3 theories on what, exactly, Michael Cohen is trying to do

What we know: This is the week that Michael Cohen officially declared war on Donald Trump. From the release of a secretly recorded tape of the two men talking about a potential payout related to former Playboy model Karen McDougal to the bombshell accusation that Trump knew about the much-discussed June 2016 meeting between his top campaign officials and a group of Russians, Cohen seems absolutely dead-set on breaking very, very publicly with Trump.

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‘Blade Runner 2049’ Director Debunks Fan Theories

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Blade Runner 2049.

There was a lot packed into Blade Runner 2049. Like its predecessor, 35 years earlier, there’s plenty in there for fans to debate. While the sequel answers some questions, and leaves others unresolved, it also opens up a whole new set of quandaries. FANDOM sat down with Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve and fired a bunch of fan theories at him. And despite initially saying that he might not give us answers… he actually does.

“It’s like poetry,” says Villeneuve. “You read a poem, you will see something; I will see something different; the poet has something [that he sees]. And it’s beautiful to leave interpretation alive and not to crystallise ideas with answers. So sometimes I don’t give answers. It’s just for the pure pleasure of giving people the freedom to stay excited.”

Read on to find out the truth behind your favourite theory — but first a quick reminder of the plot.

The Plot

Ryan Gosling’s K, also known as Joe, is working as a Blade Runner. His job is to retire Nexus-8 model replicants. He’s a replicant himself, but a new type — Nexus-9 – designed by Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace to be unable to resist orders given by a human and unable to lie. This makes it impossible, in theory, for the model to rebel.

When he’s assigned the task of tracking down and retiring a Nexus-8 in hiding, he uncovers a buried secret that sets him on a trail of discovery, leading to a whole mess of existential angst. He learns that a baby was born to a replicant mother, later revealed to be Rachael (Sean Young in the original film), and Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard. The child is wanted by both Wallace, who is desperate to create replicants able to procreate, and the replicant resistance.

Believing himself to be that child, K is devastated to learn that he’s not. The child in question was a girl whose DNA was reproduced to create a boy ‘twin’ — who apparently died — in order to throw authorities off the scent. The girl was placed in hiding, and is later revealed to be the ‘Memory Maker’, a contractor working for Wallace building memories to insert into replicants’ minds. She exists inside a glass cell as a result of a genetic condition.

Mark Millar Weighs In

Ryan Gosling as Officer K and Harrison Ford as Deckard.

The first fan theory broached actually comes from comic book writer Mark Millar.

“That’s a bit frightening,” laughs Villeneuve. Mark posited a theory in the forums of his blog, MillarWorld, that Ryan Gosling’s character’s story is actually a fake memory implanted in Deckard’s mind by his daughter to engineer a reunion between them.

“That’s a nice story. It’s interesting,” says Villeneuve before adding enigmatically, “I cannot comment on that. I understand why he came to that conclusion but I like the ambiguity, I will say.”

It Was All By Design

blade runner 2049 jared leto niander wallace replicants feature
Jared Leto’s Niander Wallace.

Another theory posits that K was set on the path to uncover the whereabouts of the child on purpose by either the replicant resistance, or Wallace.

Villeneuve discounts this: “Personally, I don’t think it was planned. I think it’s an accident.”

Audrey Hepburn Coming from Hell on Acid

blade runner 2049 luv joshi robin wright sylvia hoeks
Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) with Lt. Joshi (Robin Wright).

Wallace has a female replicant, called Luv, in his employ who operates as his right-hand woman. There is a line of thinking that suggests Luv is a failed replicant of Rachael. The evidence to support this? Mainly the fact that she cries after Wallace slashes a newborn female replicant across the stomach where the womb would be, killing her.

“Wow,” says Villeneuve. “For me, Luv was Audrey Hepburn coming from hell on acid. It’s true that they have similarities aesthetically, in the design and the rigidity of behaviours. I love these theories — some of them are sometimes things that we talked about, others are new things. I deeply love this.”

He’s a lot less enigmatic about the next theory – that Luv is actually Deckard’s daughter, and not Memory Maker, Ana.

“No, that’s… I’m sorry. I don’t know how you can come to such a conclusion,” he says. But he adds, “I deeply love that, again.”

Ana and K Theories

Blade Runner 2049 Ana
Ana, played by Carla Juri.

He’s open about the notion that Ana’s immune system isn’t actually compromised, and that it’s just a ruse to keep her hidden away. “I think so,” he says simply when we put this one to him.

And what about the snow Ana is creating at the end? It’s visually linked with what K is experiencing simultaneously outside. Is she making the memory and implanting it into K’s mind as she constructs it?

