D.L. Hughley Rips ‘Horrible’ Papa John’s Founder, Says Using N-Word is Costly

D.L. Hughley’s joining the ranks of some other celebs and athletes to say good riddance to John Schnatter, and says he isn’t surprised ‘Papa John’ used a racial slur … because he’s a “horrible dude.” We got the comedian at LAX Saturday and asked…



People are using Fitbits and Apple Watches to monitor their heart rate when binging on drugs

Heart rate monitors that are part of today's popular smartwatches are being used by some people to keep their drug use in check.
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Mom claims she’s going blind after using 20-year-old makeup

An Australian mom is warning others about the dangers of old cosmetics as she suffers the dire consequences of using 20-year-old eye makeup. Shirley Potter, who was declared legally blind and is now in danger of losing her vision completely, said her excruciating pain could have been avoided if she simply checked the expiration date….
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NBA Player Sterling Brown Is Suing the Police for Using a Stun Gun Against Him

(MILWAUKEE) — Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Milwaukee and its police department, claiming unlawful arrest and excessive force when officers used a stun gun on him during his arrest for a parking violation.

Brown’s attorney Mark Thomsen filed the lawsuit in federal court.

Brown had been talking with officers while waiting for a citation for illegally parking in a disabled spot outside a Walgreens on Jan. 26, when officers took him down because he didn’t immediately remove his hands from his pockets as ordered.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales apologized to Brown last month when body-camera video of the arrest was released. Brown wasn’t charged with anything and three officers were disciplined, with suspensions ranging from two to 15 days.

Eight other officers were ordered to undergo remedial training in professional communications.

Video of the confrontation shows an officer approached Brown around 2 a.m. When their conversation becomes tense, the officer calls more squad cars for help and eventually eight officers are standing around Brown. One asks him to take his hands out of his pockets and a second or two later the scuffle begins. Almost immediately, an officer yells: “Taser! Taser! Taser!”

According to the lawsuit, one of the officers later took to Twitter to mock Brown, saying, “Nice meeting Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks at work this morning! Lol#FearTheDeer

Police only released the body camera video of the first officer who contacted Brown. But additional body camera and squad car videos, obtained by WISN-TV, showed the moments after officers used a stun gun on Brown. In one, Brown is on the ground and handcuffed when an officer puts one of his boots on Brown’s ankle, holding it there. Brown doesn’t mention being in any discomfort but he questions the officer’s actions.

“C’mon man, you’re stepping on my ankle for what?” Brown said. In response, the officer said he was trying to prevent Brown from kicking anyone.

Other videos obtained by WISN-TV showed an officer talking with two colleagues seating in a squad car. They talked about how they could be perceived as racist for arresting a black Bucks player, with one saying if anything goes wrong, it “is going to be, ‘Ooh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist, blah, blah, blah.’”

Brown told the Journal Sentinel in an interview last month that he “gave in” when police used a stun gun and that he didn’t do anything to resist because he didn’t want officers to “pull out their guns.”

“I was just being smart. I just wanted to get out of the situation and get home,” he said.

Sports – TIME


Using Three or More Colors for Sophisticated Men’s Style

Even those who are new to classic men’s style can look sharp by relying on fundamental two-color pairings like navy and grey or blue and brown, with a suit in one solid color and a tie in another. But, once you develop an interest in the nuances of dressing well, you’ll be looking for ways to add greater richness and complexity to your outfits. One way to achieve this is by working three or more colors into a single outfit. In this article, we’ll show you how to carry off multiple colors without looking like a peacock.

How to Use Three or More Colors Successfully in an Outfit

As a wardrobe develops, it’s easy to go for a solid worsted wool suit and a solid silk tie: it’s simple and straightforward, requiring little thought, and it looks good. Simply add a white shirt and brown or black oxfords, and you have a smart outfit that fits most professional workplaces and urban settings. However, the same few colors can get boring over time! So, here are six tips to add more color to your tailored style, some that involve boosting your overall color use and others on how to bring in multiple colors quickly with a single item.

Increase Your Overall Use of Color

1. Change Up the White Shirt

While a white shirt can serve as a standard backdrop to your tie and jacket, it is just that–very standard. To go beyond basic, try a light blue shirt with a navy suit or a pink shirt with gray. You’re immediately adding a third color that also reduces the stark contrast that a white shirt can create.

A light blue linen dress shirt

A light blue linen dress shirt

To take it a step further, look for shirts in other pastel colors such a lavender, salmon, and pale green. They make excellent backdrops for the brighter versions of their colors – purple with lavender, orange with salmon, and hunter green with pale green. This subtle addition of color will help you tie together your other accessories.

Tweed jacket with yellow orange dress shirt and Houndstooth Silk Bourette Bow Tie Burgundy Cream - Fort Belvedere

Pairing a tweed jacket with a pale yellow-orange dress shirt helps add subtle color that helps tie together the houndstooth bourette bow tie and a wool pocket square

2. Add a Vest or Waistcoat in a Bright Solid

Another easy way to add a even more color to a suit is to put on a waistcoat or vest in a different, brighter color.  Odd vests are expected to pop–even highly formal morning dress accommodates robin’s egg blue and buff waistcoats–so go bold with orange, red, royal blue or yellow. For casual cool or cold weather wear, colorful knits are easy to find. In the image below, imagine the same sage green suit with a white shirt and no vest. The purple tie would still show some panache, but the outfit would not have the same richness without the blue shirt and orange knitted vest.

Beutiful green suit with orange knit vest and purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by beforeeesunrise.com

Beautiful green suit with an orange knit vest and a bold purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by beforeeesunrise.com

Your vest can also act like a dividing line, which lets you wear a tie that is the same color as your jacket without it looking boring, and if your tie and jacket color are slightly off from one another, the vest tricks the eye into not noticing the difference.

Layering with a simple alternation of two colors.

A bright yellow knit vest acts as a divider between tie and suit jacket

3. Trade the Suit for a Sport Coat and Trousers

Part of the ease of a suit is its uniformity: you don’t need to worry about coordinating top and bottom. Yet, many men, myself included, prefer an odd jacket and trousers to a suit in part because it opens the door to more color combination. In summer, you can go all out and try bright chinos or go-to-hell pants and in winter, colorful corduroys.

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

On the other hand, the added variable of different colored pants can create the temptation to over-match by trying to match a solid tie to one’s pants. This can be done, provided the tie is very nearly or exactly the same color, or if the items are similar enough in color but different in texture (like a grenadine tie with worsted wool trousers); however, it’s not particularly creative and can make you look like you’re trying. Therefore, you might prioritize wearing a tie of a third color: a maroon tie with a navy sport coat and gray pants, for example.

 4. Don’t Forget Your Feet

Colored shoelaces are an overlooked means of adding a single pop of color that ticks all the boxes: it’s quick, cheap and unique. For around $ 10, which is cheaper than any other menswear accessory you can think of, you can increase the colors you wear. Just make sure you know how to lace your shoes.

