Nikki Bella: John Cena and I grew apart

OHMYGOSSIP — Nikki Bella felt she and John Cena had “grown apart” shortly before they were due to get married.
The 34-year-old professional wrestler and the ‘Blockers’ star were due to tie the knot in May but cancelled their engagement just weeks before their big day, and in a new clip for Nikki’s reality show ‘Total Bellas’ – which was filmed before their split – the star admits she doesn’t feel as close to John as she used to.
Speaking to the camera, she reveals: “I feel like I’m continuing to grow more apart from John, and I should be growing closer to him.”
In the clip, Nikki can be seen enjoying tea with her closest girlfriends during her Parisian bachelorette getaway, when she confesses the doubts she’s been having about her impending wedding.
She tells her friends, including twin sister Brie Bella: “Every little part of this wedding, it’s like, it’s going back.”
But one friend attempts to reassure her as she adds: “But you’re finally telling people what you want. And that’s the best part.”
Despite having her reservations about the wedding, Nikki admits to the camera that she doesn’t want to tell her friends exactly how she feels, as she didn’t want to “ruin” their weekend away.
She adds in the teaser for Sunday’s (22.07.18) episode: “I don’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend and they’re all here for me, so even though I’m feeling all these emotions, I just think I want to keep this to myself for a bit longer. As long as I can, at least.”
Nikki broke off her engagement with fellow wrestler John, 41, over their differing views about having children, but since their split John has said he would love nothing more than to patch up his relationship with Nikki and father her future children.
The pair are not yet back together, but Nikki has claimed she just needs “time” to herself before she considers giving John another shot.

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Brie Bella considering baby number 2

OHMYGOSSIP — Brie Bella is considering having another baby.
The 34-year-old professional wrestler and her husband Daniel Bryan welcomed their daughter Birdie into the world last year, and whilst Brie is just getting back in the ring after taking time off to raise her tot, she is already thinking about adding to her family once again.
Speaking about her family plans, she said: “I need to kick more butt in the ring still. [I told Daniel] next summer. In mom world that’s like really close. So, next summer.”
But the ‘Total Bellas’ star – who is the twin sister of Nikki Bella – couldn’t be happier with her life just the way it is, as she admits she’s “so lucky” to be Birdie’s mother.
She added to E! News: “I’m so lucky to have an incredible daughter, and I think it’s because I have an amazing husband. Our family is just laid back, but we just love each other so much and Birdie feeds off that.”
Meanwhile, Brie recently revealed that she would be raising her daughter on a vegetarian diet, but won’t stop the tot from eating meat if she requests it.
She said: “As of right now, I am [feeding Birdie a vegetarian diet]. The day that Birdie asks me to try meat, I won’t deny it to her.”
Brie doesn’t want to “push” her beliefs onto her daughter, and will let her make her own decisions when she gets older.
She added: “I’ll always let her know the things I believe in and why, but I’ll never push them on her. I was blessed to be raised in a family where they didn’t push a lot of stuff on me.
“I was able to find who I am today and I want Birdie to have that. I’ll educate her on why I live the lifestyle I do, but if she asks for it one day I won’t make her feel bad about it and I’ll let her try it for sure.”

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27 Swimsuits That Double as Tops (a la Bella Hadid)

Bella Hadid in Chanel swimwear in New York City.

Bella Hadid rocking a Chanel swimsuit without a body of water in sight; Image: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Tracking down summer swimsuits can be a trying task. And not only because we desperately want to find ones that flaunt our assets while camouflaging our perceived flaws. Nowadays, swimsuits (both one-pieces and bikinis) seem more designed for the sand or pool-side rather than the water with all their frills: embellishments, appliqués and barely-there coverage practically begging for a wardrobe malfunction.

But Bella Hadid, aka supermodel and trendsetter, has a solution for rocking water-resistant swimwear: wear them as tops. In late April, Bella was spotted decked out in a black and white Chanel swimsuit poking out from her baggy jeans. Now, styling swimwear for après beach or pool is nothing new — that’s why there are cover-ups — but the model wasn’t even water-adjacent. No, she was just out and about in New York City, wearing swimwear as streetwear.

As Bella goes, so do the trends, so we’re expecting this styling trick to take off (like tiny shades and bike shorts). To get you ahead of the swell, we’ve rounded up 27 swimsuits that are prime candidates to wear as tops (some you can even swim in) along with helpful styling tips so you don’t look like a fish out of water as you’re pounding the pavement.

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Kanye West Jams Out To His New Music, John Cena And Nikki Bella Are Back Together | LIVE | PeopleTV


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Bella Hadid just cleared up plastic surgery rumours once and for all

‘I wouldn’t want to mess up my face’

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has been facing plastic surgery accusations ever since her successful modelling career took off.

Rumoured to have undergone a nose correction and lip augmentation, the 21-year-old model has spoken about her flawless appearance on multiple occasions, never openly confirming or denying getting work done.

However, in a recent interview with InStyle, the American model took the moment to shut down the plastic surgery rumours once and for all.

