Ready for the C-Suite? 6 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Executive Presence

If you have your eyes on an executive position or the “C-suite,” take note: Competency is not enough to claim the corner office. Climbing the corporate ladder of success requires a combination of skill, emotional intelligence, and unshakable self-confidence. So, are you really prepared to take the lead? It all boils down to how you carry yourself at work and connect with the people around you.

 6 mistakes that can damage your executive presence and C-suite potential 

  • Not keeping cool under pressure –A big part of executive presence is understanding how people view you as a leader. So take note, rarely will employees respect the authority or vision of an unhinged leader. Staying calm under stressful situations builds trust, credibility, and a positive team culture in the workplace.


  • Not polishing your soft skills – As you advance in your career, soft skills like negotiation and presentation skills become increasingly more important than functional skills. For instance, if you’re standing up in front of staff or executives and presenting a status update, be prepared to clearly articulate your challenges and ideas for improvement, ask questions, listen, and accept constructive feedback.


  • Not inspiring people to take action – Whether you work at a small organization or large company, change and conflict is inevitable. Beyond maintaining your composure during uncertain times, you’ll need to find the good in a negative situation and empower people to take action.


  • Not understanding how your work fits into the bigger picture – Oftentimes, tough decisions are made at work that affects the daily routine of staff, as a leader you’ll be expected to focus on the big picture while rallying employees around the positive and keeping them on track. Also, if you’re looking to get ahead at work, keep track of your numbers. For instance, how has your work impacted the company’s bottom line? That way, during talks of promotion, you can clearly articulate your performance metrics and the value you’ve delivered to the company.


  • Not making decisions – One of the quickest ways to fail as a leader is to not make a decision. Indecision is a decision that could affect your ability to reach company goals and inspire your team. Plus, it can kill your opportunity for career advancement.


  • Not understanding office politics – Regardless of your industry, there’s a game called “office politics” that’s played in every organization. Office politics include navigating informal social networks and systems of power and influence. When it comes to office politics ask yourself: How are decisions made at this company (take note, it’s not about how you think they should be made)? Who are the key people who influence change at work and filter ideas to the decision makers? How can I build relationships with these people and get them on board with my ideas? Asking for stretch assignments is one way to understand office politics.

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Whoops! Jared Kushner made even more mistakes in his federal filings

Jared Kushner keeps filing the wrong information about two of his loans borrowed from Bank of Internet, which is under federal investigation. The disclosure form has been updated at least 40 times in regards to his properties in Brooklyn, ProPublica reports.
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After Days of Silence, Facebook CEO Admits to ‘Mistakes’ Over Data Use

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence five days into a growing uproar about how outsiders handle Facebook’s user data, admitting mistakes and pledging an investigation but failing to calm some who thought he should have gone further in his remarks. WSJD


6 Common Cover Letter Mistakes

When companies put out a new job position, they can receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes. This means that a hiring manager needs to find a way to filter out weaker candidates and trim down the stack of applications.

In many instances, employers reviewing applications will ignore cover letters altogether (especially for positions that don’t require a high level of written or verbal skills), but as an applicant, you have no way of knowing how much the person reviewing your application will care about your Cover Letter.

Unless the job you’re applying for indicates that no Cover Letter is required, it’s best to have your bases covered and submit one—it might be the thing that bumps you ahead of other equally qualified applicants for an interview.

To give you an advantage over other applicants, we’ll discuss the six most common mistakes people make in cover letters that can cause employers to disqualify candidates.

1. Typos and Other Errors in Your Application

Typos and other grammatical errors may not seem like much of a problem, but they continue to be one of the top Resume and Cover Letter mistakes employers use to disqualify candidates and cut down the stack of resumes they’re reviewing.

The easiest way to avoid grammatical errors is to have someone else look over your work after your own self-editing efforts.

You should also double-check:

  • That your contact information is correct (e.g. you included your preferred email address and spelled it correctly and you didn’t make any mistakes in your phone number)
  • You’re addressing the proper person in the right department and company (when people are sending out multiple applications, it can be quite simple to mix up which company you’re contacting)
  • You have the correct version of your Resume and Cover Letter sent to the proper job posting (many people accidentally send an application tailored to a specific position to the wrong posting)

2. Focusing Too Much on Yourself in Your Cover Letter

When an employer puts out a call for resumes, what’s really happening is they have a problem that needs solving. The problem, in this case, is that there’s a hole in their ranks that they need filled to keep the company running smoothly.

The point of a Cover Letter is to demonstrate to an employer how you are the answer to that problem. It can be tempting to spend the whole time talking about how great you are as a worker, multi-tasker, and team player, but you need to make sure you’re always relating back to the company. What can you do for them? How does your previous experience speak to your ability to deliver on the promise to solve all of their problems? These are the things you need to focus on.

3. Discussing Your Entire Work History

Odds are you’ve had dozens of jobs—probably since you were a teenager—but that doesn’t mean all of that work experience is necessary in your Cover Letter. Sure, it’s great that you got a steady job flipping burgers at McDonald’s when you were 14, but it’s probably not terribly relevant when you’re applying to be a Financial Analyst at AT&T.

Discuss your related training and be sure to illustrate how those experiences show you can tackle any challenges you may face in this new position.

4. Discussing Too Little Work History

Although disclosing too much job history is problematic because it can dilute your relevant work experience, the opposite (i.e. not discussing enough of your work history) can also be an issue.

Many people make the mistake of simply repeating their Resume in their Cover Letter, but that doesn’t provide the hiring manager with any other details about your skills—they’ve already looked over your Resume, they don’t need to see it twice. An employer will want to see your accomplishments from previous jobs and they’ll want to know how they relate to the position you’re applying for now.

5. Clichés in Your Cover Letter

As we’ve already mentioned, someone sifting through applications is probably glazing over hundreds of resumes and cover letters. The last thing you want to do is sound like everyone else. Everyone believes they are “the perfect candidate for this position” because they are a “team player” with “exceptional customer service skills” who “takes pride in their work.”

Although it’s important to use some of these buzzwords (especially if an employer is using an electronic system to sort resumes), you need to make sure you don’t just blend into the herd.

If you really want to make your Cover Letter stand out, be sure to include some concrete examples of your accomplishments (i.e. facts and figures). Something like “In my last position, I was an expert salesman” is fine, but “I had the top sales average on my team, which amounted to $ 10,000 per month in revenue for the company” is better.

6. Being the Company’s “Super Fan”

Applying for jobs can be a stressful experience—especially in turbulent economic climates—and it often results in people applying for and accepting positions they don’t want at companies they don’t know, want to work for, or care about.

A common tactic people use in situations like this is pretending to be the company’s biggest fan, so their cover letter reads more like fan mail than a professional summary of skills. The end product comes off as very disingenuous.

Put yourself in the hiring person’s shoes. If you read that type of Cover Letter, would you fall for the ploy? What would you rather read about? It’s likely that writing about what you can do for the company (how your experience and expertise can solve their problems) will resonate better than random praise.

You can tailor your letter so it aligns with the company’s values and culture to show you’ve done your research, but you don’t need to pump up their ego.

Crafting the Strongest Cover Letter

Although cover letters don’t carry the weight they used to in the hiring process, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time by submitting a poor one. You need to give yourself any advantage you can in a competitive job market, and you only have about half a page to prove to a hiring manager that you’re worth pursuing as a contender for the open job position. By avoiding these six common mistakes, you can get ahead of the competition.

