Nick Cannon And Bernice Burgos Photographed Together In Matching Outfits – Are They Dating?

Bernice Burgos and Nick Cannon were photographed by the paparazzi going out to dinner together, and now people are wondering if T.I.’s alleged ex side-chick and Mariah Carey’s former husband are dating. The woman was the one to address the rumors, and it’s apparently not what you think.

According to her, their meeting at Nobu in Malibu was not for fun but for business.

At least that is what she said in the comment section of The Shade Room account, which shared the pics.

That being said, Bernice did not go into any detail as to what kind of project they are collabing on.

Nick is yet to talk about the rumors.

However, it totally makes sense that so many fans just assumed there is a romance going on between the two considering that the hotspot where they met is a very popular place for celebrities to go on dates.

While there was no PDA between them, Bernice and Nick did, coincidentally or not, wear pretty much the same thing – yellow T-shirts and jeans.

Meanwhile, other reports previously stated that Bernice is still hung up on T.I. and seeing him and Tiny making it work really broke her heart.

HollywoodLife reported via an insider that ‘When Bernice saw online  he was dancing and kissing Tiny this past weekend, it really stung.’

Another source told the outlet about Nick’s own love life as well, claiming that Mariah Carrey’s weight loss and increased confidence are changes he has noticed.

‘Now that she has her groove back, Nick is missing her like never before and thinks she is a total MILF.’

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon Rock Matching Goatees in Instagram Song Collaboration ‘Two Goats in a Boat’

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon collaborated on an Instagram video they call ‘Two Goats in a Boat.’ The video begins with Fallon shaving a goatee and then joking that he wants someone to share it with…and that’s where Lin came in Featured Content


People Thought Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Ridiculously Cute in Matching Outfits for the Queen’s Birthday

Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle were matching in navy blue at Queen Elizabeth’s star-studded birthday concert Saturday night — and people on social media took notice.

Markle wore a navy Stella McCartney caped dress with matching navy suede heels by Manolo Blahnik and carried a clutch by Naeem Khan. Prince Harry wore a smart navy blue suit. The two stepped out together for this event a little more than a month out from the royal wedding on May 19.

Queen Elizabeth, who turned 92 on Saturday, wore gold to her celebration at Royal Albert Hall.


The event was attended by most of the royal family — with one exception being Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her third child on Monday — and members of the public who could snag a ticket. (For those who couldn’t, the concert was broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Radio 2.)

The lineup fit for Her Majesty included Sting and Shaggy (who recently released an album together), Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones, Shawn Mendes, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the BBC Concert Orchestra, and more.

The event concluded with Queen Elizabeth acknowledging the crowd with a wave, but not before she gave a coy smile (and maybe an eye roll?) during a speech made by her son Prince Charles after he addressed her as “Your Majesty” and then “Mummy.”

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‘Final Fantasy XIV’s Composer on Matching Music to Player Mood

Final Fantasy games never skimp on their music. Hundreds of tracks will be shipped with a game — heck, even an expansion — all ranging from rock to classical.

Anyone who’s played Final Fantasy XIV, or attended a Square Enix concert, is familiar with the work of Masayoshi Soken. He’s been composing for the company since feel/Go Dream: Yuna & Tidus, and is the musical master behind FFXIV and all its expansions.

FANDOM got the chance to ask the longtime Final Fantasy composer and sound director some questions about making music that lasts for MMOs, technical challenges, and the Eastern influence of the Stormblood expansion.

FANDOM: What’s technically involved in weaving together tracks that have a more “combative” version of them, and changing back and forth according to the player’s situation?

Masayoshi Soken: What we place the most emphasis on when making the sound for FFXIV is the player’s gaming experience. The player’s mental state will obviously be quite different when they are in battle to when they are just walking around doing nothing, even if they happen to be in the same area.

Accordingly, creating different tracks for different situations will enhance that overall experience and make it more exciting. If we need sound to create that effect then we have no choice but to do our best and make it.

We also make frequent use of the Square Enix sound department’s unique technical knowhow in order to ensure that music transitions smoothly and those changes do not jar with the listener.

It is really exciting to be working in such an environment where technology and artistry come together to create new experiences for people.

MMOs are a style of game that people will log into every day for a long time. How does that factor in when designing the music? Are there techniques you use that help songs stand the test of time, and become memorable?

In MMORPGs from a little while ago, the time that players spent in a single area was often very long, but in modern ones the player will pick and choose what they want to play from a wide variety of different content.

