Monumental auction will feature a handwritten letter by Rosa Parks and unpublished pages by Alex Haley

Lights, camera — auction!

A note written by Rosa Parks detailing her meeting Martin Luther King Jr., Alex Haley’s “lost chapter” from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and early photos of black film stars including Eartha Kitt, Sidney Poitier and Paul Robeson are among the 700 items up for bidding…

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Fans Ask The RHOA Team To Give Phaedra Parks A ‘Redemption Season’ – They Want ‘Tardy For The Party’ Cancelled

Phaedra Parks just posted a photo featuring herself looking amazing on her social media account. Her fans praised her look, and they had some other things in mind as well. Check out her post below and read some of their comments.

‘It’s a #new #day make it a #great one! #wilheminamodels 📸: @robertector 💇🏽‍♀️: @dwhitewash,’ Phaedra captioned her photo which fans absolutely adored.

‘I like this pic Phae Phae @phaedraparks, and @bravorhoa should give you a redemption season. At least you won’t be full of shit like Sheree and Kim literal FAKE ASS,’ one follower posted.

It’s a #new #day make it a #great one! #wilheminamodels 📸: @robertector 💇🏽‍♀️: @dwhitewash

A post shared by PHAEDRA (@phaedraparks) on

‘@therealhousewivesofatlanta give her a redemption season. And please cancel tardy for the party nobody gives a s*it,’ another fan agreed.

‘You are Naturally…Beautiful Doe!! Doe – You Know!!’ someone else wrote, while another follower said  that ‘It’s amazing to see a model that looks more like me and not some superficial image @phaedraparks.’

‘We need you back on RHOA!’ one other person asked.

‘Yes, ma’am hunni. I love the entire look. You’re rocking it😍. Have an amazing day🤗🤗’ someone else gushed over Phaedra as well and another follower said ‘BEAUTY AND BRAINS!!!!! HAVE A BLESSED DAY @phaedraparks.’

What do you guys think about seeing Phaedra on RHOA?

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Vivica Fox Calls Out Phaedra Parks Over 50 Cent Joke: He’ll Have You Sprung for 20 Years!

While Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore have been trading shots for years, it appears another Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has rubbed the actress the wrong way, as Fox is calling out former reality star Phaedra Parks for jokingly saying 50 Cent will have a woman “sprung” for years, an obvious reference to the […]

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The US paint company behind Fenway Park’s ‘Green Monster’

ABC News

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In Chengdu, finding peace in parks and heat in cuisine


Traveling on a budget is not the easiest of tasks, especially when there are so many tempting treats to be eaten, resisting the urge can sometimes be an ask that’s just too much. We are human after all and need a bit of grub every now and then. Visiting China is not cheap, like most traveling experiences the cost of your flight wipes out most of your budget. One city that will accommodate a modest budget is Chengdu. Serving as the capital of the Sichuan region, it is one of the most densely populated cities in China.

What is there to do?

We recommend visiting the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, because with such a catchy name, who wouldn’t want to visit? You probably noticed that we just mentioned the word panda, so there’s that too. China is not famed for treating its animals well, but the animals do seem to be healthy, and, importantly, happy here. Costing 58 yuan, there is no excuse not to check this place out – that converts to less than $ 10. Amazingly they have a nursery, where the baby pandas live, so you just have to go and feast your eyes on the little guys. Chengdu is often overlooked by backpackers for more famous locations such as Beijing and Shanghai despite it having a vibrant culture with a rich history. There are numerous temples and museums, even boasting a classic car museum for any driving enthusiasts. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle and need a break, then check out one of the many parks, which are used as places for contemplation and relaxation. Something a little unusual is on offer in the parks, ear cleaning. Yeah, people wander around the parks offering to clean your ears, maybe to allow you to hear the sound of silence more clearly in the tranquil parks.