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton - Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton – Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

5. Add a Boutonniere

The hole in your jacket lapel is meant to be filled, and a boutonniere flower is a perfect choice to do that while adding a spot of new color. If you’re wearing a navy suit with a soft yellow tie, why not introduce a lilac or light blue flower?

Madder Print Silk Tie in Buff 9cm width with Red Pattern , Field Scabious Boutonniere Buttonhole & Classic White Pocket Square

In this classic navy and yellow combination, the Purple Field Scabious Boutonniere adds a pop of color to the muted tie, shirt, and jacket

Add Several Colors at Once with Patterns

The next step is to add multiple colors at the same time using one article of clothing, which augments the richness of what you’re wearing more than relying purely on solids.

1. Necktie

A foolproof method to do this is to replace a plain tie with one that contains stripes or a repeating geometric motif. The elements that make up the pattern have to be a different color in order to be visible and often include multiple tones. The beauty of a patterned tie is that it can act as a bridge between the other pieces you are wearing. In the image below of Sven Raphael Schneider, the red tone of his tie works with his trousers, while the lighter stripe pattern coordinates with his gray jacket. The presence of a pattern also breaks up the ground color and therefore de-emphasizes any variation between the main color of the tie and something else you’re wearing, such as trousers. Therefore, an exact or precise color match matters less for coordination.

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a striped tie with a gray checked sport coat and Nantucket red pants

It’s equally possible when wearing a patterned tie to use the pattern to introduce an additional color. The base tone of the tie can match your jacket while the geometric motif adds one or more colors you don’t yet have on. A classic example is the classic maroon, navy and gray striped tie. You could wear this with a gray suit and add two new colors or with a navy blazer and gray pants, making maroon your added color.
Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Blue, Burgundy, Light Grey Stripe - Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie by Fort Belvedere

Small repeating geometric patterns on a tie are also fantastic because they often include multiple accent colors. The one below from Fort Belvedere contains purple, white, light pink, teal, and yellow, so you’d be adding touches of up to five colors with just one tie.

If you want a more casual tie that provides an infusion of several colors at once, try a two-tone changeant silk knit. This is made up of two different colored yarns, such as brown and gold or blue and light blue, knitted in such a way that the tone looks like it’s changing depending on the light and viewing angle (thus the French term “changeant“). Mottled knits are a variation on this, mixing two colors. Lastly, you can find slubby shantungs that display secondary shadow colors, giving you multiple subtle tones in one tie.

Pink Two Tone Knit Tie Fort Belvedere

Pink Two-Tone Knitted Tie from Fort Belvedere

2. Pocket Square

Accessories as a whole are a safe way to add multiple colors at once because you only get them in tiny doses. While you can add just a single new color with a pocket square, one with a pattern will give you the most bang for your buck, packing more color than any other item you can wear. In the images below a paisley pocket square contains at least eight different tones, yet, despite this, it never overwhelms. Moreover, even if a hankie contains a complex paisley pattern made up of a dozen different colors, you can manipulate it in your breast pocket, turning it this way or that, to determine which colors you want to show. In one photo, it’s worn in a puff fold to emphasize pink, and in the other, orange.

Pocket squares afford even greater freedom than ties when you want to add color because they are expected to differ from the rest of your outfit. Beginners to men’s style often commit the faux pas of buying matching pocket square and tie sets, but the true connoisseur knows that the handkerchief is the place to introduce an additional hue; it should never be too “matchy.” Sure, there could (or should) be a bit of your tie, shirt, pants or jacket color represented in your pocket square, but beyond that nearly anything goes. In the image below, the pocket square actually repeats the red and gold of the bow tie motif and the red of the jacket’s windowpane grid but highlights gold more than any other part of the outfit.

A yellow wool challis pocket square provides an opportunity to introduce an additional color.

3. Scarf

Scarves and pocket squares have a lot in common, and the former can be considered, in some ways, larger versions of the latter. However, with a scarf, whether silk with a printed pattern or solid cashmere, you’re getting a stronger effect, so consider it an accent and surround the scarf with subdued colors or solids.

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

4. Shirt

Going beyond accessories, my favorite underappreciated technique for adding multiple colors at once is a tattersall shirt.  The tattersall pattern is made up of two or more different complementary colors. Some possibilities are blue and black, green and blue, red and blue, or orange and blue to name just a few. In the example below from Cordings in the UK, there are actually four different colors–pink, purple, blue, and black–skillfully combined. The tattersall is versatile enough to wear in most business settings, providing an understated but clearly apparent injection of color. You can find multi-colored striped shirts too, but they can risk being too loud and look more casual than a fine grid.

A tattersall shirt from Cordings that makes use of four colors.

5. Patterned Waistcoat

We’ve mentioned solid waistcoats above, with an emphasis on knits, but the traditional odd waistcoat is supposed to be one that displays a strong pattern. If you have a solid shirt on, you could make your vest the tattersall. Another thing layering this way with a waistcoat achieves is that it gives you more opportunities to play with colors. Your waistcoat can act like a bridge because it can coordinate with a color in your tie, in your jacket, or both!

Chester by Chester Barrie - Plaid sportscoat, tattersall vest & red pants

This patterned waistcoat by Chester by Chester Barrie pulls coordinates all the colors in this bold ensemble

6. Tailored Jacket

For your jacket layer, an overcheck is your friend. This is a windowpane grid in one color laid over another plaid pattern. The most famous is the Prince of Wales check, which, by definition includes a glen check in one color over which there is a grid of another hue. For instance, you might find a grey Prince of Wales with an overcheck in sky blue. Just like that, by wearing one of the classic menswear patterns, you have an additional accent color. You can then coordinate accordingly with the colors of your tie and perhaps a vest.

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

7. Socks

The crazy socks trend seems to have reached a peak a few years back, and it’s not one we’ve really gotten behind, but this doesn’t mean that you should only  stick with boring solid black. You can wear socks in various accent colors, and especially ones that show some pattern, to amp up the number of colors you’re wearing in one step. It’s not just a trendy move either as you can find a variety of colored and patterned dress socks in vintage apparel arts illustrations from the 20th century.

Vintage fashion illustration showing socks with shadow stripes and clock patterns.

One option to instantly incorporate two colors is shadow-stripe socks, which have one main color along with a second “shadow” color in the ribbing stripes. If you want even more subtlety, try socks with clocks (the name for the pattern running down the side) such as a conservative charcoal socks with burgundy and white clocks.


No matter what the season, it’s always the right time to work more color into your outfits. Sometimes, the assumption is that if you use a lot of colors in an outfit you will end up looking like a clown (or a Pitti Peacock).

Colorful outfit

Pitti Peacock “Il Bisonte” showing the extreme use of color that characterizes his personal style. Photo by guerrisms.

