James Corden and Paul McCartney do carpool karaoke, and Corden weeps over story behind ‘Let It Be’

Things got emotional on a special edition of James Corden’s carpool karaoke when he and Paul McCartney drove around Liverpool together, exploring the musician’s hometown.

The pair toured the U.K. city and a number of the Beatle’s old haunts, like Penny Lane, his family’s home, the church where…

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Will General Electric Be A Comeback Story Of The Decade?

Down the line, GE has transformed from a too-big-to-fail conglomerate to a too-big-for-success albatross. The company has admitted to being too-much focused on EPS and operating profit, and not paying enough attention to cash. However, GE is certainly learning lessons from its past and refocusing its strategies to stage a comeback to its Camelot days, the key catalysts being…
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The Story Behind The Heartbreaking Viral Photo Of The Little Girl Crying At The Border | PeopleTV



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Pixar’s Next 3 Movies: ‘Toy Story 4,’ Then Original Animated Adventures

Pixar's Next 3 Movies: 'Toy Story 4,' Then Original Animated Adventures

Pixar continues to enjoy great success at the box office, as evidenced by the record-breaking weekend for Incredibles 2. The sequel built on the themes first explored in the original film in 2004, while deepening the family relationship and featuring a baby with a range of newly-deployed superpowers. Of course, the animated adventure was also a lot of fun and included truly mind-boggling action sequences.

What will Pixar do next? In addition to one sequel, several original projects are…

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American Horror Story Season 8: Should the Crossover Actors Play Their Murder House or Coven Characters?

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story, Murder House, CovenSurprise, bitches! The American Horror Story crossover you’ve been waiting for is coming this fall.
Ryan Murphy surprised fans last week when he revealed that a crossover season of…

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Here’s the Story Behind Netflix’s Latest True Crime Docuseries The Staircase

Netflix‘s newest docuseries, The Staircase, dives into the twisty case of Michael Peterson, a novelist who was convicted in 2003 of murdering his wife, Kathleen Peterson, after she was found unconscious at the bottom of a staircase in their home.

The series has consumed director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s life for the last 15 years. De Lestrade first debuted the series in 2004, with eight episodes that closely followed Peterson, his family and defense team as they prepared for and went through the murder trial (an abbreviated version aired on ABC’s Primetime that year). He followed up with two more episodes in 2013, after Peterson was released from prison pending a retrial.

Now, de Lestrade is closing out The Staircase series on Netflix with the addition of three new episodes that document Peterson’s last trial and where he is today.

And after all that time, de Lestrade tells TIME he’s not sure whether Peterson is innocent or guilty.

“Michael Peterson himself is a very strange, very complex character,” de Lestrade said. “Of course, the man I spent many days, weeks, months and years with — the man I know, it’s like it’s not possible that he’s capable of killing someone in that way. But human beings are so strange and you never know.”

De Lestrade initially thought he’d tell Peterson’s story as a two-hour movie for HBO, as a followup of sorts to his Oscar-winning documentary Murder on a Sunday Morning, which covered the case of a poor black teenager who was wrongfully accused of killing a woman. He sought out Peterson — a wealthy, white man highly regarded in the public eye — to show how the justice system can upend anyone’s life, and soon had enough information to make a multi-part series instead.

De Lestrade landed on Peterson’s case after reviewing about 400 criminal cases. There was just something about Peterson that piqued his interest, de Lestrade said.

“When he was talking about Kathleen, I really felt that he was very sincere about their relationship, about the love they shared,” he said. “But at the same time, I kind of formed an intuition that there was something else. I’m not saying he was guilty, but I had a feeling there was something else.”

Peterson’s nearly two-decade long battle with the justice system started in 2001, when he placed a frantic 911 call, during which Peterson said he found his wife unconscious at the bottom of a staircase at their North Carolina home. He has maintained that Kathleen Peterson slipped on the stairs and fell to her death after drinking wine and taking valium earlier in the evening. Authorities, however, found the amount of blood spilled on the stairs suspicious. Focus quickly shifted to Peterson, who was the only one at home at the time of her death.

Further probing into Peterson brought up two pieces of information that prosecutors used against him during his trial. The first, it emerged that Peterson was bisexual and had carried on relationships with men outside of his marriage. While he claimed that Kathleen knew about and accepted his other relationships, prosecutors said during the trial that she had discovered it recently and confronted him on the night of her death.

The way de Lestrade sees it, had Peterson’s sexuality not come up, the prosecution may not have gone after him at all.

“For them, it was clear that was the motive of the killing,” he said. “They have always thought that Kathleen discovered that night the emails on his desk, that they had an argument about that, that he lost his temper and hit her.”

The second piece of information that investigation uncovered was that a close family friend Elizabeth Ratliff, whose daughters were later raised by the Petersons, had been found dead at the bottom of a staircase years before Kathleen Peterson died. During Peterson’s trial, her body was exhumed and a new autopsy determined her death was a homicide as well.

Peterson was convicted in 2003 of beating his wife to death and sentenced to life in prison. Eight years later, he was released on house arrest after a judge found that the blood analyst who had provided essential evidence in the case against Peterson had given misleading and false testimony about the bloodstain evidence. The final three episodes of The Staircase catch up with Peterson in his life outside of prison before he entered an Alford plea in 2017. Under the plea, Peterson is free as as a convicted felon after pleading guilty to murdering his wife.

Taken as a whole, with all 13 episodes available together on Netflix for the first time ever, the series paints a grim portrait of the criminal justice system. De Lestrade’s interest was never in the questioning Peterson’s guilt — his intent was to paint a broad picture of how Peterson would be treated inside the system until his final plea deal.

While he’s not convinced of Peterson’s innocence, de Lestrade said the process of making the series made it clear to him that Peterson did not receive a fair trial. Peterson was the only suspect they were interested in, he said. No matter how much money a person has, it’s tough to fight a whole system.

Even when you have thousands of dollars to defend yourself and you have a smart lawyer, you have to get very lucky to get out,” he said. “And it took 15 years.”

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Shonda Rhimes books Manhattan con artist Anna Delvey story for first Netflix series

Shonda Rhimes is taking on one of the wildest stories of 2018 for her first series at Netflix.

The streaming service has bought the rights to Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York Party People,” the story of a con artist who deceived dozens of Manhattanites…

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Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Talks Diversity and the Upcoming Documentary About His Life Story

ON CAMERA: With a film on the life of veteran couturier Pierre Cardin under way, a documentary on the story of one of Paris’ glitziest fashion prodigies — Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing — is also nearing completion.
The designer told WWD that the film, which is being produced by the team behind the 2009 documentary “Valentino: Last Emperor,” will wrap this summer and is due for release in early 2019, with the distribution channels yet to be confirmed.
The film mixes the personal and the professional, from his roots and growing up with his adoptive parents in Bordeaux, France, to his designer success story, including “some of the struggles encountered in getting to where I am, the work that has gone into it and the critiques,” he said.
“It’s going to be a beautiful message, it’s going to be a big thing,” added Rousteing, acknowledging that the project is an unusual move considering his young age. “A documentary about my life when I’m only in my 30s, it’s a bit like when I had to do the collaboration with H&M based on Balmain’s DNA when I’d only been at the house for like four and a half years. I’ve been at Balmain for eight years now,

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Rent the Runway Alters ‘Predatory’ Late Fee After Daily Beast Story


Rent the Runway has changed its late fee policy a little more than a month after The Daily Beast reported on it in April, lowering its “20-day penalty” charge for late or missing dresses from 200 percent of the retail cost of each dress to just 100 percent of the retail cost of each dress.

The women’s retailer rents designer dresses originally retailing hundreds of dollars to women across the United States for as little as $ 35 per item.

After a designated number of days, renters must return their items through a UPS store or drop box in a pre-labeled package that Rent the Runway supplies to them.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


‘Logan’ Director James Mangold is Making a Boba Fett ‘Star Wars Story’

'Logan' Director James Mangold is Making a Boba Fett 'Star Wars Story'

Just as one Star Wars movie is released, another is revealed to be in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Logan writer/director James Mangold is now making a standalone Boba Fett spin-off. This would be another Star Wars Story installment, like Solo: A Star Wars Story, which hits theaters this weekend.

Mangold is currently working on the screenplay and then will direct the presumed prequel, which will focus on the popular bounty hunter character seen in the…

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Amazon responds to story that couple’s private discussion was sent to random contact

Amazon says it’s “evaluating options” after recent and shocking news that its Echo device had recorded and sent a couple’s conversation to a random phone contact.
ABC News: Money


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The sexiest ships in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’


Star Wars has some great ships, but it also has some great ships, and Solo is no exception. You know the ships I mean – ships that make you want to take straight to space, don a cape, and punch it right into hyperdrive. 

Friendships. Relationships. Situationships. Star Wars has is it all, from the day Luke kissed his sister to the time Anakin went blind with love, or something. Let’s dive into the ships of Solo and wonder how anyone had time to make the Kessel Run when there was so much flirting to get on with.

Han and Qi’ra

Image: Jonathan Olley /Lucasfilm Ltd. Read more…

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The Week in Movie News: ‘Lando: A Star Wars Story’ Is a Possibility, ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Reviewed and More

The Week in Movie News: 'Lando: A Star Wars Story' Is a Possibility, 'Deadpool 2' Is Reviewed and More

Need a quick recap on the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:



Lando Calrissian could get his own movie: Although the news broke first via mistranslated scoop, Lucasfilm has confirmed they're considering doing a Lando Calrissian Star Wars Story, just not next. Read more here.



A Catch Me If You Can reunion: Steven Spielberg may direct Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time since their 2002…

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Inside Her Story: Fawn Weaver Is Putting Nearest Green’s Legacy On The Forefront

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Fawn Weaver about the foundation she created to honor the legacy of Nearest Green.



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Mailbag: Petra Kvitova Is the Best Story in Tennis Right Now, and Maybe in All of Sports

A year ago, Petra Kvitova suffered a serious hand injury from a harrowing home invasion. Now, she’s the hottest player in women’s tennis. 

Latest News


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Lucasfilm Confirms They’re Considering a Lando Calrissian ‘Star Wars Story’

Lucasfilm Confirms They're Considering a Lando Calrissian 'Star Wars Story'

Reviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story aren't the best, but almost every critic is in agreement about one thing: Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian is terrific. The Atlanta star portrays the suave gambler, originally played by Billy Dee Williams in the first Star Wars trilogy, and along with the character's droid companion L3 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), he's stealing the movie out from under young Han Solo himself, Alden Ehrenreich. 

Solo, which…

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My son’s first Drag Queen Story Hour


Maggie Downs

posted in Life

The Drag Queen Story Hour at my local library kicked off with a welcome and a gentle nudge toward the craft table.

“Who wants to make a crown?” said Bella Da Ball, the evening’s host. “What about a magic wand?”

It was an offer they couldn’t refuse.

A drag queen with blue hair helps children at a craft table


Kids (and the adults who belonged to them) swarmed the craft tables, which were prepped with piles of stick-on jewels, glitter glue, cardboard stars, foam crowns, and pencils for wands.

World's cutest toddler poses with a handmade wand made out of a pencil


So began the first Drag Queen Story Hour held at the Palm Springs Public Library, where it will become a monthly event. However, the concept has been thriving in other cities throughout the country since 2015.

Created by writer Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions in San Francisco, Drag Queen Story Hour now takes place in libraries, schools, bookstores, and community centers in New York City, Los Angeles, and several other locations.

What happens during these events? It’s just what it sounds like. Drag queens read stories, sing songs, and make crafts with children.

“DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” says the DQSH website. “In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

A drag queen with blue hair reads a story book to children in a library


After craft time, a crowd of children gathered at her high-heeled feet, Bella De Ball read a few picture books, including Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchio, illustrated by Suzanne DeSimone and My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis, illustrated by Suzanne DeSimone. The stories were diverse, reflecting the many different kinds of families that exist.

Afterward, the children’s librarians cranked up songs by Justin Timberlake and ABBA, and everyone let loose for a dance party. Some children waved their wands. Others held hands and swung each other around, careening across the dance floor like tops. The adults danced until their crowns were askew.

Bella Da Ball, a drag queen with blue hair, poses with two preschoolers


On the way home, I had a discussion with my 3-year-old son about the event. We live in a progressive city with a sizable LGBTQ population, so this wasn’t his first encounter with a drag queen. We attend the Pride parade each year, my son has gone to drag brunch with our family, and Bella Da Ball is a longtime friend of mine. Still I braced for questions.

He didn’t have any.

I have no idea where my son is perched on the gender spectrum. I only know what he enjoys. He loves climbing mountains, hiking, getting dirty, smashing Hot Wheels together, listening to stories. He also loves unicorns, kittens, rainbows, dancing, anything sparkly. He colors with every crayon. I think a lot of kids are just like him and that’s what makes DQSH such a great event — it keeps the kids engaged with great stories, fun crafts, and upbeat music, all accompanied by a pretty, sparkly lady.

“Well, what did you think of Mommy’s friend, Bella?” I asked.

“She’s a good dancer,” he said, simply.

Then he happily waved his wand — and I thought maybe there was indeed some magic in it.

Would you attend a Drag Queen Story Hour in your community?

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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

Black-ish’s Real Life ‘Bow’ Tells Her Story, Her Way

Fans of ABC’s Black-ish had a group meltdown on Twitter the other night during an episode titled, “Blue Valentime,” in which the show’s endearing main characters, Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross), confronted a marital split.

“Nope….nope….as a child of divorce, I am not about to have Dre and Bow break up our family a week after Cosby is convicted and the same day Kanye is saying slavery was a choice,” tweeted Brittani Jaccaro, aka Binge Watch Bestie.

Perhaps fans take the show so personally because they know that Dre and Bow and their brood of five children sprung less from the imagination of show creator Kenya Barris than they did from his actual life.

Award-winning writer Barris has six children with his wife of almost 20 years. Like the character Ellis Ross plays, she is a physician who works hard, laughs easily, and doesn’t ever take herself too seriously. She also happens to be smart, loving, opinionated, bi-racial, and is nicknamed Bow, for Rainbow—just like her counterpart on TV.

(Rainbow Barris)

She met Kenya in high school, although they didn’t start dating right away. And while the couple is living large now (not merely because of the size of their brood, ages 18 to 1), they each worked long and hard for their success.

In fact, Dr. Barris, the middle of five children in a blended family, was the first in her family to attend college. Although she was gifted in science and math, she had few professional role models and no thought of being a physician until a professor suggested it at the end of her sophomore year.

“I didn’t have a vision,” she says, looking back on her and Kenya’s early years of struggle. “I had a lot of nights of tears, and times when I wanted to give up. People think things happen overnight and you’re so driven. I just knew I had to keep going because there was nothing to fall back on.”

While her husband spent the last four seasons presenting his celebrated fictional version of their family life on TV, Dr. Barris quietly decided to pen her own version of the real thing. Drawn from notes she began recording on their family life several years before the show was even a thought, her new book, “Keeping Up With the Johnsons: Bow’s Guide to Black-ish Parenting,” is being released on May 8.

(Rainbow Barris)

In an interview hours before last night’s unsettling episode aired, she made it clear that her and Kenya’s real-life marriage is on solid ground, and she’s pleased to finally be having her own say.


What’s the difference between your telling of your family’s story and Kenya’s?

Mine is the truth and it’s right! [she laughs] Black-ish tells so much of our life, but it’s told from a male perspective. The situations are the same, but the narrator really does control how that situation is received. In my telling of the story, I probably focus more on the kids and things around me, not as much on myself—which is what we do, as women.


The book opens with a story that is hilarious but shocking. It’s hard not to give too much away, but it involves a fitting room, a nursing baby, a screaming toddler and a serious bathroom emergency—yours.

I had conversations about that with the publisher. What were we going to do with this story about my pooping in my baby’s diaper? I said, let’s open with it. I led with the most humiliating story because I wanted it to be clear that I’m sharing things I’m not comfortable with. If I’m only sharing things I’m comfortable with, I’m not really being authentic. It was hard, but I wanted to be vulnerable. That I kept it in there—I’m proud of that.


Your book is not full of tips or advice or resources, it’s really a book of your experiences. Why call it a guide?

I was very deliberate in calling it a guide, but it’s meant almost as a play on words. Most guides are written by experts who give us a plan, and we always want a plan. As an anesthesiologist, women come in and present their birthing plans to me all the time, and then nothing goes the way they expected. That’s how parenting is. Life is about the lessons you learn when nothing goes according to plan. My experiences have been my guide.


Who is your parenting hero?

It would have to be my mom. She trained me to look up to her, to respect her, and she also prepared me for therapy [more laughter]. We were raised with a lot of chaos and a lot of love. I’m doing the same thing with my kids. It is my job to try to help them be the best human beings they can be but I’m ready for all of my kids to blame me for therapy.


What’s the most important thing you try to impart as a mother?

Your family is your family. You have ups and downs and disagreements but no matter how upset you get, you always have to come back to each other.


You have children ages 1 to 18. What do you know now that you wish you’d known 18 years ago?

And this too shall pass. If it’s a good day, it passes. If it’s a bad day, it passes.


What do you hope readers take from this book?

I know how important it is to let even one other person in the world know that someone else has gone through what they’re going through and understands. I want that person to know, you’re not in this alone.

The post Black-ish’s Real Life ‘Bow’ Tells Her Story, Her Way appeared first on Black Enterprise.

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Bonobos and the Modern Male: A New Brand Story

For some time, the story around Bonobos has been its fits, diversity of styling and the $ 310 million deal to Walmart. 
But how to build a brand that lasts? The message might need to be more than product and the company’s doubling down on its marketing with a new campaign called Project172, which kicked off Monday with the launch of two TV spots. 
The campaign — with the TV commercials paired with a national e-mail, social media and radio campaign — enlisted 172 men (the total number of sizes and fit combinations in Bonobos pants), all wearing the same pair of stretch washed chinos in the same color, to share their thoughts on gender stereotypes and the changing definition of masculinity. The company is set to release on May 21 a mini-documentary with footage from conversations with those 172 individuals talking about their definition of masculinity. 
“We have been working in the last couple of years in terms of trying to position Bonobos from a brand perspective as a brand that stands for not just great fitting clothing but really helping men find their fit in the world, recognizing that the world is changing dramatically and particularly for men changing,” said Bonobos copresident

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Law and Order: SVU Sneak Peek Finds Rollins in Danger With a Ripped-From-the-Headlines Story

Law and Order: SVULaw & Order: SVU is ripping from the headlines once again.
In the Wednesday, May 2 episode of SVU, “The Book of Esther,” the squad comes into contact with a family a lot like…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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A gang threatened her child, so she joined the ‘migrant caravan’ traveling 3,000 miles toward the US. This is her story.

Gabriela Hernandez and her two boys joined the “migrant caravan” of travelers across Mexico toward the United States, some hoping to cross the border. This is her story of the journey, compiled from multiple visits and interviews.

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Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s: A Family Business, a Family’s Story | Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s | OWN



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A Woman Whose Controversial Arrest Went Viral Shares Her Story | Book of John Gray | OWN



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The new poster for the Lando movie — I mean ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ — is a stunner


Just about everything we’ve seen of the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story has been met with the same fan reaction. Uh … can we get Lando: A Donald Glover Story instead, please?

This was true of the first trailer, where the young Lando — played by actor/writer/director/rapper/comedian Donald Glover — stole the show with a single second of screen time. The rapscallion is at it again in the newly released poster for the movie, where he displays more personality than all six of the other characters taking up most of the frame combined.

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The Wild Wild Country Team Knows They Left Out Part of the Story. But They Did it on Purpose

Netflix’s latest documentary series, Wild Wild Country, takes viewers through a tumultuous period in American history that had until recently been all but forgotten.

After gaining access to more than 300 hours of archived footage about Rajneeshpuram, a commune established in eastern Oregon in the early 1980s, brothers Maclain and Chapman Way knew they had to make a series exploring how the commune’s power grew — and eventually crumbled in violence. Rajneeshpuram sprang up in a remote area of Oregon after followers of the Indian spiritual leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a bearded guru with a love of Rolls Royces, took over the area in an effort to build a utopia, much to the chagrin of local townspeople. But what began as a culture of peace and free love morphed, as the group struggled to keep control of the area, into a saga marked by poison attacks, attempted murders and rampant immigration fraud.

The Ways received the footage after finishing up their first documentary, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, which was based in Portland, Oregon. An archivist at the Oregon Historical Society alerted them to the story, giving them hundreds of hours of archived footage, the bulk of which news stations intentionally did not tape over, sensing an imperative to preserve the coverage of such a bizarre, divisive time in history. As they geared up to interview people involved on all sides of the conflict, the brothers found that their subjects wanted to share their stories as a warning for the future.

“They see it as different types of warnings,” Maclain Ways says, referring to the locals and the Rajneeshees, who are also known as sannyasins. “If you ask the sanyassins, a lot of them will tell you this is a warning of religious persecution and government overreach. If you talk to the neighboring ranchers of the Rajneeshees, they’ll tell you the story of Rajneeshpuram is a warning of cults and what happens when people become brainwashed and do destructive things.”

Wild Wild Country refuses to establish clear heroes or villains. The Way brothers wanted to let the Rajneeshees’ actions and the complaints of locals unfold without an added layer of condemnation. The group’s members, clad in uniforms of red, orange and purple clothing, quickly made enemies of the local residents of Antelope, Oregon, a small town located near the compound. As the commune grew into a city of its own, complete with an airport, malls and restaurants, the largely conservative Antelopeans became angrier and more resentful of the outsiders practicing their own form of spirituality on land they felt rightfully belonged to them.

The skirmishes only intensified as the Rajneeshees doubled down on taking over the local government, and although they went to illegal lengths to establish control — including attempts by a devotee to murder the Rajneeshee’s doctor and the poisoning of 750 people with salmonella made on the compound — the pushback from locals who tried to drive the followers away revealed the story to be more layered than the Ways initially anticipated.

“We were trying to tap into a conversation about, well, what is the difference between cult and religion? What are religious minority rights? Where is everyone’s line of tolerance where they have to say, ‘Enough is enough, we can’t have these people take over my town anymore?’” says Maclain Way.

One criticism of the show posits that it glosses over some of Rajneeshees’ more egregious actions. After all, commune members caused the largest biochemical terror attack in the country with the mass salmonella poisoning, engaged in suspicious intra-group violence and cooked up a plot involving multi-state immigration fraud in order to gain political control. Brief scenes in the series showing group members beating each other as part of purging meditation exercises are never fully explained.

But the Ways say they did not worry about any potential imbalances in the series because they trusted audiences to judge the Rajneeshees’ actions as negative without having to totally condemn the commune. “We are interested in showing this to a mature audience that would be able to kind of push themselves to then hear from the people who did these things themselves, about why they did it,” says Maclain. The series includes interviews with several former members of the commune, all of whom have different reflections upon their time there.

Jane Stork, one woman featured in the series, who moved her family from Australia to the commune in search of enlightenment, now believes Rajneeshpuram was a cult that sowed destruction in eastern Oregon. She later wrote a book, called Breaking the Spell, that details her disenchantment with the group. On the other end of the spectrum is Philip Toelkes, known in the group as Swami Prem Niren, an attorney who still considers himself to be a follower of Rajneesh and now runs his own “conscious coaching” business.

