How traveling can drastically improve your interpersonal skills


If you’re currently reading this as you sit in the fetal position in the corner of your room, with your door locked and headphones on to block out the loud and irritating people on the other side of your wall, there’s a high chance that your interpersonal skills aren’t too great. It’s just a hunch, but we think we might be right. If you’re aware of this fact and want to do something drastic to make you the most sociable person in the world with the ability to talk to anyone and anything that you come across, why not buy a single ticket to a destination of your choice, pack your bags, and work your way around the world? Here’s how traveling can drastically improve your interpersonal skills…

We’ve been taught to be closed off

Although you may not be the kind of person to strike up a conversation with the person you begrudgingly sit next to on the train, you’re not alone – because they won’t strike up a conversation with you either! This is because we have all been taught to be closed off in the world. We avoid eye contact to avoid the risk of stranger danger, we don’t talk to people we don’t know in case they turn out to be dodgy, and we just about manage to say “thank you” to the shopkeeper who beeped through our goods. Yet, traveling the world will force you to ignore all of these lessons that you have been taught in life, and will force you to speak to people you don’t know for directions, or even force you to speak a different language.

You get to enjoy the life you have been given

Okay, it might not seem like it right now, but your life is properly pretty darn great. You’re healthy, you have a roof over your head, and you’re relatively happy (you know, apart from the whole sitting-in-the-corner-avoiding-people thing). Yet, we live in a world where we are used to instant gratification and rarely have time to stop and enjoy the life that we have been given. If we have to wait for our food, we impatiently tap our foot in annoyance, if our train is delayed we all moan as if the world has come to an end, and we stop enjoying what life has to offer. When you go traveling, taking the time to actually enjoy what you’re doing might actually give you the chance to actually enjoy the company of others who share the same values as you do.

Non-verbal communication is all of the rage

Interpersonal skills are not just about actively speaking out loud and conversing with others – non-verbal communication is also all of the rage! When you travel to a new country, there’s a high chance that you can just about say, “hello,” “goodbye,” and “thank you,’ and little else. Of course, this makes living and traveling within an unusual country pretty difficult. This is where non-verbal communication comes into play. If you want a specific item on the menu, you will probably point to the item in question. If you need directions to a famous waterfall, you might use hand gestures and whooshing sounds to indicate that you don’t know how to get there. By being able to communicate without words, you will drastically improve your social skills.

Forcing yourself to be social and have great interpersonal skills is one of the only ways to improve yourself as a person. After all, would you actively take yourself out of your corner and speak to your neighbor on a normal day? This is why you need to book a ticket, and wave goodbye to your corner!


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How to stay safe when traveling solo around the globe


Traveling is an incredible way to see the globe, as well as offering up the chance to experience a whole host of new situations. This can be even better if you pack your backpack and head off solo. However, there are some important tips to remember while on your own that will help to keep you safe.

Listen to yourself

Have you ever been somewhere and just had a bad feeling about your surroundings? There is a good reason: our bodies pick up on anything unusual without us even realizing. So if your gut is saying that it’s time to go, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That goes the same for people too – never go anywhere alone with someone you don’t trust.

Research ahead of time

Before you jet off on your adventure, it’s best to get an idea of whereabouts you will be heading. There may have been a recent disaster, or the country could have unknown dress codes that you don’t discover until you get there. By doing all your research, you minimize the risk of any unexpected disasters, so you are free to enjoy your travels.

Trusted car rides

Getting into the car with a stranger sounds like a bad idea, right? So why are we so willing to climb into a taxi? When you’re alone, it’s even more important to make sure you know who you are going to be driving with. Some companies offer a rating system so you can check them out beforehand, while others may provide women-only services for the solo female traveler.

Think about luggage

Yes, we admit it, we have overpacked before jetting off. However, if you are going alone and planning on heading all around the world, do you really want to be lugging a great big heavy suitcase behind you? Chances are you’ll want to spend your time out enjoying yourself, not working out how to try and get your bag up 10,000 steps to the top of an ancient temple. To avoid this issue, just take the money, ID, and belongings you will need when you head out and leave the rest in a safe place back at home.

Be confident

Sadly, people with bad intentions will often pry on those that look lost or confused. If your eyes are stuck to your phone as you try to navigate the winding streets on your new adventure, then the chances are you’ll stand out from the locals. Keep your chin up, walk tall, and act as though you know precisely where you are. That way, pickpockets and other people up to no good will be more likely to leave you alone. Bonus!

Get insured

One of the biggest traveling mistakes is thinking you don’t need to worry about any kind of insurance. Although no one wants to have to make a claim, imagine how much worse it could be if you are ill or something gets stolen while you are traveling alone. Travel insurance doesn’t have to be expensive either. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones back home.

Social media savvy

Yes, uploading all your beautiful travel snaps could seem like a brilliant idea. You can share your memories with all your friends as well as make some of them jealous. However, you could also be opening up the door to people know where you are, and they know you’re alone. Instead, it’s probably best to save the uploads until you are back and you can show everyone in person.

Traveling can be an incredible experience for anyone that decides to jet off around the world. The sights and scenes are breathtaking, even without a travel buddy. The world is your oyster, go and enjoy it. Just remember to stay safe!


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Health benefits of traveling abroad (proven by scientists)


We all love a good vacation, don’t we? Traveling to new places, taking a break from your hectic work schedule, chilling out and exploring the world. And it’s no secret we come back to reality wanting more. But is there more to it? Well, for those people who have the incredible common I-want-a-vacation syndrome – science is actually on your side. Here are 5 scientifically-proven health benefits of traveling abroad.

Traveling boosts your immune system

If you’re traveling somewhere exotic, you might find that you develop a slight cough or cold – but this isn’t a bad thing. Traveling to new places actually exposes you to different environments and pathogens, which in turn, creates stronger antibodies in your immune system. This then boosts your overall immune system as your body adapts to new bacteria. No, this doesn’t mean you can roll around in the dirt for your ‘health, ’ but it does mean you don’t have to have a shower every time you touch a rock.

Traveling reduces your stress levels

Let’s be honest; our daily lives can be pretty stressful. Or, for some, incredibly stressful. And when you’re lounging on a beach in the Bahamas, or trekking through rainforests in Peru, you forget about your daily stressors. It’s been scientifically proven that traveling increases your happiness, decreases depression, and any chance of depression, and that this happiness can last for weeks after you return home. (This means you can go on holiday every few months. Because of Science. Bonus).

Traveling decreases the risk of heart disease

Unless you sleep, eat and do everything from the comfort of your sun lounger in Miami (which, to be honest, sounds pretty amazing), you probably move about more on vacation than you do during your 9-5 desk job. Whether it’s running through the airport to catch your flight, walking the cobbled streets of Italy or climbing to the peaks of Mount Everest, you’re moving about and getting your blood pumping. And it’s pretty well known that physical movement reduces the risk of heart disease. So go climb that mountain!

Traveling broadens your horizons and improves your brain health

When you’re traveling, you meet new people, new places, new cultures, new countries, undertake new experiences and broaden your horizons. Research suggests that new experiences increase your cognitive ability and forces it to become more flexible. This keeps our minds sharp, healthy and creative. Supposedly, it also makes us more emotionally stable; which is something many of us could do with.

Traveling shifts your perspective

When you begin your travels, you are taken completely out of your comfort zone – and you’ll probably find yourself in a situation you’re not used to on a daily basis. But no matter how uncomfortable we feel during these situations, it gives us the opportunity to see things from a different point of view, and a different perspective. Which is why so many people talk of their ‘epiphanies’ or ‘finding themselves’ while traveling.


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A gang threatened her child, so she joined the ‘migrant caravan’ traveling 3,000 miles toward the US. This is her story.

Gabriela Hernandez and her two boys joined the “migrant caravan” of travelers across Mexico toward the United States, some hoping to cross the border. This is her story of the journey, compiled from multiple visits and interviews. – RSS Channel – World


Use these tips to organize your traveling suitcase


Going on vacation is one of the most exciting times of the year – but when it comes to packing your suitcase, it just seems like a chore. By the time you’ve got out everything you want to take, you’ve gone over your weight limit, your favorite hat is getting squashed, and you just know your shampoo and conditioner is going to leak in your bag. But never fear, we have the solution. Use these tips to organize your traveling suitcase.

Use a rolling duffel bag instead of a hard case

It can be difficult to imagine going on your travels without your trusty hard case – but actually, it could be causing more trouble than it’s worth. With a rolling duffel bag, you can still easily maneuver your belongings around the airport. One of the advantages of the duffel bag is that they are often lighter than your average hard case – meaning more weight for that extra pair of shorts.

Roll your clothing

One of the handiest packing hacks is to roll your clothing rather than fold it. Not only does this ensure you can pack even more clothes as there is more space, but this method also leaves your clothes wrinkle free when you get to your destination. No more having to spend your vacation ironing.

Stuff your shoes with smaller items

There’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel and not being able to find your charger amongst your clothes. And don’t even get us started on trying to find your toothbrush to get that airplane taste out of your mouth. But if you stuff your shoes with these smaller items, they will stay in place during the flight, and you’ll know exactly where to find them when you get to your hotel.

