We Finally Know What Ned Stark Whispered on Game of Thrones and It Wasn’t About Cookies

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones fans finally have their answer to one of their most pressing questions.

Sean Bean, the actor who played Ned Stark on Game of Thrones, has revealed the truth to Huff Post on what he muttered during the season 1, episode 9 “Baelor” moment before his beheading. It is indeed a show known for its gruesome deaths.

Per typical Game of Thrones style, Stark’s mysterious musings launched a stampede of theories. Some fans believe he said, “I kept my promise” in terms of the R+L=J Jon Snow theory. Others think he may have whispered that popular Game of Thrones line “Valar Morghulis,” which means “all men must die.”

According to Bean, however, it was none of the above. Before the sword came down and the camera cut away, Bean revealed that he was “just saying a prayer.” He told Huff Post, “I just thought, ‘What would you do if this were really gonna happen?’ You probably would pray. You probably would murmur some words and you’d keep it quiet. You’d keep it to yourself.”

Bean noted that his whispering and praying was subtle and “many people wouldn’t pick it up.” So although, no, he didn’t say “I want some Oreos” as some speculate, he merely remained in tune with where his character was at that moment: “There’s not much you can do really, you’ve got your head on a block. That’s about the only thing you can do is murmur.”

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North Korea is even weirder — and more scary — than you know

President Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un elicited a wide range of responses from experts. But one thing you hear from everyone is that the president and administration need to prepare. The North Koreans may be technologically (and morally) backward and rhetorically juvenile, but they’re also incredibly adept and disciplined at…
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What to know about ALS, the disease that affected scientist Stephen Hawking

Hawking lived with the degenerative disorder for decades before his death.
ABC News: Health


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Everything You Should Know About Vegan Diets Before Copying Beyoncé

According to Queen Bey, it’s “vegan time.”

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8 TED Talks by Exceptional Black Women You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s International Women’s Day (and Women’s History Month), which means that in addition to showing some extra love and support to the Women of Power in and around your circle, it’s a good time to binge on some enriching TED Talks by phenomenal influencers.

You can extract some major life inspiration from such thought-provoking speakers as Jedidah Isler, the first black woman to earn a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Yale, who expresses her deep belief in the value of diversity in STEM fields; Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee, who stresses the untapped potential of girls around the world; author Luvvie Ajayi, who encourages women of color to speak their mind; and Joy Buolamwini, the MIT grad student fighting bias in machine algorithms.

The passionate women featured here are fearlessly creating magic, disrupting paradigms, and sparking change with their transformational ideas and actions. Each woman is making a sizable impact in her field and each talk is bound to fill you with insight and motivation to last throughout this entire Women’s History Month and beyond.

These are the eight TED Talks by exceptional black women that you cannot miss.

Jedidah Isler, Astrophysicist – “The Untapped Genius That Could Change Science for the Better”


Luvvie Ajayi, Author – “Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”


Joy Buolamwini, Coder, Founder, The Algorithmic Justice League – “How I’m Fighting Bias In Algorithms”


Leymah Gbowee, Peace Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner – “Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, Greatness of Girls”


T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, CEO and COO, GirlTrek – “When Black Women Walk, Things Change”


Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Political Scientist, Executive Director, UN Women – “An Invitation to Men Who Want a Better World for Women”


Mellody Hobson, Investment Expert, President, Ariel Investments – “Color Blind or Color Brave?”


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Novelist – “We Should All Be Feminists”


Honorable mention: Shonda Rhimes, Writer, Producer – “My Year of Saying Yes To Everything”


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Mega-guide to free agency: Players to know in every category

The frenzy starts next week. Are you ready? Here’s everything to know about the top players who could hit the open market, from guys primed for big paydays to those looking for prove-it deals and more.
www.espn.com – NFL

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Everything you wanted to know about Kurdistan


Kurdistan is often thought of as a country but is actually loosely defined as a geo-political region populated by a majority of Kurdish people. Kurdistan encompasses the countries of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, and many Kurds wish to form an independent and autonomous nation. It’s important to make sure you understand the geopolitical ramifications of how other parts of the world are affected.

We think it’s important to learn as much as possible about Kurdistan, and the relations within the region. Recognizing and figuring out what Kurdish people want, and how they live in the countries they are in, is crucially important. The Kurds have played an important role recently in helping the United States battle ISIS, so here are a few things you should know about Kurdistan.

It has a unique and difficult history

Kurdistan has had a very difficult and unique history over the years, and this has led it to the point that it is now. The region lies in the Middle East, and its borders overlap Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. This has led to a big Kurdish influence in these countries, but, also, a lot of infighting and conflict. It is thought that they originated from a mix of Indo-European and Arabic tribes, but they didn’t really become a proper ethnic community before around 1918.

They are so close to independence

The Kurdish people have been controversially campaigning for their own independence for quite some time now. In fact, the Kurds are arguably the largest ethnic group in the world with no independent state of their own. In August 2017, a vote was held surrounding the issue of Kurdish independence, and votes were cast overwhelmingly in favor of independence. So, for the first time in their history, the Kurds could be on their way to becoming an independent nation.

Still not self-reliant

They may want independence, but it’s clear that Kurdistan still relies heavily on the governments of Turkey and Iraq. The main reason behind this is that they are not yet economically self-sufficient, in spite of the amount of oil they produce. So, it remains to be seen whether or not they will try to negotiate some sort of agreement with these nations if they do achieve independence.

They have a strong army

The Kurdish Army is often known as the peshmerga, and they have a reputation for being strong and fierce warriors. They are considered far more effective than the Iraqi Army, but they did struggle badly against ISIS before US intervention. The main problems seem to surround the fact that they don’t have great weapons, not to mention the political element. Whether their army would be strong enough to defend them as an independent nation is debatable.

So, now you know a little more about Kurdistan than you did before! So the next time it gets raised in conversation you will be able to get involved and be more knowledgeable! Kurdistan is a place seeking its own autonomy, and we will have to watch how events unfold surrounding potential independence.


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‘Sea of Thieves’: Everything You Need to Know About Trading Companies

Sea of Thieves isn’t like other shared world adventure games. In Destiny or The Division, if you get left behind by a group of your friends, it’s hard to catch up. Levelling is tied to gear, and gear is tied to in-game rewards from events, end-game activities and (a lot of the time) straight up luck. Unless you can sink a lot of time into the game, you’ll get left behind.

Rare prides itself on the fact that Sea of Thieves’ progression system is something a little different – relying on something the development studio likes to call ‘horizontal progression’. There is no overall level to speak of, and all customisation options are purely cosmetic. If you see a pirate decked-out in gold with a fancy rifle and rare parrot on their shoulder, that means nothing: they have all the same tools and weapons as you. They’ll likely just have a better reputation with one of Sea of Thieves’ Trading Companies.

“We wanted to build a game where the value of sharing a rich and diverse world with other players is much more meaningful than ever-increasing stats,” design director Mike Chapman tells us on a studio visit to Rare. “We wanted to create an experience where there are no barriers for players, nothing keeping them from playing with each other. Doing that would really be against the vision of our game.”

Sea Of Thieves party
RARE wants players of all skill levels to be able to enjoy quests with their friends.

The in-game result of this design philosophy is that Sea of Thieves players can purchase voyages (read: quests) in the game from one of the three Trading Companies, and then all crew members get to cast a vote on which of their voyages they want to tackle together.

In honour of fairness, majority wins in Sea of Thieves’ voting system, so don’t ever worry about being forced to undertake a random quest. The flat way that any player can offer up a quest with any other player able to vote on it means even the most weathered pirate can opt to join in on hunts for booty with greenhorns, or will even allow a fledgeling pirate to tackle the most dangerous end-game quests too.

Completing these voyages will award gold, titles, ranks, and cosmetic items – if you can return the booty to the hub outposts. These rewards will be evenly split across the crew, something Rare is intentionally doing to combat toxicity in the title, are a part of Sea of Thieves‘ progression system.

Sea of Thieves cannon combat
Taking part in treacherous sea battles is one way to gain favour with your chosen Trading Company.

The more voyages you complete, the more you’ll rank up the Trading Company that offered it to you. The higher the rank of the Company, the more challenging (but rewarding) the voyages will be. Complete enough of these challenges and you can hit end-game status and start chiselling away at the Pirate Legend content – and of course you can share that with your lower level friends, too.

Each Trading Company has come to the Sea of Thieves with their own motivation, their own goal in this aquatic frontier. Each style roughly reflects a different playstyle, too, so if you want to sample everything Sea of Thieves has to offer, you’re going to want to dip in and out of each Company’s quest lines.


Sea Of Thieves promo art
Looking to become the most pimpin’ pirate on the seven seas? The Gold Hoarders have you covered.

The Gold Hoarders outlook is simple: having been founded by legendary treasure hunters, they want to amass as much wealth as possible. To this end, the Trading Company will send you out on treasure hunts, offering you riddles to complete to find the rarest treasure in the game. These riddles will usually require teamwork and tenacity (as well as a pretty good knowledge of the in-game world) to unpick and will reward you with bigger hoards of lost treasure.

You level up this Company by bringing back chests and selling them to the greedy vendors – in return, you can acquire cosmetics that usually have a pretty bombastic feel to them… think Pirate Bling, if nothing else.


Sea Of Thieves The Merchant Alliance
The Merchant Alliance is where you’ll find the game’s more er, ‘out there’ quests.

The Merchant Alliance wants to control trade in the game. They’re preoccupied with the idea of controlling the world’s economy, paying pirates to scout out supplies and ferry resources such as animals and gunpowder across the sea. Fulfilling contracts, delivering on time and making sure all your cargo makes it to the required location earns you handsome rewards… but if you’re willing to take on more ‘complicated’ stock, those rewards could be even better.

Sea of Thieves has live animal wildlife in-game, and knowing where different breeds of animals live, and how best to get them from one place to another, is a fundamental part of Merchant Alliance gameplay. Want to deliver snakes? You better have one member of your crew dedicated to playing music to calm them.

Want to deliver pigs? Make sure it stays fed. Want to deliver chickens? Good luck, because they like to pop overboard…


Sea Of Thieves The Order Of Souls
While most of RARE’s pirate epic is fairly light-hearted and colourful, The Order Of Souls represent the game’s darker side.

Finally, the Order of Souls is set on mastering the ancient and mysterious magic of the game’s lore, and is willing to use you as a vessel to achieve that. The conjurers and seers of this mysterious sect have learned how to recapture magic from the skulls of former pirates, and will reward anyone bringing them back to the Order.

This is the most combat-focused of the Companies: quests on behalf of this odd bunch will see you charged with taking down infamous skeleton pirate crews, using a variety of combat tactics to come out on top. As you progress higher into the ranks of this Company, you’ll be asked to take on Skeleton Forts – massively challenging outposts home to some very important loot.

These forts will contain more loot than any one ship can carry – so will you split the rewards with other crews, or will you make a round trip, determined to hoard the treasure for yourself?

Though the voyages guide you towards completing a certain task in order to get specific rewards, Sea of Thieves is also keen for you to explore: you can find artefacts, treasure, mysterious skulls and more out in the world, or in the possession of other players. Nabbing these more emergent style rewards can still push you along the path of your chosen Company, and can do so without impacting your freedom.

Sea Of Thieves Treasure
Rare hints at much more to come in ‘Sea Of Thieves’.

But that’s not all. Whilst Rare plans to launch with three companies, our conversations with the developers at the studio would suggest there’s still far more to come. “The Golden Age of Piracy is still yet to come” smiles Mike Chapman, when asked about what Rare has in store for us in the future.

Rare suggests there will be seasonal content coming to the game too, with specific new Trading Companies perhaps linked to certain times of year or  in-game events that will offer new quest opportunities and cosmetic items.

It’s clear Rare plans on keeping this game alive for the foreseeable future, and that’s great news – because the studio has made it abundantly clear that this is only the beginning, and these Trading Companies are merely the foundation of something much, much bigger.

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NYPD needs to let the public know more about police discipline

Are New Yorkers entitled to know the details of disciplinary hearings against police officers? The state’s highest court is going to decide that question — and we hope it comes out for full transparency. That’s why The Post and other local news media support the New York Civil Liberties Union’s ongoing legal efforts to obtain…
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McShay’s guide to NFL combine drills: Everything you need to know

The drills at the NFL combine boil down to two questions: Do the measurables mesh with the film? And which players trigger red flags with their results? From the 40-yard dash to the bench press, here are the numbers to know for each drill.
www.espn.com – NFL

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‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Trailer Lampoons the Internet; Here’s Everything We Know

'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Trailer Lampoons the Internet; Here's Everything We Know

With the Oscar-nominated Wreck-It Ralph, Disney tapped into nostalgia for all kinds of video games, from 1980s classics to modern-day standards for various age groups. This fall, the animated feature's sequel will enter the much larger arena of the internet. Titled Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, this movie has a new teaser trailer showcasing the array of jokes for all ages involving Wi-Fi, ebay, traffic-baiting listicles, pop-up ads and simple app games for toddlers….

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11 Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Creating a desirable neighborhood requires commitment and participation from the people who reside there. When you get to know your neighbors, you’ll not only feel more comfortable around them, you’ll also be able to help one another improve the community. Click through to learn the 11 biggest advantages of being a friendly neighbor.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


What Is Graves’ Disease? Symptoms and Treatment Options to Know About

This type of hyperthyroidism can lead to life-threatening complications if left untreated.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Kirby’s Friends We Know and Hope to See in ‘Kirby Star Allies’

I know what you’re thinking. In Kirby Star Allies, by way of Kirby’s classic ability to inhale and assimilate enemies, isn’t every character your ally? Isn’t this even moreso the case with Kirby’s new ability to charm enemies by throwing hearts at them?

There’s a difference between Kirby allies and Kirby friends. Kirby friends are the equivalent of helpers — enemies you can turn into friends to use their abilities throughout the level. They’re tools. Kirby allies are moreso actual characters, intended for fans to fall in love with and pine for their cameos in new versions. Kinda like this!

Given the nature of Kirby games, the list of allies is quite similar to the list of villains. It’s normal for characters on either side of the line to swap allegiances for a short time. So you’ll forgive us if we include Meta Knight just because he’s awesome and cute. Nobody’s a full-time villain here.

The names are similarly … similar. With monikers from Lololo to Lalala to Dedede, you’d be forgiven for thinking the naming of Kirby characters fell to an executive’s three month-old child. Tsk, tsk. Nepotism.

We know there are some animal friend cameos planned from the likes of Nago, Pitch, and ChuChu. But which of these strings of repeated syllables do we hope to see in Kirby Star Allies? For that we’ll have to reach back across the franchise for our favourites.

Kirby Star Allies Meta Knight

Meta Knight

Friend or foe? You never really know. Meta Knight, leader of the meta knights (because that’s so meta), looks very much like an armoured version of Kirby. His motivations have always been mysterious, and despite breaking his mask, we’ve never seen his face.

Even when Meta Knight is fighting against Kirby though, you have to respect him. He’s nothing if not honourable, and will offer Kirby a sword to make the fight fair.

We hope to see more of this character both because he’s a fan favourite, and because we want to know more about him. His mystery is part of his charm, but throughout the series each appearance has revealed something new.

In Meta Knightmare Ultra we learned he’s on a quest to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy. In Revenge of the Meta Knight we learned he hates laziness. And in the anime, we learn that Meta Knight does take into account the greater good, which is ultimately his reason for helping Kirby.

Kirby Star Allies Chef Kawasaki

Chef Kawasaki

Racking up what must be the most appearances in the Kirby series (yes, other than Kirby, you pedantic scoundrel) is Chef Kawasaki, another villain-turned-friend.

Kawasaki is the perfect compliment to Kirby. On one hand, we have a hero who can’t stop eating. On the other, we have an ally who can’t stop cooking. Boom.

Kawasaki is also the source of one of Kirby’s most powerful abilities: Cook.

Don’t let the understated name fool you. This effectively clears the entire screen of enemies other than bosses. Due to its power, this is one of the few Copy Abilities that only gives you one use.

Kirby Star Allies has a lot of powerups just floating around mid-level, so we’re not sure the game has much use for a character that would dole out tasty treats for Kirby’s benefit. The level design itself is already quite liberally sprinkled with things for Kirby to eat.

Even if we don’t see Chef Kawasaki, it’d be great to see some continuation of the robotisation of characters, a la Mecha Kawasaki.

Kirby Star Allies Adeleine


The child painter who could bring her creations to life, we don’t just hope to see a Kirby Star Allies Adeleine, we hope to see more Adeleine in general.