However, adding one other yet unrepresented hue is easy and shows your stylistic expertise. Of course, restraint and careful consideration should always be part of a gentleman’s sartorial game. Pick and choose where you want to add your colors and how far you want to go. It’s not likely that you’ll wear colored shoelaces, bright socks, go-to-hell pants and an orange knit vest at the same time. Think of the ideas in this article as a buffet of options for you to choose from. Just don’t overload your plate! Accessories enable you tho experiment without fear on a small scale. Meanwhile, tattersalls, Prince of Wales checks, and bright knit vests let you up your color quotient while remaining firmly within established tailoring tradition. Lastly, remember as a rule of thumb that if you are wearing colors that read primarily as neutral (brown, beige, grey, navy, khaki, black), almost any other color can be added freely.

This gun club check reads as a neutral, so other colors can easily be introduced without overwhelming the outfit

How do you wear multiple colors? What are your favorite combinations? Let us know in the comments.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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How banks and finance firms are using AI to better engage with and understand you


Against a global backdrop of emerging technologies and ever-changing relationships between businesses and consumers, one thing is clear: leaders in the finance and banking industries will increasingly look to artificial intelligence to understand and engage with their customers in new ways. 

According to a 2017 Forrester report, the widening gap between financial firms that embrace digital growth and business transformation powered by technology and those institutions that continue to do business in traditional ways will continue to widen. 

SEE ALSO: How this AI platform is taking over the business world Read more…

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Find the Cheap (and Good) Restaurants By Using This Search Technique

I spent my first two days in Antigua, Guatemala, walking the cobblestone streets, taking in the old ruins and majestic Spanish colonial architecture. Finding my way through this new-to-me-place with my boyfriend, David, was the fun part.

What wasn’t fun: discovering that this city was significantly pricier than we anticipated.

We’d been in Antigua for less than 36 hours when the reality hit. Tired and hungry from a day of exploring our new surroundings, we wandered a few blocks away from our Airbnb to a pizza restaurant on the outskirts of the city center.

Dinner was good, but kind of basic. We shared a large cheese pizza and a house salad. I enjoyed a glass of red wine. Then the check arrived. Our meal came to $ 40.


We scanned the bill for errors, but aside from a 10% tip that was automatically included (pretty common here), nothing else was unexpected. Back in Chicago, the equivalent meal at Pequod’s Pizza, one of my favorite sit-down Chicago pizza spots, would have cost about $ 30.

Over the next few days, several experiences reinforced that Antigua isn’t a cheap spot. Local tour operators quoted us upward of $ 120 per person for a day hike to one of the nearby volcanoes. Weekend brunch cost us about $ 12 each.

It’s not that these prices are alarmingly high, but the research I did when planning our stay suggested that life in Antigua would cost less than what we’re accustomed to paying in Chicago.

According to major travel websites like Lonely Planet, you can “dine well and inexpensively” right near the central area. Couple that with the favorable exchange rate — about 7.4 quetzals for $ 1 — and Antigua’s popularity as a backpacker destination, I figured it would be easy to stumble upon plenty of budget-friendly options.

Long-Term Travel on a Budget

A cobble stone residential street with Volcano Agua in the distance. Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Schiff.

The plan was to hang our hats in Antigua for about six weeks; slow travel is a major perk of being a digital nomad. While a big part of working from different parts of the world is to indulge my wanderlust, finances are a significant part, too.

When I became location-independent in March 2017, I saw it as an opportunity to lower my cost of living and pay off some debt. I designed the opportunity so after about a year of living without a permanent address, I’d also have saved more money.

So when food, drink, and entertainment costs in Antigua didn’t look like they’d be as cheap as I originally thought, we had to improvise to keep pace with my financial goals.

Figure Out What Things Actually Cost: Online Reviews

After the price surprises during our first few days, I paid more careful attention to online reviews before venturing out for a bite to eat or drink.

People tend to look at reviews when they are about to decide where to go or what to eat. I didn’t think of them as a tool to consult before we arrived. But the more I looked through reviews, the more I realized the answers I was seeking about cost were staring me in the face — and in a more practical, user-friendly way than other resources like cost-of-living indexes.

Had I looked through online forums like TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook beforehand, I probably would not have had sticker shock when we first got to Antigua (and would have dug up the cheap eats sooner).  

Reviews are helpful because they’re raw and typically unedited. But they are also totally subjective, so the key is to look for patterns. Here’s an approach for how to strategically scan for price information when planning your next travel stint.  

Step 1 – Skim through the reviews for general cost trends

To get a sense of whether a lot of places are pricy, take a look at reviews in the lowest-cost and moderately priced categories. This works best for restaurants but is also applicable for tour operators, shuttle services and landmarks.

Are a lot of people commenting on price — either noting that it’s cheap or expensive? Reviewers tend to note price when it’s remarkable, so this is a good way to get a feel for whether a place is especially inexpensive or overpriced.

It’s also helpful to look at where the reviewer is from. Someone from New York City is going to have very different price standards than someone from Columbus, Ohio, for example.

The key with this exercise is not so much to focus on single reviews — there will always be outliers — but to skim through a few listings and see whether you notice patterns. Here are a few I came across during my early days in Antigua that made me realize I wasn’t alone in being caught off-guard about prices:

Yelp isn’t available in Antigua, so my go-to review website has been TripAdvisor. I also joined a few active Facebook groups, including one for expats living in Guatemala, which has proven to be an excellent forum for information. Google reviews and the review tabs on Facebook pages have been helpful to get aggregate information as well.

Step 2 – Search the reviews for cost-sensitive keywords

Once you’ve selected a restaurant or other TripAdvisor listing, you can search all the reviews on that page. You can also use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+F to search a word on a page.

If you’re planning a trip, I’d suggest looking through a few recommended tour operators and restaurants and doing searches using keywords such as “price,” “cost,” “cheap” and “expensive.”

For example, here are returns I got when I searched “price” within the listing for Cafe Condesa, one of the most popular moderately priced cafes in the center of town:

Price is a great search term because it’s a neutral word, so if reviewers are mostly using it to say prices are too high, that tells you something. For the same cafe (and I don’t mean to pick on this place, just using it as an illustration), a search of “cheap” vs. “expensive” is telling. When I searched the word “expensive,” I got almost twice as many results.  

The same thing works on Facebook. Groups have a search function that looks through all posts. Using that tool in the expats group, with the keywords mentioned above, I found a few comments confirming my observations and some helpful threads with recommendations for cheaper eats.  

As my time in Antigua winds down, I’m not too sure when or where my next travel stint will be. But the wanderlust is sure to kick in again at some point, and when it does, I’ll know exactly where to go to get a good idea of what things will cost.

Jaclyn Schiff is a freelance writer and digital nomad who believes the finer things in life don’t (always) need to come at a higher cost.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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ICYMI: Net-a-Porter Sale Picks, Sunscreens You Should Be Using & Dispatches From Sydney Fashion Week

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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This start-up is using connected toothbrushes to overthrow the ‘primitive’ dental insurance industry

Kleiner Perkins' latest health-tech investment: A dental insurance start-up.
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Virginia Woman Gives Birth In Turkish Hotel Room Using Google To Help

Instagram Photo

A Virginia woman used her motherly instincts to safely give birth alone in a hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey. In her now viral Twitter thread, Tia Freeman details she found out she was pregnant late in her third trimester after her birth control failed. By the time she discovered she was expecting, the mom-to-be had already booked a trip to the Middle East and decided to take the voyage anyway.

