Holiday sales best since Great Recession, as consumers buy the latest gadgets

National Retail Federation attributed growth to consumer confidence and strong employment.


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Best road trips in Maine


If you’re anything like us, the idea of taking a road trip will be something you’ve given a lot of thought to. There’s something about hitting the open road and having a more stripped back travel experience that appeals to a lot of people. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are so many amazing areas of our country to explore already, without having to get on a plane and fly somewhere new.

One of the finest places to visit is the state of Maine, popularized in almost all Stephen King novels. As the largest state in New England, this place is stunningly beautiful and full of lots breathtaking scenery, not to mention a mesmerizing blend of color, architecture, and geography. If you’re serious about taking a road trip in Maine, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best options for you.

Coastal Route 1

Seen as perhaps the ultimate road trip route in the whole of Maine, Coastal Route 1 is popular with summer tourists looking for some truly stunning natural beauty. It runs for 300 miles, between New Hampshire and Canada, and takes you through loads of lovely, quaint seaside towns. Maine is a rural enough state as it is, but this is the best trip to take if you really want to get up close and personal with that natural beauty.

Golden Road

This 96-mile road through the woodlands of Maine has to be one of the most scenic road trips in the world. You will cross pristine lakes, epic camping grounds, and majestic waterfalls – all making you feel like you’re half a world away from home. If you like a more physical and down-to-Earth vacation experience, this is the one we would recommend going for. The Golden Road is a favorite among visitors to the area, and it’s easy to see why.

Million Dollar View Scenic Byway

The clue is pretty much in the name with this one, and you need to discover it as soon as possible. Taking you on a stunning route, the road rises along the side of Peekaboo Mountain (yes, it’s really called that). On a clear day, to the East, you’ll be able to see the Canadian province of New Brunswick swirling away across the horizon. There are plenty of lookout points here, as well as great places to enjoy the views.

Grafton Notch Byway

If you are a water-junkie, this is definitely the route for you, as it winds its way all along the Bear River. Through valleys and canyons, you will go, taking in some of the sights and sounds of Maine that you’ve never experienced before. Route 26 will take you through Grafton Notch State Park where you will find countless photo opportunities, and some of the most charming surroundings you’ve ever seen.

These are just a few of the highly recommended road trips to take when you’re in Maine. We can certainly see the appeal, and we understand why so many people have fallen in love with New England. If you are looking for some of the best road trips in Maine, you should do your homework beforehand – but, we definitely think one of these would be the ideal way to go.


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The Best Film & Stage Portrayals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – RANKED

David Oyelowo plays Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in SELMA, from Paramount Pictures, Pathé, and Harpo Films. SEL-00305

Depicting historical icons comes with huge responsibility, and few measure up to the skill required to take on the role of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Several actors have played the activist over the years, all bringing something different to the table with each portrayal.

Here, we’ve ranked the top five portrayals of MLK from both the screen and stage. Celebrate the icon with the best who dared walk in his shoes.

5. Robert Guillaume – Prince Jack

Robert Guillaume played MLK in the 1985 film Prince Jack, based on the presidency of John F. Kennedy. His performance was just one of many during his extensive career to receive both critical and fan acclaim.

4. Samuel L. Jackson – The Mountaintop on Broadway

Samuel L. Jackson made his Broadway debut in 2011 portraying the icon in The Mountaintop opposite Angela Bassett. The role was particularly meaningful for Jackson, as he was an usher at Dr. King’s funeral in 1968.

3. Paul Winfield – KING

Paul Winfield was the first to portray the leader on screen, starring as the civil rights activist in the 1978 miniseries, KING. While over 17 different actors have since portrayed MLK, Winifield’s initial performance still stands as one of the most powerful.

2. Jeffrey Wright – Boycott

Jeffrey Wright perfected the role of MLK in 2001’s TV movie, Boycott.

1. David Oyelowo – Selma

David Oyelowo earned a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of King in 2014’s Selma. 

Powerful imagery of Oyelowo as the slain leader struck a chord nationwide, as the film’s release paralleled Ferguson, Missouri protests after the fatal shooting of unarmed teen, Mike Brown, by police.

While the country may be five decades removed from these historic marches, their influence is seen in protests and boycotts throughout the country. Whether combating police brutality or white supremacy, Selma gives young freedom fighters a 101 on the peaceful perseverance that slowly but surely brings about change.


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Anthony Mackie in All the Way (2016), Kevin Michael Richardson (voice talent) for The Boondocks (2006), Clifton Powell in Selma, Lord Selma (1999).

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Mysuru, India, city guide: what to see, plus the best yoga centres, hotels and restaurants

Famed for ashtanga yoga, wellbeing is a way of life in this magical south Indian city – and fantastic markets, food and architecture all add to the allure

Mysuru (formerly known as Mysore; it was renamed in 2014) has hovered under the tourist radar for years and is often overlooked in favour of southern cousins such as Kochi and Puducherry. But the former royal capital of the erstwhile eponymous princely state is a slow-reveal pleasure, a place of culture, eccentricity, architecture, beauty and manners; a gently pious, highly literate and quietly arresting city, connected to nature and imbued with the sacred.

Continue reading…
Travel | The Guardian


Best posts of 2017 – Jomers suits, Amazon OCBD’s, and one crazy polo

Last week we recognized the Best Affordable Style of 2017, focusing on the top products pumped out by the retail establishment. This week we’re taking a look back at the best (at least what WE consider the best) of what Dappered had to offer in 2017. Not trying to toot our own horn here. Consider this more of an exercise in recognizing what was popular with the Dappered readers, so we continue to create informative content in the New Year. And by the way, to those Dappered readers: thanks.


6 Best Affordable Navy Wool Blazers you can Buy Now

6 Best Affordable Navy Wool Blazers you can Buy Now |

Versatile and simple, the navy blazer has been revered on this site for a while now. Dress it up, dress it down, however you want to do it. We threw together an infographic with call-outs on what an updated navy blazer offers, then laid out 6 of our current (at least they were in September) favorite options.


6 Styles of Boots Worth Owning

6 Styles of Boots Worth Owning |

Keeping on the theme of six… dress, work, hiking, you name it. Here are the six styles of boots that are worthy of gracing the floor of your closet, or wherever you store your shoes.


In Review: Jomers Suits

In Review: Jomers Suits |

Jomers, the small New York based company that sells their wares just about as quickly as they can stock them, entered the suit market with a half-canvas Italian wool suit at an incredible price point. The only issue for our editor was the true-slim fit of the pants, doesn’t quite work for a guy with thick legs. Other than that, these suits are a solid deal.


Fashion vs. Style… visualized

Fashion vs. Style... visualized

A sobering comparison of what the world of fashion offers for over a grand (like one polo), and all the stylish yet affordable items you could purchase for the same amount. Like a suit, blazer, watch, sunglasses, socks, shoes, and a pocket square. Or again, just the polo. We are weird animals.


In Review: Amazon’s Goodthreads Button Down Oxford Cloth Shirts

In Review: Amazon’s Goodthreads Button Down Oxford Cloth Shirts |

In 2017 Amazon made a bigger push into the clothing market, although it seems they have yet to fully establish themselves as a destination for such. Early in the year Joe took their Goodthreads OCBD’s for a spin. For a $ 25 button down option, they weren’t bad. Nothing spectacular about them, but for a basic that graces many a guy’s closet, and these are a good bet for the money.

Dappered Style Mail


Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth dressed up as kangaroos to become the ‘best Aussie’


Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth are as big as they come in regards to Aussies in Hollywood right now, but how much do they actually know about their home?

Ellen Degeneres put them to the test on her show, in a game called Australian Boxers, featuring Robbie and Hemsworth answering a whole bunch of difficult questions about Australia while wearing kangaroo onesies.

Like, did you even know Nicole Kidman was actually born in Hawaii? No one else knew either. Read more…

More about Entertainment, Australia, Celebrities, Ellen Degeneres, and Margot Robbie



The best festivals in Bangkok


Thailand’s capital is among the most sought-after and revered cities in the world. It has played a big role in history and popular culture, and visiting remains an informative and educational experience. A hodgepodge of stunning architecture, vibrant customs, and deep character, this is the kind of city we long to get lost in now and again. Discovering this diverse city lets you enjoy everything that’s great about Asia all in one location.

One of the best things about Bangkok is how seriously they take their Asian culture and heritage. This is explored and celebrated in the form of parades, festivals, and holy days scattered across the year. These are a real treat if you happen to be in the city at the right time – and are well worth a look. We’ve picked out a selection of the best festivals in Bangkok that you need to make sure you get yourself to.


Every year, during the hottest month (April) there is a week of festivities to celebrate New Year. It’s kind of a surreal experience celebrating the new year in April, and it’s even stranger because the streets empty, and it becomes traffic free. You’ll catch residents having friendly water fights, not to mention the fact that there is much dancing and street performing. This is a cool, fun, and slightly odd festival, but we definitely suggest you bring a water pistol and join in the fun.

Chinese New Year

This is a time for all the Chinese-Thai people to come together in celebration for a week in late January. This is perhaps the stand out festival we would recommend during your stay here, and really allows you to enjoy the blend of traditional Asian cultures. Expect lots of dancing, dragon parades, fireworks, and other performers. Don’t expect to find many businesses open during this time – it’s seen as a time of rest and relaxation.

Loy Krathong

Okay, this one is a little more culturally significant to the Thai people, which makes it one of the most important festivals in Bangkok. Taking place on the night of November’s first full moon, the festival sees people sending decorated floats into the water as an offering to the gods. This is supposed to help fight against bad luck and make for a more prosperous year. If you’re interested in observing this beautiful, traditional festival, we suggest checking with your hotel the best place to observe.


International Festival of Music & Dance

Anyone who is a culture vulture needs to attend this excellent festival, usually beginning in mid-September, where you can enjoy the very best music and dancing. The festival brings together some of the best music from around the country, and you’ll even be able to enjoy fun and quirky acts, such as a Michael Jackson tribute act! Check out ticket prices in advance, as they can vary a lot.

Bangkok is a city with such rich culture and diverse celebrations, and you should get on board with that. There are loads of wicked festivals happening here throughout the year, and these are just a snapshot of some of the best. We reckon that you need to check out at least one of these when you travel to Bangkok.


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The Best and Worst Décor Trends from 2017

Even though 2017 will forever be the year of millennial pink, there were plenty of other trends that made their way into (and out of!) our lives. We asked some of our go-to designers which trends they’re still into — and which ones they’re ready for everyone to let go of immediately.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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Aziz Ansari Makes History at 2018 Golden Globes After Winning Best Actor in a Comedy for Master of None

Aziz Ansari, 2018 Golden Globes, Red Carpet FashionsImagine winning an award for eating all the pasta? Aziz Ansari can!
The creator and star of Netflix’s hit comedy Master of None took home the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or…

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Best Affordable Style of 2017 – The Suit

The end of the year means it’s time to hand out some awards.  No, there’re no little statues to pass along, but over the next few days we’ll still highlight some of the best in affordable men’s style from this past year.  And it was a good one. Feel free to send in additional nominations to


Spier & Mackay’s Slim or Contemporary Fit Suits – $ 275 – $ 358 USD

Spier & Mackay's Slim or Contemporary Fit Suits

Back to back years. And well deserved.

