This is what the Galaxy S10 and iPhone X of our dreams would look like

Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone X

If yesterday’s phone launch proves anything, it’s that we’ve reached peak smartphone design. In a world of iPhone X clones, Oppo came up with a crazy new phone that forces itself not to copy the notch. Of course, the irony that the Find X looks just like a Galaxy S/Note or that Color OS looks a lot like Apple iOS doesn’t escape us.

However, the Find X design is hardly perfect. We’ve got a motorized camera system that slides up whenever you want to unlock the phone, take a picture, or take a selfie. It’s a neat concept, but it’s destined to fail for a couple of reasons. The first one I already mentioned, the motorized sliding mechanism. The second one is related to the first one. This phone doesn’t have any water resistance, and that’s not what we want for the future of smartphones.

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Fields of dreams: Texas project seeks new corn strains for whiskey

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (Reuters) – A master distiller and a crop scientist who specializes in corn breeding are working on a project they hope one day will help bring local identities to American whiskeys.

Reuters: Science News

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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I was hanging out with George Harrison, laughing and having a great time eating lunch at some restaurant. I wanted to take a picture of him but kept putting it off and took other pictures instead. Then when I was ready to take his picture, my camera…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Your Dreams: Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed I saw a woman walking ahead of me wearing a navy suit and a navy hat that was flat on top. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, bent over and bowed her head all the way down until her hat touched the ground. The moment the hat touched the ground, a secret…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Your Dreams: Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind Daily News readers’ dreams


I dreamed that I had a stain on my trouser leg on one of my knees. On further inspection, I saw that it was whiteout, so I started scratching the dry chalky mark with my nail and it was flaking off like powder and slowly disappearing. Please decode this dream.


Life Style – New York Daily News


I Have Big Dreams of Opening a Restaurant… and No Clue Where to Start

Dear Penny,

So I have this dream almost every night about the restaurant I want to open with my significant other. It has evolved into something rather extraordinary and unique in my mind — not to mention specific (location and all) — but I’m not sure the best way to proceed from here.

Do I take a loan if I can get one, look for investors to back me… who can I even trust with my vision?

-American Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

I love a good dream. But this one sounds like it’s in the early phases of development. The trouble with dreams is that it’s easy to get stuck in the reverie and skip out on actually taking action.

We’ve all had that friend who talks about their business idea they’ve never actually tried to launch, right? Or the guy who swears he’ll be an overnight success one of these days?

As annoying as those people are, there’s an opposite type of dreamer: the type who doesn’t tell anyone about their dream. They dwell on it and think and ponder and muse, but they don’t force those thoughts out of their brains and onto paper.

You have a dream. Do you have a plan?

It’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses and get real about your ambitions and your action steps. If you haven’t already started talking to your partner about your business idea, the time to start is yesterday. Starting a business is stressful on couples: If starting out together, you need immense financial confidence and a solid safety net; if going it alone, you still need substantial emotional buy-in from your partner.

Next, it’s time for research. About half of all small businesses shutter by their fifth anniversary, so it’s up to you to arm yourself with information to help your chances of survival. Check out some library books on business planning. Find low-cost small business classes offered by your local economic development corporation. Consider signing up for a free SCORE mentor. Consider ways to dip your toe in the entrepreneurial pool with a side hustle before cannonballing in.

Once you’ve developed a business plan and identified your goals, you can start thinking about ways to fund your dream. You can find entire classes and plenty of business books about how to obtain the capital you need to start your business. (In the meantime, start saving!)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Your job right now is to start talking about your dream. Start talking about it like it’s reality. Talk to your partner, your friends, people you trust in your community. Get your dream out of your head, and see how it sounds out loud and looks on paper. Then start making some plans, even if it’ll be five or 10 years before you can actually open the restaurant of your dreams.

Have an awkward money dilemma? Send it to

Disclaimer: Chosen questions and featured answers will appear in The Penny Hoarder’s “Dear Penny” column. I won’t be able to answer every single letter (I can only type so fast!). We reserve the right to edit and publish your questions. Don’t worry — your identity will remain anonymous. I don’t have a psychology, accounting, finance or legal degree, so my advice is for informational purposes only. I do, however, promise to give you honest advice based on my own insights and real-life experiences.

Lisa Rowan is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ lets you live your Hogwarts dreams


Everybody wants to go to Hogwarts. That’s a fact.

With Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you can finally live that dream.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launches Wednesday on iOS and and Google Play, putting players in the shoes of a first year Hogwarts student as you get sorted into a house, cast spells, take classes, meet new students and iconic professors, and work your way all the way up to year seven. It’s the entire Hogwarts schooling experience presented for the first time through the eyes of someone other than Harry Potter.

I had a chance to play through the beginning of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and talk to writer Matt London about this unique story in the wizarding world and how Hogwarts Mystery fits into the larger Harry Potter universe. Read more…

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The Boy Who Learned How to Play the Accordion in His Dreams | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN


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Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Line Is Supporting the Figure Skating Dreams of Young Girls

Fresh off her triumphant Coachella — or rather, Beychella — performance as the first black woman to headline the festival and her announcement that she would be giving $ 100,000 in scholarships to HBCUs, it appears that Beyoncé still wants to pay it forward — this time, by showing some love to girls of Figure Skating of Harlem, an organization that aims to empower young girls by focusing on academic achievement in tandem with figure skating as an artistic discipline.

Queen Bey not only donated workout clothes and accessories to the Harlem nonprofit organization, but also featured the young skaters as models for Ivy Park’s Spring 2018 collection.

In a video clip for the campaign, one of the skaters eloquently describes her time on the ice as such: “The ice is my canvas, my blades are my paintbrush, I am the artist.”