How to prevent leaks

One of the worst things to happen is that you open up your suitcase and find that all of your shampoo or all of your sun lotion has exploded all over your (once) clean clothes. Holiday ruined. To prevent leaks, open the bottles up and cover the holes with cling film. Screw back on the lids and look forward to a leak-free suitcase. It’s a super smart hack you’ll wish you’d known sooner.

Don’t overpack

Let’s be honest; we’re all guilty of this. We all think we need six dresses for our long weekend, when really – we don’t. One way to combat this is to gather all of the clothes you think you need to take together and lay them out on your bed. And then, get rid of a third of them. The aim is to wear everything you are going to bring with you, so think logically and plan ahead.

Take compression bags

Throughout your vacation, you’re stuck with dirty laundry that takes up so much room you can’t find space to bring back that extra large bottle of rum from the Bahamas. Because they’re dirty, we don’t care if they get wrinkled – so stick them in a vacuum compression bag and shrink them down to make more space for more important things. Like the rum.


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These books will make you fall in love with traveling


Sometimes we have that itch to do something crazy, to just up and leave and go somewhere. But who can do that? We all have responsibilities, we are all tied down by something or someone. So what is the next best thing? Maybe reading some of the world’s most famous travelogues. Your friends may be happy that you are sitting at home reading instead of leaving them, but maybe these books will inspire you to get up and go see whats out there.

In Patagonia

This book was written by Bruce Chatwin, a reporter for the British magazine The Sunday Times. He had always wanted to go to Patagonia in Argentina as a child due to some mysterious artifacts a relative brought home as a child, but had always put off the trip. One day, while he was in Paris, he was interviewing a woman who had a giant map of Patagonia on the wall. After saying he had always wanted to go there, the woman said “me too. Go for me.”

He then up and left and spent six months traveling around the enormous region, interviewing anyone and everyone he ran into. This book was written by him and details his incredible travels.

Travels with Charley

John Steinbeck wrote this epic travelogue near the end of his life. He had been writing Americana fiction and about Americans for most of his career, but by the time he was 58 he had already been living in europe for almost 20 years, and had been living in New York City for even longer. He felt New York was a bubble separated from the rest of the country, and he decided to see the US for himself.

So he took his dog, bought a camper, and went on a 10,000 mile road trip across all of the United States. This book details how he re-discovered America and how he got back in touch with the American people.

Arabian Sands

This travelogue was written in 1959 by a British officer who was responsible for researching how to get rid of locusts in the Arabian desert. The officer, named Wilfred Thesiger, travelled around Ethiopia and Sudan as well as going all around the Arabian Peninsula.

One of the most impressive parts of the book is when he becomes one of the first ever westerners to go through the empty quarter of the Arabian desert – an area with no life or water whatsoever. This book will definitely make you want to learn more about the Middle East.

The Broken Road

Set in the 1930’s before World War Two and the Cold War, this amazing travelogue details British traveller and author Patrick Leigh Fermor as he travels across Europe. However, it isn’t just the fact that he went all the way across Europe, but how he did it which is incredible.
Starting in Hook of Holland in The Netherlands, Fermor walked, on foot, all the way across Europe to what is now known as Istanbul in Turkey. He travelled through nearly every country on the continent, crossed almost all of the major rivers there, and saw and met extremely interesting people. In fact, there are people today who try to recreate his journey.


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Traveling in the Big Easy


New Orleans in Louisiana, nicknamed the ‘Big Easy’ is a real melting pot of cultures and experiences, making it one of the most fascinating cities in the world to visit. However, it can be pretty hard to know how to make the most out of your visit to the Big Easy. There are so many attractions to go to, things to see, places to eat and drink, and sights you simply can’t miss. Planning your trip to New Orleans can seem stressful if you want to try and do as much as possible during your time there. Luckily, we have you covered! Here is everything you need to know about traveling in the Big Easy.

Staying in New Orleans

As you would probably imagine from such a unique city, there are plenty of weird and wonderful places to stay. No matter your budget, decor tastes, or location preferences, there will be somewhere for you in the Big Easy. While there are plenty of hotels and B&Bs to choose from, you could also go down the route of AirBnB and similar room rental websites. However, it’s important to note that the residents of New Orleans aren’t the biggest fans of those who rent their rooms out, so perhaps a hotel would be a better choice. It will also give you a chance to explore some of the rich cultures that this city has to offer.

Eating in New Orleans

New Orleans is renowned for having some of the best food in the country. Due to the real mix of cultures, you can experience some seriously delicious local food that you might not be able to eat elsewhere. With over 208 cajun and Creole restaurants, this is definitely one style of food you have to try while you are in the Big Easy. Seafood is also a big hitter in New Orleans, so check out somewhere like GW Fins to get your fishy fix. There are eateries to suit every budget in this city, from the cheap eats of Commerce Restaurant through to the fine dining at Upperline. Make sure you sample everything this wonderful city has to offer.

Things to see in New Orleans

There are so many things to see and do in New Orleans, that there is a good chance you won’t be able to tick everything off your list during your visit. However, there are some attractions that you simply must make time for. The National WWII Museum is truly outstanding and constantly voted as the number one things to do in the city. You will need a good few hours to experience everything this museum has to offer, so factor this in during your vacation. You can also go on a variety of walking tours, including some spectacular ghost tours in New Orleans. If you’re not easily frightened, we would highly recommend the City of the Dead Cemetery Tour, which includes a visit to a voodoo shop. Spooky!

New Orleans is one of the most exciting cities to visit in America, and somewhere you should definitely add to your bucket list. Even just wandering around the streets, taking in the fascinating architecture, would be a good use of your time in this city! However, once you have finished wandering, use our guide and make the most out of your time in the Big Easy.


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Simple rules for eating when traveling


There are so many hints and tips you need to be aware of when you travel abroad. You are having a new experience, and it’s important to try to make the most of it. You have to understand that experiencing new countries, and meeting new people can give you a bit of a culture shock. So, how can you get comfortable with a new culture? Well, food is one of the best ways to do this.

Put it like this, everybody needs to eat, no matter who they are. It’s essential to try to have the best experience you can while eating abroad, and this is something to focus on. We know how important it is to eat right while you’re traveling, but it’s also something that’s really easy to overlook as well. Check out our smart advice for how to get the best experience of eating when you travel.

Try local stuff

The most important thing to remember is that you are abroad, so, as they say, when in Rome! This is a unique opportunity to sample some of the local food on offer and try to ensure you have a fresh experience. Live out of your comfort zone, and make sure you sample things you maybe wouldn’t normally try. This is so crucial because it’s an excellent way of increasing your experiences, broadening your palette, and giving you a greater appreciation of food from across the world.

Avoid snacking

It’s so easy to slip into the habit of snacking, especially when you’re traveling because it’s convenient. You feel like you’re always on the move, and being able to snack really helps you grab something quick. But, the problem with this is that a) snacking isn’t exactly healthy, and b) you miss out on the experience. Eating is an important experience, and actually plays a big role in your travel experience, so make sure you try to have full meals every meal time.

Plan before you go

One of the best things we can advise you to do is to plan what you want to do for food before you go traveling. That’s not to say you need to plan out every meal, but it will certainly help if you can book a few places in advance to guarantee a wonderful dining experience. We recommend doing this at least a couple of times to make sure you avoid disappointment.

You don’t always have to eat out

There’s no rule that states you have to eat out all the time when you’re traveling. In fact, if you’re staying somewhere like an Airbnb, you will be well placed to dine in some of the time. This can actually work out much more cost effective, and you will be able to have a more authentic dining experience, just like the locals would be able to.

These are some of the great rules we swear by when it comes to eating while traveling. It’s such an epic experience, and one that we feel should be enjoyed by everyone. By using the ideas and advice above, you will be able to get the full and complete eating experience, even while you’re abroad.


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Signs that you should quit your job and go traveling


Many people are dissatisfied in their career choices, but too many of us don’t take steps to rectify this. It is important to enjoy what you do, in spite of what people might tell you. You need to choose something you enjoy otherwise there is a risk you will become disillusioned with your life. There is a big, wide world out there, full of excitement, opportunity, and adventure, and you need to make sure you experience it as much as possible.

If you want to quit your job and go traveling, there has never been a better time to do it. Airfares are more affordable than ever, and the world is changing rapidly. Sometimes, you need to get away from things for a while before you can understand what you want to do. There are definite signs that you need to quit your job and go traveling, and you should listen to them – here are some of the most inescapable signs.

You’re bored

Boredom is the first sign that you probably need to get out of your current job and explore something new. There is such a variety of career paths to choose from, and there is nothing to say you need to stick with what you’re doing. If you are bored and feeling dissatisfied, it might be a definite sign that it’s time to quit your job, get on a plane, and expand your horizons. Life experience is so important, and traveling can really help you nurture your mind and body, and give you a better idea of what you might want to do with your life.

You long for fresh experiences

Many people, no matter what job they do, yearn for new experiences and want to make sure they take the time to experience all walks of life. However, being stuck in a job you don’t like or find fulfilling is one of the big things that might well make you seek out fresh experiences. If you often find yourself staring into space and imaging what is going on over the other side of the world, it’s probably time you found out. Quitting your job and going traveling will present you with the fresh experiences you have wanted for so long.

