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12 Ways to Stay Cool While Wearing Classic Menswear

There’s a certain type of man–and I include myself in this group–who sees it as a matter of principle to wear tailored clothing no matter what the weather. We’re the sort who never wear shorts except at the beach and feel naked without a jacket.

So, even when it’s pushing 90 degrees, we still wear suits or sport coats and repeatedly get asked the question “Aren’t you hot?.” Although we may treat the question as a statement and say “Thanks for the compliment!” the fact is we may indeed be sacrificing comfort and sweating for the sake of elegance. However, there are certain things we can do to stay cool (literally!) as gentlemen who love to wear tailored clothes in summer temps.

12 Ways to Stay Cool Wearing Classic Menswear in the Heat

Carrera with Fresco, Boutonniere & Knit Tie

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a Fresco suit with a Fort Belvedere cornflower boutonniere & Knit Tie

1. Choose the Right Summer Fabrics for Your Tailoring

While a worsted wool suit is sometimes marketed as year-round wear, the fact is it is appropriate for only three seasons in most cases, and the excluded season is summer. If you must wear a suit for work, in the realm of pure wool, you can wear fresco, which looks close enough to worsted though with an open weave that allows ventilation.

Seersucker is also a popular, albeit bold, suiting option for keeping cool as its puckered texture, owed to the way the fabric is woven, keeps it away from your skin and allows air circulation. You could also opt for a suit of pure linen, which may be the coolest wearing fabric, but the wrinkling can be problematic for professional settings: if you sit for a long time, it’ll make the backs of your knees look like an accordion when you get up.

Sophisticated Wrinkles a of Cotton and Linen Blend Fabric

Sophisticated wrinkles of a cotton and linen blend fabric

However, if you have the freedom to wear a sport coat, then linen is definitely in play. If you’re limited to suits (and for sports coats with less wrinkling) find a linen blend instead, like a cotton-linen or wool-linen-silk combination.

2. Lose the Lining



Gagliardi Summer jacket

A summer jacket from Gagliardi that is likely quarter-lined, with visible “butterfly lining” at the upper back only.

Thankfully, tailors and menswear manufacturers of off-the-rack jackets and suits understand that summer is hot and usually make their seasonal tailoring available unlined or with minimal lining: either half lined, meaning the sleeves, upper half and sides of the jacket but not the lower back; or quarter lined, meaning just the sleeves and upper back.

Half lining, Pen Pocket, Sunglass or phone pocket and white piping on the inside

Half lined jacket for the summer

The latter is sometimes called “butterfly lining” since the overlapping lining looks like the open wings of a butterfly. Some jackets may be totally unlined and thus shirt-like, though the insides of the sleeves will still usually be lined to help them lie neatly on your arms. Sleeve lining also lets you put your jacket on and take it off more easily. However, you may find jackets from spring/summer collections that have full lining; these are fine for spring but be careful avoid them in truly hot weather. The ultimate summer jacket is one that also has no canvas and is thus “unconstructed.” While canvassing helps the jacket conform to your body over time, it adds another layer of material to the garment.

3. Leave Your Jacket Unbuttoned

Pedro Mendes in summer blue jacket with pink flowery pocket square, white button down shirt, sky blue chinos and tan oxfords

Pedro Mendes in an open blue jacket with a pink flowery pocket square, a white button-down shirt, sky blue chinos and tan oxfords

The rule of style that you must keep your suit jacket buttoned whenever you are standing doesn’t account for situations when the temperature is scorching. If you’re in an air-conditioned office, you’re fine, but if you’re walking around in the heat, open that button. It’s summer and leaving it open appropriately reflects the casualness of the season while even injecting a bit of sprezzatura into your look.

4. Wear Summerweight Shirts

Open weave shirt fabric

Open weave shirt fabric

Unlike a blazer or suit, the shirt you wear under your jacket doesn’t have as many restrictions, as it is partly hidden. So, the wrinkling of linen is not as apparent, though a cotton-linen blend shirt provides the best balance of coolness and a crisp appearance. Giro inglese, also known as Airtexis the second option. It’s essentially cotton woven with an open weave, which lets air circulate through. These shirts are quite transparent when worn on their own, but you don’t need to worry about exposing your nipples if you have a jacket on.

5. Wear a Polo Shirt

With suits and sport coats, a long-sleeve shirt is usually de rigueur, but the short sleeve polo is a possibility if your jacket is more unstructured. The more informal and shirt-like your jacket is, the less unusual it looks not to have any cuffs peeking out from under your jacket sleeves. If you dislike the idea or have a more structured jacket, there are long-sleeve polos made with cotton jersey, which is very lightweight, or cotton pique, which has a more open weave.

Long sleeve summer polo

A long sleeve polo shirt made of sheer Jersey cotton lisle material.

6. Skip the Undershirt

This seems like a no-brainer, but some men, especially in the US, swear by the undershirt, particularly as a means of protecting dress shirts from perspiration. While you will likely sweat more in hot weather, putting on an additional layer of clothing only exacerbates the problem, and you’ll probably sweat through your undershirt anyway. Just launder your shirts regularly. If you’re dead set on wearing an undershirt, there are ultra-lightweight versions available that will minimize the added weight. These are meant more to be “invisible” though than specifically to beat the heat.

t-shirt as an undershirt

Though you should never show your undershirt under any circumstances, you can skip wearing one altogether in hot weather.

7. Skip the Tie Entirely, or Wear a Bow Tie

A unique navy blazer can work to give you a second jacket without looking similar to your suit jacket

A unique navy blazer can work to give you a second jacket without looking similar to your suit jacket

If a tie is not required, leave it at home during the height of summer and open your collar. I admit that I have a summer tie collection that I love and am loathe to give up the opportunity to make use of them. But over 85 degrees F, the tie will have to wait for another day. This is more of a possibility with a sport coat and pants combination than with a full suit, as some people find the suit with no tie look to be unsightly. However, if your suit is linen or otherwise “casual,” you can certainly pull it off better than with a worsted business suit. When you go tieless, compensate by choosing a shirt that has a pattern, perhaps stripes or a grid. Decorum and good taste demand that you open nothing lower than the second button on your shirt, however, unless you’re at the beach.

Or simply choose a bow tie instead; the lack of fabric laying on your chest will feel much cooler.

8. Unbutton Your Sleeve Cuffs

Leaving your shirt cuffs unbuttoned is a true sprezzatura move, reflecting a personal insouciance or nonchalance. Italians do it with French cuffs, leaving them open, without cufflinks, and even unfolded. But you can do the same with barrel cuffs, as it allows air to circulate better up your arms rather than having a buttoned sleeve fastened tightly around your wrists. Related to this, you can also open the small button on the forearm of your shirt as well.

Lino displaying sprezzatura - sunglasses, open shirt cuffs, wristbands, ring, sunglasses, cigarette, jacket on the shoulders, sleeve cuffs undone

Lino displaying his version of sprezzatura with open shirt cuffs

9. Wear White

Off white 3 piece suit, pastel green winchester shirt, Panama hat and self tie bow tie

Off-white 3 piece suit, pastel green Winchester shirt, Panama hat and self-tie bow tie

Put away your dark clothes, which work to absorb heat, in favor of lighter tones, but especially white. There’s a reason why people who live in equatorial nations wear a lot of white—they recognize its reflective properties.

Pedro breaking the rule here wearing tan oxfords with matching socks and contrasting white pants

Pedro Mendes breaking a rule by wearing tan oxfords with matching socks and contrasting white pants

For the practical purpose of cooling, try white pants or a white sport coat, but not at the same time unless you’re conjuring the ghost of Tom Wolfe. There are circumstances when a white suit looks good, but it can be difficult to achieve successfully. For more on the subject, check out our article on how to wear white.

10. Choose Looser Fits

Slim (and super slim) fits have been popular in recent years, particularly among younger guys (and attendees of Pitti Uomo). In summer, abandon the clinging cloth of slim shirts and trousers and opt for wider legs on pants and looser sleeves on shirts to increase airflow.

Yellow Linen Vest with Sky Blue Linen Suit

This sky blue linen suit has a looser fit that is still crisp and flattering

Linen trousers naturally make use of the same principle as the stiffness of the flax fibers keeps them off your skin. They do tend to bag a bit, so a cotton-linen blend is again the ideal compromise. Of course, you don’t want your legs to be so wide that they look like flags fluttering in the breeze.

11. Wear Loafers with “Invisible Socks”

Warm weather is the time for loafers, but more because they conjure an atmosphere of relaxation than for their heat-dissipating properties. For that, you can abandon longer socks in favor of so-called “no-show” or “invisible” socks (socklets?) and loafers. The ankle-cooling effect, which also transfers up your legs, cannot be underestimated. For those who absolutely refuse to give up wearing visible socks, this may be an occasion for linen socks or ones that only rise to the mid-calf. Some men swear absolutely that they will wear nothing but over-the-calf (OTC) hosiery, and I am one of those people, but only when the weather is cool enough for it. Believe me, when it’s 100 in the shade, you’ll regret having 50% more of your leg wrapped in fabric.

12. Put on a Panama hat

Dr Andre Churchwell with Panama hat, and striped suit with boutonniere and spectators

Dr. Andre Churchwell with Panama hat, and striped suit with boutonniere and spectators

It’s often said that your head is the first thing you need to keep cool in the summer (and warm in the winter) to regulate your body temperature. This makes sense as your head is the highest point on your body and can get baked if the sun is directly above you. The solution is a Panama Hat: stylish, light in color and weight, with a breathable weave and a brim that also protects your eyes from glare. Read our summer hat guide for other possibilities, including the straw boater.