Be clear about your skills, provide concrete examples, and convince the reader that you are the answer to their problem.

What do you do to ensure your Cover Letter stands out? Let us know in the comments!

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Khloe’s “Revenge Body” Trainers Reveal 7 Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Weight

Avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be well on your way to making the progress you’d hoped.

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7 Mistakes New Contractors Make: As Told by Game of Thrones


Once upon a time, you handled projects solo like a knight on your own lonely quest. If you needed to buy supplies or fill out paperwork or find new leads, you did it yourself. But suddenly, all that has changed. You’re starting to feel a lot less like a newbie contractor and more like the commander of an army—a team that’s growing all the time.

Sound familiar? Not only is that the general outline of many of our favorite Game of Thrones plotlines, it’s also the journey most contractors take as they progress from a self-run operation to a larger business with subcontractors and employees. But change is hard, and just like Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion have all struggled to lead their separate groups through various trials, you’ll have to shift your focus from a doer to a manager. Here’s how you can learn from the blunders of the Westeros heroes to correct your own contractor mistakes—before your whole kingdom goes up in flames.

Warning: this article contains major spoilers for season 7 of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up, put your laptop away and come back when you’ve watched all of season 7. You can consider it “research.” But just don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Mistaking an Ally for a Threat

Shipping aside, we all knew that Dany and Jon were the perfect power couple—and basically the only chance of stopping the White Walker army in its tracks. Thankfully for the future of Westeros, Daenerys finally recognized Jon as the ally that he was and swooped in to save him in the nick of time!

But not every powerful manager gets away so lucky. It’s fairly common to mistake a talented hire as a threat, especially when you’re new to the game of managing. Work on your insecurities privately, instead of taking them out on your staff. Give your employees your trust, and you’ll be the kind of boss your subordinates actively root for.


Letting Personal Ties Get in the Way

On the other hand, you don’t want to let your workers take advantage of you—a likelihood that increases every time you fail to handle conflict. Jaime is a bit like the manager who knows they need to let that one employee go, but can’t. He knows he needs to cut ties with Cersei, but can’t seem to put his personal history aside to do the deed (although hopefully that will change next season—fingers crossed!).

That kind of behavior is all too common with new management. It’s hard to let anyone go, let alone someone you like. And in the construction world, where most relationships are informal, it’s easy for employees to mistake you for a friend. But that’s where trouble starts, because at some point you’re going to have to choose between maintaining the relationship and doing what’s right for your business. Your job is to set the right boundaries with your employees and make the hard choices—even when it means risking a friend. Sure, take the whole staff out for a beer after a rough day, but don’t hang out with your contractors one-on-one or dish about other team members. It’s just going to come back to bite you in the end.


Refusing to Get with the Times

Oh, Eddard Stark. So honorable. So stuck in his ways. Ned’s big problem is that he just can’t see that the times are changing. No longer is he Robert’s hunting partner, defending his kingdom by adhering to a rigid moral code. Things have shifted in the seven kingdoms, and Stark just can’t seem to get with the nuances of the new order.

You’re probably not going to meet a fate resembling that of the elder Stark. But you will be hindering yourself if you refuse to change with the times. That means you’ll need to upgrade to the newest construction technology, both for your administrative work and your day-to-day operations. For instance, you may need to invest in industry software to help manage the project, financial, technical and sales aspects of your business. Young, talented construction workers are hard to find these days, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you appear current. After all, millennial workers are undoubtedly drawn to businesses who stay up-to-date.


Taking an Ego Trip

Being the boss definitely has its perks. But the advantages can go to your head, too, if you let them. There’s something to be said for becoming the kind of boss you’d want to work for—and giving people a reason to come into work. After all, you don’t want to be viewed as a kind of ruthless Cersei character who’s only capable of inspiring loyalty when her underlings are riddled with dread.

Bosses who rule with an iron fist witness a higher number of callouts and no-shows throughout the year. They don’t establish the kind of long-term relationships that let you shape and mold a team. And the kind of harshness they foster eventually trickles down to the clients they serve, which means fewer customers, bad reviews, and low capital. Keep your ego in check when working with your team. Give your team the benefit of the doubt when mistakes are made—and offer them some literal benefits as well, such as paid sick leave or health insurance.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Jon Snow is so adorable and yet so tactically dumb—at least sometimes, as evidenced in Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.” This highly-criticized episode features Jon heading off with a party of about fifteen men to capture a white walker and drag it back to Westeros, since presumably, that’s the only thing that will convince Cersei of the coming wightpocalypse. This plot line is a little suspect, especially since we know Jon has seen the army of the dead and just plunges on ahead. You’d think a guy who had literally come back from the dead would have more sense than that!

How is that relevant to the contracting life? Well, it’s not unusual for a successful contractor to get in over their heads. After years of hard work, business is finally taking off, and someone pitches you a potential bathroom remodel. The only problem? You’ve barely touched plumbing beyond plunging a toilet or two. Don’t be like Jon. Either stock your address book with reliable contacts to whom you can punt off projects, or learn how to turn jobs down.


Spend Like It’s Going Out of Style

The Iron Bank is a lot like any other financial institution. Like Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank says, it doesn’t bet on winners and losers. In the Game of Thrones world, that means that Iron Bank has a vested interest in Cersei’s success—because she owes them money.

Don’t expect that kind of favor from your lenders. Your bank is not going to let you wallow around while you figure out dragon-killing (or balancing your budget, whatever the case may be). If you don’t have a head for figures, hire outside help to manage your finances. It will be worth it when tax season comes around!


Hire for Skills, Not Character

Here’s a lesson Game of Thrones teaches us over and over again: a person’s position in the world does not necessarily dictate their character. Jon Snow, for instance, born fatherless and penniless, rises up to become the King of the North. Tyrion—whom his own father considers shameful—survives every obstacle to earn himself a place as Daenerys’s hand. Davos Seaworth, a pauper born in Fleabottom, overcomes his upbringing and becomes Jon’s closest associate—and delivers some of the funniest, most trenchant lines in the process.

It just goes to show you that someone who looks good on paper isn’t always the kind of person you want to hang around with all day, and vice versa. Skills can be taught, but character is a lot harder to learn. So when you interview for new hires, make sure to pay close attention to a candidate’s personality and values. After all, as Game of Thrones has taught us it can (literally!) make a world of difference!

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11 Holiday Mistakes That Bring Burglars to Your Home

While you’re busy shopping, decorating, and getting ready for holiday festivities, burglars are preparing for one of their busiest times of the year as well. According to some sources, residential break-ins increase during the holiday season. Yet many of these incidents could have been prevented had the homeowners taken some simple precautions. Don’t let burglars steal your holiday cheer! Keep reading to find out if you’re making vital security mistakes—then hurry up and correct them.
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5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

When it comes to shaving, it’s really easy to fall into a routine and just to keep doing what you’ve always done even though you’re not happy with the results. In today’s guide, we show you how to break with bad old habits and we discuss the 5 biggest shaving mistakes men make.

This video is brought to you in collaboration with OneBlade, maker of the best razor I have ever used on day-to-day basis. By the way, OneBlade has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee “LOVE IT IN 30 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK”, so you can try it risk-free.