You want to do something completely new

Sometimes it might be the case that you have decided you’d like to do something completely different. People often make career changes, even later in life, and they often go in a totally new direction. You might not be able to do what you want to do where you are currently based; it might be a case of quitting your job and going traveling. You might find that if you go abroad, you’ll find the ideal career path for you.

You’re not growing

It’s important to grow as a person within your job role, and this comes down to how well the company is run, as well as what opportunities are open to you. Do you really want to spend 10 years in a job where you’re going to stagnate and not feel like you’ve grown as a person? Well, there are a lot of jobs in which this is the case, and this is the ideal time to quit your job and go traveling so you can spread your wings, and really grow as an individual. This is such an important thing that you need to take it seriously.

It’s important that you understand when you are not happy in your working life. Too many people are afraid to cut the cord and walk away from a job that is leaving them unhappy. These are some of the signs you need to look for that indicate you should quit your job and travel the world as soon as possible.


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Resolutions for traveling the world in 2018


If you’ve ever sat at your office, desperately Googling trips and wishing you were somewhere else, anywhere in the world, feeling homesick for places that you’ve never even been yet, you could be suffering from wanderlust. The only way to cure wanderlust is to travel. A lot! So this year, instead of making pointless resolutions that you’ll never keep about eating better or going to the gym, why not set yourself some travel-based resolutions that will be a whole lot more fun to keep!

Visit a country where English is not their first language

When you are traveling, there is a real culture shock in finding a country where you do not speak the language. As intimidating as this can be, it’s very freeing too, as you have to think about other ways to communicate and really immerse yourself in a world so different to your own. This year, try to visit a non-English speaking country as part of your bucket list.

Make a cross-country road trip

Sure, other countries are amazing, but have you experienced a real American road trip yet? Each state is so different in terms of climate, landscape, and social conventions, so you don’t even need a passport to experience something completely different. Grab some buddies and be prepared to stop off at any quirky roadside attractions (such as the world’s biggest thermometer in Baker, California) on the way!

Visit a climate that is the most different from your own

Find a place that offers the complete opposite climate of your own. For example, if you live somewhere that is hot and dry all year round, head to a ski resort and experience snow! If you are used to rain and misery for most of the year, head for a sunny, warm part of the world. Don’t forget to pack for the climate you are going to, and not the one you’re used to!

Choose a trip based on food

Let your stomach do the deciding for you! What cuisine do you absolutely love? Chinese? Thai? Italian? Make your next trip a mission to try that food in its country of origin and see how it compares! Bon appetit!

Visit somewhere that might be gone soon

It’s a depressing thought, but there are some places on the planet right now that your grandchildren might miss out on as they are expected to disappear in the next 50 or so years. For example, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is on this list, so why not book a trip down under and once you have experienced this natural beauty, make it your mission to advocate for preservation.

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

If you usually fly everywhere, perhaps look at trying an overnight train ride and make the journey as much of an experience as the place you are traveling too. You could also travel by ferry or even a coach.

The world is so big and full of new and exciting things to see, smell, taste, and experience. Make it a resolution to explore more countries and make yourself stick to it. Although it costs money to travel, it also makes you richer in more important ways. Bon, voyage!


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Traveling in Barcelona


When we think of Spain, there are two cities that instantly come to mind – Madrid, and Barcelona. While Madrid might be more popular and receive more accolades, it’s clear that Barcelona is the place to be. The two seem to compete with everything – soccer, tourism, etc. But, we can honestly say, Catalonia’s sprawling, cosmopolitan capital, is one of the finest cities we’ve ever been to, and we insist you check it out right now.

This fantastical city is famed for its architecture and history, not to mention the thriving art scene here. If you are planning a trip to Spain, Barcelona should be your destination, and we’re going to explore why. This bustling city is teeming with new experiences around every corner; open your eyes, ears, and mind, and indulge in Spain’s most passionate city.

Set off on a walking tour

The only way to really get a feel for a city like Barcelona is to head out on foot and enjoy a walking tour. This gets you up close and personal to the real Catalonia, and it’s the perfect sized city to explore on foot. There are so many food and drink options as you traverse the city, and you should stop to indulge in some of the great local cuisine. But you also get to go off the beaten track and experience the Barcelona you won’t find publicized in guidebooks. You can even hire a bicycle to help split up the journey a little bit.

Enjoy a concert

The backdrop of the stunning Barcelona nightlife is the perfect setting to take in a concert and theater trip. There are quite a few places you can visit to get this cultural injection – personally, we would recommend Gran Teatre del Liceu, a grand,m elegant concert hall nestled in the city that is worth a look just for its decor and architecture. There are also plenty of international music festivals and gig venues here, so you’ll never be short of the chance to soak up some excellent live music during your stay.

Indulge in pintxos

There are loads of exquisite food opportunities in Barcelona, and you won’t be short of a tapas joint or two. But, we think you should be a little more original, and go for some pintxos instead. This is basically the Basque equivalent of tapas, with an emphasis on seafood, bite-sized bits of deliciousness atop tasty bread. These are a tradition in Barcelona, and a great chance to try Basque cuisine outside of the region. Choose a tasty wine to wash down the delicious pintxos with as well.

Climb Montjuic

This majestic mountain is one of the greatest attractions in the city. Take a leafy stroll up there and enjoy the stunning views; it’s great exercise, not to mention the fact that it gives a sensational view of the city. If you get to the top of the hill, you will be able to check out the iconic Olympic Stadium, and this is certainly one of the enduring symbols of the city. This is a stunning walk, and one of the best things to do in the city.

Barcelona is a wonderful, modern city always looking to grow, improve, and move forward. It is the jewel in the Catalan crown, as well as one of the most popular destination cities in Spain. More and more people are discovering how amazing Barcelona is, and it’s time you did too. If you want to discover and understand the magic of Spain, Barcelona is the place to be.


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Great tips for traveling with the kids


Traveling with kids can be a pain sometimes. No argument there. But, it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation, and you can still have a great time even with your kids in tow. Some people dread the idea of flying with kids or even going away on a family vacation. We totally get where you’re coming from, but there’s no need to worry too much – you can still have a wonderful time of things.

Now, you have probably read a load of information or advice about traveling with kids in the past, and a lot of it can be overwhelming. What you want is the basics – you need to ensure that you get clear and concise information that can help you. So, listen up, here are some of our favorite tips for traveling with the kids.

Bring some entertainment

Children get bored. It’s a fact. There is no way around it. They especially get bored when they are having to spend a long time traveling, and they’re away from their toys for a long period of time. So, in order to make your life easier, and prevent potential chaos, it’s a good idea to pack some entertainment. If it’s a long car journey – perhaps an audiobook is the way to go. If you’re on a plane, you should think about books, a tablet, and other forms of entertainment. It will be a godsend, and you’ll be glad you did.

Plan ahead

Your days of spontaneous travel are over now that you have kids, and it’s important to keep that in mind. You need to make sure you plan everything as early as you possibly can, and ensure that everything is booked and sorted out well in advance. Spontaneity is fine when you’re younger, but it can lead to chaos and disorganization, and that is not going to go down well when you have kids.

Pack for the climate

When you go away, you mustn’t forget that there is a chance that the climate will not be the same as what you are used to. It could be hotter, colder, or somewhere around the same, you never know. So, you need to do your homework and make sure you check out the climate before traveling; that way you can keep the kids comfortable and make sure you have plenty of clothes for them to wear during the trip.

Stay in an apartment

Since Airbnb made it to the big-time, the idea of staying in a home or an apartment has become more popular. People are forgoing hotels in favor of apartments, and this makes a lot of sense if you have children. For one thing, there is much more space for the family, as well as facilities to make meals if needed. It also means there is a high likelihood of washing facilities so you can do laundry – an essential luxury you wouldn’t have in a hotel room.

When you travel with kids, you are undertaking a potentially chaotic situation, but you can make it better. It’s wonderful to be able to travel and show your children the world at a young age, but you need to be prepared. It’s a break from routine for the kids, and you have to be clever with it, so you keep them entertained and calm – use our tips to help you accomplish this.


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The hidden spot of Central America – traveling in Nicaragua


Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, on the cusp of South America, is the Central American island of Nicaragua. This is a part of the world that is frequently visited, but it’s only the major nations that generally get a look in. In fact, you probably don’t know of anyone who has traveled to Nicaragua or is planning to travel there, and that’s a shame because this is a pretty amazing place.

But, everyone else’s loss becomes your gain, because there is a load of fantastic reasons to visit Nicaragua right now. This hidden spot of Central America is one that is still relatively unblemished by excessive tourism, and that’s what makes it the ideal place to head to right now! If you want to uncover the charm of this Central American gem, we suggest you check out these awesome things to do when you visit the best-kept secret in the Americas.

Go surfing in San Juan del Sur

It might surprise you to learn that Nicaragua is actually one of the best countries in the world for surfing. In fact, the famed San Juan del Sur beaches have some of the best waves in the world and are hugely popular with surfers. Not only are the beaches stunning, but they also give a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the best surfing opportunities in the world. You can even hire a board and have a lesson, and there are plenty of cheap bars and cool hostels here as well.

Ometepe Island

This stunning island was formed by two joined volcanoes and is a place of great aesthetic beauty. There is so much you can do here, including hiking, kayaking, and cycling, not to mention the fact that the place is full of healthy eating opportunities as well. Volcano hikes will set you back just $ 20USD and are well worthwhile, but they will take a while, so leave plenty of time. There are also some cool monkeys here that are really fascinating and mischievous, and give you something else to enjoy as well.

