Relapse Diaries Part 1: Getting Ready to Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (BfA) is all but upon us! It is, as always, nigh impossible to review a release like this. Instead I’ll keep you updated with a diary of my exploits in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion — and along the way share my impressions as well.

I was insomniac for a while. To pass time, I’d sit at the Auction House in World of Warcraft‘s Orgrimmar or Dalaran , playing the Auctioneer game. I made a lot of Gold buying low and selling high. I’d yammer on in local chat, crack jokes with people I’d seen before. I’d hang out, basically.

My wife (then girlfriend) thought World of Warcraft was the cause of my insomnia — a wretched influence keeping my brain active when I should have been asleep.

I never really explained that this wasn’t the case — that WoW was a coping mechanism. That the insomnia was caused by a job I outwardly loved and internally loathed, by my amplification of personal failures and dismissal of personal successes. If she’d seen how I was playing it, she’d probably understand better.

Because it’s not like I ever did anything substantial, after all. Playing the Auction House is about as passive as playing gets. On a second monitor, I’d watch The Wire, or Deadwood, or another slow burn drama, WoW‘s sound muted, except for a few alert noises I’d set up.

To me, it was a place where everybody knew my name. The idea that World of Warcraft replaced the after-work bar for a lot of people in my generation rings true to me. Most bars have a few who stay on much later than the others, pissing away the night with the same pint they bought an hour ago as time whittles away. Not alcoholics per se, but not healthy either.

Ready for an Azeroth Return

Battle everywhere in WoW Battle for Azeroth.
Can’t they stop fighting long enough to see that they’re in love?

So I never did anything of real consequence when I played in that time. It wasn’t until Wrath of the Lich King that I really played World of Warcraft. Before that, I’d tread water. But when I got a Death Knight , that’s when I accomplished things. I’d still stay up all night watching The Wire and playing the Auction House, but during regular hours I was getting things done. All thanks to my Death Knight.

He was the trinity unto himself — tank, dps and healer (of himself), and when I wasn’t wasting away in my own version of Margaritaville, the two of us forged some great memories.

I solo’d the DPS dance of Heigan the Unclean together, a 28 minute long ordeal that I refused to wipe on because I wasn’t convinced my raid group would ever get its act together. I hunted a Time-Lost Proto-Drake . I secured the Explorer title , ganked Alliance all over the world and watched the guild I was in slowly fall apart.

Eventually I was sleeping more. As such, I was spending less time in World of Warcraft. I didn’t have time to play the Auction House for hours any more. Previously, I’d used my treasury to supply my guild-mates with the items they’d need to attempt and fail at Icecrown Citadel over and over. They’d always seemed happy enough to take advantage.

They didn’t bother trying to get their own pots, and if spending a bit of time each week outside of the raid was a requisite, many would rather just not raid. Without a wealthy benefactor, my guild stopped playing much. And so too did I.

Old school Wrath content
This dude is pointing in the wrong direction.

Death Knight Resurrected

When I logged into my Death Knight last week, preparing to answer the call and battle the alliance in BfA I had just 3600g. For someone who spent hours on the Auction House – and in the modern WoW economy – it’s pennies.

It’s funny, returning to my old haunt. It’s familiar, but obviously different — like an old dive bar that got a new paint job but couldn’t ever really get the scent of stale beer and decade old cigarette smoke out of the foundation. When I was a regular, that aroma was familiar and welcoming — a reminder of that place I belong to.

As you might imagine, the scent was now off-putting to me — it smacked me in the face and begged the question; ‘what are you doing back here?’

I powered through the odor anyway. It took a long time. I reinstalled some addons — Bartender, Bagnon, Deadly Boss Mods — and skipped others — Auctioneer — but there was still quite a bit that didn’t sit right for me. The level 110 boost is a great helping hand — the way it eases you back into playing is fantastic — but it’s not really all the way there.

Re-Learning Curve

There’s so much left out, so much extra reading to be done. So many things have changed. Stats have been squished , for example. That means items don’t have as grand a difference in quality until you reach a certain point. Basically put — the stuff you’re wearing when you boost to 110 is garbage, certainly, but it’s not utter garbage. And if you take into account the fact that you’ll render most of it obsolete two hours after Battle for Azeroth launches, it’s not even all that big a deal. But it’s certainly confusing when you first get in.

Artifact Weapons are another big deal — except, thanks to the imminent launch of BfA, they aren’t. They’re Legion content, and it’s probably too late for me to really worry about getting into them. I think, anyway.

Another big deal is War Mode . I’ve always played on PVP realms. There’s something extremely satisfying about being able to gank an Alliance player when I see them, and if the price for doing that is occasionally being ganked myself, I’ll pay it. Better still is when you see an Alliance player on in a PVP realm and the two of you decide to let one another be.

The talents page
PVP talents are on the right

Now, all realms are essentially PVE. To engage in World PVP, you need to specifically turn War Mode on while in your capital. To encourage people to do this, there are a swathe of bonuses — extra talents, extra experience gains and a few other things that won’t trigger until level 120.

It’s all about trying to get players into the mindset of war — the Battle for Azeroth, as it were. And I’d mostly dismissed it. I had my War Mode set on, because I am unquestionably about that life, but while doing the bidding of Lady Sylvanas in the questline leading into BfA I hadn’t seen much to indicate its value.

I couldn’t be a Blood DK, because Blood Spec is for Tanks now. I couldn’t just PVP any Alliance character I saw, because they can opt out (and knowing Alliance players they would). I couldn’t tell what my gear was worth because the numbers all mean different things now — although I could tell I was in garbage.

I was back in, but it was all so alien. Then I made it to the Darkshore portion of the BfA opening questline.

Devil’s Night

The local chat was aflame constantly. Alliance players were being called out constantly, discussion was being had — about Warcraft, about sports, about Black Ops 4 — and the world seemed alive. It’s the point of impact for players excited for the new expansion, and everyone is getting in on the fun. Darkshore is gank city, baby.

A player looks at a crate drop in the distance.
A fancy man with fancy plans and pants to match

The real reason is the crate drop. Every 20 minutes or so a goblin flying machine rumbles through the zone. A cry goes up in local chat — “Plane!” — and whoever is present chases after it. It’s like the supply drop in PUBG — except you should actually go for this one. Whichever faction opens the crate gets access to loot for about 60 seconds, and there’s good gear within.

Only one faction can open the crate, so the idea is supposed to be a great battle. What happens instead are raid groups, as players form up across realms into massive teams to lock down the zone.

Something to do with the way the game does instancing — probably a player limit restriction — means that generally one side will dramatically outnumber the other. If you notice 40 enemies and only three other allies, you’ve rolled a 1 — a critical fail — on your instance check. You won’t be getting those crates this time.

That’s only happened to me once though. Every other time, it’s been a Horde party. The seaside town of Lor’Danel is on fire, and that’s where we sit. Some people gank the handful of Alliance unlucky enough to be instanced with us. When a multi-boxer started picking off stray Horde players, we all banded together to show him what for. But mostly I yammer on in local chat and crack jokes with people I’ve seen before. Hang out, basically.

Stay tuned for the second part of my diary series — with launch less than a day away, I’ll join the race to 120 and probably talk less about my insomnia.

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Robots are getting more social, but humans may not be ready

BOSTON — Personal home robots that can socialize with people are starting to roll out of the laboratory and into our living rooms and kitchens. But are humans ready to invite them into their lives? It’s taken decades of research to build robots even a fraction as sophisticated as those featured in popular science fiction….
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Kim Kardashian sparkles as she gets ready for Pusha T’s star-studded wedding

KIM Kardashian showed off her wedding get-up while getting ready for Pusha T’s star-studded wedding.

The reality star, 37, wore a skintight gold Balmain dress and an amazing purse shaped like an old-school mobile phone.

Kim shows off her skin tight gold dress and old-school mobile phone shaped purse ahead of Pusha T’s wedding

She posted a sneak peak of her outfit to her Instagram stories as she beautified ahead of the rapper’s nuptials in Goergia yesterday.

The glitzy event boasted a host of stars  – including Pharrell Williams as best man.

Kim posed in front of a full length mirror in her hotel.

Her sparkly phone purse was embellished with Judith Leiber crystals

She also took a short video of husband Kanye West looking dapper in a black and white dress suit.

The loved up mum added the caption: “Mr. West is in the building”.

The sparkly phone purse was embellished with Judith Leiber crystals
Kanye West looked dapper as he got ready for the do
The wedding brochure featured sketches of the major players – including best man Pharrell Williams
Rapper Pusha T was getting married at a swanky hotel at Virginia Beach
Getty – Contributor
Kim Kardashian claimed she’s ‘really shy’ in her latest Instagram post

She added: “He looks so handsome in a suit.”

Pusha T, real name Terrence Levarr Thornton, married longtime girlfriend Virginia Joy Williams at The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach.

A wedding day program featured artistic sketched of the major players on the day.

Kim flashed the fancy flier in her Insta video ahead of the reception.

Kanye produced Pusha’s album Daytona, released in May this year.

Yesterday, Kim claimed she’s “really shy” after posting a picture striking a sexy pose in a bikini by a pool.

But fans were quick to point out that the post by Kim – famous for showing her curves – might be tongue in cheek.

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How Black Women Can Show We’re Ready to Lead

Black women can achieve power in corporate America, if we get real about the barriers we’re facing, if we’re united in our quest to overcome them, and if we’re willing to engage advocates and allies to help us get there.

That was the message at a special session during this year’s Women of Power Summit for the 40 Bank of America employees in attendance.

“We did this entire research project on what’s keeping black women from advancing to the C-suite. And we wanted to take this research on the road,” says Calandra Jarrell, senior vice president of Global Diversity and Inclusion, who moderated the candid conversation “Black Women: Ready to Lead—Speaking Truth to Power.”

“We’re exploring black women’s pursuit of powerful jobs and what’s getting in the way—unique challenges that affect brown girls. And having real-talk dialogue about what it feels like to be black in corporate America and a woman at that,” Jarrell says.

That research, Black Women: Ready to Lead, was conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation and co-sponsored by Bank of America. It showed that black women are 2.8 times more likely than white women to aspire to a powerful position with a prestigious title.

But despite the intention, and the fact that almost half of black women (43%) are confident they can succeed in a position of power, the numbers of black women in top positions in corporate America just aren’t adding up.

“We’re not broken; it’s not about performance,” Jarrell says. “It’s about how do we gain the necessary exposure—the same things our counterparts already have. And how do we brainstorm what our company and other leaders can do to really empower us and give us an equal chance.”

The panel featured Tiffany Eubanks-Saunders, senior vice president and market sales executive for U.S. Trust; Michelle Avan, director, Supervision Executive Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch; Ebony Thomas, senior vice president of global employment branding and enterprise diversity recruiting executive; along with the company’s highest-ranking black woman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Cynthia Bowman.

black women in corporate america

The Black Women: Ready to Lead session at the 2018 Women of Power Summit

“As black women in corporate America, we experience it day in and day out that we have to work twice as hard to get half as much. If you think of all of the ethnicities and the genders, black women are literally the last in everything. We have to get real creative about how we can change the dynamic,” Eubanks-Saunders said at the event.

Other nuggets of wisdom were dropped during the conversation about how we can make sure all black women succeed:

Be honest about what more you could be doing. “If we’re gonna be real, real, real with each other, no we don’t always encourage each other. We need to be kind to each other, love up on each other, and say ‘I see you,’” Avan said. “We have an obligation to give to one another support and understanding and to put it forward to model for young women.”

