Guillermo del Toro Knows Exactly What ‘Star Wars’ Movie He Wants to Make

Guillermo del Toro Knows Exactly What 'Star Wars' Movie He Wants to Make

There's a lot to talk about right now when it comes to Star Wars. Sure, you have Star Wars: The Last Jedi arriving in theaters in just a few weeks, followed by the Han Solo movie, Solo, next May. But thanks to a recent announcement, there are several more Star Wars movies to begin anticipating, as Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has been brought onboard to help usher in a brand new trilogy while writing and directing its first installment. 

Will that new trilogy and subsequent…

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‘Multiple Man’: James Franco, James Franco and James Franco to Star in ‘X-Men’ Spin-off

'Multiple Man': James Franco, James Franco and James Franco to Star in 'X-Men' Spin-off

There's an ongoing joke about how James Franco has found a way to duplicate himself, as the reason why he's able to work on so many projects. His recent stint on the HBO series The Deuce allowed for the joke to seem to be truth where he acts opposite himself playing twin brothers. Now, it's even further being played with in the announcement (via Deadline) that Franco will star in an X-Men spin-off about the Marvel Comics character Multiple Man.

Jamie Madrox is…

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Derek Jeter working to figure out how to deal his biggest star

Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said his new boss, Derek Jeter, “is in the office every day” Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, and that he has a good line of communications with the former Yankees star. The largest immediate item on the docket for the franchise is learning what teams are interested…
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When Does ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Take Place?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the campaign of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Star Wars: Battlefront II introduces players to new character Iden Versio, an Imperial hero. Unlike the games before it, Battlefront II is considered canon, so it is important to examine how the game and Iden’s story fits into the timeline within the Star Wars universe.

The single-player campaign, and thus Iden’s story, begins prior to Star Wars: Episode VI, with our Imperial hero seemingly imprisoned aboard a Rebellion vessel. This is just before the Battle of Endor, when the Empire is luring the Rebellion into a trap. It falls to Iden to destroy information that would tip off the Rebellion.

The Battle of Endor

While Iden’s mission is a success, the Rebellion still comes out of the other side of the trap victorious. Iden and her squad witness the destruction of the Death Star from the surface of Endor, moving quickly to evacuate their allies as the Rebels begin their invasion of the surface. This concludes the events of Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi.

Destruction of the Death Star over Endor
Destruction of the Death Star over Endor

Battle of Jakku

A major point in Star Wars history is the Battle of Jakku. By this time, Iden and several of her loyal soldiers have joined the Rebellion. They provide invaluable information for their raiding parties and strike major blows to the opposition. The Battle of Jakku is the last major battle to take place in the Galactic Civil War, marking the end of the Empire. Iden takes a front row seat in the battle, leading fighters against the Imperial pilots and soldiers. She is present throughout the entirety of the firefight, crash-landing only at its summation.

In the aftermath of the battle, players are treated to a scene of a massive Imperial ship laying in the sands, potentially the same ship that Rey is later seen pillaging at the outset of Star Wars: Episode VII.

The Empire's defeat on Jakku
The Empire’s defeat on Jakku

Pre-The Force Awakens

Speaking of Episode VII, Iden’s whereabouts are largely unknown in relation to the start of the film. One of her loyal soldiers is captured by Kylo Ren decades after the Battle on Jakku. Prior to the soldier’s defection from the empire, he also worked with character well-known in the Star Wars universe — we won’t spoil it here — to retrieve a compass that would presumably point the way to the first Jedi temple. The location of the temple, of course, is the plot device propelling the narrative for Episode VII.

Setting a trap with the Corvus
Setting a trap with the Corvus

The single-player campaign is fairly weighty, stretching from the events in Star Wars: Episode VI to the Empire’s subsequent defeat leading into Star Wars: Episode VII. We’ll see in just a month whether or not the game’s events also tie into Episode VIII: The Last Jedi as well.

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U.S. soccer star Hope Solo says ex-FIFA president ‘grabbed’ her

(Reuters) – U.S. soccer star Hope Solo accused ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter of grabbing her buttocks during an awards ceremony five years ago, an allegation that the former head of international football’s governing body denied.

Reuters: Sports News


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The Week in Movie News: Another ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy, Disney, Fox and More

The Week in Movie News: Another 'Star Wars' Trilogy, Disney, Fox and More

Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:



Rian Johnson is developing a new Star Wars trilogy: Ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm is showing confidence in its writer-director, Rian Johnson. They announced Johnson will develop a new trilogy unrelated to the Skywalker saga. Also, Disney announced a live-action Star Wars series is in the works for its new streaming service. Read…

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Who is Joe Alwyn? Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and Brit star who acted in The Sense of an Ending

TAYLOR Swift has had her colourful love life picked apart more than almost any other star on the planet.

After a string of high-profile romances, the singer superstar is now dating British actor Joe Alwyn – here’s the lowdown on the hunk….

Joe Alwyn has already starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights in his short screen career
Getty Images

Who is Joe Alwyn?

Joe Alwyn, 26, is a rising British actor whose most recent film role came in the critically-acclaimed The Sense of an Ending.

He was born in Crouch End, London, on February 21 1991, and graduated from the National Youth Theatre before studying at the University of Bristol and London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

His big breakthrough came when he played the title role in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which came out last year.

Prior to his audition for the much-coveted part, the 26-year-old had never even stepped in front of a camera.

Directed by double Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, the war film saw him star alongside Hollywood heavyweights Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin.

The Sense of an Ending, released earlier this year, again saw the up-and-coming star rub shoulders with acting royalty, appearing opposite Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling.

You’ll next be able to see Joe on the big screen in Keepers – a psychological thriller also starring Scottish hunk Gerard Butler – and The Favourite, featuring Oscar winner Emma Stone.

Getty Images

The Sun’s Bizarre column revealed Joe and Taylor have been dating for months[/caption]

How long have Joe and Taylor Swift been dating?

The Sun’s Bizarre column exclusively revealed in May 2017 how Taylor has been dating Joe for months.

A source said: “Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship.

“But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.”

Confirming the romance, a close friend said: “This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship – the only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a longtime.

“After her 1989 tour and all the attention Taylor received, she learned she had to be more protective of her personal life and she and Joe decided early on to keep their private life private.”


Joe is now heading over to the US to spend more time with his girlfriend
Getty Images

Who else has Taylor Swift dated?

Taylor is desperate for her latest relationship to avoid becoming a circus, which has hindered her previous romances – with Joe said to be just as keen to avoid the spotlight.

The singing superstar has dated a string of A-list celebrities, from Joe Jonas back in 2008 to Tom Hiddleston, star of The Night Manager (and potential next James Bond) last year.

‘Hiddleswift’ became a global phenomenon after The Sun revealed sensational photos of the pair canoodling on a Rhode Island beach, but their relationship fizzled out late in 2016.

Taylor has also been involved in brief romances with Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhall and One Direction singer Harry Styles.

“Two Ghosts”, a track on Harry’s recently released debut solo album, was revealed to be about his former beau live on BBC Radio 1 by his close pal Nick Grimshaw.

Taylor’s longest-lived romance was with Scottish DJing megastar Calvin Harris.

Dubbed ‘Tayvin’, the loved-up duo shared a year of adorable Instagram snaps and PDAs at awards ceremonies before going their separate ways in the summer of 2016.

TV and Showbiz – latest celebrity news, gossip, photos, TV and film reviews | The Sun


Big ‘Star Wars’ News: Original Trilogy in the Works from Rian Johnson, Plus a Live-Action TV Series

Big 'Star Wars' News: Original Trilogy in the Works from Rian Johnson, Plus a Live-Action TV Series

Lucasfilm has just made a couple big announcements about the future of the Star Wars franchise. First thing is they're developing a new movie trilogy with The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson. Second thing is they're moving forward with a live-action TV series, as fans have been hoping for. Here's what we know:

When will the new movie trilogy take place? 

We've seen the original trilogy, and then we got the prequels, and we're…

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Rejoice! Rian Johnson Is Making a Brand New Star Wars Trilogy

This is the best Star Wars news we’ve had in a while. The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson is going to be working on a brand new trilogy of films for the Star Wars universe.

Here are the details from the official press release:

In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.

“We all loved working with Rian on The Last Jedi,” said Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “He’s a creative force, and watching him craft The Last Jedi from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career. Rian will do amazing things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy.”

Wishes Do Come True

I can’t tell you how happy all of this makes me. I have been continuously asking for the Star Wars universe to branch out into something bigger and unfamiliar. The fact that the incredibly talented Rian Johnson — if you haven’t yet, watch Brick, The Brothers Bloomand Looper — will be the one at the helm of this new venture is icing on the cake.

It also speaks volumes about how happy Disney is with The Last Jedi. Johnson has clearly been a good collaborator while also delivering something that the studio — and most likely fans — are going to be very proud of.

Exactly what this new trilogy will be is unknown, but I sincerely hope it strays far away from the familiar stories and characters we’ve been getting. If Johnson is truly given carte blanche to create anything he wants in the Star Wars universe, this could be the start of something incredibly special.

The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, but if I’m being 100% honest, I’m more excited about news of this new trilogy. This could be the first step towards Disney building out the universe in a fresh and enthralling new direction. Bring. It. On.