There are very, very few things not to like about Spier & Mackay’s entry level suits (they do fancy Italian wools too for an upcharge, but the base line is just fine). Half canvas, Australian merino wool, they come with easy to tailor non functioning sleeve buttons, the lapels are a timeless width, and the two cuts that they offer (slim, and the more generous yet not boxy “contemporary” fit) seem to fit the vast majority of the population.

And they run around $ 350 USD. Sometimes less? (Or MUCH less at two for $ 275 per?!)

Those attributes, and that price, more than make up for the fact that returns are only free on your first suit or sportcoat purchase. But that’s a small knock against them. Also, sometimes the more common sizes seem to sell out awfully fast. But they usually re-stock as the seasons change.

Bottom line: Solid quality, nice fabrics, and fine finishing (buttons, stitching, curved chest pocket, etc…) is a tough combo to find at the mid $ 300s or less. That’s cheap-ish fused suit territory. So a mighty appreciative (& suited) hat tip once again goes to our neighbors north of the border where they’re based. Full review of the Contemporary Fit can be found here.

Spier & Mackay Suit

Also Receiving Votes: Suitsupply’s $ 399 Blue line. Jomers Half-Canvas Italian Wool line (if you can ever get your hands on one). J. Crew’s Ludlow and Crosby suits if you can snag em’ on sale. Black Lapel’s Custom Suits. Banana Republic’s (fused) Italian Wool Suit Separates

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The Best Black Work Pants Are Only $33

When it comes to work wardrobe essentials, a solid pair of black trousers should be high on every woman’s list. The staple is a timeless piece you can wear on repeat and buy at nearly every price point at that. One of our favorite pair of black trousers rings in at only $ 33. The style is from our collection with Target, but the customer reviews and ratings prove we’re not being biased when we say they are the best black work pants. The style is insanely flattering with its subtle crop-flare hemline and slimming material. I’ve recommended the style to a handful of my friends, and they constantly rave about the fit and comfort.

Whether you pair the black trousers with a simple button-down blouse for your office uniform or change it up and wear the pants with an oversize sweater and patent leather ankle boots, they are sure to become your new go-to for Monday to Friday. Keep reading to shop the $ 33 option plus more of our favorite black work pants.

Shop the best black pants for the office below. 

Available in sizes 2 to 26W. 
Available in sizes 0 to 6. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 00 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 2 to 8. 
Available in sizes 2 to 8. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 2 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12. 
Available in size 38.
Available in sizes 2. 
Available in sizes 0 to 8.
Available in sizes 0 to 12.  Up next, shop more polished essentials to wear at the office. 

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


Up to 50% Off Original Price @!

Keto, Whole30 diets rank last on one best diets of 2018 list

A panel of experts ranked 40 diets for the list in U.S. News and World Report.
ABC News: Health

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The Best Revival Series Of 2017: Will & Grace, One Day At A Time | PeopleTV


SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

eBay RoundupWe spend hours trawling for the best of menswear on…

eBay Roundup

We spend hours trawling for the best of menswear on eBay so that you don’t have to. To get a third eBay roundup each week, along with a list of the best sales, subscribe to our exclusive Inside Track newsletter. It only costs $ 5 a month. The savings you’d earn from just one eBay purchase a year will offset the subscription.

There are some really nice finds today in the footwear section. Alden’s tassel loafers could be a nice addition to your spring wardrobe, Carmina’s single strap monks are a good way to add a bit of visual interest to a sport coat outfit, and these black Crockett & Jones boots would do well with blue jeans and olive field jackets. 

To find more menswear on eBay, try using our customized search links. We’ve made them so you can quickly hone-in on quality suits, excellent dress shirts, fine footwear, good jeans, workwear, contemporary casualwear, nice ties, great bags, and well-made sweaters.


Sweaters and knits

Shirts and pants




If you want access to an extra roundup every week, exclusive to members, join Put This On’s Inside Track for just five bucks a month.

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The best hotel bars


If you’re anything like us, when it comes to picking a hotel, your first focus will be on the rooms. But, number two will be the hotel bar. This is such an important aspect of the hotel, and essential for socializing and making merry. We think it’s vital that a hotel has a great bar, and we always take this into consideration when we look at choosing the right hotel.

So, what is it that makes the perfect hotel bar? Well, this is a question that is largely subjective, but, there are certain factors that are total musts. For one thing, there has to be a great selection of drinks available. Second, there needs to be some great seating and socializing areas – oh, and some good food wouldn’t go amiss either. Here are some of the world’s finest hotel bars for a bit of inspiration.

The NoMad at The NoMad Hotel – New York

This opulent and visually stunning establishment has some of the best drinks in the whole of New York. The hotel is terrific as well, but the bar is worth a visit even if you aren’t staying in the hotel. This is the best place to come for drinks in the Big Apple, and there are so many different and delicious cocktails to choose from. The decor is also classic New York, with green booth seats, and ambient lighting. There are few hotel bars in the world that can match up to this one.

Manhattan Bar at the Regent Hotel – Singapore

Sometimes you want a dose of Asian culture, architecture, and hospitality, and that’s what you get from the Manhattan. Singapore’s best bar has also been voted as Asia’s best bar, and we can definitely understand why. The inside is decorated in glossy, gorgeous, art deco style, and brilliantly echoes both the old and new Asia. But, at the same time, as the name implies, the bar is heavily influenced by the old speakeasies of 19th Century Manhattan. This is a real gem of a bar just itching to be discovered.

The American Bar at The Savoy – London

Named as the best bar in Europe, and the world, The American Bar gives you everything you could possibly want. If you’re ever in London, it’s essential that you take a trip to The Strand, and check out this five-star establishment. The bar was one of the first to introduce American cocktails to Europe, and, for that reason, it holds a place in the history books. The bar is elegant, stunning, and has a comprehensive drinks menu. Perfect!

These are just a few of the best hotel bars in the world. Each of them has something that sets them apart from the crowd and makes them an essential watering hole for anyone visiting the city. Guests at the hotel will be able to enjoy the elegance and hospitality of these hotels, and those who aren’t guests will still be able to visit for drinks. Make sure you sample these amazing hotel bars if you get the chance; it will be an unforgettable experience for you.


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48 of the Best After-Christmas Sales for Workwear (and Kat’s Top 21)

xmas 2017 sales - stylish work clothes saleHappy holidays, everyone! I’ve already taken a pretty close look at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale that just started, but I thought I’d take a peek around to see what other sales are worth noting today… are you on the hunt for anything in particular? (Coats? Boots?) Have you found any ah-ma-zing sales for workwear or other? (My top 21 sales — the ones I’d hit first — are marked in bold; which are yours?)

Picture credit: Originally uploaded to Flickr by Ged Carroll (modified slightly). 

  • 6PM After Christmas Clearance, 60% or more off MSRP. (Whoa, tons of $ 400+ suitcases come down to under $ 50.)
  • Ann Taylor Semi Annual Sale, up to 70% off all sale styles!
  • Anthropologie – Winter tag sale, enjoy an EXTRA 30% off sale items!
  • ASOS – Up to 50% off!
  • Banana Republic – Today, extra 60% off sale + 40% off regular-priced items. Sister site Old Navy has up to 75% off clearance, sister site Gap is offering an extra 20% off the winter sale, and sister site Athleta is offering an extra 20% off all sale items, today only.
  • Bloomingdale’s – After-Christmas sale and clearance, save up to 75% off!
  • Boden – Sale up to 60% off (plus f/s over $ 49)! (See our post on how to build a work wardrobe at Boden.)
  • Brooks Brothers – Semi-Annual Sale! Plus, save an additional 15% off online through 12/27.
  • Cole Haan – Extra 30% off sales styles with code SAVE.
  • Club Monaco – Up to 60% off sale when you take an additional 30% off already marked-down styles.
  • DressBarn – Clearance, now up to 60% off
  • Everlane Choose what you pay! The Clearance.
  • Express – 50% off everything (ends tomorrow)!
  • French Connection – Extra 40% off sale with code FCE40S.
  • J.Crew – Extra 30% off final sale styles.
  • J.Crew Factory Take an extra 60% off clearance with code SIXTY.
  • GiGi New York Holiday Closet Sale, 50% off now!
  • H&M – 1000s of new styles added, up to 70% off.
  • Hugo Boss – Final reductions, up to 50% off.
  • Kate Spade New York – Take an extra 40% off all sale styles with code EXTRATREAT.
  • Lands’ End The Great Winter Sale – prices up to 60% off! (See our post on how to build a work wardrobe at Lands’ End.)
  • Last Call – Extra 60-90% off clearance, one day only!
  • L.K. Bennett – Up to 50% off.
  • Loft – 50% off everything with code WRAPITUP.
  • Lord & Taylor – Extra 50% off women’s clearance apparel for total savings of up to 80% off.
  • Macy’s – Free shipping with $ 49+ purchase, and an extra 15-20% off select departments.
  • Madewell – End of season sale, take an extra 30% off all sale styles.
  • Mango – Sale, up to 50% off. (Lots of cute coats!)
  • Naturalizer – Today only, 50% off boots and 25% off everything else.
  • New York & Company – Everything on sale, up to 80% off, PLUS save an extra $ 25 off your purchase of $ 100+.
  • Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, save up to 50% now through January 2. See our roundup for workwear.
  • Nordstrom Rack – Clear the Rack, take an extra 25% off clearance for total savings of up to 75% off!
  • Neiman Marcus – After Christmas Sale, up to 55% off (plus extra 25% off select sale items)!
  • The Outnet – Sale, enjoy an extra 50% off (final sale).
  • Reiss – Further reductions, up to 50% off.
  • Saks – Last day: The Designer Sale! Up to 70% off designer selection.
  • Saks OFF 5TH – Extra cut clearance, take an extra 25% off with code ALLYOURS.
  • Sephora – Tons of gift sets on sale! (See our recent discussion of “beauty empties” for Kat and the readers — things we use all the way and buy again!)
  • ShopBop – Sale on sale, get up to 75% off by taking an additional 25% off all sale items! (1000s of new markdowns!)
  • Talbots Red Hanger Sale! Extra 50% off markdowns for savings up to 70% off. (See our post on how to build a work wardrobe at Talbots!)
  • Target – Save up to 70% when you take an extra 20% off clearance clothing, shoes & accessories for all…
  • Theory End of season sale, up to 60% off!
  • Tory Burch – Semi-Annual sale, take an additional 30% off sale styles with code EXTRA30.
  • Tumi – Semi-Annual Sale!
  • Victoria’s Secret – Panty party, 7 for $ 28.
  • Ulta – Jumbo love, lowest prices of the season…
  • Uniqlo – Lowest prices of the season on tons of coats and other basics.
  • White House | Black Market –  Up to 60% off original prices, and 40% off already-reduced prices.
  • Zappos Winter Clearance, for a limited time only!

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

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The Best Down Coats for Every Budget

If you live anywhere where snow is on the horizon, chances are you own (or are in desperate need of) a cozy puffer coat. Down coats are no longer simply a practical necessity for cities where temperatures dip below freezing—they’ve become a favorite among the street style set as well. This has led a number of high-fashion brands to take a stab at the style, offering up unexpected takes on the traditionally humble puffer.

So whether you’re looking for a practical style for a trip outdoors or are looking for a coat that will look great in all those wintery photos on the horizon, we’re here to help. Below, we’re rounding up eighteen of our favorite down coats, at a wide range of prices. Whatever you choose, you’ll be extra cozy this winter. Read on to shop down coats for every budget!