Have the courage to ask for help. “Black girl magic is a gift and a curse. The whole notion of magic is that it’s supernatural—you see it but you don’t believe it. But that magic hurts us. It means we can’t be vulnerable. We can’t ask for help,” Thomas said. “We might have to expose ourselves if we want those allies to be a part of our journey.”

Take care of each other along the way. Sharing what we know, even when it comes to sensitive topics, it’s the only way we’re going to overcome disparities, like the pay gap. “If you have information, don’t just hold it to yourself. If you know it, I want to hear it. School me,” Avan said.

Speak up, even when you’re not the one affected. “We all have a role. We all have the power within us to make a difference. Even if it’s small, collectively we have a broader impact. If you’re silent on an issue, you’re condoning it,” Bowman said.

The session was part of a series of discussions dubbed “Courageous Conversations,” which have been organized by employee networks at the company since 2015 to bring employees together, create awareness of their different experiences, and encourage open dialogue.

More than 60,000 employees have participated in a Courageous Conversation to date, on topics such as social justice and the role of the majority in diversity.

It’s just one of the initiatives Bank of America, where more than 40% of the U.S. workforce is racially or ethnically diverse, has in place to help develop and support black employees.

The Black Professional Group, one of the company’s oldest employee networks with more than 10,000 members, is bolstered by the Black Executive Leadership Council, which works to advance talent and increase representation, and the Diverse Leaders Sponsorship program, which engages senior leaders to promote the visibility of diverse protégés.

Such openness and connection are essential to disrupting the forces that prevent true inclusion. Said Bowman: “If you don’t address the real heart of the issues and have a dialogue around the brutal facts, it’s hard to make progress.”

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Cardi B Gets Real About Motherhood – ‘You’ll Never Be Ready For Mommy Mode!’

The rapper is now a mom and is realizing what that really means. But while it’s definitely not easy and nothing can really prepare you for it beforehand, Cardi B wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cardi has been sacrificing her precious sleep ever since welcoming baby daughter Kulture, but that hasn’t dragged her down.

Today, she took to her social media to share a video with her followers in which she addressed her 10 MTV Video Music Awards nominations, something she was obviously really happy and grateful for.

She also went on to open up about motherhood, using a doll to talk to the fans as she apparently did not look a hundred percent at the time and did not want to show her face.

‘Thank you to everybody. I cannot believe that I got nominated for 10 VMA Awards. I’m just been so busy, so tired. Like, I’m in a different world, a different dimension. Now, let me get back to this mommy thing. Let me tell you something. No matter how many books you read or advice I get, y’all will never be ready for mommy mode,’ she said in the clip.

Before that post, she shared a pic that showed only half of her makeup-free face and wrote that she absolutely needed some sleep.


Yesterday, Cardi also posted a pic featuring her and hubby Offset at the doctor with their newborn for a routine checkup and she was not wearing any makeup in that one either.

Ain’t nobody got time for that when they have a bundle of joy to take care of!

As you may remember, Kulture was born on July 10 and the rapper couple is yet to post a pic of her.

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Sweden’s Granqvist ready to show England what they missed

Andreas Granqvist did not exactly set the world alight during his two seasons with the Premier League side Wigan, but Sweden’s defensive linchpin is ready to show how far he has come when his side take on England in the World Cup quarter-finals.

Reuters: Sports News


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Canopy: Marijuana Giant Ready To Smoke Competitors

Cannabis producer Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) reported 55 percent surge in revenue for the fourth quarter compared to the prior year, supported by improved volume and better price. However, the company recorded loss attributable to shareholders of C$ 61.5 million or C$ 0.31 per share compared to loss of C$ 11.99 million or C$ 0.08 per share last year.
RTT – Earnings


US ‘not ready’ for increasing level of deadly bug diseases – RSS Channel – Health


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Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Ready to dive in?We have an exclusive first look at Jason…

Ready to dive in?

We have an exclusive first look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman! Go inside the ambitious attempt to bring a former pop culture punchline to the big screen.

You can pick up the Jason Momoa cover on newsstands starting 6/15, and the group cover exclusively at Barnes & Noble starting 6/19. 
📷: © 2018 WBEI/TM & © DC Comics

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Trump ready to impose tariffs on about $50 billion in Chinese goods: official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Trump has made up his mind to impose “pretty significant” tariffs on Chinese goods, an administration official said on Thursday, as Beijing warned that it was ready to respond if Washington chose to ratchet up trade tensions.

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Are you ready for the danger of Mount Everest


Many people are aware that climbing a mountain is no easy feat, especially the most iconic peak in the world, Mount Everest. Ofen it is presumed that you’ll need to be an expert climber to simply just make it on the mountain itself. Can a humble hiker make it, or is it only a place for experts?

The climb

If you want to climb Everest specifically, you’re going to need some solid climbing experience to help get you to the top. You’ll need to have experience using crampons (the spiky shoe attachments) and weeks worth of climbing experience on challenging ascents, up to about 8,000 meters. It will probably take around three years to gain enough experience to feel confident about your chances on Everest. You’ll also need good levels of cardio training as, due to the altitude, the air becomes very thin and many people require the use of oxygen to complete their journey to the summit.

The nearby mountain

Mount Everest is just one peak in a region of peaks around Nepal, Tibet, and China. While Everest may be the end goal, there are many climbs nearby that will give you great experience for climbing the beast itself. In Nepal, you can get yourself onto several peaks that are ideal for trekking which won’t require much climbing skill. As an added bonus there are not the huge access fees on these peaks as there are with getting onto Mount Everest. We recommend heading to Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, and Island peak as Everest alternatives, or warm-ups.

Base Camp

If you’re determined to get onto Everest but don’t want to put in the time learning to climb then, you can get to Everest Base Camp which is a common hiking trail. They are substantial trips, however, and can last between 7 and 14 days. From the Nepal side of the mountain, you will find a variety of hikes that are challenging and, importantly, beautiful and diverse routes. If you want to get to Base Camp on an easier route, you can head there via Tibet, which is the north side of the mountain. China has actually built a road to Base Camp from here, but that doesn’t mean it will be plain sailing. You’ll still take almost a week getting there as your body will have to gradually acclimatize to the altitude that keeps on rising the closer to Base Camp you get.

Immerse yourself

It would be a shame to visit the most iconic peak in the world and miss out on some of the cultures that reside there. The Sherpa community live in nearby villages in Nepal, and if you take a trip up the mountain, you are likely to have the pleasure of their company as they help to guide you up the mountain. Often they will invite you to their village once you’ve managed to navigate your way up and down Everest successfully. Visiting their home towns and villages is an incredible experience, and they are so welcoming you’ll feel like you’re a part of the family. Just a part of the family that doesn’t speak the same language!

So yes, you can visit Everest. Even if you aren’t the strongest climber, you’ll find some treks and hikes that should help to prepare you for a climb in the future. Or you can simply enjoy the approach to Base Camp and look up at the magnificent mountain from below.


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The Bachelorette Wants Becca to Leave Arie in the Past, Even Though It Doesn’t Seem Ready to Do the Same

The Bachelorette, Becca KufrinIt’s only week two of The Bachelorette, and already s–ts getting real.
The men vying for Becca Kufrin’s heart have wasted no time in letting their crazy out, and already our poor…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Ready for the C-Suite? 6 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Executive Presence

If you have your eyes on an executive position or the “C-suite,” take note: Competency is not enough to claim the corner office. Climbing the corporate ladder of success requires a combination of skill, emotional intelligence, and unshakable self-confidence. So, are you really prepared to take the lead? It all boils down to how you carry yourself at work and connect with the people around you.

 6 mistakes that can damage your executive presence and C-suite potential 

  • Not keeping cool under pressure –A big part of executive presence is understanding how people view you as a leader. So take note, rarely will employees respect the authority or vision of an unhinged leader. Staying calm under stressful situations builds trust, credibility, and a positive team culture in the workplace.


  • Not polishing your soft skills – As you advance in your career, soft skills like negotiation and presentation skills become increasingly more important than functional skills. For instance, if you’re standing up in front of staff or executives and presenting a status update, be prepared to clearly articulate your challenges and ideas for improvement, ask questions, listen, and accept constructive feedback.


  • Not inspiring people to take action – Whether you work at a small organization or large company, change and conflict is inevitable. Beyond maintaining your composure during uncertain times, you’ll need to find the good in a negative situation and empower people to take action.


  • Not understanding how your work fits into the bigger picture – Oftentimes, tough decisions are made at work that affects the daily routine of staff, as a leader you’ll be expected to focus on the big picture while rallying employees around the positive and keeping them on track. Also, if you’re looking to get ahead at work, keep track of your numbers. For instance, how has your work impacted the company’s bottom line? That way, during talks of promotion, you can clearly articulate your performance metrics and the value you’ve delivered to the company.


  • Not making decisions – One of the quickest ways to fail as a leader is to not make a decision. Indecision is a decision that could affect your ability to reach company goals and inspire your team. Plus, it can kill your opportunity for career advancement.


  • Not understanding office politics – Regardless of your industry, there’s a game called “office politics” that’s played in every organization. Office politics include navigating informal social networks and systems of power and influence. When it comes to office politics ask yourself: How are decisions made at this company (take note, it’s not about how you think they should be made)? Who are the key people who influence change at work and filter ideas to the decision makers? How can I build relationships with these people and get them on board with my ideas? Asking for stretch assignments is one way to understand office politics.

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Colin Kaepernick’s Lawyer Says Witness Ready To “Dime Out The NFL”

VH1's 3rd Annual 'Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms' - Inside

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Colin Kaepernick‘scollusion case against the NFL has taken an extreme turn after his lawyer dropped a potential bombshell of information. Mark Geragos says that at least one team owner testified under oath that President Donald Trump’s comments about Kaepernick’s protests prevented the free agent quarterback’s signing. 

Sports Illustrated reports:

Attorney Mark Geragos told the “Straight Aim” podcast Tuesday that the unidentified owner’s testimony proves collusion.

“In this civil case, there’s no doubt that the existing coaches — and I’m talking about Super Bowl-winning coaches — have testified under oath that he’s a starting quarterback in this league, and so that’s mind boggling,” Geragos said. “When you ask them … specifically why he isn’t he being hired … they say because of the national anthem policy.

The only reason — and the owners will admit that — they haven’t signed him is they’re afraid of Trump, and they’ve colluded because of Trump,” Geragos added.

Geragos reiterated the news on CNN Wednesday night (5/30) according to a ProFootballTalk report that a witness may step forward and “dime out the NFL” although he wouldn’t elaborate on when it will happen.

Photo: Getty

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired


Men, Are You and Your Legs Ready for a Summer of Suit Shorts?

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

There are a few staples in every man’s wardrobe, and a good suit is one of them. In a 2010 Esquire article, there were a few quality traits listed for purchasing a good suit, such as fabric, fineness, strength, and variety. Good fit is also always a must, and a good tailor to make sure the fit ends up impeccable is also key.

When it comes to tailoring the pants of a suit there are typically three options: full break, mid-break, and no break. However, a fourth option for suit bottoms has become shorts.

While the thought in itself was once unheard of and would make the traditional dapper dandy’s shutter in horror, for younger, fashionable men they are a gold standard for summer.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


6 Regal Anime on Crunchyroll to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding

On May 19th one of the most beautiful events of all time will take place — a royal wedding. Prince Henry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. To celebrate, FANDOM went through Crunchyroll’s anime catalog and found a few anime shows that will put you in a grand mood.  So, here are six anime to get you ready for the royal wedding.

