90’s Cartoons to Stream on Hulu This Summer

Have you binged Rick and Morty maybe one too many times? Need a new animated series to fill up that summertime TV programming lull? Instead of waiting for new content, watch something from the 90’s!

This decade was full of awesome animated shows, some of which were arguably better than the most popular series today. Luckily for animated series fans everywhere, Hulu is bringing tons of 90’s cartoon realness to your screen.

Check out this list of great 90’s cartoons you should totally stream on Hulu this summer:

Hey Arnold

If you’re a 90’s kid, you will probably remember this Nickelodeon cartoon classic, Hey Arnold!  The show stars a hip 4th-grader, Arnold, who lives with his grandparents Phil and Gertie in the Sunset Arms boarding house. It takes place in Hillwood, an amalgamation of Portland, Seattle, and Brooklyn– so basically imaginary hipster town. This kid grew up in a housing co-op, in a room that most millennials would only dream of, had a fine appreciation for jazz, and a slick fashion sense.  Arnold was too cool for school, but he would always be there for a friend in need.

When the show premiered in 1996, it was groundbreaking entertainment. It was the first ever Nickelodeon cartoon to use actual children to voice characters on the show. It is also still considered to be the most diverse cartoon of all time, portraying characters from many different ethnic backgrounds. Hey Arnold is sophisticated, timeless, and entertaining for kids and adults alike. Definitely add this one to your watchlist.

Home Movies

Next on this totally retro list is Adult Swim’s flagship cartoon, Home MoviesConceived by Brendan Small (Metalocalypse), Loren Bouchard (Bob’s Burgers), and H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers, Archer), this underrated animated series is considered to be the precursor to Bob’s Burgers. 

Brendan Small portrays his younger persona, a nonchalant, sarcastic 3rd grader who loves making home movies with his friends after school. Small does not even pretend to act like an 8-year-old and approaches every situation with hilarious wit. This dialogue driven show focuses less on visual storytelling and more on funny conversations. It first aired in 1999 on a different network, but later moved to Cartoon Network to lead the way in their new late-night adult programming block, Adult Swim. It is not a visual masterpiece, but it is definitely a must see for every legit cartoon fan out there.


Daria is the quintessential 90’s animated sitcom. This Beavis and Butthead spin-off was about the daily life of a slightly misanthropic, disaffected, teenage outcast named Daria Morgendorffer. When the series premiered on MTV in 1997, it became an instant hit.

Daria’s off-color brand of cleverly placed sarcasm helped form the critical voice of the millennial generation. Daria was the embodiment of teen angst, the girl who perfected shade-throwing, the black sheep that was somehow 100% relatable. We loved her long before hipsters stole her look because she wasn’t afraid to live her truth. Her melancholic, malaise truth. With a Daria reboot coming down the pipeline, we couldn’t be more excited about this addition to Hulu.


Doug was one of the greatest 90’s cartoons. Premiering originally in 1991 on Nickelodeon, the show later moved to Disney in 1994. (It was so great, Disney didn’t want to the show end.) Doug was a nerdy, goofy guy who brought a lot of relatable realness to your Saturday morning cartoon block. Doug loves journaling, hanging out with his dog, and debating with his hip, thespian sister, Judy.

Though the show may be a bit juvenile for older audiences, it never ceases to captivate with its awesome storytelling and its feel-good vibes.


From the mind of Steven Spielberg and the creators of Pinky and the Brain, came a zany animated variety show, Animaniacs. Oh, Animaniacs. These mice … dogs? … Monkeys? We’re pretty sure they’re supposed to be monkeys. Whatever they are, these silly siblings have a place in every 90’s kid’s heart.

Each episode was a series of short skits, featuring a huge cast of characters, centering around the Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and their sister Dot. It first aired on Fox in 1993, and it helped pave the way for many other animated series in the mainstream. Many believed this show was the pinnacle of Warner Bros. cartoons during the Animation Renaissance of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hulu thinks this cartoon’s zany, nonsensical humor stands the test of time, so they are planning to reboot it in 2020. Better start watching now to prepare yourself!

There are tons of other great 90’s cartoons that didn’t make the cut because they are not yet on Hulu, but we think they still deserve an honorable mention: Ed, Edd and Eddy, AHH Real Monsters, Dexter’s Laboratory, Rocko’s Modern Life, Angry Beavers, The Wild Thornberrys, Cow and Chicken, and Rocket Power.

Happy streaming, everyone!

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Once ignored, the summer is now a priority for digital ads

The dog days of summer are normally the slowest time of the year when it comes to the advertising business. Companies are gearing up creatively to unleash their ad budgets later in the year for the period between Black Friday and Christmas. But the latest reports from the digital advertising sector indicate a sharp rise…
Media | New York Post


The best beaches in America to head to for the summer


Ahhhh, the American summer. Does it get much better than sitting in the sun with a good book to read, a cold Coca-Cola in your hands, and a view of the sea in front of you? We think not. However, those who don’t live by the sea will know just how irritating it is when people say things like that last sentence (oops, sorry). However, we think it’s about time you packed up your car, filled up your tank, and took a trip across America to check out some of the most beautiful beaches this wonderful country has to offer. We won’t take no for an answer!

Coronado Beach, San Diego – California

California is famous for its beaches, and it’s really hard to single them out because they’re just that good! However, if we had to pick, the Coronado Beach in San Diego is one of the coolest beaches in the state. With year-round sun and hot temperatures, it’s the perfect place to just go and chill on your day off. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the surf here is unlike any other beach around. So, grab your board and ride the waves – and then dry off on the sand after!

Caladesi Island State Park, Dunedin – Florida

Have you ever wanted to chill out on a private island? The Caladesi Island State Park gives you that opportunity. Visitors can access the golden sands through a shuttle ferry, or you could even walk it if you’re feeling particularly energetic that day – and the end result will truly blow you away. For a minute you’ll forget that you’re in the United States and think that you’ve been transported Down Under. However, we can confirm that you will just be in Florida! A very beautiful part of Florida.

Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island – South Carolina

If you’re the kind of person that likes to go to the beach and get active, the Beachwalker Park in Kiawah Island will be for you. Although it’s not the kind of place you’ll want to sit and sunbathe, this beach is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. In fact, you might even be able to incorporate the two! Why not grab your paddle board and float atop the beautiful water while looking out for rare birds and wildlife? I mean, you don’t get much better than that.

Hapuna Beach State Park, Big Island – Hawaii

You know the screensavers that don’t look real? Well, the Hapuna Beach State Park beach is basically one of those. To look at, this beach just doesn’t look like it really exists, and you might be wondering if you’re hallucinating. Yet, we can confirm that the beautiful golden sand that is in front of you is not just a figment of your imagination. With the green backdrop, the palm trees, the crystal clear waters and the blue eyes, you will get a true taste of Hawaiian life… and we want seconds.

Coopers Beach, Southampton – New York

When you think of New York, you probably think of the Big Apple with its bright lights and bustling streets. Because of this, many people forget that New York is a whole state with little towns, villages, and beaches. One of the best beaches in New York has to be Coopers Beach in Southampton. With incredible dunes, luscious beach grass and rocking waves, this beach is the perfect haven for checking out the surf or just enjoying the sun.

Are you looking to check out what beaches America has to offer this summer? Well, look no further, because we’ve got your back!


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The Tom Collins: Your Summer Drink


The beautiful simplicity of the Tom Collins recipe—gin, sugar, lemon juice and club soda—makes it hard to believe that someone had to actually convince the rest of us to give it a try. It’s the perfect drink for a hot summer afternoon.

But the British bartender John Collin popularized the recipe in the early 19th century. Yes, it was originally called a John Collins but over time morphed and became known as a Tom Collins. It’s a good story full of odd twists and turns, and is the subject of the new episode of podcast Life Behind Bars.

Hosts Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich go all the way back to 1820s London when the drink was the signature of Limmer’s Hotel and follow its meteoric rise to become an East Coast country club favorite. They also share their personal recipes for the cocktail.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles


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How to Wear Cold Weather Colors in the Summer

One of the key rules of style is always to dress according to the season. This means switching from linen to flannel, but do you have to reject winter’s color palette entirely in the warm weather?

Summer suits in brown & pinstripes with spectators + odd jacket summer combination

Summer suits in brown & pinstripes with spectators + odd jacket summer combination

How to Wear Cold Weather Colors in the Summer

Summer colors like yellow, royal blue and white take a back seat to olive, gray, and burgundy in the cool weather. However, the opposite is not necessarily true; you don’t need to confine your traditional cold weather colors to the back of your wardrobe in hot weather. Here are some tips on how to get more mileage from fall and winter hues during the summer.

Repurposing Winter Colors for Summer

Olive green summer suit

Olive green, traditionally a fall color, is repurposed here as a summer suit

When we consider the cold weather range of colors, we’re sure to include gray, brown, olive or forest green, burgundy or maroon, and rust. Some of these are meant to parallel the colors seen in nature during autumn and winter. Most of these are said to be “drab” in the most neutral sense of that term since bright hues would look out of place when the conditions you wear them in are cloudy and devoid of vegetation. Fortunately, when summer is in full bloom, color is everywhere–in the flowers and trees–enhanced by direct sunlight that shines down from a higher angle. This means you can wear your traditionally drab or muted colors with no fear that they will be overwhelming. On the contrary, they will attain a greater vibrancy in the summer sunshine.

Let’s look at which traditional winter colors you can still combine to great effect in the warmer months.


Among cold weather colors, gray is the one that most closely mirrors the overcast skies of fall and winter. However, gray is also a classic foundational color in menswear, especially in combination with blue. The first consideration when choosing a color is always the purpose. Why are you wearing what you’re wearing? If you’re dressing for business. a gray suit is appropriate in any season as “drab” colors are chosen as a rule for professional environments. Still, you’d probably want to forego dark gray or charcoal in favor of a lighter gray, the equivalent of pastel, which is always a sign of spring. Try a Prince of Wales patterned suit or jacket, which is commonly available in gray but with an additional accent color, such as blue or red, as an overplaid that brightens it for the season.

Prince of Wales Check with Overplaid

Prince of Wales Check with Yellow-Toned Overplaid (and a Bright Blue Tie)

In less formal circumstances, a staple spring-summer wardrobe item is a pair of light gray wool pants, perhaps in a cool fresco fabric, the warm season equivalent of winter’s gray flannel trousers. Though the weather may invite white, beige, or colorful “go-to-hell pants,” a gray pair serves as a neutral companion for a variety of blue sports coats. As a bonus, the light color and texture of a fresco eliminate any association with the “security guard uniform” that can be suggested when pairing a blue jacket with darker gray pants.

Paul Lux wearing trousers with open pleats.

Paul Lux wearing light gray wool trousers with beautiful open pleats

Neckties that are in the gray family are the easiest way to incorporate the color in summer as they tend to be lighter and called silver rather than in dark tones. The texture and material of the tie also help fit it to the season and either a gray cotton knit tie, a gray linen, or an airy silver grenadine with an open Garza fina weave will fit the bill of more casual fabrics that immediately say summer.


Of all the cold weather colors under consideration, burgundy or maroon is probably the hardest to pull off in the summer because it is a strong color with equally strong winter associations; think burgundy knit vests or maroon velvet dinner jackets for the holiday season. It is, therefore, best used in the form of an accent like a tie or pocket square. The good news is that burgundy coordinates readily with gray and blue. Fabric choice is again your friend, and a raw silk such as a burgundy shantung tie is an excellent choice. The slubby texture of the raw silk gives it just the right degree of informality that you need for summer, yet shantungs also cross over easily into fall and winter, so you can use the tie year round.

Another trick that applies not just to burgundy but to all the colors under consideration is to pair them with other items and colors that are definitively summer. For example, in the image below, Ethan Wong wears a maroon blazer, yet it looks appropriate for warmer weather because he has combined it with white pants and a summery, floral white tie. Even the contrasting white buttons help enhance its status as a warm-weather piece, which dark buttons would not accomplish.

Purplish Burgundy blazer

Ethan Wong pulling off a maroon blazer in the summer by combining it with distinctly warm weather elements, such as white and floral


Green is already a hue that is underused in menswear. For spring, a true crayon-box green tie or pocket square can be worn for a small dose of the color alongside mid-blue tailoring. In this case, green reflects the fresh renewal of the season and growing grass; you may associate it with Easter or baseball fields. However, it is a very forceful color and not for everyone.

Dark Green Silk Pocket Square with Orange Dots Motifs and Blue Paisley - Fort Belvedere

Pair this dark green silk pocket square from Fort Belvedere with blue tailoring for summer

Olive or forest green appears much more frequently in menswear, but because they are more muted these have more in common with the faded vegetation of winter. Worn in the form of a tie with a white shirt, these colors awaken associations with pine woods in winter snow. Nonetheless, they tend to brighten up in the sunshine, especially when worn alongside other warm weather colors.

Green linen and gingham

Linus Norbom wearing a green linen jacket with a green and white gingham shirt and white pants

A personal favorite combination of mine is an olive green linen sports coat, which I like to wear with a muted green and white gingham shirt and white trousers. Nothing says summer like gingham, and doing the whole look in olive green makes for a unique way to stand out but not in a way that appears too bold.

An olive tie is another option, and my choice is a knit tie for added texture or again a shantung, either a solid or with alternating broad stripes of olive green and off-white. The juxtaposition of a bright companion color gives the tie the pop it needs for warm weather use. So, as a guiding principle when going with winter greens in summer, look for items that provide contrasting lightness.


Whether you call it rust, tobacco or something else, if there’s one color you’d typically associate with autumn, this is it: the color of a dead leaf, either fallen off a tree or rolled into a cigar. The subtle red tone of this shade of brown seems to be particularly suited for fall and winter, and one would, therefore, assume that rust wouldn’t work in summer. Yet the color does surprisingly well, perhaps because it shows to its best advantage in strong, direct sunlight.

Wrinkled Linen Suit via Stile Maschile

A rich, wrinkled tobacco linen suit at Pitti Uomo via Stile Maschile

Case in point is the tobacco linen suit that blew up the internet a few years back when it was pictured being worn by Italian gentlemen. It became a quintessential summer option and it still is, judging from the dozens of versions visible during the last few years of June Pitti Uomo.

Unusual seersucker with green hat by Gui Bo with purple mottled suit, tobacco linen and light grey summer sport coat

Tobacco/rust linen jacket for summer at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Generally, sports coat and odd combinations are recommended for summer over suits because the former are less formal, and in the case of autumn colors worn in hot weather, it seems logical that less of the color would be better. Yet, the tobacco linen suit proves otherwise; there’s just something special about its versatility. I just purchased my first tobacco linen jacket, and it has rapidly become a favorite of mine, not because it’s trendy (which would be a negative in my book) but because the color just works so well with brown hair, with a range of skin tones, and with a variety of other colors. For one thing, it pairs beautifully with the aforementioned olive green ties, so you can bring two non-traditional summer colors into play at the same time.


Tassel loafers without socks

Brown tassel loafers without socks

In the summer, it’s likely you already wear some brown in the form of suede or calf loafers and a matching belt, but you can also wear larger swaths of this color. Brown linen or tropical wool sports coats; brown chinos in linen, cotton or a blend of both; brown shirts; and brown ties are all fair game. The success of brown can be attributed to how well it pairs with beiges and mid-blues, both of which are popular warm-weather colors.


