboration. Teaming up with BarbourDaiki Suzuki‘s label has reworked pieces from the British brands archive with influences coming from American sportswear, workwear and functional military clothing.

The capsule consists of five different outerwear silhouettes — the Cowen, Dumbo, Parka, Graham and Cape — with each one constructed from waxed black waxed cotton with detailing in navy, black and olive. Standout pieces include the oversized parka, the Dumbo — a mix between an MA-1 bomber and a varsity jacket — and the Cape, which is an updated version of a military policeman’s cape. The full collection will release at Barbour’s London flagship on August 6, with prices ranging from £349 to £599 (approx. $ 460 USD to $ 795 USD).

In other fashion news, YSTRDY’S TMMRW just dropped its Fall/Winter 2018 lookbook.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST



Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You’ve seen the evidence on your pillow. You’ve found it on your clothes and in the shower. And although you may feel nervous, embarrassed or even scared, it’s important to know that the problem you’re dealing with is one that most women will face at some point in their lives. …

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Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Make Their Engagement Instagram Official

As is generally the case with all things Justin Bieber- and/or Instagirl-related, the internet was abuzz on Sunday and Monday with rumors that 24-year-old Bieber and his on-again, off-again girlfriend of several years — that’s 21-year-old Hailey Baldwin — got engaged on a whirlwind romantic getaway …

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Isabel Marant’s Fall 2018 Campaign Is ‘So Isabel Marant It Hurts’

Our forum members practically begged Isabel Marant to switch up her casting last season after Anna Ewers appeared in her third consecutive campaign for the quintessential French fashion label. Marant must have heard our cries, adding model Vittoria Ceretti to star alongside Ewers for the Fall 2018 campaign (praise the fashion gods above). Welcoming back photographer Juergen Teller, the blonde and brunette twosome were photographed on location at the conceptual Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and styled by French Vogue‘s Geraldine Saglio.

Isabel Marant F/W 2018.19 : Anna Ewers & Vittoria Ceretti by Juergen Teller


Did the change in casting manage to impress our forum members, though? “Very simple and cool. It doesn’t look too Photoshopped. The models are cool, I like Anna and they look natural. I approve of this campaign,” shared Perickles upon checking out the images.

“It’s really nothing special but I appreciate the simplicity and it will look nice in magazines,” Valentine27 added.

“I like it just because it’s so Isabel Marant that it hurts! The girls and even the choice of location are totally Isabel Marant! This is exactly the type of place where you can imagine seeing an IM woman,” pointed out Lola701.

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Not everyone was so forthcoming. “Great shots, boring cast,” snapped forum member anlabe32.

“The only shot I like is Vittoria’s. The rest are very dull,” disapproved bluebanter.

“For me, it’s the opposite, the only one I like is the second shot of Anna but I second you its pretty dull,” replied badgalcrush.

Zacatecas570 wasn’t exactly thrilled either. “I’ve never been the biggest Juergen Teller fan,” he said.

“Can’t stand Juergen’s photos anymore,” echoed thatsfierce.

Isabel Marant F/W 2018.19 : Anna Ewers & Vittoria Ceretti by Juergen Teller


Maybe a change of photographer is required for next season? See more of Isabel Marant’s latest campaign and join the conversation here.

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Your cute summer shoes are destroying your feet

The shoe may fit, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Most of us know that high heels can wreak havoc on the body, pulling weight onto the balls of the feet. The dynamics can mess with everything from the nerves in the foot to the alignment of the spine, causing long-term damage that’s…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


5 Best Inexpensive Fountain Pens For Beginners

Over time, I’ve used many different fountain pens, expensive and inexpensive ones. Today, I’ll highlight the 5 best value pens that won’t break the bank. It’s particularly good if you don’t know if a fountain pen is right for you so we focus on low price, easy maintenance, easy writing, and overall, a good experience at a minimal investment.

Even though it might seem different, fountain pens need not be intimidating, expensive, or maintenance intensive. You can really find a lot of fountain pens that are inexpensive. The problem is some are bad and some are good.

In the US, most adults never get acquainted with fountain pens unless they intentionally seek them out. In Germany where I grew up, it’s part of the school curriculum so I first wrote with fountain pens when I was 5 years old.

Fountain Pen Terminology

Just like with any hobby, there’s a lingo in the fountain pen world that you need to understand so you can distinguish between the different pens.