How I Started – With A Cartridge System (It Sucked!)

When I was a teenager, my dad showed me how to shave with a cartridge razor system, and that’s all I knew, and so I just kept doing it even though I didn’t like the result and I didn’t like the process. Apart from that, it was quite pricey. However, you don’t know what you don’t know. Fortunately once I did know what a quality shave looked like and how much money I could save there was no way back for me.

We Believe Every Man Should Experience A Great Shave Day In, Day Out

As you might know, at the Gentleman’s Gazette we take shaving very seriously. We even created a 300+ page in-depth guide to shaving. We added videos to it and to get to that result we surveyed over 3,000 men who tested over 150 products so we really could find out what works and what doesn’t. Over the years I learned a lot about shaving, and so we came up with five biggest mistakes that men make when they shave.


Cartridge and disposable razors

Gillette Mach 3 Cartridge razor and disposable razor

5 Biggest Shaving Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Using A Blade That Is Not Sharp

In my opinion, it’s the biggest problem because we’ve become accustomed to cartridge razors and they use dull blades. Do you ever notice that the big marketing campaigns of the cartridge razor systems never mention the sharpness of the blades?

Number of Blades Doesn’t Matter – Blade Sharpness Is Most Important

They usually talk about the number of the blades, the lubrication strip, the handle, the vibration, the light, and whatnot. However, they forget the most important thing – sharpness, because without the sharp blade all the other things are pretty much useless. Of course, with so many blades they have to make a dollar and also if they have a dull blade you have to replace it more often which makes more money especially considering that they usually cost between a dollar or two and eight dollars a piece.

Cartridge Razors Are The Wrong Choice For 99.999999% Of Men

Unless you have very thin hair and perfect skin and I’ve never seen a man who had perfect skin, a cartridge system is pretty much useless. In my experience shaving with a cartridge system also left me with an uncomfortable feeling of ripping my hair and nicks and cuts.

DE Safety Razor: Sharper Than Cartridge + Lower Cost But Tricky to Use

So the next step up from a cartridge system is the double edge razor or safety razor. It’s a kind of razor your great-grandpa probably shaved with, and it’s still around today.

The two big pros of a DE safety razor are that you get a much better quality shave at a lower cost in a cartridge system.

The cons are there are hundreds of handles for DE shavers on the market and just as many blades. The problem is you have to find the exact right combination of the blade and the handle that works best for your face because if you don’t, you end up with an uncomfortable shave. You either have a blade that is too sharp or something that is not sharp enough, and so it requires a lot of testing and a lot of money.

I Wasted Over $ 1000 Until I Found A DE Razor That Worked For Me

After spending way over $ 1000, I figured out that for my skin and my hair I needed a very sharp blade and so I went with a Feather blade and a very aggressive razor.

Straight Razor: Sharp But Too Impractical & Time-Consuming

The next step in my evolution to a perfect shave was a single blade razor. Traditionally you have a straight razor, and it’s just the ultimate experience. It’s what you get at a luxury barber shop at the same time it takes 45 minutes to an hour, and you need the right technique, and it’s a huge pain in the ass and unless you truly enjoy shaving it’s not something you’ll ever do.

OneBlade: The Sharpest Razor That Provides The Perfect Shave Paired Convenience & Cost – Effectiveness

Over a year ago, we were approached by OneBlade, and they wanted to work with us on content around shaving. At first, I was skeptical because I had done so much testing of shaving products and shaving techniques, but I didn’t think there could be anything beyond that.

Single OneBlade Is Sharper Than the Sharpest DE Blade

The exciting part about the OneBlade shaver was that it was a traditional handle just like on a cartridge system, but it used single-edged blades that were very sharp. In fact, they were made by Feather, and they were even sharper than their double edge razor blades. So truly it’s the sharpest blade on the market. So you may wonder, aren’t you more likely to get more nicks and cuts with a sharper blade? And in fact, that’s not the case.

More than $ 1 Million Spent On R & D In Pursuit Of The Perfect Shave

OneBlade started from scratch with zero assumptions about how many blades it would take to get the perfect shave. They spent over a million bucks in research and development and came up with a handle system with suspension and a single sharper blade. Because of its flexible suspension mechanism, the blade continually adjusts to your face, and you are always at the right angle, and you get the perfect shave.

OneBlade Provides A Straight Razor Shave Result, But It Takes Just 10% of The Time & Effort

Shaving with a OneBlade is just as easy and convenient than shaving with a cartridge razor however you get a much better result because the blade is so much sharper.

With a OneBlade, I get a shave that rivals the quality of a straight razor shave in a fraction of the time. Initially, the OneBlade cost $ 400 which is way too much for most men out there. If you think back to the first iPhone, it was costly, and it quickly became a status symbol, and it was just revolutionary new with a lot of R&D in it, and everyone wanted one. As a consequence, the second iPhone was even better than the first one, but it came at a much lower price tag. The same is true for OneBlade.

OneBlade Genesis $ 399 vs. OneBlade Core $ 49.95

They went back to a drawing table and created a shaver that is basically 95% of the original OneBlade Genesis, and they call it OneBlade Core. It uses the same super-sharp Feather single blade, and it also has a suspension mechanism that guarantees a secure shave. So at this price point, a super sharp blade that is convenient to use is all of a sudden much more affordable for all men out there.


Various Shaving Products

Various Shaving Products

Mistake #2 – Not Doing The Proper Prep Work Routine

No matter how you shave, you always want to incorporate a proper prep work routine because you’ll end up with a better shave and your skin will thank you for it.

Step #1 Hot Water  – That’s It No Step #2

It all starts with soaking your face in hot water because it opens the pores of your skin and softens your hair. For a real luxury treatment, you can also use a moist towel. I just put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and keep it on my face for roughly a minute or two. It feels amazing! Of course, if you don’t have that extra time in the morning, I suggest you just take a warm hot shower beforehand, and that’s all you need before you shave.


Never use any shaving creams that come out of a can

Never use any shaving creams that come out of a can

Mistake #3 – Not Using Proper High Fat Lubrication

If you think about it, the shave cream lubricant is the only thing that protects your skin from the sharp blade. You need a lubricant so the razor can do its job without nicking or tugging your skin. The truth is there’s no such thing as over lubrication.

Unfortunately, most men don’t lubricate enough. Lubrication in the shaving world comes from fat. So the higher the fat content in your shaving cream, the better it is for your skin.

Canned Shaving Creams, Gels & Aerosols Are Bad For Your Skin

Sadly, most shaving creams and gels on the market today are designed to be just cheap, and so they skip the essential oils in the shaving cream. Instead, they go with chemicals and alcohol which dries out your skin, and often they add air simply, so it looks more than it is. As a rule of thumb, never use any shaving creams that come out of a can because they’re low in fat and they don’t lubricate as well. Ideally, a high-fat quality shave cream should be lathered up with a brush that was soaked in water beforehand because that yields a rich lather and the brush will lift the hair follicles from your skin.

If you opt for the OneBlade Core, I suggest you go with their starter kit which includes the handle, 30 extra blades, a shave cream with a lot of fat that is super lubricant, as well as their repair gel that you use after you shave and a shaving brush so you can lather everything up. The system was designed with all skin and hair types, so it completely takes the guesswork out of shaving.