The ambiguity has led some viewers to feel conflicted about how much they empathize with the Rajneeshees — many people joked online about how the red outfits and free love lifestyle would have totally convinced them to join the commune had they been around in the 1980s. Audiences also felt torn over their love for Ma Anand Sheela, the Bhagwan’s tough-talking second-in-command at the Oregon commune, who played an integral role in the Rajneeshees’ darker plots and later pleaded guilty to attempted murder, immigration fraud and orchestrating the salmonella outbreak. She served 29 months of a 20-year prison sentence.

Sheela, now 68 and living in Switzerland, is the showstopper of the documentary and seems to have no regrets about her actions at Rajneeshpuram. The Ways, who had heard from state and federal officials that she was “pure evil,” say they were “definitely a little timid and a little scared” when they flew out to meet her. They found her to be “smart, cunning and charming” — almost exactly how she appeared in 1980s television appearances talking up the Rajneeshees — and say she clearly still cares very much about the past.

“She definitely feels there was a lot of religious persecution and bigotry toward her group,” Chapman says. “She was going to go to all lengths to protect her commune and her master.”

Other former Rajneeshees were less willing to talk, feeling that past attempts to document what happened in Oregon, including a documentary by Oregon Public Broadcasting, were unfair, says Maclain. But devotees and Antelope residents alike eventually came around out of a reverence for preserving history — and until the series debuted on Netflix, the story of what happened at Rajneeshpuram had long remained hidden in news archives. According to Chapman, the incidents are not ingrained in the collective American memory largely because no one died due to the Rajneeshees’ crimes.

“You look at Jonestown, you look at Waco, you look at the death tolls those events had,” he says, referring to two infamous cults whose members died in great numbers. “This one was just easier to forget about over time.”

Though the Ways started making Wild Wild Country in 2014, two years before Donald Trump won the presidential election largely on a platform of stoking fears about immigrants and religious minorities, the series hit Netflix as such topics continue to dominate national conversation. The timing didn’t go unnoticed by the bothers, and Wild Wild Country presents an American tale as old as time.

I joke around, but it was honestly comforting as an American to realize we have always struggled with these issues. What’s happening to our country isn’t just new right now,” Chapman says. “Every generation has dealt with these issues.”

Entertainment – TIME


New Garments Going on Display at ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ Exhibition

FASHION HISTORY: Historic Royal Palaces, the charity that manages Kensington Palace, has been working toward adding new, never-before-seen garments for the reopening of the popular “Diana:Her Fashion Story” exhibition, later this month.
The exhibition charts the sartorial history of Princess Diana and highlights important moments in her life through her clothing.
Some of the outfits going on display include the Armani chinos and white shirt she wore to visit the landmine fields in Angola with the International Red Cross in 1997 and a violet body-hugging gown created by Gianni Versace, a dear friend of Diana’s, for a fund-raising dinner at the Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
The pink David Sassoon dress Princess Diana wore en route to her honeymoon with Prince Charles will also be exhibited, alongside pieces by Catherine Walker, Caroline Charles and Victor Edelstein, a leading London couturier in the Eighties.
Princess Diana was also known for championing local designer names during State visits, as illustrated by a cobalt blue pleated gown by the London-based Japanese-born designer, Yuki, worn to a State Dinner with Emperor Hirohito in Tokyo.
The exhibition will reopen on April 26 at Kensington Palace and it’s predicted to attract large crowds as interest on the British Royals is peaking, with

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Cowardice in Publishing Won’t Silence My #MeToo Story

This is the story I was told not to tell. This is the story publishers wouldn’t touch.

This isn’t about the Larry Nassar trial or the Harvey Weinstein scandal, about a monstrous man and his hundreds of victims showcased in the media. This isn’t a sexy celebrity face. This is the face of an ordinary woman—millions of us. This is the story of a father preying on his daughter. This is about a societal system of suppression, fear and denial.

Sexual abuse memoirs were popular sells in the late 1980s and early 1990s, after the McMartin day care sexual abuse case made them titillating. Then Peter Freyd coined “false memory syndrome” after his adult daughter accused him of childhood sexual abuse, and abuse memories began to be challenged in court cases. (False memory syndrome was later debunked by scientific research on traumatic memory.)

For publishers, abuse memoirs became risky—unless the portrayal was salacious, as in The Kiss, packaged as a story about the narrator’s “relationship” with her father. Recently, abuse stories have surfaced only sporadically: a true crime (The Fact of a Body) and a prurient, graphic account written by an anonymous author (The Incest Diary).

When I began writing a memoir about overcoming the effects of incest, I set out to master craft and business. Over many years, I was accepted into prestigious writing workshops, including Bread Loaf. Workshop faculty responses to my work ranged from “I’d advise you to remove any mention of sexual abuse” to “I don’t understand why people vilify pedophiles” to “choose another topic, don’t write about this anymore.” A renowned memoirist told me that her friend’s grown daughter accused him of abusing her as a girl, and “of course it wasn’t true, and lives were ruined.”

One well-known author saw beyond the apprehension—“this is dark but it has levity and power”—and gave my manuscript to her bigwig literary agent, who phoned me, expressing high praise for my writing before her tone turned angry. “Put this story in a drawer,” she told me. “Better yet, get rid of it. Write about something else. Anything else.” Before she hung up, her voice broke: she revealed she’d been a stalking victim.

This is the story I was told not to tell, and yet, I persisted.

Magazines were more accepting. At the advice of agents and editors, I published parts of my story in Salon, the Huffington Post and Glamour. My writing caught the attention of The Steve Harvey Show producers, who featured me on a double-episode series.

I queried a multitude of agents. Over half requested my manuscript. Several phoned but then declined to represent me, citing my lack of a byline in the New York Times. When I pointed out that they knew that before they called, they explained that publishers are “skittish” about abuse stories. I can publish a story about murder, or cancer, or cutting off my arm to save my life, but I can’t publish about how I metaphorically cut off parts of myself in order to survive sexual abuse.

The novel form is acceptable: The Lovely Bones and The Perks of Being a Wallflower were bestsellers adapted into movies. Why haven’t I spun my story as fiction? It isn’t fiction. But there’s a problem with my story being real.

I’ve packaged my story as a pet memoir, a mother-daughter memoir and a dating memoir, and each time received passes with recurring paradoxical remarks: “the market is saturated with abuse stories” but “there’s no readership,” I have “such a compelling voice and writer’s platform” yet “the writer’s platform is problematic.”

My most recent agent gave up on my fifth manuscript, a love letter to my future life partner, after a handful of editors declined. Despite the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, she’d asked me to remove all traces of my abuse history. I toned down some details but refused to cut the portions setting up the book’s premise, which is to narrate my (hopeful) journey of overcoming major life obstacles.

Literary gatekeepers believe the truth disables rather than empowers. This enables our abuse culture. This is about the choice to be cowardly or revolutionary.

I keep searching for the publisher who’ll be brave. This is the story I’ve—we’ve—been told not to tell. And yet the truth is, sharing that deep dark secret with the world is a transformative act that can set us all free.

This post originally appeared in Publisher’s WeeklyRepublished with permission.

Tracy Strauss is former essays editor for The Rumpus. Named by Bustle as one of eight women writers with advice to follow, she served as the 2013-2014 Vice-President of the Women’s National Book Association’s Boston chapter and was the 2015 Writers Room of Boston Nonfiction Fellow. She currently teaches writing and liberal arts at The New England Conservatory. Follow her on Twitter @TracyLStrauss.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Shares at Least One Character With ‘Rogue One’

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Shares at Least One Character With 'Rogue One'

Since the debut of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer Sunday night, fans have been digging through footage for Easter eggs and clues about the latest standalone prequel. There are fun references to other iconic lines in the original Star Wars trilogy, and even possibly a nod to the Star Wars Holiday Special with an appearance of Chewbacca's wife, Mallatobuck (or just Malla). But there's one noteworthy cameo that most trailer detectives missed. …

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Man’s Story of Growing Up With a Father Like Apu Goes Viral Following The Simpsons Controversy

In the wake of The Simpsons‘ attempt to address the stereotyping controversy surrounding Apu, one man’s story of growing up with a father similar to the character is going viral.

After Sunday’s episode of the animated comedy included a scene in which Marge and Lisa discussed political correctness in 2018 before the camera panned to a photo of Apu with the words, “Don’t have a cow,” written on it, the show was criticized by some who saw the response as dismissive.

The problematic nature of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon — an Indian immigrant who is the proprietor of the fictional town of Springfield’s local Kwik-E-Mart — was cast into the spotlight following the November release of comedian Hari Kondabolu’s documentary, The Problem With Apu.

Now, Twitter user Amar Shah is making waves with his own personal story of being raised by a father who owned a convenience store. “Everybody has an opinion about Apu, but did they ever talk to someone who owned a convenience store or gas station or work in one or grow up in one? You know, like my dad and I?” Shah tweeted on Monday.

Kondabolu later noted that he and his team had, in fact, interviewed Indian small business owners for the documentary, but the footage didn’t make the final cut.

“Brother, thank you for sharing,” he wrote. “We interviewed Desi small business owners & it was left on the cutting room floor due to time. This still haunts me. There’s nothing wrong with working in a gas station or store. These stories should be told with the honesty & care you just showed.”

Read Shah’s full story below.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ to Debut at Cannes

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' to Debut at Cannes

Back in 2002, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones screened at the Cannes Film Festival, widely considered the most prestigious festival in the world. Three years later, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith made its world premiere during the festival.

Now Solo: A Star Wars Story (top) will follow in their red-carpet footsteps. Deadline reports that a special screening of the film has been scheduled in Cannes on May 15, ten days before it opens in theaters worldwide on May 25.

The Cannes Film…

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Iyanla Reacts to a Mother’s Story of Selling Her Body While Pregnant | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN



http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Vetements’ Guram Gvasalia, Buyers Say Highsnobiety Story Is Fake News

According to buyers and Guram Gvasalia, Vetements’ chief executive officer, the idea that the brand’s popularity is waning is, well, fake news.
On Thursday, Highsnobiety published a piece with multiple unnamed sources claiming that the brand, which is designed by Demna Gvasalia, who is also the creative director at Balenciaga, is losing favor with consumers and retailers. The variety of unnamed sources, who were identified with nebulous descriptions such as “one buyer” or a “former shop manager,” contributed the lack of sales to Vetements moving its headquarters to Zurich, lack of newness and inflated pricing.
In a statement sent to WWD, Guram Gvasalia said the independent company is outperforming market expectations and showing over 50 percent growth in comparison to the previous year.
“It is sad to see the state of journalism today. In the era of click-baits, using the name of our company in the article is a click-bait itself, and even more so when it’s mentioned in a negative headline,” he wrote. “To the disappointment of all the haters, we would like to declare that Vetements is in the strongest creative and financial state it has ever been. We are definitely not going out of business and the speculations about our

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David Shulkin wants to tell his side of the story — and he’s doing it everywhere

Former Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin isn’t going anywhere.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Politics


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Watch Exclusive ‘Midnight Sun’ Clip: Witness Protection Story

Watch Exclusive 'Midnight Sun' Clip: Witness Protection Story

Katie (Bella Thorne) is 17 years old and, like anyone her age, yearns to explore the world. Since she was a young girl, though, she has been confined to her house during the day because of a rare disease that makes sunlight deadly for her. Then she meets Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and an improbable romance blooms.

