Outfit Formula: Fit & Flare Dress and Flat Mules

This outfit formula showcases strategy #8 for lengthening the leg line with flats, which is to wear dresses with waist definition. This styling strategy is especially effective with knee-length and midi dresses, where the hemlines are longer and the tendency to feel short-legged is greater. 

The narrowing of the silhouette at the natural waist visually raises the length of the leg line from the hips upward making your legs go on for miles in flats. The definition at the waist creates outfit structure, adding a streamlined effect.

Fit-and-flare dresses are frocks with fitted torsos that flare out on the lower half of the body. The volume of the flare varies from gentle to extreme. Here are four fit-and-flare dresses worn with a very specific style of flat called a mule (a slip-on shoe with a closed front and open back).

1. Low-Contrast Mules

Here’s a Modern Classic and Retro fit-and-flare frock in a bright, high-contrasting colour. Its midi length is elegant. You might think it’s begging for heels, but I think it’s begging for dressy flats, and was thrilled to see it styled that way. A flat mule is dressier than a flat sandal which suits the vibe of the dress, AND is the more fashionable and trendy choice. Here it’s been styled with flat white mules which are low contrast to the model’s skin tone thereby making her lower leg look longer. I LOVE how the classic dress has been made to look very 2018 with this choice of footwear. The white mules can be complemented with a white bag, jewellery, or eyewear.

1901 Midi Shirtdress

2. High-Contrast Mules

The lovely gothic and boho midi fit-and-flare has a harder edge to it because of all the black. Here it has been combined with black mules, which are high contrast to the model’s skin tone. Waist definition draws the eye upward from the hips thereby lengthening the leg line, which offsets the high-contrast effect of the flat mules.

Generally high-contrast mules shorten the leg line, but in this case it works because there is a lot of black in the dress. The black is further complemented by the bag. 

Anthropologie Tempest Laced Dress

3. Column of Colour

This is an example where the dress and mules are a similar colour and BOTH are low contrast to the model’s skin tone. The tonal effect creates an elongating column of colour where the leg line is lengthened by default.

LOQ Carmen Suede Mules

4. Raised Hemline and High-Contrast Mules

Raising the hemline of the dress — even just a couple of inches — increases the length of the lower leg. The definition at the waist of the dress increases the length of the legs from the thighs upward. Both lengthening strategies temper the shortening effect of the high-contrast snakeskin mules. The dark bits in the pattern of the mules have the added advantage of bookending the hair of the model, which pulls the look together.

Banana Republic Wrap Effect Wool-Blend Midi Dress

Fit-and-flare dresses are my favourite and I love wearing them at a midi length. The waist definition panders to my need for structure, while the voluminous bottom panders to my need for fun swoosh, elegance and practical movement. I’ve so enjoyed wearing them with flat white and patterned lemon mules this Summer. Here are my Summer fit-and-flares and the two pairs of mules I’ve paired with them. I finished off the outfits with white pearls, eyewear and either a matched or mismatched bag.

You might need a moment to adjust to the combination, so my suggestion is to just walk out the door and wear it. You’ll probably come back home a convert, because it’s easy, comfortable and fresh.

Anyone else enjoying fit-and-flare frocks worn with flat mules?

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Outfit Formula: Shorts and Pretty Tops

Mid-thigh shorts are popular with my clients, but most of my clients don’t feel pulled together when wearing them with basic tees. My suggestion is to style the shorts with a pretty top and casual flat footwear that’s dressier than flip-flops. The visual effect is relaxed and casual, but more grown-up and polished. 

Here are four outfit ideas to get you started. Choose any colour palette across solids and patterns. Pick short lengths that make you feel fab.

1. Elaborate Knitted Top, Denim Shorts & Slip-Ons

Choose a knitted top made of jersey with some kind of detailing, like a peplum, hem frill, or exuberant sleeve. This example has ruched sleeves with ties that create an interesting effect with a pair of denim cut-offs and slip-ons like sneakers, espadrilles, or d’Orsay flats. Wear the top semi-tucked or untucked.

Eloquii Cuffed Jean Shorts

2. Dressy Shorts & Blouse with Slides

Choose dressy shorts, like a high-waisted style or a paper bag silhouette, and pair them with a dressy blouse made of eyelet, lace, or something silky. Tuck or semi-tuck the top to showcase the waistband of the shorts. Add flat slides to dress down the look. A straw bag adds a trendy yet classic and beachy touch.

Topshop Polka Dot Shorts

3. Shorts & Boho Blouse

This is the easiest version to pull together. Combine a pair of simple shorts with a breezy boho-lite blouse. Wear the top untucked and not semi-tucked like the model. Finish off the outfit with flat sandals or espadrilles, and a casual bag.

Athropologie Utility Stretch Shorts

4. Patterned Shorts, Knotted Top & Sneakers

Combine a pair of patterned shorts with an elaborate knitted top that you can knot at the hem to create some structure. That way you don’t need to tuck or semi-tuck the top, or let it hang and look tent-y. Finish off the outfit with sneakers. Here, the white top and sneakers match, pulling the look together. The silky shorts add textural interest and the sneaks throw in the athletic touch. A fun juxtaposition.

Eloquii Floral Print Drawstring Shorts

I don’t wear shorts of any description since I’d much rather wear a casual dress with casual footwear. That said, if a fabulous pair of knee-length shorts came my way I’d give them a whirl with a boho-lite blouse.



Outfit Formula Toffee and Light Blue

Today’s look is about combining light blue with a toffee shade of brown. Think gorgeous blue skies and salted caramels, or the Caribbean sea with stroopwafels. This might be a combination you prefer to sport in Autumn and Winter, which is probably how I’ll wear it. Maybe throw in some chocolate brown and cream for good measure. But there’s no time like the present, so give the combination a go in Summer if you have the pieces.

