The Ivy Style Primer

For many, the Ivy, Prep, and Trad styles tend to blend together in a way that makes it difficult to differentiate them from one another.

We’ve discussed preppy style in detail and in this primer, we’re going to focus on the Ivy style, which unbeknownst to most, is actually a style of its own, separate and apart from prep and trad.

Of course, there are many similarities, but in most cases, it’s not so much the clothing, but how they’re worn.

The prep look is far more nautical in appearance, more beach appropriate and an ideal style for the Hamptons and Cape Cod. Ivy style, on the other hand, is a dressier version of prep that’s ideal for the historic chambers in the hallowed walls of America’s Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Yale students in more formal Ivy attire

Yale students in more formal Ivy attire

The History of Ivy Style

While the preppy style has been around since the early 1900s, first making an appearance around 1910, the ivy style really began to flourish in the early to mid-1950s on the grounds of the top universities and colleges in America. Just as prep style influenced many designers, ivy style took its fair share of the credit leading us to use the terms prep, ivy, and trad as synonyms of one another. Blended over the years, Ivy style was born out of an interest in appearing more elegant and well dressed than the casual undertones of the prep culture.

Ivy Style started to flourish in the 1950s

Ivy Style started to flourish in the 1950s

While prep style was reserved for garden parties, sailing, and casual affairs, Ivy style was for more formal, casual occasions such as attending class at Harvard Law, going on a late dinner date with the young lady you met at the Square or an event your parents insisted you attend with them at the country club after giving you a stern warning to leave the boat shoes and anchor bracelets at home.

Ivy style was perfect for on campus lectures

Ivy style was perfect for on-campus lectures

The style was a direct reflection of college life at the campuses only the most affluent and well-versed students could attend. It separated the men of Harvard and Yale from the common youth at other colleges, and especially in a town like Cambridge where there are more colleges than shopping malls, the Ivy style became a way to instantly recognize a member of your social circle. That is until the style caught on and began to rise in popularity amongst all young men and women throughout the Northeastern United States.

Despite the students of the Ivy League schools knowing the style as “Ivy”, the rest of the world simply adopted it as a more formal version of prep and thus the blending of the styles was introduced. It is only the rarest of gentlemen that can pinpoint the differences between the various styles but is something we’ll attempt to explain.

What is Ivy Style?

Ivy style is about two things. Representing yourself through your wardrobe as a member of one of the most elite universities or colleges in the world and dressing down when the authority figure such as your father would normally dress up.

It’s really that simple. Slightly more formal, yet still relatively casual. Of course, today the styles are intertwined like vines along an old rusted fence and ivy style as its own subculture fell from existence in the late 1960s. Today the only separation between the two is the varying degree of formality, yet even that is too close to distinguish.

Contemporary Ivy Style by Ralph Lauren

Contemporary Ivy Style by Ralph Lauren

Christian Chensvold of makes the perfect analogy. He says, “In 1964, when a spirited girl meets a handsome, reserved, all-American, clean-cut kind of guy who gets his clothing at Brooks Brothers and simultaneously finds herself both attracted and repelled by him, she teasingly calls him ‘Ivy League.’”

Classic ivy style with a modern twist

Classic ivy style with a modern twist

“And in 1970”, he says, “after the fall of the Ivy League Look when this same spirited girl meets the same all-American guy, she mockingly calls him ‘preppy.’”

Ivy School Boys on a Walk

Ivy School Boys on a Walk

“So you see”, remarks Chensvold, “the clothing is essentially the same. It’s just how women referred to the clothing — and the men who wore it.”

Various Ivy Leaguers

Various Ivy Leaguers

Today, the only difference comes down to semantics. True Ivy Leaguers will opt for penny loafers, Preps will choose boat shoes. A Prep will wear pants and shoes without socks. Conversely, Ivy Leaguers will only do so in the heat of summer. A Prep will almost never wear a suit and usually opt for a navy blazer instead. An Ivy Leaguer – while he loves the blazer – will still wear a suit almost half of the time.

When it comes to Prep, it’s about convenience, comfort, and style. For the Ivy Leaguer, it’s about style followed by comfort and then convenience. A Prep will throw on the first polo shirt he finds in his closet and pairs it with GTH pants. An Ivy Leaguer will take the time to put it under a cricket sweater and wear linen pants in eggshell.

When it comes to sports and lifestyle, both Prep and Ivy styles intertwine completely. Polo, tennis, and golf remain favorites and a weekend in Southampton is considered a sublime way to spend the summer. Winters are spent in Palm Beach, and there’s nothing better than spending a warm afternoon sipping G&Ts on a sailboat.

The tennis sweater was a pinnacle of ivy style fashion

The tennis sweater was a pinnacle of ivy style fashion

Ivy Style Purveyors and Clothing

Of course with blended styles, the same clothiers occupied both the preppy style industry and the Ivy style industry. The most popular for Ivy Style was J.Press followed closely by Brooks Brothers, both of which were instrumental in the development of the mingled style we know it as today.

Of course, with Ivy style being so closely related to prep, we urge you to read our Preppy Style Guide by clicking here for the most iconic clothing. However, let’s examine some style staples we would find in Ivy Style pre-1967.

Classic Penny Loafers

Classic Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

Introduced in 1936 by the G.H. Bass shoe company, penny loafers became an instant hit amongst the wealthy undergrads at Ivy League Schools in the United States. The ease of slipping them on combined with the formality of leather and suede made it the perfect compliment to a formal and yet very casual wardrobe. Read more about the penny loafer by clicking here.

A casual day in the life of an ivy leaguer

A casual day in the life of an ivy leaguer

Khaki Pants

Also called chinos, these are generally made from 100% cotton and despite being worn today by many retail stores and trades workers as uniforms, also work very well to compliment a blazer or with a sweater and tie. Available from numerous merchants, the classic chinos come from Brooks Brothers and are designed as a pair of business casual trousers perfect for a variety of events. They’re especially comfortable to wear in the summer as they breathe nicely, but they also work well due to their sturdier construction when compared to dress slacks.

Knit Ties

Made from silk and wool, knit ties are a great way to fit into a more formal business environment while displaying a certain amount of sprezzatura and casualness. Their luxurious feel and cri de la soie texture make them a style staple for future corporate raiders, oil barons and media moguls that are still grasping onto their youth. Click here to see a selection of the finest knit ties from Fort Belvedere.

A classic Ivy League student

A classic Ivy League student

Herringbone Jackets

The herringbone jacket is a perfect way to turn what could otherwise be a more formal jacket into something casual without a wild pattern. With its country appeal, it became very popular for wear by those who frequented or took part in equestrian events. It was the jacket to use when you wanted to dress up for a date on the town but without looking like you were attending a funeral. With flap pockets and larger buttons to increase its casual tone, it has been and still remains a staple in ivy style. Today, it works very well with a pair of boots, an oxford cloth button-down shirt and corduroy pants.

Tweed sportcoat with with green and purple herringbone tones

Tweed sport coat with green and purple herringbone tones paired with Fort Belvedere accessories

Two Button Cuff Jacket

Almost a homage to avoiding anything worn by your father, the two button cuff jacket became the standard worn by the Ivy League crowd. As if intended to piss off the older generation, it’s still worn today by Ivy Leaguers and is a great way for anyone to turn a formal jacket into leisurewear.

The iconic letter sweater

The iconic letter sweater

School Sweaters

School sweaters are usually reserved these days for the cheerleading team, but back in the 1950s, men would wear these knit sweaters boasting their School’s letter in the center of the sweater. Not necessarily popular today, it was a standard amongst men on game days both on and off campus as a show of support for their school.

Classic Ivy Leaguer in a School Sweater

Classic Ivy Leaguer in a School Sweater

Recommended Reading

Here are a few of our favorite books on Ivy Style.

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style by Jeffrey Banks

An authority on preppy style, Jeffrey Banks focuses on the style that helped shape what we know today as Prep. Taking us back to the Ivy League campuses of the fifties, this incredible book shows us the most fashionable ivy league style staples from its heyday. Click here to get a copy.

Ivy Style: Radical Conformists by Patricia Mears

A look into the styles of the most prestigious college campuses in the mid 20th century, Mears introduces us to what was pinnacle of classic preppy fashion. A great read filled with insights and history, you can get your own copy by clicking here or read our review here.

The Ivy League by Daniel Cappello

While it discusses the style, this book focuses on everything Ivy League related. From the private clubs to the classroom, it’s a really fantastic read if you’re interested in the schools and the lifestyle but never had the chance to attend. Click here for your copy.

The Ivy Look: Classic American Clothing – An Illustrated Pocket Guide by Graham Marsh

“Democratic, stylish and comfortable”, The Ivy Look is literally a pocket guide to everything Ivy Style. Focused on life before the preppy style, it showcases what it meant to be a member of the Ivy League in the early 1950s to mid-1960s. It’s an interesting book but one that tends to tread slightly outside of the Ivy Style focusing on celebrities who attempted to replicate parts of it. Click here for your own pocket guide.

Take Ivy by Shosuke Ishizu

Described by The New York Times as, “a treasure of fashion insiders,” Take Ivy is a look at the classic Ivy Style and how the American fashion influenced Japan. An archive of photographs serves as its road map to discussing the trend that swept the nation and then jumped the pond. Click here for your own copy.


Hopefully, this has given you a glimpse into the minor differences between Preppy style and Ivy League style. Obviously, there aren’t many and it’s very difficult to differentiate the two; especially when designers, the media, and the general public all classify them as one in the same.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Celebrating Diversity in Style

I turn 48 today and feel extremely blessed. I’m happy, healthy, loved, have dear friends, a wonderful family, the best husband, and a precious little doggy. I have peace in my heart because I enjoy life and have learned to appreciate the small things that I’ve taken for granted in the past. I also love my job, which I find rewarding and fulfilling. 

I’ve been in the fashion industry — or “Rag Trade” — for 26 years. I’ve worked in garment manufacture, retail, and I’m now a consultant. First, I was a designer for children’s wear, and then a retail buyer who specialized in ladies wear. Later we moved to Seattle and created Instead of continuing a retail buying career, I started my own wardrobe consulting business in a brand new country on my own. I don’t think I’ll be so gutsy again, but glad I had the chutzpah at the time. I came up with a model that helps people with their wardrobe and style on a one-to-one basis — and the rest as they say is history. YLF and my wardrobe consulting business feed off of each other, and are in their 13th year. I have an amazing clientele who are the nicest people, and I happily share my experiences as a fashion professional with the YLF community for free.

I’ve accumulated a knowledge in different aspects of the same industry. And I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I feel a calling to help and encourage anyone who wants to develop and evolve their sense of style and have fun with fashion. I call myself a fashion stylist or wardrobe consultant, but these days I feel more like a style activist.

An activist is someone who campaigns to bring about political or social change, which is what I do in my own small way on YLF. Although it’s much better than it used to be, the fashion industry is still fraught with biases, sexist symbolism, ageism, and a lack of ethnic diversity. The concept of beauty and the ideal body type is based on a very narrow set of ideals that do little to encourage and empower women. Instead, a lot of fashion messaging communicates that there is something wrong with you when you don’t look a certain way. That you can’t feel attractive, look fabulous, dress wonderfully, or be stylish because you’re too old, wide, short, tall, asymmetrical, wrinkled, narrow, grey, round, straight, dark, pale, blemished, scarred, wobbly, hairy, dressy, casual, eccentric, tattooed… and the list goes on. These dated and demoralizing fashion concepts make me sad and angry. With every fibre of my being I believe that we can ALL have a great sense of style.

There is no one way to be stylish, no one way to look beautiful, and no one ideal body type. Style is not an age, dress size or budget. It’s an energy and confidence that is expressed through what you wear and how you wear it. As soon as you say that you can’t – I’m right there, saying, yes you can. Style is a puzzle that can be solved. It is not innate. It can be learned, refined and evolved throughout your life as we enjoy each leg of our style journey.

I’ve helped people find their personal styes across sizes US000 to US34, across heights 4ft 9 to 6ft 4, and across ages 16 to 81. They cover a range of nationalities, ethnicities, and genders. I have blind clients, clients with crutches, clients in wheelchairs, pregnant clients, and clients who have had full mastectomies. I’ve reviewed closets that are larger than most master bedrooms, and some smaller than a coat closet. I feel enormously fortunate to be exposed to a wide cross section of the female population because it keeps my mind open and constantly rethinking and challenging dated style concepts. It also makes me laugh at how fickle fashion can be, and how we must never take it too seriously.

There are no wrong sartorial choices but simply preferences that vary from person to person. There are no rules, but simply guidelines that you can take or leave at your discretion. Body type dressing is one approach, but is merely a starting point that helps you create a set of personal figure flattering priorities. Style is as diverse as the people in this world, and an appreciation for a look that is not your look shows respect and decency. So today, on my birthday, I’m celebrating YOU, your style, your beauty, your age, your love for fashion, and your positive energy. Help me shout from the rooftops that style is PERSONAL and should be encouraged and enjoyed at every size, lifestyle and budget.



