PUBG Is Shutting Down Personal Item Trades, For The Moment

You won’t be able to trade your goods with other players for a while in PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It was recently announced in a developer update that the personal item trading within the Battle Royale game has been disabled for the time being.

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Joanna Gaines Reveals the One Successful Magnolia Item She’s Kept the Same for 10 Years

A lot has changed since Joanna Gaines found fame on Fixer Upper, but there’s one thing she’s always kept the same.

During a trip to New York City in 2005, the HGTV star, 39, who recently said goodbye to her hit show after five seasons, stumbled upon a candlemaker named Shane. “I loved everything about his candles,” she writes in her Magnolia newsletter. “The original scents he developed, the way he hand-poured the soy and coconut wax blend, and of course the wooden wick that crackles as the candle burns.”

The mom of four — she’s pregnant with her and husband Chip’s fifth child, a boy — decided to splurge on Shane’s creations, and she ordered 50 of the linen scent with plans to sell them at one of her “home shows,” a sale that she regularly hosted in the family’s farmhouse.

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“There was something about these candles that sort of nudged me to take a risk on them,” she said.

Sure enough, the “Signature Magnolia Candle,” as she calls it now, sold out immediately, inspiring her to continue offering it to customers to this very day. Although the design of the jar has seen several iterations — “In a way, it’s sort of changed and grown with me” she says — she hasn’t messed with the heart of the product.

“I’ve been ordering that same Signature Magnolia Candle from Shane ever since,” she writes. “The linen scent is still the exact same as it was 10 years ago.”

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While the newest look, which combines “clean and modern with a touch of whimsy,” would certainly complement any space in Joanna’s farmhouse-modern style, what she really hopes fans benefit from is how the classic aroma makes them feel.

“It amazes me how a simple smell can take you back to an exact moment in time — for me, the clean linen scent reminds me of those early home show days where all of this got started,” she says. “My hope for these candles is that they fill your home with a scent that sparks your own fond memories, and that, for years to come, it’ll take you back to happy times spent with those you love most of all.”

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The Under-$50 Item That Will Improve Your Style

When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. Erlanger is also the official ARMI Captain at the luxury rental and styling platform Armarium. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

No matter how much you love to shop, it can be almost impossible to purchase on-trend items every season while staying within your budget. However, if you’re looking for a way to update your style, affordably accessorizing is the key. Today, I’ve chosen to focus on an accessory that is essential to completing every look, a bag.

Replacing your bag with one that matches this season’s trends is a great way to revitalize your style with one simple change. These bags are sure to elevate your looks with the latest trends while helping you avoid having to replace your entire closet. Between embellished, metallic, and straw bags, there is a trend that is sure to update any style. The best part—all the bags are under $ 50.

Scroll down to shop the best under-$ 50 bags to update your style.

Up next, shop the three best one-piece swimsuits for summer. 

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What Not to Do When Returning an Item

We’ve all been there—wanting to return an item (or items) that we purchased on a whim, usually for an upcoming event that had us feeling especially uninspired by our closets. Perhaps you went home, tried it on, and realized it just wasn’t really right, or maybe you noticed that the fit wasn’t as great as it seemed in the cramped dressing room. Maybe you were even so confident in your choice at first that you ripped off the price tags. So what’s there to do other than hold on to the item, letting it collect dust in your closet? Well, depending on the store’s policies, you still might be able to return it if you follow the below advice to a T. We spoke to numerous retail associates with experience at stores like Madewell, Lululemon, Loft, and Barneys to find out exactly what behavior you should avoid if you want to get your money back.

