A Therapist’s Advice for Dealing With ‘Founders’ Depression’

As a psychotherapist and owner of a private counseling practice, Asha Tarry has counseled adults, children, and families for 18 years. With a passion for helping people of color, we caught up with Tarry to get some insight into how business owners can deal with depression—the dark side of entrepreneurship that people rarely talk about.

According to a study by Dr. Michael Freeman, a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco, 32% or more of entrepreneurs struggle with depression. What do you believe makes entrepreneurs even more vulnerable to mental health challenges?

Entrepreneurs are more vulnerable to mental health challenges because of the overwhelming time and resources they invest in businesses that don’t pay off initially as fast as we’d like and as much as we require to live. Some people are isolated and don’t have professional networks that they can go to for business advice or mentorship. This is due to how much everyone is working and competing to stay on top, while others are simply not available or interested in offering support for other entrepreneurs. Many of us risk our own healthy lifestyle habits such as adequate sleep and proper diet for the necessity of making money and getting exposure.

There’s a term called ‘Founders’ Depression,’ which applies to the roller coaster of emotions and pressures entrepreneurs face trying to grow a business.” Do you think there’s a way to avoid founder’s depression?

If every entrepreneur when they filed their L.L.C. were linked to an adviser, I believe that would at least minimize the stressors and some of the costs associated with making so many mishaps in the business right from the start. If there were incentives for more seasoned business owners to audit or advise newer business owners on developing effective structural systems, hiring staff, IP protection, marketing, budgeting and scaling a business I truly believe a lot fewer businesses would go into debt, owners would lose less of their stakes, and more companies would profit longer.


Asha Tarry

What tips can you share for entrepreneurs dealing with Founders’ Depression?

Don’t wait until it’s too late in your business to seek counsel. Seek your local small business administration’s resources for what you need. Advance your knowledge every chance you get including outside your specialty area, that way you can have a better chance at sustaining a viable entity in a competitive free enterprising society.

Depression doesn’t discriminate but unfortunately, the stigma around mental health struggles is real especially in the black community. If you are a family member or friend of an entrepreneur, what are the signs and symptoms of depression should you look for?

Look for signs that reflect disconnections; such as avoiding any pleasurable activities, persistent irritability, isolation, not taking care of oneself—from not showering to not eating properly, to not taking care of important things like paying bills or taking care of their health.

How should someone approach a friend if they believe they are suffering from depression?

Friends and family should avoid using diagnostic terms when they express concern. If you’re not a therapist or a doctor, don’t use clinical terms to describe what you see. Say it plain. If they appear frustrated a lot, say that. If they don’t have any desire to have fun anymore, you can point that out or just ask when they last enjoyed something outside of their work. Speaking from your own perspective and not from one that is authoritative or presumptuous can be easier to engage than someone who comes across as all-knowing or as a fixer.

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Founders’ Cup Full Press Conference with Surf Captains

A Surf Channel exclusive of the 2018 Founder’s Cup press conference with the captains representing their respective country.



Australia – Stephanie Gilmore

Brazil – Adriano De Souza

World – Jordy Smith

USA – Kelly Slater

Europe – Johanne Defay

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Exclusive Interview with Kelly Slater From The 2018 Founders’ Cup Event

In this exclusive Surf Channel interview Kelly Slater discusses his expectation for the Founders’ Surf Cup and leaks some news on his perfect wave pool! His facility, home to the world’s perfect wave is available to be rented out to the public! So keep an eye out for that information!

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Re-live The Magical Moments at the Founders’ Cup

Re-live the magical moments at the Founders’ Cup in real time! The Surf Channel has compiled 30 minutes of raw footage as the athletes tear up the Surf Ranch at the first ever 2018 Founders’ Cup in Lemoore, CA.

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Video: Take An Exclusive Look Into The 2018 Founders’ Cup | So Much Stoke

Take an exclusive look into Kelly’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, where the first ever Founders’ Cup was hosted last week.

The Surf Channel had a blast talking to the athletes and exploring the venue. Watch as we follow Surf Channel host Morgan Spadone around the event!

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World Team Wins Historic WSL Founders’ Cup of Surfing pres. by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold


LEMOORE, Calif./USA (Sunday, May 6, 2018) – Today, the World Team made history by winning the inaugural World Surf League (WSL) Founders’ Cup of Surfing presented by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold.
The first-ever, official event at the WSL Surf Ranch, in front of a sellout crowd, was a showcase of incredible surfing and competition as the world’s best female and male surfers battled in teams for their home countries.

Highlighting how globally strong the sport of surfing is, it was the combined World Team who took an incredibly tight win ahead of Brazil in 2nd, USA in 3rd, Australia in 4th and Europe in 5th.

World Team was spearheaded by South African pair Jordy Smith (Team Captain) and Bianca Buitendag and superbly backed up by Michel Bourez (Tahiti), Paige Hareb (New Zealand), and Kanoa Igarashi (Japan).

Heading into the last heat of the Final, Brazil held the lead and the World Team needed a big performance from Smith on his last wave as he came up against USA Team Captain Kelly Slater and Filipe Toledo of the Brazil Team. Under pressure, Smith delivered a phenomenal final ride to earn the required score for the Team’s victory at the Founders’ Cup of Surfing.

“It’s an incredible feeling to win as a team,” said Smith. “That was a wild few days and this just leaves room for bigger and better things to come. We’ve been talking about it as a team all weekend, and you can’t leave anything on the table when it comes to Finals Day. You just let it all hang out and enjoy it, and if you can pull that off you’ll walk away with a win. I think all week long we’ve been the underdogs and determination got us through it. Collectively, we just held our confidence up the whole time and supported each other all the way.”

The stunning World Team’s victory saw all five surfers perform amazing feats in the Final against the star-studded USA and Brazil teams. In the Qualifying rounds, the World Team actually finished in Equal 3rd place with Australia, which then forced a surf-off in order to advance. The sudden-death matchup against Australia saw Hareb clinch the win to qualify her team for the Final that eventually opened the door for their first-place result.

“The last two days have been so surreal and it’s still sinking in,” Hareb said. “The win came from nowhere I feel like and it’s the perfect ending to such a fun week. I am so proud to represent this team alongside Jordy (Smith), Bianca (Buitendag), Michel (Bourez), and Kanoa (Igarashi).”


