R Kelly Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations On New 19-Minute Track ‘I Admit It’ (Listen)

R Kelly is apparently looking to cash in on his sexual misconduct allegations with a new 19-minute song that addresses the accusations made against him by multiple young women.

Taking to Instagram Live Sunday night, the crooner teased I Admit It, a trap-flavored, auto-tuned response in which he sings, “I done made some mistakes,” but goes on to deny allegations of sexual misconduct. “How they gon’ say I don’t respect these women, when all I’ve done is represent (30 years)/ Take my career and turn it upside down, ’cause you mad I’ve got some girlfriends (girlfriends),” he sings.

Kelly admits to being with “older and younger [ladies]” and also references the ongoing #MuteRKelly campaign.

“I admit I f**k with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies (ladies, yeah)/ But tell me how they call it pedophile because that s**t is crazy (crazy)/ You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions (opinions)/ But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion/ Yeah, go ahead and stone me, point your finger at me (stone me, yeah, yeah)/ Turn the world against me, but only god can mute me (against me, mute me)”

He gets specific about allegations charged by the parents of Jocelyn Savage, who say Kelly began dating their 19-year-old daughter in 2016 and proceeded to cut off her communication with them. The parents accuse Kelly of brainwashing, grooming, and imprisoning their daughter and multiple other women at his homes in both Chicago and Georgia. For her part, Savage said she was “totally fine [and] happy where I’m at.”

“Said I’m abusing these women, what the f**k that’s some absurd s**t (what?)/ They’re brainwashed, really? (really)/ Kidnapped, really? (really)/ Can’t eat, really? (really)/ Real talk, that s**t sound silly (yeah)/ And if you really, really wanna know (know)/ Her father dropped her off at my show (show)/ And told this boy to put her on stage (yeah)/ I admit that she was over age (age)/ I admit that I was feelin’ her and I admit that she was feelin’ me (she was feelin’ me)/ I admit that that’s the s**t that comes with/ being a celebrity (celebrity)/ I ain’t chasing these ladies, no (no, no)/ These ladies are chasing me, yeah (chasing me).”

“Now I’m only saying all this s**t, ’cause how they tryna play me, yeah (yeah, oh)/ I admit that this is no disrespect to the parents (no disrespect)/ But this is my advice to you ’cause I’m also a parent (parent)/ Don’t push your daughter in my face, and tell me that it’s okay (my face, okay)/ ‘Cause your agenda is to get paid, and get mad when it don’t go your way (yeah, go way)

Kelly continues: “What’s the definition of a cult?/ Whats the definition of a sex slave?/ Go to the dictionary, look it up/ Let me know I’ll be here waiting/ Now I admit that I got some girls that love me to pull they hair (they hair)/ Now I admit that they love me to talk dirty when I pull they hair (they hair)/ Some like me to spank ’em/ Some like to get branded/ And what some of these girls want, is too much for the radio station/ Look I’m just a man y’all (man y’all)/ Not a monster or beast (no, no)/ But I admit there are times when these girls so fine, they’ll chill with a n**ga for a week (oh, for a week).”

At another point in the song, Kelly acknowledges that he himself was the victim of sexual abuse at the age of 14, singing: “Now, I admit a family member touched me (touched me, touched me, touched me)/ From a child to the age 14, yeah/ While I laid asleep, took my virginity (sleep, gini’)”

Kelly also directly addresses Jim DeRogatis, the Chicago-based music journalist who has reported on Kelly’s alleged misconduct over the last two decades:

“To Jim DeRogatis, whatever your name is (whatever your name is)/ You been tryna destroy me for 25 whole years (25 whole years, yeah)/ Writin’ the same stories over and over against (stories, stories, yeah)/ Off my name, you done went and made yourself a career (a whole career)/ But guess what? I pray for you and family, and all my other enemies (prayed for you, enemies)/ I’m not gonna let y’all steal my joy, I’m just gon’ keep on doing me (my joy, doing me).”

Listen to Kelly’s song below, followed by a transcript of the lyrics:


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Demi Lovato surprise-releases a heartbreaking ballad about addiction and mistakes, “Sober,” that tugs at heartstrings. Paul McCartney returns with a new single that will have old fans waxing nostalgic, and new fans eager to rediscover the Beatles discography. Boy band PRETTYMUCH get a bit of that Ed Sheeran magic on their breezy new song “Summer on You.” Singer-rapper Bryce Vine offers up some swagger in the form of song on “On the Ball.” And Cheat Codes teams up with Little Mix for an EDM bop.

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LISTEN: Do Your Hear “Laurel” Or “Yanny?” – Internet Goes Crazy Over Audio Debate

After School Activity

Source: FatCamera / Getty


Once again, the inflammatory web is pitting friends against friends.

Family against family.

Lovers against lovers.

And it’s all over two words… “Laurel” and “Yanny”

That’s right, someone up to no good decided to create a recording where a voice says the word “Laurel.”

…….or is it “Yanny?”

Yes, this is another blue dress-gold dress situation.

Vlogger Cloe Feldman originally tweeted the recording and since her tweet, the one word sensation has gone viral.

To all those people who think the recording says “Yanny,” don’t worry, you have supporters.

…but the “Laurel” squad is coming through strong too.

Just check out the Vox survey below!

Going crazy yet?

Swipe through to peep how Twitter is losing its mind over this Yanny-Laurel fiasco.

…And make sure you reach the last page to find out the reason why some people are hearing one thing, while others are hearing another.

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Listen as the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart Plays Rhythms of the Universe

The Grateful Dead’s legendary drummer Mickey Hart, with the help of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), takes audiences to the Big Bang and back in a new planetarium show called “Musica Universalis: The Greatest Story Ever Told.”


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This week marks the return of Christina Aguilera, yes, but don’t forget about Enrique Iglesias — back with his first English-language single in four years — and Florence + the Machine, revving up for a new album release later this summer. Also: indie singer Jessie Reyez critiques sexual double standards in a sharp, empowering new song; Shawn Mendes and Khalid reflect on gun violence and provide an anthem for the kids in “Youth;” and rapper Desiigner surprise-releases a debut EP that shows off his signature sound.

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Sammy Sosa doesn’t listen to ‘devil’ skin critics

Sammy Sosa, who once compared himself to Jesus because of Chicago’s treatment of him, thinks anyone who questions him about his skin color just might be Satan. The PED-tainted slugger, whose home-run duel with Mark McGwire captivated Major League Baseball in 1998, has a much-publicized paler complexion these days, an oddity that he once attributed…
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CNN’s ‘United Shades Of America with W. Kamau Bell’ Is Back And Ready to Listen

CNN’s Emmy Award-winning United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell is back on the air for its third season.

The eight-part docuseries follows the comedian as he visits communities around the country, deftly deploying his unique brand of humor to explore issues of race, history, and the lived experiences of people who don’t typically make the news. But even at moments that could have been profoundly confrontational, Bell has consistently delivered more light than heat, and a master class in having “uncomfortable conversations.”

This year, Bell says to expect more of the same.

