Things you did not know about the Eiffel tower


As the most iconic symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the top tourist attractions, and the highlight of Paris, City of Love. The Iron Lady has reached her 128th year this year and is one of the finest sights in all of France. If you’ve never been to this majestic construct, the time to go is now – she’s pretty stunning! In fact, over 300 million people have gazed upon this epic structure and been inspired.

There are so many wonderful facts about the Eiffel Tower and plenty of things we already know about it. But, there are also a lot of things we don’t know about her, and some of them are much more epic and interesting than we would ever have considered. Tall, chic, and rich in history, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect Parisian landmark, and here are some of the most awesome things you never knew about The Iron Lady.

She wasn’t built to last

The Eiffel Tower, incredibly, was only actually designed to last for 20 years! Constructed by Gustave Eiffel to commemorate the French Revolution, it was meant to showcase the industrial might of France as a nation. Now, the plan was that it would be pulled down after twenty years – point proven and all that! Gustave Eiffel convinced the Government to leave it up, and, for a time it doubled as a telegraph transmitter. This could even have been the decisive factor that saved it from being torn down.

You can ice skate on there

The viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower actually doubles up as an ice rink in the winter, and you can buy tickets to go skate up there. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something romantic to do while in the City of Love. This is an amazing experience, and one you may not get again, so we suggest you make the most of it as much as you possibly can. Situated on the first floor of the tower, the ice rink is open from December through February, and has an amazing 50-plus foot bar where you can get mulled wine and all sorts!

Repaint job

A structure as large, and old as the Eiffel Tower, can’t look this majestic simply by being left to its own devices. It needs constant attention and no small amount of TLC. The tower herself has actually been repainted 18 times over the years, which, considering her age, is not actually as much as we were expecting. But this could have something to do with the fact that it requires 60 tons of paint, just to give it its first coat! Yikes! This is clearly not a job that can be done in a single afternoon!

It’s been replicated

It might surprise you to know that the Eiffel Tower has actually been replicated numerous times. In fact, at last count, there were over 40 different replicas of the tower all over the world. These include one in Las Vegas and one in Tokyo. Paris, Texas also has one, and it wears a stetson, in typical Texas style! It’s amazing that there have been so many replicas of this wonderful structure, but that goes to show the impact and importance of the tower throughout the world.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable constructs in the world, and it’s got a lot going for it. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and iconic, but it is also one of the most interesting and architecturally impressive feats in the modern world. Next time you visit Paris, you have to go see the Eiffel Tower, and, if you’re there in the winter, please be sure you go ice skating on the first floor.


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Useful things you’ll need when going on a business trip


Business trips are the backbone of the modern corporate world. Without them, there is no way for your company to thrive, and there is no diversity across the business world. It’s essential to get out in the world and try to make a connection with people from all walks of life. When you’re jetting off abroad for business, you want to have the perfect blend of work and play, and really showcase why you and your company are worth the investment.

Now, many people are seasoned pros and know exactly what to bring on business trip, while others have no idea where to begin. Packing right is essential if you want to enjoy a successful and stress-free business trip. So, we thought we’d put our heads together, and come up with some awesome ideas of the most useful things you will need when you decide to go on a business trip.


These days everything is pretty much digital, and it’s almost impossible to do business of any kind without electronics. So, you have to make sure you pack the relevant electronics with you that you’ll need for your trip. For instance, you will need to take your smartphone, laptop, and, possibly a tablet as well. Don’t forget to pack charges and ports as well so you will always have access to working electronics.


It’s a brave person who goes abroad without any of the local currency changed up. Make sure you have at least some with you before boarding your flight. Yes, it may be cheaper to change it up when you’re out there, but, at the very least make sure you have the cash for a taxi and a snack with you before you go. Now, some currencies are easy to come by, but others may need to be ordered, so make sure you account for this and order yours in plenty of time.


Now, there is a preference these days for making everything digital, and that includes your business documents and information. But, we think it’s also important to have hard copies as well, not to mention the fact that it looks more professional as well. So, make sure you compile all your information before going and print it off, so you have a hard copy of the relevant paperwork. This is a good way of keeping a backup and is essential for helping you to stay in the game, so to speak.

The right clothing

Don’t forget that, even though you’re traveling on business, you’re still going to a separate country, and the climate can be very different. You need to make sure you pack the right kind of clothing to help you acclimate to the weather. This means packing warm clothing for colder climates, and vice versa. You may not think about this too much, but it can definitely make a big difference to your comfort and experience on the trip.

Business cards

The most important part of business is marketing and networking, and business cards play a crucial role in this. They are a calling card, and a wonderful way to generate interest in the company, and put the feelers out when connecting with people. Business cards should be your bread and butter, and you need to carry them with you at all times because you never know when they might come in handy.

These are just a few of the amazing tips we’ve come up with that you need to know about for your business trip. If you’re serious about having the most productive and enjoyable trip imaginable, this advice is invaluable. Don’t forget, the whole purpose of a business trip is to make a connection and help your business thrive in another country. With the advice and tips in this post, we hope you will be able to do that emphatically!


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27 Things White People Should Never, Ever Say to Their Black Co-Workers

We are living in tempestuous times. Tempers are flaring over issues related to politics, race, and gender almost hourly across social media.

While most agree these issues aren’t appropriate to discuss at work, they inevitably do come up. However, in order to keep the peace with their co-workers of color, it’s probably a good idea if our white colleagues tread lightly on matters that are really emotional and of consequence to the black community.

Or, at the very least use the common sense they were born with and not speak on black issues or use offensive language altogether in the office.

We asked our audience to post across Black Enterprise’s social media accounts things white people should never say to their black co-workers. We were flooded with some great suggestions. The below list contains the most repeated offenses our audience cited and our favorites.

If you are white and reading this; be advised, any iteration of the below phrases will give you at the least, the side-eye from your black colleague.

(Image: iStock/drbimages)


Here are 27 things white people should never say to their black colleagues (posted verbatim from our social media streams):

1. You look like the girl, or you remind me of the girl, or I was thinking about you when I watched the girl on [blank] television last night. #reallytho#wealldonotlookalike

2. If so and so can do it (another black person) then I know you can.

3. You mean you don’t wash your hair every day???

4. “I’m scared to get pulled over too.”

5. Years ago, I told my boss I went to a non-denominational church she goes “you’re not BAPTIST!? I thought black people were Baptist!?”

6. I went to the beach the entire weekend and look, I’m almost as dark as you!

7. You’re different, not like them, the other ones…

8. “You all”

9. You go, girl

10. I love NWA

11. Anything that ends with the term “girlfriend” when you’re not referencing a woman you’re dating.

12. “All Lives Matter – not just black people.”

13. Any phrase starting with, “So, do black people…”

14. “So do you take those out at night? ” “Like how do you wash your hair?”

15. OMG, I’m taking a trip to Africa!” has never engaged in convo before but feels the need to share

16. We’re all discriminated against.

17. I don’t understand why you need to go to a legal conference for black women. If we had a legal conference for white men there would be an issue

18. I have a white co-worker that dates black men. Her and her boyfriend at the time we’re having issues. So, she was venting to me about him and called him a nigger. Nigger this. Nigger that. After regaining my composure, I asked, her why does she think it’s OK to say nigger in my presence, she replied that she should get a pass because she acts black, dates black, and considers herself black.

19. Telling you that you’re best friends with the only other black person that just started on the job when you’ve never met them a day in your life.

20. This happened to my co-worker who is black: Male Co-worker: I want you to be nice today… not sassy

21. When they say something negative about black people and then say, “Not you but…”

22. “You have to understand Trump”

23. NFL players shouldn’t take a knee

24. You’re the prettiest black girl I’ve ever seen,” says the intern

25. Yo,” “Word,” and “Whattup” as a greeting whenever greeting their black co-workers as Ron down the hall does every time he sees me. I’m not reciprocating that foolishness.

26. You should join our company basketball team. (They[‘ve] never seen you play.)

27. Are you real black?” The idiot meant are both of my parents black





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Things to plan for your road trip


Taking a road trip is a rite of passage for any young (or old!) person, and the best way of ensuring you have one of the greatest coming-of-age experiences. Road trips are an excellent way of getting out on the open road and exploring the great outdoors, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. But, in order to get the best possible experience, you need to make sure you plan adequately for your road trip.

There are a lot of great things you will need to do to have an unforgettable road trip experience. A lot of the time it takes the right people, the right attitude, and the right preparation, and you can really have an amazing time if you tick all these boxes. This is the perfect experience and one that can be shared by friends and family members alike. Get a load of these sensational road trip planning tips that you definitely need to make use of.

Plan your route

The most important part of the road trip process is making sure you plan your route. Now, this is a delicate thing because you have to get the right balance. You need to have some idea of where you’re going, so don’t make it up as you go. But, you also need to make sure you have a degree of spontaneity because that’s truly what makes a road trip great. You’ve got to make sure you do a bit of planning, so you know where you’re going, but, also, make sure you leave some stuff to the moment. Trust us, if you find that balance then you’ll have a road trip to remember!

Pack supplies

Supplies are a crucial part of having a successful road trip, and you have to make sure you stock up accordingly. There are plenty of things you will need for a road trip, and you need to ensure you don’t miss anything. Bear in mind that it might take a while for you to get to a store or a place that has supplies while you’re on the open road. So, make sure you pack a first aid kit and a map so you can plot your route. You’ll need the relevant electronics (phones) and charging cables. Not to mention plenty of water and snacks for everyone who is coming on the trip.


It’s actually pretty important to budget for your road trip as it’s going to cost you. And there are bound to be unforeseen costs as well (such is life)! Budget for supplies at the start of the trip, and gas when you fill up the car, but also make sure you account for the fact that there are likely to be other costs you’re going to face. These could include replacing lost items, car repairs, buying clothing, or an impromptu stop at a new restaurant. Making sure you have the right budget is essential for improving and enjoying the road trip more.

Make sure the car is in working order

The most important member of a road trip entourage is the vehicle, without question. Your car is going to have to dig deep and do more work than it has ever done before in its life. And, you need to make sure it is in full working order. That means getting it serviced before you embark on the trip, and ensuring that everything is fine. We can’t stress enough how important this is – the last thing you want is for your car to break down in the middle of the trip.

A road trip can be a fun, adventurous, and exciting time for everyone, and is a great way to travel with a difference. But, to avoid the obvious pitfalls of road trips, you need to make sure you plan and execute your properly. The best way of doing that is to make sure you follow some of the advice we’ve offered above. Happy road tripping!


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4 Things Every Black Entrepreneur Can Learn From EMPIRE’s Cookie Lyon

Fierce, fabulous, and fearless. As soon as she steps into a room, all eyes shift in her direction; admiring her poised appeal.

Surprisingly, it’s not her hypnotizing 4-inch heels and designer bags that captivate those in her presence. Underneath the strikingly alluring glam, she’s wrapped with a load of confidence that allows her to seal deals and collect the big bills.

If you’ve watched an episode of the FOX hit TV show, Empire, you can’t help but to fall in love with Cookie Lyon’s enchanting black girl magic —it’s what she uses to lead her family to a sustainable and successful business.


(Image: Instagram/empirefox)


And if you think she’ll allow one shameless threat or cruel attack to stop her flow, think again.

Cookie’s spicy demeanor mixed with her intellectual wittiness is impressive enough to stop any perpetrators from ruining her family’s regime.

This type of fire is what more black entrepreneurs need to replicate in order to elevate their success.

Are you wondering what Cookie Lyon holds in her entrepreneurial kit to walk with that unflappable confidence?

Here are four leadership lessons every black entrepreneur should consider to be successful and create generational wealth.

Know Your Industry Inside and Out


If you want to win the game, you truly have to understand the game—even the levels that are beyond your scope.

Cookie isn’t just focused on the day-to-day operations of what is going on at Empire. She is consistently doing her research so she can capitalize on opportunities and protect her family against threats that may come their way. In the world of business, we like to call this a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.

Empire is successful because they understand what the fans want, do what it takes to fill that demand, and know how to position themselves as market makers.

Teamwork Makes the Enterprise Work


Here’s the truth: you can’t do everything on your own if you want to build a fully functional and sustainable enterprise.

This is where many black entrepreneurs miss the ball. We feel like we have to do the marketing, accounting, management, and sales activities all on our own.

It’s important that we understand those pieces of the business but we don’t have to do everything. You have to motivate people on your team to use their strengths in order to grow the business. If you don’t, the business will die as soon as you leave this earth.

Cookie understands the importance of keeping the business going beyond her time here on this earth. That’s why she constantly shares the vision with every single member of the family. She wants to make sure they are on board so that they can understand how their gifts fit the larger vision of the business.

Six-Figure Degrees Aren’t a Prerequisite for Entrepreneurship


No one attributes Cookie’s family success to the fancy degree plastered all over her walls.

Some think that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, they have to acquire an M.B.A. There’s nothing wrong with getting an M.B.A. but it’s not the final destination for entrepreneurial success.

M.B.A. programs teach you how to be a manager. Real life teaches you how to deal with situations that don’t come with a “one size fits all solution.”

Cookie Lyons knows that the value in entrepreneurship comes from understanding people —not from memorizing theories and equations. A degree is a great accolade to vaunt about but it’s not the only accomplishment you’ll need to achieve in order to build credibility in business.

Multiply Family Wealth


Wealthy people teach their entire family to be a part of the family business.

If you are a member of the Lyons family, you won’t be caught twiddling your thumbs trying to figure out if you should spend thousands of dollars on a low-paying college major that only positions you to be an employee; you will be groomed to be a leader and contribute to the wealth of the family.

Unfortunately, that’s not the norm in most black households. Kids are sent to college in hopes of getting a good job that will help someone else’s enterprise become stronger.

This is causing the decline of successful black businesses; students accumulating a high cost of debt for degrees that don’t contribute to the wealth of the next generation.

Take a chapter from Cookie’s book: understand the different gifts that exist in your family, groom those gifts through proper learning experiences, and find out the best ways to profit from your passion so that you can multiply your wealth.


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America’s Troops Speak Out: 45 Things They Wish You Knew About Shipping Out, Coming Home, and How Their Lives Change

We treasure our soldiers for what they do and stand for, yet how many of us know more than the basic facts of life in the military? Here are the hopes, dreams, doubts, and everyday challenges met by our active-duty and former service people—in their own words.

Reader’s Digest


Things you never knew about the great wall of china


The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the most profoundly incredible fortifications in the world. A defining symbol of Chinese culture and heritage, the wall has stood for centuries, though it is mostly in ruins now. Tourists can pay a visit to this iconic wall, and discover some of the beauty and magic of the Ming Dynasty while they’re at it.

If you’ve never visited the Great Wall of China, you need to make sure you rectify this by paying a visit as soon as you are able to. As one of the best known Modern Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is an emblem of epic reach and influence of the ancient Chinese Empire. It is the longest man-made structure in the world and played a big role in historical defense and trade for China. Here are some things we bet you definitely never knew about the Great Wall of China.

It’s staggeringly long

Many people don’t realize just how long the Great Wall of China actually is. They called it ‘Great’ for a reason! In fact, the complete wall itself runs for a total length of over 13,170 miles! To put things in perspective, that is half of the length of the equator! This makes it not only the longest man-made structure in history but also an incredible testament to human engineering. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything so vast built again. Of course, what remains of the wall today is not as long as this, but it still comes in at an impressive 5,500 miles in length. And tourists can actually walk the length of the wall, or, at least, part of it.

