How ‘The Punisher’ Sets Up a Supervillain For Season 2

Beware of spoilers for Marvel Netflix show The Punisher ahead…

In the comics, Billy Russo is a mob assassin whose face is mangled by The Punisher, turning him into Jigsaw. But that’s very different to the Billy Russo we meet in the TV adaptation that hit Netflix today…

Who is Billy Russo in The Punisher?

Ben Barnes as Billy Russo.

When we meet Billy Russo, he seems like a good guy. A soldier who served alongside Frank Castle in Afghanistan, the pair were best friends, helping each other through the terrible things they saw, did and endured.

Post-war, Russo is the founder and CEO of private security firm Anvil; an ambitious businessman endeavouring to make a success of his corporation.

But as The Punisher progresses, we learn some unpleasant things about Billy. Involving what his battalion got up to during the war. And the lengths he — and Anvil — are now willing to go to to keep that information secret. There’s also the small matter of his involvement in the death of Frank’s family.

He soon learns that Castle is alive, but rather than being happy, Billy feels betrayed. And with Frank endeavouring to blow the whistle on their past exploits, he decides to kill his friend.

As we move into the final episode of the series, Russo’s moral compass is badly broken, with Billy blowing up government buildings and agents, and desperately searching for Frank to finally put him in the ground. Which is when the real fun begins.

How does Billy Russo Become Jigsaw?

Curtis Hoyle with Billy Russo.

In his efforts to settles scores, Billy visits fellow former soldier Curtis Hoyle, who tells him he needs help, and that while he’s almost exactly the same as The Punisher, “Frank would never betray a brother.”

Russo ends up on the phone with Castle, agrees to rendezvous by the “painted horses” where Frank’s family died, and what follows is brutal.

With a pair of teens strung up on the merry-go-round, Frank and Billy exchange shots, with Russo exclaiming, “We are not good people, Frank. We never were.” Frank shoots him in the cheek, and Billy spits the bullet out. He then punches him in the face. Over and over again.

And that’s before proceedings get really nasty. Because Frank stabs Billy in the stomach with a shard of glass, smashes his head into a mirror, and then slowly scrapes his face along the glass.

He shapes to cut Billy’s neck, with Russo begging, “Kill me!” But Frank responds with: “I’m not going to let you die today. Dying’s easy.”

He then repeatedly smashes Russo’s head face-first into the mirror, while stating, “You’re gonna learn about pain. You’re gonna learn about loss. Every morning I look for them, and then I remember. It’s going to be the same for you, when you look at your ugly, mangled face. You’re going to remember what you did. You’re gonna remember, Bill. You’re gonna remember me!”

What’s the Future For Jigsaw?

Comic book Jigsaw — might Ben Barnes end up looking like this?

It may seem a bit far-fetched that Frank would let Billy live after all the terrible things he’s done. But it mirrors — pun intended — what happened in the comics. Frank left Billy alive the day he turned him into Jigsaw, to send a message to the rest of the mob. And has done the same repeatedly ever since.

In the Netflix shows, letting Billy live seems to be a way for Castle to regain his humanity. But it also sets things up nicely for Season 2, where a disfigured Russo can be the big bad from the start.

What shape will he be in should that happen? This is how Billy/Jigsaw’s doctor put it in the show…

“Kept him under for 11 hours. He should live. But they have no idea if he’ll ever gain significant brain function. Or to what degree. He could wake up tomorrow. Or never. And remember everything. Or not even his own name.”

We’re willing to bet he remembers EVERYTHING, with Season 2 — should it get a green-light — finding Frank finally doing battle with his most famous foe.

The Punisher is on Netflix now.

‘The Punisher’ Review: Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Marvel’s Brutal Spin-Off Show

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Inside Look: The Most Heartbreaking Scenes from the Season 2 Finale | Queen Sugar | OWN


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7 kitchen gadgets that are saving my life this season


Laura Falin

posted in Life

love pretty kitchen gadgets. Sometimes I wander around Williams Sonoma or Crate and Barrel (ONLY when I’m kidless, you understand. All those wine glasses are a disaster waiting to happen), and I pretend I’m one of those people who holds dinner parties with gold-accented dishes and real glasses and fancy gadgets and everything in my house is white and not sticky.

In reality, though, I need things to be practical. And I don’t have the space or money for kitchen gadgets I only use once a year on Thanksgiving. They need to pull their weight the rest of the time if they’re going to hang out in my cabinets. Which is why I love this list of kitchen supplies — everything on it is something you’ll use for Thanksgiving and other holiday meals, yes…but also over and over again afterward.

kitchen gadgets

1. Black + Decker 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker with Chalkboard Surface

If you’ve never saved your turkey to make stock the day after Thanksgiving, you’re missing out on some liquid gold, my friend. Toss your turkey carcass in a slow cooker with the ends of all the veggies you used (carrot tops, onion ends and outer layers, celery bits, literally whatever), season with a little salt and pepper, cover it with water, and let it go on low all day. You end up with stock from things you were going to throw out anyway, and now you can freeze it to use later in soups, stews, casseroles, or to give sick people all winter long.

The other reason I love this Black + Decker slow cooker is because the chalkboard surface means you can make something for a potluck or football game, and write the name of the dish right on the pot!! Genius.

Buy it: $ 32.99

2. Nordic Ware Exclusive Bundt and Bundt Bag

Bundt cakes are 1.) delicious and 2.) way less fuss than messing about with layer cakes that need frosting and piling on top of each other. And they just look so fancy with all those ridges along the outside. Bundts make it look like you did some hard work when really all you did was pour the batter into the pan (this right here is my all-time favorite bundt recipe – it’s a nice pear spice taste for fall and winter). The Nordic Ware Bundt even comes with a storage bag to prevent scratching and wear and tear.

Buy it: $ 31.99

3. CorningWare 12 Piece Bakeware Set

CorningWare is a serious kitchen workhorse. We use ours just about every evening for dinner. They’re good for casseroles, side dishes, cold dishes, hot dishes – everything. They’re sturdy. You can take them from the oven to the table…and the classic white means you can use it for a nice Thanksgiving dinner or for every day.

Buy it: $ 36.49

4. Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine 

I started making my own bread when I realized how much we spend on store-bought…and it tastes so much better. It also makes the house smell AMAZING. You can use this for more than just making bread, though – bread machines can do dinner rolls, pizza dough, even make jam. The Expressbake setting means you can bake fresh bread in less than an hour.

Buy it: $ 47.99

kitchen gadgets

5. Instant Pot 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker (& More)

This is saving me at least three nights a week right now. The kids are starting up with recitals and concerts and holiday whatevers and we’re out late each night and I always forget to take something out for dinner. The Instant Pot gets frozen chicken cooked in 15 minutes flat. You’ll use it on Thanksgiving to make mashed or sweet potatoes or another side, but you’ll use it the rest of the year for everything from dinner to oatmeal for breakfast. My original hesitation was the price and the fact that I already had a slow cooker, but I do not regret this purchase for one second. (Try Lindsay’s Garlic Parm Chicken recipe here to get started!)

Buy it: $ 97.50

kitchen gadgets

6. Oster Pro Blender 3-in-1 with Food Processor Attachment

As I mentioned, I like saving money and space in my kitchen. So this blender is awesome because it combines a blender and food processor. It also comes with a 24-oz. smoothie cup with a lid, so you can make up individual recipes as well as stuff for the whole family.

Buy it: $ 89.99

kitchen gadgets

7. Le Creuset Shallow Dutch French Oven 2.75 quart

I know. I know. Le Creuset is expensive. But it will last forever…you’ll pass it down to your children one day. And cast iron is expensive in general so if you’re going to invest, go with the tried-and-true. It’s great for casseroles, side dishes, dinner, or even to bake bread. You can use it in the oven, on the stove, or outside on the grill. Also, it’s so so pretty!

Buy it: $ 139.95

You can find more kitchen gadgets here!

What’s the one kitchen item you can’t live without?

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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

Corinne Olympios Reveals That After Her Nick Viall Season Of The Bachelor She Got Engaged!

Today, during her appearance on The Morning Breath, Corinne Olympios revealed that in between her appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise she was engaged! That means that the infamous scandal with DeMario Jackson almost never took place! After […]
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The SAD Season is Upon Us Shorter Days Triggering Seasonal Affective Disorder

The SAD Season is Upon Us Shorter Days Triggering Seasonal Affective Disorder

Source: Loyola University Health System Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression triggered by shorter days and reduced light. “We are in the midst of the full-blown SAD season,” said said Loyola Medicine psychiatrist Angelos Halaris, MD, PhD.[quote align=’right’]Seasonal affective disorder affects between three and five percent of the population. SAD is thought to be related to a…

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The SAD Season is Upon Us Shorter Days Triggering Seasonal Affective Disorder

Source: Loyola University Health System

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression triggered by shorter days and reduced light.

“We are in the midst of the full-blown SAD season,” said said Loyola Medicine psychiatrist Angelos Halaris, MD, PhD.

Seasonal affective disorder affects between three and five percent of the population. SAD is thought to be related to a chemical imbalance in the brain, brought on by lack of light due to shorter days and overcast skies.

Seasonal affective disorder affects between three and five percent of the population. SAD is thought to be related to a chemical imbalance in the brain, brought on by lack of light due to shorter days and overcast skies.

SAD causes depression, excessive sleepiness, lack of interest, reduced motivation and fatigue, making it difficult to get up in the morning. In the most severe cases, people can stay in bed all day, or even attempt suicide. The season lasts until mid-April.

“Seasonal affective disorder should not be taken lightly,” Dr. Halaris said.

Dr. Halaris said four strategies can help:

Sunshine. If possible, spend at least 30 minutes a day outside. Don’t wear sunglasses. And if it’s not too cold, roll up your sleeves – exposing your skin to sunlight helps relieve symptoms of SAD.

Lights. Your home and work should be as well-lit as possible. Open drapes and blinds to let in natural light. In addition, purchase a high-intensity light box designed for SAD therapy. Sit close to the box for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and 30 to 45 minutes in the evening. Although you can do light therapy on your own, it’s best to consult a mental health professional.

Exercise. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise releases endorphins and other brain chemicals that create a sense of well-being and make you feel more energized.

Medications. If sunshine, lights and exercise aren’t enough to ward off SAD, see a mental health professional. Two classes of anti-depressant medications are effective against SAD: monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and selective serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs and SNRIs).


Dr. Halaris specializes in the treatment of depression. He is medical director of adult psychiatry and a professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Loyola University Chicago Stitch School of Medicine.


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‘Jane The Virgin’ Boss on Season 4’s Exploration of Bisexuality and Releasing Jane’s Novel

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the Nov. 10 episode of “Jane The Virgin,” entitled “Chapter Sixty-Nine.” Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) is all grown-up and about to become a published author. The single mother’s debut novel, a romance tale based on her relationship with Michael (Brett Dier), is about to […]



Seton Hall cruises to kick off season of high expectations

It’s been 17 years, but Seton Hall fans finally got to see what a top-25 team looks like entering the season. It has loads of depth, can shake off a poor start like swatting away a fly and hardly breaks a sweat against a quality low-major opponent. Seton Hall began the program’s most highly anticipated…
Sports | New York Post


First Look: The Season 2 Finale Of Queen Sugar | Queen Sugar | Oprah Winfrey Network


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Warning: Do NOT buy these gift cards this holiday season

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get somebody on your Christmas list this year, money expert Clark Howard says there’s one thing you shouldn’t buy: gift cards.