See the girls of Figure Skating of Harlem in Ivy Park below.

Entertainment – TIME


I Gained 30 Pounds of Muscle and Grew the Butt of My Dreams

“I was tired of being the little, bitty, petite girl.”

Health – Good Housekeeping


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‘Raymond’ creator on new food show and sitcom reunion dreams

Phil Rosenthal’s latest quirky dive into mixing food and travel differs from his last series in three key ingredients: a new TV home, a new title and even its own theme song courtesy of band Lake Street Dive. The six-episode Netflix original series, “Somebody Feed Phil,” premiering Friday, features the “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator traveling…
Entertainment | New York Post


American Indian high school star Mya Fourstar dreams of playing college ball

She scored 50 points as an eighth-grader, and Mya Fourstar’s name spread across Montana. But making it to college basketball – and off the reservation she calls home – won’t be easy.


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The New Gucci Campaign Is Everything Fashion Dreams Are Made Of

Leave it up to Alessandro Michele to push the boundaries (once again) as Gucci unveils its spectacular new advertising campaign for Spring 2018. Making a disappearing act is photographer Glen Luchford who has captured Michele’s flamboyant aesthetic since day one, as the work of surreal Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal takes center stage this season. Monreal produced Gucci’s ‘Gift Giving’ campaign and now cements his relationship with the legendary Italian fashion house with yet another campaign. Titled Utopian Fantasy, the images are based on some of the most iconic fairytales and feature multiple hidden references.

Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


Members of our forums were in awe. “I’m going to miss Luchford but I have to say that I love the concept of illustrating the campaign,” wrote kokobombon instantly.

“I won’t lie, this is gorgeous,” admitted dodencebt.

“Never thought I’d say this but I’m absolutely loving this. They keep nailing these campaigns,” noted Vitmaine W.

In agreement over how terrific the campaign turned out was anlabe32: “OMG I LOVE IT! Feels like I’m looking at Hieronymus Bosch art, awesome.”

Benn98 couldn’t sing Michele’s praises loud enough, writing, “He did it again, a campaign accompaniment to an equally ornate collection. Alessandro Michele is a genius and single-handedly rejuvenated my interest in Italian fashion. I don’t want to get too cozy without Luchford, but this is spectacular!”

“I love this. Perfect for the new Gucci. They keep on delivering with the creativity of the campaigns,” echoed apple.

“Wow. Love it. I was disappointed when I didn’t see Luchford involved with this campaign, but wow! wow! wow! I’m pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and well executed this campaign turned out! Gucci does it again,” heralded fashionlover2001.

Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


See more from Gucci’s spectacular Spring 2018 ad campaign and join the standing ovation here.

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Elon Musk on His Fears, Dreams, Twitter, Morality and Mars

The New York Times has called Elon Musk "arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world." It's an easy case to make: He's probably the only person who has started four billion-dollar companies – PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City. But at his core,

This article originally appeared on Elon Musk on His Fears, Dreams, Twitter, Morality and Mars

Rolling Stone Latest Culture News


5-Year-Old With Serious Heart Condition Gets the Wedding Photo Shoot of Her Dreams

“This may be the only time I see my baby in a wedding dress” her mom said.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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California wildfires reduces years-long dreams to embers

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — Jose Garnica worked for more than two decades to build up his dream home that was reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes by the deadly firestorm striking Northern California.
Top Headlines

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Fulfilling Her Dreams as a Luxury Event Planner While Holding Down a 9-to-5

Adesola Rosiji is no stranger to the hustle. As a Nigerian-American who was raised by parents who both have entrepreneurial hearts and spirits, Rosiji is familiar with working hard.

That’s why when she had the opportunity to pursue her passion as an event planner while utilizing some of the skills she’s acquired working full-time as a project manager for a healthcare company, she went for it. 

So how does she merge her event planning business with a full-time career? In this interview with Black Enterprise, she shares some of her secrets, as well as her inspiration for launching the business, and challenges she has faced along the way.


(Image: Adesola Rosiji)


What inspired you to start ‘’AdeXperience Events”?

I have always enjoyed planning my own birthday parties, barbecues, and graduation parties. I always found a reason to celebrate just so I could throw a party. The real inspiration and drive started when two of my close friends asked if I could plan his wife’s baby shower and the other was to plan a private 30th birthday dinner. These events were both so successful I decided to turn my passion into a business and here I am now as AdeXperience!

How did you come up with the name?

I always knew I wanted my event planning business to represent luxury and I wanted to offer my clients a luxury experience. My name “Ade” means crown or royalty. So in a nutshell “AdeXperience” means a royal/luxury experience so I thought this name would best represent my brand.

In the early stages of starting your company you’ve already worked with top names in the industry, such as Karen Civil, etc. How did you establish these relationships?

Early on when I started my business I was approached to do sponsorships. Doing several sponsorships allowed me to create the relationships I needed and also allowed me to build my brand. Through these sponsorships, I was able to work with Karen Civil, Claire Sulmers, Marlo Hampton, and other leading women in the industry.

Now that you are becoming an established name in the event planning industry, what’s been your most memorable moment so far?

My most memorable moment so far was meeting Karen Civil and Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily. Sometimes in life we think things are so farfetched but when you work hard on your craft and perfect it, I’ve learned anything can happen. I literally spoke it into existence and a few weeks later I received a call to do both dinners.

What have been your biggest challenges in starting your own company and how do you work to overcome them?

My biggest challenge starting my own company is having to do everything on my own and that includes research on every item the client may want and also making things that are not available, available. There are so many logistics that go into planning an event, and as a planner you have to use what works for you. I stay positive and remain focused and always have an alternate plan to getting things complete. I also hired an intern last year to assist me with events and that has worked remarkably well.

