Transgender librarian files suit over Alaska health policy

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A transgender woman filed a discrimination lawsuit Tuesday against the state of Alaska, saying she was denied coverage for medically necessary surgical treatment.
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Why Alaska is actually more unique than you thought


Alaska is one of those places that we all should visit at some point in our lives. With its incredible and diverse open plains, national parks, snow-capped mountains, forests, wildlife and more, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit some of the wonders of this state. But there are some things about Alaska that are much more unique than we all first thought – mainly because it goes 30 days (or more) without any sunlight and basks in eternal night, but that’s not all.

Alaska’s endless night

If you’ve ever been to Alaska, Iceland, or any other place that is about as far North as you can go (you know, without falling off the face of the Earth) then you’ll probably realize that it’s pretty dark most of the time. Alaska is located just below the Arctic Circle, which is a pretty unlucky area. Due to the Earth’s tilt (23.4 degrees if you want to be specific), this area never rotates towards the sun during the Winter Solstice. Because of this, it is shaded in darkness until the Northern Hemisphere enters the Summer Solstice.

As Alaska is shaded and incredibly far away from the sun, it is extremely cold all the time and completely shrouded in night at all times of the day. However, this is not your average night with the moon and the stars. As the sun’s rays do not travel to this part of the world, they cannot reflect off the moon or the sun – meaning it is completely pitch black. This endless night can often last up to two months, and will only offer it’s residences just a few small hours of twilight each day. And it’s pretty weird.

Alaska’s endless days

Because of this phenomenon, the state is not only shrouded in endless night – it is also shrouded in endless days. Just as the earth rotates away from the sun in the winter, the earth rotates towards the sun in the summer and doesn’t shy away. Instead, residents in Barrow, one of the closest towns to the North Pole, can often have continuous light and the sun for at least three months of each year. That would definitely upset your body clock.

Alaska’s northern lights

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on Earth – and home to one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon. The Aurora Borealis is often called the Northern Lights and consist of streaks of colorful particles that fly across the sky in incredible patterns. This phenomenon is caused by charged protons and electrons hitting the Upper atmosphere of the Earth and can normally only be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. Alaska is one of those lucky destinations where the Northern Lights can be viewed. This spectacle can be viewed on average for 243 days each year – which is an incredible achievement.

The sheer size

Alaska is the biggest state in the United States of America; bigger than Montana, Texas, and California put together! However, the state is more populated by animals, natural landscapes, and flora than it is people. Throughout the whole of the state, there are more than 3 million lakes and over 3,000 rivers in Alaska alone. This takes the record for the most inland water of any other state in the US.


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‘Drag Race All Stars’: Chad and Alaska Return for Revenge but with Only 3 Queens

This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race went off with very few surprises. That is until Mama Ru summoned Chad and Alaska to return in their handmaid costumes in preparation to reveal the season’s big twist.

Just before the return of the past All Stars winners, it was Bebe Zahara Bonet and Trixie Mattel lip syncing for their legacy in the Top 2 — wins that both of them desperately needed.

Trixie was supposed to be the frontrunner heading into the season but remained safe every episode so far until last week when she was nearly eliminated. (Trixie fans are still recovering from Shangela’s fakeout last week though, so we won’t dwell on it!)

Meanwhile, Bebe returned to the workroom to compete after winning the first ever season of Drag Race, so she had a lot to prove in order to not jeopardize her legacy. But after failing to deliver anything special or memorable week after week, she really needed a win to prove she deserved to be here.

So after an Andy Warhol-inspired runway in which our queens had to both make their own Studio 54 costume and decorate a giant can of soup, Trixie and Bebe finally landed on top. And it was Aja and Shangela (fresh off a win the week before), who faced elimination.

Bebe won the lip sync and sent Aja home. And, despite getting a huge redemption after doing poorly in Season 9, it certainly seemed more reasonable than getting rid of Shangela. The Hallelloo queen has been killing it this season and already has two wins under her belt — no easy feat with BenDeLaCreme around!

Aja actually helped Bebe sew her dress, so to then be sent home by her has got to sting. But there was no time for tears because, after teases left us waiting in anticipation all season long, RuPaul finally called Chad and Alaska back to the stage.

The OG All Stars have been stalking our contestants in their Handmaid’s Tale outfits all season long and have finally been called upon to reveal the twist they have up their long red sleeves.

When Ru asks the queens how many of her eliminated girls they were able to capture, three queens returned to the stage. And while their faces were covered by their bonnets, we’re led to believe that these are previously eliminated contestants who have returned for their revenge.

But the gag is, there were only three queens on stage, but it’s actually five who have gone home. So who wasn’t invited back? And what does it all mean?

Previews for next week showed Ru declaring that they were here for their revenge, but are they actually coming to compete? Or are they just here to shake things up by somehow throwing a wrench into the competition?

And what about the widely spread rumor that Bebe is a mole? Many people thought she may have been spying on the other contestants for Ru this whole time and would join the eliminated queens in helping to vote off one of the contestants. But Bebe’s win tonight would feel like a waste if she wasn’t really playing the game (Trixie could have had that!) and the reveal likely would have happened as this week’s cliffhanger.

Instead, we’re left with more questions than answers heading into next week, but it’s exciting to know we’ll finally find out the big shocker of the season.