“I think that Americans are tired of manufactured conflict,” he tells raceAhead. “This is not going to be a season of my sitting down with an evil villain or ‘bait and switches’,” the kind of drama television likes to provide. “This is going to be me talking to interesting people whose voices aren’t heard enough.”

There were some potentially villainous moments even in the first season, which began airing in 2016.

The series opened with “The New KKK,” in which Bell met with actual Klan members in full hooded regalia by the side of a dark, country road. He even attended a “cross-lighting.” In addition to being gutsy, it established Bell’s ability to manage substantive conversations with people who believe horrific things without flinching or pandering.

But it was a different time.

“We didn’t realize how lucky we were that [season one] happened during the last year of Obama,” he said, a time when white supremacy felt less like an active threat. “We could really pick and choose what we wanted to talk about then,” he says.

By the time that season two rolled around, it felt like the country was on fire.

“With Trump offending so many people and saying so many outrageous racist, sexist and ableist things, it was like the news was handing out homework assignments,” he says.

Bell talked to immigrants, refugees and advocates, explored Chicago gang violence, visited Muslims in small town America, and even headed to coal country. All vital stuff, but still a laundry list of Trumpian talking points. At some point, he says, “it got exhausting trying to keep up with the news.”

Bell, who may be best known for his comedy, has excelled in the real world, as he stepped away from the relative detachment of the stand-up stage to meet people where they are and as they are, in the middle of their sometimes messy lives.

It’s a transition that many who speak from a position of authority struggle to achieve.

Bell’s secret is empathy. “I’ve learned that the more I can make it clear to people that I’m there for them, that I’m lucky to be there with them, it works,” he says,”and not that they’re lucky to be on TV with me–no, no, no.” The crew have become adept at making regular folks feel comfortable. “We don’t put the show before someone’s feelings and concerns.”

And, as a comic who specializes in sociopolitical content, he also comes prepared. “The show has taught me that I have a pretty good capacity to sit and listen,” a necessary first step to participating a tough conversation. “Part of being a standup comic is being an active listener- reading the room and paying attention to everybody,” he says.

But that can be hard to swallow for some. Bell got some flack for his interview with white supremacist Richard Spencer, in part, for talking to him at all.

“Look, I’m not gonna act like I’m not always second guessing myself on everything,” he laughs. “But people complained that I was giving him a platform and normalizing him. I reject that wholeheartedly. These racist ideas are in the White House now, we have to talk about them.”

Part of his frustration is that the series is filmed well in advance, so much of the news about Spencer–like when the white nationalist got sucker-punched, for example–happened months after the United Shades crew had come and gone. “Look, I was never going to punch the guy, but I would have brought it up,” says Bell. And he’s braced for similar dissonance this year. “We did a whole thing about HBCUs without knowing that Beyonce was going to claim them at Coachella,” he laughs.

But as a long-form documentary series, Bell’s commitment to shrugging off a news peg is smart. “We can tweak a little bit later, but the story we want to tell is the story we get to tell.”

Bell mentions one upcoming episode that came about because of a Twitter conversation.

He was invited to Boston by Harpreet Singh, the founder and co-CEO of Experfy, a Harvard Innovation Lab-based big data consultancy, and co-founder of the Sikh Coalition, to talk about hate crimes experienced by Sikhs.

The interviews included many members of the Sikh community in Boston and Yuba City, Calif. It was hardly breaking news; it took six months for the segment to be complete, including fact-checking and editing. “It turns out that we made the first-ever hour of television talking about their faith, which wasn’t our plan,” says Bell. “These are just people who we don’t know but should.”

Here’s another thing that he’s thinking about as season three launches: The country is united by a lot of collective stress at the moment.

“We’re more aware of bad things when they happen,” he says, citing the immediate outcry over the killing of Stephon Clark, who was unarmed, by the Sacramento police.”That would not have been a national story even a few years ago.” While he concedes that’s some form of progress, “I do think we all have to figure out how to process these things.”

Giving back is the only way forward, he says.

“A key part of dealing with this era in America is figuring out what you can do — using your privilege or your dollars or your free time to help.” A little goes a long way. “I’m a big fan of Donor’s Choose,” a non-profit that lets people pay for supplies on wish lists posted by classroom teachers. “It’s a little thing I can do where I feel I’m being productive even when I get caught up in the malaise of life.”

The show returns April 29 at 10:15 p.m. ET/PT.



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For a Syria plan, listen to Mike Flynn

A week after President Trump’s second strike on Syria, US policy is back to Square One. Trump still wants to exit as soon as possible, and his advisers are still trying to convince him that would be a disaster. Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had a flawed but useful plan to bridge that…
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Shawn Mendes drops his first new music since last year’s hit “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” making a case for his versatility as an artist coming into his own. Beyoncé protégés Chloe x Halle release a carefully calibrated, precociously smart debut album in the style of their mentor. Diplo teams up with Lil Xan for a woozy, party-ready house track off new EP California. Synth-pop duo Marian Hill return to form on the sharp new song “Differently.” And Justin Timberlake’s show openers, The Shadowboxers, find a catchy groove.

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Jessica Jones is back in business. Listen to the electrifying…

Jessica Jones is back in business. Listen to the electrifying score to the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones here: http://bit.ly/2GyPQBn

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Find your favorite Toy Story toys, apparel, , collectibles and more in the Toy Story Character Shops at the online Disney Store.

5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

This week, synth pop trio Years & Years step back into the spotlight with a powerfully catchy new dance track. FLETCHER releases an anthem for the #MeToo movement with the heartfelt “I Believe You.” Rising Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy knows exactly how to infuse every syllable with raw-edged emotion. Electronic duo Sofi Tukker remind us not to let ourselves be belittled in an infectious club tune. And Toronto rapper anders releases a promising sophomore project.

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5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

Drake surprised fans with two new songs this week, sticking to his sweet spot of low-key dance beats and promptly blowing up his streaming numbers. Sting pairs up with Shaggy for an unexpected — but expertly executed — Jamaican-themed collaboration, the first of a full project to come. Electronic group Keys n Krates come through with an airy, chilled-out dance tune for after the party. James Blake chops up vocals in an experimental new song. And alt-pop duo Leyya dig into playful sounds on a slick new album.

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‘It’s Your Turn to Listen to Me.’ Read Aly Raisman’s Testimony at Larry Nassar’s Sentencing

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman confronted Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor who she says sexually abused her for years, with a blistering statement in court on Friday.

The six-time Olympic medalist came face-to-face with Nassar — one of several women who made victim impact statements at his multi-day sentencing hearing. Nassar has pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual contact with underage girls.

Raisman revealed in November that Nassar had abused her through so-called therapeutic treatments that turned out to be inappropriate touching. Looking directly at Nassar at times during her testimony, the gynmast recounted the abuse and the lasting effects it has had on her and other women who have accused him. Raisman also sharply criticized USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee for failing to protect young, vulnerable gymnasts from abuse.

“Larry, you do realize now that we, this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time, are now a force and you are nothing. The tables have turned, Larry,” Raisman said in her 13-minute statement. “We have our voices, and we are not going anywhere.”

Read Raisman’s statement in full below.