She can be sweet and paint into reality items or creatures to help Kirby. But the last time we saw her she was possessed by Dark Matter, turning on Kirby. Adeleine as an enemy is extremely dangerous, bringing a conga line of past bosses into existence with a flick of her brush.

This is an idea that could use a lot more exploring, both thematically and in terms of gameplay. If Drawn to Life can animate whatever pixel art abominations we put together, imagine the same idea with the backing of Nintendo.

Whether or not we’re controlling her, and whether or not she’s on our side, it’s a super cool ability that deserves more screen time.

Kirby Star Allies Angie


There’s a lot of potential for newer characters from Kirby’s Epic Yarn to make a jump into more traditional 3D cartoon graphics, and we think a great candidate would be Angie. Even moreso than Prince Fluff.

This smiley angel would carry you to your teammate whenever you wished, and would save you from fatal falls — at the cost of a few beads. It’s a similar role to Lakitu in Mario Kart.

We haven’t seen any of Angie so far in the promotional material, and we probably would have if she played a major “saving Kirby’s bacon” kind of role. But this is a series that loves cameos. Anything’s possible.

We could see all or none of the above allies. But we are slowly building a list of all the friends (and their abilities) for you to assimilate in Kirby Star Allies. Check it out here.

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Movie News: ‘Jurassic World 3’ Gets a Release Date – Here’s What We Know

Movie News: 'Jurassic World 3' Gets a Release Date - Here's What We Know

Jurassic World 3: Universal Pictures has set June 11, 2021 as the release date for the third installment in the Jurassic World series. Emily Carmichael (Pacific Rim: Uprising) and Colin Trevorrow have been hired to write the script. Trevorrow and his usual writing partner Derek Connelly worked together on the first two films in the new series and came up with the story for the third, though no details have been revealed yet. In the meantime, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will open on June 22….

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For Bisexual Black Girls Who Didn’t Know Janelle Monáe Was Going to Create Their Anthem Today


Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018. Remember that date. It marks a historic moment in your beautifully intersectional identity as a bisexual Black woman.

Perhaps you didn’t know this day was going to be anything beyond the 53rd day of 2018–and another dreaded day under the 45th president. But on said day, you watched Janelle Monáe’s music video for Make Me Feel. It was the antithesis to everything that gives the White House and 46.1 percent of Americans a fright: queers, Blacks and queer Blacks.

Monáe simultaneously dropped the music video alongside the visuals for her other newly released single, Django Jane.

Once you were done watching the Django Jane video, you surely didn’t think it could get more enthralling than a rapping Monáe. You thought you’d walk away from Thursday having only gained a bomb Black female empowerment anthem. (Which is still spectacularly uplifting in its own right–but you simply didn’t expect your sexual preferences to also get a four-minute shout-out as well).

Make Me Feel is a love ballad that’s already inspired comparisons to pop legend Prince. While that’s immensely respectable and all, we don’t care to pay attention to that aspect. Not today. Because today we saw what is arguably the most feminized and sexualized Monáe you’d ever seen. And she’s seductively shimmying as she puts on for your ever-so-fluctuating sexuality.

Throughout the video, Monáe unapologetically embodies bisexuality. When she simultaneously teases her goodies to a random man and Tessa Thompson, she emboldens those of us who have found that our attractions weren’t dictated by anatomical make-up. For those who are or were once perplexed by the absence of an actual sexual preference, the video is affirming.

Make Me Feel draws from one of the most iconic episodes of Netflix’s Black Mirror series in which two women find eternal love upon meeting younger versions of themselves. It’s the series’ queerest episode, a unique love story and it makes the video all the more powerful. But aside from simply representing for bisexual Black girls, there’s another element about the artist that makes these visuals even more empowering: Monáe has never declared her sexuality, so it may be safe to say the reclusive 32-year-old isn’t using sexual preferences as a marketing ploy. She’s simply expressing herself. And that (plus equality) is all the LGBT community has ever wanted.

Watch the Make Me Feel video below:

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Trevor Noah: Parkland Students Know More Than Fox News About Guns

Comedy Central

In the first new episode of The Daily Show since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Trevor Noah admitted that he’s an “idiot” when it comes to guns.

“Even though these shootings are happening more and more frequently, I refuse to get used to it and refuse to accept the idea that nothing can be done,” Noah said. “My first instinct is to talk about limiting guns, but I’m an idiot. I get it. You know, in my dumb mind, I keep thinking gun violence is somehow related to guns.”

“Now if you told someone that they had to solve gun violence but they couldn’t talk about guns, most people would be like, well, then, there’s nothing I can do,” he said of those who claim it’s “too soon” to talk about limiting access to guns. “But most people are not Fox News. Because over the last few days, Fox showed us that once you remove the obvious solution, you have no choice but to get creative.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

Whether you want to fast or not, everyone can steal one trick from this health trend.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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‘Monster Hunter World’ Secrets: 15 Things You May Not Know

Many, many hours into Monster Hunter World, you’ll still have no chance of knowing absolutely everything.

It’s a game that manages to sneak you into NG+ so subtly you won’t even realise until you’re halfway in it. Nergigante might be the kinda-sorta main objective, but this being a Monster Hunter game, of course it doesn’t end there.

We’ve put together a list of things that you might not yet know, and hopefully it’ll help you on your hunts — or perhaps you’ll just find it interesting.

Let’s start with poison.

Poison Works A Bit Differently

You can start building up poison on a monster right after you’ve poisoned them. You don’t have to wait for it to wear off. However, like most status effects, the amount of poison damage you need to trigger the effect increases every time you trigger it.

Counting the Mounting

The edges of the screen will go dark and blurry when a monster is about to buck and try to shake you off. If you press R2 when you see this, you’ll brace yourself and not lose stamina. Depleting your stamina bar can see you thrown off.

You might also want to brace if you see them about to rub their back against a solid wall. If you’re unsure, better safe than sorry.

Mounting is considered to be another “ailment” by the game, similar to poison or paralysis. As such, it’s subject to the same kind of diminishing returns. Just like it’ll take more and more poisoned hits to inflict the ailment, it’ll take more and more altitudinal damage to trigger a mount.

How to Steal Wyvern Eggs in ‘Monster Hunter World’

Sling That Thing

You should be using the slinger in every fight. Some cases are very specific, like when a Barroth or Juryotodus covers itself in mud, if you sling watermoss at them it’ll soften that mud armour and chip it off. Or when you’re fighting Nergigante and the crystal ammo or dragon ammo can break off its spikes.

But even if there’s no situation-specific use case, you should always be carrying around flash pods to blind them, and dung pods to make Bazelgeuse go away. Damn Bazelgeuse.

Nighty Night

Some little critters only come out at certain times of the day!

The Prism Hercudrome, in particular, is necessary for the secret Rainbow Bright achievement and only comes out at dawn or dusk. You can find it in one of the secluded beaches near the starting camp in the Ancient Forest.

Unlock Your True Power

Some weapons have a hidden elemental attack. If your weapon has a greyed out elemental attack on its info screen, you won’t get the benefit of that until you find a piece of gear that specifically says it unlocks hidden elements.

Luckily, you can sort gear at the workshop by skills, so just select that one and see which pieces fit the requirements.

How to Capture (Not Kill) in ‘Monster Hunter World’

The “Oh Dang” Button

If you haven’t been using your farcaster, it’s an instant escape! Very handy. A wingdrake will come to fly you back to camp and the invincibility frames start almost straight away.

The Monster Hunter World interface isn’t the best, and sometimes rotating through all of your items can be frustrating mid-combat. There’s so great solution for that, but pick whatever works for you best — whether that’s reserving a spot on the item wheel for an instant escape, or reducing the amount of usable items to make it easier to find on your normal item button.

Tailriders For Life

If you upgrade your tailriders enough, they’ll set traps for you!

This is obviously super useful, though it won’t work against some enemies like Nergigante. Plus, as if you need a reason to deepen your alliance with the true stars of the game, the felynes.

No More Guesswork

Sometimes it can be hard to find the first bit of evidence from a monster. If you don’t want to waste any time, go back to your tent and grab the basic battle horn. There’s a song you can play that instantly upgrades your scout flies to level one for your target. That’ll get you started much quicker.

All Ghillied Up

If you want two monsters to fight each other and leave you alone, it’s a lot more effective to crouch inside a bush than using the ghillie suit. The latter option will just make them look around for you.

‘Monster Hunter World’ Review: Consider Your Free Time Captured

Two Bonks Make Them Right

If you see a teammate who’s stunned, you can actually knock them out of it! Definitely do this.

It’s similar to how your palico will knock you out of a stunned state sometimes, but don’t rely on their furry friend to do it at the right time. If you see the monster gearing up for a big attack, this should be your top priority.

Hunter Ranks Go Pretty High

The game actually goes for a long time after beating Nergigante. Up to over Hunter Rank 100. It’s insane. After the high rank monsters you have elder dragons, elderseal to hamper their super abilities, and then you get into tempered versions of everything.

My goodness.

Elemental, My Dear Watson

Certain areas have attrition effects on your health bar. There’s effluvial gas, and extreme heat. Both of these have armour that can protect you from the effects, if you’re out of the consumables that do the same thing.

Hornetaur chest armour nullifies effluvium, and there’s an item that does the same for heat. Though really, you should be picking up chillshrooms whenever you can.

Dealing With Roars

If your weapon is capable of blocking, you can block a roar. You can even roll through it, just as if it were an attack. Rolling requires very exact timing, but if you’re using a weapon like the great hammer, you don’t have much choice.

There’s also an armour skill called Earplugs that helps out with this. The full Bazelgeuse armour set offers top tier Earplugs, which means full protection from any roar. Any excuse to kill Bazelgeuse over and over is good enough for me.

…Damn Bazelgeuse.

Do Try This At Home

Cats are absolutely transfixed by Monster Hunter World. Just look at all the cats on the internet who can’t take their eyes off it!

‘Monster Hunter World’ Is Going to Be Alright

Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s best selling game ever. It’s already sold six million units, and the positive critical reception plus amazing word of mouth and shareable moments mean it will enjoy a solid period of sales to come. No longer limited to a Nintendo handheld, for many this is the introduction to the Monster Hunter franchise, and it’s made quite the splash.

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Everything You Need to Know About Christopher Bailey’s Last Burberry Show

Welcome to Runway Matters, where we’re delivering notes straight from the runway so you can quickly digest the most important trends and noteworthy moments from the F/W 18 shows.

It was easy to predict that Christopher Bailey’s final Burberry show would be an emotional peak of February’s London Fashion Week. The designer is much-loved across the industry, and his longstanding tenure at the British heritage brand has seen global growth and many an It piece (anyone else remember those blanket scarves with great fondness?) but the swansong started quite simply with a heartfelt Instagram post just a few days prior. ‘My final collection here at Burberry is dedicated to and in support of—some of the best and brightest organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth around the world. There has never been a more important time to say that in our diversity lies our strength, and our creativity,’ said Bailey upon launching a new house check that features a rainbow woven in. The simple visual of a swatch pinned onto the invite set the tone, leading to a blazing all-out celebration of inclusivity. Keep reading to see how that came to life…

A darkened warehouse space took industry members and celebrities totally off the normal grid—way out west and on the surprising doorstep of Westfield mall. Swinging spotlights moved to the music—either dancing or perhaps swaying in a sort of faux wind machine, slicing through a cloud of smoke to bring further drama to the occasion. The Burberry check-clad crowd could only really be seen as they filtered into the building, after that point it was a more private affair thanks to the mood lighting. Emotive dance-era tunes filled the space, starting with Runaway building up to a laser-beam extravaganza set to Don’t Leave Me This Way for the finale.

The generation that partied when clubbing felt new and essential, when punks, mods, ravers and new-age hippies were moving in unusually similar circles, when surf culture was building and accessible travel broadening minds… they are the crowd that would understand many of the reference points Bailey pulled together for his version of luxury streetwear. Baja hoodies were worn over ballgown skirts. Shellsuit jackets were thrown on with zero sense of irony. All of the fabrics and visual codes you’d associate with the time—fleece, tie-dye, graffiti, crafty knits, nylon—were all present in one form or another, with our money being placed first onto the Burberry-emblazoned sling bags being a smash. They will be closely followed by the patchworked trench coats and heritage-check visors, if this dedicated group is anything to go by. It was all or nothing for the designer’s last turn, and he definitely turned up the nostalgia dial to the point where we were practically back in time.

It was the range of rainbow options at the very end of the show that will undoubtedly secure the most Instagram coverage of all—who could resist Cara Delevingne (pictured above) swooping down the runway in a technicolour dream coat? A little rainbow mesh market bag is the more casual route in, but the aforementioned rainbow/check hybrid will certainly become a part of Bailey’s legacy. More than the literal symbol of inclusivity, you couldn’t help but sense the gender fluidity of the entire collection—the boys kilt-trousers will no doubt be snapped up by women, every hoodie and jacket bore no stereotypical signs of being destined for a particular sex, and more often than not all of the models wore similar sneakers.

Christopher has gathered quite a loyal following over the years—Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and Sienna Miller were all in attendance to support, along with the biggest audience of international editors any one show can house during the LFW circuit. The runway models that have been part of the brand’s family for some time were also present, with current campaign girl, Adwoa Aboah opening the show. The finale ended in a standing ovation when Bailey took his bow—praise indeed for a few hundred people with sore feet at the end of a busy day.

Because Burberry act on a see now buy now basis we thought it only kind to offer you our shopping list…..

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com


Up to 50% Off Original Price @ BCBGeneration.com!

4 messed up things about our food benefits programs you might not know about

4 messed up things about our food benefits programs you might not know about

4 messed up things about our food benefits programs you might not know about

Unless you’ve been enrolled in a food benefit program, it’s hard to get familiar with our current systems, which might be why some people think that the Trump administration’s “Blue Apron-style” food box program for SNAP recipients is a good idea. Spoiler: It’s really not. In fact, the box idea takes all the problems with our current food benefit systems and puts them in one place. It is not a good idea for so many reasons.

The administration wants to modify the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) so that people who get at least $ 90 a month in benefits — which accounts for about 80 percent of all SNAP recipients — would no longer get to choose their food. Instead, they’d get a “USDA Foods package” that would include “shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit and vegetables.” The boxes would not include fresh fruits or vegetables, and the details are still being worked out about how it would actually work, so nothing is even close to going into effect yet.

With SNAP, recipients get cards and are allowed to purchase whatever they want, as long as it meets the guidelines. This means fresh veggies and fish and meat, but also soda and snacks, which is why some people assume it’s a waste of taxpayer money and worry that the program contributes to bad health outcomes in lower income families. The Women Infant and Children program (WIC) is another program open to low income women and their kids by giving them coupons to buy formula and certain “healthy” foods, but that is also rife with catches and issues. Here are some of them.

1. It makes shopping all but impossible.

SNAP feels like it brings with it a ton of choices, it’s still restricted in that you can’t get hot food or non-grocery items, so you’re out of luck if you need to pick up toilet paper and dinner. But at least there’s some freedom to choose ingredients for a meal that kids will actually eat and you know how to cook. WIC is so much worse.

A family gets vouchers that lets them buy certain things, but items are bundled together so that you can get a dozen (white, no brown or cage free) eggs and a gallon of milk, or some formula and peanut butter but not formula and meat (since breastfeeding baby households don’t qualify for meat). The fresh veggie coupons are bundled together, too, so you often have to buy your produce all at once. Once a month.

Although the program keeps people fed, it doesn’t make it easier or even all that much healthier. Ask anyone who’s had to shop with WIC about how much milk they had to end up with or how many times they had to run back to the aisle because they got the drinkable yogurt, which is not allowed, and not the kind in a cup, which is. It’s the same sort of thing that would likely happen to SNAP recipients who get the boxes, full of shelf stable milk and dry pasta, over and over again.

2. The restrictive programs cost more.

Linnea E. Sallack, director of the W.I.C. program in the California Department of Health Services, told the New York Times, ”We consistently find that prices charged in W.I.C.-only stores are higher, on average, than in other stores. If food prices are high, for whatever reason, it means that our federal grant cannot go as far and cannot serve as many people.” So being restrictive ends up costing taxpayers more in the long run, instead of just giving someone an EBT card (which still has its limitations) to shop for that they want.

3. The restrictions further stigmatize hunger.

The implication with all the restrictions is that poor people can’t be trusted to make decisions about what to feed their family. While it’s true that studies show there’s a link between obesity and heart disease and poverty, getting strict about what people can eat with their benefits or just sending them a pre-packaged box, isn’t going to help that. Neither is pretending that fraud is rampant within the SNAP system; it’s actually quite rare, around 2 percent. Most recipients, around 40 percent, also work and stay on the program for less than a year.