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Meghan Markle makes her royal ascot debut in style

OHMYGOSSIP — Exactly one month after the world watched the royal wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a surprise appearance in England Tuesday for the Royal Ascot opener. Queen Elizabeth II, her family and her guests will arrive at 2 p.m. each day during the royal procession, where they’ll be driven in horse-drawn carriages down the race track and into the pageant ring, E! Online mediates.

It’s the first time Meghan has attended the annual event, which began in 1768. She wore a Givenchy dress—the same label she wore for her wedding day—and a Philip Treacy fascinator. She likely impressed Queen Elizabeth II, who signs off on every detail, including the dress code.

Queen Elizabeth II arrived in the first carriage, joined by Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Lord Samuel Vestey. Princess Beatrice, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie and Camilla Parker-Bowles sat in the second carriage; Meghan and Harry joined Prince Edward and Countess Sophie in the third carriage; and Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Michael of Kent, Lord de Mauley Rupert Ponsonby and Lady de Mauley Lucinda Ponsonby sat in the fourth carriage. Prince William, meanwhile, was busy exploring the International Business Festival in Liverpool, and Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall welcomed Baby No. 2, a girl, Monday in Stroud.

Before the Royal Ascot, Kensington Palace announced Meghan and Harry will visit Dublin, Ireland on July 10 and July 11, at the request of Her Majesty’s Government. “The Duke and Duchess are looking forward to learning more about Ireland’s history and experiencing its rich culture,” the palace said, “as well as meeting the people who are shaping the country’s future.”

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Source: E! Online


My Father’s Style

My darling Dad is 86 and lives on his own in a very quaint little town called Velp, in the Netherlands. It’s a five minute drive from Arnhem, which played a crucial role in World War Two because it was headquarters for Operation Market Garden. If you’ve seen the movie, “A Bridge Too Far”, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and see how my Dad grew up during the extremely hard war years. Papa moved back to his hometown when my Mum died eighteen years ago in Cape Town. My Dad loves his hometown and is very happy there.

I’m close to my Dad and enjoy a special bond with him. Our bond grows stronger each year, which is something that I nurture and cherish.

As far as my Dad’s style goes, Mama sorted that out because Papa finds shopping tortuous and tedious. Since Mama loved to shop, she happily took over that part of his life. I’ve taken on the role of sorting out my Dad’s wardrobe and style since Mama died, and am happy to do it. With my Dad’s blessing on what he likes and dislikes, I’ve chosen everything in his wardrobe for almost two decades.

Papa likes to keep his wardrobe VERY minimal, simple and classic for maximal versatility and ease. He wears the same undertees, shirts, jeans, socks, belts and shoes all year round. He simply layers over the lot with knitwear, jackets, coats, scarves and hats when the weather is cold. The formula works extremely well for him.

Papa only wears short-sleeved button down shirts, because he finds long sleeves fussy. He has eight shirts. He wears black, blue and brown jeans, and has one in each colour. He has an assortment of cashmere and cotton pullovers for varying weather — about eight in total. He has a black and brown belt, one to match each pair of lace-up shoes. He has one jacket, one coat, two scarves, and three hats. Apart from wardrobe basics like undies, socks, sleepwear and Birkenstock type slippers for at home — that is it. He does not wear shorts, sneakers, tees, sweats, hoodies, blazers, sandals or trousers. It’s easy fitting my Dad’s very small wardrobe into his very small Euro closet.

My Dad’s wardrobe may be minimal, but it’s colour-rich. He’s worn shades of orange and red for as long as I can remember. His specs are burgundy, which he chose himself! He likes most shades of blue, brown and green. He does not like black or grey, but enjoys his one pair of black jeans. Papa’s shirts are from the Gap and his jeans are Levis. His knitwear and belts are from J.Crew and Banana Republic. His outerwear, scarves, hats and shoes are from Nordstrom. Both pairs of shoes are Ecco.

I’m thankful to have a wonderful Dad who is a role model to me. He’s soft-spoken, introverted, gentle, generous, intelligent, good with numbers (he’s an accountant), a very hard worker, extremely independent, smiley, headstrong, and has busloads of grit. Papa is one of the most charming people I know, a gentleman, and utterly adorable. I’m grateful to be able to visit him three to four times a year (he stopped travelling to Seattle at 82.) These are the moments in life that count.

We at YLF wish you, your Dads, including Dads who are no longer with us, a happy and peaceful Father’s Day.


Ice Cream



Using Three or More Colors for Sophisticated Men’s Style

Even those who are new to classic men’s style can look sharp by relying on fundamental two-color pairings like navy and grey or blue and brown, with a suit in one solid color and a tie in another. But, once you develop an interest in the nuances of dressing well, you’ll be looking for ways to add greater richness and complexity to your outfits. One way to achieve this is by working three or more colors into a single outfit. In this article, we’ll show you how to carry off multiple colors without looking like a peacock.

How to Use Three or More Colors Successfully in an Outfit

As a wardrobe develops, it’s easy to go for a solid worsted wool suit and a solid silk tie: it’s simple and straightforward, requiring little thought, and it looks good. Simply add a white shirt and brown or black oxfords, and you have a smart outfit that fits most professional workplaces and urban settings. However, the same few colors can get boring over time! So, here are six tips to add more color to your tailored style, some that involve boosting your overall color use and others on how to bring in multiple colors quickly with a single item.

Increase Your Overall Use of Color

1. Change Up the White Shirt

While a white shirt can serve as a standard backdrop to your tie and jacket, it is just that–very standard. To go beyond basic, try a light blue shirt with a navy suit or a pink shirt with gray. You’re immediately adding a third color that also reduces the stark contrast that a white shirt can create.

A light blue linen dress shirt

A light blue linen dress shirt

To take it a step further, look for shirts in other pastel colors such a lavender, salmon, and pale green. They make excellent backdrops for the brighter versions of their colors – purple with lavender, orange with salmon, and hunter green with pale green. This subtle addition of color will help you tie together your other accessories.

Tweed jacket with yellow orange dress shirt and Houndstooth Silk Bourette Bow Tie Burgundy Cream - Fort Belvedere

Pairing a tweed jacket with a pale yellow-orange dress shirt helps add subtle color that helps tie together the houndstooth bourette bow tie and a wool pocket square

2. Add a Vest or Waistcoat in a Bright Solid

Another easy way to add a even more color to a suit is to put on a waistcoat or vest in a different, brighter color.  Odd vests are expected to pop–even highly formal morning dress accommodates robin’s egg blue and buff waistcoats–so go bold with orange, red, royal blue or yellow. For casual cool or cold weather wear, colorful knits are easy to find. In the image below, imagine the same sage green suit with a white shirt and no vest. The purple tie would still show some panache, but the outfit would not have the same richness without the blue shirt and orange knitted vest.

Beutiful green suit with orange knit vest and purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by

Beautiful green suit with an orange knit vest and a bold purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by

Your vest can also act like a dividing line, which lets you wear a tie that is the same color as your jacket without it looking boring, and if your tie and jacket color are slightly off from one another, the vest tricks the eye into not noticing the difference.

Layering with a simple alternation of two colors.

A bright yellow knit vest acts as a divider between tie and suit jacket

3. Trade the Suit for a Sport Coat and Trousers

Part of the ease of a suit is its uniformity: you don’t need to worry about coordinating top and bottom. Yet, many men, myself included, prefer an odd jacket and trousers to a suit in part because it opens the door to more color combination. In summer, you can go all out and try bright chinos or go-to-hell pants and in winter, colorful corduroys.

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

On the other hand, the added variable of different colored pants can create the temptation to over-match by trying to match a solid tie to one’s pants. This can be done, provided the tie is very nearly or exactly the same color, or if the items are similar enough in color but different in texture (like a grenadine tie with worsted wool trousers); however, it’s not particularly creative and can make you look like you’re trying. Therefore, you might prioritize wearing a tie of a third color: a maroon tie with a navy sport coat and gray pants, for example.

 4. Don’t Forget Your Feet

Colored shoelaces are an overlooked means of adding a single pop of color that ticks all the boxes: it’s quick, cheap and unique. For around $ 10, which is cheaper than any other menswear accessory you can think of, you can increase the colors you wear. Just make sure you know how to lace your shoes.

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton - Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton – Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

5. Add a Boutonniere

The hole in your jacket lapel is meant to be filled, and a boutonniere flower is a perfect choice to do that while adding a spot of new color. If you’re wearing a navy suit with a soft yellow tie, why not introduce a lilac or light blue flower?

Madder Print Silk Tie in Buff 9cm width with Red Pattern , Field Scabious Boutonniere Buttonhole & Classic White Pocket Square

In this classic navy and yellow combination, the Purple Field Scabious Boutonniere adds a pop of color to the muted tie, shirt, and jacket

Add Several Colors at Once with Patterns

The next step is to add multiple colors at the same time using one article of clothing, which augments the richness of what you’re wearing more than relying purely on solids.

1. Necktie

A foolproof method to do this is to replace a plain tie with one that contains stripes or a repeating geometric motif. The elements that make up the pattern have to be a different color in order to be visible and often include multiple tones. The beauty of a patterned tie is that it can act as a bridge between the other pieces you are wearing. In the image below of Sven Raphael Schneider, the red tone of his tie works with his trousers, while the lighter stripe pattern coordinates with his gray jacket. The presence of a pattern also breaks up the ground color and therefore de-emphasizes any variation between the main color of the tie and something else you’re wearing, such as trousers. Therefore, an exact or precise color match matters less for coordination.

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a striped tie with a gray checked sport coat and Nantucket red pants

It’s equally possible when wearing a patterned tie to use the pattern to introduce an additional color. The base tone of the tie can match your jacket while the geometric motif adds one or more colors you don’t yet have on. A classic example is the classic maroon, navy and gray striped tie. You could wear this with a gray suit and add two new colors or with a navy blazer and gray pants, making maroon your added color.
Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Blue, Burgundy, Light Grey Stripe - Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie by Fort Belvedere

Small repeating geometric patterns on a tie are also fantastic because they often include multiple accent colors. The one below from Fort Belvedere contains purple, white, light pink, teal, and yellow, so you’d be adding touches of up to five colors with just one tie.

If you want a more casual tie that provides an infusion of several colors at once, try a two-tone changeant silk knit. This is made up of two different colored yarns, such as brown and gold or blue and light blue, knitted in such a way that the tone looks like it’s changing depending on the light and viewing angle (thus the French term “changeant“). Mottled knits are a variation on this, mixing two colors. Lastly, you can find slubby shantungs that display secondary shadow colors, giving you multiple subtle tones in one tie.

Pink Two Tone Knit Tie Fort Belvedere

Pink Two-Tone Knitted Tie from Fort Belvedere

2. Pocket Square

Accessories as a whole are a safe way to add multiple colors at once because you only get them in tiny doses. While you can add just a single new color with a pocket square, one with a pattern will give you the most bang for your buck, packing more color than any other item you can wear. In the images below a paisley pocket square contains at least eight different tones, yet, despite this, it never overwhelms. Moreover, even if a hankie contains a complex paisley pattern made up of a dozen different colors, you can manipulate it in your breast pocket, turning it this way or that, to determine which colors you want to show. In one photo, it’s worn in a puff fold to emphasize pink, and in the other, orange.

Pocket squares afford even greater freedom than ties when you want to add color because they are expected to differ from the rest of your outfit. Beginners to men’s style often commit the faux pas of buying matching pocket square and tie sets, but the true connoisseur knows that the handkerchief is the place to introduce an additional hue; it should never be too “matchy.” Sure, there could (or should) be a bit of your tie, shirt, pants or jacket color represented in your pocket square, but beyond that nearly anything goes. In the image below, the pocket square actually repeats the red and gold of the bow tie motif and the red of the jacket’s windowpane grid but highlights gold more than any other part of the outfit.

A yellow wool challis pocket square provides an opportunity to introduce an additional color.

3. Scarf

Scarves and pocket squares have a lot in common, and the former can be considered, in some ways, larger versions of the latter. However, with a scarf, whether silk with a printed pattern or solid cashmere, you’re getting a stronger effect, so consider it an accent and surround the scarf with subdued colors or solids.

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

4. Shirt

Going beyond accessories, my favorite underappreciated technique for adding multiple colors at once is a tattersall shirt.  The tattersall pattern is made up of two or more different complementary colors. Some possibilities are blue and black, green and blue, red and blue, or orange and blue to name just a few. In the example below from Cordings in the UK, there are actually four different colors–pink, purple, blue, and black–skillfully combined. The tattersall is versatile enough to wear in most business settings, providing an understated but clearly apparent injection of color. You can find multi-colored striped shirts too, but they can risk being too loud and look more casual than a fine grid.

