How to Take the Stress Out of Vacation Planning (Open Thread)

We haven’t talked about how to plan a vacation in years, so here’s a fun topic for today: how do you simplify travel planning — i.e., take the stress out of vacation planning? Do you repeat trips? Copy a friend’s (or blogger’s) itinerary? Use a travel agent? Do you have any “done and DONE” kind of things where, say, if you know there’s a Kimpton hotel in that town you’ll stay there, or if your friend or a magazine or book series says Y restaurant is amazing you make it a “must do”? Take a specialty vacation package like biking or a family vacation resort something? Do you use social media like Instagram or FB? What are your best tips to take the stress out of vacation planning?

The topic kind of comes up because I just stayed at a Cambria hotel a few months ago for an alumni trip — and I mentioned how nice the hotel was for an affordable, well-located hotel to an acquaintance and she said, “Oh yes, we LOVE Cambria and ALWAYS stay there if there’s one in the city.” Interesting technique, and I could see how that would reduce a lot of the stress of vacation planning if you didn’t have any boutique hotel you were dying to stay at or you were flexible on where in town you wanted to stay. For those among you who travel often for business there’s probably a whole subtopic here — what’s your favorite hotel chain? 

For my $ .02, though, in general I STINK at travel planning… so my husband and I usually share this responsibility. We usually start with travel arrangements — sometimes just getting the plane booked is the biggest hurdle! I’ve definitely grabbed a guidebook and said I would figure it out on the plane over, and I also tend to crowdsource things and ask friends on Facebook (and obviously, we get a lot of threadjacks here on Corporette with crowd-sourced vacation questions)!how to take the stress out of vacation planning I’ve tried working with travel agents twice in my life (once for my honeymoon and once more recently to try to get ideas for a nice family vacation with 6-8 people) and have yet to feel that “click” with any of the agents I’ve used. For those of you who are pros at this, though, share your secrets — how do you take the stress out of vacation planning? What are your favorite resources, tips, hacks, checklists, or more? 

(We’ve talked about how many people are using their vacation time, how to deal with pre-vacation stress at work, how to travel solo, and how to  early to start vacation planning (over at CorporetteMoms).

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Kristin Cavallari Works to Open Her New Nashville Store While Her Employees Are Butting Heads on Very Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari, Very Cavallari 101She’s just getting started!
Kristin Cavallari is back on your TV screens every week, so get ready. On the premiere episode of Very Cavallari, we met her new emplyees–and maybe…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


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Filipe Toledo Claims Back-to-Back Wins at Corona Open J-Bay



JEFFREYS BAY, South Africa (Thursday, July 5, 2018) – Today, Filipe Toledo (BRA) won the Men’s Corona Open J-Bay for the second year in a row. The Brasilian lit up four-to-six foot (1.3 – 2 metre) Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay to win the sixth stop the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) and vault to World No. 1 on the Jeep Leaderboard.

“Back-to-back wins is always something that I’ve dreamed of,” said Toledo. “It could not be more special here in J-Bay after last year and this year we’ve had such good waves again. Thanks, God. Thanks, Jesus. Thank you to my family and everyone supporting me. I feel so blessed right now.”

Toledo’s back-to-back win came with spectacular performances throughout the entire event. Out of the top ten highest single-wave scores of the Corona Open J-Bay, five belonged to Toledo (all 9-point rides). The same was true for the event’s highest heat total, where Toledo was responsible for five of the top ten.


2018 Corona Open J-Bay
Defending event champion Filipe Toledo (BRA) advances to the Semifinals of the 2018 Corona Open J-Bay after winning Quarterfinal Heat 3 at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.


The 23-year-old is now 7-0 for Finals wins, defeating every opponent he’s ever faced in a Final. Toledo will now move up to first on the Jeep Rankings and wear the Jeep Leader Jersey at Stop No. 7 on the WSL CT, the Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o.  Leading the next generation of progressive surfing, today’s CT victory over 2018 CT Rookie Wade Carmichael (AUS) marks the Brasilian’s second in 2018.

“When it is Finals Day, it is just something that clicks,” continued Toledo. “It is now or never, and I put it all on the line. That is always my strategy, ‘Go big or go home.’ It is easy like that and I went big. Finals is one of those heats where it is first or second, there are no losers, so I just go really big and put all my work on the wave. That is why I train. That is why I’ve been really focused.

“Repeating the Final with Wade Carmichael, who has been really solid the whole event and surfing really well, it was a pleasure to surf against him. He took down some really big names. I am stoked to get the win and thank you to everyone.”

The rematch of the Oi Rio Pro Final earlier in May saw Toledo and Carmichael throw big scores in the J-Bay lineup. Carmichael opened the exchange with a commanding 7.33 (out of a possible 10), but Toledo was on the next wave to challenge the Australian with an 8.50. The back-and-forth battle continued with only one-tenth of a point separating the two surfers at the halfway mark. The Brasilian opened the gap with a critical 8.33, giving the Australian one last opportunity to challenge. In the dying seconds of the heat, Carmichael attempted a big air but missed the landing and the scoring opportunity.


2018 Corona Open J-Bay
Wade Carmichael (AUS) advances to the Semifinals of the 2018 Corona Open J-Bay after winning Quarterfinal Heat 1 at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.


In his first time competing at the Corona Open J-Bay, Carmichael claimed a stunning second-place result with big wins over event favorites Jordy Smith (ZAF) in the Semifinals and Conner Coffin (USA) in the Quarterfinals. The 25-year-old from the Central Coast of Australia showed today that he is a mainstay amongst the world elite with a boost to World No. 6.

“I had no expectations coming into this year,” said Carmichael. “I am really happy. I just want to keep improving my surfing. I’m having that much fun, and I want to keep going. I am enjoying every minute of this. I want to thank everyone. The support was ridiculous. This place is unreal and I love it. I feel right at home on the wave. It is amazing.”

Carmichael stopped local hero Smith from earning his third event win at this year’s Corona Open J-Bay. The extremely close Semifinal saw Carmichael garner a 13.77 two-wave total to Smith’s 13.30. The 0.47-point difference eliminated Smith in Equal 3rd place.

“Maybe some of my scores I felt like were maybe flipped, but Wade (Carmichael) is surfing really well and I wish him the best of luck,” Smith said. “It has been really nice for me to be home. I just want to thank everyone for so much of the support – it has been awesome. It is a third. It is not the worst thing in the world, it could have been way worse. I am just going to keep having fun and enjoying my time here in J-Bay.”

Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) fell to Toledo in the second Semifinal. The 20-year-old was responsible for the highest single-wave score of the event, a near-perfect 9.67 in Round 4, but was not able to bring the results against the eventual winner.

Julian Wilson (AUS) fell to Smith in the second Quarterfinal. The Australian came into this event as World No. 1, but his 5th place finish now moves him down to second on the Jeep Leaderboard. Wilson is the defending event winner of the next men’s CT stop, the Tahiti Pro, and now prepares to defend his win at the infamous Teahupo’o.