How to get around the place

Traveling around the city is not a problem as they have a clean and well-organized subway network, the high-speed trains zoom you underneath the streets with military timing. Usually, a single trip will cost you less than a dollar, so there will not be a huge expense racked up when getting around. You can grab a taxi with ease, but because it is not overcrowded, it can be pleasant just to stroll around the city, soaking it all in at your own pace.

Getting a bite to eat is easy

Chengdu has amazing food to offer tourists and locals alike. Head to the tourist area of Jinli Street, which provides a vast array of edible treats, including squid skewers and rice cakes. Don’t restrict yourself to the tourist attractions though, head to some of Chengdu’s markets to experience the local street food. The city is known for its spicy food, so be warned that you may face some discomfort after eating the dishes on offer, best to take it slow and not eat everything in sight until you know you can handle it.

The hotels in Chengdu are reasonably priced, and the airport is close enough to the center that you can get off the plane and head straight into the city if you’re feeling energetic. Prices per night average between $ 40 – $ 70 so you may need to shop around to find a cheap deal. Ultimately Chengdu is cheap to get around and eat in, with many walks and temples to keep you busy for the duration of your stay.


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Nick Offerman Is Down to Play Ron Swanson Again in ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunion

Paul Drinkwater/Shutterstock

AUSTIN, Texas — When the cast of Will & Grace reunited for a new batch of episodes late last year, Nick Offerman got to see up close and personal what it feels like to get the band back together, so to speak, on a beloved sitcom. Not only is his wife, Megan Mullally, one of the four stars of that show, but he also made a guest appearance as Jackson Boudreaux, the “Bad Boy of Bread.”

Offerman sat down with The Daily Beast in Austin, Texas, this week to talk about his new film, Hearts Beat Loud, which had just screened the night before at SXSW. We asked him whether that Will & Grace experience made him think any differently about the possibility of a Parks and Recreation reunion.

“They’re bringing every show back now, maybe they’ll want to bring our show back,” he says. “If that were ever to occur, it would be thanks to brains much larger than mine. Brains that I trust with my life. And so, if Mike Schur and Amy Poehler want to bring the show back and they think it’s a good idea, I will certainly sign on.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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TV movie pays tribute to Rosa Parks’ movement

History tells us that Rosa Parks (1913-2005) refused to relinquish her bus seat to a white man in the segregated Alabama of 1955 because she was tired after a long day — but “Behind the Movement,” a new television movie airing on the TV One network on Sunday night, dispels that myth. “This image of…
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The best national parks in the United States


When we consider how much beauty and magnificence there is in the United States, it’s not difficult to understand why so many people stay home for the holidays. More and more Americans are exploring the natural world closer to home these days, and you can get involved as well. City life is great, but sometimes you want to get out of the city, into the great wide open, and explore.

The United States is such a large country that there is a wealth of opportunity for those who love the outdoors. And we don’t mean going out in the garden and playing catch with your friends. There are some breathtaking national parks throughout the US that need to be discovered, explored, and experienced. These are just a few of the best national parks in the United States that demand your attention right now.

Yellowstone National Park

The vast, volcanic lushness of Yellowstone is one of the true highlights of Wyoming. Peppered with mud pots, hot springs, and geysers, this is a place that gives you the feeling of being in another world. The magnificent Canyon of the Yellowstone is the hallmark of this park, and it’s a truly stunning sight. There are vast forests here, as well as the highest altitude lake in all of North America. Yellowstone is a treat for everyone and the perfect place to visit if you want to bask in the beauty of nature.

Yosemite National Park

In the heart of California’s Yosemite valley, this stunning national park sits as a testament to the wild and untamed beauty of rural California. There are more natural wonders here than you can shake a stick at, and this is a place you could lose yourself for days on end. It is home to Yosemite Falls, America’s tallest waterfall, not to mention the sprawling Tioga Pass Road, taking you high up into the foothills. There are some stunning walks and wonderful scenery all around, and this is something you must experience.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is the home to the Grand Canyon, one of the most stunning and recognizable tourist attractions on the planet. You’ve most likely seen pictures of this stunning gorge, but nothing can quite prepare you for the beauty and vastness of this amazing place. The desert of Arizona plays out in a backdrop to this magical scene, and the layered rock is truly spectacular. There’s a reason this is the second most visited national park in the United States, and it’s time for you to get out and see this stunning national park as soon as possible.

