‘Pain, Trauma, Horror.’ Olympic Swimmer Ariana Kukors Details Alleged Abuse by Coach Sean Hutchison in Emotional Essay

Former Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors on Friday posted an emotional essay detailing what she calls years of “pain, trauma, horror, and abuse” at the hands of her former coach, Sean Hutchison.

Kukors, now 28, alleges in the essay that Hutchison, who coached her starting from age 13, “groomed” and manipulated her for years, before their relationship eventually turned sexual. After the 2012 Olympics, Kukors writes, she quit swimming and moved in with Hutchison in Seattle.

“I think back on those times now, tearfully asking why no one helped me…why no one stepped in to save me from this monster,” Kukors writes. “It’s still hard to comprehend, but Sean had perfected the art of grooming; I wasn’t even aware I needed saving.”

USA Swimming investigated the alleged relationship between Kukors and Hutchison in 2011, after the publication of a Washington Post article including allegations against Hutchison. Kukors says she was asked just 19 questions throughout the course of the investigation.

“I was scared. I lied. I have never felt more alone in my life,” Kukors writes.

Hutchison’s named was cleared, and he has not been charged with a crime. Hutchison continues to deny that the relationship was at any time inappropriate.

“At no time did I ever abuse Ariana Kukors or do anything with her that was not consensual,” Hutchison said in a statement released by his attorney. “I absolutely deny having any sexual or romantic relationship with her before she was old enough to legally make those decisions for herself. Prior to that time, I did nothing to ‘groom’ her.”

In her essay, Kukors writes that she chose to set the record straight “for the sake of the little girls and boys whose lives and futures hang in the grasp of a horribly powerful and manipulative person,” and, “Because the time for change is now. It’s time to change the way we talk about sexual abuse, the way we respond to sexual abuse, and the way the system understands and prevents sexual abuse. And with all my heart, I hope that each and every abuse victim knows their story matters, it is important, and their voice will be heard whenever and however they choose to use it.”

Kukors’ essay comes just a few weeks after more than 150 former and current Olympic gymnasts detailed abuse by former team doctor Larry Nassar. USA Swimming has had its own brushes with abuse: In 2010, the organization revealed that sexual misconduct allegations were behind many of the lifetime bans handed down by the sport.

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When Clothing Really Matters: Eva Hagberg Fisher’s Essay on…

When Clothing Really Matters: Eva Hagberg Fisher’s Essay on Appearance and Credibility for Women

At Put This On, most of what we write about falls into two basic categories: dressing to make the right impression/make yourself look good, and dressing in a way that you enjoy–refining your personal style, getting inspired. The stakes are generally low. Sure, you want to wear the right clothes to your job interview, or melt faces with your new leather jacket, but mostly, all that’s at risk is your pride (and some money). In men’s style, that’s the luxury we have.

The New York Times published a really powerful essay by Eva Hagberg Fisher on how she navigated the process of filing a sexual harassment complaint, through the lens of the choices she made about her clothing and appearance. In order to be believable, our culture requires women in that situation to walk some very fine lines. As Fisher puts it, “you always want to stay ‘just plausibly sexy
enough to look like you could have been harassed but 100 percent weren’t
asking for it.’”

Over the last year and a half, I have needed a lot
of outfits. I have also needed to be consistent. I have needed to be
ready, at every moment, to be seen as both a poverty-stricken graduate
student and a reliable adult. As an accuser, I need to be a
news-team-ready correspondent and someone who certainly wasn’t doing
this for the limelight. I didn’t know any of this when I started. I
learned this all on the full-time job that is being an objector to
sexual harassment in America. 




Some of what I learned to wear I learned on my
own, by thinking to myself about what I needed to exhibit. Some of it —
you must always put your hair up and never show any skin — came from a
politically savvy friend. She is the reason I’m wearing a black
turtleneck on four news shows. I refused to be photographed at home, or
sitting down. I wanted to project strength, and also a kind of

It’s a really interesting, if depressing, piece, artfully written and presented, and even funny. And it’s another piece of evidence that our clothing choices are often our first invitation to others to make judgments about us, and something we should try to control. In most situations for men, we’re free to choose the impressions we want to make, rather than have what we need to do coded in unwritten, shifting societal rules, with our credibility on the line.

Read more here.

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Behind the scenes at London’s globe-making workshop – a photo essay

At Bellerby and Co in north London, globes great and small are fashioned by a small team of experts with a keen eye for what makes the world go round

Not many people get to step inside the workshop of Bellerby and Co. Inside a warehouse in north London, it’s home to one of the world’s only makers of artisan globes. Spheres of various sizes dot the room, freshly painted maps hang on lines across the rafters and, sat at desks shaded by tropical plants, a small group works quietly on different stages of the bespoke pieces. The atmosphere, understandably, is of intense concentration.

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Fat and Blood: An Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria

Fat and Blood: An Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria

Used – Originally published in 1898. This early works contains much information that is still useful and practical today. Contents include: Gain or Loss of Weight Clinically Considered, On the selection of Cases for Treatment, Seclusion, Rest, Massage, Electricity, and Dietetics and Therapeutics….. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900’s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high

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