“Me and Jordy (Smith) have had plenty of good battles and we had another close one there,” said Wilson. “I feel like that was a great result. I didn’t find my best this week in J-Bay but was able to find a good result. It is just past halfway in the year and there are is a lot of good events left.  I am excited for Tahiti. Same as here where you just look at the forecast and either get really really scared or get on your shortboard and throw everything at it like last year.”

The waiting period for the Women’s Corona Open J-Bay opens tomorrow and will run through July 16. The WSL Commissioner’s Office will reconvene tomorrow morning at 7:45 a.m. local time (SAST) to assess the conditions and determine if the competition will run.

The Corona Open J-Bay will be broadcast LIVE on the WSL’s Facebook page. Also, check local listings for coverage from the WSL’s broadcast partners.

Surfline, forecast partner of the WSL, is calling for:

Rippable SSW swell prevails Thursday morning, with a  building trend of medium to strong surf over the later afternoon and evening. Friday early morning should still see good size surf, with a fading trend through the day. Wind looks favorable most of the day Thursday before trending light+ onshore on Friday. A modest size, heavily shadowed WSW/SW swell should build in Sunday afternoon before easing Monday, although wind will likely be side shore or onshore. There is some potential for a new swell around the end of the event window. 

Men’s Final Results:
1 – Filipe Toledo (BRA) 16.80
2 – Wade Carmichael (AUS) 15.33

Men’s Corona Open J-Bay Semifinal Results:
SF 1: Wade Carmichael (AUS) 13.77 def. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 13.30
SF 2: Filipe Toledo (BRA) 18.90 def. Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) 14.17

Men’s Corona Open J-Bay Quarterfinal Results:
QF 1: Wade Carmichael (AUS) 12.87 def. Conner Coffin (USA) 10.40
QF 2: Jordy Smith (ZAF) 13.43 def. Julian Wilson (AUS) 12.96
QF 3: Filipe Toledo (BRA) 17.50 def. Gabriel Medina (BRA) 16.03
QF 4: Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) 15.17 def. Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 12.44

2018 Men’s WSL CT Jeep Leaderboard (After the Corona Open J-Bay):
1 – Filipe Toledo (BRA) 35,900 pts
2 – Julian Wilson (AUS) 31,960 pts
3 – Gabriel Medina (BRA) 25,685 pts
4 – Italo Ferreira (BRA) 25,415 pts
5 – Jordy Smith (ZAF) 21,910
6 – Wade Carmichael (AUS) 21,80

The Women’s Corona Open J-Bay event window will open Friday, July 6.

Women’s Corona Open J-Bay Round 1 Matchups:
Heat 1: Johanne Defay (FRA), Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), Sage Erickson (USA)
Heat 2: Tyler Wright (AUS), Silvana Lima (BRA), Bronte Macaulay (AUS)
Heat 3: Lakey Peterson (USA), Malia Manuel (HAW), Bianca Buitendag (ZAF)
Heat 4: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), Nikki Van Dijk (AUS), Macy Callaghan (AUS)
Heat 5: Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA), Keely Andrew (AUS), Courtney Conlogue (USA)
Heat 6: Carissa Moore (HAW), Caroline Marks (USA), Coco Ho (HAW)

For more information, please visit

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Open Thread: What Are You a Snob About?

What are you a snob about?If you read our post earlier this week about brain candy books and other fun summer reads, you probably had one of three responses: (1) “Hmm, I should check out some of these,” or (2) “Eh, not my type of book,” … OR (3) “Ugh, why does anyone read those kinds of books, anyway?” Some of us are just book snobs — and all of us are snobs about something or other, right? We thought general snobbery would be a fun topic for a open thread on the day after a disorienting middle-of-the-week holiday, so here’s the question: What ARE you a snob about — and what are you decidedly NOT snobby about? Did you used to have things in the first category that, over time, moved into the second category? How about vice versa — have you gotten more snobby about anything as you’ve gotten older and wiser? 

Earlier this year, we got almost 100 comments on our “What are you drinking in 2018?” open thread, so clearly many readers are very discerning about wine, cocktails, and so on — and Kat readily admits that she’s a gin snob. (She wrote that book post, so she’s obviously an equal-opportunity reader; she also notes that she generally prefers simple Folgers coffee rather than fancy stuff.) So let’s hear it, ladies: What are YOU a snob about? Clothes, bags, jewelry, or shoes? Makeup and skincare? Food, restaurants, cookware? Wine, tea, coffee? Musicbooks, TV, movies? Home decor(Just in case it needs to be said, there are no right answers here! We just thought it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what’s worth the splurge and what isn’t…)

To me, the most interesting aspect of this is what you once were snobby about but eventually became more open-minded about. I used to be a book snob (hey, I was an English major, so it came easily), but not anymore — today I read everything from literary nonfiction about little-known historical events to “contemporary romance.” I also used to be a music snob — and the same thing happened for me with movies. I used to see most of my movies at an independent theater, and those films were definitely not going to become blockbusters. In 2015, in a “regular” theater, I saw the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, and my reaction was, “Another superhero movie?! There are SO many superhero movies!” Well, since then, I have become something of a Marvel geek and now have 13 movies and 6 TV series under my belt (ha, not a superhero belt, just a regular one). I have to say, I kinda get chills when I’m sitting in the movie theater and hear the Avengers theme. (Grammar, though? I think I’ll always be a grammar snob.)

What about you? What have you always been a snob about, either outwardly or secretly? What did you USED to be a snob about but no longer are — and what made you change your thinking? What are your guilty pleasures regarding food, Netflix binges, and so on? 

Picture via Stencil.

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Teddy Geiger Feels ‘More Open’ After Her Transition

Teddy Geiger opened up about her transition and the hardships she faced while struggling with her gender identity.

“I just feel more open,” Geiger, 29, told The New York Times in a profile published on Thursday, July 5. “Because I’m willing to talk about everything now, people are then more open with me.”

She continued: “There’s no longer this piece of me back there saying, ‘Don’t go there.’ I used to find that I’d sing songs and think, ‘Ooh, it sounds like I’m talking about that stuff, and I don’t want to talk about that stuff.’ But it was just coming out.”

Geiger struggled as a teenager thrust into the spotlight, not understanding her identity disconnect. “I was going through adolescence and having sex for the first time, but it was in this really weird context,” the “For You I Will” singer explained. “I didn’t have a real support group.”

The songwriter retreated from the business for a while before her 21st birthday, but she was met with crippling anxiety when she moved to California from New York. Geiger said she relied on cigarettes and marijuana — two packs and a half-ounce of weed a day — to cope. Obsessive-compulsive behaviors, such as maintaining her nails, also took over. “It was the only femininity that I was expressing, so I wanted it to be so perfect,” she told The New York Times. “It was the only thing I could control.”