A tattersall shirt from Cordings that makes use of four colors.

5. Patterned Waistcoat

We’ve mentioned solid waistcoats above, with an emphasis on knits, but the traditional odd waistcoat is supposed to be one that displays a strong pattern. If you have a solid shirt on, you could make your vest the tattersall. Another thing layering this way with a waistcoat achieves is that it gives you more opportunities to play with colors. Your waistcoat can act like a bridge because it can coordinate with a color in your tie, in your jacket, or both!

Chester by Chester Barrie - Plaid sportscoat, tattersall vest & red pants

This patterned waistcoat by Chester by Chester Barrie pulls coordinates all the colors in this bold ensemble

6. Tailored Jacket

For your jacket layer, an overcheck is your friend. This is a windowpane grid in one color laid over another plaid pattern. The most famous is the Prince of Wales check, which, by definition includes a glen check in one color over which there is a grid of another hue. For instance, you might find a grey Prince of Wales with an overcheck in sky blue. Just like that, by wearing one of the classic menswear patterns, you have an additional accent color. You can then coordinate accordingly with the colors of your tie and perhaps a vest.

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

7. Socks

The crazy socks trend seems to have reached a peak a few years back, and it’s not one we’ve really gotten behind, but this doesn’t mean that you should only  stick with boring solid black. You can wear socks in various accent colors, and especially ones that show some pattern, to amp up the number of colors you’re wearing in one step. It’s not just a trendy move either as you can find a variety of colored and patterned dress socks in vintage apparel arts illustrations from the 20th century.

Vintage fashion illustration showing socks with shadow stripes and clock patterns.

One option to instantly incorporate two colors is shadow-stripe socks, which have one main color along with a second “shadow” color in the ribbing stripes. If you want even more subtlety, try socks with clocks (the name for the pattern running down the side) such as a conservative charcoal socks with burgundy and white clocks.


No matter what the season, it’s always the right time to work more color into your outfits. Sometimes, the assumption is that if you use a lot of colors in an outfit you will end up looking like a clown (or a Pitti Peacock).

Colorful outfit

Pitti Peacock “Il Bisonte” showing the extreme use of color that characterizes his personal style. Photo by guerrisms.

However, adding one other yet unrepresented hue is easy and shows your stylistic expertise. Of course, restraint and careful consideration should always be part of a gentleman’s sartorial game. Pick and choose where you want to add your colors and how far you want to go. It’s not likely that you’ll wear colored shoelaces, bright socks, go-to-hell pants and an orange knit vest at the same time. Think of the ideas in this article as a buffet of options for you to choose from. Just don’t overload your plate! Accessories enable you tho experiment without fear on a small scale. Meanwhile, tattersalls, Prince of Wales checks, and bright knit vests let you up your color quotient while remaining firmly within established tailoring tradition. Lastly, remember as a rule of thumb that if you are wearing colors that read primarily as neutral (brown, beige, grey, navy, khaki, black), almost any other color can be added freely.

This gun club check reads as a neutral, so other colors can easily be introduced without overwhelming the outfit

How do you wear multiple colors? What are your favorite combinations? Let us know in the comments.

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The Trad Style Primer

No doubt, by now you’ve read our in-depth Preppy Style Guide and primer on Ivy Style. In today’s guide, we’re going to delve into a less commonly known variation of Northeastern American style known as Trad.

Trad is arguably the most classic and refined version of Northeastern college attire. Short for ‘traditional’, it’s a very contemporary take on classic menswear dating back to the roaring twenties when men seemingly took the most pride in their public attire. However, like preppy and Ivy styles, trad was born out of a need to rebel against the classic business suit as a way for students to develop their own independent personality while blending it with the attire their father thought to be appropriate for study at Harvard or Yale.

Trad Style at School

Trad Style at School

Perhaps a brilliant imitation of the more dapper gents attending Oxford or Cambridge, trad style became a way for young men who were uncomfortable in the casualness of polo shirts and boat shoes to still maintain some mutinous behavior without utterly offending the more conservative dandies of the upper echelons of society.

A prime example of classic trad style from a magazine

A prime example of classic trad style from a magazine

The Difference Between Trad and Ivy Style

If we consider that Ivy style is a more traditional approach to prepdom, we can easily say that Trad is a more sensible approach to classic menswear with a slightly contemporary and freeing approach that the preppies adopted their style around. The entire purpose of trad is to maintain a conservative approach to style without appearing dated. For those attending the Ivy League schools of Boston and New York, this meant donning a more formal version of the navy blazer, often adorned with a small crest on the breast and paired with standard white dress shirts over button-downs with a repp or solid tie.

For a more casual event, while Ivy style might require a school sweater, the more traditional man would opt for a more formal sweater such as a v-neck, vest or turtleneck that would be partially covered by a jacket. Granted this was most popular back in the 1960s and 70s, when the bulky turtleneck was a style staple.

A little waspy with traditional style from Time

A little waspy with traditional style from Time

Today, for the more dapper trad, it might mean an odd vest under a tweed jacket with a bow tie. A very safe and less provocative style for the American man, the trad style grew from the popularity of ivy and prep styles as many of the more conservative students were simply not permitted to leave home in casual wear to attend functions or school.

Similar to how many fathers today wouldn’t allow their daughter out of the house in a tube top or miniskirt, the traditional father of the 1950s wouldn’t permit his son to step foot in his alma-mater with anything less than a jacket and tie. Trad became that very safe alternative that still managed to allow young men the ability to express themselves and fit in with their peers who dressed far more contemporary.

A perfectly dressed trad man is the young man who can leave his home dressed to rebel his father but still looks charming enough that dad doesn’t notice anything is wrong.

A casual day in the life of a trad dressed man

A casual day in the life of a trad dressed man

How to Select Trad Clothing

The biggest tip if you’re looking to achieve the classic trad appearance is to simply try to dress conservatively with a bit of nonchalance.

Focus on traditional style staples like the navy blazer, the three-piece suit, and the cardigan sweater but stretch the bounds by choosing less common fabrics, selecting tweeds or opting for check suits over solid. Forget the matching vest of the three-piece suit and add an odd vest to your outfit.

Perfectly trad with a little prep in his step

Perfectly trad with a little prep in his step

Forget the classic ties and instead opt for interesting tie patterns and textures. Choose less common knots for your ties such as the Oriental, Victoria or Kelvin knot and allow your lack of uniformity to shine in a way that people notice but can’t figure out how you achieved it.

The goal is always self-expression and like Ivy style, it’s about rebelling against the rules of classic fashion. Oxfords are always a great shoe for business attire but rather than the standard black leather try pairing a suede Oxford with your suit instead. Simple changes such as colorful shoelaces over black can even alter your appearance and work to harmonize an outfit by matching it to your tie or suspenders.

David Wilder of the renowned Ivy clothier J.Press once explained trad style by saying “Imagine your best-dressed uncle throwing open his closet for you to frolic around in.”

Examples of Classic Trad Style

Suits are worn most of the time by trads whereas Ivy Leaguers and preps would often focus on blazers. While the preps would often fold up their pants the more conservative trad would never get out of the house before his father would say “roll those pants back down.” To mitigate this risk of embarrassment, the trad would cuff his pant leg. A perfect compromise between the standard uncuffed pant and the rolled look their preppy friend managed to get away with. It gave a sense of relief, albeit a small breakthrough from the stifling conservative traditions of a bygone era, it was still a way to minimally – yet appropriately – express oneself.

Trad style from Princeton

Trad style from Princeton

Casual shoes are a staple in Ivy style. Preppies love their boat shoes; Ivy guys swear by the penny loafer, but neither of those shoes did the conservative parent believe was appropriate to wear out. If you’re into Ivy style and you wear a seersucker suit, you could combine them with white buckskin shoes. For trad, that is too loud and over-the-top, instead, you’d maybe wear a pair of suede shoes. It is fashionable enough that dad might do a second take as you walked out the door, but he probably wouldn’t be able to place exactly what was off with the outfit. Even if he did think it was inappropriate, he would probably have a difficult time arguing why. So long as you were wearing it casually and not with formalwear, you got away with it.

A casually trad outfit

A casual trad outfit

Just like a miniskirt on the girl, the goal for the prep was to show off just a bit. Bright colors, slim-fit shirts and shorts that showed some leg, the preppies got away with a lot. They were the hooligans of Harvard at the time, and the style grew in popularity. Trad style followers, however, opted for plain solid shorts on a hot weather.

For the trad man, it was all about natural fitting clothing. Leg hair didn’t show, abdominal muscles didn’t peek through the shirt. Showing off was something left for the preppies but it didn’t mean you couldn’t carefully showcase some style.

Today bright shoelaces, socks, and pocket squares are widely accepted. However, back in the day where Dad put on a suit just to check the mail or get a haircut, men had to be far more careful. This meant using brighter colors for hidden accessories such as your key fob or a handkerchief. If you were a real rebel you might throw on a crocodile or lizard grain belt over the standard leather. It was just your way to show off a bit without an authority figure noticing.

An American alligator dress belt

An American alligator dress belt




Unlike prep and Ivy styles, trad is no longer as known or popular as it once was. Today, society has become far more lenient and men are more free than ever to adopt a more colorful palette of expression. In fact, if the average person saw someone wearing the standard trad outfit today, they would probably think they were very classically attired and its subtlety would be lost. Nevertheless, it’s still important for the sartorially-savvy man to be familiar with the style as there remains a small contingent of men that follow the trad style rules.

How do you quietly rebel against classic menswear? Do you have any unique ways of expressing your style without making it noticeable?

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The 5 Rules of Style for On-Point Women’s Business Attire

Style is everything. It can be the difference between you having an immaculate or exceptionally crappy day. Black Enterprise caught up with Stylist & CEO of Immaculate Wardrobe, Sophia Hyacinthe, who has built an incredible women’s styling business with over 13 years of styling experience, working with women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, publishing industry powerhouses, and girl bosses all over New York City. Hyacinthe offers business attire styling tips to freshen up that drab everyday work outfit, especially if your job requires you to be suited or “work professional” day in and day out.

The 5 Rules of Chic Business Attire Style

Fit First

Put fit first as it is the foundation to any look. Pick shapes and lines that best flatter your body. Prominent shapes in tailored womenswear include: cropped skinny pants, wide leg culottes, fitted pencil skirts, and A-line midis. Once you’ve found your perfect shape, I always recommend visiting a tailor to have them make any adjustments to ensure that it is truly the perfect fit. It’s the little touches like raising or lowering a hemline and taking in the waist that really customizes and refines the look.

business attire

(iStock/Photography Firm)


Suiting Remixed

Classic suiting has been given a fresh spin with bold colors and sticking prints. Crayola-esque hues along with pastels are major this season. For a simpler approach, pair bright separates with muted tones and for a more fashion-forward look, go all out and sport the full bright look. Praiseworthy prints include vintage floral designs along with traditional menswear suiting prints. For a more tamed approach, pair printed pieces with cool neutrals or for a more daring look, mix contrasting prints. The key to mixing prints is pairing some that share similar color themes.



Best Foot Forward

This is the area where you really get to express individual style, whether you’re an avid flat wearer, sneaker fiend, or strictly a stiletto girl, you get to really have fun in this department. Use your shoes to express your best self. Shoe trends worth stomping for include ’80s-style pumps, dad sneakers, along with solid white and bold colors.

business attire



Brilliant Blouses

Maximize work staples with a rotation of fun blouses. Designers are taking it up a notch with exaggerated sleeves, intricate collars, and form-flattering wrap styles. With summer approaching, opt for these styles in lightweight linen fabrics.

business attire

(iStick/Maksym Azovtsev)


All About Accessories

Accessories add personal flair and serve to really elevate the look. Noteworthy accessories include waist belts that layer perfectly over blazers and dresses. Mixed metals, a silver watch, a gold bracelet, no problem. And lastly, carry your work files in style with this season’s patterned “it” bags.

business attire


The post The 5 Rules of Style for On-Point Women’s Business Attire appeared first on Black Enterprise.

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Style Scenario: First Day it gets Hot (dressed up)

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Seems like most of the hemisphere has jumped straight from late winter to summer this year. And if you are lucky enough to be experiencing some sort of extended spring, you probably have had at least one heat spike already. Here’s one way to dress (up) for that first day the mercury climbs oddly high.

Style Scenario: First Day it gets Hot (dressed up) |

The Sportcoat: Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Sportcoat in Marshall Grey Plaid – $ 360 w/ BLUEMOON ($ 450). An investment, but hot damn do they nail it with these things. Barely there construction. Strong feeling, yet lightweight and breezy Italian hopsack wool. Plus a pattern that’ll work great with light chinos now, and dark jeans or navy wool trousers in the fall. Note that the sportcoat at the top of the page is NOT this Bonobos sportcoat. It’s an old, sold out Brooks Brothers sportcoat. Want something closer in pattern? Try the recently mentioned Todd Snyder Canadian Made plaid linen sportcoat instead.

