Amazon, Xealth working on pilot program to deliver products to patients after hospital discharge

This pilot with Providence and health start-up Xealth provides a window into Amazon's health plans 
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11 Dew Products That Will Make Your Skin Glow This Summer

The beauty industry is full of buzzwords. Longwear, glazing, ampoule, skin barrier, glass skin, hydrating, anti-pollution and the newly controversial anti-aging. But the latest It term in the space is all about the dew.

Dew has its name on everything from highlighters to eye treatments to mists to serums. Usually, it’s associated with magically turning problem skin into glowing skin. Or it’s another way of bragging that the product is a super moisturizer.

But not all dewy products are created equal. So we went ahead and hunted down the best ones that had glowing reviews. We’re talking a blush that gives a natural, baby pink hue, a cream/powder hybrid that promises a dewy finish without the stickiness, and a much-loved highlighter in a limited-edition rose gold shade. Read on for 11 dew products that really deliver.

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12 Mushroom Skin Care Products That Work Like Magic

Beauty has been going green in more ways than one. In addition to more vegan, cruelty-free products, we’re seeing ones that are packed with superfoods plus fruits and vegetables. Similar to food and wellness trends, there are certain buzzy ingredients that seem to be everywhere. Watermelon is one of the hottest ingredients for summer, with the juicy fruit showing up in everything from masks to serums. Pomegranate, avocado and almost every leafy green have enjoyed their time in the spotlight. Now it’s the divisive mushroom that’s popping up in skin care launches, making it a perfect candidate for the next It ingredient.

Whether you love eating them or fall into the camp of people who find mushrooms too earthy to eat, you’ll like them in beauty routines, promise. When it comes to skin care, mushrooms can be pretty magical — which is why they’ve been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. According to Dr. Lamees Hamdan, founder and CEO of Shiffa, it’s the variety of mushrooms to choose from that makes them interesting. “There is no one hero mushroom,” she says. “Different varieties have different properties.” Hamdan suggests looking for a product that has a blend of at least three different mushrooms to get the most benefits.

In general, mushrooms are popular in skin care because they soothe, soften and provide mega moisture. Some, like reishi, are “super antioxidants,” Hamdan says. Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skin Care Collection, says that tremella fuciformis, aka snow fungus, has the ability to retain moisture in skin even more than hyaluronic acid. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been proven to accelerate wound healing.

In addition to knowing whether a product has oyster, enoki, chaga, portobello mushrooms or another variety, Hamdan says it’s helpful to know the extraction method of the mushroom as well as what part of the mushroom is used because products that typically use the whole mushroom are best. In terms of specific products, Vargas says mushrooms are mostly found in serums, masks and moisturizers.

There’s no need to go foraging beauty aisles on a hunt for fungi. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best mushroom skin care products so you can see for yourself just how good ‘shrooms are.

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China announces retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth of US goods, including agriculture products

In a quick response to U.S. tariffs, Beijing announced on Friday its own duties on American products, including agriculture products and automobiles.


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8 Astrology-Themed Beauty Products to Elevate Your Look

If we’re not obsessing over unicorns, mermaids and the latest prismatic highlighter, we’re going gaga for the newest astrology-themed beauty launch. It seems that a few wise people at beauty brands looked to the stars and saw the trend because there have been a number of zodiac makeup, body and nail products that have dropped in recent months.

The latest astrology-inspired beauty products make it easy to match your beauty haul with your zodiac sign. So you don’t have to guess about whether a yellow eyeshadow appeals to the optimistic Aries or if the latest eyeshadow palette is a good option for an indecisive Gemini.

Our prediction for your future? Beautiful skin and good vibes with one of these zodiac-aligned beauty products.

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Pat McGrath Is Bringing Back Some of Her Sold-Out Products — With Expanded Shade Ranges

It has long been on my list of beauty regrets (yes, I have a list) that I didn’t nab one of the legendary, much-copied-since Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish highlighters when they first debuted back in March of 2016. And it seems I wasn’t the only one feeling the sting of missing out on dewy, glowy, …

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10 Hair Tinting Products for a No-Risk, Temporary Color Boost

Gorgeous hair is forever the goal, right? We think so. And with all the time and money spent perfecting our hair color, it only makes sense to want to make the most of it. While we could go to the salon every four weeks for a touch-up, we prefer to focus on making our hair color last as long as possible and one of our favorite tricks is using a color-depositing product.

Color-depositing hair care products can do everything from conceal roots and boost color between salon visits to create custom tinted looks on your natural hue that will only last a few shampoos. While some neutralize brassiness, others add a dose of vibrant color for a unique new look. So, whether you have natural or color-treated blonde, brown, red (or rainbow!) hair, there’s a color-depositing hair care product for you. Read on for 10 of our favorites.

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Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready With These Foot-Smoothing Products

When we think about our feet during the dark days of winter, it’s usually in reference to covering them up to keep warm. We debate about whether we could slip on one more pair of socks and we shop for the warmest pair of fleece-lined boots we can find. Now that it’s sandal season, we realize we’ve pretty much ignored our feet for the last few months.

For feet in desperate need of a pampering session, there’s no need to book an intensive pedicure. There are a number of buffing, smoothing and soothing foot products that can be used at home. Foot peels are always good, but that’s just one option. If you’re not into shedding your skin like a snake, you can try foot scrubs, intensive moisturizing creams, heel treatments and even sock-like foot masks. They all have the common goal of turning callused, dry soles into smooth, baby soft feet you can show off this summer. Ahead, shop some of the best foot treatments for sandal season.

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The Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Products (Reader Favorites!)

the best cruelty-free makeupAfter putting together our Slow Fashion Shopping Guide and sharing more recent posts on brands offering stylish vegan shoes for the office and clothing and accessory brands for the stylish vegan professional, we thought it was time to take a look at cruelty-free makeup — so today we’re featuring the best cruelty-free beauty products, as well as a list of resources to help you find even more.

Labeling a product “cruelty-free” typically means that it hasn’t been tested on animals, but you may also encounter other phrases: “not tested on animals,” “against animal testing,” etc. Here’s another complicating factor: Animal testing within the U.S. has thankfully become rare, and the E.U. has banned animal testing of both cosmetic ingredients and finished products, but in China, imported cosmetics must be tested on animals. If, say, your company’s mascaras are tested on animals, you can’t sell them in Europe — but you can’t sell them in China without testing them on animals, either by your company itself or by the Chinese government. To make it easier to find beauty products that are cruelty-free — and to check the brands you’re currently using — we’ve listed many online resources at the bottom of this post.

Psst: Have you seen our post on beauty empties — the products you finish and then buy again?

Here are Corporette readers’ picks for the best cruelty-free products, from drugstore to higher-end brands:

*Brand’s parent company is not cruelty-free.

Beyond that, here are some resources that simplify the process of finding the best cruelty-free beauty products:

What do you think are the best cruelty-free beauty products? Have you found any good cruelty-free substitutes for certain items that you once used? Where do you get your information on what to buy? 

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Picture via Stencil.

You don't NEED makeup to look polished and professional -- but most career women do wear makeup and studies have shown it increases the perception of "competence." If you're concerned about the ethics of makeup, though, worry no more: we've done a roundup of some of the best cruelty-free beauty products (reader favorites!).

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Check Your Apocalypse Food Supply — These Spam Products Were Just Recalled

There is a national treasure hiding in the small town of Austin, Minnesota: the Spam Museum. It’s a real place, and it’s awesome. I know because I’ve been there.

When you tour the Spam Museum, you’ll learn how the iconic canned meat product played a crucial role in World War II. You’ll see just how many flavors of Spam are currently out there. (Hint: It’s over a dozen!)

You’ll even discover that the Hormel Girls were a living, breathing, dancing and singing troupe that helped promote the deceptively salty and delicious stuff.

Today, they’d be singing a different tune. Less than one year after Minnesota celebrated Spam Day, Hormel has ordered a massive Spam recall.

Why More Than 200,000 Pounds of Spam Just Got Recalled

On Saturday, Hormel Foods issued a recall for 228,614 pounds of products that may be contaminated with foreign matter — specifically, metal pieces.

According to a news release from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the products are:

  • 12-ounce metal cans containing Spam Classic with a “best by” date of February 2021 and production codes F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889. These products were shipped throughout the United States.
  • 12-ounce metal cans containing Hormel Foods’ Black Label Luncheon Loaf with a “best by” date of February 2021 and production codes F02098 and F02108. These products were shipped to Guam only.

The same news release said that some minor injuries have been reported due to metal fragments in the product. Consumers are urged to check any Spam products in their pantries against these label images to see if their product falls under the recall.

If you do have recalled products, either toss them out or return them to the store where they were purchased.

