Amy Adams’ Mane Man Shares His Summer Dry Shampoo Hacks

We are all about that hair — and makeup too! Here at Stylish, we’ve never seen a hairstyle or makeup trend we couldn’t talk about for days on end, so we started a podcast to dish on all the latest beauty news — from hits and misses on the red carpet to celebrity hair and makeup gurus’ dos and don’ts. Each week, Us Weekly beauty director Gwen Flamberg talks with some of the best in the biz about what’s new in hair, makeup and style in our Get Tressed With Us podcast. Listen above!

This week, Gwen and Us Weekly deputy beauty and style director Beth Shapouri welcomed a celebrity hair guru John D. (the man behind Amy Adams’ luscious locks) to talk all things summer styling — from the best dry shampoo hacks to the easiest summer styling tips and tricks.

While keeping hair looking bouncy and full during hot and humid temps can seem all but impossible, John, who is also a TRESemme celebrity stylist, is all about the dry shampoo. The brand offers an array of options (from volumizing to deodorizing to texturizing), and he recommends a spritz for guys and gals no matter their hair length or texture to keep tresses fresh and touchable while still maintaining shape and style.

Amy Adams

Speaking of style, John believes in “practicality” during the summer months. Braids, ponytails and buns never fail to look cool and put together no matter how high the mercury rises. But if you still find yourself dealing with annoying flyaways or a frizzy hairline, he has a genius hack for that. John keeps a teeny tiny boar-bristle brush (a good ol’ fashion toothbrush works just as well!) in his kit at all times that he lightly sprays with hairspray or any holding mist to gently coax the errant strands into place.

And while it may be tempting to douse your mane in dry shampoo — or any product for that matter — when dealing with unruly tresses or after going a few nights in between washes, the mane man emphasizes that less is more. “Start with a little and build,” he shares of applying styling creams and sprays, “that way you never have to wash your hair and start over.”

For more of the week’s hair and makeup news — including Julianne Hough’s new tresses and why Gwen and Beth are obsessed with One Two magnetic eyelashes — make sure to listen to the full podcast above and subscribe!

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What Productivity Hacks Really Work For You?

Here’s a fun question for today: What productivity hacks really work for you? Does your diligence with productivity hacks come in waves (as resolutions strengthen and weaken) or have you hit on anything that is your new normal? What have you tried but failed to implement regularly — and what productivity hacks really work for you, particularly at work?

This is constantly something I’m thinking about, and I’ve tried a LOT of productivity hacks.productivity hacks that really work - image of efficient businesswoman being productive

These are some of the productivity hacks that really work for me:

  • Adopting a one-touch attitude with mail — I sort it into recycling, trash, and bills the instant I get it to my kitchen counter.
  • Only paying bills once a month — It’s just one fewer thing to worry about, and if I wonder about a bill, my brain very easily says, “But it isn’t the first of the month for another week! Worry then!”
  • Saving all phone calls for one session — I hate the phone, and it really interrupts my focus if I get or make a call. My cell phone’s default ringer is a silent ringtone (you can download them from the iTunes store!), so the only people whose calls make a ringing sound are family and friends for whom I’ve manually changed the ringtone. I also tend to make a list of phone calls I need to make so that when I sit down with the phone and headset I can make them all in one session.
  • Decreasing choices to decrease decision fatigueObama was famous with this in terms of his outfits, wearing the same things repeatedly so that he didn’t have to use brainpower to choose something different every day. I definitely have a work uniform that I repeat most days, and I also tend to repeat a lot of meals (lately I’m really into savory oatmeal with eggs, or grilled chicken with a teensy bit of a guacamole salsa).

Productivity hacks that work like gold… when I do them, which is less than “all the time”:

  • Moving to a new workspace — In a big L-shaped desk office, just moving to the visitor’s side of the desk works wonders!
  • Writing THREE tasks to do that day and only focusing on getting them done.
  • Pomodoro timers — 25-minute bursts of focus + 5 minute breaks — these are really hard for me to do more than 3 or 4 rounds. I think 25 minutes is a bad amount of time for me but I haven’t had a chance to hack it to see what my individualized “premium burst of focus” is.
  • Batching tasks — I try to do this but rarely succeed. For my work, for example, I should only write on one day, then do graphics another day, then do social media and SEO a third day, then do email or “market research” (checking the stores) a fourth day, then bigger projects (like the work outfit challenge) on the fifth day… but instead things tend to get mixed throughout the days.
  • Only keeping ONE browser tab open at once — I am totally that lady who has 75 tabs open in multiple browser windows at all times. There’s a Chrome Extension called OneTab that instantly collapses everything but keeps track of where you were, and I should seriously start each day using it to clear the decks.

Productivity hacks that just aren’t my thing:

  • Keeping track of my time — I suppose this works when I do it, but it’s not a high priority for me to get back to. Fun fact: When I first left law firm life I still kept track of my time in 10-minute increments on purpose because it was normal for me and I felt it helped with productivity.
  • Prioritizing exercise and meditation — While I wouldn’t say these AREN’T my thing, it’s really hard for me when I’m crunched for time to prioritize exercise and meditation (even though I know that taking 10 minutes to meditate or 20 minutes to do some Tabata workouts is a great way to improve focus and productivity). I try my best to institutionalize those things so I do them at the same time… but if I’m in a crunch for time those are the first to fall away.