The risk is just too high that the gift card will turn out to be worthless, according to Clark.

Why giving gift cards for Christmas is a bad idea!

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“There’s never been a year that it has been more dangerous to receive or to give gift cards for restaurants and retailers,” Clark said. “Both industries are having a terrible time right now.”

Major retailers closed more than 5,000 stores in 2017. Sears, J.C. Penney and Macy’s are among the companies that closed some locations amid increased competition from Amazon.

Meanwhile, several mall-based chains, including The Limited, Wet Seal and American Apparel, shut down all of their stores.

Restaurants haven’t fared much better. Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse and Joe’s Crab Shack are a few of the chains that also closed some locations — often without notice to workers and guests.

If you give someone a gift card and they don’t use it right away, they could be out of luck if the store goes out of business.

“Someone who knows me well gave me gift cards for an ice cream parlor that I really liked — past tense. When I finally went, it was closed and the money was gone,” Clark said.

Keeping up with the wave of bankruptcies and store closures is a lot of work, so Clark recommends that you steer clear of gift cards altogether — even prepaid cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

People tend to have a hard time using every penny on those cards, plus there are typically fees to buy them.

“I have a card somebody gave me that still has $ 2.50 on it. Everywhere I go and try to use it, I get declined because I can’t find anything that’s less than $ 2.50,” Clark said.

The better gift this holiday season? Cash. There’s no expiration date and you can use it just about anywhere!

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Back To School Sale – Get up to 40% OFF stylish footwear at

Queen Sugar Recap Season 2, Episode 15: ‘Harvest’

Queen Sugar Ep 215 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Well, here we go, sugar babies. We’re down to the last episode before the very last Queen Sugar episode of Season 2., the penultimate one for you vocabulary fiends. How are we going to make it for months without the Bordelons? Thankfully, The Quad is back in January on BET. Gotta keep at least one Black show on year round.

But until then, we’re in the world of St. Josephine. We start off this week’s episode “Copper Sun” with an understandably distraught Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) being checked on by Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) and encouraged to share whatever’s going on. Ralph Angel tells him to get the family together because he wants to tell everyone what happened at the same time.

Remy (Dondre Whitfield) and Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner)  are having a nice moment before one of the creepy Jacob Boudreaux (Leo Coco)  slithers into her office. He wants to talk partnership. He’s seen that Charley’s business acumen got  40% of his farmers to grind with her. He thinks they’d do better together. Geez, these Landry/Boudreaux folks aren’t even loyal to each other. But what’s their real agenda? Charley’s not feeling that offer, no way.

The concerned family waits together to hear what Ralph Angel has to say. Since the harvest is happening, he needs to be focused but obviously, he’s been gut-punched by Darla’s news. He tells the family and they rally behind him and Blue (Ethan Hutchinson.) This episode is full of some beautiful moments that truly reveal the heart of the Bordelon family.

They go through their changes with each other, but when someone is suffering, they pull together. So when Ralph Angel tells them that Blue isn’t his, they’re all feeling his pain. I do remember Darla (Bianca Lawson) saying it was possible that Blue was not his, not that she knew for sure. Obviously, Ralph Angel heard differently.

Queen Sugar Ep 215 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

That’s evident when Darla asks Hollywood to pick up Blue. She’s heading to her sponsor’s place – Thank God, she’s gonna need her – but thinks things can be worked out. Hollywood has to set her straight real quick. I do understand that Darla had to be honest to set things right with Ralph Angel. I do. Addicts are liars and manipulators when they’re active, so being honest is part of their recovery to make amends to those they’ve hurt. But this isn’t the kind of revelation that’s going to magically heal overnight.

Which is why Darla should have known that showing up for work was a mistake. I give her credit for trying to keep things as normal as possible but yeah. No. When Charley sees her, her face says it all. Darla gamely tries to sell Charley on how committed she is to the job and Charley quickly lets her know how committed she is…to her brother. Darla gotta go. Luckily, she doesn’t work for the High Yellow ’cause I think Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) might have yoked ole girl up.

The Bordelon’s first harvest in years is anything but a good moment. Ralph Angel (thank you Queen Sugar costume designers, not only for Ralph Angel’s white funeral suit in the first season but for this Carhartt jumpsuit in this season. Oh my, Kofi Siriboe is a good-looking man.) The farmers are jumping ship after pressure from the Landrys. Ralph Angel’s got sugar to grind but he’s feeling defeated after all the drama. He rallies to give a speech to the troops but his heart is heavy. He says he only wanted to be a good father and a good farmer so he’s going to try and follow through on one of these things. Dammit Ralph Angel , you’re breaking my heart this week.

Nova’s navigating a media inquiry into Queen Sugar. The Landrys are spreading rumors about the Queen Sugar mill and its equipment. Some farmers won’t risk grinding there because of it and the news is now sniffing around. Nova tries to kill the story but it can’t be done. So now Charley has something else to worry about.

Micah (Nicholas Ashe) has found his activist heart over the Confederate imagery at his school. Welcome to Blackness, my young brotha. He wants all the Confederate folks out of the school, so he’s posting a notice on everyone’s locker. Some students applaud it, others throw the notices right on the floor in front of him.

Entertainment – Black America Web


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 To Begin Production Next Week

Showrunner Aaron Harberts has announced that the team will start work on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery when he returns to Los Angeles next week. He’s currently on a tour to promote the series, and was speaking at a special event in London where fans got to see a preview of Episode 8, look at props from the show and participate in a Q&A with the cast.

Harberts described how that work will begin.

“We look at these seasons as novels, and what’s beautiful about it [is that] we can sit down – [series creator] Alex Kurtzman, [executive producer/writer] Gretchen Berg, myself and [executive producer/director] Akiva Goldsman — we sit down and the first thing that the conversation is going to be about is what worked and what didn’t,” he said. “What did we love? What experiments did we do in terms of structure or styles of storytelling; what did we feel sort of sang the best? And, more importantly, what are the themes for Season 2?”

Harberts suggested the direction that Season 2 takes is still open, revealing that they’ll also be asking what it is they want to dig into next season.

“I can tell you this, Season 1 is the war novel and we won’t be doing another war novel,” he revealed. “And that’s fine; it served us very well for Season 1.”

Not Just Space Battles

Star Trek Discovery Lorca
Can we expect to see less warfare in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2?

They will also be trying to please the fans. “I feel like Star Trek fans — and science fiction fans — are looking for ‘What are you trying to say?’ ‘What is the deeper [meaning]?’ It’s not just about space battles.”

Harberts added, “It’ll be a big discussion and it’ll probably take at least two weeks to even think about what Season 2 in a macro sense will be.”

He also revealed that they’re still tweaking the Season 1 finale. “Actually, I spent the other day in my hotel room going through the cut of that — Episode 15. So that has taken so much brain power just to make sure we’re finishing this first season correctly,” he said.

For now, we can look forward to the upcoming midseason finale which airs in the US on November 12 and in the UK a day later.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Teases ‘Major Flashpoint’ in Midseason Finale

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‘Shameless’ Boss on Season 8’s Family Drama, Lip’s Sobriety and Kevin’s Health Scare

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the Nov. 5 premiere of season 8 of “Shameless,” entitled “We Become What We… Frank!” The Gallagher kids of Showtime’s “Shameless” are all grown up. Whereas early seasons of the show focused on how they would survive despite their drunk father Frank (William H. Macy), […]



The best hairbrushes to prep and style every hair type for party season

Promotional feature with Tangle Teezer


From a limited edition hairbrush that detangles without damaging your tresses to a backcombing dream, getting the party hairstyle you want is now easier than ever…

We can’t quite believe ten years have passed since Tangle Teezer blessed us with a wince-free solution to detangling our hair. Now, the award-wining hairbrush brand we’ve come to rely on for all our hair needs has just released a limited edition Glitter Gem Compact Styler detangling hairbrush, £13.50, and it’s got us feeling all festive.

A little sparkle around Christmas and the New Year is an unwritten rule. But if sparkly dresses or the glitter strobing make-up trend that’s blowing up on Instagram aren’t your style, treating yourself to Tangle Teezer’s Glitter Gem Compact Styler detangling hairbrush is the next best thing.

This super-useful little dazzler fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, with two-tiered bristles that work wonders on knotted hair – whether it’s wet or dry. Gently compacting hair towards the roots with zero damage, it helps add natural-looking texture and volume that lasts.

It also manages to tame frizz well and boosts shine, leaving hair expertly prepped to start styling. It even fits comfortably in a clutch.

Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham are all Tangle Teezer fans – and if that’s not a sign of hairbrush hierarchy, we don’t know what is.

Looking for ways to add lasting volume to your signature hairstyle? Try Tangle Teezer’s new Back-combing hairbrush, £10 – it’s been a major talking point on our beauty desk this week and is flying off the shelves at, Boots and professional salons across the UK.

Whether you want to tease volume at the crown or go all out and sculpt a beehive hairstyle, use it to back-comb from the root in a slow up-and-down motion to create lasting volume with zero damage. It’s the latest addition to Tangle Teezer’s three step range of detangling, blow-drying and styling hairbrushes.

With a range of hairbrushes that work this well, all that’s left to think about is what to wear to the office party.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Shudder Orders Talk Show ‘The Core’ for 10-Episode Season (EXCLUSIVE)

Shudder has ordered “The Core” to series with a 10-episode first season, Variety has learned exclusively. Shudder, AMC Networks’ subscription streaming service that caters to fans of the horror genre, will debut the new weekly version of “The Core” Nov. 16, with new episodes dropping weekly. The series is described as a weekly dissection of genre filmmaking […]



“A Walk on Water” Closes 2017 Surf Season in Malibu


Malibu, Calif. – A Walk on Water (AWOW), a California-based nonprofit surf therapy organization, returns to Surfrider Beach, Malibu on Saturday, November 11 to provide a day of surf therapy for children and adults with special needs, along with their families. From 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., athletes and guests are invited to gather at First Point (the break closest to Malibu Pier) to check in for a day at the beach that will include: surfing, relaxation, healthy food and beverages, arts and crafts, yoga, massage therapy and more. Each session (morning and afternoon) will conclude with an awards ceremony, recognizing participating athletes and their families.

“We are looking forward to returning to Malibu for a powerful day of healing and celebrating with the courageous kids, adults and families as they experience the restorative power of the ocean through surf therapy,” said Steven Lippman, president, AWOW. “This year, we held more events than ever before, reaching more families than previously possible, and it has been spectacular to witness. From water safety to bystanders, everyone at the beach gets to be part of it, cheering on these incredible kids and adults, making the day special for the families. The Malibu surfing community continues to be a welcoming safe haven for our athletes and the perfect location to conclude our 2017 slate.”