Various fountain pen nibs

Various fountain pen nibs

The Nib

The first important and probably the most important part is the nib. The nib is this little metal piece at the tip of a fountain pen that you write with on a piece of paper. Basically, a fountain pen uses capillary action as well as gravity to get the ink from the inside of the pen through the nib onto the paper.

Ink feed

Ink feed

The Ink Feed

Right below the nib, you can find the ink feed which helps the capillary action and to get the ink onto the paper. Unlike ballpoint or rollerball pens, nibs come in different widths. The finest ones are EF which means extra fine then there’s F for fine. The most common nib is M for medium. If you want a broader nib, you get a B, an even wider is a BB nib, and if you want it really broad which is usually only used for signatures, you get a 03b nib. Sometimes, you can also find oblique nibs which means they’re angled at the tip and that would, for example, be an OB which is an oblique broad nib. When you start for the first time, I suggest you maybe go with a medium nib, a fine or an extra fine nib, because they’re easiest to learn with and later on, you can upgrade and invest in more pens with broader nibs.



The Converter

Unlike a ballpoint pen, most fountain pens don’t come pre-loaded with ink and you can either get cartridges but they’re more expensive on a per-use cost and instead, you can use a converter so you can choose from any kind of ink you want and you can just fill the ink into it. Usually, they cost anywhere from one to five dollars but you’ll save money over time compared to a cartridge which is usually a one-time use.

Piston filler

Piston filler

The Piston-Filler

This one doesn’t have a cartridge and you simply turn the knob at the end of the fountain pen to basically suck ink in or push it back out. Normally, you find this kind of mechanism in more expensive fountain pens. Personally, I am a big fan of the piston fillers or the converters because down the line, they’re less expensive than cartridges and they’re also less hard on the environment because you have less waste.

5 Highly-Recommended Beginner Fountain Pens

1. Pilot Metropolitan

The first really inexpensive fountain pen is the Pilot Metropolitan which retails at around $ 15. It was introduced in 2012 and it was universally praised as a really good fountain pen especially at the price point. It comes in a nice gift box, has a nice weight, very clean lines, and you can even choose between different nib widths which is not something you often find in this price range. It uses proprietary cartridges and converters but when you buy a new one, it comes with a converter where you just have to squeeze and let go which sucks up the ink into the fountain pen.

Metropolitan pen Nib

Metropolitan pen Nib

Personally, I think it’s a very good pen that comes in different finishes so you can personalize it to your taste. The nib is made out of steel, made in Japan, and I think for what it is, it is really good, it’s not harsh, it is definitely a pen that we recommend to anyone who just wants to start out and who’s not sure if he wants to invest hundreds of dollars into a fountain pen.

2. Pilot Varsity – The Most Inexpensive Fountain Pen

Usually, it’s sold in a five pack for ten dollars and it has a nib, it looks pretty cheap like a typical rollerball and it is all plastic. It’s considered a disposable fountain pen that you can’t refill once the ink is all gone. Now if you look at YouTube, you may find people who have actually hacked that and were able to refill it. That being said, the plastic is so cheap that over time, it will probably break anyway, so if you think that you might use the pen for a longer time, I suggest going with the Metropolitan over the Varsity. The good part about it is that it has a great nib, consistency, and it’s not scratchy.

3. Jinhao X450 – Huge Bang For The Buck

These pens cost approximately $ 5 each and most people are shocked by how low the prices are and how valuable it seems in comparison. If you want a huge bang for the buck, Jinhao is definitely worth a look. Unlike the pilot Metropolitan, the Jinhao pens are larger and the 450 is also a lot heavier. Now if you write a lot, that can tire out your hand more quickly but if you just use it for signatures, it’s really nice to have a certain weight. The nib of the X 450 looks pretty similar to a Montblanc nib, however, it’s just gold-plated and not made out of solid gold. Right out of the plastic bag, it even comes with an ink converter which is rather nice and unexpected in that price segment. Overall, it doesn’t look like a high-end fountain pen, at the same time, it doesn’t look like a five-dollar pen either.

4. Jinhao X750 – Inexpensive Fountain Pen Made in China

On the other hand, the X 750 has kind of a brushed stainless steel look in platinum color the nib is likewise in the same color. It has a nice lid that clicks on and seems quite tight even though over time, I don’t quite think it will stand the test of time. The name engraving on it looks rather cheap but at the end of the day, it is a cheap fountain pen. In my opinion, it’s very similar to the x450. It’s just lighter in weight and frankly, if you want to try them out, you get both for just about 10 bucks which is really inexpensive.