This is just a snapshot of the world of untamed America, and she’s simply breathtaking. Setting foot in these national parks will make you feel as though you have journeyed far and wide, but they are right on your doorstep. If you want to get a feel for the true rural America, we suggest you do what you can to check out these amazing national parks. There are plenty more, of course, but these are just a snapshot to help you get a taste of exactly what our great nation has to offer you.


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The world’s best amusement parks


Amusement parks are the perfect opportunity for a bit of family fun and entertainment. The kids can go wild, and there is plenty for the adults to do as well. Whether your legs are dangling over a huge drop, you’re clinging on for dear life on a rollercoaster, or you’re trying to dodge the spray from the water rides, amusement parks are a thrill for all. In fact, in many ways, they are the perfect day out for the family.

You have most likely visited an amusement park or two in your day, so you know exactly the sort of thing to expect. But, the bottom line is that there are some amusement parks out there that are better than others. We decided we’re going to compile a list of some of the world’s best amusement parks, and what it is that makes them so great. Without further ado, follow us on the ride of your life, as we look at the world’s best amusement parks.

Universal Studios – Florida

Based in Orlando, Florida, Universal Studios might be one of the best amusement parks of all time. It is certainly the go-to place for anyone who is a fan of film or television, as many of the rides are Hollywood related. Not only are there tons of awesome rides based on numerous iconic movies and TV shows, but, the park also boasts The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. Muggles galore will be in heaven here as they get to visit this wonderful part of the park. It’s reason alone to take a trip – accio tickets!

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens makes our list because, not only does it have great rides, and affordable prices, it is also one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Opened in 1843, it is the second-oldest amusement park in the world, but this hasn’t stopped it getting with the times. The roller coasters here are amazing, and Rutschebanen, the park’s oldest roller coaster, is one of the best in the world. Tivoli Gardens is the fifth most visited theme park in the world, and it’s not hard to see why it attracts so many visitors every year.

Ocean Park – Hong Kong

If you like the water, you need look no further than Ocean Park. As one of the finest water parks in the world, this is the perfect remedy for the heat and humidity of Hong Kong. The actual complex houses a marine park, an amusement park, and an awesome zoo as well. There are over 80 rides to enjoy, as well as some sensational views of Hong Kong and the bay area. This is a definite must if you have an interest in water parks.

Walt Disney World – Florida

Perhaps the most famous theme park in the world, Walt Disney World is an American institution these days. Not to be confused with the much smaller (and older) Disneyland in California, WDW is the most popular and comprehensive theme park in the world. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves Disney, as well as the second entry on our list from Orlando, Florida. Double the size of Manhattan, the park attracts more than 50 million visitors every year and is still expanding as we write. It’s bright, colorful, magical, and breathtaking, and the best amusement park of all time.

These are some of the most incredible amusement parks in the world. They are ideal for thrill-seekers, those who love a particular theme, and people who like to get out and about. You should be able to find some deals online as well to help you save money on the tickets. This is the perfect choice for a family outing, and you can really make the most of these amazing amusement parks.


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Anger as US national parks plan high-season price hikes

Visitor numbers at US national parks are soaring, yet the government says a proposed price surge is for ‘maintenance’, while slashing federal funding by almost $ 400m

On an unseasonably grey Monday last month, steady drizzle did not deter visitors to Utah’s Arches national park. Long queues of traffic crept sluggishly past viewpoints; car parks filled to capacity forced hikers to give up on planned trails. Such frustrations are typical nowadays: Arches’ dramatic rock formations now draw more than double the visitors they did in 2000. And it’s not an isolated problem: the US National Park Service (NPS) reported more than 330 million visits in 2016 – 44 million more than at the turn of the century.

