Selena Gomez’s Mom Shares Video of the Singer as a Sassy 5-Year-Old: ‘Why Do They Grow Up?’

Selena Gomez‘s mother, Mandy Teefey, just shared a major throwback from the “Wolves” singer’s childhood.

Teefey, 42, shared an adorable video of the pop star, 25, from 1997 when the singer was just 5 years old. In the video, Gomez, wearing two pigtails, is seen showing off her sass as she talked to her mother on the phone and complained about homework.

@selenagomez talking to me on the phone when I was at work asking about her day at school,” Teefey wrote in the caption. “My sassy, independent, boss lady, adorable gigantic piece of my heart, first born love.”

“Gracie is exactly like this. Diabolical. XO,” the mother of two continued, referring to her second daughter, 5-year-old Gracie Elliot. “My girls are born leaders. Why do they grow up? Her sweet little eyes and massive eyelashes.”

In the footage, Gomez tells her mother about a homework assignment she had to do again at her teacher’s request.

“My teacher said I gotta do all this stuff again. I gotta do it by myself,” the tot said in the video. “I’m going crazy, you gotta help me over here! You better girl.”

Gomez’s father is Ricardo Joel Gomez. Teefey and Ricardo are divorced and Teffey married Brian Teefey in 2006 and shares Gracie Elliot with him.

In December, a source close to the family told PEOPLE the two had become estranged and not just because of Gomez’s then-reunion with Justin Bieber.

“It’s more complicated than just fighting over a guy,” the source said. “Mandy and Selena have had their ups and downs before. This isn’t the first time.”

While the two weren’t speaking, the insider said Gomez “also wants to give her mom some space.”

“When they fight, they fight hard,” the source said. “But when they love, they also love hard.”

Gomez reunited with Bieber last year and spent New Year’s with the “Sorry” singer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after she split with The Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) in October.

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A source told PEOPLE at the time that the two were “doing great.”

Weeks later, Teefey admitted she was “not happy” about her daughter’s rekindled romance with Bieber during an interview with Gossip Cop.

She also revealed she had not spoken to Bieber in “years,” although she said she knew Gomez was old enough to “make her own choices.”

“Selena can live her life however she wants as long a she is happy, safe and healthy,” Teefey said. “She is 25-years-old and knows what is at stake with her health.”

But it seems mom knows best, as Gomez and Beiber’s relationship did not last. And now, not only has the Baby singer reunited with former-ex Hailey Baldwin, this week he proposed to her.

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Chris Pratt Talks Plans With Son Jack On Father’s Day And The Moments He Cherishes The Most With The 5-Year-Old

While in attendance at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, the actor opened up about his family time, revealing what is the best kind of moments he spends with his son Jack, 5. Here’s what he had to say!

‘I think my love language is quality time, so when we can just sit down and just be together and spend time with one another, just me and him. That is probably when I am the happiest and when he looks up to me the most,’ Chris Pratt told ET.

As fans know already, Pratt attended the show in order to receive the Generation Award for his contributions to both TV and film through his Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Jurassic World, as well as the newest, Avengers: Infinity War roles.

The star also shared the plans he had for Father’s Day, and it is safe to say it was not as exciting or epic as surviving dinosaurs or traveling the universe to find an Infinity Stone.

However, it is his favorite thing to do with his young son, so that’s great!

‘Church and I am going to lay low and swim in the pool. That is what we are going to do,’ Pratt dished.

We are sure he enjoyed all that leisure time with little Jack.

The proud father seems to really love being a parent and days like these when he can just relax with the boy and make precious memories together are probably pretty rare considering he has a pretty packed schedule.

Make sure to tune in for the MTV Movie and TV Awards that is set to air tomorrow, June 18, on MTV, at 9 P.M.ET/PT!

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My 5-year-old wants to give away her little sister


Kelly Wilbanks

posted in Parenting

My 5-year-old has started asking me if we can give her sister to another family. I’m sure this is in the range of normal behavior…right? I remember thinking my life would be better without my little sister in it, too. A couple of years ago she was asking me if she could move to another family.

She’s seen her best friend’s family morph over the years with adoptions, fostering, and welcoming “bonus” children, so her concept of family is pretty fluid. I like that. But our family isn’t that fluid and her littler sister is here to stay.


I get it. Right now Vivi sees Evie as competition for my time. And she’s not wrong. If the little ones aren’t napping their needs make themselves known, sometimes at full throttle. And Vivi’s chorus of “look at me,” “look at what I made,” or “look at what I can do” gets drowned out.