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’13 Reasons Why’ Star Tommy Dorfman Demonstrates How To Nonchalantly Wear A Fendi Jacket | PeopleTV


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‘Gossip Girl’ Star Ed Westwick Denies Rape Allegation: ‘I Do Not Know This Woman’

On Monday night, actress and writer Kristina Cohen accused actor Ed Westwick of sexual assault in an instantly viral Facebook post. Cohen’s allegation is just the latest in a long line of social media outings, as a seemingly endless list of celebrities have been called out in the post-Harvey Weinstein #MeToo movement. In her post, Cohen alludes to this avalanche of sexual abuse stories, writing, “The last month has been incredibly difficult. Like so many women I too have a story of sexual assault, and the outpouring of stories have been both triggering and emotionally exhausting. I’ve gone back and forth over and over again, unsure if I should speak up. If I could speak. And if so, will I be heard?”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast – Entertainment


How did consoling Gold Star families become political?

HARI SREENIVASAN: We move from Congress to the controversies swirling around the White House.

John Yang has more on the day’s politics.

JOHN YANG: Thanks, Hari.

We turn back to the president’s exchange with that family of a soldier killed in action earlier this month and the president’s role in the bipartisan effort to stabilize the health insurance market.

For that, I’m joined by Karine Jean-Pierre. She’s a senior adviser to, a contributing editor to “Bustle,” an online women’s magazine, and a veteran of the Obama administration. And Matt Schlapp, he’s the chairman of the American Conservative Union and the former White House political director under President George W. Bush.

Matt, Karine, welcome.

MATT SCHLAPP, American Conservative Union: Great to be here.

JOHN YANG: Karine, let me start with you.

We heard the reporting about the journalistic scrutiny into these telephone calls, contacts the president has with Gold Star families, not just the phone call yesterday, but others.

The White House is pushing back, saying it’s disgusting that journalists are looking into things.

But hasn’t the president brought this on himself in some sense by making the comparison between what he does and what previous presidents do?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, That’s exactly right.

That’s how he started off the week. He wanted to change, I’m assuming, the press, because, the day before he started turning the story around, we were talking about moron and adult care center.

So here’s the thing. This is a — this is not new. This is a TV episode in a reality world that we have seen before. He kicked off his presidential campaign attacking John McCain and his military service. He also, once, after he got the Republican nomination back in 2016, he attacked another Gold Star family, the Khan family.

So this is a reoccurring kind of position. And then he starts off the week saying, oh, Obama and presidents before him didn’t do the same, didn’t do that, didn’t have a kind of — how to honor soldiers, and so did Bush, which is somebody that you worked for.

So there is a pattern that is quite bizarre and disturbing for a president, a commander in chief, to have.

JOHN YANG: Matt, what’s your take?

MATT SCHLAPP: I think the pattern is actually on his critics, and I think the critics have enjoyed trying to act like there is somehow a disrespect for the commitment of our military and their families.

And I think it’s actually just the opposite. I think if you look at the support that he gets from military families and the military across the country, I think they’re very appreciative of what he’s doing to re-energize them, and the approach he has on these basic issues of our national security.

And I think the people who are making politics about this are the people who oppose him politically. And I just think there are some things that just aren’t political. And I think when we have dead men and women from the battlefield, I just don’t think it’s political.

Maybe one president will handle it one way. Maybe another president will handle it another way. Maybe not all presidents handle every phone call or every interaction perfectly. But they’re trying to do their best to console somebody who’s got a terrible loss.

And I think when we put this in — make it all about politics and what people’s reactions are, what I care about is, I want our commander in chief to console the families of the fallen, and I’m glad he does it.

JOHN YANG: But, Matt, didn’t the president — I mean, the president raised this. He started this discussion on Monday, when he was asked about the public silence, his silence about the four Green Berets killed in Niger.

And he brought up this comparison to President Obama in particular.

MATT SCHLAPP: Look, you can say it’s a question, but you can also say it’s a charge, and the charge was that he is not quickly enough or often enough calling the families of those who have lost a loved one on the battlefield.

And what he was trying to say is that that’s not accurate, and it’s not accurate to say that all presidents do it a certain way, and, quite frankly, it’s not accurate to say that President Obama called all these families, which is what we saw with the example of General Kelly and the loss of his son.

So, look, presidents — I don’t criticize President Obama for the way he handled his contact with these families. I don’t criticize President Trump with the way he’s trying to console people. I don’t criticize President Bush, and I saw him do it. It’s a tough thing to do.

And, sometimes, by the way, those parents give you a piece of their mind, and that’s part of this, too.

And I think there should be a zone of privacy around this, and I think what we’re doing is, we’re sullying the real — the central focus of this, which is the sacrifice of one American to put their body and their lives to protect the rest of us.

JOHN YANG: Matt, let me stay with you and turn to health care.

We heard the president just yesterday talk about how this bipartisan effort by Senators Alexander and Murray to try to figure out sort of an interim step to stabilize the health insurance markets while they work on repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, but then today, he comes out and says that he’s against it.

What’s the president doing here? What’s going on?


MATT SCHLAPP: Well, he’s driving his head of legislative affairs crazy, I’m sure.

But, no, there is method to his madness, which is what he’s trying to say is, is that we can get a deal on these payments to make sure that premiums are affordable for working-class people, but, in order to do that, you have to compromise. And this is where Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, they have to decide, if they want to get these CSR payments done, he’s going to need to get some things done that Republicans want to see done in health care reform as well, some of the aspects of the previous bills that have failed in the Senate.

This is true on DACA. This is true on all these issues. The president is definitely willing to come up with a compromise, but it’s not just on that issue. It’s going to have to be coupled with some other issues. So I think there’s a real chance to get something done on this.

But at the end of the day, there’s no more important thing for Republicans than to actually do what they said they would do, which is to repeal and replace Obamacare.

JOHN YANG: So, Karine, is this up to the Democrats to get this thing through, or is it up to the Republicans?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Look, I think that this bipartisan deal was amazing.

It’s hard to get Republicans and Democrats to agree that today is Wednesday. So, the fact that this happened is actually a big deal. And I think the only reason you would oppose this is if you want the premiums to go up and if you want to sabotage the health care system.

So, this is what the American people sent them to do on the Hill, which is work together and bring something forth.

And the thing about — the other part about this that’s really bizarre to me is nearly every piece of legislation that Republicans have brought forth on health care since Donald Trump has been president has had a CSR component to it. So, what’s the difference here?

This is something that will help poor and sick people get health care. This is a very simple fix. It really will help the health care — individuals…


MATT SCHLAPP: He’s willing to fix this question around CSRs, but it has to be coupled with the other reforms. And that’s why it was a component…


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: But don’t — but then he’s politicizing it, just like he does with Gold Star families.

MATT SCHLAPP: It’s Democrats and Republicans working together.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: And that’s the part that I don’t understand. You finally have that. Why are you pushing it away? Why are you opposing it? This is a great thing.

MATT SCHLAPP: The answer is because it’s not just about a fix of CSRs. That’s one tiny little sliver of health care.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: But it’s important for right now. It’s important to make sure that poor and sick — poor people and sick people get health care.

MATT SCHLAPP: The people I deal with want to see the whole thing repealed and replaced, not just a sliver.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Well, Republicans couldn’t do that. They had about three, four tries, and they couldn’t make that happen.

MATT SCHLAPP: OK, you got me there.



MATT SCHLAPP: You got me there.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: You guys got the House. You got the Senate. You got presidency. Come on.

MATT SCHLAPP: You sound like a Tea Party person.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Hey, I’m just telling you the facts.


JOHN YANG: Matt Schlapp, Karine Jean-Pierre, thanks so much.

MATT SCHLAPP: Thank you.


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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 To Begin Production Next Week

Showrunner Aaron Harberts has announced that the team will start work on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery when he returns to Los Angeles next week. He’s currently on a tour to promote the series, and was speaking at a special event in London where fans got to see a preview of Episode 8, look at props from the show and participate in a Q&A with the cast.

Harberts described how that work will begin.

“We look at these seasons as novels, and what’s beautiful about it [is that] we can sit down – [series creator] Alex Kurtzman, [executive producer/writer] Gretchen Berg, myself and [executive producer/director] Akiva Goldsman — we sit down and the first thing that the conversation is going to be about is what worked and what didn’t,” he said. “What did we love? What experiments did we do in terms of structure or styles of storytelling; what did we feel sort of sang the best? And, more importantly, what are the themes for Season 2?”

Harberts suggested the direction that Season 2 takes is still open, revealing that they’ll also be asking what it is they want to dig into next season.

“I can tell you this, Season 1 is the war novel and we won’t be doing another war novel,” he revealed. “And that’s fine; it served us very well for Season 1.”

Not Just Space Battles

Star Trek Discovery Lorca
Can we expect to see less warfare in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2?

They will also be trying to please the fans. “I feel like Star Trek fans — and science fiction fans — are looking for ‘What are you trying to say?’ ‘What is the deeper [meaning]?’ It’s not just about space battles.”

Harberts added, “It’ll be a big discussion and it’ll probably take at least two weeks to even think about what Season 2 in a macro sense will be.”

He also revealed that they’re still tweaking the Season 1 finale. “Actually, I spent the other day in my hotel room going through the cut of that — Episode 15. So that has taken so much brain power just to make sure we’re finishing this first season correctly,” he said.

For now, we can look forward to the upcoming midseason finale which airs in the US on November 12 and in the UK a day later.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Teases ‘Major Flashpoint’ in Midseason Finale

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Selena Quintanilla Posthumously Receives a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to Fans’ Delight

Twenty-two years after her murder, the legendary Selena Quintanilla has finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The ceremony, held on Friday in Hollywood, was attended by hundreds of the late singer’s fans who lined the famed Hollywood Boulevard for hours waiting for the star to be unveiled.

