Photo Flash: Andy Karl and Samantha Barks Fall in Love in PRETTY WOMAN on Broadway

More than 28 years after Julia Roberts and Richard Gere stole our hearts in ‘Pretty Woman,’ Broadway has brought the beloved love story to the stage. Check out a first glimpse of Andy Karl, Samantha Barks and more in ‘Pretty Woman The Musical’ with brand-new production stills below Featured Content


‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco marries Karl Cook

“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco is a married woman.

The actress, 32, tied the knot with fiancé Karl Cook Saturday in a romantic ceremony at a horse stable near San Diego, Calif.

The intimate “I dos” were officiated by her sister, Briana, who joked that she’d taken a “very questionable” online…

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Karl Lagerfeld Made Nautical Fashion for the Street (Style) at Chanel’s Cruise 2019 Show

In lieu of an exotic destination, Chanel staged its Cruise 2019 runway show right at home in Paris’s Grand Palais. But Karl Lagerfeld and his team managed to make it feel like more of a voyage, erecting a literal cruise ship as the backdrop (and party venue) for the runway. And what do you get …

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Karl Lagerfeld Is Not a Fan of Virgil Abloh or J.W. Anderson

Karl Lagerfeld is infamous for speaking his mind, and holds nothing back for a new interview with Numéro Magazine. The digressive chat covers everything from Lagerfeld’s eventual funeral to his new facial hair.

Kicking things off with a bang, Lagerfeld casts shade on the recently-deceased Pierre Bergé and Azzedine Alaïa, noting that “last year I lost my two best enemies” with near-mirth. The designer expounds that “all the other designers hate me” because he doesn’t complain about overwork, thriving with the responsibility of designing for three different brands — Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label. Lagerfeld thrills to design womenswear, as men’s fashion “does little for me,” as well as “having to put up with all those stupid [male] models.”

Onto other hot topics, Lagerfeld notes that “What shocks me most [about #metoo] are the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened. Not to mention the fact there are no prosecution witnesses.” He explains: “I read somewhere that now you must ask a model if she is comfortable with posing. Its simply too much, from now on, as a designer, you can’t do anything.” Later, when asked to rank Simon Porte Jacquemus, Virgil Abloh and Jonathan Anderson, the designer goes off on a tangent, complimenting Marine Serre for her “will of steel” and positively noting Jacquemus’s personality. However, when asked to choose from those three male designers as a desert island companion, Lagerfeld’s answer is simple: “I’d kill myself first.”

Read the entire interview on Numéro’s website. Most recently, the designer opened a new Karl Lagerfeld store in New York City.

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This new capsule collection from Karl Lagerfeld is totally Instagrammable

The designer has teamed up with Israeli born artist Yoni Alter…

Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with the Israeli born artist Yoni Alter to create a limited edition capsule collection.

Known for his bespoke graphics and bold, colourful designs, Alter has partnered with the brand to create a bright, punchy and totally Instagrammable collection for spring 2018.

Using pixelated graphics, the artist has reinterpreted iconic images from the brand including Karl Lagerfeld, his cat Choupette and the KARL graphics.

“Karl and Choupette are so iconic in their appearance, and I had a lot of fun playing around with these figures and visuals,” explained the London based artist. “I felt like testing if they’d still be recognizable if I reduce the amount of details and pixelate them.”

Spanning t-shirts, dresses and sweatshirts there are also a number of safari-inspired pieces in khaki fabrics with embroidered patches, alongside a number of accessories including  a safari camera minaudiere, a phone case and a wallet.

Available to buy from April 1st, click here to check out the full collection.

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How Karl Lagerfeld Became the Master of the Celebrity Fashion Universe–and Why Hollywood Still Can’t Get Enough of Him

Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Muses, Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Keira KnightleyFor all of the acting superlatives deservedly bestowed on Meryl Streep over the years, she’s never really been known for her fashion.
She’s been showbiz royalty for so long, her…

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The Love Advice That Shocked Expert Karl Pillemer


By Suzanne Gerber

You’d think that nothing could shock Karl Pillemer, when it comes to the lives of older folks. After all, the distinguished gerontologist, family sociologist, Cornell University professor and leading researcher on aging (he runs the Cornell Legacy Project) wrote the 2011 bestseller 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice for the Wisest Americans.