Yona of the Dawn

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding Yona of the Dawn

The Kingdom of Kouka has only one person in line for the throne, the 15-year-old princess Yona. The sheltered princess expects to have a fantastic birthday celebration with her father King il, her friend and bodyguard Hak, and her older cousin (and love interest) Soo-Won. But, things don’t go as planned. Yona witnesses Soo-Won murdering the king.

Now, with the king dead, Soo-Won claims the crown. Hak and Yona must flee the palace for their lives. But it is only when Yona leaves the comfort of the palace that she sees the impact of her father’s rule. The Kingdom of Kouka lies in ruin due to poverty, conflicts, and corruption. Reclaiming the throne will be more difficult than she initially thought. Even so, she’s determined to grow from a naïve young princess to a fierce warrior.

Based on Mizuho Kusanagi’s manga of the same name, Yona of the Dawn tells the tale of a young woman forced to face the dark truths surrounding her country, father, and the person she used to love. But despite how dire her situation may be, Yona — with Hak by her side — decides to face these hardships in hopes of restoring her country to its former glory.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding Snow White with the Red Hair

Despite having the same title as one of Disney’s most famous fairy tales, Snow White with the Red Hair is nothing like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Ever since she was a young girl living in the Kingdom of Tanbarun, Shirayuki has gained attention due to her rare, apple-red hair color. Years later, she runs an herbalist shop and receives the same attention — but, this time, from the prince of Tanbarun. Instead of romancing her, as any normal fairy tale prince would do, Raji Shenazard demands that Shirayuki become his concubine.

Unwilling to give up her freedom, Shirayuki cuts her mane and escapes into the woods. There she meets Zen Wistaria, the prince of the neighboring country of Clarines, and his two aides. In exchange for healing the prince’s injury, he invites Shirayuki to come to his kingdom.

In Clarines, the girl with the red hair sets out to follow her passion by becoming an apprentice court herbalist. But that isn’t her only goal. She also wants to stay close to the charming young prince. Will their social standings keep them apart, or will love conquer all?

Code Geass

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding Code Geass

Thanks to its military might, the Holy Britannian Empire rules over one-third of the world. In the 21st century, Britannia invades Japan using giant robot weapons called Knightmare Frames. Now the rest of the world refers to Japan as “Area 11,” and its people as “Elevens.”

An exiled Britannian who was living in Japan at the time, Lelouch Lamperouge, vowed to his Japanese friend Suzaku that he’d destroy Britannia for all the harm it has caused. Years later, Lelouch is in high school. But he rarely attends as he skips class to play chess and gamble against aristocrats. As small as this may be, it’s his way of fighting against Britannia.

One day, he stumbles upon a terrorist group of Elevens who have stolen a mysterious green-haired girl from a military convoy. Lelouch meets this strange girl, known as C.C., who offers him a great yet equally atrocious power — the Geass. With this new ability, Lelouch can get anyone to do his bidding, and he’s got his sights set on the Holy Britannian Empire. But will Lelouch exact retribution, or will he fall victim to the Geass’s curse?

Black Butler

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding Black Butler

As the “Queen’s Guard Dog,” 10-year-old Ciel Phantomhive is the most powerful boy in all of England. However, the young Phantomhive has endured much suffering. He not only watched his beloved parents die in a fire, he also was abducted and violently tortured.

Desperate to see his parents’ murderers burn, he trades his soul to a demon for a chance to exact revenge on them. This demon, known as Sebastian Michaelis, now serves as Ciel’s butler. He will protect and serve his young master. But he can’t wait to make a delicious meal out of Phantomhive’s soul.

With countless faithful servants and Sebastian on his side, the Queen’s lapdog will confront some formidable enemies in England’s high society as he searches for his parents’ murderers.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding The Heroic Legend of Arslan

It’s the year 320, and the truculent King Andragoras III of the Kingdom of Pars wages war with the neighboring empire of Lusitania. However, his son, the young prince Arslan is nothing like his father. The boy is a gentle and empathetic individual who is kind to everyone. Even so, as the future king of Pars, he must prove his strength on the battlefield.

However, during his first battle, everything goes wrong. One of the king’s most trusted officials, Kharlan, betrays King Andragoras III.  This allows Lusitanian forces to destroy the Parsan army and assume control over the royal city, Ecbatana. With the military in a mess and the Lusitanians out for his head, Arslan goes on the run. Luckily, he evades capture until his loyal friend Daryun, the formidable Black Knight of Pars, finds him.

With Ecbatana under the rule of Lusitania, Arslan and Daryun must surround themselves with warriors and advisors as the prince searches for a way to liberate the city. But first, he must learn what it means to rule.

The Royal Tutor

Anime to Get You Ready for the Royal Wedding The Royal Tutor

The “Royal Tutor” is an exceptional tutor responsible for educating members of the monarchy. They are also considered to be the best teacher in the nation. The charismatic yet strict royal tutor, Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant man who deserves respect. But, he often doesn’t get it thanks to his short, childlike appearance.

Still, the king of Granzreich has called upon Heine to attempt a difficult task, one that has driven away many of Heine’s colleagues. The king orders Heine to raise a worthy candidate for the throne. But there’s more to this request than meets the eye. At first glance, the princes have all the charisma and delicacy that you would expect from members of the monarchy. However, in actuality, the four princes are a bunch of troublemakers.

Laughter and a ton of headaches await Heine as he tries to form a bond with each of the young princes to groom them for the throne. How will Heine handle these brothers who were too much for the previous royal tutors to handle?

7 Anime That Need to Come to Crunchyroll or Funimation

6 Life-Changing Anime That Changed How We Saw the World

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Are you ready to explore these mysterious forests


There is nothing like a walk through the woods. Birds chirp, the air feels cleaner, and the way that the sun filters through the trees and the leaves is simply divine. Forests have this sublime magical quality about them, and you can feel the magic within flowing out of the ground. That must be the reason that they are so relaxing to walk through!

However, not all forests are created equally, with some garnering much more attention than others due to their unique flora and fauna. Here are five incredibly beautiful forests which will take your breath away.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar

This forest, located on the Western side of the African island of Madagascar, not only has beautiful jungles replete with lemurs, lizards, and hawks, but also is home to a unique geological formation.

Called “Tsingy” (meaning “the place where one can not walk barefoot” in the local Malagasy language), these are giant limestone hills which have been eroded by the wind and the rain so much that the hills are now razor sharp!

Because of this, it is nearly impossible to walk there except with special equipment. However, because there are so few humans in the area, the park has seen an explosion in bird and lemur populations!

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

This forest is one of the last remaining virgin rainforests in the world. First settled as recently as the 1970’s, the Costa Rican government knew that they had to preserve it for future generations, and to keep the 70,000 tourists who visit the forest every year happy.

And happy they are. With over 500 animal species and 2,500 plant species, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the most bio-diverse placed on the planet. This is helped by the fact that the reserve is actually a cloud forest, meaning that there is some level of cloud cover all day every day across the canopy.

If you want to go see this forest, the best way to see it isn’t to hike through it, but to zip line over it!

Hoosier National Forest, Indiana

Designated a national forest back in 1935, this forest has seen 12,000 years of human habitation. The Hoosier National Forest is relatively unknown as it is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, but that just makes it all the more intimate. With a collection of hickory, oak, buckeye, and sycamore trees, as well as the fact that so few people go there, this quintessential American forest is one of the nicest and most preserved in the entire nation.

Comprising over 260 miles of hiking paths, creeks, and streams, this immense park is not only easily accessible at any time, it is also completely free to enter.

Dragon’s blood forest, Socotra

Located on the Yemeni island of Socotra, this forest, just like everything else on the island, looks like it came from outer space. The trees which make up this forest are called dragon’s blood trees due to the red sap which comes out of them when the bark is cut.

Due to the fact that these trees are located on a desert island off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, it’s really nice that these trees are able to provide so much shade. They have an almost umbrella like appearance, with a huge head of leaves at the top being supported by a strong system of branches at the bottom.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Located close to the German border on the Polish side lies the Crooked Forest. And the forest definitely deserves its name. Comprised of several acres, it is not this forest’s size which makes it so compelling.

Instead, it is in fact the strange shape of the trees in the forest. Every single tree is crooked and bent near its base, and nobody’s quite sure how or why. But one thing is for certain – it was done by man.

Some prevailing theories are the German tanks bent the saplings in World War Two, or that they were curved in order to be used for wood to build boats.


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How to get your legs summer ready in 7 simple steps

Because they are essential to any summer look

OK, so it’s now warm enough for us to forgo tights and opt for shorter hemlines if we so desire, but there’s a big issue that comes with this new freedom. Legs that have seen better days. You see it isn’t just bears and small rodents that go into hibernation over the winter months, so to do regular tans and strict hair-removal regimes. What’s needed is an easy step-by-step of how to get legs summer-ready. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’ve created here for you.

With the help of leg-expert Kate Shapland, creator of Legology – the beauty brand created as a high performance solution to cellulite and heavy legs – we’ve come up with the simple way to ensure that you won’t get caught out on sunny days this summer.

Step 1: Body Scrub

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub, £13 Boots

prep legs for summer


‘Skin which has been covered for months doesn’t look its best,’ Shapland explains. ‘Legs are usually a bit dry and dull, and even if you’ve religiously exfoliated and moisturised throughout winter, the expanse of bare skin from ankle to knee can demand an extra dollop of confidence to pull off.’ And so the first step is to buff away any dead skin. Not only will this create a clean, smooth surface, it will help boost circulation and get rid of any dullness. Dullness comes because dead skin can’t reflect light, do you want to get rid asap. ‘You need a power buffer – something super-crunchy that will send a rush of nutrient-rich blood to the skin’s surface to give it tone and colour, and plants plenty of suppleness back in there.’ You can beat Sanctuary Spa’s Salt Scrub, but we also love Espa’s Invigorating Salt Scrub, £38. If you don’t think either of these are for you, you could choose the best body scrub for your skin type.

Buy Now


Step 2: Dry Body Brush

Mio The Body Brush, £14.5o Cult Beauty

prep legs for summer



This is one of those things that we, as beauty editors, repeatedly tell people to do because the benefits are phenomenal. But this is also one of those things, that in all honesty not many people can be arsed to do. However, we are going to preach about it again in the hope that this time you will take note and segue it into your routine. In a recent BBC documentary, The Truth About…Looking Good, it was revealed that the best way to treat and get rid of cellulite is dry body brushing. Brushing from the ankles upwards in the direction of the heart in quick, swift motions boosts circulation and helps lymphatic drainage. Trapped fluid emphasizes cellulite and makes legs feel heavy, but by brushing twice a day you decrease fluid retention and toxins are drained away. This Mio Body Brush has additional nodules, which help to massage on a deeper level.

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Step 3: Moisturiser

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, £18.50 John Lewis

prep legs for summer Kiehls


If you want supple and smooth legs, you have to moisturise and you have to do it on the reg. This is not a step you want to skip. Nothing will leave legs in a better condition that super duper hydrated skin. Shapland recommends steering clear of oils, because not only do they sit on top of skin and don’t sink in as well as a moisturiser, but they’re also unflattering. ‘It’s the shine – the only acceptable area for sheen on your legs is a line down the shins because it helps make this area look longer and narrower.  All over shine gives you barrel legs in the same way that gloss volumises a lip.’ Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is a cult classic. It’s been around for years and it just does the job so well. It also sinks in quickly, so you don’t have to wait around for long before putting your clothes on.