Stars like Eva Longoria and Edward James Olmos (who played Selena’s father, Abraham, in the 1997 film about her life) attended, along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Her family, including her father, sister Suzette, brother A.B., and her widower Chris Perez, were also there.

“Selena was an angel,” Garcetti said before reporters and fans. “While she was taken from us way too early, we now have something permanent that generation after generation after generation can see in the most famous neighborhood anywhere in the world.”

Longoria also spoke about the fellow Texan and “Dreaming of You” singer, saying, “It’s beyond humbling to stand here on behalf of a person that I myself owe so much to.”

Tearing up, the actress said, “I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry.”

“Because as Eric said, this star isn’t only for Selena,” Longoria continued. “It’s for every Latina who’s out there, who has ever had a dream. Growing up there was no reflection of me anywhere, not on TV, not in movies, not in music, and it was as if someone like me didn’t exist in American mainstream.”

“That all changed when a bright, young singer named Selena came and changed the landscape of music entertainment,” Longoria said.

Suzette helped in the preparation of her sister’s star, and spoke as she accepted the award in honor of her sister and family.

“I feel like we’ve crossed different generations. We’re now in a whole new generation of millennials and I’m very grateful on behalf of my family and myself for them embracing her and finding her,” Suzette said. “I want to keep this short and sweet. I want to thank my parents, especially my father for having that vision and being able to guide us throughout our whole career and for teaching us that we can succeed as long as we put in hard work. I hope that sets the example for all of our youth that’s out there.”

“I think Selena said it best, ‘The impossible is possible.’” she continued. “I’ll leave you with this, Selena said, ‘The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will.’ And I think tonight is a perfect testament of that.”

The late singer’s husband, Perez, laid white roses over her star. On Thursday night, he stopped by the concealed star on Hollywood Boulevard, captioning a photo on Instagram with, “Had to stop by, give a kiss, and say, “I’ll see you tomorrow.””

Quintanilla was murdered in a motel in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1995 by Yolanda Saldivar, who worked as a manger of the singer’s clothing boutiques.

The star is a culmination of a busy year for the deceased singer. A MAC Cosmetics line inspired by her signature looks was created, once again proving her legacy was alive in 21st century pop culture.

Google created a Doodle on it’s search bar in her honor in October, while wax replicas of her exist in Madame Tussauds in Hollywood and New York City.

Fashion Deals Update:

Kathleen Kennedy Confirms 10-Year Star Wars Plan Beyond Episode IX

While visiting the Star Wars Show this week, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy shared some insights into where the company is heading after the current Star Wars trilogy wraps up. She also gave an update on which characters might survive Episodes VIII and IX.

The Future of Star Wars

With the upcoming launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm is looking ahead to their next film projects. We know they just wrapped principal photography on Solo and that production will be begin shortly on the untitled Episode IX, but what about after that? According to Kennedy, Lucasfilm is looking at films that expand the universe over the next 10 years. “We’re sitting down now, we’re looking at the next 10 years of Star Wars stories,” Kennedy shared. “We’re looking at narratively where that might go.”

Where might those stories go and which characters might they include? Kennedy mentioned four specific names, “Future stories beyond Episode IX, with these new characters Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8.” YES! Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, and BB-8 have easily been everyone’s favorite new characters. Does this mean these characters will live past Episodes VIII and IX? Sounds like it.

Moving Beyond Legacy Characters

Star Wars Episode IV
Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in ‘Star Wars A New Hope’.

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was first announced, it was positioned as the first film in the final Star Wars trilogy. It was assumed that this would conclude the original nine-film saga George Lucas had planned from the beginning. When we met Rey and Finn and Poe and BB-8, the film felt new, while also including our legacy characters: Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker. Now it sounds like these three films, Force Awakens, Last Jedi and IX will serve as a bridge trilogy, wrapping up the storylines of our legacy characters while launching these new characters in their own film franchise that could go way beyond Episode IX.

Who Should Lead?

Rey Star Wars
Daisy Ridley plays the fierce, force sensitive Rey.

If these last films conclude the Skywalker Saga (as Kennedy has mentioned before) who should lead the next series? While Star Wars has always been an ensemble series, Anakin Skywalker was the clear protagonist in the prequels, and Luke was the clear protagonist in the original trilogy. Should Rey lead the next series of films? As both a trained Jedi and a pilot, she feels like the best candidate. What about Poe or Finn? Poe has the most battle experience and the most experience with the Rebellion. Will there still be a Rebellion after Episode IX, or will the First Order be crushed for good? And Finn? His experience on Star Destroyers makes him a great candidate for leadership — he also has a passion for setting First Order officers free, since he knows first hand of their oppression.

Each of these characters could step into a leadership position. For now, our vote goes to Rey, who is about to experience some harrowing and life-changing training with Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. If she can overcome the Dark Side and become a true Jedi Knight, then she might be the galaxy’s best hope in balancing the Force and defeating the First Order. A woman who can do that is definitely worthy of leading her own franchise in the years to come.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15, 2017.

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Former Disney star Ross Lynch plays young Jeffrey Dahmer

Associated Press

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ TV Spot: See Luke Skywalker on the Millennium Falcon

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' TV Spot: See Luke Skywalker on the Millennium Falcon

A television spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi just revealed several cool new angles to consider in the upcoming eighth installment of the sci-fi series. The movie will see the heroes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens "join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks age-old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past."

Watch it below.


Three key moments:

Luke and the Falcon

We've known, of course, that Mark Hamill…

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Bob Newhart is back as a ‘Star Wars’ ghost on ‘Big Bang Theory’

Bob Newhart is back on “The Big Bang Theory” as Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) acidic childhood hero, Arthur Jeffries — aka science-show host Professor Proton. Jeffries/Proton passed away in Season 7, but has reappeared several times since as “Star Wars”-obsessed Sheldon’s Obi-Wan Kenobi spirit guide (complete with robes and light saber). In Thursday night’s episode (8…
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Movie News: Lupita Nyong’o to Star in Zombie Comedy ‘Little Monsters’

Movie News: Lupita Nyong'o to Star in Zombie Comedy 'Little Monsters'

Little Monsters: Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o (above) and Josh Gad (Murder on the Orient Express) will star in Little Monsters. It's described as a zombie comedy from Australian writer-director Abe Forsythe, who made the terrific black comedy Down Under last year. Alexander England, who appeared in that film's ensemble, will star in Little Monsters as a washed-up musician (England) who teams up with a teacher (Nyong'o) and a kid's show personality (Gad) to protect…

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Megan Fox got fired and she’s a millionaire film star

So we’ll all be OK…

megan fox fired

Megan Fox is on top of her game – not only nailing the parenting game as a happy mother of three, but also at a great place career-wise, starring in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles among other blockbuster hits. She even came to our TV screens last year as a recurring character in the hit US sitcom, New Girl.

Bottom line – she’s doing very well, but it hasn’t always been the case, with the actress opening up this week about one of her lowest moments.

Megan has finally spoken out about getting publicly fired from Transformers: Dark of the Moon back in 2009, replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley after she called director Michael Bay ‘a nightmare to work for’, explaining that he ‘wants to be like Hitler on his sets.’

Bay has since explained that the order to fire the actress actually came from the film’s executive producer, Steven Spielberg, but according to Fox, no matter who the order came from, it was a tough time. Now however, she looks back on the experience positively, explaining how it has shaped her.

‘That was absolutely the low point of my career,’ the 31-year-old explained in an interview with Cosmopolitan. ‘But without that thing I wouldn’t have learned as quickly as I did.’

She continued: ‘All I had to do was apologise – and I refused. I was so self-righteous at 23. I couldn’t see that it was for the greater good. I really thought I was Joan of Arc.’

‘It hurt me and a lot of other people,’ she went on to explain. ‘However, that darkness that descended caused enormous and brisk spiritual growth. Once I realised I brought it on myself, it was an invaluable learning experience, looking back on it.’

So basically, if Megan Fox has been fired and has ended up where she is now, we’ll all be OK. Phew.

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“Alaskan Bush People” Star Rain Brown Reveals She’s Been Struggling With Depression

“I couldn’t figure out why I was in such bad shape.”

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This Is Us Star Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause Are Married

This is love!

This is Us star Justin Hartley and actress Chrishell Stause married in an intimate and emotional outdoor ceremony Saturday evening, PEOPLE exclusively confirms.

“They don’t make them any better than Justin, and I could not be more thrilled to officially be Mrs. Hartley!” Stause (or rather, Mrs, Hartley!), tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“The wedding exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.”

For an exclusive interview with the couple and to see their wedding album, please pick up the next issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday

WATCH: Justin Hartley Talks Engagement, Wedding Planning

Gorgeous in a Monique Lhuillier dress, Stause, 36, a fan favorite for long-running roles on All My Children and Days of Our Lives, exchanged handwritten vows with Hartley, 40, who stars as Kevin Pearson in the hit NBC show.

On hand to celebrate the couple were the actor’s This is Us family, including cast mates Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Susan Watkins and Chris Sullivan.

After hitting it off on their first date four years ago, Hartley and Stause were immediately smitten. “We haven’t been apart since,” says Hartley, who proposed to the Kentucky native last summer.

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‘Stranger Things’ star reportedly barred from entering the U.S. over cocaine possession


One Stranger Things star was notably absent from Thursday’s Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

British actor Charlie Heaton, who plays creepy photo stalker man Jonathan Byers in the Netflix series, was barred entry to the U.S. last Saturday.

