Ultimate Bathroom Design Challenge: Vote for a Chance to Win!

The Challenge: We asked two designers to create a dream bathroom featuring stunning tile selections from Fifth and Fir and trendy lighting selections from Union Lighting & Furnishings. Vote for your favorite today for a chance to win a $ 500 gift certificate from Union Lighting & Furnishings!

Kim’s Sophisticated Bathroom Design Board

My ideal bathroom is an oasis of serene sophistication anchored by a showpiece double vanity in glossy black. The quiet gray walls, a bold aloe triptych and timeless jute baskets lend a calming natural touch to the urban cool of the black and white palette. The lattice theme of the natural stone flooring by Fifth and Fir is echoed by a cubist-inspired aged iron chandelier centered over the luxurious lines of the deep white soaker tub. – Click here for more information and sources.

Karla’s Dramatic Bathroom Design Board

This bathroom is fresh and textural with hints of playfulness. You can recreate this look by choosing a graphic, bold tile and highlighting it in one area (like the floor or wall) then choosing softer textural elements such as wood and light colored stone. Remember that lighting really is the jewelry of the space and a hint of black sprinkled in always grounds the room. – Click here for more information and sources.


Use the widget below to vote for your favorite design board and then earn extra entries using the listed options! One lucky contestant will win a $ 500 gift certificate to use in store at Union Lighting & Furnishings!

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The Real Reason Roger Stone Crony Andrew Miller Ducked Robert Mueller’s Subpoena? To Challenge the Special Counsel’s Legitimacy.

A little-known conservative non-profit is bankrolling the legal representation of a Roger Stone associate as part of an effort to challenge Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Attorney Paul Kamenar, who represents longtime Stone associate Andrew Miller, told The Daily Beast he is taking a reduced rate because he believes the special counsel probe is unconstitutional. He said the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) is helping fund his work because they share his Constitutionality concerns.

This is all part of a effort to have a judge find that Mueller’s investigation is against the law.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Drake’s Viral Dance Challenge Leads to Disaster | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Kaz Crossley and Laura Anderson clash over Twitter challenge

OHMYGOSSIP — ‘Love Island’s Kaz Crossley and Laura Anderson have clashed over the Twitter challenge. The 23-year-old make-up artist slammed Laura, 29, saying it’s clear her partner Jack Fowler doesn’t like her as much as she likes him, after the Islander’s took part in a challenge in which they read out tweets from the public, which had their names removed.

One of the Tweets included: “BLANK isn’t even convincing himself he’s into BLANK let alone me.”

The contestants, including Jack and Laura, thought the tweet was about the couple – who recently got back together after Laura dumped Jack – and Laura later sought Kaz’s advice in the dressing room.

While speaking to Jack, Laura said: “In the dressing room, I asked all the girls, ‘what do you think about the tweet about me and Jack, what was your thought process about picking me and him?’

“Kaz was like, ‘I just think it’s really obvious that you like him more than he likes you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh’. I feel like me and Kaz clash. I just think she’s on her high horse. I don’t like people who get on their high horse.”

Laura later confronted Kaz and again asked why she had been voted for. Kaz told her: “I don’t think you should take that so personally. I just wanted to be honest with you because I feel like you wanted honesty. I feel like some girls feel like they can’t say their honest opinion because you are very defensive of it.”

Laura subsequently insisted she was entitled to feel defensive about the situation. But Kaz responded: “I’ll be honest, everyone put you and even you put you. The fact you went to Jack and said you wanted to end things, following that you changed your mind. I don’t think take it so personally.”

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Will Smith, Sterling K. Brown, Ciara and more dance to Drake in viral dance challenge the Shiggy

From the Harlem Shake to the Mannequin Challenge, the internet loves a good dance craze. This summer, it’s time to embrace the Shiggy.

Will Smith became the latest celebrity to give the Shiggy a go Thursday, showing off his best moves atop a Budapest bridge to the tune of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

/entertainment – New York Daily News


The ‘Neymar Challenge’ Is Spreading Laughter Across the World

When we think of the World Cup, we think of athletes at the top of their game eliminating the competition for shot at that golden Greek goddess of victory trophy.

But even though world famous soccer great Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior may have lost his chance at leading Brazil to 2018 World Cup glory, he managed to win big in a different way: He became the most imitated player of the tournament, getting people across the world rolling the way he does.

The Brazilian forward’s team was knocked out of the World Cup on Friday after losing 2-1 to Belgium, but star player Neymar is still popping up in everyone’s social media feeds. He’s known for his formidable offense and fancy footwork, but recently he secured his place on the world stage with the hammy way he falls to the ground and rolls around. It’s the stuff of great drama, so his falls on the field inevitably became a meme. Swiss broadcaster RTS even attempted to tally his total time on the match, at 14 minutes.

After making it to the quarterfinals, Brazil is out of the tournament. But people just can’t quit Neymar. The Neymar challenge sees people emulating the player, and the stunts are reverberating across the world.

In fact, whole teams have made videos of themselves imitating his on-field antics with their best “Neymar.” The idea is simple. People shout Neymar and do their best imitation. A Swiss youth club coach, Club Tijuana and countless others have joined in on the craze of imitating the forward’s moves. Belgium fans turned tumbles into a drinking game.

KFC’s South Africa also made a minute-long ad mocking Neymar’s roll.

Even dogs are getting in on the fun.

He’s not the first athlete to showcase passion on the field, and he’s certainly given the tournament a major dose of levity. Neymar has yet to address the challenge himself.