Although there are tons of good things about both programs — feeding people anything at all — the issue is not that people are making bad choices in the aisle. According to research, soda is the number one thing in SNAP recipients carts (WIC recipients can’t buy it).

But it’s the second most popular thing in the carts of people who aren’t on SNAP, so be careful about who you judge. Having to explain your vouchers to a cashier or feel guilty for having string cheese — the only thing your toddler will eat at the moment — instead of a bunch of bananas in your cart is humiliating. Hopping around stores so you can get groceries and laundry detergent is equally ridiculous. You can’t shame people out of poverty — you have to lift them up. Nutrition, health, and culinary education, and giving people the chance to buy what they like and want with their benefits, can do that more than mailing a box of government cheese and some canned string beans. No one wants to eat that. Especially not with a glass of low-fat milk.

4. We ignore that SNAP works.

SNAP generally works for its intended goal really well, which is why it’s infuriating that the Trump administration wants to get rid of it. Again, there are tons of restrictions we impose on people due to stigma with the SNAP program, but overall the EBT card system works. Consistent access to benefits can lift families out of poverty, lead to better health outcomes, and even help kids do better in school, which means better job choices later on and a chance to break the cycle. Funding SNAP and keeping the “social safety net” is how we eradicate food insecurity, not by boxing up a bunch of food lobbyists petitioned to get on the “acceptable” list and serving it up to people who might not like, want, or be able to eat it.



Watch First Footage From ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel Series ‘Cobra Kai’; Here’s Everything We Know

Watch First Footage From 'Karate Kid' Sequel Series 'Cobra Kai'; Here's Everything We Know

Updated: Back in October 2017, we heard about Cobra Kai, a continuation series that was being planned for the much-beloved Karate Kid film franchise. Now the first footage from the series has been released, featuring the original star and a fierce former opponent. Watch it below, and then check out everything we know so far about the series.

(Previously-published article follows.)

No, you weren't dreaming when the news hit. The Karate Kid is indeed being turned into a…

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A Heart for Fashion: What Black Women Need to Know about Heart Disease

It’s fashion week here in New York City and last week the American Heart Association painted the town red for their Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection fashion show presented by Macys. Thousands of people gathered at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Midtown to raise awareness about Heart Disease. Actress Lynn Whitfield and Zuri Hall, E News correspondent, were among some of the stunning women to take the runway in red designer dresses at the star- studderaising; but they made it clear that it was not about them. For them it was about raising awareness about the disease that kills more women than all of the cancers combined. Vice Admiral Jerome Adams who is the 20th United States Surgeon General and Cardiologist Dr. Nakela Cook, chief of staff at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute were also in attendance to raise awareness and stated that black women need to pay attention to the silent killer because of the different risk factors associated with them.

Actor Lynn Whitfield walks the runway during the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection 2018 presented by Macy’s at Hammerstein Ballroom on Feb. 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AHA)

The event couldn’t come at a better time as it is both Fashion Week and Heart Awareness Month. In fact, 1 in 3 women will be impacted by heart disease and every 80 seconds a woman passes away from heart-related complications. That is why at this year’s Women of Power Summit we are partnering with the AHA to help women go red and get fit with fitness expert Uti Middleton who will be teaching women new ways to prioritize their heart health.

Listen to your heart

For Whitfield, being in the room was about honoring her late grandmother and charging women to take responsibility for their heart health. “My grandmother in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had a heart attack when she was 55-years-old putting on a corset. She was an amazing woman but was not as conscious as she should have been about heart health.”

Hall was excited to be in the room and raise awareness as a black women who has family and friends who have struggled with their health and says that women don’t have to wait until something is wrong to go to the doctors.

“I felt a weird murmur a few months ago and I went to the doctors and I talked about it and he recommended me to a specialist. I was in the clear but I did that and that was necessary for me to know that I was fine, thank God. But, the unfortunate truth is that some people may go and find out that everything is not fine but at least you know and you can do something about it,” said Hall.

Listening to your body and staying on top of your heart health is key, especially for black women.

“One of the things that is really unique about women is that often we don’t recognize when there are problems with our hearts. So I would say that it’s important to not only to pay attention to prevention and make those small changes and making the changes in your diet but to pay attention to when things aren’t quite right…and recognize those signs and symptoms and seek out medical care,” said Dr. Cook.

Interestingly enough, Whitfield comes from a family of physicians and she says that while her family was more focused on medicine she is more focused on taking responsibility over her health for the best outcomes.

Hall also takes her heart health extremely seriously as a black woman who knows that she is at risk.  “African American women are the group least likely to name heart disease or a stroke as a concern. For women, the truth is, it is. And, as an African American woman I think that that’s something that we should know,” said Hall.

Put yourself first

A huge part of taking care of your heart is to take good care of yourself which means that you have to put yourself first.

“Women tend to take care of their children, homes, and community before they take care of themselves and we want them to understand that you can’t take care of the community if you don’t take care of yourself,” said Surgeon General Adams.

Some of the ways that Whitfield practices self-care is by putting herself first, eating right and exercising. “You know what I’m finding out? I’m finding out that I really don’t do as well at everything else if I don’t pay attention to those areas, you know? She also has modified her diet to be about 30% raw and she has taken on a holistic approach to living.  “I have nice program of fitness and a trainer who is a mature woman who is really helping me to integrate it in a way that I can really keep up with it and I also try to keep my psyche and my spiritual life going in the right direction,” says Whitfield.

Hall also has incorporated more exercise into her daily routine and cut back on junk foods which she says wasn’t easy and schedules time to be by herself.

TV personality Zuri Hall walks the runway during the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection 2018 presented by Macy’s at Hammerstein Ballroom on Feb.8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AHA) ***

“I’ve learned in the last few years that it’s the most important thing because you cannot pour from an empty cup and I had nothing left to give and I was ready to burn out and I realized that if you can’t even enjoy the fruits of your labor then what is the point in the labor? So, I carve out time for myself the same way that I carve out time for my friends for brunch, or for my business meeting, or for an office meeting with my boss. And the same way that it’s from 2pm-3:15pm… If someone hits me up and says ‘let’s get drinks at five…I say, ‘I can’t I’m busy.’” said Hall.

Little steps toward heart healthiness will take you a long way. Surgeon General Adams says that just 22 minutes of exercise every day which adds up to be two and a half hours of exercise a week can make a big difference in your heart health. Avoiding or decreasing your intake of tobacco, scheduling regular appointments with your physician and limiting the amount of junk food you intake can result in a healthier lifestyle.

Life goes on

In raising awareness about heart disease for women Whitfield, Hall, Surgeon General Hall and Dr. Cook have all been transformed by their work. And, they encourage all women to listen to their hearts, learn their heart health numbers and take preventive measures to ensure their health.

“This work has changed my life in a number or ways; as a father of a young girl who is at risk for heart disease, as a son of a mother who has heart disease, as a brother as a sister who’s at risk for heart disease it’s very personal to me. So I’ve been changed by knowing that we are at risk and I’ve also been changed by know that we can do something about it,” said Surgeon General Adams.

Whitfield want women to know that, “Your health is the quality of your life and since we are vessels and in those vessels we carry our purposes. Without health it is very difficult to manifest that which we’re destined to have.”

If you want to take better care of your heart health and learn ways to prevent heart disease, join us and the American Heart Association at the Women of Power Summit.

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Everything you wanted to know about Casablanca


Most people know Casablanca simply from the classic movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. But, it is also one of the most famous and important cities in Morocco. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and considered the primary port and financial hub of the country. But, for some reason, travelers always seem to skip it when they head to Morocco.

Places like Marrakech always seem to be more popular, and Casablanca is often romanticised as being this mythical place that exists within the film world. In reality, Casablanca is a vibrant and bustling city that needs to be explored and discovered – and sooner rather than later as well! Here is a list of everything you ever wanted to know about Casablanca – the city, not the movie!

Fascinating architecture

Morocco is pretty amazing for architecture as it is, but Casablanca is particularly stunning when you consider all the amazing buildings here. There is such a range of varying designs here, from Art Deco to ultra modern. To really get a feel for what the architecture here is like, as well as the history behind it, we recommend you take an architecture tour of the city. This is the best way of seeing all the breathtaking sites in one go, and getting your fill of stunning architecture.

The art and culture scene is huge

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you, but it’s fun to look at the art and culture of Casablanca, and really understand why it’s so special. There is a whole host of galleries and museums that you need to check out. There is also a great deal of street art, musical festivals, and urban dance events that allow you to explore all sides of Casablanca’s entertainment and culture scene.

It’s perfect for foodies

You might not associate Casablanca with being a particularly good foodie city, but that’s because you’re thinking of Marrakech. In reality, Casablanca is nothing like Marrakech when it comes to food and restaurants. In fact, there is a bustling restaurant scene here, popular with locals and tourists alike, and they have a pretty eclectic food scene to enjoy. Casablanca might not seem like the ideal place for foodies, but you’re in for a big treat. You can also enjoy an authentic farm to table experience, in a way that few other places will allow.

There’s a surf culture here!

Believe it or not, Casablanca actually has a pretty rad surfing culture – it kinda makes sense being that it’s right on the Atlantic coast. The beach scene here is actually very similar to Venice Beach in a lot of ways, and this is a good thing. There are some great surfing school here, like La Corniche, not to mention a Quicksilver Pro tournament as well. If surfing is your thing, you could have just unlocked an unknown paradise with Casablanca.

So, now you know that the city is about so much more than a cool movie with some infinitely quotable lines. The magic of Casablanca lives on its streets, in its homes, and through its culture, and this is something you can most certainly be a part of right now.

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10 Secrets to Shopping at HomeGoods You Need to Know

Uhm, who knew about #6?!

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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Shaun White Is Going For Gold in the Halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here’s What to Know About the Event

Snowboarding legend Shaun White is aiming for gold Wednesday morning in his signature event of the men’s halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

After easily qualifying for the men’s snowboarding halfpipe finals Tuesday, White faces stiff competition heading into the finals, where he will square off against Australia’s Scotty James and Japan’s Ayumu Hirano.

The competition follows the women’s snowboarding halfpipe finals, where American phenom Chloe Kim won gold and became the youngest woman to do so in the event in Winter Olympics history.

That was just one gold medal in what has so far been a U.S. sweep of the sport, with Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson scoring gold in the men’s and women’s slopestyle events, respectively.

Before White, James and Hirano face off on the halfpipe in a battle for gold, here are several things to know about the snowboarding halfpipe event.

Rules of the snowboarding halfpipe event

Cameron Spencer—Getty ImagesShaun White of the United States competes during the Snowboard Men’s Halfpipe Qualification on day four of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Phoenix Snow Park on February 13, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Set on a 22-foot halfpipe, the men’s halfpipe event at the Olympics includes a qualification round and a final round. The top 12 scorers from the qualifications, where athletes had two runs on the halfpipe to earn the best score possible, go on to the final round. There, they will have three runs down the halfpipe to earn their highest score, which can range from 1 to a perfect 100.

According to the rules set by the International Ski Federation (ISF), athletes compete in the finals in reserve order of when they qualified. So, because White had the top score in his qualifications, he will compete last amongst the 12 finalists Wednesday.

An athlete’s score is determined by a panel of six judges, who will rank the halfpipe run on a scale that goes up to 100. The lowest and highest amounts from the six judges are then removed, and the remaining four scores are averaged to create an athlete’s final score, according to the ISF.

A judge’s score comes as the result of a number of factors that determine how difficult a halfpipe run was. Here are a few of examples of how these factors fit into a score:

  • amplitude, or height, the more difficult the run
  • A controlled execution of tricks, rotations, speed and landing will make for a better score.
  • A variety of tricks makes for a good run.
  • Using the full pipe throughout the run.
  • Helping the sport’s progress with new tricks bodes well for judges.
  • An ability to take risks on the halfpipe is vital. But, as the ISF notes, judges want the athletes “to push their run to its maximum but not beyond.”
  • Performing a combination of difficult tricks and moves back-to-back, rather than separating them with easier ones.

Of course, athletes can be deducted for a number of mistakes, from small to large, during their runs. Though White had the highest score in qualifications going into the men’s halfpipe finals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, he fell twice in Sochi during his first run and lost points that could have placed him on the podium. Luckily for White, he didn’t stop during those spills in Sochi. If a snowboarder stops on the halfpipe for more than 10 seconds, they can no longer earn any more points on their run and they must exit the course.

Snowboarding’s history at the Olympics

Final Half Pipe - Mens Snowboard
Adam Pretty—Getty ImagesShaun White of the United States (C) celebrates after winning the Gold Medal with teammate Daniel Kass (L) and Markku Koski of Finland in the Mens Snowboard Half Pipe Final on Day 2 of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games on February 12, 2006 in Bardonecchia, Italy.

Spectators certainly did not see any snowboarders shredding the half pipe at the first Winter Olympics in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The sport of snowboarding and the halfpipe did not make its Olympics debut until the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan. Back then, Switzerland’s Gian Simmen claimed the men’s halfpipe victory, and the U.S.’s Ross Powers earned bronze.

After that, the U.S. went on to dominate in the halfpipe event at the Olympics, with Powers securing gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and his teammates Danny Kass and Jarret Thomas earning silver and bronze, respectively.

White took the lead from there, earning gold medals in the event in 2006 in Turin and 2010 in Vancouver. Iouri Podladtchikov brought home another gold for Switzerland in 2014 in Sochi when White failed to make it on the podium.

Similarly, the women’s halfpipe has been dominated by the U.S. Americans have won gold, silver or bronze in the event since it debuted in 1998. Kelly Clark was a stand-out for Team USA in the event, which she won gold in 2002 and bronze in 2010 and 2014. This year she placed fourth, behind her teammate and 17-year-old star Chloe Kim, who won gold, and the U.S.’s Arielle Gold, who won bronze.

Popular snowboarding halfpipe moves by top competitors

Cameron Spencer—Getty ImagesScotty James of Australia competes during the Snowboard Men’s Halfpipe Qualification on day four of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Phoenix Snow Park on February 13, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

With difficulty and risk-taking as a vital part of a snowboarder’s score in the halfpipe, the best athletes in the event often try to land technically challenging moves to appease the judges and improve their chances to get on the podium. The top three competitors in the men’s halfpipe this year — White, Hirano and James — have all landed impressive tricks before.

Here’s what we know about their spectacular moves:

In White’s most impressive run to date at the Winter Olympics qualifications earlier this year when he scored a perfect 100, White completed one 1440 and a double McTwist 1260, one of his signature moves that he first debuted in 2010. That tricky move includes three twists and two flips.

Hirano is the first snowboarder to land back-to-back double cork 1440s in the halfpipe run. He first landed the trick at the X Games Snowboard SuperPipe competition earlier this year, where he won with a nearly perfect score of 99.00.

James, who has voiced criticism over White’s perfect score of 100 earlier this year, has a signature move of his own. His backside, double cork 1260 includes three-and-a-half rotations with a blind landing — and he is the only snowboarder to land the move in competition.

Sports – TIME


6 Black Fashion Labels to Know, Celebrate, and Support

At the start of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Beyoncé released a new Valentine’s Day-themed collection of merchandise on her website. The 10-piece capsule includes phone cases, hoodies, T-shirts, and undergarments inspired by her hit songs. The pieces, which range from $ 30 to $ 60, make the perfect gifts for a significant other, especially if you’re planning to “Buy Black” for bae for the holiday.

But even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, there’s always a reason to support the fashion designers who strive to overcome notorious racial barriers within the industry. Here’s a mix of black fashion designers to get to know, celebrate, and support—from legends like Dapper Dan to the up-and-coming talent making a splash.


6 Black Fashion Labels to Know:

For Luxury: Laquan Smith

(Image: Beyonce wearing LaQuan Smith | Photo Credit: Instagram/LaQuan_Smith)


At just 29 years old, designer LaQuan Smith is making waves in the fashion industry. The native New Yorker is responsible for the sleek, body-hugging dress that Beyoncé wore as she presented Colin Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award at Sports Illustrated’s Person of the Year Awards in December. Smith’s signature sexy, show-stopping pieces have also been flaunted by fashion trailblazers such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian West.


