GE breakup leaves it with best and worst performers

(Reuters) – General Electric Co said on Tuesday it will spin off its healthcare business and divest its stake in oil-services firm Baker Hughes, effectively breaking up the 126-year-old conglomerate which was once the most valuable U.S. corporation and a global symbol of American business power.

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Cheryl Burke Reveals She Thought Fiancé Matthew Lawrence’s Proposal Was a Breakup

Cheryl Burke was anticipating a proposal from Matthew Lawrence but admits she believed he was breaking up with her when he finally popped the question.

The Dancing with the Stars coach revealed in an interview on PeopleTV’s Chatter on Wednesday that Lawrence had waited so long in proposing she almost believed he wouldn’t do it until he finally got down on one knee.

Lawrence popped the question on her 34th birthday on May 3 but had arranged for her family and friends to visit them the day before.

“I kind of had a feeling that if he was going to do it, he was going to do it right now,” Burke said, referring to the night of May 2 when the couple was surrounded by loved ones.

“Nothing happened. Then it was midnight and I thought, it’s my birthday, technically, and I was like, ‘For sure it’s gonna happen now!’ Nothing happened,” she said. “We went to the Montage in Laguna just for the weekend… and every two seconds there were being flowers delivered.”

“And I thought, ‘For sure Matt, this is Matt, nope, this is Matt.’ It wasn’t. I was like, ‘This guy didn’t even get me a card.’ He didn’t even say, ‘Love, Matt. Happy birthday!” Burke continued. 

The TV host explained as she was getting ready that night that Lawrence was “rushing me out of the shower” which was strange considering “he has no idea or sense of time.”

“The fact that he was like, ‘Hurry up’ ,” Burke said. “, ‘You need to come out right now.’ I come out and this beautiful song plays — a song which I’ll walk down the aisle to — and there was just a letter there.”


The letter caused Burke to pause and wonder if that was the end of her relationship.

Live on Chatter: Cheryl Burke Reveals All About Her Wedding

“I thought, ‘Oh no, is this like a breakup letter? Or, like, what is happening?’ He goes, ‘Just read it,’” she said. “And I open it, fine print — my eyes are pretty bad — he’s like, ‘Just read it.’ So I bring it up to my nose, and it says, ‘Love you always and forever.’ And I turned around, he was on one knee and we were just very emotional.”

The couple initially met in 2006 through Joey Lawrence, Matthew’s brother and a contestant on the third season of DWTS. They first started dating in February 2007 and were in a yearlong relationship before calling it quits in February 2008.

The two later reunited in February 2017. On PeopleTV’s Chatter, Burke said their second go at their relationship was due to a renewed “commitment.”

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“I’m in my 30s and with Matt, my fiancé now, it was kind of like: ‘We’re doing this, it’s a commitment where we want to move on to the next level in our lives,’” she said. “I want to have a family, he does too.”

She continued. “We want to get married and have kids and in order for that to happen — it’s like when two adults make a decision — it’s a commitment and so let’s move forward. Let’s not just stay in one place for the rest of our lives.”

While their breakup was a bump in their relationship journey, Burke revealed their first split was what caused her to know Lawrence was “the one.”

“It’s the fact that we went through so much together — and we have each other’s back. It is like ride or die, we are together, we are in this and we can get through anything and for me, it’s all about loyalty and trust,” she said.

“He’s the first man I can say that I feel safe with and that I know will always have my back no matter what,” she added. “He’s normal, he’s grounded, he’s got a huge heart. It’s hard to find.”

While the two are basking in engagement bliss, Burke is already thinking about what she wants for their nuptials, saying the two “definitely want to do a summer wedding.”


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“Hopefully next year. I don’t want to put any pressure on a date or a place right now,” she said. “We just went to the Philippines where my mom is from. We went to this beautiful island.”

While she’d love to say “I do” in her mother’s homeland, Burke said a destination wedding might not be feasible for everyone in their respective families.

“The only thing about that is that not every one of our family and friends may be able to come, so we don’t know yet exactly.  But definitely a summer wedding — we’re trying to avoid a winter wedding,” she said. 

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John Cena Is Just as Heartbroken Over His Breakup as You Are

It’s been 11 days since John Cena and Nikki Bella publicly announced their split on April 15, and we’re still reeling from the news. On Saturday, Nikki and twin sister Brie Bella attended the Nirvana Food and Wine Festival in Arizona, where Brie spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about the breakup… while Nikki stuck to Instagram to express her feelings. Now, Cena has spoken up about how he feels, and no surprise here: he’s heartbroken.

More: Don’t Expect Nikki Bella’s Sister to Badmouth John Cena Anytime Soon

While promoting Bumblebee: The Movie at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Cena spoke with several reporters about the split, including Extra‘s Mark Wright. Cena told Wright that he will always love Bella and said, “The one take away — and it sucks — but the one take away I can have for me is that… because I feel so heartbroken, I know I was in love and I will never be able to take that away.”

Cena said that he wants people to know, “When you feel down, just hang in there and fight through it… every low comes with a high.”

In another interview with TMZ reporters, Cena made similar comments. He said, “I love Nicole with all my heart and the split’s tough.” He added, “It’s a tough time but that’s life… We all go through highs and we all go through lows.”

More: More Details Emerge About John Cena & Nikki Bella’s Relationship & Breakup

Since the breakup, Cena hasn’t spent much time in the public eye, but he has posted a handful of times on Twitter—to share inspirational messages as well as a weightlifting video in honor of his 41st birthday on Monday, April 23. The official Bella twins Twitter retweeted the video, which perhaps points to Brie’s insistence to Us Weekly that Cena will “always be family”.

John Cena shares inspirational message

John Cena shares inspirational message

CinemaCon was Cena’s first public appearance since the announcement of the split, and his social media presence has been scattered. Meanwhile, Nikki hasn’t spoken to reporters, but she’s steered her focus on Instagram away from the breakup and toward bluer skies, like accomplishing her personal goals.

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