Sports – TIME


Elle Fanning says playing Mary Shelley was a unique challenge

OHMYGOSSIP — Elle Fanning admits playing Mary Shelley proved to be a unique challenge.
The 20-year-old actress stars as the iconic writer – who is best known for her Gothic novel ‘Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus’ – in the period-drama about Shelley’s life, and Elle has revealed how the movie-making process has changed her outlook on life.
She confessed: “I felt like Mary Shelley taught me how to be a woman in a way. I don’t know, [she taught me] a little bit of womanhood.”
Despite this, Elle admitted it was a challenge having to play Shelley, because there was no audio or video footage to guide her performance.
The novelist was born in 1797 and so even though she’s one of the world’s most revered literary figures, Elle didn’t have many points of reference while making the movie.
Speaking to ITV’s ‘Lorraine’, she shared: “Definitely a challenge because you can’t look like a painting of her. There’s not a video of the way she moves or the way she talks.
“It’s also a love story, you know? I also think it’s a relationship of people who relate to one another that’s messy and not perfect.”
Meanwhile, Elle previously revealed she considers the movie to be a milestone in her life because it was the last film she made before graduating from high school.
She explained: “When I filmed the movie, I was 17, about to turn 18.
“This was the last movie that I had to do school on the set. It was a milestone movie for me. I really felt wiser and more mature after.”

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Something different: NASCAR drivers embrace Sonoma challenge

SONOMA, Calif. (AP) William Byron recently got instruction on the finer points of road racing from two coaches. He also used a simulator, did countless hours of study and drove Saturday in the K&N Pro Series race to prepare for his first NASCAR Cup Series race at Sonoma Raceway.

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U.S. agency’s virtual currency oversight faces court challenge

BOSTON (Reuters) – An obscure virtual currency called My Big Coin is now at the center of a closely watched case that could determine whether the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has the authority to combat fraud associated with cryptocurrencies.

Reuters: Technology News


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Marc Molinaro’s taxcut challenge

Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro last week launched his uphill campaign for governor with a pledge to “roll out a bold property-tax cut that defenders of the status quo will despise.” The newly minted GOP nominee said he’d “fundamentally alter the tax system” — and to “do it out of compassion.” He also promised to…
Opinion | New York Post


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The 5 Best Challenge Runs to Try in ‘Dark Souls Remastered’

This won’t come as a shock to any Souls veteran, but Dark Souls Remastered gets easy after you put enough hours into it. The usual media narrative of “ha ha it’s so brutally hard” doesn’t ring true to those who’ve learned its systems. Enter the Dark Souls challenge runs.

Much like the original, Dark Souls Remastered is entirely breakable — in all the right ways. With some choice limitations, you can create some very interesting theorycrafting problems to solve. In Dark Souls, challenge runs are a great way to feel like you’re rediscovering the game all over again.

Drake Sword Balder Knight kill
No more Drake Sword making the early game easy

Some of the best challenge runs are no longer available if you haven’t already got the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC, because they come from mods. We even received an awesome mod just recently which gives you interesting debuffs for every boss you defeat. Check out LobosJr taking it on here.

That’s kind of a shame, but here are some great and interesting ways to make Dark Souls Remastered more challenging and fun for yourself. No mods necessary.

1. No Shield, Melee Only, No Summons

We’re starting basic. This is a challenge run that will teach you valuable skills for future challenge runs.

This run is great for learning how to properly roll. Since you can go through the main game with a heavy armour build, focused on blocking and poise, the lack of a shield here will force you to use Dark Souls Remastered‘s greatest gift: those invincibility frames on your roll.

Solaire hollow
But I'd feel naked without my shield!

And while it doesn’t explicitly force you to, it’s also a great time to learn how to parry. Certain enemies become vastly easier once you’ve overcome this hurdle. Havel becomes trivial, as do Silver Knights and Black Knights.

Going melee only without summons just makes sure you’re not going to cheese anything. Use your roll, Luke. Switch off your targeting computer and use your roll.

2. The Onebro Challenge Run

This is definitely one of our favourite challenge runs in Dark Souls, and we’ll probably be running it again in Dark Souls Remastered. The only rule here is you start as Pyromancer (the only level 1 class), and you can’t level up.

There’s no better challenge run to prove that Dark Souls Remastered is about skill. We’ve come across many who treat Dark Souls like a Final Fantasy game, thinking the answer to a tough fight is to go away and grind for a while. That won’t help you much in a Soulsborne.

Not only does beating the game as a level 1 require great technical play, each boss fight becomes its own theorycrafting challenge. You have to formulate a plan, crunch some numbers, and then execute that plan. That’s a true action RPG right there. This is a great new challenge for those who want to rediscover the game.

Laurentius of the Great Swamp pyromancy flame
Learn what you can from Laurentius to start with

A few tips, if we may.

We won’t tell you how to live your life, but accepted wisdom is the Reinforced Club is the best weapon to go with here. It suits your stats, you can modify it with elements, and it has some bonus bleed damage. If that’s not your cup o’ Estus, remember you can wield higher Strength weapons by two-handing them.

There are also two elements that don’t scale with stats: fire and lightning. Fire tends to do well against undead enemies (lucky there are a lot of those, eh?), while lightning does well against armoured enemies like Silver Knights or Smough.

Reinforced Club weapon
The Reinforced Club. Come for the stat requirements, stay for the bleed.

Pyromancy follows this rule as well. You don’t need special items to upgrade your pyromancy flame — just souls. You don’t need stats for Great Combustion to do great damage, either. But there are limited casts.

That means when you take on tanky bosses like Manus, even after all your Great Combustion and Black Flame casts, you’re still going to have to score some hits with your club. Good luck!