The entire kit cost less than 90 bucks up front, and you get a stainless steel handle that is coated with an engineer grade polymer, so it lasts and stands the test of time.


Mistake #4 – Focus On The Upfront Cost & Convenience

The mistake most men make is to focus just on the upfront cost as well as the convenience and not on the actual quality of the shave, the cost per shave and the overall value. Most men today don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront and want something that’s easy and convenient, and I don’t blame you. The problem with that low upfront prices that it’s very expensive and a midterm at the long run.

Cartridge Razors Are The Most Expensive Way To Shave & They Provide A Bad Shave

For example look at the cartridge systems, the handle just costs about five to ten dollars and sometimes they even throw it in for free. However, the cartridge itself costs anywhere from $ 1 – $ 8 and so you quickly add up the cost if you just shave for a few months. Once I experienced a really good quality shave I couldn’t go back to a cartridge system anymore. So with a quality shave system, you have to invest a little more upfront, but the cost per shave goes way down.

OneBlade Costs Less Than $ 0.25 A Shave & It’s Better For The Environment

If you look at OneBlade, their single blades cost around $ 0.65 per piece. Yes, with a starter kit I had to invest about $ 90 upfront but I got 30 blades included and after a few months I quickly recouped that cost and now I’m just saving a lot compared to any cartridge system on the market.

Even if you’ve already upgraded from a cartridge system to a double edge safety razor system, you may still be better off with a OneBlade.

For example, I used to have a Feather blade before with a double edge razor, and it cost me about $ 0.25 if I bought them in bulk and more if I bought fewer of them. I had to get a new blade for every shave for a great result versus with a OneBlade I can use the blade three to four times because it is thicker and sharper.

Now my cost is between $ 0.17 and $ 0.22 per shave, and I get that superior handle with a suspension mechanism, so I rarely suffer from nicks and cuts anymore. At the end of the day, OneBlade is an extremely affordable shave. It’s super easy to use, easy on your skin and convenient. Most importantly, it provides you an incredibly impressive shave, so your face is baby smooth.


OneBlade Core and Genesis

OneBlade Genesis And Core – I think the Core Is The Best Value For The Money

Mistake #5 – Giving Up After Trying A New Shaving System

Honestly, I’ve seen it over and over again. Someone is unhappy with a cartridge system or with their electric shaver, so they upgrade to a different shave system. Now they try it once, and they don’t have the proper technique, they think it’s not working for them, and they go right back to what they know. The problem here is not the system it definitely works. However, you likely have not developed the right technique yet, so I encourage you to keep going. Give it a couple of weeks. Once you’ve mastered that first intro period, you will truly realize how easy and convenient it is for you and what kind of a shave you can get from it.

For example, with a OneBlade shaver you hold it slightly differently than a cartridge razor and ideally you do multiple passes.

First, you go in longer strokes with the grain because it’s more comfortable on your skin and it gets off the long hairs from your face.

With the second pass, you go against the grain in short strokes and always make sure to clean out the blade with hot water in between that way you get a better result than if your blade is clogged.


At the end of the day shaving mistakes are easy to avoid. With a bit of hot water, quality shaving products and a sharp razer like the OneBlade Core Kit, shaving is super convenient and straightforward, yet it’s different than shaving with the cartridge razor or with an electric shaver. I know you might wonder if OneBlade is right for you and I was extremely skeptical at first, however, today the OneBlade is what I use on a day-to-day basis, and I am very pleased with the shave it delivers and the low ongoing cost.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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11 Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Winter

As the days grow shorter, colder, and darker, it’s tempting to just hunker down inside and forget all about home and garden chores until the spring. But winter is no time for conscientious homeowners to take it easy—there is a lot of maintenance to deal with during the “off” season. Here are some crucial seasonal mistakes that trip up many homeowners during the winter months.
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What Netflix’s ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ Can Learn from ‘Riverdale’s’ Mistakes

Even more Archie comics characters are coming to your television screen soon—but not on The CW. Though The CW was once developing a television version of comic series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the series has since landed at Netflix with a two season, 20 episode order. The comic series, written by Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is a darker adaptation of the plucky Sabrina character who is also a teenage witch. The series was adapted once in the ’90s starring Melissa Joan Hart, but this new series will likely be more like Riverdale than anything resembling Hart’s version.

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How to Wash Sheets — And the Mistakes You Might Be Making

That shrunken set might not be your dryer’s fault.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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How to Clean Windows — And the Big Mistakes You Might Be Making

Like asking your kids to help (just kidding … kind of).

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The Best Car Cleaning Advice — Plus, 11 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Find out where you should pay extra close attention when disinfecting.

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How to Wash a Bra the Right Way — And Mistakes You Might Be Making

Here’s the (not-so) dirty truth.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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Janet Yellen has made a lot of mistakes

Dear John: Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen misses more than you said in a recent column. She overestimates the strength of the job market, and is underestimating the amount of inflation in part of the economy — housing — while underestimating the weakness in prices and wages in a ton of the economy. And she radically…
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Fed’s Rosengren warned ‘large policy mistakes’ could come from setting a specific rule for setting policy

Forcing the Fed to hew to a specific rule for setting monetary policy could lead to "large policy mistakes," a U.S. central banker argued.


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Harvey Weinstein Speaks: ‘We All Make Mistakes’

Film producer Harvey Weinstein said he is hoping for a second chance after several women came forward with accusations of sexual assault and harassment over the past three decades, ABC News reported Thursday. “Guys, I’m not doing OK but I’m trying. I got to get help. You know what, we all make mistakes. … A second chance, I hope,” Weinstein said in a video shot outside his daughter’s Los Angeles home—his first public statement since the scandal escalated. Weinstein reportedly left Los Angeles to check himself into a rehabilitation clinic for behavioral issues, including sex addiction. “Mr. Weinstein obviously can’t speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual,” a representative for Weinstein said in a statement. “Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that, if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance.”

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Asks ‘Forgiveness for Our Mistakes’

In a Yom Kippur message, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked for “forgiveness for our mistakes” and pledged to “be better.” The message, written on Facebook, comes as the social media giant is coming under increased scrutiny over Russia’s efforts to wage a disinformation campaign and sow discord in the United States through the use of Facebook. “For those I hurt this year, I ask forgiveness and I will try to be better. For the ways my work was used to divide people rather than bring us together, I ask forgiveness and I will work to do better,” Zuckerberg said.

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Stop Killing Your Book Sales! 7 Common Mistakes Self-Published Authors Should Avoid

Many writers, especially entrepreneurs, have turned to self-publishing as an option to get their books in the marketplace, quickly and affordably, in hopes of gaining more business and increased revenues. However, most authors are unable to tap into revenue potential because they omit important processes before and after their book launch, making it difficult for their books to be listed on online bookstores or getting traditional bookstore shelf placement.

Additionally, many miss the mark on how to effectively leverage their new book and often kill opportunities to make book sales. Here are seven of the most common mistakes self-published authors make that prevent their books from making a long-term financial impact.


While this may sound unlikely, it isn’t. Not promoting a book that was recently published is actually common. Authors often assume that simply having their book sold through online bookstores will attract all the buyers they need. The adage “Build it and they will come,” does not apply to books. Creating and implementing a consistent book promotion strategy in line with your revenue goal is key to sales maximization.