Jordy Smith (ZAF) surfing as Captain of Team World during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.
Jordy Smith (ZAF) surfing as Captain of Team World during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.


The Brazil Team came second, fractionally ahead of USA and Australia. Captain Gabriel Medina opened their final with an amazing 9.67 ride, the highest score in the Final. Toledo, Silvana Lima, Adriano de Souza, and Taina Hinckel pushed progression to new heights with miraculous tube-rides and imaginative aerial maneuvers.

“The team vibe was great and everyone was just pushing each other to do better,” Medina said. “I’m really happy with how we performed, even though it’s disappointing to come up short. We surfed really good as a team and it was a really fun event to show what we could do. It’s good to share this moment and have everyone talking to each other, especially with Taina [Hinckel] being so young. We’re so used to all the pressure, but it’s all new for her and we showed her a lot of support so hopefully, when she gets here in the future, she’ll be ready for this amazing atmosphere.”

Despite coming in second, the Brazil Team acquired the event’s highest single-wave scores and broke new ground at the WSL Surf Ranch. Toledo earned a Perfect 10 for his team, which also earned him the Jeep Best Ride Award for having the top-scoring wave of the contest. Toledo will drive out of Lemoore in the award’s prize, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

“It’s such an honor to be a part of surfing’s future and represent Brazil,” Toledo said. “Gabriel Medina, John Florence and I talked about how amazing it was to surf as teams. We were really tight together and the team had your back the whole way through supporting you. It was just an incredible experience and it’s something we will always remember.”

“This wave is just unbelievable and I wanted to stay in that barrel as long as I could, just going so fast,” Lima said. “It was such a great experience. We had a lot of fun together and we supported each other the whole way. I’m really proud of this team and what we did to get to that Final, and we almost won it, but I think it was the best time to surf for Brazil.”

USA Team looked unstoppable after an incredible opening day had them in 1st place by over five points, but their performance in the Finals lacked the flair of the other teams. Team Captain Slater went extremely close to forcing a surf-off against the World Team on his final wave as he required a 9.27 ride to draw level with World Team. Slater surfed incredibly on the final ride but missed the score by only 0.2 points.

Kolohe Andino surfing as a member of Team USA during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.
Kolohe Andino surfing as a member of Team USA during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.

“I think it was a huge success,” Slater said. “Everybody had a good time, from those who didn’t know what was going on, to the die-hard surf fans. I think it translated well to everyone and there were a lot of smiles to be had. The other teams came together a little bit better in the end maybe, we were pretty cohesive, but they had the better plan to the Finals approach. When the situation lined up on my part it was a cool thing just knowing my wave would push us into a tie with Brazil or the World Team would win — which them doing so was terrific and really represents what we were doing here as a whole.”

John John Florence’s desperate attempts to defeat Medina in the Final fell short, but the two-time WSL Champion still claimed the event’s Quiksilver Best Air Award with his brilliant 9.80 in his second run on Saturday. Lakey Peterson’s consistent surfing helped earn the USA’s only Final heat win after Carissa Moore fell short to Lima with an 8.77. But, Moore’s overall event experience was one of the team’s best weapons and was a clear standout all weekend.

“You really just wanted to do well for your team and we would’ve loved to win, but it was such a fun experience competing together,” Moore said. “Kelly (Slater) was so close, I think all he needed to do was a turn and I’m glad he pushed it. That’s how this sport is going to get better. I’m just going to really remember being part of a team and the whole experience. To be a part of the first WSL Surf Ranch event and witness the fans here was incredible, and it’s something I’ll never forget.”

6X World Champion Stephanie Gilmore surfing as captain of Team Australia during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.
6X World Champion Stephanie Gilmore surfing as captain of Team Australia during Qualifying Run 3 of the 2018 Founders Cup at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, USA.


Australia Team earned the fourth-place finish after barely missing qualification in their sudden-death, surf-off against the World Team. Unfortunately the experienced team, consisting of Team Captain and six-time WSL Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, three-time WSL Champion Mick Fanning, two-time WSL Champion Tyler Wright, and Matt Wilkinson, fell short under the pressure and was eliminated ahead of the Finals.

“It was an incredible event and even though it’s a little disappointing to not be in the Final, it was cool to be here and see how it all works,” Gilmore said. “To see the fans out here and how the team aspect comes into play was really positive. This opens the floodgates into a whole new realm of arenas and events in controlled conditions. But, as long as there’s a really good balance between this and the ocean, I think the two will complement each other really well.”

Earlier this morning, Europe Team’s Run 3 did not help them improve the needed scores to receive a Finals spot and saw them finish in fifth on the Jeep Leaderboard. Team Captain Johanne Defay scored two 7-point rides alongside Portugal’s Frederico Morais. Jeremy Flores and Leonardo Fioravanti had standout barrel rides but did not have the opportunity to continue into the Final. Frankie Harrer struggled to keep pace but is excited to return to the WSL Surf Ranch to continue to gain more experience.

“It was really good vibes and it’s new for everyone so we were all so excited, and I really enjoyed it,” Defay said. “I don’t feel like I left everything in the water which is really frustrating for myself, but everyone was great about cheering each other on and being supportive. It’s a bummer I couldn’t put more points on the table. There are so many things to take from, but it’s another dynamic to put a team first and the whole weekend will be in the mind of these surfers for years to come.”

Jeep Leaderboad

1 – World Team
2 – Brazil Team
3 – USA Team
4 – Australia Team
5 – Europe Team

Final Results HERE: https://www.wslfounderscup.com/results

For more information, please visit WorldSurfLeague.com and WSLFoundersCup.com.

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It’s Opening Day at the Founders’ Cup of Surfing Presented by Michelob ULTRA PURE GOLD



LEMOORE, Calif./USA (Friday, May 4, 2018) – The World Surf League (WSL) is set to make history this weekend, May 5 and 6, at the Founders’ Cup of Surfing presented by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. This event marks a revolution to the sport of surfing, while also celebrating the original Founders.

The WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California tomorrow opens the gateway to extremely new heights and innovation, all of which will be seen starting at 8:00 a.m. PST. Nationwide, fans can watch the Founders’ Cup live on CBS from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. PST (2 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST); and the entire event live-streamed across new WSL partner, Turner Sports’ Bleacher Report Live, and on WSL platforms, WorldSurfLeague.com and the WSL app. Globally, the WSL’s Facebook page will live stream the event, and the event will be broadcast on television in more than 100 countries.