“We have been a part of AWOW for about five years and it has felt like a family from the very first time we attended an event. We were treated to a ‘typical’ day at the beach in an extraordinary way – it’s a beautiful day of triumphs and positivity for families who are sometimes limited to what they CAN’T do because of our special needs kids. And, this is something we CAN do because of them,” said Lisa Hutson, parent of AWOW Athlete Leo. “This amazing opportunity is given to us because of the selfless, giving spirit of hundreds of people volunteering and donating. The athletes feel like rockstars and the families get to see that, possibly for the first, and maybe the only time, for their child. It’s awesome beyond words.”


The November 11 Surf Therapy Day marks the fifth event AWOW has hosted in Malibu since 2014, and the final event in the organization’s 2017 surf season. It is one of five communities on either the east coast (Montauk, N.Y.) or west coast (Malibu, Ventura, Santa Cruz, Huntington Beach) that welcomed and nurtured AWOW events in 2017.


Special guests and friends of the organization will include AWOW Ambassa-dog Haole the surfing Labrador Retriever who will be supporting on November 11, along with others. Past AWOW ambassadors and supporters have included celebrities Scott Caan (“Hawaii 5’0”), Pierce Brosnan (“James Bond“ actor), surf legends Allen Sarlo and Flea; pro surfers Courtney Conlogue, Reef McInotsh, Pancho Sullivan, Keali’i Mamala, Sam Hammer, Shaun Tomson and many more.


AWOW exists largely because of amazing volunteers who return year after year as they find the entire event and experience priceless. For families and volunteers interested in getting involved with AWOW, go to or @awalkonwater on Instagram.

The AWOW Surf Therapy Day is sponsored by Paul Mitchell Systems and hosted by Surf Relik. AWOW would also like to thank Vintage Grocers, Humblemaker Coffee Co and Katin USA.

About A Walk On Water:

A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) is a family of watermen providing surf therapy to children with special needs through the therapeutic power of the ocean. Founded in 2012, the nonprofit organization has hosted over 2,000 athletes through volunteer-led Surf Therapy events that allow families to experience the ocean’s transformative properties for one perfect, restorative day at the beach. AWOW continues to serve additional athletes in need every year, focusing on their mission to bring Surf Therapy to children and families worldwide.

The post “A Walk on Water” Closes 2017 Surf Season in Malibu appeared first on .


Take 15% Off Element products at Shop.Surf. Use Code: ELEMENT15

KITH Flamingos x adidas Soccer Season 2 Official Lookbook

Following an exclusive first look at season 2 of  KITH‘s adidas Soccer collaboration, the range’s New York Cobras squad is followed by a lookbook showcasing Miami’s Flamingo team. Its navy, tan and pink color palette returns to reflect aspects of Miami such as its water, sand and striking pastel colors. This time around, Chase serves as the official sponsor for the Flamingos since it’s had KITH’s back for the past six years.

The range is comprised of a large selection of pieces from its traditional home and away kits spanning outerwear, bottoms and accessories. Footwear is also a part of the mix via Miami Flamingos editions of the adidas Nemeziz UltraBOOST 17+ and Nemeziz 17.1 TR silhouettes.

In addition, KITH and Chase’s partnership will be commemorated with a special launch event at KITH Miami one day prior to the collection’s official launch. Both iterations of the KITH x adidas x Chase jerseys will launch on November 2 in-store exclusively for Chase cardholders with all proceeds going to Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

The KITH x adidas Soccer season 2 collection officially launches on November 3 at all KITH Shops, KITH x Fred Segal Pop-Up in LA and KITH web store.

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Kathryn Hahn’s Velvety, Lacy Look Includes Everything We Want to Wear This Holiday Season

It may only be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about holiday shopping and accordingly, holiday party dresses. In fact, after seeing Kathryn Hahn’s look from Monday’s premiere of “A Bad Moms Christmas,” it’s top of mind for us. The actress chose a two-piece look …

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The 10 Best Movie References in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

The 10 Best Movie References in 'Stranger Things' Season 2

The second season of Stranger Things — released like a movie sequel as Stranger Things 2 — made its debut on Netflix last Friday. If you're a big fan of the series, you've probably already watched all nine new episodes. If so, join us as we dive into a ranking of the best movie references made by the Duffer Brothers in their return to Hawkins, Indiana.  


1. Aliens

Stranger Things loves to feature actors known for iconic…

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The Best Stranger Things Season 2 Moments in 10 Memes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things.

Binging your way through Stranger Things season 2 is an emotional, mind-expanding experience that may or may not lead to Eleven-esque nose bleeds.

Fortunately for us, the new season lightened the eerie mood with some very divine comedy. All of it was of course, very meme-able for superfans. If you’re looking for a recap of everything that happened in Stranger Things season 2 finale, we’ve got you covered. But here’s a quick rundown of some of the best moments from Stranger Things season 2 told through a very post-1984 medium: memes on Twitter.

1. We find out that Chief Jim Hopper rescued Eleven at the end of last season and she now lives with him in a cabin in the woods and enjoys Eggo towers. She hates that she’s not allowed to leave because it’s too risky, but this duo just works.

2. Dustin adopts a cute critter he names Dart who turns out to be a monstrous cat-killing demon, so Dustin puts on hockey goalie gear and tries to trap it. He fails, but when they run into each other in the finale, Dart remembers how much he trusts Dustin and loves his candy supply. So it decides not to kill him and all his friends.

R.I.P. Mews

3. We learn Eleven and Mike have been checking in on each other all the time since she took on the Demogorgon in the season 1 finale. When Eleven drops in on Hawkins Middle, she sees Max trying to get Mike to accept her into the group because he was not having it. Eleven notices Mike smile as he opens up to the idea of Max’s right to exist. This happens.

4. Jonathan continues to teach Will that being a misfit is the coolest.

5. As fans hoped, Nancy and Jonathan got together after they teamed up in the Justice for Barb mission.

6. Thanks to a message from her mother Terry Ives, Eleven finally found and met her long-lost roommate Kali. In the seventh episode, she finds her in Chicago where she learns more about her powers and herself.

She got a new look to match her new ‘tude.

7. Steve became the best version of himself, showing a lot of kindness as he bravely helped all the kids through the tunnel and gave Dustin the 101 on dating.

8. After winning Joyce’s heart, decoding Will’s map and gaming the Hawkins Lab security system, Bob gets ripped apart by not one but several Demodogs in the penultimate episode. It was heartbreaking.

9. Eleven successfully closes the gate after a reunion at the Byers.

10. Eleven and Mike have a sweet Snow Ball reunion because good things come to those who wait. (At the same time, the master monster’s looming over the Upside Down version of the middle school, but this moment still wins.)

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‘The Walking Dead:’ The Most Irksome Moments from the Season 8 Premiere

It’s taken eight years for AMC to reach the 100th episode of The Walking Dead, and I can’t help but feel a bit let down. Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay episode, much better than some that have aired in the past (cough Season 2, Episode 4 cough), though it didn’t stop me from being peeved by those dumb moments that just didn’t make any sense. I hope you can bear with me here while I rant about some of the parts that just annoyed me.

When Did They Suddenly Become Ninjas?

Okay, this was sort of a minor issue, but it still got on my nerves. In the beginning, we see Rick, Morgan, and the others stealthily take out the Savior scouts along the road. Now, I don’t have personal experience sneaking up on someone and stabbing a giant sharp stick into their back or anything, but I feel that it’s not as easy as they showed it. The scouts seemed like oblivious NPCs from like Fallout 3 or Skyrim the way they were so easily taken out; it was a little ridiculous. Throughout the series, I always had a major gripe with how silent and ninja-like the zombies are when they’re constantly sneaking up on people (I mean, really, they’re loud walking corpses 😕).

How Fast Are Those Zombies Anyway?

Their whole plan throughout the episode was to attract hordes of zombies to Negan’s base, overrun it, and basically render it defenseless. We can see Daryl, Carol and the Twizzler girl (Tara) setting off a bunch of explosions to get the horde trudging in the direction of Negan’s base. Now, it’s a pretty good plan in theory, however when you mix in a bit of The Walking Dead “reality” there is one flaw with it: zombies are freaking slow. Seriously this isn’t World War Z. It would have taken them weeks to get as far as they did. I understand there was a time jump, so maybe they’ve been attracting those zombies for a long time to prepare for the moment they carry out their attack. Yet I still feel like that wouldn’t make sense, I don’t think Rick and the rest of the gang would have spent weeks gathering all these zombies and consistently keep on attracting them until they were close enough to reach Negan. I guess I don’t completely comprehend how these walking flesh bags work in the show.

Aren’t Bullets Scarce as Hell?

There are too many scenes in this episode where they just unload a crap ton of bullets for no reason. There is the scene where Carol and her cronies sneak up (again sneaked) on some Savior by his car, then proceed to unload on the one guy when he hides behind his car. Then, when they have their little showdown with Negan (I’ll get to that later, trust me), when Rick decides to start shooting, everyone begins firing. They go crazy shooting at these windows in Negan’s base and it was completely baffling. I was thinking to myself, “What the hell are they shooting at?” and “Are the Saviors shooting back at them?” Please help me understand, because in such a dangerous setting where supplies are so low and rare to find, wouldn’t bullets be the first thing you would want to conserve? They must have gotten their hands-on Herschel’s infinite ammo cheat.


Seriously! The guy was right there the whole time throughout his freaking monologue and all Rick had to was a line up a shot then BAM, problem solved! Rick could have also hidden a marksman in trees or bushes to get a clear shot at Negan and then put a bullet in the dude’s skull. Now, I know that it would’ve been anti-climactic to just kill the archenemy in the very first episode of the season, fans would’ve been pissed off by that and I can understand why. Though this whole scene with them having their little stare down was just so ridiculous. I was just watching that scene carry out the whole time and yelling at the screen, “Do it! Do it, Rick! He’s right there! Just do it already!” I felt like I was channeling Shia LaBeouf. But alas it didn’t happen, and we now have to wait another 18 episodes of The Walking Dead for that to hopefully happen because Rick couldn’t stop to think how easily he could have taken him out.

I know it’s the first episode of the season and hopefully it picks up a little momentum. It’s just that this premiere was filled with a lot of annoying irritating parts that made it kinda hard to enjoy. However, I will say though that I enjoyed the future/dream moments of old man Rick. I thought they were well done and I’m excited on what they will plan to do with that plotline next. It’s just because of those other head-scratching moments that I don’t list this as a top episode in The Walking Dead series.

‘The Walking Dead’: Grown-up Judith Spurs Character Death Theories

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Everything You Need to Know Before Watching ‘Stan Against Evil’ Season 2

Pig monsters, possessed goth kids, and plenty of other paranormal pests plague the small New Hampshire town of Willard’s Mill. And who gets stuck cleaning up all this mess? Sheriff Stan Miller. Well, former sheriff. See, Stan recently had to quit after he beat up an old lady at his wife’s funeral. Don’t feel bad for her though: that old lady was an evil witch.

The Willard’s Mill Curse — Why Stan?

