All the Times Fast Food Brands Clapped Back at Their Haters on Twitter

Oooh, burn!

In recent years, Twitter has become a major marketing tool for all brands, but it’s also become a great way for fast food joints to clap back at their haters (and their competition).

While Wendy’s quickly gained a reputation for having the sassiest Twitter on the block, especially because of their ongoing feud with McDonald’s over fresh versus frozen beef, other brands took notice and began dishing out their own snarky tweets in response to customer questions, celebrity news, or other brands’ promotions.

Read on for some of the best zingers from the fast food giants.

Taco Bell

While Taco Bell doesn’t typically engage in social media fights, the brand has had a few standout moments from their own Twitter account, including their correction of a grammar error in one of White Castle’s tweets to Chrissy Teigen. The taco joint also fired back at Old Spice when the deodorant company accused the fast food chain of false advertising.


Frozen pizza company DiGiorno also joined in on the fun, inciting a pizza war with Papa John’s. The frozen pizza chain mocked Papa John’s slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” when they tweeted a declining graph meant to represent Papa John’s sales above a tweet that read, “Better Pizza. Better Sales.” The company also briefly changed their bio to the new slogan to spite Papa John’s.

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Burger King

Aside from their epic promposal to Wendy’s on a marquee sign outside of one of their restaurants, Burger King has also thrown shade at the company on social media. First, the chain used social media to promote their spicy chicken nuggets, a menu item that Wendy’s had previously discontinued, leaving the Twitter-verse in an outrage. The brand found people’s old tweets asking where Wendy’s spicy nuggets went and used them as advertising for their own spicy nugget addition to their menu.

Then, Burger King promoted a 5 for $ 4 deal just days after Wendy’s announced their 4 for $ 4 deal. Even though they didn’t mention the square-burger chain in their tweet directly, Twitter users were quick to notice the shade in their tweet which read, “Because 5 is better than 4.”

However, Wendy’s never goes down without a fight, so when a Twitter user, who has since switched their account to private, asked what Wendy’s had in response to the deal, they responded with two simple words: “edible food.”
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Of course, Wendy’s has the longest history of roasting people on Twitter, including their iconic tweet suggesting that asking to be directed to the nearest McDonald’s is essentially the same as asking to be directed to a garbage can.

The company also recently called out pro-golfer Tiger Woods when he flubbed his first hole at the 2018 U.S. Open, scoring an unimpressive triple bogey. “Tiger, next time you’re going to get a triple…” the brand tweeted beneath a photo of their triple cheeseburger.

Scroll through to see some of our other favorite clap-back tweets from Wendy’s.

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The fast food Twitter beef is alive and well, so we suggest you refrain from tweeting at these accounts unless you’re prepared to get roasted.

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Kenya Moore Shares A Pregnancy-Related Post & Disables Comments After Haters Made Her Delete The Baby Bump Pic

Kenya Moore cannot think about something else, rather than her pregnancy. She even posted a photo in which she was showing a small baby bump, and she was together with her husband, Marc Daly.

But, unfortunately, after lots of haters left her horrible comments accusing her of faking her pregnancy, Kenya decided to take the baby bump pic down.

Now, she has another pregnancy-related post, but this time she made sure to disable the comments s that no more haters insult her and her family.

You can see the latest emotional post below and read the story that it shares.


A post shared by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

This comes right after, Kenya had another message for her fans just the other day that she posted on the same social media account.

That message was supposed to help us feel encouraged and have more faith that good things will come for everyone. As we already said, she also deleted her baby bump pic after haters slammed her.

‘Keep dreaming God has your back. #god #love #peace’ Kenya captioned her latest post.

‘This speaks volumes to my spirit brought tears to my eyes THANK YOUR LORD I needed this inspiration!!!🖤🖤🖤’ one of her followers told Kenya.

‘U took ur belly photo down 😢 don’t let them haters get to u. Just shut off the comments,’ a disappointed fan noticed and advised Kenya not to care so much about the haters and their messages. It seems that she took the fan’s advice and shut down the comments.

We really hope that Kenya enjoys her pregnancy and has enough strength to not care about the haters and what they’re saying regarding her pregnancy.

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