Pretty much any combination of a shade of light blue with a shade of toffee will do. Faded denim and chambray count as light blue, and cognac or tan counts as toffee. Throw in a light blue and toffee pattern, or use amber jewellery as the toffee component. Here are some renditions to get you started.

1. Light Blue Top & Toffee Bottoms

Combine a toffee skirt, pair of pants, culottes or shorts with a light blue top that works with the bottoms. Finish off the outfit with white, red, tan or cognac footwear. Feel free to make the look casual or dressy. This outfit is dressy, but wear the same top with toffee chinos and white sneakers and you’re good to go.

MIU MIU Intarsia Stretch-knit Sweater

2. Toffee Top, White Bottoms & Light Blue Accessories

Combine a toffee top with white pants, skirt or shorts and finish off the look with light blue footwear and bag. You could sub the white bottoms for light blue jeans and throw in white or cognac footwear and bag instead.

CULT GAIA Poppy Lattice-trimmed Linen and Silk-blend Pouch

3. Light Blue Dress & Toffee Footwear

Choose a light blue dress in a pattern, light denim or chambray and complete the outfit with toffee footwear and bag. Or wear toffee footwear and throw in any colour bag. A blue and white striped dress is an easy way to wear a light blue pattern.

Adrianna Papell Plus Size Short Wrap Dress Long Sleeves

4. Light Blue Top, White Jeans & Toffee Bits

This is the simplest way to wear the combination. Combine white jeans with a light blue or chambray top, and complete the look with toffee tidbits like a cognac or tan bag, belt and shoes. Or throw in metallic footwear and wear amber jewellery.

ELIZABETH AND JAMES Francois Striped Voile Shirt



Outfit Formula: Easy Summer Skinnies

Skinnies continue to rule the world because they fit every body type as long as there is a stretch component in the fabric. They are also the easiest and most practical silhouette to pair with comfortable shoes, like casual flats, boots or sneakers. 

Wearing cropped skinny jeans in Summer makes perfect sense when the weather is mild, when temperatures cool down at night, when you work in air conditioning, or when you run cold. That’s why I’ve collected four easy casual looks without heels. It’s been hard to find examples of outfits without tucked or semi-tucked tops, but feel free to keep tops untucked if that’s more your thing.

1. Smart Casual

Combine skinnies with a dressy sleeveless blouse and layer a fluid cardigan over the top. Finish off the look with dressy loafers, mules, ballet flats, baby wedges or sandals, and a structured bag like a satchel, tote or clutch. Choose any colour palette. Here, I love how the black loafer bookends the model’s hair and picks up the colour of the blouse. The high neckline and bow work on a larger bust because of the model’s long neck. Smashing look.

Eloquii Peach Lift Jean

2. Romantic Comfort

This vibe is dead simple and very comfy. Combine a soft, billowing blouse with a pair of skinnies in any colour palette. It’s important that the blouse is fluid or oversized to contrast with the skinnies. The skinnies add structure to the outfit, as does showing bits of forearm and part of the foot. Wear the blouse semi-tucked or untucked. Add flat slides, mules, sandals, d’Orsay flats, loafers, espadrilles, or ankle strap flats.

Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans

3. Trendy Classic

Apart from the trendy slides, all of the items in this outfit are a trendier version of a classic. Combine skinnies with a tee and blazer in any colour palette. Semi-tuck or untuck the top. Here the tucked top lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, which tempers the length of the long blazer that shortens the leg line. Add trendy slides if you like, or any other comfy flat. Personally, I like how the white tee, shoes and bag lighten the outfit, add a crisp touch, and make it pop.

FRAME Le Skinny De Jeanne-Raw-Stagger Mid-rise Skinny Jeans

4. Moody Graphic

Combine cropped skinnies with an oversized knitted top like a sweatshirt or the like. Finish off the look with sneakers and a statement bag. Stick to black and grey if you want to keep the vibe moody. I like the addition of the white sneakers but you might prefer grey, silver or black. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Closed Skinny Cropped Jeans



Outfit Formula: Skirt & Flats

Gone are the days when wearing heels (and very high heels) with skirts and dresses elevated your style. It’s more trendy and current than ever to wear skirts with flats, which in most cases is more comfortable, practical and casual. Of course, wearing skirts with heeled footwear is a classic, and you should by all means keep on doing just that if it’s your preference.

The definition of a flat is not clear-cut. I think of heels up to an inch high as flats. Heels between an inch and a quarter and two inches are low heels. Anything higher than that is a high or very high heel.

Here are some casual and dressy skirt and flats outfits to get you started. It’s all about satisfying your figure flattering priorities and wearing what makes you feel fab. Choose any colour palette. 

1. Dressy Blazer & Loafers

These proportions have a fab ‘80s integrity. Combine a dressy pencil skirt with a layering top and blazer. Finish off the look with a dressy loafer or flat mule, and a structured bag. Tucking the top lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, and offsets the longer length of the blazer. If you don’t want to tuck the top, wear a shorter top and blazer.

Halogen Lace and Pinstripe Pencil Skirt

2. Casual Khakis & Slides/Sandals

Combine a casual skirt with a striped, printed or solid semi-tucked tee, and finish things off with flat slides, sandals and a crossbody bag. The khaki skirt can be substituted for a denim one and the formula is the same. Add colour or keep things neutral.