This could be the real reason for NPS’s announcement last week that it is considering surge pricing at 17 popular parks. Under the proposals, entry to Yosemite, Yellowstone and others would swell from the current $ 25-30 per vehicle, to $ 70 at peak times. Charges for motorcyclists and pedestrians would double.

Continue reading…
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45 Great Moments in Black Business–No. 26: Parks Sausage Returns to Black Ownership With $4 Million Buyout

This year, BLACK ENTERPRISE celebrates the 45th anniversary of its roster of the nation’s largest black-owned businesses-The BE 100s.  To commemorate the significance of this collective’s widespread impact on black business and economic development as well as American industry over four decades, we have presented 45 milestones moments.  As part of this tribute, we continue our yearlong countdown.  

Today we reveal No. 26 in the web series “Great Moments in Black Business.” 

1981: Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. and the management team of Parks Sausage Co, launched by the legendary African American entrepreneur Henry Parks, execute the first leveraged buyout of a historically black-owned company. After Parks Sausage declined under white ownership between 1977 and 1982, Haysbert and his team bought the company for $ 4 million, returning it to the BE 100s.


(Black Enterprise Magazine, Sept. 1996)


When it comes to taking a round trip in black entrepreneurship, probably few executives knew that voyage better than Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. In a gutsy deal, while serving as CEO of Parks Sausage, Haysbert and his colleagues acquired the company after it had been controlled by white investors.

The cycle began in 1977 when H.G. Parks Inc. Founder and CEO Henry G. Parks sold his sausage manufacturer to Norin Corp. for $ 5 million, more than double its value on the NASDAQ stock exchange, as reported in BLACK ENTERPRISE. The transaction, very lucrative for Parks, was the start of a bleak period for the iconic company.


(Henry Green Parks, Jr. Image: Sept 1996)



The merger was not a good marriage as Norin was unable to continue its 25-year run of record profitability, largely hurt by rising operating expenses and withdrawal of $ 2 million in accumulated cash, according to a June 1981 BLACK ENTERPRISE article. “There was a certain amount of deterioration,” Parks told BE regarding control under what he called the “Norin Regime” during those years. “We had hoped it would have been a springboard to a bigger plateau-to expand the company beyond what we could do. But it just didn’t pan out.”

In 1981, after sales plunged, Parks Sausage was sold to Haysbert and other company executives who formed Parks Acquisition to amass the company’s $ 4 million in assets. The buyout came after Norin was acquired by Canadian Pacific, according to BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Among Haysbert’s greatest feats before his death in 2010 was running and owning one of America’s most successful black-owned businesses. Plus, he oversaw a leveraged buyout before most folks even knew what the transaction was.

He was recruited by Henry Parks, an original member of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Advisory Board, after the pioneering entrepreneur launched the Baltimore-based sausage manufacturer in 1951, Parks mortgaged his home to start the company and then struggled to succeed in the Jim Crow South. Parks and Haysbert teamed up in 1952 and began selling the meat products throughout the city. After suffering losses the first two years, Parks started cooking due to hard work and strategic focus. By 1955, the company grew to become a sponsor of the World Series. A decade later, it posted annual gross profits of $ 6 million by 1966 and $ 9 million in 1968. It was one of the first black-owned companies to go public in 1969.



(Image: Black Enterprise Magazine)


By 1973, H. G. Parks, Inc.-its official corporate name at the time-made its debut on the first BE Top 100 roster at No. 8, grossing $ 13.8 million in revenues, and remained among the 10 largest black-owned companies until its sale to Norin in 1977. A year after returning to black ownership, the renamed Parks Sausage Co. was ranked No. 29 on the 1983 Top 100, producing $ 19 million in gross revenues.

The company was a household name, famous for its jingle, “More Parks Sausages, Mom … Please.” By the mid-1980s, Parks Sausage was making about $ 30 million a year. Henry Parks would see his company return to its former glory before his death in 1989.