I feel so torn. Spending time with my cool little kid is fun for me too. I want to invest in the special relationship I have with Vivianne, but get frustrated when she doesn’t acknowledge the time I do give to her. She’s only 5, I get that, but a little validation for the efforts I’m making would help me feel like my energy isn’t going into this vast empty space of want and need.

Some days aren’t so frustrating. Some days we can get away or both babies stay napping and we can sneak in a kitchen picnic like the one Vivi prepared the other day. She set out the cups, I poured the apple juice and she got out frozen Go-gurt, bananas, and apples to eat.


Last week she got off the bus in tears and immediately complained that her ear was hurting. She’d been in pain since lunchtime, but was afraid to go to the nurse. I called her doctors office and snagged the last appointment of the day and was advised to give her some ibuprofen for the pain.

She snuggled into me while we waited for the pain medication to work. As we snuggled, Evie woke up, hair asunder, and joined us on the recliner. Then Annie let out a mighty cry and everyone was shuffled as I went to pick her up.

The babysitter came and I took Vivi to her appointment. The clinic wasn’t far from her dad’s work and he came and joined us. The doctor spoke to Vivi about her ear and her cough. She said, “My cough sounds like a car not starting.” I looked at Tré, amazed at her metaphor.

She kept saying funny things like that. I wondered if I was missing these parts of her personality at home because I was so busy with the babies. At home she’s one voice straining against the others. Here, I was bearing witness to this clever, smart little human alone, really focusing on what she was saying. It was amazing! And no, I’m not just biased because I’m her mom. I swear.


Slipping in a 20-minute picnic is sometimes all the time I have to give. Some day she’ll be older and be the one not having time for me. I want to to stop what I’m doing when I can to give her all the attention I can. Like shutting off the TV when a conversation is taking place; I want her to know that our relationship is important.

As a family of five we will probably always worry about having enough time for each other. But someday the shoe will be on the other foot. I hope she remembers this when it’s her turn to stop what she’s doing and have a kitchen picnic with her children.

How do you fill up your older kids love tank?

Photos by Kelly & Tré Wilbanks

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My 5-year-old says she has a twin who lives with another family


Kelly Wilbanks

posted in Parenting

This sweet story about two unrelated girls who are so close they truly believe they’re twins was sent to me because my daughter has her own faux “twin.” Both she and her friend claim this twin-ship, which graduated from sisterhood because that just wasn’t close enough.

When you ask my daughter about her family, she talks about her mommy, daddy, and little sisters (Evie and Annie), and then goes into great detail about her twin who lives with another family.


I asked Vivianne what makes her and Carol twins and here is what she had to say: “We like Alicorns. We’re sisters, and twins, and we love everything, and we love everything the same. And we love each other to the core.” It’s safe to say that Carol is deeply loved by Vivianne.

It’s also safe to say Vivianne is deeply loved by Carol. When asked why she loves Vivi she said, “Cause we are best friends and will be besties forever and maybe we’ll even be on AFV (America’s funniest videos) together and just be sisters and twins.”

They are “twins of the soul” — where it counts.

They met at another little girl’s birthday party when both were 3. The party was wrapping up and I noticed that Vivi and an equally rambunctious little girl were bouncing on some benches in the waiting area of the pizzeria. I stood near them not wanting to end their fun, but not wanting either girl to get hurt or bother other guests. Eventually that play ended and they were onto the next thing.


In the words of Carol’s mother, “This very pregnant lady waddled over to me and said, ‘I think our girls would be good friends.'” I was right. These girls love like sisters, they fight like sisters, they dream big adventures for each other. Anything we do, Vivi wants Carol along too. We’re planning family vacations and future camping trips with their family in mind.

There are definitely times when the girls need space. One time they were sitting next to each other at a restaurant and getting on each other’s nerves. After we left, Vivi sat in her car seat angrily telling me that Carol wasn’t her sister anymore. She was 3 1/2. I tried to help her sort through her flurry of emotions by asking her what she liked about Carol. She said, “I like that she looks just like me.”

It was a bit narcissistic (that was the only reason she could come up with) and also puzzling because on the surface they are both beautiful and lovely, but look nothing alike. I said nothing. Who am I to point out differences and make them a thing? I didn’t comment on the narcissism either because well, age 3.


