Exclusive: Shane Black Wants To Make a Sequel to ‘The Nice Guys’

Exclusive: Shane Black Wants To Make a Sequel to 'The Nice Guys'

Ever since his 1987 script for Lethal Weapon helped redefine the buddy-cop genre, Shane Black has carved out a name for himself as a man who knows how to make a great team-up movie. From Lethal Weapon to The Last Boy Scout to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys, Black has spent three decades creating some of the more memorable buddy movies by featuring unique characters tasked with unraveling a deliciously entertaining mystery.

In 2016's The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling and…

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Must Be Nice! Beyoncé Wore a $10,000 Victorian-Inspired Gown to Renew Her Vows [Photo]

When Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked of their ‘On the Run II’ tour last week in Cardiff, England, fans were treated to footage of The Carters dressed in white and surrounded by their children, Blue Ivy, 6, and twins Rumi and Sir, 11 months.

It appeared to be a vow renewal ceremony,.

Designer Galia Lahav confirmed in a press release that the ceremony was indeed a “vow renewal” and that Beyoncé wore the label’s “Thelma” style wedding dress.

It’s a stunning dress. Now, we just need Beyoncé to drop photos (and more video) of her in it so we can see her in all her glory.

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How Nice! Young M.A. Hosts a Mother’s Day Celebration for Families Who Lost Loved Ones to Street Violence

Young M.A. organized a pre-Mother’s Day brunch for residents who lost loved ones to street violence in the East New York neighborhood where she grew up.

The event is the first for her KWEENZ foundation.

via NYDN

The hip-hop star lost her 20-year-old brother Kenneth in 2009, when he was fatally stabbed in the back by a friend. Her mom, Latasha Blackmon, recalled the dark times that followed his slaying.

“My whole world changed,” she told the audience of about 50 people. “I had PTSD, I had depression, anxiety. It hasn’t been easy, every day is a struggle for us. But we have had many blessings along the way.” 

Young M.A., whose real name is Katorah Kasanova Marrero, said events like this allow people to share their pain with others who faced the same crushing anguish.

“This is our way of keeping him alive,” the 26-year-old rapper said of her brother. “Reaching back to families who are going through the same situation … and letting them know that they’re not alone.

“When you’re going through it, it feels like you’re the only one.”

Helium-filled balloons marked “Happy Mother’s Day” floated above the tables where the families assembled inside the 3 Black Cats Cafe in Brooklyn.

In addition to mimosas, the guests sipped sangria while enjoying a spread of sugar-dusted waffles, shrimp and chicken.

Hip-hop music played in the background as the guests bonded by sharing their stories.

Young M.A. was joined by her mom and her grandmom to hear attendees like Dominique Harrell, 17, share the story of a friend killed by gang violence in the summer of 2016.

Harell made a lifelong pal in Nashaun Plummer when the pair met in a middle school bereavement class. Dominique lost her mom and Nashaun lost his older brother in a shooting.

Several years later, at the age of 15, Nashuan was gunned down about three blocks from the site of his brother’s gang murder.

“He was funny, outgoing,” recalled Harrell, a student at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville. “Whenever he smiled, you smiled.”

Halchervene Bobbit, 42, recalled the shooting death of her cousin on a Brooklyn rooftop back in April 2004.

“I don’t know if I’m entirely over it,” said Bobbit, who spent the last 14 years avoiding the building where the gun violence occurred.

“I haven’t been back (there) since,” she said.

The foundation’s name combines the royal titles of king and queen. The rapper hopes her group can not only help heal the bereaved, but offer assistance to low-income families and single mothers.

“Having my platform, I just really wanted to reach out to my community and do something right,” she said.

On a personal note, she hoped the event would introduce her mother to other moms dealing with the same issues.

“This is something for her to get into and give her a little relief, and meet other mothers who have been in this situation so they’re not alone,” said Young M.A.

Click here to check out more photos from the event.