Buy Now


Step 4: Hair Removal

Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze Razor, £7.99 Boots


prep legs for summer Venus


The thing about hair removal is a person typically falls into one of a few camps – laser, epilating, waxing or shaving. Laser can be pricey, epilating could be compared to a Medieval torture technique and waxing is for those with a high pain threshold. Which leaves shaving. Shaving is simple, pain-free and more importantly, purse-friendly. You really can’t go wrong with a Venus razor. They’ve been reliable since we were teenagers and they just keep getting better – this razor has two moisture bars either side of the three blades meaning that whilst you get a closer shave, your skin is treated to a nourishing boost of shea butter. Sometimes the most simple options are the best.

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Step 5: Cellulite Treatment

Remodelage treatment, from £180 at Grace Belgravia

prep legs for summer


‘Cellulite is not a life sentence,’ says Martine de Richeville, creator of the body treatment Remodelage, which helps to detox, refine and tone. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a relaxing-you-might-fall-asleep-during massage. It’s not. It’s a deep-tissue technique that incorporates the specially created 8 shaped motion and it pinches. Like a lot. But don’t be put off, because the therapist needs to get down into the lower levels to reach the older fat deposits. By doing this, it allows for better circulation to the area, which in turn reduces excess fat in the tissue. Not only does it tone the silhouette (which is excellent if you suffer from saddlebags at the top of your thighs), but it rather cleverly helps to filter the metabolic waste and flushes out toxins, so your digestion improves too. Shapland completely agrees that massage is vital to getting killer legs, ‘If it’s good, it won’t be comfortable, but your legs will look less puffy & feel lighter; so book a course of sessions.’

Book Now

Step 6: Gym Class

prep legs for summer

Nothing will prep your legs for summer better than exercise. We know, snooze. But Shapland suggests we embrace exercise: ‘Get up and cross the office to speak to someone instead of
emailing them, take the stairs at a run, do a handstand – anything that promotes circulation and maintains flow.’ Whilst a HIIT session or a spin class is a brilliant full body workout, there are now more and more classes that are specifically aimed at toning. From your classic Legs, Bums and Tums class to Barre-style workouts that combine traditional ballet positions with repetitive movements from Pilates, you’ll find something similar in most gyms. Virgin Active just launched a new Barre class that’s said to strengthen, lengthen, tone and tighten. If that isn’t incentive, we don’t know what is. GymBox has a hilarious class called Thunder, which don’t worry, does the opposite to giving you thunder thighs. It’s a class that uses the old 90s Thigh Masters (remember them?!) to work on toning quads and glutes. There’s plenty out there, so there’s really no excuse.

Book Now

Step 7: Tan

Legology Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs, £38 Space NK

prep legs for summer Legology

‘One of the biggest mistakes women make with their legs through the summer is with self-tan, because inevitably it’s too dark,’ explains Shapland. ‘Too many of us make this mistake at the start of the summer when we’re desperate to improve the look of skin too quickly.’ Even if you have the best fake tan or follow our fake tan tips, it should still be incredibly subtle. Still unsure? ‘You’re aiming for the kind of sun kissed shade skin develops after a long hot weekend, when skin has just ‘turned’, not full on tropical tan.’ For those with pale skin, something like the Legology’s Sheer Lingerie For Legs will work perfectly. Think of it as like the best cc cream – it makes your legs look better, rather than completely changing their colour. If you can’t give up the darker shade, then we recommend leg make-up products like Becca Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse and Vita Liberata tktktktktkt

Buy Now


So there you have it. Your complete guide to getting your legs ready for the summer.

What are you waiting for? Begin with step 1.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

NHL – High-flying Winnipeg Jets ready to roll the dice against Vegas

(Reuters) – The Winnipeg Jets thumped the Nashville Predators 5-1 in a Game Seven decider on Thursday to book a first trip to the Western Conference Final, where they will face a Vegas Golden Knights team that has smashed expectations in its inaugural season.

Reuters: Sports News


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In response, Iran warns it’s ready to start nuclear enrichment without limitations – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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CNN’s ‘United Shades Of America with W. Kamau Bell’ Is Back And Ready to Listen

CNN’s Emmy Award-winning United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell is back on the air for its third season.

The eight-part docuseries follows the comedian as he visits communities around the country, deftly deploying his unique brand of humor to explore issues of race, history, and the lived experiences of people who don’t typically make the news. But even at moments that could have been profoundly confrontational, Bell has consistently delivered more light than heat, and a master class in having “uncomfortable conversations.”

This year, Bell says to expect more of the same.

“I think that Americans are tired of manufactured conflict,” he tells raceAhead. “This is not going to be a season of my sitting down with an evil villain or ‘bait and switches’,” the kind of drama television likes to provide. “This is going to be me talking to interesting people whose voices aren’t heard enough.”

There were some potentially villainous moments even in the first season, which began airing in 2016.

The series opened with “The New KKK,” in which Bell met with actual Klan members in full hooded regalia by the side of a dark, country road. He even attended a “cross-lighting.” In addition to being gutsy, it established Bell’s ability to manage substantive conversations with people who believe horrific things without flinching or pandering.

But it was a different time.

“We didn’t realize how lucky we were that [season one] happened during the last year of Obama,” he said, a time when white supremacy felt less like an active threat. “We could really pick and choose what we wanted to talk about then,” he says.

By the time that season two rolled around, it felt like the country was on fire.

“With Trump offending so many people and saying so many outrageous racist, sexist and ableist things, it was like the news was handing out homework assignments,” he says.

Bell talked to immigrants, refugees and advocates, explored Chicago gang violence, visited Muslims in small town America, and even headed to coal country. All vital stuff, but still a laundry list of Trumpian talking points. At some point, he says, “it got exhausting trying to keep up with the news.”

Bell, who may be best known for his comedy, has excelled in the real world, as he stepped away from the relative detachment of the stand-up stage to meet people where they are and as they are, in the middle of their sometimes messy lives.

It’s a transition that many who speak from a position of authority struggle to achieve.

Bell’s secret is empathy. “I’ve learned that the more I can make it clear to people that I’m there for them, that I’m lucky to be there with them, it works,” he says,”and not that they’re lucky to be on TV with me–no, no, no.” The crew have become adept at making regular folks feel comfortable. “We don’t put the show before someone’s feelings and concerns.”

And, as a comic who specializes in sociopolitical content, he also comes prepared. “The show has taught me that I have a pretty good capacity to sit and listen,” a necessary first step to participating a tough conversation. “Part of being a standup comic is being an active listener- reading the room and paying attention to everybody,” he says.

But that can be hard to swallow for some. Bell got some flack for his interview with white supremacist Richard Spencer, in part, for talking to him at all.

“Look, I’m not gonna act like I’m not always second guessing myself on everything,” he laughs. “But people complained that I was giving him a platform and normalizing him. I reject that wholeheartedly. These racist ideas are in the White House now, we have to talk about them.”

Part of his frustration is that the series is filmed well in advance, so much of the news about Spencer–like when the white nationalist got sucker-punched, for example–happened months after the United Shades crew had come and gone. “Look, I was never going to punch the guy, but I would have brought it up,” says Bell. And he’s braced for similar dissonance this year. “We did a whole thing about HBCUs without knowing that Beyonce was going to claim them at Coachella,” he laughs.

But as a long-form documentary series, Bell’s commitment to shrugging off a news peg is smart. “We can tweak a little bit later, but the story we want to tell is the story we get to tell.”

Bell mentions one upcoming episode that came about because of a Twitter conversation.

He was invited to Boston by Harpreet Singh, the founder and co-CEO of Experfy, a Harvard Innovation Lab-based big data consultancy, and co-founder of the Sikh Coalition, to talk about hate crimes experienced by Sikhs.

The interviews included many members of the Sikh community in Boston and Yuba City, Calif. It was hardly breaking news; it took six months for the segment to be complete, including fact-checking and editing. “It turns out that we made the first-ever hour of television talking about their faith, which wasn’t our plan,” says Bell. “These are just people who we don’t know but should.”

Here’s another thing that he’s thinking about as season three launches: The country is united by a lot of collective stress at the moment.

“We’re more aware of bad things when they happen,” he says, citing the immediate outcry over the killing of Stephon Clark, who was unarmed, by the Sacramento police.”That would not have been a national story even a few years ago.” While he concedes that’s some form of progress, “I do think we all have to figure out how to process these things.”

Giving back is the only way forward, he says.

“A key part of dealing with this era in America is figuring out what you can do — using your privilege or your dollars or your free time to help.” A little goes a long way. “I’m a big fan of Donor’s Choose,” a non-profit that lets people pay for supplies on wish lists posted by classroom teachers. “It’s a little thing I can do where I feel I’m being productive even when I get caught up in the malaise of life.”

The show returns April 29 at 10:15 p.m. ET/PT.


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Why Now Is the Time to Get Ready for 2019 Goals

There is no doubt that you kicked off 2018 with a set of specific goals to accomplish by Dec. 31. Short-term goals, those that you want to achieve this year, are very important to outline. But what about what you want long-term? Now is the time to get ready for 2019.

In general, goal-setting should have a forward-thinking approach. When was the last time you thought about what you can do TODAY that will help position you for YOUR ultimate success down the road? You may think you have time to figure out how to get to where you want to be in five years, however in the words my mother shared to my sister and me many times while growing up, “It’s later than you think.”

Making Calculated Decisions

It is easy to overlook the opportunities that lie ahead when we are so focused on the day-to-day activities of your business. One key to long-term success is having the time and opportunity to plot and strategize. When you have time to think things through, you are more likely to achieve the results you want. By taking the time now to decide on long-term goals, you will be able to take action steps that will help you to seize a myriad of opportunities in years ahead.

I am stickler for strategizing; because of this people often say to me, “Oh, you seem to have everything figured out.” I hesitate to agree because life is a moving target. However, it’s not that I have everything figured out; I have taken the time to consider what I really WANT and then I take action by putting a plan in place to focus on what I really NEED to get it. It’s not that I’m special or super human; I just use my time wisely to plot and strategize around goals. This method always pays off.

Thinking Ahead
If you have uttered the phrase “by the end of next year” or “three years from now I want,” then it is definitely time for you to include your future goals this year. Here are several ways to master planning around long-term goals.

Recognize the Possibilities—Past, Present, and Future: Possibilities are central to reaching aspirational goals. It’s impossible to have the future you want if you haven’t already imagined it first, then worked toward it. If you fail to work within the possibilities, it’s almost impossible to create smart change. Focus on how matters can be different as opposed to how you failed in the past.

Create a To-Do List: Whatever your plans may be for the years ahead, you should be strategizing around how you will reach your goals. Take each long-term goal and create a list of what needs to happen to achieve it. Assign those tasks based on an order of importance to each month of the current year. Before long, you will be closer and closer to making your goal a reality.

Don’t Forget About Yourself: If you are to truly attain the success you want long-term, you should count on being the best YOU possible. Be sure you include goals that focus on self-improvement and your personal life, not just those that relate to your career or business. These can be categorized into areas such as leisure, fitness, and mindfulness so you’re ensuring your well-being is a top priority while planning for the years head.

Taking Actions Now For Later: Decide on what habits you need to create or steps you can take at this very moment to help you toward your long-term goals. If your plan is to take more time off in the coming year to vacation, consider what needs to be in place now, such as hiring an employee to acclimate them to your business methods long before you say “bon voyage.” Or perhaps you aspire to receive a major promotion; would taking a relevant course to optimize your skillset make a difference? Determine which skills you might need to excel in your new role and get the training you need now to improve your chances of being a superstar in your new role.