I didn’t think I would be here today. I was scared and nervous. It wasn’t until I started watching the impact statements from the other brave survivors that I realized I, too, needed to be here.

Larry, you do realize now that we, this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time, are now a force and you are nothing. The tables have turned, Larry. We are here. We have our voices, and we are not going anywhere. And now, Larry, it’s your turn to listen to me.

There is no map that shows you the pathway to healing. Realizing that you are a survivor of sexual abuse is really hard to put into words. I cannot adequately capture the level of disgust I feel when I think about how this happened. Larry, you abused the power and trust I and so many others placed in you, and I am not sure I will ever come to terms with how horribly you manipulated and violated me. You were the USA Gymnastics national team doctor, the Michigan State’s Olympic team doctor. You were trusted by so many and took advantage of countless athletes and their families.

The effects of you actions are far reaching. Abuse goes way beyond the moment, often haunting survivors for the rest of their lives, making it difficult to trust and impacting their relationships. It is all the more devastating when such abuse comes at the hand of such a highly regarded doctor, since it leaves survivors questioning the organizations and even the medical profession itself upon which so many rely.

I am here to face you, Larry, so you can see I’ve regained my strength, that I am no longer a victim, I am a survivor. I am no longer that little girl you met in Australia where you first began grooming and manipulating.

As for your letter yesterday: You are pathetic to think that anyone would have any sympathy for you. You think this is hard for you? Imagine how all of us feel. Imagine how it feels to be an innocent teenager in a foreign country hearing a knock on the door and it’s you. I don’t want you to be there, but I don’t have a choice. Treatments with you were mandatory. You took advantage of that. You even told on us if we didn’t want to be treated by you, knowing full well the troubles that would cause for us.

Lying on my stomach with you on my bed insisting that your inappropriate touch would help to heal my pain. The reality is, you caused me a great deal of physical, mental and emotional pain. You never healed me. You took advantage of our passions and our dreams. You made me uncomfortable and I thought you were weird. But I felt guilty because you were a doctor so I assumed I was the problem for thinking badly of you. I wouldn’t allow myself to believe that the problem was you. From the time we were little, we are taught to trust doctors.

You are so sick I can’t even comprehend how angry I feel when I think of you. You lied to me and manipulated me to think that when you treated me, you were closing your eyes because you had been working hard when you were really touching me, an innocent child, to pleasure yourself.

Imagine feeling like you have no power and no voice. Well you know what, Larry? I have both power and voice and I am only beginning to just use them.

All these brave women have power and we will use our voices to make sure you get what you deserve — a life of suffering spent replaying the words delivered by this powerful army of survivors.

I am also here to tell you to your face, Larry, that you have not taken gymnastics away from me. I love this sport and that love is stronger than the evil that resides in you, and those who enabled you to hurt many people. You already know you’re going away to a place where you won’t be able to hurt anybody ever again. But I am here to tell you that I will not rest until every last trace of your influence on this sport has been destroyed like the cancer it is.

Your abuse started 30 years ago. But that’s just the first reported incident we know of. If over these many years, just one adult listened, and had the courage and character to act, this tragedy could have been avoided. I and so many others would have never, ever met you. Larry, you should have been locked up a long, long time ago. Fact is, we have no idea how many people you victimized or what was done or not done that allowed you to keep doing it and to get away with it for so long. Over those 30 years when survivors came forward, adult after adult, many impositions of authority protected you, telling each survivor it was OK, that you weren’t abusing them. In fact, many adults had you convince the survivors that they were being dramatic or had been mistaken. This is like being violated all over again.

How do you sleep at night? You were decorated by USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee, both of which put you on advisory boards and committees to come up with policies that would protect athletes from this kind of abuse. You are the person they had “take the lead of athlete care.” You are the person they say “provided the foundation for our medical system.” I cringe to think that your influence remains in the policies that are supposed to keep athletes safe, that these organizations have for years claimed “state of the art.”

To believe in the future of gymnastics is to believe in change. But how are we to believe in change when these organizations aren’t even willing to acknowledge the problem? It’s easy to put out statements talking about how athlete care is the highest priority. But they’ve been saying that for years, and all the while, this nightmare was happening. False assurances from organizations are dangerous, especially when people want so badly to believe them. They make it easier to move away from the problem and enable bad things to continue to happen. And even now after all that has happened, USA Gymnastics has the nerve to say the very same things it has said all along. Can’t you see how disrespectful that is? Can’t you see how much that hurts?

A few days ago, USA Gymnastics put out a statement attributed to its president and CEO Kerry Perry, saying she came to listen to the courageous women and said, “Their powerful voices leave an indelible imprint on me and will impact my decisions as president and CEO every day.” This sounds great, Ms. Perry, but at this point, talk is cheap. You left midway through the day, and no one has heard from you or the board.

Kerry, I’ve never met you, and I know you weren’t around for most of this. But you accepted the position of president and CEO of USA Gymnastics, and I assume by now you are very well aware of the weighty responsibility you’ve taken on. Unfortunately, you’ve taken on an organization that I feel is rotting from the inside. And while this may not be what you thought you were getting into, you will be judged by how you deal with it. A word of advice: Continuing to issue statements of empty promises thinking that will pacify us will no longer work. Yesterday, USA Gymnastics announced that it was terminating its lease at the Ranch, where so many of us were abused. I am glad that it is no longer a national team training site, but USA Gymnastics neglected to mention that they had athletes training there the day they released the statement. USA Gymnastics, where is the honesty? Where is the transparency? Why must the manipulation continue?

Neither USA Gymnastics nor the USOC have reached out to express sympathy or even offer support. Not even to ask, how did this happen? What do you think we can do to help? Why have I and others here probably not heard anything from the leadership from the USOC? Why has the United States Olympic Committee been silent? Why isn’t the USOC here right now?

Larry was the Olympic doctor and he molested me at 2012 London Olympic games. They say now they applaud those have spoken out, but it’s easier to say that now. When the brave women who started speaking out back then, more than a year after the USOC says they knew about Nassar, they were dismissed. At the 2016 Olympic games, the president of the USOC said that the USOC would not conduct an investigation and even defended USA Gymnastics as one of the leaders in developing policies to protect athletes. That’s the response a courageous woman gets when she speaks out? And when others joined those athletes and began speaking out with more stories of abuse, were they acknowledged? No. It is like being abused all over again.

I have represented the United States of America in two Olympics and have done so successfully, and both USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee have been very quick to capitalize and celebrate my success. But did they reach out when I came forward? No. So, at this point, talk is worthless to me. We’re dealing with real lives in the future of our sport. We need to believe this won’t happen again.

For this sport to go on, we need to demand real change, and we need to be willing to fight for it. It’s clear now that if we leave it up to these organizations, history is likely to repeat itself. To know what changes are needed requires us to understand what exactly happened and why this happened. This is a painful process but it’s the only way to identify all the factors that contributed to this problem, and how they can be avoided in the future. This is the only way to learn from these mistakes and make gymnastics a safer sport. If ever there was a need to fully understand a problem, it is this one right now. To accept that problem is limited to just what we know now is irresponsible, delusional even. Each new day seems to bring a new survivor. We have no idea just how much damaged you caused, Larry, and we have no idea how deep these problems go.