Badaling is the most popular part

We know the wall is incredibly popular, but, you may not know that it attracts more than ten million visitors every single year. And Badaling, the most famous section of the wall, has been visited by multiple VIPs, celebrities, and heads of state. More than 300 heads of state from around the world have walked on this hallowed ground. It is the busiest part of the wall and has been restored several times. If you don’t mind crowds then this is fine, but, if you’d rather visit somewhere off the beaten track, you may wish to avoid Badaling.

You can’t see it from space

There has long been a myth that the Wall is the only structure made by humans that can be seen from space by the naked eye. This is not strictly true. While it is visible from space, humans require aid to actually see it. It can be seen from the lower part of the Earth’s orbit, only when conditions are incredibly favorable. Nevertheless, this is still a monumentally impressive thing, and one of the only man-made structures visible from the Earth’s orbit.

Almost a million people could have been involved in the construction

The wall is such a staggering feat of human brilliance that it must have taken decades, even centuries to build. It is unclear exactly how many people were involved in the construction of the wall, though sources believe it to have been close to one million! To be more precise, some studies suggest the number of people involved could have come in at 800,000! This shows you the scale and magnitude of the work involved in its construction.

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest feats of engineering and construction in the world. It is a structure that has to be seen and experienced to be fully comprehended. If you ever get the chance to go to China, you must make sure you visit the Great Wall and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We hope you found these facts about the Great Wall fun and interesting!


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Soaring Eagles, sinking Raiders: 5 NFL things to watch

This was a sobering week in the NFL, and it had nothing to do with what took place in a game. On Thursday, the same day the Colts placed franchise quarterback Andrew Luck on injured reserve to officially end his season and the Texans lost their rookie sensation QB Deshaun Watson for the year to…
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‘Stranger Things’ Creators Pressured Child Actress into an Unscripted Kiss

The inevitable Stranger Things 2 backlash is a cautionary tale for anyone trying to salvage a scrap of joy out of this unbelievably terrible year. The Netflix phenomenon began as a pure pop-culture confection; a thrilling piece of pastiche that starred some cute kids and Winona Ryder. Now, over a year later, Stranger Things fans are learning the hard way that nothing good can ever stay. Stranger Things 2 has arrived and so has the end of our communal innocence, between Charlie Heaton’s cocaine bust and the first wave of tepid reviews. The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon acknowledged that the second season of the Netflix original was faced with “monstrously high expectations,” and concluded that the latest Duffer brothers offering “doesn’t live up to the hype.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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14 Things I Pack for Every Trip to New Orleans

As a Louisiana native, I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans over the years. While I’m no longer a resident of the state, the majority of my family is, and I’m currently planning my upcoming wedding in The Big Easy, so my trips to New Orleans have been more frequent as of late. Over the years, I’ve realized that there are certain wardrobe essentials when visiting the city, so if you’re not sure what to wear in New Orleans, I’m here for you. 

You’ve probably heard that heat and humidity are trademarks of The Crescent City, and while that’s not exactly the case all 12 months of the year, the rumors are pretty much true. Spring, summer, and even early fall can be downright steamy in New Orleans, rain showers are a frequent occurrence throughout the year, and you’re probably going to spend a good deal of your time walking to places like Cafe Du Monde, the Garden District, and St. Louis Cathedral, or Frenchmen Street and Bourbon street after dark. The point is, you’re going to be walking outside a lot and you’ll need appropriate attire that suits the festive yet chill vibe of the city. 

Keep scrolling to find out which 14 things I pack for every trip to New Orleans (so you can spend your time planning what to eat there, not what to wear). 

I’ll go ahead and start with the obvious—you’re going to want to pack a few pairs of shorts. 

Next up, find out what to wear in Chicago.

Free up your hands to take Instagrams of the French Quarter and hold your to-go cup.

Thunderstorms often come out of nowhere in NOLA, so be prepared.

If the forecast calls for a jacket, a leather or denim one is usually the perfect weight.

The nightlife scene is a big part of New Orleans’ charm, so pack accordingly. I tend to rely on tops that will look cute with jeans and any shoe style.

Romantic dresses suit New Orleans to a T, and you can dress them down with sneakers or up with block-heel sandals.

See above re: thunderstorms… 

I love my 100 percent cotton Levi’s but when heading to New Orleans, I stick to thin, stretchy denim.

I love to wear vintage-inspired shades in NOLA, and highly recommend local sunglass brand Krewe.

You’ll never look out of place when wearing a cool tee in New Orleans, so stock up.

Stay comfortable when exploring the city via a pair of trouser-legging hybrids.

I’m always sure to pack a pair of fun block-heel shoes for when I want to kick things up a notch for a night on the town.

It may not be cold outside but you can bet that every restaurant and shop will have the A/C blasting.

Jumpsuits are easy to style and don’t have up a lot of room in your suitcase. Win-win.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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Things anyone must do when traveling abroad


It’s important to travel and see the world as much as possible. They say travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul, and they’re absolutely right. It’s essential to experience all forms of cultures and customs, and find out how diverse and different our world can be sometimes. If you’re planning to jet off to some faraway land, you need to make sure you go with some idea of what you’re going to face.

Yes, traveling abroad is a good thing, an essential thing even, but it can also be perilous. You have to prepare for where you’re going, and make sure you know a little about the area. When it comes time for your vacation, you want to get the most amount of enjoyment possible from it. So, here are a few of the key things to consider when it comes to traveling abroad – consider this your Bible!

Be sensible

It’s so important that you are sensible when traveling abroad. Don’t forget that many countries in the world have different customs and cultures to what you might be used to, and you have to make sure you use common sense. Be careful about who you let into your life, and understand that not everyone who’s being nice is being nice for the sake of it. As a tourist, you might be an attractive prospect for criminal behavior, so be on your guard. Most places you will be fine, you’ve just got to be careful about the people you encounter.

Educate yourself about the local culture

Make an effort to educate yourself about the culture of a specific country or people. This is important for helping you understand and appreciate the country you’re visiting much more. It will also help you out if you don’t know the language. Some things that are considered appropriate in your culture may not be appropriate in others, and you need to figure this out. Also, if you’re abroad, you want to experience the culture of a new place and immerse yourself fully – that’s how you have an unforgettable experience. Oh, and, if possible, learning a bit of the language will help as well.

Always check in with someone

Being careful and vigilant is important, and one of the best ways of doing that is to make sure you always check in with somebody. Each day make sure you call or message someone and let them know how your day was, and that you’re okay. This is a good way of helping you to stay safe and means that if anything happens, and you miss a day, people will have an idea of where you are. Checking in with someone is safe and sensible, but also lets you share your adventure and experience with others.

Going on vacation should be a fun and exciting experience, and you want to make the most of it. That means completely embracing another country or continent, and experiencing things you would never be able to experience at home. These are some of the important things you absolutely must do when you travel abroad. They will help you to stay safe, blend in, and share your wonderful adventures with others as well.


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‘Stranger Things 2’ Outrage: Justice for Sean Astin’s Bob Newby!

How many good people must die at the expense of Strangers Things dastardly play for the zeitgeist? If you’re a pure-of-heart nerd living in Hawkins, Indiana, start planning your funeral. Being a good guy is as dangerous as being in the path of a deadly Demogorgon.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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The 10 Best Movie References in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

The 10 Best Movie References in 'Stranger Things' Season 2

The second season of Stranger Things — released like a movie sequel as Stranger Things 2 — made its debut on Netflix last Friday. If you're a big fan of the series, you've probably already watched all nine new episodes. If so, join us as we dive into a ranking of the best movie references made by the Duffer Brothers in their return to Hawkins, Indiana.  


1. Aliens

Stranger Things loves to feature actors known for iconic…

Read More

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Fandango Movie News


The Best Stranger Things Season 2 Moments in 10 Memes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things.

Binging your way through Stranger Things season 2 is an emotional, mind-expanding experience that may or may not lead to Eleven-esque nose bleeds.

Fortunately for us, the new season lightened the eerie mood with some very divine comedy. All of it was of course, very meme-able for superfans. If you’re looking for a recap of everything that happened in Stranger Things season 2 finale, we’ve got you covered. But here’s a quick rundown of some of the best moments from Stranger Things season 2 told through a very post-1984 medium: memes on Twitter.

1. We find out that Chief Jim Hopper rescued Eleven at the end of last season and she now lives with him in a cabin in the woods and enjoys Eggo towers. She hates that she’s not allowed to leave because it’s too risky, but this duo just works.

2. Dustin adopts a cute critter he names Dart who turns out to be a monstrous cat-killing demon, so Dustin puts on hockey goalie gear and tries to trap it. He fails, but when they run into each other in the finale, Dart remembers how much he trusts Dustin and loves his candy supply. So it decides not to kill him and all his friends.

R.I.P. Mews

3. We learn Eleven and Mike have been checking in on each other all the time since she took on the Demogorgon in the season 1 finale. When Eleven drops in on Hawkins Middle, she sees Max trying to get Mike to accept her into the group because he was not having it. Eleven notices Mike smile as he opens up to the idea of Max’s right to exist. This happens.

4. Jonathan continues to teach Will that being a misfit is the coolest.

5. As fans hoped, Nancy and Jonathan got together after they teamed up in the Justice for Barb mission.

6. Thanks to a message from her mother Terry Ives, Eleven finally found and met her long-lost roommate Kali. In the seventh episode, she finds her in Chicago where she learns more about her powers and herself.

She got a new look to match her new ‘tude.

7. Steve became the best version of himself, showing a lot of kindness as he bravely helped all the kids through the tunnel and gave Dustin the 101 on dating.

8. After winning Joyce’s heart, decoding Will’s map and gaming the Hawkins Lab security system, Bob gets ripped apart by not one but several Demodogs in the penultimate episode. It was heartbreaking.

9. Eleven successfully closes the gate after a reunion at the Byers.

10. Eleven and Mike have a sweet Snow Ball reunion because good things come to those who wait. (At the same time, the master monster’s looming over the Upside Down version of the middle school, but this moment still wins.)

Entertainment – TIME


Stranger Things 2 Fashion Secrets Revealed: How They Recreated the Best (and Worst) of 1984’s Style

Dacre Montgomery, Stranger ThingsWarning, spoilers for Stranger Things season two ahead. If you choose to continue reading and then complain about spoilers, you will be sent to the Upside Down!
Grab your teasing comb and…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

Special Tip Update!

15% Off Customized Baby Gifts! Use Code: FLEX15

Annabella Sciorra: 5 Things On The Actress Claiming Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In The ’90s

The horrific accusations against Harvey Weinstein just keep coming. Actress Annabella Sciorra claims he allegedly raped her in the early ’90s. Here’s everything you need to know about her and her story.

Hollywood Life


Save Up to 50% Off ROXY Sale Styles!

Queen’s ‘News of the World’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Though now rightly regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen were experiencing something of a midlife crisis in the summer of 1977, when Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor reconvened to begin work on their sixth studio album.

Their previous record, 1976's A Day

This article originally appeared on Queen’s ‘News of the World’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Rolling Stone Latest Music News


The 1980s Movie Classics That Influenced ‘Stranger Things 2’

Beware of Stranger Things SPOILERS ahead!

It’s no secret that the first season of Stranger Things was heavily influenced by the pop culture of the 1980s. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer pay tribute to the movies of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and James Cameron throughout the series, while the work of Stephen King also clearly casts a shadow over proceedings.

And Stranger Things 2 — which hit Netflix today — is no different, the above trailer channelling Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the likes of Stand By Me, Dragon’s Lair, The Terminator, Friday the 13th, Mad Max, Dig Dug, HalloweenThe Karate Kid, Firestarter, Punky Brewster, Indiana Jones, and The Goonies all featured, referenced or alluded to.

But there’s a handful of titles that play a much more prominent role; movie classics beloved by kids of the 1980s, which have stood the test of time, and help shape the second season of Stranger Things.


Bustin’ makes them feel good.

Early images from Stranger Things 2 showed the boys in Ghostbusters uniforms, while the trailers also featured them walking round town in the instantly recognisable get-ups. It makes for one of the show’s funniest scenes — when Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas are the only kids dressed up at school, and mocked accordingly.

They also wear the outfits while trick or treating. But then one of their number actually gets to do some ghostbusting. Kind of. When Dustin stumbles on a baby Demogorgon outside his house, he uses his makeshift ‘Ghost Trap’ to catch the little fella and transport it into his house. Which is a nice way of turning homage into something that actually plays into the plot.


Meet Dart.

Gremlins — the 1984 horror classic about a cute creature that spawns murderous monsters when you feed it after midnight — is all over Stranger Things 2 via Dustin and his slimy new pal. Dustin takes the wee thing in and befriends it, much like Billy Peltzer and his mogwai in Gremlins. And where Billy named his new buddy Gizmo, so Dustin calls his Dart. After Musketeer D’Artagnan. Both owners even bring their new pets to school, with disastrous results.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Thanks to being doused in water and fed after midnight, Gizmo births a bunch of evil gremlins, but ultimately helps Billy destroy them. In Stranger Things, Dart grows up big and angry. But while the other Demogorgons want to kill Dustin and his friends, Dart recognises his old buddy, and having been gifted chunks of a Three Musketeers bar, let’s them pass, thereby saving their lives.


Will can see the tunnels thanks to his connection with the Shadow Monster.

This is a big one. ET was definitely an influence on the first season of Stranger Things, with Eleven a little like the confused extra-terrestrial, being hunted down by shady company men for reasons that were unclear. And there are echoes of the Steven Spielberg classic throughout Stranger Things 2.

When Dustin is having trouble with Dart, he ends up trapping him in the shed, and nervously waiting outside. A bit like when Elliot is nervously trying to lure ET out of his own shed.

Then we’ve got the bond between Will and the Shadow Monster, which is reminiscent of Elliot’s connection with ET. In the Spielberg movie, it’s played for laughs early in proceedings, with ET getting drunk at home causing Elliot to be plastered in school. But then ET gets sick, resulting in Elliott falling dangerously ill.

In Stranger Things, the monster attaches itself to Will like a virus, seeing what Will sees, feeling what Will feels, and even sending him messages. The connection works both ways, however, so that when the monster becomes hot, Will burns up. And when Will’s mother heats him up — in one of Season 2’s most shocking scenes — so the monster feels his pain.

So where that interdependence was played for comedy and then tragedy in the Spielberg film, here it simply brings horror.


Hopper trapped, Aliens-style.

We’ll start with the obvious first – in Stranger Things 2, Paul Reiser plays a Hawkins Lab employee who is reminiscent of Carter Burke, the dodgy Weyland-Yutani employee that Reiser plays in Aliens. Indeed, the Duffers told EW that one of the reasons they cast Reiser was because of that baggage potentially causing audiences to mistrust him from the off.

Also, in the Alien movies, the ‘Queen Alien’ is chief antagonist, and mother of the drones in her hive. In Stranger Things 2, the ‘Shadow Monster’ seems to have a similar relationship with her own drone Demogorgons.

Finally, when Hopper finds himself underground, the monstrous entity wraps him up in a cocoon that is reminiscent of the cocoon that Burke finds himself trapped in during one of Aliens‘ deleted scenes. Harking back to the past, but also rather marvellously brings us full-circle.

Meet the New Characters in ‘Stranger Things 2’ – UPDATED With Roman

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Stranger Things 2 Fashion Secrets Revealed: How They Recreated the Best (and Worst) of 1984’s Style

Dacre Montgomery, Stranger ThingsWarning, spoilers for Stranger Things season two ahead. If you choose to continue reading and then complain about spoilers, you will be sent to the Upside Down!
Grab your teasing comb and…

E! Online (US) – TV News


‘Stranger Things’ star reportedly barred from entering the U.S. over cocaine possession


One Stranger Things star was notably absent from Thursday’s Season 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

British actor Charlie Heaton, who plays creepy photo stalker man Jonathan Byers in the Netflix series, was barred entry to the U.S. last Saturday.