On the flight, Freeman started experiencing contractions, and had to endure the early pains of labor while shuffling through international customs.

Once Freeman arrived at her hotel, she began Googling and Youtubing videos on how to give birth. She filled a tub, got towels together, and managed to give birth to a baby boy. She ended up cutting the umbilical cord with knives and shoelaces.

Get into the brave tale below:

You can find the full thread here. 




Life & Style – Black America Web


Ancestry.com Sparks Outrage for Using the Term ‘Migrants’ to Describe African Slaves

An African American man identified as Andrew M. is blasting Ancestry.com for characterizing African slaves as “migrants.”

In a Care2 petition, Andrew says he and his brother were curious about their pedigree and submitted saliva samples to Ancestry.com, the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world, to get their DNA tested last year. “When we got the results we were excited to learn our history. The majority of our DNA came from Africa, that we expected, some came from Europe and surprisingly some came from Polynesia.”

However, he was even more surprised by the language that Ancestry.com used to describe the arrival of his black ancestors to America. “When zooming in on our African lineage from nations like Benin and the Ivory Coast, Ancestry.com suggested that our ancestors had arrived in the South during the ‘migration’ of the past few hundred years,” he wrote.

Andrew says he was “shocked and offended” to read Ancestry’s characterization of his family history. “Migration implies choice,” he explained, and “that is most certainly not what happened to my African ancestors who came here in the hull of a ship like chattel only to be sold into slavery when they arrived.”

Ancestry. com

A screenshot of the text in question on Ancestry. com

Now, he’s calling out Tim Sullivan, the CEO of Ancestry.com, and demanding that the site use more historically-accurate wording. “Slavery is an ugly fact of American history, but one with which we must reconcile honestly, not with euphemisms or kid gloves,” Andrew writes. “Ancestry.com is failing its customers if it cannot do so.”

He continued, “My European ancestors did, indeed, immigrate here. But the ones that came from Africa had an entirely different and more sinister experience. They were brought here by force, stolen from their homeland, shipped across the Atlantic ocean, and made to toil the fields of others.”

The petition, titled Ancestry.com Says My Ancestors Were Migrants, Not Slaves. Tell Ancestry.com Not to Sugarcoat History, has received over 10,000 signatures in support.


The post Ancestry.com Sparks Outrage for Using the Term ‘Migrants’ to Describe African Slaves appeared first on Black Enterprise.

Lifestyle | Black Enterprise


Go Mad Redbull Event: Professional Surfers Teleport to Iconic Beaches Using Magic Surf Wax


Oahu, Hawaii – (April 2018) – In the summer of 1987, surfing was on the cusp of mainstream popularity. The surf apparel industry was undergoing major changes and preparing to explode. Brands and surfers alike remained unknown to the mainstream, and athlete’s lifestyles held onto the mystic nature of easy- going surf culture.

Enter Mad Wax: a surf film that borrowed its title from a somewhat better known movie franchise, and was built around a block of surf wax with teleportation powers. The idea is that the surfer rubs the wax on the board, imagines where they want to surf in the world, and with an 80s-sound effect and some movie magic, they are immediately zapped to the location of their dreams to ride the wild surf of the world! “Surf films have evolved. I remember I used to watch surf movies in theaters and watch waveafter wave of perfect Pipeline” says Clarke-Jones, “I remember thinking, this is good for the first fewwaves, but then it gets boring. The evolution that came from films like Mad Wax and Kong’s Island felt like it was more expressive of what surfing was all about…having fun!”

Go Mad - Surf Wax

Mad Wax also launched the career of Ross Clarke-Jones (RCJ), a former championship tour surfer turned big wave pioneer and Storm Surfers 3D star who eventually became the first non-Hawaiian surfer to win The Eddie at the ever-infamous Waimea Bay.

RCJ went on to become one of Red Bull’s first ever southern hemisphere athletes, and at 51 years of age remains the longest serving Quiksilver athlete in history. Best yet, he still charges Nazaré with the same reckless abandon of someone less than half his age. In 2016, he was runner-up to John John Florence at the Eddie contest. Not only has RCJ not skipped a beat in his big-wave career, he’s continuing to push the envelope and reset the standards of big wave surfing.

30 years later, homage is finally being paid to the cult film that defines the surf culture of the
1980’s. Together with fellow athletes Caroline Marks (youngest ever person to qualify for the world tour in 2018), Kanoa Igarashi (2017 Pipe Masters runner-up) and Leo Fioravanti (World Tours only Italian surfer), RCJ is “passing on the wax” to a new generation. Upon giving his last remaining bars of the magicformula to these new surf prodigies,’ RCJ hopes it inspires them to ‘Go Mad!’

Go Mad Redbull Event: Professional Surfers Teleport to Iconic Beaches Using Magic Surf Wax
Go Mad Redbull Event: Professional Surfers Teleport to Iconic Beaches Using Magic Surf Wax

“Go Mad! is just a really fun way of giving everyone a unique look at surfing and giving us the chance show off our acting skills too,” laughs Marks. “There is nothing else like it out there and that’s whatmakes it special to be a part of!”

Complete with full ’80s effects and graphics, the 5-minute digital short also features music from GANGgajang – the Australian band that scored the original film and launched to success as a result.Check out the track and a whole slew of surfing’s most definitive tunes in a Spotify playlist curated byRed Bull Music: https://win.gs/Go-Mad-Spotify-Playlist

Three decades later the madness lives on and will be entrusted to the hands of surfing’s next generation. “Train hard, live a good lifestyle, but take some time to have fun and enjoy the ride… Go mad!” says Clarke-Jones.



For more information visit: https://win.gs/Go-Mad-Retro-Surf-FilmTo download photos, please visit: https://win.gs/Go-Mad-Photos


Kanoa Igarashi has been surfing for as long as he can remember. His dad first put him on a surfboard in his hometown of Huntington Beach, USA at the age of just three, and the Californian native hasn’t looked back since. Hetook to the sport with natural talent, competing in his first surf contest (which he won) at the age of six. Since then, Igarashi, whose parents immigrated to the US from Tokyo, Japan, has taken the surf world by storm. At age 14, he became the youngest surfer ever to win the US National Championships for under-18s and that same yearwon the Governor’s Cup at the Surfing America Championships and took second in the King of GromsChampionships. In addition to competitions, Igarashi has appeared in a bunch of stellar surf films, but his ultimate goal is to one day win the ASP World Championships – the most elite tour in surfing. If things keep going his way,that day might also be sooner than he thinks. “It’s a confidence booster knowing that younger people can stillcompete on the same level as the top pros,” he says.