In our charming exclusive clip from Midnight Sun, Katie and Charlie are on a date when Charlie suggests an explanation for Katie's heretofore unexplained avoidance of…

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Exclusive: Steven Spielberg Hopes to Make Both ‘Indiana Jones 5’ and ‘West Side Story’ Next Year

Exclusive: Steven Spielberg Hopes to Make Both 'Indiana Jones 5' and 'West Side Story' Next Year

In an exclusive interview with Fandango tied to the release of Ready Player One (in theaters March 29 – tickets now on sale right here), director Steven Spielberg revealed that he’ll be taking the rest of 2018 off in order to prep for back-to-back films in 2019.

When we asked which film he’d be making next, Indiana Jones 5 or West Side Story, Spielberg said that the next Indiana Jones adventure is now on deck, with shooting reportedly beginning in April of next year. These…

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Why Iyanla Calls the Mitchell Brothers’ Story “Horrible” and “Blessed” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN



http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Here’s *the* real dress that Donatella Versace wore during the latest episode of “American Crime Story”

Here’s *the* real dress that Donatella Versace wore during the latest episode of “American Crime Story”

Here’s *the* real dress that Donatella Versace wore during the latest episode of “American Crime Story”

If you’ve been secretly missing Penelope Cruz’s portrayal of Donatella Versace for the last few episodes of American Crime Story, here’s some good news for you: The latest episode of the series, “Ascent,” featured a whole lot of Cruz and her bleach blonde hair as the legendary designer. We’re now even further back in time, back when Gianni Versace was still very much alive, and the year is 1993.

The place? New York City. And as for the event? We’re at Vogue Magazine’s 100th anniversary party — an event that truly cemented Donatella as a face (and, behind-the-scenes, a voice) of the fashion house.

“Ascent” opens with a blow out fight between Donatella and her brother, because he is less than impressed with the designs that she is turning in. According to Gianni, they are not up to the regular caliber that their fashion house is used to putting out, so he strikes a deal with his sister — why don’t they design a dress together?

Donatella is eager to help her brother out, and he drapes fabric (and belts) all over her, creating a pretty iconic dress. Then, Gianni suggests that *she* be the one to wear it out, instead of it going to a model. At first, Donatella balks at the idea, but eventually she comes around. As we see in the episode, the second Donatella takes off her coat and the photographers on the red carpet see her, they are truly captivated. All it takes is her wearing one stunning dress to make a name for herself in the world of fashion.

What might be even more impressive is the fact that American Crime Story seems to have recreated the real dress Donatella wore, right down to the belt buckle. Here’s the real Donatella and Gianni back in 1993:

Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images
Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

While the one in the show is by no means identical to the actual thing, it is pretty damn close. Real question, did Penelope Cruz get to keep it after ACS wrapped, or…?



Film News Roundup: ‘Girl Meets World’ Actor August Maturo to Star in ‘Shepherd: Story of a Jewish Dog’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In today’s film news roundup, August Maturo stars in a World War II dog story, Fox is developing fantasy thriller “Epoch Index,” and MoviePass hires a customer relations specialist. CASTING UNVEILED “Girl Meets World” star August Maturo has been cast as the lead character in the upcoming indie feature “Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish […]



The story of Monowi, Nebraska


Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska. Population 1. No, that’s not a typo. There are some towns and cities in the world sparsely populated, and with very few residents, but this one takes the biscuit! You may not have heard of this place before, we certainly haven’t, but you won’t forget it in a hurry, once you hear the amazing story behind it.

Enjoying its peak years in the 1930s, Monowi has declined since then and is now one of the most remote places in America. It is also the only incorporated municipality in the United States with a population of just 1. This is the story of Monowi, and how it has come to shape the life of one very special woman. Check out this stunning and almost abandoned village, and meet the woman who lives here.

Monowi, Nebraska

In the remote upper reaches of Nebraska, the sprawling, empty wilderness winds away over the hills, past rivers, and down to dirt roads. Through fields of gold, and lush, green prairies, you find yourself eventually reaching the village of Monowi. Its abandoned church looming large and serving as an indicator of what’s to come. Abandoned, broken down homes pepper the sides of the road, and four street lights stand proudly, looking slightly out of place. There is one home here that is decidedly unabandoned, and inside it is Elsie Eiler.

Elsie Eiler

84-year-old Elsie is the last remaining resident of Monowi, Nebraska. She lived here with her husband Rudy, and they were the only residents. Following Rudy’s death in 2004, Elsie became the last remaining resident of the village. She acts as the Mayor, pays herself taxes, grants a liquor license, and produces a road plan every year. Not only that, but she also acts as the librarian for Rudy’s Library, which she founded in memory of her husband. In addition to this, she also runs her bar, which is the only business in Monowi.

National attention

As you might imagine, something this unique and interesting was always going to get national attention sooner or later. And this finally happened when Elsie, and the town, were featured on the Today Show in 2005, and CBS Sunday Morning in 2006. Clearly, a source of great interest for a lot of people, the town, and Elsie also appeared on the show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. This led to Larry himself organizing a fundraiser to try to help raise money Elsie and her village – resulting in around 1,000 people showing up to help out.

This is one of the more remarkable stories we’ve heard about in America, and Elsie is a truly fascinating woman. We’d love to head to Monowi, Nebraska and have a couple of cold ones at Elsie’s bar. These are the sorts of communities that give so much character to America, and they need to be preserved and enjoyed. We hope more people eventually move to Monowi and settle there so that the village can continue the legacy it has already built over time.


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‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer Breakdown: An Origin Story and a New Lover?!

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix March 8, and it’s been a long time coming. After the ups and downs of the various Defenders shows, we’re excited the spotlight’s back on the heavy-drinking, hard-hitting, smart-talking “not a hero.”

We got the FANDOM crew together to break down the biggest moments, and biggest questions from the trailer. We’re also generally just getting hyped for one of the best characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wanna follow along? We’ve got the transcript right here for ya.

0:00 – 0:10
Here we see Jessica in some form of group therapy. As she throws the ball against the wall, she begins to share what memories she has of her own origin story. This is a clear sign that Season 2 will explore the yet unknown source of her powers and potentially reveal who experimented on her.

The trailer then cuts to the death of her parents in a car accident, which was explored briefly in the first season.

:10 – :21
Jessica then recounts the events that she remembers: her experimentation, her abduction, and the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave. As far as we know, Kilgrave did not give Jessica her powers, he only used them once he discovered how strong she was. Is the show teasing something more here?

When Malcolm asks Jessica how Anger Management class was, Jessica has the perfect retort: “Still angry.” This shows us that while she’s willing to get help for anger management, she knows she needs something more than just group therapy. Her trusty whiskey bottle makes an appearance here as well — definitely a staple from Season 1. You could even call whiskey Jessica’s most faithful sidekick — don’t tell Daredevil.

:30 – 1:00
Here we see Jessica’s life as a PI and as a hero, though don’t call her hero to her face.

1:00 – 1:17
During Season 1, Jessica did not want to become a superhero. Now it seems as though she’s reconsidering her position. Is that because of the time she recently spent with the Defenders?

In this scene, we can clearly see Jessica defending a young Trish Walker, possibly from an attacker. This reemphasizes the importance of Jessica and Trish’s relationship and how often they have saved each other.

Here we can see Jessica kissing a mystery man — definitely not her lover from Season 1, Luke Cage. The mystery man could be actor J.R. Ramirez, who is playing a character this season named Oscar.

There’s a quick shot of Will Simpson here, who is back for Season 2 — as well a variety of scenes showing Jessica kicking ass. Will she rise up to be a hero this season, will she discovery who made her into one? We’ll find out on March 8th, when Jessica Jones Season 2 hits Netflix globally.  


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“I Almost Died”: Serena Williams Shares Childbirth Story To Help New Moms Worldwide Gain Access To Better Healthcare

After needing multiple surgeries following the birth of her daughter, Serena is raising awareness to help save the lives of other women giving birth around the world.


From Blog to Film: This Woman is Telling the Story of Successful Black Women Entrepreneurs

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an increasing number of black women blazing trails in social change and entrepreneurship. In fact, a 2017 Nielsen report shows that black women are not only the fastest growing group of female entrepreneurs, but they’re also increasingly influencing the economy, media, and politics. So, who are these new age pioneers unapologetically breaking barriers? What propelled them to turn their obstacles into opportunities and passions into profit? Well, meet Renae Bluitt, the founder of Crush Media and creator and executive producer behind the film: She Did That, a cinematic project, featuring the story behind New York Times best-selling author, Luvvie Ajayi; the founder of Carols Daughter, Lisa Price; Tonya Rapley, a millennial entrepreneur and financial educator; and Melissa Butler, founder of the beauty startup The Lip Bar. To bring the project to light, Bluitt has partnered with General Motors, the world’s third-largest automaker.

On what inspired the film.

Believe it or not, the idea for the film derived from her award-winning blog ‘In Her Shoes.’ “I’ve been creating content centered around black women entrepreneurs on In Her Shoes for nine years now, said Bluitt. On a personal level, I was ready for a new challenge. It was time to dig deeper and explore a different medium to elevate the conversation. Capturing these women on film, in their homes, in their workspaces, and having people close to them weigh in on their stories is so much more impactful.”

On the biggest lesson Bluitt wants viewers to take away from the film:

 She Did That was created to inspire our peers and offer jewels of wisdom for the next generation of change agents—but anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will be able to see themselves in the women on screen. I want the men in our community—and everyone, for that matter—to be inspired and see what’s possible when you’re committed to excellence. The path to personal success looks different for everyone. Your journey won’t look like anyone else’s, but the beauty of your story is what makes you, you. It’s your special sauce and no one can duplicate that.
On the importance of receiving support from General Motors. 
My grandfather worked on the assembly line for General Motors back in the 70s while building his business and my dad did the same until he also became an entrepreneur in the 80s. As a little brown girl growing up in Indiana, I learned so much about the importance of working hard and having a strong work ethic, no matter what position you’re in. These men took pride in their jobs and built their personal brands long before becoming their own bosses. I carry this lesson with me every single day so when the opportunity to partner with General Motors was presented, it was truly a no-brainer for me.
Watch the trailer below:

SHE DID THAT (TRAILER) from Renae Bluitt on Vimeo

The post From Blog to Film: This Woman is Telling the Story of Successful Black Women Entrepreneurs appeared first on Black Enterprise.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Story Details Revealed With Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz Officially Returning

Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Big Little LiesThe whole Monterey gang is getting back together for Big Little Lies season two. E! News has confirmed Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz have officially signed on to reprise their…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Berlin festival movie tells true story of Cold War rebels with a cause

ESSEN, Germany/BERLIN (Reuters) – As Soviet tanks crushed an uprising in Hungary in 1956, a group of children in East Germany began their own protest, taking on a communist regime that would keep their country divided for three more decades.

Reuters: Entertainment News


Movie News: Ron Howard Confirms Jon Favreau in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Movie News: Ron Howard Confirms Jon Favreau in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Director Ron Howard has confirmed via social media that Jon Favreau (above) will be voicing "a very cool & important alien character" in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Earlier in the month, Favreau shared a photo of himself with Howard and Lawrence Kasdan, who cowrote the script, and also included hashtags that hinted at the connection. The movie opens on May 25. [Twitter]

Wondering why we r all together? @Jon_Favreau is voicing a very cool &…

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Video: Stillbirth and Surfing – A Love Story

The short film Stillbirth and Surfing is one of the purest love stories depicted in a 10-minute Vimeo film. It shares a story of a family, specifically a father who is faced by a parent’s biggest fear..the death of their child.

Many world-renowned writers have tried to put into words this feeling: Mark Twain said that there aren’t enough words in all the languages in the world to express the sorrow of losing a child.