Is it difficult for you to maintain a full-time career, along with your side-hustle?

It can be very difficult balancing two full-time jobs. I honestly wouldn’t consider my event planning as a side hustle at this point. Event planning is my career and I am currently transitioning and trying to make this “my full-time career” with a lot of other ideas I have brewing.

What’s next for AdeXperience Events?

I will officially be launching my website If you are reading this now check out the site. I have so many ideas brewing and so many projects that I am working on. I will be launching an e-commerce site as well in the near future so stay tuned for that.

Small Business – Black Enterprise


Amal Clooney’s back to work outfit is the stuff of our sartorial dreams

She was attending a meeting in New York this week

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney might have only given birth to her twins in June, but she’s already heading back to work. The 39-year-old human rights barrister met with Nikki Haley, the U.S.’s ambassador to the United Nations, as well as the the U.N. Security Council this week to continue the fight against ISIS.

The Associated Press reports that during the meeting, the security council agreed to offer Iraq the U.N’s help with their investigations and collections of evidence against ISIS, holding them accountable for war crimes.

Amal is representing Yazidi victims who have been raped and kidnapped by ISIS and reportedly told the council: ‘Yazidis and other ISIS victims want justice in a court of law, and they deserve nothing less.’

Her back-to-work outfit was impeccable – a cropped red blazer teamed with an A-line skirt, complimented with a tan bag and nude pumps.

However, it’s the bold orange pussy-bow blouse that has really got the fashpack talking.

amal clooney

Credit: Getty

It’s Amal’s first day back since the arrival of her two tiny bundles of joy, Alexander and Ella. George Clooney has spoken publicly about what it’s like to be a new father, saying: ‘Right now my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have to just enjoy the ride.

‘I just have to clean the barf off of my tux. It used to be my barf but now it’s the twins’ barf. So it all works out.’

Although E! reported that she planned to take six months maternity leave, it looks like Amal is ready to go back to work – and, of course, she’s doing it with style.

The post Amal Clooney’s back to work outfit is the stuff of our sartorial dreams appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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How Her Severance Package Funded Her Real Estate Dreams

After years working as an IT analyst with only a high school diploma, it wasn’t until  Constance Carter was laid off that she found a real opportunity—she used her severance package to finance a real estate license.

Today, Carter is the CEO and broker of Catalyst Real Estate Professionals, a Stockton, California-based real estate firm specializing in sales and lending.



Not only is Carter on a mission to help others create wealth by evangelizing homeownership but to also teach others how to find success in the real estate business.

It wasn’t an easy start to becoming a real estate success story. As if getting laid off and starting a new venture wasn’t frightening enough, on the last day of her corporate job, Carter’s husband was also laid off. It was literally sink or swim for the Carter family.

Her husband found a job to make ends meet, while she went into massive building mode—and after six months of hard work, nothing. No sales.

“There was barely enough money coming in but I knew that actively building my business was paramount to my success.” She eventually became one of the top agents at a real estate firm and was offered a management position, which she seized to learn as much as she could about the industry.

The mission of Catalyst Real Estate Professionals is about building, educating, empowering, and sustaining legacies through real estate. Carter also says it’s about sticking to her core values.

“God is the center in everything we do. Family is why we do what we do. Business is the way we build our legacies. Giving back is essential to building strong communities.”

With her firm of 34 agents, brokers, and staff, the firm is intentional to build slowly but steadily with integrity, sincerity, and preferring quality over quantity. “We have an excellent group of agents who understand the culture and share the same core values about their business. Ideally, we’d like to train, develop, and sustain about 75 agents,” says Carter.

As stated on her company’s website, Carter boasts a transaction portfolio estimated at $ 200 million. She wants to help others become financially secure as well. Catalyst creates wealth opportunities through evangelizing homeownership—making it attainable for everyone. “We believe if you have a job, then you can—and should—own a home. We’ll help you work through the details. We don’t say you can’t, we show you how you can and provide a step-by-step blueprint on how to become a homeowner,” she says.

Catalyst also offers monthly workshops on credit, investment, and homeownership through a real estate school the company owns and operates.

Carter built her business off of being transformational and not transactional. “I just wanted to help those who felt undeserving, unqualified, and overlooked. People like me.”




Small Business – Black Enterprise


Gigi’s latest Tommy Hilfiger collaboration is the stuff our autumn wardrobe dreams are made of

We want it all

gigi tommy hilfiger
Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Earlier this year, we learned that Tommy Hilfiger’s TOMMYNOW show was making its way to London for AW17. Following a successful run in New York and Los Angeles, the show will include the new TommyxGigi collection which is the brand’s third collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The runway event will take place on 19th September at 7pm, and we can’t wait to see the collection in full. In the run up to the show that will close London Fashion Week, you can now browse your favourite items to curate an online wishlist in advance. With plaid silk slip dresses and chunky creeper shoes, it will definitely bring a grungy edge to our autumnal wardrobe and we want it all.

Once you’ve put together your dream payday wishlist, you’ll also be in with the chance of winning two tickets to the Fall 2017 runway show in London by visiting one of the Tommy Hilfiger stores. What better way to come to terms with the fast-approaching grey days of autumn than sitting back at one of the biggest fashion shows on the planet.

Talking about the collection, Tommy Hilfiger said: ‘My vision for TOMMYNOW was to create a global platform that could bring our shows to audiences around the globe like a rock-and-roll world tour. It’s about celebrating the connection between fashion and pop culture with experiences, performances and inspiring interactions that are designed around our consumers. We look forward to celebrating the rebellious spirit and star studded glamour of rock-and-roll in London for Fall 2017.’
The TommyxGigi collection will be showcased at the iconic Roundhouse in Camden, meaning the venue will be just as rock-and-roll as the upcoming collection.