‘People think I got all this surgery or did this or that. And you know what? We can do a scan of my face, darling. I’m scared of putting fillers into my lips. I wouldn’t want to mess up my face.’

Hadid, who isn’t afraid of flaunting her looks with her 18 million Instagram followers, continued to reveal that she wasn’t always happy with her body.

‘People think I’m very confident, but I really had to learn how to be,’ she explained, confessing that she used to dislike her “big hips” and “weird face”.

two is company

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

This isn’t the first time Bella Hadid talked about the difficulty of dealing with body confidence in the public eye. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia last year, the model revealed that people will judge her every decision.

‘You’re going to get scrutinised for anything that you do. If you’re skinny and have a sick body and you don’t have a butt, people are going to say, “Why do you have no butt?” And then you go and get a fake butt and they get mad at you because you have a fake butt. And then you don’t have boobs, and it’s just a whole circulating circle.’

Well. That’s cleared that up.

The post Bella Hadid just cleared up plastic surgery rumours once and for all appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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John Cena and Nikki Bella are already back together after six heart-wrenching weeks apart

Well, that didn’t take long.

Nikki Bella and John Cena are already back together just six weeks after they called off their engagement, People reported.

“They were always going to find their way back to each other,” an insider told the magazine. “It was never going to be permanent.”


/entertainment – New York Daily News


John Cena & Nikki Bella Are Back Together & ‘Working On Their Relationship’ After Split

It finally happened! John Cena and Nikki Bella are reportedly back together a month and a half after ending their ending their engagement! Here’s all the latest news on thie newly rekindled relationship!

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Super Nanny Jo Frost Wants to Help Out the Bella Twins with Their Nanny Needs!

The famous nanny offered her services after seeing the Bella Twins talk about their current (and future) child needs on People Now.

Come back every day at 12:00 p.m. EST to watch People Now streaming live from the Meredith offices in New York City. Get the absolute latest in celebrity news, real-life people stories & the best of fashion and food.

Want even more? Watch clips from yesterday’s People Now.

Fashion Deals Update:

John Cena’s Trying to Get Nikki Bella Back, ‘I Want to Be the Father Of Her Children’

John Cena says his life’s been a wreck ever since his fiancee, Nikki Bella, dumped him before their wedding … and says he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back — including having children.  “I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” Cena…


Bella Hadid is learning to smile more

OHMYGOSSIP — Bella Hadid “finally” feels “centred”, and it’s making her “smile more”.
The 21-year-old model has become known for her serious gaze in photos, but she has now revealed she’s breaking the habit and plastering a smile on her face because she’s in a much happier place in her life since battling Lyme disease, which sapped her energy.
She said: “I was always really self-conscious of myself and I didn’t like my smile. I thought I had a crooked smile my whole life. When I started modelling, it was such an intense force that I guess I just didn’t smile and I didn’t want to, and then it became a thing that I didn’t smile. I just wasn’t really feeling well and I didn’t like my smile. I got really sick for a few years, so I kind of lost myself in that.
“Now, I smile so much more, because I’m so much more in my power and finally centred. I’m such a people person, and I kind of lost that when I wasn’t feeling well, so now that I’m back working all the time, getting to do press like this is really fun. I love interacting with people. I’m figuring myself out along the way.”
Looking back on her early modelling days, Bella wishes she had been herself from the start, and not tried to hide her smile.
She added: “I wish somebody had told me to really be myself when I was younger. When I started working three years ago, I think I tried to mould myself.”
Bella admits she’s still left feeling exhausted due to her hectic schedule and her ongoing battle with Lyme disease – which an infectious disease spread by ticks – but she is learning how to power through.
Speaking to InStyle, she said: “If you’re tired, you’re tired, and you have to get over it. I love my job, and at the end of the day, my bed feels very sweet at night.”

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Bella Hadid Makes Us Want to Wear a Crisp White Tee ASAP

Like Sharon Stone before her, Bella Hadid makes the case for pairing a classic white shirt with a more formal outfit. The twist: instead of a button down, Bella just expertly reached instead for the plain white tee. It’s a staple so wonderful that not only does everyone own one, but a band was named after it (remember the group behind “Hey There Delilah”?).

The supermodel made an appearance at the Being Serena premiere on Wednesday, April 25, in NYC with her older sister Gigi and while both ladies opted for menswear-inspired suiting (Gigi’s was colored and paired with a bralette), Bella left her blazer unbuttoned to reveal a crisp white cotton shirt. Comfortable, classic — and a fresh twist for a fancy look .

Which got Us to thinking — you can never have enough white tees. Not only should you own a few different cuts (you never know what the occasion might be or what you will need to pair them), but because they get discolored easily, you most certainly need more than one.

So, inspired by the supermodel, shop the best white t-shirts on the market and go on with your understated cool-girl model sex appeal.

Us Weekly


Why Nikki Bella Ended Her 6-Year Relationship With John Cena

Nikki Bella was the one to throw in the towel when it came to her relationship with John Cena, an insider close to the couple reveals to Us Weekly exclusively.