Haysbert became more influential during this growth period, serving on several boards of directors, including the Baltimore Federal Reserve. But by the mid-1990s, plagued by flagging sales and heavy debt, Baltimore’s largest black-owned manufacturer began to tumble. It was forced for the fourth time to seek a buyer. A deal to sell to two investors tied to TLC Beatrice International collapsed as the buyers couldn’t gain financing, Parks Sausage Chairman Haysbert told The Baltimore Sun in 1996.

The company’s balance sheet, with about $ 7.8 million in debt, made selling to any buyer a much tougher proposition. A new, big factory for Parks Sausage proved too great an expense for the business it was taking in. Haysbert, who then owned the company with his son Reginald, maintained that its finances grew worse since he moved the factory from its longtime home near Camden Yards ballpark to a fresh $ 16 million factory at Parks Circle in 1990. Plus, Parks Sausage lost Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, two of its biggest sausage customers. Annual sales fell from about $ 28 million in 1990 to $ 20.5 million in June 1995.

After filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and being forced to close, Parks Sausage was sold to former NFL great Franco Harris, the majority owner of Pittsburgh-based Super Bakery Inc., in September 1997 for $ 1.7 million. By 1999, Parks Sausage’s factory-not its name or product line-was acquired by Philadelphia-based Dietz & Watson Inc. Parks Sausage President Lydell Mitchell, the former Baltimore Colt star, told the media.



(Image: Black Enterprise Magazine, Sept 1996)



That sale ended the storied history of a celebrated black institution.




Small Business – Black Enterprise


Watch Linkin Park’s Powerful, Star-Studded Concert Honoring Chester Bennington

An emotional peak came early in Friday night's tribute concert to the late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl. At center stage was a microphone stand, draped with a garland of flowers, alone in

This article originally appeared on Watch Linkin Park’s Powerful, Star-Studded Concert Honoring Chester Bennington

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Rosa Parks Biopic In The Works

Filmmaker Julie Dash is preparing to direct a biopic on civil rights icon Rosa Parks, which will focus on the decade before the seminal moment she refused to give up her seat for a white person on a Montgomery, Alabama bus.

According to Deadline, the story will center on Parks as an activist seeking justice for 24-year-old wife and mother Recy Taylor, who was brutally gang-raped by six white men in Alabama in 1944.

The film – from Invisible Pictures with Audrey Rosenberg I Am Not Your Negro and Jess Jacobs producing – is based on the book At the Dark End of the Street by Danielle McGuire, which Lisa Jones, HBO’s Disappearing Acts adapted as a screenplay.

Dash was brought on to helm based on her previous experience directing the 2002 CBS movie The Rosa Parks Story, which starred Angela Bassett.

“I jumped at the opportunity to dive headfirst back into the Rosa Parks story,” Dash told Deadline. “Doing the CBS movie, I realized that there was so much more to her life, legacy, and her activism that we didn’t have time in one [movie]. It was fascinating and just as dramatic as the Montgomery bus boycott, which is what she’s known for, but there is so much more.”

Per Dash, the film will not only center on Park’s efforts, but also the many other female activists who banded together to defend Taylor and demand justice for the crime (the perpetrators were never arrested, and Taylor’s case was dismissed).

“This is a great opportunity to revisit Jo Anne Robinson, Claudette Colvin, Recy Taylor, all the people who never really make it into The Rosa Parks Story,” Dash said. “It’s an ensemble cast of feisty activists who changed the course of history” and laid the foundation for future civil rights demonstrations.

Dash underscored the significance of telling authentic stories through an authentic perspective. “It’s important that black women, who know these stories and have intimate knowledge, that we tell these stories in the manner that they were meant to be told… It’s time to see these stories in a new light and through a female lens.”