Brown linen shirt

A brown délavé linen shirt from Boggi Milano

For a simple casual hot weather outfit, you could wear a brown washed (or “délavé”) linen shirt with a pair of off-white pants. The relaxed nature of linen coupled with the faded treatment of a délavé makes it more summery than a deep brown would be. As a rule, with warm-season brown you want to avoid darker versions of the color, as these will tend to make you look hotter (literally, not metaphorically). With a shirt, this is particularly important as strong browns can be difficult to wear near your face, no matter what your skin tone. If your complexion is pale, it will make you look even whiter, and if you’re brown, it can clash. So, choose your shade of brown carefully.

Brown Windowpane Suit Ralph Lauren Purple Label with Boutonniere, pocket Square and Tie

A beautiful mid-brown windowpane suit from Ralph Lauren Purple Label is ideal for summer

One of my go-to combinations for summer is a brown sports coat paired with a white shirt, beige chinos and brown loafers; as simple as the outfit sounds, it looks really sharp. For added richness, try to find a brown jacket that has some beige in it as well, such as in the form of a windowpane pattern or some flecking, which will bring up the color of your pants while also lightening the shade.

Brown fresco trousers

Brown fresco trousers with a light beige plaid linen jacket

Often overlooked in summer is the possibility of wearing brown pants. A muted grayish-brown fresco works great with jackets that are beige or taupe. Meanwhile. something like a chocolate brown linen-cotton chino is fantastic with sky blue jackets or the aforementioned tobacco sports coat if you want to double up your non-traditional summer tones. Add that olive tie again and you have three. In this case, the fact that you’re wearing it on your legs and not on your torso allows the deeper brown color, and, of course, you don’t need to worry about it being near your face.


To sum up, the appropriate fabric choice makes a big difference in extending the wearability of typical cold-weather colors in the summer. Cotton, linen and raw silks provide texture and a casualness that reflects the season. Selecting lighter versions of fall-winter colors or wearing them alongside brighter summer hues also disguises their drabness though the higher angle of the sun from June through August can already make them pop more. Once you imagine the possibilities and apply these techniques, you can boost your style while expanding your summertime options and your wardrobe.

Do you wear fall or winter colors in the summer? Tell us how you do it in the comments section below.

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Huckberry’s big Summer Sale, Italian Made Boots, a Moonphase Watch, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Huckberry: Big ol’ Summer Sale


It’s mid season clearance time people. Now that we’re all sweating balls, what better time to buy some boots, eh? It actually is a good time, considering the prices. They want to get this stuff out of their warehouse to make room for the new fall stuff on the way. So this old stuff from last fall has gotta go. Still can’t believe those Astorflex boots are kickin’ about at ninety bucks. Also. Levi moon sale? Awwww yeeeeeeeah. Big thanks to Brandon D. for the tip!


Brooks Brothers: Summer Online Sale + Clearance

Brooks Brothers

This is a weird one because they’re advertising a summer clearance AND a summer sale… yet most prices don’t look like they’ve moved much if at all? Beats me. I thought the Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers shoes were long gone. But it doesn’t appear that way. Some people insist that these aren’t AEs, but… the Park Avenue style (the plain oxford cap toes) are still labeled as AEs. And if they aren’t from Allen Edmonds… who’s making them? Made in the USA and Goodyear welted. Boots are obviously Red Wings.


Spier & Mackay: New Items Added to Sale + 2 for $ 40 Polos (reg. $ 30 each)

Spier & Mackay

Sizes are scattered (it’s Spier & Mackay after all) but there are still some solid deals to be found in their sale section right now. And it’s not just suits and sportcoats. Trousers, sweaters, ties… etc. But if you are going for something more dressed up/tailored, head here for a review of their slim fit suits, and head here for a review of their more generous contemporary fit. Meanwhile, for those who are a fan of their polos, they’re doing a two for $ 40 deal through 7/15. That’s a savings of $ 10 each when you buy two or more.


Massdrop: Allen Edmonds Chukkas Still Available – $ 249.99 FINAL

Massdrop X Allen Edmonds

Looks like the chocolate brown is sold out, but the other colors are still fair game. I’m wondering if the timetable is just too long this time. It’s the middle of summer, and you’re asking guys to lay down a quarter of a grand on shoes they won’t see until the very end of October (the estimated ship date). That’s a lonnnnnnnnnnng time. AND you can’t return them if they don’t work out? That’s a big ask.


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts NOW


And we’re off. If you’re a cardmember. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until Friday July 20th. And yes, we’ll have a full run down of picks then when the doors are thrown open to the general public.


BONUS  Massdrop: Glycine Moonphase – $ 399 FINAL 


Oddly easy to dress up or down for a moonphase. Swiss made automatic with a true moonphase cutout (it’s not some AM/PM indicator). Final sale of course, being that once again this is Massdrop.

Also worth a mention:

  • Club Monaco: Extra 30% off sale styles. No code needed.
  • J. Crew: Extra 30% off sale styles w/ SHOPNOW
  • GAP: Up to 50% off everything, + an extra 20% off everything w/ MORE

Dappered Style Mail


Michael Ian Black & Bradley Cooper’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Wedding Was Ahead Of Time | PeopleTV



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Mojito pitcher recipes to make your summer complete

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than sipping on an ice-cold Mojito? The flavors of lime, mint, and white rum all play off each other so pleasantly in this classic cocktail originally from Cuba. This libation is simple enough for any thirsty individual to put together, but…

Life Style – New York Daily News


What to Wear to Work in the Summer

what to wear to work in the summerOver the years, we’ve had a lot of discussions about what to wear to work in the summer and still look polished, so I thought I’d pull some posts together for one handy dandy post. Readers, what are your biggest challenges for dressing for the office in summer? What are your favorite products or hacks to make summer office clothes more comfortable?

Workwear Hall of Fame: Favorite Products to Wear to Work in the Summer

Dressing for Work in the Summer: Our Best Advice

What Not to Wear to a Conservative Office in the Summer

We’ve talked a lot about what not to wear as a summer associate, and what items should not be considered summer work clothes… for all of the below items, make sure you know your office before you wear them — ideally by seeing a midlevel wear them before you do.

  • sleeveless looks
  • maxi dresses
  • Sandals of any kind (shoes that expose at least three toes per foot)
  • Shorts (and yes, despite our April Fool’s shorts suit roundup a year ago, we do include short suits on the list of NO)
  • Completely wrinkled clothes (linen has its own challenges, but it shouldn’t look like you balled it up, packed it in a suitcase, and then decided to wear it)
  • Short skirts — there is a spectrum here, but for business it really should be as close to your knee as possible!
  • Spaghetti-strap tank or other top that makes no effort to hide bra straps (or worse, requires you to wear a strapless bra)
  • Off-season items such as heavy tweed, boucle knits, tights, boots, thick wool trousers (but note that summer tweed is OK, as is seasonless, tropical wool)
  • Cleavage of any kind.  If at any point you look down during the day and see your bra, you need a camisole.   (You may want to check out some of the newer demi camisoles if the idea of another layer makes you swelter).

Readers, what are your best tips on what to wear to work in the summer? Do you prefer dresses, skirts, or lightweight pants in the summer? If you need a layering piece, are you on team cardigan or team blazer? Do you have any hacks to help with sweltering commutes, freezing offices, melting makeup, or other summer issues? 

Stock photo via Deposit Photos / deagreez1.what to wear to work in the summer - image of a stylish young professional looking polished but cool

When temperatures climb, commutes can get nasty—while offices may be freezing because of A/C. So we rounded up our very best tips for professional women on what to wear to work in the summer so you look polished and stay cool.


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6 Summer Blockbusters That Didn’t Deserve to Flop

Some summer blockbusters are bad, thereby deserving to fail at the global box office. Conversely, some summer movies are good, but for a variety of reasons, fail to find an audience in cinemas. The following six great flicks really shouldn’t have bombed.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Big Trouble in Little China.

Halloween aside, John Carpenter movies were largely ignored on their initial release, with the likes of The Thing, Starman, Prince of Darkness and In the Mouth of Madness critical and commercial failures that only found a following years later. Big Trouble in Little China was no different. A twisted action-adventure about a dumb trucker battling a bunch of demons in Chinatown, it’s a fantastic b-movie that’s filled with big laughs and insane special effects. It also features one of Kurt Russell’s very best performances. But the film was maybe too scary for families, and seemingly too weird for mainstream audiences. This put Big Trouble in big trouble at the box office, grossing a paltry $ 11m in U.S. cinemas.

The Rocketeer (1991)

The Rocketeer.

The Rocketeer was a movie out of time. Not because it was made in 1991 but set in 1938. Rather because it was a superhero movie made at a time when superhero movies were far from a sure thing. For every Batman, there was a Darkman, a Shadow, a Tank Girl or a Meteor Man. So Disney was taking a chance making a movie about a stunt pilot who finds a rocket pack that turns him into the heroic title character. Sadly that gamble didn’t pay off, the film opening behind Robin Hood and City Slickers, and even Julia Roberts’ snooze-fest Dying Young at the U.S. box office. Which is a shame as the film is a blast, with Bill Campbell a likeable hero, and Timothy Dalton a memorable moustache-twirling villain.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Based on a surreal graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and directed by visual wizard Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs the World should have been a monster smash. The film looks amazing, is a blast from start-to-finish, and features a cast of young up-and-comers that are now bona fide stars, including Michael Cera, Anna Kendrick, Chris Evans, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aubrey Plaza and Brie Larson. But the episodic nature of the movie’s strange plot may have put people off, with the film revolving around slacker Scott Pilgrim having to fight a collection of evil exes to win the girl of his dreams. That high-concept failed to connect with audiences at large, so in spite of largely positive reviews, Scott Pilgrim Bob-Ombed badly at the box office.

John Carter (2012)

John Carter.

The pedigree was there on this one, with John Carter based on the books of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, directed by Pixar legend Andrew Stanton, and brought to life via one of the biggest budgets in movie history. Pitched as ‘Indiana Jones on Mars’ the resulting film was very much a swashbuckler, with Taylor Kitsch playing the title character, a Civil War soldier transported to the alien planet of Barsoon, where he encounters all manner of alien creatures, meets a beautiful princess, and becomes embroiled in an epic conflict. But the early trailers were fun-free, the reviews mixed, and while the movie made money, that exorbitant budget — combined with the huge marketing campaign needed to establish both the characters and the world — resulted in Disney losing a fortune on the project. And shelving plans for a trilogy.

Tomorrowland (2015)

Tomorrowland was original, ambitious, exciting filmmaking that was never quite the sum of its parts; hampered by an overcomplicated plot that made it something of a tough sell. Directed by another Pixar alumni — Brad Bird — from a script that he co-authored with Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof, the film was inspired by the futuristic Disney land of the title. But while the resulting feature is filled with ideas, innovations, and all-round optimism, it lacks a coherent and compelling storyline. So while lots of spectacular things happen throughout, it’s oftentimes hard to fathom why they are happening. Which is a shame, as there’s a fantastic film somewhere in there.

The Nice Guys (2016)

Shane Black’s The Nice Guys is very possibly the best film on this list. And the one most deserving of a sequel. However, in spite of the fact that the action-comedy-thriller made a modest amount of money in cinemas, that number wasn’t enough to warrant a number two. Which is a shame as it very effectively follows the playbook of Black’s own Lethal Weapon. In that the central characters — here played by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling — commence proceedings disliking each other, find themselves forced together to achieve a common goal, and end the film firm friends whom you want to spend more time with. That worked out for Lethal Weapon in the shape of three well-received sequels. But The Nice Guys didn’t do nice enough business, meaning it’s probably the last we’ll see of the film’s dynamic detecting duo onscreen.

7 of the Bleakest Summer Blockbusters

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This frozen cannabis treat will help you stay cool for the summer

Who wants to smoke with this heat?

There’s nothing better than a popsicle when facing the sweltering heat of summer. And what a better way to eat one than when it’s infused with THC?

One of the best things about legal marijuana is the variety of products that exist in the U.S. Now that people don’t…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Your cute summer shoes are destroying your feet

The shoe may fit, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Most of us know that high heels can wreak havoc on the body, pulling weight onto the balls of the feet. The dynamics can mess with everything from the nerves in the foot to the alignment of the spine, causing long-term damage that’s…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


20 Amazing Family Beaches You Need to Visit This Summer

The best family beach vacations combine sun, surf, and sand with kid-friendly activities, family-friendly amenities, and convenient places to play and stay. For the ultimate in summer fun, don’t miss these best family beach vacations in U.S. and Caribbean.

The post 20 Amazing Family Beaches You Need to Visit This Summer appeared first on Reader's Digest.

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For Many NFL Players, Summer Doesn’t Bring Much of a Break

The NFL’s summer break presents the ideal opportunity for players to pursue individual passions, and this year, they lent a hand during a crisis (Josh Norman), got involved in local politics (Devin and Jason McCourty and Matthew Slater) and tackled personal goals around the world (Brett Hundley), just to name a few. Also, items on how the NFL is aiding coaches in teaching the new helment-lowering rule, the NFL’s involvment in NYC Pride, why Russell Okung’s discussion about guaranteed contracts is so important and much more.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Skyscraper And Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Reviews

The summer just wouldn’t be complete without getting Dwayne Johnson in the middle of as many explosions as can fit in 103 minutes – and this week we get not only that, but also a return to the animated world of a blood-sucking hotel owner.__

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This Breezy Wrap Skirt Is the Epitome of Summer Fashion

A wrap skirt — even one that only looks like a wrap style — is one of our favorite summer essentials. It’s the perfect desk to drinks piece and can easily be worn from the office to a date or to dinner. They’re flirty and airy, making them a must for super hot summer days. Naturally, when we found the cutest affordable breezy faux-wrap skirt we had to share the spoils.

lucy paris sophie striped skirt

The Lucy Paris Sophie Striped Faux-Wrap Skirt is an adorable addition to any summer wardrobe. Created with a banded waist and allover stripe design, this flouncy skirt is the perfect casual style to wear to any summer occasion. The faux wrap front and asymmetric ruffled hem detailing provides a breezy, free-flowing piece that is great for a day out in the sun.

Pair the comfy skirt with wedge sandals to elongate your legs and add a touch of height. While most sandals will pair well with this skirt, we recommend wearing nude block heels and a cute bodysuit for a sophisticated finish. Don’t forget a floral clutch to complement the look!

Shop Now: Scoop the Lucy Paris Sophie Striped Faux-Wrap Skirt for only $ 88!

Check out more of our picks and deals here!

This post is brought to you by Us Weekly’s Shop With Us team. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services our readers might find interesting and useful. Product and service selection is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by either Us Weekly or of any celebrity mentioned in the post.

The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at ShopWithUs@usmagazine.com. Happy shopping!

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Lottery Picks, Key Returners and Summer League Storylines to Watch

Las Vegas Summer League is here, with all 30 teams participating for the first time. If you’re watching from afar, The Crossover is here to provide everything you need to know. 

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Get the perfect pair of shoes at SKECHERS! Shop the latest casual & performance styles for men, women, and kids now!