“The things he’s been saying on television and in the press recently hurt Nikki,” the insider tells Us about why Bella, 34, ultimately ended her six-year relationship with Cena, 40. “John is a mess” because of the split, the source continued, and noted that while Bella isn’t happy, “she is not devastated.”

John-Cena-and-Nikki-Bella split
John Cena and Nikki Bella attend the 2017 FOX Upfront at Wollman Rink, Central Park on May 15, 2017 in New York City. Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

“She’s in a place where she’s just exhausted by some of the things going on in the relationship. John is the love of her life [and] she adores him. They still speak. It’s just very hard. But right now, she has to focus on herself,” the insider continues.

As Us Weekly was first to report, the couple, who got engaged in April 2017, announced their split on Sunday, April 15. “While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another,” the former couple told Us in a statement. “We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives.”

The WWE stars’ personalities were also very different, which ultimately pulled them apart. While Cena is shy and introverted, he’s very guarded, the insider notes. “Right now, Nikki has to find Nikki. She’s in a great place with her career, has an amazing family who will be with her through this entire journey, and she needs some time to figure It all out.”

Following the announcement, Cena took to Instagram to post a meme that read, “Worst day ever!” He also shared a telling quote from poet Walt Whitman on Saturday, April 14: “We were together. I forget the rest.”

Bella and Cena’s wedding was set to take place on May 5.

Us Weekly


Bella Hadid Shares Throwback Photo of Her and Kendall Jenner Taking a Topless Swim in the Ocean

What happens on vacation stays on vacation … unless you post the proof to social media!

On Saturday, Bella Hadid shared a throwback photo of herself and pal Kendall Jenner running out into the ocean for a little topless swim — with their bikini tops still in their hands.

In the risqué snap, the supermodel friends are joined by two of their mutual friends, singer Justine Skye and photographer Renell Medrano, all of whom were wearing cheeky pairs of thong bathing suit bottoms.

“Woke up missing this pureeee love. 💙🦋” Hadid, 21, wrote alongside the sun-filled snap.

While Hadid didn’t specify which vacation the shot was from, it could have taken on the tropical vacation the famous friends enjoyed together in May 2017. In photos documenting that fun-filled trip, the models appeared to be wearing very similar bathing suits to the ones they were (partly) wearing in Hadid’s throwback snap.

RELATED: Boats, Babes and Butts! Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Embark on Thong-Filled Tropical Vacation

While the pair have yet to jet off to a tropical destination together this year, the close friends did celebrate the new year together in chic black-and-white ensembles. Hadid wore a black jumpsuit with cut-outs along the front, and Jenner, 22, wore a pair of black wide-leg pants with a white crop top and black jacket.

The two posed for a photo in front of two sleek white cars that Jenner later posted to her Instagram with the caption “new year, same us.”

Fashion Deals Update:

Now This Is How You Coordinate Outfits, Gigi and Bella

No one does sister style better than the Hadids, and for their latest outing, the duo proved they know exactly how to coordinate outfits but still bring their own unique styling to the table. The base of their perfect casual-cool ensembles included a pair of black pants and a tight-fitting black turtleneck. Gigi threw on a slightly oversize orange Prada jacket, and Bella opted for a more fitted pink leather jacket.

Each sister also wore black boots that were specific to her personal style: Gigi chose a pair of rocker-inspired mid-calf leather boots, and Bella slipped into knee-high Aquazurra boots featuring a block heel. The finishing touch to their coordinated outfits? Cool black sunglasses and pulled-back hair. Voilà—ensembles that match but are unique. Read on to see Gigi and Bella’s outfits below.

On Gigi Hadid: Prada jacket;Burberry Asymmetric Lace-up Boots ($ 895). On Bella Hadid: Commando Ballet Body Mock Neck Bodysuit ($ 74);Georgine pink leather blazer; Aquazzura Brera Boots ($ 1200)

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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This Is the Bella Hadid Way to Wear Patent Leather Pants

Allow us to introduce you to patent leather pants—a shiny, perhaps squeaky, but undeniably cool fashion item that has slowly but surely taken over the street style scene. With even the quickest scroll through recent New York Fashion Week pictures, one thing becomes very clear: Celebs are here for this trend, with model Bella Hadid being the most recent example.

Hadid teamed her burgundy patent leather pants with more loose-fitting relaxed pieces: a cropped tee, a Y/Project denim jacket, and an oversize flannel shirt from up-and-coming designer Tyler Lambert. (Side note: Remember this name because he’s about to blow up.)

Lambert, a Midwest-born designer (who, by the way, just turned 21 per a recent Instagram post), already has a strong celeb fanbase, including the likes of the Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Jasmine Sanders, and now, Bella Hadid. His clothing line, which includes everything from hand-distressed denim to vintage (hand-dyed) flannels, is “inspired by bringing back ‘the old’ and making it better,” as his site says. And we must say, he’s definitely succeeding at doing just that. Now, read on to see Bella Hadid’s full look, and then shop the Lambert flannel for yourself.