5. Lamy Safari – Inexpensive Fountain Pen Made in Germany

It’s made in Germany in Heidelberg which is very close to my home state and when I was in third grade, this is the fountain pen I used. Because of its sleek design and look, you can even see sometimes people today wearing it with their bespoke suits which I find quite ironic because it was a school pen that I used. For the same reason, I just can’t get myself to use that pen today because it always makes me feel like a little school pupil.

The standard version of the Safari is made out of plastic. You can also find different versions of metals such as aluminum but in my experience, they dent very easily and scratch so they don’t look very well. Going with the original plastic version is just fine. The styling is definitely the most industrial one but it’s very comfortable in your hand and it’s very easy to grip for small hands as well as medium hands. If you have really large hands, I find the Lamy Safari is not quite the right pen for you. Lamy was quite smart and they introduced the proprietary ink cartridges which are much larger than regular ones but also more expensive.

Lamy Safari in action

Lamy Safari in action

They also have ink converters but you have to buy them separately and they are not part of the package as for the Jinhao. Unlike the other pens in our line up, the Lamy Safari has a convenient ink window so you can see if the pen is dried in or if you simply ran out of ink. The Lamy Safari nib is smooth right out of the box and it comes in different nib widths as well. It’s also easy to exchange the nibs in different widths and because it is such a popular pen, it comes in many different colors and patterns and varieties.  The Lamy Safari is most expensive of the bunch and cost between $ 20-$ 25 dollars depending on where you buy.


If I had to choose just one fountain pen out of the five, it would probably be the Pilot Metropolitan in a F or fine nib because medium is something that you find in a lot of nibs so fine is a little different. It also has an ink flow that it’s not as strong so you can basically write on it with any paper without risking it to bleed and it also has a heavier weight than the Lamy Safari and to me, it’s a more professional looking pen and it doesn’t have that schoolboy image.

All the Pens mentioned here can be used by right-handed and left-handed people but it’s really a personal preference and so I suggest you go out and try them out, you can even buy two or three different ones to see which ones you like more and then write it up for a little bit. If you really fall in love with them, you’ll probably want to invest in a more expensive piece that has nicer materials and a nicer nib because that way, it remains a good investment.

Do you use fountain pens? Feel free to share the ones you used when you started out.

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Look like a Gentleman, Travel in Style and Enjoy the Best in Men’s Accessories at Hook & Albert. Get 20% Off Your First Order with Coupon Code TAKE20. Shop Now!

Here Are the Wildest Looks From Paris Couture Week

Laurent Viteur/Getty

PARIS—Twice a year in Paris, the world’s top couture designers, and a handful of haute jewelers, present gems most people could never afford and designs that show just how far you can go with a needle and thread in the name of making a lasting impression—both for better and worse.

Sometimes tacky, and often completely OTT, Couture Week shows both how wrong you can get it with thousands of Swarovski crystals at your disposal or too much satin, as well as sometimes unleashing original visionary design. This week, showcasing fall 2018 designs, revealed both extremes to full effect.

As the July shows proved, big and bold is back, and while some European designers seem to have run out of steam, foreign creatives, like China’s Guo Pei and Japan’s answer to Iris Apfel, Yumi Katsura, stole the show, sending walking bird cages and churches down the runway—in Guo Pei’s case—and bright green kimonos in Katsura’s, even though the last person to wear one in Paris, of note, was Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


Best of Threads: Watches, Tobacco Suits, Boots & Books

What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads is a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the users/mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


What Watch I Wore Today

What Watch I Wore Today | Threads.Dappered.com

Ever crowd-pleasing with watch enthusiasts, the What Watch I Wore Today thread continues to be a popular destination. DocDave kicked off the month with the Casio Edifice while BillN showcased the stellar modding work done by idvsego. Pborkstrom showed off some Sekio love, quickly followed by ajs116, jays0n and Loafer28. Christopher Ward watches are a popular pick with readers, with jwwilker and Rawfull displaying their respective watches. idvsego went one step further by showing some of his every day carry items, which prompted a brief discussion from the group on items other than watches. LesserBlackDog broke out a very nice Tudor selection, while Publius showed that not all watches have to be mechanical.