And yet, he says, “I was surprised at how important sex is to a couple’s relationship even into their 80s and 90s. I shouldn’t have been, but I was also hit over the head by how open and willing older people are to talk about sexuality with an interviewer.”

Pillemer is referring to the thousands of hours of interviews he and his team conducted for his latest book, 30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationship, and Marriage. Over the course of two years, they talked with some 700 folks whose marriages lasted an average of 43 years and came away with valuable lessons for everyone — including himself.

View From the Finish Line

Published this month, “30 Lessons for Loving” picks up where the first book left off, but instead of offering advice on a host of topics, this one, as the title suggests, focuses on love and marriage. Pillemer chose that subject partly in a leap of faith and partly because of the strong feedback he was receiving from readers.

The leap of faith was the result of the research he kept encountering. “Study after study showed that people in their 70s, 80s and beyond were actually happier than younger people,” he says.

And the data shows that successful relationships are very important to the next generations, leading Pillemer to conclude that “marriage is here to stay. Nearly 100 percent of young people plan to get married and think it’s a good thing. I know they’re receptive to hearing advice from people who made it 50 years because they’ve got credibility.”

Readers were also writing to him asking for more material on love and marriage. One woman told Pillemer she gave a copy of the first book to her son when he got engaged and at the wedding the couple had a “Lessons for Living” station, where guests were invited to leave comments. Dozens of other readers told Pillemer they gave their children copies and bookmarked the lesson, “Don’t Rush Into Marriage,” as a not-so-subtle hint. Thus, 30 Lessons for Loving was born.

A Dangerous Experiment

According to Pillemer, this is the first time in history that young people have little to no contact with older people except maybe a grandparent. “New data shows that less than one-third of people over 65 have had meaningful conversations with people under 30 in the previous month,” he says. “Take out family, and it’s less than 5 percent. People are more likely to have friends of another race than friends more or less than 10 years apart.”

Not only is this shocking to Pillemer, it’s deeply disheartening. “I think we’re in the midst of a dangerous experiment,” he says. “This is the most age-segregated society that’s ever been. Vast numbers of younger people are likely to live into their 90s without contact with older people. As a result, young people’s view of aging is highly unrealistic and absurd. “

So now, Pillemer says, “I’m focusing on older people’s wisdom and helping creating positive new images. That’s one of the reasons for this book.”

Love and Marriage

Lessons for Loving is divided into five sections — Lessons for Finding a Mate, Communication and Conflict, Getting Over the Hard Parts, Keeping the Spark Alive and Thinking Like an Expert About Love. Each of these is further broken down into six lessons, such as “Give Up Grudges” and “Accept Your Partner As Is.”

The book reads like a candid and entertaining advice column, which is precisely what Pillemer intended. “As an academic I had to learn to write in a whole new genre that I felt younger people could use,” he says. He succeeded. The book is eminently readable.

The “experts” — the author’s solution to the dilemma of what to call folks in this age range — had surprising and enlightening things to say.

Pillemer recently got to put one such gem of wisdom, from a 71-year-old interviewee named April, to good use. When he and his wife were having what he calls persistent and irreconcilable differences about a bathroom renovation, he recalled the woman’s words: “It’s important to let some things go, to figure out what matters and what really doesn’t matter. If [my husband and I] were in some sort of struggle, we would stop and say, “Which one of us is this more important to?” And when we could figure that out, the other one found it so much easier to let go.”

In describing his bathroom drama, he says, “My wife wanted a claw-foot tub, and I wanted a stall shower. The disagreements went on and on until I recalled April’s advice and realized how important the tub was to my wife. So I let her have it. It might sound small, but it was huge to us.”

The best thing about researching and writing this book, Pillemer adds, was the long view it’s afforded him. “It never hit me before, but marriage is really a discipline, where you agree to forgo something for long-term success.”

His other big takeaway: “I have a renewed sense of hopefulness that we can keep things vibrant and exciting.”

Now, that’s exciting.

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