The reason? A drug-sniffing dog reportedly picked up on something that prompted a search of Heaton’s luggage, at which point authorities discovered “a small amount of cocaine,” according to the Associated Press.

Heaton was neither arrested nor charged, but he was barred from entering the U.S. and promptly sent back to London. It’s worth noting here that the AP‘s report comes via an anonymous source — an official who “couldn’t discuss the matter publicly.” Read more…

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Daily Glixel: What Went Wrong With Visceral’s ‘Star Wars’ Game

Welcome to Daily Glixel, a roundup of the day's video game news. It's Friday! What video games are you playing this weekend? We're currently spoiled for choice. Destiny 2 on PC launched this week. So did Super Mario Odyssey, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Wolfenstein 2. Oh, and don't forget Stranger Things new season on Netflix. It's going to be a wonderfully

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Fitness Instagram Star Gets Bump Shamed, Shuts Down Haters With One Post

“I wanted other pregnant women to know that my size was due to physical attributes that are out of my control.”

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Amy Schumer is an even bigger Broadway star than predicted

Back in August, I reported that Amy Schumer, the star of Steve Martin’s new play “Meteor Shower,” was shaping up to be Broadway’s biggest box-office draw this fall. After she sold $ 1 million worth of tickets the day the box office opened, I predicted she’d hit $ 4 million by her first preview. I miscalculated. Schumer…
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Brady Then Wentz? Eagles’ Young Star in Debate as NFL’s Second-Best QB

The Eagles moved to 6-1 after Monday night’s win over Washington, improving upon their best record in the NFL. Is Philly’s quarterback, Carson Wentz, also emerging as one of the NFL’s best?

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Hear Mariah Carey’s Sentimental New Christmas Ballad ‘The Star’

Christmas queen Mariah Carey has recorded another nativity-themed, adult-contemporary holiday ballad, which will appear in the upcoming animated movie The Star. "Strong and wise, keeping the Lord as your guide," she sings on "The Star." "And through the doubt you realize He's with you all the while … follow that star

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Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Will Go “Elsewhere” and Unite the Three Trilogies

Rumor Patrol: 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Will Go


Last month we learned that J.J. Abrams will be returning to direct Star Wars: Episode IX. Since that announcement, fans have been buzzing over what that would mean for the new trilogy’s capper. 


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was very reminiscent of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, a choice that left some critics and audiences wanting more or, to be more accurate, wanting something new. Many have been speculating over whether or not Episode…

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Trump Feuds with Gold Star Families: The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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How a ‘Divine Meeting’ in an Elevator Led NBA Star David West to a Life-Changing $250,000 Investment

“Congratulations, David! Your best days are ahead of you.”

That was the first text message I received after returning to the locker room when the team I play for, the Golden State Warriors, won the 2017 NBA Championship. It was from Jerome Ringo, founder and chairman of Zoetic Global. It may seem weird that I had just won a championship, and someone was saying my best days were ahead of me. But he was right. Let me explain.

During the summer of 2016, by chance, I bumped into Jerome in a hotel elevator in Ghana following my annual basketball camps in Africa. Jerome is an internationally recognized thought leader on global environmental issues and clean energy. He has led two of the largest environmental organizations in the world including the National Wildlife Federation and the Apollo Alliance. He notably served as an advisor to former Vice President Al Gore for the Climate Alliance and also appeared in the Academy Award-Winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. So in other words, he’s legit.

After years of advocacy work, Jerome founded the clean energy company Zoetic Global, with the goal of directly addressing issues of global energy security by bringing technology solutions to leaders in the developing world.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Three
Noah Graham—NBAE/Getty ImagesDavid West #3 of the Golden State Warriors talks to the media in the locker room after Game Three of the 2017 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers on June 7, 2017 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

We refer to that elevator run-in as the “divine meeting.” In those few moments, I felt compelled to share with him a heart-breaking story that had weighed heavily on me for some time. A young soccer player who I had the pleasure of meeting during one of my trips to Ghana suffered a stress-fracture in his foot and ultimately lost his life due to an inadequate amount of electricity at local hospitals. What appeared to be a friendly conversation between two strangers changed my life forever.

It was then that I discovered a new purpose and mission for my career. I have always used basketball as a tool to reach and educate young people. Now I wanted to use the game to educate and bring awareness about the lack of access to energy and clean water in Africa and other countries around the world. I wanted to engage the next generation of world leaders to help provoke change in the future.

I found out that a staggering 1.2 billion people on the planet live each day without access to electricity. 600 million of those individuals reside in the countries of Africa alone. In 2016, I made an initial investment into Zoetic’s Series A round for $ 250,000 and it felt like one of the smartest things I could do with my money right now. The investment was long-term and gave me the ability to participate in the expansion of renewable energy globally, providing me with the opportunity to learn, participate and build my knowledge of renewables, project development, finance and global business development.

Counting more than fifteen years in the NBA and playing in more than 1,000 games, I have been privileged to experience many memorable moments under the bright lights of arenas around the world. A simple flip of a light switch, a luxury that we as Americans so often take for granted, has provided much of the world’s population, including my teammates and I, the opportunity to pursue our dreams.

During the 2017 off-season, I traveled to Africa several times to speak with heads of state, meet the President of Ghana and the Ministers of Energy and Sport and continued to host basketball clinics for the youth of Ghana and Mozambique. Because that $ 250,000 isn’t enough. Today, I am proud to say that I serve on the corporate advisory board for Zoetic Global as an ambassador and brand developer for strategic outreach and brand development.

Each day, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to combine two of my passions to help improve the daily lives of people all over the world. I may not know how many minutes I have left to play in the NBA, but I do know that every time I step on the court, it’s for a cause bigger than me.

David West is a Two-time NBA All-Star, 14 year NBA veteran and a forward for the Golden State Warriors.


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Star Trek: Discovery’: Voyage into the F-Bomb Frontier Follows a History of TV Cursing

While “Star Trek: Discovery’s” F-bomb this week is not the first time Trekkies heard swearing in the final frontier, fans were still shocked by the series’ first appearance of the F-word.


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‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Producer Reveals the Pillars of Singleplayer Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II is a herculean, three-studio effort from EA to not repeat the mistakes of the first game. There’s a singleplayer campaign now. Multiplayer actually has objectives. And the microtransacitons are… Well. Two steps forward, one step back?

We sat down with Motive Studios producer David Robillard, who went through the “pillars” of the Battlefront II experience. They are quite simply the ability to play as:

  • Troopers
  • Vehicles
  • Heroes

Three different studios have come together to make that possible. DICE, best known for the Battlefield series, has done the multiplayer. Criterion, modern warden of the Need for Speed franchise, has done the vehicle sections. Motive Studios is behind the singleplayer campaign.

There are rare departures from those pillars. One of the first missions (and consequently, one of the things you’ll see most of on the internet pre-release) involves controlling a tactical droid. Robillard was very clear that this is a “one-off.”

So you can expect almost all gameplay to fit into those three categories: Either controlling a trooper, or a ship, or a hero.

From our brief time with the game, controlling a trooper was still every bit a power fantasy as controlling a force-user. As he mentions, you’re Iden Versio of Inferno Squad. The weapons and abilities at your disposal will see you mowing down rebel scum as if it’s easy.

Criterion handled the vehicles for both the multiplayer and singleplayer portions of the game. While the walkers will still have been Motive Studios, the space battle sequences or atmospheric aerial dogfights will have been Criterion.

Robillard mentions one of the things he’s proudest of is how they were able to transition between on-foot combat and aerial vehicle battles seamlessly. It’s the type of thing no one notices, but it’s actually quite nice.

Right at the end Robillard talks about how playing either singleplayer or multiplayer will prepare you for the other, and we can confirm that the singleplayer campaign will allow you to collect and craft things you can use for Star Cards in multiplayer.

As we saw from the multiplayer beta, those Star Cards are a big deal, with bonuses like “+30% Health.” It’s nothing to sneeze at — even if the implementation of such bonuses isn’t the best.

The post ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Producer Reveals the Pillars of Singleplayer Campaign appeared first on Fandom powered by Wikia.

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Movie News: Mary Elizabeth Winstead to Star in Dark Comedy

Movie News: Mary Elizabeth Winstead to Star in Dark Comedy

All About Nina: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane, above) and Common will star in All About Nina. The dark comedy follows a stand-up comedian (Winstead) with a deeply troubled past; now on the verge of stardom, she meets a man (Common) who challenges all her preconceptions. Based on her own original screenplay, Eva Vives (Raising Victor Vargas) will make her directorial debut. The supporting cast includes Beau Bridges, Kate Del Castillo and Chace Crawford. [Deadline]


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Movie News: Riz (‘Rogue One’) Ahmed to Star in ‘Hamlet’

Movie News: Riz ('Rogue One') Ahmed to Star in 'Hamlet'

Hamlet: Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, above) is in negotiations to star as the titular character in Hamlet. Ahmed developed the new version of Shakespeare's classic stage play, set in modern-day London, with writer Michael Lesslie (Assassin's Creed), who is also a longtime friend. Netflix will finance and distribute the movie. [Deadline]


Thor: The Dark World: What happened to Asgardian warrior Sif (Jaimie Alexander, above) after the events in Thor: The Dark…

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Movie News: Billy Crystal to Star in ‘We Are Unsatisfied’ Comedy

Movie News: Billy Crystal to Star in 'We Are Unsatisfied' Comedy

We Are Unsatisfied: Billy Crystal (above) and Ben Schwartz (TV's House of Lies) will star in We Are Unsatisfied. The comedy revolves around a struggling comedian (Schwartz) who must move home to New York, where he makes a new friend in his alcoholic dermatologist (Crystal). Matt Ratner will make his directorial debut. [Deadline]


The Addams Family: Conrad Vernon, who codirected the raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party (above), has been tapped to helm The Addams Family….