It should be no secret that social media marketing is critical to mostly all of a business’s success. While some may argue whether it replaces traditional marketing or not, no one will argue its supreme placement in helping businesses generate revenues. Not having a social media presence for yourself as an author and for your book is like not having written the book at all. Buyers rely on social media to find out what to purchase and to access new information and trends. If your book isn’t searchable, it won’t be discovered or purchased.


Books are still judged by the cover. Though many apps and online software have made it easy for self-published authors to create their own marketing material, including book covers with stock photos, a poorly created book cover—no matter how impactful the content inside—will leave hundreds, if not thousands, of copies on the table from lack of book sales. Investing in quality book branding supports your book in standing out among others.


Perception is reality for buyers. Much like your book cover, your branding (your image and messaging) should attract buyers to you, not repel them. Investing in professional photos and a clear brand message, along with a book that reflects both, can shift you from no sales to hundreds.


I’ve written previously that book collaborations are just one way to get your message to the masses without actually writing an entire book. Many would-be authors leave money behind by not leveraging the insight, knowledge, and expertise of other people. The content is king, whether it is written fully by you or other individuals. Not being open to joining with others in your book can limit your reach and opportunity for book sales.


“Why speak when my book can speak for me?” While people do judge a book by its cover, it’s you as the author that convinces the buyer what to purchase. Free or paid speaking is an important strategy for selling books. While a book may be a business card, speaking can be considered an extended elevator pitch. Avoiding public speaking will undoubtedly limit your ability to reach your audience.


All the world’s a stage, and for self-published authors, having a quality platform that recognizes your work not only gives instant credibility by placing you in front of probable buyers, but it will set you apart from the competition. Several contests, such as the Indie Author Legacy Awards (IALA), benefit authors by tapping into marketing channels the author otherwise wouldn’t be able to. In other words, it’s affordable publicity.

To sum it up, self-published authors should proactively and consistently work on planning, positioning, and promoting themselves to avoid killing their sales potential. This requires ensuring your book has the proper messaging, content, and visual identity, along with making it marketable and searchable to attract the readers who want and need what you have to offer. Trying to do this all on your own is great, but investing in quality services from a reputable self-publishing or hybrid-publishing company will help you save a ton of time and money, and ensure your book is distributed in multiple channels to maximize your long-term financial success.

This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Tieshena Davis

Tieshena Davis is the best-selling author of Think Like a Bookpreneur and the founder of Purposely Created Publishing Group, an international award-winning book publishing firm specializing in author branding and development. She appears widely at public events, teaching entrepreneurs how to create books to accelerate their business.

Learn more about Tieshena Davis by visiting her website at

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3 Monumental Financial Mistakes People Make Before They Turn 50

financial mistakes

“Too many people wait way too long to start thinking about how much they will need to finance their retirement,” says Chris Heerlein, partner at REAP Financial LLC and author of Money Won’t Buy Happiness – But Time to Find It.

“In a way, that’s not surprising. Retirement seems so far away when you’re in your 20s and 30s, and it’s easy to think you’ll have plenty of time to worry about saving later. Then before you know it you pass 50, and you realize you missed a great opportunity to take advantage of compound interest.”

Heerlein says many young people are making at least three financial mistakes that they likely will rue when it comes time to retire. Those are:


1. Not participating in a 401(k)


Many employers don’t offer a 401(k) or similar retirement plan, but if yours does you need to participate, Heerlein says. An alarming number of people ignore this savings opportunity that can reap great rewards, especially if you start when you’re in your 20s and faithfully contribute for decades, he says. “And if you’re employer is offering matching funds, that’s free money,” Heerlein says. “You need to jump on it.”


2. Saving ONLY in a 401(k)


While contributing to a 401(k) is great, that shouldn’t be your only vehicle for saving, Heerlein says. “If you are a younger saver, you are putting all your money into a bucket you can’t touch for 20 or 30 years,” he says. And when you do withdraw it in retirement, you’ll pay taxes because the taxes were deferred. That’s why it’s important to put some balance in your portfolio. A good way to do that is with a Roth IRA, a Roth 401(k) or a health savings account. Withdrawing from those Roth funds in retirement won’t result in taxes because the taxes were already paid when the money went in the account. HSA money isn’t taxed if you withdraw it for qualified medical expenses. After you turn 65, you can withdraw it for any purpose, though you will pay taxes on that withdrawal if not used for qualified expenses.


3. Failing to embrace risk


When the 2008 financial crisis hit, plenty of investors lost a substantial portion of their savings. The memory of what happened to them – or to their parents – is still having repercussions. Some people younger than 50 are too conservative with their investments, Heerlein says, so their money doesn’t grow like it could if they took more risks. “I’m not faulting people for that, but what I want to get across is if you are between the ages of 20 and 50, there is no need to panic,” Heerlein says. “Time is on your side. If you suffer a loss, you more than likely have plenty of years to recover before you retire.”


Many people nearing retirement probably look back to when they were in their 20s and 30s and wish they could go back in time and make some financial decisions over again.

“Most people eventually learn that true financial success requires a lifetime of work, responsibility, and attention,” Heerlein says. “The younger you are when you come to that realization, the better.”



Chris Heerlein, author of Money Won’t Buy Happiness – But Time to Find It, is an Investment Adviser Representative and partner at REAP Financial LLC. He hosts the “Retire Ready” TV and radio shows in Austin, Texas, and has been featured in national media outlets such as Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Money magazines. Heerlein also is an ongoing contributor to the financial publication Kiplinger.

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8 Common Selfie Mistakes You’re Definitely Making

Nailing the perfect selfie isn’t easy—it’s about the right combination of light, angle, setting, and photo filters. But by avoiding these common mistakes, you can get a selfie that is, to use a horrible cliché, picture perfect.
The latest from
Straight from the runway, celebrities, and their makeup artists’ and hairstylists’ repertoires, 14 hair, makeup, and skin-care tips you can’t miss.
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7 Grooming Mistakes to Never, Ever Make During Your Morning Commute

The morning struggle is real. We get it. But whipping out a full makeup kit, complete with an eyelash curler and pencil sharpener, isn’t just distracting to people around you—it’s also pretty unsanitary and maybe even a little dangerous (moving train, vulnerable eyeballs…need we go on?). Don’t be that person. Here, the must-know rules for primping and grooming on the go.
The latest from
Risqué necklines at Céline and Nina Ricci, glimmering sequins at Sonia Rykiel and Lanvin, ruffles at Miu Miu, and Kenzo: The best looks that went down the runway during Paris fashion week were anything but quaint. Ahead, 24 of our favorite fashion moments from the runways of Paris fashion week.
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7 Wedding Gown Shopping Mistakes That Every Bride-to-Be Makes

Shopping for a wedding gown is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll likely have in your life. But, like any crucial task, it’s rife with the possibility of error.

The blunders I’m talking about, however, have little to do with the type of dress you buy (the shape, the style, and so on) and more to do with the overall process, which can be quite overwhelming. (This shopping excursion will be unlike any you’ve had before!)

While some of the following mistakes may sound like they could be avoided simply by having some common sense, I have often found common sense to be in fact the least common of the senses. Especially when you’re in the midst of wedding planning.