The post Gigi’s latest Tommy Hilfiger collaboration is the stuff our autumn wardrobe dreams are made of appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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Entrepreneurs: Here’s Your Chance to Realize Your Wildest Business Dreams


If building a successful business was easy everyone would have one. Striking out on your own and launching your business venture is exciting, can be rewarding, and always challenging.

For some, the challenges that can crop up are so daunting that they give up their dreams of business ownership entirely. If you’re the opposite, an entrepreneur who has tackled some of the toughest challenges and keeps persevering– we want to hear from you and give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your business to the next level.

In a partnership with Hiscox, Black Enterprise wants to know how you overcame the biggest challenge that was preventing you from moving towards entrepreneurship.

You can do that by entering our “I’mpossible” contest. Tell us in a 60-second video how you as an entrepreneur overcame your impossible—and went on to launch your venture.

The entrepreneur with the most compelling video will win an all-expense paid trip to this year’s Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit in San Francisco as well as a chance to meet and pitch your business to a Silicon Valley venture capitalist!

Enter here and read the instructions on how to submit your video. 



TERRITORY:  50 United States of America and District of Columbia.

CONTEST PERIOD:  Contest begins at 12:00:00 a.m. (midnight) Eastern Time (“ET”) on August 14, 2017 and ends at 11:59:00 p.m. ET on September, 14, 2017 (“Contest Period”).

METHOD(S) OF ENTRY: During the Contest Period, enter by completing all of the following:

1.)   Submit any video of your “I’m Possible” experience; and

2.)   Share on one of the following websites with hashtag #HISCOXPURPOSETOPITCH

Limit one (1) entry per person per month.


Sponsor reserves the right to delete and/or exclude any inappropriate, negative or irrelevant entries, as determined in Sponsor’s sole discretion. The Websites include:

1.) (Instagram)

2.) (Facebook)

3.) (Twitter)

4.) (website)

5.) (Woobox)                                                                     


  • All expense paid trip to the 2017 TechConneXt Summit
  • Meeting with a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley 



  1. ELIGIBILITY: THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE TERRITORY LISTED ABOVE, WHO ARE AT LEAST THE AGE OF 18 OR OLDER AT THE TIME OF ENTRY (OR IF THE AGE OF MAJORITY IN THEIR STATE OF RESIDENCE IS OLDER THAN 18, THEN THE PARTICIPANT MUST BE AT LEAST THAT AGE AT THE TIME OF ENTRY). Employees, officers and directors of Black Enterprise and Hiscox (“Sponsor”), its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies, advertising, promotion or production agencies, Web masters/suppliers (and their IRS dependents, immediate family members [spouse, parents, children, siblings] and individuals residing in their same household, whether or not related) are not eligible to participate. By participating, entrants (referred to as entrants or participants) agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor and/or its independent judging agency (the “Judges”) which are final and binding in all respects.
  1. CONTEST PERIOD: Contest begins and ends at the times listed above. Sponsor’s computer is the official time keeping device for this Contest.
  1. TO ENTER: During the Contest Period, enter as described above in the paragraph titled “Method(s) of Entry.” Any other attempted form of entry is void. Online entries must be received and recorded by the Sponsor’s computer during the Contest Period.  Automated entries are prohibited, and any use of automated devices will cause disqualification. Any attempt by any participant to obtain more entries than are permitted by using multiple/different email addresses, identities or any other methods will void that participant’s entries and that participant will be disqualified.  Submissions become property of the Sponsor and by participating, participants agree and acknowledge that any submissions are their original work, do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and may be used by the Sponsor, at any time or times, for advertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes without additional compensation, in all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide in perpetuity, and on the Internet and World Wide Web, without notice, review or approval.
  1. POST CONTEST SELECTION PROCESS: Sponsor will select a potential winner and Sponsor will check all eligible entries to see if the entry was timely returned. In order to receive a prize, each potential winner must meet all eligibility requirements to be awarded a prize as a winner, including responding to Sponsor’s communications. Sponsor will contact potential winner(s) through the provide contact information or, if no contact information is provided, through the social media platform used to submit the entry. If any prize or prize notification or attempted notification is returned as undeliverable, if potential winner(s) does not respond within a reasonable time period (i.e., 5 days), if Sponsor is unable to contact a potential winner within a reasonable time period (i.e., 5 days), or if a potential winner is found to be ineligible or otherwise not in compliance with these Official Rules, the prize may be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner in Sponsor’s sole discretion. By accepting a prize, winner acknowledges he or she is in compliance with these Official Rules.
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This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Woobox. You understand that you are providing your information to Sponsor and not to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Woobox. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this Contest shall be directed to Sponsor and not to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Woobox. Instagram is a registered trademark of Instagram, Inc.  Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.  Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. Woobox is a registered trademark of Woobox, Inc.



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Black Men XCEL: Rae Holliday Inspires BE Researcher to Pursue Her Dreams

Rae Holliday of the 2017 BE Modern Men

In recognition of our very first Black Men XCEL Summit, celebrating the best of black male achievement, the Black Enterprise staff is sharing their stories of the men who’ve had an extraordinary impact on their own lives…

Tiamari Whitted on Black Men XCEL Freelance Researcher Tiamari Whitted


Who is the man in your life who’s inspired you to excel?

Rae Holliday

How would you describe the impact he’s had on you?