In order to create the sound for a modern style MMO like this in a way that players will not get bored of, I strive to provide different music that fits with different situations and the player’s different psychological states.

This also links to what I said before, but in order to make something that sticks in a player’s memory, I think that you need to make clever use of the technology to incorporate the art, combining the graphics, sound and game experience together in an exciting way.

If you had to pick one track that you think best captures the character or place it’s attached to, what would it be?

For the exploration sections I would say it was perhaps “Azys Lla” for Heavensward and “Yanxia” for Stormblood? Stormblood has a very oriental taste overall, but I feel that even in that area, it is Yanxia that has the strongest sense of that far eastern atmosphere.

I think that I succeeded in portraying the image I was looking for very well in this track. Looking at the battle music I would perhaps point to the Ultima battle track from A Realm Reborn and Shinryu from Stormblood! Hmm, that is way more than one track isn’t it! Sorry about that!

To what extent do you think franchises like Final Fantasy and its live orchestra performances are getting younger people into classical music?

I really don’t think about wanting people to have a deeper understanding of classical music or anything like that (Laughs)! I work hard so people can enjoy games more, so if people have the time to take an interest in classical music then I would probably rather they used it to play more good games!

Having said that, as a sound creator I would obviously be overjoyed to hear that someone had learned how great classical music can be or how cool rock is from listening to something I have created.

Was there musically anything specific that you focused on in Stormblood? Any particular goal or theme you wanted to achieve in that expansion?

I only really thought about creating sound that fitted with the gameplay experience, so there was no special objective or anything. I just followed my inspiration and came up with whatever ideas that I could.

However, Stormblood did have the specific characteristic of an oriental theme, so I strived to express that as well as possible. Also, compared to ARR and Heavensward, Stormblood’s music uses a more compact range of instruments.

That means that the melodies tend to come to the fore a lot more. I limited the number of instruments for the exploration sections in particular and Yanxia was essentially just done with a harp and kokyu.

Our thanks to Masayoshi Soken for his time!

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8 major retailers who suspend price matching around Black Friday

If you’re a fan of saving money on retail items, you’re probably a fan of price matching.

Price matching is a great way to use your smartphone to get a lower price on an item at participating stores. And the best part of it is that you don’t have to run all over town chasing a deal!

Using the power of technology that’s already in the palm of their hands, most price-matchers simply pull up a competitor’s website on their phone when they’re in store.

What they’re looking for is the identical item to what they’re purchasing, but with a lower price.

If they can find it cheaper somewhere else — it usually has to be at a brick-and-mortar retailer, though some stores now match Amazon, too — bingo!

With price matching, they can get whatever it is they’re buying at a cheaper price by asking the store to match a competitor’s price.

Not all retailers price match, but most of the major ones do.

It’s also possible to price match using sales circulars from the Sunday newspaper if you’re not smartphone savvy.

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Epic fail at retail: Black Friday price matching bans!

Price matching sounds great, right?

But there’s a dirty little secret here: A lot of the big guys suspend their price matching policies from around Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday or beyond.

They’re trying to avoid matching rock-bottom prices from competitors during the highly promotional Black Friday weekend.

Here are some retailers we’ve found with fine print that will temporarily kill your deal-finding mojo in this way.

So be careful out there when you’re shopping!


The nation’s largest retailer is shutting down price matching for the opening salvo of the holiday season.

Wal-Mart’s policy reads, “No price matches to other retailers for prices shown from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber-Monday.”


The Red Retailer’s website notes that, “Price matches and adjustments to competitors will not be allowed for prices from Thanksgiving Day through the entire week after Thanksgiving (11/23/2017 – 12/2/2017).”

Toys R Us

The ailing toy store won’t match “any competitor’s advertised store or online pricing for Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday,” according to its own website.

Best Buy

The electronics retailer’s Price Match Guarantee won’t cover any “items for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving, whether offered by Best Buy or a competitor.”

Office Depot

Office Depot exterior
Office Depot exterior

“Holiday sales offers including during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Office Depot, OfficeMax or any eligible retailer) are also excluded” from the office-supply store’s usual price matching policy.


Sears is now selling Kenmore appliances on Amazon

“Sears will not price match items offered for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Wednesday after Thanksgiving,” according to the struggling retailer’s website.

Fry’s Electronics

Fry's Electronics storefront

The regional electronics chain’s price-matching policy “excludes items for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving, whether offered by Fry’s or a competitor.”