“To lose a child … was something that could end one’s world. One could never get back to how it was before. The stars went out. The moon disappeared. The birds became silent.” – Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith began shaping to use his hands and give back to the ocean that gave him a sense of purpose during this dark time. Smith names each board to give it a sense of character, the board featured in this film is named after his daughter Willow “Noelani – Hawaiian for beautiful girl from heaven”.

Video: Stillbirth and Surfing - A Love Story
Video: Stillbirth and Surfing – A Love Story


The little blue board was taken to many surf spots and new adventures, beautifully crafted tribute. This short film tugs heavy at your heart strings, we hope you enjoy.

Video: Stillbirth and Surfing - A Love Story
Video: Stillbirth and Surfing – A Love Story

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Take 15% Off Element products at Shop.Surf. Use Code: ELEMENT15

‘Florence’ Is the Love Story You Play

Florence is falling in love through game mechanics.

From the designer of Monument Valley, this charming love story sees protagonist Florence is navigating young adult life as romance finds her when she least expects it.

Parts of this tale as you scroll past comic strips, but in truth it’s the polar opposite to a visual novel. Nor is it anything like the usual gaming fare of story tidbits punctuating stretches of gameplay.

Florence tells its story through the actual interactive dimension. Flirty finger flicks capture those exciting early stages of a relationship, while simple swipes can puzzle out how to talk to your partner meaningfully.

These are mundane to begin with — by design — to represent the mundanity of a lonely nine-to-five. That’s before you become a little to distracted by a cute Cello player while riding your bike. Physics triumphs over chemistry, crushing leads to crashing, and Florence falls quite literally head over heels.

After actually meeting your new bae, named Krish, talking to him is a minor puzzle. Chat bubbles need to be filled with jigsaw pieces. These become easier and easier puzzles to complete, as conversation starts to flow without effort.

Florence and Krish with chat bubbles

Were these words to become more pointed, so too would the puzzle pieces. In more heated exchanges, taking turns to speak is abandoned. Krish will put together his puzzle pieces at a calculated, beatable speed. It creates the desire to put your own speech bubbles out first, brilliantly representing the desire to talk over one’s partner.

Fitting both Florence’s and Krish’s personal items onto a shelf is, of course, impossible without compromise. This and other microgames, from flirting to faithful feeling, take us through the full gamut of love.

This is the loftiest of game design goals; to capture an idea through pure interactivity. It’s doing over watching. Play, don’t tell.

Of course, there will always be some sort of aesthetics. Even The Marriage, Rod Humble’s famous experiment in trying to tell a story, create emotion, and get across a concept through pure interactivity, had to have some shapes and colours to communicate the mechanics.

Florence and Krish at dinner

Mind you, Florence doesn’t commit to this idea as wholeheartedly as The Marriage. It uses lovely original music to set the mood, and there is the occasional scene with some actual dialogue. But its stretches of silence say more than most love stories ever manage.

Similar to how it’d be wrong to spoil any major plot points, it’d be wrong here to disclose every interplay between gameplay and feeling. This is the crux of the game, inseparable from its story.

It’s certainly not unusual for story and gameplay to compliment one another in a game, but rarely are they one and the same.

Florence is short and sweet — with emphasis on “sweet.” Its playtime may be short, but it’ll stay with you long afterwards. Love in less than an hour. You can grab it on iOS.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Influences Include ‘Heat’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Influences Include 'Heat' and 'The Big Lebowski'

The original Star Wars is a mashup of influences from sci-fi serials and samurai movies, so it makes sense that other installments of the franchise would also take a lot of inspiration from other classic films. That's the case with the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, which goes back before the events of the first movie to show the early adventures of Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian. 

Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on the scripts for The Empire Strikes Back,…

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Exclusive: Watch a Crazy New Clip from ‘Annihilation’, Plus Director Alex Garland Explains Its Mysterious Story

Exclusive: Watch a Crazy New Clip from 'Annihilation', Plus Director Alex Garland Explains Its Mysterious Story

On February 23, writer-director Alex Garland (Ex Machina) returns to screens with Annihilation, the highly anticipated adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s sci-fi novel about a group of women who venture off on a dangerous expedition inside a mysterious location called “The Shimmer,” which seems to be swallowing up every person sent inside. 

Starring Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac, Annihilation is a brainy…

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The True Story Behind the Movie The 15:17 to Paris

On August 21, 2015, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, three childhood friends from Sacramento performed an extraordinary feat of heroism aboard a passenger train in France. In directing The 15:17 to Paris, the challenge for Clint Eastwood was to turn this relatively brief encounter into a compelling 90-minute narrative. To do so, he recruited those same three men, none of whom had any formal acting training, to play themselves on film.

Those heroes-turned-actors are Spencer Stone, a former U.S. Air Force Airman, Alek Skarlatos, a former Oregon National Guardsman, and Anthony Sadler, a senior at California State University at the time of the incident. On that August day, the trio was riding on a Thalys train headed towards the French capital when a man armed with an assault rifle and pistol opened fire, wounding a passenger. A struggle to restrain the gunman ensued, with Stone and Skarlatos instinctively deciding to charge at the assailant, and Sadler not far behind.

Despite several injuries, including a slashed neck and thumb for Stone, the three friends managed to overpower the gunman with the assistance of a British passenger. The four were hailed as international heroes and received various honors for their valor. The movie, the screenplay for which was adapted from the three men’s co-authored memoir of the same name, largely stays faithful to the story. Here’s where it sticks to the truth and the few facts with which it takes liberties.

Fact: The three men met as boys at a private Christian school.

Stone and Skarlatos both had some troublemaking tendencies growing up and could often be found shooting authentic-looking replica guns around their neighborhood for a paintball-like game called Airsoft. The boys’ mothers, also close friends, opted to enroll them in a Christian middle school, where they met Sadler and all became companions.

Fact: Stone didn’t qualify for the Air Force’s Pararescue troop because he lacked depth perception in his vision.

Not only did Stone fail to get into his dream unit after months of dedicated training, but he had to watch pararescuemen conduct their battlefield training in one of the base’s buildings next to his training facility. As the memoir puts it, “He was constantly confronted with his failure.”

Fact: In the days preceding the attack, Stone wondered whether the men might be destined for something significant.

In the film, Stone asks Sadler, “Do you ever feel like life is pushing us toward something, some greater purpose?” It may feel like fabricated dialogue, tailored for dramatic effect, but Stone really did express the sentiment aloud to his friend while they were perched on a roof in Italy.

Fiction: Lisa, who Stone and Sadler met in Venice, was from Los Angeles.

The filmmakers changed the hometown of the friend Stone and Sadler met while on a gondola in Venice. That decision was likely made to set up a conversation in which Sadler riffs on how uncanny it was that three Californians would meet on a boat in Italy — creating a more compelling reason for Lisa (played by Alisa Allapach) to travel alone with two strangers. But as Stone and Sadler describe in their book, “Lisa told them she was from New York, and that she’d been in Venice for a few days.”

Fact: The three friends considered not going to Paris.

Lisa really did attempt to put the men off from going to Paris. And she wasn’t the only one. Multiple people they encountered during their travels in Europe cautioned them that the City of Lights was overrated, including a woman they met in a Berlin hostel who said that “Paris is just really expensive” and that its residents were “actually kind of rude.” Based on these conversations, Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler were uncertain about visiting the French capital. They struggled to find a reason to leave Amsterdam — the city they most enjoyed during the trip. But ultimately, the trio opted to give Paris a shot, and the rest is history.

Fact: The Thalys train shooter changed in the bathroom prior to initiating his attack.

The assailant, 25-year-old Moroccan national Ayoub El Khazzani, did not enter the train car wielding weapons while shirtless. He was in the restroom preparing for the attack and stepped out to find a 28-year-old French banker, who first engaged the gunman. Another passenger, the 51-year-old French-American Mark Magoolian, then succeeded in wrestling El Khazzani’s assault rifle from him, before, as shown in the movie, El Khazzani used a concealed pistol to shoot Magoolian in the back.

Fiction: Stone charged down the train car at the gunman before he knew the rifle was jammed.

In the movie, Stone decides to run down the narrow train aisle directly towards El Khazzani, who has just retrieved his Kalashnikov assault rifle. It’s a scene in which Stone, while hustling as fast as he can, basically looks like he expects to get shot. But according to Stone’s own description of the event to reporters days after the incident, it went down in a slightly different way.

“It looked like it was jammed or it wasn’t working, and he was trying to charge the weapon,” he told press gathered at the U.S. embassy in Paris. “Alek just hit me on the shoulder and said, ‘Let’s go.’”

Fact: The three friends’ hometown, Sacramento, threw them a parade to celebrate their heroism.

Although they had already received France’s highest decoration, the Legion of Honour, as well as recognition on late-night talk shows and national media, the three childhood friends were given a heroes’ welcome upon their return to Sacramento. Approximately 10,000 people gathered, according to the mayor.

“I just want to say how overwhelming this all is,” Sadler said to a crowd at the time. “We’ve been all around the world these past couple weeks. But I just want you all to know, all the thanks we’ve received everywhere, it doesn’t feel anything in comparison to being in front of our home crowd like this.”

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The story of the Afrikaans


Language is such a special thing, and it’s incredible how much it can vary or differ depending on what part of the world you go to. There are so many different languages in the world, and many of them have their own unique uses. In fact, there are certain languages that are pretty essential to learn, especially for the future – such as Russian, or Mandarin.

Many languages out there are hybrids of other languages, and that is what makes them so fascinating. If you are someone with an interest in linguistics, you will no doubt find Afrikaans a fascinating and interesting language. So we’re going to look at the story behind it, as well as how it has developed as a language over the years.

The beginning

If you trace Afrikaans back over the years, you will find that it is derived from Dutch. See, there was a big Dutch presence in South Africa, who first tilled farms across the country in 1740. They were known as Trekboers, later simply shortened to Boers, and Afrikaans was their language. This language is an offshoot of Dutch, and the two contain many similarities. It is considered to have developed as a way of the Dutch colonists trying to speak to the Malay slaves, who didn’t speak Dutch. So this led to the altering of certain words, and the creation of new ones as well.


One of the most interesting things about Afrikaans is the way in which the grammar can vary. But, strangely, in spite of what you might have thought, Afrikaans actually has some of the simplest grammar of any language. In fact, it’s so simple that you’ll only wish we had such basic simplicity in the English language. For instance, there is no gender in Afrikaans, there are only three tenses and no irregular verbs. Sounds like bliss if you ask us!


It’s also interesting to note the different vocabulary and phrases associated with the language. In fact, in many ways, Afrikaans can actually be quite a lot like English – though, as we’ve established, it’s easier. The evolution of the language is such that it is almost like a hybrid language. It might seem like it’s really difficult initially, but it can actually be pretty simple to learn, and that’s important.

In closing

It’s clear that Afrikaans is a really unique and interesting language. It’s also an important part of the culture and history of South Africa, whether for good or bad. It’s a really vibrant language, and you can actually learn so much from starting to learn Afrikaans. If you had to pick a language right now to learn, we would certainly recommend this one.

Afrikaans is such an inspirational and exciting language, and it has a really fascinating backstory to it as well. It’s a great language for purists; though if you’re worried, you can learn it with some English words in there as well. You can take lessons in Afrikaans if you would like, or there is the possibility of learning yourself as well.


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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer: All Your Questions Answered

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer: All Your Questions Answered

We finally got our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story during the Super Bowl last night, and then a longer teaser arrived this morning. So, we've seen what Alden Ehrenreich looks like as young Han Solo, but what else do the two spots show us? We've got some of your initial questions answered down below. First, let's look at the longer trailer once again:



Did we see Han Solo's home planet?