The impact he had on me was to encourage me to follow my dreams and to never give up no matter how long it takes you—age does not matter.

What’s your fondest memory of him?

Going to his first workshop, it was not your regular workshop. We were all supposed to meet at one location but something happened and we ended up going to an Irish pub not far from where we were supposed to meet originally. Rae went on to share his journey with us on how he got started, and I was just amazed at how he accomplished so much in such a short period and that he had hiccups as well but that didn’t stop him. The two stories that stuck out to me were 1. when he met Beyoncé and she knew who he was and 2. the story of how someone very close to him passed but she passed with her dreams not being heard. When he said that, it really touched me. I don’t want to leave this world not living my dreams and without taking a risk to accomplish them.

After the workshop, I was able to sit down with him and tell him my story and he looked at me and said, ‘I want to do a one-on-one consultation.’ Inside I was so thrilled and excited, but I kept calm. We finally met up about a month after the workshop and the consultation was an eye opener. He answered every single question I had. Rae Holliday is the most humble man I met in the entertainment industry; it blew me away how nice he was.

Rae Holliday of the 2017 BE Modern Men Rae Holliday (Photo by James Anthony)


What’s the biggest lesson he taught you?

To not be afraid. And that it’s OK to start over. You don’t have to know everything to get started, just do it and if you fail, get back up and try again.

What are you doing to make him proud?

I went back to school to obtain my M.B.A. in media management. And I landed my first media job in publishing. I’m a freelancer, but it’s a start, and I’m not stopping until all my dreams are fulfilled.


Register now for the Black Men XCEL Summit and join us for a celebration of black men!

Lifestyle – Black Enterprise


Are Fibroids Holding You Back From Achieving Your Professional and Personal Dreams?

Gessie Thompson, fibroid coach

I am one of the 80% of black women affected by fibroids by age 50. I was diagnosed with fibroids—smooth muscle tumors that form in the uterus—in 2001 at the age of 30.

Gessie Thompson, fibroids coach Gessie Thompson


From that moment on, I began a 14-year battle to overcome fibroids, the resulting infertility, and a litany of other medical challenges. The road to my healing was a long and grueling one that included:

  • 10 surgeries—five of them for fibroids
  • 5 in-vitro fertilization cycles
  • 1 heart-wrenching miscarriage
  • 120+ days combined in the hospital
  • a high-risk pregnancy that resulted in my unborn baby fighting the fibroids that were siphoning off her blood supply at 21 weeks in utero
  • my heart stopping on the delivery table
  • and, thankfully, Nia, our miracle baby, being born at 2.5 lbs and 14 inches!

While our family enjoyed a storybook ending, my heart aches for families who are still fighting fibroids and infertility. Many of these women have their personal and professional lives derailed by infertility, hemorrhaging, life-threatening anemia, debilitating cramps, embarrassing incontinence, and so much more.

As I struggled to find out why these foreign masses kept invading my body, I grew frustrated as gynecologists repeatedly told me that the cause is unknown. Furthermore, little to no research was/is being done to unearth the answer. But one word kept popping up in my findings—estrogen. While doctors hesitated to name it as the root cause, they did agree that estrogen fuels the growth of fibroids.

In 2015, I was introduced to the work of Aboriginal Medical Association naturopathic physicians Dr. Amsu Anpu and Dr. Amun Neb. While other doctors seemed unsure, they unequivocally asserted that estrogen dominance is the root cause of reproductive diseases such as fibroids, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and more.

Through my partnership with Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun, we co-founded the holistic 90-Day Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program. And using the four parts of our program—coaching, diet, herbal supplements, and medical qigong—we have helped women eliminate up to 50 documented fibroids, infertility after 12 years, and more without surgery. Here are two critical things every woman battling fibroids and infertility should know:

The Process:


Estrogen dominance develops in our bodies through…

  • Stress stemming from high-pressure working and living, spiritual and emotional factors, tidal waves of the toxin cortisol into our bodies.

  • Diets rich in estrogen. Some of the super foods that many of us trust, like green tea, flaxseeds, spinach, wheatgrass, and more, are actually growing our fibroids!
  • Pollutants, including:
  1. Prescription drugs, such as contraceptive pills and other estrogen-based synthetic drugs.
  2. Pesticides that make food products grow quickly also fuel our bodies with toxins.
  3. BPA plastics; Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor, which interferes with the production, secretion, transport, action, function, and elimination of natural hormones. We unknowingly expose ourselves to them every day.
  4. Products that contain toxins we ingest through our nasal passages and skin, such as beauty and cleaning products.

The Solution:


A lifestyle of healing that reduces stress, starves the body of estrogen, and incorporates the right kinds of movement and exercises.


I cannot imagine what my life would be like today if I’d allowed the pain of my process to stop my pursuit of motherhood. One of the greatest lessons learned on my journey of healing was that I had to stop being superwoman and start prioritizing my spiritual, emotional, and physical health. It’s time you do the same.


Hope Beyond Fibroids CEO Gessie Thompson coaches women to heal their wombs from fibroids and infertility holistically. From diet to stress management, her Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program teaches lifestyle changes that have resulted in documented cases of women eliminating up to 50 fibroids and one mother giving birth to her miracle baby after being unable to conceive for 12 years!  Learn more at

Lifestyle – Black Enterprise


Millennial Women: 4 Steps to Ensure the Retirement of Your Dreams

Most retirement savings advice can be beneficial to anyone, no matter their sex. But, young women, in particular, need to start early in creating their retirement plan.


Recent research by the National Institute on Retirement indicates that women ages 65 and older typically have incomes 25% lower than men, and as men and women age, men’s income advantage widens to 44% by age 80 and older. Because of this, women are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished by ages 65 and older, and women ages 75 to 79 were “three times more likely to fall below the poverty level.”