Tobacco Suit Ideas

Black Lapel Tobacco Linen Suit

User Pelennor ask the group what their thoughts were on tobacco brown suits after seeing one at Target. Galcobar felt the term ‘tobacco brown’ wasn’t descriptive enough while theplayerking commented that he had a tobacco linen suit which worked out nicely as an occasional summer piece. Bixmeister noted the suit in question as identified by Pelennor is of the color name Dapper Brown (no word on any Dappered copyright infringement) and felt the shade would be versatile enough to wear with a variety of colors. The discussion then turned to how to match/pair accessories with a brown suit, with Tokenemynd, mebejoseph offering their input. Finally LesserBlackDog pulled up an image from the interwebs that nicely illustrated an outfit. (photo credit: Black Lapel)


Desert Boots Anyone?

Desert Boots | Threads.Dappered.com

Granted that style is a personal choice, BillN asked the group why so many people love Clark’s Desert boots. Shade chimed in saying he didn’t get the love either, Mad Martigan wasn’t a fan of the crepe soles, armedferret has never been a fan, Crims feels the shoes are overrated , and aps2012 has never really liked them. Of course that’s not to say the conversation was all one sided. Many users came to the defense of the desert boot including maich, julius12, MediumTex, and the Alpha King. Of interest is that user Kurps commented desert boots were one of the first items he bought after finding Dappered, but now he’s moved on to other shoes. Does this mean desert boots are a gateway drug to shoe love?


Summer Reading

Summer Reading | Threads.Dappered.com

With summer here for many of us, it’s a time to pick up a book and relax down at the beach. Need some suggestions? hornsup84 just finished reading A Higher Loyalty, and LesserBlackDog finished Paris 1919Transient recommended a good fun book called The Name of the Wind and winghus joined in saying the sequel is a great read too. Finally The Wheel of Time fans sethtvaughn and Rawfull commiserated with Shade who decided to start rereading the series.

Looking for some advice, direction, or just to connect with some cool guys? Maybe you have a book you’d like to recommend for some summer reading.  If so, then Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Many thanks to contributor Dave I. for assembling this month’s Best of Threads.

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Coffee is Good for Breast Cancer and You

Coffee has actual health benefits, and may even protect against breast cancer recurrence, a recent study out of Sweden has found. No, this message is not sponsored by Starbucks, which will no doubt benefit as well. Health Benefits Coffee comes from a bean, or a whole plant source, which means …

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ICYMI: Shop Gold Sandals, Selena Gomez’s New Coach Ads & Fashion’s Obsession with Quilting

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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HUMAN MADE & George Cox Link up on a Trio of Statement Creeper Silhouettes

Looking ahead to the Fall/Winter 2018 season, HUMAN MADE has joined forces with British label George Cox to rework a footwear silhouette that was earlier brought to the fashion forefront by the rebellious youth inhabiting much of the ‘70s UK punk scene, and in turn, has long pervaded the iconic shoemaker’s legacy. Spotted above, we see two variations of the D-Ring Creeper — one in grey and the other in tan — in addition to a lone rendition on the D-Ring Creeper Boot fashioned in black.

Central to all three models is the chunky crepe-style sole, metal ring eyelets, plush cow leather suede upper and signature weave pattern along the toe. Each is priced at ¥60,000 JPY (approximately $ 543 USD) and are available for purchase now via HUMAN MADE’s online shop.

In other footwear news, here is an official look at the Don C x Jordan Legacy 312 “Storm Blue.”

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST



Milk Makeup Is Seeking A Gifting and MUA Intern In New York, NY

Driven by creativity and designed by industry insiders, Milk Makeup is inspired by our home; Milk. A cultural hub in NY and LA, that sits at the crossroads of fashion, music, photography, art and film. A place where trends are born and a platform for the next generation. Milk Makeup is fun, …

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How Fashion Failed to Confront Its #MeToo Moments

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

The #MeToo movement has seen the careers of several notable figures torn to shreds. With the ever-growing list spanning Hollywood, politics, and the media, the fashion industry, too, has bore witness to sexual misconduct allegations against a number of renowned photographers.

Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, and Terry Richardson have all been accused of sexually exploiting models throughout their careers; allegations that each man has denied.

Although the fashion world is still run by men, conglomerates like LVMH (which owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, Céline, Givenchy, and more) have pledged to fight gender inequality and prevent any further #MeToo-related incidents following damning reports by The New York Times and The Boston Globe in which several models—both male and female—made allegations against more than 20 fashion photographers, agents, stylists, and casting directors.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


Sure, men can wear shorts — but should they?