“People who come in with an elaborate story locked and loaded always come off more suspicious and lead the sales person to inspect the garment more closely,” one associate told us. Remember to keep your reasoning short and sweet.
“While I was working at Lululemon, a woman came in determined to return a tennis skirt that had been ruined underneath the heat of an iron. She was adamant that it was our fault. Unfortunately, when you don’t read the care instructions, it’s your fault,” one associate recalled. Simply put, if there was a warning that you disregarded, you won’t be getting your money back.
A lot of stores have a return policy like Loft’s, where there’s a $ 700 return limit within a 90-day period. That means that every time you return an item, its original amount is entered into the system so that if you exceed $ 700, you will be refused any further returns. To avoid this, and to avoid salespeople recognizing you as a frequent returner, try everything on before you buy it, and shop less on a whim and more with specific intention. 
One associate recalled a time when someone threw a complete tantrum over not being able to return everything she wanted: “The woman was screaming and yelling at all of the employees, including our managers, about how our policy was a scam. We did everything we could to try to please her, offering to return half of her items at their current selling price, but she got so out of control, sobbing and cursing us out for at least 15 minutes, that our manager just decided to have security escort her out.” Moral of the story? Throwing a fit will make it much harder for you to succeed.
All the associates we spoke to stressed that your best bet is to keep the tags on and save the receipt, with the receipt being most important, as it’s evidence of an actual purchase. If you do end up removing the tags and/or losing the receipt, the clothes will have to be in perfect condition (no wear and tear, wrinkles, or stretched-out areas) for anyone to consider the return.
One associate told us that the hanger ribbons inside shirts and dresses are the first thing she looks for, as people tend to cut them out before they wear an item. If they’re missing, associates will assume you’ve worn the item and refuse the return.
As mentioned above, make sure that the items you’re returning show no signs of wear. In addition to avoiding the obvious stains or tears, be aware of the fact that anywhere clothing bends on the body (knees, elbows, butt, etc.) will develop noticeable creases if worn. And as one associate pointed out, collars tend to reveal makeup marks that can ruin your case.
One store employee revealed that associates hate when people make in-store returns for items they bought online because it ends up making the brick-and-mortar location suffer. She explained, “Women often order the same item in two to three different sizes or colors, and then they’ll end up returning them all. We’re obligated to take the return, but when we know that you weren’t helped by an associate, didn’t take the time to come in and figure out your sizing, or simply had buyer’s remorse, we get frustrated. Most returns happen earlier in the morning, so it can put us at a deficit for hours. Some days we’ll have more money in returns than in sales, which is not good.”
Everyone needs a classic moto jacket to throw on over everything. Available in sizes P to L.
This bag looks easily twice its price tag.
Wear with white jeans and pretty flats. Available in sizes XS to XL.
Wear with a simple T-shirt and white sneakers. Available in sizes 0 to 4.
Clean white sneakers go with everything. Available in sizes 34 to 42.
Meet your new favorite white T-shirt. Available in size M.
The It color of the season. Available in sizes XS to XL.
Invest in a pair of minimal heels like these that you’ll have for years to come. Available in sizes 36 to 41.
Opt for a cool bag shape that’s unlike anything else out there.
Becuase let’s face it—you’ll always want to own a pair of solid skinny jeans. Available in sizes 24 to 32.
The perfect piece to freshen up your work wardrobe this spring.
Clear materials are having a major moment right now. This post has been updated by Anna LaPlaca.

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The 10 Best Post Xmas Individual Item Deals in Men’s Style

Editor’s Note: No Handful this week fellas. We’re taking some time off (sorta, I mean, this is up on the site) and will be taking a look back at what was an eventful 2017 in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, there are a TON of post Christmas/winter clearance sales going on. Below is our favorite ten items from across the current retail spectrum, which are all getting solid if not outstanding markdowns at the moment. Note that we’ve excluded items from the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale. Pretty sure we’ve already given that event its due. Got a suggestion that should have made this list? Send those suggestions into


J.C.F. Moleskin Blazer – $ 51.99 FINAL w/ SIXTY ($ 80 – $ 100ish)

J.C.F. Moleskin Blazer

Big thanks to Benedict R. for sending in the tip on this Thompson fit, cotton moleskin jacket. There’s plenty of time left to wear moleskin too. Unlike Velvet, Moleskin is matte. So, it’s less showy, and you don’t need to be headed somewhere fancy to wear it. Should look great with a white OCBD and jeans for a casual, but still smart night out on the town with a date. Final sale here though, so no returns. Code is good for an extra 60% off clearance items.


Seiko SKX Automatic Diver – $ 169.99 FINAL ($ 200ish)

Seiko SKX Automatic Diver

Back on Massdrop, and thus, final sale. Don’t want to risk not being able to return it? At post time, Amazon is fulfilling the black on black 007 for $ 178. That means you can return it. Easily (as long Amazon continues to fulfill it). The Seiko SKX dive collection is legendary, and for good reason. 200m in water resistance, classic diver looks, 42mm case (on most models) with that sweet offset crown, a robust and dependable automatic movement, and they’re built like a tank. They’re the perfect sport/casual watch, and they usually kick about around $ 200. So, Saving $ 30 is a nice deal.


