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Ryan’s Toy Review may be the death of me


Lindsay Weiss

posted in Products

If you (or your child) are not one of the 9.6 MILLION subscribers to Ryan’s Toy Review on Youtube then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under let me bring you up to speed:

Ryan is an adorable 6-year-old boy who probably has his entire college education paid for (pure speculation here) by reviewing all the newest and coolest toys around. His uber-cheerful parents film him playing with the toys and showing his captive audience all the features of each new toy.

My 5-year-old EATS THIS STUFF UP! It is literally the only thing he watches on YouTube and the other day I caught him talking back to Ryan telling him he had missed an important feature in the new game “Don’t Wake Daddy.”

Honey, you know Ryan can’t hear you, right?

He doesn’t need to hear me, Mama. He just KNOWS.

(Side note: I also caught my kid dictating his birthday list to Siri and asking her to pass it along to Chuck E. Cheese.)

I also have Ryan to thank for the THIRTEEN games my kiddo got for his birthday last week. Ryan reviews all sorts of toys but my kid is a sucker for the board games, which is how this stunning display happened after his birthday party.

That’s right. My kid got THIRTEEN games for his birthday. All courtesy of seeing Ryan play the games and squeal with delight. Could this be worse? Of course. (He could have gotten thirteen nerf guns.) But thanks to Ryan and family, I will be sitting at my kitchen table from here to eternity trying not to wake “Daddy,” cleaning up fake doggie-doo, and clucking like a chicken.

I’ve got nothing against the little dude or his family. They seem lovely and I understand they donate many of the toys to charity. But mama’s gonna have to install a filter on Ryan before my game closet explodes (or my kid’s Christmas list spontaneously combusts from being too long).

On the other hand, if you’ve ever needed to know the pros and cons of every Lightning McQueen toy out there? Ryan’s your kid.

Is your kiddo a Ryan’s Toy Review fan?.

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