I’ve done my best to stay out of the way of their friendship. The only time I put my foot down was when Vivianne began pleading to live with Carol and her family. My hormonally influenced self (I was pregnant again) was a bit offended at the time.

I see their friendship like I do my garden. As long as it’s given the basics, it will grow on its own. Besides some skepticism from older kids when they describe themselves as twins I think our community is helping them flourish as well.


It breaks my heart that our country is divided over something so basic and natural as skin color. This year I have become more aware than ever of the privileges my skin color provides. I want to fix this. My heart cries to join the marches for racial equality, but I know the greatest impact I have might be in my own home.

At this point I just need to stand back and let love do its thing. As my daughter added to her already long list of reasons why she loves her twin, “And one more thing — we both speak the same language even though we have different skin color, it does not matter. We love each other.”

Does your kiddo have a brother/sister/twin from another family?

Photos by Kelly Wilbanks, Vivianne Wilbanks, and Carol Elwood

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5-Year-Old With Serious Heart Condition Gets the Wedding Photo Shoot of Her Dreams

“This may be the only time I see my baby in a wedding dress” her mom said.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Tired Of ‘Pink And Princess’ Shirts, 5-Year-Old Writes A Letter To The Gap

Five-year-old Alice Jacob loves race cars, superheroes and science, and like many kids, she wants her clothing to reflect that. That’s why she wrote a letter to The Gap Inc. asking for “cool girls’ shirts.”

Alice’s mom, Beth Jacob, wrote for The Washington Post about how she has a difficult time finding clothes that her daughter wants to wear in the so-called “girls’ section” of stores. While Beth was doing some early spring shopping for her kids, she picked out some shirts online from the Gap for her son. Alice saw her mom’s selections and realized that the girls’ category has vastly different options. 

“She said it wasn’t fair that all her favorite stuff was only in the boys’ section, and when we looked in the girls’ section, the options were totally different,” Beth told The Huffington Post. “No ‘Star Wars,’ no superheroes, no race cars, wild animals or danger. Alice loves that stuff, and she’s a girl. She doesn’t get why the things she’s into have to be labeled for boys, when the things labeled for girls are nothing like her.”

This prompted Alice to send a letter to the Gap. She dictated it while her mother typed. In it, she explained that she is almost 5-and-a-half years old and that she likes “Superman and Batman shirts and race car shirts, too.” But she can only find those kinds of shirts in the boys’ section.

“All your girl shirts are pink and princesses and stuff like that,” the letter reads. “The boys’ shirts are really cool. They have Superman, Batman, rock-and-roll and sports. What about girls who like those things like me, and my friend Olivia?”

Then, Alice made two important suggestions:

“Can you make some cool girls’ shirts please? Or, can you make a no boys’ or girls’ section — only a kids’ section?”

Beth stressed to The Huffington Post that Alice doesn’t care about a specific brand over another. She simply wants clothes that “are comfortable and let her run” and also reflect what she likes. She loves bright colors like red, blue and orange and wants pictures of things “she thinks are cool” on her clothes. 

“Every parent has a story of their kid’s obsession with something ― dinosaurs, trucks, sea animals, rock ‘n’ roll, Batman,” Beth told HuffPost. “These passions aren’t divided by gender ― why do their clothes have to be?”

Alice sent the Gap two copies of her letter: one to corporate and one to its foundation. Each letter included a personalized drawing from Alice and her signature. Beth told HuffPost she heard from the Gap that the company has not received the hard copy of Alice’s letter yet, but she has not otherwise spoken with anyone from the company yet. 

In August, the Gap came under fire for a promotional email it sent to customers in the United Kingdom. The email included a photo of a boy wearing a shirt with Albert Einstein’s face (and misspelled name) on it and a girl wearing a logo sweater. The ad labeled the boy as a “little scholar” and the girl as a “social butterfly.” Many parents spoke out and tweeted their disappointment with the ad.

Beth is proud of her daughter for speaking out about gender stereotypes. Their family loves superheroes, and Beth has taken this opportunity to show her kids to “be brave enough not to be like everyone else.”

“As a mom, I want both my kids to be unafraid of liking what they like, being who they are and speaking up when things are unfair,” she said. “I’d say Alice wanting to send that letter accomplishes all three.”

The Huffington Post has reached out to the Gap for comment and will update this post accordingly.

The HuffPost Parents newsletter, So You Want To Raise A Feminist, offers the latest stories and news in progressive parenting. 

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