According to most fans, the snowy mountain…

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All the 2018 Super Bowl Movie Trailers: ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ and More

All the 2018 Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 'Solo: A Star Wars Story,' 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' and More

The Big Game is over, but a big year for movies is only just beginning! Thankfully, we now have a better idea of what to expect from some of 2018’s most anticipated blockbusters. From our first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story to Tom Cruise and the gang’s return in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, we’ve gathered all the TV spots and trailers for your convenience below.

Films are listed in order of their release date. Also, you can also find a complete playlist of the…

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The amazing story of Green Bank, West Virginia


Can you imagine having to spend time without your phone or internet? Seems unthinkable, right? We rely so much on technology these days that it seems unlikely we could get through a day without using technology of some description. Whether we are sending an email on our phones, updating our Facebook status on the laptop, or watching Netflix on the iPad, tech is a big part of our lives.

And what’s the one thing that unites all these? Yes, they are all technology, and we all rely on them. But, the main thing that links them all together is Wi-Fi – there is no way to use any of these items properly without an internet connection. So, imagine for a moment you didn’t have any wireless. Now you know what the citizens of Green Bank, West Virginia face on a daily basis! Allow us to expand:

Green Bank, West Virginia

The name probably evokes that small town feeling for you, it certainly does for us – and you’d be bang on the money. The population of Green Bank is a tiny 143, and, judging by what goes down here, we aren’t in the least bit surprised. You see, Green Bank is actually one of the only towns in the world where wireless signals of any kind are actually illegal! Let’s break that down for you – that means no WiFi for your cell phones. No Bluetooth. No electronic transmitters. Basically, the tech-savvy teen’s worst nightmare in every sense of the word.

So what’s the deal?

Okay, so why on Earth would any place in the Western world make it illegal to have wireless signals? Surely that would result in people being cut off from the world? Well, yeah – probably accounts for the tiny population. But, the reason behind this is not to frustrate and annoy, but rather a reason that is linked to science. See, the town cannot have wireless signals moving about, as a result of the Green Bank Telescope. The GBT is the largest steerable radio telescope on the planet, and one of the most important scientific links to the universe.

The telescope

Scientists use the telescope to find out fascinating things about the universe and the Solar System. In fact, they listen to radio energy that has come on a journey of many light years, giving crucial information about how stars and galaxies are created. Any rogue signals in the area could disrupt these radio waves, and ruin years of research, not to mention stopping us from finding out important information about the world and how the universe works.

There is one way

Okay, so you’re probably crossing Green Bank off your list of places to go, right? Not so fast. Before you do that you need to know that there is one way of getting wireless signal and being able to update your social media while you’re here. Head for the Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort, where they have managed to get radio waves to a low enough frequency that they won’t disrupt the telescope. This was incredibly difficult and took a long time to achieve, but achieve it they did!

So, if you ever want to head to the town where wireless signals are illegal, you’ll know to head for Green Bank, West Virginia. There are so many reasons to not go, but, wouldn’t you love to head to a place this unique, if only for a while. How many people can say they have been to a town like this? Furthermore, you might get to check out the telescope as well!


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Maisie Williams Shoots Down ‘Completely False’ Game of Thrones Story

Maisie Williams is sticking a bogus Game of Thrones story with the pointy end of her Twitter account.

The actress is shooting down a report that was picked up around the world that quoted Williams claiming the final season of her HBO hit would premiere in April, 2019. On Monday, Williams set the record straight:

EW picked up the story too, though we warned readers should “take Metro‘s quotes with a grain of salt,” especially because another part of her purported interview conflicted with something we’d previously heard (it had Williams saying the final season would wrap production in December, when late July or early August is actually the current plan).

HBO would not confirm nor deny the April report and has only said the show will air its eighth season in 2019.

Of course, the final season could still premiere in April, 2019, as that does make sense (six of the show’s seven seasons debuted in April or the last week of March). But if it is, then it’s a coincidence rather than a slip by Williams.

This article originally appeared on EW.com

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The Story of Android 21 in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Dragon Ball FigtherZ‘s story is far more than a rehash of past arcs. On top of being a magnificent fighting game, it provides a long, decent story mode that explains bringing together all your favourite characters into one time and place. It also gives everyone a common enemy: Android 21.

She’s fearsome both mentally and physically. Android 21 can create other androids, and manipulate them. She possesses the scientific capacity to dampen everyone’s powers, and graft an extra soul onto someone’s body. Perhaps most scary is how reminiscent of Majin Buu she is, in that she can turn powerful beings into tasty treats, eating them and gaining their power.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Review: This New Challenger is Quite Competitive

Interestingly, we get three different versions of the Android 21 tale. The way these are laid out is slightly open to interpretation. They can be viewed as separate stories, or perhaps going back in time to get a better result. Each arc begins with a soul — in this case, the player — being trapped inside someone’s body. First Goku, then Frieza, and then Android 18.

There are however connections between the three arcs. Motivations in one might justify actions in the other. This is why Android 21’s arc might be considered the final and “true” arc.

Warning: Below this line are spoilers for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Story Mode. Proceed at your own risk.

Super Warrior Arc

The first and shortest version of Dragon Ball FigherZ‘s story begins with Goku waking up to realise his powers are gone. Beerus and Whis arrive to explain there are mysterious “waves” sapping the abilities from powerful fighters. Goku can’t fly or charge up. He’s as good as a mortal human.

The next realisation is that there are clones of every fighter wandering around the planet. They have the same abilities and power of their likenesses. Each clone is an opportunity to defeat oneself, and Goku relishes the challenge.

Meet the ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Beta Roster

In a key moment, Goku and Krillin come across a bruised and beaten Android 18. In scientist garb, Android 21 is looking after her, and says the nearby villain Cell is responsible for hurting her. This is enough for Krillin to launch into a rage.

Later it is revealed that Android 21 was cleverly pitting the two sides against each other while she gained enough power to take them both on. Android 18 was fighting Cell on Android 21’s orders. While she tries to blame the Red Ribbon Army for the clones, we find out Android 21 simply needed enough fighters to eat to gain supremacy.

By the time she reveals her true form, it’s too late.

Goku begins saving as many allies as possible and fighting clones to increase the abilities of the soul within him. While the Saiyans and their allies are out building a force to stop her, Android 21 manages to consume Cell, Frieza and his lackeys.

Android 21 scientist donut
That used to be a warrior.

By this point, she’s eaten so many warriors she outclasses anyone individually.

After confronting her one last time, Goku uses Instant Transmission to travel to the realm of the Elder Kai so Earth won’t be damaged in the fight. Android 21 takes the bait.

After a tousle, it takes each hero’s iconic blast to take her down. Kamehameha is combined with Destructo-disc, combined with Masenko, and so on. Even Majin Buu’s “turn into chocolate.” The combination of energies is enough to dissolve Android 21 — at substantial damage to the planet they’re on.

In a final comment down the barrel of the camera, Whis hints that there might be more to the story and if the player isn’t satisfied they should look for answers.

Enemy Warrior Arc

In this version of the story, the player’s soul is inside Frieza — who is none too happy to be sharing his body.

Frieza’s primary motivation is gaining power. He has to defeat as many clones as possible to “sync” with the soul inside of him, and defeat those who would subjugate (or eat) him. Somehow, his rival villain Cell has managed to bend the soul inside him to his will. You — the player — are not so easily dominated.

Frieza defeats Goku soul
Frieza tries commanding the soul to cooperate and kill Goku

Throughout the arc, we’re led to believe that Android 16 has betrayed Android 21, perhaps because of her power. She’s aware of this however, and is intentionally setting him up to fail with suicide missions.

This arc is also interesting because there are moments when Frieza has the upper hand, and could indeed destroy Goku — but for the conscience of the soul within him. He needs the soul’s cooperation to use his powers. Without that, he just stands there motionless. A frozen Frieza.

This creates a bit of a negotiation between him and the player. As you can imagine, he detests every second of it and tries to frame it as him “allowing” you to have some input.

Frieza Android 21 Android 18 Krillin
Each arc has a different version of Krillin finding Android 18

Android 21 quickly becomes more powerful than any individual villain can handle though, so Frieza also needs to work together with Cell, and — heaven forbid — Vegeta. It takes a decent amount of verbal sparring, but the two eventually realise that united they stand, divided they fall.

It helps that Cell and Frieza witness first-hand what Android 21 can do to the clones. It’s effortless for her to turn them into candy and start munching.

In a final showdown, Frieza and Cell try to blast Android 21. In a curious move, Android 16 jumps in the way to save her. He’s rewarded for his efforts by Android 21 smashing him to bits with a giant orb. This significance of this isn’t understood until the next arc.

When it’s clear that Android 21’s regenerative powers are out of control, Bulma tries to technologically counter the debilitating waves affecting everyone. This has a negative effect on most of the fighters, but Frieza, Cell and Goku all return to 100%.

Android 21 super dash Majin
Android 21 gains power faster than Frieza or Cell can believe

It takes a simultaneous blast from all three of them to take her down, and the three argue over whose blast had a bigger effect. And of course, there’s no way these heroes and villains in the same spot are just going to walk away quietly.

The remaining fighters launch into an all-out battle that we don’t get to see, as the screen fades to black.

Android 21 Arc

This is the arc that might be interpreted as canon moving forward. It reveals the true motivations of Android 21, and fleshes out both her past and future. We’re presented with an Android 21 who is genuinely concerned about others, and the terrifying hunger within herself.

In this version of the tale, Android 18 is infused with the player’s soul. For some reason, the soul wouldn’t remain inside other candidates — Android 17 could only hold it for a minute or so.

Android 18 fights Cell but loses
Android 18 agrees to help out

Android 18 is enlisted to help Android 21 clear the planet of the clones and resurrected villains. Along the way, Android 21 is clearly struggling with something. Android 17 demands answers, and it’s revealed that she can barely contain her hunger. It’s only in this arc that we actually see Android 21 attempt to stop herself consuming people. We learn that the companions of Android 21 are helping her to manage her urges and find a cure.

Android 21 hungry weak
Android 21 has a weak moment in managing her hunger

When one fight finishes, she loses control and tries to eat Cell. It’s too much for Android 16 to stop her, so the player’s soul has to transfer to Android 21 to help her control her urges.

While the player’s soul is inside of Android 21, it notices some internal conflict. There’s another soul inside of her causing trouble. We realise there’s a soft and hard side to Android 21, and it’s the soft side that created this version of Android 16 because he is an identical copy of her son.

Android 16

All of a sudden, it’s clear why Android 16 sacrificed himself in the Enemy Warrior Arc. Despite the evil inside Android 21, he’s trying to save what’s good.

The softer side is currently dominant — but not for long.

The evil Android 21 quickly becomes more powerful

Later on, this conflict reaches a breaking point. When Android 16 tries to stop his “mother” from murdering Cell, she launches an orb at him, killing him instantly. Android 21 is so torn over this she literally splits into two versions of herself. One is capable of self control and mastering her hunger in the interest of decency. The other has completely given into her urges, and seeks to consume the powers of everyone else.

The obvious problem here is that the evil Android 21 quickly becomes more powerful than the good version. Especially after she eats Cell. In the next scene, she shows just how more powerful she is than in the other arcs.

They corner Android 21 in front of the machine creating the mysterious waves — who promptly swallows the remote capable of switching them off. Goku has to quickly use Instant Transmission to help his friends, but doing so in front of Android 21 allows her to learn the ability instantly, just as Buu did.

Once again, Goku brings the fight off-planet so Earth won’t be damaged. But this time, during the final fight, it becomes clear the only thing strong enough to beat evil Android 21 is a Spirit Bomb. The other fighters lend Goku their strength, but she can still barely hold it off.