Caroline Marks is determined to become the best surfer she can be, buoyed by multiple overall national titles and international crowns. Born in Boca Raton, Florida, and the face of the future for East Coast surfing, Caroline initially followed her two older brothers’ lead into the ocean before finding her own path on the competition circuit. Her competitive spirit and drive were awakened after winning her first event, a local neighborhood contest across the street from her house, at age nine. By 15, her impressive resume included 2016 International Surfing Association Under 16 Champion, 2015 and 2016 Vans US Open Pro Junior Champion, NSSA Open Girls National Champion of 2015 and 2016, member of the SpaceCoast Surfing Hall of Fame and 17 national titles. Caroline also currently holds the record for the youngest female to compete in a World Surf League Championship Tour event. Forced to sit out the 2015 season with a broken ankle, Caroline’s time away from the water afforded her the opportunity to grow mentally to complement her physical prowess. She missed the 2015 International Surf Association Championships as a result, but came back stronger than ever to win the 2016 event, putting the stamp on her full recovery. For Caroline, surfing is an accurate metaphor for life, in that learning to handle all of the variables Mother Nature throws at her is a necessary skill to possess and nurture as her career progresses. With her sights set on becoming the best female surfer, she is well on her way with an outstanding young career.

Leo Fioravanti’s an Italian original, transcending the boundaries, blasting the tail and carving on rail with the best surfers his age. He takes his act beyond the Mediterranean and turns heads wherever he goes. Family man andItalian food aficionado says that his most emotional career moment was “winning the Junior World Championships after six months without surfing.” Fioravanti’s biggest dream in life is to win the world league.


Go Mad! was co-produced with World Wide Mind and directed by Ben Nott, the brain behind 2013 feature surf drama, Drift: http://worldwidemind.com



Sky Dickinson, sky.dickinson@redbull.com – 310-745-8904

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£7m drug-smuggling operation using helicopter foiled after Bromley arrest

A £7 million cocaine smuggling operation that used a helicopter to fly drugs over the English Channel was busted after one of the key figures was caught in Bromley.

This Is Local London | News


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$39 device adds a real head-up display (HUD) to any car without using your phone

HUD For Any Car

Plastic mounts that turn your smartphone into a makeshift head-up display (HUD) are very neat, but not everyone wants their iPhone or Android handset tied up when they drive. Also, the resulting display isn’t on your windshield like a real HUD. If you want the real deal without spending $ 50,000 on a luxury car with a built-in HUD, you’ve got to check out the Yonda Head Up Display on Amazon. It’s easy to install and it works great, plus it doesn’t require you to stick one of those ugly pieces of reflective film to your windshield in order to be visible.

Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

  • 【ENJOY DRIVING】We only do good HUD,Simple display,without all of the unnecessary info that would create distractions, make your driving more comfortable
  • 【DON’T NEED REFLECTION FILM】3″ screen HD display – nano-technology to eliminate double reflections,more clear and easier to read. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode,driving without glare.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】Available for 95% car with an OBD2/ EUOBD interface (NOT Compatible with Blade Electric Vehicle), easy to install, plug and play.
  • 【MULTIPLE DISPLAY FUNCTIONS】Vehicle Speed KM/h 、MPH,Engine Speed,Water temperature, Voltage. Four alarm functions – Overspeed alarm, High temperature alarm, Low voltage alarm,Fatigue driving warning (Please read the user manual)
  • 【PROTECTION OF VEHICLES】Normal Auto power on and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery

Car HUD Head Up Display 3inch Windshield Projector OBD II/EUOBD Interface Plug & Play Speedomet…: $ 38.99

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  1. 10 hottest upcoming Nintendo Switch games you can preorder right now
  2. The ridiculously popular Nighthawk Wi-Fi router you can control with Alexa is discounted on Amazon

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Puma Apologizes for Using Terms Associated With Drugs in Its Invitations

FAUX PAS: Puma has apologized for using terms that can be associated with the illegal drug trade for invitations to its recent House of Hustle event, held in London’s Soho district on April 5.
The misstep comes at a heightened period of crime in London following a spate of murders in the city.
According to a report in The Guardian, invitees were sent Puma shoe boxes containing fake £50 notes, “burner” phones (a cheap, disposable cellphone often used in drug transactions) and a business card instructing them to “turn on the trapline,” meaning the phone.
Once the phone was turned on, invitees received a message: “Yo G what u sayin today? Pass tru the House of Hustle,” the Guardian said.
“In our invitations to the event, we used the terms ‘trap’ and ‘trapping’ with the intention of the colloquial interpretation of ‘hard work’ and ‘hustle’ in a number of fields,” said Puma in a statement.
“We want to make clear that Puma in no way endorses or intends to glamorize drug culture. We never intended associations with drug usage, drug culture or drug dealing in any way and we regret any misunderstandings in this respect. We apologize for any upset or offense caused in the

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Group accused of using faulty racial data to slam Airbnb

An anti-Airbnb group has whipped out the race card in its battle against the apartment-sharing service. “White hosts are making money while neighborhoods that are majority African American are losing housing,” says a flier mailed out by the Share Better Coalition, which is backed by the Hotel Trades Council. The group claims that 75 percent…
Business | New York Post


The Fashion Designers Using Maximalism to Protest Trump

Jemal Countess/Getty

Fashion is always a response to the times. Whether it is economics or politics, looking at the runways and how people are dressing in everyday life can reflect some profound sentiments.

Turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, or open your Facebook page and the world is responding to Trumpism. The president’s omnipresence and policies affect what designers send down the runway.

In the Obama era, after coming out of the recession, fashion responded by bringing back maximalism. The idea of excess and opulence returned as people felt they had the money to shop again. Fashion designers dared to be bold and avant-garde. Brands like Gucci, with their patterns on top of patterns, and Vetements with their exaggerated proportions, became the most sought-after luxury brands around the globe.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


This study broke down the psychology behind fonts using your favorite Netflix series


A study by Venngage broke down the psychology behind font design and marketing strategy, suggesting style can help influence a viewer’s choices.

The study used title fonts of the top 50 Netflix series to create design categories and exhibit findings. Read more…

More about Business, Marketing, Advertising, Art, and Netflix



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Using chosen names reduces odds of depression and suicide in transgender youths

In one of the largest and most diverse studies of transgender youths to date, researchers have found that when transgender youths are allowed to use their chosen name in places such as work, school and at home, their risk of depression and suicide drops.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


Republicans are using her as a reliable boogeyman. Democrats running in tough races, meanwhile, aren’t necessarily eager to have her as a surrogate.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t hit the campaign trail yet on behalf of Democrats running in 2018, but that isn’t stopping Republicans from using the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee as a reliable campaign boogeyman.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero


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Petal power: Chinese artist starts east-west dialogue using flowers

Internationally acclaimed artist Zhuang Hong Yi’s eye-catching art work is inspired by his native China and his adoptive country, the Netherlands. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

Reuters Video: Entertainment


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Why Google co-founder Sergey Brin was using a robot to put sutures in synthetic tissue

Alphabet and J&J have a company called Verb Surgical that is aiming to bring its surgical robots to the market by 2020.
Health Care


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What Is An ‘Inclusion Rider’ and Why Is Michael B. Jordan Using One?