Now is the time to acknowledge that the very person who sits before us now — who perpetrated the worst epidemic of sexual abuse in the history of sports, who is going to be locked up for a long, long time — this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both USA Gymnastics and the USOC.

If we are to believe in change, we must first understand the problem and everything that contributed to it. Now is not the time for false reassurances. We need an independent investigation of exactly what happened, what went wrong and how it can be avoided for the future. Only then can we know what changes are needed. Only then can we believe such changes are real.

Your Honor, I ask you to give Larry the strongest possible sentence, which his actions deserve. For by doing so, you will send a message to him and to other abusers that they cannot get away with their horrible crimes. They will be exposed for the evil they are and they will be punished to the maximum extent of the law. Let this sentence strike fear in anyone who thinks it is OK to hurt another person. Abusers, your time is up. The survivors are here, standing tall, and we are not going anywhere.

And please, your Honor, stress the need to investigate how this happened, so that we can hold accountable those who empowered and enabled Larry Nassar, so that we can repair and once again believe in this wonderful sport. My dream is that one day, everyone will know what the words “me too” signify but they will be educated and able to protect themselves from predators like Larry, so that they will never, ever, ever have to say the words, “me too.” Thank you.

Sports – TIME


PopPolitics: ‘Heroin(e)’ Shows What’s Missing in Addressing Opioid Epidemic (Listen)

WASHINGTON — The new Netflix documentary “Heroin(e)” follows three women as they try to address the opioid epidemic in their own community of Huntington, W. Va. The city has been dubbed the overdose capital of America, as over the past five years the problem “has kind of snowballed,” Jan Rader, the Huntington fire chief, tells […]



Senator-Elect Doug Jones Wants Us to Listen to President Trump’s Accusers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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Listen To The On Air Podcasts

Tune in to the fascinating story of The Rolling Stones ‘On Air’ via three very special podcasts, hosted by Matt Everitt.

Each podcast documents a specific year in the band’s rise to stardom in the 1960’s. Featuring exclusive interviews with Mick and Keith, plus music from the On Air album, which is out now – get comfy and let us take you back in time…


Look out for the podcast being available on other services very soon.

The Rolling Stones


Lil Uzi Vert Drops “The Way Life Goes” Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj [LISTEN]

Lil Uzi Vert, still riding the wave of his mega-hit “XO Tour Lif3” essentially since the spring, just unleashed another single that has been discussed for months. Nicki Minaj’s wish came true to hop on a remix for “The Way Life Goes” and the official audio was unleashed early Friday (Nov. 3) morning. 

Minaj, who was a big fan of the track, posted on Instagram her desire to hop on the record after asking Lil Uzi Vert make the song a single and demanding an instrumental. With its syrupy, R&B-tinged sound with a sure destination at strip clubs nationwide, the track seemed suited for Minaj to add her flavor. Fans were clamoring for the record recently as late last month and Minaj hinted that forces outside her and Vert’s control were keeping the record back.

Fans, you can all rejoice as the full audio of “The Way Life Goes” can be heard in its entirety below. Let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

Photo: YouTube/Screen Cap

The post Lil Uzi Vert Drops “The Way Life Goes” Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj [LISTEN] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

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Listen To Rolling Stone Premiere of On Air’s Satisfaction

Right now on rollingstone.com you can listen to the premiere of ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, the live radio recording from the Saturday Club in 1965, taken from the upcoming album ‘On Air’.

On Air features a collection of classics, covers and previously unreleased recordings, live from the BBC in the sixties, find out more here.

The Rolling Stones


5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

This week, Selena Gomez returns with a gloomy, EDM-tinged single in the Marshmello collaboration “Wolves.” Swedish dance pop heavy hitter MØ comes back swinging with the irresistible “When I Was Young,” alongside a new EP. Rap trio Migos suggest the beginning of Culture II season with a collaboration with both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, marking the first time the two names have released something together. Producer RedOne taps Daddy Yankee, French Montana and Dinah Jane of Fifth Harmony to collaborate on a truly global, Latin-tinged dance hit backed by their collective star power. And Sydney trio Mansionair explore the depths of a piano in an atmospheric new track.

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George Michael’s ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ Reissue Sets Release

In coordination with the Showtime documentary George Michael: Freedom, the singer's Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 will be reissued as a multi-disc set featuring Michael's MTV Unplugged concert as well as B-sides and other rarities.

Originally scheduled to arrive in November 2016,

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: George Michael’s ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ Reissue Sets Release

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Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: The Case for Taylor Swift

The latest episode of the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast is now available. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify or check it out below.

Contributing editor Rob Sheffield

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: The Case for Taylor Swift

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Listen to Episode 3, Part 2 of ‘Broadwaysted Away’ and Get EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes Stories

After three episodes of twists and turns, the final installment of Broadwaysted Away is finally released today Entitled ‘Part Three Part Two The Final One,’ this extended closing chapter of the Broadwaysted Away saga finds our heroes facing off against the Mastermind, Andrew Briedis, and his evil plan to use Kevin to smash Lin-Manuel Miranda.
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Taylor Swift Releases Her First Single From reputation: Listen to “Look What You Made Me Do” Now

Taylor Swift, ReputationAttention all Swifties: Your wildest dreams have officially come true.
After months and months of wondering if and when new music would be coming out, Taylor Swift officially released a…

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5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

Pink makes a cathartic, empowering comeback with a new single after five years without releasing an album. Avicii also releases new music a year after officially retiring from his live DJ career: another cathartic one, but club-ready too, this time with an assist from Rita Ora. Oasis’s Liam Gallagher is launching his solo career with tracks that feel like throwbacks — and that’s not a bad thing. New talent Morgan Saint makes a case for sinuous, stylish pop. And R&B’s R.LUM.R shows us how trap and blues can happily coexist on his new album, Afterimage.

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5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

Camila Cabello comes in hot with blazing new single “Havana.” Indie Brooklyn singer Domino Kirke shows a new side to the talented Kirke family with a dreamy acoustic track. Rock trio *repeat repeat offer a little summer spice in the sunny “Girlfriend.” Miami producer Alyx Ander presents a fresh new club tune with an assist from Voice veteran Caroline Pennell. And singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson is sure to fill the Ed-Sheeran-sized hole in your fresh music playlist with “Can’t See Straight.”

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Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: Tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

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Hybrid Theory producer Don

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: Tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

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12 Thoughtful Gifts From Significant Others Who Really Listen

It really is the thought that counts.

And, tired as that saying may be, it still rings true. The gifts we treasure most are not the most lavish ones, but rather the ones that came straight from the hearts of the very people who know us best. Below, HuffPost readers share the most meaningful present they’ve ever received from their partners. 

1. The 100th date puppy

“I have always been a bit of a crazy dog lady. When me and my partner Mike first met, we had this silly running joke that after 100 dates I would come home one day to a puppy. I had never really thought much of it but a couple of years later, I came home to a tiny dog collar in a gift bag and was told our cocker spaniel puppy would be on his way to us in a few weeks. I initially wanted to kill Mike for buying a dog without us discussing it, but then he reminded me that he always keeps his promises and it was our 100th date that night. So now not only do we have our gorgeous dog Rupert, but I couldn’t believe Mike had remembered our silly ‘100th date’ promise after all that time.” ― Katy D. 