The reason? A drug-sniffing dog reportedly picked up on something that prompted a search of Heaton’s luggage, at which point authorities discovered “a small amount of cocaine,” according to the Associated Press.

Heaton was neither arrested nor charged, but he was barred from entering the U.S. and promptly sent back to London. It’s worth noting here that the AP‘s report comes via an anonymous source — an official who “couldn’t discuss the matter publicly.” Read more…

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Dean Unglert Opens Up About Ex Kristina Schulman: ‘We’re Working on Things’

Millions of viewers saw Dean Unglert break Kristina Schulman’s heart on this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise — but the former couple may be giving it another shot.

“We’re working on things to see if there is a future there,” Unglert, 26, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a matter of rebuilding trust and seeing if there is a mutual attraction, physically and emotionally.”

Unglert and Schulman began seriously dating on Paradise, but he became distracted once Danielle Lombard arrived on the beach. A love triangle ensued; ultimately no one ended up finding lasting love.

Now, Unglert, who hosts a podcast, I Suck At Dating, on the iHeartRadio app, says he’s learning more about himself every day — and is hopeful about a potential reconciliation with his summer fling.

“Kristina is an incredible girl,” he says. “She’s bright, she’s beautiful and she has a lot to offer anyone. Whoever ends up with her is lucky and if I’m that guy, I would be incredibly lucky.”

As far as returning to the franchise — Bachelor 2019 anyone? —Unglert says he’d consider it.

“If I was at a point in my life where it made sense for me and I was financially and emotionally in the right spot, I would think about being the Bachelor,” says Unglert. “I think I have a long way to go before I’m ready, but at the end of the day everyone wants to find love.”

Fashion Deals Update:

‘Stranger Things 2’ gets darker in aftermath of death and Demogorgon

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A year has passed since a supernatural demon terrorized the town of Hawkins, Indiana, but as Netflix’s hit 1980s science fiction series “Stranger Things” returns for a second season on Friday, life has not returned to normal for the unlikely heroes.

Reuters: Entertainment News


Esperanza and Steven Heat Things Up | Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong | Oprah Winfrey Network


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Refresh Your CashWallets are one of those things that we tend to…

Refresh Your Cash

Wallets are one of those things that we tend to set and forget. It goes in the pocket, out of the pocket, repeat until its seams are ripping years later. Even if you’ve gone to the light side and stopped keeping a Costanza wallet it’s still possible to just use one piece of leather forever. Considering this is an everyday item why not add a little variety to the routine? 

Collecting ties or cufflinks is pretty common for menswear enthusiasts but a decent wallet collection can be its own kind of fun. Tooled leatherinnovative interiors, and sweet designs can add a little punch to your back pocket. Plus, alternating wallets has the added benefit of wallet purging more often, keeping those receipts from cluttering up your bifold. So check out a few of our offerings in the shop in our Leather Goods section and give your cards and cash a happy new home.

Put This On


Things to do in Sicily


Ah, Sicily. One of the greatest places in all the world, and the true gem of Italy. Sitting just in front of the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily has lived in the shade of its younger sibling for too long, but no more! The island (the largest in the Mediterranean) has a wealth of culture, diversity, and history to offer tourists. Sicily has a rich and unique past, and a culture firmly embedded in the arts, food, music, and architecture.

This is a large island, so there is a lot you could choose to do, but you want to make the most of your Sicilian adventure. That means planning exactly what you want to see and do in advance, so you don’t waste time wandering around. We’re going to share some of Sicily’s best-kept secrets with you so you can uncover this Mediterranean gem for yourself.

Mount Etna

One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Mount Etna is located in the province of Catania. Europe’s largest active volcano, this smoking, steaming natural wonder is certainly one of the most majestic attractions in all of Italy. You can rent a car to get there, or, if you’re feeling a little more personable, you might consider joining a tour group. Once you arrive there, you can climb on the craters, or get a cable car to the top, and get up close and personal with this giant of nature.

Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples is the most fascinating and enthralling archaeological site in Sicily. Within it are the ruins of Akragas, an ancient city, as well as the breathtaking Temple of Concordia. The valley, actually the largest archaeological park in the world, is split into East and West zones and is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you pace the site, you’ll feel like Indiana Jones discovering the Well of Souls in the desert. There are several temples to see here, the main attractions are, of course, Concordia, but, also the Temple of Juno, and the Temple of Heracles.

San Vito lo Capo

If you thought Sicily was just volcanoes and old temples you are bang wrong! It actually has some exquisite beaches as well, but this one is the pick of the bunch. San Vito lo Capo is a beautiful, idyllic, and unforgettable beach. The iconic cliffs of Monte Cofano rise in the background, like silent guardians, watching over the flaxen sand and crystal oceans below. You could come here to escape from the real world for a few hours, or simply to soak up some rays, and have a dip in the inviting waters. Whatever your reasons, San Vito lo Capo is an absolute must for your trip to Sicily.

Monreale Duomo

Get a load of this fantastic cathedral just outside Palermo – one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Sicily. This is an absolute triumph of architecture, and the mosaic ceiling and walls are enough of a draw on their own. The majestic bronze doors also add a heightened sense of gravitas and help make this one of the most stunning cathedrals we’ve ever seen. And, the best part is that it’s completely free to enter, so you can make it a big part of a budget day out.

So, that is simply our snapshot of Sicily in all her glory. There are many more things you can see, do, and experience here, but these are just a few of our favorites. To get a real feel for the place you should spend your next vacation there, and bask in the beauty, glory, and majesty of everything Sicily has to offer.


The post Things to do in Sicily appeared first on Worldation.



Non-screen Things You Can Display in Your Family Room

If presented with the sheer opportunity that is a bare wall, what would you choose to occupy that prime real estate with?  If your answer involves mounting a screen of some kind, perhaps this rundown is for you! Put a cap on those notorious screens and scroll down for five non-screen alternatives for your living room wall. 


A Board Game Wall 

Encourage your little ones to play against each other (rather than against a computer), with this creative wall of games. (As an added plus, free up some storage where piles of dusty old games used to reside) 

Photo Source:


Visit Heathers Handmade Life for full instructions on how to recreate this Board Game Wall. 


An Oversized Tic Tac Toe Board 

Along similar lines to the aforementioned board game wall is this oversized tic tac toe board idea, which is as ornamental as it is entertaining.  

Photo Source:

Visit Thistle Wood Farms for full instructions on how to recreate this Oversized Tic Tac Toe Board. 


A Chalkboard Wall Decal 

If you read our blog, you’ll know we’re big fans of chalkboard paint. This nifty removable sticker decal is a great way to embrace the trend in a non-permanent way. 

Photo Source:

Visit Gear Best to shop this Aooyaoo Removable Blackboard Sticker Room Decoration. 


A Stylized Home Library 

Reignite your loved ones’ love of reading with library-esq wall like this one. Visit Country Living for more stylized bookshelf inspiration. 

Photo Source:


A Map Art Wall 

Map art has garnered popularity amongst DIY-ers in recent years – and for good reason! We love the vibrant colors used by this DIY-er to create a unique and thoughtful gift for her son.  

Photo Source:

Visit Craving Some Creativity for full instructions on how to recreate this Map Art Wall. 


A Gallery Wall 

And finally, seeing as it is your family room, it seems only appropriate to dedicate vacant wall space to memories of your family. Do you like this gallery wall idea? Check out our article, Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall, for details and instructions on how to DIY one of your own.

Photo Source:

Home Trends Magazine


19 Things Men Should Never Wear

I know some of you will say, in this day and age, I can wear whatever I want, and you’re quite right! Today, you can wear whatever you want at the same time, you can also inhale asbestos, or you can drink water from lead pipes. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

19 Things That Should Not Be In Your Classic Wardrobe


They look particularly bad when you combine them with socks but even on their own, they may be something that people who are really into outdoor stuff wear, however, if you consider yourself stylish or if you care at all about your outward appearance, sandals will always make you look less smart and immature.

The same goes for flip-flops. Unless you’re at the pool or at the beach; a self-respecting man should never wear flip-flops in public. It’s always easy to say what not to wear but what should you wear instead? Well, for summer, I think an ideal shoe is alpargatas, they’re actually shoes that are originally from Majorca. Sometimes they have some rubber added to it and then it’s fabric sometimes it’s woven, sometimes it’s very thin. In any case, it’s a summer shoe, it’s airy, it serves the same purpose of sandals or flip-flops. Yes, it’s a lot more stylish.

If you want to go a notch up in formality, go with perforated punch holed leather shoes, or maybe even linen because it absorbs the moisture from your feet and it looks very summery and elegant.

2. Cargo Shorts

They just make you look like a douche bag, and I know some people love them because they’re functional. Having items in a cargo shorts pockets make you look asymmetrical and because of that, it sends a subconscious signal to others that you’re just not as well put together and they can’t put their finger on it but in any case, they will think less highly of you.

3. Matching Tie & Pocket Square

Oftentimes, they come in sets; usually in ugly, shiny satin and sometimes they even pre-fold pocket squares or pre-tie ties that you clip on and if you wear this, it just looks so cheap and like you don’t know what you’re doing, that you’re better off skipping it altogether. Of course, wearing a tie and a pocket square makes you look dapper and you should do that, however, you should always tie your own tie and fold your own pocket squares. If you’re not sure on how to do that, we have a whole series on different tie knots and how to tie them, as well as how to fold pocket square the easy way, please check them out.


4. Short Socks

My fourth style pet peeve is wearing a suit with short socks. No one wants to see your hairy calves and even if you shave them, it’s just not appropriate especially in a business setting or an office setting, and if you go with a suit, or with long pants, or trousers, or dress pants, you should always have over the calf socks.




5. Unbuttoned Dress Shirt With A Necktie

It just looks sloppy and the sole purpose of wearing a tie is to make you look more dapper and elegant. There’s no functional, no practical reason why we wear a tie, having a top button undone just looks like you don’t care about how you look and you should either wear the tie and wear properly, or not at all. So you find yourself in a situation where it’s too hot, or you feel uncomfortable around your neck, take out the tie, roll it up, put it in a pocket and unbutton the buttons, that looks much better.

6. Big Shirt Collars

I see them all over the place and sometimes you wear them with neckwear which leads to puckering because when you tighten your tie knot, there’s too much fabric and it just leaves unsightly waves. The golden rule of thumb that you read all over the place is that you can put two fingers in your collar and it should comfortably fit. The problem with that is, I’ve never found a collar where I couldn’t put two fingers in because your neck is flexible, because of that, you should wear a collar that doesn’t leave any visible gaps when you stand still. Usually, if your collar is too big, you’ll find that there’s a gap in the front and it should sit snugly against your neck, that will give you a proper look and it’s just dapper.

7. Square-toed Shoes

Usually, it’s what you find in lower end shoes under $ 100 and they’re just plain ugly and they show everyone around you that you have no clue about dressing well. When I grew up in Germany, there was a company named Lloyd’s and they sold tons of ugly shoes and they were actually a little more expensive so people consider them to be quality dress shoes and for that reason, that style was perpetuated. Fortunately, there are lots of other good companies out there that offer a nice round toe or if you want something a little more square, go with a chisel toe that’s very elegant.



8. Tennis Socks

Unless you’re at the gym, there’s really no reason you should ever wear them. Wearing white tennis socks with brogues, or with long pants, or even with shorts, in a public setting that is not the gym, make you look like a peasant.

9. Windsor Tie Knot

I know it’s one of the most popular tie knots around because it’s symmetrical and it’s big. The problem is, most people wear it with cheap shiny ties and it makes you look like a used car salesman or an insurance salesman, that is just very sleazy and not pretty competent instead, I suggest you look into the many different tie knots that are out there including the half-Windsor that look much better in my opinion, and are much better suited to an elegant gentleman.

10. Satin Silk Ties

Especially not for day wear! If you want something for the evening, or you want a little bit of shine, I could see that; but most of those ties you get at Walmart or a cheaper outlet like Men’s Wearhouse, and you name it, just look like it, and it will always identify you as a man who doesn’t have a clue about dressing well. Sure you’ve seen those ugly striped ties in multi colors and they’re just so plain ugly, I can’t even find words for it.

Instead, go with a tie that is silk, maybe wool, maybe cashmere, maybe some texture if it’s also going with the jacquard weave, or a print. Look for something more matte that is timeless that will stand the test of time and will always make you look dapper. Case in point, the tie I’m wearing here right now is vintage, I’ve had it for years it’s probably fifty years old but I can still wear it because it’s not shiny, it’s a classic small paisley pattern, and it just always looks dapper.



11. Sports Sunglasses

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Those mirrored sunglasses that you maybe wear when you’re outdoor, sometimes they have rainbow colors, and they’re just not something you should ever wear with a formal wardrobe in public. Instead, go with classic sunglasses; they’ve stood the test of time such as maybe a pair of aviators, maybe Wayfarers, or maybe you want to be like Steve McQueen, the king of cool.

12. Jerseys

By that, I mean sports jerseys that usually only wear if you go to a sporting event and you want to support your team, otherwise, they’re wholly inappropriate and just always make you look very immature. Instead, go with any other kind of shirts you can find but a jersey is just bad.

13. Slogan T-Shirts

They just make you look like a 13-year-old boy who wants to express himself but doesn’t know quite how and it’s not just immature but it makes people laugh about you and that you actually wear the shirt. I”ve seen men actually wear t-shirts that say douchebag or haters will always hate and while that may be the case, it’s just better to not wear it, plain or in bold colors on your shirt, but to write or talk to people in person.

Edward Norton in a midnight blue, slim notched lapel tuxedo with flaps and black neck tie - the only thing he got right is the patent leather shoes

Edward Norton in a midnight blue, slim notched lapel tuxedo with flaps and black neck tie – the only thing he got right is the patent leather shoes

14. Regular Neckties For Black Tie Events

You see it on the red carpet in Hollywood every year around the Oscars, and it’s just plain wrong. This is a formal dress code and it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing. I created a video about how to find the right black bow tie for your tuxedo on your situation.



15. Belt With A Vest

A vest should be either worn with just side adjusters or suspenders because a belt will create a gap between your waistband or your pants and your vest and it just looks unsightly. You should also never have a tie that peaks out underneath of it or maybe a shirt that pokes underneath of it when the vest is too short and the rise is too low because that simply shows that you don’t know what you’re doing.


I think only school boys should wear backpacks, otherwise, there’s no place for them in public unless you go hiking, or to a expedition where that’s kind of the only practical thing to carry, otherwise, with backpacks it’s very easy to hit people without even noticing it which is not just rude, but just not polite the same time, it makes you look like a schoolboy and you rather want to look like a grown man so get a leather satchel instead, a briefcase, maybe a canvas one, or something that suits your style, and leave the backpack with schoolboys.

Trump on inauguration day Jan 20, 2017 wearing a dark overcoat and a red shiny satin tie that extends way past beyond the waistband pointing at his crotch - not very flattering

Trump on inauguration day Jan 20, 2017 wearing a dark overcoat and a red shiny satin tie that extends way past beyond the waistband pointing at his crotch – not very flattering

17. Incorrectly Sized Ties

The problem is, they come underneath your jacket, and if you don’t wear a jacket, they even accentuate your balls which is just not where you want people to look at. Ideally, they look at your face and not at your crotch. Now, I get it, all the ties are too long and especially if you’re a shorter guy it’s very hard to find a tie that actually works for you because otherwise, you have this gigantic tie knot with your tiny head and it just looks goofy so instead, buy ties and the right length for you. I think we’re one of the only stores that offer the entire threefold classic neckwear range in short, regular, and long, so every man no matter the height can find a tie that works for him.