Spier & Mackay Navy Tux in Slim or Contemporary Fit – $ 336 w/ BOXING17 ($ 448)

Spier & Mackay Navy Tux

Good luck finding something that looks this good, for this low of a price. Super 130s Australian wool. Deep navy with black peak lapels. Half canvas construction. Yes, it’s too late for this New Year’s Eve, but if you know of a big event you’ll be attending (or, likely attending) in the upcoming months, now’s not a bad time to get a tux in house and tailored to your specs. Clean leg on the trousers here, so, no satin stripe. Code is good for 25% off sitewide, and that knocks their basic suit collection down to $ 268.50. Inventory is super scattered on the regular suits though, so, you may get lucky there or you may strike out.


H&M Premium Quality Cashmere Sweater – $ 79.99 ($ 129)

H&M Premium Quality Cashmere Sweater

A bit of a splurge but man are they worth it. The sleeves are smooth, while the body is a waffle style knit. Oddly good cashmere considering it’s H&M. It really is the good stuff. Mid to lightweight. Size shown above is a medium on 185. Going somewhere casual but still want to look good and impress? Here’s your sweater. And good luck keeping your significant other’s hands (or, someone else’s hands) off this thing.


Timex Red Wing 40mm Watch – $ 99 ($ 138)

Timex Red Wing 40mm Watch

Tough to find on sale. This would (obviously) be the non-chronograph version, which doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Red Wing sourced leather for the strap. Domed crystal. Is it still a Timex? Yes. But it’s also one hell of a Timex.


B.R. Italian Extra-Fine Merino Cardigans – $ 33.59 ($ 98.50)

B.R. Italian Extra-Fine Merino Cardigans

A straight cut, not super slim. So if you’re a true slim, either consider sizing down or looking elsewhere. For the broader fellas? These are perfect. The merino wool is smooth, strong, and not bulky in the least. That makes for easy layering and perfect temperature regulation. Wearing one now as I type this. Scout’s honor. Usually around $ 60 when 40% off. Now? An extra 60% off the sale price drops em’ to under $ 34. If you’re a GAP inc. card-member, use the code BRCARD and they’ll end up at $ 30.23 pre tax.


Banana Republic Italian Wool Blend Coat – $ 120.79 ($ 378)

B.R. Italian Wool Blend Car Coat

Another pick from the extra 60% off BR sale items offer. Gets a LOT of things right. Terrific fabric, despite the mix being a pretty standard 80% wool / 20% nylon. Soft and smooth. A good depth to it for warmth, but still flexible. Big fan of the slanted hand pockets. Size shown is a medium on 195. Available in camel, navy, or charcoal. And again, if you’re a card-member, you can knock another 10% off w/ BRCARD.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer – $ 227.50 FINAL w/ WRAPPED ($ 400)

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

These things get a lot of play on this particular website, and for good reason. Totally unlined back. Sturdy, flexible, breathable, hopsack style Italian wool. Super lightweight, but still drapes well and looks smart. Not rumpled. Final sale though, and not all of the colors are up for the extra 30% off code.


Something from Suitsupply’s Outlet if they re-open it?

I know. This isn’t specific. And it’s not even open yet. But Suitsupply HAS opened their online outlet post-holidays in the past (last year it was mid January). Remember, all sales are final if they do throw the virtual doors open. So be careful. But some serious steals have been had in years past. (Shoes and sportcoats seem to be solid bets. But again, no returns. So everything is a risk.)


Old Navy Velvet Built-In-Flex Blazer – $ 27.97 ($ 79.99)

Old Navy Velvet Built-In-Flex Blazer

I mean… New Year’s Eve is almost here. And you’d have to shell out for express shipping or head to a store to see if you could find one (use the “find it now” feature on their site) but… it’s a $ 30 velvet blazer. That’s low risk, high reward. Peak lapel. Single button front with a bit of a lower slung button stance. Single vent in the rear. Big thanks to Calvin M. for the tip on these things, which he says are quite nice for the price. A medium fit Calvin’s normally 38R, 175 frame spot on. Price shown above reflects the extra 20% off that happens at checkout.