For Woke Folk: Pyer Moss

A post shared by Whitney Bauck (@unwrinkling) on

Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder of the Pyer Moss label, is renowned for using fashion as a fierce weapon of force to address and combat social injustice. Back in Fall 2015, the Haitian-American designer kicked off a presentation at NYFW with a 15-minute video about police brutality and black empowerment. The Pyer Moss’ Spring 2016 Menswear Collection infused video, street art, and fashion to spotlight the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jean-Raymond also delivered a powerful message on Saturday during a NYFW presentation inspired by the black cowboys of the 19th century. The collection featured Western-style jackets and shirts and a piece bearing the Pan-African flag. In the backdrop, a live gospel choir led by multi-platinum musician Raphael Saadiq sung uplifting songs like Kendrick Lamar’s politically-charged anthem “Alright.”


For a Custom Fit: Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan

(Image: Instagram/DapperDanHarlem)

Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day pioneered luxury hip-hop fashion in the 80s and 90s by remixing high-end brands into urban streetwear. However, after closing shop 25 years ago, the legendary designer opened a new store in Harlem this year similar to the famous Dapper Dan Boutique that closed in 1992— but this time with a Gucci twist. Rather than recreating luxury brands into urban streetwear without authorization, now Gucci provides Dan with fabrics, prints, and patches to design customized bespoke pieces. In addition to made-to-order garments, the Harlem couturier has limited-edition ready-to-wear items and accessories available for purchase.


For Street Style: Lyfestyle

(Image: Instagram/LyfestyleNYC)

Born in Brooklyn, Lyfestyle captures the essence of New York City urban art, style, and flavor. The brand was birthed from the imaginations of four friends who loved the lavish fashion on Fifth Avenue but were limited to shopping on a SoHo budget. That inspired the group to launch their own apparel line in 2010, which uniquely bears the brand’s signature logo upside down. Lyfestyle co-founder Kamau Harper says the stylized logo is a creative expression of individuality that always appears right side up when viewed by the person wearing the clothes.

The streetwear is making waves and growing in popularity largely thanks to hip-hop heavyweights like Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Diddy, who have been seen wearing the brand.


For Ready-To-Wear: Colour by Nandi Madida

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Hailing all the way from South Africa, Nandi Madida presented a beautiful Autumn/Winter 2018 collection at NYFW on Saturday showcasing her line Colour in collaboration with designer Josh Patron. Models ripped the runway in bright and bold fabrics and patterns that extruded the elegance and sophistication of an African queen. The designer and international media personality launched Colour clothing line in 2016.


For the Culture: Abdju Wear

Abdju Wear

Abdju Wear founder Bobby West

Abdju Wear is a new clothing line that sports high-end clothes and sneakers at affordable prices. The brand offers everything from polo-style shirts to hightop sneakers in traditional Pan-African flag colors. The designer, Bobby West, aspires to become a staple in black fashion the same way that Ralph Lauren has become one of the most iconic brands in the country.

“We are taking the hood out of the community one shoe at a time,” said West in a statement. “Abdju Wear is dedicated to building the African American community with a product that will transform the hoods back into a community. The starter of Abdju Wear have been volunteering in the black community for over 17 years. We have created a product that will stimulate the community with small business opportunities. We are bringing pride back into the marketplace with the red, black, and green.”




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Three Things to Know About Kehinde Wiley, the Artist Behind Barack Obama’s New Portrait

If you didn’t know artist Kehinde Wiley before, you will now: He’s the painter behind former President Barack Obama’s stunning official portrait, which was unveiled on Monday at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Not only did Obama become the first African-American president to have a portrait hang in the National Portrait Gallery, but Wiley became the first African-American artist to paint an official presidential portrait.

“It’s a huge responsibility,” Wiley told The Guardian in 2017. And though it may have been a humbling duty to paint former President Obama, the painting fits within Wiley’s cannon: bold and often colorful depictions of men (and recently) women of color in the style of Classical European portraiture—a style that has made him both celebrated and successful.

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Who is Kehinde Wiley?

Wiley was born South Central, Los Angeles in 1977, where he was raised by a single mother and was one of six siblings. His mother was a linguist, and he grew up surrounded by books. Wiley took his first art lesson at age 11, and at age 12, in 1989, Wiley was one of 50 American children who went to live in Russia at the Center for U.S./U.S.S.R. Initiatives. There, he studied art and Russian language. He eventually attended the San Francisco Art Institute, and studied art in graduate school at Yale.

He is based in New York, but has studios around the world in Beijing and West Africa, where his father is from.

Celebrities associated with Wiley—from Obama to Beyoncé.

Kehinde Wiley’s mainstay is “street casting.” He began painting young men and women from the streets of Harlem and painting them in their street clothing in the styles of old-world paintings; Wiley continues that practice around the world in places like the Congo, Morocco, Haiti and India.

Wiley has, however, painted famous faces prior to working with Obama. In 2009, Michael Jackson commissioned a portrait, which wasn’t painted until after the king of pop passed. He has also painted rappers LL Cool J and Ice-T, along with soccer royalty around the world.

And while he has not done a portrait of Beyoncé, some have mused that his work was an influence on her pregnancy photoshoot.

Where can you see Kehinde Wiley’s work?

Beyond the National Portrait Gallery, you can view Wiley’s art on display at museums around the country. He has paintings in the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. You can also scroll through his work on his Instagram.

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s portrait was painted by Amy Sherald, an African-American artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Michelle Obama’s portrait was also revealed to the public on Monday, and it will hang in the first floor of the National Portrait Gallery until November.

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What You as an Investor Need to Know About the Stock Market Plunge

On Monday, the Dow plunged more than 1,500 points throughout the day, finally losing 1,175.21 points, placing the stock market in correction territory. According to CNN, the drop in the market made it the single worst day ever for the Dow since August 2011.

The Dow lost approximately 4.6% in value and impacted the stock markets around the globe, causing many global markets to decline.

Reason for the Drop

There is not one single reason, but a few things rolled into one.

First things to consider, the economy is strong and healthy. A recent jobs report indicated wages have increased approximately 2.9%, up from the previous year and more than 200,000 jobs were added to the workforce. In addition, the unemployment rate has remained steady overall (although black unemployment went up to 7.7%).

Because of the healthy economy, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates throughout the year. When interest rates increase, the cost of borrowing increases as well. As rates rise, stock prices begin to fall.

Also, bond yields have risen, which could be disturbing news for stocks. Investors are likely to pull money out of risky investments such as stocks and bonds when there is turbulence in the market.

Lastly, the Federal Reserve has just sworn in the new chairman, Jerome Powell, to replace Janet Yellen. This also brings slight uncertainty to the market.

What Should Black Investors do?

Stick to your retirement goals. You have to understand your long-term purpose. If you are investing in the stock market for retirement and it will be several years or more before you will need the money, then you should stay put and keep the money invested. The market has seen corrections and declines before, therefore it is important to stay the course.

Make certain you are well diversified – The next thing to keep in mind is to make certain you are well diversified, meaning that you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket. And, of course, this will depend on your risk tolerance, but if you are a younger investor, you should consider investing in a portfolio that consists of a higher percentage of stocks and a smaller percentage of bonds. However, if you are moving toward retirement, it may be a good time to review your portfolio to ensure you are not investing too aggressively, since you may need your money soon.

Finally, this is a great time to meet with your financial adviser. Discuss any concerns you have regarding your investments and what steps you should take.

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Everything you wanted to know about French Polynesia


French Polynesia. Even the name sounds like some kind of magical, mythical land. And it’s no coincidence that the places classed as French Polynesia rank among the most beautiful in the world. With stunning geography, gorgeous beaches, glistening lagoons, and some of the greatest natural beauty the world has seen, this is most certainly the promised land for many travelers.

But, though we hear all the time about the beauty of French Polynesia, many of us know so little about it, and that’s a shame. If this is somewhere that interest you when it comes to travel and tourism, it will help to understand more about it. So, here are some of the things you always wanted to know about French Polynesia but never did.

It’s made up of loads of islands

You’ve heard of a few of the places in French Polynesia, like Bora Bora, but it’s about much more than this. In fact, French Polynesia as a place is made up of close to 120 different islands, and 5 archipelagos. Collectively, we like to refer to this group of islands as Tahiti, but that is actually only one of the islands. So, the next time this comes up in a pub quiz, you’ll be right on the money.

They created the overwater bungalow

We’ve all seen those stunning shots of overwater bungalows with thatched roofs, and there are so many of these across the world now. But, we bet you weren’t aware that they were created in French Polynesia! The first ever one was created on the French Polynesian island of Moorea in the 1960s. These bungalows have become such an iconic part of this place, and offer something unique and stunning for travelers as well.

The word tattoo comes from Tahiti

Yes, really! Believe it or not, the origins of the word ‘tattoo’ can be traced back to the island of Tahiti. Specifically, to the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ which is translated to mean appropriate or fitting. So, in a sense, this actually makes it kind of a mixed bag when it comes to tattoos – some of them are anything but appropriate! Tattoos have been a crucial part of Polynesian life and culture for centuries.

It belongs to France

As you might have gathered from the name, French Polynesia is a part of the country of France. If you have ever been to France, you’ll know how diverse it is, but you certainly won’t have associated it with the epic beauty of French Polynesia. The islands were their own kingdom before they were annexed by the French in 1880, and it is now a semi-autonomous region of France.

These are just a few of the things we reckon you never knew about French Polynesia, and they will certainly give you more of an insight into this stunning place. If you’ve never visited, we absolutely recommend that you go next year, and do as much as you can to experience the whole of this place.


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We know how many episodes will be in ‘Stranger Things 3’


Stranger Things 3 is on its way, and now we know exactly how many episodes we’re waiting on. Netflix confirmed that Season 3 will have eight episodes as the shadow monster (most likely) zeroes in on Hawkins. 

The news was first reported by TVLine

Stranger Things 2 premiered at the end of Oct. 2017, a little over a year after Season 1’s August 2016 debut. While Season 3 doesn’t yet have a premiere date – fingers crossed it’s before the end of the year and they don’t pull a Game of Thrones – having an episode count does help us manage expectations of how much story we’ll get and when.   Read more…

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5 Things to Know About Juicy Couture’s First-Ever Fashion Week Show

Welcome to Runway Matters, where we’re delivering notes straight from the runway so you can quickly digest the most important trends and noteworthy moments from the F/W 18 shows.

For some, Juicy Couture is still the brand that will always be tied to early aughts nostalgia, the coolest of-the-moment celebs who wore it, and memories of one of the earliest trend crazes in high school (at least for a millennial). But if you needed further proof that the label, now under the creative direction of Jamie Mizrahi, still deserves some of your closet space, simply take a look at its first Fashion Week show.

Personally, I showed up for Juicy Couture’s runway presentation yesterday not really knowing what to expect. When the brand presented its new look last September, the clothes were cute, there were plenty ofcool athleisure looks, and I practically walked right into Paris Hilton as I was leaving. So while my hopes were high for some playful loungewear and possibly a celeb sighting or two, I was pleasantly surprised by what really caught my eye. There were tons of trends that were elevated and fun, amazing prints use of print, so many incredible coats, and more than a few ensembles that came down the runway that made me think Wow, that’s Juicy Couture? The answer: Under Mizrahi it is. And we’re looking forward to seeing more.

As for the show itself, here’s what mattered.

Just to reiterate, this was Juicy Couture’s first fashion week show. And considering how prevalent the brand has been, especially in the past, that’s a HUGE deal. Here’s the first look to commemorate the moment: A black velour suite and an epic, oversize paillette coat.

I loved the appearance of tie dye on the runway. It had that familiar summery, crafty vibe (full disclosure, I never actually went to summer camp so maybe I’m romanticizing) but all grown up and even cooler than before.

It’s hard not to shop the runway when you’re an editor watching everything debut for the first time. And I was definitely coveting Juicy Couture’s coats to wear ASAP for the rest of this NYFW.

We’re talking about the signature “J” on the zipper. It’s still seen throughout the collection, but the placement on sleek, slim turtlenecks felt super fresh.

While there was so much newness—in silhouettes, print, textures, etc.—for Juicy Couture, the label didn’t disappoint on the athleisure front. Not only were sweatsuits and tracksuits of all kinds mixed into the collection, but every model took her finale walk in some iteration of the brand’s laid-back ensemble.

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The Next Two ‘Cloverfield’ Films – Everything We Know So Far

The Next Two 'Cloverfield' Films - Everything We Know So Far


On Sunday night, Paramount and Netflix made history with their Big Game spot for The Cloverfield Paradox. The preview not only revealed the film’s title, it announced the film was “coming very soon.” The film debuted on the streaming giant’s platform right after the game. Brilliant marketing has come to be expected from the Cloverfield franchise, the sci-fi horror anthology created and produced by J.J. Abrams and his company Bad Robot.

The Cloverfield…

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Cardi B: I Don’t Have to Say I’m Black, ‘I Expect You to Know It’


Cardi B’s groundbreaking success has proved all her naysayers wrong. Three hit songs in, she shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone, especially her ethnicity.

The Bronx artist spoke with singer and actress Zendaya for a recently published interview with CR Fashion Book. The two spoke about her fame, her haters and why she feels she shouldn’t have to prove her Blackness.

“One thing that always bothers me is that people know so little about my culture. We are Caribbean people. And a lot of people be attacking me because they feel like I don’t be saying that I’m black. Some people want to decide if you’re black or not, depending on your skin complexion, because they don’t understand Caribbean people or our culture. I feel like people need to understand or get a passport and travel. I don’t got to tell you that I’m black. I expect you to know it.”

While others may not have been shown the light, Cardi’s father made sure his daughter understood her heritage.

“When my father taught me about Caribbean countries, he told me that these Europeans took over our lands. That’s why we all speak different languages. I expect people to understand that just because we’re not African-American, we are still black. It’s still in our culture. Just like everybody else, we came over here the same f**king way, I hate when people try to take my roots from me. Because we know that there’s African roots inside of us. I really just want people to understand that the color that I have and features that I have are not from two white people f**king.”

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Shaun White Is Chasing Gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here Are 5 Facts You May Not Know About the Snowboarder

Shaun White wears many hats.

Best known as “the Flying Tomato,” the break-out star of the Winter Olympics of years past has set snowboarding records and, most recently, scored the perfect 100 in his qualifying event for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. White also has a number of ventures outside of the Olympics, including a skateboarding career and a stint as the guitarist for a rock band.

But with great success sometimes comes hardship. White had a disappointing finish in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, where he placed fourth and missed the podium in his signature half-pipe event. And his run-up to the Olympics this year was threatened by two major injuries that both landed him in the hospital in the fall.

Nonetheless, White will return to this year’s Winter Olympics with an eye on the podium, as recently teased during a Super Bowl LII commercial set to to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” Here are fun facts to know about White before he hits the half-pipe with qualifications on Feb. 12:

Shaun White won’t be sidelined by snowboarding injuries

Just months out from the 2018 Winter Olympics, White fell during practice in New Zealand and split open his face. The bloody crash in October 2017 resulted in 62 stitches — and a missed month of training.

“I just like scared myself,” White said after the injuries, according to the NBC Olympics site. “I’ve never really had that much blood coming out of me before.”

The gruesome crash did not appear to affect White’s snowboarding, however. At the U.S. Grand Prix in January, where athletes vying for Olympic spots compete, White not only qualified for his fourth Olympic team, but he also scored a perfect 100 — the second perfect score of his career.

As expected with extreme sports, White has suffered a number of other injuries throughout his career — including another serious one this season. Last September, White was sent to the hospital after he fell while attempting a double flip. That injury kept him out of the Winter Games NZ, where his Olympic teammates Chloe Kim and Kelly Clark competed.

In a post on Instagram, White wrote: “The biggest scare was seeing blood in my urine but after the tests came back looking good I was released to go home.”

Shaun White has two Olympic medals—and is chasing a third

Vancouver Medal Ceremony - Day 7
Kevork Djansezian—Getty ImagesShaun White of United States celebrates his gold medal during the 2010 Vancouver medal ceremony for the Men’s Halfpipe in Canada. Kevork Djansezian—Getty Images

Following a disappointing fourth-place finish in Sochi, White aims to return to the podium in his fourth Olympic Games in PyeongChang. In fact, gold is a familiar color for White. He’s won two Olympic gold medals and has the most gold medals of any X Games competitor.

It’s unclear how White will fare against stiff competition in PyeongChang—particularly from the Australia’s Scott James and Japan’s Ayumu Hirano — but his perfect score on the halfpipe in January could be an indicator of his snowboarding talent at the moment.

“Getting the perfect score was just nuts,” White said after the event in January. “I mean, I’m just so happy. Honestly, I never say this, I’m really proud of myself.”