These are the productivity hacks that work for me (and the ones that I’m still working on) — let’s hear from you, guys: What are your best tips for productivity? Which productivity hacks work for you — and which ones have you tried and dismissed over the years? 

Photo via Shutterstock.

I've tried a lot of productivity hacks over the years to be more efficient with my time and energy -- and these are the productivity hacks that really work for me!


8 wedding dress shopping hacks for the bride who has no time to waste

8 wedding dress shopping hacks for the bride who has no time to waste

8 wedding dress shopping hacks for the bride who has no time to waste

Shopping for your wedding dress is an exciting and overwhelming experience. After all, your this gown will likely be the most important (and expensive!) item of clothing you’ll ever wear. For a successful and stress-free shopping experience, keep these ten things in mind during your time at the bridal salon.

1. Never stray from your budget.

While shopping for a wedding dress, you may fall in love with a drop-dead gorgeous gown before realizing it’s outside of your price range. Prevent potential heartbreak by trying on gowns that fall safely within your budget, and never test elaborate designer dresses “just for fun.” Also, keep in mind that budgets include more than your wedding dress; brides also need to shell out money for alterations, taxes, and accessories.

2. Don’t get sucked in by deals.

Never buy a discounted gown simply for the deal. While a reduced-rate designer piece may seem irresistible, it’s best to find a gown you truly love—even if it doesn’t have a widely-recognized label.

3. Dresses look different on the hanger.

Your consultant may suggest trying on a gown that looks shapeless and frumpy on the hanger, but don’t shrug it off immediately. Many dresses undergo a complete transformation once on the body. You may adore a dress you normally wouldn’t give a second glance.

4. Love your gown from all angles.

Thanks to a constant flash of cameras on your big day, the dress you choose will be photographed from every imaginable angle. Take advantage of the large salon mirrors and ensure you love the dress from the front, back, and both sides. Consider having your entourage take photos from a distance as well, in order to predict how the dress will look in your photo album.


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5. Test out the gown’s comfort.

You’ll have to sit, stand, walk, and dance on your wedding day. At the salon, take the gown on a test run to ensure it’ll stay comfortably fitted throughout these various activities. No woman wants to wear something that restricts her ability to bust a move!

6. Happy tears won’t always happen.

On reality shows, the bride-to-be often breaks down in happy tears after discovering her dream dress. In real life, however, many brides won’t have this “aha!” moment. Think twice before letting the lack of emotion alter your decision; if you truly love a gown, and if you can purchase it without regrets, you may have found your perfect match.

7. It’s okay to second-guess your decision.

Shopping for a wedding dress comes with an insane amount of pressure. Brides have a limited amount of time to locate a dress that falls within budget, matches the wedding aesthetic, and pleases herself and her entourage. Given all of the stress, a bride may second guess her choice of gown immediately after leaving the salon. Rest assured that this is normal, and the feeling will likely pass as your big day draws near.

8. Focus on your happiness. 

Perhaps the most important piece of advice: Choose a dress that you love. Your entourage and consultant will have their own opinions on each wedding gown, and it’s nearly impossible to please everyone. To avoid feelings of regret and resentment, always follow your heart, and choose the dress that makes you happiest.

This article originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Kim, Fix My House: Stylish Small Space Hacks

Small Space Hacks

Downtown living where space is at a premium is the new norm for many of us. Rather than feeling trapped by these limitations, there are new stylish small space hacks for storage solutions which combine the freedom of clutter removal with the impact of great style.

Small Space Hacks

Photo Source: Marshalls

OTTOMAN EMPIRE Ottomans provide a stylish way to hide a multitude of hoarding sins. They also tuck neatly under a floating shelf or in a corner to be brought out for additional seating when needed.

BENEATH THE BED Under-bed storage bins or boxes are an extremely useful tool given that they are usually not seen by anyone but the homeowner. Seasonal clothes, extra pillows or blankets, can all live comfortably under your bed or sofa until they are needed. Many bins have wheels making it easy to access items when needed.

FOLDING TIME Think practically and fill your small space with double duty pieces. There are many options for furniture that function in more than one way. A drop leaf table can become a console, desk or even dining room table depending on how and where you set it up. Changing accessories based on use is an easy tactic to instantly increase your space. Recognizing a serious demand, many furniture designers are now creating pieces with a fold-out option like desks that start off small and stylish but open to seat up to six guests comfortably.

HOOKED UP Time-tested, sturdy and stylish fold-down metal hooks are must have small space hacks for any homeowner with limited space and no garage. Whether hanging extra chairs until company arrives or affixing your bike to the wall during home hours, hooks are useful and also make your place look like a cool warehouse loft in Brooklyn.

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So Much News, So Little Time – Russia Hacks Voter Rolls & Rob Porter Resigns: The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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The Most Genius Home Hacks We Learned This Year

Improving one’s home is a never-ending cycle. That’s why people are constantly on the lookout for faster ways to wash dishes or smarter ways to fit more into their kitchen — and 2017 was no exception. These are the highlights of what we learned this year and will embrace for years to come.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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