3. Moody Shine & Slides

I like the relaxed elegant vibe of this look. The dressy items are dressed down to look more down to earth. Combine a dressy tank, shell or blouse with a dressy pencil or A-line skirt. Semi-tuck it if you need to lengthen the leg line of a midi. Add dressy flat mules or flats, and a structured bag. I’m not as fond of the slides here, but they work. Keeping the palette dark has a moody effect.


4. Fit-and-Flare with Mules

This is a dressy outfit with flats. I love that! Combine a flared midi skirt with a tucked or semi-tucked top. A roomy cropped top will also work. Finish off the look with flat dressy mules, sandals or ballet flats, and a clutch. You’re ready for a Summer wedding. The low-contrast mules with pointy toes do a good job of lengthening the lower leg when the heel is flat.


I wear all my Summer skirts with flats these days. My current favourites are a new blue and turquoise lace skirt, and an old acid wash denim skirt. Both are knee-covering pencil silhouettes. I like to wear them with an assortment of blue and white tops that I semi or fully tuck. A few of the tops can be worn untucked. I finish off the look with white pearls, eyewear, and white or blush loafers or mules. Very occasionally, I’ll wear white sneakers with the denim skirt. The bag can match the shoes, or I’ll throw in another colour like citron or turquoise to break up the palette. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that create those outfits.

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Outfit Formula: Summer Column of White

Last week’s outfit formula was a Summer column of black, which was more popular than I expected it to be. This week I’m talking about its polar opposite — a column of white. 

First, I’d like to debunk a few myths about wearing white:

  1. ANY size and height can wear white. The fit and the fabric of an item play a bigger role in making an item flattering than its colour. My size US16/18 clients rock white jeans, pants and tops. So does my 4ft 9” size US000 friend.
  2. Everyone looks good in a shade of white. It’s a question of choosing YOUR white. Bright optical white, off-white, ivory, cream, champagne, oatmeal, bone or a very light tan can be your white. Sometimes an extremely pale pearl grey can be your version of white.
  3. No need to match your whites exactly. Mismatching them looks better than you might think.
  4. White is not that impractical. Black and dark colours can show as many stains as white, depending on the cause of the stain.
  5. Pale-skinned people can successfully wear white, and so can blondes. Wear a little more eye make-up, add some blush, and define your lips because it’s that easy to look bright in white.

Here are four ways to create a column of white to get you started.

1. White Separates & Cognac

A chic and dressy combination with cream pants and blouse, and cognac belt and bag. The shoes are white, but feel free to throw in cognac footwear. White tops can be see-through, which means wearing a white, cream or tan camisole and nude-for-you bra. Ankle-strapped footwear is perfect with cropped pants, and they don’t need to be heeled.

MAX MARA Ponte Slim-leg Pants

2. White Jeans & Oatmeal

This is the easiest combination. Pair white jeans with a white top and layer a tan, oatmeal, bone or cream cardi over the top. Feel free to layer an optical white cardi for a full-on column of white. Add cognac, tan, white or metallic footwear and bag. A belt to match is optional.

Old Navy Open Front Plus Size Long Line Sweater

3. White Dress & High-Contrast Support Act

A casual and pretty white dress is beautiful. I love how this one has been combined with casually elegant flat sandals, and a bag to match which pulls together the look and amps up the polish. Here, a black bag and shoes create a high contrast with the white. It’s especially effective bookending with black hair.

THREE GRACES LONDON Mable Ruffled Linen Midi Dress

4. Avant-Garde Cream

Create avant-garde, fluid and somewhat oversized layers with lots of drape in shades of white. Here, the shorter length of the culottes and shorter asymmetrical hem make the silhouettes just flattering enough by providing structure. Black shoes effectively bookend the outfit. Metallic, pearl grey, white, tan or cream footwear will work too.

Eileen Fisher Cozy Organic Cotton Wrap Vest

White is my favourite neutral, and I can wear warm and cool tones of it. I therefore have lots of white in my wardrobe and will wear a column of white before a column of black. I don’t have a white dress yet, but can pull together many combinations with white jeans. How about you?



Outfit Formula: Denim Wide Crops & Flats

Wide crops are roomy from thigh to hem and fitted on the hips and waist. The roomy fit on the leg varies from silhouette to silhouette. Some are gently A-line, and others a lot more voluminous. Wide crops are also known as culottes and gauchos, come in all sorts of fabrics, and are relatively structured. Lengths vary from just below the knee to a couple of inches above the ankle bone. Generally, I like these at least three inches above the ankle bone to offset some of the leg volume.

Today’s outfit formula is about denim wide crops across any wash. It’s predictable to pair wide crops with heels because leg volume lends itself to wanting to lengthen the leg line in some way — and heels are an easy way to do that. But flats up to an inch in heel height are usually a more comfortable footwear choice, and these days a very trendy one too.

There are multiple ways to lengthen the leg line when pairing wide crops with flats, which I’ll examine with some visual examples. There is no need to feel dumpy, stumpy and flat-footed in wide crops and flats if you style them in a deliberate way.

1. Wide Crops, Cropped Jacket & Pointy Flats

The most effective way to lengthen the leg line when wearing flats is to lengthen bottoms from the hem and hips upwards. That means shortening the crops a little more than two inches above ankle bone (three inches is fine), and showcasing the waistband by wearing a short top, or semi-tucking and fully tucking a regular length top. Here the model is wearing a tucked top, which shortens the torso and thereby lengthens the leg line. The cropped jacket further accentuates the length of the leg line by drawing the eye upward from its hem. Pointy toes do a great job of elongating the lower leg line without wearing heels.

