The Diet That’s Keeping Rob Lowe in Killer Shape at 53

He says it helps curb his chocolate milkshake cravings.

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Daisy Lowe teases fans with beach boob flash and tiny tropical thong

DAISY Lowe lifts up her vest in a sizzling snap to heat up winter.

The model, 28, flashed her cleavage as she posed against a palm tree on the beach in a tiny tropical thong.

Daisy, who is the daughter of singer and former The Voice coach Gavin Rossdale, also ran her fingers through her hair and she shared the snap with her 326,000 Instagram followers.

Her getaway comes after the Strictly star has spent the summer helping her new pal Louise Redknapp, 43, through her marriage break-up from Jamie, 44, after developing a close friendship on the show.

Daisy has form when it comes to saucy social media snaps as she often shares risque pics with her fans.

She began this year by posting a video of her peeling off a swimsuit in the bath to Instagram, flashing her bare bum at the very end of the clip.


The fashion star thanked Agent Provocateur for letting her share her ‘booty’ with the world[/caption]


Taking a sexy selfie while brushing her teeth[/caption]


More cleavage in lingerie snap[/caption]

In one snap, posted in October, she thanks lingerie giant Agent Provocateur for letting her show off her posterior as she models underwear, commenting: “What a treat! thanks for having me & my booty back in your adverts”.

Of course, the fashion star has never shied away from sharing pictures of her cleavage, which crop up in selfies and photo shoots on a regular basis.

From saucy shots to playful pics, there’s no shortage of snaps the model is happy to share, much to the delight of fans.

And one thing’s for certain – there’s plenty more in the pipeline.


Smouldering in lingerie[/caption]


Showing off her figure in a sexy leather number[/caption]

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Low-E Windows and Heat Damage: Why It Occurs and What To Do About It

Low emissivity, or Low-E windows as they’re sometimes called, are windows that contain a highly reflective coating on the glass. That coating reflects both heating and cooling back into homes, which reduces solar heat gain in the summer to lower energy bills. In fact, the Department of Energy projects that installing Low-E storm windows saves the average homeowner somewhere between 12 to 33 percent on their annual utility bills.

That’s great for your energy profile—but it may not be so swell for your next-door neighbors. In rare cases, the reflective power of Low-E windows is so strong that it causes massive heat damage to neighbor’s homes. A number of complaints have emerged over the last decade, with homeowners claiming their neighbor’s Low-E windows melted their vinyl siding. Vinyl is essentially hardened plastic, so it’s temperature sensitive, just like plastic. In temperatures over 160 to 165 degrees, it can soften and eventually warp, droop, and ripple.

Luckily, it never gets that hot on Earth, so most of the time, vinyl makes a fine choice for external cladding. However, put it next to a Low-E window and the result could be disastrous. That’s because sunlight striking the specially-coated Low-E windows sometimes acts like a magnifying glass, concentrating the sunlight onto a single point. And for some unlucky neighbors, that point just happens to be located on the side of their vinyl-clad home. Today we’ll take a look at why Low-E windows cause heat damage, what to do about it, and how likely it is to happen in your home.

morning sunshine on the bed

Understanding Why Heat Damage Occurs

Under normal circumstances, Low-E windows will hang for many years without causing any problems at all. In fact, the conditions that occur to give Low-E windows the power to melt glass are quite rare. The issue isn’t completely understood yet, but it results from differences in barometric pressure between the interior and exterior panes of glass in double paned windows (the majority of Low-E windows are double paned). This difference in pressure occasionally causes the windows to become slightly concave. That, in turn, magnifies the light reflecting off the windows—according to some accounts, the beam could reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s definitely hot enough to melt plastic.

How Likely Is Low-E Damage?

That said, if you install Low-E windows on your home, you haven’t necessarily just bought a vinyl-melting laser beam (or signed up for an awkward conversation with your neighbors). There have only been a handful of cases reported, so you’re probably safe. If you’re worried about it, though, you can cut your losses by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t install Low-E windows on a home that’s less than 20 feet away from the house next door, particularly if that house has vinyl siding.
  • Carefully weigh the benefits of installing Low-E glass on windows that receive a lot of light through south-facing windows. The majority of cases have involved a home’s south-facing windows.
  • Consider adding an arbor or other shading between your home and your neighbor’s. This will protect your neighbors from any potential damage—and it may reduce cooling costs in your home, as well!
  • If arbors are not an option, consider adding a polycarbonate awning to the window to reduce glare. According to the Department of Energy, this also reduces solar heat gain by up to 77 percent on west-facing windows and up to 65 percent on south-facing ones.
  • Check the warranty on your windows to see if it covers heat damage. Some manufacturers have removed heat damage coverage from their policies, so be sure to read through the warranty first before you make a final purchase.