3. The One-Shot Boss Challenge

This is a super fun challenge popularised by Vageta, in which you have to earn the right to level up by defeating bosses in as few hits as possible. If you kill a boss in one hit, you get two points. If you kill a boss in two hits, you get one point. Each point allows you to level up one time.

Other than that, it’s fairly open-ended and you’re free to theorycraft to your heart’s content. You also get a point for one-shotting a miniboss, although the definition of a “miniboss” is a bit loose.

This one is a Dark Souls Remastered theorycrafting dream come true. There are so many interesting problems to solve, and you have to keep an eye on the endgame. You might have a great pyromancy strategy, but what happens when you go up against Quelaag, immune to fire?

There are obvious edge cases, such as Smough & Ornstein, in which you can’t win the whole fight with one shot. Vageta goes through the rules for these in the above video, but you’re free to tackle it in the way you think is fair and fun.

Without spoiling too much of the theorycrafting fun, there are some amazing quirks when spells and items are combined. Our favourite is the Red Tearstone Ring, which multiplies damage when you’re at extremely low health, and Power Within, a sizeable buff that constantly drains your health.

Plunging attack Taurus Demon
Vageta uses a plunging attack to kill the Taurus Demon in one hit

Using both of these (and others) combined, you only have a window of 20 seconds before you either heal, or Power Within kills you. Having so much depend on a few seconds makes the fight incredibly tense.

It’s just one interesting dynamic in this challenge run. And it’s worth all the work when you add those one-shot kills to your highlight reel.

4. The ‘Ooh Shiny!’ Challenge Run

Use what you see! If you see a shiny item, equip it. If you spot a chest with armour in it, put it on. Everything that enters your view in this run, you have to use.

Popularised by LobosJr, this run essentially requires you to put a lot of investment into Strength and Dexterity. You’re picking up weapons that won’t be upgraded the entire game, and relying on their base scaling attributes. It’s hard, and it’s a bit of silly fun at the same time.

Naked Dark Souls katana challenge run
LobosJr has to use every item he sees

An additional interesting element comes from knowing where items are and deliberately avoiding them. Keeping the camera pointed away from an item you know will screw you up is a funny way to play.

You can give yourself some concessions if you want, but the pure way to play this is, if it’s shiny, you equip it. Saw a sorcerer’s catalyst and don’t have any spells or Intelligence? Oopsie. Boss dropped a rare hammer that requires 50 Strength to use? Oh dear.

If you pick up something that completely screws you up, you have to go find another item to replace it with.

5. Honour Duels Challenge Run

Are you ready to play perfectly?

This run applies PvP etiquette to boss fights. Specifically, you can’t heal unless your opponent does. For the most part, that means no heals at all. But in the case of Smough or Ornstein coming back with full health, you’re allowed to as well.

While seemingly very hard at first, you may actually want to provide some additional limitations for this one. Mainly because it’s possible to do so much damage through sorcery and other means.

Ornstein Smough boss fight
Yeah, good luck with Ornstein & Smough.

Bonus: Create Your Own

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own challenge. Everything above was started by Souls players just having a think about how they could make their favourite game more fun. After so many years, you have people doing level 1 runs of NG+7 with no rolling/blocking/parrying/sprinting.

If you’re at a loss for interesting runs, why not randomly generate one?

Once you open it up to NG+, a whole new slew of options become available. The Calamity Ring run is popular, which just doubles all of the damage you take. Cosplay runs are also fun, donning the gear of famous Lordran adventurers like Tarkus or Logan. Bonus points for playing in their style, as well.

We hope there’s enough there to get you thinking about how to play this amazing game in different, interesting ways. We’re not sure what the mod situation will be like post release for Dark Souls Remastered, but even in its original form, this is the game that keeps on giving.

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Kaiser Permanente Wins Recognition from 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge

Fifty-two facilities host 25 megawatts of onsite solar generation (with more under construction) in many communities Kaiser Permanente serves and more than 300 electric vehicle charging stations are available at medical and office sites. These are just a couple of ways in which Kaiser Permanente has committed to addressing climate change.

Kaiser Permanente has earned two gold recognitions from the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge for its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy. It is one of seven health care organizations in North America recognized for its sustainability work in 2017. Since 2008, Kaiser Permanente has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent while increasing its membership by 24 percent.

“This award underscores the progress Kaiser Permanente is making toward a clean energy future and the example we wish to set, not only in health care but for large organizations across all industries,” said Ramé Hemstreet, vice president of Operations and chief sustainable resources officer for Kaiser Permanente. “Installing clean and cost-effective solar generation at Kaiser Permanente facilities reduces our contribution to climate change and improves the health of our communities.”

The 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge encourages participants to lead the transformation to climate-smart health care by implementing strategies to reduce their climate footprint, developing low-carbon models of care, adapting to a changing climate and advocating for policies to protect the future health of the planet.

Many of the initial participants set mitigation targets to reduce carbon reduction by 30 percent or more by 2020. Currently, the 2020 Challenge has 160 participants that represent the interests of more than 14,000 hospitals and health centers in 24 countries. The 2020 Challenge reviews and assesses data submitted by participants as it relates to the three pillars of the challenge, which are climate mitigation, resiliency and leadership.

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Fighting for gender equality on a daily basis is this woman’s job, and she wants you to “challenge everyday sexism” in your own life

Fighting for gender equality on a daily basis is this woman’s job, and she wants you to “challenge everyday sexism” in your own life

Fighting for gender equality on a daily basis is this woman’s job, and she wants you to “challenge everyday sexism” in your own life

We’ve made major strides for the advancement of women’s voices in predominantly male-dominated institutions, but there’s still a long road ahead in ensuring those same advancements for women are intersectional. After all, it’s 2018, and non-binary, LGBTQIA, Black, and Brown folks are still fighting tooth and nail for basic human rights. That’s why it’s imperative that we hold those in power accountable and demand they use their privilege and resources to speak up for those who can’t.