13.  Have an Aperitivo!

Enjoy a classic Pimm's Cup in the heat

Enjoy a classic Pimm’s Cup in the heat

Here’s a bonus tip for a “baker’s dozen.” Take your tailored self to a dimly lit bar, ideally in a Mediterranean destination like Italy or Spain. Barring that, settle for a Pimm’s cup or a G&T in the UK, where the weather (usually) doesn’t get too hot in summer anyway.


In a world where heatwaves and hottest days on record occur even when it isn’t summer, keeping cool is even more important for anyone who wants to be better dressed than wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When it’s 90 degrees, and I am not at the beach, I do sometimes, and with great reluctance, wear just a polo shirt or a long-sleeve jersey shirt with light trousers. However, I also find that covering yourself with cloth can be even better than exposing your skin to the broiling hot sun.

To some extent, there’s always the possibility that we have to compromise on our wardrobe choices, but we also need to be prepared, so we can continue to wear the tailoring we love. Ultimately, the principles behind all the tips for staying cool are 1) reducing the layers and thickness of the clothes you wear and 2) avoiding as much fabric-to-skin contact as possible, which then allows more air to circulate.

Make use of these principles to stay cool in summer to whatever extent you please, depending on your individual style–how casual or formal you are–and how much you can stand the heat.

What do you do when the mercury rises? Share your approach in the comments section below.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Wall Street’s top economist Hyman calls Trump’s trade tactics classic ‘Art of the Deal’

Evercore ISI Chairman Ed Hyman says President Donald Trump's tough trade stance is largely bluster and won't disrupt the global economy.


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The GameCube Classic Edition Games List: Titles We Need to See

We’ve had a few “Mini” consoles from Nintendo already, and we’re counting the seconds before we get the GameCube Classic Edition. It’s pretty much a given we’ll see a GameCube Mini. And when it comes to the roster of GameCube Classic Edition games, there are some must-have classics that Nintendo needs to include, no questions asked.

Released in November 2001, the GameCube was not a great success. Well, not in terms of its sales. For those who owned the console, it would be home to some of the greatest games of all time. But by the time it was superseded by the Wii in 2007, it had only managed a meagre 21.74 million sales worldwide.

When we look at the 101 million units achieved by the Wii, and the 32 million units by the Nintendo 64, it was bookended by far more successful machines. If there is any Nintendo console that deserves to be rediscovered by those who missed out, it’s the GameCube. And it could happen.

GameCube controller classic
The iconic GameCube controller

In 2016, Nintendo surprised everyone, and probably itself, with the release of the NES Classic Edition, better known as the NES Mini. The console provided a miniaturised replica of the original machine released back in 1983, packed with 30 classic games from the era. It was a hit. In fact, it was near impossible to come by, and sold out in most locations around the world.

In the end 2.3 million units of the NES Mini were sold, with another run hitting shelves again in June 2018 to meet consumer demand. Given the success it was no surprise that a SNES Classic Edition (read: SNES Mini) appeared in 2017, and this time Nintendo was better prepared. There were 5.3 million units available to be sold, and sure enough, they sold out.

SNES Classic Mini held in one hand
Yep, it's really that small.

Now as all Nintendo fans will know, the company loves nothing more than to jump on a winning horse and to give it a good whipping, so in the eyes of most, it’s not a matter of if, but when we see Nintendo take the “Mini” treatment to another one of its classic machines.

Why not the GameCube?

List of GameCube Classic Edition Mini Console Games

The NES Mini released with 30 built-in games, and the SNES Mini with 21. There were variations in the game lists between regions, but the number remained the same. Predominantly, these titles were from Nintendo. In fact, two-thirds of the NES and SNES Mini games were Nintendo published, with the rest supplied by Japanese studios such as Square, Konami, Capcom and Tecmo.

It’s fair to say the expectation among fans will be for at least 25 titles to be built-in to the GameCube Classic Edition Mini console. Based on their critical reception and lasting popularity, as well as what we saw with the selection in previous mini consoles, this is a likely games list.

A little under half of those are 3rd-party GameCube games, making for a more diverse GameCube Classic Edition games list. That lines up with the ratio of titles on the console anyway, and it’d take a brave soul to remove classic games like Metroid Prime.

The only surprise game on this list is Gifttopia. With this re-release, why not give Western audiences a taste of a title that never made it out of Japan? It was developed by a number of ex-Square employees who formed a new studio, Skip Ltd.

In an island nation, you played a young boy called Pockle who slept through his coming of age ceremony and now needs to complete tasks for the citizens to raise enough funds for a redo. It’s a truly bizarre game, and would be a surprise, but welcome addition.

Metroid Prime on GameCube Classic Edition Mini console
Among the must-haves is Metroid Prime.

GameCube Classic Edition — Mini Features With Big Effects

In its day the GameCube could hold its head up high alongside the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in terms of its power, but by today’s standards there is more grunt in your typical smartphone. The IBM-designed CPU operated at just 485MHz, while the ATI Technologies GPU offered 162 MHz.

Meanwhile, games typically came in at less than 1.5GB – the maximum capacity of the GameCube’s discs – with only a few requiring two discs to play.

The long and short of the above is that it would neither be a challenge, nor a relatively costly affair, to reproduce the GameCube experience in Mini form, and store a tonne of games on it. In fact, even the ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU used on the NES and SNES Minis would be capable of emulating GameCube software.

Super Mario Sunshine GameCube games list FLUDD
Not your usual Mario game, but Sunshine was fantastic.

In terms of upgraded features, online play through all the multiplayer games would be a welcomed addition. There is also the potential to see a more robust, high-definition upgrade of GameCube titles on a Classic Edition console over what we saw with the NES and SNES Minis.

The leap in assets from that era of gaming to now isn’t as great as it was with those older consoles. In fact, we’ve seen plenty of titles from the era get a successful re-tune in recent times. You only have to look as far as the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, a GameCube classic, for proof.

Given the success of the previous mini consoles, Nintendo could confidently invest in levelling some of their classic titles up to modern standards. Which makes the above games list even more appealing.

Super Smash Bros. Melee was a GameCube classic
Still played in competitions, Super Smash Bros. Melee is a must.

When Will the GameCube Classic Edition Mini Console Come Out?

It’s nice to talk about all the games the GameCube Classic Edition Mini console will have, but what we all want is a release date. Many believe we will see an N64 Classic Edition Mini console first, and obviously that would make the more sense. But after successive releases of a NES and SNES Mini, it may not be as far off as you think.

Adding fuel to the fire was the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the 2018 E3 press conference, in which support for the iconic GameCube controllers was confirmed. In addition, we’ve seen as recently as late June 2018 Nintendo apply for three GameCube related trademarks in Japan. Something is afoot.

Are these signs of a GameCube Classic Edition Mini console announcement in the near future? Watch this space!

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5 Classic & Timelessly Stylish Hairstyles for Men

Manscaping has been popular for some time now. While men are still trimming, shaving and plucking some parts of their body, the top of the head is one area our gender doesn’t typically want to be left bare.

In this particular piece, I really want to focus away from the products for a change, and really delve into some of the great styles that men need to pay attention to. From classically inspired cuts to more modern flairs, one thing that’s out now is the fohawk and for good reason – it’s about as ridiculous as the name itself. Sure, if you’re 16, the girls might think it looks cute on you, but for the thirty-year-old in the boardroom, rest assured no one is going to be swooning over it.

So for those men who are interested in really grasping their hair by the strand (so to speak), read on, and let’s explore some great styles and cuts for everything from short hair to long.

The Prohibition High-and-Tight

The Prohibition High and Tight hair

The Prohibition High and Tight hair

It was very popular in the mid-1920s and with shows like Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders; they all had very similar hairstyles. They are very short on the side with longer hair on the back and it gives you that rough edge that’s kind of cool but at the same time, very classic. It’s a style that works for anything from fine to thick hair as long as it’s reasonably straight and not too curly.

Personally, I’ve somewhat wavy hair and I can still pull that style off by using a very strong gel which is available at any drugstore. Even though my hair has a mind of its own, gels allow me to get a fairly straight look and it easily comes out just by washing it with water and regular shampoo.

Jimmy Darmody - Boardwalk Empire

Jimmy Darmody – Boardwalk Empire

The tricky part about this haircut is that when it grows out, it can look quite bad so you have to pay attention and go to your barber on a regular basis. Apart from a strong gel, of course, you could also use wax, you can use a pomade or fiber. It really all depends on the hair and what works for you.

I’ve tried many things and pomade for me created a pomade acne which meant I had lots of zits on my forehead and the sheets and the pillowcases were always dirty and it was a huge pain.

In terms of length, I suggest you have at least two inches on top and if you’re at the barber, tell them to go with number one to start and you can see how you’ll like it and how it blends in. Of course, you can also have longer hair all the way up to five or six inches but then it gets a little borderline.

The Pompadour AKA The James Dean

James Dean's hairstyle

James Dean’s hairstyle

You’ll need a little more on top, but this classic cut is coming back with a bang. Often called the James Dean, this updated version can be done with more than just naturally wavy hair. Obviously, if you are looking to replicate the exact James Dean look, you need some curl to your locks, but the Pompadour can now be done with straight hair as well. You’re going to want a bit of hair on the sides this time, but it can be done with less. The goal is more on top since this particular style makes use of combing the hair back and to the side meaning that with extremely short hair, you’re just going to look like a porcupine.