11 Dew Products That Will Make Your Skin Glow This Summer

The beauty industry is full of buzzwords. Longwear, glazing, ampoule, skin barrier, glass skin, hydrating, anti-pollution and the newly controversial anti-aging. But the latest It term in the space is all about the dew.

Dew has its name on everything from highlighters to eye treatments to mists to serums. Usually, it’s associated with magically turning problem skin into glowing skin. Or it’s another way of bragging that the product is a super moisturizer.

But not all dewy products are created equal. So we went ahead and hunted down the best ones that had glowing reviews. We’re talking a blush that gives a natural, baby pink hue, a cream/powder hybrid that promises a dewy finish without the stickiness, and a much-loved highlighter in a limited-edition rose gold shade. Read on for 11 dew products that really deliver.

[ Next: Summer Beauty Swaps: 7 Products to Toss as the Weather Heats Up ]

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Link Love: The Summer of the Straw Hat

Last time we talked about sunscreen products, but hats are a great way to add an extra layer of sun protection. This time of the year you see all types of hats pop up in the stores:

The Guardian reports that it’s all about the “giant straw hat” this Summer.

The Huffington Post agrees, and shows us examples from the catwalk and Instagram if you need inspiration on how to wear one.

Allure has rounded up some wide-brimmed hats, which do a good job of keeping the sun off your face and neck.

From cloche hats to boater hats, here are more fun options if you are in the market for a straw hat.

Fab Links from Our Members

JAileen wanted to share this article on cleaning Summer stains. She thought the info about sweat and sunscreen were especially useful.

Sal enjoyed this article with ten ideas about green fashion in the future. She can absolutely see the merits of self-repairing clothes.

Joy found some nice ideas for how to wear scarves with long necklaces in this post on MaiTai’s Picture Book.

SarahD8 liked this article by a woman who has adopted a personal “dress code”: “The way she has honed in on a color palette and narrow range of silhouettes that work for her (not necessarily what’s trendy) is pretty inspiring. I also found the distinction she makes at the end about clothing as self-expression vs. an outlet for creativity thought-provoking.”



This legendary ice cream snack is back for summer

For many of us, no childhood frozen treat was more decadent or desirable than the Chipwich, a thick slab of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies and rolled in chocolate chips. But if you haven’t been paying close attention, you might not have even realized that it’s been years since Chipwiches…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Brain Candy Books and Other Fun Summer Reads

 brain candy books and other fun summer readsWith the holiday coming up tomorrow, I thought it might be a great time to discuss brain candy books — what have you read lately that you can’t wait to recommend to friends? What are you eager to read again? (Let’s try something new — please preface your comment with the category of the book you’re recommending, to make it a bit easier if you’re looking for a Thriller or Sci-Fi or Romance book it’s easy to find new suggestions!)

For my own $ .02, I just finished The Power, by Naomi Alderman (affiliate link), recommended by Auntie M — she made me promise to read it and even though dystopian novels aren’t really my thing right now I was surprised how quickly I loved the book and the author.  Here’s the squib from Amazon:

In THE POWER, the world is a recognizable place: there’s a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool; a foster kid whose religious parents hide their true nature; an ambitious American politician; a tough London girl from a tricky family. But then a vital new force takes root and flourishes, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect. Teenage girls now have immense physical power–they can cause agonizing pain and even death. And, with this small twist of nature, the world drastically resets.

Other brain candy books I’ve read lately that I’d recommend:

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Like I’ve noted before, my reading definitely tends towards the trashy/fun romantic comedies in my off hours when I’m not reading more serious parenting/blogger/other work-related reading — they’re one of my favorite ways to relax after a stressful day. Also note if you’re reading very silly, fun things like romance books: the Kindle is incredible for this.

  • brain candy books summer 2018If you like Sophie Kinsella (rom coms without too many bedroom scenes): The Hating Game and Act Like It were both great; I’d put Eligible and The Royal We into this category also.
  • If you like Julia Quinn (more traditional romance books): The Duchess Deal was laugh out loud funny, and I’ve kind of binge-read everything from Tessa Dare and Sarah MacLean. (*whispers*: If you liked 50 Shades, try Kresley Cole.)
  • Kids’ Books: I’m rereading a ton of Gordon Korman books with my son — he loves I Want to Go Home and we’re reading the Bruno & Boots books, although I think a lot of them are out of print now… If you’re looking for a funny high school book, I’ve always loved Don’t Care High and highly recommend! Has anyone read any of his more recent books?
  • Books on my reading list: I haven’t had a chance yet to read my old college friend’s new book, but a shoutout to Aimee Agresti and Campaign Widows, which is getting great reviews… I’d also like to read Fire and Fury (well, listen to it — one friend noted that she loved it so much she wanted to go to the gym). I also may try some sci-fi books my husband passed along to me because they weren’t his cup of tea, mainly Annihilation and The Stone Sky.

I’d love more recommendations for funny books — The Power was about as heavy as I can take things right now! What are your favorite brain candy books or other summer reading, ladies? 

One of Kat's favorite ways to destress is to read "brain candy books," ie books that are thoroughly enjoyable and pretty lightweight -- a nice change from some of the more serious political/parenting/business reading she does. She's sharing her favorite summer reads of 2018 today, and don't miss the reader comments with TONS of great suggestions!

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Editor’s Picks – Summer 2018

Editor-in-Chief Marc Atiyolil shares some of his favorite products (as seen in Canadian Home Trends Magazine Kitchen & Bath 2018)

The combination of a matte white lacquer finish with rich black walnut details gives the Vanité a luxurious, contemporary look. I love that this bathroom vanity offers plenty of storage space with full extension, 6.5″ deep drawers and high performance Blum push-to-open slide mechanisms to allow for a trendy, handless design. If space allows, there is also a double sink version! – Dezign Market

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable, durable flooring option. The Malibu collection from 4 Corners offers a variety of trendy colors. My favorite is this Belize color that looks fantastic in a light and bright, modern kitchen. This easy to install flooring option is very low maintenance and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen. – 4 Corners

Ready to meet your new favorite table? The Plurimo is an entirely new concept in extension tables. My favorite design aspect is that it uniquely expands in both width and length with hidden extensions and self-storing leaves. There is no need to take up room in your closet for your table leaves. I love that it’s available in five sizes and in a variety of lacquer, wood, and heat and stain resistant, sealed concrete finishes. – Resource Furniture

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If You’re Not Grilling These 12 Foods, You’re Doing Summer Totally Wrong

I remember some of the best — and strangest — foods I‘ve eaten. Do you? Those delicious and unusual meals have a way of staying with me.

Last summer, I made an avocado pie that was the talk of a party. Every single person asked me for the recipe, and now I’m expected to bring it to all gatherings.

Whether you’re a foodie or just getting tired of boring old hot dogs, we’ve assembled a list with some expert help of unexpected nibbles you can totally grill that will give your guests something to talk about.

Warning: Side effects may include never wanting to cook on the stove again.

12 Weird Foods You Never Thought to Grill Until Now

Here are 12 weird foods you’ve probably never thought to grill before that will change your cookouts to a new level this summer.


1. Pineapple


This tropical treat doesn’t need any dressing up before grilling, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore all the mouthwatering options. Sprinkle it with brown sugar and cinnamon, or brush it with olive oil, honey or teriyaki sauce.

You can cut the pineapple into big chunks or use canned rings; both come packed with flavor. Toss them on a burger or salad, roast them on a skewer, or serve them as a summertime side dish.

2. Watermelon

Go spicy, sweet or sour with cayenne pepper, honey or lime zest. Or you can keep it simple and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on your wedges.

Toss wedges with feta and mint, or dress them with a balsamic glaze or cilantro. Just make sure you get a seedless watermelon to work with.

Beware: Your guests will expect it every year.

3. Greens

Take your greens game to the next level by grilling them. Think heads of lettuce, bok choy, Swiss chard, romaine, kale and collard greens.

“Greens are a huge surprise the first time you try them,” said Mark Bittman, author of “How to Grill Everything.”

Keep the greens and core attached rather than breaking them apart individually, and cut bigger heads in half. Baste and add seasonings of your taste. This gives the outer layers a nice, caramelized char that cuts through the cruciferous bitterness, while keeping the inner leaves crisp.

Make them into an open-faced salad, or add them to another dish. Whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off them while cooking, as they go from delicious to depressingly wilted in a matter of seconds.  

4. Cakes/Donuts

Why not? Donuts have served as the buffer for burgers, breakfast sandwiches and even ice cream. Toast them on the grill. You can add berries, give them a brulee take or add a French toast twist.

The same concept applies to pound or short cake. Brush premade pieces with butter and top with ice cream, whipped cream, berries or the glaze of your heart’s desire. Bittman has explored on-the-grill cakes and breads, which he said can either be cooked in advance or while you eat the main dish.

5. Beef Tongue

Bittman suggests this offal cut. Like other organ meats and entrails, it’s usually a bargain and helps prevent food waste. He described it as “shockingly good cooked slowly on the grill.”

It can be seasoned with onion, garlic and olive oil, or cooked with a chimichurri sauce. It’ll definitely give your guests something to talk about for months to come.

6. Artichokes

Artichokes were meant to be grilled. Steam them before grilling, and then season the fleshy leaves with salt, pepper, lemon or garlic. There’s nothing like the smoky taste their bite-sized leaves soak up. Serve them with hollandaise or an aioli. In the end, you’re rewarded with the heart of it all.

7. Avocados

Avocado: the fruit that keeps on giving. Turn the grilled pods into handheld bowls, and stuff them with tomatoes, salsa, quinoa or shrimp. Or skip the bowls, and drizzle them with a cream sauce, lime, Sriracha sauce or cheese.

Add grilled avocado to nachos, tacos or a sandwich. Pair them with grilled watermelon for a mouth explosion of yummy. Or simply elevate that avocado toast game and have your life forever changed.

8. Peaches

Just thinking of the warm peaches with dollops of ice cream on top has me salivating. Slice these summertime treats, and grill them for five minutes on each side.

Season with brown sugar, cinnamon and/or butter, or confuse your taste buds and add pepper, basil or prosciutto to the mix. You can’t go wrong with this seasonal favorite.

9. Eggplant

No need to drench and bake eggplants with cheese and sauce. Peel and slice up this purple bad boy in either direction, and give it a new crispy life on the grill. Keep it simple and season it with butter, salt, pepper and garlic. Or take it up a notch and add Cajun seasoning, top with bruschetta or turn it into a Parmesan boat.

Fun fact: Eggplant is one of Bittman’s favorite vegetables to grill, whole or sliced.

10. Bananas

This breakfast and pre-workout staple evolves into a must-have dessert on the grill. Turn a whole one into a banana boat filled with marshmallows, chocolate and nuts, and then wrap it in foil and grill. Or slice it lengthwise with the peel on and grill it.

Serve it with maple syrup, toffee, honey and cinnamon or transform it into bananas Foster. Warmth so good, it tastes like home.

11. Oysters/Clams

Get a few dozen oysters, scrub ’em down and heat them up until they open. Pry the rest of the way, and drizzle them with lemon butter or hot sauce. Or shuck them and roast them open, face up. Top with a cream or barbecue sauce, basil, cheese or garlic.

You can do the same with clams. Cook them your preferred way over the grill. Toss them with garlic, tomatoes and white wine or a lemon-cayenne mixture. Careful, they’re hot — and cook in no time at all.

12. Grapefruit

No longer bound by juice or as a breakfast side, grapefruit can become dessert when paired with the grill. Cut it in half and sprinkle the inside with cinnamon, sugar and a little butter, or drizzle with honey. Caramelize it on the grill. Serve it with mint leaves, coconut, nuts or creme fraiche.

4 Grilling Tips to Remember

Always make sure your grill grate is clean and free of remnants before cooking new items. This avoids cross-contamination (and hot dog-flavored bananas).

Keep a close eye on the heat and the food you’re cooking. Nothing is worse than investing time and money into a dish that burns in 30 seconds.

Watch for food thieves. They’re lurking and will swipe bites left and right until there’s none left for you. Store a backup plate for you to enjoy later.

Have no waste. Grill everything. Believe Bittman when he says, “I can’t think of a vegetable that can’t be grilled.”

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s never had chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Get outside for summer sensory adventures


BabyCenter Guest Blogger

posted in Products

By Ashley Peavey

Spring has finally arrived, and summer’s not far behind. In my family, this means taking advantage of every sunny day. I love letting our boys explore the world around them and filling our schedule with outdoor adventures. From the park to the waterfront, the boys are always ready to explore. And since sensory play supports brain development, language, and so much more, our alfresco activities do double duty: they’re fun and educational.

1. Water play

Water play can take place almost anywhere: on a beach, by the pool, even in your backyard with a bucket. Kids love it — and watching the way the water moves and reacts teaches them scientific concepts without you having to say a word. If the sun is out, and the weather is warm, we find our buckets and fill them with water.

There are so many water games you can play outside. Your children may enjoy taking their dolls or trucks out for a backyard bath, using the stream from a garden hose to play limbo, or seeing how many cups of water fill a bucket and make it overflow. Pouring water from one cup to another is mesmerizing for younger kids, while older kids may want to use cups to run a relay race, pouring water back and forth instead of passing a baton.

The kiddos may be learning about evaporation and gravity, but we also have to remember to teach them about sun safety — which for our family begins with a brand we love and trust. This is why I am so excited that indie sun protection company Sun Bum has launched its Baby Bum line of skincare products, including Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen, which uses natural zinc oxide to protect skin from the sun, instead of potentially dangerous chemicals. The products are made for sensitive skin, which is great for my young boys.

I keep the sunscreen lotion, as well as Baby Bum’s easy-to-apply Mineral Face Stick in my purse, so I’m ready for whatever the day brings. Last week we found a new waterfront park and beach to explore — while the boys had a blast playing in the sand and running along the beach, I was able to relax and have a good time because I had the sunscreen we needed to keep them safe.

2. Sand play

We don’t have a sand box at home, but we’re lucky enough to have a nearby beach where we can play in the sand. My boys love playing with their cars in the sand, writing in it, and building sand castles, all activities that encourage fine motor development and social skills, and provide intense sensory input.

The beach, or any sandy spot, is a great place for hopscotch — no need to fear falling on soft sand. Making sand angels, or drawing pictures in the sand is something kids of almost any age can do. And burying your feet in the sand and then jumping up to destroy all your careful patting is guaranteed to crack kids up.

Of course, playing at the beach means the boys will be running in the sun, so sunscreen is key. I love that the Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen offers SPF 50 protection and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin — and it’s easy enough to apply that my boys can put it on themselves (with a little help from me, of course).


3. Applying sunscreen

The mere act of applying their own sunscreen is a great sensory activity for kids. Encourage them to notice how the texture of the lotion changes as it warms up and rubs in, and how it feels to reach for and cover every last inch of exposed skin — it’s a learning experience all on its own. And since Baby Bum’s mineral sunscreen is fragrance- and dye-free, as well as free of parabens, pthalates, sulfate, silicone, and talc, I feel completely safe letting the boys lather themselves in it!