Spam Lovers, We’ll Get Through This

I know what you’re thinking. How can you get by without the meat product that saved the world? If you’re anything like the guy from the U.K. who eats Spam every day and has actually changed his middle name to “I love Spam,” this could be a very bleak day, indeed.

Fear not. We’ll survive this.

The recall is for only two of the many Spam products. You can still enjoy your Spam Teriyaki, Spam Jalapeno or Spam with Real Hormel Bacon.

Just watch your labels and be smart about it, and you can breakfast like a champion, and maybe even wow your friends with a Spam musubi recipe at your next Stanley Cup watch party.

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. Now that he lives in Florida, he regrets not buying the Spam Beach Towel at the Spam Museum. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Reginae Carter Advertises Some Products On Instagram And Fans Say She Would Make A Lousy Actress – Check Out The Video

Reginae Carter recently posted a video on her social media account to advertise a bunch of products. Her fans quickly slammed Toya Wright’s older daughter, telling her that she would make a lousy actress. Watch the video here and tell us what you think.

‘I ❤ @basicessentialbundles Their bundles are everything with brand new name brand products that you’ll love. Donate or save and buy one for yourself. HUGE sale — 30% off for a limited time at’ Reginae captioned the clip.

‘I’ve never heard her voice dammmmn🤤🤤🤤my nipples hard af😏’ one of her fans wrote.

‘This is smart. Whoever started this probably coupons and saves a bunch of money just buying the products alone. Then they resale, making what they paid and then some back. Smart idea,’ another one of Reginae’s followers said.

‘I think she needs to visit the hood and be humbled. She so extra’ someone else’s opinion was.

‘You speak so well, and you’re beautiful 👸🏽 you are young lady goals,’ another commenter said, while one follower claimed that ‘She would be a bad actress!!’

‘someone make up, please. The voice is annoying and fake,’ one fan agreed.

‘I don’t care what they say I bout you I love me some reginae 💕💕 that confident attitude I need that’ one fan defended her.

‘If the stuff ain’t manufactured by black-owned companies nae then you are just helping to suck more money from black entrepreneurs and increasing black unemployment recreating the environment your daddy escaped from. Political economics is some real shit with bad outcomes if done wrong,’ someone posted their opinion.

‘Stop fu**ing lying in the name of your mom. She didn’t do shit. Just said I’m getting paid to do this for Instagram…honesty is the best policy!’ a commenter told Nae.

What do you think? Does Reginae have acting skills or not?

Celebrity Insider


Splash into Summer With Mermaid-Inspired Beauty Products

Move over unicorns, mermaids are making a major debut this summer. While we love the holographic hues inspired by unicorns, mermaids are all about poppy sea colors like bright blues, greens and purples, which are perfect for the warm weather season. Whether you know all the words to the songs in The Little Mermaid and channel your inner Ariel or like to experiment with bright, bold color, these mermaid-inspired cosmetics are great buys this season. From vivid shadows to texturizing hairsprays, here are 15 magical buys to pump up your mermaid look this summer.

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FDA: Don’t use teething products with benzocaine


Claudia Boyd-Barrett

posted in Parenting

Over-the-counter teething products that contain the pain reliever benzocaine are dangerous to your child and should not be used, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned parents this week.

The agency is ordering companies to stop selling these products, and to add warnings on other types of oral-use benzocaine medications stating they not be used for teething pain or given to children under age 2.

Benzocaine can lead to a rare but potentially fatal condition in young children called methemoglobinemia, which greatly reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, the FDA stated. Signs and symptoms can occur within a few minutes to a couple of hours after using the product, and include pale, gray- or blue-colored skin, lips and nails; shortness of breath; sleepiness; headache; lightheadedness; and a rapid heart rate, the agency said.


Over-the-counter medicines that contain benzocaine include the brand names Anbesol, Baby Orajel, Cepacol, Chloraseptic, Hurricaine, Orabase, Orajel and Topex, as well as store brands and generics, according to the FDA. They’re sold as gels, sprays, ointments, solutions and lozenges. In addition to finding benzocaine in teething products, you might also find it in products marketed for treating sore throats, canker sores, and mouth and gum irritation.

It’s not the first time the FDA has issued warnings about teething products. Last year, the agency told parents not to give children homeopathic teething tablets that contain the ingredient belladonna.

Ironically, tablets and gels aren’t very effective at easing babies’ teething pain anyway, experts agree. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says medication rubbed onto your baby’s gums for teething tends to wash out within a few minutes. Instead, help your teething baby feel better by giving him something firm or cold to chew on, or rub a clean finger softly over his gums.

What drug-free teething remedies have worked best for your child?

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Found: 7 Best Contour Products for Dark Skin

A well-defined facial structure is a makeup look that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The trick to achieving it? Contouring — an age-old makeup technique that gained popularity in the beauty community a couple of years ago after celebrities like Kim Kardashian started raving about how they use it to transform their faces temporarily.

As popular as it is, there just aren’t enough products on the market with shades deep enough that women of color can use. Remember: In order to properly sculpt any part of your face, you need a complexion product two or three shades darker than your skin. So when there aren’t many options out there that are darker than caramel, it’s really difficult for women of color to properly sculpt their faces as they please.

All in all, while the pickings are limited for those rich in melanin, there are some high-performing contour palettes, powders and sticks worth checking out if you want to try out contouring if you have darker skin. Ahead, we’ve compiled a range of them at all price points.

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Harmony Juvenile Products Recalls 148,165 Big Boost Deluxe Booster Seats


Michelle Stein

posted in Products

Parents and caregivers of older kids should definitely take note of a new recall affecting nearly 150,00 car booster seats.

On Thursday, Harmony Juvenile Products recalled 148,165 of its Big Boost Deluxe booster seats, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.) In the event of a crash, the seat belt may cause excessive force to be applied to the restrained child’s chest. Consequently, this “excessive force” can increase the risk of injury during a car accident.

The Big Boost Deluxe booster seats were sold at Walmart, among other retailers. The seat was designed to fit children between 30 and 110 pounds and between 34-57 inches tall.

Harmony’s product page for the seat notes this seat was the winner of the IIHS BEST BET Award from 2016 to 2018. Interestingly, BEST BETs are seats that “provide good belt fit for typical 4 to 8 year-olds in almost any car, minivan or SUV,” according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The description also claims the seat “exceeds US FMVSS 213 standards.”

The remedy for this recall was still “under development” at press time, according to the NHTSA, and the manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule.

“To our understanding, there have been no injuries or incidents as a result of this non-compliance anywhere in the world including USA, Europe and Canada,” Harmony said, according to NBC12. “We are working in conjunction with NHTSA on a remedy.”

In the meantime, owners can contact Harmony customer service at 1-877-306-1001, call the NHTS Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or visit for more information.

What do you think of this recall? Do you own one of these booster seats?

Image via Harmony Juvenile Products

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Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

Mylan seeks deal for Merck’s consumer products unit

Mylan is in advanced discussions to acquire Merck's consumer health business, sources say.
Health Care


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Hey, tax return procrastinators: Get 40% off H&R Block products this week


Tax return season is in full swing and you have until April 15 to get your shit together. If you’ve been putting it off, we’re here to light a fire under your butt — and let you know that H&R products are 40% off now through Sunday, April 1. Because why do a tedious task by yourself when you can pay someone else to do it?

Not sure where to start? No problem. We’ll give you the lowdown on which package is best for your income and job situation — and after you file for free, technical support from H&R Block representatives will be available if you’re on the fence about an upgrade.

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11 Beauty Products That’ll Save Your Skin From (Shudder) Recycled Plane Air

Travel — or rather, stale, recycled airplane air — is notorious for doing a number on your skin. It sucks all the good things out of your face, leaving it tight, dry and annoyingly breakout-prone. Still, dreaded plane air is a necessary evil one must face in order to cross great distances — for pleasure, business, familial obligation, etc. — in a timely manner.

On the bright side, these days, the general population is pretty obsessed with skin care. You’ll often see people performing entire hydration-minded skin care routines in-flight without attracting so much as a side-glance from their neighbor. In short, there’s no need to suffer through dryness and dullness for the sake of social decorum, or anything else.

With that in mind, check out the slideshow above for some genius travel beauty tips, plus 11 TSA-approved (aka under-3.4 ounce) skin care products that, when used correctly, will prevent you from touching down looking like a shriveled-up prune. Throw them in a plastic baggie, throw that in your carry-on, arrive looking impossibly dewy and fresh.

And if you’re more of an audio-visual learner, check out beauty blogger Tamira Jarrel’s simple(-ish) in-flight travel routine in the video below.

Bon voyage.