The good Android 21 tackles her evil doppleganger and both take the bomb’s full damage. The remaining fighters acknowledge that she sacrificed herself for them, and start discussing how they could possibly resurrect her.

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The story of Renne le Chateau


If you want to experience small, picturesque communes, France is definitely the place to be. Renne-le-Chateau is one such commune, tucked away in Languedoc in Southern France. This is a place that has seen an unexpected spike in tourism over the past few decades, and somewhere that draws tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why people want to spend time visiting this commune, not least because of the history surrounding this place. Apparently, it is home to hidden treasure, not to mention being the subject of many conspiracy theories as well – but more on this later! Aside from this, the area is one of supreme beauty, and worth a visit for that fact alone. Let’s take a look at the real story of Renne-le-Chateau.

Buried treasure

Perhaps the biggest claim to fame for this hilltop village is the buried treasure that is alleged to have been discovered by priest Berenger Sauniere in the 19th Century. The story goes that the church was in ruins by the time Sauniere got there, but, he had raised some capital to begin restoring it in 1887. Legend has it that, when moving the altar, Sauniere found parchments that seemed to mention treasures hidden within and beneath the church. Nobody knows for sure whether this was actually legitimate, but it seems as though Sauniere had an unlimited supply of money to fund further restoration after that!

Conspiracy theories

There have been a multitude of conspiracy theories surrounding Renne-le-Chateau over the years, and it is a popular location among conspiracy theorists. Many of these theories first formed during the mid to late 1950s, and they concerned the Knights Templar, the Merovingians, and Blanche of Castile, among others. There were also later theories surrounding other treasures – most likely influenced by Sauniere’s alleged discovery – including the Ark of the Covenant, and the treasure of the Temple of Solomon. There have been countless theories, and many of them still carry weight, even today, which makes this a top tourist attraction for many people out there.

Modern day

These days the legends and theories linked to this place have given it a sort of magical and otherworldly vibe. It has become hugely popular with tourists, attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year. The church, and place itself, indirectly influenced Dan Brown’s best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, and this is one of the key factors that has contributed to the popularity. There were also BBC documentaries made concerning the commune, which helped to bring further public attention to it.

You may not have heard of Renne-le-Chateau, but you will certainly be familiar with some of the topics that are often discussed alongside it. It is considered to be a bastion for modern-day conspiracy theorists, not least because of its links to buried treasure, and the conspiracy theories surrounding Mary Magdalene and the Knights Templar. This is a place of great cultural significance, and we recommend a visit whenever you get the chance.


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Steven Spielberg Begins Casting for ‘West Side Story’

Steven Spielberg Begins Casting for 'West Side Story'

Deadline recently reported that Steven Spielberg was planning for his next two projects as director to be Indiana Jones 5 and a remake of West Side Story. Fans seemed to get the answer of which would happen first this week when author Mark Harris (Five Came Back) shared a casting notice for the latter, which Spielberg will direct for Fox from a script by Tony Kushner.

Harris had the exclusive on the musical because he's married to Kushner (he also gave credit to cating…

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“American Crime Story” explores if Versace had AIDS, but it may not be the truth

“American Crime Story” explores if Versace had AIDS, but it may not be the truth

“American Crime Story” explores if Versace had AIDS, but it may not be the truth

When it comes to American Crime Story, we’re going to get a lot of fact mixed in with fiction — that’s just the Ryan Murphy flair for dramatics. It happened with the first season of the show, The People vs. O.J. Simpson, and it’s continuing with the Murder of Gianni VersaceThe Versace family has already come out against the series, stating that it’s not at all accurate, and the second episode of the series, “Manhunt,” gave us a glimpse into why they think that. American Crime Story very much suggests that Versace had AIDS, although that’s not a 100% proven or accepted fact.

While it’s been widely speculated, and Versace biographer Maureen Orth first stated it in her book Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History, there’s no concrete proof that Versace was actually diagnosed with AIDS, let alone HIV. However, lead Miami Beach detective Paul Scrimshaw claims that he saw Versace’s autopsy report at the time of his death, which listed him as HIV positive; Orth writes this in her book.

However, the Versace family has denied this since even before Versace’s murder — they allegedly feared that a report that Versace had HIV or AIDS would hurt the company, and as we saw during the season premiere, they were getting ready to go public (until Donatella was like, NO). However, back in 1995, Versace went through chemotherapy for a “rare, inner-ear cancer,” and it was speculated at the time — and also, now — that the treatment was for HIV.

The Versace family had Versace cremated a mere 24 hours after he was killed, which is rare, apparently. This happened so that they could take his body back to Italy and allegedly hide traces of his diagnoses, for fear that even posthumously his HIV/AIDS could hurt the company.

We see this play out during the opening moments of “Manhunt.” Versace is at the hospital, consulting with doctors (the same doctor we saw last week who watched Versace wheeled into the ER). They discuss drugs and treatment, but still the words are never spoken aloud. At no point does the show state that Versace has HIV/AIDS, but it is heavily implied.

So we have what the show is telling us, and what the Versace family is denying. We’ll probably never know Versace’s truth.



The Real Story Behind the Waco Siege: Who Were David Koresh and the Branch Davidians?

The standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas, dominated headlines for months. The siege left 75 people – including children – dead and changed the way some Americans felt about the federal government.

On Feb. 28, 1993, federal law enforcement agents came face-to-face with the Branch Davidians, a controversial group whose followers described themselves as “students of the Bible,” outside the Mount Carmel compound, where about 130 of them lived.

The agents were attempting to arrest leader David Koresh and raid the group’s 77-acre complex when they began to exchange heavy gunfire at the site. By the end of the shootout, four agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and six Branch Davidians were dead.

The failed operation then turned into a 51-day standoff. During that time, Koresh and most of his followers had refused to leave the compound, which was surrounded by tanks, armored vehicles and more than 600 federal agents. The standoff ended when a fire engulfed the complex on April 19, 1993. Only nine people inside survived. Critics called what happened a Waco a massacre.

The series of events, which gripped the nation two decades ago, is now the focus of Paramount Network’s WACO, a six-part television miniseries that premieres Wednesday.

Here’s what to know about the Waco siege.

Who was David Koresh?

David Koresh with his wife
Elizabeth Baranyai/Sygma via Getty ImagesVernon Wayne Howell, known as David Koresh, his wife Rachel, and their son Cyrus in front of their house

David Koresh, born Vernon Howell, was the charismatic leader of the Branch Davidians, taking over control in 1987 after the death of the group’s predecessor, according to FBI records. Koresh had extensive knowledge of the Bible, believed he could speak to God and prophesized about the Second Coming of Christ as well as the imminent end of the world. Authorities said he successfully converted more than 100 people and convinced them to live in his secluded compound near Waco after preaching his teachings throughout the U.S., Israel, Australia and Great Britain. Koresh was considered a highly controversial figure – not least because he used his position in the group to have sex with multiple wives, including, according to the FBI, girls as young as 10.

What started the Waco standoff?

Federal authorities had evidence to suggest Koresh was collecting a cache of weapons inside the Mount Carmel complex. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms believed the community had nearly 250 weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols and hundreds of grenades, records show.

The ATF wanted to arrest Koresh for unlawful possession of a destructive device and search the 77-acre compound. Officials said the Branch Davidians opened fire on the ATF agents first — a claim which surviving members of the religious community deny to this day. When the gunfight ended, there were 10 total casualties in total. The remaining 62 adults and 21 children, who refused to leave the Mount Carmel compound, then began their standoff with the government.

How did the Waco standoff end?

During the 51-day standoff, the FBI was able to secure the release of 44 people, according to the agency’s records. Koresh had 117 conversations with FBI negotiators that lasted about 60 hours, authorities said. But negotiations stalled when Koresh delayed his surrender, and tensions heightened on April 19, 1993 when the FBI began moving their tanks closer to the complex and throwing tear gas inside. Amid the chaos, a fire erupted and engulfed the building.

Koresh was among the 75 people found dead in the aftermath of the blaze. Many of the deceased had fatal gunshot wounds to the head, chest and face, authorities said. Koresh had a gunshot wound in the middle of his forehead. Among those killed were a 3-year-old boy who was fatally stabbed in the chest and two other minors who suffered fatal blows to the head, according to the FBI.

David Thibodeau, one of only nine Branch Davidian members to survive the fire, told TIME in a recent interview that he believes the dead Branch Davidians were shot by the FBI. (The FBI claims no law enforcement officer had fired a single bullet since the initial shootout.) Thibodeau said it’s also likely some of the Branch Davidians may have shot each other to prevent a slower, more painful death in the fire.

Who started the fire?

David Koresh [Misc.]
Time Life Pictures—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty ImagesOverhead of smoking fire consuming David Koresh-led Branch Davidian cult compound

The fire erupted from three separate locations inside the compound, according to the FBI. Who caused the fire has remained a point of contention, although an independent arson investigation concluded the fire was started from within the building. The FBI claims the people inside the complex deliberately started the flames, while the Branch Davidians argue the FBI was behind the blaze. Thibodeau said he firmly believes nobody inside the complex would have started the flames.

In a lengthy report relaying the Waco events, the Justice Department said the 51-day standoff at the Branch Davidian compound was “unprecedented in the annals of American law enforcement.” “Never before have so many heavily armed and totally committed individuals barricaded themselves in a fortified compound in a direct challenge to lawful federal warrants,” the report said.

The high-profile event captivated Americans and national media outlets as it unfolded during the seven weeks and in the years following.

“The sun didn’t blacken, nor the moon turn red, but the world did come to an end, just as their prophet had promised,” TIME’s Nancy Gibbs wrote at the time.

WACO premieres Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network, formerly Spike TV.

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Books coming out this week: “This Love Story Will Self-Destruct,” “Let’s Talk About Love,” and more

Books coming out this week: “This Love Story Will Self-Destruct,” “Let’s Talk About Love,” and more

Books coming out this week: “This Love Story Will Self-Destruct,” “Let’s Talk About Love,” and more

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling the love over here at HelloGiggles right now. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate women’s rights at the 2018 Women’s March. The Power to the Polls campaign announced its goal of registering 1 million people to vote in 2018. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a baby girl. Kristen Bell hosted the SAG Awards and enlisted an army of female presenters. And then, there’s the news that always gives us heart eyes: There are lots of great new books coming out this week. And tons of them are all about that four-letter word we can’t seem to shake right now: love.

This Love Story Will Self-Destruct. Let’s Talk About Love. I Love You Too Much. The Love Gap. Yep, the books coming out this week seriously go all-in about love. But that’s not all, of course! There are tons of new fiction books, non-fiction reads, thrillers, young adult titles, and more for your TBR list. If you’re in a lovey-dovey state of mind like us, we have you covered. But even if you’re not, there are still plenty of new releases you’ll enjoy.

Here are 14 books coming out this week that you don’t want to miss!

1. This Love Story Will Self-Destruct by Leslie Cohen, out January 23rd

Picture of This Love Story Will Self-Destruct Book
Gallery Books

Ben and Eve couldn’t be more different. Which is probably why it wasn’t love at first (or even second) sight. This Love Story Will Self-Destruct follows them through the highs and lows of their twenties. It’s basically When Harry Met Sally in book form.

2. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann, out January 23rd

Picture of Let's Talk About Love Book
Swoon Reads

When Alice tells her girlfriend that she’s asexual, she gets dumped. So Alice decides to swear off dating altogether. That is, until she meets Takumi, a super cute new guy. With a biromantic asexual woman of color as the lead, Let’s Talk About Love gets representation right.