Dapper dudes in shorts are cropping up everywhere from the runways to the red carpet. Two Posties take on the polarizing trend. Johnny Oleksinski: Shorts shouldn’t be worn on the job — or on the town Society cannot allow this horrible behavior to be normalized. We must #resist. I refer, of course, to men wearing…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


Women and Depression: Treatment Options

It’s been called the common cold of modern emotional life. And like treatments for the modern cold, there are many treatment options for this challenge. The Mayo Clinic suggests that about twice as many women as men experience depression, meaning about one in four or five women develop depression at …

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What To Wear To The Office – Dressing for Work

In most offices today, business casual is a firmly rooted dress code. As far as dressing for the office goes, a lot depends on the culture but over the years, things have changed dramatically and today, we go through the decades and we will give you a specific rundown of what items to wear, what not to wear, and particularly, what shoes you can focus on.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Ace Marks.

In the last thirty years, the formality scale has dropped dramatically and today, probably just 1/10 office workers wear a full suit. As with many trends in menswear, the World Wars set a huge impact on style and dress codes for the office and it usually meant that it was more casual or at least, more utilitarian.

Office Wear Through The Years



In the 1950’s, there was a post-war boom, materials were again plentiful at least in the US, and so people wore suits, white dress shirts, ties, and proper oxfords. The classic black cap toe oxford was definitely a staple shoe at the time.

Of course, characters like James Dean popularized a much more casual and youthful look with undershirts, however, that did not catch on in the office. If you wanted to work at a proper office, you could not show up dressed like James Dean.



During the 1960s, the mod style had a heavy influence. Nevertheless, people still wore suits. In terms of style, you could see that lapels got narrower and so did the ties. Trousers usually had huge cuffs or turn-ups, or sometimes an excess of two inches. The big casualty during this decade is the hat. Also worn by older gentlemen who consider the hat to be an essential part of their business wardrobe, younger men simply went without it.


Of course, the 60’s were great for fantastic menswear fabrics that were heavier and not as soft as they are today. At the same time, they drape really well. At the same time, man-made materials were becoming a lot more popular so you would see nylon, polyester, and all kinds of other things blended into classic menswear which eventually would fade again but at that time, it was a bit tight and was very popular to have artificial fibers in your business wardrobe. The style influencers at the time, just like the Beatles, still wore suits, dress shirts, and ties.



In the 1970’s, the disco and hippie style dominated men’s fashion and that even had an influx on the office. People still wore suits but they had a lot bolder patterns, lapels had gotten wider, colors were a lot bolder, and everything was different. Lanvin, Pierre Cardin, or Yves Saint Laurent were really popular designers and would oftentimes license their name to have suits produced even for the American market.


In the early 70’s, you’d still see flare pants but by the end, they became more European and slimmed down. The ties were longer and much wider and the rise of pants was much lower. In terms of shoes, the derby shoe became more popular now but in very traditional white-collar environments, you would still see the black cap toe oxford as the dominant business shoe.



In the 80’s, things changed a bit again. Designers like Giorgio Armani created a more unstructured suit that was quite wide, the gorge of the lapel was low, and eventually, the power suit became really popular. Just think of Wall Street, in the US, Ralph Lauren also became really popular and he always had a taste for wider ties and wider lapels. Shirts were oftentimes Winchester shirts that had bold stripes, colored combinations that resembled the typical power style.

Michael Douglas wearing a Winchester shirt

Michael Douglas wearing a Winchester shirt

The classic office shoe was still the black cap toe oxford, sometimes you would see black derbys, or things like Gucci loafers in black. Even though you had power suits on the one hand, on the other hand, combinations became much more acceptable for office wear. Also, TV shows like Miami Vice popularized the style of wearing a t-shirt with a jacket on top. Obviously, this was not worn to the office but it showed the desire to casualize a formal wardrobe.



The 1990’s were definitely the heyday of office wear and men’s fashion. Vogue declared the end of the era of the power suit and things became a lot more casual. In the US, casual Friday became a lot more popular and people who quit the traditional jobs and started working on tech startups in Silicon Valley really changed the way people dressed to the office.


Everything became more casual and not wearing a suit was a traditional F.U. to the classic establishment and the way they dress. In terms of shoes, you could still see anything from the classic black cap toe oxford in a law firm, for example, all the way to New Balance sneakers with tech startups.



In the 2000’s, the influence of the Silicon Valley further increased. New generations were not interested in wearing business suits, they were not used to wearing suits, and they certainly don’t want to wear it to the office. Fast fashion started to dominate the retail world and so quick turnover of many different seasons and trends with very low quality and very little substance became mainstream.