Australia Team Captain and six-time WSL Champion, Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) leads the team that includes surfing’s most decorated champions. The Aussies are excited about the team dynamic that this event presents as it brings them together more than ever in hopes of achieving bragging rights as the world’s best team. Australia Team will surf at 9:50 a.m. PST.

“This is a historic event for all of us,” Gilmore said. “To be a captain ahead of somebody like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Matt Wilkinson, and Tyler Wright, current World Champion, it’s really an honor. For it to be a mixed-gender event is really special. I think it’ll show how much we enjoy competing together and just the comradery between all of us. To have an event here, with everyone, will be awesome, and we can’t wait to show what Australia can do.”

But, while Australia has 11 World Titles amongst them, USA Team claims 16 – although, 11 of them belong to team captain and WSL Surf Ranch innovator Kelly Slater. Slater is joined by a lethal force of power and progression from back-to-back WSL Champion John John Florence to Kolohe Andino to California’s newest World Title contender Lakey Peterson. The USA Team will surf at 11:10 a.m. PST, where US fans can watch the live broadcast on CBS.

“The interest and excitement around this event and the WSL Surf Ranch is unlike anything I’ve seen in my career as a pro surfer,” Slater said. “It’s super fun, everyone who surfs it has a great time. The pros have all been shredding in this wave and love it, they can’t get enough of it. We’re looking forward to getting some waves under our belts and then really pushing it in later rounds. I’m really proud. It’s been a fun and exciting week for me and all of us.”

Brazil’s dominance over the sport of surfing in the last few years has been influential, and it was Adriano de Souza. who truly paved the wave for their current stars. The 2015 WSL Champion began his career as a Championship Tour (CT) competitor over ten years ago and now represents his country proudly alongside some of the world’s most innovative surfers — including 2014 WSL Champion and Team Captain Gabriel Medina, Silvana Lima and Filipe Toledo. But, among seasoned veterans, 16-year-old Taina Hinckel looks to further her World Junior Championship success on the main stage.

“Brazil has such a passion for surfing, so this is great to represent our country,” De Souza said. “I’m really proud to have guys like Gabriel [Medina] and Filipe [Toledo], who got first and second at the Test event last year. I have so much respect for all the surfers competing here and I just want to go out and do my best. It will be a new experience for everyone to work with a team, and we have a 16-year-old Taina (Hinckel) on our team, so this will be a great experience for her to watch some of the world’s best right here. It will be very exciting for us to surf in an area so different to us, but I’m going to enjoy it a lot.”

Johanne Defay (FRA) will lead Europe Team into the arena for weekend action as they vie for their spot at the top. Defay is joined by fellow Reunion Island surfer Jeremy Flores (FRA), Portugal’s top competitor Frederico Morais (PRT), Italy’s most prominent talent Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA), and a Californian, who charges the likes of Tahiti’s famed Teahupoo, representing her German heritage Frankie Harrer (DEU).

“It’s really cool to have the feeling of just sharing more and it’s a privilege to be a part of,” Defay said. “I was kind of surprised be the Captain of guys like Jeremy [Flores] just because they’re so good. But, having Germany and Italy surfers is so nice to see everyone, and this is exactly what the wave pool is all about: getting the opportunity for all the countries in the world to surf. It’s more about sharing and supporting your teammates, which I really like.”

Representing the global contingent with the World Team is Captain Jordy Smith (ZAF). Smith is joined by an elite group of powerful and progressive surfers that have plenty in their resume to be a serious threat at the Founders’ Cup of Surfing, starting at 9:10 a.m. PST.

“It’s an amazing accomplishment just to get to this point and a huge thank you to everyone that’s been a part of this,” Smith said. “It’s a massive responsibility to be captaining World Team. Not only am I representing my own country, but multiple countries, and I think we’ll definitely have enough support, which will be great. I’m really looking forward to competing with the team and seeing how we go.”

Founders’ Cup of Surfing Qualifying Leaderboard Run 1 Order: 

Brasil Team – 8:30 a.m. PST: 
Filipe Toledo
Taina Hinckel
Adriano de Souza
Silvana Lima
Gabriel Medina

World Team – 9:10 a.m. PST:
Michel Bourez
Jordy Smith
Bianca Buitendag
Paige Hareb
Kanoa Igarashi

Australia Team – 9:50 a.m. PST:
Tyler Wright
Stephanie Gilmore
Joel Parkinson
Matt Wilkinson
Mick Fanning

Europe Team – 10:30 a.m. PST:
Frederico Morais
Frankie Harrer
Johanne Defay
Jeremy Flores
Leonardo Fioravanti

USA Team – 11:10 a.m. PST:
Kolohe Andino
Carissa Moore
John John Florence
Lakey Peterson
Kelly Slater

Thanks to Our Partners
Thanks to presenting partner Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, fans can enjoy great views of the competition from the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Impact Zone at the North End of the pool. Share your stoke with the perfect selfie, free giveaways, and an ice cold Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. Or, if you’re looking for a place to cool off in between waves, head over to the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Breaker Bar at the South end of Perkins Lake near Partner Village to catch some shade, more free giveaways, games and more.

Take an adventure with Jeep® Ambassadors Jordy Smith and Malia Manuel in the new “Jeep Sessions: A Surfing Journey in 360°,”  which will be featured in Jeep® brand’s Virtual Reality activation located in the Partner Village. Jeep Ambassadors Jordy Smith and Tyler Wright will be stopping by the activation for a meet & greet / signing session.

T-Mobile is setting up the Un-carrier Lounge in the heart of the WSL Surf Ranch, with great views of the competition, a phone charging bar, and custom giveaways. The carrier is also the presenting partner of the in-broadcast Barrel timer and “Dialed Moments” series, featuring Founders’ Cup athletes’ previous best rides on Kelly Slater’s wave.

Stop by the Quiksilver tent in Partner Village to check out the latest in boardshorts and gear, get a free hat, and enter for a chance to win a $ 500 gift card.

LifeProof will be bringing out their full suite of products including their FRĒ Cases, AQ9 Speakers, Battery Packs, Charging Cables, and New Backpacks.

WSL PURE, the WSL’s non-profit ocean conservation program, will promote its NGO partner Surfrider Foundation onsite in Lemoore with the Founders and through the event broadcast.