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Fitness Instagram Star Lost 70 Pounds by Cutting Out One Bad Habit

This transformation is amazing!

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams to Star in Staged Reading of FEAR AND MISERY IN THE THIRD REICH at CSC

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Founding Artistic Director Steve Maler is pleased to welcome the return of Brooke Adams and Tony Shalhoub to the Sorenson stage for the staged reading of Bertolt Brecht’s drama Fear and Misery in the Third Reich. Featured Content


‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Breaking Down the New Trailer

"I need someone to show me my place in all this." You and us both, Rey. Star Wars: The Last Jedi has unveiled its latest trailer, and the two-and-a-half minute glimpse of writer-director Rian Johnson's installment hinted at betrayals, reversals, at least one major (and all too real) death … and the possibility that the young Jedi in training played by Daisy Ridley may be on a one-way

This article originally appeared on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Breaking Down the New Trailer

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi:’ Supreme Leader Snoke Unveiled

The above video was created by Star Wars Explained.

Supreme Leader Snoke — the big baddie of the First Order — is featured prominently in the just released trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Snoke made a brief appearance in The Force Awakens, giving instructions from the shadows.

The new trailer opens with him seemingly addressing his apprentice Kylo Ren, “When I found you, I saw raw untamed power. And beyond that … something truly special.”

However, later in the trailer, Snoke has captured Rey, ordering her to “fulfill her destiny.” So perhaps the opening line is addressing her instead of Kylo.

One thing is for sure; he has formidable powers, causing his captive to tremble and scream (even Kylo Ren couldn’t break Rey in The Force Awakens) via telekinesis.

So what do we know about the Supreme Leader of the First Order?

He is humanoid, but disfigured. And while he appears physically frail, he has mastery over the Force. He was able to lure Kylo Ren (the son of Leia and Han Solo) over to the dark side. Whereas the Emperor, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren all have a penchant for wearing black, Snoke is seen wearing an ornate golden robe.

Will Snoke be able to do the same with Rey? Only time will tell.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15.

‘The Last Jedi’ Actually Is Going to Go the Way You Think

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Watch the Epic New Trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here. During halftime of the Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, galaxy far, far away enthusiasts got their second look at what’s in store for Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and, of course, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) when Episode VIII hits theaters in December.

Fair warning: Director Rian Johnson teased the preview by tweeting that fans who want to remain spoiler-free should “absolutely avoid” watching it. But for those who aren’t worried about seeing a little of the action beforehand, here’s what we learned.

The exciting new spot offered a fresh glimpse of Adam Driver in his role as Kylo Ren.

Tickets for opening night of the movie on Dec. 15 went on sale immediately following the trailer’s debut.

Watch it above.

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New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer: Check Out All The Best Moments

New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer: Check Out All The Best Moments

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here, and it is dark. We have been expecting another intense installment for the centerpiece of this trilogy, a la The Empire Strikes Back, but who knew the advertising would tease so much potential loss and tragedy for the Resistence? Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is concerned. General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) seems afraid. Rey (Daisy Ridley) looks torn. 

Here are some of the highlights of the trailer, our favorite…

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Tickets Go On Sale Monday Night

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Tickets Go On Sale Monday Night

Far, far away is about to get much, much closer. Tomorrow, tickets will go on sale for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The most anticipated movie of the year, according to a Fandango survey, this next episode of the Star Wars Saga will be out in just over two months, but getting ahold of your tickets now makes it seem like it's almost here.

Fans who buy tickets for the sequel on Fandango will get a free Fandango FanShop Last Jedi poster (while supplies last). Also,…

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BWW Interview: Broadway’s Original ‘Eponine,’ UK Star, Frances Ruffelle Talks LIVE(S) IN NEW YORK

Welcome back Tony Award winner, and UK star, Frances Ruffelle recently moved to New York. On Sunday, she will remind the city why she’s one of the theater’s great stars with a special performance at The Green Room 42. Broadway’s original Eponine in Les Miserables, Ruffelle’s Lives in New York will treat fans to songs from her stage and recording career from 17th century torch songs to Sanskrit chants, and show covers to original penned tracks. Featured Content


NFL Star Cam Newton Just Lost a Big Sponsorship Over Sexist Comments

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is losing an endorsement with yogurt maker Dannon after laughing at a female reporter who asked him a question Wednesday.

Newtown said “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes like—it’s funny,” in response to a question from Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue at a news conference Wednesday.

Now, Dannon has announced it is dropping Newton as a spokesperson, USA Today Sports reports, calling his comments “sexist and disparaging to all women.” The pro athlete has repped Dannon’s Oikos yogurt since 2015. He’s earned a reported $ 26 million this year, according to Forbes, between his $ 13 million salary and endorsement deals.

“It is entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace,” Michael Neuwirth, Dannon’s senior director of external communications, wrote in an email to USA TODAY Sports. It’s simply not OK to belittle anyone based on gender. We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.”

Rodrigue said she talked to Newton about the incident privately after the fact, but he did not apologize, despite Panthers director of communications Steven Drummond telling ESPN that Newton had “expressed regret for using those words.”

Gatorade and Beats Headphones are also sponsors, per Forbes, and he endorses Carolina’s HealthCare Systems and Electronic Arts. He also has a cleat collaboration with Under Armour, which is the company’s top-selling football cleat.

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RHOC Star Shannon Beador Gets Emotional Over Her Weight Gain and Husband David Being “Disgusted”

Real Housewives of Orange County, RHOCMother knows best.
At least, that’s what Shannon Beador is hoping for when she turns to her mother for advice in tonight’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County,…

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Characters like this are why ‘SNL’ star Kate McKinnon has won 2 Emmys in a row


The three alien abductees with wildly different experiences have returned to Earth — and Saturday Night Live, reprising their first appearance from 2015. This time, at least poor Kate McKinnon gets a Ryan Gosling gropefest out of the deal.

Gosling and Cecily Strong returned to form as unassuming rednecks recounting blissful experiences of meeting beings from beyond the stars.

“One minute we’re drinking beer in a Kohl’s parking lot and it’s like, now we’re cosmic curiosities,” Strong said.

“Cookie crumbled a little different for me here,” McKinnon started. Read more…

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Kirsten Stewart and Lupita Nyong’o May Star in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot

Kirsten Stewart and Lupita Nyong'o May Star in the 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot

It's been more than 40 years since the original Charlie's Angels TV show first hit the airwaves, 17 years since the first movie adaptation debuted on the big screen and six years since a small-screen reboot was attempted. Sony is currently working on continuing the circle with another theatrical effort, and the studio is looking at some excellent choices for the lead roles. 

According to Variety, Kristen Stewart is being eyed for one of the sleuthing trio of women,…

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‘OITNB’ Star Kimiko Glenn Teases Her ‘Mysterious’ & ‘Edgy’ Character On ‘DuckTales’ — Watch

‘OITNB’ star Kimiko Glenn will debut Lena, a brand-new character, during the Sept. 30 episode of ‘DuckTales.’ has an EXCLUSIVE video of Kimiko revealing details about the gang’s new friend!

Hollywood Life


Save Up to 50% Off ROXY Sale Styles!

‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Breaking Down the Full Season Trailer

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the first two episodes Star Trek: Discovery. Proceed at your own risk.

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery have officially aired (whether you watched them on the CBS All Access app or internationally on Netflix). They presented a contained story that ended in the death of a key character — Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Her death came at the hands of the Klingons, who had set a trap for Georgiou’s crew, the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The leader of the Klingons, T’Kuvma, was also killed, as was a Federation Admiral. The episode ended with First Officer Michael Burnham being court-martialed for mutiny and the Klingon/Federation war launching into full force.

The trailer below picks up sometime after the events of the first two episodes. Burnham is in prison and the war is raging. Somehow, Burnham gets recruited by Captain Gabriel Lorca and joins the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery. Let’s break down where Star Trek: Discovery is headed this season.

Welcome to the War

The first shot in this trailer shows Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in what seems to be a prison transfer. A women tells her the death toll of the war, which Burnham corrects, down to the exact number. This scene is reminiscent of two other sci-fi franchises: Star Wars Rogue One and Battlestar Galactica. In Rogue One, adult Jyn Erso is first seen on a prison transfer. She is rescued by the Rebellion in order to find her father. In this trailer, Captain Lorca recruits Burnham, in order to help win the war. The similarities here are very clear. In Battlestar Galactica, President Roslin keeps track of how many survivors there are aboard the convoy. While Roslin’s numbers are tracking lives saved, Burnham is tracking lives lost. Also during the trailer, a Federation officer tells Lorca that this entire war is Burnham’s fault. Since Burnham is counting the death toll, she must feel that fault as well.

All Aboard the Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Captain Lorca
Jason Isaacs is Captain Gabriel Lorca.

We didn’t meet Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, but we definitely meet him here. Despite Burnham being tried and found guilty of mutiny, Lorca wants her on board his ship. His crew does not seem thrilled, especially Saru, who survived the destruction of the Shenzhou. Why does Lorca want her? “I have something on deck that requires every trained mind available.” Apparently the Discovery has discovered something — something so important Lorca is willing to bring someone as dangerous as Burnham on board.

A Mysterious Substance

This mysterious substance will give Burnham and the Discovery’s science team something new to study.