Halogen Short Trench Coat

2. Wide Crops, Fitted Top & High-Vamped Footwear

Don’t worry if you don’t like tucking and semi-tucking tops. Wear a fitted top in a regular length to offset the volume of the wide crops. To lengthen the leg line, keep the top low contrast to the bottoms, which the model is NOT doing here, but you get the idea. If her top was dark like the bottoms, the visual effect would be more vertical. Make sure the crops aren’t too long either. Throw in a pair of low-contrast high-vamped shoes like oxfords, loafers or sneakers to lengthen the lower leg line. This is a great version for those who are short-waisted, or don’t like to tuck tops.

THEORY Terena B Cropped Linen Wide-leg Pants

3. Wide Crops, Fluid Shirt & Sandals

These wide crops are shorter, which tempers the volume and adds structure right away. They’re more streamlined in the leg, which adds further structure. An oversized shirt is structured with a semi-tuck, which in turn lengthens the leg line by shortening the waist. Open footwear like sandals adds further structure because showing skin adds structure.

Universal Thread Plus Size Wide Leg Crop Jeans

4. Wide Crops, Volume & Sandals

Combining wide crops with a voluminous top is an acquired taste because the outfit is quite unstructured, which makes you look wider than your natural shape. That said, it’s just-structured-enough because there is subtle structure in the right places. First, the shorter wide crops offset their volume. Second, the diagonal hem of the top offsets the horizontally cutting line that would have been created with a straight hem, which in turn creates some vertical integrity. Third, open footwear like sandals add further structure.

COS Short Sleeved Concave Top

I LOVE my denim wide crops. I’ve only had them for three years and I only wear them in Summer because the denim is thin. I recently wore a version of the first look here by combining wardrobe golden oldies. The short top and topper do a great job of lengthening the leg line from the hips up. The low-contrast flat loafers lengthen the lower leg.

Here are the exact items of the outfit from my wardrobe.

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Outfit Formula: Summer Column of Black

Black is traditionally a heavy, Winter colour, but here are three ways to wear a column of black in Summer and still look Summery. First, showcase skin to break up the expanse of black clothing on the body. Second, choose non-black footwear and accessories. Third, choose lightweight, sheer and dainty fabrics. 

Here are some combinations to get you started. If black is not your thing, feel free to substitute it with ink blue, navy or charcoal grey.

1. Tunic, Crops & Metallic

A tunic is more of a concept, than a length. A long top that is worn over pants or jeans is a tunic. Tunic lengths vary from mid-thigh to well below the knee. Longer tunics like the one shown here look elegant and fresh to my eye. Tunics with diagonal hems create structure and are extra flattering. Wearing a dress as a tunic is very effective.

Combine a sleeveless or short-sleeved black tunic/dress with black cropped straights or flares. The skin comes through by sporting a sleeveless tunic and cropped pants. Finish off the look with metallic footwear, bag and jewellery.

Rachel Rachel Roy Sleeveless Cascade Tunic Dress

2. Black-Lite

Combine a black top with dark blue bottoms. Finish off the outfit with white footwear. Or swap things around with a dark blue top and black bottoms. Make sure the sleeves are short or sleeveless, and showcase some leg. I like the fashion-forward voluminous proportions shown here, although it’s not conventionally flattering.

COS Merino Top with Raised Neck

3. Casual Dress & Flats

This is the easiest of the lot. Choose a casual black frock, and some sort of jersey knit is a good way to go. Make sure you show skin on the arms and legs. Finish of the look with white flats like slides or mules and a bag to match. Feel free to throw in cognac or red footwear and bag instead of white.

JAMES PERSE Ruched Stretch-cotton Midi Jersey Dress

4. Shorts, Silk & Straw

Last, combine black shorts with a silky black top. Black harem pants are another way to go. Scrunch the sleeves to showcase skin if the sleeves are long. Finish off the vibe with tan footwear and bag, or a straw bag. Blush shoes and bag work well too.

EQUIPMENT Signature Washed-silk Shirt

The black in my wardrobe is minimal, which is just the way I want it since I favour other neutrals and non-neutrals. That said, I enjoy a smattering of black in very specific wardrobe items. My versions of this outfit formula are threefold.

  1. I combine a casual black Summer dress with a micro polka dot with a red or white support act.
  2. I combine black cropped flares with an embroidered black silk dress that I sport as a tunic. I finish off the vibe with a white support act.
  3. I wear silk black harem pants with a cropped black lace top. Black lace is another effective way to break up the expanse of black.

Here are the exact items from my wardrobe. White pearls accompany every outfit.

Over to you. Do you like to wear black-on-black in warm and hot weather?

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Outfit Formula: Blazer & Jeans

Jeans and a blazer will take you just about anywhere these days if the jeans and shoes are dressy, and the topper is structured. It’s a fab way to look pulled together, relaxed and smart casual for work or play. On the other hand, you can create outfit tension by combining a dressy blazer with extremely casual wardrobe items like sneakers, slides, distressed denim, and sporty items. The juxtaposition is fashionably 2018. 

Outfit Formula:

Jeans + Layering Top + Blazer + Mood-Setting Footwear

The footwear that completes the outfit sets the mood for the look, so choose your peds carefully. Dressy, casual, flat, heeled, trendy, classic, patterned, solid, dainty or chunky — take your pick. Select any colour palette. For starters, here are six ways to do it.

1. Buttoned & Pattern Mixed

This is an unusual combination where the blazer is fastened like a top. Use a lace cami as the layering top so that it peeks through and makes a textural statement above the top of the blazer. Choose any style of jeans, and complete the look with dressy flats. The pattern mix of the blazer and flats is fun.