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A local’s guide to Nice, France: 10 top tips

The once-sleepy grande dame of the Côte d’Azur is now its vibrant artistic hub, with cool new bars, restaurants and galleries enlivening its classic sights

Nice is booming, despite and in defiance of the terrorist attack that shattered the Bastille Day celebrations here less than two years ago. Irina Brook, daughter of legendary director Peter Brook, who runs the prestigious Théâtre National de Nice, reveals her favourite art venues, restaurants and bars.

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Iranians Take to the Streets & Kim Jong-un Makes Nice with South Korea: The Daily Show

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That Was Nice: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Pays Her Mother’s $65,000 Mortgage for Christmas [Video]

We said we were done with Danielle Bregoli — aka the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl — however, we believe that you can’t highlight someone’s negatives without highlighting their positives.

The newly-signed rapper celebrated Christmas by giving her mother, Barbara Ann, a check for $ 65,000 to pay off her mortgage.

“Merry Christmas, biiitch,” says Danielle in a video capturing the moment. “Here you go.”

Barbara, who appeared to be sincerely was touched by the gift, responded: “Are you serious?”

Their relationship has come a long way since Dr. Phil, hasn’t it?

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QUIZ: Are You on FANDOM’s Naughty or Nice List This Year?

As 2018 hurdles at you at the speed of light, take some time to slow down and process your behavior this past year. Were you good? Were you Wonder-Woman good? Or were you bad? I fear to even ask — were you Justice-League bad?

If you’re having trouble pinpointing your spot on the spectrum from naughty to nice, fear not! We’ve done the work for you (which, let’s admit, was very nice of us). We’re making a list and we’re checking it twice. Take this quiz to find out exactly how well-behaved you were in 2017.

PS: We see you when you’re sleeping. We know when you’re awake.

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Amazon making nice, prepares sales of Apple TV, Chromecast

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — Amazon is angling for a truce in its two-year battle with Apple and Google over streaming gadgets: It says it is preparing to put Apple TV and Chromecast back on sale.
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Scott Van Pelt defends ESPN: ‘I got a nice little deal here’

If ESPN is the sinking ship some claim it is, Scott Van Pelt plans to enjoy the view and defend the Mothership while it lasts. “It’s crazy,” the SportsCenter host said on Sports Illustrated’s “Off the Board” podcast. “I got a nice little deal here, and it’s amazing. Every couple of weeks, the direct deposit…
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Reel TV: ‘The Nice Guys’ Inspires a Female-Led Series, Tom Hanks Gets an Animated Special and More

Reel TV: 'The Nice Guys' Inspires a Female-Led Series, Tom Hanks Gets an Animated Special and More

In addition to the fall TV season kicking off this week, news of future movie-related TV shows is in full force. All the latest:


The Nice Girls? 

Joel Silver, who produced Shane Black's under-seen 2016 comedy masterpiece The Nice Guys, is now turning the movie into a drama series for Fox. And there's a twist, which is also a trend-following update: the show will be led by women, not guys. 30 Minutes or Less screenwriter Michael Diliberti is…

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Janet Jackson Back On Stage; She’s Nice, Nasty & Political

No more “nice” Janet. Nasty Janet is back! That’s riiight, Mis Jackson is back on tour and fans getting her hotness as a reward.

If you somehow haven’t heard, Janet Jackson has resumed her “State of the World” tour. It kicked off Thursday night in Lafayette, Louisiana. And dayuuuuum, was she ever lookin’ good. Check out the video above for proof. Heck, you’d never guess she’d given birth earlier this year.

Jackson wore her long locks high up in a ponytail while busting a move in tight jeans, knee-high boots, and a fitted white sweater. She also rocked a black bodysuit with a cinched belt.

“She has lost more than 65 pounds and has her pre-baby body back and then some,” a source told ET at the time. “It’s a grueling schedule but she is up to the task.”

As we alluded to up top, Thursday marked Jackson’s first live performance since giving birth to her son Eissa in January. The GRAMMY winner had previously postponed her tour to have the little guy.

The other thing to remember is she is now free to resume her entertainment career without the interference of her Muslim husband, Wissam Al Mana, because they are divorcing.

The bottom line is his loss is the fans’ gain. Oh yeah, Janet’s buddy, Tyler Perry, was in the audience … dancing and singing along, too, according to TMZ.