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Brow talk: The best eyebrow products to accentuate your arches

How to go from fine to full in a matter of minutes

best eyebrow products

Our brow preferences couldn’t have changed much more over the last decade. Gone are the super-sparse brows of the naughties; instead, we’re now beefing them up using the best eyebrow products money can buy.

But not everyone was blessed with thick, full, Delevingne-esque eyebrows and, sadly, the majority of us have to fake it in the brow department.

While microblading treatments have rapidly gained popularity over the last few years, we wouldn’t blame you for being reluctant to spend a few hundred quid on getting your brows filled in. The best eyebrow products are a much cheaper solution when looking how to get thicker eyebrows.

From velvety soft pencils that’ll fill your eyebrows in stroke-by-stroke, to thickening pomades and growth-enhancing serums, the world’s your oyster when it comes to formulas and shades.

So where do you start when choosing the best brow products? If you like a thick, dark and defined brow shape, choose a pomade like Benefit’s Ka-Brow. The thin angular brush enables you to easily outline and fill your brows out into.

If you prefer a more natural look, try a clear brow gel (we love Bobbi Brown and Glossier’s). These will fix your brows in place without it looking like your wearing any product at all.

When choosing a colour, the key is to always go for a duskier, earthier shade of your hair colour – very warm or orange-toned brows look too ‘done’ and unnatural-looking. And ideally, stay within a two shade range – no more than one shade lighter or darker than your current hair colour.

Once you’re clued up on the best eyebrow shapes for your face shape, read on for the Marie Claire approved eyebrow products you can find on UK beauty shelves.

These brow products are your one-way ticket to the perfect arches – because, as the saying goes, if your eyes really are the window to your soul, then your brows are surely the frame…

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Marie Claire


Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Pregnant women and new moms still hesitant to introduce peanut products

In January 2017 guidelines were released urging parents to begin early introduction of peanut-containing foods to reduce the risk of peanut allergy. A new study shows those who are aware of the guidelines are still hesitant to put them into place and not everyone has heard of them.
Infant and Preschool Learning News — ScienceDaily


European Union releases 10-page list of potential targets for retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products

The list includes products selected for maximum political impact in the United States. Among them: bourbon, a specialty of Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state; cranberries, which are grown in House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s native Wisconsin; orange juice from Florida; and tobacco from North Carolina.


Better Ergonomics at the Office: What Products Have You Tried and Loved?

better ergonomics at the officeWe’ve talked before about ergonomics at work — as well as ergonomics for petites — but it’s been a while, so let’s discuss today, ladies! Have you tried to have better ergonomics at the office? What have you bought; what products did you like/not get annoyed by, and what actually made you feel better/good? (Plus, do tell: what did you get reimbursed?) What resources were the most helpful for you in your hunt? 

For my $ .02: I feel like I am forever buying, trying, and discarding various things to try to make my office better ergonomically. I’m typing this very post on a new split keyboard (recommended by Wirecutter as one of their top choices), and trying to relearn how to type because the numbers along the top are split (1-5 are on one keyboard, 6-0 on another), and other keyboard features that I use frequently are in a different place than my old keyboard. Over the years, I’ve bought a huge number of those lower back pillows designed to improve your posture — and about every ten years I seem to need to try a kneeling desk chair one more time. (I bought one last year and think I’m set for this decade… nope, still don’t like them.) Ergonomic products I have bought and liked:

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

  • monitor risers (I have double monitors so I have one for each; I like them!)
  • this is the split keyboard I bought a few weeks ago — I like the mechanical keys (very clicky clacky) and the squishy wrist rest, but we’ll see if I can get past the weird Ctrl button and lack of a number pad. If you’re out and about frequently, I still like my Bluetooth keyboard also so I can avoid trying to type long things on my phone (a friend was just telling me she was diagnosed with “texting thumb,” which might also explain hand pain I’ve had for a while now…)
  • I got this $ 30 lumbar pillow during my second pregnancy and must say I like it much more than all the other desk chair pillows/posture adjusters that I’ve had over the years (check out our recentish post on how to improve your posture, as well – lots of great suggestions from readers in the comments)
  • I feel guilty saying it’s an “ergonomic” pick but it was recommended by Wirecutter as their “budget” pick — I have the Ikea Markus chair for my main desk chair. It’s ugly as sin but for $ 200 I’ll take it.
  • Over the years I’ve also had apps installed on my computer to reduce eye strain, including one years ago that reminded me to blink regularly (I can’t find it now, but here’s a more recent article from Lifehack with free apps to help you with eye strain)
  • I don’t regularly have problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, but during my first pregnancy I did for some reason — I remember loving the arm brace from my local drugstore and thinking it really helped the pain (I slept in it, I think, instead of using it during the day)…
  • I need to get a nice big crate or banker’s box to put under my desk — I’ve tried and discarded a few nicer “stands” and stools over the years and just like the basic banker’s box!

How about you, readers? What products have you tried seeking better ergonomics at the office? What are your biggest complaints (wrist? neck? back? eyes? other?)

Further Reading:

Stock photo via Shutterstock / Martin Novak.better ergonomics at the office with keyboards, mouses, monitor risers, lumbar pillows and more

Hunting for ways to get better ergonomics at the office or your personal work station? We discussed favorite ergonomic-friendly keyboards, mouses, monitor risers, lumbar pillows and more.

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12 must-have products for frequent business travelers


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

In 2016, U.S. travelers took an average of 466.2 million business trips and the US Travel Association expects this figure is to rise to 478.2 million by 2020. 

But as the number of corporate jetsetters continues to rise, so does the need for the best travel products to help you perform at your best and get work done on the go.

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Carl Icahn acquires stake in commercial products brand

Carl Icahn has recently acquired a leading equity position in Newell Brands, three sources close to the situation told The Post. The previously undisclosed position taken by the hard-charging billionaire, could put him in position to have a key role in deciding the winner of an ongoing proxy fight involving the Hoboken, NJ, maker of…
Business | New York Post


The Best Cleaning Products for Every Kind of Mess

Sometimes the hardest part of cleaning is knowing which product you can trust to get the job done right. That’s why we asked Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, what she recommends for every sticky, slimy, and, ahem, messy situation you might encounter.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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Jillian Michaels’ 13 Most-Loved Products for Ultimate Relaxation

When I’m stressed, I find positive ways of nurturing and comforting myself instead of engaging in self-destructive behaviors like stress eating and spending money on crap. Ahead, you’ll find my favorite beautifying products, healthy snacks, and self-care obsessions. You can find even more recommendations on my curated page on Amazon. —Jillian Michaels

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20+ Must-Have Products Celebrities Use for Their “Me Time”

For our Month of Me, which is all about doing what YOU want to do, Hollywood names including Alison Sweeney and Judy Greer tell us the products they turn to when they finally get a moment alone. Copy ’em at your leisure!

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Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

The 50 Best Products for Surviving Winter

It’s official: Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and that means we’ll have to endure several weeks more of winter. Rather than suffer through to last month and a half of the coldest season, why not enjoy it? These simple yet genius buys will keep you warmer, safer, and more prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.
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24 Fun (and Functional) Kitchen Products You Can Buy on Amazon

We strongly believe that kitchens should be fun and functional, which is why we can’t get enough of these kitchen products. While our experts at Good Housekeeping Institute haven’t tested all the products, the ones below did catch our attention thanks to their practicality — hopefully they will make prepping and cooking so much easier.

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Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

10 Bump Beauty Products You Need by Celeb-Loved Brand Hatch

Hot mama made easy! Hatch, a line loved by celebrity moms including Jessica Alba and Carey Mulligan, just released 10 beauty products for moms-to-be that are designed to help women throughout their entire pregnancy and beyond. The collection includes belly masks (yes, a facial for your belly — a bacial!), stretch mark reducers, A gentle shampoos and more. Each formula uses all natural, non-toxic ingredients so they’re] 100% safe for mom and baby. Check out every product below!

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ICYMI: New Beauty Products, How to Organize Them & Braids and Cultural Appropriation

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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15 Life-Changing Products We Fell in Love With This Year

We’re always on the hunt for the next it-thing that’s going to make our homes less of a disaster zone, or will make traveling with tiny humans less … what’s the word? Hellish? In 2017, these cheap-as-can-be products (seriously, most of them are under $ 20!) pack in genius ways to save space, time, and energy. We cover about hundreds of objects every year, but these are the few you can’t meet 2018 without.

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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

19 skin care products to treat yourself to after the Christmas frenzy

19 skin care products to treat yourself to after the Christmas frenzy

19 skin care products to treat yourself to after the Christmas frenzy

Whether you’re traveling or staying local this holiday, it can be a stressful season. As we all know, stress wreaks havoc on your skin. Coupled with the dry weather and heaters blasting 24/7, now is the time to treat your skin to a little extra pampering.