Since you already have so much on your mind by the time you’re ready to try on some gowns, here’s my advice for making your shopping experience as smooth as possible–and some insider tips on how to avoid the biggest mistakes brides make while trying to find their dream dresses.

1. Not wearing great undergarments. Certainly, you won’t purchase your wedding undergarments before you’ve chosen a gown, but you do need excellent support for the gowns you’re trying on to look great. (And if you are not sample size, as most women are not, an ill-fit will be exacerbated without them.) A well-fitting strapless bra is often key.

You also will be in and out of the gowns for at least 30 to 60 minutes and in-between you may stand there in nothing but your skivvies. So your undergarments should at least be clean and without tears.

2. Not wearing deodorant. I’m going to be perfectly frank: The excitement of the salon experience could likely cause more “shvitzing” than you typically experience. You don’t want to be nervous about sweating all over the gorgeous gowns. Plus, imagine the person before you trying on the same merchandise and stinking up the dresses you’re trying on. You don’t want to be that person.

3. Not having clean hair. This is another case of courtesy. Typically, you will try on veils with the gowns, but you may even just run into a salon on your lunch break and without a shopping buddy. Remember that every veil you try has been put on by many others and all you can hope for is that they were courteous and had clean hair, too. Pay it forward.

4. Ordering a gown in a projected size. Today, you may be five, ten or even twenty pounds bigger than your “ideal” wedding day weight. Your professional stylist, however, will try to dissuade you from ordering any size other than the size you would fit into today–and you should listen to him or her. A gown can always be altered to fit perfectly. But it will be a disaster if the gown arrives too small.

5. Buying a gown without knowing your anticipated heel height. It is always best to shop with a heel that’s the approximate height of what you will wear on your wedding day–and not just to see the general way a gown falls but for the sake of alterations. You want to make sure that if there is any intricate lace on the hemline, it won’t be compromised.

Often, a lace hem is separate from the actual lace on the skirt and you can request to send “hem lace separately” to avoid costly removal and adjustment in alterations. And, if the designer’s standard “hollow to hem” is too short for you to begin with, it is best to have the heel height right so that even the most experienced stylist doesn’t overlook this extremely critical detail. Human error can happen and it can really be a nightmare to fix later on.

6. Not having a budget in mind. This typically happens because the majority of brides have no idea what things cost, so it’s important to look at gown shopping as a perfect opportunity to educate yourself and ask questions. If you can add to your budget once you’re in the salon, great! But to try on gowns that are over-budget and risk falling in love–only to have to severely compromise later–will leave you feeling dissatisfied.

7. Not knowing the religious standards of the officiant marrying you. Often, we know that if a wedding is to be held in a church or synagogue there may be a dress code to follow. But if the ceremony is to be off-site, it is best to clarify any requirements with your officiant well in advance of the buying trip. This way, you can ask the stylist what ideas he or she might have if the neckline or sleeves on a gown you love are not quite right for your clergy.

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11 Party Mistakes That Almost Every Host Makes

Maybe it’s your birthday. Maybe your godson is graduating from college. Maybe it’s a Saturday night and your name is Emily Gilmore. Maybe it’s a Thursday night and you’re the Entertainment Chair of your fraternity. But for whatever reason, you’re throwing a party. The invitations have gone out, and you’ve figured out the lighting, decor and music.

But you also need to figure out the food and beverage situation. You’re entering perilous waters, full of rocky shoals and hungry sea monsters. But don’t worry: HuffPost is here. We’ve identified 11 common food-and-drink mistakes that party hosts make all the time. As long as you avoid these snafus, you’ll be just fine. You’ll throw a great party, and all your friends will love you forever, and all your enemies will rue the day they crossed you.

Mistake #1: Not Having Enough Ice

This is the most common mistake party hosts make, which is frustrating because it’s really cheap and easy to rectify and ice is SUPER IMPORTANT. If you have ice, you can make pretty much any simple mixed drink taste good: cold and dilution can make even straight whiskey or tequila palatable. But without ice, you can’t really make any mixed drink taste good. (Except, I suppose, a hot toddy?) The dozen ice cubes that have been collecting dust in your ice trays for a week won’t cut it. When you throw a party, buy some bags of ice. More than you think you’ll need. It’s better to have leftovers — which keep pretty much forever — than to run out halfway through the night.

Mistake #2: Not Having Enough Cups

This is almost as bad as, and even easier to fix than, not having enough ice. But I also understand it: You might think you should buy as many cups as there will be guests, plus maybe 20 percent for people who lose theirs. But the truth is that a good party will be so chaotic that many guests are likely to go through not one or two, but easily three or four cups. So buy a ton! Just be sure to recycle them the next day, or, better yet, wash and reuse them.

Mistake #3: Having Too Low A Ratio Of Mixers-To-Liquor

Here’s a common sight: You walk into a party, you go to the makeshift bar the host has set up on some credenza in their living room, and you see exactly as many bottles of juice or soda as there are bottles of liquor. This is wrong. Those mixers will run out. You should always provide at least three times as much mixer as liquor. Especially because there are bound to be some people who won’t want to drink alcohol, or much alcohol, and will want cups of plain Diet Coke or cranberry juice.

Mistake #4: Serving Drinks That Are Too Fussy


This is, in some sense, the inverse of the first three mistakes. It comes from a noble place in the heart of a party host — the desire to serve delicious beverages. But it, too, is a mistake. Fussy drinks take a long time to make, which can create bottlenecks of sobriety at the party, especially if a bunch of guests arrive at the same time. And it forces the host to focus on mixology rather than talking to their guests and having fun. If you’re insistent on serving a fantastic, elaborate drink, make it a punch that you can mix one huge batch of in advance: My favorite is the Original Chatham Artillery Punch. It’s never been anything less than a smash hit when I’ve made it for a group.

Mistake #5: Not Serving Food

You don’t have to feed everyone at your party a full dinner. Certainly not. You don’t have to serve delicious food. (Though it helps.) But if you are serving alcohol, you must provide something to eat. Chips and salsa, olives or a bowl of nuts, at least. Otherwise, people will get wasted far more quickly than you want them to — or, just as bad, they’ll leave when they get peckish.

Mistake #6: Serving Messy Food
messy food

On balance, serving messy food may actually be worse than serving no food. Nothing ruins a party like getting sloppy joe meat all over your nice shirt.

Mistake #7: Serving Clichéd Party Food

You wanna see someone’s eyes roll back all the way into their head? Invite me to a party and serve one of two kinds of food: a grape-and-cheese plate or a crudité platter, the pre-fab kind that comes from Costco. It’s lazy, boring and totally basic. I’d prefer a bowl of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. This is, I admit, better than no food at all — but only by a hair.

Mistake #8: Putting All The Food And Drink In One Place

A subtle mistake that has consigned countless parties to failure. Here’s why: If you put the beer, the liquor, the Cheetos and the cake all on one table, or, God forbid, in your narrow kitchen, all your guests are going to congregate there. That’s a recipe for heat, discomfort, accidental pushing and early departures. Instead, if you have any space at all, spread the different types of comestibles throughout your home. That way, your guests will be forced to move around the party all night, and thereby be thrust into all sorts of the random encounters that are the lifeblood of a proper party.