2. The nostalgic Christmas book

“Our first Christmas together my now-husband got me one of those books where you can record someone reading it. He got my dad to record ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas which he always read to me and my sister as kids. It was the sweetest gift I ever got. The fact that he went through all the secrets with my family, whom he had only met a few times, to get the recording for me made it the best gift I ever got.” ― Darcy T. 

3. The coveted Happy Meal toy 

“Last year, my boyfriend of nine years and I were talking about feel-good moments from our childhood, I was reminiscing about ‘The Little Mermaid’ toys that came in Happy Meals in the early 90s. My brothers and I only had Happy Meals as a special treat, so that made the toys all the more coveted. Flounder was the most fought over toy between my brothers and me ― he was so cool because he spit water out of his mouth. I just remember always having so much fun playing with these toys. So I was telling my boyfriend this, we laughed about it and that was that. A month or so later, a package came in the mail. He opens it and says, ‘I forgot I ordered these!’ Out comes a complete, still-in-the-individual-plastic-wrappers set of the original ‘Little Mermaid’ Happy Meal toys! And TWO Flounders! He had gone on eBay and ordered them after our conversation. For no reason but to make me smile, he went out of his way to hunt them down.”― Bre G. 

4. The sentimental butter dish

”My husband does not go shopping ― ever. He got me diamond stud earrings for Christmas 1981. They were perfect, so he called it done, which I was okay with. The year my mom died, he accidentally broke her butter dish. I accepted it and let it go. We have a couple blocks of antique stores on the old side of town. He went through all of them and bought the one closest to the one that broke. That was the sweetest thing.” ― Nancy S.

5. The handwritten recipes straight from Grandma herself 

“My fiancé coordinated with my grandmother to have her write two of my favorite recipes of hers down on nice paper and framed them for me. They now hang in our kitchen. I’m not usually an emotional person but I just about cried opening them on Christmas morning!” ― Darryl Ann G.

6. The cross-country move

“My then-boyfriend moved to California from Chicago four years ago in December 2012. We spent our first Christmas together after meeting in June while on vacation in Miami. His physical presence that Christmas was one of the best gifts he has ever given me. We’re both very family-oriented and the thought that he left his family behind on that particular holiday month still hurts my heart. However, our loved prevailed and we’re now set to spend the rest of our lives together. Our families are so excited.” ― Alma R.

7. The motherhood gift that was four years in the making

“I received the most meaningful gift from my husband moments before we met our son first the first time via adoption. We had made the long drive from Iowa to Florida and had finally arrived in the hospital parking lot. I was rustling through paperwork, bags and tissues in a hurry so we could quickly make it inside and not miss our son’s delivery. My husband calmly grabbed my hands and handed me a gift. He said, ‘I’ve been waiting 4 years to give you a gift to celebrate the day you became a mother’ after many years of infertility. I opened the box, and inside was a beautiful necklace with our son’s initials and his birth stone. My heart overflowed knowing it meant so very much for him to give it to me.” ― Amy L.  

8. The heart-shaped bench 

“My now-husband built this bench out of wood from his childhood playhouse. We sat on it at our wedding and now it sits in our dining room. It is hands down the most beautiful gift he has ever given me.” ― Kate E.

9. The sweet scrapbook

“He made a scrapbook and on each page was a different saying. One page said, ‘Because you are beautiful,’ and there was a gift card to Sephora. Another page said, ‘Because you are smart’ with a card to Barnes and Noble. And so on.” ― Donna S.

10. The enchanted rose

“I love ‘Beauty and the Beast’ so he made me a replica enchanted rose. He bought all the items separately and then used string to tie the rose in. I almost cried when he gave it to me!” ― Bethany W.

11. The romantic wall art

“My then-boyfriend and I had just said our ‘I love yous’ when HuffPost Weddings ran this adorable article about Philippa Rice’s “Soppy” illustration series. I instantly fell in love with it. He must have remembered because I was given a book of her drawings for Valentine’s Day. When he was the best man in a wedding, he found a wonderful poem he shared with me by Sherley Anne Williams while researching for his toast. For my birthday at the end of May, my lovely now-fiancé presented me with this amazing gift ― a combination of these two pieces of art.” ― Brianne J.

12. The picture blanket 

“My husband got this blanket for me for Christmas one year. It’s a collage of us and our fur babies. I love it so much.” ― Ashleigh P.

**Some responses have been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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Whom To Listen To and When

In April of (2008), I spent two weeks in India following a meditation guru from town to town.

This was my fourth visit to India, but I consider it my first real one. The other three were too touristy. Two were lecture tours, and I stayed in the best hotels, with warm water and the most excellent services money can buy. The third was for a Maha Kumba Mella, which is a gathering of Hindus on the Ganges River every 144 years. Sidhus descend from their caves in the Himalayas, and while it was an interesting experience to see them, it was not day-to-day India.

This time it was different. I slept in an ashram, was driven from town to town in terrible traffic, ate with Indians on the floor, and meditated with them. At my age (71), it was not an easy experience, but the guru was older (80-something) and he held on well, so who am I to complain?

What did I learn?

The meditation I was practicing is called sahaj marg, which means “the natural way.” The practice is to focus on the heart. No mantra, no focusing on the breath or on a candle or whatever, just listen to the heart by slowing down the mind.

I joined this type of practice because I believed I needed it. First, being Jewish, I spend most of my time in my head, and it needed some rest. Second, because I saw my dearest relatives and friends sent to their deaths during World War II, my heart has been closed all these years and it needed opening.
What does it mean to “listen to the heart?” How do you know, when you meditate, which thoughts are of the mind and which of the heart? Thoughts are thoughts, right?

No. There is a difference. You can argue with thoughts of the mind. You might toss and turn, and debate with yourself. But when your heart speaks, there is no argument. There is no discussion. There is no “Why?” or “Why not?” You are complete. You are at peace with yourself. The answer to the question “Why?” is “Because,” and that’s it.

That brought me to the next insight: If you really listen to your heart when you make a decision and your heart does not give you the answer, it means that you are not ready to finalize your decision. This is a case where it is better not to make a decision at that point in time.

That brought me to an interesting conclusion: When you decide with your heart, you cannot make a mistake.


Well, what is a mistake? It is always a conclusion you come to after the fact, right? It is a feeling of remorse and a judgment that you should have decided differently. It leads to self-accusations: that perhaps you did not deliberate enough, that you did not listen to advice, that you ignored facts, etc. All this is in your head.

When you make a decision with your heart, you are at peace with yourself. If, after the fact, you discover that your decision did not work out as you expected, you can not feel remorse because at the time you made the decision you had no doubts as to what to do, therefore you could not have done better. The fact that it did not work out is now only of academic interest. You can analyze what can be learned from what happened, but there is no place for remorse. You were at peace when you decided, and that was it.