Whether you prefer nourishing masks to rehydrate or are looking for active ingredients to resurface and revitalize your skin, we’ve got them all here for you. Take a little time for yourself after the hustle and bustle of the holiday to indulge in some *me time*. Your skin will be eternally grateful, we promise.

We all know that if we want our makeup to look rocking on New Year’s Eve, it’s all about starting with a great canvas. In this case, that means skin that is hydrated, glowing, exfoliated, and healthy. Let’s take a look at some products that will make you feel like a million bucks after the holiday madness, shall we?

Here are 19 skin care products to treat yourself to after the Christmas craziness.

1. Kora Organics The Noni Glow Collection, $ 182

Kora Organics

This full-sized collection of Noni Glow essentials will help to smooth, nourish and brighten your skin. The kit includes Noni Glow Face Oil, Noni Glow Body Oil, Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement, and Noni Glow Heart Chakra.

2. Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Cleansing  System, $ 129


The Clarisonic is one of the most effective ways to gently deep clean your skin and remove dirt, oil, and makeup.

3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, $ 2.28

Bed, Bath and Beyond

There’s a reason this ultra-affordable mask is a cult fave among the beauty set. It’s basically an at-home facial in a bottle for less than a cup of coffee.

4. Beauty Bioscience Limited-Edition rose Gold GloPro Microneedling Set, $ 249

Glopre Rose Gold Microneedling set
Beauty Bioscience

Microneedling is all the rage thanks to its ability to stimulate skin’s natural healing responses to visibly firmer, smoother, and brighter.

5. Sio Facelift, $ 39.95

Sio Facelift patches

Wake up with completely radiant skin thanks to these medical grade silicone patches that firm, plump, and erase the signs of aging while you sleep.

6. Blaq Mask Tube, $ 29

Blaq mask tube

If blackheads are plaguing you, then this mask is the answer to your prayers. It’s specially designed with activated charcoal to target toxins and suck out impurities instantly.

7. Bloom Beauty Scalp Therapy, $ 60-100

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If you find yourself in New York, treat yourself to a spa day and get a luxurious hair treatment while you relax.

8. Meant The Whole Shower Set, $ 159

Meant Whole Shower

Step up your shower routine with these delightful products that cleanse, condition, shave, scrub, and moisturize.

9. Rahua Shower Gel, $ 30

RAHUA shower gel
Courtesy of Rahua

This luxurious shower gel comes in new and improved packaging for a truly special experience that cleanses and softens skin and leaves it smelling heavenly.

10. Amareta Skincare Holiday Bundle, $ 98


This set includes a clarifying serum and a detoxifying charcoal mask that will leave your skin smooth, bright and beautiful.

11. Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo, $ 85

Sunday Riley Power Couple

Harnessing the power of lactic acid and trans-retinol ester to exfoliate the skin, Good Genes and Luna Sleeping Night Oil are a powerful investment in your skin’s health. Treat yo’self.

12. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $ 49

Caudalie Beauty Elixir sephora

This facial spray is worth the hype and is the best pick-me-up your skin will ever have. This best-selling elixir based on Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s famous Elixir of Youth is perfect for refreshing skin, setting makeup, and revitalizing the appearance of your skin.

13. GlamGlow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer, $ 49

glamglow waterburst moisturizer

Quench your dry skin with this insanely hydrating water cream that provides up to 72 hours of hydration.

14. Biossance Squalane Superstars Kit, $ 54

Biossance Squalane set

Bring this travel-friendly set on your journeys to enrich your skin post-holiday fete. It includes Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel, Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, and 100% Squalane Oil to hydrate from head to toe.

15. SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, $ 70


This gentle and delicate cleansing oil melts away even the toughest waterproof makeup while cleansing and conditioning your skin.

16. Drunk Elephant Limited-Edition Come C about Me Set, $ 88

Drunk Elephant kit

While we often focus on our nighttime skin routine, this daytime kit features Drunk Elephant’s best-selling products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated.

17. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $ 20

Laneige lip mask

This overnight mask soothes and moisturizes your lips while you sleep so you wake up to plump, soft lips.

18. Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask, $ 56

Farmacy honey mask

This warming massage and face mask in one will nourish and revitalize your skin for a glowing complexion free of dryness, dullness, or uneven skintone.

19. Herbivore Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil, $ 72

Herbivore lapis oil

This incredibly hydrating face oil balances skin while visibly improving redness and blemishes. You’ll have movie star skin in no time with this oil.

Whatever you decide to treat yourself to, taking time to soothe your skin and pamper your soul is the best way to enter the new year feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rarin’ to go.



Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions with these classes, products, and helpful ideas


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

January is a great time for a fresh start. No matter what you’re planning this year — from staying fit and getting more sleep, to changing careers or finally writing that novel — we can help you get there. We’ve put together this guide on some of the best products, online courses, and apps to help you succeed. It’s gonna be your year, we can tell.

Become more productive

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Must-Have Travel Products: Hydrate Your Skin, Tame The Mane & Smell Your Best | PeopleTV


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12 Expensive Products That Are Worth Their Price

If you follow gentleman’s Gazette on a regular basis, you know that we always encourage you to invest in quality items because quality items get better with age versus cheap items deteriorate over time.

Also, we encourage you to look at the cost per wear of an item, not just the upfront cost, because most of the time, a quality item is less expensive in the long run. That being said, not every costly thing has to be new, sometimes you can find quality items that used to be expensive but you buy them used that way you can enjoy the quality benefits without having to go all-in on the money.

Sven Raphael's Leather Weekender

Sven Raphael’s Leather Weekender

Leather Weekender

Most quality leather bags will likely run you around $ 1,000 or more simply because of the high-end leather. Ideally, you want it to be leather lined without having the extra weight.

I’ve received lots of compliments from my leather weekender because it has a beautiful leather, it’s a classic brown tone which is nothing special. However, it is chrome tanned in Italy and has a nice pull-up effect. What that means is if I pull on the leather, it creates a different effect. Also if I scratch it, I see a scratch mark but then if I rub on it with my finger, it secretes some oils, and the scratch mark is hardly ever visible. This kind of leather creates a beautiful patina over time that is lived in and unique to you and the experiences you had with your bag.

I can use it when I travel over the weekend or just as a carry-on, or as a bag that I bring to go to the gym. Because of the leather, this kind of bag will be unique. No one else will have one like you, and it’s just much more stylish and elegant than a nylon bag or a canvas bag. It will also last longer and therefore, the cost per wear is low.

Quality OTC Socks

At $ 40, it is relatively expensive, and if you go with materials like silk or cashmere, you go out to 75 or $ 100- $ 120. Apparently, you can buy a pair of socks for $ 1 less, the problem is, especially over the calf socks, is that they always slide down. On top of that, the material is cheap, the seams are thick, the socks are uncomfortable, and you have to wear them all day.

It’s probably no surprise you that I’m wearing $ 40.00 socks from Fort Belvedere because I designed them myself and was sick and tired of socks that would slide down, so I came up with a design of high-quality yarns with socks that stayed up with the right elastics. On top of that, I wanted two-tone colors because they make it much easier to combine the socks with your outfits and your shoes.

At the same time quality socks that are more expensive come in different sizes. For example, Fort Belvedere offers four sizes, so you get exactly the right fit for your foot. Because we use a very expensive high-quality long staple cotton yarns, they will last longer, and the cost per wear is as low or lower than a cheaper pair of socks.

Sven Raphael Schneider's Tweed overcoat

Sven Raphael Schneider’s Tweed overcoat and Burgundy Red Suede Unlined Leather from Fort Belvedere

A Classic Overcoat

Yes, you can find overcoats for less than 200 dollars but a quality overcoat from natural materials such as wool, or cashmere, will run you at least a thousand dollars or more. Not only does it keep you warm during the cold months of the year, but it’s also very stylish. You can wear it on top with a suit, a jacket, or just your regular sweater. If you buy a classic overcoat such as a duffle coat in Ulster, or maybe a paletot, you’ll get something you can wear for years to come.

In my opinion, the best value is a hundred percent wool overcoat out of a heavy wool. If money is no object for you, go with a cashmere blend which is softer, usually not as heavy, and it wears out more quickly. If you can just invest in one overcoat, I suggest going with a navy or dark blue overcoat, a paletot which is very simple with a peak lapel that is double-breasted because the extra layers keep you warm. If you’re on a budget, overcoats are a great item to buy second-hand because they don’t fit as snugly because of the heavy fabric, they drape better, and they’re just more forgiving than a suit would be.

Mainly, all the overcoats in my collection are vintage, and I was able to get quality pieces at very low price. It ranges from a vintage Chester Barrie paletot overcoat with a velvet collar to a British warm or just a Casentino style double-breasted navy overcoat that I have found at Bobby from Boston.