Available in sizes XXS to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes 36 to 40.
Available in sizes 36 to 44.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes XXS to XL.
Available in sizes 36 to 38.
Available in sizes P to L.
Available in sizes 38 to 44.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes S to L.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to M.

Want more? Here are cute winter outfits to try!

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


Up to 50% Off Original Price @!

‘Get Out’ Earns Best Picture & Screenplay By Online Film Critics Society

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” has been named Best Picture by the Online Film Critics Society, which unveiled its annual awards today.

The social horror pic, which has been scoring high marks among critics groups all awards season, also took the honor for Peele’s original screenplay.

A trio of Brits took other key wins: Christopher Nolan was named Best Director for “Dunkirk,” Gary Oldman is Best Actor for “Darkest Hour,” and Sally Hawkins won Best Actress for “The Shape of Water.”

“Dunkirk,” “Call My By Your Name” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” joined “Get Out” with multiple wins from the OFCS, which last year picked eventual Oscar Best Picture winner Moonlight for its top honor.

Here’s the full list of this year’s winners:

Best Picture
Get Out

Best Actor
Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

Best Actress
Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water

Best Director
Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk

Original Screenplay
Jordan Peele, Get Out

Adapted Screenplay
James Ivory, Call Me By Your Name

Best Documentary
Faces Places

Best Foreign Language Film
BPM (Beats Per Minute)

Best Supporting Actor
Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best Supporting Actress
Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird

Best Animated Feature

Best Editing
Lee Smith, Dunkirk

Best Cinematography
Roger Deakins, Blade Runner 2049

Best Ensemble
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Breakout Star of the Year
Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name

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(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

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5 Best Adventure Anime of 2017

One of the best qualities of anime is its ability to take viewers on incredible journeys to any destination imaginable. Adventure anime whisks its audience away to explore far-off lands with unusual and fascinating cultures and inhabitants who offer insight into the world we live in. 2017 was a great year for anime in general, and these are the five best adventure anime that aired this year.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Taking place 10 years after the events of the first season, Virgin Soul has a very intense and dark beginning where we see humans killing gods. However, the sequel is the complete opposite from Genesis’s first episode. The reason for this is revealed during the series’ run, but it was such a great beginning to an epic adventure.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul creates excitement and wonder that is synonymous with an epic fantasy adventure. Each scene of this anime attracts and holds your interest until the finale. From running up and down to dark spells, the adventure meter never seems to waver with Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul.

[Zuleika Boekhoudt]

Kemono Friends

Not every adventure anime has to feature dark supernatural themes. The most enjoyable adventures can also be cute and whimsical. Kemono Friends follows the story of humanoid animals living at Japari Park, an enormous integrated zoo.

One day, a girl known only as Kaban wakes up in the zoo with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She, along with her cat friend, Serval, set out on an adventure to find out what kind of animal Kaban is. They travel through the many regions of Japari Park and meet new friends along the way.

Although much of the graphics on Kemono Friends may be subpar compared to other series on this list, its storyline and characters have received a lot of praise from fans. This adventure anime has unexpectedly captivated viewers and has led to an increase in merchandising, zoo attendance, and even interest in serval cats.

[Zuleika Boekhoudt]

Kino’s Journey

2017s Kino’s Journey – an adaptation of the light novel of the same name and a remake of the 2003 anime – focuses on the androgynous Kino and the talking motorcycle Hermes. The two travel the world and only allow themselves to stay in one place for two nights and three days. This gives Kino the opportunity to encounter a myriad of cultures and experiences that exist within this mystical world.

Each community in Kino’s Journey has a specific quality that offers a commentary on elements of the real world, such as tourism or patriotism. Kino’s Journey is one of this year’s best adventure anime shows because the more bizarre and fantastical it gets, the more it manages to say about real communities and cultures.

[Lucas DeRuyter]

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a fantastical adventure anime with a cute chibi art style that juxtaposes beautifully with its dark themes. Made in Abyss follows the story of a human girl and a robot boy as they try to travel to the bottom of an impossibly deep, monster-filled chasm.

Outside of its unique artistic direction, this anime is one of the best adventure anime of 2017 as it tells a compelling tale in some compelling and horrific locations. Made in Abyss tells a heartwarming tale of friendship and gaining independence as the pair descend further into greater and greater peril.

[Lucas DeRuyter]

Tales of Zestiria The Cross Season 2

In Season 2 of Tales of Zestiria The Cross, Sorey the Shepherd faces the biggest challenge yet: the Lord of Calamity. But, before he meets his most important quest, Sorey and his friends have to purify the land.

While on this adventure, Sorey acquires the ability to merge with his seraphims. As a result of this armitization, we meet several new characters with new skills. Besides Sorey’s new abilities, we see the gang travel the countryside solving problems, stopping assassination attempts, and bringing hope to the people.

[Zuleika Boekhoudt]

The 15 Best Anime of 2017

14 Anime We’re Most Excited For in 2018

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The 9 Best Financial Tips and Info for African Americans in 2017

Black Enterprise has offered financial information to the black community for nearly half a century. We’ve put a strong focus this year on the financial health and well-being of millennials; on funding startups; on building generational wealth, and many other money concerns of our community. Here are nine of our most-viewed articles that feature incredible accounts of financial achievement; provide an unflinching look at the state of black finances; or offer solid advice on how to create your own wealth for life.



After winning a $ 52 million lottery jackpot in 2010, Miguel Pilgram used his winnings to launch his own real estate company, The Pilgram Group, and invest in properties across South Florida. Now, the successful businessman is committed to reviving Sistrunk Boulevard, a notorious corridor in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Black Enteprise’s digital editor, Selena Hill, has the full story.


Miguel Pilgram (Image: Facebook)



Baltimore advocates want to restore this program to curb the city’s blight epidemic and prevent more homes from becoming vacant. The program would also create construction jobs, they say. Find out the details.


(Image: Flickr/Eli Pousson)




Veteran business and finance journalist Jeffrey McKinney investigates the myths and realities of using life insurance to make money. A must-read.

(Image: iStock/monkeybusinessimages)


The banking and financial services holding company seeks to lend $ 60 billion to qualified African American consumers for home purchases by 2027, as well as to increase the diversity of the Wells Fargo Home Lending sales team, with $ 15 million to support a variety of initiatives that promote financial education and counseling over the next 10 years.

Real Estate, first home, homebuyers

(Image: iStock)



There is a strong upward mobility trend among African Americans, with nearly 40% residing in the suburbs. 


(Image: iStock/FatCamera)



Black Enterprise contributor Ashley M. Fox provides ways to use your upcoming tax refund wisely.


(Image: iStock/NoDerog)


The “Gentrification: How to Make Affordable Housing More Affordable,” panel took place at Fordham Law School on April 26. It touched on the current state of affordable housing in New York City, the impact of the proposed Trump funding cuts, and solutions. Watch the video and get great information.

(Image: iStock/artisteer)




Black Enterprise money writer John Tucker breaks down the data and habits of America’s richest black folk.


(Image: iStock/PGGutenbergUKLtd)



This organization is composed of current and former black female legislators who are determined to provide programs and policies to address the social justice and economic empowerment issues faced in black communities.



A new study reveals that nearly half of African Americans with yearly household incomes between $ 35,000 and $ 150,000 feel financial worry. Here’s why.

couple, husband and wife, worried, stress, bills

(Image: iStock/FatCamera)









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The Point’s best candidate of 2017 – RSS Channel – Politics

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The 20 Best Movies of 2017: Wonder Women, Racial Disharmony, and Daniel Day-Lewis’ Final Bow

Readers, it’s been a rough year. It’s felt like five. Remember Fyre Festival? That happened this year. Such is the Trump Effect, where weeks feel like months and any concept of time is lost, as though we’re all mushes wandering about a heavily oxygenated Atlantic City casino.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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The 10 Best Post Xmas Individual Item Deals in Men’s Style

Editor’s Note: No Handful this week fellas. We’re taking some time off (sorta, I mean, this is up on the site) and will be taking a look back at what was an eventful 2017 in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, there are a TON of post Christmas/winter clearance sales going on. Below is our favorite ten items from across the current retail spectrum, which are all getting solid if not outstanding markdowns at the moment. Note that we’ve excluded items from the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale. Pretty sure we’ve already given that event its due. Got a suggestion that should have made this list? Send those suggestions into


J.C.F. Moleskin Blazer – $ 51.99 FINAL w/ SIXTY ($ 80 – $ 100ish)

J.C.F. Moleskin Blazer

Big thanks to Benedict R. for sending in the tip on this Thompson fit, cotton moleskin jacket. There’s plenty of time left to wear moleskin too. Unlike Velvet, Moleskin is matte. So, it’s less showy, and you don’t need to be headed somewhere fancy to wear it. Should look great with a white OCBD and jeans for a casual, but still smart night out on the town with a date. Final sale here though, so no returns. Code is good for an extra 60% off clearance items.


Seiko SKX Automatic Diver – $ 169.99 FINAL ($ 200ish)

Seiko SKX Automatic Diver

Back on Massdrop, and thus, final sale. Don’t want to risk not being able to return it? At post time, Amazon is fulfilling the black on black 007 for $ 178. That means you can return it. Easily (as long Amazon continues to fulfill it). The Seiko SKX dive collection is legendary, and for good reason. 200m in water resistance, classic diver looks, 42mm case (on most models) with that sweet offset crown, a robust and dependable automatic movement, and they’re built like a tank. They’re the perfect sport/casual watch, and they usually kick about around $ 200. So, Saving $ 30 is a nice deal.


Spier & Mackay Navy Tux in Slim or Contemporary Fit – $ 336 w/ BOXING17 ($ 448)

Spier & Mackay Navy Tux

Good luck finding something that looks this good, for this low of a price. Super 130s Australian wool. Deep navy with black peak lapels. Half canvas construction. Yes, it’s too late for this New Year’s Eve, but if you know of a big event you’ll be attending (or, likely attending) in the upcoming months, now’s not a bad time to get a tux in house and tailored to your specs. Clean leg on the trousers here, so, no satin stripe. Code is good for 25% off sitewide, and that knocks their basic suit collection down to $ 268.50. Inventory is super scattered on the regular suits though, so, you may get lucky there or you may strike out.


H&M Premium Quality Cashmere Sweater – $ 79.99 ($ 129)

H&M Premium Quality Cashmere Sweater

A bit of a splurge but man are they worth it. The sleeves are smooth, while the body is a waffle style knit. Oddly good cashmere considering it’s H&M. It really is the good stuff. Mid to lightweight. Size shown above is a medium on 185. Going somewhere casual but still want to look good and impress? Here’s your sweater. And good luck keeping your significant other’s hands (or, someone else’s hands) off this thing.


Timex Red Wing 40mm Watch – $ 99 ($ 138)

Timex Red Wing 40mm Watch

Tough to find on sale. This would (obviously) be the non-chronograph version, which doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Red Wing sourced leather for the strap. Domed crystal. Is it still a Timex? Yes. But it’s also one hell of a Timex.