BONUS: Hamilton Railroad Small Seconds Auto. – $ 659 ($ 800)

Hamilton Railroad Small Seconds Automatic |

Expensive? Yes. But complete class. Big fan of the just-different-enough seconds hand that’s been offset at 8 o’clock. Full retail is almost $ 1300 if you buy direct from Hamilton (price above reflects what it’ll run you through Jomashop during this flash sale that they’re running). 42mm case diameter. Onion-style crown and date window at 3 o’clock. Razor sharp hands. Extremely versatile. An heirloom to pass on. One of those watches that’s gonna look just as impressive in 30 years as it does now.

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Thanks to Meghan Markle, Sales for This Item Have Increased by 1000%

It was just officially announced today that actress and activist Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry, but her influence in the fashion world has already begun. It’s no secret that everything Markle’s future sister-in-law Kate Middleton touches (as in, wears) turns to sold-out gold, so it’s no surprise that the world has already become acutely interested in what Markle wears, especially since she made her public debut with Prince Harry in September at the Invictus Games in Canada. Case in point, Harper’s Bazaar UK just reported that at that event, Markle wore a pair of round sunglasses by Finlay & Co. (as pictured above), a London-based eyewear brand. Lo and behold, the brand just divulged that since Markle wore its Percy sunglasses, they’ve seen sales increase by a whopping 1000%.

While this is certainly an early indicator of Markle’s sartorial influence, it doesn’t hurt that the $ 180 round shades are as timeless, versatile, and flattering as they come. It also comes as no surprise that the sunglasses are currently out of stock until January 31, 2018, but luckily, they’re available in five other equally versatile color options.

Shop Meghan Markle’s in-demand sunglasses below.

Shop more cool sunglasses here.

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Up to 50% Off Original Price @!

Lands’ End: 50% off 1 reg. priced item

L.E. 50% off  1 reg. priced item w/ LEAVES & 8813

And here we are again. Seemed like for a while there LE had really cut back on codes and promos. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, LE is none the less running a promo that’s just about as good as it gets for them. No, you can’t use it on sale items. And no, you can’t use it on more than one item. But there’s plenty of terrific fall-appropriate stuff kicking about, plus some great looking/masculine home goods that would make great gifts. Off we go with some picks. Code LEAVES & pin 8813 runs through tomorrow, 11/15.


Straight Fit 5 Pocket Stretch Moleskin Pants – $ 34.97 ($ 69.95)

Straight Fit 5 Pocket Stretch Moleskin Pants

Gonna bang the drum on these things for as long as I can. Love ’em. Just got a pair in and the first time I wore them a lady friend said she loved the color (the “Umber” above) and since we were in relatively close contact at the time, she asked permission to touch them. Yes, she enjoyed touching my pants. And no, Mrs. Dappered if you’re reading this there’s nothing to worry about, being that this lady friend in question then demanded I send her a link to where she could buy said pants for her husband (who is not the kinda guy you want to mess with). I obliged. Anyway, Moleskin is a fantastic cold weather fabric. Super soft and blocks the wind. Straight fit here. Three fall-ready shades to pick from.


Tailored Fit Half-Canvas Italian Wool Blazer – $ 144.50 ($ 289)

Lands' End Tailored Fit Half-Canvas Italian Wool Blazer

And it’s not on backorder! Half canvas. Workhorse Italian wool (not the softest stuff, but fine). Full review here. Also available in a traditional fit.


Alpaca Blend Shawl Cardigan – $ 64.50 ($ 129)

I mean, the LE version isn’t EXACTLY The Dude’s sweater, but… it’s damn close. If you have a Big Lebowski fan in your life, maybe pick up one of these, the Blu Ray, and White Russian makings for mid Christmas Day?


Nachtmann German Made Crystal Decanter & Glasses Set – $ 75 ($ 150)

Nachtmann German Made Crystal Decanter & Glasses Set

Meanwhile, if whiskey is more your speed and you’re not a fan of White Russians… Does appear that these things are lead-free crystal? Which is good. You never want to store spirits in leaded crystal. That stuff can leach into the liquid over time.


Tailored Fit Wool Year ’rounder Dress Pants – $ 44.50 ($ 89)

Flat Front Tailored Fit Wool Year ’rounder Dress Pants

Obligatory. For those that work in a more formal than smart-casual work environment, these things can be wallet-savers. Nice, lighter weight merino wool. Lots of colors to pick from and you can have em’ hemmed before they leave the warehouse. Also available in a traditional fit.