Stan-Against-Evil-mcginley Cropped
John C. McGinley in Stan Against Evil

Turns out that there’s a curse upon all the sheriffs of Willard’s Mill. Back in the 1600s, the wicked constable, Thaddeus Eccles, burned 172 people at the stake for the crime of witchcraft. So, they decided to get even and murder every sheriff who followed him. They all ended up dying tragic deaths, except for Stan.

He was lucky enough to have his wife, Claire, looking out for him on the sly. She became an expert demon killer and protected Stan without him ever knowing the wiser. Now that she’s gone, Stan is numero uno on every demon’s hit-list.

To survive, he has to team up with the new sheriff in town, Evie Barret, as well as his sweet but unique daughter, Denise, in order to fight off the many monsters that keep poor Stan from just vegging out in front of the TV. They sometimes ask Deputy Leon Drinkwater for help, but he’s not really the helpful type.

Spoilers Below for Season 1 of Stan Against Evil

janet varney stan against evil
Janet Varney in Stan Against Evil.

We learn that the only real witch in Willard’s Mill was Constable Eccles himself! What a *****! After some Groundhog Day shenanigans, he ends up trapping Evie back in the past and escaping into our time, but Stan recognizes that sumthin’ ain’t right. Can Stan figure out how to retrieve Evie from the past before she gets roasted like a campfire marshmallow?

Only way to find out is to tune into Stan Against Evil for its second season on IFC starting on November 1. Make sure to bring a shovel and some wet naps. It’s gonna be messy.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 premiere explains that Old Rick time-jump, kind of


This recap contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8, episode 1, titled “Mercy.”

The title for The Walking Dead‘s Season 8 premiere couldn’t be more appropriate; after last season saw our heroes being continually outwitted and oppressed by Negan and his brutal Saviors, this opening hour showed our characters and the audience some mercy, with the forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom banding together to fight back against the bat-wielding bully. 

The triumphant tone of the premiere fulfilled the promise of the Season 7 finale and leveled the playing field between Rick’s posse and the bad guys; ending with the Saviors’ base being overrun with walkers and leaving two unlikely characters — Negan and Father Gabriel — trapped in a trailer with no obvious way out. While you might expect Negan to want to kill the preacher outright (or at least use him as a human shield), it sounds like there’ll be a little more to their storyline in coming episodes. Read more…

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‘The Walking Dead’: Why Dwight is the Most Important Character in Season 8

The most important character in Season 8 of The Walking Dead isn’t Rick Grimes. It isn’t Negan. It isn’t Daryl (gasp!) or even The Scavengers (aka The Junkyard Gang). As long as he’s alive, it’s Dwight.

Dwight is a member of The Saviors, the baddies who scare the 💩  out of everyone. Toward the end of Season 7, Dwight seemed to turn a corner when one of his wood carvings appeared after a shocking fight between the Alexandrians and The Saviors. The implication was that he’d be willing to help our favorite survivors of Alexandria and The Hilltop Colony. But Dwight is hardly trustworthy and has played both sides in the past. Will he pull through for the survivors, or remain loyal to The Saviors? To predict Dwight’s next few moves, we turned to the best method of character alignment analysis, tried and true: Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition, of course). 🤓

In most role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, every player must choose an alignment for their character. There are 9 alignments, and all include a combination of good and evil, law and chaos. To understand Dwight’s character alignment, we held him up to the ultimate test. Who are the evil characters in The Walking Dead, who are the do-gooders, and where does Dwight fit in? Yeah, we went there:

Morgan Jones

The best way to understand Lawful Good is to think of Obi Wan Kenobi. Like Obi Wan, Morgan fights evil with compassion. He keeps his word, uses Aikido to fight evil, and has a strong sense of honor and duty. However, while we know how things turned out for Obi Wan, we don’t’ yet know if Morgan will stick to his current style of taking down the big baddies. We’ve seen signs of change, but his sense of honor and discipline has yet to wane. Morgan is Lawful Good.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes has leadership qualities and comes off as a consistent do-gooder. But (and this is a real doozy when it comes to character alignment), Rick has been lured by evil decisions which have come back to haunt not only him but the people who trust him as their leader. The Saviors have wanted to kill the Alexandrians and Hilltop Colony ever since Rick and his tribe raided one of their compounds and mercilessly killed every single person in the building. Going into Season 8, Rick’s leadership qualities are back intact, only after he spent time disappointing all of his followers by giving into Negan’s demands, and that makes him nothing more or less than Neutral Good.

Daryl, Carol, and Michonne

Nobody fights for a cause quite like a rebel who loves their friends. Whether good or bad, a Chaotic Good character has strong morals, but F society. Personal freedom is important to a rebel, but they will never walk away from fighting for greater good. Much like Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in Battlestar Galactica, Chaotic Good characters are the ones who will save us all, even if it’s at their own expense. Carol, Daryl and Michonne are all Chaotic Good, and we’d bank on at least one of them dying for their friends.


Like the Grim Reaper, Walkers have one job to do and one job only: eat people, and brains. They don’t care if they eat the brains of good or bad people. As long as they have a head, they have a job to do, and they’re going to do it. No. Matter. What. Walkers are Lawful Neutral, even if we fear them the most.

Gregory 🙄

Gregory is a lot like Star Wars’ Boba Fett. Like Boba Fett, Gregory will do just about anything to please anyone. It seems evil, but it’s really just what True Neutral characters do best: nothing good, and nothing bad. True Neutral characters lack emotion and conviction. They do whatever they think is best to do depending on the moment. Gregory‘s inability to make real decisions makes him one of the worst leaders on The Walking Dead, and it’s incredibly hard not to throw things at the TV every time he’s on screen. Maybe with a little backstory, his character will become more interesting (?) but right now he’s just another True Neutral, making him the lamest character in the entire series. Gregory is a true True Neutral. Eyeroll.


Jadis is the leader of The Junkyard Gang (aka The Scavengers) and is very likely the “little birdie” who told Negan about Rick’s plans to fight The Saviors. But can we blame her? With a Chaotic Neutral character alignment, this is to be expected. Jadis is a lot like Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Aside from sharing a most curious way of talking, neither Q or Jadis are actually evil, even when their actions appear to be cruel. Chaotic Neutral is often called “The Free Spirit” because they are anarchists. They do not believe in any form of government, and usually, stay mostly focused on their own well being. Chaotic Neutral characters do not take pleasure in the suffering of others, nor are they motivated by it. These anarchists are curious characters. Jadis is not likely to stay loyal to Negan if he impedes upon the well being of her gang.

Simon (is Negan)

Ugh. Simon. Just, ugh. He’s the worst, and he’s basically the Darth Vader of The Walking Dead. Lawful Evil characters are totally diabolical, but not independent. They will always follow their evil leader, whether it’s Negan, or the Emperor. They are totally loyal to their leader and have no regard for life. Known as “The Dominator,” they are the ultimate follower, making them the stewards of evil and destruction. Lawful Evil characters are obedient; they will follow the code of evil at all times. Yikes. And that smile is terrifying, ffs. Simon is Negan’s most loyal follower, and he DGAF if anyone gets hurt, including other Saviors.

Negan is Chaotic Evil

Negan. Is. Terrifying. If Ramsay Bolton were in The Walking Dead universe, he would be Negan. Chaotic Evil characters are selfish destroyers and have no respect for rules. The rule is whatever a Chaotic Evil decides it is. These evil characters are greedy and take from others. Whether it’s Ramsay taking Winterfell, or Negan taking from, well, everyone he can find on the Eastern seaboard, these are the baddies who deal in pure Chaotic Evil.

So, what about Dwight? Is he evil?

Dwight is the malefactor on The Walking Dead. His backstory shows that at one time he may have been good. When he first met Daryl, back before he looked exactly like Two-Face, he answered the infamous 3 Questions. He told Daryl he’d killed more Walkers than he could count but had never killed a human because “When you kill a person, there’s no going back.”  Later on in the story, we find Dwight with a half-burned face, killing humans without remorse. It’s clear that by deciding to re-join the Saviors in Episode 6 of the sixth season, he left behind any honorable qualities he may have once maintained. Dwight is Neutral Evil, which basically makes him the Littlefinger of Alexandria. He will work for both sides without any real conviction and engages in evil behavior if he thinks he’ll get away with it. Ew.

Dwight is the most important character walking into Season 8 because he is the malefactor in the story. He’s a wrongdoer, who appears to be willing to do right. But, as with all wrongdoers, he cannot be trusted. He’ll engage in mayhem and destruction if he can get away with it, and he lacks a moral code.

Will Dwight go back to who he was before he re-joined the Saviors and began killing humans? If he does, his alignment will surely shift. But for now, Dwight is Neutral Evil. He’s just a bad guy, willing to do bad things at any time, for either side. The side he chooses may benefit, because the survivors are on the brink of all-out war with the saviors, and it won’t be pretty.

What do you think? Are these alignments accurate? Do you trust Dwight? Let us know @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Cynthia Erivo Previews The Holiday Season At Fall Gala

2017 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Source: Jim Spellman / Getty

Tony Award winning actress Cynthia Erivo arrived at the American Ballet Theater Fall Gala looking absolutely stunning. The Color Purple star wore a Fall/Winter 2017 Zac Posen dress to attend the function. Talk about standing out! The mermaid cut and tiered ‘mermaid tail’ of the dress adds a necessary drama to make this an entrance gown.

2017 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Source: Ben Gabbe / Getty

The Zac Posen dress has an off the shoulder cape sleeve biased cut neckline showing off Cynthia’s poppin’ collar bone, strong arms, and sexy shoulders.

2017 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Source: Desiree Navarro / Getty

She wore her hair in a platinum blonde cropped cut and a bold orange-red lipstick (get a similar one from Ardell Beauty in Sizzling Sunset for $ 9.99 from Sally Beauty). This matte lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips and stays on all night long!

2017 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Source: Desiree Navarro / Getty

This dress was a fabulous look on Cynthia and is easily duplicated for a holiday event with a fabulous red dress and a red matte lipstick. Try it out!

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Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 premiere free on Sling TV this Sunday

The Walking Dead Season 8

At long last, The Walking Dead returns for a new season on AMC this weekend, and the all-out war between Rick and Negan is about to come to a head. Based on what we saw in the trailer back at Comic-Con, season 8 could be one of the most exciting seasons in the show’s history, but you’re going to have to tune in in order to find out.

Here’s the good news: You won’t need cable to watch the season premiere on Sunday. Sling TV announced this week that it will allow new customers to access its Orange package free of charge all day — no credit card required.

Continue reading…

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All Deals on HP, Dell and Lenovo!

Questions We Need Answered in ‘Voltron’ Season 5

If your jaw’s been dropped since watching Season 4 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The short yet dazzling season gave us many answers but even more questions. The show is building itself up to incredible heights, and with it, higher stakes for our favorite paladins. But just what exactly should we be focusing on for next season?

One Holt Down, One to Go…

Siblings reunited

Season 4 brought us such a precious moment when Pidge finally found her brother, Matt. Even more so, we got to see that they’re one of the best sibling duos this side of the galaxy. But now that Matt’s found, it’s time to start the search for the other lost Holt – their dad, Sam.