B.R. Italian Extra-Fine Merino Cardigans – $ 33.59 ($ 98.50)

B.R. Italian Extra-Fine Merino Cardigans

A straight cut, not super slim. So if you’re a true slim, either consider sizing down or looking elsewhere. For the broader fellas? These are perfect. The merino wool is smooth, strong, and not bulky in the least. That makes for easy layering and perfect temperature regulation. Wearing one now as I type this. Scout’s honor. Usually around $ 60 when 40% off. Now? An extra 60% off the sale price drops em’ to under $ 34. If you’re a GAP inc. card-member, use the code BRCARD and they’ll end up at $ 30.23 pre tax.


Banana Republic Italian Wool Blend Coat – $ 120.79 ($ 378)

B.R. Italian Wool Blend Car Coat

Another pick from the extra 60% off BR sale items offer. Gets a LOT of things right. Terrific fabric, despite the mix being a pretty standard 80% wool / 20% nylon. Soft and smooth. A good depth to it for warmth, but still flexible. Big fan of the slanted hand pockets. Size shown is a medium on 195. Available in camel, navy, or charcoal. And again, if you’re a card-member, you can knock another 10% off w/ BRCARD.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer – $ 227.50 FINAL w/ WRAPPED ($ 400)

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

These things get a lot of play on this particular website, and for good reason. Totally unlined back. Sturdy, flexible, breathable, hopsack style Italian wool. Super lightweight, but still drapes well and looks smart. Not rumpled. Final sale though, and not all of the colors are up for the extra 30% off code.


Something from Suitsupply’s Outlet if they re-open it?

I know. This isn’t specific. And it’s not even open yet. But Suitsupply HAS opened their online outlet post-holidays in the past (last year it was mid January). Remember, all sales are final if they do throw the virtual doors open. So be careful. But some serious steals have been had in years past. (Shoes and sportcoats seem to be solid bets. But again, no returns. So everything is a risk.)


Old Navy Velvet Built-In-Flex Blazer – $ 27.97 ($ 79.99)

Old Navy Velvet Built-In-Flex Blazer

I mean… New Year’s Eve is almost here. And you’d have to shell out for express shipping or head to a store to see if you could find one (use the “find it now” feature on their site) but… it’s a $ 30 velvet blazer. That’s low risk, high reward. Peak lapel. Single button front with a bit of a lower slung button stance. Single vent in the rear. Big thanks to Calvin M. for the tip on these things, which he says are quite nice for the price. A medium fit Calvin’s normally 38R, 175 frame spot on. Price shown above reflects the extra 20% off that happens at checkout.


BONUS: Hamilton Railroad Small Seconds Auto. – $ 659 ($ 800)

Hamilton Railroad Small Seconds Automatic |

Expensive? Yes. But complete class. Big fan of the just-different-enough seconds hand that’s been offset at 8 o’clock. Full retail is almost $ 1300 if you buy direct from Hamilton (price above reflects what it’ll run you through Jomashop during this flash sale that they’re running). 42mm case diameter. Onion-style crown and date window at 3 o’clock. Razor sharp hands. Extremely versatile. An heirloom to pass on. One of those watches that’s gonna look just as impressive in 30 years as it does now.

Dappered Style Mail


The Best Types of Jewelry to Wear in the Winter

Cold weather means bulky layers and a lack of exposed skin. Add a scarf, hat, and gloves, and wearing jewelry can seem a little unrealistic. That said, it doesn’t have to be out of the question—it’s the type of jewelry that’s key. You want pieces you can actually see among your layers, earrings that won’t get caught on your scarves, and rings that won’t pull your cashmere sweater. And most importantly, you don’t want to step outside when it’s 30º and have your metal necklace feel like ice against your bare skin.

Because we’re here for all of your accessorizing needs, today we’re bringing you the five best types of jewelry to spice up your winter outfits. Since we’re here for all of your accessorizing needs, and fully believe that you shouldn’t have to neglect your jewelry collection for months at a time, we bring you the five best types of jewelry to spice up your winter outfits. Read all about them and shop our picks for each below.

The beauty of a choker is that you can still see it peeking out above a scarf or coat, and a non-metal style won’t leave you with a freezing neck every time you step outside.

Next up, shop 5 winter jewelry trends we’re really into.

Dangly earrings getting caught in your turtleneck or scarf are the worst. Avoid this by sticking with studs or small hoops, which will stay visible even if you’re wearing a turtleneck.

Ever worn a metal watch outside in below-freezing temps? It quickly feels like you’re wearing a block of ice around your wrist. Minimize the chill and wear a watch with a sleek leather band.

Brooches impart a cool vintage look and expertly dress up a coat. Plus, there are a variety of unique options at different price points on the market.

Anyone who has ever snagged a weaved sweater or scarf with a ring knows that raised stones on fingers are a no-go in the winter. Instead, try mixing and matching flat bands.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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The Best and Worst of 2017

As my last post of 2017, here are some thoughts to wrap up the year of style, fashion, retail and beyond. These are completely subjective musings, so feel free to agree, disagree, and add to my list. It’s all in good fun. 

My Highlight of the Year: A casual two-week road trip with my boys through six US states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Greg is the best chauffeur (I did zero driving) and Sam is a road trip rock star. We ate incredible food, enjoyed blissful hot Summer weather, walked our feet off, saw incredible scenery, and enjoyed quality family time. I am officially on Team Road Trip With My Boys.


Angie & Sam

Fashion Highlight of the Year: Shopping with Greg for my birthday. We spent the day together and I felt like a princess.

Best Retail Therapy: Shopping with dear friend Inge in the Netherlands when I see my Dad. Every three to four months we spend the day together, yak till the cows come home, find wardrobe gems, laugh a lot, and eat yummy food.

Angie & Inge

Best Super Hero: Super Sam.


Fashion & Style Buzzword for 2017: Diversity.

My Biggest Fashion Surprises: I like polyester in denim, have a capsule of crossbody bags, love wearing utility pants, and built a burgundy capsule.

Best Purchase of the Year: New specs chosen by in-house fashion stylist Greg.


The Best Trends: The ones that make you feel happy and fabulous.

The Worst Trends: The ones that boss you around and don’t get your style.

Most Saturated Items in Retail: Highly distressed and ripped denim, exuberant sleeved tops, oversized tops, cropped pants, ill-fitting T-shirts, body-con skinnies, and sneakers.

The Worst Fit Problems: Dresses that are too short, fits that are too tight on the calf, long sleeves that are too tight, and overly wide necklines.

Biggest Missed Opportunities at Retail: Trendy items that are tailored, but not body-con. Trendy silhouettes in sizes US14 and up.

Best Online Shipping Service: Amazon, with Zappos as a close second.

Best Customer Service: The Nordstrom valet team at the downtown flagship in Seattle. I’ve been dropping my car off there for fourteen years, and their service is flawless.

Hotel of the Year: The Kimpton Hotel Monaco. They’re a fancy hotel chain that do not discriminate against their doggy guests — all breeds allowed and they stay for free. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and the art deco decor is fabulous.

Best Workout for Mind, Body & Spirit: A heated vinyasa yoga class led by a competent yogi, and a long walk with Greg and Sam.

Colour of the Year: Burgundy.

Accessory of the Year: Scarves across all seasons.

Best Maximal Instagram Blogger: Journey of a Stylist. Greet’s outfits are over the top, creatively pulled together, and exquisitely colourful. If you enjoy looking at and wearing bold colour combinations, check her out on Instagram.

Best Fashion Blogger: Carelia from My Small Wardrobe. Not only is Carelia beautifully stylish, but she’s a lovely person. Friendly, fun and full of positive energy. Her smile is sublime.

Most Stylish Man in Orange: My 85 year old darling Dad.


Most Celebrated Body Parts of the Year: Alluring ankles, sumptuous shoulders, and wonderful wrists.

Most Visually Fab Movie of the Year: Blade Runner 2049.

Best TV Shows of the Year: Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Halt and Catch Fire, and Shetland.

Best Movie of the Year: Dunkirk.

Best Online Community: YLF!

Best Forum Comment: Fabber Joy commented on one of my forum threads with a rhyme. Clever!

Angie has some new floral shoes.
Something pretty for our muse.
She thinks that the flowers
Give her super powers
For shopping, and a cure for foot blues

Best $ 16 I spent on my Wardrobe: A pair of orange trousers that make me feel fab.

Best Beauty Product: Caudalie Vinisource Overnight Recovery Oil and here’s why.

Most Popular Ensemble: The Pattern-Mixed Kitchen Sink.


Favourite Way to Accumulate Steps: Shop.

Biggest Bang for Your Fashion Buck: Wear the heck out of your fabulous clothes.

Favourite Style Tips: Be patient with your style, listen to how you feel in an outfit, and never stop having fun with fashion.

We at YLF wish you a happy, safe and peaceful New Year.



The Best Games You (Probably) Didn’t Play in 2017

2017 is almost over – and what a year it’s been for gamers. With the medium giving us everything from mind-blowing AAA epics like The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild, to heart-wrenching indie masterpieces like What Remains Of Edith Finch, interactive entertainment has had one of its finest 12 months in recent memory. Yet, despite us being being able to whittle that lofty list down to the ten best games of the year, there were also a lot of brilliant releases that we feel didn’t get the love they deserved. Here are 2017’s best kept gaming secrets:

10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

OK, OK, we know that in the great scheme of things, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 isn’t exactly a hidden gem. Yet, with this beautifully crafted RPG launching right at the end of the year, its bound to looked over by the vast majority.

Serving as a numbered sequel to the Wii’s critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles, this standalone adventure helps Switch owners scratch that open world itch. While its characters my be grating for everyone but the biggest JRPG fan, the game’s rich and expansive world is one that is definitely worth exploring. Boasting over a hundred hours of gameplay and some of the best (docked) visuals on Nintendo’s new console, this is a highly ambitious game that largely lives up to its potential.

It may not be getting the attention of Nintendo’s other first party releases, but make no mistake, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a Switch game that’s definitely worth your time and money.

  9. ODE

The poor old rhythm game genre hasn’t exactly had the best run of it recently. With both 2016’s Guitar Hero and Rock Band 4 failing to find an audience, its once again fallen to Indies to keep the pulse-pounding, rythmic action alive.  Or in Ode‘s case … Indie-ish. Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, (the team that brought gamers the brilliantly bizarre platformer Grow Home)  the studio’s latest project has once again successfully flipped a well-worn genre on its head.

Doing away with flashing icons, rhythm meters and any other user interface you’d rightly expect from a video game, Ode takes the musical platformer back to basics. Playing as an adorable marshmallow-esque creature trapped in a ball, Ode sees you joyously bouncing into everything around you. As you bombard your surroundings, a pleasing little rhythm section beings. Yet its when you collect items that the real fun beings. As you roll into glowing orange orbs or fallen stars, you turn the game world into your very own interactive orchestra.

It’s a game that can’t help but put a grin on your face, leaving the player in charge of amassing more orbs and conducting their very own masterpiece. If you own a PC, this little gem is definitely worth a download. Once again, Ubisoft Reflections has proudly proved that less really is more.

  8. Ruiner

2017 has once again been a good year for indie darlings Devolver Digital. Making its name with indie breakout hits like Hotline Miami, the last twelve months saw the sassy and subversive company release the unique 3D fighter Absolver as well as a mind-bending VR remake of The Talos Principle. Yet, for our money its best game this year went completely overlooked — Ruiner.

Ditching the 2D side scrolling of Hotline Miami, this neon-soaked nightmare takes the top down shooter and drags it kicking and screaming into 3D. Set in a predictably nasty post apocalyptic city called Regnkok, this unforgiving action game takes its visual cues from Akira and Blade Runner.