Eloquii Ruffle Trim Double Breasted Blazer

2. Trendy Jeans

Think roomy, HIGH-RISE jeans with straight legs that can be worn cuffed, rolled or as is. The point is to showcase the high waistband with a tucked or semi-tucked top like a tee, shell top, knitted top, or blouse. Layer a blazer over the top and add dressy heels, low heels or flats. Personally, I’d have preferred this look with pointy-toe ankle-strap pumps or mules. Structured bag is fab.

GUCCI Cotton-blend Velvet Blazer

3. Slides & Structure

Here’s an interesting juxtaposition of formal blazer and structured bag combined with beachy slides and very faded jeans. The casual components relax the blazer, whereas the structured bag complements it. Make sure the layering top looks great worn on its own, because given the slides you’re probably expecting warm weather. A good option for a cooler morning or evening on a warm day.

L'AGENCE El Matador High-rise Slim-leg Jeans

4. Hoodie & Sneakers

Add a sporty component by layering a hoodie under the blazer and finishing off the vibe with fashion sneakers. You’ll need a thin layering hoodie and a fluid blazer to make this work comfortably. Casual flats work equally well if sneakers aren’t your thing.

ISABEL MARANT ETOILE Fliff Boyfriend Jeans

5. Flares & Pointy Toes

Here’s a modern take on a ‘70s look that I find awfully elegant and glam. Combine structured bell-bottoms with a classic blazer and layering top like a tee, blouse, shell, knit top or shirt. Wear LONG hems that skim the surface of the ground, and finish off the outfit with pointy-toe pumps or boots. Less dramatic bootcuts aren’t as wide at the hems but work just as well.

STELLA MCCARTNEY The '70s Mid-rise Flared Jeans

6. Belted & Scrunched

Wrap a wide waist belt around a blazer layered over a sleek knit or blouse and jeans, and scrunch the sleeves. Cropped straights or jeans that are relaxed through the leg like wide crops or culottes can work as well as tailored skinnies. Add dressy heels, mules or flats.

ACNE STUDIOS South Mid-rise Straight-leg Jeans



Outfit Formula: Duster & Separates

A duster is a very long and lightweight sleeved topper made of knits or wovens. Lengths finish between below the knee and above the ankle. A duster is more of a general term because they come in many variations. Knitted dusters look like maxi cardigans, and some of the more substantial weight woven renditions look like lightweight trench coats. 

Generally, duster fabrics are soft, and more like a blouse, shirt, sweater or shacket weight, instead of a coat or jacket weight. The collection shows an assortment of styles.

The outfit formula:

Duster + Layering Top + Jeans/Pants + Footwear

Don’t think you have to be tall to wear these combinations. You can absolutely wear them as a petite if you wear duster lengths closer to the knee than the ankle.

Slim bottoms — like skinnies and straights in cropped or regular lengths — are a slam dunk pairing for dusters because they temper its volume. That said, you could also try culottes, wide crops, cropped flares, bell-bottoms, bootcuts or a midi pencil skirt. Heels are fun because they add height to the length of the duster, thereby balancing out proportions. That said, don’t feel obliged to wear heels because flats and very low heels will do just fine.

Here are five renditions to get you started.

1. Dressy Kimono Duster

The kimono duster is extremely lightweight, and more dramatic than shorter kimono styles. It’s fab in hot weather when you want a third piece that’s breezy. The beauty of the kimono duster lies in its sensual drape and movement. Dress it up with cropped flares or bell-bottoms, and pointy-toe pumps.

ELIZABETH AND JAMES Zoe Floral-print Twill Jacket

2. Casual Kimono Duster

You can dress down the same kimono duster with a layering tee, casual jeans and footwear like slides, flat mules, d’Orsays, or gladiators. There is no need to belt the kimono, and feel free to leave the top untucked.

Steve Madden Floral Kimono Duster

3. Bomber Duster

The bomber duster is unique and fun. Sporty, yet dramatic and luxe in the silky fabric. I like the way it’s been styled here with relaxed cropped pants that match the soft and fluid drape of the bomber duster. The tucked top goes a long way to lengthening the leg line from the hips up, as do the black pants that create a faux column of colour with the patterned duster. The flat-form oxfords add a futuristic touch.

Rachel by Rachel Roy Floral Print Duster Bomber

4. Embroidered Duster

This duster is like wearing a very long utility jacket. It’s straight and very vertical, so all you need are skinnies, an untucked top, and a pair of dainty shoes to balance out the rigid masculine vibe of the topper. The embroidery breaks through the stiffness of the duster by adding the pretty. Fun juxtaposition.

Rachel by Rachel Roy Embroidered Army Duster

5. Denim Duster

The denim duster needn’t be belted, although it adds structure and interest to the outfit. If you don’t like to wear blue denim on denim, try white, grey or black jeans. Keep the layering top neutral or throw in a non-neutral. Compete the outfit with dressy or casual shoes – from the prettiest pumps to chunky sneakers, it’s all good. I’m liking the trendy straw bag here too.

J.CREW Belted Denim Coat

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Outfit Formula: High-Low Dress and Trendy Shoes

A high-low dress has an asymmetrical hemline — short in front and long at the back. The overall length varies greatly, as does the difference between front and back hems. They can be dressy or casual, fitted or fluid, oversized or tailored, patterned or solid, sleeved or sleeveless, knitted or woven, simple or complex. Some are ruffled. Some are belted. Take your pick.


You can wear a high-low dress with all sorts of footwear. Heeled sandals, wedges, espadrilles, heeled ankle-strap pumps, booties, sandal booties, and slingback pumps are great classic and more expected pairings. This outfit formula is about pairing the dress with trendy shoes.