Janet’s show wasn’t all fun, however. There was a super serious element as well. Before the pop legend took to the stage, a video condemning white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and fascism was screened. An excerpt of the opening video, recorded live by a fan. Check it out below.

The one-minute video introduction starts by naming unarmed black men who were killed by police officers: Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Jonathan Ferrell. Then, we hear audio clips of television personalities and protestors explaining the threats of white supremacy, privilege, and inequality.

In the meantime, welcome back, Miss Jackson! We missed the nasty!

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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See Dixie Chicks’ Simmering Live ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’

In April 2016, the Dixie Chicks kicked off their MMXVI World Tour in Europe, followed by a string of dates in the U.S., including a sold-out show in

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Dixie Chicks’ Simmering Live ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’

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Freakonomics on ShoesFreakonomics has a nice podcast episode…

Freakonomics on Shoes

Freakonomics has a nice podcast episode today on shoes – everything from the social and economic history of footwear to how they affect our health. Spoiler alert: the stuff you’ll learn here is a total bummer. Apparently shoes are tools for class division, they’re potentially bad for our health, and we’ve atrophied our feet by shodding them all day. An excerpt from Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum:

But what my research showed was that sneakers actually started out as objects of luxury. The early sneakers, tennis shoes, were expensive. They reflected privilege, because in the middle of the 19th century, before the 40-hour work week, only the wealthy had the time to play. Only the wealthy could afford multiple pairs of shoes to have specific shoes to play in. Then, rubber itself was expensive, and the cost of sneakers was quite high.


In the 1930s, one of the things that becomes a pan-cultural obsession is the physical fitness of each country’s citizenry. World War I had proven to the world that there were not enough fit men to fight a war . So as World War II was brewing — eugenics and ideas about racial superiority obviously led to fascist concepts — and countries around the world began to insist that their citizens exercise to prove physical superiority or ethnic, racial superiority. But also to get ready for the next war. In many ways, it was this moment of fascism that democratized the sneaker.

You can listen to the whole podcast here

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Yellow Nice Pentagram Feather Decorative Writing Ballpoint Pen

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MasterChef Recap: “Nice and Fudgy” in ‘Top 12 Compete’

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 10 of FOXs “MasterChef,” titled “Top 12 Compete.”


Hey, guys? Can someone tell my future mate to not propose to me on an episode of ‘MasterChef’ with scary Joe Bastianich lording over it all? Cool, thanks.

So tonight was all about romance and two teams — with Ahran and Elizabeth at the helms — had to cook for a bunch of couples. And Gordon Ramsey’s wife, who was wearing delectable yellow heels that made even Courtney gape in awe.

One team makes a lobster risotto. The other makes a sexy, yet undercooked, filet mignon. For dessert, they sort of look the same. Strangely, Leslie and Ahran make amends. Elizabeth keeps her cool plating goofy bowls of strawberries. Everything sort of goes smoothly. The Blue Team — with Elizabeth and Courtney and other front runners win. Christine, Cutter, Ahran, Leslie, Willie, and Christian have to make a bunch of truffles for a pressure test. Uh-oh.

Willie and Christian have no idea what they’re doing. Leslie’s rambling about throwing sexy truffles into his wife’s mouth. Yes, throwing. Cutter doesn’t even know what a truffle is. It’s not going to be easy.

Strangely, at the end of the test, they all look sort of OK. I would have no idea where to start (or I would just start licking the chocolate whipping bowl). Cutter actually comes through with dainty looking truffles. Gordon and the other chefs bust on him, but he’s officially rebounded. Christian has some tasty sounding truffles. Willie uses too many sprinkles. Ahran gets a grunt from Joe and that’s it. Leslie’s look like they would give his wife a concussion if he threw ’em at her. Christine goes classic on flavors. Sea salt and dark chocolate? Yes, please! But they’re also fugly.

The case of reality show producers calling the shots won in the end. Leslie is good drama. Christine just busts her butt and wants to win. I’m sort of bummed because I was hoping she was the underdog in this competition.

What were your favorite moments this week? Who’s next? Let me know @karenfratti or in the comments.

“MasterChef” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.
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