Thanks to some unique teleport mechanics and its wonderfully seedy sense of atmosphere, Ruiner takes a well-worn formula and pummels it into an experience that’s entirely its own. If you’re not afraid of a game that challenges you, Devolver’s latest perfectly blend frantic gameplay with a compelling dystopian setting. Mindless violence doesn’t get much cooler than this.

7. Golf Story

There are some age old combinations that just work. Chocolate and peanut butter, whiskey and coke … and now it seems you can add the blend of golf and old school RPG to that list. Golf Story is a Switch exclusive indie game that relives the glory days of the 90s with Camelot’s Mario Golf series.

These beloved handheld golf games saw players attempting to rise up through the ranks and become the greatest golfer in the mushroom kingdom. Yet, with recent entries sadly lacking the RPG elements that made the series so well-loved, developer Sidebar Games has decided to pick up the putter and put the genre back on course.

With some brilliant writing, suitably charming retro visuals and more angst-fuelled gold than you can shake a wedge iron at, Golf Story is a brilliantly nostalgic game. If you’re looking for an indie game to play in bed while you watch crap TV, you could do far worse than this wonderfully endearing adventure.


Imagine a game where the AI not only watches you, but learns from your every move too. That’s the premise behind ECHO, a tense sci-fi stealth-em-up from Danish indie studio — Ultra Ultra. Created by ex Hitman developers who branched away from IO interactive, this developer’s debut title took the stealth genre into new and surprising territory.

In this sci-fi adventure, players are tasked with exploring a mysterious AI-controlled palace that watches their every move. As the game takes you deeper into its eerily abandoned passages and elaborately decorated hallways, you soon discover an almost infinite number of AI apparitions waiting for you.

The twist? These disturbing robots look identical to the player’s avatar. If that wasn’t bad enough, thanks to the ever watchful eye of the palace, these replicas slowly begin to mimic your actions too, learning from your every move.

While this may sound like little more than a gimmick, ECHO’s core gameplay loop is actually as alluring as it is terrifying. Every time you enter a new area, your disturbing doppelgängers are initially fairly harmless as you scout out the room before you. While they can grab you if you get too close, they can only walk very slowly, lacking any kind of ranged weaponry or an understanding of how doors work. You’d almost feel sorry for the dopey bots, if they weren’t watching intently, waiting for you to slip up.

This 2017 gem is one of the most original and intriguing releases we had the pleasure of playing this year. In a time where graphics are looking their best but AI hasn’t made that next-gen leap, avoid this ambitious gem at your own peril.


Arms Nintendo Switch

In a year that’s arguably been dominated by flagship Nintendo franchises its easy to forget that 2017 also saw the Big N launch its first new hardcore gaming IP in two years. Just like it did with its squid-based shooter, Splatoon, this time the Japanese giant has decided to take apart the fighting genre and reassemble it into something equally fresh.

Created by the team behind Mario Kart 8, ARMS is (unsurprisingly) another game that’s almost overwhelmingly colourful.  Thankfully though, this game is more than just a looker. Bringing back motion controls with a vengeance, Nintendo proves that the Switch’s Joycon are a far cry from the inaccurate waggling that plagued the Wiimote.

Initially, you’d expect motion controls to reduce this unique-feeling brawler to little more than a basic flail fest. Yet, surprisingly, ARMS intuitive control scheme actually offers players a fairly extensive amount of tactical options. With the Switch’s joy-con able to accurately read precisely how you choose to curve your fighter’s stretchy limbs, playing locally or online makes each battle a delightfully tense reading of player tells.

Arms Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately though, it lacks the meaty single-player component of a game such as Splatoon, which combined with its dubious looking motion controls led to many Switch owners giving this fighting gem a mess.

In short, ARMS lives and dies on local and online multiplayer, but with Nintendo churning out more free DLC content than you can shape a floppy arm at, there’s a hell of a lot of multiplayer fun to be had here.



Rime by Tequila Works

While most games delight in immersing us in fictitious worlds, when it came to RIME’s fantastical setting, developer Tequila Works decided instead to take inspiration from its own backyard – The Mediterranean. Boasting a gorgeous cel-shaded art style, RIME’s sun-soaked vistas feel immediately evocative of Spanish beaches, with the game’s massive island oozing colour from every pixel.

Waking up on this strange but alluring island, RIME sees players exploring its beautiful and mysterious locales. Taking cues from games like Journey and The Witness, this puzzle-heavy exploration game drops dialogue and combat in favour of immersing players inside an atmospheric adventure. If you’re looking for a calming game to play after a long day, this is the perfect interactive stress buster.

To reveal more about what makes this touching tale so special, however, would be spoiling the experience. If you’re after a more laid-back, Team Ico style gaming experience, this indie gem is just the ticket. The less said about the terrible Switch port, however, the better.

3.  Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares

At first glance, Little Nightmares looks like a nice side-scrolling adventure from the team that brought you Little Big Planet Vita. Look a little closer and you’ll discover that things aren’t quite as sickly sweet in this terrifying world of Tim Burton-like horror.

Putting players in the shoes of a nameless protagonist, you awaken to find yourself trapped in an unfamiliar and giant world. It doesn’t take long to realize how dangerous and twisted these bleak new surroundings really are.

Feeling like Coraline, the video game, gorgeous visuals, spine tingling sound effects and brilliantly implemented puzzles make Little Nightmares a wonderfully atmospheric and unique experience. With an intriguing new DLC released for the game a few months back, and the main game currently on sale on STEAM, now’s the perfect time to dive into this captivating little horror title.

2.  Hellblade

It’s not every day that a game developer manages to combine atmospheric action with a poignant look at mental health. Yet, somehow, that’s exactly what DMC creators Ninja Theory have pulled off.

Inspired by Norse mythology, Hellblade puts players in the shoes of Senua, a warrior who is determined to rescue the soul of her dead partner from the goddess of Hela. Yet, while her journey to Helheim would be difficult enough with just the dangerous foes that stand before her, at the same time she faces another equally deadly enemy – psychosis.

Made in combination with British mental health charity, The Welcome Trust, Hellblade effectively and respectfully tackles mental illness in a harrowingly effective way. With each of your in game actions scrutinised by a cacophony of arguing voices, and your brain often warping the environment around you, Hellblade leaves players in a constant state of stress. Are the demons Senua is facing real?  Can you trust any of the voices that are guiding her?

Hellblade is a game that’s brave, beautiful and utterly unforgettable. If you’re looking for a game that feels great to play and simultaneously gives you insight into a difficult topic, then there are few better examples than Hellblade.

1. Night in the Woods

Following in the footsteps of our favourite college-dorm adventure, Life Is Strange, Night In The Woods is another cleverly written narrative-driven experience that swaps arcade thrills for real-life struggles. Put in the shoes of struggling 20-year-old Mae, players find themselves suddenly returning to her quiet home town after a mysterious incident sees her dropping out of college.

What starts off as a quirky adventure slowly unfolds into a surprisingly moving tale that tackles everything from depression to existentialism … all while letting you eat pizza with your pals and slap some mean bass lines along the way.

Thanks to a beautiful hand-drawn art style and its (at times) heart-wrenchingly relatable dialogue, you’ll soon find yourself invested in Possum Springs’ loveable cast of animal characters. We’re still not sure why this story about the hardships of being human is full of animals, but it looks great, so who cares?

If you’re after an easy-to-play and moving adventure, this well-written and charming little indie is one of the most intriguing things you can play this year.

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The Best Low-Cost Ways to Insulate Your Windows This Winter

We’ve all heard that time-honored bit of advice: if you’re cold, put on a sweater. But sometimes chilly homes aren’t a matter of personal preference, but a reflection of poor window insulation. Luckily, there are ways to improve your wintertime window performance and limit drafts—without a hefty investment.

Just to be clear, though: the best way to improve your window insulation is to buy new windows. Energy-efficient windows with gas-filled insulation can prevent drafts while keeping you cooler in the summertime. However, replacing all the windows in your home can be pricey. If you need time to save up, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your window performance while you buy yourself some time.

little girl sitting by the window

Install Low-E Storm Windows Over the Existing Frames

Storm windows are also an investment. But they’re a lot more affordable than brand new windows. Storm windows with a low-E coating cost somewhere between $ 60 to $ 200 a window, on average, which is significantly less than you’d spend on a new window installation. And because they fit over the exterior of the window, they’re easy for homeowners to install on their own, without the help of a professional remodeler. And they could shave as much as 33% off your annual energy bills!

Recaulk Your Windows

Okay, let’s say you don’t have enough spare cash for new storm windows either. What then? Many window insulation problems can be resolved by recaulking around the glass. That’s especially true if the existing seals appear to be visibly cracked or if you can feel air entering when you stand by the window. For the cost of a tube of caulk and a razor blade, you can scrape out the old caulk and redo it in less than an afternoon.

window insulation2

Air Sealing with Foam Tape

Caulking windows will help you root out many sources of air infiltration, but it obviously won’t work everywhere. After all, you can’t exactly seal your windows shut! Double-sided foam tape provides a little extra protection against the cold on those moving parts. Most modern vinyl window frames now come with fiber weatherseal along the top and bottom of the sash. But it becomes compressed over time, allowing drafts inside. A neat layer of double-sided foam weatherstripping across the the top and bottom provides the fix—and an affordable way to beat the wind.

Install Plastic Film Around the Glass

We love this tip because it’s so cheap! Plastic film, whether self-adhesive or shrink-wrapped to the window with a hairdryer, is a a low-cost way to protect against cold coming through the glass. Again, the long-term solution is to have the windows replaced, especially since they’re probably allowing heat in during the summer as well. However, this provides a nice stopgap until you can get a new set.

Insulate with Bubble Wrap

If you don’t care much about looks, there’s another, cheaper way to do the plastic wrap thing: tape plastic bubble wrap over your windows. Use heavy-duty packing tape and make sure to lay the ends flat to create a good seal. Cheap, easy and toasty!

window insulation

Invest in Some Thermal Curtains

One final way you can protect your home is to hang a set of insulating thermal curtains. They have a thin piece of foam between two layers of fabric, making them extra tough on wayward drafts and chills. These curtains are fairly affordable—you can find the panels for under $ 20 a piece. But you can achieve a similar effect using heavy curtains in a thick weave. Basically anything that traps the cold is a good bet, and every bit as effective as a sweater!

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Best Champagnes Under $100, $500, $1000, and Beyond

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate! Traditionally, Champagne has been the drink of choice for a toast, and here at Gentleman’s Gazette, we thought it would be nice to suggest some names with a good price-pleasure ratio. Good reading and happy holidays!

What Is Champagne?

In technical terms, Champagne is the sparkling wine produced exclusively in a namesake region in the north of France. It undergoes a second fermentation inside the bottle, giving the wine its precious bubbles. Many countries have their own sparkling wines: Cava from Catalonia’s famous Penedès wine region in Spain; Franciacorta from Lombardia, which some consider a serious rival – in quality and prices – to Champagne, made with the same grapes; Brazilian sparkling espumantes, considered by Steven Spurrier (of Decanter magazine) “the best sparkling wine in the Southern Hemisphere”; Sekt from Germany; California sparkling wines, most produced by top French Maisons, just to name a few.