18. Large Armholes In A Suit / Jacket

Not only do they make you look like a football player, but they’re also uncomfortable and they restrict your movement. Instead, go with smaller armholes.



A large watch on a small wrist can be unsightly

A large watch on a small wrist can be unsightly

19. Big Wristwatches

The 19th thing you should never wear as a self-respecting man are big, gaudy wristwatches that just scream for attention. I know they’re really popular these days but a smaller watch is just more sophisticated especially if it’s slimmer, and it serves the same purpose, and it’s just a hallmark of an elegant gentleman.


What are your style pet peeves?

Gentleman’s Gazette


Look like a Gentleman, Travel in Style and Enjoy the Best in Men’s Accessories at Hook & Albert. Get 20% Off Your First Order with Coupon Code TAKE20. Shop Now!

Here Are Five of the Coolest Things We Did at New York Comic Con

It’s a wrap on New York Comic Con! We hope you were able to check out Team FANDOM’s coverage: from a preview of the upcoming blockbuster Pacific Rim 2 to fan favorite panels like The Walking Dead and Star Trek Discovery. And of course, all the fantastic cosplay!

But NYCC also has fun experiences for the fans. We checked out some of the best activations at the Javits Center.

Jigsaw Escape Room

Tied to the release of the upcoming horror film Jigsaw, this escape room experience put fans face-to-face with actors dressed as Billy the Puppet (the creepy white-faced doll). The film — the latest in the Saw franchise — opens October 27.

FANDOM’s Sharon Kehoe screamed so much that she actually lost her voice!

War For the Planet of the Apes Motion Capture Simulation

In one of the more interesting activations at New York Comic Con, FOX paired up with special effects company WETA to recreate a chase scene from War For the Planet of the Apes, out on digital October 10 and Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD on October 24.

Fans got to don WETA’s motion-capture gear and transform into Caesar as he is chased by other apes on horseback.

FANDOM’s Lawrence Yee actually lasted on the horse gimble longer than most, but hit a branch and fell off.

Nissin Cup Noodles’ Noods Before Dark

The Highline Ballroom was transformed into an exclusive party hosted by Tyler Posey. The Teen Wolf heartthrob and guests were able to customize their Cup Noodles instant ramen cups (both original and Very Veggie versions) and get their #slurpface on.

tyler posey teen wolf
Tyler Posey shows his slurp face while enjoying Nissin Cup Noodles. Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Nissin.

Since we were in Manhattan, we had to ask Tyler about the 15th anniversary of the romcom Maid in Manhattan. Check out his favorite memory, below:

XBox One X’s Drop Zone

Joel McHale previewed Doritos and Mountain Dew’s upcoming XBox One X Drop Zone event, where fans can participate in an augmented reality capture-the-flag game to win their own XBox One X. The event will take place November 10 weekend in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Fans can visit to learn more.

Check out the hilarious interview to see what type of gamer the comedian/actor is, and be sure to stick until the end.

Hang Like Spider-Man Activation

To celebrate the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD release of Spider-Man Homecoming on October 17, fans were treated to a recreation of Peter Parker’s bedroom from the movie — with everything upside down.

FANDOM’s Jack DeVries got a chance to talk to Spidey’s bestie Ned to learn more about the inspiration behind the scene-stealing character.

The post Here Are Five of the Coolest Things We Did at New York Comic Con appeared first on Fandom powered by Wikia.

Fandom powered by Wikia


20 Things Normal People DON’T notice about your style, but you might think they do

Maybe you don’t want to be normal. That’s fine, but the fact is that the world is full of normal people, and despite what social media and Mr. Rogers tells us, chances are you (and me) aren’t special. Sure, we can dress a bit different (or as we like to call it, “better”) than the pack, but that really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to the vast majority of those around us. So don’t expect most/anyone to notice the following things about your look, because: 1. Most people aren’t very observant, and 2. Nobody would really care even if they did notice. Have a great day!

  1. The width of your lapels, collar spread, and tie knot complement each other.
  2. You recently switched from medium break to no break on your trousers.
  3. Your sunglasses “fit your face shape.”
  4. The brand of your watch.
  5. You’ve uploaded a new selfie/style shot to social media.
  6. Your leathers match perfectly.
  7. You slightly changed your hair style.
  8. That you’re wearing bluchers with a suit instead of true oxfords.
  9. You’re showing that perfect, 1/2 inch of shirt cuff.
  10. Your shoes just happen to be cordovan, not calfskin.
  11. Your jeans are selvedge.
  12. Your sweater is cashmere.
  13. You’re drinking really fancy bourbon/scotch/a craft cocktail.
  14. Your pants are perfectly tapered below the knee.
  15. You’ve got a little extra bit of shirt hanging out around your waist (the horror).
  16. Your jacket has no shoulder divots.
  17. The sleeve cuff buttons on said divot-less shoulder jacket are functional.
  18. You’re wearing a mechanical or automatic watch, instead of good ol’ quartz.
  19. Your tie is a 7-fold tie.
  20. That you aren’t wearing just any ol’ sneakers, you’re wearing Killshots!


Dappered Style Mail


Things to see in Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis is one of the most iconic cities in the United States, and well-known for being the home of Elvis Presley. It is also one of the pioneering US cities in the world of music, with many genres, including soul, rock ‘n roll, and Memphis blues originating here. These days Memphis remains one of the more popular southern cities, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year. There is so much to see and do in Memphis, and it’s important to make sure you experience as much of the city as you can.

If you are heading to Memphis, you need an idea of what you’re going to do when you touch down. The good news is that there is loads you can experience, depending on what your interests are. We have compiled an easy-to-follow list of five of the most amazing things to see and do in Memphis, Tennessee. Enjoy!

Visit Graceland

One of the biggest attractions in Memphis has got to be Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. This palatial mansion is every inch the home you would expect Elvis to own. A visit can be a strange experience, as you will actually get to walk the corridors and halls where The King once trod. You’ll also be able to pay your respects by laying flowers at the tomb and checking out his two private jets as well. At the end of the tour, you’ll get to see the Meditation Garden where the Presley’s are buried – it’s an unforgettable experience.

Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

Don’t think it’s just Elvis to experience in Memphis, there is also the famed Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. Opened by the Smithsonian, this excellent museum is responsible for showcasing some of the best musical talents from the 1930s up to the 1970s. It’s the perfect place to visit for any music fans out there. Check out the seven different galleries here, and listen to hundreds of different songs, and learn about the big role Memphis played in the history of American music.

National Civil Rights Museum

As well as enjoying the musical background and heritage of Memphis, it’s also important to experience one of the most important museums in America, the National Civil Rights Museum. Erected in the building where Martin Luther King Jr was gunned down, this is a pivotal museum, showcasing and protecting the history of civil rights movements in the United States. The museum is highly informative and thought-provoking and details important issues that, in today’s climate, feel as relevant as ever.

Beale Street

Beale Street has got to be one of the most famous and well-known streets in America, and now you can go see it for yourself. It’s considered the entertainment hub of Memphis, and there are so many music-related things to enjoy here. It’s the heart of culture at its finest, and an amazing way of experiencing the real Memphis. Beale Street is also the ultimate place to go for those looking for some excellent nightlife, and wanting to party during their stay in the city.

Mississippi River

The centerpiece to Memphis is the picturesque waterfront, offering incredible views, fine dining, and serene walks. And, the star of the show here is the mesmerizing Mississippi River, epic, sprawling,m and winding its way into the distance. The river is certainly something breathtaking to behold, and you can enjoy some romantic and peaceful walk along its banks. You can’t visit Memphis without at least going to check out the Mississippi River.

There are loads of different things to see, do, and experience in Memphis, and you really want some diversity. We feel like these five suggestions are an excellent way of getting a balanced feel of the city, and enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer you.


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This sexy ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween costume is downright creepy

Another year, another wildly inappropriate Halloween costume. The latest look, available on multiple websites, is provoking outrage for seemingly sexualizing one of the children from “Stranger Things,” reports the Daily Mail. Dubbed the “Upside Down Honey,” the contentious, creepy costume includes a supershort smocked dress and a blue jacket very similar to that worn by…
Fashion | New York Post


Here are the meanest things your kids have ever said


Maggie Downs

posted in Life

A few days ago, writer/entertainer/foodie/mom Chrissy Teigen tweeted a plea to mamas everywhere: “I am having a very rough day and it would help me a lot if any moms would like to share stories of their kids being mean to them.”

Screenshot of a tweet

Teigen received some hilarious responses to her tweet. One of my favorites included this story, which got dark real quick:

A screenshot fo a tweet

And this 6-year-old, who is a little too candid:

Screenshot of a tweet

And this hilarious exchange:

Screenshot of two tweets


I empathized with Teigen too – because my 3-year-old son had just spent the day whining, refusing to nap, and (accidentally) peeing on the floor. And then he had the nerve to say, “Mommy, I’m going to eat lots of food so I can grow my butt and make it big like yours.”

What could I do but laugh?

I turned to some of my friends and acquaintances and asked them the same question: What’s the meanest thing your kid had ever said?

“Mommy, this food you made tastes like trash.” – Kelli

‘You look a little like Donald Trump.’ Still not sure what [my 3-year-old] meant, but I was deeply offended.” – Serena

“Mommy, your tummy is old.” – Terressa, getting judgment from her 4-year-old daughter

From a member of my local mom’s group:

Pink and black graphic that says, "Mom, can I use your makeup? Because it doesn't help you."

“When we go to the store and my husband grabs my daughter’s hand, she looks at my husband and yells, ‘No, not you!’ and runs to me.” – Rosie

“Today I asked my 3-year-old who the smartest person she knew was. She said, ‘Well, it’s not YOU!’” – Alia

“I went to the bathroom at a store with my 2-year-old. She looked at me and said, ‘Mommy don’t fit on the toilet.’ I was 9 months pregnant, and in her defense, I really didn’t fit.” – Amira

From my friend, Kate:

Polka-dotted graphic that says, "Someday you'll be a ghost. An ugly one."

“It was pretty sweet, but my 2-year-old son, Emmett, lifted my shirt and saw all my stretch marks and was like, ‘Oh no! Mommy has boo-boos?!’ And started kissing them.” – Kate

“Mommy! What’s wrong with your face?” – Rosie

“When my daughter was 5 or 6, she asked me if I was alive when ‘they could only wear black and gray clothes on TV.’ Meaning, was I alive when TV was only in black and white? I had to explain to her that they weren’t wearing black and gray clothes, TV just wasn’t in color yet and that no, I’ve always been alive with color TV.” – Melissa

And another one from my kid (sigh):

A black and pinkish quote box that says, "I bigger than you, mommy." "Oh yeah? What makes you think so?" "I can't even see your penis."

“My daughter, Esther, once told me I was a ‘snatchy woman’ when I stole a french fry or something off her plate. Then she went on to say, ‘You’re a jealous woman with a wicked temper!’ She had lifted this ‘compliment’ straight from a version of Cinderella I often read to her.” – Betsy

“My daughter saw a scar on my stomach from a surgery that required vertical cut and bisected my flabby stomach. So she said, ‘Mommy why do you have two butts?’” – Tara


What’s the meanest thing your child ever said?

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Perfect Gifts for the Perfect baby

Keep These Things in Mind if You Want to Get Paid Faster

women investors

Getting paid is an important part of business, but not necessarily the most fun part. Invoicing is not a fun job when you have so many other things on your plate. Still, when you’re a small business owner, getting paid can sometimes be a big battle. Efficiency is key when sending and managing your invoices.

Your strategy is important. Here are a few tips on managing your invoices to ensure you get paid in a timely manner.


Know the Billing Cycle


While it would be a treat if your clients followed your billing cycle, that’s not typically the case. When dealing with larger clients, they may pay on 30-, 60-, or even 90-day intervals. When working on-term with a client, the most common type of invoice will be a recurring invoice.

With a recurring invoice, you and your client will agree on the frequency (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly) and then you can set your invoices to automatically bill at the agreed upon billing cycle. Once your clients get into this routine, you will get paid much more quickly.


Use online software


Go paperless. In 2016, this should not even be a choice, but going paperless will guarantee you get your money faster. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t want their invoice sent online.

Here are a few examples of online invoicing tools. Any one of these options is great. It’s all about preference and if you want to pay a monthly usage fee or not:

  • Due: Due allows you to send an invoice, track time, project management and credit card payments platform designed to help companies of all sizes with its scalable solution.
  • QuickBooks: QuickBooks is a full-service accounting platform that also provides tools for invoices, online payment, and financial analysis;
  • PayPal: PayPal offers a simple invoicing tool that has some customization and provides for online payments from customers and clients; and

Communicate clearly


In the age of email, it’s easy for miscommunication to occur. You might think you and your client are on the same page, and then they throw you a curveball about any number of things, even if you laid everything out in an email. People sometimes miss obvious things in an email because they are skimming.

Here are a couple problems that can easily be avoided and get you paid faster:

  • Be clear on the terms: When dealing with a client you MUST be very clear with the terms. Before starting any project lay out all terms, including payment intervals, estimated budget, and any other clauses that protect you. Make sure the client signs this agreement so you have a physical copy of it.
  • Send the invoice to the right person: Sometimes you’ll have to send an invoice to the accounting department, but your client might not tell you that. Then lines get crossed and it takes you forever to get paid. Make sure you know if your project contact is the same as your payment contact. This is so important to avoid any unnecessary delays.



Just like most things in life, timing is everything. For example, Sunday is the worst day to send an invoice. It will get buried in your client’s inbox. Try mid- to late-week. From experience, Thursdays seem to be the best day to send an invoice. If you’re sending recurring invoices, say the 15th and 30th of the month, be sure the payment intervals are clear in your contract.

Many clients will pay an invoice within 30 days. This might help their cash flow, but it doesn’t help yours. It is more than OK to ask that your invoices be paid with 14 or 10 days. Just make sure this is in your agreement and the client understands. Over-communicating on this aspect of your agreement is OK as long as you are respectful and professional.



The follow-up is no one’s favorite part of the invoicing cycle, but some clients just need a nudge to remember to pay you. This might be uncomfortable at first, but sometimes it’s essential to get your money. If a client misses a payment due date here are some follow-up suggestions:

  • Resend the invoice: The first step is to simply resend the invoice with a friendly email reminder. This is easy if you use one of the online invoicing tools mentioned above;
  • Call: If you don’t get a response after your friendly email reminder it’s perfectly OK to call the client. It’s very easy to miss or even ignore an email. If you call, chances are better for you to get paid even while you’re on the phone with them. Typically, they have probably been swamped with other things and aren’t being negligent; or
  • Legal Action: Worst case scenario, your client turns out to be a crook who dodges your email and phone calls and you have to take legal action to get paid. Hopefully, this is rare, but it’s there if you need it.



John Boitnott writes about startups and finance at Inc., Entrepreneur, and BusinessInsider. He is a journalist and digital strategist who has worked at TV, print, radio and Internet companies for 23 years. He’s an advisor at and has also written for Fortune, NBC, Fast Company, USA Today and Venturebeat.

Due is a payments, eCash, online invoicing, time tracking, global payments, and digital wallet solution for freelancers, small business owners, and companies of all sizes.