Well-Fitting Gloves

Usually price point wise, you have to invest between hundred fifty dollars, if you want to go with peccary leather, we’re talking more about three hundred plus dollars. First of all, your gloves should fit tightly, and it should be made of a soft glove leather that stretches with the movements of your hands. You also want quirks between the fingers because it increases the range of movement and makes it more comfortable. To learn more about the glove leathers, please check out our glove leather guide here. You want them to be finally sewn either by hand or by machine, and you want something that just gets better with age. For example, lamb Nappa is soft and very sweet, but it will wear out more quickly than peccary leather which is made to last.

For example, I’ve had a pair of peccary gloves for over 10 years. I would wear them outside in the winter, they got all wet, but I could wash them and dry them, and they’ve developed a patina over the years. They’re too big and don’t fit me well that’s why I decided to create my own but overall, the leather is top-notch, and that’s how a peccary glove will age over time.

Precious Metal Cuff Links

Price-wise, it can range all the way from 300 dollars up to $ 25,000. So why should you invest in a pair of cufflinks? It’s  one of those few jewelry items for men apart from a ring that looks very dapper, elegant, and classic. Most modern cufflinks these days are made in China, the not made out of precious metal, they look cheap, gaudy, and they’re quite loud. On the other hand, classic cufflinks, for example, knots or some with precious or semi-precious stones as well as cloisonné enamel cufflinks are made by real artisans and craftsmen that put all their knowledge into it, and because it is made of a precious metal, it will last you for a lifetime, and you can even hand it down to your children and grandchildren.

If you invest in a piece like Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, or Tiffany, you also pay for the brand name and their experience. How much you should invest in a pair of cufflinks is of course entirely up to you but just a comparison; on the one hand, you have a pair of Tiffany cufflinks in 18 karat gold, they’re hollow, they’re not solid, and they cost $ 2,700, on the other hand, we have a pair of monkey fist knot Fort Belvedere cufflinks, the shape was hand-carved and it’s an actual rope knot and you can see how it’s beautiful and twisted, they’re also solid and therefore much heavier than the gold cufflinks from Tiffany’s.

I think both of them can be worn for a lifetime and because the plating is so thick, it won’t rub. The Fort Belvedere cufflinks only costs $ 325 so whether it’s worth it to spend more than $ 2,000 for a gold version of a brand name is again up to you but what I am trying to explain to you is that you can find quality items that will last, and you don’t always have to go with a top dollar amount to get it.

Malachite Pinky Ring

Malachite Pinky Ring

Pinky Rings

They’re just an excellent addition to a classic gentleman’s wardrobe, and it’s not something a lot of other people will wear. The problem is, it’s challenging to find classic shapes in delicate materials such as sterling silver or gold on the market today. Either you have to go custom and spend several thousand dollars on the ring, or you go vintage, but it costs a lot of time, you often find lots of crappy rings.

Personally, all the rings in my collection right now are vintage, they range from sterling silver, all the way to solid 18 karat gold and everything in between. Because so tricky to find new ones we’re currently working on them so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a look at our signet ring guide.

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen Nibs

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen Nibs

Montblanc Meisterstück Fountain Pen

Of course, there are lots of other great manufacturers of fountain pens. Italian ones such as Omas, maybe Parker, or you name it. However, the Montblanc Meisterstück pen has been around for a very long time. It’s a very classic status symbol for many, but it’s also a perfect item that will not wear out prematurely. It has a nice gold nib, and it writes very beautifully. At one point in time, I owned over a hundred Montblanc fountain pens because I was a collector and fountain pens are actually what got me into men’s clothing.

Today, I reduced my collection a lot, and I only have three Montblanc fountain pens; one is a meisterstuck 149 which is their biggest flagship model, and it has a 3b nib which is quite broad, and I use it for signatures, another one has just a b nib, and I use it to write or take notes and then have a vintage piece which is very old, it was made out of celluloid, it had a solid brass telescope mechanism inside versus the modern meisterstuck fountain pens are made out of resin and inside is like a plastic lever mechanism.

That being said, the old fountain pen doesn’t work so well anymore because the seal is not tight because they used to have cork inside. The new ones seal very well, and they probably will last you for a lifetime. Interestingly over the time, the price has steadily increased to now almost a thousand dollars. When I started, they cost about half, but even then, you could find them used on eBay the problem is, there are lots of fakes out there especially for Montblanc, so I suggest you only buy from trusted sources.

Goodyear Welted Shoes

Which style you want heavily depends on what kind of lifestyle you live. A Goodyear welted pair of shoes is usually made from a higher-quality leather than a glued pair of shoes. It also has a more classic last that will stand the test of time and it can be resold which is less expensive than buying a new pair. Now price wise, you can spend under two hundred dollars or three thousand dollars on a pair of Goodyear shoes, of course, the difference is the quality of the leather, the patina, or the hand coloring, the finish, also the bottom and at the details are gonna be much more intricate on higher-end shoes.

More expensive shoes will probably have a hand-stitched good year welt, they’ll have a nice waist, and a lot more time went into your construction of that shoe. Of course, if you spend two thousand dollars or more, you also can get a custom Goodyear welted shoe, and that’s just an incredible experience because it is perfectly suited to your foot and your foot alone.

Is it worth spending $ 3,000 over two hundred dollars? I think it’s a very personal choice, but if you have a foot that works with most lasts of higher-end companies and they usually come in different widths and different shapes, you find something that works for you, it’s a much better value to go that route. That being said, it will never be as comfortable as a bespoke shoe.

High-Quality Belts with folded edges

High-Quality Belts with folded edges

Quality Leather Belts

I know belts are probably not something you might deem expensive because you can find them for $ 10 but you can also find some for $ 3,000. In my experience, a quality belt cost upwards of about a hundred and fifty dollars. The difference of course with quality belts is that they all have a high-end leather material on the inside, as well as on the outside, and also on the lining.

Now, most belts today including quality belts are edge painted which means the leather is cut on the edges and then burnished and painted to create a uniform look. The high-quality belts are thinned out at the edges which means you need more leather and then they’re folded and sewn together. It’s just a construction that lasts much longer than an edge-painted construction, and it’s a true hallmark of a quality leather belt. Another detail about the quality belt is its buckle. Most belt buckles on the market today are made of a material called zamak. It’s an alloy made out of the zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper, the problem is, it will age very poorly, and it scratches very easily so, over time, you have to throw your belt away even though the leather might not be worn out but the buckle just looks crappy. A higher-end buckle is a solid brass buckle. Over time, brass develops a patina and because of that, it’s often gold plated, or platinum, or palladium plated, for more formal dress belts that you would wear with a suit. Now the plating and thickness of the buckle can have a huge impact not only on the longevity of the buckle but also on the price.

In my opinion, a solid brass buckle with a nice thick coating either gold or palladium, is probably your best value for the money. If money is of no concern to you, you may want to look into solid 925 sterling silver buckles or solid 14 or 18 karat gold buckles. Now that’s a whole other level, and the buckle itself will be worth more than the entire belt itself. Is it worth it getting, a sterling silver buckle versus a solid brass and pay three or four hundred dollars more? It depends. It’s an actual luxury item, and silver just develops a patina that you won’t see on a plated brass buckle.

Professional Camera

I know most people today use cell phones, and they think they are pro cameras, but they’re not. A pro level camera has a large sensor; it allows you to get a razor thin depth of field which means the amount is in sharpness versus the out-of-focus areas; just creates a stunning look and in combination with the increased sharpness and the color rendition, it’s just a very different experience.

Personally, I use DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D850 or a Nikon D500. It has the advantage that it comes with interchangeable lenses, but overall, you need to invest between about five to ten thousand dollars to get a nice DSLR with a range of lenses that allow you to photograph everything you want. In my opinion, it’s worth it because with a business where I use it, but even for just personal use, I would recommend investing in a more upscale camera.

Of course, if you’re rich, you want the very best in quality, you have to go with a medium format digital camera such as a Hasselblad, however, bear in mind that these pictures oftentimes have a hundred megapixels, so you need a whole ecosystems of computers, cards, and everything that work together, so you can develop a workflow and actually get those pictures. It’s more something for a pro photographer, not something for an amateur.

Folded, double sided edges that go all the way to the edge with sewn card slots - 2 hallmarks of a luxury wallet

Folded, double-sided edges that go all the way to the edge with sewn card slots – 2 hallmarks of a luxury wallet

Luxury Wallet

A wallet is something you wear every day, you pull it out when you maybe pay for a business meal, and overall, it develops a nice patina if it’s made of quality leather. A cheap wallet on the other hand just falls apart, and it looks older. In my opinion, a portemonnaie should always be an attractive item that you like wearing, that has a nice touch, a nice feel, and it’s something that lasts. Let’s say you invest $ 285 in a Fort Belvedere wallet which is made of the highest quality leather there is in Germany, if you break it down to the cost per wear, you probably end up at 5 to 15 cents a day depending on how you treat it and how long it would last you.