Interestingly, the office-supply store seems to only squelch price matching for two days a year, according to its website.

But the unfortunate news is that they’re two of the most important days on the calendar for deep-discount bargain hunters!

“We don’t price match competitors’ or our own local or special events (e.g., grand opening, anniversary, clearance, timed sales or liquidation sales, ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ sales).

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20 Matching Outfits to Wear With Your BFF

Twice the style.

Prints are better when they come in pairs.

Coordinate ensembles without getting too matchy-matchy.

Two times the plaid.

Layer on the leather.

Twinning in hoodies.

Three can play at this game.

Coordinated down to the clutches.

Girls in green.

Note the matching half-up buns.

You can probably pull this off using pieces you already own.

The red lipstick ties these looks together.

This way, each of you can wear your signature color.

Or opt for head-to-toe white.

Be sure to coordinate your poses, too.

A comfy choice that works for weekends.

Queen(s) of the jungle.

So you bought the same coat. Why not just roll with it?

You’ll both turn heads.

Rock the black swan/white swan look for your next party.

Golden girls.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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James Corden Roasts David Beckham For Matching Outfits With Posh

We’ve all committed a few fashion faux pas we’d rather not recall. But James Corden isn’t letting David Beckham forget his for a second. 

On his show this week, the comedian busted out a throwback photo series of David and his wife Victoria Beckham in coordinating outfits, in anticipation of the couple’s 18th wedding anniversary next month.

Corden was a merciless fashion cop, poking fun at the matching purple ensembles the couple wore on their wedding day in 1999.

He also had choice words for some some revealing pants-and-top combos they sported on the red carpet two years later.

Beckham refused to apologize for the duo’s outfits of yore.

“I’m not saying I regret them because at the time, it felt right,” he told Corden. “Now, I’m not so sure.”

See some of the pair’s highlights ― or are they lowlights? ― below and in the video above.

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Behold David Letterman and Michael Stipe’s Glorious Matching Beards

Apparently retirement is good for your facial hair.

Style – Esquire


XINCLUBNA Boy Cute Polyester Elastic Bowtie with Matching Hankie Cufflink 9 color (1set)

XINCLUBNA Boy Cute Polyester Elastic Bowtie with Matching Hankie Cufflink 9 color (1set)

Gender:Boys; Kids Accessories:Ties Bows; Color:White,Red,Purple,Pink,Orange,Black; Season:All Seasons; Look After Me:Hand wash; Length(cm):10; Width(cm):5; Fabric:Polyester
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XINCLUBNA Boy’s Cute Polyester Elastic Bowtie with Matching Cummerbund Hankie 10 Color (1set)

XINCLUBNA Boy’s Cute Polyester Elastic Bowtie with Matching Cummerbund Hankie 10 Color (1set)

Gender:Boys; Kids Accessories:Ties Bows; Color:White,Silver,Red,Purple,Pink,Orange,Blue,Black; Season:All Seasons; Look After Me:Wash seperately,Hand wash; Length(cm):10; Width(cm):5; Fabric:Polyester
List Price: 19.43

Zuca Pro Artist Case. Insert Bag on Frame Outfit, with 5 Clear Vinyl Utility Pouches and Matching Travel Cover

Zuca Pro Artist Case. Insert Bag on Frame Outfit, with 5 Clear Vinyl Utility Pouches and Matching Travel Cover

Zuca Pro Artist Case. Insert Bag on Frame Outfit, with 5 Clear Vinyl Utility Pouches and Matching Travel Cover Type: Rolling Luggage Color: Black Silver
List Price:

Katy Perry Rocks A Matching Crop Top And Skirt On The Red Carpet

Katy Perry took the crop top trend to the red carpet when she stepped out Tuesday night for the 2014 Australian Record Industry Association Awards in Sydney.

Perry’s two-piece ensemble, created by Australian designer Jaime Lee, featured a belly-baring halter top and a long, see-through pencil skirt adorned with sequined flowers. She paired the outfit with purple pumps and a head wrap.

While presenting the award for Best Female Artist, Perry gave a speech about her love for all things Australia; her Prismatic World Tour kicked off Down Under Nov. 7.

“No longer will I use straws in my chocolate milk. I’ll use Tim Tams!” she said, per the Guardian. “No longer will I put butter on bread, I’ll use Vegemite. No longer will I eat chicken, I’ll eat kangaroo. Actually that’s disgusting. Why do guys you eat something that’s on your national emblem?”

katy perry

katy perry

katy perry
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