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15 Things Not to Say to Someone With Breast Cancer

(And the one thing every woman wants to hear)

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Esteem, money and mystery: 5 things to know about the Nobels

STOCKHOLM (AP) — In terms of esteem and recognition, it’s always a good year to win a Nobel Prize. In terms of money, 2017 is better than the past two years.
Science Headlines


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12 Sneaky Things That Might Be Causing That Headache

You may want to curb those Netflix binges.

Health – Good Housekeeping


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

‘I thought it was called “Snackchat”!’ Winona on Stranger Things, social media and the ‘tough’ years

She’s the star of a Netflix phenomenon and she doesn’t even use social media, but when you’re as iconic as Winona Ryder, you live by your own rules. Here, the Stranger Things actress talks to Helena De Bertonado about settling down, recycling clothes and being the ultimate Hollywood rebel

Winona Ryder has only just started talking when we are interrupted by the seductively rasping voice of Leonard Cohen: ‘If you want a partner, take my hand…’ It’s the ringtone of her phone, set to ‘I’m Your Man’, the title track of Cohen’s legendary 1988 album. She giggles as she pulls it out of her jumbled bag to turn it off. On her phone case is an image of Patti Smith, whose music provided the soundtrack to much of Ryder’s adolescence.

Spending time with Ryder is like being in a time warp. The 80s – when she starred in a succession of cult movies, including Beetlejuice and Heathers – was her decade, even though she was only a teenager. When the late Terry Wogan interviewed her in 1991 – then 19 and engaged to her Edward Scissorhands’ co-star Johnny Depp – he introduced her as ‘the most exciting young actress in America today’.

But then, for some reason, her star stopped rising. Despite winning a Golden Globe for her captivating performance as May Welland in Martin Scorsese’s 1993 Age Of Innocence, the rest of the decade was less memorable.

‘I’ve definitely done some clunkers,’ she says of her subsequent movie choices. In 2001, she was infamously arrested for shoplifting, prompting a trial that revealed her drug use and depression. Aged just 30, it seemed that Ryder would become a footnote in movie history, remembered more for her crime and her relationship with Depp than for her exceptional abilities as an actress.

Winona Ryder Marie Claire

The ‘Winonaissance’

If it wasn’t for Stranger Things, the Netflix science-fiction horror series, which has become a cultural phenomenon, that is probably where Ryder would have remained.

An 80s throwback, Stranger Things is an homage to classic Steven Spielberg. And casting Ryder, the quintessential 80s teen outsider, in the lead adult role – a mother deranged by grief when her son goes missing – was a stroke of brilliance. A ‘Winonaissance’, as it’s been called.

‘It’s so overwhelming,’ says Ryder of the reception to the show, which is soon to return for a second season. ‘I don’t know what it’s like for really famous people… I keep hearing that people are dressing up like me [as her character Joyce]. I’m like, “What?”’

‘People who I really respect talk about “relevance” but I’m like, “I don’t care, leave me alone.”’

We meet at a house in Beverly Hills with sweeping views towards the Pacific, where the Marie Claire cover shoot is taking place. Although only a handful of people are present, at first I don’t even recognise Ryder. It’s a chilly day and she has wrapped her petite frame in multiple layers: a Joy Division T-shirt under a maroon cardigan and a large suit jacket that belongs to her brother, teamed with a pair of Levi’s – ‘my dad’s jeans from the 70s’ – and some battered, maroon lace-up shoes. ‘I got them for 60 bucks and wear them all the time,’ she says. The whole ensemble is topped with a wide-brim, wraparound, straw sun visor.

It’s only when Ryder smiles – which she does often – that she looks familiar. She has a quirky, open smile that lights up her huge eyes, and her face is barely lined, belying her 45 years. Although shy at first, we end up talking for an hour and a half. On the Hollywood bonkers spectrum – and considering the life she has lived – she is impressively grounded.

Winona Ryder for Marie Claire

Her parents, although unconventional, are key to this. Born in 1971, in the small town of Winona, Minnesota (hence her name), Ryder grew up on a commune outside San Francisco. Both writers, her parents were friends of poet Allen Ginsberg and writer Timothy Leary, her godfather.

‘We didn’t have a lot of money,’ Ryder recalls. ‘But the love compensation was amazing. My dad would make little things exciting, like bringing home Rolos. There’s that saying, “you find your family,” but I would have chosen them even if they weren’t my parents. They’re my best friends.’ Initially wary of Hollywood, they told her she could only act if she maintained her grades. Even then, she was only allowed to film during the school holidays.

‘Everything is changing so fast. I’ve never been very strategic. I think if you try to be strategic, you just end up failing.’

Ryder won her first role at 13 in high-school movie Lucas. The film’s director, David Seltzer, said, ‘She had the kind of presence I had never seen – an inner life. Whatever message was being said by her mouth was being contradicted by the eyes.’

Bullied at school, Ryder thought her film career would boost her popularity, especially when she made comedy horror Beetlejuice in 1988 (in which she played goth teenager Lydia Deetz). ‘I remember thinking, “Ooh, it’s like the number-one movie. This is going to make things great at school.” But it made things worse. They called me a witch.’

When it comes to advice on acting roles, Ryder turns to her parents. Her father, an antiquarian bookseller, locates out-of-print books to help her. ‘When I did Girl, Interrupted [about a young woman who finds herself at a mental institution], my dad got me this amazing Mary Ellen Mark book [showing photos of women in the maximum security section of Oregon State Hospital].’ Ryder describes herself as an avid reader, dragging a mountain of books around wherever she goes.

‘We didn’t have a lot of money [growing up], but the love compensation was amazing’

‘I always have Leonard Cohen On Leonard Cohen – it’s like Linus with his blanket,’ she says, referring to the Peanuts character who is never seen without his security blanket. Not having children herself, Ryder asked her mother for advice during the shooting of Stranger Things.

‘I said, “Mom, if every bit of logic is telling you your kid is gone, would you still [refuse to believe it]?” And she said, “Absolutely.” I said, “What if they show you a body?” She said, “If you don’t see it happen, you don’t believe it.” It’s a weird, primal thing. But I may have gone too far: it seemed like every day I was crying or freaking out.’

Winona Ryder for Marie Claire

The early noughties ‘tough times’

Her parents were also there to help pick up the pieces when she temporarily threw in the acting towel after her shoplifting trial in 2002, and returned to San Francisco. ‘My hiatus,’ she says, rolling her eyes. ‘Whatever they want to call it – I did take time off. It was mutual, I think. I just went through a tough time.’

It didn’t help that the early noughties were not really the era for a counter-culture rebel like Ryder, and she had to stand aside for a succession of perfect girl-next-door types – the Jennifers, the Gwyneths, the Reeses. But it did show her that there was more to life than Hollywood.

‘I’m not in any way comparing myself to Daniel Day-Lewis [who recently announced his retirement from acting], but you do become interested in other things.’ So, Ryder became immersed in the study of constitutional law, sitting in on lectures at Berkeley College – ‘There were a lot of laws that I disagreed with’ – and for a few days even joined environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill, who was spending two years living in a redwood tree.

‘I’m grateful I got to start at the time I did. I don’t know if I would even have become an actor [if I was starting out now]’

Making her return to acting in 2006, in Richard Linklater’s sci-fi animation A Scanner Darkly, before appearing in Black Swan (2010) as an embittered, ageing dancer, I wonder if she felt compromised by the lack of roles in her midst?

‘There are definitely times when it feels like there’s a real drought. It’s like that line in First Wives Club: “There are only three ages for women in Hollywood – Babe, District Attorney and Driving Ms Daisy.” Or mother, which I am now. Luckily, [Joyce in Stranger Things] is not a cookie-cutter character; I get to do some more stuff with it. But it’s also hard to complain,’ she continues. ‘You think about what’s going on in the world right now and (puts on a babyish, petulant voice), “There’s not enough roles for me! I want to be…” So it’s a tricky conversation. There are women who are facing much harder things all over the globe.’

Ryder worries about the child stars of Stranger Things, who have to endure much more intrusion than she ever did. ‘I’m grateful that I got to start at the time I did. As much as I love it, I don’t know if I would even have become an actor [if I was starting out now]. I wouldn’t know how to [handle it]. I do worry about the massive exposure at that age.’

But, she says, the child actors on the show seem to take everything in their stride. ‘Millie [Bobby Brown, who plays the enigmatic Eleven] teases me. I’m like the old grandma.’ She adopts a wobbly voice: ‘What are you kids doing?’ She laughs, thinking of the occasion she mistook the Snapchat messaging app for some kind of snack: ‘“Snack chat? Give me a piece of that!” I’m like the confused older person [on the set].’

Ryder, who once remarked that the tombstone on her grave would say, ‘Fuck you’, remains vehemently non-conformist. ‘I think it’s ridiculous that you can get in trouble for wearing the same dress again. I wear things over and over because I like them. Look at the economy. Should we really be out there saying that you’re not allowed to re-wear something?’

With a history of relationships exhaustively chronicled in the press – Matt Damon as well as Depp – these days she keeps her private life firmly out of the limelight. Since 2011, she has been in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn, a fashion designer, and she relishes being with someone who’s not in the film industry. ‘I think it’s healthy, and I enjoy feeling a bit more settled now.’

Winona Ryder for Marie Claire

Settling down

The actress once said she would rather never marry than have a marriage that one day ends in divorce. Have her parents set the bar so high, she feels she can never emulate their relationship? ‘They are madly in love, they’re like teenagers. It’s embarrassing sometimes,’ sighs Ryder affectionately. ‘I’ve had relationships that haven’t worked out. But when you have that as your gold [standard], and you know that’s the way it should be…’ She shakes her head, ‘Oh, man!’

Ryder has just shot an independent movie called Destination Wedding with Keanu Reeves – the fourth time they’ve appeared in a film together. (‘He’s a really old friend of mine. Most of my friends are friends that I’ve had since I was 15.’) And there is already talk of a third – and perhaps even a fourth – season of Stranger Things, although she is reluctant to think too far ahead.

Winona Ryder for Marie Claire

Where does she see herself in ten or even 20 years’ time? ‘I honestly don’t know if the world is going to exist then,’ says Ryder. ‘Everything is changing so fast. I’ve never been very strategic. I think if you try to be strategic, you just end up failing.’

One thing is for certain, we are unlikely to see this inimitable 80s icon on social media any time soon. ‘People who I really respect talk about “relevance” but I’m like, “I don’t care, leave me alone.”’ Well, she’s managed fine without it so far, and long may she continue.

Stranger Things 2 launches on Netflix on 27 October

The post ‘I thought it was called “Snackchat”!’ Winona on Stranger Things, social media and the ‘tough’ years appeared first on Marie Claire.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

5 Things You Won’t Want To Miss at IDS Vancouver 2017!

From September 26th – October 1st, nearly 40,000 designers and design enthusiasts will converge on downtown Vancouver for the 13th annual Interior Design Show. The event brings together the newest & most innovative of international and Canadian design. With three and half days of inspirational exhibits, influential speakers & leading products, IDS Vancouver is not just a fair — it’s a total design experience.

As we prepare for the event, here are five highlights from this year’s show that I am excited to explore!


Brand new for 2017, THE MIX is an exciting collection of displays, installations and talks both onsite and off starting on Tuesday, September 26th! 3 leading designers based in the Netherlands will join forces with 3 well-known Vancouver creators to collaborate on exhibits and design discussions both at the show and at the Vancouver-based designers’ and artists’ studios.

For more information on THE MIX and the scheduled events both off and onsite, visit THE MIX page on the IDS Vancouver website.

Tokyo Exchange

In it’s fourth year, this year’s Exchange will feature Tokyo. An enigmatic city, Tokyo’s design scene is a mixture of ancient and modern, liberal and conservative, east and west influences. Curated by Design Milk, the Tokyo Exchange will bring together works by innovative Tokyo-based design studios – we+ and Design for Industry. The installation will be designed by Vancouver-based FSOARK Architect Inc. For more information on what you can expect from The Exchange this year, click here.

Prototype and Studio North


Each year, IDS Vancouver is a great place to find unique pieces and new design talent! Two features we love include Prototype and Studio North. Prototype aims at showcasing the next generation of designers, featuring products that are not currently in production, bringing new ideas to the marketplace. Studio North is a marketplace for custom work and limited edition pieces. Both Canadian and international designers will be displaying custom collections of furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles and surface design in a gallery-like setting. Studio North is a great place to find a unique statement piece to add to your decor!

Walaland Central Bar Feature

When you’re ready to stop for refreshments, you’ll want to visit the Central Bar. London-based artist Camille Walala will be collaborating with ANN SACKS to transform the bar into joyful place filled with Camille’s signature tribal-pop prints, high-octane color combinations, and eye-popping graphics. The highlight of the design this year will be a 60-ft painted mural incorporating ceramic tiles from ANN SAKS as the backdrop for the bar. For more on the Walaland collaboration, click here.

HAY Pop Up Shop

Renowned Danish design brand HAY will be offering select pieces from their collection for purchase on-site at this special Pop Up Shop presented by Inform Interiors. The collection from HAY is inspired by the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, combined to create quality products in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious, and courageous designers. Click here for more details on what you can expect to see at this year’s Pop Up Shop.

Hope to see you there!

Home Trends Magazine


7 things I use my gym’s free childcare for, other than working out


Michelle Stein

posted in Life

Unless we have a doctor’s appointment or someone is ill, you’ll find me and my kiddos at the gym every single weekday. But before you start praising me for my stellar working-out ethic, I have a confession to make: I frequently use my gym’s free childcare for things other than working out. And I’m not sorry.

Could you blame me, considering all the potential advantages of using the babysitting room, such as:

1) Enjoying a long #2 without interruptions. I swear, my three kids have a special radar that senses when I need to poop. My toddler will barge in and sit on her plastic potty chair, or my favorite — dig fun things out of the garbage. My first grader will stand there and carry on in-depth conversations. And my 3-year-old will decide she has to go potty right now. (No, she doesn’t want to use the upstairs potty.) Can’t a person poop in peace?

bathroom baby

2) Catching up on work/emails. I’m a freelance writer, so there’s always something I can be working on. And since my girls are terrible nappers, I can’t always count on “nap time” to be productive. You can bet I’ll choose quiet kid-free time, courtesy of our gym’s babysitting ladies, over trying to work while they’re running around the house in an exhausted, but not-sleeping mania.

3) Drinking coffee that’s actually hot. Our gym has free coffee for members, and it’s basically the only opportunity I have to enjoy a cup of mom juice that’s not room temperature. (Or re-heated in the microwave for the third time.) While I’m savoring every last drop, I don’t have to be on my toes making sure a toddler doesn’t spill it on herself. Just quality time with me and my coffee. As it should be.

two cups of coffee

4) A steamy shower. Alone. At the gym, I can drop off the kids and indulge in a long, hot shower. All. By. Myself. No rushing because I hear phantom cries. No actual hands grabbing for the shower curtain. Just uninterrupted, relaxing, exfoliating bliss.

woman in shower

5) Catching up with friends. My best friend in the whole world lives hundreds of miles away; we only get to see each other maybe once a year. So our BFF relationship has basically been reduced to unanswered texts and broken phone conversations through screaming kids — unless I call her during her morning free time while my children are in the babysitting room.

6) Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. While my kids are playing, drawing and socializing in childcare, I can zombie-out on social media with zero guilt. I’m not too distracted to meet their needs. They’re happy and taken care of. Plus, I can catch up on the latest gossip/baby photos/breaking news/cat memes. It’s a win-win.