3. Peach by Emma Glass, out January 23rd

Picture of Peach Book
Bloomsbury USA

Peach is difficult to read. It follows a teenager in the minutes, hours, and days after being sexually assaulted by a stranger. Though it’s only just over 100 pages long, you’ll feel every word of this intensely graphic and visceral debut.

4. The Milk Lady of Bangalore by Shoba Narayan, out January 23rd

Picture of the Milk Lady of Bangalore Book
Algonquin Books

This is one of our favorite non-fiction reads of 2018 so far. In Shoba Narayan’s memoir, she’s recently moved back to Bangalore from New York to be with her family. She becomes friends with the milk lady, offers to buy her a cow, and they go off together to find the right one. The Milk Lady of Bangalore: An Unexpected Adventure offers a unique look at life in modern India. It’s incredibly touching, and you’ll also learn a lot about cows.

5. I Love You Too Much by Alicia Drake, out January 23rd

Picture of I Love You Too Much Book
Little, Brown and Company

I Love You Too Much follows Paul, a 13-year-old living in Paris with his two selfish parents. He feels unloved and forgotten, but everything changes when he meets Scarlett, who sees the real him. Until one day, something terrible happens and Paul really sees the ugly side of people. It’s a dark coming-of-age story that will break your heart — and not let you forget it.

6. A Land of Permanent Goodbyes by Atia Abawi, out January 23rd

Picture of A Land of Permanent Goodbyes Book
Philomel Books

A Land of Permanent Goodbyes is a fictional account of the Syrian refugee crisis. It’s told from the perspective of Tareq, a teenager who flees to Greece with his family after an air strike destroys their home. Tareq may be fictional, but his story speaks to the thousands of refugees currently facing displacement. It’s an incredibly important read.

7. Swearing Is Good for You by Emma Byrne, out January 23rd

Picture of Swearing Is Good for You Book
W. W. Norton

Did you know that swearing has been shown to lower anxiety and prevent physical violence? In Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, Emma Byrne breaks down all the research that points to how having a potty mouth can be a good thing. Pardon our French, but we think you’ll fucking love it.

8. The Wife by Alafair Burke, out January 23rd

Picture of The Wife Book

Repeat after us: There’s no such thing as too many thrillers. And you’re going to want to read The Wife, a novel about a seemingly perfect life unraveling. When a young intern named Kerry comes forward with an allegation against Jason, he claims he’s innocent. And his wife, Angela, believes him. But when Kerry goes missing, Angela begins to wonder if she really knows her husband at all. And the more she uncovers about him, the harder it is to hide her own secretive past.

9. Match Made in Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer, out January 23rd

Picture of March Made in Manhattan Book
Skyhorse Publishing

New York. Romance. Dating in the digital age. What more could you ask for in a lighthearted novel? Match Made in Manhattan is the fun, fast-paced beach read you need to warm up your winter.

10. The Sky is Yours by Chandler Kland Smith, out January 23rd

Picture of The Sky is Yours Book

The Sky Is Yours is a dystopian novel set in the futuristic city of Empire Island. It’s a wildly inventive and imaginative debut that seamlessly blends science fiction, fantasy, and dragons. (That cover, though.)

11. Take Me with You by Andrea Gibson, out January 23rd

Picture of Take Me with You Book
Plume Books

Andrea Gibson’s Take Me with You will fit in your pocket, and their words will stay with you for a long time. With themes of love, sexuality, gender, and politics, this little collection packs a big punch.

12. Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan, out January 23rd

Picture of An Anatomy of a Scandal Book

Like we said, give us ALL the thrillers, please. In Anatomy of a Scandal, Sophie’s husband James is accused of a terrible crime. She believes that he’s innocent, but Kate, the prosecutor, does not. The trial gets Sophie thinking about the past. And right along with her, you’ll wonder: Is James the bad guy, or the good guy?

13. A Problematic Paradox by Eliot Sappingfield, out January 23rd

Picture of A Problematic Paradox Book
G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

A Problematic Paradox is an empowering sci-fi read about Nikola Kross, a 12-year-old girl studying quantum mechanics and casually traveling via wormholes. It’s like Harry Potter, but with science instead of magic. Nikola is exactly the smart female protagonist that the sci-fi genre needs.

14. The Love Gap by Jenna Birch, out January 23rd

Picture of The Love Gap Book
Grand Central Life & Style

Men claim to want to date smart, well-educated women. So why are so many smart, well-educated women still single? The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love examines this dating phenomenon and offers advice for navigating these new dating dynamics.



The story of the iron bridge


There are many iconic and influential structures in Britain; Stonehenge, Big Ben, the Severn Bridge. But these are just the well-known ones – there are also plenty we’ve never heard of that have had a profound effect on the UK as a whole. And there are bound to be some awesome structures you’ve probably never heard of, or studied, but that have changed your life in ways you never imagined.

The UK has some pretty amazing places, and we’re going to look at one in particular. Resting on the banks of the River Severn is the county of Shropshire, and within this lies the historic town of Ironbridge. It might not be very well-known, but it’s an old Victorian settlement with a history that helped to change the world. This is the history of this stunning town, and the way it went about shaping the world.

Take a journey

Heading into the Shropshire countryside takes you on a journey teeming with supreme natural beauty. Head out from Ludlow, across the rolling hills and lush green countryside of England, until you arrive at the fabled Ironbridge Gorge. This deep gorge straddling the River Severn contains huge deposits of coal, limestone, and iron ore, and played a big role in the Industrial Revolution. Among the most famous aspects of Ironbridge Gorge, we have the fabled Iron Bridge.

The bridge

The Iron Bridge is actually world famous because of the fact that it was the first bridge in the world to be made completely from iron. It is a hugely important part of the Industrial Revolution and played a big role in the development of this movement. The bridge was built in 1779, and the shift in design drove Victorian-era England into the modern world. This iconic bridge is one of the defining and enduring symbols of an important historical age.

Who designed it?

The story goes that the bridge was originally the brainchild of Abraham Darby I, a local industrialist who smelted iron ore with the coal byproduct known as coke. This allowed for the cheaper production of cast iron and helped with the construction of the bridge as we know it today. Architect Thomas Pritchard then proposed constructing the bridge out of cast iron, and so work began on the bridge.

The purpose of it

There were plenty of excellent reasons to erect the bridge, and one of the key ones was linking the town of Broseley, with the towns of Madeley and Coalbrookdale. This helped the townspeople and merchants to trade and transfer raw materials much faster. The raw materials available in the gorge became much more accessible, plus, it meant that access to the sea was easier when it came to trade.

This is the story of one of the most important architectural constructs in the world. The iron bridge here was the first of its kind in the world, and played a massive role in changing the way we design, not to mention the use of cast iron. Without this bridge being made, the UK could have gone in an entirely different industrial direction.


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T-Mobile’s customer service is its biggest success story

T-Mobile customer service

Since John Legere took control of T-Mobile in 2012, the carrier has orchestrated a remarkable turn-around. Through launching the Un-Carrier initiative, T-Mobile turned its scrappy underdog status into a marketing plug, and by adding the iPhone to its lineup and investing heavily in network infrastructure, the company’s product is now on par with AT&T and Verizon.

But the most under-appreciated aspect of the turn-around is T-Mobile’s customer service. Things still aren’t perfect by any means, but T-Mobile’s focus on customer care has had a measurable impact, resulting today in the highest-ever score on JD Power’s wireless customer service survey.

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Tiffany Haddish’s Viral Groupon Story Leads to Super Bowl Ad Gig

Girls Trip breakout star Tiffany Haddish has been a poster child of Black Girl Magic and the ultimate glow up lately. She recently released her New York Times best-selling book, The Last Black Unicorn, and now her hilarious online antics have led to a deal with Groupon. She will serve as the new spokesperson for a series of Groupon campaigns, including the brand’s first Super Bowl commercial in seven years. The 30-second ad from O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul will air during the fourth quarter of the Big Game on Feb. 4, according to Deadline.

The comic has raved about the site to her celebrity co-stars and friends, and during a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview, she talked about taking a Hollywood A-list couple on a Groupon-bought swamp tour experience while filming Girls Trip in Louisiana.

“Nobody knows Groupon like I know Groupon,” Haddish told Deadline. “I’ve been speaking out for them for years. In fact, I should have already been their spokesperson. I’ve invested lots of money into buying Groupon deals, and it’s about time I got an even bigger return on my investment than just saving money at my favorite local businesses.”

“We’re thrilled to have one of the hottest names in entertainment as our new spokesperson,” Groupon Chief Marketing Officer Vinayak Hegde told Deadline. “Tiffany’s award-winning talent and well-known passion for our brand make her the perfect choice to serve as the face of Groupon.”

The company added that the comedian ranks in the top 1% of most frequent Groupon purchasers.

Haddish, whose tell-it-like-it-is candor landed her a spot hosting Saturday Night Live last November, making her the first black female comedian to land the gig. She also won an NAACP Image Award for best supporting actress in a movie for Girls Trip, which brought in more than $ 113 million at the domestic box office—the first black-led, directed and produced film to do so.

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Rumor Roundup: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in ‘Venom’? Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’?

Rumor Roundup: Tom Holland's Spider-Man in 'Venom'? Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'?

Is Hollywood trying to keep some big secrets? Are fan sites just trying to stir up attention? Either way, these three major rumors are circulating on the web this week:


Is Spider-Man in Venom?

How do you create Venom as a character without Spider-Man? We shall see when Sony's eponymous Venom hits theaters this fall. Or maybe the villain-turned-antihero's origins will be the same as in the comics after all. According to filmmaker Jon Schnepp (The Death of…

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Darren Criss and Edgar Ramírez on Becoming Andrew Cunanan and Gianni Versace for American Crime Story

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime StoryThe Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is retelling one of the most infamous murder sprees and subsequent manhunts in US history, but at the heart of it is a story about two…

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Teen Girl Who Came Out in Rural Virginia in ’95 Shares Her Story | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN



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Meryl Streep yelling “Toy Story” lines at Tom Hanks is truly a gift

Meryl Streep yelling “Toy Story” lines at Tom Hanks is truly a gift

Meryl Streep yelling “Toy Story” lines at Tom Hanks is truly a gift

Meryl Streep is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood today. Her roles are iconic, and she can play just about any part that a director can throw at her. But with all of the roles she’s played, could she manage to recreate Tom Hank’s iconic and legendary performance as Woody from Toy Story? The world needed to know, and thankfully she did just that: Oscar-winner Meryl Streep performer some of Tom Hank’s best lines, and we’re all winners here.

Hanks and Streep stopped by  The Ellen DeGeneres Show their latest together, The Post to promote , and we’ve finally got to a taste of how Streep would have played the iconic cowboy doll. Her performance was pretty spot on, and delightfully entailed a great deal of, well, screaming “YOU ARE A TOY”  in Tom Hanks’ face in a manner that would convince even the most stubborn of toys of their true identity.

Of course, these are some of the best actors in the country, so Ellen didn’t just limit this exercise to one performance. No, Streep also performed the famous “life is like a box of chocolates” line from Forrest Gump, and Hanks even tried to recreate some of Streep’s most iconic roles.

He first tried his hand at recreating Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, and then donned a wig to channel Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. While Streep’s Woody performance definitely was the star of the show, we’ve gotta admit that Hanks managed to pull off that Miranda Priestly attitude pretty well.

The video is absolutely adorable, and it’s always fun to see two great actors appreciate each other’s work. Plus, watching Meryl Streep yell Toy Story lines at Tom Hanks while wearing a Woody cowboy hat is nothing short of a delight, and has absolutely helped us feel at ease with the craziness the world has brought us lately. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to watch this adorable video a few hundred more times.