Mobile app for autism screening yields useful data

A new study of an iPhone app to screen young children for signs of autism has found the app easy to use, welcomed by caregivers and good at producing reliable scientific data. The app first administers caregiver consent forms and survey questions and then uses the phone’s ‘selfie’ camera to collect videos of young children’s reactions while they watch movies designed to elicit emotion and attention on the device’s screen.
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10 Weird But Useful Gadgets You Might Not Have Yet

Thanks to modern technology and digital commerce, homeowners are acquiring increasingly large numbers of gadgets. It seems everyone has— or knows someone who has— a smartphone, bluetooth speaker, laptop, e-reader, and home security camera. But these popular items just skim the surface of the current tech market. Here are 10 strange and unusual gadgets available today, allowing you to automate your home and simplify your life.
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Extremely useful apps for the authentic traveler


Assuming you own a smartphone these days, even if you’re not strong or fond of the endless world of applications, you probably have an app or two that you downloaded on your phone. Some apps can be more useful than others, and some are just there to fill some blank space and keep you entertained when you have nothing else better to do. In the case of traveling, though, using applications to help you with planning your trip, finding restaurants and getting around in a new place, have been proven to be very helpful. It is quite easy, however, to get lost in the sea of suggestions when you have a specific travel plan, and sometimes you may think that one app is made for one thing, but once experiencing with it, you find out that it has been nothing but useless.

When you travel to new places, whether it’s an adventurous trip or a more low-key urban getaway, we assume, that some of your goals include trying to experience the most authentic and local parts that a place has to offer. At the end of the day, it’s all those little spots, the hidden gems and the people that give a place the real charm. If you don’t know anyone local, though, it could be hard to reach those unique locations and you might end up missing on some of the greatest experiences that a trip can offer. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best apps for discovering the most authentic experiences, so you could have a genuinely awesome trip.


If you put aside the whole ‘tindery’ side of this app, it could be the greatest social experience of your trip. Dining and having drinks with strangers has actually become trendy in the culinary world. It’s the new way to have dinner these days by being hosted at chefs’ private houses to have a meal with a bunch of strangers. Grouper will connect you with the locals or just other travelers like yourself who are looking for a more personalized bar-hopping or dining experience. You don’t only get to meet new people, but also try out the local cuisine.


Road tripping is a great way to discover new places by driving around in your car. You do have to like it and get into the mode of it though. There is just something exciting about those open roads, not knowing where you’ll end up next. Roadtrippers is designed specifically for those wanting to take a road trip across the U.S. It will map out your path and will help you locate those hidden gems and interesting spots along the way.

Spotted by Locals

Just by the name of this app, you can probably figure out that it has something to do with spotting cool places with the help of the locals. After all, who knows a place better than the people living there? With this app, you will get user-friendly travel tips that are seriously easy to follow, that are given by local people. They will recommend the best places that there is no way you would have heard about otherwise.


Now this app is basically like heaven for foodies who are looking to try out the local cuisine and don’t want to spend their time on bad places. If you are interested in a place’s signature dish or just want to dine like the locals, Foodspotting, works in a way that you could search a place by dish. This might work opposite to most apps that have to do with food, but it’s definitely worth the try.


This app is probably the most basic in its concept but also the most useful when it comes to searching authentic travel experiences. It is full with all kinds of suggestions made by locals. From culture to food, to accommodation and shopping, you will get the most genuine guidance that you won’t see on those other fancy travel apps.


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10 Useful Items You Should Keep on Your Nightstand

A well-stocked nightstand is the backbone of every bedroom. In addition to the essentials (think tissues, books, and your cell phone ), consider sparing some precious real estate for these 10 clever products. They’ll help you get organized, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead.
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Useful things you’ll need when going on a business trip


Business trips are the backbone of the modern corporate world. Without them, there is no way for your company to thrive, and there is no diversity across the business world. It’s essential to get out in the world and try to make a connection with people from all walks of life. When you’re jetting off abroad for business, you want to have the perfect blend of work and play, and really showcase why you and your company are worth the investment.

Now, many people are seasoned pros and know exactly what to bring on business trip, while others have no idea where to begin. Packing right is essential if you want to enjoy a successful and stress-free business trip. So, we thought we’d put our heads together, and come up with some awesome ideas of the most useful things you will need when you decide to go on a business trip.