In September 2017, Geiger participated in a monthlong treatment program for anxiety and to “get to the bottom of the gender thing.” She exited the program prepared to embrace her true identity and announced her transition in October of that year.

“I can remember back to being 5 and looking in the mirror, feeling like a girl and wanting that,” she noted. “But growing up in Rochester, there were limited resources. I’d never met a trans person before.” Geiger mentioned that she didn’t know transgender people existed until she was in her 20s.

Shawn Mendes, who frequently collaborates with Geiger and has been publicly supportive of her transition, recalled meeting up with her to begin working on his self-titled album after she completed treatment. “It was the first time I ever saw her sober,” the 19-year-old singer said. “She was like Teddy, but on steroids. There was this electricity running through her.”

Us Weekly


Holiday Open Thread (And Fourth of July Sales of Note!)

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

Happy Fourth of July! We’re taking the day off, but as a mini holiday open thread I thought we’d recommend this gorgeous wrap dress from Cooper St. that clearly has a Fourth of July feel. I think it’s versatile enough to wear beyond the holiday, though, and I love the colors and the mixed stripes. You could even put a t-shirt on top and wear it to work as a skirt (depending on your office, that is). It comes in straight sizes 2–16 ($ 180) and plus sizes 14W–24W ($ 200), although the brand notes that “Sizes 2–6 run small; sizes 8–16 run large. (Hmm. Thanks for clearing that up.) (Note that Nordstrom has a TON of new markdowns that are pretty great in general — we’re doing a fuller roundup of 4th of July sales, after the jump…) Milan Stripe Wrap Dress

A few more affordable dresses in fun stripes are from Halogen, ECI, and Leith.

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Fourth of July Sales of Note

(Kat’s favorites in bold…)


  • 6PM – Annual Summer Clearance!
  • Ann Taylor – 60% off all sale styles, and 40% off all full-price styles
  • Anthropologie – Extra 40% off sale items!
  • Banana Republic – Extra 50% off sale styles plus 20% off regular priced styles.  Gap – The Great Gap Sale, up to 60% off; plus 40% off everything online.  Old Navy – Entire store on sale, up to 60% off! Athleta – Extra 20% off sale items.
  • Banana Republic Factory – Extra 50% off clearance! Summer doorbusters for $ 9.99+.
  • Boden – Up to 50% off sale!
  • Brooks Brothers – The Fourth of July Event (through July 8) — extra 25% off already reduced styles by creative director Zac Posen!
  • Express – Everything up to 50% off off!
  • J.Crew – 30% off your purchase, plus up to 50% of All Star Days picks.
  • J.Crew Factory – 50% off everything + extra 20% off your purchase with code SUPERSTAR (and f/s).
  • Lands’ End – 30% off all other full-price styles; tons of dresses on sale as low as $ 29.99.
  • Loft – Extra 50% off all sale styles!
  • Nordstrom – Hundreds of new markdowns, including Zella, Wit & Wisdom, Free People, Sam Edelman and more.
  • Neiman Marcus – Last Call sale, up to 70% off!
  • Reiss – Further reductions, up to 60% off!
  • Talbots – Only Today, online: 50% off entire site with code FIREWORKS, plus $ 5 standard shipping.
  • Victoria’s Secret – Summer savings 40% off + up.
  • Zappos – Tons of sales on brands like Aerosoles, Anne Klein, Aquatalia, Born, Dansko, Fly London, Isola, Kate Spade New York, Marc Fisher LTD, Naturalizer, Nine West, Reef, Rockport, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sam Edelman, SJP, Taryn Rose, VIONIC, and Yosi Samra.


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Elyse Walker’s Localized Concept Towne to Open Second Location

Los Angeles-based retail maven Elyse Walker is doubling down on the localized concept with plans for a second Towne by Elyse Walker location planned for December of this year. The concept — luxury basics for women and men — will debut in Caruso’s Palisades Village on Sept. 22, followed by a location in Glen Centre in the Beverly Glen neighborhood of L.A.’s westside.
The store will join Walker’s 6,500-square-foot namesake flagship in Pacific Palisades, which since the late Nineties has quietly driven what industry sources say is the highest sales-per-square-foot of any multibrand retailer in the country and the one-year-old, 12,000-square foot Newport Beach location, which includes fine art, a salon and jewelry vault. Walker also is the fashion director of Forward by Elyse Walker, the e-commerce venture with

Elyse Walker 
Maria Waller Photography

Walker has long wanted to grow her basics business, but has run out of floor space in her flagship boutique. The category, though, is a lucrative one. “I’ve never put a cardigan on sale,” she said. She said she still relishes discovering new jeans and T-shirt brands as much as ready-to-wear designers, and plans to carry a mix of high and low in Towne, which also marks her return

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Woods set to miss U.S. Open halfway cut after 72

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. (Reuters) – Tiger Woods missed the halfway cut at the U.S. Open on Friday the day before the 10th anniversary of his last major title success in the latest sign that his comeback from major back surgery has stalled.

Reuters: Sports News


Check out the Sales Outlet with prices starting as low as $ 19.99!

Theory to Open Freestanding Store in Austin, Tex.

THEORY TO HIT AUSTIN: Theory is headed to Texas to open its third freestanding full-price store in the Lone Star state. The boutique will open June 25 in Austin at Domain Northside, which houses such stores as Apple, Restoration Hardware, Nordstrom, Paige, Joie and Warby Parker. The company has full-price stores in Highland Park Village in Dallas and River Oaks in Houston.
The new Austin store, at 11624 Rock Rose Avenue, spans, 3,000 square feet. It was conceived as a flexible space. A series of oak screens and light are suspended from an infrastructural grid, which can be rearranged throughout the year. The malleable design system allows the Theory space to evolve with the brand.
The store will house women’s, men’s and accessories collections. There are currently 225 Theory stores globally.
As reported, Theory has made some major design changes at the company. Beginning with the pre-spring 2019 collections, Theory is being designed by the new women’s wear creative director Francesco Fucci, an alum of The Row.

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Top-Ranked Simona Halep Defeats American Sloane Stephens to Win French Open

PARIS — Simona Halep kept telling everybody who would listen: She was a different player. She was stronger mentally. She wanted so much to finally win a Grand Slam title and was sure that, one day, she would.

After three losses in major finals, maybe Halep was trying to convince herself as much as anyone else she actually could do it. Either way, she was right.

Halep added Grand Slam trophy No. 1 to her No. 1 ranking, coming back from a set and a break down to beat Sloane Stephens 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 Saturday and win the French Open championship in a match made up of long points and key momentum swings.

The 26-year-old Halep lost in two previous appearances in a final at Roland Garros, against Maria Sharapova in 2014 and Jelena Ostapenko in 2017. Halep fell to 0-3 with a trophy on the line at the Australian Open in January, beaten by Caroline Wozniacki.