As the trailer progresses, Burnham starts to notice an unusual substance. In one scene it looks like small, gel orbs. In another scene, it looks like an atrium full of plants. In the canon of Star Trek, ships discover new life forms and technologies all the time. Will this substance change how we view Star Trek? Does it have to do with terraforming (a process explored in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan)? Does it have to do with shapeshifting matter, as it did with Odo and the Founders on Deep Space 9? Is it the “space fungi” Anthony Rapp was referring to during press at San Diego Comic-Con? Whatever it is, Lorca is willing to have Burnham’s presence on his ship to study its capabilities. He even says in the trailer, “Imagine the possibilities,” does he mean, the possibilities of the substance? Could it help them win the war?

Klingon Honor

Leader of House Kor, Kol is played by actor Kenneth Mitchell.

According to tradition, dying in battle is a Klingon‘s greatest honor. Now that T’Kuvma is dead, other Klingons are taking up his cause to unite the 24 houses. Some will even hail him as Kahless, the spiritual leader of Kronos, reborn. In the trailer, you can see a new Klingon leader — a female named L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) and Kol (Kenneth Mitchell) the leader of House Kor. They must take up T’Kuvma’s cause now that he is dead. They must find T’Kuvma’s Klingon Bird of Prey Sarcophagus ship, because that is also visible in the trailer.

Meet Mudd

star trek discovery harry mudd
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will give us the backstory of fan favorite character, Harry Mudd.

If you’ve ever seen The Office, you may have recognized actor Rainn Wilson right away. He’s playing Harry Mudd on Discovery. Like Sarek, Mudd is a classic Star Trek character. He first appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series in an episode titled “Mudd’s Women” and then again in “I, Mudd.” In the trailer, Mudd is antagonizing the Federation, asking them if they ever think of the little people. We assume he’s talking about the bystanders, the casualties of war. It’s hard to say what role he’ll be playing in the series, but on ST: TOS he was a smuggler, a gambler, and an all around trashy guy. Definitely not someone to be trusted.

Whether you’re curious about the space fungi, learn why Lorca puts his trust in Burnham, or want more Klingons, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery has a lot of adventure in store for the rest of the season.

Star Trek: Discovery uploads new episodes to CBS All Access Sundays at 8:30EST/5:30PST.

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How ‘The Orville’ and ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Are Doing Trek Differently

The long-awaited series Star Trek: Discovery premiered on Sunday, signaling that the television space drought was finally over. Star Trek: Discovery isn’t the only show competing for a space in the heart of sci-fi fans. The Orville also premiered this Fall on FOX. So far, audiences have seen two episodes of Discovery and three of The Orville — so what’s the verdict? Is one show “more like” Star Trek, and one less? Let’s explore how they’re different, how they’re similar, and how both shows could be exactly what Trek fans need right now.

Ships Named Enterprise

The U.S.S. Discovery, commission of Captain Gabriel Lorca.

The first way that The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery are similar is in their name. Both shows are named after their ships. The Orville is captained by Seth MacFarlane’s character, Ed Mercer, and the U.S.S. Discovery is captained by Jason Isaac‘s character Gabriel Lorca. Both ships are part of a federation or union and are on missions in deep space. Each ship has a crew that includes a first officer, a tactical officer, a communications officer, an engineer, and a doctor. In this way, both shows harken back to Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, and Enterpriseall shows which were named after their ships. The only show in Star Trek‘s television history that wasn’t about a ship was Deep Space Nine. DS9 took place on a space station and showcased the life of a busy space station on the edge of two distinct galactic quadrants.

Number One Director

Star Trek Jonathan Frakes
Commander William T. Riker, as played by Jonathan Frakes.

Both of these shows are also supported by former Star Trek alumni Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven seasons and four feature films. As if proof that he’s not playing favorites, Frakes will be directing episodes of both The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery this season. Frakes’ first directing gig was on Star Trek: TNG for a powerful Season 3 episode titled “The Offspring.” He then directed two feature films in the TNG franchise, Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. Since his days on Star Trek: TNG Frakes has executive produced shows like Roswell and directed episodes of Leverage, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Librarians and countless more.

War and Peace

(Video spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery)

Here’s where the shows begin to divide: the mission of The Discovery and The Orville are not the same. While the mission of their federations and unions may be one of exploration, the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery clearly showed us that this is what the Federation looks like at war. Lives were lost, ships were destroyed, and that flash-forward trailer showed Captain Lorca and First Officer Burnham in an all-out war against the Klingons.

Not so for The Orville. The Orville is able to travel the galaxy freely, as a mid-level ship of exploration. In the first three episodes of The Orville, we’ve seen the zoos of Calivon, we’ve seen a court trial on Moclan, and we’ve seen union headquarters on Earth.

Episodic vs. Serialized

The Orville
Captain Mercer and Commander Grayson, on ‘The Orville.’

Another way The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery differs is in how they are telling their stories. Much like Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation, The Orville is telling stories in an episodic format: one episode equals one story. Discovery is telling a serialized drama, where the story unfolds over multiple episodes. It’s possible that Discovery will take their entire first season — if not their entire series — to tell the story of the battle between the Klingons and the Federation.

Best of Both Worlds

Captain Georgiou, First Officer Burnham and Lt. Saru on the bridge of the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

Another realm of creative differences stem from the production teams who work on The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery shows. Star Trek: Discovery is helmed by Alex Kurtzman. Kurtzman has been a collaborator of J.J. Abrams for over 15 years. Kurtzman co-wrote both of Abrams’ feature films Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness. He currently serves as an executive producer on Star Trek: Discovery and his influence can be seen in every frame. Discovery looks more cinematic, it feels more cinematic — it looks like it fits exactly into the Abrams/Kurtzman films. Those films were about war, they were about conflicts with the Klingons, they were not about a well-functioning crew like The Next Generation, and neither is Discovery.

The Orville is executive produced by Star Trek alum: Brannon Braga. If Gene Roddenberry is the father of all Star Trek, Braga would be one of Roddenberry’s legacy sons. Braga started working on Star Trek: TNG as an intern back in 1990. He wrote some of the best Star Trek episodes of all time, including the incredible series finale “All Good Things…” He then went on to executive produce both Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. His strength is writing and directing episodic television that centers around a moral theme. This was most recently explored in The Orville episode “About a Girl.” The episode featured a debate around the gender reassignment of a Moclan girl born on the ship. Her parents favored reassigning her to become male, while the crew of The Orville did not. This is Brannon strength and it clearly came across in this episode.

So, which show is “more like” Star Trek? I would venture to say they both are. While The Orville is giving us the “adventure of the week in space” (while also exploring moral and ethical dilemmas) that Star Trek fans love and crave so much, Discovery is giving us the “cinematic adventure in space” that we love from the films. What show should Trek fans be watching? Why not have the best of both worlds and watch The Orville AND Star Trek: Discovery?

The Orville airs on FOX Thursdays at 9/8C, while Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS All Access Sundays at 8:30E/5:30P.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Took Daft Punk to Space But Netflix Stole the Show

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, titled “The Vulcan Hello.” Proceed at your own risk.

Star Trek: Discovery episode 1 aired 17 days after Star Trek day, which marked the 51st anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek the Original Series. With four generations of Star Trek fans to satisfy, creators of Star Trek: Discovery, Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, had a difficult task in front of them.

Star Trek canon is wide, and Star Trek: Discovery managed to insert Easter eggs aplenty. The show has a similar look and feel to the VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but dives deep into the Star Trek universe, digging up war-hungry Klingons and a spacewalk right out of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Star Trek: Discovery Episode 1 focuses on Sonequa Martin-Green’s character Michael Burnham, but generations of fans on Twitter saw so.much.more. Between Lieutenant Daft Punk and a strangely executed cliffhanger, Star Trek fans have a lot to say about the first episode.

Daft Punk Should Go to Space All The Time

Ed Sheeran had a sweet cameo in Game of Thrones Season 7, but he’s no Daft Punk robot DJ in space. Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off a certain robot member of the bridge crew who looks nothing like The Next Generation‘s Data and everything like Daft Punk.


Klingons Should All Do Genetic Testing Because Their DNA Is Wack

ICYMI, the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery don’t look like any other Klingon we’ve ever seen. All Klingons speak the same language, but their faces keep changing dramatically and the Internet has mixed feelings about it.

Speaking of Klingons, Nobody Understands the Timeline Because WTF

Discovery is said to take place ten years before Kirk. Unfortunately, the timeline just doesn’t work.

Again with the Klingons. But seriously what is up with the timeline?

Those Lens Flares Tho


The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery ended with an abrupt cliffhanger, and CBS invited fans to watch episode 2 on their paid-subscription streaming service, CBS All Access. Attempting to herd fans into a single streaming service didn’t work well for the music industry, but CBS dgaf. Turns out, neither do fans.

The reactions to CBS’s overt attempt at growing subscribers are the same as it ever was. Given that cable and satellite services are already charging a monthly fee, the extra cost of finding out what happened to Michael in Episode 2 isn’t worth it to fans.

Netflix Gave the US FOMO

Klingon is a language IRL. The Klingon Language Institute offers courses and scholarships for anyone who wants to learn. While CBS attempted to herd fans toward CBS All Access to increase subscriptions in the US, Netflix proved it understands Star Trek fans all over the world and won the Internet. Outside of the US, Star Trek: Discovery streamed on Netflix.