And many — if not all of those times — it’s women who step up to the plate.

That’s why we want to celebrate Sonia Ossorio, the President of the National Organization for Women, New York (NOW-NY) and New York City (NOW-NYC), who has devoted nearly 20 years of her life to fighting for women’s equality. With more than 5,000 active members and supporters of NOW-NY, Ossorio has led the organization to the front lines, fighting to change outdated laws, discriminatory policies, and oppressive attitudes in order to improve women’s reproductive rights, create economic equality, and put an end to any violence against women. NOW has been around since 1966 – its founding chapter is in Washington D.C. – and it’s the nation’s largest organization advocating for women’s rights.

Ossorio was appointed to the NYC Commission on Gender Equity by Mayor Bill De Blasio in 2016 and has continued to keep a subtle footing in the journalistic world with social and political commentary appearing in USA Today, the Denver Post, and the New York Times.

Sonia Ossorio at demonstration in New York City
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As of late, NOW-NY also works to pass stronger gun laws in the state of New York in an effort to end gun violence against women. Ossorio has also gone on to publish an important op-ed in the New York Daily News about how gun violence is in fact, a women’s issue. Further, NOW-NY also launched a campaign, Take Rape Seriously NOW, to assist survivors of sexual assault, provide resources for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, and expand the programs funded by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). NOW-NY, with Ossorio leading the pack, is fighting for all women by any means necessary.

HelloGiggles spoke to Sonia Ossorio about how we can become active agents of change in the mobilization for women’s rights and equality, support women who have experienced any type of discrimination, and what makes her wake up, after 20 years at NOW-NY, in the morning.

HelloGiggles (HG): What does a day in the life of the president of NOW-NY look like?

Sonia Ossorio (SO): NOW is the largest women’s right organization in the country. It was started before most of the people reading this were born! We’ve always been on the front lines of social, political, and economic issues making sure that women have a voice and standing up for women’s rights — whether that is to advance our rights or make sure that people aren’t trying to roll back women’s rights. [That] is a constant two part battle that we undertake and that we’re involved in.

For my day to day, I come into the office with a list of things that I want to get done all while knowing that at any moment the ball could drop and it’s time to go into action and [get out there] and fight for an important issue, or it’s time to call our activists and say, “We need you today, 5 o’clock, at City Hall.” Because it’s important to be able to react quickly to injustices that are taking place and let those who wield a lot of power — whether it’s lawmakers or business people, know that we’re going to be loud and proud about where we stand on discrimination and injustices for women.

HG: You’ve been a part of NOW-NY for nearly 20 years and president for the last 12. How do you keep your momentum going? What is it about your career that makes you wake up in the morning, ready to go?

SO: I enjoy the people I work with and I get a real charge from rooting out injustice. At NOW, we are ready to take to the street with a moment’s notice. We keep the megaphone and banners by the door. Our team knows what’s at stake for women, people of color, and immigrants [during the] Trump administration.

The key thing about my job is I need to be on my toes every day to see where the opportunities exist to help women raise their voices, to be the support network to help them do just that, and to put pressure on those in power who think they’re going to get away with maligning women’s lives.

HG: You were a journalist – a business reporter, specifically – before you crossed over into the nonprofit sector. Can you speak more on why you decided to change career paths?

SO: It’s becoming more and more common to make career changes across industries. You become passionate about different things as you go through life. You grow more as a person as you apply the skills you’ve learned in different jobs to different situations. Allow room for flexibility in your life — don’t be set on having a “5-year plan” because sometimes you might miss opportunities for growth and change that come up along the way.

HG: As President, you’ve had your successes in being an active agent in helping pass history-making legislations. You’ve worked to pass anti-trafficking laws, repeal the statute of limitations on rape, and advocate for legislation criminalizing child marriages. How did you make that happen?

SO: There are so many areas where social justice doesn’t exist, so when I see injustices – I work to rectify it. It’s [also] about launching a campaign, that means [focusing on] public education, and getting citizens engaged to the point they are willing to get on a bus at 6 a.m. and spend the next 16 hours talking to legislators and telling the truth about women’s lives. And knowing that by doing it, you’re there for the single mom who has so many demands in her life, [knowing] you’re there for that woman who doesn’t have the time and resources or privilege to [stand up for herself].

HG: What advice would you give women hoping to someday do the work you’re doing — whether that be working for women’s rights, being a voice for the voiceless, or shattering the glass ceiling?

SO: There’s probably nothing more important for us to do as individuals than to challenge the everyday sexism that we see happening. To call it out when we see it, to ask others to do the same. To define for ourselves what being a good bystander look like. Have those meaningful conversations with the men in your lives – in your family, workplace, and community – about how they define manhood. Engage them in conversations about toxic masculinity and ask them to think about the harm they’ve seen it cause. Be direct, but kind. Just tell the men in your lives about what women would like to see from them and why being a feminist and a man is not at odds.

HG: What advice would you give readers or women who come across this interview and are dealing with any kind of discrimination or harassment?

SO: Well, in my life experience, I’ve come to realize that when you stand up for what’s right, more oftentimes than not, others will join you and you’ll be able to make change. Obviously, you don’t want to put yourself in dangerous situations, but everyday sexism, those everyday injustices that make your blood boil, it’d be healthier to say something about them. It’d be healthier to stand up to the racism and the bigotry.