“It’s been a long recovery from that to get to this point to try to make the team, and just to get rewarded for that run,” White added. “I really felt like I put it down.”

In addition to his Olympic gold medals, White’s accomplishments include 18 X Games medals in snowboarding, 10 ESPY awards and 10 U.S. Open medals. (Additionally, he was the youngest rider to ever win a U.S. Open.)

Shaun White got his first sponsorship deal when he was just 7 years old

Daniel Milchev—Getty ImagesShaun White competes during the Men’s Halfpipe finals of the 2017 Burton U.S. Open on March 4, 2017 in Vail, Colo. Daniel Milchev—Getty Images

At just seven years old, White landed his first endorsement deal with Burton, a snowboarding apparel and equipment company. Soon after, the sponsorship deals continued to grow.

Going pro at age 13, White also scored endorsement deals with brands like Oakley and Target, where he had launched a boys clothing line several years ago.

White now has a number of his own entrepreneurial ventures. He has a men’s clothing line called WHT Space, and he owns a percentage of Mammoth Mountain, a popular Southern California ski resort where snowboarding athletes often train. White consistently tops lists of the highest-paid Olympic athletes and Forbes valued him at $ 20 million in 2012.

Shaun White is also an accomplished skateboarder

X Games 13 - Skateboarding - Halfpipe
Icon Sports Wire—Corbis via Getty ImagesSkate Boarder Shaun White during the skate boarding event at the X games at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. Icon Sports Wire—Corbis via Getty Images

In addition to snowboarding, White is also a decorated skateboarder, with five X Games medals, including a gold in 2011.

White road professionally for Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, and has floated the idea of competing at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where skateboarding will debut as an Olympic sport.

The actual skateboarding events at the Olympics aren’t within White’s specialties, as the park and street competitions don’t include a half-pipe. “It’s going to take a little learning curve but it won’t be too dramatic,” White told the Associated Press of training for those events.

Shaun White is also a musician

Scott Dudelson—Getty ImagesProfessional snowboarder and musician Shaun White performs onstage with his band Bad Things at Rose Bowl on February 21, 2015 in Pasadena, Calif. Scott Dudelson—Getty Images

Outside of sports, White also plays the guitar. He played guitar for and went on tour with the group Bad Things for several years until they disbanded in 2015. White learned to play guitar after he won a snowboarding event and received a Fender Stratocaster, according to Rolling Stone.

White’s band released one self-titled album in 2014, and performed at 2013’s Lollapalooza.

The band also performed at Air + Style, which is a snowboarding, skateboarding and music festival held in Los Angeles. As it combines many of White’s interests, the athlete became a majority shareholder in the event in 2014. The festival has drawn talent like Kendrick Lamar, Flume and J Cole, and the upcoming event in March will include performances from Phoenix, Zedd and Gucci Mane.

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5 Things to Know About Figure Skating Champion Yuzuru Hanyu

It’s a feat that hasn’t been achieved for more than six decades, but reigning Olympic figure skating champion Yuzuru Hanyu isn’t known to let a little thing like precedent get in his way. The 23-year-old – already known by some as the greatest figure skater ever – will head to the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics and attempt to reclaim the men’s figure skating gold medal. The last male singles skater to win gold at two successive Olympics was America’s Dick Button in 1948 and 1952.

But Hanyu, known as Japan’s “Ice Prince,” will have to overcome more than just the weight of history if he’s to seize the title in a back-to-back win. A severe ankle injury kept him off the ice and unable to train for more than two months. He’s made a comeback before, including after abdominal surgery, and he’s still favored to place on the Olympic podium.

At the 2014 Sochi games, Hanyu’s routine broke the 100-point scoring ceiling, setting a world record with 101.7 points for his short program. He went on to claim gold, even though he fell twice during his free skate. Hanyu was the first male skater representing an Asian country to take gold, and the youngest since Button.

Disappointed by his less-than-perfect Sochi performance, Hanyu pledged to return to the next Olympics with an unblemished showing.

Ahead of his expected Feb. 9 appearance, here’s what you should know about Yuzuru Hanyu.

Hanyu’s Injury Could Jeopardize His Chances of Winning Gold in Pyeongchang

His coaches have said he will compete, but it’s an open question since a media blackout has been imposed on his training and he hasn’t been able to compete since November last year.

Hanyu took an ill-timed tumble while practicing a difficult, four-revolutions jump called a quadruple lutz ahead of the NHK Trophy on Nov. 9. The awkward fall caused bone, tendon and ligament damage.

Pressure to master such injury-risking jumps has increased, in part, with the rise of teenage jumping prodigy and U.S. national champion Nathan Chen – Hanyu’s expected rival at Pyeonchang and the first in the sport’s history to land five quadruple jumps in a single routine.

Despite a prolonged recovery period that forced Hanyu to skip several qualifying championships, he was named to Japan’s Olympic team and is one of their top hopes for a gold medal.

On Saturday, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said that Hanyu will not participate in the men’s figure skating team event. Then on Monday, his coach confirmed he would be performing in the individual competition.

Hanyu Has the Luck of Winnie the Pooh on His Side

Hanyu is never without his Winnie the Pooh teddy bear tissue dispenser. He’s known to hug his rink-side companion for good luck just before getting on the ice, and to bring the cartoon character along to interviews. Pooh Bears have become a mascot for Hanyu’s besotted fans who sport Pooh ears and throw Pooh plushies onto the rink after his routines.

Due to corporate sponsorship rules, the Pooh talisman will have to stay in the dressing room during the upcoming Olympics however.

Alexander Demianchuk—TASS/Getty ImagesFans throw flowers and Winnie the Pooh toys on the ice after Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu performance during the men’s short program at the 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships at Hartwall Arena.

Hanyu Survived Japan’s 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

When the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Hanyu was near the epicenter, skating at his hometown rink in Sendai. As the tremors caused water pipes to burst, Hanyu, then just 16, reportedly rushed off the ice with no time to even put skate guards on his blades. His family slept in an emergency shelter for three days.

Ultimately, the disaster became a motivating factor in his career. In his autobiography, Blue Flames, Hanyu wrote that the earthquake “totally changed my values.” He joined other skaters in a benefit show to raise recovery funds and when he won the Olympics three years later, Hanyu called it “a gift for my country.”

Hanyu Is Able to Execute Moves Most Male Figure Skaters Can’t

While skating competitions have increasingly boiled down to who can do quads (a jump with at least four revolutions) as cleanly as possible to maximize points, commentators and fellow skaters praise Hanyu for his well-rounded performances, which combine technical precision with artistry and athleticism.

“He’s the most complete athlete in figure skating, probably ever,” Stephane Lambiel, a 2006 Olympic silver medalist, told the New York Times.

Hanyu’s performances tend to cross gender lines not only through the incorporation of elegant, dramatic and emotional dance choreography more often prized in women’s skating, but also through the moves he executes. Beyond proficient jumps, Hanyu’s routines are packed with elaborate spins like the Biellmann – a one-foot spin where the other foot is lifted above and behind the head. The move is more popular with female skaters, as it requires a great amount of flexibility to pull it off. Hanyu’s spins are so iconic that fans have even named one move the “Hanyu spin.”

Hanyu Might Have Become a Professional Baseball Player

As a child in primary school, Hanyu said he almost gave up on figure skating. He wrote in his autobiography that while he had loved the adrenaline of competitions since he was in kindergarten, he loathed the monotony of practice. His father played baseball, and in the third grade, Hanyu said he decided he wanted to pursue professional baseball instead. It took the temporary closure of his hometown rink one year later and a long commute that limited his time on the ice for him to realize the importance of practicing and his commitment to skating.

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The Wardrobe Staple You Didn’t Know You Needed This Time of Year

As we make the transition from winter to spring and slowly start to shed those layers, it’s natural to want to skip straight to spring and put on the first little linen dress we can get our hands on. But alas, regardless of whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow (it did this year), winter isn’t over, and you’re going to want to dress accordingly. That said, we’re not saying that a parka is in order. In fact, there’s something that’s perfect for this time of year that you may not have thought of: blanket coats. 

The beauty of blanket coats is that they’re effortlessly chic and lighter than, say, a wool coat or parka (as they’re often unlined), but they’re voluminous enough to bundle up in if needed. While said voluminosity is certainly cozy, it can make styling them a little tricky, but luckily, skinny jeans and leggings are the perfect slim counterpoint to the oversized outerwear style. With that, shop 15 blanket coats we’re coveting below.

Take our advice and snap this statement coat up. Available in sizes XS-S to M-L. 
Try wearing a leather belt over this for a flattering look. Available in sizes XXS/XS to S/M.
The perfect coat to wear on gloomy late-winter days. Available in sizes XS to L.
Celebs still can’t get enough of this affordable brand as of late. Available in sizes XS to L.
A perfect (and on-sale) choice for travel days. Available in sizes XXS to XL.
Hi, dream coat. Available in FR34 to 44.
A closet staple you’ll have for decades. Available in sizes 38 to 44.
Trying to wear more color in 2018? This should help. Available in one size.
This timeless coat comes in black too, and we recommend just getting both. Available in sizes XS to L.
We love the way this looks layered over a sweater. Available in sizes 14/16 to 22/24.
It doesn’t get more luxurious than this. Available in one size.
This black and white print is so good. Available in sizes XS to L.
Just add skinny jeans and sneakers. Available in one size.
This cardigan-blanket hybrid is cozy enough for lounging yet polished enough for the street. Available in one sizes.

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5 Sneaky Symptoms of Lyme Disease You Need to Know About

Don’t ignore that pounding headache.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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What you need to know about Tamiflu

What you need to know.
ABC News: Health


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Get Well Wednesday: How To Know When To Seek Help

Andrea Wise-Brown is a licensed psychotherapist and trained Hostage Negotiator. Her practice Intrinsic Motivation Counseling Services is based in Dallas, Texas. She earned her bachelors in Psychology/Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Kean University and her Masters in Education in Counseling at the University of North Texas.


Instagram Photo

Wise-Brown is a go-to expert for various news outlets and has consulted various police departments and Mental Health organizations. She has been featured on OWN Network, Sway in the Morning, Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell and other national media.

Wise-Brown is committed to creating an environment in which her clients feel comfortable and safe to explore their innermost thoughts, needs and emotions.


The President has been very disrespectful, denigrating and dismissive in many of his comments about the people in our world. Many people feel hurt, isolated and disregarded. Many times when hurt people lack healthy coping and communication skills they feel the need to act out fueled by anger which may create other problems.


The President disrespected Haiti, Haitian people and many others when he ignorantly made the racist comment that their country is a SH*THOLE country and that he does not want them here in the United States. He may have psychologically reinjured many of the Haitian survivors who were devastated by the tragedy and are suffering with the diagnosis of PTSD.


There is a stigma in the African American community that stereotypes people who are diagnosed with a Mental Illness as scary, uncontrollable, worthless, weak, demonic, etc. This stigma creates feelings of shame, blame, embarrassment, hopelessness which is why some African Americans are disinclined to seek treatment.


Key signs to look for when assessing if a loved one or co-worker may need help with their mental health; Isolation, extreme changes in their behavior and or mood, missing days from work, disinterest in activities that they usually enjoy, strong feelings of anger, suicidal thoughts, strange thoughts and beliefs and a growing inability to cope with daily activities.


If you or someone that you know are experiencing symptoms of Depression seek therapy from a licensed psychotherapist in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Each treatment plan should be individualized. A treatment plan may or may not include; psychotherapy, coping skills, exercise, grounding, spirituality and/or medication. Early detection and effective interventions are the key to healing.

If they are exhibiting any of these symptoms refer them to local mental health services. Here are some resources:

You’re not alone. Confidential help is available for free.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

SAMHSA’s National Helpline

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

1-800-487-4889 (TTY)

Free and confidential information in English and Spanish for individuals and family members facing substance abuse and mental health issues. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



website- www.Awisebrown.com

Facebook- @awisebrown

IG- @awisebrown

Twitter- @awisebrown




PHOTO: Courtesy




Life & Style – Black America Web


Guantanamo Bay: What to know, by the numbers



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Things you didn’t know about the Black Sea


One of the most famous bodies of water in the world, the Black Sea is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Black Sea is actually pretty well-known and has been for some time, and this is largely due to the infamy is has earned thanks to its name. The name denotes a rather chaotic and inhospitable sea that you wouldn’t want to cross on a dark, stormy night.

Now, historically, the Black Sea has been so inhospitable because it is actually very difficult to navigate. Though it has become easier in recent times, the iconic name still remains and evokes all kinds of thoughts and feelings about the sea. Check out some of these cool and fun facts that we guarantee you never knew about the Black Sea.

It’s surrounded by 6 countries

One of the most interesting things about the Black Sea is how it looks on the map. It is surrounded by six countries; Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia. In fact, looking at the sea on a map, it has the shape and size of being a country itself. It also appears landlocked, but it’s not – access top the Aegean Sea (and the rest of Europe) is possible through Istanbul. There are several rivers that flow into the Black Sea as well, including the River Danube.

Landing point of Noah’s Ark

Now, whether you believe in the Bible or not, the Black Sea has something of a biblical history because of its link to Noah’s Ark. Mount Ararat runs along the East coast of Turkey, and this is believed to have been where Noah landed his Ark in the Old Testament. Of course, there is no definitive way of proving this, but the rumor has led to a reasonable amount of fame for the Black Sea, and it’s a popular place for tourists to scope out the famed mountain.

It’s home to many small islands

You might not know this, but there are actually many tiny islands that run along the inland of the Black Sea. There are about ten of these islands, and they are packed full of loads of natural beauty, not to mention historical and cultural significance. These islands span three of the six different countries, and this adds an extra dimension to the Black Sea, setting it apart from many of the other seas of its kind.

The water level never changes

Unlike a lot of seas that can be tumultuous and choppy, the Black Sea actually has no fluctuation of water levels at all. The reason for this comes down to the fact that there are no high or low tides, and, as such, the water level doesn’t change. This keeps it calm and serene on the surface and is one of the key factors that make the Black Sea such a popular destination for cruise ships.

The Black Sea is one of the most interesting bodies of water in the world. Its location and makeup ensure that it’s a fascinating sea to study. There are also plenty of tourist attractions on offer around the sea, and it borders six countries, making it the perfect place to access Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.


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Eagles know there’s a huge gap in experience and they don’t care

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Patriots have it. The Eagles do not. The Patriots always seem to be in the Super Bowl this time of year. The Eagles? Not so much. This would seem to be an advantage for the Patriots this week and on Sunday for Super Bowl LII, right? “No,’’ Eagles safety Malcolm…
Sports | New York Post


“What do you know about Wakanda?” See Marvel Studios’…

“What do you know about Wakanda?” See Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” in theaters February 16 and get your tickets now: www.fandango.com/blackpanther

Marvel Entertainment


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14 Things to Know About Bruno Mars

The 2018 Grammys are nearly upon us and that means that its high time we celebrate at least one of the nominees. The current apple of our eye is Bruno Mars, who has been wowing us for years with his powerhouse vocals and smooth, sultry musical stylings. This jack-of-many-musical-trades has managed to get himself numerous Grammy nominations this year, which is certainly a seal of approval for his talents. But really, how well do you know the singer that has brought us recent hits like “24K Magic” and “That’s What I Like”? How many facts do you have stored in your noggin about the singer who is set to perform his latest single, “Finesse,” alongside Cardi B during the 2018 Grammys?

Bruno Mars Finesse

Bruno Mars Finesse

Still drawing a blank? Well, worry not because we’re here to get you all up-to-date with the Bruno Mars knowledge you need to know about. Keep reading for all the Bruno goodness you desire.

1. He has something in common with Michael Jackson

Mars’s latest single “Finesse feat. Cardi B” has made this Mars’s third album in a row to have three US Top 10 singles, making him the second artist ever to accomplish such a feat. The first was Michael Jackson.

2. His latest tour is selling like hot cakes

His 24K Magic World Tour has grossed over $ 200 million dollars so far.

3. He grew up in Hawaii

Image: Giphy

Mars was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is half Puerto Rican and half Ashkenazi Jew, while his mother, who emigrated to Hawaii as a child, was of Filipino descent.

4. His stage name was inspired by a wrestler

Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez. So where did the name Bruno Mars come from? Back in the day, his dad gave him the nickname “Bruno” because Mars was chunky as a baby and reminded him of the hefty wrestler Bruno Sammartino. As for the “Mars” part, the singer told Rap-Up, “The ‘Mars’ came up just because I felt like I didn’t have no pizzazz, and a lot of girls say I’m out of this world. So I was like, I guess I’m from Mars.”