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2


Personally, I use my smartphone every day. I do lots of business dealings with it, and because of that, I always buy the top model when it comes out and then I’ll use it for two years. At that point, I can sell it for 200 bucks or pass it on to a relative. For example, just here today I bought the new pixel 2 XL phone; with taxes and everything included, it costs me over a thousand bucks, however, if I can use it for two years and I break it down, it costs me only about a dollar and 40 per day.

Personally, I’d love to buy a modular phone so I could do exactly what I want without creating too much waste because as you know, with the technological advances in the smartphone market, we’ve new things coming out every month almost, and because of that, we have a lot of old phones that are just discarded which is a huge waste and a big ecological problem. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a more eco-friendly option out there, so you have to stick with what it is.

Why do I go with a Google phone rather than iPhone? I’m just not part of the Apple ecosystem, we use a lot of Google products, and it simply works for us. Also, I like the fact that it doesn’t come with any kind of bloatware such as on Samsung, LG’s, or Huawei where security and other updates are necessary, Google phones usually receive them first.

What expensive items  are worth their price in your book? Please share in the comments below.

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Look like a Gentleman, Travel in Style and Enjoy the Best in Men’s Accessories at Hook & Albert. Get 20% Off Your First Order with Coupon Code TAKE20. Shop Now!

10 Kitchen Products That Will Last a Lifetime

It seems like every year there’s a hot new kitchen gizmo that promises to cook better tasting meals or make prep and cleanup a breeze. Alas, kitchen gadgets come and go, and many homeowners spend their hard-earned cash on items that just aren’t built to last. When it comes to stocking your kitchen with gear, trust only the best brands and products. Here are 10 long-lasting picks we trust.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


Small Business Owners Plan to Hire More and Add New Products in 2018

Business Practices

Some 90% of small businesses intend to hire one to two people in 2018, a new survey shows.

Implementing a new marketing strategy among plans for next year


Simultaneously, 37.6% of small business owners are contemplating offering a new product or service, and 35.7% aim to apply a new marketing strategy. About 19% plan to partner with another small business.


Business Practices (Image:


The findings are based on a survey released by Microsoft Store and done by SurveyMonkey. Some 1,300 U.S. small-business owners with one and 200 employees were surveyed. The analysis pinpoints trends and gauges what challenges and opportunities the owners see in the oncoming year.

About half of the owners identified their biggest challenge as staying ahead of rapid changes in technology in 2018. Further, 23% reported budget constraints were a big concern in maintaining and growing their ventures. For brand new small businesses, budgeting was their top challenge, something expected for businesses opened less than a year.

Other findings from the survey:

  • Eighty percent of respondents say they now maintain enough freedom and flexibility to support their work-life balance. That finding came despite the challenge to keep pace with digital innovation that companies face today.


  • Those surveyed maintain a high level of mobility, working off-site and in multiple locations instead of at a fixed venue. The younger the business (less than one year old), the more likely it is to have employees who work mainly with mobile devices. As companies get larger, mobile use gives way to other devices and digital options for how work gets done.


  • In navigating the demands of both budget and technological readiness, over 30% of the respondents report they are likely to turn to familiar sources (a family or close friend) for technical guidance or help with computers, email or software.


  • In terms of cybersecurity threats, 50% reported they are not concerned about a data breach, while 25% are doing anything to protect themselves.


  • Twenty-six percent of respondents stated they have a formal relationship with a support or service establishment, small businesses said comfortable, human interaction was key in how they sought help.

Small Business – Black Enterprise


If you’re still alive, snap up the hottest products from the Black Friday sales


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

We’ve been online with you all day, scouring the depths of the internet to source the best deals to send your way. But if you are feeling as overwhelmed as we are and your fingers are exhausted from all that swiping, rest your weary eyes on this final list.

Here is a collection of your Black Friday favorites. The deals you loved, the products you couldn’t live without and the cool stuff worth your dollars. 

Thanks for playing along. This post can ease you into Saturday. But make sure you rest up, as we will be back to do it all again on Cyber Monday.  Read more…

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You Need These 5 K-Beauty Products in Your Life

2017 has been the year about K-Beauty and we don’t see the trend going away any time soon. We’ve witnessed everyone from Kim Kardashian to Emma Stone to Jessica Alba rock lip-plumping masks on their Instagram and Snapchat accounts and it’s hard to scroll through social media without seeing a celeb sheet mask selfie in preparation for a big event. And with the temperatures cooling down, Stylish thought it was the perfect time to narrow down the offerings to the top five you need to get you through the end of the year and beyond. Scroll through to take a look at your cold-weather essentials and get shopping!

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5 Black-Owned Cosmetic Products to Treat Acne and Dark Marks for People of Color


Many people get an occasional zit here and there, but dealing with constant acne can be extremely frustrating, especially for people of color. In addition to suffering from blackheads, razor bumps, and pimples, people with brown skin share common skincare concerns such as acne-related dark marks due to hyperpigmentation. Those with skin of color are also commonly subjected to an uneven skin tone and overactive sebaceous glands.

To make matters worse, finding an acne treatment designed for melanin-rich skin can be a challenge since many products contain ingredients that are harmful to those with darker complexions. Benzoyl peroxide, for example, can cause irritation, while salicylic acid can cause skin to become too dry and, subsequently, create more oil.

Fortunately, there are several skincare products designed for people of color and by people color that address the unique challenges darker-skinned folks face. Here are five black-owned beauty lines that treat acne for black and brown people.


SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap Facial Regimen



Founded in Harlem in 1991, Shea Moisture is a top-selling personal care company for millions of black consumers that focuses on shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. In addition, the company makes black soap-based acne products that gently exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize skin while helping to control breakouts. Made with natural and organic ingredients, SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap Facial Regimen helps absorb excess oil and detoxify skin, leaving skin refreshed and clearer looking.

“Formulations include African Black Soap, a natural remedy for blemishes, troubled skin and Tamarind Extract, a natural astringent which helps exfoliate and brighten skin. Tea Tree Oil promotes healing with naturally antiseptic properties,” states the website.

The kit includes:

  • Acne Prone Face & Body Bar
  • Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub
  • Problem Skin Moisturizer
  • Problem Skin Facial Mask

Price: $ 19.99

Foxie Bombs’ Roses Are Red


(Image: Instagram/FoxieCosmetics)


The Roses Are Red facial mask promises to balance, rejuvenate, and detox skin. Plus, it’s infused with rosewater, which has antibacterial properties that help prevent acne, and rose petals, which treat acne, shrink pores, and are full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

The vegan-friendly mask was handcrafted by Kayla Phillips, who founded Foxie Bombs Cosmetics in 2015. The beauty line also produces bath bombs, soaps, and other products for body, skin, and hair care.

Price: $ 26

The Afro Hair & Skin Co.’s FLOW

(Image: Instagram/afrohairandskinco)


FLOW – Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil is a serum that combines black currant seed oil with organic ylang-ylang flower, a balancing floral oil that helps to prevent flare-ups and the overproduction of oil, which is a known factor in the causes of acne, pimples, and breakouts. It is produced by The Afro Hair & Skin Co., an independent beauty and wellness business founded by Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka.

Price: $ 19.50

Leland Francis’ Luxe Face Oil



Luxe Face Oil by Leland Francis is a blend of 16 mostly organic lightweight and natural oils that hydrates the skin and helps fade stubborn dark spots. It also includes argan oil, an ancient remedy for acne and scars. Celebrity makeup artist Dillon Pena created Leland Francis as an alternative for people who wish to use effective and 100% natural skin products, rather than harsh chemicals.

Price: $ 98

Farsail’s The One


(Image: Instagram/farsalicare)


The One is a gentle, non-drying, antioxidant-rich cleanser that rapidly dissolves makeup and impurities. It is infused with eight organic plant extracts that combat inflammation, acne, uneven tone, oiliness, and enlarged pores. The mild cream cleanser is produced by Farsali, an international, cruelty-free cosmetic line created by Sal Ali.

Price: $ 24.95

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You’ll love these safe, gentle beauty products made by little hands


Maggie Downs

posted in Life

It’s hard to scroll through the darling boutiques on Instagram without getting shopping on the brain. Usually I can resist the cute boho clothes, the sleek furniture pieces, the baby rompers. But when it comes to bath and body products? Wellll, I need soap anyway…

And when the products are all-natural, high-quality goods made by a mom and her two smart kidpreneurs, forget it. There’s no sense resisting. Just take my money. Please.