Relatively speaking, we haven’t learned much about Sam, except that he is an inspiring commander and likes freeze-dried peas. Otherwise, his last-known location was with weaker prisoners at a Galra work camp after he was captured. Matt was also supposedly sent to this camp at one point, so now that he’s back, he might have a lead on Sam’s whereabouts.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Shiro is the black paladin again

Perhaps the fact that we got nothing about Shiro’s last bout of Galra captivity in Season 4 means that we should be all the more wary. Operation Kuron was introduced in Season 3 and has led to speculation that the current Shiro is a clone. But he’s certainly done well at integrating himself back into the team, given that he’s the Black Paladin again. It’s hard not to trust him now, but Operation Kuron is still very much a storyline to watch. Who knows? Maybe the Galra scientists are using him to infiltrate Team Voltron at the right moment.

The Hunt Begins

Haggar's true self

Speaking of the Galra, there’s a lot going on at the head of the empire. Zarkon’s back on the throne and is hunting down his son to kill him. Meanwhile, Haggar seems to be getting more secretive. For one reason or another, she uses her Altean abilities to disguise herself. Is it because Zarkon doesn’t remember who she was, or she can’t let the rest of the empire know? And on top of all that, are the two going to go after the trans-reality comet that Lotor successfully retrieved through Voltron?

A New Defender?

Lotor killed Narti

Of course, nothing shook up the show quite as much as Prince Lotor did this season. It ended with a cliffhanger of him proposing to have a discussion with Team Voltron, suggesting a possible future truce. Other than the fact that the team has yet to meet Lotor face to face, this discussion brings up several points of interest.

First, can the team trust the prince? Lotor did save them all – while foiling Haggar’s plans, no less – but just three episodes earlier he ruthlessly killed Narti, one of his top generals, without a second thought. And just what exactly is it that he wants to discuss? He’s on the run, and he didn’t seem that upset about losing his temporary command of the empire, so it’s doubtful he’s going after power. Perhaps he wants Voltron’s help in gaining pure quintessence from other realities, and in exchange, he’ll help them fight the Galra. But that once again begs the question: why exactly does Lotor want quintessence?

Hopefully, Season 5 will arrive sooner than later, and with it, some answers to tide us over. Until then, we’ll be counting down the ticks by thinking up more theories to connect the dots.

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Upcoming WSL Big Wave Tour Northern Hemisphere Season Officially Opens

LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Sunday, October 15, 2017) – The Northern Hemisphere portion of the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) officially opens today and will run through February 28, 2018. The world’s best big wave surfers will now prepare to take on three of the most challenging big wave breaks on the planet — Nazaré in Portugal, Pe’ahi in Hawaii, and Mavericks in California.

Starting today, the highly-anticipated winter season of the Big Wave Tour will have the opportunity to run the Nazaré Challenge in Portugal and Pe’ahi Challenge in Maui, Hawaii. The start date for the competition window for the Mavericks event — along with a traditional opening ceremony — will be set shortly following the coordination with the array of governmental agencies involved with the production of the event. The WSL’s acquisition of the permit for the contest was finalized last week and preparations for the first Mavericks Challenge are now moving forward as swiftly as possible.

“We are excited to get the Big Wave Tour back underway with the winter season,” said Mike Parsons, WSL BWT Commissioner. “We have the window for Nazaré and Pe’ahi opening today and are working diligently with all agencies to finalize details for Mavericks. We appreciate the ongoing support from the local community, and we anticipate a great season and epic conditions for the world’s best big wave surfers.”

The Northern Hemisphere season will welcome back the Women’s Pe’ahi Challenge for its second year. A decorated lineup of the leading big wave surfers has been invited to compete at the famed break in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. Last year’s inaugural event saw Paige Alms (HAW)claim the historic victory. This year’s event will feature six women battling in a one-off Final for the prestigious win.

The world’s best female big wave surfers will also have the opportunity to compete at Mavericks this upcoming season. The WSL Commissioner’s Office will work with a committee made up of Mavericks surfing icons to select six of the best female big wave surfers. The committee will consider performance results from the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards, experience surfing at Mavericks, and overall big wave experience at all big wave locations around the world.

The men’s division for the Northern Hemisphere events will consist of a 24-man field, comprised of the Top 10 finishers of the 2016/2017 BWT season, 6 event wildcards, 3 BWT wildcards, 1 injury wildcard, and the Top 4 Surfline Overall Performance of the Year Award recipients. The 6 event wildcards for the Mavericks Challenge will be selected by a committee made up of Mavericks legends and experts.

Earlier this year, the 2017/2018 Big Wave Tour completed its first event of the season, the Puerto Escondido Challenge in Mexico, where Kai Lenny (HAW) claimed an exciting victory. Lenny leads the men’s BWT rankings with Jamie Mitchell (AUS) in second place, Tom Lowe (GBR) in third and Billy Kemper (HAW) in fourth. Mitchell, the 2016 and inaugural Nazaré Challenge winner, will look to defend his event title in Portugal. Kemper has dominated the Pe’ahi Challenge since its introduction to the WSL Big Wave Tour and will look for his third-consecutive win at Jaws.

WSL Big Wave Tour officials will monitor swell producing storms for the next four-and-a-half months and watch for the conditions that will produce waves in the 30-to-60-foot range. Once the call is made, competitors will have 72 hours notice to be ready to compete.

2017/18 BWT Men’s Nazaré Challenge:
Grant Baker, Pedro Calado, Greg Long, Jamie Mitchell, Billy Kemper, Nic Lamb, Will Skudin, João De Macedo, Cristian Merello, Kai Lenny, Makuakai Rothman, Lucas Chianca, Francisco Porcella, Trevor Sven Carlson, Tom Lowe, Garrett McNamara, Alex Botelho, Tom Butler, Andrew Cotton, Antonio Silva, Hugo Vau, Nic Von Rupp
Event Alternates: Kealii Mamala, Natxo Gonzalez
Performer of the Year Alternates: Peter Mel, Nathan Florence, Jojo Roper

2017/18 BWT Men’s Pe’ahi Challenge:
Grant Baker, Pedro Calado, Greg Long, Jamie Mitchell, Billy Kemper, Nic Lamb, Will Skudin, João De Macedo, Cristian Merello, Kai Lenny, Makuakai Rothman, Lucas Chianca, Francisco Porcella, Trevor Sven Carlson, Tom Lowe, Shane Dorian, Ian Walsh, Albee Layer, Mark Healey, Aaron Gold, Tyler Larronde
Event Alternates: Shaun Walsh, Danilo Couto, Torrey Meister
Performer of the Year Alternates:  Peter Mel, Nathan Florence, Alex Botelho

2017/18 BWT Women’s Pe’ahi Challenge:
Paige Alms, Justine Dupont, Andrea Moeller, Keala Kennelly, Felicity Palmateer, Bianca Valenti
Alternates: Emily Erickson, Nicole Pacelli, Laura Enever

For more information, check out

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‘Arrow’ Season 6 Premiere Mysteries Solved

Arrow Season 5 concluded with a bang — literally — as Oliver and his son William watched in horror as the entirety of Lian Yu burst into flames. With William’s mother, Samantha Clayton, on the island, along with Felicity, Curtis, Quentin, Thea, Dinah, Rene, Diggle, Nyssa and all of Prometheus‘ confederates, there was no way to know if anyone survived.

Arrow Season 6 premiered and with it, the outcome of that explosive island finale. Let’s take a look at who lived, who died, and what’s ahead for this story.

Who Lives

Arrow Felicity
Oliver radioed to Felicity just before the island exploded.

Fallout,” opened with Oliver tracking down a new criminal element in Star City. As he fought off the intruders, the episode slowly started to reveal which members of Team Arrow survived the island. Diggle was back, huzzah! As was Rene (with a wicked new uniform) and Dinah. Curtis was back too, with his handy T-spheres, which took down the missile that was threatening the city.

Felicity was also alive and seemingly unharmed, as was Quentin Lance. Later, the episode revealed that Slade Wilson also made it off the island. While she wasn’t shown on screen, Nyssa al Ghul seemed to make it off the island as well.

As for Prometheus’ team, Black Siren survived, but no word yet about Artemis or Talia al Ghul. Dinah and Quentin thought Black Siren was dead because Quentin shot Black Siren, leaving her for dead. A mysterious man in a helicopter rescued her and when she arrived in Star City, she blew up both the police station and the Arrow bunker.

Who Died

Samantha Clayton Arrow
Samantha Clayton, William’s mother.

When Team Arrow went to hide in the airplane before the explosions, two people did not make it in time — Samantha and Thea. Samantha ran off to find William and Thea followed after her.

When Oliver returned to the island, he and Slade Wilson came upon Samantha and Thea’s bodies. Thea was knocked unconscious but she was still breathing. Samantha, however, was suffering from a fatal wound. As she lay dying, she asked Oliver to be William’s father. Oliver said that he would, and she passed away.

As we saw later in the episode, Thea is still alive, but in a coma. Both Slade and Oliver have been visiting her in the hospital, since their return from the island. For Samantha, however, she has left William without a mother. Oliver now bears the sole responsibility of raising William on his own.

As for island consequences, Diggle, while physically alive and well, is dealing with PTSD and shock. We may see him sidelined a bit more this season as he recovers.

What’s Next in the Story

Now that we know who made it through Lian Yu’s last blow, what does that mean for this season of Arrow? Black Siren appears to be our main villain this season, first by attacking the police and then Team Arrow themselves. We know that she has a wealthy benefactor since the show made multiple references to money. Is her benefactor the man with the helicopter? If so, why is he going after Oliver?

We also know that Black Siren stole a T-Sphere from Curtis and she leaked a picture to the press of Oliver wearing the Green Arrow uniform. As with almost every season, Oliver will have to prove yet again that he is not the Green Arrow. What does this kind of suspicion gain Siren and her benefactor?

Thankfully all of Team Arrow made it off the island safely. Now we must wait for Thea to make a speedy recovery.

Arrow airs on The CW, Thursdays at 9/8C.

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Taraji P. Henson on How ‘Empire’ Season 4 Will Dive Deeper Into Cookie’s Prison Past

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched “Evil Manners,” the Oct. 11 episode of “Empire’s” fourth season. Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) has a lot on her plate these days. Not only is she dealing with the emotional heartbreak over the love of her life and father of her children, Lucious Lyon (Terrence […]



Watch a sneak peek of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8

The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

Every October for the last few years, I’ve been pretty excited to watch the premiere of a new Walking Dead season. But then seasons 6 and 7 happened, and I can’t say I’m thrilled to go through anything like it again. That doesn’t change the fact that season 8 does premiere on AMC on October 22nd, and that millions of fans will be flocking to their TVs to watch it.

Until that time, however, you can check out this brand new sneak peek video for the first episode of season 8.

Continue reading…

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All Deals on HP, Dell and Lenovo!

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Is Definitely Going to Please Fans

Black Mirror is returning later this year and fans are ready. The sci-fi anthology series has gained a huge following, especially after its Emmy win for the episode “San Junipero.” With six new episodes to come, we got a glimpse at one of the episodes during our coverage at New York Comic Con. And the episode’s director even moderated the panel.

That director? Jodie Foster.


black mirror arkangel
Implants are a regular feature of many ‘Black Mirror’ episodes.