On Bella Hadid: Y/Project denim jacket; Tyler Lambert Vintage Ombre Flannel ($ 64); Stand patent leather pants; Dr. Martens Persephone Arcadia Boots ($ 160); Alexander Wang x Peebles hat
Available in one size fits all.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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Bella Hadid’s Sneakers Are So Comfy They Feel Like Stepping on a Cloud

There are comfy sneakers, and then there are really comfy ones—and Bella Hadid has officially found the latter. In fact, the trainers she was seen wearing for a recent outing in New York City are so comfortable they feel like stepping on a cloud. Intrigued yet? Because we definitely were.

Hadid wore the Prada Cloudbust Mesh Sneakers ($ 690)—a fitting name for a shoe designed to create the feeling of walking on a soft, puffy cloud. But how is this possible? The sneaker features a contrasting bubble-style sole that lifts you up and creates a soft, cushy barrier between your feet and the ground. 

The model coupled the shoes (which we’re predicting will be among the next It items of 2018) with relaxed pieces—a pair of loose-fitting pants and a long overcoat—which together, created a look that appears as comfortable as it does cool. Now that’s a win, win. Read on to see Bella Hadid’s full outfit, and then shop the Prada sneakers for yourself.

On Bella Hadid: Issey Miyake F/W 12 coat; Prada belt bag; Prada Cloudbust Mesh Sneakers ($ 690)
Available in sizes 5.5 to 11.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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Bella Thorne’s Powerful Message to Abuse Survivors

The actress Bella Thorne, who disclosed this weekend that she was sexually abused “from the day I can remember” until the age of 14, has posted a tearful video in which she thanks fellow victims of abuse for sharing their stories.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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Nikki and Brie Bella hate their chins

OHMYGOSSIP — Nikki and Brie Bella are self-conscious about their chins.
The 34-year-old professional wrestling twins have admitted they have suffered body shaming throughout their career with wrestling fans dubbing them the “Bella chins”, and have said the comments even pushed them to consider surgery.
Nikki said: “Everyone always called me the fat twin and I got body shamed like no other … I’ll never forget when all the fans used to call us the Bella chins. The other day I was like, ‘Brie I am so embarrassed. I wish I could just have surgery.’”
And Nikki has even revealed her sister is concerned that her seven-month-old daughter Birdie – whom she has with her husband Daniel Bryan – will inherit their facial feature, and is pushing herself to be “proud” of who she is so the tot doesn’t become self-conscious too.
Speaking on this week’s episode of ‘Total Divas’, Nikki added: She’s like, ‘Look at Birdie. You can see that Birdie is gonna have our chin.’ She’s like, ‘I don’t ever want our daughter to hear us dissing ourselves. We have to be proud of who we are.’”
The pair’s body insecurities come after Brie admitted she was planning a “woman empowerment party” for her sister after Nikki threw Bella various extravagant parties.
Brie said: “I just feel so bad because Nicole like literally planned two different baby showers for me, my bachelorette party then my bridal shower. I kind of feel like we should throw her a party.
“My sister has been amazing. She’s constantly throwing me parties, from my bachelorette party to now my baby shower. I’m like, you know what, she deserves something special … Like a cute little, you’re a career woman, woman empowerment party. We all know John Cena doesn’t want kids, so a woman empowerment party. Perfect for her!”

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Bella Thorne squeezes into a sexy Santa corset for raunchy festive snap

BELLA Thorne delivers a Christmas treat to her Instagram fans as she poses in racy festive lingerie.

The red-haired US star, 29m wore a Santa hat with the lace-up corset, suspenders and stockings for the scintillating social media post.


Bella Thorne looks racy as ever just in time for Christmas[/caption]

Bella captioned the pic, which has picked up almost 300,000 likes in a matter of hours: “It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas.”

The kooky former Disney star attracted waves of comments on the post, including “you naughty vixen” and “little boys look away”.

The festive post comes a week after the actress took to her Instagram stories to post a risque picture of her bare breasts with lots of little stars underneath – after asking fans to help her choose a tattoo.

With her arm covering her nipples, Bella lifted her boobs to show off the potential new inking, while writing sat under the other breast.


The star asked fans to choose a tattoo for under her boobs
Bella Thorne has asked fans to help her choose an underboob tattoo on Instagram

She captioned the shot: “Should I get this tat” with an in love emoji, before posting a boomerang shot of her chest.

The tattoo wouldn’t be Bella’s first, as she already has around 10 inkings on her body, including a kitten behind her ear.


She also has the number 93 in red ink on her forearm, the words wild and kitty on the back of her calves, and cat whiskers on her right index finger.

Bella isn’t afraid to flash the flesh on social media
Bella posed topless last month to show off one of her latest inkings
Bella and her sister both got tattoos on their ankles

Bella also has an outline of a heart on the palm of her right hand, a similar design on her left shoulder, and a wrist tattoo which reads B2 – Bella Squared.

The inking is a tribute to her best friend Bella Pendergast.

The actress also has a crescent moon and two stars on her ankle, which she got with sister Dani to celebrate her 23rd birthday back in 2016.

Her most recent inkings include an elbow tattoo which features tiny dots and lines of various sizes fanning out from around her elbow.