7) Staring into space, simply existing without having to wipe tiny butts. Left alone with nothing but my thoughts, I can contemplate the meaning of life, my purpose in this world and WHY Shonda Rhimes had to kill off George O’Malley in Grey’s Anatomy. I get to remember that I’m a person, and not just a mom.

Most days, I legitimately work out at the gym. But I don’t feel guilt on the days that I don’t — and still opt to drop off my kiddos at the childcare room. Because sometimes, mama just needs a break.

Are you guilty of doing these things, too? What do you use your gym’s childcare for, other than working out?

Images by Michelle Stein, Thinkstock

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7 things you should never say to an INFJ

7 things you should never say to an INFJ

7 things you should never say to an INFJ

There are so many different ways to measure personality —Type A. Extrovert. Cat person. Cancer. — and each one claims to offer its own unique insight into what makes us tick. But perhaps the most popular personality assessment test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Constructed by a mother-daughter duo, the test uses Carl Jung theories to determine personality type based on the way we experience the world.

According to Myers-Briggs data, the INFJ personality type is the rarest of the bunch, making up only 1-2 percent of the population.

When it comes to interacting with others, INFJs can be warm and friendly. They are generally well-liked by the people who are lucky enough to know them. But they can also be too distant and analytical, retreating into themselves more often than not. People who identify as INFJs are said to be deeply complicated and highly sensitive individuals — and with that combination, it might sometimes be hard to figure out the right things to say.

Just thinking about it is giving us a migraine. If they’re so complicated, will you be able to truly understand them? And if you don’t understand them, how can you avoid offending them by saying the wrong thing?

We don’t have all the answers, but we did some research (so you wouldn’t have to). Here are 7 things you should definitely avoid saying to an INFJ.

1. “Calm down!”

As we’ve just found out, INFJs are highly sensitive. If they’re reacting to something, the last thing you want to do is make them feel like they’re being irrational by dismissing their emotions. When INFJs are hurt or offended during moments of conflict they need time to heal and think through their next steps. Allow your INFJ the space they need to process their emotions. It’ll be better for everyone involved.

2. “You’re just not trying hard enough.”

INFJs are all but defined by their pursuit of perfection. While this can be beneficial in many ways, it can also come across as “not doing enough.” Because an INFJ needs everything to be *just* right, they might not be producing a lot of work. For an INFJ, it’s quality over quantity.

3. “I’m fine.” — when you know you aren’t.

If you’re going through a breakup or dealing something you’d rather not talk about with the INFJ in your life, it’s best to be direct about that. Personality profiler Antonia Dodge told Introvert, Dear that she believes INFJs are empaths and possess the unique ability to take on other people’s emotions. So, if you say you’re okay when you aren’t, they’ll probably know.

“The ability to unconsciously absorb other people’s emotions with very little information to go on — how is that not a super power?” says Dodge.

4. “No one will ever understand you.”

With their “sixth sense” always so alert, making friends might be difficult. Dodge says, often INFJs give up trying to explain their ability. Or they don’t try at all, because they know how unusual it sounds. This leaves them feeling isolated and misunderstood. All that said, you may not want to add to their growing insecurities during a moment of frustration.

5. “You’re doing too much.”

Most INFJs always need to have a cause. They’re always trying to help something or someone. Whether it’s their roommate’s cat that got stuck in the tree or the neighborhood bad boy who they’re convinced just needs to be loved.

To give you an idea of the kind of person you might be dealing with, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were all INFJs. If it’s broken, they’re going to try to fix it — even at their own expense. Chances are they’ll interpret your comment as you belittling their passion, just let them be.

6. “You make it difficult to love you.”

Let’s be honest, with personality traits like the ones we’ve been discussing, it’s very likely that the INFJ in your life has been called “too weird” at least a time or two. INFJs can indeed be very strange people. Although they often come across as warm and engaging, they find it difficult to let their guard down and let people in. They’re not quick to share personal details out of the fear that the person they’re investing in might not stick around. This doesn’t mean they’re cold or hard to love — it just means they’re a little cautious.

7. “You’re so boring. You should really get out more.”

INFJs are sometimes called the “extroverted introverts.” They get this nickname because they can be passionate, enthusiastic, and talkative when hanging out with people they enjoy, but they also need A LOT of downtime. Your INFJ probably won’t be club-hopping every night but they’ll guarantee a great time when you do get them out of the house. You’ll just have to take them or leave them.



8 things not to say to a sleep-deprived parent, 5 alternatives


Deidra Romero

posted in Parenting

I have been in the depths of sleep-deprivation so severe that I had dreams with my eyes open. 

With an 18-month-old and a 5-year-old, I almost forgot what that sleep deprivation felt like. Don’t worry, I was recently reminded after my baby decided to stay awake for hours in the middle of the night. Night after night after night.

I took to my Facebook moms group for a little pep-talk and maybe some advice. What I got instead was lots of unhelpful comments. Clearly, these moms were sleeping through the night.

If you are reading this from a happy, well-rested state you will think I’m just being mean. But for all you parents reading this bleary-eyed with a cup of coffee… you know this is true.

exhausted dad holding baby

Here are 8 things you should never say to sleep-deprived parents.

1. “It will pass.” Yes, I’m well aware that all things in this life have an end eventually. Sometimes in death. 

2. “It’s just …” JUST?? JUST? Do not minimize my pain! Do you remember what it’s like to try to take care of children when you can’t string together two consecutive thoughts?

3. “My baby didn’t sleep until she was 1.” Do not give me timelines. I don’t want hope or goals or guidelines. I want sleep.

4. “Hang in there.” Super. K, thanks. 

5. “Try to get some rest.” DUH. That’s all I want to do is rest. I’m not staying awake because I enjoy torture.

6. “Is she teething?” Like who the hell even knows! I’m sure she is. They always are. 

7. “Have you tried …” I’ve tried it all. Trust me. I have tried it all.

8. “Oh, that’s so weird.” *Emoji of a knife*

tired mom holding baby

Instead, here are some great alternatives you can try.

1. “I brought you fresh cookies just out of the oven. Careful, they are still warm.”

2. “Would you like coffee or wine?”

3. “I’m coming over so you can take a shower and rest for an hour.”

4. “I’ve got dinner ready for you and I’m bringing it right now!”

5. “I am so so sorry. I wish I could give you a magic sleep pill.”

How many of you are so sleep-deprived and SO over all the unhelpful comments?

Images by iStock

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Best things to do in Cuba


Cuba is a country with a checkered past, but, it remains one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world. This Caribbean island is best-known for when it was under the rule of Fidel Castro, and is now a fantastic tourist destination. So much about Cuba is appealing, from the architecture and music to the geography and history. If you’re considering taking a vacation to Cuba, you will no doubt want to know about some of the things you can do while you’re there. So, here are some of the best things to do when you visit Cuba.

Live Music

Live music is such a bit part of Cuban culture that you can’t really escape it. Sure, you can see live music almost anywhere you go, but, in Cuba, it’s much more symbolic. Visit the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists and check out some live jazz, or get a seat and enjoy Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez. There are so many different styles of live music performed and enjoyed all over the country. Try to find out from some locals where you can expect to find the best live music, and make sure you attend.

Visit Trinidad – Central Cuba

We don’t mind the Caribbean island, we mean the town in Cuba called Trinidad. It is often affectionately known as “The city that time forgot.” It’s here that you can enjoy the new-baroque architecture and the colonial nature of the place. It looks like somewhere that’s been unchanged for almost 500 years, and this makes it a must-visit place for tourists. Make sure you check out the grand 19th Century cathedral here, as well as fantastic Museo de Arquitectura Colonial. This sleepy iconic town is one of the best places in the country to visit.

Coral Reefs

Believe it or not, Cuba has one of the most epic and beautiful coral reefs in the world. It might not be as breathtaking as the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s still something that’s well worth going to see. The best thing to do is take a boat out with a guide and get a guided tour of the reef. This is readily available in Cuba, and certainly the best way of enjoying and experiencing the reef itself. The reefs here are teaming with life, and generally are unspoiled at the moment – so make sure you visit while there is still a reef to enjoy.

Learn to Salsa – 1830 Club, Malecon, Havana

You can’t, in good conscience, take a trip to Cuba, and not make sure you learn to salsa, at least a little bit. There are a lot of things you can learn in Cuba, but salsa dancing is one of the most important and iconic. The dance culture here is incredible, and you can head to club 1830, and learn salsa from an expert. This is a wonderful way of getting more involved in the culture of Cuba and learning a little about how to dance in the process as well. Imagine coming home from your trip and being able to salsa expertly!

Go Hiking – Pico Turquino

There is plenty of natural beauty in the country, and the surroundings in Cuba is nothing short of sensational. So, you need to make sure you fully experience everything the country has to offer you. The best way of doing that is to get out and about and do some hiking. The best place to go for this is Pico Turquino, at 1,974 meters high. It’s the perfect place to enjoy amazing views of the country, and take in the wonderful surroundings of the southeastern part of the island, and the Sierra Maestra mountain range.


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Things to see in Gibraltar


There are so many destinations on our bucket list that we really don’t know where to start – there are just too many places and too little time! However, if you want to bump a destination up a few places on your list, we’d definitely recommend Gibraltar going straight to the top. This little island attached to the end of the Spanish coast is becoming increasingly popular with those who want a bit of Spanish weather and culture, with a few British tidbits thrown in for good measure. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the iconic red telephone boxes!

Rock of Gibraltar

I mean, if you’re flying into Gibraltar it’s pretty hard to NOT see the Rock of Gibraltar – because it’s huge, and right next to the airport runway. In all honesty, you can see it from any point on the island. Nonetheless, it’s cool to get up close and personal with Gibraltar’s most iconic monument. If you fancy it, you can even get a cable car up to the top of the rock, to view the territory from above. But be warned, the top of the rock is also a nature reserve that is teeming with feisty and cheeky Barbary macaques. They will try and lure you in with their cuteness (because they are pretty cute, especially the babies), but then they’ll snatch the banana you were gonna have later out of your hands…

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

When you’re surrounded by people and busy streets (and monkeys), you sometimes want to get away and retreat into nature. One of the best places to do that in Gibraltar is to check out the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens. These gardens span an incredible 15 acres of land and is full of native and exotic plants, memorials, and wide open spaces for you to relax. There are numerous gardens and sunken gardens around the area, and they’re all connected by beautiful wooden bridges that are totally Instagrammable. If you pick the right moment, you might even be able to visit the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens when the iconic Alameda Open Air Theatre is in use.

Great Siege Tunnels

Let’s be honest, when you’ve seen a rock from the outside once, you’ve seen it a thousand times. So instead looking at it from far away, why not get even closer and check out the insides of the famous Rock of Gibraltar? The Great Siege Tunnels allow you to do just that. The tunnels were first dug out by the British during the 18th Century when the Spanish initiated the Great Siege of Gibraltar. All of the tunnels were dug manually (that must have been hard work) and took around five weeks for thirteen men to dig just one of the tunnels! Nowadays, the tunnels are open to the public and feature panoramic views out to the ocean, as well as historical information about the construction of the tunnels. They are well worth a visit.  

Europa Point

When it comes to Gibraltar, almost all of the notable attractions are within touching distance of the Rock of Gibraltar – and Europa Point is no difference. Officially, Europa Point is the most southerly point in the whole of the Gibraltan territory and is flanked by a pretty incredible lighthouse. Many people make it their mission to travel to the end of the Europa Road, to reach the lighthouse and see the amazing views for themselves. From Europa Point, you can see straight across the Strait of Gibraltar, you can see the mountains of Morocco over in North Africa, and you can see numerous towns along the Bay of Gibraltar. It’s a sight to behold.

Moorish Castle

If you want to feel like King and Queen of the castle, a trip to Moorish Castle should be on your ‘to-do’ list when you visit Gibraltar. The castle towers over the Gibraltan territory and offers visitors some pretty awesome views of Gibraltar. Alongside that, the 14th-Century castle itself is magnificent. With its famous Gate House and the Tower of Homage, you can check out where the Moors used to hide out, and seek out their enemies from their high fortified walls.

Are you planning a trip to Gibraltar? These are just some of the things you need to see when you visit…



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10 Things To Know About Halle Berry’s New Boyfriend, Alex Da Kid

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard the news that Halle Berry is dating again. Knowing her track record with men, and how diverse her suitors have been in terms of looks, age and occupation (and act right), you’re probably wondering who her new man is and what he’s got going on that could impress […]

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15 things to say to your active kid instead of “Be careful!”


Maggie Downs

posted in Life

Last Saturday it finally happened. Temperatures dropped well below 100 degrees in my desert city, and my son was excited to go outside and explore dusty mountain trails.

He’s a desert boy through and through, comfortable negotiating cacti, scrambling over craggy boulders, and chasing lizards. He’s rambunctious too, often leaping before he looks. And that has turned me into the mom I never wanted to be – the “be careful!” one.

World's cutest toddler carries a big stick through the mountains

I yelped “Be careful!” so many times on Saturday, it was almost like a religious chant. “Be careful!” I hollered as my kid’s hand just barely missed brushing against a cholla cactus. “Be careful!” I said as he slid down a slope slick with gravel. “Be careful!” I said when he picked up a beetle. “You don’t even know what that is.”

Of course I want my child to be careful. I also want to wrap him in bubble wrap, put the bubble-wrapped boy into a giant hamster ball, and have a security escort to accompany the ball at all times. That’s probably not going to happen (I don’t even think they make hamster balls that big).

A blonde girl walks on rocks through a creek

Eventually he will have to be an independent person who is capable of existing in the world on his own, whether I like it or not. Being outdoors, falling down, and getting scraped up is part of that education. I need to stop saying “be careful,” because I hope my son will be an active and enthusiastic explorer of the world, and I don’t want to discourage him, cultivate fear, or imply that I don’t have confidence in him.

Plus, there’s the fact that I’ve said, “be careful!” so often, the words have lost all meaning. What am I actually telling him? Watch your step? Look around you? There could be a rattlesnake under that rock?

A child in a yellow rain slicker standing next to a lake. A few ducks float nearby.

The problem with “be careful” is that it doesn’t use specifics. Those words don’t offer anything to help a child assess risk for himself or herself. “Be careful” is frustratingly vague.

The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada made a list of things to say instead of “be careful,” which inspired me to make a list of my own alternatives (incorporating some of their suggestions too).

  • Be mindful of people around you.
  • Move slowly and carefully.
  • Is that rock stable?
  • Do you feel balanced on that?
  • Let’s run together.
  • Sticks need space. Can you move that stick without hitting any people or animals? If not, you need more space.
  • Keep the stick pointed at the ground.
  • Find a safe place for the stick/rock/other tool before you run.
  • Let’s move to an open area.
  • Stay focused on what you’re doing.
  • Notice your body.
  • Do you feel safe?
  • Take your time. Slow down.
  • What’s your next move?
  • I’m here if you need me.

I’ll probably have a “be careful!” slip now and again, but I’m working on it. Besides, any of these are an improvement over the warnings I received growing up, when my older brother taunted, “Have a good trip. See you next fall!”

What do you say instead of “Be careful”?

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5 Things Every Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Office

I just saw a ridiculous article on MSN entitled “20 things every man over 40 should have in his office” — and while there are some good suggestions, it seems the author wrote the article based on Gordon Gekko alone. (A bespoke couch? An amazing chess set? Really?) So I thought we could do a fun, equally ridiculous roundup of things we think every stereotypical, cartoony executive woman over 40 should have in HER office. Here are my top 5 things…

1. Attractive henchmen (or women) who all dress alike. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

2. A long cigarette holder.

3. A $ 1000+ winter coat (possibly fur), only worn as either a) a cape or b) so loosely belted that it’s falling off your shoulders.