High-Low Dress + Trendy Shoes 

I bought a high-low navy eyelet dress this season and am very excited to wear it.

It’s a calf-covering midi length in the front and almost ankle grazing at the back. It’s casual but in the dressiest way, tailored, crisp, and awfully pretty. I LOVE the way it moves when I stride. The signature “swoosh” of the high-low dress is part of what makes it magical and fun to wear.

I shan’t be wearing the darling with dressy heeled footwear for comfort and aesthetic reasons. I like the juxtaposition of wearing the dramatic style with an “unfussy shoe”, and flat/low-heeled footwear is more current these days. I’m looking at loafers, Euro sandals, mules, strappy flats, and ballet flats. I might throw in my low-heeled pointy-toe slingbacks and sneakers too. Here are the exact shoes from my wardrobe that I’ll wear with the dress.

Here are five more ways to pair high-low dresses with trendy shoes:

1. Slides

For those who loved the ‘90s, wear open-toed slides with the dress. Think flat, low-heeled or flatform. The ones shown here look a little dressier in metallic with leather soles. Slides with low block heels are fab too. The low-contrast colour elongates the leg line.


2. Flat Mules

Mules are closed-toe slides with open ankles. The ones shown with this high-low dress are flat. Feel free to go as high as one inch on the heel. Their low-contrast colour and pointy toe elongates the leg line despite the lack of heel.

Flat Mules

3. Broad Strap Flat Sandal

A simple flat sandal with minimal broad straps, one buckle, and a leather sole are what I call “Euro sandals”. A classic in Europe and having its fashion moment. Although not shown here, a flat or low block-heeled ankle-strap sandal is another option.

Broad Strap Flat Sandals

4. Heeled Mules

Mules with low or higher heels look very fresh. A good option if you need to look a little dressier for the office. The mules here are low contrast, but high-contrast mules can look fab with darker dresses, or when you have black hair.

Heeled Mules

5. Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers are THE shoe of our fashion era. It goes without saying that you can wear the frock with sneaks. Non-athletic sneakers that are less chunky look best to my eye like the white ones shown here, Converse, or slip-on styles. But bulky athletic sneakers with huge soles are being shown with these types of dresses too. Personally, I don’t like the pairing but it’s fashion-forward nonetheless. I’m sticking to pretty and dainty shoes.

Fashion Sneakers

I don’t have visuals for high-low dresses worn with loafers, oxfords and ballet fats, which are three more trendy options. Birkenstocks are another way to go. But if none of the trendy options tickle your fancy, stick to the classics because they are always in style.

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Outfit Formula : Business Casual & Black Mules

This outfit formula was inspired by looks I’ve been helping some clients put together for Spring business casual. Sandals are usually not part of the work dress code, but dressier mules are a fun and trendy way to do “sandals-lite”. Mules are generally okay with work dress codes because the toes are covered. 

Black mules come in a variety of silhouettes. Heeled, flat, casual, dressy, sueded, with hardware, and in all sorts of vamp lengths and toe shapes. Take your pick.

Black mules are a slam dunk for those who like to wear black bottoms and black footwear to work. The good news is that the two look great together, and are a good way to refresh your style for the office. The point is to show some ankle and leg when wearing mules. Covering up the back of the mule hides the main feature of the style. If you get the right shape and size for your feet, mules fit extremely well and feel secure and comfortable. They can look polished and pulled together if you choose a dressier version.

The outfit formula:

Black Bottoms + Business Casual Top + Business Casual Topper + Black Mules

Here are four renditions to get you started. I’ve chosen a black, white and grey palette with a pop of colour. Feel free to choose any colour palette, although the point here is to keep the bottoms and footwear black.

1. Cropped Pants, Mules & Blazer

Combine black cropped straights or flares with a layering top and non-black blazer. Cropped pants can hover between two to six inches above the ankle bone. Ankle pants that finish two to three inches above the ankle bone are usually best for the office. Finish off the look with black heeled or flat mules and a structured bag.

Mango Cropped Button Pants

2. Skirt, Mules & Jacket

Combine a black skirt with a layering top and a jacket that works with the length of the skirt. Tuck or semi-tuck the top. Or leave it out. A flared skirt is shown here, but a pencil skirt will work just fine. Finish off the look with black heeled or flat mules and a structured bag. You can absolutely wear flat mules with a skirt or dress, so please don’t think that you have to wear heels — that’s a dated style concept. Pointy toes will elongate the leg line, as will tucking or semi-tucking the top to showcase or hint at the waist.

TOD'S Embellished Leather Mules

3. Slim Ankle Pants, Mules & Long Topper

Combine slim black ankle pants with a layering top and a solid or patterned long topper like a cocoon jacket, duster coat, long blazer or maxi cardigan. Leave it open in front to create an elongating vertical line down the centre front of the body. Finish off the look with black heeled or flat mules and a structured bag.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Octavian 35 Studded Fringed Patent-leather Mules

4. Roomy Pants, Mules & Statement Blouse

Combine black culottes, wide crops or cropped flares with a dressy statement top that looks professional and dressy without a jacket. It does not need to be tucked or semi-tucked unless you want to lengthen the leg line from the hips upwards. A wrap top is a great idea. Create a low contrast between the top and bottom if you don’t wont a horizontally cutting line across the body. Finish off the look with black heeled or flat mules and a structured bag. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.