Bella showed off her ‘bite me’ tattoo last month
Fans loved the new design on her hip

She also went topless on Instagram to show off a tattoo on her upper back near her arm pit which reads “I Love You” in colourful ink before posting another picture to show off a one on her hip which says “Bite Me”.

Bella has no problem with nudity, having recently stripped completely naked for GQ.

Fans were loving the designs, with compliments like “lit as f***”, “so cute” and “I’m obsessed” flooding into the comments.

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Bella Hadid wears skintight sequinned red dress and white fur coat to join an anti-Trump protest in London

BELLA Hadid surprised protesters when she took part in an anti-Trump demonstration dressed in a skintight red dress and white fur coat.

The 21-year-old certainly stuck out amongst the other protesters a she joined in on the action in Oxford Street.

Bella Hadid was seen joining in an anti-Trump protest in London
Splash News
The model got in on the action at the pro-Palestine protest
Splash News
She was snapped joining in on the march near Oxford Street, dressed in a sequinned red dress
Splash News
While the other protesters were more casually dressed, Bella looked glam in her white fur coat
Splash News

While the other demonstrators were more casually dressed, Bella was dressed to the nines in a glittering sequin gown and sky-high heels.

The model, who is of Palestinian descent, had just been partying five minutes away from the protest at an event staged by luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer.

As she was driven away from the bash, Bella’s limo was held up behind the protesters, who had gathered outside the US Embassy near to Hyde Park.

So instead of hanging around, Bella got out of the car and joined the march for a few minutes before getting back into her car, and heading off into the night.

The model, who is of Palestine decent, happily marched with with the protesters towards the US Embassy
Flynet Pictures
The supermodel could be seen getting into the spirits of things waving her fist in the air
Flynet Pictures
She joined the protest after her limo got stuck behind the march
Flynet Pictures

She appeared to get into the spirit of the protest, and was seen shouting and raising her fist into the air.

The demonstration was against Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Meanwhile, Bella’s outing comes as it’s rumoured she is still in love with her ex The Weeknd.

The pair split in November 2016.

Bella happily stopped to take a selfie with her fans who were also on the protest
Splash News
After the joining in the protest for a few minutes she headed back out into the night
Earlier she had been at a party in Oxford Street
Getty – Contributor
She looked stunning in her skintight shimmering gown
Splash News
The Victoria’s Secret model braved the chilling Lodon air in an oversized coat
Splash News

But they are said to have rekindled their romance after the chart-topping Canadian singer split from Selena Gomez recently.

A source told US Weekly magazine the pair had remained on friendly terms after their split, and have been in touch almost non-stop.
The source said: “[They] have been talking, texting and FaceTiming each other pretty consistently.

“Bella really missed him.

“She’s happy with where things are and he is too.

“They are still totally in love.”

TV and Showbiz – latest celebrity news, gossip, photos, TV and film reviews | The Sun


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Live Stream: Watch Bella Hadid & More Walk The Runway

Tonight’s the night! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs at 10:00pm ET and it’s going to be epic. We’ve got a live stream so you don’t have to miss a minute. Tune in here!

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John Cena leaving wedding planning to Nikki Bella

OHMYGOSSIP — John Cena is leaving his fiancé Nikki Bella to plan their wedding.
The 40-year-old professional wrestler insists he isn’t getting involved in the run up to their big day and is leaving it all to his wife-to-be because he wants the day to be “very special for her”.
He told Entertainment Tonight: “I think I will be told what I’m going to wear for my wedding. I can tell you what I’m wearing on my wedding night … birthday suit!
“I think a lot of the details with the wedding [are up to her], going back to more serious, because I want the day to be very special for her. I just want everybody to have a fun time, but I want the day to be special for her, so the little details like that, if I’m told what to wear, I’ll fit in just fine.”
Meanwhile, Nikki previously revealed she wants a “long engagement” and is thrilled with how the wedding planning is going.
She said: “[Wedding planning is] going amazing. I’ve set a date, I found the dress, and now I have to do all the in between. Once I got engaged, I started to realise, like, ‘Oh, I’ll be married forever, so I want a long engagement. And I just want to enjoy being a fiancée. I want to enjoy the wedding planning process … I know I’m not going to get cold feet, so I just really want to enjoy it.”
And Nikki isn’t worried if things do go wrong on her big day because she is just happy to be marrying the “man of her dreams”.
She added: “I think so many brides will let the smallest things bother them, and it’s like, ‘Oh wow, you’re marrying the man of your dreams, everyone’s happy, having fun, just go with it.’ Something will mess up. Just do what you want.”

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Gigi Hadid lost a shoe on the runway at NYFW, but sister Bella saved the day

Gigi Hadid lost a shoe on the runway at NYFW, but sister Bella saved the day

Gigi Hadid lost a shoe on the runway at NYFW, but sister Bella saved the day

Even when you’re a total expert at something, there’s always a time when things just don’t go as planned. Case in point: Gigi Hadid lost a shoe during New York Fashion Week , but it all turned out okay in the end.