Mistake #9: Not Accounting For Dietary Restrictions

gwyneth paltrow

If you have no dietary restrictions whatsoever, it’s easy to be annoyed by them, or even to forget that they exist. But when you’re throwing a party, you have to think about them. Because if you don’t, you run the risk of having multiple people feel uncomfortable, hungry and sad at your party. You should be safe as long as you have options for people who are vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free. That’s not particularly difficult: get some wine for the gluten-free people to drink instead of beer, and serve some pita and hummus, or other meatless snack, alongside your platter of prosciutto and foie gras terrine. Easy peasy.

Mistake #10: Not Making The Menu Personal

This one’s a little nebulous, and related to the injunction against clichéd party foods. But the idea is that if you’re throwing a party, it should feel like your party. Not your mom’s party or your friend’s party or a party you saw on Pinterest. Some of this work can and should be done through decor, but food and drink with personal significance can be great too. So if you just moved back to Chicago after spending four years in San Diego, get some craft beer from that great San Diego brewery you toured! Or if you’re known as an obsessive “Breaking Bad” fan, serve some meth-inspired blue drinks! Bake some of your trademark blondies!

Mistake #11: Not Serving Jell-O Shots

jello shots

I’ve saved the most important rule of party-throwing for last: Always serve Jell-O Shots. Preferably in a piñata .

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Wedding

There is nothing more frustrating to me as a wedding planner than a client not taking my advice. As the expert, when giving a suggestion or advice, I back everything up with stories from previous clients who didn’t listen. I’m not saying that I know everything. I am saying that I know more about planning weddings than your sister’s friend’s mother’s aunt’s cousin who “does events” in her spare time. I know this seems harsh but it needs to be said.

These are the five most common mistakes that couples make during the planning process and how to avoid them:

1. The on-site coordinator at your venue is not a wedding planner/coordinator. Often times a venue will add in a “wedding coordinator” as an incentive for you to book your wedding. What they don’t tell you is that they don’t do the same things that an independent wedding planner/coordinator does. They won’t call your vendors to finalize payments and when you realize that you forgot to get a garter two hours before you walk down the aisle, they aren’t hopping in their car to buy one for you. It’s a huge pet peeve because it is incredibly misleading. Brides normally find out how different the on-site coordinator is from an actual wedding planner when it’s too late.

I had a client a few years ago who called in hysterics because the on-site coordinator told her two days before the wedding that she wasn’t going to be at her wedding. She told the bride as if it was obvious that she wouldn’t be there. They had worked together for over a year. I stepped in two days before the wedding because of this very reason.

2. DIY doesn’t always mean cheaper. Pinterest has fooled brides into thinking that they can do anything just by looking at a pretty picture. If you weren’t crafty before your wedding, you’re probably not crafty now. There is nothing worse than seeing a bunch of DIY projects strewn throughout your reception that look like your 5 year old neighbor put them together for a pack of gum. If you can’t afford exactly what you want, find another alternative.

3. Stop trying to replicate someone else’s wedding. Make your wedding YOUR wedding. A few years ago I had a client whose wedding everyone dreamed of having. From the bridesmaid’s gowns to the centerpieces, this wedding was in high demand. I don’t discuss client’s budgets with anyone so they didn’t know how expensive everything was. One of my clients printed out pictures from my Instagram account and brought them to our design meetings. I gently would tell her that those particular centerpieces were extremely expensive and I’d present a few alternatives. Determined to have those exact centerpieces, she and her family put them together themselves. Once she saw them in the room, she had me remove them from each table and asked me to put the flowers directly on the table. I’m not an “I told you so” person but…

4. Just because someone has a “nice” camera, doesn’t make them a photographer. This is one of the biggest challenges that I face when it comes to my client’s booking a photographer. I cringe every time I hear, “my cousin has a nice camera so she’ll be taking our pictures.” Why would you spend thousands of dollars on the most important day of your life but not invest in the photos that will last forever? I’m not saying that you have to break the bank but if you’re spending more money on your invitations than your photographer, there is a problem.

5. Don’t lie about your budget. If your budget is $ 60,000 but you’d like to stick to around $ 50,000, tell your planner that. Whenever a client gives me their initial budget, I ask them if that’s the actual budget or if that’s the number that they want to stay close to. Believe it or not, knowing how much we have to work with in the beginning will possibly save you money in the end. Weddings are expensive and most people don’t know exactly how costly they are.

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Real Talk: 10 Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Day Mistakes

No woman ever wants to make a beauty mistake, but never is the fear of a beauty blunder greater than on her wedding day. With so much planning, effort, and love that goes into the big day, it’s just a bummer to look back and feel anything less than amazing. So we spoke to ten real brides about the beauty lessons they learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

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Weddings – The Huffington Post
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10 First-Date Beauty Mistakes He Will Definitely Notice

First dates can be both a blessing and curse. When things go right, that first night out can be an awesome opportunity to impress a new beau, but a first date gone wrong can potentially ruin your chances with your man crush forever.

To help you keep him coming back for more, we’ve partnered with P&G to bring you the only guide you’ll ever need to prepare for a first date. Here are 10 of the most common first date blunders and how to avoid them using award-winning beauty favorites. Go get ‘em, Tiger!

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As a Wife, I’m Guilty of These 5 Mistakes (And You Probably Are, Too)

After writing “I’m Guilty of These 5 Parenting Mistakes (And You Probably Are, Too),” I knew that I needed to write a post that pays homage to the major muck-ups that I make as a wife. Maybe I’ll also blog about the mistakes that I make as a rainbow loom maker, Turbo Tax user and fitted sheet folder. Seriously, when it comes to mistakes, I’m experienced on how to make them in all areas.

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. It’s sometimes hard to believe that if our relationship were a person it would be in the seventh grade, donning shiny braces and saying asinine things like “cray cray” and “totes.”

Like all relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve had arguments that ended with slamming doors and Michelin tires screeching down the driveway. We’ve declared our love and apologies over the phone once our tempers and transmissions cooled down. We’ve talked out our problems until the sun came up or one of husband’s farts lightened the mood. We’ve prayed together, cried together, laughed together and gotten food poisoning together after eating disgusting undercooked burgers doused in Heinz 57.

Most importantly, we have prevailed. We have persevered. We are raising two unbelievable children (despite our parenting mistakes), and we both have the same vision of someday pointing our rocking chairs towards the west, watching our grandchildren score major grass stains on the lawn and sharing Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements.

However, as a wife, I make mistakes. And I make them often. I don’t need other wives telling me what mistakes I make, because I’m aware of them. You don’t need me telling you what mistakes you make, either, but you probably make these.

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I sometimes forget that my husband is my husband. He’s been around for so long that it seems like he’s just some dude leaving crumbs of Wavy Lays on the couch and dirty boxers on the floor right next to the hamper. I forget that he’s a hard worker, a wonderful provider and a loving father. I forget that sometimes my sarcasm and jokes hit below the belt. I forget that my job as his wife is to encourage him, compliment him, value him and support him. I often forget that he deserves my utmost respect.

2. Let’s Get It On

I’m tired. I’m tired a lot. By 9 p.m., the only things on my mind are folding the laundry, putting the kids’ snacks in their backpacks, locking the doors, feeding the malnourished fish, setting the clocks, brushing my teeth, lotioning my ashy elbows and getting into the bed to watch a show that does NOT involve animated pirates, sappy music while Danny Tanner resolves an issue, restoring cars or selling rare finds at a Las Vegas pawn shop. I want to relax and heave a collected sigh of relief that the day is done. I have no desire to play birds and bees. But, by God, men need it. They might just implode if they don’t get it. My husband is just as in need as the hungry Beta Fish. I often forget that I’m the one that must meet the need, whether or not I’m in the need-meeting mood.