Finally, if you lead a fast-paced life in which the phrase “taking a break” means closing your eyes on an elevator for 30 seconds of precious shut-eye, then time is likely not your best friend. If reaching your long-term goals is important to you then you must carve out time to strategize to achieve them. The best way to do this is to plan a weekend getaway nearby where you take the time to think freely and plan accordingly with minimal distractions.

Goal-setting by definition is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future and for motivating yourself to turn the vision of your future into reality. Embrace the process to reap the benefits down the line.


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Career | Black Enterprise


Jon Gruden? Now Here’s a Guy Who’s Ready To Get Back on a Football Field

The revived Raiders coach exudes exuberance as his team’s first practices near. Here are five things Gruden shared in a wide-ranging conversation. Other sections include: draft buzz galore, like why Saquon Barkley might slip; the drama surrounding Tom Brady; why Case Keenum’s at ease in Denver; and more

Latest News


BWW TV: Condola Rashad & Company Get Ready for Opening Night of SAINT JOAN

Currently in previews at at MTC’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre is Manhattan Theatre Club’s new Broadway production of Saint Joan, written by Nobel Prize in Literature and Academy Award winner Bernard Shaw and directed by Tony Award winner Daniel Sullivan Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes, Proof. Starring three-time Tony Award nominee Condola Rashad A Doll’s House, Part 2 ‘Billions’, Saint Joan will open on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Featured Content


Universal to Adapt ‘Armada’ From ‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernest Cline

Universal to Adapt 'Armada' From 'Ready Player One' Author Ernest Cline

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One is a big hit at the box office, and a lot of its success is thanks to Ernest Cline (pictured above with Spielberg). He wrote the 2011 novel the movie is based on and also collaborated on the screenplay with Zak Penn. Now he's about to be a big deal in Hollywood. First up for his rise in notoriety: another adaptation of one of his books, according to Deadline, this time Armada.

That would be Cline's sophomore publication,…

Read More

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Fandango Movie News


Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One Tops Easter Weekend Box Office

(LOS ANGELES) — Steven Spielberg has found his way back to the top of the box office with the action-adventure “Ready Player One,” while Tyler Perry has scored again with “Acrimony.”

Studio estimates on Sunday say Spielberg’s virtual reality-focused film earned a solid $ 53.2 million in its first four days in theaters from 4,234 locations since opening Wednesday night, with $ 41.2 million of that coming from the three-day weekend.

Not adjusted for inflation, it’s Spielberg’s best opening in a decade following “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” which launched with $ 100.1 million in 2008. Aside from “The BFG,” Spielberg has lately favored smaller historical dramas instead of the big-scale blockbusters of his heyday.

Based on Ernest Cline’s popular novel and chalk full of references to 1980s pop culture, including some nods to Spielberg’s own films, “Ready Player One” is a return to the popcorn filmmaking that he became known for. With that includes a reportedly hefty $ 175 million price tag, which does not account for marketing costs.

Audiences gave the film an A- CinemaScore, and reviews have been warm, too (it’s sitting at a 76 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Those who turned out this weekend were mostly male (59 percent) and over the age of 25 (56 percent).

“It’s great to be in the Steven Spielberg business,” said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros.’ president of domestic distribution. “We always believed that this movie itself would carry the day and that’s really what happened. We’ve seen all around the globe that the word of mouth is really propelling it.”

Goldstein said while advance ticket sales were solid, the walk-up business was particularly robust on Friday and Saturday.

Internationally, the film exceeded the studio’s expectations with $ 128 million from 62 territories, including $ 61.7 million from China (the biggest-ever opening in the country for Warner Bros.). Globally it grossed $ 181.3 million.

ComScore senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian said the performance of “Ready Player One” should be judged in the context of the marketplace, which is down significantly (24.1 percent) from last March and has seen nearly every film since “Black Panther” open in the “middling to good range.”

“None of them have set the world on fire,” Dergarabedian said. “We’re living in a world where a $ 52.3 million gross for the first four days is a really good number.”

“Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” took second place. Driven by an overwhelmingly female audience, the film starring Taraji P. Henson grossed $ 17.1 million over the 3-day weekend, followed by “Black Panther” in third place with $ 11.3 million.

With $ 650.7 million in domestic grosses, “Black Panther” is poised to pass “Jurassic World’s” $ 652 million to become the fourth highest grossing domestic release of all time.

A batch of faith-based films also competed for attention leading up to the Easter holiday, including “I Can Only Imagine,” which scored again with $ 10.8 million to take fourth place. It outshined “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” which earned $ 3.5 million in weekend two and the new opener, “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness,” which stumbled with $ 2.6 million. Even Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs,” playing in only 165 locations, beat “God’s Not Dead 3” with $ 2.8 million.

“Pacific Rim Uprising” rounded out the top five with $ 9.2 million, down 67 percent from last weekend’s No. 1 opening.

The year is still down nearly four percent, too, but there are some superheroes on the horizon.

“The cavalry is on the way in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’” Dergarabedian said.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to comScore. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1.”Ready Player One,” $ 41.2 million.

2.”Tyler Perry’s Acrimony,” $ 17.1 million.

3.”Black Panther,” $ 11.3 million.

4.”I Can Only Imagine,” $ 10.8 million.

5.”Pacific Rim Uprising,” $ 9.2 million.

6.”Sherlock Gnomes,” $ 7 million.

7.”Love, Simon,” $ 4.8 million.

8.”Tomb Raider,” $ 4.7 million.

9.”A Wrinkle in Time,” $ 4.7 million.

10.”Paul, Apostle of Christ,” $ 3.5 million.

Entertainment – TIME


‘Ready Player One’ loads imaginative mash-up from Steven Spielberg

Of all the influences crashing around in “Ready Player One,” none stands out more than “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” So perhaps appropriately, director Steven Spielberg has served up a giant candy store of a movie — exploding with color, nostalgia, pure fun and plenty of imagination, even if the amusement-park ride lasts a bit too long. – RSS Channel – Entertainment


A Handy Guide to the References and Easter Eggs in Ready Player One

Most of the time, Easter eggs—the kind you find in a video game or Marvel movie, not the ones painted in dainty pastels—are just a diversion. In Ready Player One, they’re the main event. The new movie from Steven Spielberg, adapted from Ernest Cline’s award-winning 2011 novel, takes place in 2045, when a decreasingly habitable real world has driven its inhabitants to spend much of their time in a virtual reality alternative called the OASIS. After his death, its creator James Halliday (Mark Rylance) leaves a message that whoever finds the Easter egg he’s hidden inside this vast simulated world will inherit the keys to his kingdom. Cue the efforts of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) and friends, whose quest to find the egg before an evil corporate competitor (Ben Mendelsohn) propels the movie’s action.

Ready Player One isn’t just about an Easter egg, though — it’s full of them. So many, in fact, that it would require pausing the movie at every frame with a 1980s nerd-culture savant on your shoulder to find them all. (Once it’s streaming, we don’t doubt that many will try.) Some, like the gargantuan King Kong that leaps from the OASIS’ Empire State Building, are easy enough to spot. Others require an eagle eye and perhaps a refresher of that old VHS collection.

Below, find a guide to some of the most notable references and Easter Eggs in Ready Player One.

MORE: Steven Spielberg on the Glories and Limits of Nostalgia in Ready Player One

Superman, Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman

Batman is the first of the DC Comics superheroes seen in Ready Player One, when Wade is giving the audience a tour of the limitless possibilities inside the OASIS. One of them: climb Mt. Everest with Batman. Superman is invoked several times, once when Wade and Art3mis (Olivia Cooke) quote Lex Luthor, and again when Wade puts on Clark Kent glasses to hide his identity. The Joker and Harley Quinn can be spotted among the many crowds of avatars the populate the OASIS. And Wade’s best friend Aech (Lena Waithe), known as Helen in the real world, has a Wonder Woman patch on her jacket.

According to Screenrant, these rights were likely among the easiest to secure, since Warner Bros., which distributed Ready Player One, owns DC Entertainment.

Back to the Future

Inside the OASIS, Wade’s avatar Parzival drives a DeLorean, just like the one used to travel back to the future in the 1985 Robert Zemeckis film (which Spielberg executive produced). Later, Art3mis teases Parzival, calling him McFly, a reference to Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly. In a pivotal scene, Parzival uses a “Zemeckis cube,” which looks like a Rubik’s Cube but can be used to turn back time 60 seconds.

King Kong

During the race for the first of Halliday’s three keys, Wade and the other competing avatars must dodge a number of obstacles. The worst of them is a fierce King Kong, swinging from the Empire State Building and making the challenge nearly impossible. (This one’s hard to miss, no matter your literacy in nerd culture.)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Spielberg has said that he didn’t want the movie to be full of references to his own filmography, but a few made it in. At the end of the movie, we get a glimpse into Halliday’s childhood bedroom. On the wall is a poster for the 1981 Indiana Jones movie (along with posters for Rush and Pacman). There’s also a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gremlin in the final battle (Spielberg executive-produced that movie) and a giant T-rex in the race scene, which doesn’t appear to be directly out of Jurassic Park—but it does conjure thoughts of that movie.

The Iron Giant

Aech’s workshop is replete with references, many of which are barely visible to the naked eye. The most glaring of them is a model of the Iron Giant, from the 1999 Warner Bros.-produced movie of the same name. (The friendly robot also makes a pivotal appearance during Ready Player One‘s climax.) In a conversation with production designer Adam Stockhausen, Entertainment Weekly identified a plethora of other Easter Eggs in this scene, including: the Winnebago from Spaceballs, a device from the animated series Exosquad, a starfighter from Battlestar Galactica, a droid from RoboCop, the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a Thunderfighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the Swordfish II from the show Cowboy Bebop and the EVA pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Buckaroo Banzai

While preparing for a date with Art3mis in the OASIS, Parzival tries on several outfits, settling on a tribute to Buckaroo Banzai, the protagonist of the 1984 sci-fi film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Banzai, a brain surgeon-slash-rock star who fights alien invaders, turns out to be a good choice to impress Art3mis. Aech’s bedroom, where Parzival is trying on outfits, has posters from the 1980s movies Mad Max and The Beastmaster, and Parzival does the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video while getting dressed.

Space Invaders

Halliday wears a t-shirt that pays tribute to Space Invaders, the arcade game released in 1978. It’s one of many video games made for Atari (the 1980 version was made for Atari 2600) that are referenced in the film. Others include Swordquest, Atari Adventure and Centipede.

Last Action Hero

In the race sequence early in the film, the words “Jack Slater” appear on a marquis. Slater is the name of the fictional character played by Arnold Schwarznegger in the 1993 action-comedy Last Action Hero, directed by John McTiernan. Later, when the characters are trying to get Halliday’s second key, there are several other movies playing at a movie theater: Say Anything, The Fly remake, and The Shining.

The Shining

In search of the second key, Parzival, Art3mis and company enter into a replica of the world of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of The Shining, complete with Room 237, a tennis ball and those creepy twins. They figure out that this corner of the OASIS contains the key based on a clue about a “creator who hates his creation.” Stephen King, who wrote the novel, has famously spoken out about his distaste for the movie. Another King reference: during the race scene, one avatar is driving the Plymouth from his 1983 novel Christine.