Atte Rytkönen from Dress Like A with jeans and a gray jacket.

Atte Rytkönen from Dress Like A with jeans and a gray jacket.

Also, jeans or denim have become universally acceptable no matter whether you go to church or at a fine restaurant. In the early 2000’s, jackets became a lot shorter and suits became a lot slimmer. A very popular shoe in the US for business was the tassel loafer and even today, you can find men who are about to retire wearing the same 90’s suits that are quite wide in cut with their sometimes brown or oxblood or black tassel loafers.

In terms of shoes, the tassel loafer from the 90’s became less and less popular and you found a lot more shoe companies that used the internet to bring shoes from the manufacturer directly to the consumer, thus cutting off the middleman, and saving the consumer quite a bit of money. One of those companies is Ace Marks.



Today in most office environments, business casual and casual Friday is the most prevalent dress code. At the same time, a lot of people don’t really understand what it means, specifically. The boundaries between work and office have been blurred; we find a lot more working from home now and working outside the office. At the same time, surveys indicate that 1/2 of senior level management thinks that their employees dress too casually. So some men are really into dressing up and they love it when they can wear suits to the office while others would rather wear sweatpants.

Overall, I think there are more men interested in classic men’s clothing and dressing up today than they were 10-15 years ago.

Fast Fashion labels

Fast Fashion labels

What To Wear To The Office

The Plus & Minus Rule

A lot of it depends on your workplace and the culture there. That being said, we are big supporters of the plus and minus rule. So, don’t just look at what the employee handbook says but actually observe what people are wearing.

Ideally, you want to stay within one step above what people wear. You don’t want to step below because it definitely has an impact, people see it, and they will judge you maybe just subconsciously.

You’ve probably heard of the old saying “Don’t dress for the job you have but for the job you want.”. That as a caveat, many CEOs today dress very casually because they are already at the top of the company and they don’t have to impress anyone. At the same time, if you have client contact and you want others to respect you at the office, dressing well and dressing a step up is important.

Now that being said, sometimes your manager or superior can feel threatened if you outdress them so that is one aspect to keep in mind. You do not want to offend people and hurt your chances of climbing the ladders simply because they feel threatened by the way you dress. Honestly, if that happens at your workplace, it’s probably time to change jobs anyway because that is not the kind of culture that you will likely thrive in, especially not if you like to dress up.

5 Office Wardrobe Staples

Office outfit with tobacco brown knit tie and navy blazer

Office outfit with tobacco brown knit tie and navy blazer

1. Navy Blazer

Even though you never have to wear suits at work, having a blazer is ideal because it makes your otherwise very informal outfit rather formal without being over the top.

Chinos can be worn to the office or dressed down

Chinos can be worn to the office or dressed down

2. Cotton Chinos

Ideally, you get them in some khaki color, you can also go lighter with stone, or darker with navy, it’s a classic staple slacks that sit in between jeans and dress slacks in terms of formality. You can also wash them at home so you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning costs and they are just a wonderful business staple. You can also wear them just with dress shirts, or with sport coats, or a blazer, and they always look good.

A selection of light blue dress shirts in different shades

A selection of light blue dress shirts in different shades

3. Dress Shirts

If you don’t work in a super formal office, you can be a little bit more relaxed with your shirts, you can have stripes, you can add some colors, maybe checks, and you can decide if you want to have button cuffs or French cuff for cufflinks. Cufflinks are certainly a bit more formal; I personally like them because it gives me a chance to wear all the different cufflinks in my collection.

Black, blue, and white checked dress shirt

Black, blue, and white checked dress shirt

If you don’t wear neckwear to the office, I suggest you go mostly with checked shirts; you can incorporate different colors such blue, green, or red, and I would opt for a button-down collar because it stands up more nicely, the tips always stay down. Because if you wear a jacket, the tips should always stay underneath. I’d also go with button cuffs rather than French cuffs, otherwise, not having a neckwear but the French cuffs is kind of a clash of formality. Of course, if you love cufflinks overall, you can still wear them.

Business Casual Outfit with silk knit tie

Business Casual Outfit with silk knit tie

On the other hand, in a lot of offices today, neckwear is not required anymore and it is simply something that you can wear to express yourself. If you don’t want to go with the traditional three-fold business tie, you can opt for different things such as knit ties, for example, which are different in texture, they are more casual and they are definitely office appropriate. If you decide against neckwear, I suggest to always have a pocket square in your blazer or sport coat because it really upgrades your look, makes it more unique, polished, and finished.