4. Dirt and mud

Like its (slightly cleaner) cousin sand, dirt and mud are perfect for sensory play. My boys love playing with their dinosaurs in the mud; other kids may like painting with mud, making mud pies or dirt cupcakes, scooping mud and filling a container, or just sticking a foot in to hear and feel the suction when they pull it out. If you have some water handy, children can experiment with making the mud wetter or drier by mixing in sand or dirt.

This summer our boys are looking forward to camping at the beach, and a road trip to California. Since their dad is a baseball coach, we will also spend plenty of days at the field watching baseball games. With every adventure, I know the boys will find plenty of sensory activities, and I’ll be prepared with Baby Bum sunscreen.

I’m so excited for all the adventures to come throughout the next few months. As a mom I have enough on my mind; a good sunscreen gives me one less thing to worry about.


Ashley Peavey is a lifestyle and motherhood blogger at Mommy on the Mound. She has two boys who love the outdoors, racing cars, and playing baseball. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. They love traveling, being outside and exploring new places.




This post is sponsored by Baby Bum

BabyCenter Blog


Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

10 Swimwear Brands That Will Keep You Looking Sexy This Summer

Source: Kerron Riley / EyeEm / Getty

The sun is out and the water is calling. It’s time to hit the beach and get the photos flowing. Like my rhyming skills? Here are 10 swimwear brands (most are Black-owned) that will set your Instagram on fire. Keep scrolling…


Instagram Photo

Mint Swim

Instagram Photo

Swimsuits For All

Instagram Photo

Icon BTQ

Instagram Photo

Wet Swimwear

Instagram Photo

GSaints Swimwear

Instagram Photo

Asherah Swimwear

Instagram Photo

OMG Miami Swimwear

Instagram Photo

L. Dolls

Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo




Life & Style – Black America Web


Outfit Formula: Easy Summer Skinnies

Skinnies continue to rule the world because they fit every body type as long as there is a stretch component in the fabric. They are also the easiest and most practical silhouette to pair with comfortable shoes, like casual flats, boots or sneakers. 

Wearing cropped skinny jeans in Summer makes perfect sense when the weather is mild, when temperatures cool down at night, when you work in air conditioning, or when you run cold. That’s why I’ve collected four easy casual looks without heels. It’s been hard to find examples of outfits without tucked or semi-tucked tops, but feel free to keep tops untucked if that’s more your thing.

1. Smart Casual

Combine skinnies with a dressy sleeveless blouse and layer a fluid cardigan over the top. Finish off the look with dressy loafers, mules, ballet flats, baby wedges or sandals, and a structured bag like a satchel, tote or clutch. Choose any colour palette. Here, I love how the black loafer bookends the model’s hair and picks up the colour of the blouse. The high neckline and bow work on a larger bust because of the model’s long neck. Smashing look.

Eloquii Peach Lift Jean

2. Romantic Comfort

This vibe is dead simple and very comfy. Combine a soft, billowing blouse with a pair of skinnies in any colour palette. It’s important that the blouse is fluid or oversized to contrast with the skinnies. The skinnies add structure to the outfit, as does showing bits of forearm and part of the foot. Wear the blouse semi-tucked or untucked. Add flat slides, mules, sandals, d’Orsay flats, loafers, espadrilles, or ankle strap flats.

Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans

3. Trendy Classic

Apart from the trendy slides, all of the items in this outfit are a trendier version of a classic. Combine skinnies with a tee and blazer in any colour palette. Semi-tuck or untuck the top. Here the tucked top lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, which tempers the length of the long blazer that shortens the leg line. Add trendy slides if you like, or any other comfy flat. Personally, I like how the white tee, shoes and bag lighten the outfit, add a crisp touch, and make it pop.

FRAME Le Skinny De Jeanne-Raw-Stagger Mid-rise Skinny Jeans

4. Moody Graphic

Combine cropped skinnies with an oversized knitted top like a sweatshirt or the like. Finish off the look with sneakers and a statement bag. Stick to black and grey if you want to keep the vibe moody. I like the addition of the white sneakers but you might prefer grey, silver or black. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Closed Skinny Cropped Jeans



Weekly Roundup: Summer Shoes and Dresses

This week’s list of top picks is short and sweet. Pickings are usually slim at the end of the season, but this year has been exceptional. There is lots of good stuff to purchase if you’re in shopping mode and your Summers are long. 

This week highlights a footwear brand called Earth that generally makes very comfortable footwear for regular and higher volume feet. Their styles are often too wide for me, but I keep on trying. Sometimes I order half a size down when the toe box looks long enough hoping that they create a better fit. One day, one of their styles will fit because all good things come to those who wait. Fabulous dresses are still going strong because it’s the best dress season ever. Browse all the colour options and read the rave reviews.

  • Earth Masio Loafer: A comfy loafer with a sporty and casual integrity. Comes in six lovely colours. These might stay on feet with narrow heels. Solid and polished.
  • Earth Juno: A sandal for narrower heels and wider toes. Quite good arch support and with a manageable heel height. Our forum members rave about them.
  • Vince Camuto One Shoulder Ruched Top: Alluring yet reasonably covered. Needs a strapless bra, and might run a size big unless you’re broad-shouldered. Long in the torso so not for petites. Form-fitting yet the ruching is forgiving.
  • Vince Camuto Side Ruched Jersey Midi Dress: Fitted yet forgiving. Flattering, easy, and a super duper length. Suits a range of body types and is machine washable. I wish it came in a colour other than black.
  • Vince Camuto Ruched Stripe Tank Top: This top is not as long in person, but it’s just as form-fitting. The diagonal lines do an excellent job of straightening curves and camouflaging lumpage and bumpage. And they’re just as good at adding shape to a straighter figure. Fab on a larger bust or broader shoulder line.
  • Vince Camuto Chateau Floral Side Ruched Body-Con Dress: A WOW dress. Shaped in all the right places to create a streamlined silhouette yet magically forgiving. Might run a size big. If you wear a US0 and need a narrow fit, get an XXS.
  • Naturalizer Amabella Slide Sandal: Fabulously trendy and looks like they come straight from COS. But they’re Naturalizer, so a LOT more comfortable, and healthy for your feet. Comes in regular and wide widths, and a few colours. I vote WHITE.
  • Banana Republic Stripe Handkerchief-Hem Ponte Dress: SUBLIME dress on a curvy body type. Works deliciously well on wider hips and thighs because of the flattering effect of diagonal lines. Works well on petites. Elegant length and great drape.
  • Lucky Brand Ginger Bermuda Shorts: Flattering, comfortable, easy, versatile, and works on a range of body types. A streamlined fit and even wash add a polished touch to these fab denim shorts.
  • Banana Republic Pointed-Toe Robin Ballet Flat: I couldn’t believe my luck when I tried these pretty darlings. Pointy-toe ballet flats are hard to fit because they fall off my feet, feel too flat and unsupported, and squash my toes. These are perfect. Very comfy and cushioning, have room in the toe box and a substantial sole, and stay on my feet. VERY dainty and quite dressy on the foot. For low-volume/narrow feet only. They earned a place in my wardrobe and I’m thrilled with them. Colour is more saturated in person.
  • Sanctuary Samba Midi Tank Dress: An elegantly casual midi for those who like to showcase their midsection. The ruching is forgiving, but it’s still quite clingy so consider yourself warned.
  • Vince Camuto Venue Block Stripe Ruched Body-Con Dress: A streamlined midi that’s as forgiving as it is tailored. Comfortable and easy. Wow on those who can fill it out. Armholes aren’t too wide either.
  • Earth Hibiscus: Chunky sandals for higher volume feet. The straps create diagonal lines across the vamp of the foot which is visually attractive – especially on wider ankles.
  • Earth Tierra: Happy rainbow sandals that are pretty and solid on the foot. Must be able to fill out the broad straps. Comes in three colours.
  • Earth Sunflower: A chunky sandal for higher volume feet. Modern and simple. Flattering on wider ankles. Looks great in black in a ’90s type of way.
  • Earth Allegro: A substantial ballet flat. Euro and classic. Best on a wider foot and heel.
  • Earth Venus: A more avant-garde style for high insteps. Looks great on wider feet.
  • Earth Shelly: An interesting d’Orsay flat that looks better on the foot than in the photo. Very cushioning and soft. A little boho and arty.
  • Topshop Bath Stripe Straw Tote Bag: This adorable casual tote looks better in person. Soft straw, good size, lightweight and comfortable handles. Nice for the Earthy Casual.
  • Madewell Folk Fortune Bali Rattan Top-Lid Bag: A super cute rattan crossbody binocular bag in a good size that does not scratch. Fun lining and a trendy classic. Practical top lid opening too. Great with cognac footwear. I want it.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.

NOTE: Some rich content in this post was omitted because it isn’t supported by the feed. Please visit the post on youlookfab.com to see the additional content.



How Kids Can Get Free Summer Meals in All 50 States and Washington, D.C.

For millions of children, summertime isn’t a carefree vacation.

Children who receive free meals at school during the academic year often struggle to find similar support during the summer.

To address this problem, the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers the Summer Food Service Program to make sure low-income children still have access to nutritious meals over summer.

How big is the impact made by the summer food program? Last year, about 3.8 million children were served at more than 50,000 summer-meal sites across the country, a USDA spokesman said.

How to Access the USDA Summer Food Service Program

Brittanee Harris serves bagged lunches to children at Northside Boys and Girls Club. “I think it’s very important,” said Harris. “It helps parents because they may not have the means to provide a lunch.” Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

To find out if you meet the income requirements for free meals, check this chart here.

Free food sites range from schools to independently sponsored locations. Certain states have their own site maps and requirements, and the USDA provides a national location-finder map.

For information on sites near you, call the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-HUNGRY or 1-877-8 HAMBRE for a Spanish-speaking operator. You can also text “FOOD” to 877-877 or “COMIDA” to 877-877 for a reply in Spanish.

Read below to learn about how to find free meal sites in your state and application details, if necessary.

1. Alabama

Break for a Plate in Alabama provides two free meals each day to kids and teens up to 18 years old. To participate, use the location finder to search for programs in your area.   

2. Alaska

Find program sites in Alaska by using the USDA map.

3. Arizona

Check this site for more information, or use the location finder for spots in your area.

4. Arkansas

Arkansas requires parents to contact their child’s school to apply for the program. Eligibility depends on income and household size. Use the USDA map for sites in your area.

5. California

Use the USDA map locate a food site near you.

6. Colorado

Call Colorado’s Hunger Free Hotline at 855-855-4626, or use the USDA map.

7. Connecticut

End Hunger Connecticut lists summer meal sites, as well as operating dates and times. The site currently says to check back mid-June for open locations.

8. Delaware

Use the USDA map to find locations in Delaware.

9. Florida

A child eats a free sandwich at Northside Boys and Girls Club. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

Florida’s Summer BreakSpot Program doesn’t require an application — all you have to do is show up during mealtimes. Some sites also offer enrichment activities for children at a low cost, which you can find out about if you call the site ahead of time. Find local sites here.  

10. Georgia

To find local sites in Georgia, call 855-550-SFSP, text “FOODGA” to 877-877, or visit the national site finder.

11. Hawaii

Visit the summer food site map on Hawaii.gov to find the 2016 locations. The 2017 sites aren’t listed yet, but you can call Aloha United Way at 211 to find a local site. The income level limits are a bit higher for Hawaii than for other states.




12. Idaho

Use the national site finder to find locations in Idaho and contact them to apply for the program. You could also call the Idaho Department of Education at 208-332-6821 or email summer@sde.idaho.gov.

13. Illinois

To apply for SFSP in Illinois, contact the state’s nutrition program office at 217-782-2491. Details are available here.

14. Indiana

Find information on the program here.  

15. Iowa

Use the USDA locator in Iowa.

16. Kansas

The Kansas Department of Education site provides information here.

17. Kentucky

To find a summer meal service site in Kentucky, refer to the interactive USDA map.

18. Louisiana

Use the interactive USDA map to locate a food site near you.

19. Maine

For summer meal sites in Maine, refer to the interactive USDA map.

20. Maryland

Use the Maryland summer meals site search map to find a location near you. The map includes hours and days of operation, plus directions to each site.

21. Massachusetts

Benefits.gov says that to apply for SFSP in Massachusetts, contact a school near you. School contact information can be found here.   

22. Michigan

In Michigan, the SFSP is also known as “Meet Up and Eat Up.” Use the USDA map to find a location near you. This calendar lists additional events at food sites, such as ice-cream socials and family cookouts.

23. Minnesota

Minnesota Public Schools, which administers the state’s SFSP program, released a free app, Summer Eats Minnesota, to help kids find meal sites. The state has more than 80 sites, and kids under 18 don’t need to sign up in advance to take advantage of the program. The app even shows daily menus.

24. Mississippi

To apply for the SFSP, contact the Office of Child Nutrition at 601-354-7015. Once you’ve applied, use the USDA map to locate a food site near you.

25. Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health provides a map of summer food sites. Contact your local site to apply for the SFSP.  

26. Montana

To find free summer meals in Montana, use the interactive USDA map, or call the Montana Food Bank Network at 800-809-4752.

27. Nebraska

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

28. Nevada

Find out where kids can get up to two meals each day by checking the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

29. New Hampshire

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

30. New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has a list of meal sites at a link in the middle of this page.

31. New Mexico

No registration or application is required for kids to receive meals in New Mexico. Use the New Mexico Summer Food Service Program interactive map to find a site near you.

32. New York

Anyone 18 or younger can get free summer meals, no registration or identification required. Beyond the five boroughs, use the interactive USDA map.

33. North Carolina

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals. Families in central and eastern North Carolina can download a list of sites serving those areas. Parents are advised to call first to make sure the nearest site is operating.

34. North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction maintains a list of sites offering summer meals.

35. Ohio

Check the Ohio Department of Education’s interactive map to find locations and serving times near you. No sign-up is required. The state also offers an app to assist in site location.

36. Oklahoma

Use the Food for Thought Summer Food Program interactive map to find feeding sites across Oklahoma.

37. Oregon

Select your city from the list to view a map of summer food sites in Oregon.

38. Pennsylvania

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

39. Rhode Island

Use the USDA map to find summer food sites in Rhode Island.

40. South Carolina

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

41. South Dakota

Families in South Dakota can use the USDA Summer Meal Finder link at the top of the page to review a list of summer meal sites, or use the USDA map to find a location.

42. Tennessee

Use the USDA map to find summer food sites in Tennessee.

43. Texas

The Texas Department of Agriculture offers an interactive map to locate summer food sites and contact information.

44. Utah

Use the Utahns Against Hunger website to find summer food sites.

45. Vermont

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

46. Virginia

Check the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

47. Washington

Use the USDA location finder to determine your nearest site.

48. West Virginia

Information, application requirements and contact information are available at Benefits.gov.

49. Wisconsin

Check Wisconsin’s Open Food Sites Map to find a location near you.

50. Wyoming

Use the USDA map to find locations serving summer meals.

51. Washington, D.C.

Use the USDA map to find summer meal sites in Washington, D.C.

Jacquelyn Pica is a writer and SEO specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Lisa Rowan also contributed to this report.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Planning a Summer Family Road Trip? These 9 Free Apps Will Make it More Fun

Nothing ruins a car trip more than being asked “Are we there yet?” a half dozen times before even reaching your halfway mark.

