School forced my daughter to cover legs with duct tape: mom

A seventh grader in Maryland had to use duct tape to cover her legs after wearing ripped jeans to school – and her mother is not happy about it. Nicole Williams said she received a text message from her daughter, a student at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Waldorf, complaining that the duct tape was…
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Men, Are You and Your Legs Ready for a Summer of Suit Shorts?

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

There are a few staples in every man’s wardrobe, and a good suit is one of them. In a 2010 Esquire article, there were a few quality traits listed for purchasing a good suit, such as fabric, fineness, strength, and variety. Good fit is also always a must, and a good tailor to make sure the fit ends up impeccable is also key.

When it comes to tailoring the pants of a suit there are typically three options: full break, mid-break, and no break. However, a fourth option for suit bottoms has become shorts.

While the thought in itself was once unheard of and would make the traditional dapper dandy’s shutter in horror, for younger, fashionable men they are a gold standard for summer.

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How to get your legs summer ready in 7 simple steps

Because they are essential to any summer look

OK, so it’s now warm enough for us to forgo tights and opt for shorter hemlines if we so desire, but there’s a big issue that comes with this new freedom. Legs that have seen better days. You see it isn’t just bears and small rodents that go into hibernation over the winter months, so to do regular tans and strict hair-removal regimes. What’s needed is an easy step-by-step of how to get legs summer-ready. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’ve created here for you.

With the help of leg-expert Kate Shapland, creator of Legology – the beauty brand created as a high performance solution to cellulite and heavy legs – we’ve come up with the simple way to ensure that you won’t get caught out on sunny days this summer.

Step 1: Body Scrub

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, £13 Boots

prep legs for summer


‘Skin which has been covered for months doesn’t look its best,’ Shapland explains. ‘Legs are usually a bit dry and dull, and even if you’ve religiously exfoliated and moisturised throughout winter, the expanse of bare skin from ankle to knee can demand an extra dollop of confidence to pull off.’ And so the first step is to buff away any dead skin. Not only will this create a clean, smooth surface, it will help boost circulation and get rid of any dullness. Dullness comes because dead skin can’t reflect light, do you want to get rid asap. ‘You need a power buffer – something super-crunchy that will send a rush of nutrient-rich blood to the skin’s surface to give it tone and colour, and plants plenty of suppleness back in there.’ You can beat Sanctuary Spa’s Salt Scrub, but we also love Espa’s Invigorating Salt Scrub, £38. If you don’t think either of these are for you, you could choose the best body scrub for your skin type.

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Step 2: Dry Body Brush

Mio The Body Brush, £14.5o Cult Beauty

prep legs for summer



This is one of those things that we, as beauty editors, repeatedly tell people to do because the benefits are phenomenal. But this is also one of those things, that in all honesty not many people can be arsed to do. However, we are going to preach about it again in the hope that this time you will take note and segue it into your routine. In a recent BBC documentary, The Truth About…Looking Good, it was revealed that the best way to treat and get rid of cellulite is dry body brushing. Brushing from the ankles upwards in the direction of the heart in quick, swift motions boosts circulation and helps lymphatic drainage. Trapped fluid emphasizes cellulite and makes legs feel heavy, but by brushing twice a day you decrease fluid retention and toxins are drained away. This Mio Body Brush has additional nodules, which help to massage on a deeper level.

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Step 3: Moisturiser

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, £18.50 John Lewis

prep legs for summer Kiehls


If you want supple and smooth legs, you have to moisturise and you have to do it on the reg. This is not a step you want to skip. Nothing will leave legs in a better condition that super duper hydrated skin. Shapland recommends steering clear of oils, because not only do they sit on top of skin and don’t sink in as well as a moisturiser, but they’re also unflattering. ‘It’s the shine – the only acceptable area for sheen on your legs is a line down the shins because it helps make this area look longer and narrower.  All over shine gives you barrel legs in the same way that gloss volumises a lip.’ Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is a cult classic. It’s been around for years and it just does the job so well. It also sinks in quickly, so you don’t have to wait around for long before putting your clothes on.

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Step 4: Hair Removal

Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze Razor, £7.99 Boots


prep legs for summer Venus


The thing about hair removal is a person typically falls into one of a few camps – laser, epilating, waxing or shaving. Laser can be pricey, epilating could be compared to a Medieval torture technique and waxing is for those with a high pain threshold. Which leaves shaving. Shaving is simple, pain-free and more importantly, purse-friendly. You really can’t go wrong with a Venus razor. They’ve been reliable since we were teenagers and they just keep getting better – this razor has two moisture bars either side of the three blades meaning that whilst you get a closer shave, your skin is treated to a nourishing boost of shea butter. Sometimes the most simple options are the best.