About WSL Surf Ranch
The WSL Surf Ranch facility, which was revealed online to the public in December 2015, boasts the best man-made wave in history – a 700-yard, high-performance, bi-directional wave featuring barrel sections and maneuver sections. Primarily existing as a testing facility, the Lemoore site has spent the past two years dialing in the technology under the guidance of 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater (USA) and feedback from visiting WSL surfers. A private test event last September proved very successful, paving the way for the Founders’ Cup of Surfing presented by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold to be the first time the public will be allowed onto the grounds.

For more information, please visit WSLFoundersCup.com.

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Millennial Moves: Woman Startup Founder Building Platform to Help Other Women Founders

Roshawnna Novellus founded EnrichHER to empower female founders with the capital needed to build their businesses. Her platform leverages crowdfunding to source funding opportunities for women-led businesses. In addition to the funding platform, Novellus hosts EnrichHER Spark events around the nation; gathering female founders and investors.

Black Enterprise contributor Brandon Andrews spoke with Novellus about EnrichHER and her plans to get more resources into the hands of female founders.

Brandon Andrews: Every entrepreneur has a point at which the problem they see motivates them to create a solution and build a business around it. What was that point for you?

Roshawnna Novellus: Numerous people asked me this question either through consultations or my speaking engagements. As such, I knew it was a huge problem. A few years ago, I decided to take on researching why women-led businesses receive less funding than male-led businesses.

VC firm First Round Capital found that teams in its portfolio with at least one woman outperform all-male teams by 63%. I set off to gain as much insight as possible by attending angel investing groups and business competitions. I noticed that 99% of the investment decision makers are older white males. In a time where it is known that investors will only consider founders that they know, like, and trust it was more evident than ever that one of the reasons that women are underfunded is that they rarely have a seat at the table. As a result, I took action and created programming that would connect entrepreneurs of color and women with investors who have an interest in investing in them.

Every time I can help a women-led business succeed, I believe that I’m fulfilling my purpose. I believe that providing capital for women-led businesses provides economic empowerment, inclusive economic growth, and overall gender equality. As the number of sustainable women-led businesses increases, society as a whole will benefit from inclusive job growth, as well as products and services that better reflect the input of women. Once women have a larger role in the economies of our communities, we will be able to build a society that is more reflective of our needs, desires, and aspirations

You want to bring more resources to female entrepreneurs. Why don’t resources—capital, connections, and information—get to female founders?

The biggest problem is access and inclusion. It’s one thing to let a woman into a room, but it’s another to give her a voice at the table. Many of the programs that exist are not set up a way that women deem accessible. Women typically have many commitments in their daily schedule. As such, we need more planning and flexibly to commit fully to resources that can help us grow. Also, often, women need to feel more prepared than our male counterparts. All of the women who are in my Halcyon Cohort are older than all of the men. One simple fact is that we don’t apply to opportunities until we feel like we’ve worked hard enough to deserve these opportunities. The bar women set for ourselves tends to be much higher than our male counterparts.

 Beyond the programs that EnrichHER provides female entrepreneurs, is a larger societal shift needed to ensure female founders have access to resources?

A platform like EnrichHER focusing on women-led businesses would mean many things including that women receive the same opportunities for funding as men. This issue is urgent because women deserve to grow their economic independence and power. Women can no longer wait for the existing set of politicians, tech companies, and development agencies to advocate on our behalf to make this change. Millions of women every day find it difficult to pursue their dreams because of limited access to capital. The time is now for EnrichHER to help those women.

 Access to capital is the  No. 1 need articulated by entrepreneurs. EnrichHER is addressing this for female entrepreneurs by building a debt crowdfunding platform. Why was it important for you to build a platform in this nascent space?

Most of the media hype focuses on venture investment. We know that less than 1% of all companies receive equity investment and less than 8% of that number is allocated toward women-led ventures. EnrichHER simply wants to focus on the 99% of women-led ventures who need financing. As such, we’ve decided to focus on a debt financing platform as studies have shown that debt financing is 75% of the financing market. Furthermore, the other significant women-concentrated platforms focus on equity or debt. As such, we believe we are delivering something that the market needs.

woman startup founder

EnrichHER CEO Dr. Roshawnna Novellus with attendees at the EnrichHER Spark Conference (enrichher.com)

Andrews: In 2017, Nielsen released a study entitled “African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic.” The report lauds black women as entrepreneurs and trendsetters who control the majority of the over $ 1T in black buying power. Why is equity crowdfunding important for black women in particular?

Dr. Novellus: Studies have shown that 50% of all crowdfunding campaigns are women-led. As such, crowdfunding is the most efficient way for women to receive capital. We’re leveraging these statistics to help the highest number of women.

Although black women often don’t receive the credit, we are the international trendsetters across most industries. If black women show the world that we can break through the roadblocks set in place for our economic independence, we can show the world that we can create a society that is more reflective of our dreams, goals, and worldview. By doing this, we can capture more of the economic power that is often taken from us.

Andrews: How will the crowdfunding platform work, and what is the timeline for launch?

Dr. Novellus: The Funding platform allows women in the EnrichHER community to connect directly to investors who can help them grow. It will allow everyone to participate whether they have $ 100 or $ 100,000 to lend. We expect to launch the EnrichHER Funding Platform in April 2018. The platform will be open to unaccredited and accredited investors.

You were recently awarded the Halcyon Incubator Fellowship. The program is for social entrepreneurs. How are you integrating social good into your business?

Dr. Novellus: Non-financial success for us will ultimately be measured by the number of women who use EnrichHER as the inspiration to start and sustain their businesses. We have already achieved a measure of non-financial success in the form of positive comments and feedback from the entrepreneurs who have already become a part of the EnrichHER movement. In one instance, a woman founder stated that her participation in the first EnrichHER conference was the reason that she finally publicly announced her business and put it in a position to thrive. So many other women have personally thanked us for the valuable information shared at the EnrichHER conferences. The impact will continue to be measured by inspiration, feedback, and change in mindset.

How do you plan to grow your business in 2018?

Dr. Novellus: Our growth happens through partnerships. We’re looking for financial institutions, investment funds, entrepreneurship groups and other partners who share our vision. We believe that by working together, we can help women win nationwide.