Keeping the kiddos entertained during a family road trip is a top priority. Here are nine free apps that’ll help make your next long car ride go a little smoother.

‘Read’ a Book

Just because the kids are on summer break doesn’t mean they can’t get some reading in. But some children — and grown-ups — experience motion sickness if they try to read words on a page — or a screen. The solution: audiobooks.

  1. Hoopla: If your local library uses the Hoopla app, you can check out audiobooks at no cost. There are hundreds of titles for kids and teens. There are even children’s audiobooks in Spanish. Hoopla also offers access to music, TV shows and movies — but you don’t have to tell the kids that.
  2. OverDrive: OverDrive is another app that public libraries offer to patrons for free. This service is similar to Hoopla (and also provides access to streaming videos), but The Penny Hoarder contributing writer Emily Young tells us there isn’t a monthly cap on how many titles you can check out like with Hoopla. Contact your local library to see if it partners with this app.

Make Your Own Music

If you’re on a long trip, listening to the same songs on the radio can be tiresome. Let the kids create their own music with these apps.

  1. Piano: With Gismart’s Piano app, your back-seat passengers can learn to play popular songs on the keyboard even if they’ve never had a formal lesson. The app turns music lessons into a game. Just make sure to pack a set of headphones! If your kid isn’t into the piano, Gismart also has similar apps that teach people to play the guitar, ukulele and drums.
  2. Karaoke: The whole family can get in on the fun with Gismart’s Karaoke app. Let the kids take turns selecting the genre and song. They can also play around with different animated masks and audio effects. Don’t forget to hit the record button for future embarrassing playback. This app is available to download only via Apple’s App Store.

Learn a Language

You may be trapped in the car, but you can still take the time to try something new. After all, you probably have plenty of time on your hands. These kid-friendly apps will help the kiddos pick up a new language — or at least a few foreign vocabulary words.

  1. Duolingo: The Duolingo app uses games to teach children (and adults) how to speak over 25 different languages. It’s even testing a course in Klingon for “Star Trek” fans. Make this a learning opportunity for the whole family, because even with headphones on, your kids will be repeating words and phrases aloud.
  2. Stories by Gus on the Go: This language learning app uses classic children’s stories to help kids learn Spanish, French, Greek or Hebrew. Though this free app was built as a sequel to the original Gus on the Go app (which costs $ 3.99 to download), it can be used by kids who already understand some words in another language. This app is available to download only via Apple’s App store.

Prevent the ‘Summer Slide’

Studies have shown that some children have trouble retaining knowledge after being away from school all summer. These apps can help them use what they’ve learned on the way to that vacation destination.

  1. Mad Libs: Adjective? Adverb? Your kids can practice using the right word choices with the tech version of the classic Mad Libs game. The goofy stories they create will likely cause back-seat giggles.
  2. Money Pieces: This app from The Math Learning Center will help your future Penny Hoarders understand the value of different pieces of currency while reinforcing basic math skills, like counting and addition. The Math Learning Center also has a variety of other free apps to teach more advanced math skills, like fractions and geometry.
  3. Geo Touch: Going on a road trip is the perfect opportunity to teach kids a little geography. Young travelers can learn about U.S. states, state capitals, state flags and other countries around the world with the GeoTouch app. This app is available to download only via Apple’s App store.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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The Black Films and TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Summer

A number of black-oriented movies and television shows debuted at the American Black Film Festival earlier this month, celebrating the brilliance and creativity of black art. But don’t fret if you missed the festival; there are a lot of black films and TV shows to look forward to this summer. Here’s a list of seven must-see productions showcasing the talent of black casts, producers, directors, and writers.

Insecure (Season 3)

On Monday, HBO released the first trailer for the highly anticipated third season of Insecure, revealing that Issa, played by lead actress and show creator Issa Rae, may finally be over her ex Lawrence (Jay Ellis). In the clip, she is seen enjoying single life with her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), Tiffany (Amanda Seales), and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell). However, she may rekindle her fling with Daniel (Y’lan Noel), who also makes an appearance in the promo.

Official synopsis: Modern-day black women might be described as strong and confident; in other words, just the opposite of Issa and Molly. As the best friends deal with their own real-life flaws, their insecurities come to the fore as together they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences. Created by co-star Issa Rae and writer/comic Larry Wilmore (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), the comedy series looks at the friendship of two black women in a unique, authentic way. It features the music of both indie and established artists of color, and touches on a variety of social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience.

Network: HBO

Release date: August 12


Superfly puts a modern-day spin on the 1972 blaxploitation classic, starring Trevor Jackson as the snazzy antihero. Set in Atlanta, the movie is filled with fancy cars, hip-hop, and strip clubs. The Sony and Silver Pictures’ reboot debuted on June 13 earning an estimated $ 1.2 million.

Official synopsis: Cocaine kingpin Youngblood Priest realizes that it’s time to get out of the game after surviving a violent attack from a crazed rival. Hoping for one last score, Priest and his partner travel to Mexico to arrange a deal. The career criminal now finds himself trying to outmaneuver the cartel, two corrupt police officers and all the double-crossers that threaten his path to freedom.

Release date: June 13

Luke Cage (Season 2)

Cheo Hodari Coker’s adaption of Marvel’s Luke Cage has been a fan favorite since the streeaming series first premiered in 2016. The gritty superhero series features an all-star cast of actors of color, including Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Mustafa Shakir, Gabrielle Dennis, and Rosario Dawson.

Official synopsis: After clearing his name, Luke Cage (played by actor Mike Colter) has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem, with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so visible has only increased his need to protect the community and find the limits of who he can and can’t save. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain.

Network: Netflix

Premiere date: June 22

Love Is __

Love Is_ is a new romantic series that promises to bring all the delicious feels of ‘90s nostalgia. The show is based on the real-life romance of award-winning producer Mara Brock Akil—the mastermind behind GirlfriendsThe Game, and Being Mary Jane— and her husband Salim Akil. Set in 1990s L.A., actors Michele Weaver and William Catlett play Mara and Salim when they first started dating back in 1997.

Official synopsis: Michele Weaver and Will Catlett star in OWN’s new romantic drama Love Is___, from award-winning producers Mara Brock Akil (Girlfriends, Being Mary Jane, The Game) and Salim Akil (Black Lightning). Set primarily in 1990s Los Angeles against the backdrop of Black Hollywood, Love Is___ follows Nuri (Michele Weaver) and Yasir (Will Catlett), a couple from seemingly opposite worlds, as they chase their dreams and learn to follow their hearts. Told from the perspective of the couple’s present-day selves, the romantic drama also revisits the social issues and vibrant black culture of that time reflecting on how it all aligned to shape the couple they have become nearly 20 years later—a power couple navigating a complex set of social codes while also balancing successful careers and a beautiful family. Drawing inspiration from creators Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil’s own relationship journey, the series explores the highs, the lows, and the magic of falling (and staying) in love.

Network: OWN

Premiere date: June 19

Sorry To Bother You

Sorry To Bother You is a surreal Afro-futuristic comedy that pushes an anti-capitalist message. Mic describes Sorry to Bother You as a likely “cultural sensation” that “deftly captures the folly of these times.”

Official synopsis: Sorry To Bother You is an alternate present-day version of Oakland. Telemarketer Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a macabre universe. The ensemble cast consists of Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Terry Crews, Steven Yeun, Omari Hardwick, Jermaine Fowler, and Danny Glover. The film is written and directed by Boots Riley and produced by Nina Yang Bongiovi, Forest Whitaker, Charles D. King and George Rush with distribution by Annapurna Pictures.

Release date: July 6

The First Purge

The First Purge is based on a social experiment that lifts all laws in America for 12 hours on Independence Day. The cast includes several actors of color like Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, and Joivan Wade.

Official synopsis: Behind every tradition lies a revolution. Next Independence Day, witness the rise of our country’s 12 hours of annual lawlessness. Welcome to the movement that began as a simple experiment: The First Purge.

To push the crime rate below one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) test a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community.  But when the violence of oppressors meets the rage of the marginalized, the contagion will explode from the trial-city borders and spread across the nation.

Release date: July 4


Extraordinary filmmakers Spike Lee and Jordan Peele teamed up to produce one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, BlacKkKlansman.

Official synopsis: From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Produced by the team behind the Academy-Award® winning film Get Out.

Release date: August 10

Queen Sugar (Season 3)

Season 3 of Queen Sugar debuted with a two-part premiere on May 29 and 30, picking up exactly where season 2 left off. The premiere addressed both the prospective sale of the mill and the resolution of Ralph Angel and Darla’s relationship.

Official SynopsisQueen Sugar tells the story of the estranged Bordelon siblings in Louisiana. At the center of the family are Nova, a journalist and activist; Charley, the wife and manager of an NBA player; and formerly incarcerated father Ralph Angel, who is searching for redemption. Following a tragedy in the family, the siblings must put their complicated lives aside so that they can come together to run the clan’s struggling sugar cane farm. Also involved in the farm are Aunt Violet and family friend Remy Newell.

Premiere date: May 29 and 30

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This summer, keep your kids happy with these essential safety tips


Laura Falin

posted in Life

Summer is almost here! I can’t wait. Our family is so done with schedules and schoolwork, and we’re ready for some hiking and swimming and other outdoor adventures.

But it’s good to be aware of the risks as well. Not so we can sit at home afraid to go out, but so we can be prepared to handle emergencies if we should have to. I fervently hope we do not.

summer safety tips for babies and children

Sun Safety Tips:


The FDA, the Mayo Clinic, and most professionals recommend that babies under 6 months do not wear sunscreen, but instead remain out of the sun. This is especially important between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun is at its peak. Be sure to keep your baby in a hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing. All children over 6 months old should wear sunscreen of at least SPF 15 when you go outside. Be sure to reapply often — at least every two hours, and every time after they get out of the water. Also, most people don’t apply enough — be sure to use at least as much sunscreen as would fill a shot glass.

You can find more information on sun safety here. 


Be sure your babies and young children are also well-protected from heat stroke. Dress them in light, loose-fitting clothing and keep them in the shade as much as possible. Cool the car before taking them anywhere. Breast milk and formula will provide enough hydration for babies, older children should have plenty of water handy while they’re out and about.

We never, ever want to consider the possibility that we might forget a baby in the car, but it does happen. It’s even happened to me (fortunately, only for about 30 seconds, but enough for me to realize that we’re all susceptible). I once heard the suggestion that you take off your shoes and put one (or both) next to your baby’s carseat when you get in the car to drive. This post has some more great suggestions. Also remember to keep cars locked at home to prevent kids from playing inside.

Finally, be sure you don’t make this common mistake — putting a blanket, even a very thin one, over a baby’s stroller to shield him from the sun can cause the inside temperature to rise and your baby to overheat.

You can find information on heat stroke in babies here. 

Water safety

-When to take babies in the water

In this BabyCenter article, Dr. Howard Reinstein, a pediatrician and American Academy of Pediatrics spokesman, recommends parents not take babies younger than 2 months in pools, lakes, or other swimming places. Newborns are vulnerable to illness and it’s safer to wait until they’re older. When you do take babies swimming, remember that they’re not as able to regulate their body temperature — watch your baby for signs they’re cold and dry them off when necessary. Also, be sure babies and young children do not drink the water in pools, streams, or wherever you’re swimming.

-Help prevent drownings

An estimated 370 drownings and 5,600 near drownings involving children under 15 occur in pools and spas each year, and 77 percent of those are children under the age of 5. The Life Saver Pool Fence’s Guide to Pool Safety recommends multiple layers of protection for pools — access doors that lock, pool alarms, a pool fence, water survival training for children who are old enough to crawl or walk, and CPR and rescue training for parents who own pools. Parents can buy wearable immersion alarms for their kids to wear, which go off if the child falls into the water.

Also, be sure children can’t climb over any fences using chairs or tables, and be sure doggy doors that would allow access are also blocked. Practice “touch supervision” as well — parents should be within arm’s length of a toddler at all times they’re near water.

We always had our babies and toddlers wear a PFD (personal flotation device) fitted for their size — babies are wiggly and I wanted that extra layer of protection. And even now that our kids are older and my husband and I are good swimmers, everyone wears PFDs when we’re kayaking, paddleboarding, or doing other boating activities. Our other personal rule is that no one swims alone with a baby. If something were to happen to a parent (we hit our head, got a cramp, whatever) I wanted an extra person there to help out.

Check here for more information on water safety. 

Tick and Mosquito Bites:

The best way to prevent tick and mosquito bites (and the diseases they carry, such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus) is to make sure the environment around your house isn’t one they like. Keep ticks out by keeping your lawn well-cared for and manicured. Create a tick barrier — a wide strip of wood chips or bark — that separates your lawn from taller grass or brush. Keep deer out of your tick-free zone by putting up a deer fence. Also, ticks get Lyme disease from mice, so eliminate any wood piles or other nooks and crannies where mice like to live. Keep mosquitoes out by eliminating any standing water around your property, including places like flower pots or birdbaths. Make sure you have screens on your windows to keep mosquitoes out of the house.

You can also avoid bites by wearing long sleeves and long pants (I know…exactly what everyone wants to hear in the summer!). Children and adults should use bug spray, but talk to your pediatrician about what kinds of bug spray are for babies and kids, and how old they should be before wearing bug spray.

Inspect kids for ticks when they come inside and remove them immediately with tweezers. And call your pediatrician immediately if your child develops any out-of-the-ordinary reactions, such as a rash, fever, or flu-like symptoms.

Johns Hopkins has more information on ticks here, and the CDC has information on ticks and mosquitoes here.

This post was originally published in May, 2017.

Do you have any summer safety tips?

Photos by Laura Falin and iStock

For more kids’ activities and easy recipes, you can find Laura at Peace but not Quiet, and on facebook and Pinterest.

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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

Here’s what book to read this summer based on your zodiac sign

Here’s what book to read this summer based on your zodiac sign

Here’s what book to read this summer based on your zodiac sign

Now that we’ve officially kicked off summer solstice, it’s time to get back to our fave summer activities, like reading just for the pure bliss of it. One of the very best parts of summer is finding that perfect summer read to bring with you to the beach or on vacation to while away the lazy hazy hours.

Of course, with so many amazing titles out there, the hardest part is choosing which book is best for you. This is why you might want to turn to the stars and let your zodiac sign nudge you to the right section of the bookstore.

The suggestions below are a beautiful mix of fiction and non-fiction that will undoubtedly speak to the soul of both your inner bookworm and your zodiac sign. And with Cancer season starting this week, this is the perfect time to emulate the homebody crab and curl up with a good book.

Here’s the best summer book for you, according to your zodiac sign.


Picture of My Oxford Year Book
William Morrow Paperbacks

Being the sensitive and romantic soul you are, Cancer, you don’t mind a good cry. And though you’re an innate homebody, you do long for a grand adventure in someplace new. You’ll love Julia Whelan’s My Oxford Year, a romantic novel set in Oxford, England about an American student named Ella who must choose between her career aspirations and a new love. (Or does she?) Swoon.


Picture of The Pisces Book
Hogarth Press

As the lioness of the zodiac, you’re bold, different, and you’re not afraid of a little eroticism. You’ll want to pick up The Pisces by Melissa Broder, which embodies all that you crave. While it might not be titled “The Leo,” you’ll still love this story about romantic obsession between an academic and a…merman. Yes, really.