4. Shoes

In terms of shoes, the rules have relaxed a lot. For the traditional office, you can go with the classic black cap toe oxford. At the same time, brown at the office today is probably more popular than black if you look at all the offices across the US and Europe. It really does not matter if you go with derby shoes or monk straps. In my opinion, a great shoe for the office, for younger men, is the double monk strap shoe. It is right in between the classic office leather dress shoe with the leather sole and a sneaker. Even though you can wear it in black, I prefer colors in burgundy red or maybe brown because it is casual enough to wear for a happy hour after work but also perfectly appropriate for most office environments.

That being said, most offices today are casual enough to go with brown shoes at pretty much any instance and if you want to go with brown, there are so many shades all the way from a light tan to a medium tan to medium brown, dark chestnut brown and really dark brown. I would definitely suggest to stay clear of sneakers and always invest in a quality pair of dress shoes. Now down the line, it always pays to invest in quality dress shoes because the cost per wear goes down. You may think that is easier said than done because you are just starting out your career and this is your first office job, it may be hard to come up with all the money for nice quality dress shoes.

You can buy quality leather dress shoes in different price points; you can invest 200 dollars, 300 dollars, or 2000 dollars for a pair. That being said, Ace Marks provides a range of quality office dress shoes that won’t break the bank. Does Ace Marks produce the best menswear dress shoes ever made? Absolutely not! However, what they do offer is a really big bang for the buck because they sell directly from the manufacturer to you as a consumer thus, saving the middleman market.

If I would have to pick just three shoes that are appropriate for office wear, I would go with the black half brogue oxford. The burgundy double monk strap, as well as their brown penny loafer.

Invest in a quality pair of socks that won't slide down

Invest in a quality pair of socks that won’t slide down

5. Socks

A lot of men wear short socks or mid-calf socks when they slide down, they expose your hairy calves which is still unprofessional in this day and age. To prevent that, you should go with over-the-calf socks that stay up.

How do you dress for work? Share your office wardrobe essentials below!

Gentleman’s Gazette


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11 Dew Products That Will Make Your Skin Glow This Summer

The beauty industry is full of buzzwords. Longwear, glazing, ampoule, skin barrier, glass skin, hydrating, anti-pollution and the newly controversial anti-aging. But the latest It term in the space is all about the dew.

Dew has its name on everything from highlighters to eye treatments to mists to serums. Usually, it’s associated with magically turning problem skin into glowing skin. Or it’s another way of bragging that the product is a super moisturizer.

But not all dewy products are created equal. So we went ahead and hunted down the best ones that had glowing reviews. We’re talking a blush that gives a natural, baby pink hue, a cream/powder hybrid that promises a dewy finish without the stickiness, and a much-loved highlighter in a limited-edition rose gold shade. Read on for 11 dew products that really deliver.

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4th of July Sales For Men – J. Crew Factory free shipping & double dipping, 20% off Goodfellow & Co., & More



Why hoedown? Too much for a handful. Enjoy the long weekend fellas… that is, if you’re lucky enough to get some time off.


J.C.F.: 50% off Most Everything + Extra 20% off & Free Ship w/ SUPERSTAR

J. Crew Factory

What was an extra 15% off to start the week has now jumped to an additional 20% off AND you get free shipping too. Suits & Sportcoats aren’t getting the cut, but it seems like the rest of J. Crew Factory’s basics are in fact getting this half off PLUS an additional 20% off that sale price. UPDATE: Sorry fellas, looks like the shorts aren’t getting the extra 20% off cut. But they are shipping for free.


Spier and Mackay: 15% off all regular priced suits/sportcoats/trousers w/ JULY4th

One of the best values in suits and sportcoats just got even better. Yes, sizes are scattered since it’s Spier, but it’s worth a look if you’re in the market for a new suit or sportcoat. Suits with the code now start at $ 279, and sportcoats now start at $ 169. Not bad for half canvas and bemberg linings. Runs clear through Sunday July 8th. Head here for a review of their slim fit, and here for a review of the contemporary fit.


Massdrop (or Amazon) Orient Mako II – $ 129.99

Orient Mako II

Massdrop has the Hacking and Hand Winding Orient Mako II diver for $ 129.99 right now… but so does Amazon. And with Amazon, it ships immediately (no waiting for the pre-order) AND it’s not final sale. Sold direct by Amazon at post time too. So… yeah. You’ll want to go with Amazon over Massdrop this time for sure.