And while you super sleuths put on your detective caps to try to figure out what Chad and Alaska are up to, don’t forget that the Season 10 queens were also announced at the end of the All Stars episode. Head here to read our break down of the upcoming cast and then head to Twitter to let us know what you think next week’s big All Stars twist will be.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Here Are the Season 10 Queens


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The Life We Live – Surfing Alaska

Short Feature:

A land of extremes – Alaska is the home of the midnight sun and the midday darkness. With over 34,000 miles of rugged, wilderness coastline, snow covered mountains and glacier carved fiords, violent weather patterns and 30ft tidal changes – This is not an easy place to go prospecting for surf.

Watch the full Surf Alaska video series here:

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Brick + Mortar – Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix)

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China signs on to Alaska gas pipeline, but it’s far from set

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The latest push in a decades-long effort to commercialize vast stores of Alaska’s natural gas got a boost when the state announced a deal with three Chinese companies. But the $ 43 billion project is far from reality.
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Alaska Airlines Employee Calls Tomi Lahren ‘Tami,’ Twitter Loves It

Tomi Lahren got inadvertently shaded by an airline on Twitter, and people were really into it.

The right-wing commentator, who recently got hired as a senior communications adviser at Great America Alliance, apparently had a bad experience on Alaska Airlines and ― as one does ― took to Twitter to tell her tale:

The airline, which responds to most tweets where it’s mentioned, tweeted back to offer their condolences for Lahren’s troubles. However, in their response, they called her “Tami.” 

The company later tweeted that “Tami” was a typo, but Twitter erupted in the aftermath regardless. Twitter users were praising Alaska Airlines employee Ryan, who signed the tweet, as well as the the airline itself:

Nothing like a good typo to get Twitter all worked up. Nicely done, Ryan.

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You Can Stay for Free in a Beautiful Cabin in the Alaska Mountains

Dreams really do come true.

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AIRE Alaska Adventure Duffel Bag

AIRE Alaska Adventure Duffel Bag

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I Only Hear Wedding Bells If They Ring in Alaska


The venues have been vetted online, through Google Images and Yelp reviews. The current finalists? A reasonably priced lodge in Homer, Alaska, and a state-funded park in South Dakota. Now I just have to search Airbnb and determine if there are some nice hosts in either location who would be willing to accommodate about 200 friends, relatives and possibly a DJ.

This is what a father of girls must do after casually reading — and, as a result, upchucking his morning coffee — a survey revealing that his hometown of Chicago is the second most expensive U.S. location for a wedding. In my case, two weddings.

The survey, conducted by wedding website The Knot, estimates getting married in the Windy City will set me back $ 61,265 once I have covered the reception, music, flowers, attorney’s fees when my wife and I divorce after arguing over which relatives not to invite, and powerful prescription drugs that, if taken with food or milk, should hopefully make me forget the entire event and the plundering of my savings account.

Perhaps I should take heart knowing we did not put down roots in New York City, the most expensive U.S. location for nuptials, with a price tag just north of $ 82,000, according to The Knot. This is hardly a shock considering New York leads the nation in every “most expensive” category, the lone exception being Most Expensive Chicken Nuggets if Served by Snow White. Thanks, Orlando.

New York dads, you may want to consider relocating immediately, as Long Island, the Hudson Valley and the outer boroughs of Manhattan also made the list. Rounding out the top 10 were North/Central N.J., Cape Cod, Mass., Palm Springs, Calif., New Orleans and anywhere in Rhode Island.

But The Knot sympathized with fathers everywhere by also including the 10 least expensive wedding locations. Alaska and South Dakota occupied the top two spots, hence my research and willingness to offer my children a choice. I’m partial to Homer, Alaska’s Driftwood Inn. Wait until I tell my girls that not only is there plenty of RV parking for guests, but wedding packages include a promise to move the reception into the nearby Elks Club in case storm clouds roll through Kachemak Bay — wherever that is. I’d be lucky to find complimentary umbrellas in Chicago. Girls, if your dad is paying, I strongly urge you to consider this location. Other than the possibility of a grizzly bear photobombing the wedding pictures, it seems very practical.

Of course, you could also choose my other option: the beautiful (and cheap) Black Hills of South Dakota. You’ll be happy to know that Custer State Park offers numerous sites for both your ceremonies and your receptions. And, being a state park, it also includes strictly enforced quiet hours, meaning I won’t have to cave when my guests — and the caterer — plead with me to keep the bar open past the agreed upon time.

I’ll save even more money should you decide to get married in South Dakota in January. Don’t worry, I checked out the winter wedding photos online; judging from the expressions on the bride and groom’s faces, nothing says love like standing in a snowdrift.

If these two states don’t offer everything you desire, The Knot also suggests I, excuse me, we, can save money by holding your weddings in Texas (OK, West Texas), Arkansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana or Oregon. If you insist on staying close to home, Central Illinois rounds out the top 10. Just say the word and I’ll start scoping potential locations in Heyworth or Blue Mound, both of which appear to be centrally located, according to the Illinois map I just downloaded.

Girls, please don’t call me cheap. Call me practical. And if any last minute expenses come up, your dad will happily pay for them with a minimal amount of grumbling.

I’ll just withdraw some money from my secret “Finally Have Dinner in New York” account.

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Navionics Gold All In One 2d Charts (micro Sd) Canada And Se Alaska, Msd/2xg

Navionics Gold All In One 2d Charts (micro Sd) Canada And Se Alaska, Msd/2xg

Navionics Gold All In One 2d Charts (micro Sd) Canada And Se Alaska, Msd/2xg . Navionics new Gold All-In-One 2D Charts, now updated with huge regions, expanded wreck database, enhanced port services-extensive data you won t get with embedded plotter cartography. Compatible with DeLorme, Eagle, Furuno, Humminbird, Lowrance, Medallion, Murphy, Northstar, Raymarine, and Simrad.
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