These days everything is pretty much digital, and it’s almost impossible to do business of any kind without electronics. So, you have to make sure you pack the relevant electronics with you that you’ll need for your trip. For instance, you will need to take your smartphone, laptop, and, possibly a tablet as well. Don’t forget to pack charges and ports as well so you will always have access to working electronics.


It’s a brave person who goes abroad without any of the local currency changed up. Make sure you have at least some with you before boarding your flight. Yes, it may be cheaper to change it up when you’re out there, but, at the very least make sure you have the cash for a taxi and a snack with you before you go. Now, some currencies are easy to come by, but others may need to be ordered, so make sure you account for this and order yours in plenty of time.


Now, there is a preference these days for making everything digital, and that includes your business documents and information. But, we think it’s also important to have hard copies as well, not to mention the fact that it looks more professional as well. So, make sure you compile all your information before going and print it off, so you have a hard copy of the relevant paperwork. This is a good way of keeping a backup and is essential for helping you to stay in the game, so to speak.

The right clothing

Don’t forget that, even though you’re traveling on business, you’re still going to a separate country, and the climate can be very different. You need to make sure you pack the right kind of clothing to help you acclimate to the weather. This means packing warm clothing for colder climates, and vice versa. You may not think about this too much, but it can definitely make a big difference to your comfort and experience on the trip.

Business cards

The most important part of business is marketing and networking, and business cards play a crucial role in this. They are a calling card, and a wonderful way to generate interest in the company, and put the feelers out when connecting with people. Business cards should be your bread and butter, and you need to carry them with you at all times because you never know when they might come in handy.

These are just a few of the amazing tips we’ve come up with that you need to know about for your business trip. If you’re serious about having the most productive and enjoyable trip imaginable, this advice is invaluable. Don’t forget, the whole purpose of a business trip is to make a connection and help your business thrive in another country. With the advice and tips in this post, we hope you will be able to do that emphatically!


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Are landline telephones still useful to have?

Dear John: You recently wrote about landline telephones and how they have become obsolete. In an electrical blackout, cell phones and internet phones won’t work, But landlines likely will. So they are still an extra safety net for those who need them. In one blackout, we were able to keep my widowed mom connected through…
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Anger Can Be Useful


January 26, 2017

We shouldn’t try to get rid of anger, which seems to be the mistaken goal of some new age-y groups and some Buddhist-influenced practitioners. Anger is not always destructive; it wouldn’t have been preserved over the course of the evolution of our species if it was inherently harmful to us. Those who argue that anger may have once been useful but in our contemporary circumstances no longer is, I think are wrong. Let me explain why.

Even in the most civilized settings we can’t completely avoid encountering a circumstance in which we are threatened with physical assault. Anger then provides the force needed to defend ourselves. But it is not only in such dire circumstances that anger can be beneficial. Anger can motivate actions undertaken to correct social injustices. Anger can motivate actions to diminish or, if we are lucky, turn back climate change. Even in personal relations, with our family members or intimate partners, anger can be useful. Is that surprising?

Anger tells us we have a problem that ideally we should deal with when we are no longer angry. Sometimes we can’t postpone; we must deal with a provocation or interference without postponing pursuit of our goal. What then? It requires skill to focus our anger on the actions — not the actor — that are either causing (or threatening) harm or blocking our path.

I believe that harming the person interfering with us is so often a goal when we are angry that it may well be built into the very nature of anger. But it can be redirected to stop the actions of the interfering person instead of attempting to harm the actor. Often those who act angrily regret later what they said or did. It is not uncommon for a person to explain the actions which they later consider regrettable with a remark such as ‘I lost my head’. You can give it back to them!

One way to do that is by helping the angry person calm down. If the angry person doesn’t ask for a ‘time-out’, you need to. The time-out works best if you have had a prior discussion of its benefits when matters may be getting too hot. Anyone should have the right to call a time-out, and by prior agreement it must be granted. It takes presence of mind to ask for a time-out rather than reciprocate anger directed at you.