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WSL Icons Weigh in on Upcoming Founders’ Cup of Surfing


LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Thursday, March 29, 2018) – The Founders’ Cup of Surfing presented by Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold will run May 5 – 6, 2018, making history as the first public event at the world-famous Surf Ranch facility in Lemoore, California and the iconic organizing members of professional surfing, after which the Founders’ Cup is named, are weighing in on the event.

Informally recognized during last season’s test event at the Surf Ranch facility, the WSL is proud to celebrate the following seven individuals as key founders of the sport ahead of this May’s event:

  • Fred Hemmings (HAW): 1968 World Champion, IPS Co-Founder
  • Randy Rarick (HAW): IPS Co-Founder, Triple Crown of Surfing Co-Founder
  • Peter Townend (AUS): 1976 World Champion, Founding Member of APSA
  • Shaun Tomson (ZAF): 1977 World Champion
  • Wayne Bartholomew (AUS): 1978 World Champion, Dream Tour Architect
  • Mark Richards (AUS): Four-Time World Champion (1979 – 1982)
  • Ian Cairns (AUS): Co-Founder APSA, Smirnoff and Duke Winner, ASP Architect

“Surfing is steeped in an impressive amount of history and heritage,” said Sophie Goldschmidt, WSL CEO. “These seven individuals were instrumental to organizing professional surfing from its infancy through to where it is today and we’re very excited to celebrate their ongoing vital relationships with the sport and culture of surfing.”

The Surf Ranch facility, which was revealed online to the public in December 2015, boasts the best man-made wave in history – a 700-yard, high-performance, bi-directional wave featuring barrel sections and maneuver sections.

Primarily existing as a testing facility, the Lemoore site has spent the past two years dialing in the technology under the guidance of 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater and feedback from visiting WSL surfers. A private test event last September proved very successful, paving the way for the May Founders’ Cup of Surfing and the Surf Ranch Championship Tour event in September.

“The Surf Ranch is the logical extension of planned surf competitions,” Randy Rarick said. “From a logistical point of view, it allows the WSL to bring the surf to the fans. It is a dream wave that can now be enjoyed by all.”

“I think the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch is groundbreaking, they’ve developed a magical perfect wave and while you can never replace the challenge of nature’s surf, to me it’s just another challenge as a surfer to catch some waves there and try to rip it,” Peter Townend said. “It’s another great surf spot/location and I surely haven’t heard too many say they don’t want the chance to surf it.”

A first for the world’s best surfers, the continental co-ed teams event will see a cross-section of the world’s best surfers battling it out for the public at the world’s most high-performance man-made wave.

“Surfing for your country is really a cool experience and having a team to support is different and engaging for an athlete in an individual sport,” Ian Cairns said. “It also strengthens the bond between the male and female team members…both the men and the women have to win to help the team win. That is such a cool thing and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the teams perform in May.”

“I have always advocated a ‘Davis Cup’ style event and I applaud WSL for combining the worlds’ best men and women in the one event,” Wayne Bartholomew said. “The line-up of superstars is mindblowing!”

“Professional surfing has grown beyond my expectation,” Fred Hemmings said. “I believe the next big step in the evolution of professional surfing will come about because of wave generation technology such as Kelly Slater‘s wave ranch.” 

In addition to interacting with Founders’ Cup attendees for autograph sessions, photo opportunities and Story Sessions for the public, the Founders will be showcasing their timeless surfing ability in a special exhibition session during the event.

Presenting sponsor, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, is made with sustainably sourced organic grains and features ingredients free from artificial colors and flavoring. Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold was born from a commitment to innovate using ingredients and inspiration from nature.

Tickets available at WSLFoundersCup.com.

The post WSL Icons Weigh in on Upcoming Founders’ Cup of Surfing appeared first on .


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Uber founder’s competitive streak takes center stage in trade-theft trial

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick’s famously competitive nature was the focus of questioning on Wednesday in a trade-secrets trial in which Uber is accused of stealing self-driving car designs from rival Waymo. In Kalanick’s second day of testimony, Waymo sought to portray the ex-CEO as so eager to improve Uber’s lagging autonomous…
Business | New York Post


Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes Among Founders of Anti-Harassment Group

(NEW YORK) — Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes and Jennifer Aniston are among hundreds of Hollywood women who have formed an anti-harassment coalition called Time’s Up.

The initiative (www.timesupnow.com ) was launched Monday with an open letter vowing support for women in the entertainment business and beyond, from janitors to health care workers. Time’s Up will include a legal defense fund and will advocate for legislation combatting workplace harassment.

Time’s Up also is backing the movement for women to wear black, in solidarity with those who have been sexually harassed, at Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony.

Donators to Time’s Up defense fund range from Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift to J.J. Abrams and Viola Davis.

Dozens of men have faced harassment and assault allegations in recent months, including Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Kevin Spacey.

Entertainment – TIME


Morgan Stanley Offers Capital, Connections, and Content to Founders of Color

Welcome to Demo Day, the showcase for a group of tech innovators who participated in Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab to reveal to business leaders, financiers, and other observers their plans to disrupt global industry.


(Image: Facebook/Morgan Stanley)


On this crisp, mid-November morning, one of the presenters, Brian Brackeen, paces back and forth as he gives a pivotal pitch for his tech venture, Kairos, in a jam-packed auditorium at the financial services giant’s Times Square headquarters in New York.

As facts and figures flash on the screen behind him, the Miami-based entrepreneur shares its transformative impact: “Kairos is an artificial intelligence company that uses facial recognition to help enterprise customers… . There will soon be 44 billion cameras in the world. We take all these cameras with all these feeds. We give insights to our customers about all the people in those feeds. We can tell our customers who somebody is. We can tell them their age, their gender, their ethnicity…initially their face, and the emotion that they’re feeling any quarter second.”

(Brian Brackeen. Image: File)


So how does Kairos apply this technology to meet customers’ needs? One example Brackeen offers is how they help Walmart in “re-creating, re-designing, re-imagining the future of retail. They can understand people in-store as well as Amazon does outside of the store.” Kairos uses A.I. to enable another client, Veritone, the cognitive computing company that serves television networks like ESPN, Fox, CNBC, to “use our A.I. to get deeper insights.” As he continues his discussion on how Kairos facilitates predictive analysis, product and service customization, and directing consumer decisions, a slide laden with logos of some 34 customers—including Carnival Corp., PepsiCo, Ikea, and IBM —consumes the series of screens.