But what makes Champagne great is its aromatic complexity, the aging capacity of vintage cuvées and, of course, the allure of the world’s most loved wine.

With a complex story (unfortunately, too long to be told here), Champagne became the drink for celebrations. Churchill (or was it Napoleon?) quipped, “I could not live without Champagne. In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it.”

Riedel Veritas Champagne glass

Riedel Veritas Champagne glass

It is better drunk with a wider glass (like this Riedel Veritas Champagne) than with flutes: the modest girth of the flute does not allow the aromas to develop properly. And it allows the perlage, the fine string of “pearls”, to form in the inner walls of the glass and run vertically to the surface of the wine, where they escape. With Champagne, the bubbles are an additional tasting element (besides color, aromas, and flavor) that you want to preserve. Before swallowing the wine, close your lips and let the bubbles form a foam. Try to chew it with the tongue: the firmer the foam, the better the Champagne.

A vintage or millesimé Champagne is the product of a single harvest (indicated on the label), reflecting the virtues of that crop; a NV or non-vintage Champagne is the result of a blend of many different wines from various crops, and it reflects the style of the Maison that they try to replicate year after year.

Now, take a look at the Champagnes we have selected for you, with options for every budget.

Under $ 100

It is not the easiest task to find great bubbly under $ 100, but a few names come to mind. These bottles deliver great taste, have excellent acidity – one of the most desirable Champagne characteristics – and elegance.

Piper Heidsieck Brut

Piper Heidsieck Brut

Piper Heidsieck Brut ($ 50) – With 93 points by Wine Spectator, this Champagne is one of the best buys around. You’ll find citric notes, brioche, flowers, and ripe white fruits in a creamy texture and a full body. It is the blend of over 100 crus, with a majority of Pinot Noirs and a small part of Pinot Meunier from Grande et Petite Montagne de Reims region.

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée ($ 65) – Even though 007 has chosen other Champagnes in the past, presently his preference goes to Bollinger. Wine Spectator magazine awarded 94 points to this wine, considered full bodied and with good acidity. It is a non-vintage wine, meaning it will be a good portrait of the Maison style.

Roederer Brut Vintage 2008

Roederer Brut Vintage 2008

Roederer Brut Vintage 2008 ($ 70) – Louis Roederer is one of the last independent and family-run Champagne houses, founded in the same year as the United States of America. Elegant and light, this Champagne reflects perfectly the excellent vintage of 2008. It may benefit from a few more years of bottle aging, thanks to its structure.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé ($ 80) – With a medium to full body, red fruits, and a mineral touch, this is one of my favorite rosé Champagnes. The Maison, founded in 1818, is also independent and family-run, with its directors belonging to the 6th generation. Try it with lobster medallions and see if it deserves the 95 points bestowed by James Suckling.

Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs Brut

Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs Brut

Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs Brut ($ 85) – Some say that a company’s age is a good sign of quality, and Gosset – established in 1584 – certainly endorses this saying. In their caves at Épernay, one of Champagne main production centers, they produce this Blanc de Blancs (meaning that it was made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes) with floral notes, apricot, and plum, besides a refreshing citrus flavor.

Ruinart Rose NV

Ruinart Rose NV

Ruinart Rose NV ($ 94) – Ruinart was the first to sell rosé Champagne – precisely on March 14, 1764, according to the historians at the Maison. Founded in 1729, it was also the first wine producer to sell exclusively Champagne – “wine with bubbles”, as the company ledgers state. It will deliver red fruits like cherry and strawberry, as well as brioche notes.

Under $ 500

Here you will find many tête de cuvée, the prestige wines of each Champagne Maison. Limited production, great care in grape and vineyard selection, and more often than not, a long period over the lees – the solid residues of the yeasts that provoked the second fermentation and the bubbles – are the reasons for a higher price.

Billecart Salmon Nicolas Francois Billecart Cuvee 1999

Billecart Salmon Nicolas Francois Billecart Cuvee 1999

Billecart Salmon Nicolas Francois Billecart Cuvee 1999 ($ 140) – A medium-bodied Champagne produced with Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs and Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims, rendering tribute to the founder of the Maison. We find lightly toasted almonds, pear pie, dried dates, and a floral touch. It will be at its best if drunk now.

Piper Heidsieck Rare, Vintage 2002

Piper Heidsieck Rare, Vintage 2002

Piper Heidsieck Rare, Vintage 2002 ($ 150) – This Brut Champagne deserved 97 points from Wine Spectator, one of their highest ratings for a sparkling wine, very close to the 98 points given to the Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 (selling for $ 2400 each). In WS comments, we find it “impeccably balanced and silky, with finely honed acidity shaping the expansive flavors of toasted brioche, crushed blackberry, lemon preserves and honey, revealing hints of Frangelico liqueur and smoked nut.”

Krug Grand Cuvée

Krug Grand Cuvée

Krug Grand Cuvée ($ 170) – Before you ask, the French Maison and California’s Charles Krug families are not related – not that we know of. This Champagne is the entry-level label of the brand, but don’t let this fact mislead you. Krug itself is a premium producer, and this Grand Cuvée is a product of some 120 wines from 10 vintages or more, a full-bodied wine, with white flowers, pears, and a lengthy finish.

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle ($ 180) – Founded in 1812, the Maison produces this Grand Siècle label since 1959: it is the first cuvée prestige made with a blend of three exceptional vintages (previously, every prestige Champagne was made with wines from the same year). It is a Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend, with toasted almonds, honey, hazelnuts, and brioche to the nose: a great companion for a refined dinner.

Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2002

Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2002

Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2002 ($ 210) – Some say that the greatest Briton drank 42,000 bottles of Champagne between 1908 and his death in 1965. Ever the master in the art of living well – and also, well beyond his means! –, Churchill was a good friend of Mme. Odette Pol-Roger, whom he met in a party in 1944, but her Champagne had been his favorite for a long time. In 1984, the Maison created the Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, with a majority of Pinot Noir: its brioche and white fruit aromas produce an elegant wine.

Louis Roederer Cristal

Louis Roederer Cristal

Louis Roederer Cristal ($ 220) – Any best Champagne list would be incomplete without the wine created for a king – or better, for the Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Arguably one of the first prestige Champagnes – Decanter magazine mentions that the title should go to Dom Pérignon 1921, launched in 1936 – its bottle is clear (originally it was made of crystal, thus its name) and has a flat bottom, all to differentiate this wine from the Champagnes drunk by the Tsar subjects. A comment found in the website says that “The wine is made since 1970 solely in stainless steel tanks with grapes from their own vineyards in Aÿ, Verenay, Verzyand and Cumiéres, mainly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Avize and Mesnil. Its style is ultrasophisticated with a wild silky softness in combination with nutty fireworks backed by exotic fruitiness in a caramel filled body.”

Dom Pérignon P2 Brut 1998

Dom Pérignon P2 Brut 1998

Dom Pérignon P2 Brut 1998 ($ 360) – The “P2” stands for Plénitude Deuxième, the “second plenitude” of the wine. The concept, according to the Maison Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, is a series of stages during the wine’s development on its lees which, once it is disgorged (depleted of the sediments), can represent ” different expressions of the same vintage”. In this case, we are talking about 12 years over the lees. Its tasting notes are honeysuckle, orange-colored fruits, and toasted almonds; its creamy chewiness is followed by a smoky, full energy finish.

Under $ 1000

All we said about the second range Champagnes is present in this selection, but in an even more refined, precise way.



Moët MCIII – ($ 470) – Mixing traditional and futuristic elements, Moët & Chandon – the “M” in LVMH – created the MCIII, where MC stands for the Maison name and the Roman number 3 suggests the production process: a Grand Cru vintage Champagne is blended with unoaked and oaked still wines. Its aroma palate brings up candied citrus fruits, plums, nectarines, dried figs and dates, vanilla and nutmeg. A promising new star in the Champagne firmament and the Maison’s tête de cuvée.

Salon Brut Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil, 2006

Salon Brut Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil, 2006

Salon Brut Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil, 2006 ($ 530) – Salon is a single cru Champagne, produced with a single grape: Chardonnay. The Maison has a parcel with 2.48 acres, “Le Jardin de Salon”, as well as other 19 small parcels in Mesnil-sur-Oger, a grand cru of the Côte des Blancs terroir. Its aromas evoke white flowers, citrus zest, brioche, fresh hazelnuts, and more, with an incredible complexity but fine acidity, enabling it to age for 25-30 years. Wine Enthusiast gave it the rare note of 100 points.

Above $ 1000

It’s fair to question if a Champagne warrants such a price, but we could not resist. Originally, we thought of limiting our selection to Champagnes up to $ 1000, but there are two exceptions which forcefully represent, in our opinion, what makes Champagne such a prized wine.

Krug Clos du Mesnil

Krug Clos du Mesnil

Krug Clos du Mesnil ($ 1300) – The grapes (Chardonnay) for this Blanc de Blancs come from a tiny vineyard of 4.5 acres in the center of Mesnil-sur-Oger, enclosed (thus the “Clos”) by a wall since 1698. The 2000 vintage spent 10 years in the cellars and has notes such as gingerbread, candied lemon rind, vanilla, and heliotrope, with a long and lasting finish. The critics gave it 94 (Robert Parker) and 97 points (Wine Spectator). Think grilled giant prawns or lobster salad with citrus fruits to go with it.

Krug Clos d'Ambonnay

Krug Clos d’Ambonnay

Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 ($ 2400) – When Krug decided to create a Champagne with the best Pinot Noir grapes, they searched Ambonnay, a grand cru that already supplied Krug. In 1991, they found a walled parcel on the south-eastern slope of the Montagne de Reims with only 1.68 acres. Its walls are a little newer than Clos du Mesnil’s, dating from 1766. The first vintage of Clos d’Ambonnay (1995) was released in 2007. The bottles age for over 12 years and due to the small size of the vineyard, production is also small (5,000 bottles). This Champagne shows aromas of apples, toffee, nuts, toasted bread, with a creamy mousse and long finish.


Champagne can often be a serious investment, but a great bottle is warranted on special occasions! What bottles have you encountered at various price points that have exceeded your expectations?


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The 7 Best Anime Movies of 2017

It isn’t only Hollywood that’s known for beautiful and thought-provoking animated movies. Every year, the anime industry releases various of titles for the masses to enjoy. From psychological thrillers to hilarious comedies, here are seven of the best anime movies of 2017.

7. Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale

best anime movie 2017 Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale

The online adventure continues with SAO: Ordinal Scale, but this time around, the gang will be trading in their AmuSphere for the Augma. And while the Augma is less risky than its predecessor, it seems ghosts of the past are hunting the SAO survivors.

Unlike the other adaptations of the MMORPG series, Ordinal Scale is an original work by Reki Kawahara that links between the Mother’s Rosario arc and the upcoming third season Alicization arc.

While the opinion on SAO, may be divisive, fans of the series would enjoy seeing what the guild has been up to. Once again we see Kirito and Asuna’s relationship put to the test with a familiar yet new villain. But that’s not all, the new wearable multi-device, Augma, gives a new angle to the MMORPG anime genre that lately has been stagnant and predictable.

6. Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ

Terrorism is a harsh reality that we have to live with. No matter where you go it has become something we should all be aware. First published in paperback form in 2010, Genocidal Organ was meant to be released in the fall of 2015. However, when Manglobe, the studio in charge of adapting the book, filed for bankruptcy, newly created Geno Studio took on the task.