5. Musical talents run in his family

His father is a drummer and his late mother was a hula dancer. In fact, the two met while performing at a show. Apparently, they passed on their abilities to their kids. Mars’ sisters have a musical group called The Lylas. Meanwhile, his brother Eric is a drummer in Mars’ backup band, The Hooligans.

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6. He was a young Elvis impersonator

Bruno Mars

Image: Giphy

When Mars was a kid, his dad and uncle ran a Hawaiian variety show that sometimes featured the singer as an Elvis impersonator. That’s right — he’s been performing since age 4.

7. He’s a songwriter

Aside from creating his own hits, Mars has also penned many popular tracks for other artists. In fact, before becoming a successful solo artist, he was a known music producer, writing tunes for writing artists like Travie McCoy, Brandy, Sean Kingston, CeeLo Green and Flo Rida.

8. It took him a while to break out

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Mars signed to Motown Records in 2004 in a deal that “went nowhere,” and a conversation with Will.i.am’s management also turned out fruitless.

In 2006, he met his future manager at Atlantic Records, Aaron Bay-Schuck. After hearing Mars play a couple of songs on the guitar, Bay-Schuck wanted to sign him immediately. But the label felt that it was too early and that Mars still needed development as an artist, so Mars didn’t officially sign to Atlantic Records until three years later. He broke out when he was featured on the B.o.B single “Nothin’ on You,” which he also wrote.

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9. He’s run into trouble with the law

In 2010, Mars was arrested in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine. He pleaded guilty to felony drug possession, and in return for his plea, he was told that the charges would be erased from his criminal record as long as he stayed out of trouble for a year, paid a $ 2,000 fine, did 200 hours of community service and completed a drug counseling course.

10. He’s already matched Elvis Presley in a big way

In 2013, Mars scored his fifth No. 1 hit with “When I Was Your Man.” The song came just a little over three years after his first chart-topper — meaning that Mars racked his first five Hot 100 No. 1s faster than any male since Elvis Presley.

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11. He has four Grammys

Mars has won four Grammys: the first in 2011 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Just the Way You Are,” the second in 2014, for Best Pop Vocal Album for Unorthodox Jukebox, and two in 2016 for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, both for “Uptown Funk.”

12. He’s one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time

Bruno Mars

Image: Giphy

Throughout his singing career, he has sold over 100 million singles and albums, making him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. Four of his singles are also counted among the best-selling singles of all time.

13. He does more than sing

Bruno Mars GIF

Not only is Mars a talented singer, but he plays the drums, keyboard, bass and guitar.

14. He has tattoos

Mars has four tattoos: a gypsy, an anchor and two on his upper arms, which are dedicated to his parents. On his right upper arm is his late mother’s name, Bernadette, written in a heart, and on his upper left arm are the word’s “Pete’s Boy,” as a tribute to his father.

A version of this article was originally published in October 2016.

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What We Know About the Reborn Vine App “V2”

A new version of Vine is likely on the way. Dom Hofmann, one of the co-founders of the original Vine which was sold to Twitter in 2013, has reportedly started reaching out to former Vine stars in an attempt to once again establish ties with top content creators for the upcoming platform, TechCrunch reports.

Twitter killed Vine and removed the ability to share videos from the app in January of last year. In November, Hofmann announced plans to build a Vine successor and now we’re learning more about what that might entail.

The new app, being called V2 right now, has “no firm launch date” just yet, but Hoffman has said he hopes to launch it later this year in the spring or summer.

The actual product is expected to be similar to the original Vine, allowing users to share videos between 2 and 6.5 seconds long that will loop over and over again. There will be no filters. Videos will be able to be browsed on V2 in chronological order, and there might be a “nope” button for you to mark videos that annoy you so you see fewer of them in the future.

V2 is also expected to take a stricter approach to moderation than the original Vine and will allow users to disable comments on a per-post basis.

They’re lofty plans, but for now, we’ll have to wait until launch to see if all the new features make it in there and more importantly, whether or not any big content creators will actually use the platform.



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Who is Jack Brooksbank? Everything you (probably don’t) need to know about Princess Eugenie’s man 👑

He’s British, he’s called Jack and he’s about 31. All the insider info on Eugenie’s new man…

Jack Brooksbank

Hearty congrats to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank on their engagement news. Much like the Wendy Cope poem, we wait years for one royal wedding and then two trundle along at once!

But who exactly is The Firm’s newest recruit, how did he and Eugenie meet and when is their wedding expected to happen?

Here’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know (and probably still don’t!)

(Can we also just take a moment to appreciate The Duchess of York’s Instagram account? Is that Lao Tzu quote, Fergs? Loving your work)

Who is Jack Brooksbank?

He’s a British chap called Jack Brooksbank! His parents (who we’re assuming are pretty delighted about how things have panned out) are Nicola and George Brooksbanks. The latter is an accountant and company director.

Brooksbank went to the private Stowe School and then decided against University in favour of a career in hospitality (more on that later).

In case you’re wondering (you’re probably not) the name Brooksbank is an old English surname that derives from the Middle English ‘Brikes’ bank – a person who works or lives near a riverbank.

How old is Jack Brooksbank?

He’s 31.

What is Jack Brooksbank’s job?

Brooksbank is in hospitality. He started out as a waiter, working at Chelsea’s Admiral Codrington pub and the Markham Inn, where he befriended Eugenie’s cousin Prince Harry and his all-weathers friend-in-waiting Guy Pelly.

Brooksbank then moved to manage Chelsea nightclub Mahiki, where virtually every Millennial royal has enjoyed a few Jolly Rogers at some point (K-Middy was a frequent flier back when she wasn’t burdened by the heavy yoke of Royal duty – producing heirs, opening squash courts etc. etc).

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

How did Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank meet?

Eugenie and Jack began dating nearly seven years ago after meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier. ‘There was an immediate attraction and since that meeting, they have barely been apart,’ a source told the Daily Mail. Other than the two years of long-distancing they did when Eugenie moved to New York in 2013…

How did the couple get engaged?

At the beautiful private island resort of Calala in Nicaragua over the New Year. A step up from Prince Harry’s decision to pop the question to Meghan Markle after a roast chicken dinner at their cottage (Calala Vs. Chicken Cottage? We’re so Team Calala).

What’s Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring like?

Very pretty! A blush-colored padparadscha sapphire ring (nope, us neither) nestling in a ring of diamonds. It’s strikingly similar to her mother Fergie’s ruby and diamond engagement ring – as the beady-eyed Royal experts at Majesty Magazine were quick to point out.

When is the Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank wedding?

In Autumn 2018 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, where Meg and Harry are also tying the knot on 19th May.

P.S: Beatrice, if this isn’t a golden opportunity to upstage all proceedings (including your sister) with another octopus hat, we don’t know what is.

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What pediatricians want parents to know about the flu epidemic

There have been 60,000 confirmed cases of the flu since December, officials say.
ABC News: Health


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Delta Changes Pet Policy, Wants to Know If Your Dog Can Behave Before It Can Fly

Looks like 2017 was a poor year for pet manners.

According to The Associated Press, the number of pet complaints Delta Airlines received in 2017 was double the number from 2016. Passenger complaints included reports of animals peeing, pooping and biting during Delta flights.

In response to the uptick in pet problems, Delta Airlines has changed its pet policy. For the safety of all aboard, the airline says it will start asking passengers flying with animals to provide more information on their pets, including a signed voucher that furry friends can behave in the friendly skies.

As of March 1, passengers flying with an animal will have to provide proof of their animal’s vaccinations or health records at least 48 hours before their scheduled flight. Additionally, travelers flying Delta with emotional support animals will need to sign a voucher before boarding the plane that states their pets can and will behave on the flight.

Can’t get enough of cats, dogs and other furry friends? Click here to get the cutest pet news and photos delivered directly to your inbox. 

As of right now, Delta isn’t asking for any records to back up this voucher — such as obedience school forms or trainer appraisals — just the owner’s word.


Fashion Deals Update:

What you need to know about checked bags


Flying is always exciting and gives you the chance to see the world as it should be seen. The anticipation of going on vacation is sometimes too much, and, for many of us, the build-up can bring a mixed bag of emotions and feelings. There are a lot of things you can do to alleviate the worries you might have. Think about the stress and chaos that can sometimes come with flying home for the holidays.

With Christmas on the horizon many of us will be getting on a plane and heading home, and there are all manner of problems that can occur when you fly. Delays and cancellations, passport issues, and checking in, not to mention having to lug your Christmas presents home. So, these are some of the things you need to know about checked bags to make your experience pain free.

You can check in online

God bless the internet! It has made all aspects of travel and flying so much simpler, and now you can check in online before your flight. Of course, you’re still going to have to bring your bags to the airport with you, but, checking in online is going to save you a lot of time and effort having to queue and check in when you’re there. You can also preselect how many bags you have, and purchase extra if you need to. This is an excellent way of making sure you prepare and save yourself some stress in the future.

Check what flights have free bag checks

There are some airlines out there that make themselves much more attractive as a result of their customer-centric benefits. These include giving customers free baggage checks, something that proves invaluable for saving money over the festive period. Southwestern Airlines, for instance, offer customers free bag checks for their first two suitcases. There are other airlines that offer some great free bag checks as well – make the most of these as much as you can because they will save you a lot of time, stress, and cash!

Know what to pack

You’re in a rush, you’ve packed for a couple of weeks at home, and you’ve got some pretty epic presents with you as well. Just make sure you have checked that everything you’ve packed is copacetic. That means ensuring that you don’t have anything packed that is prohibited because this is going to cause all sorts of problems. A little research beforehand can make a big difference, and help you understand what you can and can’t pack.

Protect the contents

Because you’re transporting gifts, you need to make sure you protect the contents of the cases. Now, usually you would take anything expensive or valuable in your carry on, but this might not be possible this time because of gifts. So, you should get a lock for your case to make sure everything is protected. Some airlines will be able to give you a fragile sticker to help keep the stuff safer; it will also mean that when you’re at baggage claim, you’ll get the bag much quicker.

Flying home for the holidays doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, and, by using these tips, you ensure that it isn’t. There are so many great things you can do to look after your luggage and make the bag checking process easier. By looking after your bags you start the trip off on the right foot, and this makes everything else better.


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6 Things You Need to Know Before Trying Whole30

The latest dieting craze is, well, pretty crazy.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Marie Claire Sport has landed! Here’s everything you need to know

Introducing our first ever sportswear range – your gym bag NEEDS this

Marie Claire Sport

At Marie Claire HQ, we’re kicking off 2018 in hugely exciting fashion by launching our first ever athleisure range – meet Marie Claire Sport.

Tapping into our stylist’s inimitable fashion expertise and our Editor-in-Chief’s unique understanding of what women really want to work out in, we’ve created 19 scientifically crafted pieces that fit, flatter and, thanks to the technological fabric, help you to get the most out of your workout.

Marie Claire Sport

Including stylish, cropped lightweight jackets as well as easy to wear basics in simple mix & match hues, the range is made using innovative performance stretch materials that mould to your body’s shape and can technically support a truly active lifestyle. Because who said you can’t look good while you smash your fitness goals?

From leggings, t-shirts, crops and jackets, we’ve got all your bases covered, with pieces starting at just £35 for a bra top. And the best bit? Everything is priced well under the £100 mark, because we know that stylish and functional sportswear needn’t cost the earth.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!

Already got your Marie Claire Sport gear? Don’t forget to tag us in your pics on Twitter and Instagram at @marieclaireuk

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Everything You Need to Know About Curling for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Curling is our strange quadrennial winter sports obsession. Depending on one’s taste, it’s either a compelling chess match on ice, or glorified shuffleboard with no proper place in a global sporting spectacle. But once the opening ceremonies of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics begin on Feb. 9, you — or someone you encounter regularly — will suddenly start caring about curling. You know, that winter Olympic sport with the stones and the brooms and that dartboard-looking-thing on the TV.

For NBCUniversal, the Olympics broadcaster, curling is a consistent ratings winner. CNBC goes from picking stocks to sweeping rocks during the Games, as the network will air hours of evening curling coverage during the Olympics.

So it pays to know the basics of the sport. Here’s what you need to know about curling’s rules, positions, scoring, equipment and more:

What is the history of curling?

The origin of curling traces back to 16th century Scotland, where the sport was played on frozen ponds and lochs. The first recorded match took place around 1541: a Scottish notary recorded a challenge between a monk at Paisley Abbey and a relative of the abbott. Scottish immigrants spread the sport to North America: the first Canadian curling club opened in Montreal in 1807, and the first American club appeared in Pontiac, Mich. in 1828. The Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Scotland, the so-called “mother club” of curling, wrote the first official curling rules in 1838.

Curling first appeared as a medal sport at the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix, France. Only the men held a tournament, and Great Britain won gold (the entire team was Scottish). Curling made five appearances as an Olympic demonstration sport — in Lake Placid in 1932, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1936, Innsbruck in 1964, Calgary in 1988 and Albertville in 1992 — before the sport was added to the Olympic program in Nagano in 1998. Since 1998, Canada has won three Olympic golds in curling on the men’s side — including the last three — while Switzerland and Norway each won one. Both Canada and Sweden have earned two women’s gold medals in curling; Great Britain won the women’s gold in 2002.

Olympic curling stones weigh between 38 and 44 pounds; the granite is harvested from Ailsa Craig, an island off the west coast of Scotland that resembles, from a distance, a curling stone.

How do you play curling and what are the rules?

A key driver of curling’s appeal is its relative simplicity. Though the sport may have unfamiliar terms, and thus seem complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to follow.

A curling match consist of 10 ends, which are equivalent to innings in baseball. In each end, the four players on both teams alternate throwing stones. The lead throws first, followed by the second, then the third — or vice-skip — then finally, the skip. Each of the four players on the competing teams throws two stones per end, for a total of 16 stones. The “skip” is the most important player on the team. The skip not only throws the last stone in an end — which often determines the scoring — but also directs the overall strategy.

To execute a shot, a curler pushes a foot off the hack, a piece of rubber akin to a starting block. The curler slides across the ice, or sheet, to the hog line, and must release the stone before it touches the line. The stone then heads for the house — the area with four concentric circles on the other side of the sheet that loosely resembles a dartboard. The house is the scoring area.

How does curling scoring work?

Only one team can score during a curling end. The team with the most stones closest to the curling bullseye — the button — is awarded points. So if, after 16 stones are thrown, Team A has a stone right on the button, and Team B has a stone a few feet off the button, Team A scores a point. If Team A had one stone on the button and a stone a few feet off the button, while Team B had a stone on the outer edge of the house, Team A scores two points.

The team that fails to score in an end gets the hammer, or the advantage of throwing the last stone, in the next end. If no stones remain in the house after an end, no points are awarded: the team with the hammer in a scoreless, or blank, end retains the hammer in the subsequent end. The team with the most points after 10 ends wins the match.

What’s with the curling brooms?

After a curler throws a stone, his or her teammates will often start sweeping the ice in front the stone as it glides down the ice. Why is sweeping the activity that requires the most exertion in this particular Olympic sport? Physics! The sweeping warms the ice and reduces friction, allowing the stone to travel farther and straighter. Depending on the path of the stone and its intended target, a team’s skip will instruct the other curlers to either start sweeping like a teen whose parents are returning home early to an illicit house party, or to lift their brooms.

What’s new for curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics?

A mixed doubles tournament! Olympic organizers have added a mixed doubles curling event to the PyeongChang program to complement the men’s and women’s competitions. Mixed doubles curling teams consist of just two players — a woman and a man — instead of the usual four players per team. Matches are eight ends long, not 10, and the two players alternate throwing five stones per end instead of eight: one player throws the first and last stones, while the other throws the second, third, and fourth rocks.

Mixed doubles adds a wrinkle. A sixth stone for each team isn’t thrown, but set on the ice before the start of the end. The stone of one team is positioned in the middle of the ice, guarding the house, while the other team’s stone is set in the house, near the button. The team with the hammer decides where the stone is positioned; if the team places its stone as the guard, however, the other team gets to take the last shot of the end.

Once per game — but not in tie-breaking “extra ends” — the mixed doubles team with the hammer can decide to exercise a “power play.” In the power play, the pre-positioned stones are shifted to the side.

In a perfect world, would curling power plays involve broomstick fighting and a penalty box like they do in hockey, rather than moving rocks around? Probably. But a more genteel game will do just fine. Mixed doubles scoring is the same as the traditional curling game. The team with the most stones closest to the button earns the points in that end.