The Watch: Citizen Titanium Eco Drive Chrono – $ 207.98. One of their flagships. Been in production forever, and you can’t blame em’. Looks good in almost all situations. Lighter in weight, so if you’re an automatic / mechanical guy it might feel a bit light on the wrist, but most non mechanical fellas appreciate that lighter weight feel. Tons of functions. You’ll be reading the instruction manual.

The Shirt: Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Solid Dress Shirt – $ 69.50Mostly cotton, but there’s 12% poly and 7% spandex woven in for quick-dry ability, good ventilation, and superior stretch. Ships and returns free since it’s Nordstrom.

The Sunglasses: J. Crew “Palma” Sunglasses – $ 59.50Surprisingly nice for the price, and does go up for codes sporadically. Retro frames that aren’t too over the top, and the blue lenses are a nice touch.

The Briefcase: Filson Original in Navy – $ 225 w/ BBSTYLE ($ 325). A made in the USA, tough as nails, classic rugged brief for just north of $ 200? Good luck trying to find that elsewhere without having to back a kickstarter or wait around for another pre-order.

The Shoes: Made in Italy Astorflex Patnoflex Loafer – $ 135. A bit of a risk here. They’re pretty casual as far as loafers, go, but they’re relatively inexpensive, made in Italy, and Astorflex knows how to make one hell of a comfy shoe. If they’re a bit too Bohemian/hippy looking for you, try the BR suede Waller wingtips.

The Belt: Jomers Made in the USA Macrame Cotton Belt – $ 20A perfect warm weather belt at an absurd price.

The Pants: J. Crew Factory Driggs Slim-Fit Lightweight Chino – $ 40ishA standard weight chino might get hot. Real hot. So look for lighter weight chinos like these from JCF. Want a pure white pair of chinos as is shown in the top image? You’ll pay through the nose for em’, but the Bonobos summerweight chino in white will work. Use the code BLUEMOON for 20% off.

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Mum’s Best Style Advice

Once a year I pay tribute to my late Mum, who taught me more about style than anyone else. She sowed my style seed, and was a fabulous shopping buddy. She wholeheartedly supported my extreme career change at age 21 when I moved away from psychology to study fashion, one of the best decisions of my life. I wish I could tell my Mum how instrumental she was in giving me the confidence and drive to switch my career focus and start again. Since I can’t do that, I’m sharing her fashion wisdom with you instead, and hope that she can feel my enormous gratitude on her big fluffy cloud in the sky. 

I’m taking you back to 1984 after we just moved to Cape Town, and I was fourteen years old. We were new to the country, learning our way around, and I was an impressionable teen who loved fashion. I wore a school uniform, which made wearing regular clothes all the more important and a rare event. What you wore and where you bought your clothes did not go unnoticed, especially as the new kid at school. I felt I had a lot to prove, and being perceived as having good fashion sense was important to me. 

On a beautifully sunny and warm Cape Town day during school vacation, I went grocery shopping with my Mum at a mini mall where there were a few fashion stores. Mum asked if I wanted to browse the stores after the groceries were done, to which I enthusiastically said yes please. Our first stop was a shop called Scotts. Initially I refused to enter and Mum asked why? I replied that my new friends told me that Scotts was uncool and old-fashioned. Cheap and nasty. I wanted to shop at the hip stores like Foschini, Truworths, Edgars, Smiley Blue, and LA Clothing, because then I’d look and feel fabulous too. 

At first Mama looked at me with a puzzled expression, and then she laughed gently. She said: “It’s not about where you shop, and how much money you spend — but about what you find and how you wear it. Let’s just have a quick look.”

So we went into Scotts, but my heart wasn’t in it. I adored my Mum, but my friends obviously knew better than she did about where to shop in this new city. At least, that’s what I thought. It wasn’t long before I spotted an amazing pair of high-waisted baggy white pants with light blue insets on the sale rack. Mum took the pants, gave them a once over with her discerning eye, approved, and told me to try them on. They were absolutely perfect.

Mum helped me match the pants with a cropped light blue and white striped top, and oversized white jacket with gigantic collar, the same light blue insets, and shoulder pads. I LOVED this look and forgot I was in the oh-so-forbidden Scotts. After we got the clothes, we went next door to get white perforated flat oxfords and white clip-on plastic earrings that put the finishing touch on the outfit. I was thrilled and very excited about this look.

I wore this outfit over and over, with great confidence and happiness. It garnered many a compliment from the very same friends who were dead set against shopping at Scotts. A few friends asked me where I got the outfit, and I said, Scotts! They gasped and didn’t believe me, and some tuned up their noses. That was fine because I felt like a million bucks. As Mum so rightly told me back then, it doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes. It’s about how well you assess the quality, colour, silhouette and fit, how well you put together the look, and how confident you are wearing it. Lesson learned at age 14 and I’ve been grateful ever since.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of my magical Scotts outfit. Instead I’m sharing a pic of Mum and infant me back when I was born in Hong Kong in 1970. My mum was glam, graceful, classic and polished despite the setting, task or activity. Crying babies, a postpartum body, a husband who worked long hours, and no sleep wasn’t going to prevent her from wearing earrings, make-up, styling her hair, and sporting elegant sleepwear.

Mama, it’s been 18 years since your passing, and words can’t express how much I love and miss you. You will forever be my stylish role model because you always knew best. In addition to your fabulous style sense, you had inner strength, a fiery persona, unconditional love for your family, immense love for animals, fearless courage, and sheer grit.

We at YLF wish you, your Mums, including Mums who are no longer with us, a happy and peaceful Mother’s Day.



Karl Lagerfeld Made Nautical Fashion for the Street (Style) at Chanel’s Cruise 2019 Show

In lieu of an exotic destination, Chanel staged its Cruise 2019 runway show right at home in Paris’s Grand Palais. But Karl Lagerfeld and his team managed to make it feel like more of a voyage, erecting a literal cruise ship as the backdrop (and party venue) for the runway. And what do you get …

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What Happens to Your Style When You Stop Wearing Jeans

I wasn’t always obsessed with denim. There was a time (not long ago) when I could go days without wearing a pair of jeans. But in the past few years, my denim obsession has grown substantially, which I think is a result of discovering so many cool denim brands and styles. It all started when I began trading in my typical skinny pair for new styles like cropped flares and straight-leg jeans. And as my denim obsession grew, my denim collection grew. However, through this process, I found that other areas of my wardrobe were getting neglected (i.e., actual pants) thanks to my habit of reaching for a pair of jeans every day. Which is why I decided to embark on a self-imposed “denim detox” for a week. (And I must admit, it was harder than I’d imagined.)

I have much less trouble taking a break from jeans when the weather is warm (thanks to my pile of denim shorts), but the week of my denim hiatus happened to coincide with a strong cold front. My reaction? Ugh. It seems silly, but I was actually dreading this hiatus. Of course, I take days off from wearing jeans and try to mix things up as much as possible, but for multiple days in a row? I didn’t know if I was going to make it. But I did—without a single cheat day—and my hypothesis was admittedly contradictory.

On one hand, many of the alternate pant styles I wore were much more comfortable than the 100% cotton jeans I typically favor. On the other hand, I came to the conclusion that I should wear jeans if I want to. My reoccurring thought as the week went on was, This would look so much better with jeans. I’ll admit that I think my style temporarily suffered by the end of the week, especially at its lowest point when I resorted to wearing leggings for two days in a row.

Contradictory hypothesis aside, the weeklong denim detox I endured had a positive long-term effect on my style. I realized that I’m clearly in need of more options in my wardrobe, which will make me more willing to step out of my sartorial comfort zone in the future.

With that, keep scrolling to read about the three stages of my denim detox. Then shop non-denim pants that just might make you want to ditch your jeans more often too.

This was my “eagerness stage.” I was looking at the detox with an optimistic mindset and wore a pair of cropped corduroy pants I scored for $ 20 at J.Crew months earlier. They were warm, cozy, and comfortable. I decided to embrace the retro vibe that day. Things were off to a good start.

My loafers need these linen pants. 
These “sailor pants” are currently topping my wish list.  Available in sizes XS to L.
Wearing these pants is guaranteed to make you happy. Available in sizes 0 to 12.
These are almost as versatile as jeans. Available in sizes 4 to 8.
These affordable trousers are said to be “butt-boosting”. Available in sizes 00 to 14.
I’m not opposed to giving the cargo pants trend a try. Available in sizes 23 to 32.
This print is insanely versatile. Available in sizes 2 to 26W.
Perfect for work (and life).  Available in sizes 0 to 12.
I would trade five pairs of jeans for these pretty pants. Available in sizes 00 to 12.
The reviews on these best selling pants are very convincing. Available in sizes 00 to 20.
These plus a cropped T-shirt and white sneakers are exactly what I want to wear this weekend. Available in sizes DK 34 to 42.
This brand is pretty much all I want to wear right now. Available in sizes XS to L.
Khaki pants returned last spring and I think it’s time to embrace it. Available in sizes 14 to 26.
A worthy investment, in my opinion. Available in sizes 23 to 32.
It’s time to stock up on the linen pants for summer. Available in sizes 12 to 22.
Aritzia describes these pretty pants as being “exceptionally soft”. Sold. Available in sizes XXS to XL.

See? There are plenty of other pant styles in the sea beside jeans.

The post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

This was my “leggings phase.” I’d already worn all my casual favorite non-denim trousers at this point. What I was left with was either too fancy or not warm enough. In fact, I spent the entire length of a shower on Thursday night thinking about what pants I’d wear the next day, only to come to the conclusion that I would just wear leggings again. (Not that I have anything against leggings—they’re of-the-moment—but wearing them once in my denim-less week was enough for me.) Two leggings days in a row made me miss my jeans even more.

This was my post-detox “recovery phase,” during which time I felt more like myself than I had in days. I felt accomplished armed with the newfound knowledge that not wearing jeans won’t necessarily improve my style, but it will probably keep me from adding to my denim collection for the time being. (That way I can add a few new pant styles, dresses, and skirts to my lineup.)

To sum things up, my biggest takeaway was that the best way to discover what your wardrobe is lacking is to stop wearing the thing you wear the most.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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New Drinking Games, The Actual Age Range of Millennials, & Royal Dad Style

OH HELL NO! you)

SPEAKING OF THINGS THAT CAN KILL YOU: What could possibly go wrong?

I CAN’T DECIDE IF THIS GUY… is super lucky or not lucky at all. Either way, you are down to 6 lives by my estimation.

NOT SO SWEET: The problem with artificial sweeteners. Just because I never figured it out doesn’t mean you can’t make better choices.

HEY GUYS! Someone has decided to define the millennial generation once and for all. At least, the actual ages of said millennials. Also, if you find yourself on the border, feel free to say “feck that” because I can relate. Mostly.

DON’T BE THESE GUYS: This is both depressing and scary. It might also be something to keep in mind for future reference.

DAD STYLE: The Royal edition. These guys seems to think Prince William has it going on. What say you?

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Damn I love this woman.

NFL DRAFT WATCH: Because being an NFL worthy defensive end isn’t enough, this dude has some impressive skills as a producer. Then there’s this guy with an interesting training regiment.

PLANET OF THE APES? One day. Soon. Oh you laugh now…

WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS…Aubrey? Sounds like he was on an adventure.

THEN THERE’S THIS KID: Macaulay Culkin has nothing on Drew.   Meanwhile, I suspect The Colonel has something to do with this. Because this has social media stunt all over it’s greasy self.

LOOKING BEYOND THE MP3: Because we can’t even imagine how people will hear music in the future, Massive Attack did this. Brilliant. Also, I am always going to remind people about these guys every chance I get.


At this point I’m just spoiled, to be honest. For some reason Eric H continues to make my job easier by sharing must-read clickables week in and week out. He is the wind beneath my wings.

THE OTHER SEX (badass women): Grace Jones. Slave to the rhythm, Bond villain, photographer’s muse, and as she gets ready to turn 70 there is still no stopping her. Life time of doing whatever she pleases.

THIS MIGHT BE SUPER IMPORTANT: Mutant enzyme to the planet’s rescue? One can hope, right? Oh, and once again, an accident results in something that could be a game changer. Science!

OH. MY. GOUDA: This is a seriously effed up situation for our neighbors to the north.

THAT ONE TIME BEES MADE RED HONEY IN THE BIG APPLE: This is both an update of a former Dossier story and an engaging tale of apiaries, maraschino cherries and a hot summer in the big city. 

INCOMING! Yikes. Jim Carrey is not looking so funny these days.


AWKWARD MUCH? Yeah, about those government secret remote mind control plans? Can you maybe return those and forget all about it?