3. Nothing Compares 2 U

Since the day my first child was born in 2006, she has been my reason for living. When her brother came along in 2010, he ranked right next to her on my priorities list. My children’s happiness and well-being far trumps anything in my life. Sometimes their needs trump my husband’s happiness and well-being. Date night shouldn’t solely be about my SAHM batteries recharging and how many margaritas I can consume before it’s time to go home. It should be about refreshing our relationship. I often forget that my husband needs my attention, my encouragement and my admiration as much as, if not more than, my children.

4. Control

I may make a ton of mistakes, but I know how to properly load a dishwasher. I also know how to hang a picture where it will be the most aesthetically pleasing in our home. I can discipline a kid and cook a meatloaf and I can pick out window treatments. I don’t need help in any of these areas, but my husband sometimes thinks that he should deposit two pennies into those accounts. Before I even hear his suggestion on how to cram more dishes into the dishwasher or where to hang the portrait or how to spice up dinner, I shoot him down (see no. 1, R-E-S-P-E-C-T). Sometimes I make him think that his idea is the worst idea since Miley Cyrus squatted on a wrecking ball. I often forget that my husband has pretty good ideas and although I’ll never admit it to him, that picture would look better over the mantle.

5. Pretty Woman

I once sent my husband the most brutally honest text message: “Let me know what time you’ll be home so I can get out of my pajamas and appear to have been productive today.” Some days the extent of my beauty regimen is brushing my teeth and popping the zit on my chin. If it’s a particularly cold day, I refuse to wear anything that didn’t come from the Gap Athletic Wear Collection. (FYI — you don’t have to actually be athletic to wear athletic wear). But, I know my husband appreciates it when I look nice. He never fails to tell me that I look beautiful when I’ve cleaned up and accessorized with scarves and dangly earrings. Some women like to believe that “inner beauty” is all a man needs. Newsflash — it’s not. Inner beauty is a wonderful, pure, lovely, noble thing. But a man also appreciates a nice-looking woman. I’m not saying that all women should morph into June Cleaver and mop Kool-Aid from the floor while wearing stilettos, but I often forget that removing eye boogers, washing the Crisco from my hair and trading the yoga pants for regular clothes once in a while is a step in the right direction.

Some days I feel as if I’ve really mucked up the whole wife-y thing. I rudely rolled my eyes at my husband, I didn’t pat him on the back when he really needed it, I put my own needs and my children’s needs before his. And the guilt sets in because I’ve got a really good man — he’s faithful, he’s hard-working, he’s kind, he’s easy-going. Watching him interact with our children still melts my heart and makes me smile.

I often forget to do the right thing in our marriage, but I’ll never forget how much I love my husband. That love is what fuels my desire to be better. That love is what makes me better today than yesterday. That love is the same love that will be in my heart when we rock on our back porch and watch our children and grandchildren. That love will be there when I forget to buy him Miralax or put tennis balls on his walker. I’ll always make mistakes, but that love will always remain.

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New Year’s Resolutions: The 5 Mistakes to Avoid to Create Resolutions That Stick

Yes, I know. You likely loathe New Year’s Resolutions because you never keep them and usually just end up regretting ever uttering any declaration on New Year’s Eve. I know how it feels. How many times have I told myself I’m going to rid myself of my love handles, get up at 5 a.m. each day to meditate, cook a new recipe every week for my family, curse less, drink more (water, that is), and on it goes?

But, as much as you may not like to hear this, research has found that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

The problem lies in both what we resolve to do and how we go about doing it. Often with too little thought and too much bravado to be able to stick with it until Valentines day… if that. Indeed there’s a hard science to success when it comes to achieving goals, making life changes, and cultivating new habits — whether on January 1st or any other time of the year.

So rather than give you a long list of TO DO’s, here are the top five ‘NOT TO DO’s’ (aka mistakes) that people make. Avoiding them will help you set yourself up to move beyond the default course of least resistance in 2014 and make those changes you know, deep down, you want to make.

1. Not Meaningful Enough. For a resolution to stick, it has to be aligned with your core values. Most people want to look better or be wealthier, but your resolutions have to go beyond superficial desires and connect with what truly matters most to you. If they don’t connect to something you care about deeply, you will be hard-pressed to hold your resolve at the first temptation to ditch it.

2. Too vague. Resolutions like ‘be happier,’ ‘have more life balance,’ or ‘get fitter’ are doomed to fail because they lack specificity. If you’re currently a couch potato who eats a tub of ice cream each night after your take-out dinner, then simply eating half a tub of ice cream and walking an extra 10 paces a day won’t do the trick.

The more specific you are, the more likely you will be able to succeed. Describe your goals and resolutions in ways that allow you to track your progress and measure your success. For instance, if you want to build a better relationship with your partner, schedule at least one date night per month, or, as I’ve done with my husband, one weekend away — sans kids — per year.

Likewise, if you’re committed to a better health and exercise regime, schedule how many workouts you’ll fit into each week and how long they’ll be. If you want more balance, decide exactly what would need to be added or subtracted to/from your life to bring it into greater balance.

3. Insufficient Accountability. Never underestimate the power of your environment to support or sabotage your success. As much as you might want to make a change, the environment you live in — from the state of your closet to the people you hang out with — can pull you back into your old default habits of thinking and acting in no time flat. It’s therefore essential to create an environment of accountability that makes it hard for you NOT to do what you’re committed to.

Design a progress chart, recruit a cheer squad from your family and friends, post your goal to Facebook, ask a friend to hold you accountable, hire a coach or trainer (and pay for 3 months upfront!), join a group of likeminded people, create a blog. Likewise, if there are people or things in your life that pull you down or off track, address them directly and set whatever boundaries you know you will need up front.

4. Overly Ambitious. Trying to do too many things at once can make you so unfocused that you just bounce around like Tigger on Red Bull, not quite sure in which direction you are going. Set yourself up for success and start with JUST ONE major undertaking come January one. Then break that goal down into small bite-size steps. Small steps, strong start!

5. Unrealistic Expectations. It’s easy to get caught up in an initial wave of enthusiasm as you imagine yourself looking svelte in a bikini on the beach next summer, only to come crashing down when your initial efforts don’t produce immediate and spectacular results. So focus on the process itself, and develop greater competence of the actual activity, habit, or skill you want to acquire. For instance, if you want to become more fit, focus on being able to jog a little bit farther every time you go for a walk, rather than being able to run 5 miles within a week.

Likewise, expect hiccups, ‘bad days,’ and setbacks as you start out. If you happen to mess up, lose your resolve, press the snooze button, or revert to a familiar well-practiced behavior, don’t beat up on yourself. Okay, so you didn’t get to the gym like you’d planned. How about 5 minutes of stretching? When it comes to slipping up and tripping up, you are in very good company (yes, including my own).

Don’t make your failings mean more than they do. Reflect on the lessons they hold, make adjustments accordingly, then tap your inner John Wayne and get back in the saddle. Life rewards those who work at it.
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