Foster was in attendance not only as a director but also as a true fan of the series. She talked about her love of the show before introducing a clip from the episode she directed, “Arkangel.”

The premise centers on a mother (Rosemarie DeWitt, who Foster said she always wanted to work with) who gets an implant put into her daughter’s brain. This allows her to do things like monitor her daughter’s vitals, her location, and even filter out real-world content that her daughter experiences.

If this goes the path of a typical Black Mirror episode, things aren’t likely to turn out well. But, implants have been a staple of the series and “Arkangel” is approaching them from an interesting angle: childcare. And that difference in approach is what attracted Foster to the project.

Influences and Technology

The discussion then switched to showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones who talked about how they see the show. Brooker said, “Technology isn’t the villain. It’s how a human comes in and uses that technology.”

Jones backed that up by mentioning one of Black Mirror‘s influences: an anthology series by Roald Dahl called Tales of the Unexpected. “Tales of the Unexpected was very domestic,” Jones said. She went on to say that that intimate approach has always been vital to the kind of stories the creators want to tell on the show.

Get Ready for Easter Eggs

black mirror men against fire
Remember this image. You’ll see it again in the new season of ‘Black Mirror.’

The series has never been part of a truly connected universe. However, Brooker has said that all the episodes exist in the same “psychological universe.” Well, Brooker decided to amp up that connectivity with this new season.

He presented it by saying, “We turned on the Easter egg hose.” There is even a quick nod to the episode “Men Against Fire” in the clip from “Arkangel.”

Black Mirror doesn’t have a premiere date yet but expect the episodes very soon. Why not go back and binge the last few seasons? You know you want to.

Stay up-to-date with New York Comic Con news and all your favorite fandoms with our new FANDOM app. Download now on the Apple iTunes store or Google Play.

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Javier Munoz Joins Season 3 of SHADOWHUNTERS, First Look at His Character

Javier Mu oz, Broadway’s current Alexander Hamilton, steps into a new role as a guest star on the television series ‘Shadowhunters.’ He plays Lorenzo Rey, warlock, rival to Magnus Bane. Check out the first look at his character below, plus his message to New York City Comic Con Featured Content


It’s Officially Stink Bug Season: Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

The next six weeks will be mayhem, experts say.

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TV Review: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ Season 9

Not much has changed. The primary takeaway from “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” long-awaited ninth-season premiere, “Foisted!,” is that the show — its style, its characters, its tone — is almost exactly what it was when it aired its Season 8 finale in 2011. It’s welcome, but a little strange, too. Could six years really pass by […]



New season of ‘SNL’ roars back by mocking Donald Trump early

NEW YORK (AP) — The new season of “Saturday Night Live” wasted no time getting topical — or mocking Donald Trump — with an opening sketch that featured Alec Baldwin skewering the president for his response to the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, threatening Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ job and mentioning his stand-off with the NFL.
Entertainment Headlines


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Lisa “The Inventress” Ascolese Covers Exclusive ‘Shark Tank’ Season 9 Premiere Event

Shark Tank

Calling all inventors and entrepreneurs: Have you ever wondered what happens on the set Shark Tank, the critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy ® Award-winning ABC reality show that has reinvigorated entrepreneurship in America? Lucky for YOU, I’ve documented my journey to Los Angeles where Season Nine of Shark Tank was filmed and I share how the innovative magic happens below.


Lisa Ascolese (Image: Lisa Ascolese)


Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of the iconic, innovative souls and superstar “Sharks” who, over the years, have helped shape and mold what entrepreneurship is to date.

As most of you know, I reside in the NYC area, and so naturally, I chose to fly out of EWR Newark, New Jersey into Los Angeles, California LAX. For the line of work I do, flying is a daily practice. When you are an entrepreneur, always have a bag packed and be ready to take the next flight out whenever to wherever. Here’s the thing, you need to go where opportunities arise. And most of the time, opportunities don’t stay around forever. Act fast and always be prepared to move.

As I settled down in my seat, I reached for my journal. Fun fact! You will never find The Inventress in flight without these three staples: pencil, journal, and a bottle of sparkling water. I do most of my creative brainstorming on planes or during long car rides. I choose to journal in pencil for many reasons but most predominantly because the direction of my thoughts change continuously. I am always searching for the next innovative idea. Before I knew it, we arrived in beautiful, L.A.—one of my favorite cities in the entire world! My flights always seem to zip by so quickly because I tend to sink into a writers coma…  (Ha!) And now, the real fun begins…

I took an Uber (shout out to an ingenious company) to my hotel. And because I arrived late at night, once I checked in, I completely checked out and it was time to catch some zzz’s. Jet lag will do that to you, my friends.

The following morning I woke up from my slumber at approximately 5 AM. Regardless of the West Coast time difference, my body knows not to sleep past that mark. Although I followed my typical morning routine; journal, yoga, juice, emails, etc., my routine added in some additions that I must say, I wasn’t too inconvenienced by. In fact, I was elated to add them to the list. Following my delicious organic green juice and a few thousand client emails (just kidding… it was only a few hundred), I began to prepare for my big day as a consultant on the set of Shark Tank. I got busy preparing topics of discussion, questions, background information and fun facts. I couldn’t wait to arrive and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share the same passions as me! I am inspired by people who live their purpose… because I live mine.

And we’re off! A beautiful stretch limo arrived to my hotel at 8 am sharp to bring me to Culver City aka my Shark Tank family.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the television industry, it takes a village of hardworking, passionate, and focused individuals to make a production (of any size) come to fruition. Excuses and exhaustion do not exist… especially on Hollywood sets. And here’s why; Shark Tank films for approximately 10-12 hours a day. There is very limited time to capture all that needs capturing and so, each minute must be valued at its highest level. Also meaning, everyone must perform at their best all day, every day.

Upon settling into to my designated area, I am greeted by one of the most highly respected businessmen in the entire world, Mark Cuban! Mark is extremely kind, patient and humble. And although this was day seven of filming 10-12 hour days, he had no complaints and was standing strong. Our conversation was short, yet riveting. Time was not on our side as it was time to film and business is business. One thing Mark shared with me I find worth mentioning is his passion behind building schools across the country. To him, education is priceless and he will do what it takes to ensure children have an opportunity to indulge in creativity and arts.

I then witnessed an amazing product pitch…. top secret information! You’ll have to tune into Season Nine to experience this innovation.

We were all given a small break and it was at that time I was introduced to a full of smiles, Robert Herjavec. Robert is the jokester of the group. Always looking for a laugh, very pleasant and adds a fresh perspective into the mix. I was elated to connect with him and share our similarities. We both share a strong creative vision.

Next up, I reconnected with Daymond John and I was thrilled! It had been a minute since I had last seen Daymond and so getting ready for the day, I was excited to reconnect with a man whose work ethic and creativity I admire so much. Daymond has always been extremely focused and driven. In that moment, he was also very serious. You could tell he was there to get the job done and I cannot tell you how much I admire his outlook when it comes to the workplace. Fun fact! I will share this with you… the minute his beautiful daughter, Minka arrived on set, his entire demeanor changed! That little girl lights up his entire world and gives him life. It was a beautiful sight to see… oh, the joy of being a parent!

Time flies when you’re having fun… it was officially time for lunch. The cuisine was delicious and I had the honor of enjoying it while mingling with some of the Sharks. It was here I connected with Season Nine guest Shark, Bethenny Frankel and my QVC neighbor, Lori Greiner. Both Bethenny and Lori are fabulous, powerful women who lift others up, two hands at a time! This was my first time meeting Bethenny and her aura is wonderful. She is a very classy lady and extremely intelligent. As for Lori, it was also a delight reconnecting with her. Although we both run circles at The Q, it’s a nice treat seeing your colleagues outside of your typical workspace. And I must note, Lori’s outfit was stunning. She has a new clothing line launching soon and I highly recommend you check it out!

Other notes worth mentioning…

The entire Sony/ABC team deserves to be recognized for treating everyone on that set like family. For me personally, it was one of the most sincere welcomes I have ever experienced. The team’s hospitality and warmth is something I will never forget and admire deeply. And mind you, every single team member held these spectacular standards. It did not matter if you were an executive producer, intern, or an assistant, everyone was kind, everyone was caring and everyone was hard at work because they loved their job. I cannot explain how important it is to love what you do. Being passionate keeps you going… makes you feel alive… it invigorates your soul! Find something that lights up your world and I promise you, YOU will NEVER work a day in your life.

And in the blink of an eye, the filming of Shark Tank Season Nine wrapped! What now? I take you behind-the-scenes to the after party…. and trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

There was no time for me to change. So ladies and gentlemen, always be prepared to spice your outfit up or down. In this industry, time is never on your side. Fortunately, I was already dressed to the nines (my mother always said it was better to be over-dressed than under-dressed). But of course, The Inventress always travels with accessories to give her outfit that extra splash of fun. I can’t help it… I’m innovative!

The after-party vibe was super edgy, sexy, and cool. Between the karaoke, Shark Tank-themed cocktails, and old school music, we all had a blast! A weight was lifted off of everyone’s shoulders now that the season had officially ended filming. This was a celebration…. Mark Cuban changed out of his suit and switched to sweats! It was nice to be able to let your hair down in a judgment-free zone. The entire cast and crew was invited! No one was left out and everyone celebrated together as one big, happy family. Barbara Corcoran was missed deeply as she was rehearsing with her Dancing with the Stars partner, Keo. Not to worry, we will catch up with her toward the end of this blog!

Following the party, it was time for bed. I got into my limo and as I was driven back to my hotel, I thanked God for the life that I currently have. Not many people get the opportunity to live their dreams, meet their passions, and surround themselves with others who truly want to see them succeed. I, in that moment, reminded myself how truly blessed I am and why it is so important for me to help others get to that same space. I strongly believe in lifting each other up, two hands at a time!

Upon entering my hotel room, I had the biggest smile on my face. I was so grateful for that wonderful night, with wonderful people I now consider family. Within five minutes I was out for the count… tomorrow would be the most exciting, yet most labor intensive day of the trip as I would be working my magic on the red carpet.

Once again, I woke up at 5 AM to begin my day. By now, you probably have my routine memorized… journal, yoga, juice, emails, etc., and once again my routine added in some additions. This time, I was studying the media deck Sony, ABC, and Black Enterprise magazine supplied me with. The deck consisted of headshots of every single Shark and guest Shark, their respective bios and facts. It was my job to memorize each page to the best of my ability and also come up with unique questions to ask everyone at the red carpet premiere. I studied the pages for hours and organized my questions all while continuing to run my for-profit-business, Inventing A-to-Z; my nonprofit business, The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs; and balancing my family from L.A.

And now, it was time to get this show on the road…

The press event took place at the gorgeous, Paley Center in Beverly Hills, California. My driver picked me up early to ensure I took my place on the red carpet with time to spare. Beverly Hills is a fabulous sight to see. The views are spectacular, the environment is innovative and rich. I gathered myself together and got out of the limo. God is good my friends… I ended up sharing an elevator ride with one of my childhood idols, Alfonso Ribeiro! I adored Fresh Prince of Bel Air.… what a wonderful trip down memory lane! Alfonso and I enjoyed a beautiful chat. He is so very warm, loving and overall a super cool guy. I knew he was going to be the Shark Tank Premiere Panel Moderator following the red carpet, but it was so nice to share this intimate moment with him.