New Leon

If you are a culture vulture, and you prefer to stay in the more urbanized areas, a visit to New Leon will go down a treat. This used to be the capital of Nicaragua up until the mid-1850s when it was replaced with Managua. Leon is the cultural and intellectual hub of the country, with the National University based there, not to mention loads of museums, art galleries, and churches. A true highlight of any trip to Nicaragua, this is a city full of vibrant culture, and a tremendous food scene to go with it.

Visit the Stone Man

It’s always good to have new experiences, especially ones that are specific to the place you’re visiting. One of the great things you can do as a tourist in Nicaragua is to visit the Stone Man. This guy, Alberto Gutierrez, has been carving symbols and animals into stone for decades – he claimed it started as a message from God to help him kick alcoholism. Alberto will take you into his home and show you his stunning works free of charge – though we’d recommend giving him a donation.

These are just some of the amazing highlights of Nicaragua, and we hope you can see the appeal. This is one of the finest countries in the world to visit, and still a well-kept secret from much of the world. There is a lot natural, scenic beauty here, as well as plenty of interest to keep you occupied. Nicaragua could well become your new favorite vacation destination – discover her today.


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Traveling with children


Traveling with kids is enough to fill anyone with a sense of dread and anxiety, and that’s just the parents! There’s also the concern of passengers being affected by the noise coming from your children, as well as the kids just generally causing havoc. We would all love to be able to take a journey with kids that was calm, peaceful, and serene, but that’s not always possible.

However, there are definite techniques and tactics that you can employ to help you enjoy the process much more. Remove the stress and anxiety, and try to make sure everything goes down without a hitch. Look, we get that there is often so much “advice” out there about traveling with kids, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. So, we’re going to look at some of the most simple and effective advice for traveling with children.

Involve everyone

The problem with family vacations is that they can be too childish for parents, ort too boring for kids. You want to try to accommodate everyone, but it can be difficult, believe us, we know. Now, there is something you can do to help sort the problem out, and that is to involve everyone. We don’t mean getting too many cooks involved, and all that sort of thing, but, you could let everyone choose an activity. That way each person will feel like they’ve been involved and will know they’re going to get an activity they want.

Allow a bit more freedom

Kids have to be kept on a tight leash, of course they do, but it’s vacation. It’s important to ease off and be more relaxed with some of the rules while you’re away. This shows kids that vacation time has a different dynamic, and it helps give them things to look forward to. Yes, you still need them to toe the line and do what they’re asked, but you can afford to ease up on them a little bit. This is important for ensuring that your children get to fully enjoy the trip and that everyone gets on as well as they can.

Try to keep a similar sleeping arrangement

It’s important that you don’t try to alter things too much when it comes to sleeping arrangements. If people are sharing it can wind up being a distraction at bedtime, especially if you have young kids in the family. This is one of the reasons why Airbnb and apartment rentals can be such a good idea – there are more rooms to go around. Some families prefer hotels, while others would rather use the apartment idea. Just try to make sure you aren’t changing things too much when it comes to bedtime systems.

Think about childcare

If you have young kids, you need to think about childcare in advance, and this might mean planning ahead. Some people have the luxury of having a family member come with them, but that might drive you mad! So, you might consider employing or hiring someone while you’re there to look after the kids. Some hotels and resorts have people especially for that purpose who you can hire to watch the kids. Just make sure you plan this in advance, and make sure you are happy with the arrangements.

Traveling with children can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be the arduous and stressful task it seems. By using the ideas in this post you will find family journeys much more tolerable, and you can ensure that everybody has a pleasant and memorable vacation.


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Gourmet Getaways: Fantastic Food Festivals Worth Traveling to in 2018

If you’re a fan of delectable food and prominent chefs, plan your next trip around one of these fantastic (and flavor-filled) culinary events!

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Amazon prime movies about traveling


The best movies are the ones that make us long for other lives and embrace the journeys of characters we’ve only just met. When you sit down to watch a movie, you are getting ready to have an experience, and this is something that depends largely on the type of movie you watch. There are so many different genres of film, and they appeal to us for a variety of different reasons.

Movies about traveling always give us a sense of excitement, and a spirit of adventure. They take us to faraway places and other worlds and show us the beauty of travel. Some are about the main character traveling and going through a journey of self-discovery, while others are about a quest to achieve or accomplish something. Amazon Prime brings more and more of these movies direct to our living rooms – and here are some of the best movies on there about traveling.

Into the Wild (2007)

Based on a true story, Into the Wild is an epic adventure movie helmed by Sean Penn. It follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless, a spoilt rich kid who changes his name to Alexander Supertramp, sheds all his worldly possessions, and heads for the wilds of Alaska, living off nothing but the land. The movie shows some of the amazing scenery that can be found in the United States. It documents Alex’s journey through the US and his perils with living off the land and being at one with nature. The movie is wonderfully filmed and has an incredible soundtrack – well worth a watch.

Up in the Air (2009)

This movie follows George Clooney who plays a corporate downsizer, and his experiences with work, as well as the lonely isolation of his constant travels. The movie co-stars Anna Kendrick, and Danny McBride. The movie was released to critical acclaim and received 6 Academy Award nominations. The movie eloquently captures the mundanity, but also the freedom that can be found with a life of travel. This is definitely a movie you should check out, but, it’s also going to make you want to get on a plane and go traveling.

Interstellar (2014)

It’s a movie about travel, but not as you know it. Chris Nolan’s magnum opus revolves around space travel, specifically time and space, as astronauts travel through a wormhole to try to find a new planet for mankind. If you’ve not seen Interstellar, you need to get it on your watch list. But, make sure you can give it your full attention because the movie is pretty complex in places. That being said, it’s one of the most intelligent and visually stimulating movies you’ll see.

Road Trip (2000)

At the more comedic side of the spectrum, we have Road Trip, a college road movie directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover). The movie follows Josh and his roommates as they take a trip to his girlfriend’s college after he accidentally mails her a VHS of him with another girl. Yes it’s crass, and a little crude, but it’s also a lot of fun, and the characters all wind up finding out a thing or two about themselves in the process.

These are a few of the best flicks on Amazon Prime that you can watch about traveling. They all contain some stunning visuals, with an important moral message. Traveling is always fun, and a great way of seeing the world, or your home country. And, when you watch movies about travel you get to experience that adventure alongside other people as well.


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8 Things Every Traveler Needs to Know Before Traveling with Gifts

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Comfortable and Cozy Pants to Wear While Traveling

Nothing makes holiday travel more irritating than an uncomfortable outfit you’re forced to sit in for hours. Get inspired with these ultra-comfortable and cozy pants that will keep you looking stylish until your final destination.

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Traveling in Tasmania


As an isolated state off the coast of Australia, you might think that Tasmania would have problems with its national identity. But nothing could be farther from the truth – this is one of the most Australian places you’ll find! It is one of the most interesting and underappreciated areas of the country. If you want to have a unique and original Australian adventure, you need to make sure you visit Tasmania.

But, when you’re there what should you see and do? Well, don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through a visit to this vast and rugged island. Tassie, as it’s affectionately known, is the best island you’ve never been too. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s time to look a little closer at this place and experience it fully. If you want to travel around Tasmania, these are some of the things we think you should do.

Head to Wineglass Bay

Tasmania is not the sort of place to visit if you aren’t an outdoor person. There is so much natural beauty and stunning scenery here, and it is just itching to be explored! Get yourself over to Freycinet National Park and head for the gorgeous Wineglass Bay. If you hike to the top of the viewing platform, you’ll get in a nice walk, and then you get some views that are literally to die for. It doesn’t get much more breathtaking than this bay, and it’s the ideal activity for those who enjoy scenic walks.

Stroll through lavender fields

Have you ever dreamt of walking across an ocean of purple flowers all swaying in the cool breeze? Well, now that dream can become a reality if you head for Bridestowe Estate. Sure, they have lavender fields like this in other parts of the world, but, with the bronzed dirt and epic sunshine, they are nowhere close to these Tasmanian fields. Make sure you visit Tas at the start of the year if you want to see the fields because they bloom in February. You can also keep checking progress online to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.

Thalia Haven

This aptly named luxury accommodation is quite literally heaven on Earth. Don’t believe us? Well, check this out… Not only is the 130-acre peninsula located on the banks of Great Oyster Bay, but, there is even an outdoor bathtub overlooking the stunning Bay, and luscious scenery. Bathing in paradise is something most of us can only dream of, and you will have the chance to do it by staying at Thalia. Tasmania’s East Coast is the ultimate spot for those seeking a life-changing vacay! As a side note – head over to the legendary Bay of Fires while you’re here, also located on the East Coast.

Visit Switzerland

Tasmania has some insanely beautiful areas – places you’ve never been to or seen the likes of before. And, there are unique opportunities too – for instance, we bet you never knew you could visit Switzerland without ever leaving Tassie! If you take a drive North along the Tamar Valley, you can visit a Swiss village named Grindelwald. Developed in the style of a Swiss village in the 1980s, this is a remarkable place to visit. Following an eco-tourism development a few years ago, this is an even more appealing and beautiful place to visit.