SCIENCE! Because I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy, I present this.

HEADS UP: No really, check this out. Only, if you’re a squeamish germaphobe, I wouldn’t.

WHO’S A GOOD BOY!? Both of them.

AND BECAUSE I COULDN’T PICK JUST ONE THIS WEEK: Floof of the week. I mean, really, this is Peak Floof.


Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He doesn’t really hate people. Mostly. Mostly mostly. Mostliest.

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Style Scenario: Spring Temptation – Finding the Middle Ground

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. In late March we brought you a round up of the best in new affordable men’s style arrivals for spring of 2018. So far we’ve put together a casual look utilizing the picks, but sometimes you need to dress a little nicer, without taking it to the nines. Here’s a look that falls in-between getting a pint with your buds, and attending that church wedding. 

Style Scenario: Spring Temptation - Finding the Middle Ground |

The Jacket: J. Crew Factory Unconstructed Linen Jacket – $ 99ish. “Unconstructed” and “linen” are the words to pay attention to here. Just the sleeves are poly lined, so your trunk can stay cool. And linen is an ultimate warm weather fabric. Should do you well spring through early fall.

The Shirt: UNIQLO Airism Shirt Collar Polo in Light Blue – $ 19.90. If you need to dress your looks up more, go with a dress shirt. But if leaning a bit casual is appropriate, try a polo under your blazer. This polo is also part of UNIQLO’s Airism line, which features quick dry fabric, and the shirting fabric at the collar (plus the buttons) is perfect for layering under the the sportcoat.

The Pants:  Spier & Mackay Tropical Wool “Fresco” Trousers in Heather Blue Fresco – $ 118. You might associate wool with cold weather, but it’s ability to regulate temperature makes it perfect for year round use. These particular pants are made with a fresco weave fabric. Fresco yarn is twisted high, and due to this the weave remains open, allowing for air flow.

The Belt: Suitsupply Brown Suede Belt – $ 59. Suede works in spring, and the lighter brown shade compliments the shoes and watch strap. And no, you don’t have to exactly match the shades of the suede if you’re wearing multiple suede pieces. This wasn’t in the Spring Temptations post, but was featured in the 10 Men’s Style Things to Change Up for Spring/Summer.

The Watch: Huckberry Exclusive Armogan Regalia Chronograph – $ 109.98 ($ 220). Keeping it clean on the watch front, but adding a bit of color in the mix with those orange hands. Pretty decent price. 40mm diameter should be wearable by most. Full review of the blue hand version here.

The Sunglasses: J. Crew Palma Sunglasses – $ 59.50. A combination of retro looks. Will transition well from super casual to smart casual looks.

The Shoes: Nordstrom 1901 “Merick” Bucks in Cigar Suede – $ 110.00. Since we’re going with a polo under the blazer, pairing bucks with this outfit won’t seem out of place. Cigar Suede is a fairly neutral pick to go with, as are the Dark Grey. Fully padded foot bed should keep these extra comfy. More of a traditional toe shape. Not super sleek, but, that’s what you get with most bucks.

Dappered Style Mail


The Under-$50 Item That Will Improve Your Style

When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. Erlanger is also the official ARMI Captain at the luxury rental and styling platform Armarium. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

No matter how much you love to shop, it can be almost impossible to purchase on-trend items every season while staying within your budget. However, if you’re looking for a way to update your style, affordably accessorizing is the key. Today, I’ve chosen to focus on an accessory that is essential to completing every look, a bag.

Replacing your bag with one that matches this season’s trends is a great way to revitalize your style with one simple change. These bags are sure to elevate your looks with the latest trends while helping you avoid having to replace your entire closet. Between embellished, metallic, and straw bags, there is a trend that is sure to update any style. The best part—all the bags are under $ 50.

Scroll down to shop the best under-$ 50 bags to update your style.

Up next, shop the three best one-piece swimsuits for summer. 

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Gentleman of Style: David Gandy

Model, blogger, pilot: He has done many things, but David Gandy’s claim to fame is mostly due to his looks and style. Meet this Gentleman of Style, voted “Most Stylish Man of 2015” by the British GQ magazine, among many other accolades.

Early Days

Understated in T-shirt and jacket

Understated in T-shirt and jacket

He was born David James Gandy in Billericay, Essex (1980) to upper-middle-class parents who owned properties and companies. In an interview for the British Express, he said, “The best things my parents taught me were… the things I learned when they took us traveling. It’s when my sister and I were educated, really. We were in Africa, South America, the Galapagos and the Amazon rainforest – all around the world  – and we just learned a lot culturally and about differences in the world and different races and cultures. We were very fortunate.”

Studying and Working

A passion for cars

A passion for cars

He tried his hand at many activities before graduating in computing and marketing from the University of Gloucestershire: rugby, tap dancing, and horse riding were a few of his extra-curricular activities. In fact, he wanted to be a veterinary surgeon, but his grades prevented him from this course of studies.


The modeling career was actually something unexpected for him. The propellant was his roommate, who entered his name – without his knowledge – in a competition that looked for new faces on a TV show called This Morning. On June 2001, he won the contest, and the prize included a contract with a London agency, Select Model Management. “I didn’t aspire to be a model,” he said in an interview for the UK edition of GQ. “I’ve learned along the way.” In fact, as a teenager, he wore mostly jeans, T-shirts, and jumpers.

On the cover of Men's Fitness

On the cover of Men’s Fitness

He has an imposing figure – 6ft 3in – and well built, and this combination makes him stand out among skinny male models. He goes to the gym five times a week but doesn’t participate in team sports.

The Dolce & Gabbana Ad

Among the brands that had his face in their ads, we find Zara, Gant USA, Hugo Boss, and Carolina Herrera. But his most famous work was for Dolce & Gabbana, beginning in 2006: Mario Testino shot the advertising for the fragrance “Light Blue”, showing David and Marija Vujović. He even showed up on a 50-foot billboard in Times Square.

The Light Blue ad with Anna Jagodzinska

The Light Blue ad with Anna Jagodzinska

The ad had a very strong reaction and David returned to it in 2010, now with Anna Jagodzinska.

"David Gandy" book

“David Gandy” book

Next year, to celebrate the collaboration, Dolce & Gabbana published a coffee table book and hosted events in Milan where David met the public and signed autographs.

He also released his own (paid) iPhone fashion app, “David Gandy Style Guide For Men,” in 2011, with mixed reviews from the public: “This is a well thought out app but it has not been updated for a while. The fashion recommendations are now out of date – winter stock,” wrote one user; “It’s a good start and ideal idea for an app but it needs to be maintained regularly,” said another.

 In a tuxedo at GQ Men of the Year Awards, 2010

In a tuxedo at GQ Men of the Year Awards, 2010

In 2012, he added two brands to his modeling portfolio – Marks & Spencer and Johnnie Walker in its Blue Label version. It seems that he actually enjoys drinking this Scotch, which he calls “the Aston Martin of the whiskey world.”


Next year, he starred in a short film called “Escapism,” where he drives Jaguar cars such as the C-Type, the XKSS, the E-Type and the new F-Type.

The Marks & Spencer ad

The Marks & Spencer ad

In November 2013, the Marks & Spencer ad campaign was “Magic and Sparkle”, a fairy-tale commercial featuring Gandy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Helena Bonham Carter.

Gandy and Yasmin Le Bon at the Mille Miglia, 2013

Gandy and Yasmin Le Bon at the Mille Miglia, 2013

The active year of 2013 also saw model David Gandy invited to be one of the drivers in the Mille Miglia regularity car course, a 3-day event that passes through some 200 Italian towns, a Brescia-Rome-Brescia tour, recreating the famous 20th-century race. Gandy drove a 1950 XK120 Jaguar, having the British model Yasmin Le Bon as co-driver. He returned in 2015, now with television presenter Jodie Kidd, driving a different XK120.

Veddy Briddish in wool and turtleneck

“Veddy Briddish” in wool and turtleneck

His passion for cars is very strong and he finally bought his dream auto, a Jaguar XKR-S. He said that “if I could have one car for the rest of my life, this would be it”. He tries to drive it all the time. “My love of motoring was already established by the time I bought my first car, a 1.1 1988 Fiesta Ghia,” he said for the M&S magazine. And if he had to chose the perfect drive, it would be Highway 1 on the California coast. (This author could not agree more; it is a must-see road, with spectacular sunsets.)

Preferences & Style

Preserving the Savile Row style

Preserving the Savile Row style

He takes pride in his British heritage and shuns at his countrymen who go to Abercrombie & Fitch when they have Savile Row as a source of good clothes. He considers Jude Law a good dresser, “mixes contemporary with classical.” By the way, David is fond of vintage accessories, such as old cowboy boots, Dunhill bags, Omega watches.

Wimbledon 2009 with girlfriend Chloe Pridham

Wimbledon 2009 with girlfriend Chloe Pridham

Gandy and his Omega Speedmaster, one of his passions

Gandy and his Omega Speedmaster, one of his passions

His grandfather built clocks, and Gandy says that his passion for watches comes from him to the point of forming a substantial collection. Also as a good Briton, one of his favorite books is The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill, full of quotations and quips from the Old Bulldog.

He grooms with Kiehls (anti-oxidants and anti-wrinkle) because he enjoys the bricks and Harley Davidson look of their stores.

In San Remo, 2009: a relaxed look

In San Remo, 2009: a relaxed look

The fit is the key to his clothes. He likes grey, the Thirties, checkered or windowpane jackets or suits, as well as the relaxed look of a t-shirt (from his Autograph collection with Marks & Spencer) under a blazer or leather jacket. Ties? He goes with Drakes. As for shirts, Emma Willis and Thomas Pink, mostly bespoke, like his suits – one of his tailors is Thom Sweeney.

Contrasting vest

Contrasting vest

He favors matching or contrasting vests in three-piece suits, for they enhance his chest and arms. “There are tailors, and then there is Thom Sweeney. Thom and Luke make suits for some of the most stylish men in London. I can comfortably say that they are the best tailors in London right now,” he said. Colors? “I would stick to neutral colors, such as navy and greys.” He seems quite at ease with double-breasted suits, always with six buttons. Expect a pocket square to be peeking over the edge. Shoes – he believes that a man must buy quality here – are Gucci or Russell & Bromley.

A penchant for brown shoes

A penchant for brown shoes

“One assumption is that if you can dress the part by acquiring an expensive three-piece suit and parting your hair, you’ve somehow earned the right to be classed as a gentleman,” according to Gandy. But he goes on: “A gentleman doesn’t follow fashion. He’s more of an individual, he stands out, with the confidence to go against the grain and without a care for what other people think.” Obviously aware of the sprezzatura concept, he says that “A gentleman … exudes style, effortlessly.”

Hats, quite often

Hats, quite often

He sees himself dressing in a utilitarian way, “similar to how Paul Newman or James Dean would dress”, in a classical Hollywood way, but not leaving the British tailoring style aside. He feels more comfortable in cold climates, for he prefers layering. Besides the famous movie icons cited before, he likes Tom Ford and Alasdair Willis. He has his own blog, even though it is a bit outdated now.

Gandy and Ottaway

Gandy and Ottaway

Signaling that being a fashion model does not automatically make you a fashion expert, Gandy has a trusted image consultant, Joe Ottaway. The head of personal shopping at Selfridges also doubles up as celebrities’ look builder, and Gandy is often seen beside him at fashion events and shows.

His Style Weaknesses

Even with his good looks and taste for bespoke suits, Mr. Gandy isn’t always perfectly attired (like any man, I suppose!). He has a few weaknesses that seem to pop up repeatedly, namely a taste for too-tight jeans (and by that, I mean skin-tight from the waistband to the ankle), light-wash and ripped jeans, low-cut v-neck t-shirts under a suit, and too-tight jacket sleeves. In terms of combining outfits, he has a tendency to take classic upper body combinations (jacket, shirt, tie, and vest, for example) and pair them with the aforementioned too-tight, light wash ripped jeans.