Slicked Pompadour

Slicked Pompadour

If you’re new to this hairstyle, I suggest you go to a barber because it all starts with a hairdryer. Yes, if you don’t have one of those, you can safely invest in them it’s not just something for women. For the pompadour, you also need good hair products.



For most men, a medium pomade or grooming cream is the best way to achieve that look that looks typically like the cool James Dean.

Most barbers should be familiar with this look. It’s something that’s been around since the mid-1900s, and young or old, this cut should be a pre-requisite for barbers working in a salon or barbershop. If your barber doesn’t know this cut like the back of their hand – run.

The Flair

The Flair

The Flair

I’m not talking about the 1980s Gordon Gekko look that just looks dated today. Of course, if you have longer hair on top, you can comb it back and have a little flair and not get quite an extreme Gordon Gekko look.

Modern version of flair

The modern version of flair

If you want to wear the updated version of it, you want a square cut and if you tell your barber, he’ll know what you mean. For this hairstyle, a mousse works best and you just work it in your hair and then comb it back. I suggest not to comb it back quite straight. You want a little wave so it looks more pleasing.

The Gent Gazette

Gentleman's Gazette style - disconnected undercut

Gentleman’s Gazette style – disconnected undercut

It’s the kind of a haircut I typically wear. I part it on one side and initially, I started parting it in front, in the middle, and I moved all the way out. Usually, my sides are cut shorter all the way up so I get that nice transition. At the same time, it grows out in a way that doesn’t look terrible. Usually, you go get a haircut about every three to four weeks.

Top view, disconnected undercut, side part

Top view, disconnected undercut, side part

If you want to see how I get that hairstyle step-by-step and what my hair looks like without product, please check out this video here.

göt2b - second from the left is what you want

göt2b – second from the left is what you want

Personally, I use a very strong gel got2b from Henkel. Traditionally you would do it with pomade but unfortunately, I just had many bad experiences with it.

The Bedhead



This isn’t what you’re thinking. I’m not suggesting you just roll out of bed and walk into the office. This is the “gentleman’s” version of the bedhead and one that’s a little more hipster and rock and roll than some of the others.

It’s similar to a pompadour. It’s shorter on the side, higher on top but it’s just a little more disheveled which could look more relaxed. It’s particularly popular with hipsters, often combined with a beard.

You want to tell your barber to keep it high on the sides and instead of combing it back, you’re pulling it forward and you dishevel it slightly with your hands. This is definitely a cut you don’t want to be slicked back, otherwise, it looks greasy.

In terms of products, you want to stick with something with a matte finish and it can be like a grooming cream or a foaming cream, not a pomade, they’re just too stiff. I suggest you start with damp hair and then use a blow-dryer and your fingers to kind of dry it in shape and the only problem is strong winds. To counteract that, you can work with a bit of hairspray.

Curly Bedhead

Curly Bedhead


There are so many haircuts popular today that to list them all would be difficult. Many people with longer hair will opt to style it in a samurai or above the shoulders, whereas people with shorter hair can mix and match the above cuts to give various looks based on their mood or style that day.

My biggest tip is to work with your hair and face shape rather than against it. A good stylist or barber will be able to give you any cut you want and will make you feel great leaving the salon, but once you’re home it’s up to you to maintain it. By choosing a cut that doesn’t suit your hair type, length or face shape, you’re setting yourself up to fail and in the process, look ridiculous.

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Short on the sides looks longer up top. If you keep your sides shorter, you can keep the top shorter too which is easier to maintain yet it will look longer than if the sides grow out. In my case my ears will also look bigger and my wife always teases me about it.

2. Shave the part. I find a nice part to be quite pleasing and you can really achieve it easily by combing it forward first and then backwards to get that proper line. I find that correcting the part is more difficult than starting all over. If you’re having a lot of issues, you can also shave the part with a razor. It’s not something I personally resort to but I definitely know people who swear by it. So give it a try if you have issues getting a nice part you desire.

3. Buy only quality products. Now personally, I’d like to get a more high-quality product that cost a little more but honestly I’ve tried so many things and the got2b is the only thing that works so far for me. If you have a better alternative, please make some suggestions in the comments.

Take time to shampoo every few days

Take time to shampoo every few days

4. Don’t wash your hair daily. By doing so, you’re removing healthy and important oils and you’re just drying out your hair. If you wash your hair every second or third day, you should be just fine. I don’t know if you ever noticed but your hair is likely to look healthier and it’s easy to work with the second day after you’ve washed it than right after you’ve washed it. If you workout or exercise a lot and you feel compelled to wash your hair, I suggest to use conditioner instead and not always shampoo. It will be better for your hair and not as harsh. Also, it gets rid of all the grime and grit of your hair without stripping it of all the essential oils.

5. It’s okay to have multiple products. Sometimes you want different hairstyles that require different products. Just test a few things and figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. Every hair is the same and no hair is like the other.

6. Invest in a quality comb. I know the 50 cent or dollar store combs – very tempting. They’re made out of plastic. They’re cheap. They seem to be exactly the same ones as more expensive combs yet a quality comb will cost you about 20 bucks. It’s usually made of hard rubber and it’s much better for your scalp. It’s much more comfortable and you can also comb in a more precise way. Personally, I’ve tried horn combs but I find the teeth to be too stiff and too brittle so over time they’ll just break.

7. Establish a good relationship with your barber. Make sure to tip your barber well; five to ten dollars are perfectly acceptable, they’ll be happy, they’ll remember you, and they’ll fit you in when it’s tight and you need a haircut quickly. They will go the extra mile to get you that haircut that you want and looks great on you.

Which hairstyle do you think will good on you? Don’t hesitate to share your favorite haircuts below!

Gentleman’s Gazette


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This Year’s Wimbledon Could Give Tennis Fans Another Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal Classic

At this point, coming up with novel ways to describe the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal rivalry is like trying to eat just one Skittle out of the bag — it’s a futile exercise. We all know the contrasts that make their tennis duels so compelling. Federer’s the artiste, the effortless ballet dancer, grace on grass. Nadal’s the snarling street fighter, the mental grinder, the…don’t say it, please, okay, here it goes…the swashbuckler. (Dear Grand Slam tournament officials: is there any way to officially retire the Nadal-as-buccaneering-swordsman-cliche at a post-match ceremony?)

So give the producers of Strokes of Genius, a new documentary that explores the classic 2008 Federer-Nadal Wimbledon final — which Nadal won in five sets — credit for juxtaposing the two all-time greats in a way that didn’t feel tired. The film features a clip of Nadal, arms ripped, standing beside Federer, who was sporting a preppy sweater with gold-colored buttons.

“I remember seeing Nadal, in his sleeveless shirt, bulging biceps,” says BBC commentator David Law, host of The Tennis Podcast, in the documentary. Someone wolf-whistles at the chiseled Spanish star as he warms up before the match. “And then right next to him,” says Law, “you’ve got what looked like a prince.”

Strokes of Genius, which airs July 1 at 8 p.m. ET on Tennis Channel, serves as more than a mere nostalgia trip. Sure, reliving arguably the most riveting match in tennis history, which saw Nadal end Federer’s quest to win six straight Wimbledon titles in a four hour, 48 minute epic that included two rain delays and ended in near darkness, is delightful. But the documentary stands out for its timeliness. Who would have thought, a decade after that incredible July day — which saw Nadal squander a two sets-to-none advantage before prevailing in a fifth-set tiebreaker, finally giving him his first Wimbledon title — that both players would still be going strong? That they’d be 1-2 in the world (Nadal No. 1, Federer No. 2) in 2018, when Federer’s 36 years old, and Nadal’s 32? That they’d have won the last six Grand Slams running (Federer’s the 2017 Australian Open champ, the 2017 Wimbledon winner, and the 2018 Aussie champion; Nadal’s taken the last two French Opens, and won last year’s U.S. Open)? That the promise of another Nadal-Federer Wimbledon final, another unforgettable duel a decade later, is very, very real?

Both players participated in the documentary, which is based on the book by Sports Illustrated executive editor Jon Wertheim, who’s also an executive producer of the film (Meredith Corporation owns both TIME and Sports Illustrated). Fans learn more about Federer’s early proclivities for temper tantrums — it’s true, the unflappable Federer almost went all John McEnroe on everyone.

“I [sought] perfection maybe way too early in my life,” Federer says. Footage of a prepubescent Federer making faces and kicking balls and dropping rackets follows. “We sometimes felt very ashamed,” says his father, Robert, who’s spent the last 15 years beaming on millions of television sets around the globe as his son piled up his 20 major championships. “We really took him many times aside and said ‘Roger, I’m not going along with you anymore. I’m not playing the fool.’”

“I used to tell him, your bad behavior is like sending an invitation to your opponent,” says Federer’s mother, Lynette. “Here I am, beat me. I’m ready to beat today. So go ahead.”

Federer listened to his folks. Nadal’s family also supported his rise: his uncle Toni, who’s featured prominently in Strokes of Genius, coached him for years. Nadal makes a comforting admission in the film: When up against Federer, he led the fourth set tiebreaker 5-2, and had two serves to close out the match. But then his mind failed him. “I start to feel nervous,” Nadal says. He missed his first serve, and said he had a feeling he’d double fault. He did exactly that; Federer charged back to force a fifth set.

Superstar athletes rarely cop to mental frailty. Doing so offers comfort for the rest of us.