She trailed against Stephens, but this time Halep was able to turn it around. Halep became the first woman from Romania to claim a Grand Slam title since her current manager, Virginia Ruzici, won the French Open 40 years ago.

Sports – TIME


Rafael Nadal Wins 11th French Open Title

(PARIS) — Rafael Nadal needed less than a set to take command of the French Open final and overcame a late problem with his racket-holding hand to earn a record-extending 11th championship at Roland Garros by beating Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 on Sunday.

At 2-1 in the fourth set, Nadal stopped serving during a game because he couldn’t straighten his left middle finger. At the following changeover, Nadal was given a salt pill by a doctor and had his left forearm massaged by a trainer.

But Nadal’s form never wavered, and soon enough he was celebrating his 17th Grand Slam title overall, second among men only to Roger Federer’s 20.

The victory also allowed the 32-year-old Spaniard to hold onto the No. 1 ranking.

The No. 7-seeded Thiem, a 24-year-old from Austria, was appearing in a major final for the first time. Not much more of a daunting task than doing so against Nadal at the French Open, where he is now 11-0 in finals and 86-2 overall.

If there were any reason for a bit of intrigue entering Sunday’s match, it was this: Thiem is the only person to beat Nadal on red clay over the past two seasons, doing so at Rome in May 2017 and at Madrid last month.

Taking on Nadal at the clay-court Grand Slam tournament is a whole other challenge. Thiem stayed with Nadal in the early going on a steamy afternoon. But from 4-all in the opening set, Nadal grabbed five games in a row and was in charge.

Sports – TIME


It’s been 10 years since Tiger Woods won at the U.S. Open as he heads to Shinnecock

A decade somehow has passed already since Tiger Woods, on a shredded left knee that would require reconstructive surgery on a torn ACL eight days later, legendarily outlasted Rocco Mediate in a 19-hole playoff at Torrey Pines to capture the 2008 U.S. Open title.

It marked his 14th major championship…

Sports – New York Daily News


Simona Halep tops American Sloane Stephens to win French Open title

Top-ranked Simona Halep has won the French Open by defeating Sloane Stephens 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.
FOX News

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Rowing Blazers to Open Shop in Former Odin Space

Rowing Blazers is going the retail route.
The preppy brand of vintage-inspired sport coats, button-down shirts and ties will open a 2,500-square-foot store at 221 Centre Street in Manhattan on June 15. The space formerly housed the Odin store.
Rowing Blazers was created last year by Jack Carlson, a former coxswain on the U.S. national rowing team who also holds a Ph.D. in archaeology from Oxford University (a center of rowing worldwide), and is the author of “A Humorous Guide to Heraldry” and “Rowing Blazers,” a coffee-table tome about the “authentic striped, piped, trimmed and badged” jackets worn by oarsman around the world.
Since its debut, the collection of boldly patterned and brightly colored jackets has caught the attention of Millennial customers, and the brand had a successful partnership with J. Crew on a limited-edition capsule of rugby shirts.
In addition, a pop-up that the brand operated on Rivington Street last fall was so successful Carlson believes it’s the right time to take a bigger plunge into the brick-and-mortar world.
“When we started, the idea was to be e-commerce exclusively and maybe add wholesale selectively,” he said. Rowing Blazers does wholesale its line to Asian retailers Beams, United Arrows, Journal Standard and others.
“But when we

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Ashley Iaconetti And Jared Haibon Open Up About Their Very First ‘I Love You’ And It’s Incredibly Romantic!

The Bachelor couple is back together and happier than ever! As you may be aware, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon announced on her web series titled The Story of Us that they have rekindled their love.

The two met for the very first time on Bachelor in Paradise three years ago, and after some obstacles along the way, they now seem to be in it for the long run.

Ashley and Jared talked to ET earlier in the week, opening up about their amazing romance.

That being said, they shared the story of their first ‘I love you’ and also talked about moving in together and keeping the romance under wraps for months.

‘We knew that there was a lot of history with us and we really wanted to date and have a relaxed, easygoing relationship because we have never been boyfriend/girlfriend throughout our entire relationship,’ Jared stated.

Then they went on to explain how they knew they should get back together.

I love my boyfriend. 💜

A post shared by Ashley Iaconetti (@ashley_iaconetti) on

‘For me, it was love at first sight. I don’t know when in the last couple of months I decided [I wanted to be with him]. I always knew we had something I had never experienced before. We are similar and different in the most compatible ways. We really complement each other,’ Ashley stated.

Jared called her ‘the love of [his] life’ and proceeded to share how grateful he is for having Ashley in his life.

About six weeks into their rekindled relationship ‘He would even say ‘love of my life’ before he said ‘I’m in love with you,’’ Ashley dished.

Jared added: ‘I wanted to make sure. I wanted us to date for a while before we said those words to make sure this was real. And I wanted it to be important. We were in bed,  lying there. I could not wait anymore! We were talking throughout that entire [Stagecoach] weekend about how much we liked each other, and I was like, ‘I don’t like you, I love you! I was super nervous to say it. I was like, ‘I hope she says it back.’ I said, ‘I am completely obsessed with you, I am addicted to you.’’

These two are so sweet! We hope they’ll be together forever and will continue to feel the same way about each other!

Celebrity Insider


Athleisure brand Bandier to open NoHo store with fitness studio

One of the boldest real estate deals in the Big Apple was recently inked by an athleisure shop that made a name for itself selling $ 300 leggings in tony Southampton, LI. In August, 5-year-old Bandier is opening a massive 27,500-square-foot flagship in NoHo — about the size of a fitness center — that will not…
Business | New York Post


Governors Ball 2018: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Shawn Mendes open NYC festival with lively sets

The party is just getting started at Randall’s Island Park.

Governors Ball got underway Friday, with veteran New York band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs commanding the main stage and proving rock is not dead.

Lead singer Karen O captivated the crowd with her presence and voice, screeching at some points…

/entertainment – New York Daily News


H&M to Open First Afound Stores in Sweden in June

PARIS — Hennes & Mauritz is opening its first Afound stores in Sweden in June, a discount store that will sell a variety of brands, as the Swedish retailer experiments with formats for engaging with consumers.
“The idea was to create an innovative marketplace in the off-price sector,” noted Mattias Ekberg, creative director of the brand.
“Some people might call us an outlet, but our vision is for the customer to experience a style and deal-hunting paradise,” Ekberg added.
Slow to adapt to the shift of consumers to digital avenues, H&M has been struggling with a decline in business in recent months. The Swedish retailer is in the process of redirecting efforts from the store-expansion-fueled growth to improving existing stores and pushing further into the digital sphere.
The stores will be located in Stockholm and Malmö, opening on June 14 and 16, respectively, with online services open at the same time.
“We want to make it easy for our customers by being where they are, whether it’s digitally or in selected physical stores, and by offering a range tailored to local demand,” said Fredrik Svartling, the brand’s managing director.