That’s exactly the case with hunnybunny, which is both a brick-and-mortar boutique in Washington D.C. and an online store. Here’s the best part: The purveyors are Nya Byers, age 8, and 3-year-old Zuri, who make hunnybunny products — homemade soaps, body bars, face masks, scrubs, bath fizzies, shampoo bars, deodorant, and more — with their mom, Leigh Byers.

A person (the head is cropped out of the image) holds a tray of hunnybunny products, like round soaps and lotion bars that are shaped like stars

In addition to being all-natural, these artisan products come in therapeutic blends and unique scents — cherry almond swirl bars, lemon poppyseed soap, chamomile lemongrass shampoo — and they look charming enough to give as gifts.

A grainy-looking beige soap from hunnybunny that has a rabbit and the word "body" stamped on the soap

Inspiration for the store came when Zuri was born.

“She had very sensitive, dry, itchy skin when she was a baby,” Leigh says. “So we started taking a look at the ingredients we were putting on her, and we were alarmed by that.”

Because skin and hair products are absorbed by the body, they wanted to use ingredients that actually feed and nourish the skin.

Two small girls, mixing bath products in the Hunnybunny shop

A lot of trial, error, and mixing bowls later, the first hunnybunny product was born – a soothing sunflower and calendula body bar.

“We messed it up terribly the first few times, but we knew when we got it right,” Leigh says.

Now all hunnybunny products must pass the “owner’s challenge” — that is, Leigh ensures that everything is safe and gentle enough to be used by the entire family.

“My babies use everything,” Leigh says. “That’s the real test.”

What kind of specialty bath and body products do you use?

Photos courtesy of Leigh Byers

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Beauty Empties: Which Products Do You Actually Finish and Then Buy Again?

Beauty Empties: Which Products Do You Actually Finish Ladies, what beauty products do you use so often that you get “empties,” where you actually get to the bottom of the lipstick or jar, and what do you buy again and again? I tend to rotate among so many different products that I almost never get to the bottom of anything, let alone say “I definitely need THAT again, right this instant.” Still, even I have my regular items that I buy again and again, so I thought I’d round them up. Hopefully everyone will share their own lists!

Skincare Products I’ve Bought Again and Again

Hair Products I’ve Bought Again and Again

(I’m probably somewhere between 2C/3A wavy/curly right now, but I’m more interested in avoiding sulfates because of the keratin treatments I’ve started getting.)

Makeup I’ve Actually Used to the Bottom and Then Bought More

Those are mine — which are your beauty empties, readers?Beauty Empties: Which Products Do You Actually Finish - image of an empty jar

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These Booster Serums Will Supercharge Your Skin Care Products

If you’re familiar with double cleansing, bubble masks and cushion compacts, then you’re already aware of the many amazing Korean beauty products that have infiltrated the industry over the past few years. The latest K-beauty category everyone’s buzzing about is booster serums, a skin care wunderkind that many Western brands are now also incorporating into their product lines.

What are booster serums?

Booster serums are lightweight liquids that contain performance ingredients in high concentration. You can mix them with other skin care products, like moisturizer or sunscreen, or use them on their own before following up with the rest of your regimen. Think of booster serums as the ingredient that supercharges the products you already use.

Boosters are packaged in small volume bottles due to the fact that they’re concentrated, and because you only need one or two drops, the bottle can last a long time. Light in texture and watery, they are created to target different concerns, like increase hydration, brighten, tone, reduce wrinkles or soothe irritated skin. The goal of boosters is to prime and stabilize the skin’s barrier, allowing your other products to work more effectively and give us the healthy glow we all want.

How to use booster serums

You can opt to use boosters either on their own or mixed with another product. If you choose to use them on their own, work 1-3 drops (or more, per manufacturer’s instructions) into cleansed (and, if you wish, toned) face. Follow up with serum and moisturizer.

Another way is to mix 1-3 drops of booster with a moisturizer in the palm of your hand and apply the mixture after cleansing. You will notice that you will not need nearly as much moisturizer as you did prior to using a booster.

The beauty of booster serums is that they can improve the benefits of your creams or replace your usual toner or serum. If you are curious about giving this type of product a try, click through the slideshow above to discover some of the best booster serums available.

[ Next: The Best Face Serums for Every Skin Type — and Budget ]

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8 Period Fashion Products You’ll Want to Snap Up This Fall

With vaginas and labia taking center stage at New York Fashion Week this year, reproductive and sexual health is having a major fashion moment. Aside from the destigmatizing effects of wearing your body politics on your sleeve (or shirt), some companies go the extra mile to make sure that their products are actually making a difference. By supporting companies and organizations that strive to educate the public about menstrual equity while providing menstrual products to the people who need them, you can help tear down the menstrual taboo — one pad at a time.

African-print robes

In a perfect world, every person would have the necessary resources to manage their period in a healthy and hygienic manner — but unfortunately, for many people around the world, that’s not the case. Enter Adrienne and Andrew McDermott’s charity fashion line, The Robe Lives, that donates 100 percent of it’s profits to The Cup Foundation.

The hope is that the bright statement robes will act as conversation-starters, allowing for people to get educated on the topic of menstrual equity. In particular, prompting more of a conversation about the fact that adolescent girls in Kenya miss an average of 4.9 days of school every month because of their periods and 1 in 10 African girls skipping school during menstruation and some girls even dropping out entirely due to a lack of access to menstrual products according to UNICEF.

More: Meet the Product Changing Period Sex Forever

Menstrual pad panties

While visiting Uganda in 2012, Diana Sierra was surprised by how many adolescent girls dropped out of school due to an inability to effectively manage their period. Thus, Be Girl Panties were born.

The Be Girl period panty functions as both a panty and a menstrual pad. Designed with mesh pockets to hold reusable inserts or other absorbent material such as toilet paper, the panties reduce waste and don’t expose users to unnecessary chemicals and perfumes. The panties created a sustainable, culturally relevant solution for girls in Uganda because the product adheres to cultural norms, works for their body types and utilizes resources they already have access to.

This Is Not a Luxury T-shirt

Conscious Period, an organic cotton tampon company, was started by Annie Lascoe and Margo Lang, both of whom were fed up with the lack of ingredient transparency in the menstrual product industry and with the designation of menstrual products as “luxury items.” In addition to making healthy period products more accessible to all, Conscious Period has collaborated with Faircloth & Supply to create the This Is Not a Luxury” tee. The partnership brings the tampon company together with an organization that provides school uniforms to girls in Nepal.

Leak-proof swimwear

One of the worst parts of getting your period in the middle of a vacation is not being able to go swimming without worrying about your menstrual product leaking. Crystal Etienne spent years testing various prototypes and tweaking her designs in order to create swimsuits that could collect menstrual flow with or without the help of a menstrual product. PantyProp sells a variety of styles of swimsuit bottom and one-pieces, helping all women to feel comfortable and confident while on their periods.

More: 3 Gender-Inclusive Menstrual Product Companies

Period-inspired bling

British jewelry designer Lili Murphy-Johnson challenges the taboo that surrounds menstruation by bringing the controversy to the forefront of conversations. Her line of period-inspired jewelry features blood-red jewels, pad-shaped gold rings and golden tampon trinkets that are sure to get people talking.

Emergency tampon necklace

Swedish designer Katarina Hornwall has created a necklace pendant to discretely carry an extra tampon on your person at all times. Made of solid aluminum, the chic tampon-shaped pendant opens to reveal a secret compartment for storing an extra product. The minimalist look of the necklace turns a menstrual product carrier into a gender-neutral, high-fashion accessory.

Period. T-shirt

Last year, Johanna and Brittany Cosgrove launched Nope Sisters, a New Zealand-based social enterprise that creates embroidered tees with a simple but strong message. Their first design was the MastectoTee, which featured breast cancer scars inspired by their own mother’s surgery. Profits from the design were donated to a local breast cancer survivor group. Their second design, the NOPE tee empowers wearers to speak out against sexual harassment and assault. Proceeds from this design were passed on to Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation.

The Cosgrove sisters’ newest design, the Period. shirt, is a direct response to the unaffordability of period products. Many students miss out on their education due to a lack of access to menstrual products, so the Cosgrove sisters have teamed up with another local social enterprise that provides subsidized menstrual cups to New Zealand students.

More: If Nothing Works to Treat Your Period, Endometrial Ablation Could Be an Option

Fashion menstrual cups

The Swedish high-street fashion brand Monki is partnering with Lunette to create standout pink menstrual cups that come in a silk drawstring bag with the words “Periods are cool. Period.” printed across it. Monki’s eight-piece fashion collection also includes decorative pins and custom “Periods are cool.” underwear to continue to spread the period positivity.