Tootsie Pop

There are many food and drink references in Ready Player One, including a joke, made by I-R0K (T.J. Miller) about the owl in the commercial for the Tootsie Pop, which debuted in the 1960s, before most of the other references in the film. At one point, Sorrento, the villain played by Mendelsohn, makes a reference to drinking Tab soda in order to appear down with retro pop-culture references. The opening scene shows drones delivering Pizza Hut, and Hot Pockets, a classic ’80s snack, are also mentioned.

Odds and Ends

Music: The soundtrack includes many classics of the late 1970s and 1980s, including: Van Halen’s “Jump,” Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” Prince’sI Wanna Be Your Lover,” the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” and Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” There are also references to Duran Duran, “Take on Me” by a-ha and the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” and a Billy Idol CD can be spotted in Halliday’s old office.

Games: The OASIS has within it many popular video and arcade games including Street Fighter, Halo, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons and Borderlands. Robotron and Dark Crystal are also referenced.

Toys: In addition to the Rubik’s-like Zemeckis cube, Parzival uses a Magic 8-Ball to broadcast a message across the OASIS. In the race scene, Aech drives a Bigfoot Monster Truck, which was made into a Hot Wheels toy.

Star Wars: At one point, Wade is offered a deal that involves use of a Millennium Falcon in the OASIS. A Leia avatar is also visible among the crowds in the OASIS.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Halliday references the Keanu Reeves/Alex Winter comedy while hatching a plan that involves traveling backwards in time.

The Princess Bride: When following orders from Sorrento, I-R0K says, “As you wish,” a phrase Westley repeats to Princess Buttercup throughout The Princess Bride.

Citizen Kane: At the end of the movie, Wade refers to another character as “the Rosebud,” a reference to Orson Welles’ dying words in the 1941 classic.

Also Spotted: Marvin the Martian, Hello Kitty and Beetlejuice walking around inside the OASIS; Chucky, the creepy villain from the Child’s Play horror movies; Mechagodzilla, from the 1974 movie Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, during the final battle; and an alien like the one that bursts out of John Hurt’s chest in Alien (1979).

Entertainment – TIME


The 3 Best Horror Homages in ‘Ready Player One’

Ready Player One is filled with movie references, featuring stone-cold classics like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and Saturday Night Fever. Alongside the blockbusters however, horror films also play a surprisingly prominent role in proceedings. Even though Ernest Cline — writer of the book and co-writer of the screenplay — isn’t a horror guy.

“That’s the one weak spot in my ’80s knowledge,” he told FANDOM during the film’s London junket. “I’m like Aech in the film; I didn’t like scary movies. I would force myself to watch the ones I felt I had to. Usually, science-fiction horror was what I would be familiar with, like The Thing or Aliens.”

In spite of Cline’s aversion to the genre, multiple horror Easter Eggs made it into the movie. With the following FANDOM’s favourites.

Though one is a MASSIVE SPOILER. So click away now if you haven’t watched the film yet.


The Alien chestburster.

Following Wade Watts’ triumph in the street race quest, his avatar Parzival becomes something of a celebrity in the OASIS, with fans clamouring for selfies and autographs as Blondie’s One Way or Another plays on the soundtrack.

A man approaches Parzival and takes him to a room around the corner, away from the crowd. Where an alien promptly bursts out of said bloke’s chest. In homage to the iconic chestburster scene in Alien. Though while the sequence kicks off scary, it’s then played for laughs, with the now chest-free fellow revealing himself to be Art3mis in disguise.

The Shining

The Shining twins.

We’ve already covered how and why changes have been made to the quests in the movie version of Ready Player One. With the biggest departure being our heroes having to survive the events of The Shining for quest two. Meaning they encounter the creepy twins. Get taken out by that ocean of blood. And confront the horrors of Room 237.

Cline says the inclusion of the film was largely director Steven Spielberg’s idea. “We made a list of ’80s films, and Stanley Kubrick only made one or two movies in the ’80s,” he explained. “When Steven saw The Shining on our list, he immediately started to geek out about the thought of recreating The Shining.”

Horror Icons

Our third choice is a bit of a cheat as it concerns multiple movies and characters. But they are making the briefest of cameos. And kind of fit into the same category. As Cline told FANDOM: “I would avoid Freddy, Jason and Chucky [when I was a kid]. But Freddy, Chucky and Jason are all in our movie.”

So if you’re paying close attention, particularly during the final battle, you’ll spy Krueger, Voorhees, and the doll from Child’s Play slashing their way through the crowds. Meaning three icons of 1980s horror are all in the mix.

Ready Player One is out now.

‘Ready Player One’: The Easter Eggs Even the Writer Couldn’t Find

The post The 3 Best Horror Homages in ‘Ready Player One’ appeared first on FANDOM.



The Most Obscure Games References in ‘Ready Player One’

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Ready Player One. Proceed with caution.

Ready Player One is a giant celebration of pop culture. The movie centers around a virtual world where players can create avatars that look like their favorite characters. Everyone is trying to win a mysterious game that will make them extremely rich and give them control over the virtual world.

There are countless video game characters and references throughout the film, but we pulled out a few that might deserve a little explanation.


During the climactic battle of the film, we see an army of characters charge forward to assist our hero Wade Watts in his journey to win the game. Towards the front of the army, there are three anthropomorphized amphibians that some fans might recognize as the Battletoads.

Battletoads premiered on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. The game was a success and spawned a number of sequels. The original game is known for its high level of difficulty and is often cited as one of the hardest games of its era.

The Battletoads have always had a cult following but never branched out into mainstream success like other video game icons. But, with their inclusion in Ready Player One, it’s likely that a whole new generation will discover these radical dudes.


swordquest atari

Atari 2600 games play a big part in the story of Ready Player One, and there is one that’s mentioned very quickly that actually reflects the story of the film itself. When a number of scholars are trying to discover which Atari 2600 game might be the key to unlocking a vital part of the game, one of the games mentioned is the legendary Swordquest.

Swordquest was actually a series of four separate fantasy games — Earthworld, Fireworld, Waterworld, and Airworld — that were part of a contest Atari was running. Each of the games came with a comic book that featured clues for solving a puzzle. If you solved the puzzle, you could win a real-world prize. The prizes consisted of a talisman, a chalice, a crown, and a Philosopher’s Stone. The four winners of these prizes would eventually battle each other for an ultimate prize: a sword made of pure silver.

Only two of the games were released before Atari suffered financial problems and had to cancel the contest. Still, the idea of tying video games into a real contest is definitely a huge inspiration for Ready Player One.


During a pivotal scene in Ready Player One, we get to see a childhood memory of James Halliday, the creator of the virtual world where the game takes place. In that memory, we see his old bedroom and all the pop culture trinkets he’s collected. One of those is a poster for the 1982 arcade game Joust.

In Joust, the player takes control of a knight that’s riding an ostrich. The goal is to defeat waves of enemies that come at you. If you beat one, they turn into an egg which you can collect at the bottom of the screen.

This is a nifty nod to the original novel that the film is based on. In the book, the first trial that Wade must overcome involves defeating an artificial intelligence character in a game of Joust. While that doesn’t happen in the movie, it’s still a cool little acknowledgment to fans of both the game and the book.


The biggest trivia moment of Ready Player One happens at the end of the film when Wade has to play the Atari 2600 game Adventure in order to win the final trial. Other players try to beat it but Wade discovers the real way to win isn’t by winning. It’s by discovering the very first Easter egg in video game history.

In 1979, Adventure was released for the Atari 2600. The game’s designer, Warren Robinett, felt that it wasn’t fair that video game designers didn’t get credited for their work anywhere in the game or on the packaging. So, he devised a secret way to get his name into the game.

By following a specific path, obtaining an invisible dot, and bringing the dot into a certain room will unlock a screen that shows Robinett’s name. It’s a clever little trick and is considered to be the very first Easter egg ever placed into a video game.

What other obscure video game references did you see in Ready Player One?

Blink and You’ll Miss ‘Em: 5 Movie References Hidden in ‘Ready Player One’

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Steven Spielberg Says That His Latest Movie “Ready Player One” Is Diverse And Serves Women

According to a report from, Steven Spielberg stated his latest film, Ready Player One, represents women well. As you may know, the issues of racial diversity and gender equality have become a pertinent topic in the Hollywood scene. Following […]
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Max Scherzer, healthy and locked in for Nationals’ Opening Day, makes it clear: ‘I’m ready’

Last year, uncertainty surrounded Scherzer on Opening Day — then he won a second straight NL Cy Young Award. Starting Friday, he’s ready to start bidding for another.


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Is Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ as Sexist and Godawful as the Book?

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Late last year, I surmised that Ready Player One might be the most difficult project of Steven Spielberg’s career—not because the director wasn’t capable of crafting high-flying popcorn extravaganzas, but because his source material, Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel, was subpar. Okay, I went a bit further than that, calling it “a terribly written piece of adolescent fantasy that, at heart, exemplifies everything wrong and repellent about modern nerd culture.”

I stand by that assessment of both the book and the task laid before Spielberg. And having now seen the film, I can say that—with all due respect to my esteemed editor—the illustrious director has failed to meet that challenge, scarcely improving upon the many fundamental shortcomings of Cline’s work.

To be sure, Spielberg remains a master of staging coherent and thrilling action set pieces, and his empathy for underdog outsiders is as strong and genuine as always. Yet despite removing some of his story’s most off-putting elements, his adaptation stands as a one-note celebration of pop-culture nostalgia, concerned only with commending its audience for their love of Batman, Child’s Play, The Iron Giant and countless other cartoons, video games and movies. It’s all blind, superficial adoration devoid of the very sort of adult perspective it so desperately requires.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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‘Ready Player One’ Screenwriter Tapped for ‘ROM: Spaceknight’ Script

'Ready Player One' Screenwriter Tapped for 'ROM: Spaceknight' Script

With his screenplay for Ready Player One (above), Zak Penn got to play with a lot of '80s pop culture properties. But now he gets to work with one more. According to Deadline, Penn will be handling the script for ROM: Spaceknight, a sci-fi adventure based on a comic book and toy property that had a level of cult fandom decades ago and was recently rebooted for a series that's brought the cyborg alien hero back into the spotlight. 

Regardless of how…

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Spielberg says “Ready Player One” meant to be a ‘crowd pleaser’

Steven Spielberg led the charge at what was described as the world premiere of his latest film, “Ready Player One” at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Monday (March 26), despite the film already having official launches in London and the SXSW festival. Edward Baran reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment


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Virtual reality meets big screen in Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – In Steven Spielberg’s new movie “Ready Player One,” disgruntled citizens in the year 2045 don virtual reality headsets to enter a digital universe where they can dance at hot clubs or race fancy cars through the streets of New York.

Reuters: Entertainment News


Blink and You’ll Miss ‘Em: 5 Movie References Hidden in ‘Ready Player One’

Ready Player One is chock-full of pop culture references. Crammed with them. Filled to the gills. Some are pretty obvious, with the Back to the Future DeLorean front and centre throughout the movie. Atari game Adventure playing a big part in the film’s plot. And a pretty famous horror movie is revisited for an extended sequence. That we won’t spoil here.

But others are harder to find. Brief nods to the classics in the background of scenes. Or understated references to less obvious titles. So the following are five of the best — and least obvious — Easter Eggs that we spotted during an early watch of the film.


1. ‘The Last Action Hero’

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Action Hero.