Sonia Ossorio at demonstration in front of Trump Tower in New York

HG: What are you looking forward to in 2018 with NOW-NY?

SO: Looking forward to getting more women elected to office. Looking forward to giving women a space where they can learn about important issues and learn how to be an activist. 



This online ‘challenge’ has teens camping out in bizarre places

On the cusp of the “condom snorting challenge” and “Tide pod challenge” comes another viral trend that’s taking over the internet – albeit, not as disgusting or dangerous, but just as perplexing. Teens and young adults are attempting to hide out in chain stores and restaurants, in what is being called the “24-hour overnight challenge”…
Living | New York Post


Of course AT&T and Verizon will ‘aggressively challenge’ any state net neutrality laws

Net Neutrality and Congress

In the wake of the FCC’s net neutrality repeal late last year, the hottest thing to do as a Democratic state legislator has been to introduce state-level net neutrality bills. Depending on which state you look at, the bills either ban anti-net-neutrality practices outright (unlikely to stand up to legal challenge), or simply prevent the state government from giving any contracts to companies that engage in anti-net-neutrality behavior.

In either case, the outcome of many of these bills being passed would be terrible for the telecoms companies. Not only would it hamper their efforts to charge consumers more or selectively favor services, it would also mean a horrible patchwork of regulations nationwide, and the only people that excites are lawyers.

Continue reading…

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Facebook Data Backlash Reveals Tech’s Biggest Challenge: Trust

Mark Zuckerberg is sorry. Following five days of silence, Facebook’s CEO embarked on a well-choreographed media blitz on March 21 to deal with the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. “This was a major breach of trust, and I’m really sorry that this happened,” Zuckerberg told CNN’s Laurie Segall, a message he repeated in […]



Ultimate Design Challenge – Vote Today!

design challenge

The Design Challenge: We asked two designers to create a modern space using popular pieces from the SwitzerCultCreative design collections.

design challenge

Kim Bartley’s Miami Meets Mid-Century Dining Room

design challenge

This dining room emanates a Miami meets mid-century vibe. The black and white palm wallpaper packs a punch with it’s modern tropical design. The dining room table and chairs sit perfectly atop a dark heirloom disintegrated rug. Add some sparkle with a mirror and slim framed chandelier for a space that boasts an edgy look. Click here for more details!

Trish Knight’s Luxurious Living Room for Entertaining

design challenge

Every design has a starting point and this room was inspired by the walnut credenza, created by Sholto Design Studio to hold a cocktail bar, wine rack and turn table. White walls and Carrara marble paired with warm camel and gray tones, luxurious textures and layered lighting create a relaxing mood for this living space. Click here for more details!

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GOP Senator Hopes Republican Will Challenge Trump In 2020

A Republican Senator who has been highly critical of President Donald Trump indicated Friday he hopes the president will face a primary challenge in 2020. Senator Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., made the comments at an event in New Hampshire that is seen as a must-stop spot for presidential hopefuls.
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Republican Businessman Drops Heller Primary Challenge

Republican businessman Danny Tarkanian announced Friday he is dropping his primary challenge against GOP Senator Dean Heller, R-Nev. Tarkanian revealed that he has instead been urged by President Donald Trump to run for the House seat being vacated by Congresswoman Jacky Rosen, D-Nev.
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Chuck Todd says Trump insults challenge parenting

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd called out President Trump on Sunday for taunting him as a “sleeping son of a bitch,” saying the leader of the country shouldn’t be airing “vulgarities like that.” During a raucous campaign-style rally Saturday evening for a Republican congressional candidate, Trump told the fired-up crowd he had always been…
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I Tried a No-Added-Sugar Challenge for a Month – And This Is What Happened

I lost seven pounds while still eating pizza, for starters.

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Children Who Kill was ‘toughest challenge’ of Susanna Reid’s career

SHE tackles breaking news, grills slippery politicians and talks to victims of tragedies as a presenter on Good Morning Britain.

But SUSANNA REID says filming for her latest ­documentary, Children Who Kill, has been the ­toughest challenge of her career.

Suysanna Reid sat down to interview American murderer Joshua Phillips who killed his eight-year-old neighbour aged just 14

In particular, Susanna dubbed her interview with American murderer Joshua Phillips “extremely distressing” — as she was forced to delve into how, aged 14, he killed his eight-year-old neighbour Maddie Clifton and hid her body under his bed for six days.

In an exclusive interview, Susanna said: “I have never been as ­distressed as I was filming that documentary.

“I’ve been affected by all the documentaries I’ve done but the thing about this is the child who was murdered was so young. I was in tears doing the interviews — and I found everything about meeting Phillips upsetting, distressing and heart-breaking.”

And Susanna even admitted that she had to have a break to clear her mind after filming the show, which airs tomorrow on ITV at 9pm.


Susanna Reid dubbed interviewing for Children Who Kill left her distressed and found herself in tears[/caption]

Rex Features

Susanna Reid is used to tackling breaking news, politicians and victims of tragedies for Good Morning Britain[/caption]

She added: “I did find myself with a kind of emotional cloud a lot of the time.

“It took quite a long time after I got back from the States to clear my mind — the first thing I did was hug my kids a little tighter.”

However, this is not the only tough subject Susanna is tackling for ITV as part of its Crime And Punishment series as she will present a hard-hitting ­documentary on taxi cab rapist John Worboys later this month.

And Susanna lashed out at the authorities for putting forward the sex attacker for release after only a decade behind bars. He is thought to have assaulted more than 100 women.