GAP: 40% off Everything w/ GO4th + Extra 10% off & Free Ship w/ MOREFUN


Appears to be exclusion free? I believe? Just a reminder about the math. There are two codes here, but 40% off and then an additional 10% off does NOT equal 50% off. That extra 10% comes off the marked down price. So, if your purchase is $ 100, that’s 100 x .6 = $ 60, and then $ 60 x .9 = $ 54. Close to 50% off, but not quite.


J. Crew: 30% off Select Styles w/ ALLSTARExtra 20% off Select w/ THESKIMM

J. Crew

In case you missed it Sunday. There’s also a twenty dollar off $ 100 code JCSM18 floating about, but you can only use two codes at a time. They should stack though, depending on exclusions. More info over here.


Massdrop: Junghans Max Bill Auto. Watch – $ 729.99 FINAL

Junghans Max Bill Auto. Watch

That’s a lot of cash to drop on a wrist watch. But? Seems like some of you fellas are down with that (as far as threads and the social media channels indicate). Made in Germany. Automatic movement that hacks and hand winds. Timeless Bauhaus looks. 38 mm in diameter and 40mm from lug to lug. Convex hard plexiglass crystal with SICRALAN coating. Final sale though, being that it’s Massdrop.


Target: 20% off Clothes w/ JULY4


Just a warning. Goodfellow & Co seems to fit a little wonky for some guys. There can be quite a gap between sizes. So, lucky you if it fits great off the rack. Code expires at the end of the day on Wednesday.


Todd Snyder: Further additions/reductions to Sale & Clearance

Todd Snyder

Just a warning… sizes are scattered at best. And in the clearance section there’s a few final sale items. So be careful with those. No returns for the final sale stuff.


Todd Snyder Part Deux: New Timex Marlin Blackout – $ 199

Timex Marlin Blackout

Not on sale and almost certainly gonna sell out. Still tiny. Still hand wound. Head here for a review of the silver version. Big thanks to Aaron K for the tip!


Brooks Bros: Up to 40% off Select Spring & Summer Styles

Brooks Brothers

Great for those of us who love Brooks Brothers… yet don’t usually operate on a Brooks Brothers budget. Personally, I’m a big fan of their Regent fit sportcoats. Especially when on double sale like this.


Huckberry: Astorflex Chelsea Boots in Sabbia (neutral) or Cuoio – $ 90 ($ 180)

Astorflex Chelsea

Still half off. Still made in Italy, still super comfortable, still shipping and returning for free. And still quite a few sizes left.


Allen Edmonds: 40% off Select Bourbon & Merlot

Allen Edmonds

Still going on. Still a hell of a deal. Huge fan of the Allen Edmonds Merlot shade around these parts (see a full How to Wear it for their Merlot McAllisters here). Also know that the Bourbon shade can be a bit divisive. Some people LOVE it. Some think it can look a little striped and/or greenish in some lights. Anyway, $ 249 is a hell of a price for timeless Allen Edmonds first quality shoes. Deal runs clear through July 22nd.


UNIQLO: Select 4th of July Deals & Free Shipping No Min!


Feels like it’s a more extensive promotions section for the 4th of July weekend. And? Lots of their warm weather stuff is on sale. Like airism t-shirts and boxer briefs. They’re an inexpensive choice for many.


Cole Haan: Extra 40% off Sale Items w/ EXTRA40

Cole Haan

Lots of snobs like to rag on Cole Haan, but many guys have had some measure of success with the brand. Is full price too steep? Of course. But this stuff is already on sale AND its getting an extra 40% off. So, not bad. Careful though… lots of final sale here. No returns or exchanges on that stuff. So click wisely.


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is Coming


Another reminder before you get sloshed on cheap beer and go hog wild with your credit card this weekend. Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is easily one of, if not the most anticipated sale of the year. Head here for what it looked like last year. If you’re a Nordstrom card-member, you get early access from July 12th – 19th. The sale goes live to the general public on the 20th. And yes, we’ll have our favorites from the sale ready to go for you to peruse.


Also worth a mention:

Dappered Style Mail


For Couture-Only Designers, Creative Freedom and Experimentation Are the Ultimate Goals

Twice a year in Paris, the few remaining couture houses — along with a small cadre of guest designers selected by the exacting committee of the Fédération Française de la Couture — present their collections on the runway.  The “haute couture” designation itself is a legally protected category …

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