Brackeen, named Innovator of the Year at the 2016 BLACK ENTERPRISE TechConneXt Summit, closes by telling his rapt audience: “In the last 12 months, we processed 250 million faces. We’ve grown revenue 200% year over year and we’ve declined marketing spend on that time. Also, last quarter was our best quarter ever. Last month, was our best month ever. We just continue to trend upward and up. Kairos is Greek for the most opportune moment. We really believe that this is it.”

Providing Entrepreneurs of Color Capital and Connections


Morgan Stanley believed the same thing when it chose Kairos among 100 applicants to be one of four participants in the first cohort of its accelerator for startups founded by minorities and women. The four other companies that were a part of the three-month Innovation Lab: AptDeco, an online marketplace for purchasing and selling new and secondhand furniture; GitLinks, a software development company that uses its technology to monitor security threats and legal compliance; Landit, a “personalized playbook” that provides advice and feedback to help women advance in the workplace; and Trigger Finance, an investing platform that enables do-it-yourselfers to receive alerts on financial and world events and incorporate them into their portfolio-building strategies.

The mastermind behind the accelerator’s development: Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley’s Vice Chair, Wealth Management and head of its Multicultural Client Strategy Group. “Only a fraction of all venture capital money is given to multicultural and women entrepreneurs,” Harris told BE. “Morgan Stanley is a leader at the intersection of what these companies need: capital, connections, and investment banking content.”

(Carla Harris addresses the crowd at Demo Day. Image: Morgan Stanley)


She adds: “Given our footprint, the network of our clients, there’s really nobody that we could not connect these entrepreneurs with. Not only do we have capital but we are right at the epicenter of all the different sources of capital, whether it’s institutional, strategic, high-net-worth individuals, endowments, and foundations. We certainly could raise a level of visibility such that diverse sources of capital could come to these companies. Then, with respect to the content, we have some of the best bankers around and could give them a lot of guidance based on our own experience. Not to mention, connect them with other entrepreneurs, both public and private, that might be useful to them.”

Harris designed the program with Alice Vilma, executive director of the company’s Multicultural Client Strategy Committee.

Beyond Funding


Operating from the ninth floor of its corporate offices, the founders gained $ 250,000 in capital from Morgan Stanley for a 3% to 7% stake depending of the stage of a given firm’s development and, Hall says, an intensive curriculum focused on “the fundamentals of operations,” including financial management, negotiation of term sheets, development of key performance indicators (KPIs), identification of market segments, creation of a sustainable infrastructure and ability to pivot, among other critical elements. Moreover, they gained strategic input through a weekly speaker series highlighting the experiences of founders as well as heads of established firms like Morgan Stanley alum Charles E. Phillips Jr., CEO of software giant Infor Global Solutions.

To help guide them through the process, the founders also had access to the program’s Entrepreneur-In-Residence William Crowder, former head of Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund, a $ 20 million venture fund investing in diverse, early-stage tech companies and current managing partner of 42 Venture Partners. Says Crowder: “My job has been to work closely with the companies and to be the liaison between the companies and Morgan Stanley, to help identify what are the two or three things that are most critical to the success of the businesses and its future—whether that be access to more capital, connections to people who perhaps have some unique expertise for that particular business that’s relevant or if they can find a way for Morgan Stanley to be a client.”

“We’ve seen different accelerators try to attack this problem with diversity. I was involved in one of those accelerators. We haven’t seen a very coordinated effort between the resources of a large institution really focused on driving the businesses forward in what I believe is a unique way,” Crowder told BE during Demo Day. “This is an authentic commitment from the corporate partner and they’ve got people who are really behind it like Carla Harris to make it an absolute success. We have these great businesses and now we’re going to figure out how the resources of Morgan Stanley can actually make those companies even more successful.”

The entrepreneurs who participated in the program confirm Crowder’s assertion. Brackeen, for instance, maintains that “we would never have access to Morgan Stanley analysts to help us come up with a big idea. This identity economy. Working with them really cemented that for us. That also acts as a capital. Not just investing, but they know every single venture capitalist in the world. So it’s been super helpful.”

Moreover, Crowder demystified the VC world for Brackeen and helped him perfect his pitch to financiers while Phillips’ consultation “clearly changed our B2B strategy as far as channel partners. He taught us how to create great channel relationships.”

In terms of its ongoing relationship with Morgan Stanley, Kairos will be engaged in a pilot to use its software for the financial giant’s traders to log in via facial recognition.

As for Landit founder and CEO Lisa Skeete Tatum who seeks growth within the $ 15 billion HR tech market, the program “opened doors to customers and strategies. At this stage of the company, when you’re trying to put so many pieces in place [and they] were able to go and get the best experts in different areas, and bring those in for access. “How do you think about scaling?” They brought in the best person to do that. When you want to think about how to revolve your metrics for a SaaS [Software as a Service] company? They brought in the best person to do that. Like we tell our kids, our job is to stack the deck in their favor. Essentially what Morgan Stanley did is say, “We want to help stack the deck in your favor. It’s so phenomenal.”

(Lisa Skeete Tatum of Landit. Image: File)


During the program, another member of the cohort, Trigger Finance, was acquired by Circle, a Boston-based peer-to-peer payments technology company; founder and CEO Rachel Mayer told the audience at the end of her Demo Day presentation.

The Demo Day also generated quite a bit of interest from other prospective investors. For instance, Aaron Holiday, co-founder and general partner of New York-based 645 Ventures, a “growth seed” VC with $ 40 million in capital under management, was impressed with a slate of “world-class founders” he believes can expand their ventures into market leaders. Says Holiday: “It’s really exciting that Morgan Stanley was able to curate a group of such high caliber that’s going to build companies that will certainly be on track, in my perspective, to become very large M&A and potential IPO candidates.” In fact, 645 Ventures has already made a bet on one member of the cohort: AptDeco is a part of its portfolio of 27 holdings.

Morgan Stanley’s Vilma is excited about the accelerator’s future prospects, preparing for the next, expanded cohort of founders of color. In January 2018, Morgan Stanley will accept applications via its website for the spring session, “We’re set to prove out the notion that we could help to close the gap in early-stage funding between Silicon Valley and their counterparts and folks who are not necessarily as accessible to message in Silicon Valley.” she says. “I think what we found were extremely smart entrepreneurs and wonderful companies that just didn’t have the right access. I think that this Demo Day is a culmination of exactly that, and it’s going to help in heightening these companies’ profiles to make sure that investors are seeing them as they would the guys that they already know on the West Coast.”