The company had pledged to donate 5,000 menstrual cups to The Cup Foundation, an organization that seeks to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments in Kenya by giving them life skills, training and access to menstrual cups.

By Shaye DiPasquale

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Bring home the same fitness equipment found in the best health clubs. Free shipping and installation.

Trump administration orders purge of Kaspersky products from U.S. government

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration on Wednesday told U.S. government agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab products from their networks, saying it was concerned the Moscow-based cyber security firm was vulnerable to Kremlin influence and that using its anti-virus software could jeopardize national security.

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17 crazy cheap baby products that work like they’re expensive


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

Sometimes when you spend more for a piece of baby gear, you get something nicer — better-quality fabric, more comfortable padding, gee-whiz features. But sometimes, you’re just spending more than you need to.

These 17 baby products are rock-bottom cheap. But they have everything you need.

1. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub:
It’s soft-and-squishy inflatable, so your baby can thrash around without hurting himself. It drains quickly, suction-cups to the side of the shower to dry, then stores easily under the kitchen cabinet when not in use. And just look at it! Who wouldn’t take a million pictures of their baby in this tub? Note that the Duck Tub is suitable for babies who can sit up unassisted — 6 months or so. Buy it: $ 10.87

2. Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System: Travel systems can easily cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, which is why this bargain-priced set is such a happy surprise. Available in sophisticated colors like lavender (Safety 1st calls it “Wisteria Lane,”) moss green, gray, and robin’s egg blue, the Smooth Ride looks and works great, rating very highly with users. The included onBoard 35 LT is light and easy to use — and bonus, it’s so narrow at 17 inches that it’s one of our 47 car seats that fit 3-across in most vehicles. Buy it: $ 161.99

3. Summer Infant My Size Potty: This little guy is so cute that we serve candy in ours at BabyCenter HQ Halloween parties. Kids love sitting on the miniature toilet; they love “flushing” after using it even more, so much so that they may be more eager to potty train. And the My Size is easy to empty and clean, too. Buy it: $ 24.86

4. Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat: This cute seat is so inexpensive and lightweight — 7.5 pounds! — that parents get confused. Can it be safe? Yes! All car seats for sale in the U.S. have passed the same safety tests. The only downside of the Scenera NEXT: its forward-facing weight maximum tops out at 40 pounds, low considering the industry standard of 65 pounds. But if you need a knockaround seat for travel, a second car, or car pools, the NEXT is a goody at a good price. The rear-facing weight/height limits (40 pounds, 40 inches) are good, and it’s narrow enough to be one of 47 car seats that fit 3-across in most vehicles, so it’s a good choice for carpools, too. Buy it: $ 46.45

5. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier: Also known as the Infantino Mei Tai, this simple, inexpensive carrier works far better than you’d expect for the low price. Its straps are wide and padded; the fabric tails you tie around your waist are long enough to fit a wide variety of bodies (including plus-sized men and women), and it comes with a detachable hood to cover your sleeping baby’s head. It works particularly well for smaller babies, who snuggle close and comfy. Buy it: $ 28.98

6. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet: Bassinets can be extraordinarily expensive — from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how Rosemary’s Baby or Downton Abbey you want to go. This inexpensive little bassinet has a lie-flat surface and is safe for overnight sleeping. You can easily switch between stationary and rocking mode (you have to push it to rock), and pull it up next to your bed to follow SIDS recommendations for room-sharing with the baby in their own separate sleep space. Buy it: $ 59.41

7. PRIMO EuroBath: This tub has been a parent favorite for many years, because it’s made of high quality plastic, comes in punchy pink and blue as well as white, and the seating bumps and nubs are both comfortable and thoughtful. Many parents say they can bathe a newborn followed by a toddler in the tub, and both are happy and comfy. If you have a bad back or a c-section, you can buy the PRIMO Folding Bath Stand for an extra $ 55 to use the tub at waist height. That’s the way they do it in Europe — hence the bath’s name. Buy it: $ 19.99

8. Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor: There’s a certain type of parent who wants to have the most sensitive video monitor so they can sit and watch their baby’s eyelids flutter and chest rise and fall. And there’s another kind of parent that just wants to have a simple audio monitor that’s easy to use and works so you can hear if the baby’s crying while you’re down in the basement or out in the garage. This is that monitor. Buy it: $ 23.49

9. Fisher-Price FastFinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag: Simple and sleek, this looks like a laptop bag, so no one has to feel embarrassed carrying it around. It has pockets for everything you need, and Fisher-Price’s FastFinder “pocket system” makes your gear easier to find — every pocket has a red label that makes the pocket easier to see and find, and big silver zip-pulls that are easy to grab even when you have a squirming baby in one hand. Buy it: $ 28.40

10. Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair: Skip Hop is well known for giving parents high style at affordable prices. With beechwood legs, a detachable tray and harness, and a sophisticated color scheme, the Tuo looks like chairs that cost $ 500 or more. It also lasts and lasts — it converts into a toddler, then a preschooler chair, holding children up to 60 pounds and/or 5 years. Buy it: $ 127.99

11. Safety 1st Guide 65: Parents love this seat because of its very good rear-facing height/weight limits (it holds riders rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds and 40 inches), and “big & tall” front-facing height/weight limits (65 pounds and 52 inches), an unusually generous spread for a bargain-priced seat. On top of that, it’s narrow at 18 inches, giving it a shot of fitting 3-across in some vehicles. It’s comfy, too. Buy it: $ 72.64

12. Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat: It straps to any dining room or kitchen chair. It’s super-easy to clean, it’s comfortable for babies and toddlers, and when you’re done with it, it can fold down to a little square that’s easy to put in a closet for storage, or bring along on trips to Grandma’s. Buy it: $ 15.99

13. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard: If you’ve tried to set up other portable playards, with infuriating sides that won’t lock and then, once locked, won’t unlock, the Pop ‘N Play is going to be a great surprise for you. It comes in a bag about twice the size of a yoga bag, and it’s all in a piece. You unfold it something like an umbrella stroller…it takes two seconds. And bam, your baby is contained. If you’re worried about sun, you can drape a blanket over the top, or buy a snap-on canopy that covers half the yard for $ 23.74, or a cover for the entire yard for $ 39.99. Buy it: $ 54.84

14. Cosco 3D Umbrella Stroller: Sometimes you need a stroller that’s tiny and light — something you can bring along in the car in case you might need it during an outing, or bring on a bus. But so many cheapie umbrella strollers fall apart instantly, or are so low to the ground you have to stoop uncomfortably to push them. The Cosco 3D is tougher than you’d expect, has extra-long handles so all but the tallest parents can push with ease, and it’s cute. Pick from an orange lion, blue hippo, pink owl, or black-and-white and pink zebra. You can also find the 3D stroller in whale, bee, and monster patterns. Buy it: $ 32.36

15. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier: Many structured baby carriers cost $ 100-$ 200 and can hold babies from infancy to toddlerhood to preschool age and beyond. But sometimes all that muscle is overkill, and these carriers tend to be heavy and hard to bring on outings “just in case” or to carry when your big baby has decided to get out and walk. The Flip is small and exceptionally lightweight, easy to roll up and bring along in a stroller basket or diaper bag. You can use it to carry your baby front facing-in, front facing-out, and on your back, and it’s perfect if your baby is younger, smaller, or if you’re going on shorter walks. Buy it: $ 22.49

16. Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard: Parents who like to room-share and travel with their babies often shell out for heavy, bulky travel cribs that really aren’t very portable at all — and they cost from $ 100 to $ 200 and up, way up. The Ultra-Lite is easy to set up, easy to break down, easy to use as a play yard or as a sleeping space, and it weighs in at a mere 11.5 pounds — compare that to play yards that weigh 20 pounds or more — which makes it truly portable. Buy it: $ 73.87

17. Evenflo SureRide DLX: Many sub-$ 100 convertible seats tend to have meager weight/height limits. But the SureRide packs a lot of utility into its small frame (at 18.5 inches wide it’s one of our 47 car seats that fit 3-across in most vehicles; and it’s just 10.5 pounds so it’s great for travel). It holds riders rear-facing to 40 pounds and 40 inches, and forward-facing to 65 pounds and 54 inches, which should hold all but the lankiest of kids safely until they’re out of the harness years. In fact, we also named this seat as one of 15 great convertible car seats for tall babies and big toddlers. Buy it: $ 89.99

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Apple stock drops amid launch of new products

Apple shares, which had run up an impressive 39 percent so far this year, slipped 68 cents on Tuesday as the company announced its latest updates to the iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Shares eased to $ 160.82 — just off their 52-week high. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available later…
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