Even the Klingon consultant to Netflix Tweeted about it:

Star Trek: Discovery built a bridge between generations of fans by referencing the various Starfleet crews dispatched over the last 51 years, but CBS tore it down. Their futile attempt to move viewers away from cable or satellite subscriptions and onto the CBS subscription service wasn’t well received. If Twitter is any indication, fans were more annoyed than attracted to the prospect of paying for yet another streaming service.

Nevertheless, we will all continue to tune in all over the world to check out the new Klingons and learn more about Lieutenant Daft Punk, while everyone outside of the US enjoys subtitles in Klingon and American fans get the ultimate FOMO.

What did you think of Star Trek: Discovery Episode 1? Did you watch Episode 2 on CBS All Access? Let us know @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Get to Know Captain Philippa Georgiou

Star Trek: Discovery premieres this Sunday on CBS. Before the series begins, lets get to know the second captain on the show, Philippa Georgiou.

Philippa Georgiou is the captain of the U.S.S. Shenzhou. Georgiou is portrayed by Michelle Yeoh. You may recognize Yeoh from the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies or the martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Yeoh even had a cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a Ravager captain.

Make It Shenzhou

Star Trek: Discovery Philippa Georgiou
Michelle Yeoh portrays Captain Philippa Georgiou, captain of the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

Captain Georgiou has spent over a decade as captain of the Shenzhou. During her time as captain, she spent seven years mentoring First Officer Michael Burnham. Burnham was adopted by a Vulcan family in her youth after her human parents were killed, so Captain Georgiou became a surrogate mother to Burnham.

Since the show is titled Star Trek: Discovery, it’s likely the series will focus on Captain Lorca‘s ship, the U.S.S. Discovery. That means that Georgiou and her ship the Shenzhou may only feature in the first episode. If the Shenzhou does have a prominent role in the series, perhaps Georgiou will be the more level-headed yin to Lorca’s hot-tempered yang.

Since we’re talking about female captains, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Starfleet’s first female TV captain, Captain Janeway. Janeway (portrayed by Kate Mulgrew) captained the U.S.S. Voyager for seven seasons on the series Star Trek: Voyager. While there have been many female captains in Star Trek history, Janeway was the first to be given her own show.

As Georgiou, Yeoh joins the ranks of powerful women in Starfleet, this time as television’s first female captain of Chinese dissent. Yeoh is of Chinese-Malaysian heritage and her character’s background reflects that as well.

To learn more about Captain Georgiou, check out the video above.

Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS this Sunday, September 24 in the U.S. and the next day in the U.K. on Netflix.

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Movie News: Matt Damon to Star in ‘Charlatan’

Movie News: Matt Damon to Star in 'Charlatan'

Charlatan: Matt Damon (Suburbicon, above) will star as a doctor turned con man in Charlatan. It's based on a book by Pope Brock, first published in 2008, that told the true story of a medical doctor in Kansas who fooled his patients into believing he had found a cure for impotence. Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Ocean’s Thirteen) will write the screenplay. [Variety]


The Croods 2: A sequel to The Croods (above) has now set a theatrical release date. The Croods 2…

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Harry Dean Stanton, Character Actor Who Became a Star, Dies at 91

The gaunt, hollow-eyed Mr. Stanton had his breakthrough in “Paris, Texas.” As one critic wrote, he was able “to make everything he does seem immediately authentic.”
NYT > Arts


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Jamie Lee Curtis to Star in New ‘Halloween’

Jamie Lee Curtis to Star in New 'Halloween'

Earlier this year, we heard that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green had been tapped to create a new version of Halloween. Now comes word that Jamie Lee Curtis will star as the character she first played in John Carpenter's original horror thriller.

Curtis will reprise "her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades…

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At 13, ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown is an icon in the making

Nothing marks the rise of a starlet into the upper echelon of Hollywood quite like a front-row appearance at New York Fashion Week. Just ask Millie Bobby Brown, the 13-year-old breakout star who made her Fashion Week debut last fall at the Coach show, just two months after Netflix’s “Stranger Things” turned her into a…
Fashion | New York Post


Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at Carmen Cusack and Company in Rehearsal for BRIGHT STAR at the Ahmanson; Cast Complete!

Rehearsals have begun and the full cast is set for ‘Bright Star’ at the Ahmanson Theatre. Presented by Center Theatre Group, the Tony Award-nominated Best Musical, with music, lyrics and story by Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winner Steve Martin and Grammy winner Edie Brickell, will be directed by Tony Award winner Walter Bobbie and choreographed by Josh Rhodes. It begins previews October 11, opens October 20 and runs through November 19, 2017. BroadwayWorld has a sneak peek at the company in rehearsal below Featured Content


Movie News: Nicolas Cage to Star as Big-Game Hunter in ‘Primal’

Movie News: Nicolas Cage to Star as Big-Game Hunter in 'Primal'

Primal: Nicolas Cage (above in Arsenal) will star in Primal. He'll portray a big-game hunter who has gathered a collection of deadly and exotic animals for a zoo and is heading home on a shipping freighter, not realizing that a political assassin is also on board and plotting chaos by releasing the animals. Veteran stunt coordinator Nick Powell will direct. [Variety]


Disney: Right after the announcement that Star Wars: Episode 9 would be delayed, Disney announced several…

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Disney delays ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ after J.J. Abrams takes over

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co delayed the release of the ninth installment of the “Star Wars” saga to Dec. 20, 2019 after announcing on Tuesday the return of filmmaker J.J. Abrams to the franchise to write and direct the movie.

Reuters: Entertainment News


Netflix’s 10 most-watched ‘Star Trek’ episodes totally redeems ‘Voyager’


Take that, Voyager haters. 

Ahead of the Sept. 24 release of Star Trek: Discovery, Netflix dropped a list of the 10 most-watched Star Trek episodes, and it’s filled with the adventures of Capt. Janeway, Tuvok, and the whole Voyager crew. (The survey excluded the first two episodes of each series, which would dominate with people checking them out for the first time.) 

Everyone loves The Next Generation. And Trekkies have long talked up the multi-episode story arcs and political intrigue of Deep Space Nine. 

But hardcore fans love to hate on Voyager. Admitting you like the show, at least in some circles, is like defending Shia LaBeouf as Indiana Jones. Well, it looks like the people have spoken with their Netflix accounts — and they love Voyager.  Read more…

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Geek Buzz: Patty Jenkins Officially Directing ‘Wonder Woman 2,’ Rian Johnson Not Likely Directing ‘Star Wars 9’

Geek Buzz: Patty Jenkins Officially Directing 'Wonder Woman 2,' Rian Johnson Not Likely Directing 'Star Wars 9'

Fans of movies about super females and other extraordinary characters, here are some updates to some highly anticipated projects:


Patty Jenkins to Direct Wonder Woman 2

Although not surprising, news that Patty Jenkins will return to helm the Wonder Woman sequel is now official, according to Variety. Jenkins, whose DC superhero movie is the second-highest grossing release of this year in the US, has already been busy writing the script for Wonder Woman…

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Who is Nermina Pieters-Mekic? New star of Real Housewives of Cheshire and wife of Stoke City footballer Erik

NERMINA Pieters-Mekic is joining the other ladies who lunch for season six of Real Housewives of Cheshire.

What do we know about her and who is her footballing husband?  Here’s what we know….

NERMINA Pieters-Mekic is a new cast member on Real Housewives of Cheshire
©Monkey Kingdom

Nermina Pieters-Mekic is a new cast member on Real Housewives of Cheshire[/caption]

Who is Nermina Pieters-Mekic?

Dutch Nermina is married to footballer Erik Pieters who plays for Stoke City and the Dutch national team.

A model and trained legal advisor, she is also an aspiring singer and will be launching her music career on the show.

27-year-old Nermina has modelled for Forever Unique, fellow housewife Seema Malhotra’s fashion brand, so there’ll be at least one friendly face on the show!

A keen rider, Nermina has two horses and two dogs and says about the show, “I’m not scared, I’m ready.

“I’m aiming to bring fun to the show and I’m quite straight-forward and direct.”

Stoke City player Erik Pieters is Nermina's husband
Stoke City player Erik Pieters is Nermina’s husband
Getty Images – Getty

Who are the other Real Housewives of Cheshire?

Dawn Ward, wife of retired footballer Ashley, returns for the sixth series having been one of the original cast members.

Tanya Bardsley, who has also been in the show since the very first episode and is married to Stoke City footballer Phil Bardsley, also returns.

And ex-Manchester United star Wes Brown’s wife Leanne is also back for the new series despite being in the middle of a huge legal battle with co-star and former friend Dawn

There are a few non-Wags in the show too; fashion brand owner Seema Malhotra, Stacey Forsey who is married to Sports Direct businessman Dave Forsey and outspoken Lauren Simon.

Czech born Ester Dee is back for her second season on the show – she caused a bit of a stir when she was introduced in season five when it was revealed by The Sun on Sunday that she isn’t married to the man who she appears on the show with, property developer Rob Lloyd.

Property landlady Rachel Lugo also joins the cast along with Nermina.

©Monkey Kingdom

When is the Real Housewives of Cheshire on and what’s the show all about?

The fifth series of the reality show begins on ITVBe on Monday September 11 at 10pm.

It repeats on ITVBe+1 on Sky and Freesat at 11pm.

It is also available to watch on the channel’s on demand service.

The reality TV show follows the lives of a group of women who live in one of the UK’s most affluent areas.

It shows their every day lives and explores their relationships with friends, family and partners.

It also details how they prepare for and deal with social situations and new business ventures.