How to Get David Gandy’s Look

  • Be bold, but avoid extremes. Mr. Gandy isn’t afraid to wear bold menswear – wide-brimmed fedoras or double-breasted windowpane suits, for example – but he chooses classic colors muted colors to balance out a bold silhouette.
  • Choose muted colors. You’ll very rarely see Mr. Gandy in colors like red or green. To get his look, stick to gray, navy, blue, and khaki.
  • Keep classics and modern classics separate. When Mr. Gandy looks his best in a suit, the combination usually leans classic or modern, but he doesn’t blend the two. On occasion, he wears more formal pieces with more modern ones (i.e. ripped jeans) but it’s not his strongest fashion statement.
  • Wear three-piece suits. 
  • Pick a signature collar. Mr. Gandy seems to favor two very different collars: a long button-down collar, and a short, classic spread collar.
  • Wear your 6×2 as a 6×1, on the middle button. It’s a signature of his that he buttons his double-breasted jackets only on the middle button.
  • Hem pants with a full break. It’s not our preference, but Mr. Gandy prefers a bit more length in his pants.
  • Layer up. Mr. Gandy is fond of layering with jackets, vests, cardigans, and overcoats.
  • Embrace winter…because you get to wear ALL the classic pieces in your closet. Many of Mr. Gandy’s most stylish photos show him in the cooler months of the year, wearing the full kit: an overcoat, a fedora, a scarf, a three-piece suit, and gloves.
  • Choose a signature pose. Mr. Gandy is a model, so it’s not surprising that he knows how to pose for pictures. His trademark seems to be keeping one or both of his hands in his pockets.
  • Grown a scruffy beard. Mr. Gandy’s facial hair falls somewhere between a distinct beard and a few days of growth, which seems to be a deliberate choice.


At a Glamour magazine event

At a Glamour magazine event

The Spanish magazine Glamour named him “Most Beautiful International Male Face” in 2008. He was the first male model nominated for “Model of the Year” by the British Fashion Council in 2010; in 2011, ShortList named him “Face of Today”. The BFC nominated him again in 2012, the same year in which he was voted one of “The Sexiest Men” by the readers of Glamour. In October 2013, he was placed second as “The World’s Top-Earning Male Models of 2013” by Forbes magazine. Next year, the Spanish GQ named Gandy “Model of the Year” at their Men of the Year Awards 2014 in Madrid. In December, Harper’s Bazaar included him in their list of “Best Dressed Men of 2014”.

Tieless at the première of "Prince of Persia"

Tieless at the première of “Prince of Persia”

Debrett’s – a publication best known for their coverage of British peerage – included David Gandy on a list of “500 Most Influential People in Britain” in 2015 and in 2016. On the same year, MTV had him as one of the “50 Sexiest Men Alive”, and the British GQ named Gandy “Most Stylish Man of 2015”.


Double-breasted suit

Double-breasted suit

Some may argue – and rightly so – that it must not be so difficult to be a top fashion icon if you have the physical built and looks like David Gandy. However, as he says, what matters is your attitude, stance and the way you put your style together. So, if you like Gandy style, try finding staple pieces such as a nice leather jacket, a double-breasted suit, good shoes (brown and black will be enough), a couple of hats (fedora and driving cap), t-shirts, all with a fitted cut. Make your best characteristics stand out. Oh, and don’t mind an occasional stubble. You may not have Gandy’s DNA, but you can benefit from his tips. How would you put your look together here?

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Develop Your Style Spidey Sense

A “spidey sense” is an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger. Your style spidey sense (or SSS for short), on the other hand, is your ability to detect a dangerous item or silhouette that will make you feel less than fab. 

For the last couple of years I’ve been developing my SSS with a very special mentor. Naturally stylish and with unparalleled intuition, my mentor has helped me to become a better fashion stylist to my clients, and better at creating my own wardrobe.

It helps that my mentor has a similar body type to mine. We share a slight frame, a long neck, short hair, a small head and narrow shoulders. As a result, our figure flattering priorities are in sync and we have a close mentor-mentee relationship.

We both need clothing with narrow fits and plenty of structure. I used to have to think hard about these factors, but now my SSS makes it easy. I have a supernatural ability to detect tops, toppers and dresses with structure around my shoulders, shoulder neck points, and neck. My SSS tingles whenever I pick up an item that has a wide neckline, sloppy shoulder line, or extremely oversized fit. It also sends me a warning alert when sleeves are too wide.

When I first started to develop my SSS it would buzz with alarm whenever it detected a remotely fluid fit. But with the help of my mentor I fine-tuned my SSS to detect items that have just enough structure

You too, can spend time with my mentor, Spider Sam, to develop your own style spidey sense. He’s generously offering free sessions today and for the rest of this week. We at YLF wish you a happy and peaceful Easter and Passover.

Couch Patrol

Brown Couch

Rear View

Spider Hood

Hood Hair



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The Best Fashion Subscription Boxes for Every Style

Two of our favorite things about living in 2017 are subscription services (Netflix, how did we survive without you?) and the ability to get just about anything delivered to our doorsteps with a few taps: tacos, transportation, and even a new outfit for the weekend.

Combine the two and you get the brilliance of clothing subscription boxes: scheduled deliveries of clothes, shoes, and accessories that make it easy to refresh your wardrobe without too much commitment or time spent browsing seemingly endless e-commerce options (ideal for those disinclined—or just too damn busy—to go shopping too often).

With the imminent entry of Amazon Prime Wardrobe into the already crowded space, we thought it was about time we took a look at some of the most successful offerings on the market catering to women of all ages, sizes, and styles. Below, compare five fashion subscription services (some of which offer one-off boxes) and see which one is the right fit for you.

Make sure to shop the box that’s best for you.

This post was updated by Aemilia Madden.

 as long as you want, and exchange them as often as you want (individually or all at once). Dry cleaning is taken care of, and the wealth of reviews from fellow RTRers makes it easy to get a better idea of how each piece might fit. Price: $ 139 per month. Sizes: 0-22
et a box of clothing, shoes, and accessories curated just for you by a personal stylist. Each Fix box contains five items, and you only pay for what you keep. Feedback cards allow you to tell your stylist what you did and didn’t like, with the goal of improving your selection each time.
How it Works: Each Le Tote delivery contains five items—three pieces of clothing and two accessories—which you can wear as long as you want. Return the whole box when you want a fresh five, or keep any of the items and your card will be charged with the purchase price (at a discount from the retail value). Fill out a quiz to get stylist recommendations tailored to your style. Brands: An exclusive collab with Olivia Culpo, plus brands like Three Dots, Vince Camuto, Rebecca Minkoff, and Kate Spade New York. Price: $ 59 per box, plus optional $ 5 insurance to cover damages. Sizes: XS-XXL, 2-16, plus maternity
Shipping is free and you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning.

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Apparently Meghan Markle’s style evolution will take cues from Princess Diana

And Kate’s been helping her out

Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Ever since Meghan Markle stepped into the limelight, the actress and humanitarian has been racking up major style points for her simple yet effortlessly cool sense of fashion. It’s a refreshing change to see her around town rocking a messy bun and one of her famous Meghan Markle coats, a welcome departure from the stuffiness of the past. However, a source has revealed that her sense of style is going to gradually start changing – and more specifically, in Princess Diana’s direction.

The source told Entertainment Tonight, ‘Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother. Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honour Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.’

It’s not out of the ordinary for Kate to take style pointers from Princess Diana’s iconic style, from her powder blue suit in a royal Christmas card to a Prada pussybow dress she wore to visit the royal’s memorial garden.

meghan markle style evolution

Reginald Davis/REX/Shutterstock

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was also a gorgeous sapphire hand-me-down from the fashionable royal herself and future sister-in-law’s followed suit, as Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was crafted by Prince Harry and included two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection.

Meghan’s laidback style seems to be clearly influenced by Los Angeles’ easy casual chic vibe, however in recent weeks she’s stepped up her fashion game. She’s come a long way since the ripped jeans of her Invictus Games appearance and her looks are a little more polished now, which is apparently thanks in part to Kate.

meghan markle style evolution

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

The source revealed Kate ‘has also been advising Meghan about royal fashion, what protocol is expected and how she may have to adapt in the future. She has provided Meghan with names of some of the favourite UK go-to-designers on everything from dresses, coats and the all-important British hat.’

meghan markle style evolution


Given that Kate Middleton’s hats are a thing of beauty, Meghan’s definitely in good hands – especially if she’s getting the down low on Kate Middleton’s favourite fashion brands. Though, the source speculates that somebody else may also be helping Meghan step up her style game in accordance with royal protocol.

They said, ‘It looks very much to me as if there is someone behind the scenes helping her to dress more royally. She certainly seems to be opting for more conservative designers and really stepping up to the plate in terms of royal dressing and presenting herself as a future princess.’

The post Apparently Meghan Markle’s style evolution will take cues from Princess Diana appeared first on Marie Claire.

Marie Claire


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How to Add Style to a T-Shirt and Jeans

There’s nothing more classic than a jeans-and-T-shirt outfit. But even this go-to combination can feel a bit dull at times. Fortunately, there are simple ways to inject mega style into the casual weekend look. Armed with a little bit of outfit inspiration, even the most tired ensembles can get a major refresh (no shopping required, though of course it’s an option). 

Good news, we’re offering seven simple ways to transform your jeans and t-shirt outfit with just a simple swap or two. Inspired by some of our favorite celebs and street style stars you’ll be ready to rock this ensemble anew. Plus, we rounded up our favorite basics so you can shop each look too. Next time you’re feeling stumped on how to make this easy combination feel fresh, all you need is a quick browse and you’ll be good to go. 

Platform creepers and a shearling coat give this classic ensemble a forward twist. On Jenner: Komono Crafted Lulu Sunglasses ($ 60);Designers Remix Saturday Jack Short Shearling Jacket ($ 1303); Kurt Geiger tote; Stella McCartney shoes.
Available in sizes 12 to 28. 
Available in sizes 10 to 12. 
Available in sizes 24 to 31. 
Available in sizes 8 to 11. 
Love the classic jeans-and-tee look? Give the vibe an update by tucking the top in and adding cool heels.
Available in sizes L to 4XL. 
Available in sizes 24 to 32. 
Available in sizes 38 to 40. 
For a warmer-weather look, toss on a flowy white blazer with platform sandals. On Alba: 7 for All Mankind Vintage Trouser Jeans ($ 150); Brian Atwood Gaynor Sandals ($ 332).
Available in sizes XXXS to XXS. 
Available in sizes 2 to 8. 
Available in sizes 24 to 31. 
Available in sizes 36 to 40. 
An of-the-moment army jacket gives this look a tougher feel. But the pointed stilettos keep it just femme enough.
Available in sizes XS to L. 
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Available in sizes 23 to 32. 
Elevate a band tee by tossing on a polished peacoat with pointed ankle boots. On Hadid: Parker Smith jeans.
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Available in sizes FR34 to FR46. 
Available in sizes 00 to 24. 
Available in sizes 5 to 11. 
Make a tee and jeans more work appropriate by creating an impromptu suit with a blazer and sleek heels.
Available in sizes XS to L. 
Available in sizes 00 to 8. 
Available in sizes 10 to 22. 
Available in sizes IT35 to IT40.5
Skin-tight booties makes ripped jeans and a double-tee look even cooler. On Baldwin: Daniel Patrick Hero Muscle Top ($ 160); Zara Ripped Cigarette Jeans ($ 70); Givenchy Antigona Bag ($ 2295) and Prive Stretch Nappa Leather Boots ($ 1350).
Available in sizes XXS to XL. 
Available in sizes 14W to 26W.
Available in sizes 7.5 to 10. 

This post was updated by Aemilia Madden. 

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Sister-Sister Style: Famous Fashionable Siblings

The Kardashians, the Maras, the Knowles clan and more — these sisters’ fashion choices are always on the up-and-up. From matching colors to matching gowns, these sisters always compliment each others’ styles. Could their knack for picking good jeans (and dresses, coats, etc.) be in their genes? You might just be convinced it’s all in the family after you see these siblings working their outfits together. Scroll down to check out these famous fashionable siblings!

Us Weekly


PSA: Cardi B’s Sister Has Serious Style

We’ve already waxed poetic on Cardi B’s style numerous times, from her top-notch fashion week looks to her affordable boots. Now, we’ve got our eye on her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina. Vogue just profiled her Instagram account, and now we seriously regret not following her sooner.

Her account, which boasts two million followers, has everything you’d want: cool outfit posts, entertaining commentary, and the occasional cute ode to her famous older sister. Read on to see some of our favorite Instagrams from Hennessy Carolina.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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The Dappered Space Most Wanted Affordable Home Style March 2018

The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys apply the sense of personal style they’ve developed to the space they inhabit. Watch for articles on furniture and decor sales & picks, advice on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but always keep in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, discount stores, and even yard sales.

As is the case with the Most Wanted Affordable Style series on this site, this is a list of suggested items in the styled space arena that recently caught our attention. Whether because of the good price, the great design, or the eye-catching attributes, the following picks showcase a few items that might more finely tune your own home style. Spring is most definitely in the air. Although it’s not out of the norm for northern regions to still see snow, the earliest of spring bulbs are starting to poke out of the ground, and brief glimpses of the warmer temps to come start to tease. With that in mind, here are some spring inspired home picks.


Gibson Elite 16 Piece Rhinebeck Dinnerware Set – $ 66.58

Gibson Elite 16 Piece Rhinebeck Dinnerware Set

If you tend to like a more natural, organic look to your surroundings, this dish set might be right up your alley. The color scheme of white and black, cut through by a grey blue line is evocative of stormy spring skies. Jesus, I should write for the J. Petermen catalog. Anyway, these are just different enough to get compliments at an intimate springtime dinner with friends.