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Step 5: Cellulite Treatment

Remodelage treatment, from £180 at Grace Belgravia

prep legs for summer


‘Cellulite is not a life sentence,’ says Martine de Richeville, creator of the body treatment Remodelage, which helps to detox, refine and tone. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a relaxing-you-might-fall-asleep-during massage. It’s not. It’s a deep-tissue technique that incorporates the specially created 8 shaped motion and it pinches. Like a lot. But don’t be put off, because the therapist needs to get down into the lower levels to reach the older fat deposits. By doing this, it allows for better circulation to the area, which in turn reduces excess fat in the tissue. Not only does it tone the silhouette (which is excellent if you suffer from saddlebags at the top of your thighs), but it rather cleverly helps to filter the metabolic waste and flushes out toxins, so your digestion improves too. Shapland completely agrees that massage is vital to getting killer legs, ‘If it’s good, it won’t be comfortable, but your legs will look less puffy & feel lighter; so book a course of sessions.’

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Step 6: Gym Class

prep legs for summer

Nothing will prep your legs for summer better than exercise. We know, snooze. But Shapland suggests we embrace exercise: ‘Get up and cross the office to speak to someone instead of
emailing them, take the stairs at a run, do a handstand – anything that promotes circulation and maintains flow.’ Whilst a HIIT session or a spin class is a brilliant full body workout, there are now more and more classes that are specifically aimed at toning. From your classic Legs, Bums and Tums class to Barre-style workouts that combine traditional ballet positions with repetitive movements from Pilates, you’ll find something similar in most gyms. Virgin Active just launched a new Barre class that’s said to strengthen, lengthen, tone and tighten. If that isn’t incentive, we don’t know what is. GymBox has a hilarious class called Thunder, which don’t worry, does the opposite to giving you thunder thighs. It’s a class that uses the old 90s Thigh Masters (remember them?!) to work on toning quads and glutes. There’s plenty out there, so there’s really no excuse.

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Step 7: Tan

Legology Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs, £38 Space NK

prep legs for summer Legology

‘One of the biggest mistakes women make with their legs through the summer is with self-tan, because inevitably it’s too dark,’ explains Shapland. ‘Too many of us make this mistake at the start of the summer when we’re desperate to improve the look of skin too quickly.’ Even if you have the best fake tan or follow our fake tan tips, it should still be incredibly subtle. Still unsure? ‘You’re aiming for the kind of sun kissed shade skin develops after a long hot weekend, when skin has just ‘turned’, not full on tropical tan.’ For those with pale skin, something like the Legology’s Sheer Lingerie For Legs will work perfectly. Think of it as like the best cc cream – it makes your legs look better, rather than completely changing their colour. If you can’t give up the darker shade, then we recommend leg make-up products like Becca Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse and Vita Liberata tktktktktkt

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So there you have it. Your complete guide to getting your legs ready for the summer.

What are you waiting for? Begin with step 1.

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Dancing Isn’t the Only Thing That Makes Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Legs Look Fab

Jenna Dewan Tatum attends the Cushnie Et Ochs fashion show
Theo Wargo/Getty

Jenna Dewan Tatum knows how to rock a red carpet — that’s no secret. Whether she’s wearing killer heels and the most daring naked dresses, she always keeps it real. Seriously — so when she revealed that she uses a shimmering product cocktail on her legs to get them in their most gorgeous, gleaming shape possible in an Instagram story, we only loved her more.

In a video snippet she posted to her Instagram Story, the World of Dance host posed her gams with her makeup artist Alan Avendano blending shimmer and bronzer all over them with the caption, “It’s all smoke and mirrors.” In the background of the shot, you can see a number of shimmering products that were surely used to create a contoured and slimmed look for her legs! Much like how you[ would use shimmer on the high points of your face to highlight and a deeper contouring color to shade, the same applies for your stems.

jenna Dewan tatum
Jenna Dewan Tatum/Instagram

Want to attempt the technique for yourself? We suggest an all-in-one shimmering body blur product like Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body to get the job done in one go.

This isn’t the first time that Dewan has gotten candid about her beauty routine or the truth behind her flawless bod. In fact, she has even posed on Instagram in her Spanx proving that there is no shame in a little shapewear! The Step Up star also likes to have a killer glow on her face — and has made fun of herself by likening it to a glazed donut. The shimmering and brightening technique conceals a night of poor sleep and quickly brings the complexion alive. If you want a more subtle highlighter or illuminator, RMS Living Luminizer is a great bet.