When Frances McDormand closed her Oscar acceptance speech last weekend with the phrase “inclusion rider,” very few had ever heard the term based on the scanty applause in the audience and the spike in Google searches.

Deemed the Rooney Rule for Hollywood, Stacy L. Smith, who directs the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California, introduced the idea in a 2014 column:

What if A-list actors amended every contract with an equity rider? The clause would state that tertiary speaking characters should match the gender distribution of the setting for the film, as long as it’s sensible for the plot. If notable actors working across 25 top films in 2013 had made this change to their contracts, the proportion of balanced films (about half-female) would have jumped from 16 percent to 41 percent. Imagine the possibilities if a few actors exercised their power contractually on behalf of women and girls. It wouldn’t necessarily mean more lead roles for females, but it would create a diverse onscreen demography reflecting a population comprised of 50 percent women and girls.

An “inclusion rider” is a clause that actors and actresses can ask to be inserted into their contract that would require diversity among a film’s cast and crew.

In light of the global success of the Black Panther movie, actor Michael B. Jordan announced yesterday that he will be adopting the diversity clause for all the projects his production company, Outlier Society takes on going forward.

“In support of the women & men who are leading this fight, I will be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all projects produced by my company Outlier Society,” the post read. “I’ve been privileged to work with powerful woman & persons of color throughout my career & it’s Outlier’s mission to continue to create for talented individuals going forward.”

The announcement comes just a day after Netflix CEO’s Reed Hastings said his company has no interests in doing such a thing. Reed said he would rather have his staff speak with filmmakers to determine how diverse the overall cast and crew on a film is.

“We’re not so big on doing everything through agreements,” Hastings said at a press briefing in his office. “We’re trying to do things creatively.”

In January, comedian and Oscar-winning actress Monique called for a boycott of the movie streaming service over gender and pay disparity issues, noting that Netflix allegedly offered her $ 500,000 for a comedy special while offering millions in compensation to Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock.

While the company, which has an estimated 117 million subscribers continues to play an important role in Hollywood, putting on more shows with diverse casts and producers is a great example of the easiest, quickest, and least permanent execution of diversity, noted Black Enterprise Editor-at-Large Alfred Edmond Jr.

While the company deserves praise for the diversity of its shows, its board is made up of white men and five women, with African Americans only making up 4% of its staff and leadership.

The post What Is An ‘Inclusion Rider’ and Why Is Michael B. Jordan Using One? appeared first on Black Enterprise.

Lifestyle | Black Enterprise


Teens using e-cigarettes show evidence of same toxic chemicals as smokers: Study

A new report by researchers at UC San Francisco has found that teens using e-cigarettes showed evidence of same toxic chemicals as smokers.
ABC News: Health


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Get Well Wednesday: Should You Be Using The Female Condom?

Could the female condom be a viable option for your sex life? Dr. Renee Matthews thinks so.  She believes it could cut down on a rampant STD rate and provide more options for sexual activity. But there’s not as much information out there about using the female condom, something she wants to change. Here’s more information about why and how to use it.

When it comes to STD’s and African-American women in particular, why are the numbers so high?

One reason is knowledge and awareness of STD’s among the public is poor; almost two-thirds of women 18-60 years of age surveyed knew nothing or very little about STD’s other than aids. Another reason is many STD’s have a lag time before the appearance of clinically significant problems. So there is no preventive action taken until it is too late.

How does the Fc2 female condom work?
Fc2 is a little nitrile pouch. Nitrile is a heat-transmitting material that can feel more natural than latex condoms. It is inserted inside the vagina creating a barrier that stops sperm from reaching an egg. The female condom also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections by covering some parts of the your vulva. This decreases your change of coming in contact with semen (cum), pre-cum, or skin that can spread STD’s.

What are some of the advantages of using the female condom?
One of the reasons to use Fc2 is because we as women should take control of our sexual health. The female condom also protects better against human papilloma virus and herpes simplex virus because of the way it protects the outside of the vagina, including the labia minora and labia majora compared to the male condom.

There is a trend that is probably not so new, but now has a term called stealthing. Stealthing is the non-consensual condom removal or the practice of one sex partner covertly removing a condom, when consent has only been given by the other sex partner for condom-protected safer sex.

Most men do not like using male condoms but don’t mind the female condom because it doesn’t feel different. One size fits all with fc2 so it doesn’t matter what size the man’s penis. Fc2 can be placed 2 hours prior to sexual intercourse so it does not interfere with intimacy. It is latex free and can be used with oil and water based lubricants.

Men do not need to have an erect penis to use Fc2?

You do not have to remove it immediately after intercourse like the male condom.

Does it affect “sensation” for the man or woman?
No, it doesn’t inhibit or dull sensation like male condoms.

Is it available in stores? Where can you get it?

Is is not available on the shelf you will need to get a prescription from your doctor. If you have health insurance most will fill the prescription with $ 0 co-pay. In the following states: AK, AZ, CA, Ct, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MO, MT, NE, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, WI, and WY (more states coming soon), you can utilize the heydoctor app and use promo code fc2 and you can pick them up at the pharmacy of your choice for free. You will get 2 boxes of 12 with refills you can fill once a month.

What if you don’t have insurance or can’t afford it?

You can visit the website http://fc2.us.com and order a box of 12 for $ 24. If you are on a college campus, many of the health clinics have them free also some Planned Parenthood clinics have them as well.

Dr. Renee Matthews has appeared on television shows such as, The Oprah Winfrey Show, TVOne’s NewsOne Now and WGN-TV’s People to People where she discussed different health topics.

She started her media career with her own radio show on ReachMD, a medical broadcast network for health professionals. In addition, Dr. Renee has been a featured medical correspondent on SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning and WVON (“The Voice of A Nation”).

Dr. Renee is an asthmatic, which drives her passion for asthma education. She addresses the concerns of asthma sufferers by supplying them with the tools and knowledge they need to receive the best medical care. In 2013, Dr. Renee received the Friend of Mobile C.A.R.E. Award for her commitment to raising awareness of asthma in the city of Chicago..





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Carjackers are using a dating app to lure victims

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — San Bernardino police say carjackers are luring victims through a dating app. Police tell the San Bernardino Sun that a man was carjacked Tuesday after he used the app to meet two women in a cul-de-sac. Investigators say he was talking to the women when three armed men robbed him and…
News | New York Post


Embattled Missouri Governor Accused of Using Message-Deleting App

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday on charges relating to allegedly blackmailing a former mistress with a nude photo he took without her consent. But when it comes to his own private information, Greitens is accused of deleting anything that could fall into investigators’ hands.