4. A piece of art that features the executive as muse. Kinda like this.

5. A comfortable Herman Miller chair. Because, hello, ergonomics.


In all seriousness, I think a real list like this would begin with “1. Whatever the heck she wants because she DGAF,” but that’s me. How about you, ladies? What is the top thing YOU would put in our cartoon executive’s office? And what’s the one thing you really think every woman over age 40 should have in her office?5 things every woman over 40 should have in her office

Psst: We’ve covered 10 things to keep in your office (for women of all ages), how to decorate your desk, and easy office decor ideas. I am truly sad to see that this super old post of ours has a dead link for a page that revealed the desks of Candace Bergen, Judith Martin (Miss Manners), Liz Smith, and other prominent women. I BELIEVE you can still see images of the desks here; here’s the Wayback machine link to the original post on the wowOwow site (which, yes, seemed antiquated even back in 2008 — it’s interesting to see it apparently morphed into the site PureWow.)

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Emmys 2017: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Wins Big, ‘Stranger Things’ Actors Shut Out

The Handmaid’s Tale was the big winner at the Emmy 2017 Sunday Night.

The Hulu drama — set in a dystopian future where a totalitarian government forces the few remaining fertile women to breed against their will — won eight awards, including the coveted best drama (Game of Thrones was ineligible this year), best director for Reed Morano (the first woman to win in the category in 22 years), as well as acting accolades for Elisabeth Moss (best actress) and Ann Dowd (best supporting actress).

Dowd’s surprise win meant that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s dream to become the youngest Emmy winner went unfulfilled. Brown, just 13, played telekinetic Eleven in the Netflix series, and was an audience favorite at Emmys 2017.

Her costar, David Harbour, who played Police Chief Jim Hopper, lost the supporting actor category to The Crown’s John Lithgow. Another show that got snubbed in the acting categories was FX’s Feud, including veteran actresses Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange.

Outside of The Handmaid’s Tale, another genre show that did well was Black Mirror. The “San Junipero” episode won awards for best limited series or TV movie and writing in a limited series or TV movie. Westworld didn’t win any major awards Sunday night, but picked up five awards at last weekend’s Creative Arts Emmys. Expect its fellow HBO series Game of Thrones to clean up next year when it returns to eligibility.

Even without Game of Thrones, HBO was still the biggest Emmys 2017 winner, thanks to Veep, Big Little Lies and The Night Of. The cable network won a total of 29 awards. It was followed by Hulu with 20, bolstered by the success of The Handmaid’s Tale.

It seemed that cable and streaming networks would dominate the Emmys 2017, but NBC’s longstanding Saturday Night Live, which saw renewed focus and audiences during the election, brought home nine trophies. NBC’s The Voice also edged out RuPaul’s Drag Race in the reality TV competition category.

See the complete list of 2017 Emmy winners here.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Our American Dystopia

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The Best Things You Can Do for Your Yard This Fall

You may think of spring as the season to really get going on the garden, but professional landscapers know that fall is actually the best time to work in the yard! Great growing conditions make fall ideal for laying the groundwork for a year of blooming flowers and bright-green leaves ahead, and the typically mild weather makes it pleasant to tackle bigger outdoor projects. Plus, it’s important during these autumn months to prep your yard for winter before icy conditions set in. Don’t waste this all-important season! Get moving on these 13 things that landscapers do to their yards every fall.
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At 13, ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown is an icon in the making

Nothing marks the rise of a starlet into the upper echelon of Hollywood quite like a front-row appearance at New York Fashion Week. Just ask Millie Bobby Brown, the 13-year-old breakout star who made her Fashion Week debut last fall at the Coach show, just two months after Netflix’s “Stranger Things” turned her into a…
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Two things happened this week that should really worry Republicans

Amid the wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Irma and President Donald Trump’s stunning debt ceiling deal with Democrats, you almost certainly never heard these two names: Charlie Dent and Dave Reichert. – RSS Channel – Politics

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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Socially Awkward Things You Need To Stop Doing On Dates

Nobody’s amazing at first dates (except for sociopaths—they’re great at being charming under the worst conditions). First dates are designed to be uncomfortable. First dates are all, “Hi! Here we are. Both admittedly looking for love and trying to determine if maybe that love can be here…all within a one to three-hour interaction.” The only […]

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4 Things to Do Before You Hire a Freelancer


On one hand, hiring a freelancer can be an inexpensive way to get work done quickly as well as a much-needed stress relief. But on the other hand, freelance staffing can be a headache especially when it comes to finding reliable people or managing remote workers.

design (Image: iStock/JGalione)


Here are four things to do before you hire a freelancer:

Determine IRS reporting obligations


Does your business have withholding and reporting obligations to the IRS? According to the IRS, if a business hires an independent contractor based in the United States, it is required to report payment over $ 600 yearly using Form 1099-MISC.


Request a portfolio of work, testimonials, or recommendations from former clients


Even if a freelancer comes highly recommended from a friend, you should conduct your own review of their past work and check for recommendations. For instance, if you’re hiring a web designer, review at least 3 LIVE websites, search Google or another forum for customers reviews or ask for another recommendation as it relates to their quality of work and timeliness.


Be clear on your goals and set expectations up front


To avoid miscommunication with freelancers, conduct a kick off meeting to set expectations. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What’s your preferred means of communications for status updates—face to face, email, video conference or phone meetings?
  • Do you prefer weekly or bi-weekly updates?
  • What’s the project timeline?
  • What’s the format for the final deliverable?
  • Is the project an hourly or fixed rate project?
  • How many revisions are allowed?
  • What is the number of hours designated for the work?
  • What’s the invoicing process?

Create a legally binding contract


To avoid work disputes, create a contract and make it official by having each party sign and date the document. Contracts may include project specifications including the scope of work, compensation, a description of services and grounds for either party to terminate the contract, such as missed deadlines and payments.

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13 Things Never to Put in the Microwave

Rush, rush, rush—in today’s 24/7 culture, a microwave can be a real boon to busy households and time-strapped cooks. But even though these ubiquitous appliances are fast and convenient, there are certain items that you should never, ever put in them. Among the offenders are foods that can splatter or pop, causing a big mess and a huge cleanup hassle, as well as materials that pose health and safety hazards. While there are plenty of things you should never put in a microwave, the items listed here are some of the most common hazards. Just remember: When in doubt, keep it out!
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‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’: The Best 5 Things

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of those games — you know, the kind you roll your eyes at and dismiss on first glance, but once you boot it up, you can’t quite put it down again. It’s most definitely a Mario game, but includes an element of something else, something that can only be conjured by the slightly-inappropriate and hyperactive Rabbids of Ubisoft’s creation. And while a classic, Japanese-born franchise spanning countless genres and the slapstick adventures of a French publisher don’t seem like a match made in heaven on the surface, rest assured — they actually are.

You’ve never seen the Mushroom Kingdom quite like this. It looks like a Mario game and acts like a Mario game, but when was the last time you saw Mario with an honest-to-goodness laser gun? When have you ever heard Princess Peach criticize someone’s cosplay? And when was the last time you saw anyone from Mario’s world in a gut-busting, butt-blasting, turn-based tactical role-playing game? Here’s just a few reasons why we love Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

You’ve Never Seen Mario Quite So Slapstick-y

Mario games have always featured a hefty dose of G-flavored humor, with the antics of Mario and friends eliciting at least a chuckle and perhaps a well-deserved eye roll. But Ubisoft’s Rabbids are known for being loud, proud and incredibly sassy, with a helping of giggle-worthy potty humor at times.

Because of the Rabbids propensity to literally slap each other around and bounce around the screen with seemingly limitless kinetic energy, their presence in Mario’s world makes the whole ordeal seem more slapstick-y than residents of the Mushroom Kingdom may be used to. And this isn’t a bad thing — you’ve never seen Mario have to deal with screaming, flailing creatures like the Rabbids before. The contrast between the hard-working plumber and the spastic Rabbids makes for an excellent mash-up, creating a light but still enjoyable narrative as they navigate their budding friendships and save the Mushroom Kingdom from imminent destruction.

Hidden Secrets Mini-games Follow the Familiar Mario Formula

Kingdom Battle’s bread and butter may be Mario and friends squaring off against mischievous Rabbids in turn-based combat, but like Mario games, it’s not without its share of secrets. While traveling between battles and exploring the overworld, players will stumble upon a number of hidden mini-games that will reward you with the Mushroom Kingdom’s familiar golden coins.

These mini-games are pulled directly from previous Mario titles. For example, hitting a switch and opening the entryway to a secret warp pipe will grant you access to an area hidden from the main path. Here you may find a field of coins to snatch up, a hidden treasure chest filled with goodies, or a doorway to a mini-game. Many previous Mario games include a mini-game in which you must collect a set amount of red or blue coins within a time-limit to unlock a treasure chest. Sometimes you can’t access areas until Beep-O, your robot guide, has learned a certain skill — so once he does, make sure to go back and give it a shot!

Kingdom Battle is sprinkled with these, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t worry about straying off the main path — there’s secret goods waiting for you!

Creative Bosses

Longtime Mario game players will instantly recognize the inspiration behind Kingdom Battle’s bosses. Chain Chomps and Piranha Plants abound. However, just as Rabbids has put its own spin on the enemies you encounter in the field — for example, Rabbids wearing war paint rather than Goombas or Koopa Troopas — it’s also taken some liberty with the more involved boss fights.

We won’t give away too many of the surprises, but some of the game’s memorable monstrosities include a Rabbid fused with a Piranha Plant to create an ambulatory tentacled menace, and a giant beefy Rabbid that both dresses and behaves like Donkey Kong. It’s absolutely delightful.

The Soundtrack is Amazing

You’ll hear many classic Mario jingles in Kingdom Battle. Completing a level plays the riff from the first Super Mario Bros. when you successfully complete a level, for example. And much of the music that accompanies traversing the overworld and interacting with other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom is re-orchestrated versions of familiar Mario musical themes.

But even when the music isn’t a straight-up new version of a Mario tune, the soundtrack is beautifully orchestrated. The composer is BAFTA-nominated Grant Kirkhope, who spent over a decade with Rare working on soundtracks for games including Donkey Kong Land 2, Banjo Kazooie, and Viva Pinata before moving onto freelance projects including Civilization: Beyond Earth and Yooka-Laylee. It’s a brilliant arrangement, and sets the tone perfectly — a perfect backdrop for the Mushroom Kingdom.

It’s Super Cute

There’s something about the way Rabbid Peach flounces around and Rabbid Luigi’s buck-toothed smiled when you win a battle that is just utterly, totally charming. The Rabbids versions of the Mushroom Kingdom’s heroes and villains are hard not to love — yes, even the bad ones — because they’re just so darn cute. Every little yip and whoop, every garbled string of gibberish that floats out of the Rabbids mouths makes your toes curl, it’s so adorable. And the way Mario and friends interact with the Rabbids, like they have absolutely no idea what to do with them but put up with them anyway because they’re pretty sure they need them to fix the Mushroom Kingdom, is hilarious. It’s all just too cute.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is more than just a fun game, it’s a love letter to the Mario series from Ubisoft’s developers. It’s evident that a lot of thought and love went into this game, with every corner of the kingdom — both audio and visual — peppered with homages to the beloved Mario franchise. It’s a testimony to how well the Mario IP can bend and be part of fresh experiences when given to the right developers, and hopefully we see more of this amazing match of Mario and Rabbids in the future.

The post ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’: The Best 5 Things appeared first on Fandom powered by Wikia.

Fandom powered by Wikia


Tyler Posey Smooches His New Girlfriend and 7 More Things You Didn’t See on TV at the 2017 MTV VMAs

Tyler Posey, Sophia AliTaylor Swift debuted her new music video, Fifth Harmony bid farewell to Camila Cabello in a big way, and Jared Leto was caught bopping around in a glittering cape…
Yes, you guessed it,…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories


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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Yeast Infections

You may have one and not even realize it.

Health – Good Housekeeping


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Six Things Black People Should Always Hold Valuable

In 2004, I founded the Texas Black Expo. My goal was simple: to create economic synergy for black businesses by providing a stage for them to expose their businesses to thousands of people at one place. In essence, to highlight the value of black businesses and increase their capital so they could add value to the community by reinvesting within the black community to counteract many of the negative ills that disproportionately affect our community.

(Image: Milkos)

While we have been very successful, it has not been without opposition. Annually, we are flooded with anonymous emails and letters attacking our organization. For having a Black Expo and valuing black businesses and black people, we are called racist. I wonder if the people attacking us are the same people who turn a blind eye to the many pressing needs within our community? And yet when we take initiative to do something to build our own value, they attack us.

Take Black Wall Street, for instance. By unstinting effort, within five years of its destruction, Tulsa’s Greenwood Community was rebuilt and once again flourished. However, because blacks didn’t recognize their value and the value of what they created, once segregation became illegal, in an attempt to be affirmed by the culture that we valued more than our own, we left our grocery stores, movie theaters, and colleges, and gave our resources to people who to this day don’t value us.

Time is up for us in seeking affirmation and finding value in what others have to say and think. We must value ourselves and our resources, and recognize that if we don’t value ourselves then no one else will. Here are six things the black community must value:


1.Value Our Entrepreneurs


We have to have a concentrated and strategic effort to support black entrepreneurs. We are a $ 1.2 trillion consumer group, yet the average income of a black business is only $ 72,000 annually, and the average net worth of a black family is $ 4,900 compared to $ 97,000 for a white family. As entrepreneurs, we have to think bigger. Think globally. When you get on the world stage, while biases still exist, you will find that they are lessened, and one thing that is common is the value of economics. Provide a good product or service, and you will prosper.

2. Value Our Economics


One of the primary drivers to the economic health to any community is real estate. Some of the cheapest and most profitable real estate in our communities is located within inner-city black communities. Yet, we devalue it and let others buy it up for cheap and reap the benefits while we struggle to pay our exorbitant mortgages for our massive homes in the suburbs. Gentrification is a result of us not recognizing our value. If others recognize our value and bid for our land and houses, why can’t we?

3. Value Our Ethnicity


African Americans are the only group in America that have no direct connection with their homeland. Whites proudly proclaim that they are Irish or have German blood, yet African Americans too often diminish the fact that we are African.

I have had the privilege to travel to Africa and have experienced the culture, wonderful food, and great people. Even within the slums of Kibera located in Kenya, while you have people living in one of the world’s largest slum communities, the people are friendly, kind, and highly intelligent. In addition, the culture the land and environment is ripe for entrepreneurs to profit from economic opportunities if we operate with a clear vision.

4. Value Our Esteemed Community Organizations


In February 2012, Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. Enraged, I immediately wrote an extensive post for Facebook. However, as president of the Texas Black Expo, a nonprofit organization that relies on contributions and sponsors, I was encouraged by my board chair to take it down. What a shame. Here I stand as the president of an organization designed to advocate for the black community, but I can’t speak freely, as it may jeopardize our revenues.

It is imperative that we support our esteemed local and national community organizations as they advocate for you and the black community. Consider one of our most highly regarded national organizations, the Urban League. Twenty-five percent of the Urban League’s annual revenue comes from individual contributions. The largest portion of their funding comes from corporate sponsors and government grants, yet if there is a crisis in the black community individuals are up in arms if they are forced to be politically correct in advocating for the value of blacks due to concerns over resources.