Which brings us to our next question: what is the next beauty secret that Dewan will shed light on with her social media? Whatever it is, we know she’ll come at it with a sense of humor. And bless her for it.

Us Weekly


Army Vet Who Lost Both Legs to a Roadside Bomb Is Accepted to Harvard Medical School


A wounded Army veteran is close to achieving his dream of becoming a doctor after earning admittance to the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

Greg Galeazzi, 31, lost both of his legs and part of his right arm when a roadside bomb exploded in May 2011 during his deployment to Afghanistan. Since then, he has endured dozens of surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy, which he called a “nightmare.” But through all the trauma he experienced, Galeazzi held on to his dream of one day becoming a doctor.

“Not only did I still want to practice medicine, but it strengthened my resolve to do it,” he told ABC News.

Galeazzi took 18 pre-med courses over two years at the University of Maryland, before finishing in May 2016. It was in those classes that Galeazzi met his future fiancé, Jazmine Romero, who he plans to marry next year.

Around that time, Galeazzi studied for six months to prepare for the hours-long Medical College Assessment Test, and after passing it, he sent applications to 19 medical schools on the East Coast. While he was accepted to many, Galeazzi announced in a blog post on August 5 that he had chosen to attend the top-ranking medical institution in the world, Harvard Medical School, where he will study for the next four years.

“It is tough to explain just how thrilled I was to simply be invited to interview at Harvard, let alone be accepted,” Galeazzi wrote in his announcement. “Mostly, it came as an immense relief to know that my hard work in pre-med and MCAT preparation paid off; and it reminded me just how grateful I am to have survived my injuries, and still have talents to share with the world.”

Galeazzi is still deciding what type of medicine he’ll practice, but he’s leaning toward primary care, he told ABC News. In the end, Galeazzi said, he just wants to be a good doctor.

“While I’ve overcome some pretty harrowing life challenges, medical school is going to be an entirely different struggle, so please wish me luck!” he wrote. “Then again, I recognize that this is a wonderful challenge to have, and I am happy and eager to take it on!”

Fashion Deals Update:

People Can’t Find This Woman’s Legs In Viral Group Photo

Over Christmas weekend, one photo of six women perplexed the internet.

The photo posted to Reddit on Christmas Eve is of a group of friends sitting on a couch and sipping beers.

At first glance, everything appears normal. It’s just a regular ol’ winter gathering at the home of a friend who is obviously a Green Bay Packers fan. No big deal.

That is until you start counting the legs-to-woman ratio. The third woman from the left appears to have no legs.

Hundreds of Redditors took on the original poster’s challenge to “find the middle girls [sic] legs.” Most people could only find five pairs of legs, but there are six smiling faces with torsos in the photo.

A lot of people believed the woman was simply “womanspreading,” with one leg draped over the friend to her left and one leg tucked under the woman to her right. Others believed that the woman farthest to the left was simply sitting on top of her own feet, hiding the bottom part of her legs from view of the camera.

One person even suggested the woman was simply a “couch-centaur.”

Eventually, Redditors got a little creative and started using colors to make sense of it all.

The picture created so much of an internet storm that “Fox & Friends,” after two days of discussing the phenomenon on national TV, did their own deep investigation into the photo.

Turns out the apparently legless woman, Anna Mantifel, was baffled by her lack of legs too.

“Essentially we thought we were taking a girls’ picture down here at our friend’s house,” Mantifel, who clearly does have two legs, told “Fox & Friends.” “When the picture was later posted to Facebook … I commented, saying, ‘This is so weird. Where are my legs?’”

The six women re-created the viral photo for Fox’s investigation to provide a little bit of clarity to the couch conundrum.

“Once we kind of figured out Anna’s legs were missing, it also kind of looked weird by me, too,” Kelly McCarthy, the woman seated to the right of Mantifel, told Fox. “So it’s kind of confusing on this side of the couch in general.”

So what’s actually happening here? It’s just an optical illusion. 

The woman farthest to the left ― let’s call her Friend 1 ― is wearing plain black jeans and her legs are crossed over, blocking McCarthy’s legs. McCarthy is also wearing black jeans, but hers are ripped at the knee, which can be seen popping up right above Friend 1’s legs.

Redditor 10ADPDOTCOM highlighted the women in different colors to show what’s happening. 

Now, let’s all shut off our screens for the rest of 2016 and never look at this photo again.

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