Firstly, let’s just all agree that super high platform heels can be tricky to walk in — even for the pros. But, as with any unexpected happenings in life, it’s usually just best to laugh it off. Which is exactly what Gigi did with sister Bella, who linked arms with her big sis and helped her finish off the show with total poise.

Here’s a video of how the whole thing went down. You’ll notice that the audience could hardly tell that anything was amiss — all thanks to Bella!

That’s the perfect sisterly support system right there.

Now, can we discuss their outfits? Gigi’s silver sequined dress and Bella’s floral frock are giving us so much fall style inspo. And we are absolutely digging the show’s ’60s-inspired, bohemian theme (also, the clip definitely proves that fringed vests are back, and we’re 100% on board with that).

It’s also a great reminder that dresses can be layered with jewelry, jackets and wraps to give them an element of funk.


We’re glad that Gigi’s wardrobe malfunction didn’t stop her from finishing out the show, and we’re also glad that sister Bella was there to fall back on. It’s a great reminder that life will always throw the unexpected at us, but as long as we have the support and friends and loved ones, we can make it through like champs!



How Becoming a Beautiful, Bald Bella Gave Life to a New Business

On Episode 2 of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Ehdra – the “Beautiful Bald Bella” Frazier from Atlanta, pitched her product, Dome Essentials. Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships sat down with Frazier after the show for an exclusive one-on-one conversation.


(Image: Facebook/Ehdra Beautifulbaldbella Frazier)


Brandon Andrews: Tell us the Dome Essentials story.

Ehdra “The Beautiful Bald Bella” Frazier:  My experience is in marketing, small business development and business administration. I’ve worked alongside pastors, CEO’s and visionary leaders in the corporate and nonprofit communities for over 25 years. In 2012, I decided it was time to stop helping everyone else achieve their visions and dreams and start a new journey of my own.

I had just turned 50 and felt it was time to do some new things in my “Round 2.” So I made the big chop (cut off all my hair) gave myself a big 50th birthday celebration, recorded a single, and started packing in preparation to relocate to a big city. The decision to move to Atlanta to be near my oldest daughter and two grandchildren seemed like a great fit. While living in Atlanta, I began to notice that wearing my bald head was not an issue as it was up north. It was welcomed and I was admired. I felt comfortable sporting my bald head and was surprised at how many women and men began to acknowledge my look; commenting on the confidence and boldness I exuded.

I wore hair pieces, wigs, hats, and scarves since middle school. Many could not tell the difference between my hair and the “doos” I sported. No one ever told me, but I now believe I had female pattern baldness (or alopecia) around the edges of my head. My hair was so thin and fine that I could not wear many popular styles most of my life. So when India Aire’s song, “I am not my hair,” first came out, my response was, “I am not my hair, but it sure helps!”


I began to notice that the things which used to stress me were no longer issues like: going swimming, riding in a car with the windows down, sitting comfortably on the couch and having my hair push up, doing modern dance with a scarf to hold my hair on tight, and the worst, riding a roller coaster (which I loved the most).  I began to notice that my stress levels were reduced significantly as a result of not looking over my shoulder or being concerned about my hair.  I never realized how much stress I was under until then.  I felt a new calling emerge. I was already encouraging by nature; but even more so now. It became my mission to stop every person I met to proclaim: “You are rocking that beautiful dome!” So I began calling women, Beautiful Bald Bellas, and men, Beautiful Bald Beaus. The name stuck so I was branded the original, Beautiful Bald Bella.

Unsuccessful in locating a natural shave system, void of toxins and damaging chemicals, God gave me the blueprint to create my own. In the spring of 2015, while living in the lower level of my daughter’s home, and unable to find work, I had a dream (a Noah experience, I call it). I saw a complete business model for an all-natural shave system, the manufacturing, reselling, marketing, branding, packaging, shipping and delivering processes and all the people involved in the entire process. I even saw Mr. Steve Harvey in this dream, along with some other dome centered items; and in the late summer of 2016, Dome Essentials Inc. was born. I had found my new purpose.

A prototype for The Dome Essentials natural shave system was completed in less than a month. Many men and women in Ohio and Georgia sampled and tested the product. I was ecstatic at the results. The system includes: The Shave Oil—which softens stubble and prepares the scalp for the shave; The Astringent—nourishes the scalp and deposits essential nutrients into the skin, as well as soothes, repairs, and cleans the pores after the shave; and the After Shave Cream—which conditions and protects the scalp.

The key natural ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Shea Butter 100% pure, natural oils, organic essential oils (which are used to clean the skin, control irritation, and improve circulation are among a few of their benefits); vitamins E and D for healthier skin, and other good stuff. The Dome Essentials natural shave system is a faster, cleaner, healthier shave experience!


Does your scalp need special care? How does it differ from other parts of the body?  


Yes, all scalp skin is thick, has several layers to protect the brain, and unlike the rest of the body, the scalp has extra oil glands. Additionally, most people have an abundance of hair for added protection, but it can create a problem for the scalp when we add chemical overload, shampoo goo, conditioners with little or no healthy ingredients, and other products that can clog the pores and cause dandruff and disease to the skin. Many people neglect the scalp all together and focus solely on the hair.