Jennifer Streaks, money and lifestyle expert, offers ways young women can change these statistics and be proactive—and realistic—in planning how they will live out the golden years of their dreams:


1. First, Determine Exactly What Retirement Truly Looks Like for You


Self-assess and ask the important questions. “What type of life would you like to have in your late 50s, 60s, 70s?” Streaks says. “Do you love experiences over things? Do you want to quit, and have the option to do nothing but relax? Do you already have medical expenses, such as eyewear, physical therapy, fitness, or prescriptions that might carry into those years?”


2. Get Your Side Hustle On


“Look at retirement savings as a pie. There are three slices: investing, personal savings, and income from a small business or side hustle,” Streaks says. “So many millennials are now starting side businesses or becoming entrepreneurs. They’re also not staying at jobs for 10, 15, or 30 years, in order to get a pension or a fund of that nature.”

Streaks also adds that a side hustle or any money-making activity you can do part-time, such as freelancing or consulting, is great because it brings you “another level of income.”

“I have a friend who works a full-time job, and has a side business. Last year, she brought in an extra $ 29,000,” Streaks says. “If you can do something that’s sustainable and that you love today, it can be a great avenue for funding your retirement later.”


3. Scale Your Savings Goals and Be Flexible in Adjusting How You Save and What You’re Saving For


Streaks recommends setting short-term goals and focusing on those. This could include building up a rainy day fund or saving up six months to a year’s worth of living expenses to cover you, in the event of a financial emergency. Once you reach those goals, shift your savings for the long-term goal of retirement.

“It’s all in how you allocate your savings. Set up those automated drafts, where a portion of your paycheck goes to a savings account, with a specific purpose and goal amount,” Streaks says. “As you get older and become more financially stable, you can continue to re-allocating and saving for retirement.”

Also, when you get a raise, you can act like you didn’t. “Budget like you did when you made the lower salary, and save the difference, or take a percentage of the raise for yourself—as a reward—and put the rest toward saving for retirement,” she says.


4. Be Proactive and Ask Your Financial Advisers and Retirement Fund Administrators the Right Questions


“That 10-year window between 25 and 35 is a period where you can be the most aggressive with your investments. You have extra money to invest in stocks, but be aggressive in the stocks you choose,” Streaks says. Also, when it comes to an employer-provided 401k, Streaks urges young women to ask employers to match their contribution, even if working for a startup.

If you’ve consulted with or hired an adviser, ask about fees and risks associated with your investments. “You don’t want a large percentage of your money going toward fees that advisers can sometimes charge,” she says.

“Also, ask if stocks and other investments in your plan seem vulnerable. If something starts to happen with your investments, what will [your adviser] do to minimize your risk? Make sure you’re working with someone who is going to be monitoring this, and that you don’t just have your money sitting there with no one on top of watching your investments.”

Money – Black Enterprise


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Esprit and Opening Ceremony’s New Collection Is What Loungewear Dreams Are Made Of

The two brands just launched their second capsule.

Style – Esquire


What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Career Dreams?

Besides running away to a cabin in the woods.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Speedo Rio Dreams Free Back Swimsuit – Women’s Size 26 Color Multi

Speedo Rio Dreams Free Back Swimsuit – Women’s Size 26 Color Multi

Make waves during your next swim practice with the Speedo Rio Dreams Free Back One Piece Swimsuit. Designed with a free back design, this suit features a great range-of-motion and a supportive fit for comfortable performance lap after lap. Free Back Design Thin Straps – For a comfortable fit Natural Flexibility – For a great range-of-motion Circle, Cut-Out Back – For added flexibility Lined – For coverage Rio Dreams print design Speedo logo at front hip Speedo’s high-performance, affordable fabric Offers supportive comfort and recovery at a great value Ideal for casual swimmers and water lovers Fabric – 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex Size 26 Color Multi
List Price: $ 53.95
Price: $ 42.08

13 Awesome Highlighters That’ll Give You the Glow-y Complexion of Your Dreams

Not all luminizing products do the same thing; some lend subtle sheen, while others offer a more noticeable glimmer. Here, our all-time favorite picks.
The latest from
We asked top experts to weigh in on eight popular tea-tox programs—and reveal what they can (and can’t) do for you.
The latest from - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles! – the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

Free People Will Soon Sell Bridal Wear, For The Hippie Wedding Of Your Dreams

Rejoice, bohemian brides of the world!

Free People, faithful provider of flowy peasant tops and Coachella wardrobes, has teamed up with a number of designers, including Australia-based Grace Loves Lace on a fifteen-piece bridal collection, set to launch May 18.

fp bridal

According to a release from Free People, the collection will include “delicate halters, graceful strapless pieces, dramatic long-sleeve gowns, ethereal v-necks, and romantic off-the-shoulder styles alongside distinctive sets, one-pieces, and shorter wears.” So basically, everything you have already come to expect and love from the brand, but in white.

fp bridal 5

fb bridal

To celebrate, the brand will launch a wedding takeover on its lifestyle blog BLDG 25 for the week of May 18, offering readers wedding inspiration, DIYs and more. Because let’s face it, any bride who is wearing Free People to her wedding is also the kind of bride that has a slew of Pinterest boards dedicated to making her wedding as adorable as humanly possible.


fp bridal

The collection will run a reasonable $ 700 to $ 1,600 and will be available exclusively on Free People’s US and UK sites, that is, unless Vanessa Hudgens wipes the site clean first.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Ditch The Trends, Liberate The Risque, And Create A Wedding Of Your Dreams

Tell me, honestly, how many times have you seen the image of the same floral peony bouquet wrapped in blush tulle on your Facebook feed or bridal magazines or the wedding blogs you follow? Too many, right? After a while it seems as if you are looking at the same wedding over and over again on all the different social media channels. But, really, they are not the same wedding.