Nadal’s lapse makes his eventual win ever more impressive. He could have folded, instead, he fought back and won anyway. That victory was Nadal’s first Grand Slam win off of the Roland Garros clay. He’s gone on to win 17 slams, second only to Federer’s 20. Nadal became Federer’s foil: he owns a 23-15 head-to-head advantage against Federer, though Federer prevailed in their last Grand Slam final, when he beat Nadal in five sets at the 2017 Australian Open. Both players continue to push each other to unprecedented excellence.

“I had to embrace the idea of a rival,” Federer says in Strokes of Genius. “In the beginning I didn’t want to have one. And then eventually I realized, there’s something good to take out of these situations. So I maybe have to adjust my game a little bit. I don’t like to do that, per se. But why not? Let’s go.”

Strokes of Genius celebrates a sport’s golden age. All that remains for Nadal and Federer: writing their Wimbledon sequel.

Sports – TIME


How Classic Rock Turned Into a Film Noir Nightmare

Michael Putland/Getty

The 1995 death of the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia was a shock to me, but no surprise. He was 53 and made a good run, I thought back then, considering his hard living.

Dying at 53 is not a good run. Whether heart attack or heroin, that’s a bad run.

Garcia went early. Now with Prince, Petty, Bowie, Allman and more, final appearances by Classic Rock’s once-large midnight gang are speeding up. Their peers see the Facebook tributes; let’s not talk falsely now, they know the hour’s getting late.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Books


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English Home Interiors: Classic Gentleman’s Decor

Have you ever wanted to feel like the lord of the manor? Classic English decor is an excellent source of inspiration for the aspiring gentleman, and while it has many distinctly masculine elements it is also uniquely suited for a family home with a variety of occupants. 

Classic English interior design is a subject upon which many authors have spent hundreds of pages dissecting. It’s the subject of many glossy coffee table books for a reason – the style has timeless appeal. Given the close association with the British aristocracy as the source of original “gentlemen“, traditional English style will always have allure for modern men seeking a classic look in their homes. It’s suited to homes large and small, cozy and formal alike. Secondhand finds, worn edges, collections and bit of dust is all ok!

English Home Interiors: A Style to Suit Every Classic Gentleman

The main appeal of classic British interior design is its longevity. Nearly every style that’s come and gone in the last 500 years is still in use, even if it’s a bit worse for wear.

Ian Russell, the 13th Duke of Bedford, was renowned for his wit and had an insider’s view on English style. (We talked about him here.) In his The Duke of Bedford’s Book of Snobs (now unfortunately out of print), with Brits’ typical self-deprecation, he says that you may open your stately home to visitors, “as long as you permit them to look at old cobwebs and ramshackle furniture in uncleaned rooms”…

I’ve read that the English hate to buy furniture: they just get the needed piece in the attic, left there by an ancestor, and replace it. In general, the style is heavy, blended, and full of details with a distinct emphasis on classic, i.e. non-modern, design. It’s certainly not for the minimalist who doesn’t like collections or clutter, nor is it a modern aesthetic.

English Design Styles

Classic British design conjures images ranging from dark medieval rooms hung with tapestries and hunting trophies to bright formal sitting rooms dotted with high backed gilt chairs in shades of pale yellow and green. Homes decorated in a single style are equally as interesting as those that layer different types of style together. The beauty of the classic British aesthetic is that all these style elements can either remain pure or they can be mixed together.

Let’s take a look at some key elements that you can add to your home to recreate typical British interior design.

Classic Furniture Pieces

Chesterfield Leather Furniture

Some items are above any argument when we think of a proper gentleman’s home interior, such as the Chesterfield sofa and armchair. It is not a new item: the Oxford English Dictionary says that the word chesterfield was already in use in the 1800s to describe a leather couch.

Lord Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield

Lord Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield

As you may have imagined, its inventor was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Phillip Dormer Stanhope (1694-1773). He was a politician, trendsetter, and writer (his book Letters to His Son on the Fine Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman is an amusing read for the aspiring gentry and may be found here). As such, he commanded a local craftsman a sofa that allowed a man to sit upright without wrinkling his clothes. It had deep buttoned upholstery and nailhead trim.

Some say that when he was about to die, he called his butler and ordered him to give his godson, a Mr. Dayrolles, a chair. He took the heavy chair home and his visitors admired the attractive and comfortable furniture, commissioning copies for themselves.

A London Gents' Club or your place?

A London Gents’ Club or your place?

By the way, it became a staple at most Gentlemen’s Clubs in London, together with dark wood panels, crystal brandy glasses, and cigars.

A chesterfield sofa with buttons on seats

A Chesterfield sofa with buttons on seats

You may find the Chesterfield in its variations – seats with or without buttons, rolled or straight arms, in many colors, with fabric or leather covers. But the classic version – and the one that is more associated with English interiors – is the chocolate leather chesterfield. It gains an heirloom-quality wrinkled patina over time.

Proper pillows

Proper pillows

The best companions for it are vintage style sofa pillows, preferably with embroidered fabrics featuring hunting elements – dogs, horses, foxes, pheasants, etc. A brass floor lamp with green shade provides lighting with style.

Ralph Lauren chesterfield set

Ralph Lauren Chesterfield set

Ralph Lauren – ever the anglophile – has explored the Chesterfield design in his furniture to the point of extending the studded trim to the drawer chest.

A Grandfather Clock

A longcase clock with 31-days power reserve

A longcase clock with 31-days power reserve

Few people realize that England has a long clockmaking tradition. An interesting book on the theme tells how John Harrison, an unschooled carpenter, solved the problem of precision in a ship, enabling England to pinpoint their maritime routes precisely. (You can find the book here.) A longcase clock will provide you with a comforting chime every hour and give your library an unmistakable Briddish look, connecting you to history.

By the way, the library would be one of the best places to put a grandfather or longcase clock, complete with Big Ben chime on the full hour. You may find them new or old on the web, many made in England.

Cards and Pool Tables

The Earl of Sandwich, avid card player

The Earl of Sandwich, avid card player

Every time you order a sandwich at your local burger spot, you should make a mental reverence to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792). In 1762 (if you want details, it was November 3) he was playing cards – poker, some say – and he didn’t want to leave the table to eat. So he asked his footman for a piece of meat served between two slices of bread so as not to smear the cards and the fast food was invented.

A solid cards table

A solid cards table

This anecdote shows the importance of a good cards table in a gentleman’s house. But do not think for any moment that the flimsy, folding table will do. It must be a solid piece of furniture, au pair with the rest of the décor, preferably with special places for glasses.

Vintage pool table

Vintage pool table

The same applies to a pool table. You don’t have to order a five-digit behemoth table with ornaments that would make a Baroque church blush, but a nice vintage model with new felt and rubber edges will look great. (Do buy new cues and balls; these items are hard to refurbish and not so expensive when new.)

Four-Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

A heavily draped 4-poster bed was once a necessity to keep out the chilly night air in an English country home, and these days the style is still synonymous with the British design aesthetic. Metal and wood are classic choices.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture

So, an English house would have Persian rugs, for instance, as well as Indian wicker furniture, which looks especially nice on the veranda.

Design by Room

The Library

In my view, the library is the center, the heart of a gentleman’s sanctum in a house. It is there that he conducts his business, write, read, have meetings with associates or friends, or simply relaxes after a hard day’s work. Frankly, it’s a far classier version of the basement “man cave” that’s become so popular these days.

Downton Abbey library

Downton Abbey library

The English library may be seen in many movies or TV series, and Downton Abbey quickly comes to my mind as an example of the latter. The shelves and bookcases should follow the style of wall covering used near it, which is usually mahogany or oak. You may use glass-paneled doors in some cases to protect rare books or documents.

Leather bound travel books

Leather bound travel books

Yes, I know it is expensive, but if you have taken the time, effort and expenses to build a beautiful library, go a bit further and slowly, one by one, have your most beloved titles bound in leather: their value appreciates considerably. Try to focus your library on titles related to your favorite hobby or to your work/profession, or on an author, or on a subject. As most stamp collectors will tell you, it is virtually impossible to have a worldwide stamp collection.

I have a friend that collects watches and so his library is full of books on particular watch models or brands; also, it is there that he keeps a few tools to make small repairs or to polish his timepieces.

The desk at the center of the library

The desk at the center of the library

The desk should be one of the central pieces of the library, if not its most important item. The preferred wood for a desk used to be oak, which is a beautiful wood and develops a nice patina over time. Most desks have a central leather cover to make writing smoother.

Churchill desk at Chartwell

Churchill desk at Chartwell

Equip your desk with your modern computer and accessories, and decorate it with a bronze or resin statuette of Churchill, Nelson or another favorite historic character. (You may have hesitated when you thought of a Napoleon bust; after all, it’s an English style you are after. But you would have good company: the Old Bulldog himself had a Sèvres biscuit bust of Napoleon on his desk at Chartwell.) The contrast of old and new is interesting and gives your desk an atemporal look.


The Formal Dining Room

Formal Dining Room

Formal Dining Room

The formal dining room is an essential design space for classic British style. It’s the second most important gathering space in the house, and it should be designed to both showcase your style and keep your dinner guests comfortable. Emulate this style by choosing a statement chandelier for the center of the room, an elegant wood table, bold wall coverings, and a heavy gilt mirror.