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Now open at Selfridges is a bespoke Rolling Stones pop up in their special Corner Shop area!

Make sure you visit to experience exclusive collaborations, one-of-a-kind tongue & lips branded pieces, a display of iconic Mick Jagger stage outfits, plus much more!

This installation is open for a limited time only and will close on June 3rd 2018.


Photo by


The Rolling Stones


Olivela to Open Pop-up in Nantucket

OLIVELA TO OPEN NANTUCKET POP-UP: Olivela, the luxury fashion and beauty e-commerce site with a charitable core, will open its first physical concept store this summer in Nantucket.
The pop-up at 25 Center Street will be open from June through October.
The boutique will carry a curated selection of summer handbags, shoes, ready-to-wear, jewelry beauty and fragrances from such brands as Prada, Givenchy, Giuseppe Zanotti, Stella McCartney, Aquazzura, among others. A portion of proceeds from the sale of every item will be donated to one of Olivela’s cause partners, supporting efforts to secure education for at-risk girls around the globe. The charitable partners are Malala Fund, Too Young to Wed and CARE.
The 850-square-foot store will have interactive displays that allow shoppers to see the direct impact the purchase of each item in the store can have in the world. A feature of the boutique will be #TheOlivelaEffect Experience Suite, where guests can immerse themselves with the causes and recipients they are supporting, as well as capture and share their own experiences.
Olivela was founded last year by Stacey Boyd, chief executive officer.

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Dior to Open Pop-up Shop in Mykonos in June

ISLAND LIFE: Dior is alighting on the Greek island of Mykonos this summer with a pop-up shop at the upscale Nammos shopping village from June 15 to Oct. 15.
Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of women’s collections at the French fashion house, has designed a collection of exclusive pieces for the occasion, including striped bodysuits and sweaters, silk cravats and cotton pareos bearing the slogan “J’adior Mykonos.”

Item from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s capsule collection for the Dior pop-up in Mykonos. 

Other limited-edition items include four variations on the Dior Book Tote bag featuring the name of the island woven into the canvas, as well as bracelets, sandals and ballerina pumps emblazoned with the words Christian Dior Mykonos.
The boutique will also carry advance items from Dior’s fall collection, including Dior Oblique zipped pouches, DiorClub1 visors, baseball caps and berets, and a Dioraddict bag that can be accessorized with a choice of five straps. These items will be available in Dior boutiques worldwide from mid-July.
Though Dior has no permanent store on the island, Mykonos plays a part in the brand’s history. Founder Christian Dior stayed there in the early Fifties, helping to popularize the local handwoven fabrics. The Greek influence could be felt in his

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SUNY Oswego’s open mic night was anything but ‘open’

“Open Mic” night May 2 at the SUNY Oswego Lifestyles Center turned out to not be so open after all. Taking the title at face value, conservative student Nicole Miller gave a speech about liberal intolerance on campus and — wait for it — got put on warning for making other students “uncomfortable.” The school’s…
Opinion | New York Post


Everyday Savings: Up to 40% Off on over 2,000 Styles at DSW! Shop Now!

London’s AN AMERICAN IN PARIS Will Open Theatrically Throughout the U.S. This September

Trafalgar Releasing has announced the North American theatrical release of the highly acclaimed musical, An American in Paris, coming to movie theaters across the USA onThursday, September 20 and Sunday, September 23. Featured Content


Open Up More Than Books With Your Financial Advisor

Dollar Bills

You found a good financial planner to help you manage money and achieve your goals. Congratulations, that’s a big step.

Now comes a leap — opening up about money. There’s a reason it’s called “personal” finance. Almost everything about your life can influence your financial decisions, so get ready to talk about more than dollars and cents.

“The more open our clients can be, the better the planning we can do for them,” says Emilie Schaffer, a certified financial planner and associate wealth adviser with Buckingham Strategic Wealth in St. Louis.

Working with an adviser goes beyond handing off financial documents. Here’s what you can and should share when meeting with a financial adviser.


Your financial adviser will request documents as you start working together. That can include anything from account statements and tax returns to how much you make and how much you owe. The list might be broader than you expect. Be prepared to share more than your 401(k) statement even if you think you only need retirement advice.

“The best result is when a client is willing to share all the relevant information.” says Carl Goodin, a certified financial planner and president of Financial Planning Associates Inc. in Ellisville, Missouri.

That includes even those investment accounts the planner won’t manage, Goodin says. Knowing the full scope will help an adviser create a properly diversified plan.


This goes deeper than generalities such as “I want to save more” or “I want to have a comfortable retirement.”

“It’s not just looking at numbers,” says Therese Nicklas, a certified financial planner and owner of The Wealth Coach for Women in Rockland, Massachusetts. “You want to know what those numbers are for.”

Be prepared to think through such questions as: What and who is most important to you? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? What keeps you up at night?

Clients often pause when asked these questions, Schaffer says. “They often come in thinking they’re just going to talk about retirement goals and planning.”

Your values give a financial picture color and shape. “The purpose is to get to know clients as individuals, as human beings,” Schaffer says. “There’s nothing off the table.”


Attitudes about money get established early, so don’t be surprised if a planner asks about your earliest money memories. Knowing about your background can help your planner understand your perspective – and can also bring biases to the surface.

“A client will say, ‘Don’t talk to me about real estate. I bought a rental property one time, and I took a big loss.’ Or ‘Don’t talk to me about stocks. I bought a stock one time, and it went down and I took a loss.’ Or ‘Don’t talk to me about bonds.’” Goodin says. “This allows me to address misunderstandings that may occur. My job is largely one of education.”


Don’t shy away from sharing embarrassing details, such neglecting to save for retirement or running up credit card debt. Financial planners have seen it all before. Schaffer tells of one client who needlessly kept $ 50,000 of credit card debt secret for years. “Our role is not to look backwards, but to set realistic expectations going forward and to plan for the best outcomes possible.”

Says Nicklas: “Bad news doesn’t get better with age. When you hang onto guilt, the only one who is paying for that is you.”


Some things are out of a financial adviser’s scope. Typically they’re not therapists or attorneys, so they can’t treat emotional issues or give legal advice. And they don’t need to hear every grisly detail of your divorce or whom you voted for in the last election.

But almost no financial matter is too big or small to discuss, says Angela Furubotten-LaRosee, a certified financial planner with Avea Financial Planning in Richland, Washington. Should I buy or lease a car? Should I loan money to my adult child? How should I plan for retirement if I fear getting Alzheimer’s disease?

“I hope to have the kind of relationship with clients they feel they can trust and share almost anything with me,” Furubotten-LaRosee says. “I don’t think there’s a danger in oversharing. Your life and finances are intertwined.”

This article was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Barbara Marquand is a writer at NerdWallet.