Sheets of Tempered Window Glass

Are Low-E Windows Still Worth It?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is an emphatic yes. Heat damage only happens to a proportionally small amount of homes, when the conditions are just right. In the majority of cases, all a home receives as the result of installing are lowered heating and cooling bills, since the Low-E coating reduces heating and cooling losses by somewhere between 30 to 50 percent.

Spectrally selective Low-E coatings allow you to block heat-causing ultraviolet and infrared waves from the sun without limiting the amount of visible light allowed through the glass, like you might with tinted windows. That means more light indoors, while saving energy. And in some areas, Low-E coatings are required by local energy codes, as well.

If you follow the precautions listed above, you should be able to have your energy efficient windows without upsetting the neighbors. After all, you know what they say: good fences make good neighbors. In the case of Low-E windows, they may just be one way to avoid legal trouble, too!

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Rob Lowe Reveals Why He Doesn’t Role-Play With His Wife in the Bedroom

Although Rob Lowe relished the opportunity to research and play “the Yoda of gigolos” in his new film, How to Be a Latin Lover, he didn’t take any of his work home with him.

“Listen, who does Luke Skywalker go to for the answers to the universe? You go to Yoda, he is the keeper of the secrets, he is the expert in stories,” Lowe tells PEOPLE of his reasoning behind the nickname he gave his character — a veteran gigolo who preys on wealthy older women. “More than anything, what my character Rick is that really made me laugh, is he takes what he does so seriously, it is legitimately life and death for him.”

Lowe as Rick spends a lot of the film dressed in hilarious, form-fitting costumes that are part of various role-play scenarios, and while the actor isn’t into role-playing himself, he has some well thought-out theories on the pizza delivery boy and naughty schoolgirl fantasy tropes.

“Here’s my thing though, having been an expert at role-playing now; I think you need to limit it to characters of the Village People,” he jokes. “It’s like, you can only put so many presidents on Mount Rushmore and pizza delivery boy, eh, is that my thing per se? I’m happy to do it, but I think pizza delivery boy is the female equivalent of guys liking naughty school girls.”

He adds: “I know a lot of people love  but it’s hard to do seriously. I’ve been with my wife 25 years, I would probably get two minutes into being, ‘Alright, pull over ma’am. I think you were speeding in a neutral zone!” and we would just be laughing. How could you ever get through it?”

Meanwhile, Lowe’s costar Rob Huebel and director Ken Marino think the Parks and Recreation star should consider becoming a real gigolo.

“He would make a lot of money as a gigolo, right?” notes Huebel. “I would pay for that.”

Marino agrees: “He would make an enormous amount of money, he’d be booked up for years. I’ll tell you something, I would sign up for a session with Rob Lowe. He’s a very handsome man.”

The funnymen joke that “there would be a line” for Lowe’s services.

“His Yelp reviews would be fantastic,” quips Huebel.

How to Be a Latin Lover which also stars Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, and Raquel Welch, opens April 28.

Fashion Deals Update:

Wait, Rob Lowe Is The New KFC Colonel?

Hold up. Wait, what? Rob Lowe is the new KFC colonel?

Guess so. The fast food company announced Friday that it has selected the actor to become the latest in a long list of colonels ― a group that has included comedians like Darrell Hammond and Norm Macdonald in the past.

In his first commercial for the company, Lowe dons an astronaut suit and proclaims his intent to blast a new chicken filet sandwich called the Zinger into space for some reason. 

“The time has come to explore beyond our known horizons to push KFC’s spicy, crispy chicken sandwich to new heights,” he says.

“Sure, there’ll be questions,” he continues. “Like why.”

We don’t really have many questions, but Lowe did put out a statement on Friday that was rather serious considering the circumstances.  

“My grandfather was the head of the Ohio chapter of the National Restaurant Association in the 1960s and took me to meet Colonel Harland Sanders when I was a kid,” Lowe said. “It was a big deal.”

He added, “I thought this would be a nice homage to both Colonel Sanders and to my grandfather.”

Anyway, it’s a commercial for a chicken sandwich featuring a celebrity. You get it.

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