As you can see, Tasmania is a fascinating, beautiful, and epic island, which offers so much you wouldn’t be able to experience in Australia. There are sprawling lakes, jagged mountain peaks, stunning hotels, delightful beaches, and vibrant fields of color. This is a place you need to check out as soon as you can, so get online and start booking a trip.


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Traveling to Ethiopia


In the Horn of Africa, sat astride the jagged, jutting jigsaw of the Great Rift Valley, is the country of Ethiopia. Now, it might not strike you as the first or most obvious place to choose for a vacation, but that’s because you’re just scratching the surface. Africa is a wild, magical continent, with such diversity and geographical wonder. Whether it’s a setting Savannah sun or an epic mountain peak, Africa is truly staggering.

Ethiopia is one of the hidden gems of our favorite continent, and you need to discover what she has to offer. With ancient culture, and archaeology dating back millennia, Ethiopia is literally packed to the brim with amazing experiences and incredible opportunities. Follow us now, and discover the real Ethiopia, the one behind the scenes.

Addis Ababa

You’ve probably heard the name before, but you can’t quite place it. Addis Ababa is the famed capital city of Ethiopia, and one of the most fascinating capitals in the world. The city as actually referred to as the Economic Capital of Africa. This sprawling city is home to the National Museum – the perfect place to find wonderful Ethiopian art and cultural artifacts. You’ll also be able to check out the stunning Holy Trinity Cathedral, with its copper dome and neo-Baroque architecture. It’s definitely a defining landmark, and we suggest you go check it out. And, if those two things don’t take your fancy, there’s also the epic Merkato – an open-air market that sprawls for miles and is bursting with all sorts of amazing cultural goodies.


One of the oldest cities in Africa, Axum has a culture and history that makes it an absolute must-visit. The ruins of the Aksumite Empire can be seen all across the city – this is definitely a place for history buffs to come! Also, for those who are Indiana Jones fans, this city is the alleged location of the legendary Ark of the Covenant! So, as you can imagine, archaeology and history enthusiasts will be in their element here.


Now, there is one principal reason to travel to Harar, and that’s to take part in the popular tourist attraction they offer here – hyena feeding! Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds. There are two different locations where you will be able to feed hyenas every single night. This is a great opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. The city is also considered to be the fourth most holy for Muslims across the world, and there are some pretty great museums here as well.


Did you know, this city was actually modeled on being the new Jerusalem. Because of this, it holds a great deal of significance for a lot of the locals. It’s also one of the most important and interesting cities in the country. They have a large array of stunning churches here which are carved out of stone – one of the main ones being the truly incredible St. George’s Cathedral. There are a load of monasteries as well, and this is definitely a holy place, perfect for those with a religious link.

Ethiopia is one of the jewels of Africa and an incredibly underrated place to visit. If you are looking for a stunning and unique African adventure, you need look no further than Ethiopia. This list tells you some of the great parts of the country that you need to visit when you go in order to get the full experience.


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What you need to know about group traveling


Traveling can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but, traveling as a group can become even more arduous. There are a lot of different things to account for, and you need to try to accommodate everybody’s tastes. Group vacations have become really popular in the past few years, and this trend looks to continue for the time being. So, you may want to know some tips about traveling as part of a group.

If you’re heading abroad it’s highly likely you’re going to want to take a group tour. These are excellent because they are helmed by a guide, and, as such they are insightful, and an excellent way of getting a great dose of new culture. However, group tours can sometimes be restrictive on what they allow you to do, and that can be an issue… As long as you follow our handy tips, group traveling will be a breeze!

Get to know the group

The most important thing to do is to get to know the people in the group who are traveling with you. Some of them might be friends and family, but others may be total strangers, and it’s important to try to get friendly with them. This is going to make things a whole lot easier in the long run and will make the trip more enjoyable. Also, this is a unique experience and opportunity for the people on the trip, and it will no doubt bring you closer together as a group. You might even make friends from taking this approach, and everyone could do with a couple of extra pals!

Patience is a virtue

Bear in mind that group tours, while interesting, and occasionally fun, can also be trying and monotonous. There are going to be elements that get on your nerves, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, let them get to you. Try to exercise patience where you can, as that is the most important way of enjoying a big group experience like this. Don’t forget, you’re going to be generally waiting for the slowest or most inquisitive members of the group at every place you stop. Try to exercise some patience, otherwise, the group tour experience is liable to drive you insane.

Have an alternative plan

One of the most important things we think you can do on any kind of group trip is to come up with an alternative plan. Now, if you’re traveling with friends or family, you could get clever and elect to take a self-guided tour instead. This way you can still experience everything the tour guide is showing to others, but you’re not going to have to pay for it, and you won’t have to march to the beat of some else’s drum. This is a highly effective technique if you have people in your group, like kids, who you feel are going to be bored easily, and may want to have their own adventure instead.

Traveling as part of a group can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways of taking a trip, but, it is also potentially fraught with problems as well. You need to figure out the best way of making this a more enjoyable experience for you, and your family & friends (should they be traveling with you). You want to have a pleasant and memorable experience, and this is something you will need to try to work on as much as possible. Hopefully, you will find these ideas useful in helping you enjoy group travel much more.


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Cheap traveling in Portugal


Portugal is a nation with so much to offer tourists, and one of the places you need to add to your bucket list if you’ve never been. The climate is amazing, and the geography is stunning, not to mention the hugely important culture and history of the country. If you’re planning on paying a visit to Portugal, you will want to know about how you can visit and experience it as cheaply as possible.

We understand that taking a vacation these days can be an expensive prospect, so it’s important to look for ways of saving money. This is something you can do in a number of ways, and we’re going to look at some of them right now. It’s perfectly possible to have an unforgettable Portuguese experience, without having to spend too much money doing it.

Where to visit

There are plenty of great places to see in Portugal, even on a budget, and we would recommend you check out The Algarve, as well as Lisbon when you get the opportunity. In fact, Portugal was rated as one of the cheapest vacation destinations in Europe. Lagos in the Algarve is a personal favorite of ours and is incredibly budget-friendly. However, we reckon the best place to visit has got to be Porto – it’s cheap, lively, and brilliantly located. If you want a budget-friendly trip to Portugal Porto might just be the ideal place to go.

Getting around

Traveling around Portugal on a budget is another thing you can actually do pretty easily, and for cheap as well. The best thing to do is to make use of public transport and really get the most out of your money. The city Metro would be your best bet, and this will cost you around €1.50 for a single journey – buses are also incredibly cheap. You could even catch the bus or train for longer journeys on the cheap too. Like, a journey from Lisbon to Porto (and vice versa) will generally cost you around €30. If you want a different and more immersive experience, that is also cheap, we would recommend hiring a bicycle for around €15 in most places.

Food and drink

Food and drink is a real treat in Portugal, and, as you might imagine, there is a huge seafood culture here. There will be expensive restaurants, and cheaper restaurants, as is the case wherever you go. Snacks and light meals will set you back anywhere up to around €10, whereas a sit-down meal will cost closer to €20. But, if you look into the area you’re visiting, you’ll be able to find places wonderful restaurants that are much cheaper. Portugal has some of the best-value food in Europe, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to save money where they can.


There are so many amazing things to see while you’re in Portugal. You could head for Lagos, the southernmost point in Europe, and see the great lighthouse there. Wander the Abbey of Santa Maria, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Pop to the small town of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage site full of beautiful historic buildings and monuments. And, if you want a more tropical experience, make sure you head to the stunning Azores Islands, nestled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

So, there we have Portugal in a nutshell – it’s the ideal European destination for anyone looking for an amazing budget vacation. This is an amazing country, with loads of important history – did you know the Portuguese colonized Brazil?! If you are looking for somewhere in Europe that has delicious food, amazing weather, stunning cities, and mind-blowing tourist attractions, and doesn’t cost the Earth, Portugal is the place for you.


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Things anyone must do when traveling abroad


It’s important to travel and see the world as much as possible. They say travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul, and they’re absolutely right. It’s essential to experience all forms of cultures and customs, and find out how diverse and different our world can be sometimes. If you’re planning to jet off to some faraway land, you need to make sure you go with some idea of what you’re going to face.

Yes, traveling abroad is a good thing, an essential thing even, but it can also be perilous. You have to prepare for where you’re going, and make sure you know a little about the area. When it comes time for your vacation, you want to get the most amount of enjoyment possible from it. So, here are a few of the key things to consider when it comes to traveling abroad – consider this your Bible!

Be sensible

It’s so important that you are sensible when traveling abroad. Don’t forget that many countries in the world have different customs and cultures to what you might be used to, and you have to make sure you use common sense. Be careful about who you let into your life, and understand that not everyone who’s being nice is being nice for the sake of it. As a tourist, you might be an attractive prospect for criminal behavior, so be on your guard. Most places you will be fine, you’ve just got to be careful about the people you encounter.

Educate yourself about the local culture

Make an effort to educate yourself about the culture of a specific country or people. This is important for helping you understand and appreciate the country you’re visiting much more. It will also help you out if you don’t know the language. Some things that are considered appropriate in your culture may not be appropriate in others, and you need to figure this out. Also, if you’re abroad, you want to experience the culture of a new place and immerse yourself fully – that’s how you have an unforgettable experience. Oh, and, if possible, learning a bit of the language will help as well.