How was your experience pitching on Funderdome? How did you prepare for your pitch?


My experience being on the set of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome was amazing.  The staff treated me like a rock star!  Mr. Harvey was such a gentleman and is a hoot on stage.  He kept the dialogue entertaining and intriguing. A bit too intriguing in my case.  I laughed so hard during my segment, trying not to blush, that I couldn’t complete my product pitch.

(Ehdra – the Beautiful Bald Bella and Steve Harvey on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. Image: ABC/Lisa Rose)


For me, this was my opportunity to jump head first into deep waters. To win or lose was not the top focus for me. Just being showcased on national television and given the opportunity to share my product was a blessing. Then to have it re-run two weeks later was more than I could have asked for. It gave me a double boost of sales!


STEVE HARVEY’S FUNDERDOME - "Episode 106" - Aspiring inventors hoping to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies include: a drying system for wet dogs, a natural shave system for bald heads and a convenient cup holder that's also a throw pillow, on an all-new episode of the seed-funding competition reality series, "Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME," airing on SUNDAY, JUNE 18 (9:00-10:00 p.m.), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Lisa Rose) EHDRA FRAZIER (DOME ESSENTIALS), STEVE HARVEY, MARLON RHODEMAN (TRI BOW TIE) (L-R: Frazier, Steve Harvey, and Marlon Rhodeman. Image: ABC)




What role has faith played in starting and growing your business? 


Have you heard Ericka Campbell’s song: I love God, you don’t love God? What’s wrong wit chu? I really do love Jesus and trust God to fulfill every promise in His Word to us.  So I pray and thank God every day for this new vision and for using me to carry it out for Him. He provides every resource. He opens every door. I try to pray before every major decision and step I take. God’s way is so much better than mine. He knows what’s ahead and I try to listen closely for cues and notes from Him to get everything done.


Give us a post-show update. How do you plan to grow your business in 2017?    

Since the show aired, business has done well! Dome Essentials was invited to be listed on Amazon Exclusives, one of the largest retailers on the planet. Having Dome Essentials highlighted under the Funderdome banner gave us the extra push we needed.

I believe in the philosophy, if you build it, they will come! So, I have established a customer service call center in preparation for the ABUNDANCE of business we will receive, and have a blue print for our manufacturing and production facility already in the works. I’m getting my team ready!

Next steps are to manufacture the Dome Essentials natural shave system in volume, create inventory to expand, present to select resellers, and begin production on the additional items in the line. I have a special addition to the line coming in 2018, which is very exciting and I can’t wait to launch it.

What do entrepreneurs like you need to be successful? How can shows like Funderdome help?   


I encourage every entrepreneur to pay attention to every connection. Every person you meet has a purpose. Every conversation or meeting is not by chance, it has a purpose. You need a team or a TRIBE to manage a business and be successful in creating a legacy. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to do anything meaningful in life! Every one of us has a gift or gifts to make a positive impact on the world; and each of us needs the other’s gift or gifts to make it work. We need each other.  So, find your tribe!



Small Business – Black Enterprise


Jet-setters Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Take Mykonos by Storm After Hitting Up London Pride

Supermodels Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were spotted living it up in Mykonos, Greece, on Sunday.

Jenner, 21, and Hadid, 20, splashed around with a big group of friends in the vacation hot spot, with Jenner wearing a black shirt and a sheer black cover-up and Hadid sporting a white bikini and sexy sheer dress. At one point, the duo walked to the water’s edge to snap photos on the crowded beach.

It’s unclear why the two friends were in Mykonos but it’s just the latest stop in their jet-setting summer.

On Saturday, Hadid and Jenner headed to London to meet up with the latter’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, to watch Kylie’s new beau Travis Scott perform at the Wireless Festival. The Jenner sisters, Hadid and celebrity hairstylist (and longtime KarJenner friend) Jen Atkin were spotted watching the performance on the side of the stage.

Before the concert, Hadid and Jenner both took part in London Pride, walking in a parade and wearing rainbow ensembles.

Before their trip to London, Hadid and Jenner spent their week in Paris, where they both modeled in fashion shows for Haute Couture Week.

Related Video: Kendall Jenner Rules the Versace Runway

Jenner’s visit to the Greek Island comes in the midst of a controversy over a line of T-shirts she and Kylie were forced to pull from their Kendall + Kylie line.

The “Rap vs. Rock” T-shirt line featured the sisters’ faces superimposed over images of famous musicians including Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and The Doors. Photographer Michael Miller is allegedly suing the Jenner sisters  for using his Tupac Shakur photos  without his permission, according to TMZ.

Fashion Deals Update:

Scott Disick Is Still Hooking Up with Bella Thorne, But They ‘Have an Understanding’: Source

A month after Scott Disick and Bella Thorne were first spotted “getting cozy” on a dinner date in L.A., the pair is continuing to hook up and have fun together.

“He’s still hanging out with Bella, but hooking up with other girls as well,” a source tells PEOPLE about Disick, 34.