Getty – Contributor

Susanna Reid found everything about her interview with Joshua Phillips ‘heart-breaking’[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

The Good Morning Britain host lashed out at authorities for putting forward the release of John Worboys[/caption]

Susanna said: “How did he ever get considered for release? He hasn’t served his time. He’s not even done a year for every woman he was convicted of assaulting or committing a crime against.

“These women have been let down at every stage of the legal process.”

Good on Susanna for tackling topics others might have avoided.


JOHN CLEESE says he set the bar too high in creating Fawlty Towers.

Now starring in BBC1’s Hold The Sunset, he said: “If I ever did a sitcom again, everyone would say, ‘Well, it’s got its moments but it’s not as good as Fawlty Towers’. ”

Cheryl’s h-armed

I HOPE ITV forked out plenty on health insurance for its Dancing On Ice contestants.

CHERYL BAKER has revealed she hurt her right arm so badly during training that she can barely bend it and now needs an MRI scan.

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Cheryl Baker hurt her arm so badly during Dancing On Ice that she needs an MRI scan[/caption]

The BUCKS FIZZ singer was eliminated from the show earlier this month and said it was the accident that scuppered her chances.

She said: “It knocked my confidence completely and I was terrified of falling again because it really hurt. It sent a signal up my spine and gave me an instant headache.

“I’m still seeing the physio. She’s told me to have an MRI because there may be something inside damaged.

“I still can’t roll on to my right side in bed. When I put a coat on, I can’t bend my arm.

The Bucks Fizz singer becomes the fourth celebrity eliminated off Dancing On Ice after tense skate-off with Donna Air
Rex Features

“I didn’t realise how dangerous ice skating can be.”

I’d thought celebs would be safe when The Jump ended.


HOT on the heels of Mike Bartlett’s Trauma, ITV has signed another gritty drama from the makers of the show. The Bay, by Tall Story Pictures, follows the toils of Det Sgt Lisa ­Armstrong and her battle for justice, which often comes at a personal cost.

Change of gear

IT may be 18 months since the end of CHRIS EVANS’ doomed stint as Top Gear host but the show has continued to stall.

The BBC2 motoring series struggled in the ratings with MATT LeBLANC, CHRIS HARRIS and RORY REID at the helm last year – and changes have had to be made ahead of the trio’s return this month.

Splash News

Matt Le Blanc revealed that Top Gear will be exploring topics other than just motors in a bid to boost ratings[/caption]

Matt said that in a bid to drive up ratings the new series would not just be about motoring.

He said: “It will always be a car show but we’re trying to broaden the demographic to appeal to a wider audience.

“This year the films are bigger and have way more comedy. We’ve been thinking outside the box more.

“People tend to gravitate towards the films. They are what’s great about Top Gear.

Matt LeBlanc previously hosted Top Gear with doomed Chris Evans where ratings fell hard

“You don’t run into a lot of people who say, ‘I loved that bit you did in the studio last week’. ”
I would imagine most people just repeat Friends quotes back to him rather than mention Top Gear.


CLEO vows to put up a fight for Joel in HOLLYOAKS and is over the moon when he texts her to meet up.

Later, she goes back to see Sienna and warns that she is going to fight to get Joel back.

Meanwhile, Maxine is insulted when Adam gives her a Valentine’s Day card.

And Marnie and Ellie are worried by Alfie’s behaviour. He calms them down for now but is in the process of making a Jade-inspired robot.

In EMMERDALE, Robert helps Aaron to prepare the Valentine’s Day meal he’s cooking for Alex, but it brings them closer together again and they share a moment.

Liv asks Jacob to meet her and Gabby at the pavilion. He doesn’t realise she’s asking on Gabby’s behalf and is chuffed to think Liv likes him.

Freddie for bed

HE’S seen his share of romantic disasters, so when a dinner goes well on C4’s First Dates, maître’d FRED SIRIEIX thinks the amorous couples should go all the way.

Speaking ahead of Friday’s Valentine’s Special, Fred, explained: “SHAKESPEARE said that delays have dangerous ends – do not waste time, as tomorrow we might be dead.

PA:Press Association

Fred Sirieix says he thinks it’s fine for couples to have sex on the first date[/caption]

“I lead my life every day like it’s the last. That’s why we shouldn’t wait if we want to do something. Don’t leave it too late.

“If it feels right then I think it’s fine for a couple to have sex on the first date.”

I’m not sure that’s quite what Shakespeare had in mind.

must watch

WHAT? Trauma, ITV1, 9pm.

WHY? In the final episode of this psychological thriller starring ADRIAN LESTER and JOHN SIMM, Dan goes to extreme lengths to get Jon to tell him what really happened when his son Alex died.

Finding her voice

IT’S been four years since she last had a spin on The Voice’s big red chairs.

But KYLIE MINOGUE is finally making a comeback to the hit ITV show ahead of next month’s Knockouts stage.

�ITV Plc

Kylie Minogue will be making a return to The Voice but as a mentor to assist Sir Tom Jones in coaching for the Knockouts stage[/caption]

As I revealed two weeks ago, the singer has signed up to appear as a mentor alongside SIR TOM JONES.

Confirming my story, Kylie said: “It’s great to be back among the Voice family. I love working with Sir Tom and have been blown away by the talent in his team.”

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Lucas Chianca Wins WSL Big Wave Tour Nazaré Challenge

NAZARÉ, Portugal (Sunday, February 11, 2018) – Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca (BRA) won the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) Nazaré Challenge today after incredible performances at the Praia do Norte (North Beach) big-wave break in Nazaré, Portugal.