Always check in with someone

Being careful and vigilant is important, and one of the best ways of doing that is to make sure you always check in with somebody. Each day make sure you call or message someone and let them know how your day was, and that you’re okay. This is a good way of helping you to stay safe and means that if anything happens, and you miss a day, people will have an idea of where you are. Checking in with someone is safe and sensible, but also lets you share your adventure and experience with others.

Going on vacation should be a fun and exciting experience, and you want to make the most of it. That means completely embracing another country or continent, and experiencing things you would never be able to experience at home. These are some of the important things you absolutely must do when you travel abroad. They will help you to stay safe, blend in, and share your wonderful adventures with others as well.


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5 tips to eat healthy while traveling


While you’re traveling, it can be difficult to stay healthy because it’s easier to just grab some fast food. But, this is a habit you need to get out of as soon as possible. We understand it can be tricky, and that’s why we’ve come up with tips to help you achieve this. It’s incredibly important to remain healthy while you’re traveling, but you still want to get the best possible enjoyment out of your vacay. These are some of the best, and most practical., tips to use to help you eat healthy while you’re traveling.

Choose where you stop carefully

The first part of the battle is making sure you’re sensible about where you choose to stop. If you stop at a McDonald’s, you’re only going to have access to fast food. So, try to be a little more selective about where you choose to stop. Give yourself the best possible chance of access to healthy foods – for example, a grocery store or supermarket, or, at the very least a healthy restaurant. This is step one in the process of eating healthy and is the perfect habit to get into as soon as possible.

Little and often is the key

It might go against what we are normally told – 3 square meals a day with minimal snacking – but, the little and often approach is surprisingly effective. Eating small amounts of healthy food on a regular basis is incredibly important because it actually tells your body to burn the calories faster. Furthermore, you consume less energy and store less fat by spreading your consumption out than you do eating in one sitting. If you can eat little and often, and keep your meals as smaller portions, this will keep you healthier when you’re on the move.

Eat lots of protein

There are different types of foods you can consume, and it’s always important to have a balanced diet. But, you need to make sure you consume plenty of protein if you want to stay healthy, as proteins are packed full of amino acids. Protein helps keep you strong and improves your concentration, it’s also essential for energy that you will need when traveling. Make sure you fill your body with plenty of lean protein.

Make sure you snack

The problem with traveling is that we often don’t get the opportunity to eat at the right times. This sometimes means skipping meals or having irregular mealtimes. No problem there though, right? Wrong. This means your body responds as though you’re facing a food shortage, and your metabolism slows. In order to combat this, you have to make sure you pack healthy snacks to consume while you’re hungry. Things like fruit, vegetables, and nuts are the perfect foods.

Avoid too may treat foods

What you don’t want to be doing is eating foods that make you feel guilty afterward. Treating yourself seems like a great idea at the time, but afterward, you get the fear! Avoid these sorts of foods like the plague, as they are so easy to come by when traveling, and they drain energy. Things like soft drinks, donuts, baked goods, and lots of sugars. These things are okay in small doses, but, to consume them too much when traveling will have a negative affect.

We understand that when you travel, you can’t always be in the right place at the right time for healthy eating. That’s why you need to make sure you make full use of these tips, and try to eat as well as you can when you’re on your travels.


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Traveling the island of Réunion


Looking to visit Europe for your next vacation, but perhaps you want to do Europe with a difference? How about going somewhere you’ve never been before, and would never normally consider? Welcome to the French island of Réunion – a place with no equal. What we love about this place is how you would never know you’re in Europe when visiting. There is such interesting diversity and geography here that you can get the experience of being somewhere much more tropical.

Trust us, this is the best island you’ve never heard of, and we feel like you owe it to yourself to explore and discover it. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this enchanting destination offers so much beauty and excitement and is the perfect choice for your next vacation. This is our guide for anyone looking at traveling the island of Réunion, and wanting to make the most of their trip.


The outermost point of the European Union, Réunion is the most prosperous island in the Indian Ocean. A part of France, but seemingly only in name alone, this island seems much more like you’re in the tropics than the EU! When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by lush, vibrant surroundings, stunning volcanic geography, and a wonderful blend of different cultures. Welcome to the most stunning island in Europe – this is going to change the entire way you view the European Union.

What to do

The amazing thing about Réunion Island is the sheer scope of what you can do here. Because of the lay of the land, and the topography of the island, there are some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities here. Swim in the crystal waters, and go snorkeling so you can enjoy the 15 km coral reef below the surface. There are over 100 different types of coral, and more than 500 different species of fish, and that’s before we even get to the whales and dolphins – simply stunning.

The centerpiece of this amazing island has got to be Piton de la Fournaise, a mesmerizing climbable volcano that is still active. You simply have to take a trip here and make sure you experience this natural wonder. You can do an amazing walk here, and you might even consider getting a guided tour as well. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might consider undergoing the 14km walk for several hours – it can be grueling, but it’s one of the most stunning and unique experiences in the world.


There are three distinct cirques on the island – natural amphitheater-like valleys formed by erosion. Réunion Island has a trio of these, and they are pretty stunning, containing lush greenery, waterfalls, and amazing tree-lined forests. There’s a reason 40% of this island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you need to make sure you experience all of it as fully as you can. The cirques, along with the volcano, are the heartbeat of this stunning island, and demand exploration!

The island of Réunion is the best-kept secret in the European Union, and somewhere we bet you’ve never heard of before. This tropical, volcanic paradise is the only place we want to visit this year, and, hopefully, you feel the same way. Unite your heart and mind with a visit to the most stunning island in Europe.


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Traveling in the Amalfi coast


The Amalfi coast might not have been somewhere that you have heard of while searching for places to travel to this year, but really, you are missing out! Nestled South of Naples, this incredibly beautiful area is hyperbolic and must be seen to be believed. Ancient Roman nobles chose this area for their own villas, so that should give you some level of what you are working with here. Despite being so popular with tourists, the Amalfi coast is a physically unspoiled haven of artistic, scenic and culinary delights. With various picturesque little towns offering the best in history, culture, food, and views that belong on a postcard, there is so much to see and do, with an emphasis on high-end luxury that sets the Amalfi coast apart from other European destinations.

When is best to visit?

The area is only really in full service between May and October, so outside of those months it may be difficult to get a hotel room. More than that, however, a lot of attractions and restaurants are likely to be closed, so you will be missing out on the full experience. As is to be expected, June, July, and August are almost impossibly busy, with tourists taking up every available space. Not only is that likely to make booking tables at the best restaurants and finding a good deal on a hotel room difficult, but it will also put a dampener on the experience of such a stunning place.

Travelling to and around the Amalfi coast

One way to get to the coast is via a ferry or a boat, and this is certainly the most romantic method that will reward you with breathtaking views. However, it is not the quickest way to arrive, and if you are not acquainted with your sea legs, you may wish to choose another option. The train is likely to be the most direct and efficient way to get to the Amalfi coast. As with most places, hiring a car will offer a level of independence that is useful when exploring, however in the peak season, driving is a stressful endeavor due to the sheer volume of other cars on the roads, so be aware of that! Buses are also jam-packed during June, July and August, however excitingly, some hotels offer private car or boat services, for example, to act as a shuttle between the hotel and Naples, so it is worth researching these things before booking. There are a few small towns and villages as part of the Amalfi coast that are must-visits, and each has their own reason for being so.

Positano and Amalfi

If you are an avid shopper, Positano is the place for you! Here you’ll find an abundance of boutiques owned by local crafters. You can pick up everything from delicately painted ceramics to handmade-to-measure sandals – perfect to wear when exploring the rest of the coast. The Duomo di Amalfi is a 9th-century church that showcases a vast range of different architectural styles and even boasts some stunning Egyptian marble – this is not an average church to look at! The Path of the Gods is another draw of Amalfi. Hike the five-hour trail high in the hills and marvel at the breathtaking views of the sea.

Ravello and Pompeii

One of the key attractions of Ravello is Villa Cimbrone’s gardens which is said by writers such as Gore Voda to be the most beautiful place ever visited, and many tourists would agree. Take time to explore the Villa Rufolo which offers guests the ability to visit the rooms inside – in fact, Wagner, the German composer did just that in 1880. Take the hike from Ravello to Atrani, which is 45 minutes down the hill, for nice bars and restaurants. You are then able to walk across to Amalfi from here. Walking back up the hill will take around two hours, so perhaps a big lunch is in order before tackling that. The tragic story of Pompeii will inspire many a visitor to explore this town preserved (and yet ruined) by the volcano; however, it is a humbling sight to behold.

Otherwise, the Amalfi coast is ideal for enjoying delicious food (seafood is very popular, alongside the classic Italian dishes!) and fine wines al fresco. Hire a private boat, or take a tour or for something entirely different enjoy a cooking class led by a top chef. The Amalfi coast is a must-visit destination.



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Why traveling is healthy for you


Many of us dream of traveling – mostly when we’re sat at our desk, doing the same monotonous tasks every single day. However, there are some people who will turn this dream into a reality, say a quick goodbye to their boring 9-5 job, pack up their bags and head where the wind takes them. Many people who return from their travels or are still traveling (because they haven’t wanted to come home) have reported that traveling often makes them feel healthier. But is that really true?