Greitens, who was indicted on a felony invasion of privacy charge for allegedly taking the nude photo, is also under investigation for his use of the messaging app Confide. Beloved by White House officials, Confide automatically deletes messages and attempts to prevent screenshots. Despite state laws barring Missouri officials from destroying records of their communications, Greitens and his staffers were caught using the app in the weeks before news of the affair went public.

In December, the Kansas City Star reported that Greitens and his senior staff used Confide to send messages. But despite Confide’s privacy-minded sales pitch, researchers have raised doubts about the app’s security. In early 2017, security research firm IOActive notified Confide of a number of flaws that would made the app vulnerable to hackers. Confide said it fixed the weak spots. But members of Trump’s inner circle had reportedly been using the app for months before the repairs.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles


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5 of the most important skills data analysts can learn using Microsoft programs


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

Are you the type of person who flaunts their Excel and Powerpoint skills at every opportunity? Microsoft’s Office Suite is pretty much essential to any kind of job, and knowing how to use it efficiently can make a big difference in how you do your work. But there are a few Microsoft apps that aren’t as well known and can make your life much easier if you work with data regularly. 

Being a data-driven worker makes you a more desirable candidate, so even if you think you might not need these skills, think again. Read more…

More about Microsoft, Data, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, and Online Course



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We Heart: The Web Series Using Humor to Smash Abortion Stigma

The media has an abortion problem.

According to a Vox Media poll, a majority of Americans think abortion is less common than it is: 61 percent of Americans believe that fewer than one in five women get abortions, even though the reality is that one in three will. But people don’t just think abortion is uncommon—they also largely, and falsely, believe that abortions are dangerous. 80 percent of people polled said that childbirth was safer or about as safe as abortion; in reality, the chances of a woman dying from childbirth is 17.8 percent, while the chances of a woman dying from having an abortion is less than one percent.

People tend to underestimate the frequency of experiences they hear less about, and abortion stigma keeps women who receive abortions quiet. But in many ways, our misnomers about abortion aren’t about a lack of representation—they’re about widespread media misrepresentation. 15.6 percent of women who undergo an abortion onscreen end up dead, even though women have a greater chance of dying when they get their wisdom teeth removed than when they get an abortion. Only 11 of the 22 abortion plot lines that occurred in 2017 ended with an abortion actually being obtained.

It is these exact negative depictions and misrepresentations that inspired CTRL ALT DELETE, a comedic video web series about the normalcy of abortion.

Roni Geva and Margaret Katch have both had abortions themselves—but not surprisingly, neither of them ever felt like they related to the portrayals of abortion experiences depicted onscreen. They set out to change that, launching a seven-episode video anthology based on women’s real-life abortion stories. Although each story has been slightly fictionalized and reformatted, both women wanted to keep the stories as close to the truth as possible. They believe it is critical to represent real women’s experiences and the humor and ordinariness that occurs in each and every one.

With the help of an all-female crew, CTRL ALT DELETE was released episodically on Facebook in 2016 and quickly garnered over 100,000 views. Since then, the series has been featured in eight film festivals and won three awards, including Best Comedy at Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival.

Ms. sat down with Geva and Katch for an interview via Skype to discuss their groundbreaking and class-ceiling breaking project.

This was actually a book of dirty Russian phrases. Photo: @joshfingerhut

A post shared by ctrl alt delete (@ctrlaltdeleteshow) on

How did you get your start in film? Has feminism and women’s issues always been an integral part of your practice/life?

Katch: Both of our backgrounds are going to be very similar. We both have our degrees in acting. We did it professionally in Chicago, for a long time which is where we met originally. That’s really where we came from. I mean, feminism in general has always been a huge part of my life, but not necessarily the work I was doing, because I wasn’t creating my own work for a long time. It was important to me as a way of living and its always been important to me because equality is huge. When we started creating stuff together, which was about three years ago, we immediately knew that we needed to make projects about subjects that people don’t talk about—and we were specifically interested in issues surrounding women.

Geva: My background, like Margaret’s, is in acting. I have been a huge feminist since I was a little girl. My parents once got called into school because my teacher asked what’s the difference between men and women and I said: ‘Men drink coffee and women drink tea and that’s the only difference.’ When I was in college, I had the amazing opportunity to start a showing of The Vagina Monologues. And I was a freshmen. And so my friend and I went around to all our theater teachers if they would be in it, and they were like, sure. So there we were, me and another freshman, directing these 50-year-old women in The Vagina Monologues. It’s been a huge part of my life. So then when I graduated, my first gig was writing a sketch comedy show and starring in it. It did really well. It was called The Arab/Israeli Comedy Hour, because I have always wanted to use comedy to deal with combative issues. So that was my intro into making political art. But it never felt like political art, it always felt like a conversation that we need to have—and no one is going to talk about it unless we’re laughing about it.

And the rest of the history is I met Margaret and we lived happily ever after.

When did you first get the idea to make a web series about the normalcy of abortion? Once you had your idea, how quickly did it come to fruition? Were there any moments during production that were particularly emotional to film?

Katch: When we were starting to write a feature, we discovered that it was going to take a really long time and we wanted to work on something in the meantime. So Roni was like what do you want to make a project about? And I was immediately like: abortion!

Geva: And I immediately said: only if it’s a comedy!

Katch: And I immediately said of course! And I just had this vision about how I wanted it to be, which is amazing because that’s actually how it turned out. As soon as we started collaborating we knew we wanted to create work that dealt with subjects that made people uncomfortable—not in a combative way, but to normalize subjects that we think are important.

Geva: Basically it started by us going on Facebook and we said “we’re doing a project and if you want to share your abortion story we would love to hear it.”

Katch: We also reached out to several women who we knew had had an abortion, and, of course, ourselves too.

Geva: So from interviewing the women to actually writing the stories, that didn’t take very long. And we actually self-funded the first two episodes we shot.

Katch: Yeah, so we came up with the idea in March and we actually started filming in May.

Geva: And then we used those two episodes to cut together and produce a sizzle reel, and then we did crowdfunding through seed and spark and we raised about $ 15,000, which was amazing. So that fundraising was during June and then we shot the rest of the episodes for a week in September. All together it was pretty quick. And let me think, was there anything emotional on set?

Katch: Ya know, there was nothing fraught on set. I think the emotions that were there, were mostly joy. People were so excited to be a part of this project and so excited to be telling these stories. I don’t think anybody got sad or upset or uncomfortable.

Did you deliberately decide to base the series off of true abortion stories?  What aspects did you choose to fictionalize? The story? The characters?

Katch: We never thought about writing a fictionalized story. We always wanted to bring to light stories that were inspired by real women, because we wanted to show real women’s stories. How common it is. But more than that, the breadth of different women who have the same experience. Because it’s not just a teenager. The largest percentage of women who have abortions are actually married with children already. And that’s just not something that’s ever shown. We specifically wanted this to be based on true stories, so that we could show REAL experiences. Because if we fictionalized the whole thing, people could say “oh, you just made these stories up.”