The second-ever BWT event at Nazaré ran over two days after dangerous conditions threatened the competitors following the opening heats on Saturday. Big Wave Tour Commissioner Mike Parsons, alongside the judging panel, rated conditions a Bronze coefficient with wave faces in the 25-to-35-foot category.

Competing in his second-ever BWT event, Chianca earned his first Finals appearance and first BWT win today after dominating the competitive 24-man field, made up of the world’s best male big wave surfers. The 22-year-old demonstrated command over Nazaré’s powerful waves and challenging whitewater speeds to climb up to World No. 5 on the Big Wave Tour rankings.


Nazare Challenge 2018
Lucas Chianca of Brasil advanced to the Semifinal 2018 Nazaré Challenge after winning in Round One Heat 1at Nazaré, Leiria,Portugal.


“I am stoked to win this event,” Chianca said. “Thank you to everyone for all of their support. I am grateful to win this event and all these guys competing are so crazy and inspiring. It was hard because when you get the call for BWT events, it is at the last minute. We flew here as soon as we got the call, were a bit tired, and then just went straight into the competition the next day. The waves yesterday were so gnarly and scary. And then today, we were on again. I am super stoked. Thank you.”

The six-man Final witnessed reigning BWT Champion Grant “Twiggy” Baker (ZAF), 2017/2018 Puerto Escondido Challenge winner Kai Lenny (HAW), two-time Pe’ahi Challenge winner Billy Kemper (HAW), and up-and-comers Natxo Gonzalez (EUK), Nathan Florence (HAW), and Chianca go all out for the event win.

Lenny kicked off the hour-long Final with a low-range score, a 3.83 (out of a possible 10). The next wave of the set saw a split peak between Baker and Chianca. Baker was only able to pick up a 3.50, while Chianca gained control of the heat with an authoritative 7.33. Gonzalez challenged Chianca with two mid-range scores, but the Brazilian punctuated his performance with a solid 6.73. Kemper stayed patient and was able to collect a 4.83 and 4.67 at the end of the heat to surpass Gonzalez, Lenny, Baker, and Florence for second place.


Kemper’s runner-up finish now puts him at World No. 1 on the Big Wave Tour rankings, topping Lenny by only 2,311 points. His recent success, both on the WSL Qualifying Series (QS) and Big Wave Tour, is a testament to his training and commitment to surfing. Not only does Kemper lead the BWT ranks, he recently won the Sunset Open Qualifying Series to put him in second place on the Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Regional QS rankings.

“I am over the moon right now,” said Kemper. “First and foremost, I want to thank the country of Portugal. All of the people here are absolutely amazing and this place is beautiful. The warm welcome that you give all of us surfers is next to none. I am very thankful. I came here with that goal to make the Final and do as best as I could. Obviously, that was in my mind the whole time, but I just took it heat-by-heat, wave-by-wave. I am very thankful and stoked to end up where I am at.”

Jamie Mitchell (AUS), 2016/2017 Nazaré Challenge winner, was eliminated in the first Semifinal heat along with yesterday’s Round One standouts Alex Botelho (PRT) and Peter Mel (USA). Mitchell fought his way through the six-man lineup but fell just 1.20 points short of advancing to the Final. The Australian currently sits in 6th on the BWT rankings with only 17 days remaining in the tour window.

Tom Lowe (GBR) attracted international attention after his pencil-dive wipeout from a monstrous Nazaré wave in 2016 and came into this event ready to perform. The surfer from Cornwall proved to be a serious threat with his Round 1 Heat 4 win but could not find the same rhythm to advance out of the Semifinals. Lowe has become a household name with his Top 10 ranking on the WSL Big Wave Tour this season and will exit in 11th place.

Today’s win marked a first for Chianca, but also a last for his mentor, Carlos Burlé (BRA). A fellow Brazilian who pioneered big-wave surfing and rose to become a BWT Champion, Burlé retired last year but competed at this event as an end-of-career victory lap.The fifty-year-old big wave surfer was eliminated yesterday in Round One Heat 2.

“I am super stoked to be able to work with Lucas (Chianca) — such a great talent — and be able to help the sport still after retiring,” said Burlé. “It has been an amazing life pursuing big waves and watching and witnessing all the building of this beautiful sport that I love so much. What I see for big wave surfing is a bright future. I see a lot of young surfers coming with talent and performance in huge waves. It is going to get better and better as the time passes by.”

The Mavericks Challenge still has the potential to run before the Big Wave Tour season closes on February 28, 2018. BWT officials will continue to monitor swell systems and weather patterns and will only call the event on when surf reaches the 30-foot-plus mark, mobilizing on 72 hours’ notice.

Nazaré Challenge Final Results:
1 – 
Lucas Chianca (BRA) 19.89
2 – Billy Kemper (HAW) 13.93
3 – Natxo Gonzalez (EUK) 13.83
4 – Kai Lenny (HAW) 13.23
5 – Grant Baker (ZAF) 11.04
6 – Nathan Florence (HAW) 10.89

Nazaré Challenge Semifinal Results:
SF 1: 
Lucas Chianca (BRA) 14.91, Billy Kemper (HAW) 13.17, Nathan Florence (HAW) 13.13, Alex Botelho (PRT) 12.31,  Jamie Mitchell (AUS) 11.93, Peter Mel (USA) 11.63
SF 2: Kai Lenny (HAW) 18.70, Natxo Gonzalez (EUK) 17.69, Grant Baker (ZAF) 16.99, Nic von Rupp (PRT) 11.43, Ian Walsh (HAW) 11.04, Tom Lowe (GBR) 10.51