Improves your immune system

When you travel to a new country on vacation, you might find that you get a little cold or an upset stomach. This is because each country has its own germs and pathogens that you might not have back home. However, the immune system is so used to fighting off bacteria you’ll get over it pretty quickly. When you’re traveling for a long time and being exposed to more and more unusual pathogens, it can actually be beneficial for your body. This is because you’re building up your immune system and making it stronger. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash your hands, though!

Keeps you fit

Let’s compare two different situations: In the first situation, you’re sat on your backside for 8 hours a day, only getting up to go to the toilet and to make a coffee. In the second situation, you’re walking around hidden temples, or climbing the Great Wall of China, or swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. Which person would be fitter? There’s no question about it. Traveling often requires hours upon hours of walking, trekking, climbing, or taking part in active sports or activities. Because of this, we get our blood pumping and our muscles moving, meaning those who travel are more likely to be fit and healthy than those who don’t.

Decreases your chances of heart disease

Heart disease and heart attacks are becoming increasingly common and becoming one of the world’s deadliest killers – so knowing how to keep it at bay can drastically improve your health and lifespan. Research suggests that traveling does just that, and decreases your chances of developing heart disease. This is because traveling takes you away from the daily stresses and anxieties that can often contribute to heart disease. It relaxes the mind and body and keeps the body free from any negativity.

Improves the health of your brain

Many studies have tested those who have traveled and found that traveling actually improves the health of your brain, expands your mind and makes you more creative. One of the main reasons for this is because traveling allows you to meet new people from all different corners of the world. All of these people will have their own stories to tell, their own culture, their own way of life and their own opinions – and all of these factors will impact your own life and increase your connection with them, and increase your knowledge of the world around you.

Improves your happiness

One of the main features of a healthy body is a happy body – and traveling is an impressive mood booster. The main reason for this is because you don’t have the stresses of rent, work, bills and the daily commute. Instead, all you need to worry about is where you’re going next. And who can be unhappy when they’re lying on a beach? Many scientists have also found that the anticipation of traveling can also improve your happiness and mood, so if you’re planning a trip, you’ll find yourself getting happier and happier by the minute.

So why wouldn’t you want to travel the world with all of these health benefits? Not only do you get to experience new cultures, take in breathtaking views and travel the world; you will become more toned, you’re less likely to get sick, have a longer life expectancy, develop a more open mind and be a happier person. Book us a flight now, please!


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Traveling in Game of Thrones filming locations


The HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones” will be hitting our screens very soon. The fantasy drama, which is based on the books of George R.R Martin, is known for its high production values with filming on-location simultaneously in different countries posing as the lands of ice and fire. If you were thinking where to spend your next vacation, this is will probably give you some great ideas to pick from, while also a chance to revisit some of the stunning locations which provide the backdrop for your favorite show. Here are some of the countries that took part in the series :

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has many beautiful landscapes and ancient castles that can be dated back to medieval times. Because of that, they were HBO’s perfect choice as primary filming sites for many locations on the series, such as Winterfell, Castle Black, and the Riverlands. The episodes were mainly filmed in County Antrim and its Giant Causeway, County Down, and the Northern Irish capital Belfast. Although sometimes the scenery may be considered by some fans as bleak and cold, it is definitely stunning.


This beautiful country in Eastern Europe usually provides the backdrop for scenes and locations in King’s Landing, including the Red Keep and Blackwater Bay. While she is known for its sunny, Mediterranean look, Croatia is also considered to be relatively cheap, thus becoming a hot destination for travelers. Most of the scenes were Filmed in Dubrovnik, with many tourists and fans considering its beautiful Old Town as an entire set by itself. One can find also the beautiful Baroque staircase which is featured on the show.


This North-African hidden gem was an undiscovered, beautiful location for many years, But these days Morocco is slowly becoming a major tourist attraction, which they can credit to the show. The beautiful cities Ait Benhaddou and Essaouira, both located near Marrakech and the spice route, were used as the settings for the slaver cities of Yunkai and Astapur, in which Khaleesi visits in the exotic continent of Essos. Famous for trekking, its beaches, and great food, Morocco could easily be your favorite new place.


While searching for unique locations as portrayed in the book series, Game of Thrones even ended up filming at the edge of the world. This gorgeous island is mainly used for scenes that take place during Jon Snow’s journeys beyond the wall, while it also provides some otherworldly scenery in the show. Famous places include Dimmuborgir, which is a frozen lava near lake Mývatn and the Grjótagjá cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had their famous love moment. Although the production team had to film during the winter in order to achieve the freezing look of the location, Iceland in the summertime can get pretty sunny and warm.

So what are you waiting for? Just take a vacation from work, book a flight and go visit some of your favorite spots in the series.


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Sustainable Traveling Through Meditation


2015 has been a year of great changes for me so far: in the span of just a few short months, I have lost a family member as well as my long-term relationship, amongst other things. Traveling became something that I both dreaded to do by myself but needed to do all at the same time, and I fortunately came to the simple realization that what I needed above all was to change how I traveled. So I swapped my backpack for a bicycle and everything suddenly clicked into place.


In many if not all aspects of my life, I have always aimed to live as sustainably as possible. But airplane and bus travel do leave a massive footprint behind, so it’s always been difficult for me to make the best decision in regards to my transportation. That is, until now: the only print I leave behind is the trail of my wheels and the laughter of the kids who can’t quite comprehend why my bicycle looks like a donkey. I am now both energy and money efficient and I am exercising while I travel – it’s the best of all worlds! But sustainability has taken on a new meaning since I started pedalling all on my own: in order for this to be a successful lifestyle change, I have to sustain my own health and wellbeing first and foremost. I have found meditation to be a great tool to achieve that.

Adopting a wholesome plant-based diet is one way I have used to sustain my health and mind naturally for years. And meditation, just like eating a vegan diet and doing yoga, is a self-sustaining activity that creates vibrancy and ease from within my body. I do believe that health starts from the inside out and the combination of eating healthy and taking a few minutes (usually twenty) to gather myself every morning before I hit the road is both empowering and healing: it’s a stress reliever, it helps me be at peace with myself, quiets my inner chatterbox, makes me feel more balanced and more connected to nature and to others. I have found that the combination of Vipassana meditation, yoga and bicycle touring have helped me reach a more meaningful and mindful travel experience, one that goes above and beyond materiality and one that I know will stay with me long after (and if…) this is all over.


Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us all live a simpler and more natural lifestyle, eliminating the need for modern sought-after external means for acquiring temporary peace and happiness – such as an expensive day at the spa. And you don’t need to be traveling on a bicycle to reap all of the benefits from meditation. Give it a try!


Matt & Nat


This Pre-Packed Suitcase Makes Traveling Suck Less

Luggage brand Away just teamed up with Outdoor Voices, Onia, Soma, and Moon Juice.

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The Beauty Editor’s Guide to Traveling to Iceland in the Winter

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World Traveling Universal Fireproofing Travel Adaptor

World Traveling Universal Fireproofing Travel Adaptor

This is an international travel adaptor especially prepared for people who have to travel from country to country. If you are this kind of person, this international travel adaptor is your unique choice. This international travel adaptor can match well with other country’s plug seat helping charge your mobile telephone. Also, this World travel adaptor is small enough for you to put it in your pocket so it’s very convenient.
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You Are Here Traveling with

You Are Here Traveling with

The Ultimate Travel Portal Now at Your Fingertips is leading the way as a travel portal and this You Are Here edition makes it so much easier. Not sure where to find great deals, a hotel, or looking for a rental car? We’ve got you covered. Looking for another trip idea or weekend getaway, and don’t know where to begin? You’ll find it inside. Want to save some money on your next trip? We’ve provided that as well. Tips and travel advice, it’s all included. Whether you are an aspiring travel expert or want to be your own travel agent, you’ll be easily surfing the Web and making unbeatable travel decisions in no time. Log On-Within Seconds You’ll Be Taking Your Next Trip With so many good places to travel, and so little time research them all on the Web, you’ll find You Are Here Traveling with guiding your way from start to finish. Everything Travel and More Packed inside you’ll find: -More than 3,000 carefully researched Web sites -Money saving travel bargains -Easy-to-use Johnny Jet Code technology -Travel tips that make a difference -State and Country listings -Chapters organized to Here’s what’s been said about Johnny Jet "Your search for trip tips can stop right here" – Time magazine "Here’s a one-stop shop for any frequent traveler" -Fortune magazine "Johnny Jet takes fliers along for a colorful ride" – USA Today
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Traveling Sprinkler

Traveling Sprinkler

Paul Chowder, the poet protagonist of Nicholson Baker’s widely acclaimed novel The Anthologist , is turning fifty-five and missing his ex-girlfriend, Roz, rather desperately. As he approaches the dreaded birthday, Paul is uninspired by his usual artistic outlet (although he’s pleased that his poetry anthology, Only Rhyme , is selling steadily). Putting aside poetry in favor of music, and drawing on his classical bassoon training, Paul turns instead to his new acoustic guitar with one goal in mind: to learn songwriting. As he struggles to come to terms with the horror of America’s drone wars and Roz’s recent relationship with a local NPR radio host, Paul fills his days with Quaker meetings, Planet Fitness workouts, and some experiments with tobacco. Written in Baker’s beautifully unconventional prose, and scored with musical influences from Debussy to Tracy Chapman to Paul himself, Traveling Sprinkler is an enchanting, hilariousand very necessarynovel by one of the most beloved and influential writers today.
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The Joys of Traveling With Children (Over Age 30)


If given the choice between traveling with small children and having a root canal, I’d be at the dentist office sucking laughing gas before noon. I adore kids but the logistics of getting them more than 100 miles is too much to endure unless they can be shipped like golf clubs or crated like pets.