(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Life & Style – Black America Web


We should dedicate the ‘utmost effort’ to strengthening the open trade system, development bank says

Trade has been responsible for lifting growth in many countries, said Takehiko Nakao, president of the ADB.
Top News & Analysis


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Robert Mueller Gives Trump the World’s Easiest Open Book Test | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Brain’s window for language learning open until adulthood

It has long been known that children learn language more easily than adults, but determining exactly when that ability declines has been something of a mystery. Researchers now report that prime language learning years extend approximately a decade longer than previously thought — until 17.4 years of age. The new findings hold implications for neuroscience, linguistics, developmental psychology and public policy.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


Trump leaves open possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said that although he’s looking ahead optimistically to a historic summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un he could still pull out if he feels it’s “not going to be fruitful.”
Top Headlines

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Did Wells Fargo Open Fake Accounts in Your Name? You Can Still File a Claim

If a Wells Fargo employee opened an unauthorized account in your name, you still have time to claim your slice of a $ 142 million settlement.

The settlement came in April 2017 after customers filed a class-action lawsuit against the bank accusing its employees of creating millions of fake accounts without their permission or knowledge.

The initial Feb. 3 claim deadline has been extended to July 7, the settlement website states. According to the LA Times, the deadline was extended because Wells Fargo failed to notify all current and past account holders of the settlement.

This class action applies to Wells Fargo customers who had unsecured credit cards, unsecured lines of credit, or consumer and small-business checking or savings accounts opened or applied for in their names without their permission.

Customers who obtained identity-theft protection from Wells Fargo between May 1, 2002 and April 20, 2017 are also eligible.

The cash you get from the class action will include a refund for fees you paid on unauthorized accounts and compensation if your credit was harmed.

Any money left in the fund after paying the benefits will be paid out as additional compensation.

If you received a claim ID in the mail or your email, you can log in and file online. If you don’t have a claim number, check the box that says “I do not have the information needed to login” and continue with the online form.

If you need help or have questions, call 866-431-8549 to speak with a claims administrator customer service representative, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST.

Desiree Stennett (@desi_stennett) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She writes about how government and court actions impact your wallet.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

The Penny Hoarder


Sam's Club Membership Offer

Karl Lagerfeld to Open First U.S. Store in SoHo Saturday

Karl Lagerfeld is ready to take SoHo by storm.
On Saturday, the Karl Lagerfeld brand will open its first U.S. store at 420 West Broadway in New York, which features a mix of Lagerfeld’s European collection and Karl Lagerfeld Paris, which is a joint venture with G-III Apparel Group.
“The moment seems to be right and the space is great,” Lagerfeld told WWD. He noted that distribution of his signature brand, re-launched in the burgeoning masstige category in 2012, first put down retail roots in Europe and then China. “Our first tests in the U.S. were great.”
Inspired by the designer’s personal home and studio, the 3,230-square-foot store has a sophisticated yet inviting, open feel. Each of the furnishings has an unusual story behind it, from antique mirrors to velvet chairs and luxurious marble finishes to the giant Tokidoki silver cartoon sculpture of Lagerfeld — with a ponytail — holding his famous feline, Choupette. A bespoke carpet has a red border around its edges, similar to the border that the designer draws on all of his sketches. A full-size photograph of Lagerfeld, wearing fingerless gloves and chains, and taking a photo with his camera, greets visitors at the entrance.
One highlight is a library wall inspired by

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Gabriela Hearst to Open First Store

The ink on the lease is dry. Gabriela Hearst has signed a lease to open her first store in New York at the Carlyle House at 991 Madison Avenue, adjacent to the Carlyle Hotel, through which customers will enter the store. Hearst, whose collection is three years old, has been eyeing store locations for a while. She plans to open for fall 2018. It’s a big year for her. Last month the designer opened a Paris showroom at 1 Avenue Montaigne and earned her first CFDA Awards nomination for Womenswear Designer of the Year. 
Related stories:
The Female Power of Gabriela Hearst
2018 CFDA Awards Nominees Named
Gabriela Hearst RTW Fall 2018

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What’re You Drinking in 2018? (Open Thread)

best drinks for young professionals 2018Last week’s discussion of what to put on your wedding registry made me think fondly of all those crystal wine glasses I never use… so I thought it might be fun to have a discussion about what you’re drinking these days. What brands are your favorite for wines, spirits, and others? Any mixers you absolutely swear by? What’s your go-to cocktail if you’re ordering something fancy? 

If you mention anything that you think is regional, please do let us know where you are…

(We’ve talked in the past about tips for moderating your alcohol intake, as well as had discussions about how some professions seem to encourage a lot more drinking. Please always drink responsibly!)

Here’s what I’m drinking in 2018:

  • Gins (for martinis, up, with a twist): I always get Hayman’s Gin where it’s available. Other standbys are Hendrick’s, Tanqueray No. 10, Bombay Sapphire… Because of my love for Hayman’s I’m always winning to try any Old Tom gin, since it’s kind of a rare recipe for gin these days — but there’s a wide variety in how they taste.
  • Tequila (on the rocks with lime): as long as it’s blanco, añejo, or reposado, I’m not picky, but I love to taste test different ones. I haven’t gotten into mezcals too much.
  • Vodka (for vodka sodas): Absolut or Ketel. This is my “I probably shouldn’t be drinking tonight so I’ll get a vodka soda with a seltzer on the side and keep adding seltzer to it…” drink.
  • Whiskey/bourbon: We don’t do well with whole whiskey bottles in the house, but I tend to buy airplane bottles of Knob Creek, Bulleit, or occasionally Honey Jack. When out at restaurants, I tend to go by price and age.
  • Actual cocktails: For calorie reasons I usually prefer straight alcohol, but occasionally I love a good Manhattan, Aviation, or a Bee’s Knees if it’s on the menu and looks tasty.
  • After dinner drinks: We’ve always had Drambuie at family gatherings, so I’ve always drunk that (on the rocks). Since law school, I’ve enjoyed a good port. I was on exec board for law review, and when the old board and new board went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, one of the guys insisted we all order “Cockburn’s” port because, ha ha. I actually liked it, but it’s hard to buy a bottle because it goes bad pretty quickly and I’m the only one who drinks it, so this tends to be something I only have at a restaurant. Oh! And I just started drinking this in the last year or so, but caramel vodka is really good for an after dinner drink. I originally purchased it because someone on Facebook suggested that this is what you’re supposed to do with hollow Easter-related candy: bite off the head, fill with caramel vodka, and drink away. We haven’t done that… but caramel vodka is surprisingly good over ice.
  • White wine: I don’t drink a ton of white wine, but like everybody, I really like Conundrum! My go-to gift wine is Pouilly-Fuissé because I really loved it years ago when I took a wine tasting class.
  • Red wine: I’m not terribly picky, but tend to prefer malbecs, tempranillos, zinfandels, or pinot noirs. (I never drink cabernet sauvignon because we had a case of it for our wedding and it always made me sneeze. Lately I’m also trying to stay away from blends/meritages — they feel a bit too much like juice — but I do like me some 19 Crimes.) Speaking of juice, my parents still swear by the Bota Box (Old Vine Zin), and it’s our go-to boxed wine for parties and other events where having four bottles of wine makes sense.
  • Beer: When I was pregnant I liked O’Douls’ nonalcoholic beer, but I’m really not a big beer drinker. My husband is all about the stouts and porters, though.
  • Mocktail: A reader called this “unicorn juice” — seltzer plus pink lemonade powder — and it’s what I drink when I want a treat but I’m not drinking alcohol. I’m also a fan of seltzer mixed with just about any juice.