Who are the American curling competitors at the Olympics?

For the third consecutive Olympics, John Shuster, 35, will serve as skip for the U.S. men’s team. He’s the first American men’s curler to make four Olympic squads; Shuster, a Chisholm, Minnesota native, was lead for the 2006 Olympic team that won bronze in Torino. Shuster’s Olympic skip record isn’t so sterling. Faced with high expectations after the 2006 bronze medal, the Americans finished last in Vancouver and ninth in Sochi.

Joining Shuster on the team are John Landsteiner — who competed with Shuster in Sochi — Tyler George and Matt Hamilton. Hamilton’s sister, Becca, made the U.S. women’s team, joining fellow first-time Olympians Nina Roth — the team’s skip — Tabitha Peterson and Aileen Geving.

The Hamilton siblings, who hail from McFarland, Wisconsin, will be busy in PyeongChang. Older brother Matt, 28, and sister Becca, 27, will represent the U.S. in mixed doubles.

Millions will be watching their PyeongChang power play.

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Everything You Need To Know About ‘PUBG’s Zombies Mode

PUBG Zombies is a bit of an oddity. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s original vision of a Battle Royale spawned from his desire to speed up the combat-focused parts of DayZ — a game ostensibly about surviving a zombie apocalypse. To make his vision a reality, he removed the zombies (and made dozens of other tweaks). It’s ironic, then, that so many players find themselves drawn to a PUBG mode which adds the shuffling undead back into the game.

Of course, there’s a twist here. The zombies in PUBG Zombies are controlled by players, not AI, and they drop alongside the humans. If you’re a human, you have to kill all the zombies — and there’s a lot of them. If you’re a zombie, you simply have to kill the humans. The mode itself started as a bit of a hack — though not the bad kind — and has grown into something of a phenomenon itself.

How To Play ‘PUBG’ Zombies

Getting into a game of Zombies is super easy, although it relies on there being a custom game available.

All you need to do, when at the main menu for PUBG, is click Custom Games and sort by Zombies in the filter. You should be able to see any available Zombies games — click on one from the list and you’re off and running.

Bear in mind, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get to play as a human. It’s actually one of the problems with the mode in the eyes of Twitch streamer Stabbies, a PUBG Partner and the OCE region’s pre-eminent PUBG shoutcaster. Stabbies runs Customs games for Oceanic players on the regular, changing the rules of PUBG to create wildly varied game experiences. Modes like Demo Derby — where players only have cars — and Western War — where participants are limited to Win 94s and Revolvers — are extremely popular. But Stabbies has a firm rule against running Zombies as a mode.

“It’s fun, but it’s pretty boring if you’re a zombie,” Stabbies explained. “The rhythm of the game is thrown. In a regular game a lot of people drop down, gather loot and then all converge into a circle. But for Zombies that rhythm is ruined. You can’t loot as a zombie, it’s hard to communicate with other zombies and it’s generally not a lot of fun if you land near the survivors early and can’t form a giant horde with [your undead teammates].”

How To Play As A Zombie

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play Zombies, by any means. If you’re all about those brains, there’s a bunch of fun to be had. You just have to work for it. If you’re playing on the Zombies team, press Ctrl-T until it says “Voice Chat Unmuted” so you can hear your teammates. Try to get them to land somewhere central — School or Pecado are good options on each map. Zombies can’t use vehicles, so the closer to the middle of the map you are, the less time you’ll have to spend travelling to get into the circle.

If there are vehicles — the host can turn them off, but probably won’t — punch out the tyres by crouching next to them and hitting. It’s something to do, but it also restricts the Human player’s options when they come near.

You’ll probably have to make your own fun for a little while. The humans probably won’t come close until they absolutely have to — when the circle forces them to. Try to follow crates if you can — when you’re unarmed any weapon is powerful, but an M249 is more powerful than most.

When they come close, remember your strength is in numbers. While some of the zombies are bee-lining straight at the humans, see if you can predict where they’re going to run next and try to cut them off. If they manage to knock you, try to find a space where your teammates can get you back up — just like you would in regular PUBG.

Most importantly, have fun. You’re a zombie, just a cell in a larger organism. Victory comes when the humans die, regardless of whether or not you are the one who gets the kills — all the cells win when the organism wins.

How To Play As A Human

Right off the bat, you should know that as it currently works you’re unlikely to get to play as a Human in a Zombies mode custom game. Generally the lobby host will set it up so that they can control who plays on the human side — although very rarely you’ll find some true open lobbies. As custom game controls become more robust, hosts will ideally be able to assign people to certain teams for doing well as zombies and other things.

If you do manage to play as a Human, there’s a few things to keep in mind! Don’t carry too many heals, first of all. Once you start to really get hit by the swarm of zombies, your opportunities to stop will be near non-existent, so you’re really just wasting space carrying every First Aid Kit you can find. Instead, grab every bit of ammo you can. In regular PUBG, any of the other 96-99 players on the map could kill your enemies for you, but in Zombies only your squad can stop the Zombies menace.

Even if you think you got enough ammo, you probably didn’t. That moment when you realise you have to ration your ammunition — that you’ve been wasting it on speculative pot shots from a distance — that’s when the panic sets in.

When the swarm is upon you, be sure to juke as if your life depends on it — because it basically does. You can throw a few zombies off if you about face and run back at them for a few moments before continuing on your way. If you unequip your weapons until you’re going to use them, you run faster (which is also good to know for when you’re chasing the circle in regular PUBG).

The other key thing to do when playing as a Human is to realise that you’re only going to have fun if the Zombies are having fun. If you go in with the idea of victory as your key goal, and you play it like you’re chasing a chicken dinner, you’ll find the Zombies are more reluctant to return for another game. If you restrict yourself and your crew to only using vehicles for transport, or to not wearing armour, or ditching the 8x scopes, the zombies won’t feel like they’re completely out of options.

“You almost have to role-play it,” Stabbies said about playing as a Human. As a PUBG Partner he’s able to set up a Zombies Custom match, and the games we played together as humans were populated in seconds. “You don’t want it to be boring for the zombies [players] so you have to hold back. Everyone can have a good time [that way].”

The games he set up restricted us to just the Western War weapons, with the addition of sniper rifles. The only Automatic weapons available were the VSS, the Glock and anything we might get out of a crate — although Zombies flocked to the crates every time.

In our games, we didn’t finish zombies off until the last few circles, essentially rewarding the cheeky players who tried to attack us early with a second chance. We hopped out of our vehicles to fight, we ran for our lives when we had to, and it was obvious we were never going to win. But the Zombies seemed to have fun, and even though we didn’t win, so did we.

One other thing worth doing is turning off ReShade — which you’ll have on if you followed our guide. Something about the normal palette of colours in PUBG lends itself very well to the Zombie apocalypse. You can also fiddle with ReShade settings in-game to make things a bit more apocalyptic if you want — although make sure you save your settings for when you return to the regular game!

PUBG Zombies can be fun, but it requires a certain attitude from all involved. When everyone is in that mindset, it’s chaotic and terrifying — but for now those experiences can be few and far between. Fortunately there are dozens of other Custom Games happening at any time — maybe you’re better off checking those out instead! If you’re in OCE, try out Stabbies stream – he plays a heap of other games as well.

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Justin Timberlake Is Your 2018 Super Bowl Performer. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Justin Timberlake will take to the Super Bowl Halftime Show’s stage in Minneapolis this year, marking his third time singing at the annual NFL playoff event. P!nk, meanwhile, will be performing the “Star-Spangled Banner” before kickoff on Feb. 4 at U.S Bank Stadium. He follows last year’s high-flying Lady Gaga and 2016’s Coldplay as headliner for the show.

Timberlake first sang at Super Bowl XXXV back in 2001 during the heyday of beloved boyband *NSYNC. The quintet rocked out to perennial favorite “It’s Gonna Be Me” alongside Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Britney Spears and others. Soon after launching his solo career, he graced the stage as one of the lineup of stars MTV recruited for 2004’s Super Bowl XXXVIII show — which also famously featured Janet Jackson. At the end of Timberlake’s performance of “Rock Your Body,” he famously ripped off Jackson’s breastplate, exposing her to the nation — and the millions watching — in an incident that would be subsequently coined “Nipplegate” and drawn out in an extended legal battle involving Jackson, the FCC, CBS and Viacom. Timberlake apologized for the controversial “wardrobe malfunction.”

Now, Timberlake is back for round three. And he’s got new music to promote: he just released his latest single, “Filthy,” on Jan. 5 and is following it up with his third solo album, Man of the Woods, due out just days before the Super Bowl. on Feb. 2. Odds are we’ll be treated to a mix of his tried-and-true classics (“SexyBack,” anyone?), family-friendly hits (“Can’t Stop the Feeling”) and some of his new tunes to finish it off.

As for the singing of the national anthem? That honor goes to P!nk, another of Timberlake’s early-aughts-era pop star cohort. Looks like the 2000s really are back in vogue.

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globes are about to kick off for another year, reminding you just how many movies and shows you’ve missed out on. This year, we’ve seen some huge oversights in nominations, movies, and shows that deserved nominations only to be passed over for more traditional contenders. Despite this, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony is going to be a night of glitz, glamor, celebrities, fashion, and more than the occasional politically charged joke from host Seth Myers.

But, how well do you know the Golden Globes? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the awards’ history, controversies, winners, losers.

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Munchausen by proxy: What you need to know

The most common scenario involves a parent, who causes symptoms in the child.
ABC News: Health


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5 Things to Know About Lindsey Vonn as She Goes for the Gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics

After missing the 2014 Olympics in Sochi because of a knee injury, Lindsey Vonn—the most successful women’s ski racer in history—is set to return to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018, where she’ll race in speed events and try to add to her Olympic medal haul.

On this season’s World Cup circuit, which serves as an elite-level tune-up for the Olympics, Vonn has already secured a victory, an emotional win at at Super-G event in Val d’Isere, France. She fought tears because her father, who had never seen her race at the venue, was in the crowd. Over the New Year’s holiday, Vonn returned home to Colorado and put in some training time in Aspen.

With the 2018 Winter Olympics beginning on Feb. 9, here are five things to know about Vonn:

1. Vonn’s Injuries Don’t Keep Her Down

Despite being bitten by injuries throughout her remarkable career, Vonn, 33, has compiled more World Cup wins—78—than any female ski racer in history. At the 2006 Torino Olympics, for example, she crashed during a training run and had to be airlifted off the mountain. The accident, however, didn’t keep her from competing in the downhill, where she finished eighth. Crashes did end her 2013, 2014 and 2016 seasons prematurely.

In November, Vonn broke her right arm in a training crash in Cooper Mountain, Colorado. And in December, Vonn hurt her back during a Super-G race in St. Mortiz, Switzerland. She roiled in pain after crossing the finish, and came in 24th place. But just a week later Vonn was back atop a podium, winning in Val d’Isere.

“I guess I’m not a washed-up old hag,” Vonn said after her victory. “I think I proved myself, and karma definitely comes back around. I’ve got some good karma coming my way.”

2. Vonn Has Taken on Trump

Vonn waded squarely into America’s contentious political climate when she told CNN in December that she would not accept an invitation from President Donald Trump to visit the White House. Traditionally, American Olympians come to Washington for a White House stop after the Games. “I hope to represent the people of the United States,” Vonn said, “not the president.”

While some people praised Vonn, the skiier shared on Instagram that others had hoped she would break her neck for “being anti-Trump.”

As I head to France for the next races, I would like to share with you my reflections from the past few days. I've received a tremendous amount of feedback, both positive and negative, about my recent CNN interview. The point that I was trying to articulate is that all Olympic athletes represent their nation as a whole, and are not representatives of their government or any specific political figure or party. None of us work tirelessly for years on end to compete in the Olympics on behalf of Democrats or Republicans. The Olympics are a non-political event, a chance for everyone to put aside their differences and be on the same "team.". That does not mean that Olympic athletes don't have political opinions. As an American, I am extremely proud that our great nation was founded on principals and ideals where citizens can express our opinions openly. It is a privilege that some others around the world don't have. I am proud to be an American, and I want our country to continue to be a symbol of hope, compassion, inclusion and world unity. My travels around the world have recently made clear that this is no longer how people view the United States. You cannot pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV in Europe without noticing how people are questioning our direction. It seems to me that we must lead with understanding and strive for unity in our relationships throughout the world. As for myself, my recent comments opened up my eyes as to how divided we are right now. It is hurtful to read comments where people are hoping I break my neck or that God is punishing me for being "anti-Trump." We need to find a way to put aside our differences and find common ground in communicating. Is it wrong to hope for a better world? All of this is much bigger than skiing and the Olympics. I am going to take the next two months to focus on what I can do and right now that is competing for my country. In doing that, I will be hoping that we Americans can still be that "shining city on a hill."

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

3. She Is Already a Record Breaker

Vonn is shooting to break the all-time record for World Cup skiing wins, male or female, which is currently held by Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden; he won 86 races from 1973-1989. While most of Vonn’s victories have come in the speed disciplines of the downhill and Super G, she’s the rare elite skier to have won races in both speed and technical events. She owns four giant slalom wins, two victories in the slalom, and five in the combined, which mixes the downhill and slalom.

Her 39 wins in the downhill, and 28 in the Super G are an all-time mark. She’s tied with Stenmark for most discipline titles, with 16. Vonn has been the best downhill skiier in eight different seasons, while also winning 5 Super G titles and 3 championships in the combined.

At the Olympics, Vonn won a downhill gold medal, and Super G bronze, at the 2010 Games in Vancouver. After missing Sochi, the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are likely her last chance to increase her Olympic medal count.

4. Vonn’s Training Workout Is No Joke

To ski speed events, athletes need superior strength to maintain balance and control. Her much-followed exercise routine includes doing situps on a wrecking ball, pull-ups with a chain tied around her waist, and throwing medicine balls to the ceiling.

….Watch my sis try this at the end 🤣

A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on

5. Vonn Has Her Own Line of Gear

In late November, Under Armour launched the Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection, an apparel line under her name. Each piece is named after a milestone of Vonn’s career: the $ 500 Louise Jacket, for example, is a nod to Lake Louise, Alberta, a place nicknamed Lake Lindsey because of her success there (she’s finished on the Lake Louise podium 25 times).

Vonn’s other sponsors include Red Bull, Oakley, and the Hershey Company. And her 2016 book, Strong Is The New Beautiful, reached the New York Times best seller list for sports titles.

The next chapter of Vonn’s storied career will be written soon in South Korea.

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Laura Govan Wants You to Know She Doesn’t Know Vince Herbert ‘Like That’ [Video]

Laura Govan wants to clear her name.

After a few brief press visits, the paparazzi caught up with Laura (or she caught up with them) at LAX and she had ‘no comment’ — but with a lot of comments.

via TMZ:

First things first … Laura wanted to make it clear she is NOT pregnant. When we got her at LAX Thursday she admitted she does know Tamar’s estranged husband, but clarified she doesn’t know him “that way.”

Remember, Tamar claimed Vincent had gotten some “stupid broke ass whore” pregnant. Then Laura’s ex-husband, Gilbert Arenas, jumped into the mix and strongly insinuated Laura was said whore.

Laura told us she has respect for Tamar and Vince, and has nothing to do with their beef. But when it comes to her own ex, Laura’s clearly pissed off at Gilbert. In fact, it sounds like there’s a legal war coming with the former NBA star.

Watch below.

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Two New ‘Robin Hood’ Photos – Everything We Know So Far

Two New 'Robin Hood' Photos - Everything We Know So Far

Taron Egerton at arrivals for SING Premiere, L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA December 3, 2016. Photo By: Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

Lionsgate has released two new photos for their upcoming Robin Hood film. The first features Taron Egerton who stars in the title role. Admittedly, this is a different – and younger – Robin Hood than we’ve seen in the past. Bow? Check. Quiver? Check. And yet, not a speck of green to be found in the iconic outlaw’s attire! You can…

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Western Union Is Finally Paying $586M to Scam Victims. Here’s What We Know

This one’s been a long time coming.

In case you didn’t hear, Western Union is the subject of a class-action lawsuit. People were getting scammed, and the bad guys requested they send their money via Western Union. Apparently, a lot of people did just that.

Finally, there are instructions on how to get your money.

File Your Western Union Class-Action Claim Now

The Federal Trade Commission reported that Western Union received more than 550,000 complaints from people who had been scammed into completing a Western Union money transfer between January 2004 and August 2015.