After my baby filled his diapers with an adult-strength load during takeoff on a three-hour flight, I finally realized there was no reason to ever travel with youngsters. At least not in the same airplane.

Children under five years old don’t know what a vacation is, so tell them that the city park is just like Disneyland except without grinning pirates shooting guns, drinking booze, and chasing women on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Better yet, turn on the sprinklers in the backyard, sit down with a glass of wine, and watch the little darlings giggle and wiggle until they’re tired enough for a nap. Then invite your hubby to swill some whiskey and chase you around the yard. Yo ho ho! Everyone will be happy and you’ll save thousands of dollars. This is a win-win situation.

Traveling with little children requires parents to lie in order to survive the ordeal. Here are a few of my desperate but necessary distortions of the truth I coughed up while attempting to orchestrate the illusive perfect family vacation when my kids were under 10 years old.

Driving in rush-hour traffic near Disneyland.
“Of course, it’s okay to pee into a potato chip can, Honey, because it’s against the law to get off the freeways in Los Angeles.”

Trapped at the airport during another flight delay.
“Please stop whining and you can have a new puppy/pony/playhouse if we get home before you’re in high school.”

After four hours of driving through a desolate desert.
“Stop hitting your brother/sister or I will park this car right now and we’ll live off the land and eat scorpions until you can learn to behave.”

After two hours of “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer?”
“Sorry, kids. Mommy is going away for a while.” Then I would pull over, stop, and play dead. Worked every time.

I still mutter like a curmudgeon when I see young parents in airports juggling a small mountain of luggage that includes diapers, food, enormous strollers, DVD players, toys, and clothes that could stock a child care center. My ancestors walked for months to Idaho along the Oregon Trail, and they didn’t transport a jungle gym, play-n-pac, IPad, a breast pump, or a bottle sterilizer. Their kids and clothes were bathed once a week in the river, air-dried on a log, and stored in the wagon for the day’s journey. They survived just fine.

Imagine if any pioneer child had complained:

“Pa, the wagon’s too bumpy!”

“Hush, Child, and go trap a rabbit, skin it, and help your Ma make dinner. We’re walking ten miles tomorrow.”

The first time I saw the movie The Sound of Music I yelled “Fraud!” at the end as the family climbed over the Alps singing in perfect harmony in clean clothes. When my kids were little, we couldn’t walk from the house to the car without someone falling headfirst into a mud puddle or instigating a belching contest.

And forget about taking a hike together. Any incline more than two inches would cause howls of dismay with repeated pleas to be carried. And that’s when they were teenagers! But, in deference to the movie, if evil Nazis were chasing us, we would manage to escape together, with or without matching lederhosen.

One splendid advantage of getting older is that family trips are easier and less hectic. My kids are in their thirties and have their own children to handle, so I just need to pack yoga pants, t-shirts, and a wine opener. We recently traveled with 11 family members on a week-long vacation. I was overjoyed to play with the grandkids and sing songs and tell stories. Then came Happy Hour and their parents could take over.

As they walked away with the boisterous brood, I overheard one of my adult children say, “Stop hitting your sister or we’ll go live in the desert and eat scorpions until you learn to behave.” My work here is done.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Uc Traveling Sprinkler–canceled: A Novel

Uc Traveling Sprinkler–canceled: A Novel

Bestselling author Nicholson Baker reintroduces The Anthologist’s feckless but hopeful hero Paul Chowder, whose struggle to get his life together is reflected in his steadfast desire to write a pop song, or a protest song, or both at once.   Paul Chowder is turning fifty-five and missing his ex-girlfriend, Roz, rather desperately. Putting aside poetry in favor of music, and drawing on his classical bassoon training, Paul turns instead to his new acoustic guitar with one goal in mind: to learn songwriting. As he struggles to come to terms with the horror of America’s drone wars and Roz’s recent relationship with a local NPR radio host, Paul fills his days with Quaker meetings, Planet Fitness workouts, and some experiments with tobacco. Written in Baker’s beautifully unconventional prose, Traveling Sprinkler is an enchanting, hilarious—and very necessary—novel by one of the most beloved and influential writers today.
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Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA Petbook (R)

Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA Petbook (R)

Annual updates make this the most complete travel guide for those taking their pets along on trips across the U.S. and Canada. Find more than 14,000 pet-friendly AAA Approved hotels, campgrounds and new this edition over 700 pet-friendly restaurants. Discover plenty of places for family fun including dog parks, pet-friendly national public lands and attractions with pet accommodations. See winners and finalists from the annual AAA PetBook(r) Photo Contest on the covers and in a 16-page insert. The easy-to-use guide packs a wealth of useful features: Pet policies and reservation information for AAA Approved lodgings Essential lodging details, including pet requirements and fees New this edition Over 700 AAA Approved restaurants that welcome pets in outside dining areas Pet-friendly hotels cross reference with restaurants in the same city (see sample) New list of dog parks focused around popular travel destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Extensive list of animal clinics Tips for preparing dogs and cats for automobile and air travel Practical advice about packing, safety and health Information for disabled travelers with service animals List of animal and pet-related organizations U.S./Canada border crossing procedur

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Misc Books and Media Traveling the Oregon Trail 2nd Edition

Misc Books and Media Traveling the Oregon Trail 2nd Edition

Traveling the Oregon Trail 2nd Edition by Julie Fanselow During the 1800s, more than 300,000 Americans migrated westward on the famous Oregon Trail. Winding 2,000 miles from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon City, Oregon, this remarkable route led brave pioneers across prairies, mountains, and deserts to the promising lands of the western frontier. Today, more than 150 years after the first emigrants crossed the trail in wagon trains, you can relive their epic adventure with the help of author Julie Fanselow. Written for modern pioneers, this scenic touring guide includes information on: where to go; what to see; what to do along every section of the trail; trail history; present-day attractions; detailed maps and photographs. 248 pages, color photos, b&w photos, maps
List Price: $ 15.95
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Last Minute Traveling Tips

Last Minute Traveling Tips

You can actually enjoy many advantages when you’re traveling last minute. Not only is it exciting “to live in the moment,” but you really can save hundreds of dollars just by putting off hotel bookings, flight reservations and holiday arrangements down to the very last possible time. Fact is, many travelers prefer to make travel arrangements at the last minute to avail of many bargain deals. It’s simply wise spending. You’re able to get what you want in order to have a great time during vacation while making your every dollar count. Last minute traveling can be hassle-free and trouble-free. You do need to make some planning and research ahead of time in order to catch the best deals. The key is right timing. Know the cut-off dates for each deal and it’s a sure bet you can get them! This book will teach you many ways to get information on how and where to find cheap last-minute rates for flights, hotels and vacation packages to help you perfect the art of last minute traveling!

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Misc Books and Media Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail 4th Edition

Misc Books and Media Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail 4th Edition

Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail 4th Edition by Julie Fanselow This guide is an in-depth look at how to get the most out of a visit to the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. The best sites to see and activities to do along the way are given, as well as maps, itineraries, and local resources for lodging and dining.
List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 16.95

Last Minute Travel: Receive Huge Discounts Off Your Trip By Traveling At The Last Minute

Last Minute Travel: Receive Huge Discounts Off Your Trip By Traveling At The Last Minute

Last Minute Travel: Receive Huge Discounts Off Your Trip By Traveling At The Last MinuteThis book covers several topics including:Chapter 1: Last Minute Discount Travel What You Need To RememberChapter 2: Finding Agencies To Help You Out With Last Minute TravelChapter 3: Finding Last Minute Travel DealsChapter 4: Last Minute International Travel TipsChapter 5: Going On A Road TripChapter 6: Last Minute Travel ClubChapter 7: Last Minute Family Travel TipsChapter 8: Can You Find Cheap Last Minute Travel DealsChapter 9: Last Minute Summer Travel TipsChapter 10: Last Minute Train Travel Tips With KidsChapter 11: Getting Last Minute Travel DirectionsChapter 12: Last Minute Travel From CanadaChapter 13: Last Minute Travel LodgeChapter 14: Preparing For A Last Minute Holiday TravelChapter 15: Last Minute Vacation IdeasChapter 16: Last Minute Vacation Travel TipsChapter 17: Tips For Great Last Minute Economy TravelChapter 18: Practical Last Minute Travel Tips To AsiaChapter 19: Top 10 Last Minute Travel DestinationsChapter 20: Preparing For Last Minute Air TravelChapter 21: Last Minute Travel Tips To AustraliaChapter 22: Tips For Last Minute Travel For Your HoneymoonChapter 23: Tips On Finding Discount Hotels For Last Minute TravelChapter 24: Planning A Last Minute Travel Trip To EuropeChapter 25: Traveling At The Last MinuteScroll up… and click on “Buy Now” to deliver almost instantly to your Kobo or other reading device.

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