Picture of This Moment Is Your Life Book
Dial Books

What most people don’t realize about you is how deep you can get, Virgo. You love exploring philosophical thoughts and getting in tune with the spiritual side of life. A good place to start with your spiritual quest would be This Moment Is Your Life (and So Is This One): A Fun and Easy Guide to Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga by Mariam Gates. Plus, you’ll love the illustrations by Lilly VanderPloeg.


Picture of Love & War Book
G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Nobody loves a good old fashioned romance like you, Libra. And if it involves beautiful backdrops and exquisite fashion? Well, then you’re pretty much already infatuated. Which is why you’ll fall head over heels for Melissa de la Cruz’s Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story, the sequel the bestselling Alex & Eliza: A Love Story about the romance between a young Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler.


Picture of Invitation to a Bonfire Book
Bloomsbury USA

For the moody and erotic Scorpio, a thrilling love story with elements of intrigue and mystery is right up your alley. You’ll gravitate toward Adrienne Celt’s Invitation to a Bonfire about a young Russian working-class orphan who gets caught up in a love triangle with her American professor and his brilliant wife.


Picture of Bella Figura Book

You love a good adventure, Sag, especially those which take you to unexplored places where you can tap into new parts of yourself. You’ll fall in love with Kamin Mohammadi’s Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way, her memoir on moving to Florence and finding love (and self-love) in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Picture of Us Against You Book
Atria Books

As the practical and ambitious sign of the zodiac, Capricorns appreciate what it means to get ahead in this world. Seriously loyal and just and fair, you’re also not afraid to fight for what’s right. Enter Frederik Backman’s Us Against You, the sequel to his best-selling Beartown, about the lengths a community will go to preserve their reputations.


Picture of 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life Book
Workman Publishing Company

Ultra-intellectual and always seeking the uniqueness in life, Aquarians love to be creatively challenged and stimulated as much as possible. No doubt you’ll want to pick up Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst’s 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life: Practical Lessons in Pencil and Paper, a step-by-step instruction guide on the art of drawing.


Picture of You Me Everything Book
Pamela Dorman Books

You’re a deep feeling soul, Pisces, who actually likes to feel feelings and get lost in the dramas of other peoples’ lives for a change. No shame. You’ll fall hard for Catherine Isaac’s You Me Everything, which depicts one family’s life-changing summer in the French countryside that’s filled with joy, love, and, yes, feels.


Picture of Make Trouble Book

The leader of the zodiac, Aries, you like to stand up and speak up for what you believe in. Which is why you’ll feel inspired and empowered by Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead by Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards. Get ready to unleash your #girlboss prowess like never before.


Picture of Social Creature Book

You’re filled with desire, Taurus, and you’re a true sensualist in every sense of the word with a penchant for the luxe life. Which is why you’ll get sucked into Tara Isabella Burton’s debut thriller Social Creature, a seductive tale splashed amidst the glitz and glam of NYC.


Picture of And Now We Have Everything Book
Little, Brown and Company

Known for your quick wit and intelligence, Geminis love a good non-fiction yarn that informs, entertains, and makes sense of their world. This pretty much sums up And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready, Meghan O’Connell’s funny-yet-relatable account on becoming a mother for the first time. P.S. You don’t need to be a mom to enjoy it!

There you have it, bbs. Grab your fave book and have yourself a good read. You deserve it!

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Get Ready to Laugh with the Paynes All Summer Long | Tyler Perry’s The Paynes | OWN



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Why the state of the big-screen summer comedy is no laughing matter

In years past, the summertime box office could always be counted on to deliver at least one mainstream comedy smash that would break out of the pack of superhero films, action spectacles and rampaging giant-monster epics.

Think: “The Hangover,” which pulled in $ 277 million domestically in 2009….

/entertainment – New York Daily News


Scouted: Get A Better Night’s Sleep This Summer With These Breathable Bamboo Sheets

Your fuzzy winter bed sheets just won’t cut it in warmer weather. Instead, try bamboo sheets, which are known for their breathability, which is perfect for hot nights. This 1800 Series Bamboo Extra Soft 4-Piece Sheet Set is a great upgrade for summer sleep.

These sheets breathe 50% better than cotton, meaning they’ll regulate temperature better. They’re also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and made with double-brushed fiber for a silkier, more luxurious feel. They look sleek, too, thanks to deep pockets that will fit your mattress perfectly and an elastic fitted sheet.

Usually, this 1800 Series Bamboo Extra Soft 4-Piece Sheet Set is $ 49.99, but you can get it now for $ 39.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


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The Alternative World Cup You Might Have Missed This Summer

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing this week. But if you prefer your soccer with a side of politics, the real tournament of the summer was the “alternative” World Cup that wrapped up on June 9, pitting teams from the world’s “nations, de-facto nations, regions, minority peoples and sports isolated territories.”

While World Cup teams play for pride, these teams play for recognition. Started back in 2013, the soccer tournament is organized by the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), a “politically-neutral, volunteer-run charity.” CONIFA oversees 47 teams, 16 of which made the cut for this year’s tournament in the U.K.

The participants came from all points of the globe, from the Abkhazians of northwest Georgia to the Matabelelanders of eastern Zimbabwe. Four teams showed themselves to be a cut above the rest: Szekely Land, Padania, Northern Cyprus and tournament champion Karpatalya. Here’s a brief overview of each.

4th Place: Szekely Land

Nestled in Central Romania, Szekely Land is home to hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians. Originally part of Hungary, it was redrawn as part of Romania (twice, actually) in the treaties following both World Wars. The territory’s name comes from the Hungarian dialect they speak known as Szekel.

For decades, Szekely Land inhabitants were treated as second-class citizens by Romania’s communist dictatorship—they were barred from speaking Hungarian in public life, elections of Hungarian officials were invalidated, and cross-border communication was severely limited. Since the early 1990s and the fall of the USSR, the push for autonomy has been spearheaded by the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, who seek territorial and cultural autonomy within Romania. Most protests have been peaceful, though a clash in 1990 left five dead.

Unfortunately for them, the Romanian government does not believe their grievances warrant independence. Still, the dream remains alive.

3rd Place: Padania

Padania comprises Italy’s northernmost regions, centered around the Po River Valley. Since Italy failed to qualify for the traditional World Cup, Padania’s 3rd-place finish is likely to be the country’s strongest showing in an international soccer tournament this summer. Padania is notable for another reason too—the group long-pushing for Padania’s break from Rome and the rest of Italy was a party called the Northern League… which recently rebranded itself as the “League” and stormed to second-place in Italian national elections.

For years, the Northern League had derided its Southern countrymen and decried the industrious north’s money being redistributed to the poorer south; those criticisms were muted as the League rose in national prominence. It’s now in an anti-establishment coalition government with the Euroskeptic Five Star Movement, where its strong anti-migration bent has Brussels on its heels. Still, the ambition to secede lives on for some—the “Great North” party is sprung from the remnants of the Northern League.

But it’s difficult to claim unfair treatment when the region’s political champion is now the one calling the shots in Rome. Plenty of others in this tournament would love to have this type of problem.

Runner-Up: Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus claimed second place as the losing tournament finalist. Cyprus has been one of the most dangerous flash points between rivals Turkey and Greece for years now—originally under British rule, Cyprus became an independent country in 1960. Today, 78 percent of the population is Greek-Cypriot, and 18 percent is Turkish-Cypriot. Both Turkey and Greece had originally agreed to respect the island’s independence and territorial integrity, but as tensions flared in the 1960s and early 1970s, the military junta in Athens backed an attempted coup by Greek-Cypriots in 1974, triggering an invasion of North Cyprus by Turkish troops. A population exchange between north and south soon followed, as did nearly a decade of failed negotiations. In 1983, North Cyprus declared its independence; to this day, no one besides Turkey recognizes it as an independent country.

Tensions between north and south have been at a relatively low simmer for some time, but so long as the Cyprus issue remains unresolved, it risks becoming a lightning rod for any Greek or Turkish politician seeking a nationalist bump in the polls.

Champion: Karpatalya

And finally, the team of the tournament. Karpatalya is located in the Carpathian mountains in western Ukraine, bordering Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It houses nearly 1.2 million people of varying ethnic and religious backgrounds, prominent among them ethnic Hungarians. Amid the mayhem of World War II, the territory—once part of Czechoslovakia—declared independence for 24 hours before being annexed by Hungary. It was subsequently claimed by Ukraine under the banner of the Soviet Union when Europe was being divvied up after the war. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, a referendum saw nearly 8 in 10 Karpathians vote for autonomy… which was promptly dismissed.

What wasn’t dismissed was Karpatalya’s participation in the World Football Cup tournament. Ukraine’s Sports Minister, Igor Zhdanov, took to Facebook to decry the team’s participation: “I call on the Security Service of Ukraine to respond appropriately to such a frank act of sporting separatism. It is necessary to interrogate the players of the team… for the purpose of encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and ties with terrorist and separatist groups.” A good reminder that sometimes being ignored isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Sports – TIME


Link Love: Sunnies for Summer 2018

Almost anything goes in fashion these days, but just like with clothes, there are sunglasses trends that stand out each year. Tiny sunnies are making a comeback, for example, and according to Glamour, we’ll also be seeing lots of “cat eyes gone extreme.”

StyleCaster predicts we’ll also be welcoming back colourful sunnies and embellished frames.

If you’d love to sport a pair of tiny sunglasses, The Cut has some tips on which pair might work best for your face shape.

Looking for a budget-friendly option? Then have a look at this Harper’s Bazaar roundup.

If you need prescription sunnies, then be sure to read this Racked article with in-depth info before you go shopping.

Fab Links from Our Members

Like the Season enjoyed last week’s “TED Radio Hour” on “The Person You Become.” She says: “It included a lovely segment about the role fashion plays in exploring and expressing identity and how what you choose to wear is a ‘celebration of self’.” 

Citygirldc’s feet have been changing the past few years, and found this article on shoe size and fit quite interesting. When was the last time you measured your feet?



You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

You probably shouldn’t wear these 7 things as a wedding guest this summer

If you’re dreading purchasing another dress to wear to your eighth wedding this summer, we get you—wedding season is a lot to handle. There’s no shame in re-wearing outfits from one event to another, and you can pretty much wear any dress of your choosing so long that it is appropriate for a wedding. That last part is important, because there are a number of different outfit mishaps that often occur at weddings, the pros say. To ensure you don’t make a fashion misstep, we chatted with four stylists to find out what you should or maybe shouldn’t wear as a guest this summer. Here are their best suggestions on what to avoid.

Anything that even resembles white.

You know the drill—the bride should be the only one wearing white at the wedding. This includes every color that could potentially be considered in the white family, such as cream, bone, ivory, beige, and off-white. The one and only exception to this rule is if the bride and groom are having a “white-themed wedding” and request that their guests wear the hue. Still, even in this case, Ali Levine, celebrity stylist, fashion expert, and TV personality, warns guests never to wear anything that looks like a wedding dress.

Denim anything.

If you’re thinking of pulling a throwback to that iconic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim moment, don’t. “Save your jeans for the backyard BBQ! Jeans are not welcome at a wedding no matter how casual it is,” says Toni Ferrara, a celebrity stylist who’s dressed Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Beckinsale. “It’s just not a fabric that is meant to have a wedding moment.” Make sure your date knows this, too.

Anything too revealing.

Style experts agree that all eyes should be on the bride. “Drawing attention to you in a ‘sexual’ way is disrespectful in my opinion,” says Rayne Parvis, a certified Style Coach, personal stylist, media personality and author of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!. She recommends staying away from anything too tight, that reveals too much cleavage, or with a completely open back. “A great rule of thumb is to accentuate one body part in a respectful way, not all three; cleavage, legs, and back,” she adds. Mayes agrees, adding, “Not only will your outfit be frowned upon, but you just may fall right out of that extremely plunging neckline.”

Caiaimage/Tom Merton/Getty Images

Related article: A comprehensive guide to wedding guest attire 

Out-of-season hues.

Levine recommends wearing colors that are in-line with the summer season, so keep your orange-, auburn- and maroon-colored gowns in the closet until fall and winter. “Certain colors, fabrics, and aesthetics tell us it’s summer and makes us feel a certain way about that season,” she says. “Do not show up wearing fall colors and heavy fabrics in June, July, or August.”

A dress that matches the wedding colors.

Unless you’re in the wedding party, Parvis warns against intentionally wearing colors to match. “If you’re not a bridesmaid and you show up dazzling in the same color, it will appear you’re trying to be part of the wedding party versus a guest,” she says. “You’ll get questions and confusing looks.”

An oversized hat.

Sure, you hate it when the sun’s in your eyes, but that’s what sunglasses are for. Leave your oversized hats out of the equation when it comes to selecting your wedding attire. “Excessively large hats may block the view of the other guests, especially if you are seated in the front row,” says Ty-Ron Mayes, a celebrity stylist who appeared on America’s Next Top Model. “If you do not want to wear a smaller hat, consider a fascinator. Your sense of style and appropriateness will be well received.”

Anything too casual.

It might be hot, or even a beach-themed wedding, but leave your poolside attire where it belongs. “Unless the bride and groom tells you in the invitation to bring a change of casual clothing, or that it is a casual affair, stay nicely dressed,” says Levine. The same goes for your shoes. “Leave sandals at home—even if they’re beautiful.”

This article originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Summer Items

If you like knee-covering casual and dressy frocks with sleeves, stock up right now because it’s the BEST dress season I’ve seen in a long time. I was done with my Spring and Summer refresh in March, but could not resist a few more dresses. I just bought Club Monaco’s Elianna Knit Dress, because it’s exactly where I want to be with dresses. No more sheaths and sack silhouettes for now — I crave structure up top but want flare at the bottom, and I’m finding it. So I’m milking the exceptional dress season after waiting seven years for longer lengths and tailored silhouettes.

These items have been winners on my clients and our forum members recently. Browse the colour options and read the rave reviews.