So, how about we drop the notion that we need to follow the trends in order to make our wedding look incredibly gorgeous? How about we embrace the ‘un-think’ and work towards creating a little bit of ‘ish’ so that those photos that we look at years down the road remind us of what we were made of, and who we really were.

As a photographer, I always encourage my couples to talk to me about things, places and colors that inspire them, and that they enjoy together. We then work out a details of a session (both engagement and wedding) that allows them to explore those passions and interests. We work together to create a comfortable camaraderie so that there is room for a little adventure and authenticity.

To all the engaged couples out there, please know that your most special day, your wedding, doesn’t have to be color coordinated to the rhythm of popular trends. It should instead represent your silliness, your quirkiness, your crazy awesome love. And, when it comes to photographs, rest assured, you will be proud to show those photos to your grandkids.

So, how about I help you find out a few ways you can achieve that:

1. Erase the trend, and fill in with your passion
When you sit down to plan your wedding, the first thing you need to do is block the word “trendy” or “trends” from your planning dictionary. Instead, list out the places you’ve traveled together to and pick out your favorite from them and what aspects about that place made it your favorite. Maybe you want to include some elements of that place in your wedding. Or if you like to go to museums together, bring in elements from that in your wedding, such as, small terrarium boxes as favors (tons of vendors on etsy), decorate with vines and leaves instead of flowers or buy mini canvas from a craft store and create your own masterpieces for your guests as favors.

[The bride and groom crafted this stunning gold backdrop for their wedding]

2. Be bold
Honestly, what makes a wedding memorable are the photos. So, look for a photographer who can capture your beautiful relationship as is. Have your engagement session in a trapeze studio if you like flying, and during the wedding day, allow the photographer to really get in and dirty with all the emotions exploding around. Don’t go for the safe shots, go for those photos that scream “you” and allocate enough time for the photographer to create those sick bride and groom portraits for your during sunset. You will be thanking me later.


3. Keep it close, keep it personal
Sometimes the best settings are when you have the time and energy to celebrate your wedding with each and every soul who made the effort to attend it. So, don’t worry about numbers. If you have only 30 people to invite, then rock on! For instance, charter a boat and celebrate in style with those who really matter. Everyone else can enjoy via those super awesome photos!


4. Unique venues, with unique voices
Yes, a venue sets the mood and expectations for the day. So, don’t let that go dry in a ballroom. From yachts to zoos to state parks to public libraries to old mining mills…the possibilities are endless. Let the venue speak uniquely of your unique love story.


5. Dress up, dress right or dress left
What’s in a wedding dress? A lot, that I agree with. But, again, who says that a gold sequined gown with your grandmother’s lace is any less gorgeous than that $ 20,000 couture one that every bride has already worn. And, who says that bridesmaid wearing pant suits is a total shocker? That’s right…no one. So, don’t let the fashion gods dampen your fashionably forward spirit. If it feels right, guess what, it probably is right.


Listen, I am no expert at wedding planning, but after having been in the industry for a while I can safely say that following your heart and liberating its power in the planning process can do wonders. From the details to the glorious photos – you will be truly see your love shine. And, who wants to see the same peony bouquet wrapped in blush tulle for the millionth time?


Anyone? Anyone?



— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Your 40 Day Guide to Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide and Wedding Planning Checklist That Will Make Sure You Plan the Perfect Weding in 40 Days Flat!

Your 40 Day Guide to Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide and Wedding Planning Checklist That Will Make Sure You Plan the Perfect Weding in 40 Days Flat!


Price: $
Sold by Alibris UK: books, movies

Dreams of Elsewhere

Dreams of Elsewhere

Best known for his fiction writing, Robert Louis Stevenson was also an essayist, journalist, poet and travel writer. His first major work was An Inland Voyage, an account of his journey by canoe from Antwerp to northern France. The companion work to this, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes (1879), is widely regarded as a travel-writing classic. June Skinner Sawyers has brought together the most comprehensive and representative sampling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s prolific travel output, including excerpts from his most famous travel books, travel essays and travel poetry. The result is a collection that is as vivid and compelling as his fiction, and includes a number of lesser-known works from US collections. There are endlessly fascinating portraits of flesh-and-blood human beings, and it becomes apparent that he never grew tired of meeting new people, or of seeking new adventures. The story-teller always finds stories to tell and Stevenson was a consummate storyteller. In the tranquility of a French pine forest by moonlight he considers the importance of friendship; in a leper colony on Hawaii he reflects on physical horror and moral beauty; in all of his writing there is humanity and compasssion. Dreams of Elsewhere also features annotated listings of Stevenson historic sites, landmarks, museums, libraries, organisations, and even music inspired by Stevenson. As Gavin Bell, the critically acclaimed travel writer, states in his foreword: ‘Admirers of RLS’s work will welcome this judicious selection of sketches from an itinerant life. Those less familiar with his blythe spirit are in for a rare treat, a voyage of discovery with the teller of tales to where the surf murmurs on Parrot islands.’