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Babies fed soy-based formula have changes in reproductive system tissues

Infants who consumed soy-based formula as newborns had differences in some reproductive-system cells and tissues, compared to those who used cow-milk formula or were breastfed, according to a new study. The researchers say the differences, measured in the months after birth, were subtle and not a cause for alarm, but reflect a need to further investigate the long-term effects of exposure to estrogen-like compounds found in soy-based formulas.
Breastfeeding News — ScienceDaily


‘Immortal: Unchained’ Brings the Big Guns to the ‘Dark Souls’ Formula

For those who thought Dark Souls needed guns, Immortal: Unchained takes the Souls formula and adds in some third-person shootypoots on the PC. We’re not talking about the ye olde Bloodborne blunderbuss, but futuristic paincannons with lots of neon, and hexagons.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a Souls-like. A stamina-based combat system, a separate health bar (see: Poise) to indicate when you’ll stagger enemies, and invincibility frames on your dash move.

There are no blocks or parries in Immortal: Unchained however, so it’s very much a shoot-scootin’ boogie.

It has bonfires, although here they’re called “obelisks.” And it has souls, although here they’re called “bits.” And you similarly have to run back to the place of your death to regain them. Because nobody likes having their bits out in the open.

It also maintains the oppressive, understated narrative style of Dark Souls. You even start off the game being released from a prison cell!

No Room For Randomness

We liked that everything is skill-based in Immortal: Unchained. Out of the basic array of attributes, one of them allows you to increase your critical hit damage. But instead of crits being luck-based, it’s decided by getting behind enemies to hit their weak spot — a system used heavily in both boss fights we played.

There are no benefits to aiming at the head, so you’re free to lock on and fire at the torso. This also means you can use a controller with no penalty. Recoil on weapons is massive, though, so you will want to manage the distance between you and your enemy.

What it’s done here is interesting. Ammunition is limited, and often weapons will fire in three-shot bursts or something similar. This means the closer you are to your enemy, the more ammo efficient you are. You’re naturally penalised for trying to cheese enemies with distance. But if you get in tight, and play risky but well, you’ll set yourself up with lots of bullets for the boss.

We noticed tracking on enemy attacks is very fast, which isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are, the enemy swing will track you and hit you. This just means that you’re relying a lot more on the invincibility frames on your dash to avoid damage. It’s more about timing than placement — and you can put points into a particular attribute that increases your invincibility window.

Alpha is the New Beta

We played a very early “alpha” version of the game, so the world was a bit bare and some things were a tad off. Melee attacks will sometimes hit you even if they don’t hit you. Sometimes melee damage occurs well after the contact.

But we would expect that by release, it’ll fix up the occasional inaccurate hitbox and flesh out the world to make it feel more lived in.

One thing that’s harder to fix is the vanilla firefight — the standard gunfight you have with the standard enemy. It’s currently a little bland, and you’re rewarded for playing in an unexciting way. AI tweaking, enemy placement changes, or some other solution might help Toadman Interactive find the fun here.

Whereas bullet spread was its solution for distance cheesing, it needs a similar solution for cover cheesing. That’s a harder problem to fix so we’ll be watching with keen interest. Bosses were a little more engaging, but the two that we saw had a very similar repertoire of about four moves.

Until we play a later version, we did have fun with Immortal: Unchained. We want to see a bit more from the bosses and fodder enemies. More variety, more intelligent ideas… but this is only the first two levels. With some work, this could very well be the next game to scratch your Souls itch.

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Modifying baby formula doesn’t prevent type 1 diabetes in children

The long-awaited results from the first large international trial to try to prevent type 1 diabetes shows that modified baby formula in which cow’s milk proteins have been split does not prevent type 1 diabetes in children with genetic risk factors for the condition.
Breastfeeding News — ScienceDaily


Easy Outfit Formula: The Knife-Pleated Skirt

The knife or sunray-pleated skirt is a fabulous item, until you have to think about the top to wear it with. Proportions are all over the place, with pleats that can look very pouffy and overly voluminous on the midsection and hips. This bossy skirt needs some discipline. 

The solution: Wear an UNTUCKED welted pullover over the skirt, and watch it submit to your body.

Outfit Formula: Longer knife-pleated skirt + fluid welted pullover + tailored footwear

The pullover must have a welt because therein lies the secret to the structure of the outfit. The welt tempers the volume of the pullover and of the skirt by tapering back to the contour of the body. The effect is much like a dropped waist dress of the ’20s. You have to be okay with surrendering your waistline completely here.

The welt will be positioned differently on the skirt depending on the length of the pullover. A shorter pullover positions the welt higher on the skirt, and vice versa. The neckline of the pullover can be turtleneck, boat neck, V-neck, scoop or crew neck.

The length of the skirt is knee-length or midi. A welted pullover tempers the volume of all knife-pleated skirts, but if that’s not enough, opt for a less voluminous pleated skirt (one that simply has less fabric).

Footwear can range from dressy tall tailored boots and sleek heeled pumps, to ballet flats, mules and sneakers. Here are some bloggers putting the concept through its stylish paces in both subtle and more extreme ways:

Late AfternoonOne Little MommaWardrobe DetectivesThe Fashion Guitar

  • Urban Glitz. You don’t need to wear heels. The dressy crossbody is a nice touch. 
  • Pretty Structure: A basic J.Crew Tippi pullover is paired with a pleated skirt. It’s fairly fitted, although sufficiently fluid. Great flats. 
  • Elegant Polish: The shorter pullover showcases more of the skirt. The classic pumps are gorgeous with the longer length of the skirt, thereby adding its leg lengthening effect. 
  • Playfully Fashion-Forward: The oversized tunic is an acquired taste creating more of a dress effect. The pumps with ties add outfit texture. 