(I feel like I should point out that I’m not drinking all of this in one night — if it’s a Saturday night and we’re out with friends I try to stick to two servings of alcohol for calorie/sleep reasons.)

All right, ladies, that’s my wide range of what I drink. (Pretty much everything but rum and beer, right?) What do you drink? What are your favorite bottles and brands, and how do you find new ones? Do you buy them based on what’s in stock, do you read reviews at spots like Caskers, or do you buy them based on an amorphous thing like the bottle art?

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BWW TV: GRAND HOTEL is Open for Business! Watch Highlights of James Snyder, Brandon Uranowitz and More!

Encores is back for round two The second production of this season is Grand Hotel, directed and choreographed byJosh Rhodes, featuring music direction by Encores Music DirectorRob Berman.Grand Hotel, The Musicalwill run for seven performances at New YorkCity Centerfrom March 21 – 25. The Encores at 25 season concludes with Me and My Girl May 9 – 13. Featured Content


The Tie Bar to Open Philadelphia Store

The Tie Bar continues to expand its retail reach.
The Chicago-based men’s brand, which launched as strictly an online player, will add its fifth brick-and-mortar store in Philadelphia next month.
The store will be located at 1527 Walnut Street in the ground floor of The Beacon apartment building. The 900-square-foot unit is slated to open on April 9 and will join the two Tie Bar stores in Chicago as well as units in New York  and Boston.
“We couldn’t be happier bringing The Tie Bar to Philadelphia, it’s a rapidly growing market for us and offers so much potential to expand our in-person business,” said Allyson Lewis, chief executive officer. “Our existing stores continue to buck the retail trends of late, providing our clientele a unique in-person shopping experience while remaining profitable for the brand. An aggressive retail strategy was essential to our further growth this year and it made perfect sense for that to include Philadelphia.”
The store will offer the brand’s assortment of furnishings and accessories — dress shirts, neckties, bow ties, tie bars, pocket squares, belts, socks, shoelaces. It will also offer the company’s newest product category: dress pants. The pants will be available starting on March 20 and will be sold

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BWW TV Exclusive: Future Stars From Around the World Step Up to the Open Mic at Broadway Sessions!

Once a month Broadway Sessions open the mic and the stage up to fabulous performers from all walks of life. Last month we were delighted to welcome vocalists from England, Scotland, Argentina and Uruguay as well as some of the best undiscovered singers in NYC. Have a listen and remember, music is an international language heck, it’s a language of love Make sure you come see us this week for our March All Open Mic party Featured Content


How Much Makeup Do You Wear For Work? (Open Thread)

how much makeup do you wear for workWe’ve talked a lot about MLBB lip glosses and tinted lip balms lately, as well as how much time you spend on your hair for work — but something we haven’t discussed in a long while is makeup for work: how much makeup do YOU wear to work on a regular basis? What do you consider your essentials — and what do you consider your “big day” makeup? As you’ve gotten more senior (both in your company and with age) how has your amount of makeup changed? (Would you ever wear a super bright lipstick to work, like in the stock photo? What else would you consider “know your office” for makeup at work?)

We’ve talked before about the studies that show that people equate makeup with competence (read the NYT article about the study here) and how the best interview makeup really just makes you look awake and alive, not necessarily like a glamazon. I’ve also written before about how my own beauty minimum changed after having kids. Right now I have two extremes: the regular day makeup looks like blush, lippie of some kind, concealer for my eye area, and eyeliner — lately I’m alternating between waterproof liners in a dark brown, a dark gray, and a navy. (I love the look of mascara on me but it really seems to irrirate my eyes lately — so particularly if I plan to be in glasses all day, I skip it.) On the other hand, for big days where there may be a lot of eyes on me (or if I’m wearing my contacts) I ramp up to a light mineral foundation, blush + highlighter + contour, multiple shades of eyeshadow (usually in a peachy/brown or gray/plum family for my brown eyes), eyeliner, mascara or false eyelashes, and a proper lipstick.

How about you guys — how much makeup do you wear for work? What are the essentials for you — and why do you wear it (to enhance, conceal, look alive, feel put together, etc)?how much makeup do you wear for work - image of a woman applying lipstick

Picture via Stencil.

We had a fun question for our professional readers: how much makeup do you wear for work on a regular basis -- and how has it changed as you've gotten older and more senior in your career? Great discussion if you're wondering how much (or how little) makeup you can get away with at work.

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Outdoor instruction makes students more open to learning

Being taught science subjects outdoors increases student motivation. A study therefore suggests offering more outdoor instruction at the lower secondary level.
K-12 Education News — ScienceDaily


Our one-of-a-kind bestselling personalized alphabet book makes learning the ABCs fun, especially when your child sees their face and hears their name throughout their very own book!

HGTV Dream Home Winners Open Up About What Really Happens After Winning Big

And why most of them don’t end up keeping their new home.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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The Bachelor’s Danielle Maltby and Big Brother’s Paul Calafiore Open Up About Their Romance

Paul Calafiore, Danielle Maltby, InstagramAs the saying goes: When you know, you know!
And when it comes to Danielle Maltby and Paul Calafiore, the pair knew early on that they had something special going on.
Close to a…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Special Program Discounts

Dating Open Thread: What’s Your Best Dating Advice for Career-Driven Women?

dating advice for career-driven womenHappy Valentine’s Day, ladies! If you’re happily partnered, what are you up to tonight (or this weekend)? If you’re still on the hunt for a partner, though, let’s have an open thread to talk about dating. What are your favorite online services or apps? Have you joined any IRL activities to try to meet someone? Are you open to dating at the office (and how does that look in 2018)? Whether you’re partnered or not, what is the best dating advice for career-driven women you’ve ever heard?best dating advice for career-driven women - image of heart marshmallow in cocoa

For my $ .02, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’ve always been of the view that I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person — and knew it was time to break it off with guys as soon as I rolled my eyes at them. As a Type-A, career-driven woman, the best dating advice I got back in the day was to treat dating like a project, with measurable goals (update profiles on 2 sites this week, message 4 prospective guys, go on 2 dates). It gives you some feeling of control over what is essentially an uncontrollable process — and it helps you understand better what you do and don’t want, as well as appreciate when there is a spark or connection. Personally, this last part was really important for me — I went into dating like I might a hire, with a wish list of schools, careers, extracurriculars. Looking back, I’m glad I ditched the list and focused instead on spark, connection, and shared values and expectations about what our lives would look like, including things like how much you want your extended family in your life, what the “default weekend” looks like (together? apart? partying? with our kids? football widow?), and even generally being on the same wavelength on things like dirty dishes and toys taking over your living room. That said, I wound up meeting my husband at a friend’s party a few months after I’d decided to take a break from dating like a project… and both of us nearly hadn’t gone to the party. So luck (obviously) plays a huge role… but as the quote goes, chance favors the prepared mind.