One reason why this story, and others like it, can still be relevant in the current societal climate, Dash offered, “One of the reasons this story is being told is so that people can connect the dots and see that there’s a continuum.” She continued, “Maybe it’s not the back of the bus, but the hypocrisy is the same, the racism is the same, the systemic oppression is the same, and the rape cases are absolutely the same.” Dash said she hopes those who see the film will be inspired “with what has been accomplished in the past” and motivated to “understand the bigger picture.”

“There so many things that are happening today that run parallel,” she said.

The film is in its early stages, with a production start date eyed for 2018.

Dash has left her own mark in the history books. With her 1991 film Daughters Of The Dust, she became the first African American woman to have her feature released in theaters in the U.S.; the film is being preserved by the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress and inducted into the Sundance Collection.

More recently, she has directed multiple episodes of the OWN/Ava DuVernay series Queen Sugar, which returns with the second half of Season 2 next month.

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(Photo Credit: Rosa Parks)

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See Linkin Park’s Montage of Chester Bennington Global Fan Memorials

Linkin Park fans around the globe gathered at makeshift memorials in Los Angeles and Shanghai to Moscow and Lima, Peru, paying tribute to singer Chester Bennington, who died on July

This article originally appeared on See Linkin Park’s Montage of Chester Bennington Global Fan Memorials

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SeaWorld shares take a dive as parks have dismal summer

SeaWorld shares just took another nasty plunge on Tuesday. The struggling theme park operator’s stock dropped as much as 18 percent after it said 353,000 fewer people visited its parks in the first half of 2017 compared with a year ago. It was the latest blow in a brutal summer for SeaWorld, which remains haunted…
Business | New York Post


Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: Tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

The latest episode of the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast is now available. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify or check it out below.

Hybrid Theory producer Don

This article originally appeared on Listen to ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: Tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

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Watch Run the Jewels Dedicate ‘Kimmel’ Set to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Run the Jewels dedicated a smoldering version of "Down" during Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! to late Linkin Park singer Chester

This article originally appeared on Watch Run the Jewels Dedicate ‘Kimmel’ Set to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

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One of America’s Busiest National Parks May Soon Require Reservations

Without a reservation visitors would have to pay a fee and then only drive through the park.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Kandi Burruss on Phaedra Parks After Real Housewives of Atlanta Drama: “We Can Never Talk Again”

Kandi Burruss, Real Housewives of Atlanta, RHOAThe lies are over and Kandi Burruss is moving on after one brutal season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Bravo reality series had a history-making four-part reunion where everything about…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Major League Baseball Parks “Map” 20×32 Framed Collage w/ Game Used Dirt From 30 Parks – Braves Version

Major League Baseball Parks “Map” 20×32 Framed Collage w/ Game Used Dirt From 30 Parks – Braves Version

Major League Baseball Parks “Map” 20×32 Framed Collage w/ Game Used Dirt From 30 Parks – Braves Version
List Price: $ 349.99
Price: $ 349.99

Visiting U.S. National Parks Will Be Free On These 10 Days in 2017

Starting next weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Major League Baseball Steiner Sports Framed 20″ x 32″ Map Collage w/ a Piece of Game-Used Dirt from 30 Parks – St. Louis Cardinals Version

Major League Baseball Steiner Sports Framed 20″ x 32″ Map Collage w/ a Piece of Game-Used Dirt from 30 Parks – St. Louis Cardinals Version

Celebrate your allegiance to your team with this incredible framed 20×32 map collage. Each collectible includes Game-Used dirt from your team’s Stadium to bring you closer to the action. Each item includes a tamper-proof hologram to ensure that the game-used dirt is authentic.
List Price: $ 349.99
Price: $ 349.99

Major League Baseball Steiner Sports Framed 20″ x 32″ Map Collage w/ a Piece of Game-Used Dirt from 30 Parks – New York Mets Version

Major League Baseball Steiner Sports Framed 20″ x 32″ Map Collage w/ a Piece of Game-Used Dirt from 30 Parks – New York Mets Version