During the first ‘Quest’ in Ready Player One, competitors participate in a street race through an ever-shifting city landscape. Where they drive past a movie theatre that’s showing Jack Slater III. Which is an in-joke based on an in-joke. As Jack Slater was the fictional movie star that Arnold Schwarzenegger played in The Last Action Hero. It’s also fitting that this reference occurs moments after the Jurassic Park T-Rex cameos, as the summer of 1993 saw The Last Action Hero pitted against Jurassic Park at the box office. With the dinosaurs victorious.

2. ‘Cocktail’

Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

Keep your eyes peeled during Parzival’s visit to Aech’s workshop, as there are references all over the place. Most of them focussed on sci-fi flicks like The Iron Giant and Silent Running. But there are a couple of more random nods to the 1980s in his den. Including a ‘Save Ferris’ sticker from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. But our favourite is a neon ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ sign. Which is what Bryan Brown plans to call his bar in the 1988 Tom Cruise flick Cocktail. He fails to make that dream a reality, but Cruise’s character opens his own ‘Cocktail and Dreams’ at the end of the movie. Where he both pours, and reigns.

3. ‘Back to the Future’

Donald Fullilove as Goldie Wilson in Back to the Future.

There are Back to the Future references everywhere in Ready Player One. From Parzival driving the aforementioned DeLorean and Art3mis calling him McFly to director Robert Zemeckis getting name-checked a couple of times. But blink and you’ll miss our favourite hat-tip. When Parzival is prepping for his trip to The Distracted Globe, and trying on a variety of outfits — including Buckeroo Banzai’s threads and Michael Jackson’s Thriller suit — there’s a poster above the mirror. That features a familiar face below the words ‘Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson.’ Goldie Wilson being the busboy whom Marty encourages to run for mayor in BTTF.

4. ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s thumb in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

During the concluding battle on Planet Doom, a character — whose identity we won’t spoil here — sinks into a fiery river of lava. But before said character disappears, they stick a single thumb in the air. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, when teaching him to be more human, John Connor shows the T-800 the thumbs-up signal. Following the concluding battle with his terminating nemesis, the T-800 self-terminates by lowering himself into a vat of molten steel. Sticking a single thumb in the air before he disappears.

5. Citizen Kane

The mystery at the core of Citizen Kane.

Ready Player One is obsessed with pop culture of the 1980s. So it comes as something of a surprise that an Orson Welles movie from 1941 gets referenced. But Citizen Kane — one of the greatest movies of all-time — does indeed receive a mention. We’ll dance around the exact details of the scene as it comes at the very end of the film. When one character refers to another as ‘Rosebud.’ That name was the mystery at the heart of Citizen Kane, with a reporter investigating why it was the last word uttered by elderly newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane before he died. At the end of the movie, he discovers it was the name of the sled eight-year-old Kane was playing on the last time he was happy. And in Ready Player One, the mention of Rosebud has similar emotional resonance.

The ’80s Movies That Paved the Way For ‘Ready Player One’

The post Blink and You’ll Miss ‘Em: 5 Movie References Hidden in ‘Ready Player One’ appeared first on FANDOM.



Exclusive Interview: Steven Spielberg on ‘Ready Player One’ and the Future of Virtual Reality

Exclusive Interview: Steven Spielberg on ‘Ready Player One’ and the Future of Virtual Reality

With Ready Player One (in theaters March 29 – buy tickets now at Fandango), director Steven Spielberg returns to the kind of big, wondrous, crowd-pleasing moviemaking we haven’t seen from him in awhile.

It’s very much a new Spielberg classic, reminiscent of some of his most memorable movies as a director, as well as a producer, featuring groundbreaking special effects, a young ensemble cast full of future stars, a spectacularly nostalgic score from Alan Silvestri (Back to…

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Steven Spielberg explained why ‘Ready Player One’ only references the original ‘Star Wars’


As an unabashed homage to geek culture and 80s nostalgia smorgasboard, you probably assumed Ready Player One would be dripping with Star Wars references.

You’d be wrong.

While the marketing for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie showed zero restraint when it came to pop culture references, the director said he was actually careful about name-dropping Star Wars. Or rather, which Star Wars movies he included from the ever-expanding movie franchise.

“We didn’t want to use the main cultural icons from any of the Disney Star Wars films, because those are ongoing. That’s really part of our contemporary world right now. And even though it began in the ’80s, it is so much a part of our real life today in the 21st century. So we asked for some of the smaller items, and Disney gave us everything we asked for,” Spielberg said at a SXSW interview with Fandango. Read more…

More about Entertainment, Star Wars, Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One, and Entertainment



Lauren Wasser On Why She Was Ready To Amputate Second Leg 5 Years After Losing First | PeopleTV


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Movie News: ‘Ready Player One’ Makes Dazzling Debut

Movie News: 'Ready Player One' Makes Dazzling Debut

Ready Player One: Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One enjoyed its world premiere at the SXSW film festival in Austin last night, and early reactions from audience members were quite positive. In attendance for the premiere, Spielberg said: "This is perhaps the greatest anxiety attack I've ever had… Your reaction is everything. Everything." The movie opens in theaters everywhere on March 29. [Twitter]

Director Steven Spielberg surprised fans at the World Premiere of…

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Elevator Talk 101: How ready are you for 32 stories of small talk?



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Fran Fraschilla not ready to pass judgment on NCAA cheaters

Each analyst will have to make his or her own decision over the course of this next month. Every major conference tournament and the NCAA Tournament that follows will include teams playing under the cloud of potential punishment as news leaks out about the FBI’s investigation into the paying of college basketball players. Do you…
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Arie Luyendyk Jr. Is Ready for The Bachelor Backlash After His Finale: “Hopefully People Will Understand”

The Bachelor Women Tell AllArie Luyendyk Jr. is ready for your mean tweets.
The Bachelor’s two-night finale is upon us, Bachelor Nation, and it’s safe to say this might be the franchise’s most dramatic…

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Songwriter Diane Warren Has Received Nine Oscar Nominations. Now She’s Ready for Her Prize

Diane Warren has had one of the longest — and most prolific — careers in pop songwriting of anyone in the music industry today. You’ve heard her music, even if you don’t know her name: she is behind hits spanning over three decades, from Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” and the Michelle Obama collaboration “This Is For My Girls.” Over the years, she’s racked up a series of accolades, too, including 15 Grammy nominations, nine number-ones on the Billboard Hot 100 and nine — count ’em! — Oscar nominations. But she’s yet to take home an Academy Award of her own.

This year she’s in contention again for Best Original Song, for “Stand Up For Something” featuring Common and Andra Day. The song is from the drama Marshall about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and it’s a call to action whose relevance feels at once timeless and current. Warren, who’s refreshingly candid, is not afraid to hope aloud that people will connect with the track in a lasting — and award-worthy — way. “It would be nice to take [the Oscar] home, especially with this song,” she says, “because of everything I’ve ever written, this is probably the most important song of my life.”

She first came across Marshall through a friend she knew from her work on The Hunting Ground, a 2015 documentary about sexual assault on college campuses, for which she wrote another Oscar-nominated song, featuring Lady Gaga. She immediately wanted to be involved in Marshall, and received the script the next day. TIME talked with Warren about what it means to stand up for something, how her friend Common got involved and why activist anthems matter in the age of #MeToo and rampant gun violence.

TIME: How did you put this song together for Marshall?

Diane Warren: I read [the script] and I scribbled on a page, “It all means nothing if you don’t stand up for something.” I felt like it reflected who Thurgood Marshall was. He stood up at a time when he was literally risking his life. Whenever I write a song for a movie, I want it firstly to fit and move the movie along. But then I like to have a song that can go beyond that — which “Stand Up for Something” really has, because every day, sadly, it’s become more relevant. I mean look what just happened: we have to stand up against gun violence. Right now so many of our rights are being threatened: civil rights, animal rights, human rights, women’s rights, just the right to go to a school, the right to go to a shopping mall, the right to go to a concert without someone opening fire with a f-cking AK-47. When I wrote this, I wanted to harken back to those great ’60s soul call-to-action songs — “A Change Is Gonna Come,” “People Get Ready.” Even “Respect.”

How was this different from other songs you’ve worked on for a movie?

I think this is the most important and meaningful song I’ve ever done. I came into work after scribbling that line in the script, and I just wanted to create a song of this era that’s of that era too. A call to action that’s modern. Because there are no songs right now that are making me want to get up and change the world. I sat at my piano, and it just wrote itself. At first I was like, “Oh my God, I hope I’m not ripping someone off.” But it was a gift.

This kind of song, you wouldn’t have had a rap on it back in ’68. That was a time of upheaval just like now; those songs came along and gave people hope. And I was like, “What if you put a rap on that?” And who better to rap than Common? Not even a week later, I was on a plane to Sundance and he was sitting in back of me. I told him about the song and he said, “Wow, I love that, will you send it to me?” The next day I had ten missed calls from him asking to be a part of it. He came up with an amazing rap. It’s like a mashup of these genres.

This feels like the latest in a series, for you, of songs that are also activist anthems — the Lady Gaga song “Til It Happens to You,” the Michelle Obama song “This Is For My Girls.” When did that start?

It’s always important to me [that] what I put out in the world has a positive effect. But it just kind of happened. “Til It Happens to You” — I truly believe that helped the conversation about sexual assault. And at that time, that was in the shadows, a lot more than it is now. It even helped me; I had an experience, and it even helped me to talk about. Music goes right to your heart and soul; nothing’s more powerful.

How do you feel about the momentum around #MeToo and Time’s Up?

I think it’s great. I had a couple of experiences, but not those that some of my friends have. I’ve always been just in my room writing songs. So I didn’t deal so much with… the comments, come ons. I saw a lot of that; it’s horrible. Things are really changing. The genie’s not going back in the bottle. It’s a good time to be a woman.

As a woman who’s been a songwriter for so long, have you felt that your gender ever held you back?

To be honest, no. There’s something that really bothers me about the “female” label. You don’t do that to male songwriters. You don’t say, “he’s the most successful male songwriter.” Why does it have to be that way? Just say “songwriter” or “director.” But to your question: no, it hasn’t held me back. Either my song works for somebody, or they don’t want it. It has to stand up for itself, no pun intended.

How do you keep up your constant output?

I’m always excited about my next song. I don’t ever look in my rearview mirror. It’s the hunger to keep creating, keep doing more.

Is this Oscar especially important to you? This is one of the only major awards you have yet to put on your trophy shelf.

Yeah, it’s that elusive Oscar. You know, it’s amazing to be nominated, and being nominated nine times is so exciting. I had my friends over to my house [for the nominations] and we had a slumber-less slumber party. I couldn’t sleep. You never know if you’re going to get nominated. The first song was called not mine. Second song not mine. Fourth song they finally called it. Everybody was jumping around. I was crying. I’m not jaded at all. But if I’m just being really honest, yes, it would be great to get this.

What will happen if you win?

I would probably faint. They’d have to lift me out of there, I’d be so shocked.

Are there any other artists you’re still dying to work with? You’ve worked with pretty much everyone.

Bruno Mars I saw recently and he started singing a song I’d forgotten I’d written, years ago. He said to me, “Write me one of those!” He doesn’t really need me to write for him, but I’d love to. But there’s all kinds of people I might not even know.

What’s your advice to aspiring songwriters?

You can’t be good, you’ve got to be great. It’s all hard work.