A Proper Dressing Room

A gent's closet or dressing room

A gent’s closet or dressing room

A walk-in closet is a luxury, and for an aristocratic gentleman, he had an entire room in his home specifically for the rituals of getting dressed. It certainly is extravagant, but we wouldn’t be true clothes horses if we didn’t dream of having a similar setup. The general idea, however, is to follow the general wall covering concepts we have talked about in the present article. Take a look at the beautiful closet in the picture above – well, actually, it is more like a dressing room – and you will get the idea. For some organizational inspiration, take a look at our past coverage of closets and wardrobe systems.

The Mudroom

A mudroom

A mudroom

Well, actually it is an optional space, especially if you live in a dry city or area. If you don’t, cursing the fact that someone left the tap in the sky fully open every other day, this place may save you sermons from your significant other.

It is there that you will leave boots, umbrellas, walking sticks, raincoats, hats and all the rain gear. Some people have a special wall case to hang the house keys on.

Wall Coverings, Décor, and Tabletop

Wood Paneling

Mahogany paneled wall

Mahogany paneled wall

The first wall covering that comes to any English style aficionado is the mahogany panel, of course. (I would say oak may be the second option.) According to the Britannica online encyclopedia, its extensive use began in the Gothic period, mostly in oak or pine. The same source states that mahogany, as well as walnut, birch, redwood, and others, were adopted in the 20th century.

Muted Paint

Sanguine-colored walls

Sanguine-colored walls

Striped wallpaper in sober tones may also be used, as well as sanguine paint for a bolder statement: it enhances the pictures, such as in the image above.

Portrait Paintings

The Duke of Marlborough Family, by John Singer Sargent

The Duke of Marlborough Family, by John Singer Sargent

By the way, pictures are an indissociable part of the English home décor. They may be portraits – if you happen to have ancestors or relatives painted by Gainsborough or John Singer Sargent, for instance, even better! –, paintings or engravings with maps, landscapes, naval themes, hunting scenes, horses, dogs, golf, etc.


Taxidermy for Decor

Taxidermy for Decor

Taxidermy makes a bold statement, and it certainly doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. That being said, adding a classic deer head or bird in flight to your walls will give your home a masculine touch of hunting-lodge style without going overboard. In fact, taxidermy can help soften the look of an overly formal room or make a feminine space seem more balanced.

Heavy Drapery

Heavy drapery

Heavy drapery

Drapes, once necessary to keep out drafts, are now just a beautiful accent piece in a room. It can be a challenge to keep them looking fresh and modern, but they are absolutely a classic British style essential – blinds simply don’t match this aesthetic.


Who has the budget to buy silver samovars to produce the pitch-perfect tea? Or the time to polish Victorian candlesticks?

Vintage silverware

Vintage silverware

We are talking about a few tableware pieces to eat from, or even to entertain dinner guests. You can find affordable vintage silver forks and knives on eBay or similar websites. I had a friend at work who used the sterling silver tableware that belonged to his parents every day. When I asked him why, he said, “They used this set only twice in their long relationship. I decided I won’t do the same mistake, and so I take pleasure in eating with good, beautiful and solid tableware.” It made sense to me.

If you are willing to take the extra effort, have your initials engraved on them: they are a beautiful heirloom.


The gentleman’s English interior is easy to copy, and you can build it up in layers over time. And remember, you don’t have to spend too much to create it at home thanks to the Internet and all the auction and vintage websites. It is much cheaper to refurbish an item than buy the same piece brand new. What do you already do in your place to create an English feel?

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Disney turned their classic VHS tapes into journals, and your inner Disney Princess will want to buy them all

Disney turned their classic VHS tapes into journals, and your inner Disney Princess will want to buy them all

Disney turned their classic VHS tapes into journals, and your inner Disney Princess will want to buy them all

When we were kids, we LOVED our Disney gear. Princess dresses, autograph books, stuffed Pumbaas — you name it, we wanted it. Well, it turns out that this desire doesn’t go away as one grows up. We still buy all things Disney, from Beauty and the Beast Minnie Mouse ears to Disney-themed pairs of Toms. Honestly, what millennial doesn’t want a millennial pink or rose gold spirit jersey to wear to Disneyland?

Basically, any time a new Disney-themed item hits shelves, we’re first in line to buy it. So when we saw these new VHS-inspired Disney journals, we knew we had to have every single one. Yep, you can now take a trip down memory lane with a series of precious journals featuring covers from seven different animated Disney films that will surely make you feel like Blockbuster never went out of business.

There are seven different journals to choose from: The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, and The Lion King. GREAT choices. They really picked classics. Four of those titles — The Little MermaidAladdinBeauty and the Beast, and The Lion King — are part of the Disney Renaissance era from 1989-1999. Ah, the memories.

The Disney journals look JUST like those puffy plastic VHS cases that you remember so fondly from childhood.

Taking notes is much more fun with a Little Mermaid journal.

The Little Mermaid /

Or a Dumbo one. What a cutie.

Dumb /

Spill your darkest secrets into the confines of an Aladdin VHS.

Aladdin /

Or a Beauty and the Beast one. We bet Belle can keep a secret.

Beauty and the Beast /

How magical is this Peter Pan journal?

Peter Pan /

You can keep it classy with Lady and the Tramp, one of our faves.

Lady and the Tramp /

And, of course, there’s The Lion King.

The Lion King /

Each journal features a photo of the film’s VHS tape on the front page…

The Lion King Tape Front /

…and the back page. So cute!

The Lion King Tape Back /

There’s also a watermark from the film on the pages. (We see you, Timon.)

The Lion King Water Mark /

The journals cost $ 15.99 each, but they are SO adorable, we think the ’90s nostalgia is well worth the cost.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these bad boys. Or two. Or three. We have a lot of things to write about, you know?

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Classic Sitcom ‘Benson’ Comes to OWN | Oprah Winfrey Network


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The Hunt: Classic Sheath Dresses for Work

classic sheath dresses for workSure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

For spring and summer, classic dresses for work are often the easiest thing to throw on — particularly if you keep a blazer and cardigan and a pair or two of classic pumps or comfortable heels at the office, you can almost create a work uniform from the sheath dress. (In fact, in our four-week work outfit challenge we dared you to try wearing the same sheath dress four different ways during the four weeks!) Particularly for summer, note that slipshorts are a reader favorite for comfortable layering under sheath dresses; if you want something to suck you in a bit more you may want to check out shaping shorts like these from Spanx. (If your office is extremely conservative, do check out our guide to pantyhose — and keep in mind that going sleeveless may be controversial in your office, so keep a cardigan or blazer close at hand if you’re new.)

Pictured above: some of our Hall of Famers! Clockwise from the largest: one / two / three

We’ve rounded up a ton of options below (including ones in a wide range of sizes, sheath dresses with pockets or sleeves, and more!) but I’d love to hear from you — what are your favorite dresses to wear to work in 2018? Do you feel like black dresses are classic — or is the color too heavy for warmer weather? Does your summer work uniform include a ton of dresses — and which are your favorites? 

classic sheath dresses for work 2018

Hall of Famers: one / two / three / four / five

Curious for past roundups of sheath dresses? Here they are from 201720162015201420132012, and 2011. For other sizing issues you may want to check out our roundup of bespoke dresses, which you can order fit exactly to your measurements.

Classic Sheath Dresses for Work: Sheath Dresses Under $  30!If you are working with an extreme budget right now, in addition to the Briggs dress (which sometimes goes as low as $ 15), Target has a number of cute ones right now. This sleeveless keyhole dress has a very classic feel, and could be layered under a number of cardigans, blazers, short-sleeve sweaters, and more. It’s $ 24.99 at Target, available in sizes XS-XL. (EEEK and I somehow missed that it is open across the back — so as commenters note, this would only be appropriate for most offices if you wear a cardigan or blazer with it.) Sleeveless Keyhole Dress – A New Day™ Black


Classic Sheath Dresses for Work: Sheath Dresses Under $  40!Another great budget option: the ponte knit sheath dress from Old Navy. I love the sleeves on this one, as well as the fact that it comes in regular, tall and petite sizes XS-XXL — it’s also machine washable. The dress is $ 37 (but today it’s marked to $ 28!). It also comes in a more casual stripey option.  Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress
I can be iffy on scalloped edge details, but I really like them on this Adrianna Papell dress (available in regular, petite, and plus sizes). The dress looks flattering and versatile, but the edge detail elevates it. Very nice. It’s $ 98-$ 108 at Nordstrom; Amazon also has a few sizes left in a “midnight” blue. If you’re looking for other plus-size option, check out our roundup in the bullet-points at top — this $ 109 dress looked particularly great as well. Pictured: Scalloped Crepe Sheath Dress –
Classic Sheath Dresses for Work: Desk to Dinner edition!Nic & Zoe’s Twirl dress has been on our radar for years as a great flared dress, but this ruched matte jersey dress is, I think, a new addition to their line. I really like it, particularly if you’re looking for a desk to dinner kind of dress — swap out your classic pumps for strappy sandals, throw on some dangly earrings, and you’re ready for date night. The dress is $ 128, available in three colors, and hand washable. Twist Side Matte Jersey Dress
Classic Sheath Dresses for Work: Sheath dress with secret shaping properties!I was exicted a few weeks ago to note that Gravitas is now sold at Lord & Taylor — I’ve heard great things for years about the brand as one of the best making workwear with secret shaping powers. This lined, sleeveless shift dress is about as classic as they come, is available in three neutral colors in sizes 0-24. Valentina Sleeveless Shift Dress
Classic Sheath Dresses for Work: Theory sheath dressAs we’ve previously mentioned, Theory seems to be phasing out their old standard sheath dress, and this newer, slightly A-lined version is getting great reviews. The faux wrap skirt is an interesting detail while still keeping you comfortable at work, and a seasonless wool dress is always a nice option. This dress is $ 345 at Nordstrom, Theory, and AmazonRisbana Good Wool A-Line Dress

Like this feature? Check out other recent installments!