While a lot of anime movies and shows explore terrorism from the angle of middle eastern terrorists, Genocidal Organ does the opposite. Instead, we a have a Western white man engaging in heinous plots to protect his way of life. How the film explains this twisted way of thinking stays with you long after the credits roll.

5. No Game No Life: Zero

6000 years before the dynamic duo of Sora and Shiro arrived in Disboard, chaos roamed the land. People didn’t use games to solve petty squabbles, but rather, we see a world where humanity struggles to survive a war between powerful magical groups leaving the human race to survive unimaginable odds.

With this new creative direction, No Game No Life: Zero gets rid of the in-your-face fanservice and light-heartedness, commonly found in the TV series. Instead, the anime movie replaces this with a dark narrative that’s prominently displayed in its visual graphics. Due to these changes, the film has attracted a broader appeal from a wider audience who might have otherwise been put off by the TV series.

4. Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower

The fierce battle for the Holy Grail continues with part one of a three-part anime movie series, Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower. This time around, the main heroine is Sakura Matou, who has been portrayed as shy, soft-spoken, and eager to please.

By the end of the movie, there are still many questions that still haven’t been answered. And while this may be difficult for newcomers of the series, it does indicate that the best is yet to come. Not to mention, Ufotable brought back the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Fate/Zero and kicked it up a notch for Presage Flower.

The studio brought the fighting and gore scenes to life with its playful use of colors and intensity. For surpassing one of the best Fate adaptation, Fate/Zero part one of Heaven’s Feel trilogy is one of the best anime movies of 2017.

3. Mary and the Witch’s Flower

best anime movie 2017 Mary and the Witch's Flower

Also featured on our 15 must-see summer 2017 anime list, Mary and the Witch’s Flower is the first animated film from Studio Ponoc. And although the company is a reasonably new, it captured the magical charm of Ghibli in Mary and the Witch’s Flower. This is because several former Ghibli employees have come together to work on the film.

The movie follows a red-haired girl named Mary who spends the last week of summer visiting her great-aunt before starting a new school. One day, a black cat named Tib leads Mary to the nearby woods, where she discovers a magical broomstick that whisks her to the magic school of Endor College.

Mary soon discovers the atrocities committed against the animals at Endor, and while snooping around the school, Tib gets captured. Now, Mary sets out to free Tib and the rest of the animals all the while trying to evade the clutches of the headmistress.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower combines the best of Studio Ghibli’s hand-drawn animation style and the technical drawing advancements of digital effects. The work and detail that went into each scene bring the magical English countryside to life the way many other Ghibli films have.

2. The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

best anime movie 2017 The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

Released last spring, The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl is a romantic comedy directed by Masaaki Yuasa (The Tatami Galaxy and Space Dandy). The anime movie follows a young man who tries to “accidentally” bump into his crush, The Girl With the Black Hair.

However, the film follows not only the young man but also this mysterious Black Hair girl, who’s living her life like there’s no tomorrow. Along the way she meets several characters who help her live up the night. And trailing behind her the young man infatuated with her. Their night out is stunningly portrayed, as if audiences were transported to a modern art gallery museum, with beautiful music playing in the background.

The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl plays with many themes, from friendship and love to good and evil, that together tell a magical night on the town.

1. A Silent Voice

best anime movie 2017 A Silent Voice

Getting a Western theatrical release this year, A Silent Voice tells the story of how a bully sets out to make amends for his behavior. The movie follows Shōya, a young boy who, along with his friends, pick on their new schoolmate Nishimiya, who happens to be deaf.

Because of the intense bullying spearheaded by Shōya, Nishimiya transfers to a new school. Feeling guilty for driving Nishimiya away, they focus their anger towards Shōya, making the bully now the victim.

Although the premise may not be one-of-a-kind, its themes and raw visuals deliver a clear unique message: be compassionate to those that “stand out” or need help. A Silent Voice draws the characters’ raw and intricate emotions in a straightforward and basic animation, which audiences seem to understand and connect to. This makes A Silent Voice the best anime movie of 2017.

14 Anime We’re Most Excited For in 2018

The 15 Best Anime of 2017

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RHOA’s Eva Marcille Got The Best Christmas Present: An Engagement; She & Boyfriend, Michael Sterling Are Also Expecting A Baby – Check Out Her Diamond Ring

Eva Marcille got one of the best Christmas presents that a girl can dream of. On Monday, December 25th she got engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Sterling. She announced that her beau popped the big question and she obviously responded […]
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10 Best Shōnen Anime of 2017

2017 was a pretty great year for anime, and a solid year for shōnen anime. Fans of the genre saw some incredible series return after years of absence, a couple of unexpected gems, and the climactic conclusion of one of the biggest names in anime. These are the 10 best shōnen anime released in 2017 that you need to check out before the winter 2018 season begins.

Made in Abyss 

As dark as it is adorable.

Made in Abyss takes place in a world where all life is based around procuring resources and valuables from an impossibly deep and mysterious chasm. The further down one travels, the more valuable the goods they find but the more dangerous the creatures and environment. But if someone travels below the fourth level, it’s impossible for them to ever leave.

Made in Abyss is one of the most stylistically interesting anime of 2017. The chibi character designs juxtapose heavily against the imposing designs of the various creatures that appear in the abyss. This also helps accentuate the fact that the main characters are a very small part of a big and scary world. The show is one of the cutest yet darkest anime to premiere in a good while, and it’s absolutely worth marathoning before the winter 2018 season kicks off.

Black Clover

Well-meaning wizardry.

Black Clover, an anime about a young man without any magical powers trying to become the Wizard King, is a bit frustrating at times. The anime is a series of peaks and valleys; what it does well, it does really well, but what it does poorly, it does horrendously poorly. However, any shōnen fan owes it to themselves to check this series out, as it serves as a microcosm of the entire genre.

Black Clover’s high points include intense battles and beautiful animation; while its low points include weak female characters, poor depictions of romantic relationships, and tedious pacing. In watching Black Clover, a viewer can gain insight into what the shōnen genre does well, how it can improve, and how other anime are beginning to innovate the genre.

Naruto Shippuden

The end of an era.

After more than 15 years of existing in one form or another, the saga of everyone’s favorite orange ninja finally came to an end this year. While both the original Naruto and Shippuden anime do have their problems – such as putting out more filler content some years than canonical material – it’s undeniable how big of a role the Naruto series played in popularizing anime in the West and how it helped make anime a mainstream fandom.

If you fell off the Naruto bandwagon some time ago, the last few episodes of Shippuden are still worth a watch. It’s not a perfect ending, but it gets close and contains beautiful action and plenty of emotional gut-punches.

Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond

Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond shonen anime
Fantastic flare.

Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond – the sequel series to 2015’s Blood Blockade Battlefront – is absolutely bonkers. The anime takes place in a version of New York City where a portal to an alternate dimension filled the city with all kinds of otherworldly creatures and individuals. The show is at its best when it depicts how mundane things like the Xbox gaming system or The Avengers movie fit into this insane world.

Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond is the cotton candy of shōnen anime. There are tons of crazy situations and characters, but the show almost completely lacks any kind of overarching narrative or plot. However, when the visual direction is this good, we can forgive a shallower narrative.

Dragon Ball Super

Continuing a long trend of shōnen greatness.

2017 saw Dragon Ball Super enter into one of its longest and best story arcs so far. The Tournament of Power arc offers a healthy combination of new material that makes the series feel dynamic and nostalgic moments that give some of the oldest characters in the series time to shine again. The fact that Master Roshi gets some character growth in the same story arc that Goku becomes even stronger than he is already is a joy to experience for lifelong fans of the series.

While Super does have its fair share of problems and has yet to quite reach the heights of Z and the original Dragon Ball anime, it’s still a must watch for shōnen fans. It’s also amazing and kind of touching that the grandfather of the shōnen genre still manages to be such a big player in the anime world today.


Inuyashiki anime
Hardcore and heartwarming.

Inuyashiki is a story about a down on his luck old man who is struck by a spaceship and turned into a robotic version of himself. This transformation gives him impossible powers that allow him to cure diseases and injuries, possess superhuman strength, and fly (but only if he sings the Astro Boy theme song, which is adorable). However, it turns out that a young man named Hiro also became a cyborg in that accident and he uses these godly powers to kill people on a whim.

Inuyashiki is an intense story that examines both the best and worst aspects of humanity. It is one of the most unique and compelling anime of 2017 regardless of genre and might be one of the best shōnen-seinen anime released in quite a while.

Garo: Vanishing Line

Original animation excellence.

Garo: Vanishing Line follows the adventures of an incredibly buff man named Sword as he travels through Russell City on a search to find the meaning behind the words ‘El Dorado.’ Along the way, he combats Horrors, which are human beings that have become monsters after experiencing intense distress or trauma.

Garo: Vanishing Line is a unique anime loosely based on a live-action television show, rather than a manga or visual novel. The plot is wholly unique from the source material, though, and manages to blend some respectable action sequences with some likable and compelling characters. While the quality of the show earns it a spot on this list by itself, the fact that it is an entirely original story rather than an adaptation makes it all the more interesting and hopefully helps popularize anime not closely tied to other IPs.

Attack on Titan Season 2

A titanic return.

The second season of Attack on Titan was never going to live up to the hype surrounding it. The junior high spinoff released in 2015 didn’t exactly satiate anyone’s appetite for more AoT either. However, when it finally aired a whole three years after the first season finished, fans experienced a surprisingly solid continuation of the series that takes the anime in some new directions.

The first season of Attack on Titan very much resembles a horror story with a unique take on the zombie apocalypse setting before transitioning into a militaristic action story. Season 2 also starts out resembling a horror story, but then slowly comes to resemble a political drama towards the end. While some parts of Season 2 work really well and others fall a little flat, it’s still a treat to return to this brutal world and witness Eren try to get his revenge on the colossal monsters that have forced humanity into a very small corner.

Gintama Seasons 5 and 6

As zany and unpredictable as ever.

Gintama’s fifth and sixth seasons premiered this year, and these entries continue the series’ long-running trend of switching between absurd humor and awesome action. These seasons keep the adventures of the eccentric samurai Gintoki going, and he and his beloved employees continue to find themselves in ridiculous and heart-wrenching situations.

These two seasons do not do much to change Gintama as a series, but considering how successful and established it is, that’s not really a bad thing. If you liked the previous seasons, you’re going to like these two, and if you’ve yet to check out the most combat-heavy gag-anime ever created, you can jump into these new seasons without any trouble.

My Hero Academia Season 2

Hitting heroic heights.

The second season of My Hero Academia is arguably the best shōnen anime of this year, and perhaps even the past few years. This season consisted of MHA’s lovable cast of characters competing in a tournament against each other, fighting a serial killer, and facing off against professional heroes to move closer to becoming pro heroes themselves. This season of MHA was amazing and featured incredible animation, pacing, and a greater focus on supporting characters that were sorely missing from the first season.

Besides being fun and enticing, MHA feels like a progression of the shōnen genre that has learned from the mistakes and shortcomings of past shōnen series. If Black Clover is the best and worst parts of the shōnen genre, then My Hero Academia is all the best parts of the genre with considerable effort put into improving the weakest elements of the genre.