Coming to this peace of mind when you decide with your heart is not a logical conclusion that you have reached after endless debates, internally or with others. It is beyond logic. It gives you a sense of completion, of integration, that almost defies logic. That is how you should feel when you decide to get married. That decision should be made with all your heart, not as a result of analyzing the cost-value relationship or an optimization model. When you make a decision with all your heart, as is the usual expression, you have the feeling of being integrated with your decision totally, wholly–maybe even holy. Mind, body, emotions, and spirit all feel at peace, united.

How does one come to such peace–usually we say “peace of mind,” though it would be more accurate to say “peace of the total body ” which is really peace of the heart–especially if there is a difficult decision to be made? You can do it by meditating. When you meditate you do not get attached to thoughts. Thus, you do not get into endless arguments with yourself. Instead, the decision eventually and automatically emerges as an insight.

If that description leaves you wondering how this insight can happen, let me share with you a story told to me by my one of my colleagues at UCLA, Professor Will McWhinney, that demonstrates this point. When McWhinney was a student at Yale, the fraternities held a contest for best choir. McWhinney’s fraternity had the worst voices at the university, except for one person whose voice was a pure, evangelical tenor. So they devised the following performance: The whole choir got on stage and began to sing where each person sang a different melody, which produced total cacophony. Then, slowly, one by one, each member of the choir stopped singing, except for the tenor, whose voice became stronger and stronger until it was alone, pure and crystal clear and totally enchanting. They won first prize.

This story is analogous to what happens in meditation. You have many voices in your head competing with each other. The more difficult the decision is, the more voices you hear, which can overwhelm you. When you meditate, the voices calm down one by one, while your heart’s voice grows stronger and stronger, until you simply “hear” the answer to your question and feel at peace with your decision.
But not only the head and heart think. We often say, “I have a gut feeling,” as if the gut is doing some decision processing.

That fact brought me to think in (PAEI) terms. The (A) processing is in the head. The (I) is processed by the heart. Where is (P) then? Sunil my associate suggested that if we follow the chakras, it is below the belly button, where our sexual organs are. Their role is survival of the species. That is where we feel instinctively. That is where the fight-or-flight reaction is processed: When we get scared we tighten the rectum, and the pelvic floor muscles.

Some people think with only one part of their body. Those who only react to their instincts are the (P)s: Act first, think later (if at all). Some do not listen to their instincts and use only their brain: These are the (A)s. Some people are only (E)s: all ideas and exciting priorities without considering what the repercussions of these ideas could be. And some people are all heart: They let their feelings for fellow humans or animals or whatever be the exclusive factor that determines their decision. These are the (I)s.

When a person processes information with all his faculties, the first one to respond to a new situation is the (P): His instincts of self preservation urge him to do something. Then the left mind, (A), gets activated: “Let’s think about it.” Next the right side of the brain gets involved, the (E), bringing new ideas to the table, while all along the heart, (I) is crying out, “Hey, listen to me too.”

To put it another way, instinctively you have the urge to do one thing, (P), but you think, (A), that it might not be prudent to do it, so new ideas, (E), come to mind, while you constantly check with yourself to see whether you feel at peace with the decision, (I). All these voices run through you at the same time. It is like a committee meeting where all the different styles compete with one another for attention. It’s a pure mess. Thus it’s not strange that when you have a really big problem to solve you get physically and emotionally exhausted. Your whole body hurts.

There is a difference between processing the (P), (A), (E), and (I) roles–between processing information with your instincts, mind, gut, or heart.

In processing (P), (A), and (E) roles you try to manage the process as best you can: You debate with your gut feelings, you challenge your instincts, and argue with your thoughts. When processing (P), (A), and (E) , you “talk” to the various parts of your body. You disagree with them. You may even get mad at them. It is as if you are the center and they are on the outskirts.

With the heart, (I), it is different. You do not argue with the heart, you listen to the heart. It is as if you subject yourself to something bigger, more powerful, than you. You are not the center any more. You say, “My heart tells me…” Compare that to what you say when you activate your mind: “I have to think it over.” Thinking it over, and over again, means that you are having a debate.

Now the weird stuff: Assume that “out there” is a cosmic, total, ultimate data warehouse. But it is not just data or knowledge, it is the ultimate wisdom based on values, the ultimate truth. It is endless, fixed energy with consciousness. (For me, that is God.) To connect to this cosmic energy you need to open your heart, to listen to your heart. It is as if the heart is the way to connect to God.

How do you hear the heart? How do you listen to it? Through meditation. Not through prayer. Prayer is like trying to manipulate God, pleading and begging him to act. If he does not listen to your prayer you might feel cheated, angry, and deceived.

When you pray, you talk to God. In meditation you listen to God. When you pray you make requests. Perhaps meekly, but no matter how nicely it is packaged and how much you are offering to “pay,” that is, what sacrifices you are willing to make, it is like a purchase order. When you meditate you listen to what God wants from you, not what you want from God. That is the difference.

Listen to your heart. That is where the truth is. Listen to the heart and you will not feel you made a mistake when you decide. If your heart is not ready to decide, you are not ready.

How should you make a decision then?

How should you decide? Here is the optimal path, the road less traveled. This is the lifecycle I suggested for organizations in my Managing Corporate Lifecycles book: Start with (I). Start with your heart first. Ask your heart first what is the right thing to do. Then go get some ideas about what to do, (E), but in doing so do not violate what your heart dictates. Then check those ideas to see if they make sense, (A), and finally be ready to act, (P) but first go back to the heart and check if you are at peace.
If more people would start with their heart and not with their penis, (P), maybe there would be less war, less divorce, less crime. Maybe we ought to teach meditation in prisons. Scientific tests of transcendental meditation have shown that when a certain percentage of people in a community meditate, there is less crime.

In yoga, they say that the mind is a terrorist. It often terrorizes our bodies, making us do things that are not good for us. I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Do not always believe what you think.” For me this is profound because we Jews not only honor the mind, we worship the mind. With our Talmudic minds, we often complicate problems even when they are simple. We overdo and over-complicate our decision making, sometimes to the point that we cannot solve the problem. We do not listen to our instincts very well. In order to survive two thousand years of persecution, I wonder if we have not closed our hearts except to each other.

Just thinking
Ichak Kalderon Adizes

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Take a Break and Listen to Blink-182’s ‘All the Small Things’ on a Kalimba

Kinda soothing, actually.

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What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Listen To You

Gaby and Henry have lived in the same apartment for five years. It is in a great location near Gaby’s work, but with increasing rent, Henry feels that they are throwing their money away. Their lease is ending in a couple of months, and Henry wants to buy a house or condo. He wants to lock in a monthly payment and have an investment of their own.

Gaby does not want to leave their current neighborhood, and knows that if they buy something they can afford, they would have to move away from the area she loves. In addition, her daily commute to work would double and she would have to move to a not-so-nice neighborhood far away from her friends.

Gaby also dislikes the idea of being tied to a 30-year mortgage contract. Although she sees the value of investing in a property, she does not want the pressure of having a big financial commitment for such a long time.

Although they have discussed in detail each other’s perspectives, they cannot reach an agreement.

Every time they talk about it, they both end up tense and feeling bitter. Henry insists that he only wants to do the right thing for both of them and gets very defensive when Gaby disagrees with him.