  • Munro Brinn Sandal: Trendy, very comfortable, and well made. Quite chunky on the foot so consider yourself warned. Available in three colours and FIVE widths. Goes up to a US13.
  • Paul Green Raven Sandal: Moon Walking Slide Fabnes. Soft, cushioning, and well made. Best on regular and higher volume feet. Too wide for narrow feet.
  • Frye Terri Perf Oxford: Fabulous Summer oxfords in a lovely soft suede. The cracked cream leather is just as nice as the mint. Quite comfy. Best on low and regular volume feet.
  • print pajamas: Kate Spade Pyjama Fabness. Classic and adorable.
  • Frye Diana Chelsea: Western boots may be on trend, but they are always in style. Frye is a good way to go if you want a pair of timeless fashion-y western-inspired boots. These are a great fit, feel comfy, look chic, and are well made.
  • Frye Cindy Two-Piece: Chunky yet refined ankle strap sandals that are best on regular and higher volume feet. Too wide for low-volume feet. Very comfy.
  • Frye Terri Gore Mule: Fun mules for higher volume feet. Refined on the foot, and comfortable.
  • INC International Concepts I.N.C. Ruffled Denim Jacket, Created for Macy’s: One of our forum members modelled this in an XL and blew me away. It looked much better on her than on the model. The peplum is subtle, and adds a playful kick to the masculine trucker silhouette.
  • Columbia Saturday Trail II Knee Pant: Athleisure long shorts available in a range of colours. Works on both a curvier and straighter body type. Incredible reviews.
  • Alfani Printed Convertible Tunic Shirt, Created for Macy’s: Fab tunic that works best on those who can fill it out. Nice over cropped white jeans.
  • Charter Club Petite Floral-Print A-Line Dress, Created for Macy’s: Gorgeous dress on a curvy petite. One of our forum members modeled it in a PL and it looked SUBLIME. The flared skirt is flattering on a pretty pear-shaped body type. Elegant length.
  • Connected Petite Draped Sheath Dress: A flattering dress on a curvy petite. Slinky and form-fitting. Works on a pretty pear shape. Yummy.
  • CAMPER Tropik Cross Strap Wedge Sandal: A chunky wedge for higher volume feet. Sleek on the foot. Comfy.
  • COS Layered V-neck Chiffon Dress: Fab dress for Team Tall who likes to wear V-necks. The diagonal line across the torso adds an avant-garde effect that’s flattering and interesting. Suits a range of body types.
  • COS Panelled High-neck Dress: A good dress for a long neck, small bust, long torso and athletic top half. Works well on a curvy bottom half.
  • COS Short-sleeved Silk Shirt: Drapey Shirt Fabness. Size down.
  • UNIVERSAL STANDARD Geneva Dress: AMAZING silhouette on both a straighter or curvier body type. Works well on a larger bust. The side drape is genius because it adds curves to a straighter hip and flattens a curvier hip. Nice colours and rave reviews.
  • COS Shirt Dress With Gathered Hem: Imagine the sleeves scrunched and it’s a great dress for a mild Summer. It can go straight into Fall with hosiery and boots. Not for petites. Suits a range of body types. Comes in peach.
  • Vince Camuto Skinny Jeans: These are tight, but quite comfy and substantial. Not see-through. Not for wider calves.
  • CAMPER Balloon – K200611: Fun chunky sandals for regular and higher volume feet. They are bright, but come in black and silver. Works well with wider ankles.
  • CAMPER ‘Oruga’ Two Strap Slide Sandal: A refined Birkenstock vibe from Camper. Quite cushioning and supportive. Might run a little short. Works for wider feet.
  • Club Monaco Elianna Knit Dress: A navy and white striped casual and very polished midi with a GORGEOUS fit. Drapes like a dream. Heft, substance and well made. It’s very structured up top so you have to be okay with defining your torso and midsection. The length and asymmetrical hem are elegant and swooshy. Very comfy.The DOUBLE belt is NOT attached to the dress so you can place it where you like. Genius. The stripes of the belt go in different directions which is super cute. Looks great with simple flats. Machine washable. Impeccable.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.

NOTE: Some rich content in this post was omitted because it isn’t supported by the feed. Please visit the post on youlookfab.com to see the additional content.



Here Are 8 Ways to Make a Drive-In Theater Your Ticket to Summer Fun

It’s officially summer. Wahoo!

That means it’s time to start planning affordable family nights, now that the kiddos are home and don’t have homework to worry about. But that seems to be getting harder and harder these days.

That’s why you should consider the closest drive-in movie theater.

Drive-ins aren’t merely a relic of the past — you might even have one in your backyard. A family of four can see a movie with snacks and drinks for around $ 25, at most.

Check out this database from DriveInMovie.com to see if there is a drive-in in your county. Next, here are some hacks to make sure you get the most out of your drive-in theater experience.

Tips to Help You Have a Blast At Your Local Drive-In Movie Theater

I know what you’re thinking: “What could be so difficult about putting a car in park and watching a dang screen?”

Well, it’s not difficult. But if you want to be comfortable and have as much fun as possible, here are eight tips for your first drive-in experience, courtesy of patrons and staff at the Lakeland, Florida-based Silver Moon Drive-In Theater.

1. Get There Early and Grab a Spot Near the Exit

Another bonus of some drive-ins: You can bring the furry members of your family. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

It can get packed at the drive-in, and Silver Moon’s website specifically asks you try to get there early.

One, you won’t have to sit in a long line of cars and burn that precious gas. And two, you can snag a parking space close to the exit so you avoid the slow-moving caravan after the double feature.

2. Bring Your Own Radio and Extra Batteries

Bring a portable radio to avoid using the car stereo and running down your car battery. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Here’s the scene: You’re out with the guy of your dreams, who is totally impressed with your choice of a classic date night. But when the movie’s over, you turn the key to start your car and hear that dreaded clicking noise. Your battery is dead.

Don’t let this happen to you; bring a portable radio with extra batteries. You have to stream the movie’s audio through a radio, and using your car radio will drain the battery.

Also, if you plan to set up chairs in your pickup bed or behind your vehicle, you’ll need a portable radio to hear the movie anyway.

Alternatively, you can recharge your car battery by turning on your car every half hour or so and letting it run for a few minutes.

3. Bring Bug Spray

A woman watches a movie from her car.
Danielle Torres watches a movie at Silver Moon on Friday, 4/6/2018. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Bugs are an annoying part of life in the summertime.

You’ll be outside for a few hours, so pack that bug spray so you don’t feel like you’re actually in the jungle while watching “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”

4. Pack Dinner, Snacks and Drinks

Silver Moon allows people to bring their own food, but check before you go because not all drive-ins do. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

One of the best parts of the drive-in is that you can bring your own food. Why spend $ 12 on movie-theater nachos when you can bring some chips and dip for less than half that?

Not all drive-ins allow outside food, so check the rules before you arrive. Silver Moon does allow you to bring in food, but its patrons rave about the food. I recommend glass-bottle Cokes, some popcorn and a Silver Moon pizza.

5. Talk to Your Neighbor

Women participate in a 1950s costume contest
Ginnalee Dabrowski (left) and Alice Plumlee (right) show off their costumes for Silver Moon’s 70th anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Plumlee’s granddaughter, Elli Coleman (center), dressed as a pink lady from the movie “Grease.” Dabrowski’s poodle skirt once belonged to her mom, who worked as a car hop. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

When my wife and I saw “A Quiet Place” recently at an indoor theater, a group of unruly teens ruined it by yapping the whole time. Silence is golden at indoor theaters, but at the drive-in, feel free to chat away.

Along with packing your own snacks, another advantage to drive-ins is the ability to analyze the movie in real time. And what better way to meet people than mutually complaining about all the plot holes?

6. Bring Chairs — Lawn, Pop-up or Beanbag

A toddler stands in a pack and play
Akira Millard and her mother, Tara, brought their own furniture so they could sit outside. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

There is something magical about watching a movie from the back seat of a convertible.

But, for those of us with car roofs, sitting in chairs you brought from home makes more sense.

7. Wear Comfy Clothes

Destiny Farrior eats pizza and plays soccer at Silver Moon on Friday, April 6, 2018 Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Here’s another drive-in advantage: Nobody will judge what you’re wearing.

Break out your pajamas for an extra comfy drive-in experience. Or dress up like one of the Avengers.

8. Bring Cash, Just in Case

People purchase tickets
Ticket prices are generally much lower at drive-ins than at indoor theaters. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

Remember when people actually paid for stuff with those green paper thingies?

Drive-ins dredge up feelings of nostalgia for much simpler times. That might mean simpler times for your wallet as well. Bring some cash just in case.

Now that you’re a drive-in expert, all you need is a cherry red 1950s convertible and you’re ready to hit the theater. Just kidding.

Alex Mahadevan is a data journalist at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Princess Cruises offers toothy fun with Shark Week-themed celebrations all summer long

In “Jaws,” when Roy Scheider’s character Chief Brody uttered the famous line, “You’re going to need a bigger boat,” he probably didn’t have a cruise ship in mind.

That didn’t stop Princess Cruises from going all in on Shark Week though, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

To mark the toothy…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Celebrate Summer With a Free Milkshake at Wayback Burgers on June 21

If there’s one thing we love, it’s deals — especially when those deals are freebies.

Well boys, get ready to be brought to this yard, because we found the perfect summer deal: free milkshakes.

Wayback Burgers is celebrating the first day of summer on Thursday, June 21, by giving away one free 12-ounce black-and-white milkshake per person at participating locations while supplies last.

But don’t worry about supplies too much.

Wayback is loading up for the event with 3,400 gallons of ice cream, 300 gallons of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, 300 gallons of Monin French vanilla syrup and 30,000 cups, lids and straws, according to this release.

There’s no purchase necessary either. Don’t you love a good freebie with no strings attached?

Jen Smith is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She gives money-saving and debt payoff tips on Instagram at @savingwithspunk.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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7 baby carriers that won’t get too hot in the summer


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

Baby carriers are so delightfully snuggly and cozy for infants — until the temperature soars. Then both you and the baby feel eaten alive by too-hot fabric. On the worst days, both you and your baby will be sweaty, clammy, and irritable, hardly the recipe for peaceful nap-inducing walks.

So if you have a carrying-age little one — or a summer due date — check out these cool and comfy carriers custom-made for warmer weather.

1. Moby Wrap Evolution: The Moby is arguably one of the most popular stretchy infant wraps out there, but no one’s going to accuse the original cotton knit fabric of being breathable. The Evolution changes things up with a lightweight blend of cotton and bamboo that won’t leave you misty and moist. Carry baby from 8 to 30 pounds safely.

Buy it: $ 46-$ 55

2. Ergobaby ADAPT Cool Air Mesh: Padded in all the right places and lined with moisture-wicking mesh that will keep things breathable even on the hottest days, this Performance iteration of the popular ADAPT carrier can handle babies from 7 to 45 pounds (with an infant insert for newborns), and carry babies comfortably on the hip, back, or front. We especially love the ADAPT’s large zipper front pocket, which is spacious enough to carry the holy triumvirate (wallet, keys, phone), a diaper, a spare paci, and a burp cloth.

Buy it: $ 140

3. Tula Coast Carriers: Inspired by the outdoorsy parents the carrier company sees every day at its (balmy) Southern California HQ, the Coast carriers are just like Tula’s traditional line, except the carriers’ main panel is constructed from breathable mesh rather than heavier woven fabric. Both Standard and Toddler carriers come in Coast varieties, meaning you can carry your baby in cool comfort from 15 to 45 pounds with the Standard (or from birth with an infant insert), or 25 to 60 pounds with the Toddler. Pictured: the Coast Meow Meow Standard carrier.

Buy it: $ 104

4. Baby K’Tan Breeze: Like the Moby, the Baby K’Tan is a simple-to-put-on wrap carrier that’s most popular with parents of infants. The K’Tan made its bones with the Original, a cotton knit with a one-way stretch that’s very comfy in cooler weather, but for warm spring and summer days, the Breeze is made of two fabric layers: cotton on one side, mesh on the other. You can rotate the fabric to put whichever you want next to your skin. The K’Tan works from birth to 35 pounds, no infant insert needed.

Buy it: $ 60

5. Beco Gemini Cool: Beco makes one of the most popular fabric carriers around, beloved for its cute patterns, comfort, and versatility. The Gemini’s Cool model swaps out traditional woven fabric for 3D mesh, which allows for plenty of cooling airflow. It handles infants from 7 to 35 pounds, no infant insert necessary.

Buy it: $ 129

6. LILLEbaby 6-Position Complete Airflow: Removable lumbar support and lavishly padded straps make the LILLEbaby a comfier-than-most structured carrier, suitable for long walks and day-long outings. Made entirely out of performance mesh — instead of just offering a zip-down mesh panel like the similar LILLEbaby All Seasons carrier — the Complete Airflow handles riders from 7 to 45 pounds, no infant insert required, with 6 different carrying positions on the front, back, and hip (including a front-outward carry, which many carriers don’t allow).

Buy it: $ 140

7. Evenflo Breathable Soft Carrier: If you’re used to paying $ 100 or more for carriers, Evenflo’s bargain option (also marketed under the name Marianna II) may seem to good to be true. Indeed, the straps aren’t padded as thickly as some, and the carrier’s not really comfortable enough for all-day outings. But for shorter trips, this value-priced carrier works just fine for infants 7 to 26 pounds, no infant insert necessary, while its mesh fabric keeps things cool.

Buy it: $ 26

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Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

5 Summer Movie Deals for Bored Kids and Parents Longing for Labor Day

It’s that time of year again: The kids are out of school, and parents are trying to figure out how to get them out of the house, because apparently summer camp costs $ 11,000.

Well, frugal parents who are sick of hearing “I’m bored” 19,009 times a day can rejoice!

Movie theaters around the country are offering free and discounted kids movies all summer long.

5 Theaters With Sweet Summer Movie Ticket Deals

Here are five theater chains offering movie ticket deals this summer. Remember, individual theater schedules vary, so check the website of the location nearest you for the latest details.

$ 1 Movies at Regal Cinemas’ Summer Movie Express

You can see a different movie every Tuesday and Wednesday through Aug. 15 at participating Regal Cinemas on the Summer Movie Express. All movies are $ 1 and typically start at 10 a.m. Check the Regal website for details.

10 Films for $ 5 at the Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse

Through Aug. 23, you can see a different PG-rated movie each week for $ 1 per movie or pay $ 5 to see all 10. Showtimes are at 10 a.m., and days vary by location at participating Cinemark Theatres.

And make sure to print the schedule for your location to get a $ 2-off coupon for any large popcorn or fountain drink.

Free Summer Movies at Bow Tie Cinemas

Bow Tie Cinemas is showing free movies during its Summer Kids Series. Get in on the fun at participating locations every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. from June 19 to Aug. 15.

$ 4 Movies and a KidsPack at AMC Theaters’ Summer Movie Camp

AMC knows kids can only sit so long without fiddling, so it’s offering a combo. Every Wednesday — excluding July 4 — at 10 a.m. through Aug. 1, your $ 4 ticket gets you a movie and a KidsPack, which includes a popcorn, drink and FrootiTooti fruit snacks.

The Summer Movie Camp is only at participating AMCs, so check the website before loading up the kids. And for big kids, don’t forget you can always snag $ 5 movies on Tuesdays with an AMC Stubs membership.

10 Films for $ 7 at Harkins Summer Movie Fun

For $ 7, you can buy a season pass to Harkins Theatres’ Summer Movie Fun series. Through Aug. 3, you can see a different movie every week at 9:45 a.m. Monday through Friday. If you don’t want to spring for the pass, single movie tickets are $ 2 each.

And sorry adults, there’s no admittance unless you bring a child with you. But Harkins also has a Summer Series for guests 14 and older at 10:15 a.m. every week. It’s limited to select locations and by request only, so call 480-627-7777 for more information.  

Jen Smith is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She gives money-saving and debt payoff tips on Instagram at @savingwithspunk.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects to Avoid This Summer

Summertime is packed with fun activities: barbecues, beach vacations, afternoon swims, and backyard games. But the warm weather also summons pesky bugs and creepy-crawlies, which threaten to wreak havoc on your outdoor agenda. Some of these critters even spread disease— yikes! Stay safe this season by avoiding these 10 dangerous insects that could be lurking around your property, inside or out.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


Outfit Formula: Summer Column of White

Last week’s outfit formula was a Summer column of black, which was more popular than I expected it to be. This week I’m talking about its polar opposite — a column of white. 