(Alice Vilma of Morgan Stanley)


Harris believes these companies and future cohort members will produce a “huge multiplier effect” in terms of multicultural entrepreneurial growth, job creation, and wealth building. “Number one, many of these companies can be multi-hundred-billion- dollar corporations. That’s the growth potential of the markets that they’re playing in. Number two, economic wealth, not only for the founders and the initial team but for people who are working at these companies in the early days, and then beyond. I think it will also have a big effect with respect to inspiring and motivating other entrepreneurs that look like them. By raising the level of visibility around what we’re doing, I think we put a prototype out there.”

Small Business – Black Enterprise


Kevin Spacey Won’t Receive the International Emmy Founders Award After Sexual Harassment Allegations

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced Monday that it will not present Kevin Spacey with its 2017 International Emmy Founders Award.

The news comes the day after Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp came forward with the allegation that a then-26-year-old House of Cards star Kevin Spacey tried to have sex with Rapp when he was 14-years-old.

Late Sunday, Spacey issued a public apology, though he said he didn’t remember the incident. He also used the statement to come out as gay.

“The International Academy has announced today that in light of recent events it will not honor Kevin Spacey with the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award,” the organization said in a statement.

The Academy had announced the award in June, saying that the Oscar winner and House of Cards actor was “an individual who crosses cultural boundaries to touch humanity.”

The award was scheduled to be presented at the International Emmy Awards Gala on November 20.

The rescinded award follows Netflix’s announcement that it would end House of Cards, in which the 58-year-old stars, after its upcoming sixth and final season.

Netflix and producer Media Rights Capital released a statement regarding the news: “Media Rights Capital and Netflix are deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey.
“In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.”

This article originally appeared on People.com

Entertainment – TIME


Black Female Crowdfunding Executive On Opportunities for Black Founders

truCrowd Illinois CEO Florence Hardy - Equity Crowdfunding

Florence Hardy is CEO of truCrowd Illinois, a state-level equity crowdfunding platform allowing Illinois residents to invest in startups. She is also COO of Fundanna-an equity crowdfunding platform for the cannabis industry, and truCrowd’s national equity crowdfunding platform.


(Florence Hardy in a picture from her website, smallbizflo.com)


Hardy is one of the only black, brown, or female executives in the equity crowdfunding arena.

After interviewing black entrepreneurs running equity crowdfunding campaigns, including WhoseYourLandlord and Jetpack, Black Enterprise contributor Brandon Andrews sat down with Florence to get the perspective of an executive in the space. She shares her thoughts on equity crowdfunding and the opportunities for black founders and investors.


Brandon Andrews: You run truCrowd Illinois, a state-level equity crowdfunding platform in Illinois. You are also COO of the national truCrowd platform and COO of Fundanna, an equity crowdfunding platform for the cannabis industry. Let’s talk about truCrowd Illinois first. What opportunity do you see in the state-level approach?  

Florence Hardy: I think there is a great opportunity to both support local business and build livable communities by focusing on the state level. It provides an opportunity for small businesses, the ones that have the hardest time finding funding, to get investments from those likely to patronize them: local residents. It puts business owners in a place to create a different narrative about their business and who they serve, while allowing them to focus their marketing and fundraising effort in a concentrated area, saving time and money.

Additionally, state-based laws are more progressive than those at the federal level, allowing business owners to raise more funds while allowing residents an opportunity to invest more per campaign.



For entrepreneurs raising money and investors who want to fund businesses, how is the state-level approach different?  

The approach is not that much different. The business still needs to identify likely investors and market to them efficiently and effectively. The key difference is the messaging. The key message at the state level is that investors would be able to own their community, not just live in it. And with ownership comes pride; pride can bring about change in the way people treat their communities and others within it. That is a message that you just can’t make with a federal platform.

Also, it is important to note that most businesses do not have a national target market. The lack of such an audience makes it inefficient for a business owner to target a national audience when trying to fundraise. That said, we do also operate a federal platform for companies that have a national target and we work with business owners to help them decide which platform would work best for them.


What benefits can entrepreneurs/investors expect by using a state-level equity crowdfunding platform instead of a national platform?

The biggest benefit is that most state based programs are more flexible in terms of the amount of funding a business owner can raise and the amount an investor can invest per campaign. Beyond that, working with a state-based platform typically means you are working with a company that is familiar with the local market. The platform should have local relationships that can help provide the right insight and direction to a company that a national platform just does not have the resources to provide. We are really able to help a business owner determine what will and won’t work in our state and that may greatly differ from what will work in other states.


truCrowd also has a national equity fundraising platform. This is a small but increasingly competitive marketplace. As an executive how do you distinguish your platform from competitors?

We are different in the service we provide. We help individuals understand equity crowdfunding. Many platforms just give entrepreneurs a checklist when setting up a campaign. We walk entrepreneurs through the process. We don’t give legal or accounting advice, but we help as much as possible.

On the investor side, we lay out all of the available investment options. We do SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity); equity; debt deals; revenue sharing, etc.


Fundanna is an equity crowdfunding platform for hemp-, cannabis-, and THC-related businesses. What opportunity to do you see in the cannabis industry? Why is a separate platform necessary?

The cannabis industry is a new opportunity and there are tons of people interested in the market. We hope to provide an opportunity for all those interested in a piece of it to do so.  Right now, there are over 20 million medical cannabis users in the U.S. and as the list of covered ailments grows that number will only increase; not to mention that many states are looking at their recreational use laws too. With that comes a number of businesses that want to serve this market. Like any other business, they need funds to grow but they cannot go to traditional financing institutions. Banks, credit unions, and event microlenders do not play in the space which leaves angel, venture capital, and crowdfunding to fill the void.

A separate platform is necessary because of the regulations in place for these types of businesses. Additionally, it allows us as a company to build an audience of like-minded investors who understand the varied risk of investing in this industry; those risks differ greatly from those seen in other industries. Lastly, it serves as a safe place for those interested in cannabis to talk about the unique challenges they face and opportunities available with others knowledgeable within the industry.


Are there unique opportunities for black entrepreneurs/investors in the cannabis industry?    

I wouldn’t limit it to the cannabis industry. I think there are unique opportunities for black entrepreneurs and investors using crowdfunding in general. However, within the cannabis industry, there may be an opportunity for those who would be left out for reasons of lack of capital or criminal history to still be a part of this growing industry.


