Make checking the time more enjoyable with this animated Pac-Man clock


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Regardless of age, hometown, or even home country, most people can recognize the Pac-Man characters in a split second (which makes sense considering it’s one of the most famous arcade games of all time.) Though the game originally made its debut in 1980, Pac-Man can still be found in Nintendo games, the Facebook messenger app, and of course, on countless merchandise.

One of the niftier pieces of Pac-Man merch is an officially licensed LED desk clock that does a lot more than tell time. It features a sleek screen of 512 vibrant LEDs that display animations of classic characters from the game, ranging from Mr. Pac-Man himself to the adorable Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.  Read more…

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Arcade company accused of selling fake Pac-Man games

Game over! The family behind a California arcade machine company was charged with a trio of associates with forging video games, officials said. The owner and employees of CoinOpStore, a classic arcade machine company in Santa Clara, allegedly made and sold counterfeit video games, including Galaga, Tank Battalion and at least five iterations of Pac-Man,…
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K’NEX Pac-Man Spiral’s Pac World Maze Building Set

K’NEX Pac-Man Spiral’s Pac World Maze Building Set

K’NEX Pac-Man Spiral’s Pac World Maze Building Set:53 piecesRepositionable wall panelsSpiral comes with ghost blasterAlso includes 4 power pellets and evil minion Pac-Man figureFrom the the hit TV show on Disney XDCan be combined with the other separately sold K’NEX Pac-Man sets

Price: $
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