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Kardashian Sisters ‘Relieved’ That Wendy Williams Is On Hiatus: They’re Ready For A ‘Break’ From Her

It seems like Chris Brown isn’t the only celebrity who has a hard time feeling empathetic towards talk show host Wendy Williams. A new report claims that the Karjenner clan feels relieved that the media maven is going on a […]
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Curtis and Ella Get the Kids Ready for School | Tyler Perry’s The Paynes | Oprah Winfrey Network


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This teen chef is ready to be taken seriously

Nineteen-year-old chef Flynn McGarry is sick of everyone talking about how young he is. “I can’t wait for 20 — just like, how many times can you see the phrase ‘teen chef’?” says McGarry, who first started serving elaborate tasting menus out of his Los Angeles home at age 11 and has been called the…
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TEMER: Intervention In Rio Will End When Reform Is Ready To Be Voted

The military intervention in Rio de Janeiro state’s security system will cease when pension reform is ready to be voted on, said Brazilian President Michel Temer in signing the decree on the issue.
RTT – Economic News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Winter Ready: What to Wear in 30-Degree Weather

When the temperature drops below freezing, dressing to brave the outdoors isn’t an easy task. Dressing to brave the outdoors in a stylish getup is even more of a challenge. To get you through these winter months—bundled up to brave the cold without compromising your personal style—we’ve put together some welcome inspiration for what to wear in 30-degree weather. Straight from the streets of New York, Paris, and Stockholm fashion week, our favorite It girls serve up plenty of cold-weather outfit ideas to give a try this winter. Just add your coziest pair of gloves and your favorite insulating beanie and you’re good to go.

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It’s Robbin’ Season, You Ready? Check out the “Atlanta” Season 2 Trailer


FX has dropped the trailer for the second season, aptly titled “Robbin Season” of Donald Glover’s series ‘Atlanta’ ahead of its March premiere.

The eerie clip premiered at last night’s Golden Globes and is soundtracked by “Too Fast.” With haunting vocals accompanied by hand snaps, Brent Fiyaz sings: “Livin’ at the speed of light, like a bullet. I could be dead by the morning, I can’t call it.”  Flashes of lights bring forth short vignette to appear through out the ominious clip. Before strutting down a sidewalk, Earn (Glover), Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), and others  are shown at dinner before hitting a strip clun and hanging out with a gator.

“We didn’t really look back at Season 1 for inspiration much,” said Glover. “We always kept trying to do something different for the new season.”

Check out the clip below.

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How to Get Ready for a Backpacking Trip


A backpacking trip is becoming one of the most popular choices for people wanting to get away from it all. It’s a stripped back and hands-on holiday experience. You can learn to enjoy a different way of life. So, take a look at these ideas to help you get ready for the perfect trip.

Where to Go

The first thing you have to do is decide where you’re going to go backpacking. There is so much choice these days, and that’s the beauty of it. You may want to go abroad and really immerse yourself in another country. Or, you may decide you’d like to enjoy all the wonderful natural beauty of our own nation! Making a decision about where to go is an important first step because sets the tone for the rest of the trip. It might be a good idea to choose somewhere new you’ve never visited before. The idea of this sort of trip is to become inspired and broaden your experiences.

Who Are You Going With?

Many people enjoy backpacking on their own, while others prefer to go with friends and family. Either way is fine; it’s really about personal choice and what you want to get out of the experience. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Sure, it will be safer to travel in a group, but you won’t have as much freedom as you would on your own. Before you make any sort of arrangements you need to decide who’s going to be accompanying you.


What to Bring

Next up, you need to think about what you’re going to bring with you. Now, one of the things it’s important to remember is that backpacking is an adventure in the great outdoors. A stripped back and simple way of being at one with nature and having a different experience to normal. And this means you’re going to have to kiss goodbye to a lot of your creature comforts. But that’s okay; you’re doing this for the experience! Ditch the iPads; you won’t need them. Instead, you’ve got to think practically! Warm and durable clothing is a must because it may become very cold. You’re going to need a tent and sleeping bag, as well as cooking equipment. Never forget the importance of an emergency kit like first aid, maps, a torch and a pocket knife. Make a list of everything you want and need to take, then whittle it down to the essentials.

Packing Tips

Okay, now we’re at the boring but important part of the process – the packing. Your eyes are probably rolling right now, but packing is crucial, and you need to get it right. You’ve got a lot to pack, and it needs to be done methodically and practically. You need to divide up your bag(s) into sections. The top, for instance, needs to be reserved for the stuff you’ll be using regularly. The bottom can hold things like your sleeping bag. Bear in mind you’re going to need to unpack and repack on a daily basis, so it’s best you get used to it as much as possible. Do what you can to practice and try out different combinations to get the fastest and most efficient outcome. It all went in to start with, so it will all go in again! It’s simply a matter of packing sensibly and being logical about it.



You’ve got to give some consideration to sustenance while you’re on your trip. It’s not as though you’re going to be able to call Domino’s and order a ‘Pepperoni Passion’! You’re going to need to think carefully about the best sorts of food to take. The trick is to pick things that will give you a lot of calories but won’t add too much weight. You’ll have your cooking stove remember, so things like dried noodles would be great. Tinned foods add weight, but some of them are essential. Sometimes it’s nice to get a few fresh bits as you pass through towns to make mealtimes a little better.

Be Prepared

The Cub Scout motto is ‘be prepared’, and this seems a good philosophy. Even if you weren’t a Cub or Girl Guide, you could still follow this ethos. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the wilderness and in harsh weather. So you need to make sure your body and mind are prepared for this. This means getting into good physical shape before your trip. This is going to help a lot with the walking and heavy bag. It’s also essential that you have the right footwear, and that it’s broken in and comfortable. You have to ensure you have all the right gear as well so it might be worth taking it on a trial run before you go for a weekend.

What if Something Bad Happens?

When you’re facing the Great Outdoors, unpredictability is an issue. Something bad could happen at any time. So, you need to take measures to deal with the event of an emergency. This includes telling a friend where you’re going and trying to check in every day with someone. Making sure you have proper training and carrying something for protection is also very important.


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BWW Exclusive: Katie Gets Ready for Christmas with the Rockettes #BetweenShows!

Have you ever wondered what Broadway actors do between shows Do they sleep Do they even leave their dressing rooms BroadwayWorld’s Katie Lynch is finding out on her new series, BetweenShows Watch below to find out how the Radio City Rockettes spend their downtime between performances at Radio City Music Hall Featured Content


Be Ready for Winter with These Home Winterization Tips

You know what it means when your social media feed is suddenly inundated with pictures of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, fall home décor, and apple picking. Not only is it time to welcome autumn with open arms—it’s also the perfect time to start prepping for the cold weather ahead. Here are some must-read prep tips for winterizing your home this season.

winter home

Schedule a furnace inspection

This is one of the most important home winterizing tips. It’s a good idea to call a professional to give your HVAC a once-over to ensure your system is in proper working order. Don’t forget to change the air filter, too!

Windows and doors

Depending on the age of your windows and doors, you may need to switch out screens for storm windows as you start winterizing your home. While you’re at it, check your window and door frames for any gaps. You can fill these with caulk and/or weather stripping to prevent heat loss. It’s also a good idea to invest in heavier curtains, which can keep additional heat inside.

Clean out the gutters

Leaving your gutters and drains clogged puts you at risk for ice dams and water damage. Grab a ladder and some gloves, and remove the debris that’s built up over the summer. Inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles. A handyman can replace these fairly cheaply, while a full-blown leak can cost a pretty penny. You can always hire a professional to clean your gutters if you don’t love this home winterization task, but you cannot risk leaving them as is.

Winterize your kitchen

We like to use the change in seasons as a reminder to give your kitchen an overhaul while you get the rest of your home ready for winter. Wash the curtains, dust lighting fixtures, clean out cupboards, and give the floors a good scrubbing. It’s also an ideal time to do annual maintenance on your kitchen appliances:

  • Refrigerator: The best time to clean your refrigerator is right before you go grocery shopping. Remove all shelves and drawers and wash them with warm, soapy water. While they dry, clean the rest of the fridge with a wet rag or sponge and dishwashing liquid.
  • Dishwasher: It’s easy to neglect cleaning an appliance whose job it is to clean. But dishwashers can get pretty dirty. Use baking soda to wipe down the interior; you can also run one dishwasher cycle without any dishes using distilled white vinegar instead of dish soap.
  • Oven: If you’re lucky, your oven has a self-cleaning mode. Don’t forget to take your racks out ahead of time, since the heat can warp them. If you don’t have a self-cleaning option, you can use a baking soda and water paste as a natural cleaning solution.

Switch your ceiling fans to clockwise

Did you know most ceiling fans can change the direction in which the blade spins? In warmer months, the blades should spin counterclockwise, blowing a cool breeze downward. Switching the ceiling fan mode to “clockwise” produces a gentle updraft and will force the warm air near the ceiling down. Keeping your ceiling fans on a low speed while running clockwise allows you to turn your heat down a few degrees and can help contribute to energy cost savings.

Don’t forget to enjoy the winter months

While winter home preparation can seem intimidating, a little work can go a long way! Taking these steps will prepare your home for the increased amount of time you’ll be spending indoors, and it will also ensure your time there is warm and cozy.

This guest post was provided by hhgregg.

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Movie News: First ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Buzz; Watch New ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer

Movie News: First 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Buzz; Watch New 'Ready Player One' Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: This past Saturday, Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi enjoyed its world premiere in Los Angeles and, though full reviews are still under embargo, the initial reaction by critics on social media has been ecstatic, to put it mildly. "Films like these leave their mark on entire generations — and representation matters," wrote Jen Yamato (Los Angeles Times); our own Erik Davis called it "absolutely fantastic." The movie will open in…

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Cramer’s game plan: Be ready to play this unstable market

Jim Cramer asked investors to be prepared for volatility going into a week with bitcoin and tech front and center.
Health Care


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


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Jay Z Did Cheat On Beyonce & Now He’s Ready To Talk About It

After years of rumors, Jay Z finally admitted to cheating on Beyoncé. In a candid interview with The New York Times, the 47-year-old rapper opened up about his marriage and how his infidelity was a result of going into “survival mode” emotionally.

The rapper landed on the topic of his infidelity after discussing his recent relationship with therapy, which he said has helped him manage his anger and actions. Jay Z revealed that he’s become much more in-tune with his feelings after he began seeing a therapist, who helped him understand the meanings behind his emotional outbursts.

“I grew so much from the experience,” he said. “But I think the most important thing I got is that everything is connected. Every emotion is connected and it comes from somewhere.”

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Jay-Z and Beyonce IG post

Jay-Z and Beyonce IG post

Prior to seeing a therapist, Jay Z explained that he would “put on a shell” to protect himself from people seeing his pain and insecurities. “You don’t want me to see your pain. So you put on this shell of this tough person,” he said. “Knowing that and understanding that changes life completely.”

Though Jay Z didn’t reveal where his emotional stress came from, he admitted that he went in “survival mode” because of it. While in survival mode, the rapper said he shut down emotionally, which eventually led to actions he regretted, such as losing a connection with his wife and eventually cheating on her.

“You have to survive. So you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode what happen? You shut down all emotions. So even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can’t connect,” he said. “In my case, it’s deep. And then all the things happen from there: infidelity…”

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The interview is the first time Jay Z has spoken about his rumored infidelity with Beyoncé since rumors first swirled in April 2016, when Beyoncé released her most recent album, Lemonade. The album, which makes numerous references to an affair, is believed by fans to depict Beyoncé’s emotional journey with her husband’s cheating and her eventual forgiveness of him.

Though we might never know what happened between Beyoncé and Jay Z, the rapper recent words shine a light on what may have occurred, as well as the importance of going to therapy.

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