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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told lawmakers Wednesday that the threat from state-sponsored hackers has changed the playing field so dramatically that even the best-defended companies can fall victim.
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7 offbeat housecleaning hacks for desperate moms


Whitney Barthel

posted in Life

As I lifted my vacuum off the ground and onto my bed, I thought, this has to be an all-time motherhood low for me.

cleaning hack

Let me back up a little bit. Yesterday, before needing to go pick Frankie and Daniel up from school, I was blessed with a few moments to shower as Charlie napped and George accepted my bribery in front of the boob tube. It was glorious.

It wasn’t until I was already out of the shower that I realized my missing shadow (George) suspiciously did not end up running into the bathroom after five seconds, like normal.

I poked my head into my room where George was watching SpongeBob. Cornflakes were everywhere. In the middle of my bed, which had been torn to smithereens due to a certain 3-year-old’s desire to test the force of gravity, was said 3-year-old and a whole upturned box of cereal.

Why do all bad things happen on my bed?

I tried not to blow. Not because I wasn’t angry, but because I literally did not have time. I had to leave for town to pick up the big boys in 20 minutes. And although I was at least clean and body-odor free, I was a naked mess.

So, I left it and the memory literally went poof out of my brain. That is, until this exhausted 5-months-pregnant momma dragged her butt into her room for some pajamas later that evening. Sonofab*tch. Cornflakes everywhere.

I looked around, what are my options? I don’t have a clean pair of sheets for this size of bed. And, even if I did, I am way too tired to fight linens right now. Then, I saw it. Leaning against the wall was my hard flooring vacuum. I picked it up, went to town, and never looked back.

It worked. Not one flake of sugar-coated corn escaped my suction-y wrath.

You know, I kind of came up with a hack. It might be a little gross and offbeat, but it totally worked. Here are some other quirky hacks (borrowed from some of our awesome BabyCenter members) for desperate moms, like me.

Cleaning hacks for desperate moms

  1. For cleaning ceiling fan blades, use a pillow case. Put the blade in the pillow case and slide dust off into the case. Shake pillow case out outside and throw it in the washer.
  2. To dust popcorn ceilings, use a paint roller!
  3. Stick a maxi pad on the end of a broom to dust cobwebs out of ceiling hack
  4. For carpet stains not even a professional can get out, spray a mixture of half ammonia, half hot water onto stain, lay a light colored rag over stain, iron over rag to transfer stain from carpet to rag. WARNING: Make sure to do this with windows open and no pets or children around. Also, consider using protective gear (gloves and goggles). The mom who shared this tip writes, “This hack works! And, is well worth the burning eyes. Just don’t keep your face directly over the iron or you’ll be blasted with ammonia steam.”
  5. If you ignore the cleaning long enough, someone else will do it. Wait, that only works when men do it.
  6. Use a dryer sheet to dust furniture and floor boards. It wipes it up super-easy and, while not scientifically proven, prevents dust from collecting longer.
  7. For crumbs left on the bed by naughty kids and husbands, lift vacuum off the floor and go to town. WARNING: Make sure vacuum is on a low-suction setting to avoid that horrible noise of fabric being sucked in. Also, try not to think about all the filthy dirtiness the vacuum has probably previously encountered in its lifetime.

And while these hacks might not be all that fancy, hopefully you find them helpful! I know there are a few I will be trying immediately.

What is your favorite desperate-momma hack?

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