5. Value Our Education


I overheard a pastor once sharing that one of his parishioners was once asked, “Why are Jews taught to remember the past, yet blacks are encouraged to forget it?”

His answer was, “It’s because of who’s doing the teaching.”

If the oppressor is the one doing the teaching, he will teach that oppression is a good thing. We must educate our children informally at home, but formally by building schools and supporting our historically black colleges and universities. If not, they may actually believe that blacks willingly immigrated to the American continent, as Dr. Ben Carson stated during his first address as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And remember, our HBCU’s are businesses as well, and cannot be sustained if we don’t value them enough to invest in them.

6. Value Our Existence


We have heard it before, but it bears repeating. Black-on-black crime is plaguing our communities, and an African American male is more likely to die at the hands of another black person than by any other method. We can make a lot of counter arguments, such as white-on-white murder is also a leading cause of death in the white community. And we need to understand there are reasons beyond our control as to why our communities are in the shape they’re in. But the bottom line is we must be more prudent in controlling the things we can. We must police our own communities and stop killing our own brothers and sisters.

Black lives matter. I also believe that Black Life Matters. By this I mean the totality of the African American experience, and our culture, history, and economic power. I believe the actions and statements of President Trump are the wake-up call that will convince the black community to begin to truly value black life and not be concerned about what others think. We respect the value and skills that people of European and Asian descent bring to the American table, and their right to value their heritage and culture. In that same respect, we are equally proud of our African heritage. We affirm that to assert that Black Life Matters, and to celebrate our roots and our futures, makes us better and more patriotic Americans, and well prepared to forge a stronger and more perfect union with all of our brothers and sisters.


Lifestyle – Black Enterprise


Whitney Houston Doc ‘Can I Be Me’: 8 Things We Learned

Director Nick Broomfield wanted to change the conversation around Whitney Houston with his new documentary, Whitney: Can I Be Me. "We're always looking for a reason to not give people a second chance, and I think she was so harshly judged for her drug addiction," he 

This article originally appeared on Whitney Houston Doc ‘Can I Be Me’: 8 Things We Learned

Rolling Stone Latest TV and Sports and Music and Movies and Politics and Culture and RS Country and glixel and Glixel News


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

#6 makes so much sense.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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4 Things We Learned From the New Documentary About Whitney Houston

As one of the most successful pop artists of all time, Whitney Houston was — and continues to be — one of the world’s most beloved voices. But her musical legacy has also been clouded by her personal struggles and tragic death at the age of 48 in 2012, chapters of her story that are explored in the new documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me.

Helmed by Rudi Dolezal and BAFTA winner Nick Broomfield — who delved into the untimely death of another iconic musician, Kurt Cobain, in the 1998 film Kurt & Courtney — the documentary is an in-depth look at the private life of a cultural icon. It crafts a heartbreaking narrative through found footage, including never-before-seen interviews, performances and clips that address everything from her intimate relationship with best friend Robyn Crawford to her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown.

As it opens in theaters on Aug. 18, and ahead of its Showtime debut on Aug. 25, here are the aspects of Houston’s story onto which Can I Be Me shines a light.

Houston’s commercial success came at a personal price.

The documentary’s title speaks to the struggle Houston fought her whole life between her public persona and her true self. She was groomed from an early age to be marketable to white mainstream consumers, an endeavor spearheaded by her mother Cissy Houston and the producer Clive Davis, who discovered Houston as a teenager and helped catapult her to meteoric pop stardom. But the musical choices and respectability politics that catapulted her to mainstream success also backfired by making her less palatable to black audiences. In the late 1980s, for exmple, she was booed during the Soul Train Awards, with some audience members calling her “Whitey” instead of Whitney.

The film also focuses on how Houston’s success supported the livelihoods of many of her friends and family, with the singer choosing to work even to the detriment to her own health and well-being, especially as she became heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. Her longtime bodyguard David Roberts, who was somewhat of an inspiration for her film The Bodyguard, insinuates in the film that the personal interests of the friends and family that she employed sometimes took precedent over her own welfare and sobriety.

She had an incredibly intimate relationship with her friend Robyn Crawford — of which some of her inner circle disapproved.

Whitney’s childhood friend Robyn Crawford was one of the star’s closest confidantes. The film addresses longtime speculation about a romantic relationship between Crawford and Houston, with the latter’s stylist Ellin Lavar noting that she thought that the singer might have been bisexual. “Robyn provided a safe place for her. Robyn loved her,” Lavar says in the film. “In that, Whitney found safety and solace.” The two remained close friends until Houston started a relationship with her eventual husband Bobby Brown. Brown and Crawford did not like each other and often fought, sometimes leading to blows.

According to the singer’s former security guard Kevin Ammons, Brown was jealous of the intimate relationship Crawford and Houston shared. “[Robyn and Whitney] had a bond and Bobby Brown could never remove Robyn,” he says. “He wanted to be the man in the relationship.” While Crawford eventually parted ways with Houston after heightened tensions with Brown, Brown himself admitted that Houston had no close friends after Crawford left and that she “would probably still be alive” if Crawford had still been in her life. Brown wasn’t the only one who didn’t like Crawford; Houston’s mother Cissy disliked her as well and often advocated for her to be fired. Cissy told Oprah, in a 2013 interview, that she would have disapproved of her daughter being in a lesbian relationship.

Brown and Houston had an intense (and at times toxic) relationship.

In one of the most poignant scenes in the documentary, Brown and Houston are seen playacting scenes from What’s Love Got to Do With It in their hotel room. Although the pair are having fun impersonating Ike and Tina Turner, it’s an eerie parallel to the tumultuous nature of their own relationship. Houston’s fame and success made Brown jealous. The film paints him as emotionally abusive, trying to reduce her self-worth in order to make himself feel better.

The documentary also reveals that while Houston relied on drugs before she met Brown, Brown turned to alcohol. Once the pair got together, they began using both substances together. The film also emphasizes how much Houston tried to make their relationship work, despite their emotional duress and Brown’s womanizing, suggesting that her religious upbringing was a driving force in her wanting to make the marriage work.

Houston’s bodyguard was fired when he tried to intervene with her drug addiction.

Roberts reveals in the documentary that after the singer’s 1999 My Love Is Your Love tour, during which he witnessed the star overdose, he filed an extensive report on Houston’s drug abuse to her management — largely her family and friends— and was fired immediately. “There’s no doubt in my mind, had that report been taken seriously, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina would still be here,” he says in the movie. Roberts contends that Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina’s untimely death at the age of 22 in 2016 was a direct result of this approach to Houston’s drug abuse. “She never had a chance,” he says. “She came along when things were only getting worse.”

Entertainment – TIME


6 Things to Consider Getting Rid of Before They Become a Burden for Your Kids

Sorry, your granddaughter doesn’t want your doll collection.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall

Hate to cop to it, but we’re pretty much Mr. Autumn man around these parts. And you can keep the Pumpkin Spice everything. It’s the clothing, shoes, and other bits of men’s style that really cement fall as the favorite season here at Dappered. It’s still pretty sweaty out there right now, but one way to get through the dog days is to do a little day dreaming. Here’s some of what we’re looking forward to seeing, wearing, and experiencing in the cooler months to come…


Boots of all kinds

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Sure, Chukkas do great in the warm weather, but fall was made for boots. Clockwise from top left: The Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill in Natural CXL, BR’s Chelsea from last year, The Woolrich Yankee, Gustin’s Trench boot (currently unavailable).


Outerwear (jackets, topcoats, macs, & more)

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Not everyone buys the ol’ “Rain, rain go away…” theory on which type of weather is best. Some of us like a bit of variety. And along with the variety comes the opportunity to wear our favorite pieces of outerwear. From casual quilted jackets to refined wool topcoats, Fall is where it’s at. Expect new or updated designs from retailers like Banana Republic, UNIQLO, J. Crew, Charles Tyrwhitt, and more. And yes, we’ll do a round up in a few months. It’s one of the things we look forward to doing the most each year.


Getting to wear your new Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases


There’s only one bad thing about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale… that it’s mainly filled with stuff used in cooler weather. So you’re all excited about a new purchase and then? You have to wait. Well, the waiting won’t be much longer now. Hopefully.


Sweating less… in general

And if you’re constantly a pool of sweat now, head here and here for a few tricks to hopefully reduce some of that constant perspiring.


Sportcoats in Moleskin, Tweed, and Corduroy

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

The heavier fall fabrics obviously stay in the closet during the searing summer months, but it’s that first day where the highs stick to the 60s and one of these is gonna get broken out and dusted off. These are the kind of sportcoats you could actually use as outerwear on a brisk walk or hike. And yes, like every year, we’ll have a round up for you as these things start arriving and becoming available for purchase. (Shown above is last year’s JCF Moleskin Blazer, LE’s Moon Mills unstructred tweed sportcoat, and GAP’s blue cord blazer from last year.)


That first cold night where it’s just you and your significant other with a beverage of choice in front of a fire

Hard to top that.


Wearing dark wash jeans w/out sweating your onions off

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Yes, dark wash denim can be a bit of a crutch for some of us, but after a long hot summer of lightweight chinos and linen trousers and shorts, it’s nice to get back into a pair of classic denim. (Pictured above is BR’s Rapid movement denim in a straight fit.)


Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirts

Most of these are just too thick and weighty for the heat of summer. But for the other three seasons? They’re a perfect smart-casual staple.


Hearty Soups, Stews, and Roasted Meats

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Knowing your way around the kitchen falls into the same ballpark as knowing how to dress well. It’s useful, as well as also seen as insanely attractive by some. Meanwhile, by this point in the year I’ve had enough chopped salads to cover the earth’s surface nine times over. Looking forward to this, this, this, this, and this.


Wearing your wheelhouse/foundation suits again

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Fully lined? That’s less than ideal in the heat. But it’s no problem once it cools off. Time to break out the navy and charcoal suits once again.


The new “Goodfellow & Co.” Collection from Target

Goodfellow & Co. from Target

Word from a few of you guys is that some brick and mortar stores have started to get some of this stuff in. Mostly basics like henleys and chinos. Standby for a look at this brand, as a whole, in the coming weeks.


The new Kingsman Movie (out 9/22)

Here’s why SPECTRE just didn’t work. It couldn’t decide if it was camp, or if it was candy. It’s really, really hard to do both. (Please, please 007 producers, go back to the Casino Royale feel.) Kingsman is candy to the point of cartoonish, but unlike, say, the Transformers franchise, it’s still slicker than snot.


Suitsupply’s New Fall/Winter Collection


Currently available for pre-order, and the first wave looks awfully good. Boots, topcoats, sportcoats, and new suits. And since it’s Suitsupply, it all ships and returns for free. It’s always fun to see what sort of patterns and textures Suitsupply is gonna play around with once the weather cools down.


Long sleeve henleys

Huckberry Henleys

Bonus points if they’re wool or a wool blend. Can’t think of a casual garment that makes a guy (especially if you’re in shape) look better than a long sleeve henley. Shown above is the made in the USA, wool blend (mostly poly though) henleys sold via Huckberry.


New Allen Edmonds Designs?

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Seems like they always come out with something new and interesting once September and October rolls around. Pictured above is last year’s fantastic first avenue boot in country grain leather. Debuted last year, and it looks like it was a one-off special design. Been kicking myself ever since they (apparently?) discontinued them for not picking up a pair. Keep an eye out for new designs in the weeks to come.


Dark Beers and Rich Whiskey

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

If you’re a drinker and enjoy that kind of stuff. By this point, those of us who do imbibe have just about had it with gin and tonics and session-able IPAs. It’s the stuff that you not only drink, but chew, that’ll warm you from the inside out.


Women in Sweaters

If that’s your thing.


Fisherman’s Sweaters

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Speaking of sweaters… Is it a little cheesy to throw on some favorite boots, jeans, a fisherman’s sweater, pour a whiskey and crack a book in a comfortable chair on a windy autumn afternoon? You bet it’s cheesy. But if that really is the case, then you may call me Mayor McCheese.


Black leather shoes and boots

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Remember black leather shoes? Right. 100 degrees and black leather shoes don’t usually go all that well together. But once the temps stop breaking 80, black leather shoes and boots get worked back into the rotation (and therefor, so do the watches we own on black leather straps). Pictured above are a pair of Allen Edmonds 5th Street boots.


Growing a beard/Letting your beard get long

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

One less thing to worry about, right? Keeps the ol’ face warm too. Just make sure you keep it clean and neat.


Spier & Mackay Restocking/New Fall Arrivals

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

Spier has a tendency to run out of just about everything as one season comes to a close, and right now their cupboards are awfully bare. Fingers crossed that a re-stock comes soon, and they include some new fall/winter appropriate fabrics for their half-canvas suits and sportcoats.


Gloves & Scarves

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

They say accessories are the last things you put on and the first thing people notice. Maybe. Maybe not. They can be kinda fun though.


“House Sweaters”

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

These are the types of thicker, chunky sweaters that are almost certainly a cardigan style (and thus easier to get on and off) and might have a shawl collar. Perfect for hanging at your place and enjoying your space either alone or with a companion. Not a ton of these are out yet (everything above is from last year), especially the thicker wool options, but keep an eye out for them to start rolling into stores/online in the coming month or so. Usually thicker cotton will debut first, then the wool stuff starts showing up closer to October.


Better Sleeping Weather

25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall |

One of the quickest ways to go from looking decent to looking like crap, is to get terrible sleep. And when it’s a thousand degrees outside, it can be tough (even if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning). Cool and dark. That’s what most humans prefer to sleep in. And that’s what autumn brings.


Women in riding/knee high boots

Again. If that’s your thing. And if it is, then you know there’s that amazing day of the year where it seems like every stylish woman on the planet got some email or a text that said “hey, today’s the day to wear your riding boots ladies.” And God bless em’ for it.

We miss something? Got a specific tip/item that falls into one of these categories that you think we should be made aware of? As always, your style tips are welcome through email:

Dappered Style Mail


Think things will be rosy for Democrats in 2018? Not so fast.

Democratic hopes could be undermined by a good economy and structural obstacles that have grown worse since 2006 gains.

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10 things your kid’s preschool teacher wishes you knew


Deidra Romero

posted in Parenting

We are gearing up for my son’s last year of preschool. As we quickly approach kindergarten, I’m grasping for ways I can better prepare him. So I reached out to a few friends who are preschool teachers and I asked them: What do you wish the parents of your preschoolers knew? What unfiltered advice can you give me? I want to know!

Here’s what they said.

girl smiling at camera

Ask them to try again three times.

Preschoolers learn by practicing and trial and error. You should ask them to button their coat three times before you intervene. Give them a chance to learn instead of jumping in and doing it for them.

Don’t make excuses for your child’s bad behavior.

Sometimes parents write off a child’s rude or disruptive behavior. But that behavior can create long-term behavioral problems in the classroom, which can affect their education. When one child disrupts a teacher, it disrupts the entire classroom. The consequences are much bigger than they are at home.

Raise your expectations.

Most parents underestimate what their little kids can do. At school, kids will be expected to put their coats on, unpack their lunches, and pack their bags at the end of the day — all things parents should expect them to do at home too.

Don’t linger at drop off.

If you seem timid or anxious dropping your child off at school, they will absorb those feelings. Be excited for your child. Encourage him or her that they are going to have a great time. Let them know they are safe and loved and then leave as quickly as possible.

Don’t stop teaching at home.

Just because your child starts preschool doesn’t mean your job as a teacher is over. Learning at home should never stop. Continue working with your children and don’t rely on teachers to do all of the educating.