2017 was a great year for shōnen anime, and it looks like 2018 is set to be a treat for fans of the genre as well. Between One Punch Man Season 2, My Hero Academia Season 3, FLCL Seasons 2 and 3, the final season of Fairy Tail, the third season of Sword Art Online, a possible second season for Made in Abyss, the third season of Attack on Titan, a new season for The Seven Deadly Sins, and an anime adaptation for Persona 5; there are plenty of reasons to be excited.

The 15 Best Anime of 2017

14 Anime We’re Most Excited For in 2018

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Readers’ best travel discoveries of 2017

From a Norwegian glacier to an exotic garden in Chennai, and from vegan burgers in Warsaw to a sherry bar in Madrid, readers share their holiday highlights

Looking for a walk to complete the day before tackling the mammoth Trolltunga hike in April, we decided on the trail to Buerbreen glacier. The starting point was a 20-minute drive from our base in Odda. The walk was brilliant: three hours of streams, rickety-looking bridges, ropes and scrambling brought us to the glacier. With the added beauty of having the trail to ourselves, this was a wonderful hike seemingly bypassed by those aiming for the famous Trolltunga rock shelf nearby. We stayed at Trolltunga Studios (doubles from £70): best value and location to hit the trails in this beautiful part of Europe.

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ICYMI: Cult Fashion Items, Best Dressed Celebs & Gucci Gets Even Gucci-er

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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Best Celebrity Instagrams of the 2017 Holiday Season

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10 Best Manga of 2017

2017 was a great year for fans of Japanese manga. A plethora of new and inspired series premiered, and several long-running series reached their conclusion. As the end of the year approaches now is a terrific time to reflect on the manga of this year and what made certain series so brilliant. With that said, here are the 10 best manga of 2017.

 Dr. Stone

A story of science.

Dr. Stone is one of the many series that premiered at the beginning of the year that was Shōnen Jump‘s attempt to find a series that rivals popular manga series like Naruto and Bleach. While it has yet to reach those heights just yet, it is still a great new series that makes some unique storytelling decisions.

The story of Dr. Stone centers on a supernatural phenomenon that turns the vast majority of people on Earth to stone. After thousands of years, two high school students emerge from their stone prison and must use their knowledge of science and ingenuity to restore humanity and rebuild civilization.

This manga series commits to its ridiculous concept and executes it in a way that strikes home with anyone who can appreciate the wonders of the scientific world and it isn’t afraid to shift the character focus for dozens of chapters at a time.

The Promised Neverland

A twisted fairy tale.

The Promised Neverland premiered in 2016 and has quickly become one of the best series in Shōnen Jump. The Promised Neverland follows a group of children who realize that the orphanage they live in is actually a farm that raises children to be eaten by demons.

2017 saw the children of Grace Field finally escape, and then immediately encounter far greater perils than what they possibly could have imagined. The Promised Neverland is now well into its second story arc, and it’s safe to say that it really is one of the greatest new manga around. Its characters remain endearing and multifaceted, the story continues to twist and turn in fantastic ways, and the art style easily transitions between playful and dire.

Fairy Tail

The conclusion of a fantastic tale.

This year brought the final chapters of the insanely popular series Fairy Tail. While even the most diehard fans will admit that the quality of the series tapered off a bit as it drew to a close, it still remained one of the most read and appreciated manga in publication.

More than perhaps any other series in recent memory, the Fairy Tail fandom influences the manga to an astonishingly high degree. While this sometimes takes the form of more problematic instances of fanservice, it also includes certain characters forming romantic relationships and even starting families together. Fairy Tail engaged with its fans in a way that we rarely see and it changed direction based on what fans wanted to see.

Real Account

A horrific commentary on life today.

The best horror stories get inspiration from some element of society or twist something that is commonplace and mundane for those experiencing it. Real Account is a horror manga that offers major commentary and critique on modern online social networks and digital culture. It’s pretty much a Saw movie, but with a lot more social commentary. By applying aspects of online social practices to a death game formula, Real Account becomes an entertaining and provocative manga.

While it has gone a bit off the rails as the series has drawn on, at its core, Real Account is still a delight to read and makes a reader reevaluate many of their online habits and practices. Every major story beat in this manga makes a reader ponder aspects of their daily life, while still being a brisk and phenomenal read.

One Piece

Number one for a reason.

While it may seem a bit basic and pandering to say that one of the most popular and successful series in the world is one of the best manga of 2017, but One Piece is number one for a reason. While One Piece still has an incredibly kinetic art style and has some of the best panel compositions of any entry on this list, this year it did something that few long-running series are able or willing to do. In 2017, One Piece recontextualized a character by further exploring his past and made him much more compelling.

Longtime fans of One Piece have noticed for a while now that there’s something just a bit mysterious about Sanji’s backstory, and this year these aspects of his character are finally brought to light. While this is going on, readers also experience confrontations with the fearsome Big Mom Pirates and the exploration of an Alice in Wonderland-like country. One Piece killed it again this year, just like nearly every other year since it premiered decades ago.


An incredible manga with a very silly title.

Despite having a name that sounds like someone shouting a Dragon Ball Z attack, Jagaaaaaan is one of the best adult-focused manga to premiere in 2017. It takes several concepts and mechanics present in other superhero/supernatural centric series, and adds a level of realism to them that feels surprisingly refreshing. This is further complemented with every major character acting on their personal interests and in various levels of moral ambiguity.

When Jagaaaaaan is not providing insight into conflicted and relatable characters, it depicts some beautifully gory and tense battles between monsters and humans only one or two steps away from becoming monsters themselves. These fights also highlight the series’ terrific artwork and striking character designs. While this series can get exceptionally dark and may not be for everyone, there’s no denying the amount of skill and passion that went into Jagaaaaaan’s art and story.

Attack on Titan

Fewer titans, more value.

This year was a strange one for the Attack on Titan manga. It saw fewer titan battles than perhaps any other time in the series and began to resemble a political drama. This is a rather bold move for a series that started as a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse setting, and it surprisingly worked really well.

The chapters that appeared this year expanded the world of AoT and elaborated the motivations and background of some of its major antagonists. All of the build-up in the most recent story arc also comes to a truly magnificent climax in the series’ 100th chapter. While it may be difficult for Attack on Titan to recapture the popularity that it saw a few years ago, these recent chapters are certainly a step in the right direction.


Inuyashiki manga
Fantastic science-fiction.

Inuyashiki – a series from the same mangaka who created the popular, yet divisive series GANTZ – published its final chapter earlier this year; and was immediately picked up for an anime adaptation. This is for a good reason, as Inuyashiki is a wonderful science fiction manga that tackles some gruesome subjects with its photorealistic art style and beautifully crafted story.

Inuyashiki follows an older man and a high school student who are both transformed into super powerful androids after a spaceship crash-lands on top of them. The older man uses these powers for good, while the young man becomes a sociopathic serial killer. While Inuyashiki does have its weaker aspects – such as some of its extremely over-the-top villainous characters – the series really is one of the best manga of 2017 and is a joy to read.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia manga
Reaching new heroic heights.

The chapters and story arcs that appeared in My Hero Academia in 2017 continues the excellent quality and terrific pacing of the series. This year saw many of MHA’s fan-favorite characters grow emotionally and physically, many of the villains in the series received some much-needed character development, and new aspects of MHA’s superhuman society finally appeared.

My Hero Academia is quickly becoming a tremendously popular series, and the amount of effort the series puts into redefining some of the more troublesome elements of the shōnen genre makes its popularity more than warranted. It’s still refreshing to read a series with such brisk pacing and so many competent and compelling female characters.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Tokyo Ghoul:re manga
Masterfully written and gorgeously drawn.

Tokyo Ghoul:re is, without a doubt, one of the best manga of 2017. This year saw the series explore powerful themes like love, loss, accepting personal failures and shortcomings, and managing one’s own identity against the conceptions and expectations of one’s peers. If the horror elements and violent action of this series do not capture you, the heart-wrenching struggles of the main characters will.

2017 also made it pretty apparent that the creator of Tokyo Ghoul:reSui Ishida – really may have the entirety of the work planned out on a chapter-to-chapter level. Events and chapter titles line up perfectly with that of the prior installment of the series, Tokyo Ghouland the series has an incredibly complex web of character relationships that is unlike many other manga series. Tokyo Ghoul:re is a truly exceptional piece of media that deserves to be studied and analyzed for years to come, and is easily one of the best manga series of 2017.

5 Manga That Deserve an Anime Adaptation

The 15 Best Anime of 2017

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The 5 Best Action Anime of 2017

The action genre is one of the most popular and accessible types of entertainment across every medium, from Hollywood movies to cartoons, and the same is also true of anime. In 2017, studios released a plethora of titles that feature the main character facing an enormous challenge that tests their physical and mental capacity to an extreme and barely reachable point. So, we have found the best action anime of this past year that have showcased such incredible feats.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

Taking place right after the events of the first season, Kyoto Saga follows Rin Okumura as he tries to gain the trust back from his classmates. The journey to recover these friendships leads him on a dangerous path from which he may never return.

Unlike its first season, the Kyoto Saga Arc follows the manga more closely and focuses on the fractured relationships between Rin and his classmates. The series valued the bond between Satan’s son and the Exwires, without neglecting essential action sequences that make the Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga one of the best action anime of 2017.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

The sequel to the highly-anticipated Blood Blockade Battlefront, finally arrived this year, picking up where it left off from the previous season. And although the season hasn’t finished airing yet, so far, it’s nearing the peak of awesomeness with no chance of faltering

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond is a world of its own with tons of characters and personalities waiting to be explored. Due to the wild bunch of crazy, over-the-top, and eccentric characters, such as Klaus and Zapp, BBBB may never come to an end. Based on this, the series has a lot of stories and angles yet to explore.

Gintama Season 5 and 6

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? And so is the case with Gintama. The action series has lasted this long for many reasons, one of which being that Gintama doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The fantasy world where Gintama takes place allows the characters to roam wild and go on fun adventures without consequences. However, on the occasion when it’s time to take a serious approach, it does an outstanding job of keeping viewers engaged.

The King’s Avatar

Although not technically anime, The King’s Avatar from the Chinese-based production company G.CMay Animation & Film captures the essence of Japanese animation. The 12-episode action anime series follows Ye Xiu a popular online gamer whose pro league team forces him into retirement. However, this enforced seclusion doesn’t last long as he creates a new character to once again battle it out in the online multiplayer game, Glory.

The King’s Avatar is one of the few Chinese anime series that have made a significant impression in the anime community outside of China. And although the series gives off a vibe of isekai (another world), like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, The King’s Avatar is far from of it. There are no particular devices that immerse the player in the game, but rather, we get to see how they see themselves and the game’s surroundings.

Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen

Part of the Monogatari series of light novels written by Nisio Isin, Reiketsu-hen is the final part of the Kizumonogatari film series. Once again, we follow Koyomi Araragi as he and Kiss-shot battle it out with other vampires to end this horrible wound story.

While we know that the journey of Araragi comes to an end in Owarimonogatari, it’s enjoyable to watch a dark, intense and ambiguous story arc that the series is known for. In an hour and a half, the film manages to visually capture the complexity of human – and vampire – emotions with its dark color scheme and musical score. For illustrating the intricacies of the character and staying true to its own arc without separating itself too much from the main series, Kizumonogatari is one of the best action anime of 2017.

14 Anime We’re Most Excited For in 2018

The 15 Best Anime of 2017

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