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!



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VIDEO: Harvey Fierstein Preps for An Alan Menken Tribute with a Disney Villain Classic!

This month, Carnegie Hall and the New York POPS will salute composing legend, Alan Menken. Check out video from Harvey Fierstein’s rehearsal for the event as he takes on a Disney villain classic See video below Featured Content


Ensemble: A No-Nonsense Classic


This is a combination you’re familiar with because it’s a classic. Fashion blogger Mary from Memorandum wears the look beautifully. The Boden model on the right showcases a simpler, and more casual rendition. 

The formula is very simple. Combine black, white and blue denim with red accents your way. Save the red for the footwear, bag, scarf, nail polish, lippie, or incorporate it into a pattern. Think tomato, fire engine or cherry red. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Easy Version

Combine blue jeans with a white top and black topper. Add red bag and shoes, or simply red shoes, and a metallic, white or red bag. You could choose a red scarf and keep the footwear and bag neutral as an alternative.

Turn It On Its Head

Combine white jeans with a black top, black topper, silver belt and silver shoes. Finish off the outfit with red bag, denim scarf. Or choose a blue denim jacket instead of the black topper, and throw on some red shoes and scarf.

Add a Pattern

Combine a black patterned bottom that incorporates the red. Combine it with a white top and blue denim jacket or duster. Finish off the look with black, red or silver footwear and bag. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired.

Ensemble: A No Nonsense Classic



Five wild UK walks with a classic pub


Everyone loves a good walk, right? Especially these days when fitness and health are even more important and play a big role in our lives. If you ever find yourself in the wilds of the UK, there are ample walking opportunities for you to enjoy and explore. Rambling is a wonderful way to pass the time and a terrifically social way of keeping fit and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Walking might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but we think you should give it a chance. And you know the only thing better than a wild walk? One that has a classic pub at the end! So, with that in mind, we’d like to offer up five wild UK walks to take advantage of, all with a classic boozer to visit afterward.

Crickhowell – Powys

This walk takes you across the Black Mountains on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons. This is the perfect solitary walk with staggering views of Wales, and a journey through some of the ancient burial sites here, including the Iron Age for Table Mountain, and remote, serene passes. The walk then takes you to the majestic pub The Bear, popular for its excellent food, and the perfect place to enjoy a post-walk feast.

Bamford – Peak District

One of the most staggeringly beautiful parts of the country, the Peak District has so much to explore, and a walk from Bamford is the best way of doing this. This stunning walk allows you to explore the ridge between Mam Tor and Lose Hill, as the Vale of Edale sprawls majestically over the horizon. After a long day of walking, you can relax with an ale (or three) in the quaint, stylish Cheshire Cheese pub. Magnificent.

Malham – Yorkshire Dales

Now, this is a walk that truly has everything, and showcases all that’s brilliant about the north of England. The stunning moors and expansive scenery are simply begging to be explored, and this route starts at the majestic Malham National Park and takes you up through the wonderfully named Gordale Scar. This part is quite the scramble, so perhaps recommended for accomplished walkers only, but you can also head for the scenic Malham Cove for an easier walking experience. End the day in the Talbot Arms, in Settle, where you can indulge in fine wines and delicious food.

Pentland Hills – Scottish Borders

There are few places in the world as delightfully beautiful as the Scottish Borders, and with this walk – starting at Harlow House Visitors Center – you get to experience all of it. Pentland Hills, 8 miles south of Edinburgh, is a range of hills, offering significant beauty, and quite the challenge to go with it as well. The walk takes you all the way to the Edinburgh town of Balerno, where traditional village pub The Grey Horse will take care of all your needs.

Innerleithen – Scottish Borders

We said the Scottish Borders were breathtaking, and this is another of the stunning walks in this area. Starting this time in the village of Innerleithen, this route first lets you stop at an old brewery – but don’t imbibe too much because it’s then on to the Southern Upland Way and the descent into the town of Peebles. Here you can stop at a classic old pub, The Bridge Inn, where you can marvel at their selection of beers – and even try a few!

These are five of our favorite wild, winter walks across the UK. They let you enjoy some of the stunning natural beauty in the UK, as well as sampling some of the most delicious food and craft ales the north has to offer as well. Count us in for the next one!


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10 classic kids’ toys that last and last


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

There are so many reasons to carefully consider what you buy for your kids, or to vet what comes in the house. Maybe you live in a small space that you don’t want overwhelmed with toys. Maybe you hate clutter. Maybe you find that your kid(s) have more fun playing if they’re not overwhelmed with options.

If you want to cut down on the sheer amount of toys you keep for any of these or other reasons, what you need are toys that are long-lasting: they entertain children in many different stages and won’t be soon outgrown and discarded.

With that in mind, here are 10 kids’ toys that will last for a while.

1. Blocks

This classic toy scores because there are so many ways to use them. When your child is a toddler, she’ll stack ’em up and knock ’em down. When she gets a little bigger, she can use them to spell out words and learn letters. When she’s bigger still, the blocks can be forts, or the walls of houses, or beds for a doll. We particularly like this Melissa & Doug set, with sturdy wooden blocks and a rolling cart that can be used to tote around other toys, too.

Buy it: Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart, $ 13

2. Trucks

Children will use a play truck for many years and purposes: when they’re playing Restaurant, the truck will bring deliveries; when they’re operating a play gas station, it’ll roll up for refueling. Playing Doctor? This truck can transport toys for emergency medical services. Playing Family? Everyone into the truck, we’re going for a ride. This Green Toys truck is made out of recycled plastic and will provide years of reliable service.

Buy it: Green Toys Dump Truck, $ 13

3. Easel

From the first fingerpainting blotches your toddler produces to kindergarten reading and writing practice, an easel is a great tool for artistic and educational play. Step2’s Easel for Two scores with its multi-function options — one side is a chalkboard, the other, a magnetic white board. Two (or more!) players can use the easel at any given time, spelling out words with the (included) magnetic letters, drawing with chalk, or using the paper clip on either side to hold paper to make more permanent masterpieces.

Buy it: Step2 Easel For Two, $ 53

4. Magnetic tiles or blocks

They’re really expensive, so parents often hesitate to buy them. But magnetic tiles and blocks are one of the longest-lasting toys out there, enchanting children playing alone, with a sibling, or in groups for years on end. What will they build with them? What won’t they build? If you’re wondering whether to shell out for expensive name-brand blocks and tiles or buy one of the lower-cost imitators, we think Magna-Tiles (pictured above) and Tegu Blocks are worth the money. Read our post Magna-Tiles vs. Magformers: A magnetic tile throwdown for more.

Buy it: Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set, $ 120; 42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, $ 110

5. Play food

Play food inspires so many games! Kids can play Grocery Store, serve food to you, make tea parties for dolls, imagine themselves in their own homes cooking breakfast, the possibilities go on and on. By the time you’re ready to pass on your play food set, your kids will be ready to make real food! Some parents prefer wooden food, others are fine with plastic; here are our favorite brands of each.

Buy it: KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set, $ 23; Melissa & Doug Food Groups, pictured, $ 17

6. Doll stroller

Children just love pushing things around, and this doll stroller wins out over similar models with its versatility. Pop in a doll — American Girl dolls and those of similar size fit perfectly — and push her around in an English-style pram. When it’s dolly bedtime, the bed of the pram unlatches and becomes a baby carrier/bed, while the bottom of the stroller turns into an upright stroller. You can even use this stroller to carry two dolls at once, if another dolly comes over to play.

Buy it: Badger Basket English Style 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, $ 40

7. Duplo Bricks

Building bricks are, of course, a toy classic, used to construct any and all of the many custom items kids need for games. But little hands can’t work full-size LEGOs. Instead, get your child a set of chubby Duplo Bricks, made simple enough for a toddler, but adaptable and fascinating enough for a kindergartner.

Buy it: LEGO DUPLO Basic Bricks Deluxe, $ 57

8. Train set

Train sets are one of those toys where you can go absolutely nuts, with figures and tableaus and tracks all over the the house. Or you can keep it dead simple, with a figure 8 track and a few trains, which will fascinate your children for years without producing a lot of clutter.

Buy it: KidKraft Figure 8 Train Set, $ 24

9. Bubbles

Infants and adults alike are fascinated by bubbles: blowing them, breaking them, chasing them, just watching them float along magically in the air. This handy set has a couple of dozen different wands (big, small, different shapes), a small container of bubble stuff, and shallow pans to pour it into, all contained in one handy cylinder. Pull it out from a closet or drawer and you have guaranteed fun for all ages. And when you run out of bubble stuff, you can just use dishwasher detergent or replace.

Buy it: Super Miracle Bubbles Carry Along Bubble Set, $ 8

10. Play dough

As soon as your kid’s old enough that he won’t eat it, you’ll be pulling out many a package of modeling dough, and you’ll keep on doing it until he’s well into grade school. There are many recipes online if you’re the DIY type, or you can find modeling dough in many different types of stores: art stores, drugstores, grocery stores, toy stores. We haven’t found many differences between brands, but some cheaper brands don’t come in containers that seal as well as Play-Doh, and dry out faster.