Price: $
Sold by Kobo (UK)

Incite: Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media

Incite: Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media

Used – Expressive. Brave. Enchanting. Soul-kindling. Compelling. The best of mixed media.All of these are embodied in the premier edition of “Incite.” The 93 artists behind these incredible works (more than 120 total!) share their stories of artistic visions fulfilled, lofty goals achieved and daunting obstacles overcome.From persevering through personal struggles to mastering difficult mixed-media techniques, from collage and encaustic to assemblage and jewelry, the stories and art in “Incite,

Price: $
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Sweet Dreams, Baby

Sweet Dreams, Baby

A cheerful happy baby, two sleepy kittens, three merry mice…what more is in store for this imaginative youngster who, along with his newfound friends, learns to count to ten? A light and whimsical story, this book will touch families and their little ones while teaching them valuable counting skills. In addition, it will also inspire children and make a great gift for them or any friend or family member who have small children. As an illustrator and author, I am very happy with the outcome of my book projects through choosing Xlibris to be my independent book publisher. The patience and care that Clifford Young, my Author Services Representative and the production team have shown towards the making of this book was an invaluable experience for me to reach my goals with my third children’s book. Other books by Genie Chow also available through Xlibris: Thunder Elk and the Fairy Children The June Baby

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Wildkin 51025 Horse Dreams Good Times Rolling Duffel Bag – Nichola McCourty

Wildkin 51025 Horse Dreams Good Times Rolling Duffel Bag – Nichola McCourty

Features:- Measures 22in- x 12-5in- x 10-5in- Extra-durable 600-denier polyester fabric- Durable frame is made to withstand airline travel and road trips- Inline skate wheels make for smooth pulling- Side pocket helps you stay organized- Embroidery friendly- Matching accessories available for most patterns- Sized for ages 5+Pattern Description:- Our Horse Dreams pattern features a range of horse breeds that are rendered in stunning detail and accuracy- The horses’ various movements are gracefully depicted atop a smooth, light taupe background- Product Description:- If you are looking for great looking kids luggage, look no further than our rolling duffel- The large main compartment holds enough to pack for many days, and construction is durable and built to last- Smooth-rolling inline skate wheels make pulling easy, even for kids, and the frame is extra durable and built to travel around the world- An outside pocket makes this bag very embroidery-friendly- One-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects – normal wear-and-tear, and misuse excluded- Rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-free, bpa-free, phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Information Act- SKU: WLDKRTL129

Price: $
Sold by USA, LLC

Wilderness Dreams

Wilderness Dreams

This book has been a long time in the writing. While Mike Cawthorne’s life over the last two decades has been mostly involved in climbing and journalism, he has managed to stow away a large memory bank of experiences of his times spent deep within the wilderness areas of Scotland. These eight extended essays begin with a canoe trip down the River Dee in 2002 (“Tale of Two Rivers”) and his epic round of the Munros in the company of his friend Dave Hughes in 1986 (“Paupers and Kings”). “Terra Ingognita” deals with the Monadliath mountains, ‘one of the last places left on these crowded islands where you can experience genuine solitude’. “Crofting on the Edge” deals with people Mike has encountered who have chosen to live in the most remote and inaccessible areas of Scotland as does “The Hermit’s Story”, which describes the life that James McRory-Smith chose to lead in Strathailleach, a shepherd’s cottage near Cape Wrath. “A Last Wild Place” describes the ruination of many of these wilderness areas and the efforts made by large energy companies to exploit these special places. ‘…only wilderness if you can be killed and eaten’ is a quote by American writer Edward Abbey referring to grizzly bears stalking humans in the Rockies. Mike recalls this in “Dying for Trees” as he spends a day on Creag Meagaidh with a deer-stalking party where a minor bio-diversity miracle has taken place by carefully controlling deer numbers to allow the spread of broadleaf woodland. “Scotland’s Alaska” is the final essay on Sutherland’s flow country…’the best and worst of wild Britain.’

Price: $
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Yosemite Home Decor YG7984A Divine Dreams Artwork

Yosemite Home Decor YG7984A Divine Dreams Artwork

Express your inner diva with this three square painting in shades of rose grey and white depicting two hand bags on each end and in the middle a stylish heel. Each square has a word that express your love for style and fashion. Divine shop and dream.

  • Dimensions: 11.81H x 12.01W
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  • Green Smoothie Habit: Drink Your Greens to Achieve Your Dreams, 28 Day Success Guide

    Green Smoothie Habit: Drink Your Greens to Achieve Your Dreams, 28 Day Success Guide

    Go beyond the blender in Green Smoothie Habit. Each day you will drink your greens and discover something wonderful about yourself. Jane Haddad guides you step by step through her “28 Day Success Guide,” integrating practical how-tos for building your green smoothie habit with inspiring support and motivation for achieving your dreams. The” 28 Day Success Guide”was created to help build your green smoothie habit and not to burden you with complicated green smoothies that require expensive and hard to find ingredients. Greens, fruit and water are the simple blends offered in this book. Why? Because you are busy building a good habit and you don’t need obstacles in your way. Learn how to clean, store and blend your greens as you take advantage of valuable tools and tips, shopping lists, and more to help ensure your success developing your Green Smoothie Habit. With plenty of writing space and beautiful photography, this book also serves as an inspiration to, and a memoir of your greens drinking journey. As you reflect on the Thoughts of the Day, Affirmations, Action Steps, and Recipes, you will build the emotional strength, clarity, positivity and cheer you need to “Drink Your Greens To Achieve Your Dreams.” Green Smoothie Habit is sure to become not only one of your favorite green smoothie books, but also one of your most cherished mementos.

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    The Travel Agent: Dealer in Dreams

    The Travel Agent: Dealer in Dreams

    Used – An entry-level training manual and reference for travel agency managers, this text covers selling techniques, reservation procedures, marketing and selling ideas. It contains updated rules and regulations governing travel agents, and new information on tours, hotels, car rentals, and cruises. For professional travel agents and all those interested in a career as a travel agent.

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