Nazaré Challenge Round 1 Results:
Heat 1: 
Lucas Chianca (BRA) 17.63, Billy Kemper (HAW) 16.33, Nathan Florence (HAW) 14.31, João de Macedo (PRT) 11.56, Hugo Vau (PRT) 9.43, Pedro Calado (BRA) 7.13
Heat 2: Peter Mel (USA) 15.43, Alex Botelho (PRT) 14.23,  Jamie Mitchell (AUS) 9.66, Tom Butler (GBR) 3.14, Carlos Burlé (BRA) 0.00, Aaron Gold (HAW) 0.00
Heat 3: Nic von Rupp (PRT) 20.23, Kai Lenny (HAW) 20.23, Natxo Gonzalez (EUK) 17.57,  Francisco Porcella (ITA) 14.11, Cristian Merello (CHL) 12.77, Makuakai Rothman (HAW) 11.39
Heat 4: Tom Lowe (GBR) 15.10, Grant Baker (ZAF) 13.84, Ian Walsh (HAW) 12.90, Nic Lamb (USA) 11.43, Antonio Silva (PRT) 6.06, Kealii Mamala (HAW) 5.00

WSL Men’s BWT Rankings Top 5 (following Nazaré Challenge):
1 – Billy Kemper (HAW) 27,140 pts
2 – Kai Lenny (HAW) 24, 829 pts
3 – Ian Walsh (HAW) 17,757 pts
4 – Makuakai Rothman (HAW) 14,123 pts
5 – Lucas Chianca (BRA) 13,331 pts

The 2017/2018 Nazaré Challenge is presented Jogos Santa Casa, and proudly supported by Tourism of Portugal, West Tourism, and Nazaré City Council. The 2017/2018 WSL Big Wave Tour is proudly supported by Corona, the Official Beer of the Big Wave Tour (excluding North America), and Quiksilver Airlift, the Official Inflatable Vest of the 2017/2018 Big Wave Tour.

For more information, check out WorldSurfLeague.com.

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Doug Gottlieb says the Philadelphia Eagles’ toughest challenge is still ahead of them

Doug Gottlieb strips the Philadelphia Eagles of their underdog status and establishes the target on their back. Doug: ‘What do you do when everybody tells you you’re great? It’s sometimes much more difficult than what you do when everybody tells you you stink.'

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Big Wave Tour Nazarè Challenge 2018 Was Given The Green Light

WSL Press Release

NAZARÉ, Portugal (Wednesday, February 7, 2018) – The World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) is placing the Nazaré Challenge in Nazaré, Portugal on Green Alert to commence on Saturday, February 10, 2018. Praia do Norte (North Beach), a break notorious for its powerful waves and dangerous whitewater speeds, has seen monstrous waves this season and now event organizers are tracking conditions favorable enough to run the highly-anticipated competition.
“We are excited about what we are seeing at Nazaré,” said Mike Parsons, WSL Big Wave Tour Commissioner. “We are calling the WSL Nazaré Challenge ON for this Saturday, February 10. With a solid swell coming from the NW, we are looking at around 9-to-12 feet of deepwater swell that will translate to 25-to-35 foot faces by mid-morning and potentially pushing 40 feet later in the day. There is potential that the winds might come up when we run, so we plan to start early in the morning and finish before it comes up too high.”

The second-ever Nazaré Challenge in Portugal will see the world’s best take on some of the heaviest waves in the world. Defending event winner Jamie Mitchell (AUS) and the men’s big wave field will be put to the ultimate test as they battle the infamous break that has long been considered inaccessible to paddle-in-surfing. Kai Lenny (HAW), current Big Wave Tour rankings leaders, will look to improve his 13th place finish at Nazaré.

The 2017/2018 WSL Big Wave Tour has completed its first two events of the season with Lenny winning the Puerto Escondido Challenge in Mexico, and Ian Walsh (HAW) and Paige Alms (HAW) taking out the Pe’ahi Challenge in Hawaii.

Formed in 2009, the Big Wave Tour joined the WSL in 2014 and has produced historic performances at never-before-contested venues such as Nazaré in Portugal and Pe’ahi on Maui’s North Shore. Monitoring swell systems and weather patterns throughout the season, the Big Wave Tour only runs events when surf reaches the 30-foot-plus mark, mobilizing on 72 hours’ notice with an international field of Big Wave men’s and women’s athletes.

Surfline, Official Forecasters for the 2017/2018 Nazaré Challenge, are calling for:

XL to possibly XXL NW swell is developing for Nazare on Saturday the 10th thanks to a strong, double-barreled area of low pressure now stretching over Greenland. Model guidance indicates that wind of 40-45 knots will develop in this fetch over the next 12-24 hours, with seas of 35-40 feet also expected to develop just east of Greenland.

At this point, we’ll look for building, longer period NW swell through the morning on Saturday, with 20-35’+ faces. The swell looks to peak from around midday and hold over the afternoon with solid 25-35’+ faces and occasional sets to 40’+ faces. There will also be some short period NW swell running in the morning, which will give the surf at least somewhat of a jumbled feel, but that short period swell will ease through the day.

Wind, while not ideal, does look manageable. Offshore to side-offshore flow from the NE to NNE is currently expected in the morning in the 10-15 knot range, trending to side shore north at 15 knots+ from late morning through the afternoon.

The 2017/2018 WSL Big Wave Tour is proudly supported by Corona, the Official Beer of the Big Wave Tour (excluding the US), and Quiksilver Airlift, the Official Inflatable Vest of the 2017/2018 Big Wave Tour.

The 2017/2018 Nazaré Challenge competitor list will be released closer to the event start. Please check back at WorldSurfLeague.com for updates.

For more information, check out WorldSurfLeague.com.

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