Celebrate your allegiance to your team with this incredible framed 20×32 map collage. Each collectible includes Game-Used dirt from your team’s Stadium to bring you closer to the action. Each item includes a tamper-proof hologram to ensure that the game-used dirt is authentic.
List Price: $ 349.99
Price: $ 349.99

6 Day Universal Studios, 4 Disney Parks, & Islands of Adventure Theme Park Tour Package From Miami

6 Day Universal Studios, 4 Disney Parks, & Islands of Adventure Theme Park Tour Package From Miami

Miami – Orlando – Miami transportation included Hotel accommodations with breakfast One day one theme park (4 Disney Parks+Universal+Islands of Adventure)
List Price: $ 936.48
Price: $ 936.48

6 Day Universal Studios, 4 Disney Parks, & Islands of Adventure Theme Park Tour Package From Miami

6 Day Universal Studios, 4 Disney Parks, & Islands of Adventure Theme Park Tour Package From Miami

Miami – Orlando – Miami transportation included Hotel accommodations with breakfast One day one theme park (4 Disney Parks+Universal+Islands of Adventure)
List Price: $ 983.98
Price: $ 983.98

New ‘Parks And Rec’ Teaser Previews A Futuristic Final Season

Coming to you from the future, 2017, the new teaser for the final season of “Parks and Recreation” gives us a few hints about what’s ahead for our best friends in Pawnee. The 30-second clip, which debuted on, shows a time where drones fly over Leslie and Ben’s house, April plays with a hologram tablet (we think), Andy has his own TV show and Jerry — we mean Gary — goes by Terry.

The seventh and last season of “Parks and Rec” returns to NBC on Jan. 13 and will roll out two episodes a week until the one-hour series finale on Feb. 24.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Suzan-Lori Parks Returns From the Wars Triumphant


Jenny Jules, Sterling K. Brown and Jeremie Harris in
Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3). Photo: Joan Marcus

“Dark is the night, long is the day” sings a balladeer at the beginning of Suzan-Lori Parks’ masterful Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3) at the Public. Since the ushers — along with the ticket-takers and elevator attendants — have all warned us that the first act runs nearly two hours, we might well hear this as “long is the play.” Long, perhaps; but as soon as Parks draws you into her epic, you’re likely to lose any notion of time.

The almost three hours of Father Comes Home from the Wars will leave you eager for more. A good thing, as there is more; namely Parts 4-9. It is only a foolhardy or brilliant playwright who will scope out a scheme which will require the erstwhile theatergoer to buy multiple tickets in order to see one complete work; The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Angels in America and The Orphans’ Home Cycle spring to mind. While it is too early to place Father Comes Home from the Wars in such company — Parks has yet to write all nine of the interrelated one-acts, after all — the first three parts are overloaded with soaring language, trenchant philosophy and provocative debate.

A Measure of a Man starts with a Greek chorus of four “less than desirable” slaves standing on what passes for the local street corner — it is 1862, on a dusty plantation in West Texas — betting on whether Hero, the #1 slave, will chose to go to the War as Boss-Master’s servant-slave. (It’s a society without money; one fellow bets his boots, another his spoon.) We begin to see the universality of this journey — and this cycle of plays — when we learn that Hero’s wife is named Penny, and that his cross-eyed dog is Odd-See (or Odyssey); there is no Ulysses present, at least early on, other than that marauding general up North.

What makes the burgeoning evening most exciting is that Parks’ Greek drama of the American Civil War, set very much in period, is contemporary; there is enough in the characters and the dialogue — even in the costumes, with some actors drifting on wearing basketball sneakers — to tell us that Father Comes Home is a play of ideas and freedom that directly speaks to us, here in the 21st century.