“I think that the way the Memory Maker works, the memories are implanted before the birth so I don’t think that she can simultaneously create them,” says Villeneuve. “But I like the ambiguity of that question.”

He also dismisses theories that K is the copied twin of Ana, and that K is human: “K is obviously a replicant. To survive [those] injuries, he needs to be an artificial being with [an AI’s] strength.”

So there you go. That should at least lay some of those brainteasers to rest.

Blade Runner 2049 is available in the US on digital download now and on Blu-Ray and DVD from January 16. In the UK, you can own it on download from January 29 and on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 5.

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5 ‘Episode IX’ Fan Theories Inspired by ‘The Last Jedi’

We’ve been combing through Star Wars fan theories inspired by The Last Jedi, and these are five of the best, speculating on what might happen in Episode IX.

Just beware of Last Jedi spoilers ahead…

Snoke Will Return

Reddit user LazarusLong1981 simply posts ‘Snoke isn’t dead’ while countless others believe that the big-bad of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi will be back in Episode IX.

It seems no one can quite fathom how a villain so underdeveloped could be dispatched in such throwaway fashion. But if he didn’t die, how did Snoke survive being cut in half?

The smart money seems to be via ‘Force Projection,’ with BioticsMage claiming: “He was never really there and he used Force Projection like Luke did.”

There’s also speculation that if he did die, Snoke will be back as a Force Ghost appearing to Kylo Ren in the final flick. Either way, the fans believe that we haven’t seen the last of Andy Serkis’s character.

The Knights of Ren Will Help Run the First Order

The Knights of Ren.

Redditor brobourne says, “Considering Snoke is potentially gone, could we see Kylo return to the Knights of Ren to help him run the First Order?”

JJ Abrams set the mysterious ‘Knights of Ren‘ up in The Force Awakens, pitching them as a shadowy organisation, overseen by Kylo Ren, and doing Supreme Leader Snoke’s bidding. They don’t get a mention in The Last Jedi, although fans have theorised that, following the altercation between Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo at the Jedi Temple, the trainee students that left with Ben became the Knights.

And with JJ back in charge for Episode IX, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this storyline resurrected.

Palpatine is Still Active

Video courtesy of Star Wars Explained.

Redditor Joker-Ventura ventures that Emperor Palpatine might have died at the end of Return of the Jedi, but his spirit lived on.

As he puts it: “Emperor Palpatine’s body may be dead, but he exists in the force and unlike others who have passed on, he is taking an active part still in the galaxy. The part being as Snoke, who is just an alien he possessed, which is why I believe his quick death in The Last Jedi is meaningless, he can just come back into another body.”

And this theory proves popular in the comments largely because it fits with ‘Legends‘ mythology (see above video) and also because fans like the idea of a single villainous entity pulling the strings across all nine films.

Kylo Was Lying About Rey’s Parents

Was Kylo telling the truth about Rey’s parents?

This theory seems to be splitting Star Wars fans down the middle. In The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams set up an intriguing mystery concerning Rey’s parentage. In The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson seemed to ignore that fact, with Kylo Ren telling Rey that her parents were nothings, nobodies; filthy junk traders who sold her off for drinking money.

Johnson has said that this is what Ren genuinely believes at that time. But there’s another school of thought, which Redditor Camwhite_guy explains as follows

“Kylo Ren lied to Rey about her parents being nobodies. When I was watching the movie I remember saying to myself that I didn’t believe that. After reading other theories I was glad to see that I was not alone. Some explanations I’ve seen is that the reason he lied is because perhaps she’d be more likely to follow him if she believed that she came from nothing than if she knew she came from Jedi lineage.”

Were that true, Abrams could again finish what he started in Episode IX.

Luke Will Become a Force Ghost

This is a popular theory all over the Internet. As arkonpl puts it: “I have watched recently The Last Jedi and I thought that maybe in the last Star Wars movie, Luke will return as a Force Ghost. Maybe he will be shown like a mentor behind Rey during a fight with Kylo Ren?”

Based on the history of Force Ghosts in the franchise, this seems pretty likely. And Mark Hamill even said he needs his beard for Episode IX in the above Tweet. Might he fight Snoke’s Force Ghost? It’s certainly possible.

There’s also a theory doing the rounds that Luke had previously died and was a Force Ghost for all of The Last Jedi. But while we’re saying ‘maybe’ to most of these fan theories, we’re going to say a big fat no to that one.

‘The Last Jedi’ Was Never Going to Go the Way You Think

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