As we both stepped off the elevator, we went in different directions. Alfonso went inside the building to prep for his moderating position, while I took my place on the carpet to interview the stars. The atmosphere was chaotic. Press was everywhere you turned. It was a unique experience to be behind-the-scenes as an interviewer, as I am typically in front of the camera for these types of events. That said, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I was honored to have been granted this experience through my dear friend Brandon Andrews, top talent scout for Shark Tank and my Black Enterprise magazine family whom I also adore.

For those of you who are not in the entertainment industry, here is another fun fact you will find interesting. As I settled into my spot on the carpet, I was surrounded by every single major media network you could imagine… E!, Extra, etc…. it was fascinating! Press people mean business. It is all a competition, and what I mean by that is, just because you have a designated space on the carpet, does not guarantee you an interview with every star because, once again, time is not on your side. And so, each reporter must go to battle to ensure their network gets the coverage they are looking to achieve by interviewing the stars they admire most. I am always up for a challenge. When I put my mind to something, nothing and no one will stop me and so, I was 100% positive I was going to do whatever it took to get Black Enterprise and my fan base the coverage they deserved!

The talent starts to arrive and everyone looks dapper, super elegant, and chic! Not to mention, the rooftop where the premiere was taking place overlooked the iconic Hollywood sign. Simply priceless!

My first interview was with Mark Cuban. I was thrilled to connect with him after all the fun the entire cast had the previous night. Mark shared that fans will be blown away by Season Nine. He is still so honored and humbled to be a part of something so special and that to me is commendable. Fame certainly hasn’t gone to his head… he does this because he loves it, not because he has to. He is truly blessed.

My next interview was with Bethenny Frankel. She is such a doll! She placed emphasis on taking nothing for granted in life… she is extremely proud to be a guest Shark this season and has many surprises in store for the viewers! And I must also mention, she was gracious and dressed beautifully!

Next up, Daymond John. Daymond is very comfortable in front of a camera. You could tell he was excited to launch the new season and hear everyone’s thoughts. He is a very cool, honest entrepreneur. I also had the opportunity to present him with a Humanitarian Award on behalf of my nonprofit organization, The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs or  “AOWIE.” He was completely blown away and humbled. We as an AOWIE family, are thrilled to honor him!

And finally… it was about time! I had the opportunity to connect with Barbara Corcoran. She had been missing during the majority of filming as she was also juggling a cast role on Dancing with the Stars. She is funny as hell and sweet as pie! She stood out in a beautifully detailed and tailored bright orange suit. We bonded over innovative thoughts and had some real girl talk! I love that woman with all my heart!

Rohan Oza… such a fun, silly down-to-earth businessman! One of his biggest projects to date is the beverage drink, Bai, which he collaborates with Justin Timberlake on. The minute he started talking about Bai during our interview… I naturally had to start singing his own commercial to him! And guess what? He LOVED it! Listen guys… sometimes you have to put yourself out there. Never be afraid to be true to yourself! When you’re genuine, you are able to build connections with others in a more organic way.

And… Mr. Kevin O’ Leary….

Kevin is misunderstood. And I hate to blow his cover but…. he is absolutely wonderful!!! He is extremely personable. Kevin took his time on the carpet by giving each network an extremely generous amount of his time. He even started asking ME questions during our interview!

I also had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Lopez and her beau (and guest Shark) Alex Rodriguez. Both are very pleasant, creative, and charming!

Following the red carpet… there was a special panel discussion hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro inside of the building with all of the Sharks and Guest Sharks for Season Nine. The panel was very interesting and the commentary from others was brilliant!

The entire cast acts like one big family. Everyone is super playful, have a great sense of humor, and push each other to be the best version of themselves. A common theme most touched on was how they started and how they now use their platforms for good.

For me, Alex Rodriguez stood out of the crowd. He shared that when he was young, he loved sports and knew that one day he wanted to get into the field. However, he was fearful that if that happened, he would go broke after hearing horror stories. And so, he started investing his money at a young age and continues to do so on a much larger scale present day.

Daymond also shared some very inspiring, insightful words of wisdom. He spoke about how you don’t need to have a famous last name and a truckload of money to make a difference in this world or build an empire. He placed emphasis on having a hustle mentality and pursuing only things you are passionate about. He is very humble and inspired many.

As I was leaving, I bumped into Barbara Corcoran’s brother and his beautiful wife. Both are so genuine and full of life. Her brother, Ed, is an ingenious graphic artist and has his own company. But something about him was different. Instead of talking about himself and his own business (which is extremely successful and worth mentioning) he instead, spent the majority of our conversation highlighting his sister. Explaining how proud he was of her and how lucky he was to be a part of her life. That is true love. That is family values. That is, precisely how we should aspire to act. Instead of being so self-driven, take time to lift others up and recognize their success. He is a special man, and Barbara, you are a very lucky sister. I am a big believer in speaking things into existence, and so publicly, I’d like to take a moment to formally invite Ms. Barbara Corcoran to be a speaker at The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs “AOWIE” Conference on August 18, 2018, in the NYC area.

Before my Los Angeles trip came to a close, I knew it was imperative for me to capture all of my emotions via journal in that moment. And so, instead of taking my limo back to my hotel, I decided to walk the streets of Rodeo Drive, journal in one hand, pencil in the other. I walked, I wrote, I walked, I wrote… until finally it was time to go back to my hotel, pack up my belongings and head back to NYC.

I am so looking forward to future collaborations with all of the magnificent people I met during my stay in LA. For anyone reading this, I want you to realize that you too, can be a part of something this special! YOU are no different than I am. In fact, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Please realize this is 38 years’ worth of me grinding to get to this place. My success wasn’t created overnight… Passion, hard work, perseverance, dedication, and inspiration got me to this space and I am here to help you get to this space as well. Never…. and I mean never be afraid to ask for help, seek guidance, or find a mentor. Find a way to turn “no” into “yes.” And always grab the opportunities God places in front of you with all of your might and run as fast as you can. And when you get to your place of achievement, always bring someone with you. I always say it, but it is true! There is so much room at the top… let’s share it together and lift each other up, two hands at a time!

And before I end, I must thank many people who deserve to be credited. Please realize, I am not the only one involved with making this entire experience come to fruition. I have my own village (quite literally).

Brandon Andrews, thank you for your innovative mind, huge heart and beautiful friendship.

Clay Newbill, Mark Burnett, Yun Lingner and Phil Gurin; thank you for your kindness, ingenious wit, passion and hard work. (Television Producers)

And finally, Daymond John, thank you for publicly accepting your AOWIE Achievement Award and now being an honorary member of our organization, The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs.

Until next time my friends….

Lifestyle – Black Enterprise


‘Vice Principals’ Danny McBride, Walton Goggins Talk Ending Show After Season Two | PeopleTV


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Eva Marcille Joins ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ For Upcoming Season

While the announcement of  Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak Biermann returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta stirred up much anticipation for the upcoming tenth season, Bravo just dropped an even juicier bomb. According to E! News, model and entrepreneur Eva Marcille will be joining the cast. Many are familiar with Marcille as the winner of cycle 3 of America’s Next […]

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‘Marlon’ Will Come Back For Season Two On NBC

Marlon Wayans is staying put on NBC.

The comedian, who just scored a Netflix standup special earlier this week, will return to NBC for a second season of his comedy “Marlon,” reports Variety.

Wayans stars as a father dedicated to co-parenting with his very well-organized ex-wife, played by Essence Atkins.

The sitcom premiered this summer to strong ratings, averaging a 1.5 rating in adults 18-49 and 5.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen live-plus-same-day numbers. It became the most watched new scripted series on broadcast this summer.

Bresha Webb, Diallo Riddle, Notlim Taylor and Amir O’Neil co-star in the series, which is produced by Universal Television, and executive produced by writer Christopher Moynihan, Wayans, Rick Alvarez and Michael Rotenberg.

As previously reported, Wayans will film his Netflix standup special this fall from Washington, D.C.

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Entertainment – Black America Web


‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Breaking Down the Full Season Trailer

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the first two episodes Star Trek: Discovery. Proceed at your own risk.

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery have officially aired (whether you watched them on the CBS All Access app or internationally on Netflix). They presented a contained story that ended in the death of a key character — Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Her death came at the hands of the Klingons, who had set a trap for Georgiou’s crew, the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The leader of the Klingons, T’Kuvma, was also killed, as was a Federation Admiral. The episode ended with First Officer Michael Burnham being court-martialed for mutiny and the Klingon/Federation war launching into full force.

The trailer below picks up sometime after the events of the first two episodes. Burnham is in prison and the war is raging. Somehow, Burnham gets recruited by Captain Gabriel Lorca and joins the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery. Let’s break down where Star Trek: Discovery is headed this season.

Welcome to the War

The first shot in this trailer shows Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in what seems to be a prison transfer. A women tells her the death toll of the war, which Burnham corrects, down to the exact number. This scene is reminiscent of two other sci-fi franchises: Star Wars Rogue One and Battlestar Galactica. In Rogue One, adult Jyn Erso is first seen on a prison transfer. She is rescued by the Rebellion in order to find her father. In this trailer, Captain Lorca recruits Burnham, in order to help win the war. The similarities here are very clear. In Battlestar Galactica, President Roslin keeps track of how many survivors there are aboard the convoy. While Roslin’s numbers are tracking lives saved, Burnham is tracking lives lost. Also during the trailer, a Federation officer tells Lorca that this entire war is Burnham’s fault. Since Burnham is counting the death toll, she must feel that fault as well.

All Aboard the Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Captain Lorca
Jason Isaacs is Captain Gabriel Lorca.

We didn’t meet Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, but we definitely meet him here. Despite Burnham being tried and found guilty of mutiny, Lorca wants her on board his ship. His crew does not seem thrilled, especially Saru, who survived the destruction of the Shenzhou. Why does Lorca want her? “I have something on deck that requires every trained mind available.” Apparently the Discovery has discovered something — something so important Lorca is willing to bring someone as dangerous as Burnham on board.

A Mysterious Substance

This mysterious substance will give Burnham and the Discovery’s science team something new to study.

As the trailer progresses, Burnham starts to notice an unusual substance. In one scene it looks like small, gel orbs. In another scene, it looks like an atrium full of plants. In the canon of Star Trek, ships discover new life forms and technologies all the time. Will this substance change how we view Star Trek? Does it have to do with terraforming (a process explored in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan)? Does it have to do with shapeshifting matter, as it did with Odo and the Founders on Deep Space 9? Is it the “space fungi” Anthony Rapp was referring to during press at San Diego Comic-Con? Whatever it is, Lorca is willing to have Burnham’s presence on his ship to study its capabilities. He even says in the trailer, “Imagine the possibilities,” does he mean, the possibilities of the substance? Could it help them win the war?

Klingon Honor

Leader of House Kor, Kol is played by actor Kenneth Mitchell.