Nermina has been getting to know fellow housewife Lauren Simon
Nermina has been getting to know fellow housewife Lauren Simon
Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon unveils her unisex fragrance with saucy commercial

TV and Showbiz – latest celebrity news, gossip, photos, TV and film reviews | The Sun


‘This Is Us’ star Chrissy Metz hosts TheCurvyCon

First there was ComiCon. Then BeautyCon. And even DivaCon. Now we have TheCurvyCon — a conference dedicated to the $ 20 billion plus-sized apparel market. Hosted by “This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz, the third annual CurvyCon was held last week in Manhattan as a full-figured rebuke to New York Fashion Week’s endless skeletal offerings. TheCurvyCon…
Business | New York Post


Country Star Don Williams Dies at 78

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Don Williams, an award-winning country singer with love ballads like “I Believe in You,” has died. He was 78.

A statement from his publicist Kirt Webster said he died Friday after a short illness.

Williams had 17 No. 1 hits before retiring in 2016. His mellow sound influenced a later generation of singers including Joe Nichols and Josh Turner and Keith Urban has said Williams drew him to country music.

Williams, nicknamed “the Gentle Giant,” had a rich voice, gentle delivery and storytelling style. He toured sparingly, did few media interviews and spent much of his time on his farm west of Nashville.

“It’s one of those blessings and curses kind of things,” Williams said in an interview with The Associated Press in 1994.”If you have the talent, it’s a blessing. But there’s times that … a lot of the prices that you have to pay to be a part of it is a curse. But as far as … the way people have responded to what I’ve done, there’s very few things in my life that I’ve done that come anywhere close to making you feel exhilarated and humbled and fulfilled and challenged and all that, all at the same time.”

His hits included “I Believe in You,” ”Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good,” ”You’re My Best Friend,” ”Some Broken Hearts Never Mend,” ”Till the Rivers All Run Dry” and “Back in My Younger Days.” At least one duet with Emmylou Harris made the charts, “If I Needed You” in 1981.

He was also popular overseas, touring in Europe and Africa and charting on British charts. Eric Clapton recorded his “We’re More Than Friends” and Pete Townshend redid his “Til the Rivers All Run Dry.”

“Don Williams offered calm, beauty, and a sense of wistful peace that is in short supply these days,” said Kyle Young, CEO of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, in a statement Friday. “His music will forever be a balm in troublesome times. Everyone who makes country music with grace, intelligence, and ageless intent will do so while standing on the shoulders of this gentle giant.”

He won the Country Music Association’s awards for best male vocalist and best single for “Tulsa Time” in 1978.

During his performances, he often walked onstage carrying a cup of coffee, sat on a barstool, sang and chatted amiably with the audience.

Williams also appeared in the movies “W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings” and “Smokey and the Bandit II.”

“Farewell, the great Don Williams,” said Rosanne Cash on Twitter and quoted from “Good Ole Boys Like Me”: “‘Those Williams boys, they still mean a lot to me/ Hank & Tennessee.’ & Don, too.”

“One of the greatest to ever sing a country song,” wrote Rodney Atkins on Twitter. “I can’t write a song without thinking about Don Williams songs. #RIPDonWilliams.”

He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010, but missed the ceremony because he had bronchitis. His last studio album came out in 2014 and he was the subject of a tribute album this year that included performances of his hits by Lady Antebellum, Garth Brooks and Chris Stapleton.

Williams was born in Floydada, Texas, and spent the early part of his career in rock, country and folk groups. He was a founding member of the Pozo Seco Singers, then started a solo career in 1971. His first No. 1 hit was “I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me” and 42 of his 46 singles landed on the top 10 from 1974 to 1991.

Entertainment – TIME


‘Growing Pains’ Star Kirk Cameron Criticized for Controversial Hurricane Irma Comments

Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron is being criticized on social media after making controversial comments about Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

In a video posted on his Facebook page on Friday,

This article originally appeared on ‘Growing Pains’ Star Kirk Cameron Criticized for Controversial Hurricane Irma Comments

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‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Movies Heading to New Disney Streaming Service

Star Wars and Marvel movies will only be available to stream on Disney's forthcoming streaming platform, CEO Bob Iger announced per 

This article originally appeared on ‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Movies Heading to New Disney Streaming Service

Rolling Stone Latest Movies News


Watch: Keith Powers and Nesta Cooper Star in Netflix’s Original Film, ‘#realityhigh’ [Video]

Keith Powers and Nesta Cooper take the lead in a new Netflix original film called ‘#realityhigh’ — set to premiere this Friday.

In the movie, a nerdy high school student (played by Nesta) catches the eye of her longtime crush (played by Keith) and gets mixed up with his ex-girlfriend…who just happens to be a major social media celebrity.

It’s not often we get high school-based films centered around TWO Black leads — so we’ll definitely be watching this one in support.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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How This Woman Overhauled Her Life to Become a Fitness Star

You won’t believe what she can do less than a year into her journey.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Pottery Barn has a new Star Wars collection and we’re just frothing


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

The latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, is set for release in December of 2017, so we probably should be feeling more cynical about the timing of Pottery Barn Kids’ new Star Wars collection of bedding, furniture, decor, clothes, lunch boxes, and Halloween costumes. But whoever’s in charge of Design Cuteness is knocking it out of Adorable Park so throughly that we can’t help but “Eeee!” and “Oh my God!” And show you a bunch of photos.

Here are our favorite items from the collection.

Death Star Anywhere Beanbag, $ 149

Darth Vader Sleeping Bag, $ 149

Star Wars Droid Tight Fit Pajamas, $ 36.50

Darth Vader Bath Wrap, $ 49.50

Star Wars R2-D2 Lamp, $ 199

Star Wars Hyperdrive Mural, $ 129

Star Wars BB-8 Costume, $ 99

Chewbacca Star Wars Stocking

Star Wars Light Side Duvet Cover, $ 15.99-$ 70.99

Star Wars Play Chairs, $ 129

R2-D2 Anywhere Beanbag, $ 149

Star Wars Sleeping Bags, $ 99-$ 149

Star Wars Chewbacca Costume, $ 99

The post Pottery Barn has a new Star Wars collection and we're just frothing appeared first on BabyCenter Blog.

BabyCenter Blog


Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

No, John Boyega didn’t react to the ‘Star Wars’ director news with a bunch of emoji


If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday, you’ll probably have seen the latest Star Wars announcement: Colin Trevorrow, the director attached to Star Wars: Episode IX, is no longer a part of the picture.

According to a statement released on the official Star Wars website, Lucasfilm and the director have “mutually chosen to part ways”.

Obviously this news sparked a whole bunch of reactions online. People wondered why he’d left. There was speculation as to who might replace him.

Then, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, John Boyega tweeted this: Read more…

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‘Star Wars Episode IX’ loses director Colin Trevorrow

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Colin Trevorrow will no longer be directing “Star Wars: Episode IX.” Lucasfilm said Tuesday that the company and the director have mutually chosen to part ways citing differing visions for the project.
Entertainment Headlines


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Does ‘Real Housewives’ Star Cynthia Bailey Have A New Man?

cynthia bailey and will jones ig

Bye bye Peter.

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Cynthia Bailey’s very public divorce from former husband Peter Thomas was a lot for the star to deal with.

But it appears she has a new man!

The reality television star recently posted a boo’d up photo with her new beau on social media.

The caption simply introduced the mystery man via his Instagram handle, @mr.willj.


A post shared by Cynthia Bailey (@cynthiabailey10) on

Granted, while the image highly suggest that the two are an item, they have been spotted on several occasions together in ATL.

According to his bio, Will is a motivational speaker who hails from the South Side of Chicago.

Glow up then!


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The 5 Hottest ‘Star Wars’ Toys Arriving in Stores on Force Friday

The 5 Hottest 'Star Wars' Toys Arriving in Stores on Force Friday

Fans will be hitting stores starting today for Force Friday II, the special Star Wars event marking the debut of tons of cool new merchandise. Not only will this be a chance to see characters and vehicles introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (including through augmented reality), but a lot of this stuff will also be fun to play with. Here are the toys we're most excited about:


Sphero Droids

The hottest item from Force Friday a couple years ago was the…

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Serena Williams Gives Birth: Tennis Star & Fiancé Alexis Ohanian Welcome 1st Child

Serena Williams is officially a mom! The pro athlete gave birth to a beautiful baby on Sept. 1, and we can only imagine how thrilled she & her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, must be. Find out everything we know about their newborn here!

Hollywood Life


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Mahershala Ali Will Star in Season Three of True Detective

Big True Detective news: Season 3 is officially happening, with HBO finally greenlighting a new round. Plus, after months of secrecy, there are all sorts of new details.

First: After a season spent in Los Angeles, the show is returning to its rural season 1 roots. The next round, starring a previously announced Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), will be set in the Ozarks. Ali will play the lead role of Wayne Hays, a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas.

Also, we have a logline: “The next installment of True Detective tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.”

Also-also: Some behind-the-scenes details. Original showrunner Nic Pizzolatto will be the sole writer of the series (with the exception of episode 4, which he co-wrote with David Milch, who was brought on board to help Pizzolatto shape the season). Pizzolatto will direct with Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room), who is a newcomer to the franchise.

“I’m tremendously thrilled to be working with artists at the level of Mahershala and Jeremy,” Pizzolatto said in a statement. “I hope the material can do justice to their talents, and we’re all very excited to tell this story.”

True Detective season 3’s setting can’t help bring to mind that another recent premium television crime drama used the same location — Netflix’s Ozark.

There is no episode count or premiere date yet.

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