Western Union failed to flag transactions it suspected to be criminal, according to the FTC, and agreed to pay $ 586 million to settle the class-action suit.

If you got suckered — don’t feel bad because many of us have at some point or another — and lost money to a scammer through a Western Union transfer between Jan. 1, 2004, and Jan. 19, 2017, you could qualify for a piece of the settlement.

If you have already reported your losses to the FTC or Western Union, look for a pre-filled claim form to show up in the mail. You only have until Feb. 12, 2018, to file your claim.

Your best bet is to file your claim online. Start at the FTC’s Western Union refund site, which will guide you through the steps. You will need to provide your Social Security number, which is why it is safer to do it on the secure website than through the mail.

You do not have to pay any money or provide your bank information to get your piece of the settlement. If you receive an email or other correspondence asking you to do so, report it to the FTC, because it’s another scam.

Have as much info handy as you can, including how much money you sent, when you sent it and to whom, if possible. The more info you can provide, the better your chances of getting at least a portion of that money back.

How much money you could get from the settlement? It depends on the number of claims filed and how many the FTC can validate. Once the claims are tallied, it could take a year to see your check in the mail. It’s a slow process, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Always keep in mind that there are bad guys out there just waiting to grab your money. Keep your eyes open for scams, and do your due diligence before sending anyone money. You’ve worked hard for your money. Keep it safe in 2018 and beyond.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Legal recreational pot in California: What you need to know

First legal recreational pot sales to begin in California: What you need to know
ABC News: Health


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Everything you wanted to know about Tunisia


Tunisia is one of the true gems of Africa – a country so often overlooked on the continent. From stunning, sandy, sun-kissed beaches, to ancient and powerful ruins, this is a country oozing with history and amazing natural beauty. The rolling dunes of the Sahara showcase some of the vast deserts in this great nation, but it also lies just on the edge of Europe as well – making it a nation of mixed cultures and customs.

You might not know a lot about Tunisia, and you might have never considered a visit, but we think all that should change. They say to fully appreciate and experience a country, you must first find out about it, and we can see the logic behind that statement. So, without wasting any more time, here is a list of some of the amazing things we guarantee you never knew about Tunisia.

It’s a democracy

You might not be aware of this, but Tunisia is actually a democracy! It is classed as a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic! Wow, try saying that five times fast, we dare you! In fact, by being so, Tunisia is actually the only Arab country in the world to be classed as a democracy. So, in a lot of ways, this makes it much more tourist friendly, and ties it better to Europe than most other Arab nations. Having said that, it is still a Muslim country, and you need to be prepared for that when you visit.

It’s a popular filming location

Now, there might be areas of Tunisia that seem strangely familiar to you. Like you’ve visited them before in a dream of some sort, and this is almost kind of true. What you’re recalling is the locations and settings you’ve seen in movies, because Tunisia is a popular filming location. Most notably, every Star Wars movie, with the exception of The Empire Strikes Back was filmed in Tunisia. That’s why, when you gaze around Tunisia, you get that feeling of being in a galaxy far, far away!

It was part of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was huge, at one point spanning multiple continents, with designs to take over half the known world. Under the stewardship of multiple rulers, namely Julius Caesar, the Romans were fearsome in battle and conquered multiple nations, including Tunisia. The ancient city of Carthage, which currently sits on the banks of Lake Tunis, was a major part of the Roman Empire’s expansion to Africa. The ruins of the city still sit intact today and are a popular tourist attraction for visitors.

Tunisia is one of the most compelling and visually stunning countries in the world. As the northernmost country in Africa, it’s a great way of getting a transitional introduction to African life and Arabic culture. If you have never been to the country before, we suggest you check it out, provided it’s safe to travel of course. Tunisia is a nation with so much history and links to the Romans as well as Islam. Discover this diamond in the rough before it becomes too popular with Western tourists!


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Where Are the 2018 Winter Olympics? What to Know About PyeongChang, South Korea

While sports enthusiasts all around the world are gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics, officials in PyeongChang, South Korea—where the next Olympics is located—are putting the finishing touches on the venues that will host the XXIII Games.

Although this is the second time the Olympics have been held in South Korea — the 1988 Summer Games took place in Seoul — it’s the country’s first Winter Games and PyeongChang’s first international sporting event of this caliber. South Korea previously made unsuccessful bids on both the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

The Olympic Rings are illuminated in PyeongChang.
The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images.The Olympic Rings are illuminated in PyeongChang. The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images.

The 2018 Winter Olympics will consist of 102 events in 15 different sports over the course of 18 days. These events will take place at 13 venues spread across the counties of PyeongChang and Jeongseon, as well as the coastal city of Gangneung. The Opening and Closing ceremonies and most snow sports will be located in PyeongChang, with the Alpine Speed events in Jeongseon and ice sports in Gangneung. The Alpensia Resort in PyeongChang’s township of Daegwallyeong-myeon will be the Games’ central hub.

“With PyeongChang’s strategic position in Asia, and its access to a young and fast growing youth market, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games will no doubt expose new generations of potential athletes to the power of winter sport,” reads the official Olympics website.

The Alpensia Ski Jumping Center in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
Kyodo News via Getty Images: The Alpensia Ski Jumping Center in Pyeongchang.

Pronounced “pyuhng-chahng,” Pyeongchang is located in the Gangwon province of South Korea in the Taebaek Mountains. It sits just over 100 miles east from South Korea’s capital, Seoul, and around 50 miles from the border of North Korea. The closest international airport to Pyeongchang is in the nearby town of Yangyang. However, the Incheon International Airport in Seoul will function as the main airport for Olympic visitors. See the location of Pyeongchang on the map below.

The weather in Pyeongchang in February will likely be cold, with temperatures ranging from an average high of 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit (1-2 degrees Celsius) to an average low of 17 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 degrees Celsius), according to World Weather & Climate Information.

The first competitive events of the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place in PyeongChang on Thursday, Feb. 8, with the Opening Ceremony set for Friday, Feb. 9. The Games will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 25.

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Phoebe Philo Is Leaving Céline—Here’s Everything We Know

Rumors speculated a few months ago that Phoebe Philo, creative director of Céline, would be leaving the fashion house. Well, as WWD pointed out this morning, the news is officially confirmed—the fall 2018 collection (which will present in March) will be the last from the iconic designer.

“Working with Céline has been an exceptional experience for me these last 10 years,” she wrote in a statement seen by WWD. “I am grateful to have worked with an incredibly talented and committed team and I would like to thank everyone along the way who has been part of the collaborations and conversations…it’s been amazing.” As WWD further pointed out, LVMH chief executive Bernard Arnault shared his sentiments as well. “What Phoebe has accomplished over the past 10 years represents a key chapter in the history of Céline,” he told WWD. We are very grateful to Phoebe for having contributed to the great momentum of this maison. A new era of development for Céline will now start and I am extremely confident in the future success of this iconic maison.”

Responsible for her unique spin on minimalist dressing and for designing some of the most covetable bags in fashion, she will always continue to influence our style. We’re looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of our favorite Céline bags (available in boutiques)—and read more about Philo’s departure over at WWD.

Next, check out the most eye-catching street style shoes of 2017.

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Star Wars: 7 Black Characters You Should Know

 Yesterday, Star Wars: The Last Jedi set a record for the second-largest Thursday night preview gross in North America, trailing only Star Wars: The Force Awakens, earning $ 45 million, reports Variety.

With Disney backing the film—and becoming even more powerful with its acquisition of 21st Century Fox for about $ 60 billion in stock and debt) and another sequel due in 2019—it’s clear Star Wars is a beloved film franchise.

And while there was controversy over the casting of John Boyega, a black British actor as a Stormtrooper in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, there have been iconic black actors and characters throughout the Star Wars universe. Here are seven of the best known:


1. Samuel L. Jackson

Film: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, 1999

Character: Mace Windu


(Image: Facebook)



2. Billy Dee Williams

Films: The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi

Character: Lando Calrissian



(Image: Facebook)




3. Lupita Nyong’o

Film: The Force Awakens

Character: Maz Kanata

(Image: Facebook)



4. James Earl Jones

Films: The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi; Episode 3 — Revenge of the Sith

Character: Voice of Darth Vader


(Image: iStock/tihomir_todorov)



5. Femi Taylor

Film: Return of the Jedi

Character: Jabba the Hutt’s Twi’lek slave dancer Oola



(Image: Facebook)



6. John Boyega

Film: The Force Awakens

Character: Finn Galfridian


(Image: Wikimedia)




7. Crystal Clarke

Film: The Force Awakens

Character: “Rachel”



(Image: Instagram)

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What you need to know about a potential Carolina Panthers sale

How would the process work? Who can place bids? What’s a reasonable timeline? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on the pending sale.
www.espn.com – NFL

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There’s a FedEx holiday email scam going around — here’s what you should know

There’s a FedEx holiday email scam going around — here’s what you should know

There’s a FedEx holiday email scam going around — here’s what you should know

A seasonal email scam threatens to sour the holidays for a number of FedEx customers.

The fraudulent emails contain a subject line that reads: “FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification.” Any emails with that subject line should be discarded immediately, CBS affiliate WTOL 12 reports.

FedEx is warning customers that the scam is designed to trick last-minute holiday shoppers, according to WTOL. The emails ask recipients to open an attachment in order to view an invoice or airbill required to pick up the package, but the attachment may actually contain a virus.

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“The frequency of this email tends to increase close to the holiday season, presumably to exploit the growth in shipping volumes,” FedEx says on its Customer Protection Center page. More examples of common email scams involving the deliverer can be found on the site.

MONEY has reached out the FedEx about this specific scam and will update the story if we receive a response.



What to Know About Every Single Winter Olympic Sport in 2018

From a 17-year-old snowboarding star to a gold-medal-hungry women’s ice hockey team, Team USA’s athletes competing in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are looking to make a mark.

The official roster for Team USA will not be finalized until weeks before the 2018 Winter Olympics start Feb. 9, but the first competitors in the 15 Winter Olympic sports have already been chosen — and they each bring a unique story to the games. Maame Biney is a 17-year-old who already made history as the first black woman to qualify for Team USA’s short track speedskating team. Making his return in 2018, Gus Kenworthy is a freestyle skiing star who could become the first openly gay male athlete to compete at a Winter Games. And Chloe Kim is a 17-year-old snowboarding phenom who is the favorite to win gold in the sport for Team USA.

As for how the American athletes will fare against stiff competition in Pyeongchang, viewers will have to wait and see. But here’s what to watch for as Team USA competes in each Winter Olympic sport in 2018:

Alpine Skiing

Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - USA Photoshoots
Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom—Getty Images.Alpine skiiers and champions Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn pose for a photo shoot on March 22, 2015 in Meribel, France. Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom—Getty Images.

Reigning Olympic gold medalist and overall world champion Mikaela Shiffrin is poised for another triumphant alpine skiing run during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. When she was just 18, Shiffrin became the youngest athlete ever to win an Olympic gold in the Winter Olympic sport of slalom — an event that involves skiing downhill between poles and gates — a gold medal she’s trying to earn yet again at age 22.

Shiffrin has the second-most World Cup victories of any U.S. female skier — just behind Lindsey Vonn, who is aiming to make a return to the Olympic podium in 2018. Injuries have plagued Vonn in recent years, but the veteran skier earned her first World Cup win of the season in December — just months away from Pyeongchang.


BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon PyeongChang - 10 km Men's Sprint
Christian Manzoni/NordicFocus—Getty Images.USA’s Lowell Bailey competes during the 10 km men’s Sprint on March 3, 2017 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea. Christian Manzoni/NordicFocus—Getty Images.

Three-time Olympian Lowell Bailey is trying to secure Team USA’s first-ever Olympic biathlon medal in Pyeongchang.

That will be a leap for the athlete, who earned Team USA’s highest ever finish in the Winter Olympic sport with eighth place in the men’s 20-kilometer during the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But in 2017, Bailey won the U.S.’s first world championship gold medal. And in Pyeongchang, Bailey hopes to once again make history.

He was the first U.S. athlete to officially qualify for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.

On the women’s side of the Winter Olympic sport, Susan Dunklee is one to watch. The 2014 Olympian earned a silver medal in the mass start at the world championships in 2017 in Austria.


Team USA Media Summit
Tom Pennington—Getty Images.Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor poses for a portrait during the Team USA Media Summit ahead of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games on September 25, 2017 in Park City, Utah. Tom Pennington—Getty Images.

Elana Meyers Taylor is hoping to lead the bobsleigh women’s team in 2018 by besting her silver from Sochi. Meyers Taylor was the first American woman to ever win a bobsled world championship in 2015.

The two-time Olympic medalist has also advanced gender equality in the sport. She has competed in the 4-man event with three male brakemen, a first for the Winter Olympic sport that had required women to race only two-person sleds.

The men’s side lost Olympic great Steven Holcomb, who died in 2017. The multiple-Olympic medalist made history in the Winter Olympic sport in 2010 when he won the U.S. its first gold in the 4-man bobsled event since 1948.

Cross-Country Skiing

Team USA Medal Winners - FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
Richard Heathcote—Getty Images.Team USA Medal winners Sadie Bjornsen, Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall pose for a portrait with their medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships on March 5, 2017 in Lahti, Finland. Richard Heathcote—Getty Images.

The women’s cross-country skiing team has made significant strides in recent years, with its best athletes scoring medals and making the podium in international competitions.

World champion Jessie Diggins is leading the Winter Olympics team into Pyeongchang after landing fifth in this season’s world cup standings, according to Team USA’s website. Teammate Kikkan Randall won a world championship medal in the sprint just after giving birth to her first child, and Sadie Bjornsen began her world cup season with a second-place finish in November in Finland.

While the U.S. trails behind European nations in cross-country skiing, Americans have improved in recent international competitions. In February 2017, Diggins and Randall made history when they earned silver and bronze medals in the world championship sprints.


Paul Gilham—Getty Imagesohn Shuster of United States looks on during the Curling Men’s Round Robin match on day 9 of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at Ice Cube Curling Center on February 16, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Paul Gilham—Getty Images

Team USA is hoping to return to the podium after a more-than-decade-long curling drought. Four-time Olympian John Shuster will be the skip for the Winter Olympics team once again; he was on the 2006 team that won Team USA’s historic bronze medal. His 2006 teammate Joe Polo will also compete in Pyeongchang.

The U.S. has an extra chance to earn a curling medal this year, with the addition of the new mixed doubles curling event. In December, siblings Becca and Matt Hamilton secured their spot to represent the U.S. in the new event. They bested Shuster and Cory Christensen for the spot, as well as Polo and Tabitha Peterson, who had won bronze at the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Championship.

Figure Skating

ISU Junior & Senior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final - Nagoya
Atsushi Tomura – ISU—ISU via Getty Images.Nathan Chen of the USA competes in the Men free skating during the ISU Junior & Senior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final at Nippon Gaishi Hall on December 8, 2017 in Nagoya, Japan. Atsushi Tomura – ISU—ISU via Getty Images.

A rising figure skating star, Nathan Chen was the first U.S. man in eight years to win the ISU Grand Prix Final in Nagoya, Japan — the last big-ticket international competition before the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. He beat Japan’s Shoma Uno by less than 1 point.

As the 2017 Four Continents champion and U.S. champion, Chen also beat reigning Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu in competition earlier this year (Hanyu is now struggling with an ankle injury).

Chen has excited Team USA fans who are hoping for a men’s singles medal this year.

Other figure skaters to watch: Siblings Maia and Alex Shibutani. They are 2017 world bronze medalists and two-time U.S. champions in ice dance hoping to follow Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s historic gold in Sochi in 2014.

Freestyle Skiing

Sean M. Haffey—Getty Images.Gus Kenworthy competes in the final round of the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2017 Men’s Ski Halfpipe during The Toyota U.S. Grand Prix at Copper Mountain on December 17, 2016 in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Sean M. Haffey—Getty Images.

The halfpipe and slopestyle skiing events, a sport new to the Winter Olympics in 2014, will have a number of Team USA athletes to watch — particularly Gus Kenworthy, who earned silver in 2014’s slopestyle. Kenworthy has landed on the podium for the halfpipe in international competition as well, including a halfpipe win during his 2015-16 season at the U.S. Grand Prix.

Kenworthy’s life off the slopes has also broken new ground. He came out in 2015, and could become the first openly gay male athlete to compete in a Winter Olympic Games.

Also at the Pyeonchang games, Olympic champions Maddie Bowman and Joss Christensen are both hoping to defend their titles from 2014.

Ice Hockey