According to tradition, dying in battle is a Klingon‘s greatest honor. Now that T’Kuvma is dead, other Klingons are taking up his cause to unite the 24 houses. Some will even hail him as Kahless, the spiritual leader of Kronos, reborn. In the trailer, you can see a new Klingon leader — a female named L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) and Kol (Kenneth Mitchell) the leader of House Kor. They must take up T’Kuvma’s cause now that he is dead. They must find T’Kuvma’s Klingon Bird of Prey Sarcophagus ship, because that is also visible in the trailer.

Meet Mudd

star trek discovery harry mudd
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will give us the backstory of fan favorite character, Harry Mudd.

If you’ve ever seen The Office, you may have recognized actor Rainn Wilson right away. He’s playing Harry Mudd on Discovery. Like Sarek, Mudd is a classic Star Trek character. He first appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series in an episode titled “Mudd’s Women” and then again in “I, Mudd.” In the trailer, Mudd is antagonizing the Federation, asking them if they ever think of the little people. We assume he’s talking about the bystanders, the casualties of war. It’s hard to say what role he’ll be playing in the series, but on ST: TOS he was a smuggler, a gambler, and an all around trashy guy. Definitely not someone to be trusted.

Whether you’re curious about the space fungi, learn why Lorca puts his trust in Burnham, or want more Klingons, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery has a lot of adventure in store for the rest of the season.

Star Trek: Discovery uploads new episodes to CBS All Access Sundays at 8:30EST/5:30PST.

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‘This Is Us’ Season Premiere Recap: Jack’s Cause of Death Becomes Clearer and Even Sadder

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Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the second season premiere of “This Is Us,” titled “A Father’s Advice.” It’s been six months and 12 days since “This Is Us” ended its first season, and the wait was well worth it. After a cliffhanger that saw Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) parting […]



This Is Us Season 2’s Revelation About Jack’s Death Is Just the Beginning, Milo Ventimiglia Warns

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Fire Emblem Warriors Announces Season Pass

Fire Emblem Warriors, the hack-and-slash, thousand-army game from Koei Tecmo for the Nintendo Switch, will have a season pass. The game is already set to feature a ton of characters from the Fire Emblem franchise, but the season pass will open up even more content for the…
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Sanaa Lathan lands role in Season 4 of ‘The Affair’

Sanaa Lathan has booked a recurring role on Season 4 of “The Affair,” which will start up again in 2018.
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‘The Walking Dead’ Character Catch-Up Ahead of Season 8

We’ve already looked at where Season 7 of The Walking Dead left off here, focusing on both the key and most discussed characters from last season, and how they played into the season’s narrative. But what of the rest? Here’s our character catch-up to remind you where the other major players are and what we last saw them doing before Season 8 kicks off.


Michonne saw out the season in a bad state in the infirmary at Alexandria. Thankfully, though, everybody’s favourite katana-wielding badass is alive to fight another day.

How’d she get in this predicament though? If you remember, she was involved in a fight with a turncoat Scavenger on her balcony post as Rick’s carefully laid plan went awry. As Michonne handed Farron a rifle after briefing her, the Scavenger turned the gun on Michonne, telling her: “We win.”

They fought, with Michonne seeming to come off worse, brutally beaten by her opponent. Farron pushed her towards the edge of the balcony.

Rick and Carl, seeing a body plummet, thought the worst — but on investigating they discovered Farron’s body, not Michonne. Finding a battered Michonne inside, they transferred her to the infirmary. Rick was seen holding her hand.


The Walking Dead-Carol-Morgan
Carol and Morgan have a deep understanding.

Carol spent much of the season in self-imposed exile from the group, holing up on the outskirts of Ezekiel’s camp. But in a tearful reunion with Daryl, she came to realise she needs them as much as they need her.

Carol’s season ended in the final episode when she joined Morgan and the Kingdom to fight the Saviors alongside Rick and co. And she arrived in timely fashion, pitching up just as it appeared that Negan had the upper hand. About to kill Carl, in jumped Shiva the tiger to maul one of Negan’s men, in turn frightening the bejeesus out of the barbed baseball-bat swinging bad guy.

Following the battle, Carol was seen at Sasha’s funeral, then sitting next to Morgan on the steps of a house. The pair looked at one another, seemingly putting any previous differences behind them.

Finally, she was present as Maggie, Rick and Ezekiel addressed the united communities.


The Walking Dead Tara
Natania holds a gun to Tara’s head, while Cyndie looks on.

Tara signed off from Season 7 after having discovered a new community – the Oceansiders – that proved crucial to Rick’s plans to attack the Saviors. Though leader Natania refused to allow her people to join the fight, she did give up their weapons so that Rick and his allies were fully tooled up. During the season, Tara also forged a relationship with Cyndie from the Oceanside community. It’s a friendship that may yet give more next season.

Tara was last seen in the season finale. We first saw her confronting Dwight, who had been locked in a cell in Alexandria. Dwight, of course, killed Tara’s girlfriend Denise. She urged Daryl to kill him, but he refrained because of Dwight’s protests that Denise wasn’t the intended target, and because he seemed ready to double-cross Negan.

The climactic shootout with the Saviors saw Rosita getting shot. Tara took on the responsibility of transferring her to the infirmary, where she was later seen sitting by her bedside. She was present at Sasha’s funeral and was last seen at the address to the communities by Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie.


Carl was targeted once again by Negan in the season finale. The charming brute threatened to kill him, and then Shiva showed up and threw a spanner in the works. This followed the savage season opener, in which Negan tried to make Rick chop his own son’s arm off. Carl must be getting pretty peeved by now.

Season 7 has in part been about developing Carl’s character, and in the final episode, he showed his mettle. He took the initiative and led the attack against the Saviors and Scavengers during the affray when zombie Sasha emerged from the coffin.

After seeing a body fall from the balcony at which Michonne was posted, he accompanied Rick, prepared for the worst, only to see the Scavenger’s body on the ground. They found Michonne inside, badly beaten.


The Walking Dead-Carl-Enid
Young love.

Enid spent much of Season 7 with Maggie at the Hilltop, after a touching journey there with Carl involving the two wearing roller skates. They shared a kiss then Carl took off to hunt down Negan.

She joined the fight at Alexandria against the Saviors and Scavengers as part of the Hilltop faction, and then joined the hunt for zombie Sasha after the fighting had dissipated. She then attended Sasha’s funeral.


Morgan is basically a badass.

Morgan has had an eventful season. In it, he has saved Carol and introduced her to Ezekiel and the Kingdom. Having come to the realisation that sometimes you have to kill, relinquishing his pacifist ideals, he also strangled Richard to death in Season 7.

After initially vowing to go after the Saviors alone, Morgan allowed Ezekiel to convince him to fight together in the season finale. He joined the fight alongside the Kingdom regiment at just the right moment, saving Carl’s life. During the battle, he used both a gun and his sharpened staff.

Before seeing him at the speech uniting the communities that closed the episode, he was seen sitting alone on the steps of a house. Carol joined him – both seemingly now at peace with each other.

Father Gabriel

Gabriel was intrinsic to Season 7, solidifying his relationship with Rick and proving himself a vital member of the group. He’s come a long way from the scaredy-cat priest who betrayed his flock. He’s now fighting with the best of them, and playing Negan to boot, leading their ruthless enemy to believe — quick as a flash — that Maggie is dead early on in the season. He also told Spencer he was a “tremendous s–t”, which was surely one of his finest moments.

After having been captured by the Scavengers, Gabriel was critical to negotiations with Jadis and her group. And after the betrayal, he joined the battle in Alexandria.

We last saw him running Sasha’s funeral service, and then listening to the speech uniting the communities.


The Walking Dead-Ezekiel
We’ve learned a lot about Ezekiel, but is there more to come?

We’ve learned a lot about Ezekiel in a short space of time. He’s only been in the show for a season, but already he’s established himself as an important ally to Rick and the gang. He’s forged tight bonds with both Carol and Morgan, and we already know some of his background — he used to be a zookeeper. Hence his friendship with Shiva, a tiger he nursed back to health.

Ezekiel and Shiva were crucial in the fight against the Saviors and Scavengers at Alexandria in the season finale. They arrived, with Carol and Morgan and the rest of the Kingdom people, at just the right moment. As Negan readied himself to execute Carl, Shiva leapt in and took them all by surprise as she began mauling enemies. Ezekiel fought alongside Carol until their foes fled.

Finally, he delivered a speech to the communities united at Alexandria alongside Rick and Maggie.


Jadis betrays Rick’s trust in Season 7.

Jadis came into Season 7 of The Walking Dead an unlikeable character; a tough negotiator who threw Rick into a fight arena with a spiked walker. She left the season even more detestable.

Having struck a deal off-camera with Negan and the Saviors, the leader of the Scavengers earned Rick’s trust only to betray him.

She also revealed she has her sights set on Rick romantically – something that made Michonne bristle.

After turning her gun on Rick and shooting him in the season finale, she pushed Rick off the platform they were both standing on. She coldly delivered Rick to Negan, making him kneel down beside Carl who Negan was gearing up to kill. Negan reneged on his deal with Jadis here – offering her ten of his men instead of their agreed twelve. Could this be the first sign that Jadis might switch allegiance next season?

Last seen escaping amid the haze from the smoke bombs she and her people set off.


Dwight’s wife Sherry made an intriguing departure mid-way through Season 7. After freeing Daryl from the Sanctuary, she too fled.

Negan ordered Dwight to go and find her but instead, he found a note from her containing her confession to setting Daryl free, an apology and their wedding rings.

The incident led to Dwight approaching Rick’s contingent, telling them he was sorry for everything. Now that Sherry is no longer in Negan’s clutches, Dwight has nothing keeping him tied to his side.

Sherry hasn’t been seen since Episode 11, and could well return in Season 8.


Rosita is in a bad way, but she’s recovering.

Season 7 saw Rosita team up with love rival Sasha to avenge Abraham’s death at the hands of Negan, and also to free Eugene. Their mission resulted in Sasha being captured.

She was also responsible for Eugene’s capture. She urged him to make the bullet she uses against Negan after he kills Spencer. Olivia lost her life because Rosita insisted it was she who made the bullet. After this, Eugene confessed and Negan took him, seeing his usefulness.

Rosita was shot during the finale showdown, and was last seen recovering in the infirmary with Tara at her side.


THe Walking Dead-Gregory
Xander Berkeley as Gregory in The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8 | Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Gregory was last seen in the penultimate episode of Season 7. After considering killing Maggie when her back was turned, he attempted to kill a walker but chickened out. When a second walker came at him, Maggie saved him, telling a watching group of Hillside residents it was his first time. This wasn’t what Gregory had led them to believe.

The previous episode saw him telling Negan’s right-hand man Simon that he might need Negan’s help at some point to quell insurgents. Simon gave him a note that will gain him access to the Sanctuary if he needs it.

Following the Maggie incident, Gregory took Simon’s note from his top pocket, then called for Hilltop guard Kal, telling him to pack a bag and prepare to drive him somewhere. This will doubtless have repercussions in Season 8.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres in the US on October 22 and a day later in the UK.

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