Buy it: Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case of Colors, $ 8

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which allows us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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‘Age of Empires: Definitive Edition’ Restores a Classic for The Modern Age

History waits for no one — and over 20 years after its original release, Age of Empires has received the HD retouching this classic truly deserves.

Following on the footsteps of Age of Empires II HD, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition pulls the origins of the highly influential Age of Empires series into the modern age, with thorough graphical and UI improvements.

For players who’ve been with the series since the beginning, it’s a gorgeous re-rendering of the classic game. For newer players, curious about the origins of the series, it’s an enlightening experience that also showcases the game’s weaknesses compared to modern real-time strategy games.

The Age of Empires series tasks players with developing a civilization from a small, hunter-gatherer society to an expansive Iron Age Empire. The path to success is found by gathering resources, building structures that lead to more advanced technology, and conquering other nations.

The name of the game is micromanaging the development of your nation, and the flow of gameplay has changed little with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition – which will either delight or upset players depending on the experience they may be searching for.

Players can choose between a wide variety of different civilizations: Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, to name a few, and lead their civilization to the heights of a new Golden Age. Each nation state has their own unique perks, but these perks are mostly passive and are rooted in the same playstyle. This welcoming system makes it easy for players to try out different civilizations but might not bring enough customization to players looking for clearer playstyle distinctions.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition-Town
The Age Of Empires of 2018 is a far cry from the blurred polygons of yesteryear.

The Remastered version of Age of Empires brings a plethora of changes. The graphical style of the game has been updated from the jagged pixel art of 1997 into full 3D models. An ‘attack-move’ feature has been added (units will auto-attack anything in their path while moving), and a ton of balance adjustments paired with the game’s many civilization types.

The biggest game-changing improvement of the Definitive Edition is the increased population limit. This allows more units to be created, civilian or military types, to perform more actions simultaneously.

The game received a significant rework on the sound design as well, with a remastered soundtrack and sound effects. The original Age of Empires soundtrack is regarded as one of the best of the time, and the restoration does it justice. New unit voices were also recorded (a new wololo!).

The cleaner UI makes hopping through menus a breeze. All of these improvements are welcome. But for those purists looking to forgo all these changes, you can enable Classic Mode to play the game in its original 1997 state.

Old Habits Die Hard

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition-Fight
While there’s not much new here, the increased population limit allows players to orchestrate some wonderfully epic battles.

It’s worth noting that while these improvements clean up the Age of Empires experience significantly, the true nuts-and-bolts of the game are unchanged. Some of the archaic elements of the original are still present – including the poor pathfinding on unit commands.

Pathfinding has significantly improved across the real-time strategy genre, and players familiar with modern offerings will immediately notice the lack of polish in this realm. You will need to lead some units by the hand, for nothing is worse than watching your warriors clumsy run into each other, dooming your attack. Sometimes units idling in your base will stand around in the midst of a major attack, and will only react if enemy units get close enough.

There is little true strategy in Age of Empires’ combat – besides fine-tuning your unit grouping, a fight consists of little more than clicking your units into combat and hoping for the best. Chances of success can be improved by carefully tweaking your units as the fight unfolds, but this is a skill that’s learned more through muscle memory and practice, as opposed to learning some grand strategy.

The inclusion of online multiplayer can give Age of Empires: Definitive Edition plenty of life well after you clear the game’s many single player campaigns. However, we found hiccups in the online experience in the handful of matches we played.

Outside of some occasional lag, losing a player can sometimes result in the match completely ending due to minor connection errors. The customizable options of online play can lead to some pretty unique matches, so thankfully a few connection problems don’t deter from the enjoyment of battling other players.

Is ‘Age of Empires: Definitive Edition’ Good?

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition-Civilization
It may be simplistic, but this game still oozes charm by the bucketload.

It’s a little unorthodox to see a remaster of the original game after the remaster of its sequel. Age of Empires II HD has been out for nearly five years and is widely considered to be the more well-rounded experience. For this reason alone, a remaster of the original Age of Empires is much more suitable for players of the original experience than newer players. Why should new players go back further than they need to when a widely-acclaimed sequel is already available?

But that being said, there is still something incredibly addictive about the original Age of Empires experience. Once players get settled into their micro-tasking, seeing your civilization blossom from nothing into a sprawling metropolis is magical. The progressions through the different technological ages constantly bring a level of excitement for the use of new technology and units.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is a must-play for series vets looking to recapture the nostalgia of their first RTS experience, and well worth a look for new players looking to understand the roots of the RTS genre.

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How to Wear Blue and Gray: A Classic Menswear Color Combination

If you had to choose the most important colors to form the basis of a tailored wardrobe, they would be blue, particularly navy blue, followed closely by gray. These hues not only play well with various other shades but also work beautifully with one another, thus making them the most versatile color pairing in menswear.

The combination is always stylish while remaining conservative and perfect for the office. In this article, the first of a series of classic color combinations, we take a look at the different ways to pair blue and gray.

Windowpane Suit with Gray Windowpane Tie

Windowpane Suit with Gray Windowpane Tie

How to Wear Blue and Gray

Blue and Gray with a Suit and Tie

The easiest way to coordinate blue and gray is to match the two in a suit and tie combination.  It’s commonly said that when a man first ventures into the world of tailored clothing–or into the working world that demands such a dress code–he should begin with a navy blue suit. Using a gray tie with this navy suit is a surefire way to earn style points.

The second suit a man should own when starting a business wardrobe is a gray one, but here the recommendations vary between a mid-gray and a charcoal. In either case, you simply take the opposite approach as your first suit and coordinate with a blue tie. The entire range of gray presents a neutral backdrop for any mid – to navy blue tie to work. And, the fact that both blue and gray are cool colors ensures they will pair naturally. Even if your gray suit contains warmer brown tones, you’ll have no issues because blue also combines perfectly with brown.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a mid-gray suit with mid-blue tie.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a mid-gray suit with mid-blue tie.

Avoid Strong Contrast

Although pairing a gray tie with a blue suit and vice versa is nearly foolproof, there are some ways for you to make the most of this combination. For one thing, avoid too strong a contrast between the two colors, which is the general rule for any color coordination. So, if your suit is dark gray, avoid a really pale blue.

Add Pattern and Texture

Beyond avoiding sharp contrast, try adding complexity and interest to your blue and gray combinations by introducing textures and patterns. Sure, you can start simply with a white shirt, solid tie, and a plain worsted wool suit, but this gets boring fast. An easy way to add a pattern while remaining classic is to use a gray glen check tie in silk (or wool for winter) with a navy suit. For a gray suit, get a navy grenadine tie in either a large or fine weave (garza grossa or garza fina) to inject texture. In the reverse scenario, pick up a silver grenadine for a blue suit.

Use Items with Both Colors Together

The most sophisticated method to combine gray and blue with a suit and tie, however, is to choose items that contain both colors together. For example, you can wear a navy suit with a gray windowpane pattern. By definition, Prince of Wales suiting fabric differs from a glen check because it contains an overcheck in an additional color, and a common version of this is a gray base pattern with the addition of a blue overcheck, giving you both in one shot.


An example of Prince of Wales suiting fabric from Sartoria Rossi showing a gray base pattern with blue overplaid.

An example of Prince of Wales suiting fabric from Sartoria Rossi showing a gray base pattern with blue overplaid.

Printed silk ties with blue and gray geometric patterns or knit ties with both colors in them are likewise excellent options. I especially like the versatility of striped ties with either a repp pattern or large block stripes for this purpose. If you get a tie with stripes of both colors you can wear them easily with either gray or blue suits.


@nfld_rm55 wearing a blue and gray block stripe tie.

@nfld_rm55 wearing a blue and gray block stripe tie; find a similar one here

Gray and Blue with Odd Combinations

The same techniques mentioned above can be used when wearing sports coat and trouser combinations, though some men may be put off by the perceived difficulties of coordinating an additional article of clothing: pants in a different shade. If you begin with blue and gray, this is actually a piece of cake. Like the navy suit, the navy blazer is a staple, foundational item of menswear. Technically, a solid blazer has to be blue, so begin there and add gray pants.
Andreas Weinås doesn't look like a security guard in this combination of navy and gray.

Andreas Weinås doesn’t look like a security guard in this combination of navy and gray.

You may have heard that the classic navy jacket and gray trousers will make you look like a security guard, but if you choose an appropriate fit and quality materials that simply won’t happen. Just stay away from cheap shoes, polyester fabric, and baggy fits, and you’ll be fine. Add a pocket square to the outfit, even a simple white linen one, and there’s no way your outfit will be mistaken for a uniform. Wearing a striped shirt or tie that isn’t plain, including the aforementioned navy or silver grenadine, will elevate the look as well.
Blue blazer with gray trousers

A rich navy blue double-breasted suit jacket with gray trousers

The opposite move–a gray sports coat with navy trousers–is rarer, maybe because it is generally more difficult to pull off a lighter jacket with darker pants. However, there’s no reason to be dissuaded, as long as your blue pants don’t look like the bottom half of a suit. Here, a pattern can be your friend and using a gray sports coat that contains a pattern, again the classic glen check or Prince of Wales, will enhance your chances of success.
Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style wearing a glen check gray sport coat and navy blue pants.

Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style wearing a glen check gray sports coat and navy blue pants; note how the dark navy knit tie neatly ties the dark pants with the lighter jacket

Multiple Layers of Blue and Gray

Going beyond the basics, you can use the principles in our Layering 101 guide to increase the sophistication of your gray and blue combinations.  When we talk about layering we immediately think knitwear and overcoats for colder weather.
These provide great opportunities to add either alternating layers of blue and gray hues–like a navy tie, gray sweater vest, and navy jacket–or a swath of the same color–like a navy blue tie, cardigan, and pants under a gray flannel sports coat. You can do the same with a gray or blue overcoat too: decide whether you want to duplicate the underlying color or contrast it, then get creative.

Gray and Blue Accessories

Accessories, including gloves, hats, and scarves, are another great way to use these two colors, and, again, you have two broad options. If you have a gray coat on, you could go monochromatic and select elegant gray cashmere-lined peccary gloves to match tones. Alternatively, go with a contrast and choose a pair of bold petrol blue leather gloves in lamb nappa leather. With a scarf, you may be able to “kill two birds with one stone” by purchasing a double-sided version, like this dark blue and gray one in alpaca from Fort Belvedere, which lets you contrast or blend with a flip of the cloth.
Raphael looking dapper wearing petrol blue gloves from Fort Belvedere

Sven Raphael Schneider looking dapper wearing petrol blue gloves from Fort Belvedere and a navy overcoat

An overlooked accessory that’s especially great for warmer weather is a boutonniere. You won’t find a gray flower, even in nature, but you can definitely pop a realistic silk blue cornflower boutonniere into the lapel buttonhole of your gray suit jacket to bring on the spring.

Blue and Gray Shoes and Socks

Although blue and gray is usually a conservative combination, one of the boldest things you can do for your overall outfit is to wear these colors as footwear. Dark navy Oxfords are the best choice with a suit since they resemble a standard black business shoe with just a hint of added color, but they are difficult to find. Those with dandy impulses and in a less conservative environment could go with brighter blues, such as a blue wholecut Oxford or monk strap, paired with a light gray suit.
Navy Suede Double Monk Strap shoes

Navy Suede Double Monk Strap shoes

In terms of availability, your best bet for blue shoes might be navy loafers, which are most often found in suede, though polished calf leather makes for a more formal choice, perhaps with gray trousers and a sports coat. Pairing blue shoes of any sort with blue pants are trickier but possible if both colors are similar enough.
Blue calf leather loafers with navy pants

Blue calf leather loafers with navy pants

Those who are truly committed and a bit daring can try to locate spectator shoes that combine both navy and gray. A two-tone shoe is surprisingly versatile because it can accompany tailoring of either color.

Navy and gray brogue wingtip from J. FitzPatrick.

Unusual but surprisingly versatile navy and gray brogue wingtips

Solid gray shoes appropriate for tailored clothing are exceedingly rare and tend to be lighter gray monk straps or derbies. Thus, they’re awkward for navy trousers due to the high contrast they create, and wearing them with gray could create too much uniformity in your outfit. However, you could always experiment if you find a pair. Something with two tones of gray or just dark gray would be more useful.
If you aren’t ready to make the leap to blue or gray shoes, a unique and inexpensive option that will also brighten things up is shoelaces in one of these classic colors. For around $ 10, you can put gray laces on black oxfords to be worn with a grey suit or blue laces on brown shoes with a navy suit.
Black Captoe Oxford with dark gray and black dress shoelaces by Fort Belvedere

Black captoe oxfords with blue-gray and black dress shoelaces by Fort Belvedere

Socks are also a terrific option to coordinate blue and gray. As a rule, begin with the principle of matching socks to your pants, not your shoes. You can show some panache by wearing socks that contain the complementary color to your pants (for example, blue socks with gray trousers ) or, better yet, socks that contain both colors, like a light blue and light gray shadow stripe.

Blue and Gray for Casual Wear

Though the Gentleman’s Gazette focuses on classic style, we’d be remiss not to mention the most popular article of casual clothing and probably the most popular blue fabric worn throughout the world–denim. We don’t specifically think of wearing gray with denim, but maybe we should take this page out of the classic menswear book and apply it to casual wear too. Blue jeans can easily be paired with a gray sports coat, provided the jeans are not overly distressed and the jacket casual enough, like something in an unstructured cotton or with sufficient texture.

Atte Rytkönen from Dress Like A with jeans and a gray jacket.

Atte Rytkönen from Dress Like A wearing jeans and a gray jacket.

Blue denim shirts have recently become a popular transitional garment, worn instead of dressier shirts with sports coats. Add a navy jacket, gray pants, and the aforementioned blue loafers, and you have a fantastic outfit.

A perfect combination of gray and blue with a denim shirt from Pini Parma.

A perfect combination of gray and blue with a denim shirt from Pini Parma.


There’s a reason why blue and gray are the base pairing in the DNA of classic men’s style, the primary colors to draw upon. Those who are new to color coordination use them as a means of creating fundamentally sound clothing combinations with minimal anxiety, while those who are stylistically advanced return to the pairing as a constant even as they experiment.  How have you used shades of gray and blue? What are your favorite combinations using these two colors? Tell us in the comments below.


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15 Classic Roadside Motels You Can Visit Along America’s Highways

Who doesn’t love an all-American road trip? As automobile travel gained popularity in the early 20th century, a slew of kitschy roadside motels popped up along the country’s brand-new highways. The golden age of road trips may have passed, but some of these hidden gems are still going strong today. They’re renovated, retro, and steeped in classic Americana. So, the next time you hit the road, consider skipping corporate hotel chains and checking into one of these 15 iconic roadside motels instead.
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Unlikely NFC Championship a throwback to classic matches

PHILADELPHIA — It might as well be the 1970s, when the Purple People Eaters played, or the 1990s, when Buddy Ryan’s Eagles were one of the most feared units in the league: Defense is still winning championships. Amid an era of the spread offense and no touching receivers downfield, the 2018 NFC Championship has brought…
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This Classic Trend Is Ageless, and Zendaya Can Prove It

Suiting separates are a perennially chic option for men and women alike—and while some might find the look specific to a certain age bracket, there are plenty of modern style stars refuting that notion. Take Zendaya, for example. The 21-year-old actress and singer recently stepped out in a totally unique tuxedo look that proves the style suits everyone (quite literally).

Her jacket and pants are by Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp and feature unexpected details at the lapels that give it a cool vintage effect. While we’ll always appreciate a classic suit, we love that Zendaya chose an iteration that incorporates a bit of unexpected edge. When it comes to dressing to impress, a well-tailored pairing as seen here is always a great option, whether you’re 19 or 99.

Scroll to see and shop her look.

On Zendaya: Ronald van der Kemp suit; Casadei shoes. Similar Styles: Zara Crossed Blazer ($ 90) and Trousers With Vertical Ruffle ($ 50); Prada Leather Pointed-Toe Pumps ($ 670)

Next up, see another tux-inspired look we love on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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Crystal’s Modern Classic Kitchen Design Board


My partner and I are currently in the planning process of our first new home build so dreaming up a custom kitchen is quite a timely assignment! This dream board pulls together some of my favorite’s right now: colorful cabinetry, gold accents and just a touch of whimsy.

The centerpiece of this kitchen is a beautiful island with a white, waterfall countertop and Genova large format porcelain tiles accenting the front for an elegant detail. I choose a wide rail shaker style cabinet door for a clean, modern look in a timeless style and added  satin brass hardware. For the backsplash, I went with a White Malojica Glossy Wall Tile from the Ames Tile Trends Collection that is both subtle and glamorous at the same time.  Flooring is a 8″ x 48″ Brown Wood Porcelain Tile; the dark color brings a rich warmth to the space.

To complete the look, I picked a faucet, light fixture and accessories with gold detailing and interesting details for a look that is both classic and trendy, with plenty of glam.


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Grailed Opens New Market for Classic MenswearGrailed has been a…

Grailed Opens New Market for Classic Menswear

Grailed has been a great new marketplace for menswear enthusiasts. While we’re longtime fans of eBay, it can be hard to find stuff there without using pre-designed search filters (which is why we have our eBay roundups, to help readers find the good stuff). There’s also a bit of trading still happening on the buying-and-selling sections of menswear forums, but they can be hard to navigate – sort of like trying to find a cool jacket on Craigslist. 

The great thing about Grailed is that it’s a user-driven community of menswear enthusiasts, with a sizable team on the backend to help sort listings between the site’s mainpage, Core, and Hype subsections (the last two being for basics and hyped streetwear, respectively). The site’s unique interface also makes it easy to serendipitously find things you may not have known about as you’re scrolling through the site. All in all, the site just makes it easier to find find great things for your wardrobe. 

Today, Grailed is launching their newest subsection, Sartorial, which is for tailored clothing and classic menswear. Brands such as Alden and Crockett & Jones have always thrived on the site, but the marketplace has been generally geared towards the casual side of the spectrum – more niche designer jackets from Japan, rather than something you can wear to a conservative office. Grailed’s new Sartorial subsection is looking to change that by consolidating all the tailored and classic menswear into one place. And they’ll be supporting it with editorial content on their blog (the first photo above is a preview of their story on Cucinelli, which is scheduled to go up tomorrow). 

Note, as with any of these sites, you’ll want to smartly employ the search filters in order to drill down on things that’ll work for you. Grailed also allows you to save your searches so you don’t have to click through all the options the next time you visit. You can see the Sartorial subsection here.

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Hear Feist’s Delicate Rendition of Leonard Cohen Classic

Feist has released her tender rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye," which the Pleasure singer previously covered at the Juno Awards in tribute to the Canadian legend.

The beginning of Feist's

This article originally appeared on Hear Feist’s Delicate Rendition of Leonard Cohen Classic

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