First, I’d like to debunk a few myths about wearing white:

  1. ANY size and height can wear white. The fit and the fabric of an item play a bigger role in making an item flattering than its colour. My size US16/18 clients rock white jeans, pants and tops. So does my 4ft 9” size US000 friend.
  2. Everyone looks good in a shade of white. It’s a question of choosing YOUR white. Bright optical white, off-white, ivory, cream, champagne, oatmeal, bone or a very light tan can be your white. Sometimes an extremely pale pearl grey can be your version of white.
  3. No need to match your whites exactly. Mismatching them looks better than you might think.
  4. White is not that impractical. Black and dark colours can show as many stains as white, depending on the cause of the stain.
  5. Pale-skinned people can successfully wear white, and so can blondes. Wear a little more eye make-up, add some blush, and define your lips because it’s that easy to look bright in white.

Here are four ways to create a column of white to get you started.

1. White Separates & Cognac

A chic and dressy combination with cream pants and blouse, and cognac belt and bag. The shoes are white, but feel free to throw in cognac footwear. White tops can be see-through, which means wearing a white, cream or tan camisole and nude-for-you bra. Ankle-strapped footwear is perfect with cropped pants, and they don’t need to be heeled.

MAX MARA Ponte Slim-leg Pants

2. White Jeans & Oatmeal

This is the easiest combination. Pair white jeans with a white top and layer a tan, oatmeal, bone or cream cardi over the top. Feel free to layer an optical white cardi for a full-on column of white. Add cognac, tan, white or metallic footwear and bag. A belt to match is optional.

Old Navy Open Front Plus Size Long Line Sweater

3. White Dress & High-Contrast Support Act

A casual and pretty white dress is beautiful. I love how this one has been combined with casually elegant flat sandals, and a bag to match which pulls together the look and amps up the polish. Here, a black bag and shoes create a high contrast with the white. It’s especially effective bookending with black hair.

THREE GRACES LONDON Mable Ruffled Linen Midi Dress

4. Avant-Garde Cream

Create avant-garde, fluid and somewhat oversized layers with lots of drape in shades of white. Here, the shorter length of the culottes and shorter asymmetrical hem make the silhouettes just flattering enough by providing structure. Black shoes effectively bookend the outfit. Metallic, pearl grey, white, tan or cream footwear will work too.

Eileen Fisher Cozy Organic Cotton Wrap Vest

White is my favourite neutral, and I can wear warm and cool tones of it. I therefore have lots of white in my wardrobe and will wear a column of white before a column of black. I don’t have a white dress yet, but can pull together many combinations with white jeans. How about you?



Weekly Roundup: Summer Items

The fabulous shopping season continues as stores sell the last few months of their Spring and Summer collections. Size ranges and colour options are depleting and that’s the challenge at this time of year. Take a good long look at your wardrobe, lifestyle and sartorial preferences, and assess what you still need or want for the warm-weather season. Duplicate wardrobe workhorses and make sure you have your bases covered. This week’s top picks might help out.

  • Kiyonna Stella Cinch Top: A wrap top that’s tailored and fluid in all the right places. Works well on a curvy figure with a larger bust. Gorgeous drapey flutter sleeve. Might be a little long for petites.
  • Kiyonna Stella Cinch Top: Vertical stripes are unique and rare, especially in blue and white. The streamlined integrity is effective, and the flutter sleeves drape like a dream. Works well on a curvy figure with a larger bust. Might be a little long for petites. Good on narrow shoulders.
  • Old Navy Plus-Size Lace-Up-Front Swing Dress: Breezy Casual Dress Fabness. Comes in florals. Read the rave reviews.
  • Sol Angeles | Anthropologie Sol Angeles Floral Tee: A casually polished tee. Very nice round hem and fun watercolour floral pattern. Great semi-tucked, and exceptional with white jeans. You have to be okay with the high neckline. Read the rave reviews.
  • Maeve | Anthropologie Sherbrooke Tie-Waist Top: Good structured knit top for Team Long Torso with a defined waist.
  • Left Of Center | Anthropologie Puglia Ruffled Tank: A very casual and easy throw-on-and-go sleeveless ruffled tank in an assortment of colours. Quite streamlined despite the swingy silhouette. Good on petites. Armhole coverage is great. Read the rave reviews.
  • VELVET by Graham & Spencer Women’s Gauzy Whisper Classics Surplice Tank: A faux wrap top to wear with flared skirts, pants/jeans, or under a jacket. Sleek fit and will cling so consider yourself warned. Does not camouflage muffin top. Available in white.
  • Lands’ End Women’s Plus Size Underwire Wrap Bikini Top: I haven’t seen this Modern Retro bikini in person yet, but it looks gorgeous and comes in a few more patterns. Unfortunately, the top does not come in bra sizes, but it might be worth a try because of the fabulous structure of the cut.
  • Boden Georgia Maxi Dress: Casual maxi dresses are popular, and the offerings from Boden are exceptional quality and generally a great fit. This style works well on a larger bust because of the structured torso. Great vertical back ruching on the bodice. Not as clingy on the tummy area as it looks. Sizes go up to a US18. Read the rave reviews.
  • Boden Diana Jersey Maxi Dress: A very casual jersey maxi dress with excellent reviews. Comes in an assortment of patterns, has pockets, and goes up to a US18. Fabulous quality and great drape. Forgiving on the midsection. Works on a range of bust sizes.
  • Brooks Brothers Jersey Faux Wrap Top: Polished and professional to wear on its own or as a layering piece. Sufficiently short to pair with a flared skirt. Nice quality. Might run a size big.
  • Boden Evelyn Embroidered Dress: Boho Summer Fabness. The navy and turquoise version is just as lovely. Works on a range of body types because it has structure on the torso, a roomy fit on the skirt, and stops at an elegant length. Looks good on a larger bust. Fab drape, and excellent quality.
  • VANELi Tallis: Well-made and fashionable slides that come in six colours and FOUR widths, so all foot volumes are covered. Very comfy, cushioning and quite supportive.
  • Club Monaco Quynh Silk Dress: GORGEOUS dress that looks as fabulous layered with a blazer. The hem isn’t too short on the one side unless you’re very tall, and the diagonal line does magical things on the body. Fluid and flattering. Fit can work on petites.
  • Bailey 44 Fennel Dress: A fitted frock that works extremely well on a curvy hourglass and pear-shaped body type. Not as clingy as it looks. Quite forgiving of lumpage and bumpage. The length and diagonal hem are the brilliant part about the cut because it creates an attractive fit on the body. It adds curves to straight figures and straightens the curves of a curvy figure. CLEVER.
  • Gabor Gabor 83.700: Extremely comfy slides for regular and higher volume feet. Generally too wide for low-volume feet. Cushioning, soft and reasonably supportive. Well made.
  • VANELi Hirin: A clean and simple Trendy Classic available in three colours and a few widths. LOVE that low block heel. Dressy yet uncomplicated.
  • Sesto Meucci Sylke: Fun sandals with a surprisingly refined cut for the chunky style. Available in five colours and across a few widths. Lots of rave reviews.
  • Karen Millen Single Shoulder Top: The asymmetrical cold shoulder looks fresh, and isn’t as breezy as symmetrical cold shoulders. Covered yet alluring. I like this silhouette, but haven’t seen it in person yet. Could look lovely with white, black or navy pants.
  • Alfani Women’s Voyage Wedge Sandals, Created for Macy’s: WOW, these are comfy, classic, versatile, and under $ 40. They fit an assortment of feet because the elastic is forgiving. They even worked for my low-volume feet if I sized down half a size. They are almost sold out online, but check out in stores for more colours and sizes. Excellent value. Exceptional reviews for good reason.
  • Treasure&Bond Ruched Knit Midi Skirt: A tube skirt with asymmetrical ruching looks fresh and fab. The diagonal hem creates a flattering line on the lower leg. Works on a range of body types. Super cute with casual flats.
  • Nordstrom Two-Tone Floppy Straw Hat: St. Tropez Chic. One of the best sun hats of the season. Our forum member rocked the look. Comes in tan.
  • White House Black Market Cold Shoulder Stripe Knit Shift Dress: A repeat style that works well on petites. Might need to size down. A lot more forgiving on the hips and midsection than you might expect. The style is almost sold out online, but they have variations in stores.
  • Anne Klein Printed Faux-Wrap Shirtdress: A classic fit-and-flare that works well on a curvy body type. Dress it up or down. Available in plus sizes.
  • Tommy Hilfiger Pleated Fit & Flare Dress: The fit of this Modern Retro frock wowed me on the forum. It has enough length and is awfully pretty. Cute with a tough denim jacket.
  • Calvin Klein Handkerchief-Hem Midi Dress: An elegant midi for a curvy body type. Might run a size big. Fab drape, streamlined despite the flare, and good swooshing integrity. The pattern-mixed floral is more calming on the eye than you might expect.
  • H&M Faux Suede Biker Jacket: Oh my word. A petite and curvy forum member ROCKED this on our forum last week. It blew me away. The sleeves were not too long. Works well on a pear-shaped body type.
  • Naturalizer Wendy: These are SUBLIMELY comfy, and come in three widths. I bought them in a narrow and they are a perfect width. Not too flat, super soft and quite pretty on the foot in a boho huarache way. White all the way, if you’re after a pretty look. The tan are more boho.
  • Club Monaco Elianna Knit Dress: A navy and white stripe casual and very polished midi with a GORGEOUS fit. Drapes like a dream. Heft, substance and well made. It’s very structured up top so you have to be okay with defining your torso and midsection. The length and asymmetrical hem are elegant and swooshy. Very comfy.The DOUBLE belt is NOT attached to the dress so you can place it where you like. Genius. The stripes of the belt go in different directions which is super cute. Looks great with simple flats. Machine washable. Impeccable.
  • Banana Republic Petite Stripe Soft Ponte Twist-Front Dress: An easy breezy FLUID Summer dress that suits a range of body types. Works well on a larger bust, and if you’re not too tall the hem just covers the knee. Looks great with sneakers.
  • Kork-Ease Marianna: Super comfy sandals that look great on the feet. A dressier casual vibe. Manageable heel height and best on regular volume feet.
  • Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Asymmetrical Dress: I haven’t seen this dress in person yet, but I love the diagonal lines. It will probably work for a larger bust because diagonal lines create a streamlined effect. You have to be okay with the volume on the midsection. Might need to size down. Super cute over cropped black skinnies too.
  • Boden Lizzie Dress: I loved this on one of our forum members. Fabulous dress on a curvy petite. Works well on a pretty pear shape. Elegant and breezy. Fab with flat sandals. Immaculate quality.
  • Boden Kassidy Jersey Dress: GORGEOUS dress on a curvy figure with a regular size bust. Grab it if you wear V-necks well. Elegant, yet very simple, and well made. FUN pockets.
  • Boden Elisa Jersey Dress: Very elegant on a broad shoulder line and a small to regular size bust. Gorgeous tiered skirt detailing. Fabulous quality.
  • Boden Emory Jersey Dress: The photo does not do this very pretty frock justice. It looks SO much better on my clients and on our forum members than on the model. Elegant and easy breezy. Very comfy.
  • Boden Louisa Jersey Dress: Boho Fabness that can work well on petites in the right size. Beautifully made and makes quite the statement. Works well on both a straighter and curvier figure. My friend blew me away when I saw it on. She paired it with yellow mules and bag. KILLER.
  • Banana Republic Lace Midi Pencil Skirt: AMAZING lace midi that is as soft as can be. Very forgiving fit and extremely comfy. Works well on curvy bottom halves. Beautiful elegant length. Comes in black, but the white is sublime. Runs a size big. I was sized out of the smallest size, or it would have been mine. CHIC.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.

NOTE: Some rich content in this post was omitted because it isn’t supported by the feed. Please visit the post on youlookfab.com to see the additional content.



5 party favorites from our summer birthday bash


Kelly Wilbanks

posted in Products

We have four birthdays in our family in May and June: My husband, my 3-year-old Evie, my almost 6-year-old Vivi, and myself. When you add in Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and our anniversary the first week of July we’ve been celebrating for almost two months straight. You know who’s exhausted by the end of all that celebrating?  Everyone!

So we held a Mega Birthday party last weekend and it was a pressure-free, enjoyable three hours with good friends and family. It really doesn’t take much to entertain kids. Last year for my oldest daughter’s fifth birthday we rented a bounce-house and party space. After the decorations, the cake, the rental, we were out a chunk of change. And that was just one of the four birthdays.

I blame my mom-guilt for that one since we’d just had a baby and I wanted my girl to feel celebrated since I’d been so focused on her sisters. But, you don’t need all that to have a day your family won’t forget.


Here are some things we bought to celebrate:

1. Slip n’ slide: Who doesn’t remember using a slip’n slide as a kid? Super easy to set up and the kids (5 and older) managed themselves well except for the occasional fight for the slide. The littles needed some turn-taking management, but just followed the big girls for the most part. Annie (15 months) enjoyed herself too, even if it was only to drink the water coming out of the spouts. (Amazon, $ 11.99)


2. Balls & Ball Pit: This ball pit comes with a playpen included, but we used with our pre-purchased Jumpolene. 200 balls was smaller than I thought it would be, but it filled our bounce house and were plenty for what we wanted. It was great for the littles to have some place to be away from the big kids. (Amazon, $ 27.99)


3. Parachute: This is another childhood favorite for me. I remember feeling such excitement when this was brought out during P.E. or gymnastics. It’s so easy and has so many uses. It was a great way to organize the kids and keep them busy. I’m glad we’ll have this on hand for future playdates, parties, boring afternoons etc… Each kid was delighted when we brought this out.(Amazon, $ 13.88)


4.  Balloons: So, this was my biggest expense for the day. These were also the only decorations I paid for because my friend and I decided to just combine ALL of our leftover decorations from past parties for Mega-birthday. So, I spent nearly $ 50 on all these balloons. Yikes! I let Vivi and Evie get a $ 10.00 balloon of their choosing and then followed up with a dozen balloons and a weight. I knew they’d be more expensive at Party City, but I also knew they’d have more selection than the Dollar Store. (Party City, $ 1.29 +)


5. Squirt guns: I hate providing party favors. It’s just more junk to throw away in my opinion so I try to be very selective on what I send home. These water-guns were given to all the kids that came to our party and they got to take them home. I figured at the very least they’d have fun memories of our party and have a toy they could really use this summer. (Amazon, $ 17.95)


I’ve talked a lot about the kids and what we did to keep them occupied because that was the treat for us parents. Having them busy allowed us to catch up — just a little bit- with each other. It was nice to find a couple of cards with my name or my husband’s in the present pile. We kind of forgot that we were celebrating ourselves as well until then.

Was mega-birthday successful? Yes, I believe it was. Will we do it again? Yes, I think so. Even though we’re fighting for time against graduations, end of the year parties, baby showers and countless other summer birthdays, it was a fabulous three fun-filled hours to devote to our family.

What are your favorite summer birthday activities?

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Photos by Jennifer Elwood, Katie Bryant, Amazon

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Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


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