Think for a moment about the phrase: presence of mind. It means you must be consciously aware of what you are thinking and considering doing. Your response to someone’s anger directed at you must resist the impulse to reciprocate anger. It is especially hard to do when you think their anger is totally unjustified. It is hard not to reciprocate anger, for I believe that anger inherently tempts its target to join in the battle. Don’t do it. Taking a time-out will help you resist the urge to hit back, figuratively or physically. The initial angry person who set it off will thank you for stopping his or her outburst even if that person isn’t able to say so.

When we get angry or someone gets angry at us, it shouldn’t be ignored. Anger can be communicated not just by words, but also by facial expressions. This emotion is an important sign that there is a problem or a misperception that needs to be addressed. Just don’t try to do it in the heat of anger. We need to find out what provoked the anger and see if we can correct it. The most common trigger for anger is frustration, felt typically when our pursuit of something that matters to us is blocked. Anger is rarely useful in removing a block, but it does tell us that there is a block that needs to be identified, examined, and hopefully diminished or eliminated. That rarely can be accomplished when we are still angry.

We need to take our time. Calm down. Think it over. Discuss it and then jointly remove the block, or if it can’t be removed, arrive at a way to live with it. It is almost always possible, just not necessarily easily or quickly, but in the long run it is what will sustain collaboration with others. Collaborating with others is a necessary condition of the life of all social animals. We can’t make it alone; and, it is more enjoyable when we accomplish a goal together.

Dr. Paul Ekman is a well-known psychologist and co-discoverer of micro expressions. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine in 2009. He has worked with many government agencies, domestic and abroad. Dr. Ekman has compiled over 40 years of his research to create comprehensive training tools to read the hidden emotions of those around you. To learn more, please visit:

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Book, “Why Knot? How Tie More Than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving, Secure Knots!” Philippe Petit. Sold Individually

Book, “Why Knot? How Tie More Than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving, Secure Knots!” Philippe Petit. Sold Individually

On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Center’s twin towers, where he performed for nearly an hour. During this history-making walk, and many others throughout his celebrated career, knots have always been indispensable componentsthe guardian angels protecting his life in the sky. In Why Knot? Philippe presents his favorite knots with clever sketches, original tying methods and photographs of spectacular high-wire walks that required special knotting. Quirky knot trivia, personal anecdotes, helpful tips, magic tricks, special tying challenges and plenty of surprises ensure that, if you’re not already nuts for knots, Philippe will transform you into a knot aficionado. Hardcover, full color, 256 pages 60+ knots Book size: 7-1/8 x 5-1/2 inches Level: Beginning to advanced Books are shrink-wrapped and are returnable if unopened.
List Price: $ 18.35
Price: $ 18.35

Woodland Imports 92370 Useful and Spacious Wooden Box with Sturdy Construction – Set of 2

Woodland Imports 92370 Useful and Spacious Wooden Box with Sturdy Construction – Set of 2

Are you thinking of some ways through which you can making your home sweet home look even more spacious and elegantin Managing the space becomes difficult when you have a huge number of house hold items as compared to the space available in the house. If you are looking for something which allows you to store Ice cubicles, old books, utensils or clothes then this boxmade up of finest wooden material is a perfect solution to all your problems. It comes with a simple design and is spacious enough to hold your household items in a most safe and convenient manner. The best part is that it is multipurpose and you can use it as per your needs and requirements.Classic design Strong, durable and long lasting Spacious and usefulCountry of Origin: China Weight: 52.91
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Woodland Imports 92371 Useful and Spacious Multipurpose Wooden Metal Box – Set of 2

Woodland Imports 92371 Useful and Spacious Multipurpose Wooden Metal Box – Set of 2

If you are looking for a multi-purpose wooden boxwhich allows you to store your belongings safely then your search ends here. With its finest wooden material, this boxis the best way to keep your belongings in a safe manner making your home look spacious and beautiful. It is indeed a perfect blend of style, durability and usability. You can use it in different ways as per your needs and requirements. It can be used for storing utensils, clothes, old books or any other material for which you are unable to find space in your home. This boxis designed in a user friendly manner allowing you to use it in a convenience manner.Classic design Strong, durable and long lasting Spacious and usefulCountry of Origin: China Height: 11 Weight: 28.63 Width: 14
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