AllModern 3 Light Cluster Pendant – $ 95.99 ($ 150.99)

AllModern 3 Light Cluster Pendant

Uh oh, I’m feeling some J. Peterman coming on again. 3 spring rain-like drops come together in this striking aluminum fashioned pendant. Finished in a black matte on the outside, with contrasting vintage brass within that will create a warm sunshine cast over wherever you choose to place it. On sale through 3/31.


CB2 36″x16″ Forma Pillow – $ 44.95

CB2 36"x16" Forma Pillow

The words are flowing today my friends. Spring soil, freshly churned, and plotted out into patterns, created to eventually yield the harvest of the season. Row upon row of possibility. The geometric patterns at play on this over-sized pillow are the perfect way to fill up some space on a solid couch with some visual contrast. And it ships free.


Project 62 Carag 3pc Sling Rope Patio Chat Set – $ 215.99 ($ 269.99)

Project 62 Carag 3pc Sling Rope Patio Chat Set

We’re rolling people. The once faraway daydreams of warm afternoons spent on the patio sipping vermouth spritzers with dear old Bipsy and Patrick are closer to realization with each passing minute. Thank God for daylight saving time. This très chic chat set from Tarjay boasts a modern, trendy appeal. Alright, I think my mind is starting to meld with J. Peterman himself. Who the hell are Bipsy and Patrick?


Canyon 5-Piece Flatware Set – $ 39.99

Canyon 5 Piece Flatware Set

This… isn’t really affordable at all. But it’s the kind of thing that’ll knock the socks off of Bipsy, am I right? Charming old girl. Handles on this flatware set are hand-forged and copper plated. I should say something about reflecting sunsets and cowboys and all that jazz, but alas, I can not compete with the master, and it’s dinner time, so I’m out.

Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working behind the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from behind the curtain to offer her two cents.

Dappered Style Mail


These NYC vintage shops are Hollywood’s style secret

Ever wonder where Carrie Bradshaw found the peacock fascinator she wore to the wedding in the first “Sex and the City” movie? Or where Oliver, on the new ’90s-set Netflix series “Everything Sucks!,” gets those period-perfect buttons for his coat lapels? The answers: Chelsea shop New York Vintage and Spark Pretty in the East Village….
Fashion | New York Post


Style icon Iris Apfel is now a Barbie doll

It’s life in plastic for Iris Apfel. Mattel has modeled a Barbie after New York’s 96-year-old fashion icon, who’s famed for her idiosyncratic look. Before you clear space in your Barbie dream house for her, you should know that doll Apfel, like her human counterpart, is a one-of-a-kind model and not available for sale. “Her…
Fashion | New York Post


Style Scenario: Early Spring in the Mountains

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Now before all the armchair mountain men lose their minds over the inadequacy of this stuff, no one is looking to recreate the Amundsen Expedition here. These are options for getting up/out to a cabin, and relaxing. Just a few functional, flexible pieces suitable for the weather of an early spring weekend getaway, even if the most physical activity you’ll end up doing is half an hour of wood chopping. Unplug. Relax. Hibernate a bit.

Style Scenario: Early Spring in the Mountains |

The Sweater: JCF Striped Sweatshirt Sweater – $ 34.50 ($ 59.50). The feel of a sweatshirt with the styling of a sweater. Comfort is the name of the game.

The Watch: Casio Diver – $ 50ishYep, this one again. Why? Because, it’s a great option for your mountain escape. With its 200m water resistance, and resin band, it’s hardy enough to withstand any rain/snow, or some good ol’ wood chopping.

The Belt: GAP Basic Leather Belt – $ 39.95. Simple, basic and comfortable. You don’t need anything more on this trip.

The Jacket: Goodfellow & Co Men’s Standard Fit Wool 4 Pocket Military Jacket – $ 79.99. Look, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time exploring outside, in the rain or snow, you’re going to want to wear something a little more weather appropriate. But, for the drive up to the cabin, getting into the cabin, and relaxing in the cabin…this will suit you just fine. 

The Reading Material: The Passage by Justin Cronin – $ 14.25 (paperback). An updated take on a cataclysmic virus/zombie-esque type story. Part of a trilogy. Exceptionally written; you won’t be able to put it down. Might be a little creepy for being in an isolated cabin…but maybe you like that sort of thing.

The Entertainment: Catch Phrase – $ 15.94 & Playing Cards – $ 5.77 (2 pack). Most likely you won’t have cell phone or internet access (isn’t that kind of the point?), and most likely you’ll be escaping with family or friends, so you’ll want something fun and easy to pass the time.

The Bag: Rains 30L Duffel – $ 66.98 FINAL ($ 110). “Built to defy the elements and look good doin’ it.” This Danish (pretty sure it’s made in Denamrk?) made, 30L duffel, with custom-developed waterproof fabric, will keep all your personal items dry regardless of the weather. 

The Jeans: GAP Straight Fit with GapFlex – $ 69.95. You’ll want something comfortable enough to lounge around in while you’re reading in front of the fire, but also sturdy enough if you have to shovel a path through the snow to the outhouse.

The Boots: Danner Mountain 600 – $ 200. A Dappered favorite, these boots get it all done, and get better and better looking over time. Not a crazy clunky long distance hiker, and not an athletic shoe dressed up to look like it’s tough. Right in between. Size down a half size. Or, if these aren’t your thing, bring along whatever your preferred pair of breathable, waterproof, sturdy boots happens to be. Don’t worry about matching your leather colors here. 

The Socks: Wigwam Men’s Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Midweight Crew Socks – $ 10.36. These wool socks will keep your feet dry and warm, no matter what the activity, napping included.

Something to Sip: Viña Bujanda Crianza – $ 12.99. According to, “Wines classified as Crianza are aged for one year in oak and one year in bottle. These wines are perfect for everyday drinking, with a relatively low price point and flavors that are both fresh and accessible”- making this full-flavored, yet easy to drink, Rioja Tempranillo the perfect addition to a relaxing evening in front of the fire.

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Over-50 Women With Ridiculously Good Style

In the fast-paced fashion industry, it can often feel like there’s a glaring lens always refocusing on what’s youthful and new. But here at Who What Wear, we’re inspired by women of every age, which is why we figured it was high time to give a few of our favorite over-50 trendsetters a little love. These bloggers and Instagram stars have carved their own niches by staying true to their unique senses of style and by mixing trends with styles they’ve kept in their arsenals over time.

While these eight style makers are by no means the only older women who can teach us a thing or two about style (hello, Iris Apfel), following along in their fashion journeys has taught us a thing or two about our own fashion inclinations. Just take one peek at these eight awesome trendsetters, and you’ll see what we mean. Read on for a look at eight inspiring real women and then shop pieces for women of every age.

Want more timeless style? See the best bloggers in every age group.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


Up to 50% Off Original Price @!

ICYMI: The Scoop on Knockoff Bags, Chanel’s Latest & Best of the Best Street Style

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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Gentleman of Style: Benedict Cumberbatch

In the past we haven’t featured younger men very often in our Gentleman of Style series, but Benedict Cumberbatch is an exception. While style is inherently part of an actor’s image, Mr. Cumberbatch’s style beautifully brings together the elements of a classic wardrobe with excellent attention to detail, fit, and a modern flair. 

Though he certainly has an actor’s budget, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the few young actors in Hollywood that embraces classic style in a way that is both distinctive and approachable. Let’s take a look at his career and style.

The Early Years

Benedict Cumberbatch (with CBE cross on hand) and wife Sophie Hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch (with CBE cross on hand) and wife Sophie Hunter

Born in London in 1976, Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch has the honor of using three letters after his name since November 2015, when the Queen appointed him Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The title of CBE is granted to those with considerable achievements in the arts, sciences, and charities.

The Cumberbatch family - Timothy, Wanda, and Benedict

The Cumberbatch family – Timothy, Wanda, and Benedict

His family is no stranger to the thespian art. His father, Timothy Carlton, has had a long career on stage, in TV, and in the movies. Benedict grandfather, Henry Cumberbatch, was a naval officer of both World Wars and a member of London’s high society. As Benedict himself said once, “I was brought up in a world of privilege”. And his mother, Wanda Ventham, is known for her role as Colonel Virginia Lake in the 1970s sci-fi TV series UFO. We won’t comment on his looks, which obviously didn’t harm his career either.

Acting Career

Without a doubt, Benedict Cumberbatch’s career is on the rise. The theater – with a focus on Shakespeare – was his first acting venue: he played Titania (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) at 12. His drama teacher at Harrow School, Martin Tyrell, said he was “the best schoolboy actor” he had ever met.

On his gap year, he volunteered to teach English at a Tibetan monastery in India and then studied Drama at the U. of Manchester. After that, an MA in Classical Art at the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) refined his talents. It was announced recently that Cumberbatch will succeed Timothy West as President of LAMDA.

BC as Frankenstein's creature

BC as Frankenstein’s creature

What about playing both Victor Frankenstein and his creature? That is what he did on alternating nights in a stage production of Mary Shelley’s famous novel in 2011. The monster was a lucky charm, for he received what is called the “Triple Crown of London Theatre” in the same year: he received the Olivier Award, Evening Standard Award and Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for his performance.

BC as Hawking

BC as Hawking

The first decade of 2000 saw him appear frequently on the television, but his first hit was the 2004 BBC television film Hawking, showing the scientist’s early years at Cambridge. His performance earned him the Golden Nymph for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Film or Miniseries, as well as his first nomination for a BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor.

BC as Van Gogh

BC as Van Gogh

In 2010, he portrayed both Van Gogh and Sherlock Holmes, a role that also granted him lead actor nominations.

His filmography is ample, and it starts with a first movie called To Kill a King (2003), where he plays a royalist. The role of William Pitt the Younger in Amazing Grace (2006) garnered him a nomination for British Breakthrough Acting Award for the London Film Critics Circle.

His first lead actor role was in Third Star (2010) as James, a young dying writer that goes on one last trip to Wales with some friends. Adam Robertson, one of the producers, said that “He was just perfect. You believed he was a writer, he had that kind of poetry. The first draft was quite dialogue-heavy and for Benedict, it wasn’t an issue.” After that, Spielberg directed him as Major Jamie Stewart in the 2011 War Horse drama.

BC as Smaug the Dragon

BC as Smaug the Dragon


Fans of Tolkien heard Cumberbatch as Smaug the Dragon and as the Necromancer in The Hobbit trilogy (2012-14); the dragon’s expressions and movements were also his. (I recognized the eyebrows!). Benedict Cumberbatch was also cast Khan in the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness, directed by J. J. Abrams; the role was originally portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán for the Star Trek TV series.

Also of 2013 are The Fifth Estate with BC as Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame; 12 Years a Slave as William Prince Ford, a slave owner; and Charles Aiken in August: Osage County, a movie for which he recorded a song. One of my favorite Cumberbatch performances is his Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (2014): this role earned him nominations for the Golden Globe, BAFTA, SAG (Screen Actors Guild), and Academy Award for Best Actor. His stirring performance of the persecuted cryptologist led him, according to Wikipedia, “in an open letter published in The Guardian on 31 January 2015, Cumberbatch asked for pardons of all gay and bisexual men who were convicted under the same now-defunct ‘indecency’ laws as Alan Turing was.”

Comic book fans surely enjoyed his portrayal of Doctor Strange (2016). At the San Diego Comic-Con in the same year, he promoted the movie in a simple gray t-shirt, one of his sartorial tricks: always try to blend (and not stand out) in a given situation.

And do it naturally, with sprezzatura, the near-magical quality that Cumberbatch seems to dominate and that was defined by The Book of the Courtier‘s author, Baldassare Castiglione: “to avoid affectation in every way possible as though it were some rough and dangerous reef; and (to pronounce a new word perhaps) to practice in all things a certain sprezzatura [nonchalance], so as to conceal all art and make whatever is done or said appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.” (We’ve talked about it here, for instance.)


He met Sophie Hunter (b. 1978 at the set of  2009’s Burlesque Fairytales, a 2009 drama. She studied avant-garde theatre in Paris and trained at the Saratoga International Theatre Institute in New York City. Fluent in French and Italian, she is also a skilled pianist. The couple married on February 14, 2015, on the Isle of Wight and they have two sons, Christopher Carlton (2015) and Hal Auden (2017).

His Style

Stylistically, Mr. Cumberbatch is unique in Hollywood in that he rarely tries to call attention to himself with his fashion choices. He’s often commented on his “posh” British upbringing, which undoubtedly influenced his more traditional approach to fashion. That being said, his effortless and always-appropriate attire make him notable as an example of the style of a modern gentleman.