Tailored Fit Wool Flannels in Gray Herringbone or Olive Plaid – $ 54.50

Lands' End Tailored Fit Wool Flannel Pants

Two patterns/colors to choose from, although the charcoal is a bit short on the size run. Plus, like their other dress trousers, you can have them hemmed to a specific length before they’re shipped out to you. Original price is $ 109. Being that these are north of fifty, post code, they’ll ship for free too.


Primaloft Quilted Jacket – $ 74.50 ($ 149)

L.E. Quilted Jacket

Classic, Barbour-like sporting looks without the heritage brand price tag. Corduroy collar, brass-tone snaps, raglan sleeves, and a vent in the rear for ease of movement. Also available in vest form.


Straight Fit Flannel Lined Knockabout Chinos – $ 34.97 or Jeans – $ 39.97

Lands' End Flannel Lined Chinos & Denim

Another pair of options for cold weather pants. Flannel lined chinos or jeans, with three color options on the chinos, and just one (albeit a perfect looking deep dark blue) on the jeans. Kinda bummed that the free shipping at $ 50 threshold is only taken into account AFTER you’ve applied the code (GAP inc. does it pre-code). Therefor, you’re stuck with shelling out for shipping here.


Carlisle Decanter – $ 24.97 ($ 49.95)

Lands' End Carlisle decanter

So say you’re good on glasses, or, you’re looking to build a collection of decanters in an office/den for that Tommy Shelby look. Here’s a solo, non-leaded decanter that’ll do the trick.


Drifter Aran Cable Crewneck – $ 44.50 ($ 89)

Drifter Aran Cable Crewneck

A timeless classic. Made from cotton, so, not as expensive as wool. Also, these are fully fashioned, which means they’re knit all at once to shape a torso, instead of cutting and sewing individual pieces together.


Wool Blend Topcoats in Camel – $ 174.50 ($ 349) or Windowpane – $ 199.50 ($ 399)

Lands' End Wool Blend Topcoats

Classic looking topcoats with a little extra flair at the cuffs. Thankfully, no epaulets or anything like that. They kept the trench inspiration to just the sleeves. 80% wool / 20% nylon for the camel coat, 76% wool, 20% nylon, 4% other for the charcoal windowpane. Acetate linings for each. Just wish they’d put angled slash pockets on the sides instead of horizontal flaps. Angled slash pockets are much, much easier to get your hands into.


Cashmere V-Neck – $ 89.50 ($ 179)

Lands' End Cashmere V-Neck

Ninety bones for a basic sweater isn’t cheap, but the cashmere that Lands’ End uses really is a step above their competition. A super fine gauge makes it feel lighter in weight but still super strong. Fit is more of a straight fit, less super slim. Not enormous if you’ve got some bulk on you though. A ton of colors to pick from. Also shown at the top of this post.


Pendleton Cotton/Wool/Nylon Stripe Knit Throw – $ 79.50 ($ 159)

Pendleton Throw

Not Made in the USA, but instead imported. Classic striped pattern and off-white cotton/wool blend fabric. 50” x 60”. Another “Dappered Space” type of item that can set your home apart from the rest.


Tailored Fit Wool Flannel Sport Coat – $ 124.50 ($ 249)

Lands' End Tailored Fit Wool Flannel Sport Coat

They’re claiming this is a true half-canvas construction. Not bad for a hundred and twenty five bucks. 100% wool herringbone exterior, 100% rayon lining. Tailored fit. Add the trousers (during another sale since you can only get one item with this code and pin) and you’ve got a cold weather suit for cheap.


Tailored Fit Buttondown Sail Rigger Oxford – $ 19.97 ($ 39.95)

Tailored Fit Buttondown Sail Rigger Oxford

Multiple colors to pick from. Note that there are three fit options on these things. There’s traditional, tailored, and slim. Don’t forget to click on one of those before you pick your size. Now going for the price of a UNIQLO oxford.


Wool Car Coat – $ 149.50 ($ 299)

Lands' End Wool Car Coat

Looks real good in the catalog shots (such as above), but a little lifeless in the product image on their site? Hoping it looks more tailored in person than the boxy look the site shows. Nice hybrid, almost Filson look here. Wool blend shell with some insulation inside for warmth.