Gaby feels that Henry is not listening to her, and in order to avoid further conflict, Gaby is about to give in to Henry’s desire to purchase a property–even if she doesn’t feel happy about it.

When conflict arises, most couples do not know how to resolve it in a way that feels good to both parties. Usually couples do one of the following:

• One of them ends up sacrificing his or her own interests to end the conflict.

• One of them ends up becoming “The Boss” and giving the other an ultimatum of how things are going to be.

• Both engage in an endless power struggle; they fight to see who gets the upper hand and wins the battle.

• One or both partners withdraw and make decisions without considering their partner’s needs or desires because they believe that their partner will not listen or will never agree or cooperate.

Unfortunately, all the above actions lead to toleration and resentment, the key ingredients that eventually extinguish the romantic spark in any relationship.

When partners “give in” or “give up” in order to avoid conflict, a variety of negative thoughts and emotions creep in, and slowly but surely kill their enthusiasm about their partner and their relationship.

So what can couples do to resolve conflicts in a way that feels good to both partners?

What can you do if you have a disagreement with your partner, and you feel that he is not listening to you?

To begin, you have to express yourself. You’ve got to let your partner know that you want both of you to feel happy with whatever solution you come to.

Remind him that you are on the same team trying to win the same game, and that although you are independent individuals, you also are a partnership and should always look after each other’s interests and feelings.

If only one of you wins and the other one loses, you both lose–because the partnership loses.

Whenever each of you comes up with a solution to an issue, ask each other: “How do you feel about my solution?”

The solution will be found only when BOTH of you feel good about it.

If you think that this is hard to achieve, you are mistaken; it is possible. In fact, happy and successful couples become experts at resolving conflicts together almost as soon as they arise.

They know that it takes great communication, problem-solving skills, patience, and emotional intelligence from both parts, and they are willing to do the work.

If you believe that you communicate well with your partner, but you are not able to come up with solutions that make you both feel good, you have an opportunity for growth. It might be a good idea to get some coaching and learn how to have safe conversations with each other, especially when you are dealing with delicate topics.

Then, after having an effective and safe conversation with your partner (one where you both felt listened to and validated), you should be able to synergize.

To begin, you should both create a list of possible solutions to your issue, and then analyze each solution carefully and negotiate with each other until you find the one that you both feel works best.

Negotiating a solution to a problem is like journeying into an uncharted territory. The road to reaching a solution may be bumpy at first, but if you are successful at resolving conflicts in your relationship, you will not only reach the desired destination, but also strengthen your relationship and feel more connected and in love with your partner.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Listen Up, Everybody, Ramsey The Husky Puppy Has Some Important Things To Say

Is that a puppy you’re holding, or an adorable — if slightly hairy — child?

Before you weigh in, know this: The fuzzball in Kayla Cagnola’s arms is named “Ramsey,” and he’s already well on his way to speaking like a human. Apparently he burps like a human, too, though unfortunately there’s no video evidence of this unique trait.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Cagnola said Ramsey was about eight weeks old in the video, and had just received a scolding for eating her roommate’s dog’s food.

“When we told him to stop eating it that’s when he started ‘talking,'” Cagnola explained. “I guess he was trying to tell us that he was mad at us for not letting him eat the other dog’s food!”

This story has been updated with comments from Kayla Cagnola.

H/T Tastefully Offensive
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Listen Up, Everybody, Ramsey The Husky Puppy Has Some Important Things To Say

Is that a puppy you’re holding, or an adorable — if slightly hairy — child?

Before you weigh in, know this: The fuzzball in Kayla Cagnola’s arms is named “Ramsey,” and he’s already well on his way to speaking like a human. Apparently he burps like a human, too, though unfortunately there’s no video evidence of this unique trait.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Cagnola said Ramsey was about eight weeks old in the video, and had just received a scolding for eating her roommate’s dog’s food.

“When we told him to stop eating it that’s when he started ‘talking,'” Cagnola explained. “I guess he was trying to tell us that he was mad at us for not letting him eat the other dog’s food!”

This story has been updated with comments from Kayla Cagnola.

H/T Tastefully Offensive
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Listen and Play!

Listen and Play!

It’s never too soon to start reading to your baby and the Amazing Baby books are an ideal way to help stimulate and entertain them as they grow. This series was uniquely created and based on principles of accepted research into how babies develop and learn during their first two years of life. The Amazing Baby Activity Series combines bold colors and black-and-white patterns to stimulate a baby’s sense of sight, textures and flaps are included to encourage fine motor skills and a sense of exploration, and rattles, squeakers, and a variety of noises are featured to illustrate different sounds. In addition, every book has lively, rhythmic, read-aloud text to enhance the reader-baby bond. This combination of text, images, and novelty elements delivers a stimulating and exciting reading experience for parents and their babies. The Amazing Baby Activity Play Series is perfect for 12 months of age and up and a great fit for little readers in the making. These exciting books feature a wide range of textures, flaps, sparkling foils, rattles, squeakers, mirrors and fun graphics to keep your baby entertained.
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8 Movie Scores We’ll Still Listen To In 2015

For people who love movie scores — these are real people, we assure you — last year was a peak time. From Steven Price’s Oscar-winning “Gravity” score to smaller ones from Joel P. West (“Short Term 12”) and Graham Reynolds (“Before Midnight”), 2013’s movie scores had a cue for every mood.

Not so this year. The most memorable moments in “Wild,” “Boyhood,” “Whiplash,” “Obvious Child,” “Selma,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “The LEGO Movie,” “The Interview” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” to name a few, came accompanied with either an existing track or original song (everything is awesome, you crazy “LEGO Movie”). Which is great for people who also love movie soundtracks — guilty! — but less so for score fans. Sure, Antonio Sanchez’s “Birdman” score is fantastic within the framework of the film, but would anyone want to listen to it during a random Tuesday commute?

With that in mind, here are the eight movie scores released this year that profile as having longevity — aka each will have a permanent home on our HuffPost Entertainment Spotify playlist of movie scores.

Alexandre Desplat, “Godzilla”

No one had a better year than Alexandre Desplat, who wrote three of the year’s most memorable scores (and also the ones for “The Monuments Men” and “Unbroken”). His “Godzilla” theme was so damn loud that even the title has an exclamation mark. Let them fight.

Alexandre Desplat, “The Imitation Game”

Desplat’s score for “The Imitation Game” isn’t necessarily deep, but the main theme is as Oscar-friendly as the film itself. It’s the type of track you’d expect to hear play as Benedict Cumberbatch walks up to accept his Academy Award.

Alexandre Desplat, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

There’s that news van again. Desplat’s score for Wes Anderson’s latest film is gave millennials their very own “Third Man” theme.

Hans Zimmer, “Interstellar”

Hans Zimmer’s “Interstellar” score was no “Inception” (or even “Rush” or “Man of Steel”), but it was haunting and big. If we ever fall into a wormhole, this is what we’ll be thinking about.

Johann Johannsson, “The Theory of Everything”

Similar to “The Imitation Game,” Johann Johannsson’s score for “The Theory of Everything” feels expressly written to win Oscars. But who cares when the theme is as beautiful as this?