The expansive nature of the cycle becomes apparent in the second one-act, A Battle in the Wilderness. The time is later that year, the place a shaded area in the middle of nowhere, the middle of no man’s land. A Confederate colonel — Hero’s owner — is holding a Union captain captive in a wooden cage. Or is he a Union captain? Hero stands guard, but the slave has far more in common with the captive. Parks corners her characters into discussions of freedom, slavery and worth. How much is Hero, in fact, worth? He pridefully considers his monetary value; eight hundred dollars, or isn’t he really worth a thousand? If the South loses, though, he is free — and not worth a dollar. Which is the better existence? And what if he escapes? Is he in effect stealing eight hundred dollars from his hated, hateful master? If slavery is an immoral institution, what does it mean for a slave to be true to his owner?


Louis Cancelmi and Sterling K. Brown in
Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3). Photo: Joan Marcus

After intermission comes the third play, The Union of My Confederate Parts. This is Hero’s homecoming from the War in 1863, not as a hero but in defeat. (The War rages on but Boss-Master has been killed in battle.) Penny/Penelope has waited for him, although there are a couple of surprises in store. There are also some runaway slaves hiding on the plantation; as Part 3 ends, they escape — not knowing that they are technically free, courtesy of the just-declared Emancipation Proclamation. There is much cross-discussion of loyalty and bonds, but the answers are never easy. Parks ups the ante in this section by adding an element of outrageous fantasy that is mighty farfetched, but it works so deliciously well that we are sent out into the night eager for Parts 4, 5 & 6.

Director Jo Bonney (of Small Engine Repair and By the Way, Meet Vera Stark), who has been part of Father Comes Home since 2009, has done a masterful job and is clearly an intrinsic part of the project, which is a coproduction of the Public (Oscar Eustis) and the American Repertory Theatre (Diane Paulus). All deserve credit for the work they’ve done and the work yet to do, as does the design team of Neil Patel (sets), Esosa (costumes) and Lap Chi Chu (lighting). The ten-person cast of relatively little-known actors does wonderfully well, with standout turns by Sterling K. Brown (Hero), Jenny Jules (Penny), Jeremie Harris (Homer), Louis Cancelmi (Smith, the captive soldier) and Jacob Ming-Trent in a perfectly droll impersonation.

At this point in the creation of the cycle, A Battle in the Wilderness — with its concentration on slavery and freedom, leading to a sudden (and unexpected) moment of unharnessed emotion — is the strongest of the plays. The Union of My Confederate Parts is a close second, thanks in part to that fantastical whimsy which provides clarity. Parks is already a Pulitzer-winner for her 2001 play Topdog/Underdog, and a winner of a MacArthur “Genius” Grant. Father Comes Home from the Wars — and we have no way of knowing whether the cycle will stay in the Civil War era or move on to other prominent American wars — is on track to be monumental.


Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3), a new play by Suzan-Lori Parks, opened October 28, 2014 and continues through November 16 at the Public’s Anspacher Theater
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America’s Parks 2014 Wall Calendar: 824160642906

America’s Parks 2014 Wall Calendar: 824160642906

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‘Parks & Recreation’ Election Results: Was Leslie Knope Recalled?

Parks & Recreation” returned from an unexpected hiatus with back-to-back episodes that decided Leslie Knope’s fate in Pawnee. It was election results time, and the whole gang vowed that they would stand by Leslie until all of the votes were counted. Expecting it to be a long night, Jerry-now-Larry went out for pizzas, but the results were in before he got back.

“Too close to call, a real nail-biter, anybody’s game,” Perd Hapley said to kick off his broadcast coverage. “These are three phrases you won’t hear tonight, as Leslie Knope has been voted out of office. What was expected to be a close race has actually been a not-close race.”

Of course, this was the moment Larry returned with the pizzas, singing a happy tune. “Larry, everyone is miserable, and you are only making it worse,” Chris told him.

With only one month left in office, Leslie ultimately vowed to buckle down and try and get as much done as she could. But that leaves the question open, what’s next for Leslie Knope? Will her political ambitions take on a more national scale? Will she seek a higher position in Pawnee?

Tune in to “Parks & Recreation,” Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, to find out.
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