See Exclusive ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ Posters

See Exclusive 'The Lego Ninjago Movie' Posters

The Lego Ninjago Movie is the latest from the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. What that means is that children and adults alike can expect a full dose of entertaining and endearing animated comic mayhem.

Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) is a young Master Builder who is also known as the Green Ninja. He and his young friends, who are all secret ninja warriors, are called to action during the battle for Ninjago City. Under the command of Master Wu (Jackie Chan),…

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Lego Builds Yet Another Management Team

Toymaker Lego named Niels Christansen as chief executive replacing Balid Padda. The Danish company appointed Padda in last December. Padda will continue at Lego as a special adviser.
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Lego Donald Trump Makes Christmas Anything But Great Again

This Lego Donald Trump will permanently be on the naughty list.

The plastic version of the president-elect seizes control of the North Pole just two days after his inauguration, in Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles’ latest stop-motion animated video.

And as Santa Claus, he immediately sets to work in reshaping the holidays to be exactly how he wants them ― after a little help from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

What follows is a perfect parody referencing some of Trump’s most controversial moments of the past year.

There are references to Trump’s spat with the cast of the “Hamilton” musical and his ejection of a baby from a campaign rally.

The clever clip also mentions Trump’s disgusting comments about women.

“When you’re Santa, you can do whatever. Grab ’em by the antlers,” says “Santa” Trump.

He even calls “for a total ban on Gingerbread men,” in reference to his campaign vow to bar Muslims from entering the U.S.

Check out the full video above.

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Lego Star Wars Make N Create 9002960 White Gold C 3P0 Digital Watch

Lego Star Wars Make N Create 9002960 White Gold C 3P0 Digital Watch

Lego Star Wars Make-N-Create 9002960 White/Gold C-3P0 Digital Watch Water Resistant: 50 Meters (165 Feet; 5ATM; 5BAR). Easy To Read Numbers. Minute Track. Interchangeable Interlocking Strap. Hypoallergenic Construction
List Price: $ 18.95
Price: $ 18.95

John Oliver Explains How America’s Neglected Infrastructure Is Like A Lego Set

If you weren’t aware that U.S. roads, bridges and dams are in serious state of disrepair, allow John Oliver to put it plainly: “We aren’t just flirting with disaster, we’re rounding third base and asking if disaster has any condoms.”

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver broke down the sorry state of America’s neglected infrastructure, including “hold your breath” bridges, killer potholes, a severe lack of inspectors and potential floods from our half-century old dams.

“Much like most Botox recipients and competitive cloggers, the average dam is 52 years old and has something deeply broken inside of it,” said Oliver.

As Oliver explains, The White House is counting on the closure of corporate tax loopholes, no one wants to raise the gas tax and House Speaker John Boehner has his own ideas about fixing the problem which involves two years of not doing anything followed by ignoring Oliver’s phone calls, emails and Vines.

During a montage of politicians cutting ribbons with oversized scissors, Oliver also points out that repairing infrastructure isn’t as “sexy” as building anew, and backs it up with the perfect Legos analogy.

“Infrastructure is like Legos,” he said. “Building is fun, destroying is fun, but a Lego maintenance set would be the most boring fucking toy in the world.”

To top it off, Oliver presents a trailer for a new kind of summer blockbuster movie, one that’s more about fixing cracks and less about explosions.
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22 Of Your Favorite Movies Got Turned Into LEGO

It’s not the “LEGO Movie,” but everything is still awesome!

Adly Syairi Ramly already showed us what it would look like if bands were turned into LEGO. Now, the artist is back, and this time your favorite movies are getting new LEGO posters:

For more from Adly Syairi Ramly, head to Instagram.
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Lego Stop-Motion Animation Hilariously Recreates A 1984 Macintosh Computer

Are you a fan of the 1984 version of an Apple Macintosh computer? Because designers Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken are bringing back the tech relic of yesteryear in a hilariously perfect stop-motion animation — using Legos.

For the Lego fanatics who need more than just a 30-minute tribute, here’s Lego Bond and Lego Michael Jackson. Enjoy.

h/t Design Taxi

BONUS: Check out Mike Stimpson’s photographs in the accompanying slideshow.

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