Here are some of our previous discussions on point regarding dating advice for career-driven women:dating advice for career driven women - image of pink heart in hot cocoa mug

We rounded up our best dating advice for career-driven women -- including how to treat dating like a project, how to ditch the list, and what's really important.

The post Dating Open Thread: What’s Your Best Dating Advice for Career-Driven Women? appeared first on

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Married American Skaters Open Up About How Faith Helped Them Through a Shocking Health Scare

Just skating at the Winter Olympics this year, medal or no, is already a victory for pair figure skater Alexa Scimeca Knierim, she tells PEOPLE, less than two years after facing down a rare and potentially deadly gastrointestinal condition.

“This competition’s very meaningful for us,” says Alexa, who skates with Chris Knierim. “We’ve kind of been lacking the joy and lightheartedness of life for about two years now, from all the struggles we’ve been through, so being here together, Chris and I are kind of just enjoying it.”

The couple competed Sunday afternoon at the team figure skating event, in Gangneung, South Korea, where they placed fourth in their free skate. It was somewhat of a let-down following a short program on Thursday that earned them a season’s best score and helped keep alive Team USA’s chances of a medal in the event.

Even so, the Knierims made it to the Games — its own reward.

“Today wasn’t a brilliant skate by any means, but we’re just so happy to be here,” says Alexa, 26, adding, “We’ve already won by being able to step on the ice.”

Asked if such a competition feels like a celebration, having made it through the lows of her health struggles, the couple is quick to reply yes. “One-hundred percent,” Chris, 30, tells PEOPLE.

Speaking to reporters not long after their free skate, he and Alexa also discussed the key role their Christian faith has played in their lives, from Alexa’s worsening condition, her diagnosis on through her recovery.

“It’s the reason I was able to get back on the ice,” Alexa said, “because I stopped worrying and stopped trying to control life, because I couldn’t. In the moment, you know, I was so sick and didn’t really know where things were going to go for me, whether it was skating or life in general. So I finally just threw my hands up and said like, ‘You lead the way,’ and it’s my testimony and I stay true to it.”

“And even here at the Games, it’s no longer about me,” she continued. “I have fans out there who know that I am a true believer in the Lord and I’m trying my best to shine his light and let people know that it’s okay to promote him and do things for him, because in the Christian life that’s kind of what we’re supposed to.”

Keep Following PEOPLE’s Complete Coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics

For her, the Olympics is an opportunity to “glorify God, and my followers know that that’s my purpose and it makes me happy,” Alexa said. “I’m here living my dream, and if that’s the way that I have to go about it, I’ll keep doing it.”

Standing beside her, Chris agreed: “We both share the same thing,” he said of the place of religion in their lives. “I think it’s played out in her a little stronger than me because of the situation she was put in.”

Alexa and Chris have a group prayer before each of their competitions, just after warming up off the ice, she said. They also meet regularly with other Christian athletes in Colorado.

“So it’s taken a big kind of role in my life and Chris’ and I truly believe that’s why we were able to get here,” she said.

The Knierims previously detailed Alexa’s health journey to PEOPLE in an interview last fall, explaining then how she became ill in the spring and summer of 2016, eventually being diagnosed two months after their June wedding that year.

“In April of 2016 I started feeling very sick at a competition, it was the last one of the year, and issues continued to develop all the way through August of 2016 when I was finally diagnosed and had immediate surgery in my abdomen,” Alexa told PEOPLE. “I ended up having three surgeries and we had to withdraw from all of our events for the first half of the year. My life, our life, changed drastically in that time period — life was on hold and we weren’t really sure what life would be for the two of us.”

“I’m 5-foot-2 and I was about just over 80 lbs. before and after surgery,” Alexa said. “I lost all of my muscle, and my body mechanics when I started getting back into working out were like next to none … the very first time I stepped back on the ice after my surgeries, Chris had to hold me up because my body was not capable of standing on its own.”

And yet here they both are now, together, at their first Olympic Games.

“Coming here, you know, this is the cherry on top,” Chris said last week after competing in the pairs’ short program. “We’ve had a tough couple of years, and this is just something really special.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics are airing live on NBC. To learn more, visit

Fashion Deals Update:

Private booth ramen spot to open in Manhattan

Ichiran Ramen, a Japanese chain, is bringing its quirky “private slurping booths” to Manhattan. The new 1,444-square-foot location at 132 West 31st St., between Sixth and Seventh avenues, focuses solely on tonkotsu ramen, which is made with pork bone broth and skinny noodles. The Manhattan location will have 46 seats. It is slated to open…
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Alexander McQueen, Givenchy to Open South Coast Plaza Boutiques

Alexander McQueen and Givenchy are the latest luxury brands to sign leases at South Coast Plaza. They are to join more than 250 boutiques at the retail center in late spring, and the McQueen boutique will be the only Orange County location for the brand (there is a store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles), while the Givenchy boutique is a Southern California exclusive (it’s one brand that’s missing on Rodeo Drive).
Family-run South Coast Plaza, which the late Henry Segerstrom built into one of the most profitable retail centers in the world, with annual sales topping $ 1 billion, is already home to Dior, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Hermès and The Webster. Segerstrom was many times the first to bring European brands such as Courreges to the States. SCP this year celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Givenchy store at the Aventura Mall in Miami. 

The McQueen boutique will be located on Level 2 of the center in the Nordstrom Wing, while the Givenchy boutique will be located on Level 2 near Jewel Court. The locations are significant because South Coast Plaza has more than 1 million feet of retail space, and customers often must park — or valet

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‘The Fairytale Continues’ for Roger Federer After Sixth Australian Open, 20th Grand Slam Title

A tearful Roger Federer accepted his 2018 Australian Open trophy after beating Marin Cilic on Sunday, marking his 20th career Grand Slam title: “‘I’m so happy. It’s unbelievable.”

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Keys, Kerber and Kyrgios Lead 2018 Australian Open Midterm Grades

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Sports Illustrated’s tennis experts highlight the top storylines and matches to watch and predict the winners for the first major of the year at the 2018 Australian Open.

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