But although the duo is still spending time with one another, things won’t be getting serious between the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Famous in Love actress.

“Like before, he and Bella have an understanding,” explains the source.

“They’re just hanging out, hooking up and having fun,” the source adds. “Bella loves to party and is soaking it up. She left a party over the weekend in a rush to go and hang out with him.”

In May, Disick and 19-year-old Thorne were seen canoodling in a luxury private villa at the Cannes Film Festival.

RELATED VIDEO: What’s Bella Thorne Doing with Scott Disick? ‘Legit Nothing,’ She Claims — Despite Super Cuddly Pics Together

Despite telling Complex in a recent interview that she jetted out of Cannes after discovering Disick’s partying was too “hardcore,” Thorne has continued hanging out with the reality star, most recently for an evening spent in the 90210.

“I love to go out and have fun. I love to f—ing dance, but I just don’t party hardcore like that and it was way too much for me,” claimed Thorne, who also spent time with her ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin after she returned from France. “I was like, ‘Woah, this is not the way I live my life, bruh.’”

The father of three — he shares Reign Aston, 2, Penelope Scotland, 4½, and Mason Dash, 7, with ex Kourtney Kardashian — and Thorne were seen leaving Lana Del Rey’s birthday party at 10AK nightclub last week before hopping a ride in the same car to an afterparty at a private residence in the area.

Previously, an insider told PEOPLE the two have been spending a lot of time together.

“Bella keeps spending time at Scott’s house,” the insider said. “They have been hanging out every day. She seems to love the attention she gets from hanging out with him.”

But, the source close to Disick added that “their relationship doesn’t even seem romantic.”

“Scott has people over at his house almost every night. He continues to party,” the insider said. “He is also spending time with his kids a few times a week.”

Fashion Deals Update:

Bella Thorne Snuggles Up to Shirtless Ex-Boyfriend Gregg Sulkin After Whirlwind Trip To Cannes

Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin, InstagramShe’s back!
After a whirlwind trip to Cannes with party boy Scott Disick, Bella Thorne kept the party going with her ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. The two former flames were keeping the…

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Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

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Bella Hadid Goes Nearly Naked On The Cannes Red Carpet

Bella Hadid sure knows how work the sheer look. 

All eyes were on the 20-year-old model at amfAR’s 24th Cinema Against AIDS Gala in Cap d’Antibes Thursday during the Cannes Film Festival. She stunned in a completely sheer, embellished custom couture gown by Ralph & Russo (that she reportedly helped design). 

(Story continues after the photos.)

We dress confident, empowered women,” designer Michael Russo told People magazine. 

The dress took “days” to make, according to an Instagram post by Ralph & Russo. Thirty seamstresses used 13 different materials to embroider the gown. And the final product was seriously something. 

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Bella Hadid Is ‘Pissed and Hurt’ Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Are Dating: Source

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) make up Hollywood’s latest hot couple, but there are definitely hurt feelings when it comes to his ex, Bella Hadid.

Bella and Abel’s split wasn’t dramatic, but of course she’s hurt and pissed that he’s moved on so quickly with Selena,” says an insider, who adds that it was Hadid, 20, who ultimately pulled the plug on the duo’s romance.

One day after Gomez, 24, and The Weeknd, 26, were spotted kissing while on a date in L.A., Hadid unfollowed the “Same Old Love” singer on Instagram and later posted a photo of herself flipping the bird.

For more on Gomez and The Weeknd’s new romance and Hadid’s reaction, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

However, multiple sources tell PEOPLE that Gomez and Hadid were never close friends and there was no betrayal involved.

“They’ve always been friendly, but they’re not best friends,” says one Gomez source. Adds another Gomez pal: “Selena knows Bella through Taylor and her squad, but they’ve never been close.”

According to the pal, Gomez and The Weeknd “met a while ago and connected over music.” While the duo’s fans will have to stay tuned to see if there’s a musical collaboration on the way, multiple sources say their romance is just starting to heat up.

“It’s new and nothing serious yet,” says the Gomez source.

Fashion Deals Update:

Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid and More Bikini Babes Ditch the Cold for a Bahamas Getaway

Gizele Oliveira, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, BahamasBrisk winter chill getting you down? Charter a private plan and jet to the Bahamas for some fun in the sun!
Catwalk queen Alessandra Ambrosio joined fellow Victoria’s Secret models…

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Bella Hadid Shared a Racy Photo from a Mysterious New Photo Shoot

Hadid goes topless. 

Lifestyle – Esquire


Bella Hadid Is Equal Parts Badass and Sexy in the Latest Love Magazine Video

Plus: Stella Maxwell and Kelly Rohrbach.

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美容汇 Fusion Beauty 塑颜腮红霜 – # Bella 8.5g/0.3oz

美容汇 Fusion Beauty 塑颜腮红霜 – # Bella 8.5g/0.3oz

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List Price: 46.0

Zoe Zebra Hot Pink Stroller Blanket with Pink Satin Ruffle by Bella Baby Mama

Zoe Zebra Hot Pink Stroller Blanket with Pink Satin Ruffle by Bella Baby Mama

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