The Halogen Metallic Pleated Skirt is one of the best pleated skirts of the season, and a lot more affordable than a designer version. It’s soft and the pleats lie quite flat against the body. Great length too. It looks fab with the silhouette of pullover I’ve shown in the collection. Tall, streamlined dressy boots look great with this skirt, as do pretty pumps with hosiery.

There was an ‘80s version of this look with shoulder pads that I wore with dressy flat white oxfords. I may have thrown in some white sneakers too. This time round, I want to wear the look with my tall dressy ink blue boots. Who else is feeling the vibe?

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I Finally Found the Perfect Simple Outfit Formula

Meet your go-to look.

Stick to a cool top, then add a simple pair of jeans and heels.

Let your top bring the cool factor to your outfit.

This velvet top is the ultimate winter staple.

Belt a cool colorful top to make a statement.

Play with silhouettes like this one-shoulder top.

This just has cool-girl vibes written all over it.

Puffy sleeves are this seasons biggest trend.  Available in sizes XS to L. 

Perfect paired over leather leggings. Available in sizes 4 to 8. 

Marisa Witkin . Tuck this sweater into light wash vintage denim. Available in sizes XS to L.

This structured top is sure to be your new favorite. Available in sizes 34 to 40.

Flattering and sophisticated. Available in sizes 0 to 12.

Dress this jacket up pairing with statement earrings.  Available in sizes 6 to 8.

Wear yours with fitted black trousers. Available in sizes S to L. 

Rock this blouse on a night out with friends. Available in sizes XS to L. 

Finish the look with a kitten heel.  Available in sizes XS to XL. 

Wear these time and time again. Available in sizes 23 to 32.

Layer a sweater with your pair.  Available in sizes 23 to 31.

Style with ankle boots to show off the frayed hem.  Available in sizes 24 to 30.

Add a turtleneck and simple mules for a completed look. Available in sizes 10 to 22.

These leggings can be dressed up for a night out or down for a day out in the city. Available in sizes XS to L.

Every fashion girl needs a pair of leather pants.  Available in sizes XS to L.

We love the pearl-embellished detail on these jeans.  Available in sizes 14 to 26. Next, find out five fresh outfits to try with loafers this fall.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com


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Formula One Racer Lewis Hamilton Crashed His $2 Million Custom-Built Pagani Zonda

The very expensive toll of “heavy partying.”

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How a Formula One Team Is Utilizing Big Data

McLaren engineers are troubleshooting everything.

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Pharmaca Vitamin B Stress Formula w/ 1000 mg Vitamin C 100 Tablets

Pharmaca Vitamin B Stress Formula w/ 1000 mg Vitamin C 100 Tablets

Support for Energy & Normal Nerve FunctionThe B vitamins in Stress B Formula work together to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats and provide the body with energy. They also support a healthy nervous system and mood, and are essential for healthy skin, hair and vision. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, is added to maintain cell wall integrity and support healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. Water-soluble B vitamins and Vitamin C are not stored in the body and must be replenished daily.All Pharmaca Supplements are manufactured to ensure safety and potency in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the FDA. Supplement FactsServing Size: 1 tabletServings per Container: 100Directions for Use: 1 tablet per day with a meal or as directed by a health professional.Other Directions: Keep out of reach of children. Sealed for your protection. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Amount per Serving% Daily Value Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 1000mg 1670% Thiamine (as thiamine hydrochloride) 25mg 1670% Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 25mg 1470% Niacin (as niacinamide) 25mg 125% Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 25mg 1250% Folic acid 1mg 250% Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 25mcg 420% Biotin 25mcg 8% Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 25mg 250% Choline (as choline bitartrate) 25mg * Inositol 25mg * Para-Aminobenzoic Acid 25mg ** Daily value not establishedThese statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Other IngredientsCellulose, croscarmellose sodium (sodium carboxymethylcellulose, dextrin, dextrose, lecithin, sodium citrate), magnesium stearate (vegetable grade). Contains soy. Contains no artificial preservatives, color or sweeteners; no dairy, gluten, wheat or yeast.
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Breast Health Formula 60 VegiCaps

Breast Health Formula 60 VegiCaps

Women today face a growing number of health issues, including the need to support gene structure in the breast. Detrimental factors such as the aging process, along with the daily bombardment of damaging environmental estrogen-like compounds, demonstrate the need to support a womans breast cellular structure.A wealth of research shows that specific plant extracts can positively influence cellular status and remove some of the anxiety women face about maintaining a healthy balance of estrogens.Two important metabolites that estrogen is broken down to in the body are: the good 2-hydroxyestrone and the bad 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone (highly estrogenic). Scientists have identified nutrients like indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that can tip the delicate balance of estrogens in favor of the good form. In controlled clinical trials, oral supplementation with I3C has consistently increased urinary 2OHE1 levels or urinary 2OHE1:16OHE1 ratios in women. Women seeking to proactively obtain hormonal balance can now take a phytonutrient-based formula that helps support healthy estrogen activity and detoxification.Some of the active ingredients in the Breast Health Formula are:Phytoestrogens that function as selective estrogen receptor modifiers to help block certain estrogen receptor sites on cells, thus preventing bad estrogen from exerting its harmful effects, Plant lignans that boost beneficial enterolactone levels and favorably alter estrogen metabolism, Cruciferous vegetable extracts (such as I3C) that effectively increase 2-hydroxyestrone while reducing undesirable 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone, Calcium D-glucarate to safely facilitate the removal of harmful estrogen from the body, Vitamin D to restore healthy genetic regulatory switching to aging cells.
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Newborns Fed Formula in Hospital Less Likely to Be Breast-Fed Later

Small study found mothers tend to continue formula use at home
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