Alex Ebert, “A Most Violent Year”

Alex Ebert, he of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros fame, wrote 1981’s best John Carpenter score.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, “Gone Girl”

The year’s best onscreen moment? We’ll take the Cool Girl montage in “Gone Girl” over many other worthy contenders for one reason alone: this above track, written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Jonny Greenwood, “Inherent Vice”

Working with Paul Thomas Anderson again after “There Will Be Blood” and “The Master,” Jonny Greenwood’s noir-y “Inherent Vice” score sounds like something Bernard Herrmann would like. But then it’s also beautiful and wistful. The above track, “Amethyst,” which plays during the film’s sweetest scene, being a prime example of its power.

BONUS: Nick Thorburn, “Serial”

It wasn’t a movie, but in addition to being one of the year’s most satisfying stories, “Serial” had the most infectious theme. Sorry, Desplat.
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Listen to This Student Access Kit Downloadable Music Set

Listen to This Student Access Kit Downloadable Music Set

New – This access card provides a pin code and instructions for downloading the music for this textbook to your computer and/or MP3 player. (Please note- due to permissions, some of the tracks may be unavailable in this download format.)

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‘Too Long; Didn’t Listen’ Ep. 6: ‘Women Aren’t Funny’ With Bonnie McFarlane And Marina Franklin

HuffPost Comedy Editors spend all day looking at funny things on the Internet. Now, they have a podcast. This is, “Too Long; Didn’t Listen.”

In a special sixth edition of “TL;DL,” Katla McGlynn sat down with the very funny Bonnie McFarlane and Marina Franklin ahead of their New York Comedy Festival panel entitled, “Women Aren’t Funny: Debunking The Myth” on Nov. 6 at Caroline’s.

Instead of our usual segments, comedians Bonnie and Marina offered their thoughts on the viral catcalling video and the comedy community’s various responses to it, then moved on to discuss the unfortunate misconception that women aren’t as funny as men.

Listen to Bonnie and Marina talk about their experiences as women, both on the street in NYC and on the stage as comedians in the episode below. Be sure to check out Bonnie’s documentary on the same subject, “Women Aren’t Funny,” and Marina’s all-female podcast, “Friends Like Us,” both on iTunes. Tickets are available for their NYCF panel featuring Blair Breard, Lea DeLaria and Judy Gold here.

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Jimmy Fallon Playing The Vanilla Ice Board Game Makes You Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Ice is back with an embarrassing invention.

In Jimmy Fallon’s first installment of his “Do Not Game List,” the “Tonight Show” host introduced us to a bunch of different awful games, but Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap might be the most terribly awesome of them all.

In the game, players are given an electronic beat box and rap different rhyming words that don’t make a lot of sense.

Fallon doesn’t really explain how to win the game, but this might just be one of those cases where there aren’t any winners.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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The Bride’s Wedding Music Collection: Hal Leonard Listen Online

The Bride’s Wedding Music Collection: Hal Leonard Listen Online

New – (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). A great collection of popular, classical and sacred songs for wedding musicians or engaged couples who are planning their service. Over 40 categorized songs, plus a website to hear audio clips! Choosing the perfect wedding music has never been easier! Songs include: Bless the Broken Road * Canon in D * Everything * Forever in Love * God Gave Me You * Grow Old with Me * I Will Be Here * In My Life * Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring * The Lord’s Prayer * Love Never

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All You Have to Do Is Listen: Music from the Inside Out

All You Have to Do Is Listen: Music from the Inside Out

Rob Kapilow has been helping audiences hear more in great music for almost twenty years with his “What Makes It Great?” series on NPR, at Lincoln Center, and in concert halls throughout the US and Canada. In this book, he gives you a set of tools you can use when listening to any piece of music in order to hear its “plot”–its story told in notes. The musical examples are available free for download to help you hear the ideas presented. Whether you are an experienced concertgoer or a newcomer to classical music, the listening principles Kapilow shares will help you “get” music in an exciting, fresh new way. “Kapilow gets audiences in tune with classical music at a deeper and more immediate level than many of them thought possible.” –“Los Angeles Times” “Rob Kapilow is awfully good at what he does. We need him.” –“The Boston Globe” “A wonderful guy who brings music alive ” –Katie Couric “Rob Kapilow leaps into the void dividing music analysis from appreciation and fills it with exhilarating details and sensations.” –“The New York Times” “You could practically see the light bulbs going on above people’s heads. . . . The audience could decipher the music in a new, deeper way. It was the total opposite of passive listening.” –“The Philadelphia Inquirer”

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Listen to Your Heart

I always thought the best way to protect your heart was to keep it hidden behind walls — layers of beliefs, masks you show the world. I figured that was the easiest way to ensure you didn’t get hurt.

But it occurred to me a few weeks ago that by walling off my heart, I was closing myself off to the possibility of love — love for myself, for my friends, family and significant other. And that is a shame, and a cross I no longer wish to bear.

So a few weeks ago I made a conscious decision to release those walls, open to the vulnerability that is life — knowing my heart might get broken in the process but at the same time knowing that is exactly what needed to happen for me to heal.

And break open it did. As the layers of walls came tumbling down so too did the years of emotions I had locked away.

And it hurt. Oh, how it hurt. There have been days when all I wanted to do was erect those walls again because it hurt too much. Slam the door to my heart shut and throw away the key because I was tired of being blinded by my tears.

But I knew if I took the easy way out — if I walled off part of myself again — I might never get it back. I might never have the courage to break down those walls again. So I left it alone, let myself feel the pain. And as I suffered, I healed, emerging a different woman than I was before.

But I like this woman, despite her vulnerability. She’s real. She’s genuine. She’s me.

So I face 2014 with love in my heart, and have decided to make that my focus this year. Choosing love instead of fear. Love instead of resentment. Love instead of anger. That doesn’t mean I will never feel those negative emotions again, but if when I do face negative thinking or feelings, I can remember to love first, then I might just find the negativity and drama have no appeal. That negative emotions are really issues — mine or someone else’s — that need to be brought out into the open and dealt with.

When you find yourself trapped in negative thinking, ask yourself with love:

1) What’s the real issue here? I am upset at myself? At whomever I am dealing with? Or is this an old hurt or resentment rearing its ugly head?
2) If I act from a place of fear or resentment, how will this pan out? What if I act from a place of love instead?
3) Is there a lesson that I need to learn from this situation/thought pattern? Anything I’m still holding onto that needs to be dealt with?

And while you’re at it, it might be a good time to take stock of your heart:

1) What wounds do you still carry?
2) What grievances or grudges do you still hold?
3) How are these serving you?
4) Are you ready to forgive, let go, and move on?
5) What do you want to let go of? Who do you need to forgive? (Don’t forget to include yourself!)

Once you have your answers, release them out into the Universe, knowing that you don’t need them anymore. They are no longer serving you.

When I did this, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. What a relief it was to get that off my chest!

Once you clear space, then you’re ready to attract what you really do want in your life. You’re ready to open your heart and let love in. And that is a beautiful thing.

Happy New Year from my heart to yours!
GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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