‘Downward Dog’ is the TV equivalent of an emotional support animal


If 2018 has shown us anything definitive, it is that human beings are garbage. 

Dogs, on the other hand, remain literal angels whom we do not deserve.

Case in point: Last year, ABC had in its hands one of the purest, most hysterical, most heartwarming comedies on television. It was basically an Office-style mockumentary, but from the perspective of a dog who’s the only one who gets to speak directly to camera in confessional-style interviews. 

Through the lens of its irresistibly charming protagonist, Martin the Dog, we see the absurdity of human behavior. But it’s also a reminder of the emotional lives our animal companions lead — like the stress of needing at least fourteen hours of sleep a day, while also finding time to protect your person from the dangers of vacuums. Read more…

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