The Mega Splurges: Cashmere Cardigan or Cable Crew – $ 199.50 ($ 399)

Lands' End Cashmere

Oh good gravy. Got a dude on your list who has been very, very, VERY good this year? Get him a sweater he’ll wear for the rest of his life. Again, Lands’ End cashmere really is a step above the stuff you’ll find at their competition.

The 50% off 1 regular price item code LEAVES and pin 8813 expires 11/15/17. Free shipping kicks in at fifty bucks.

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Taco Bell’s Newest Menu Item Has One Ridiculous Ingredient That Will Leave You Questioning Everything

Taco Bell Jalapeno Popper QuesaritoOh, Taco Bell. You beautiful hot mess, you. Forget Beefy Crunch Burritos; T-Bell just rolled out a new menu item called the Jalapeno Popper Quesarito. Like many of their shock-inducing new…

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Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

Check Groupon First – Enjoy 20% OFF of all 16 Serving Sample Packs as we celebrate Independence Day! (Promotion valid until 7/31/2015, discount applied once item is in the shopping cart)

Enjoy 20% OFF of all 16 Serving Sample Packs as we celebrate Independence Day! (Promotion valid until 7/31/2015, discount applied once item is in the shopping cart)
Code: None Needed
Begin: 2015-07-20 00:00:00
Expire: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Coupon Feed

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; Apple RedSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; Apple RedSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Age: Adult, Material: Metal, Gender: Unisex, Color: Red, Color: Yellow, Color: Multi, Insulated: Yes, Customizable: No, Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 10.88, Overall Width – Side to Side: 12.5, Overall Depth – Front to Back: 18.38, Overall Product Weight: 2
List Price:

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; Lemon YellowSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; Lemon YellowSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Age: Adult, Material: Metal, Gender: Unisex, Color: Red, Color: Yellow, Color: Multi, Insulated: Yes, Customizable: No, Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 10.88, Overall Width – Side to Side: 12.5, Overall Depth – Front to Back: 18.38, Overall Product Weight: 2
List Price:

Pure Fitness Mini Stepper w/ Stretch CordsSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Pure Fitness Mini Stepper w/ Stretch CordsSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Made from sturdy steel with non-slip foot grips Textured foot pads and dual hydraulic cylinders Easily visible electronic readout displays step count, calories burned, elapsed time Compact, stores easily under bed or in a small closet Perfect for those with limited space Color: Silver Manufacturer provides a 90 day warranty Dimensions: 9.69” H x 12.8” W x 18.5” D
List Price:

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; SilverSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar; SilverSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Age: Adult Material: Metal Gender: Unisex Color: Red Color: Yellow Color: Multi Insulated: Yes Customizable: No Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 10.88 Overall Width – Side to Side: 12.5 Overall Depth – Front to Back: 18.38 Overall Product Weight: 2
List Price:

WOLF Heritage Men’s Large Valet Case, BlackSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

WOLF Heritage Men’s Large Valet Case, BlackSorry, this item is currently out of stock.

“WOLF Large valet case features matching plush black interior and chrome plated hardware. Case has slim lift out cufflink tray and three additional compartments for accessory storage and measures 3″” x 8 1/2″” x 8 1/2″”. Black Dimensions: 3″”(H) x 8 1/2″”(W) x 8 1/2″”(D) Wolf designs’ heritage men’s accessories collection offers functional, classically designed pieces for your everyday use Pebbled faux leather Chrome snap closure Matching plush interior This collection offers an assortment ranging from cufflink cases to a valet trays all covered in pebble textured fAUX leather exteriors, plush black interiors and chrome plated hardware An essential for any dresser top Large Valet Case provides storage for a single watch, slim lift out cufflink tray and three additional compartments for accessory storage Divided into four compartments Slim lift out cufflink tray stores ten sets of cufflinks Includes one watch pillow”
List Price:

Chris Kunitz Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2004 In The Game Action Autographed Card – Awesome Card. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Autograph-Sports. Autographed

Chris Kunitz Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2004 In The Game Action Autographed Card – Awesome Card. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Autograph-Sports. Autographed

Chris Kunitz Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2004 In The Game Action Autographed Card – Awesome Card. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Autograph-Sports. Autographed. Comes fully certified with a Athletic Promotional Events certificate of authenticity.
List Price: $ 24.00
Price: $ 21.82