He appears to wear formal clothes more comfortably than less formal attire; in fact, casual attire doesn’t seem to suit him or his natural style tendencies. While most of his suits are crisp and well-cut, the aforementioned gray t-shirt he wore to Comic-Con in 2016 was too large and it was paired awkwardly with dress pants and sneakers. It seems that he dresses down when the occasion requires it, but even in his more casual private moments, he prefers button-down shirts and cardigans paired with slim fit chinos.

He likes Spencer Hart suits, dark suits (navy, midnight blue or black), shirts with initials (mostly white), tweed jackets, scarves, layers, and the occasional monochromatic outfit. As perfumes go, he enjoys Hermès fragrances such as Terre d’Hermes. His signature accessories are scarves, flat caps, thick glasses, and trilbies.

He knows his body type and therefore what looks good on him. He’s a tall, thin man, and he wears trimly cut suits and pants, which he pairs with thin lapels and narrow ties. He favors classic outerwear, such as trench coats, simple overcoats, leather jackets and waxed cotton jackets (often called a Barbour jacket).

Overall, his style tends towards classics; he clearly enjoys a more formal style than the average actor his age, and he wears exceptionally good black and white tie. In fact, he’s probably the only high-profile attendee of Met Ball that actually wore a proper white tie ensemble without a major faux pas. This is a man that clearly understands the rules of classic style, even if he does choose to break them from time to time.

Benedict Cumberbatch in a linen patch pocket single button jacket

Benedict Cumberbatch in a linen, patch pocket, single button jacket

He generally wears a pocket square and a tie with a jacket, and when he goes without neckwear, he’s careful to select more casual jackets such as this linen, patch pocket jacket in a rust color. Here he “breaks” the rules by pairing this combination with a more formal peaked lapel.

BC in Paris for the French Open Final, 2014

BC in Paris for the French Open Final, 2014

He is aware of the power of a good hat, such as in these pictures: at the 2014 French Open Men’s Final in Paris he dons a Lacoste with Persol sunglasses, grey trousers, and a blue straw hat, as well as … white tennis shoes, of course.

At the Chelsea Flower Show

At the Chelsea Flower Show

At the Chelsea Flower Show (also in 2014), he wears a white straw hat with a light gray blazer and salmon shirt.

A more relaxed look

A more relaxed look

In this picture, the hat is a dark gray fedora – a la Sinatra – worn with a black leather jacket, gray trousers (no belt but suspenders) and black shoes, showing a cool, relaxed look.

At Wimbledon with Sophie

At Wimbledon with Sophie

Here, at the 2015 edition of Wimbledon, he sports a Panama hat with a striped jacket and white shirt that seems to be linen.

BC and dad at Wimbledon

BC and dad at Wimbledon

In yet another day of that tennis tournament, his preference leaned towards a Richard James suit, shirt, and tie, with a Wimbledon button pinned below the boutonnière. His father, at his left, was also quite elegant in a striped jacket, pink shirt and matching tie.

In a white tie with Tom Ford at the Met Gala

In a white tie outfit with Tom Ford at the Met Gala

He seems absolutely at ease in formalwear, such as this white tie by Tom Ford worn at the Met Gala in 2014, when he was seen along with Tom Ford himself. Anna Wintour, the USA Vogue editor, was quoted saying BC was the only person to “hit the white tie theme right on the head.”

Nominated for an Academy Award, he showed up at the event in a nice summery dinner jacket with shawl collar designed by Scabal, once again complemented by an almost invisible black pocket square with Cumberbatch’s signature TV fold.

At the Royal Opera House

At the Royal Opera House in Black Tie

Sometimes, such as in this Royal Opera House concert on February 2015, a few days before his marriage, he likes to coordinate colors with his wife, Sophie Hunter. The black tuxedo jacket is complemented with a small button saying “Save Soho”, a campaign to protect the performing acts in London’s Soho from the CrossRail 2 which Cumberbatch embraced.

The blue velvet tuxedo was his choice for the Berlin premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, in 2013. The perfect fit betrays the bespoke origins of the attire.

In a Giorgio Armani dinner jacket

In a Giorgio Armani dinner jacket with a necktie

At the world premiere of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” in Leicester Square, BC chose a silk lined Giorgio Armani dinner jacket tie, this time a regular one – showing that when you know the rules, you can to break them. That being said, we still believe a dinner jacket looks much better with a black bow tie. In this case, one in black velvet bow tie or one matching the lapel silk would have been superb.

Receiving the CBE

Receiving the CBE

When Queen Elizabeth decorated him with the CBE cross, he wore a bespoke morning suit with pearl-gray tie and a nice touch – a Remembrance Poppy enamel brooch. After all, the ceremony was in November, and the poppy is worn then to commemorate military personnel who died in war.

In a Dolce & Gabbana jacket

In a Dolce & Gabbana jacket

Obviously, he can also look dapper in everyday suits or jackets, such as the Dolce & Gabbana trimmed grey jacket with a burgundy Richard James shirt he wore at the Variety Studio event. He was promoting The Imitation Game at the Toronto International Film Festival with Keira Knightley – she played the role of Joan Clarke, the only female codebreaker to work in Alan Turing’s group.

Matching socks

Matching socks

Oh, Yes: his socks matched the shirt!

Wearing an Alexander McQueen windowpane suit

Wearing an Alexander McQueen windowpane suit

In 2013, in an event celebrating The Global Fund at Apsley House, BC wore an Alexander McQueen windowpane suit with a skull print tie and – yup, you guessed it – a crisp pocket square.

Toronto - the CumberCollective was there

Toronto – the CumberCollective was there

During the premiere of 12 Years a Slave in Toronto, in 2013, his choice was a tieless grey peaked-lapel, two-buttons fit suit with a white shirt and black shoes.

Watson and Holmes

Watson and Holmes

As Holmes, he is seen here with Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson) in a navy tweed overcoat and another of his signature accessories – the Paul Smith scarf.

With Jimmy Fallon

With Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in 2016, he donned a navy Burberry suit and a matching shirt.

How to Get Benedict Cumberbatch’s Signature Look

  1. Dress up. When in doubt, choose slightly more formal attire for the occasion.
  2. Learn the rules. While Mr. Cumberbatch was brought up with British sartorial tradition, he’s a great example of first learning the rules so you can break them elegantly, rather than brashly.
  3. Embrace layers. Classic layering is flattering and stylish on everyone.
  4. Wear what looks good on you. Since he’s tall and thin, you won’t see Mr. Cumberbatch wearing pleats anytime soon, since they would overwhelm his frame.
  5. Keep the color palette muted. Even though we’re a big fan of color, a wardrobe composed of navy, gray, white, blue, and green is incredibly versatile.
  6. Wear classic pieces with modern cuts. Mr. Cumberbatch favors trim (but not too trim!) dress pants, suit jackets, and cardigans.
  7. Wear a hat. He may be trying to hide from the paparazzi, but a hat is undoubtedly a classic and stylish accessory for winter and summer.
  8. Don’t forget the scarf. It’s an accessory he favors more than others.
  9. Master black and white tie. This is Mr. Cumberbatch’s forte – when the pressure is on to look dapper, he always delivers because he knows how important the rules of classic style are with the black and white tie.
  10. Buy classic brands. You won’t see Mr. Cumberbatch wearing Kanye West’s clothing anytime soon. When he chooses a certain garment or accessory, he goes with the classic brand: Ray-Ban for Wayfarers, Lacoste for polos, or Barbour for waxed cotton jackets.


The Benedict Cumberbatch style has a few clear points, such as the discrete pocket square, dress code mastery, wearing what looks good on you, and rules that are bent every now and then. He’s a modern Gentleman of Style. What do you think of Benedict Cumberbatch’s style?

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Kim Kardashian Takes Aerobics Instructor Style to the Next Level 

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Japan
Splash News

Is Kim Kardashian trying to tell Us that she has a new fitness video coming our way? The beauty magnate has been giving us her best Jane Fonda of late and upped the ante on Monday, March 5, wearing yet another aerobics instructor-inspired outfit.

The recently-minted mom of three is no stranger to a spandex look, as we are sure you are aware, but this most recent style is notable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s shockingly colorful (though tonal). Kardashian paired a cerulean cropped zipper jacket with a teal tube top and a pair of shiny gray-blue spandex shorts. Perhaps she is moving away from the tans and nudes now that she has shocked Us all by dyeing her platinum mane bright pink (it’s not a wig, btw, she clapped back to those in doubt last week.)

Kim isn’t the only member of her fam to be on board with the retro bike shorts trend. Baby sister Kylie was rocking the trend pre-pregnancy and has also stepped out in the last few weeks wearing a black pair — clearly it’s not a look she is retiring anytime soon.

Full-on spandex not quite your style? Well, Kendall Jenner has been at the forefront of the tracksuits comeback, which she started by rocking Adidas breakaway pants and then totally w-e-r-k-ing the Adidas redux full tracksuit in the spirit of #TracksuitNation founder Armie Hammer. Of course, it wasn’t long until big sis Kourtney Kardashian modeled her own take on the tracksuit while traveling in Tokyo.

The takeaway: it’s chic to look athletic which means if you want to feel as comfortable as you are on-trend, you best get on board with the Kardashians. So what will it be: Spandex shorts or tracksuits?


Us Weekly


14 Inspirational Style Bloggers to Follow on Instagram in 2018


In a few short years, Instagram has grown from a small trendy app to a full-fledged social media network with over 800 million monthly users. Instagram can credit its popularity to celebrities like, say, Kylie Jenner, who recently used the photo-sharing app to share her much-speculated about baby news with the world. But the top fashion bloggers who inspire cult followings with their #OOTD pics are just as influential. From flat lays to selfies, fashion bloggers populate their pages with visually stunning images, making us all want to live our lives in a permanent Valencia filter. In fact, our attention spans and schedules being what they are, Instagram is now to style blogs what YouTube is to beauty blogs — an accessible, succinct alternative.

Click through the slideshow above for the 14 top fashion bloggers you want in your Instagram feed for 2018.

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Big Style in Nature, America’s Greatest Time Piece, & an Instant Pot Warning


I KNOW NOTHING: How does this work anyway? Because this doesn’t seem right to me.

GOLD MEDAL PERFORMANCE: This just pushes all my happy buttons. 

HEADS UP FELLAS: These things are super popular at the moment so this may be relevant to your interests.

WHAT. THE. HAMBURGERS: Check. This. Out! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before but was so overwhelmed by its power to impress that I forgot all about it so it’s all brand new again.


It was for me. Tom Hardy in Bronson. And in not one frame is anything obstructing his mouth. Bonus!

CANNOT BE UNSEEN: That one time your editor sends you a link that makes you yelp in front of your pals. Come for the picture. Stay for the comments. For once, they won’t ruin your day. Mostly.

UGH: This comes as no surprise and it is still totally depressing.

MEANWHILE…the big one that didn’t get away. Also, I had no idea there were constables in America.

CHEESUS! You don’t say! Also, true story: my mom used to call the orange cheese we had when I was a kid “rat cheese.” I don’t know why I felt that was important.


LEMONADE: As far as public apologies go, this is winner-winner-chicken-dinner level stuff.

I KNOW NOTHING REDUX: Because if my publicly traded company (I don’t have one) was operating at this level, I sure wouldn’t be making that kind of bank.

NOT EVEN KIDDING: If this doesn’t connect with you in any way, I might be a little concerned. Also, just keep scrolling down until you pass out from a serotonin overdose.

COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS…this hasn’t happened to you.


Hello guys. Our Senior VP of “Hey would you look at this!” Eric H has another big race this weekend. Wish him luck?! Thank you. And thank you Eric for another great week of sharables.

LIFE ON THE RUN: If you ever thought your family was a little weird when you were growing up, uh, this is something.

WHAT. THE. HELL. I know that none of our readers pull this kind of crap but this is exactly why the internet manages to be one of the best AND worst things to happen to us. Only a little hyperbole in that sentence. Just a little bit.

THE DEPARTMENT OF DEJA VU DEPARTMENT: My trainer was telling me about this very article this morning about an hour before I ended up in a pool of sweat and shame. About an hour after that I open my email and Eric has provided the very story and link.

WHEN AN AMAZING SPORTS STORY…isn’t really about the sport at all. It’s about the people.

LIGHTNING ROUND! America’s greatest time piece? | Ridiculously impressive achievements in civil engineering, the Mexican edition. Wow. Just wow. | This is an entirely different type of wow.  | The truth is out there. | Dog is gonna dog. You go dog. You go.


OLYMPICS SHENANIGANS: And this comes as a surprise to who exactly?

CUE UP TUBULAR BELLS: This is only mildly frightening. For instance, I want the metrics for America. It might explain some things.

CAN WE ALL FINALLY AGREE..that all the excuses about “money spent in R and D” is the reason behind these devastating price hikes?  This system is broken.


Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He doesn’t really hate people. Mostly.

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