You are one of the few black, brown, or female executives involved in operating equity crowdfunding platforms. What unique perspective does your background bring to this work?    

Getting past the basic levels of traditional financing has always been a difficult step for minority business owners to get past. While less than 2% of all firms will ever receive VC or angel money, this statistic is even lower for minority-owned firms. However, I think part of that low statistic is that minority entrepreneurs generally do not have experts to look to gain that experience with angel or crowdfunding. I hope that when I speak to audiences about crowdfunding, I make the opportunity seem attainable and turn angel investing and crowdfunding into an opportunity that they can see themselves taking advantage of too.


How do you plan to engage black, brown, and female entrepreneurs and investors with equity crowdfunding opportunities?  

We work with business support agencies and municipalities all over the state that provide entrepreneurial education to the business owners they serve. However, I am working to make an extra effort in communities of color as I believe that is where we can have the biggest impact.

We are putting together campaigns and marketing initiatives that will introduce the concept of crowdfunding to minority and female operators and potential investors and provide them with direct opportunities to participate. In one program, we are identifying commercial districts, working with business owners to create investment opportunities and informing and educating nearby residents about these, and all other, crowdfunding opportunities that exist.

Our goal of this concerted focus is to put the power of economic development in the hands of those who live in these communities directly. 


As an executive in this space, what trends to you see in the next year? How do you plan to grow truCrowd Illinois and Fundanna?  

I think equity crowdfunding will become more mainstream in the next year. As more businesses look to this as a way of funding and introduce this opportunity to their customers, the space will grow and evolve.

Additionally, I think that more traditional financial institutions will begin to look at this space as a way to increase market share and offer products to the generally underserved market of micro business owners and households, which make less than $ 200,000 a year.  

Small Business – Black Enterprise


Meet the Tech Founders Connecting You to Pharmacies That Deliver

After co-founder Halston Prox watched his busy dad struggle to find the time to pick up his blood pressure medicine from the pharmacy, he decided to join the latest wave of on-demand delivery services and co-founded Heal Now. HealNow is an app that connects consumers, hospitals, and telehealth companies to local and independent pharmacies that deliver to your door.

Halston Prox (Image: Facebook)

Heal Now, currently services parts of the New York City and Brooklyn area. Black Enterprise caught up with co-founders, Halston Prox and Joshua Darius Smith to gain some insight into how the process works.

Heal Now

Black Enterprise: Describe the process for using the app. What are the benefits to the mobile app users?

It’s a really easy process. Customers simply download the app in the Apple app store. Shop for the products they need. Sit back and relax. The order will be delivered within one hour, by a local pharmacy in their area.

Today, people are simply too busy, too sick, or don’t have the capability to go to the pharmacy to pick up daily health products, over-the-counter, or other products when they need it. And most of the time when customers get there they are often overwhelmed by the number of products on the shelf. With HealNow, our customers will be able to find the products they need, at the cheapest price, and send an order to have those items delivered wherever they are.

BE: What makes your business stand out?

We’re building the first pharmacy ordering service for Independent and Health System pharmacies. We partner with local, independent, and health system pharmacies that are missing an online ordering presence and want to acquire/be discovered by new customers in their respective communities.

We’re creating our own network of pharmacies by bringing together a fragmented market of independent (22,160 to be exact) and health system pharmacies to fight old incumbents like CVS and Walgreens. We believe these pharmacies should have the tools they need to stay relevant in this very competitive market.

We’ve recently launched our new bundled “kits.” Because we’ve just entered into full summer mode, we’ve decided to start with Hangover Kits, available to anyone within an hour. These Hangover Kits are curated packages of health products that are perfect after a crazy, fun night out or boozy brunch. These kits are currently available throughout Manhattan.

Small Business – Black Enterprise


Founders Women’s Health Center Receive Tribute & Medication Help by Charles Myrick of ACRX

ACRX Recognition Gallery: American Consultants Rx
http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.

The American Consultants Rx discount prescription cards are to be given free to anyone in need of help curbing the high cost of prescription drugs.

Due to the rising costs, unstable economics, and the mounting cost of prescriptions, American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACRX) a.k.a (ACIRX) an Atlanta based company was born in 2004. The ACRX discount prescription card program was created and over 25 million discount prescription cards were donated to over 18k organizations across the country to be distributed to those in need of prescription assistance free of charge since 2004.

The ACRX cards will offer discounts of name brand drugs of up to 40% off and up to 60% off of generic drugs. They also possess no eligibility requirements, no forms to fill out, or expiration date as well .One card will take care of a whole family. Also note that the ACRX cards will come to your organization already pre-activated .The cards are good at over 50k stores from Walgreen, Wal mart, Eckerd”s, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, and many more. Any one can use these cards but ACRX is focusing on those who are uninsured, underinsured, or on Medicare. The ACRX cards are now in Spanish as well.

American Consultants Rx made arrangements online for the ACRX card to be available at http://www.acrxcards.com where it can also be downloaded. This arrangement has been made to allow organizations an avenue to continue assisting their clients in the community until they receive their orders of the ACRX cards. ACRX made it possible for cards to be requested from online for individuals and organizations free of charge. Request for the ACRX cards can also be made by mailing a request to : ACRX, P.O.Box 161336,Atlanta,GA 30321, faxing a written request to 404-305-9539,or calling the office at 404-767-1072. Please include name (if organization please include organization and contact name),mailing address,designate Spanish or English,amount of cards requested,and telephone number.

American Consultants Rx is working diligently to assist as many people and organizations as possible. It should be noted that while many other organizations and companies place a cost on their money saving cards, American Consultants Rx does not believe a cost should be applied, just to assist our fellow Americans. American Consultants Rx states that it will continue to strive to assist those in need.

12 Amazing Korean Beauty Products That Glow Recipe’s Founders Swear By

Thanks to the well-stamped passports of Sarah Lee and Christine Chang–the founders of Glow Recipe, an online shop specializing in Korean beauty products–we have access to the latest Korean skin-care products.
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It’s practically a moral sin to ask a woman how old she is, but why should aging be a bad thing? Ahead, 13 megafamous women who aren’t stressing about getting older. We’re definitely taking notes.
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MillionaireMatch.com - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!
MillionaireMatch.com – the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!