Geva: And to add to that, we have created a half-hour version of this show, because we ultimately want to take this from a web series to a television series. And that half-hour would focus on the clinic and the people who work at the clinic. And every week, there would be people coming through the clinic getting an abortion. And in my ideal universe, I would love to continue harvesting more abortion stories from people who’ve had them. If one in three women has an abortion in this country, then my goodness, there’s a lot of stories to be told.

Katch: The fictionalizing came just to make sure each story was a story with a beginning, middle and end. To make sure there was a good arc. To make it a narrative. But almost everything was based on real people, real dialogue and real experiences.

Why do you think using comedy is important for the portrayal of this issue specifically?

Katch: Because comedy allows people to talk about subjects in a way that many other forms of expression don’t allow. Comedy brings things to light, in a way that is really relatable. I mean, that’s what got people okay with things like interracial marriage, because of I Love Lucy. Homosexuality with Will and Grace. Transgender people with Transparent. Because comedy itself is so brilliant at allowing the subject to come into your life in a way that is not an affront, that is not aggressive. When we laugh together, we can actually talk about things better.

Geva: I would also just add that one of my favorite things about comedy is the way it lowers peoples walls. There’s certain subjects that are brought up, and immediately the walls go up. But if you make a quick joke, it takes people off guard, because they’re not expecting you to make a joke about this heavy subject. And all of a sudden you can be like “hey, I just made a joke and here’s something poignant about it.”

Katch: However, it’s different than just making a joke. Because making a joke about something that people find to be a really difficult subject can actually alienate them further. So I think it’s less about making a joke about it, and more about finding humor in the situation or experience.

Geva: And a good example of that would be The Big C. It’s about cancer and it uses humor. That laughing through crying experience, which allows us to connect as human beings. It’s like, oh, you’re just a human, I’m just a human, let’s have a conversation. Which is what we’re trying to do.

CTRL ALT DELETE is coined as a series depicting the normalcy of abortion. What constitutes normal to you? How have other depictions of abortion failed in this task?

Katch: So most—and there are still not very many—but most depictions about abortion are centered around a teenager who is very fraught about the decision that she is making.

Geva: Recently, I would say in the last two years, television has resisted that narrative by showing abortion in a different way. I think the depiction in Glow is really good. The depiction in My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was about a woman deep in her career, not some young person freaking out. In Scandal. It’s starting to come into a more “we’re going to talk about it” era.

Katch: But I would love to see a time where there is no need for an abortion episode—because abortion is just a normal thing. Like shows don’t say “the episode where they have sex,” because there are so many times where that happens. That’s normal to us. I would love for abortion to be something that just happens, because it is actually something that happens. And I think something that TV still hasn’t shown is a mother with kids having an abortion.

Were there any issues related to abortion, besides depicting a more normal experience, that you specifically set out to address in this series?

Geva: I wouldn’t say with this series. This series is very much about the woman who gets the abortion and her experience. When we wrote our pilot for the half hour show—it’s been written, not filmed—we wanted to make it about the relationships of people who work at the clinic. That addresses other issues—like how do you keep an abortion clinic open,where do they get the funding, are the people who work there under duress or not and how does that address their personal relationships. So that’s all in the longer half hour version.

How did you choose the title CTRL ALT DELETE?

Geva: I am cheeky and, ya know, Ctrl/Alt/Delete on a computer erases the whole thing so…

Katch: And when I heard that I gasped and was like “Yes! That’s it.”

Has the feedback been generally positive? Is there a specific story, or aspect of the series that resides with viewers more so than others? Have you found that the series speaks to any specific demographic? 

Katch: Yes. So, women between the ages of 25 and 40 are the ones who tend to be the most interested. The feedback has generally been very positive. I’m actually surprised by how little negative feedback we’ve gotten. We’ve had some, mostly from men. There have been a couple of women who commented about why they disagree with abortion. But no woman has been like “die, you’re going to hell”—those are all made by men. Women are more willing to have a conversation about it. I thought there would be an onslaught of negativity like that, but there’s been an onslaught of positivity.

Geva: People will also come up to us at festivals, more women than men, and say “I didn’t know I needed this in my life.” Which is really touching to me. The stories seem to be really relatable and digestible to a lot of people.

You chose to have an all female crew, the reason being that “women are not given the first shot behind the camera.” How did having an all female crew influence the making and the outcome of the series?

Katch: I love collaborating with women, because there seems to be no ego. There’s very much a collaboration. I’m not saying that all men are ego-built, but I think in general, women tend to be more collaborative. So not only do we get things done more quickly, but Roni and I are always open to hearing more ideas, if they’re better than our ideas, and so that just made for a very warm, inviting environment that just expedited the process.

Geva: Each of them came up to us at a separate point and said “I have never worked on a crew like this, this is awesome. Whatever you do in the future, please invite me, even if it’s low money, I’m here, I’m with you forever.” Which was just incredible. I’ve been on many sets, and to each its own, but I love working with all women. They’re so efficient! They’re so efficient, holy cow.

Katch: We got done early, because they were so efficient!

Geva: I would also add that women do two things intrinsically: We are basket weavers, which, Margaret spoke to that, it was such a sweet collaboration. And by sweet, I mean cool. But also, women take care of each other. So everyone took care of everyone else on set. I don’t think there was ever a moment where someone felt unsafe or scared to voice their opinion. And, again, no ego—if we didn’t know something we could just turn to a crew member who did and just say go, do your thing. And they could, because it was that kind of space.

CTRL ALT DELETE is receiving a lot of commendation. Congratulations! When you first posted the series, did you think it would garner such a massive response?

Katch: We had no idea what kind of response we would garner. We had no expectations around that. But so far, we’ve gotten into nine festivals and gotten three awards, and we were delighted about it. We had no idea what kind of views or acclaim we would get online, we just had no idea what to expect, but we had hopes. We wanted everyone to see it, because we wanted everyone to see these experiences.

Geva: I would say, again, we didn’t expect anything, we had high hopes and zero expectations. Which is how we try to live our lives in general, so we’re delighted when things go our way. We hoped for it to start going viral, and it is—kind of. We’re getting there. But the biggest thing is that we wanted as many eyeballs on it as possible to educate people about this issue.

People don’t know anyone who has had an abortion—well of course they know someone, but they don’t know that they know someone who has ever had an abortion. And that’s the thing. They’ll never know why we’re fighting so hard to make sure it’s legal and safe and affordable. They’ll never know that unless they see it. And I know this is a big hope to aspire to have, but I would love for everyone to say “I know someone who’s had an abortion, or I know someone who runs a clinic, because I watched CTRL ALT DELETE.”

Katch: And then, once it’s normalized in society, the politics will fall out.

What’s next for you and for CTRL ALT DELETE? Will there be another season or will you be embarking on a new project? If so, will it be separately or individually?

Katch: Both. All of the above. We would love to make a season that is based on the web series. What we would love more than anything would be to take the half-hour pilot we’ve already written and find a producer that’s brave enough to put it on TV. We also are planning on releasing an unscripted travel show, which is basically the two of us going around to a bunch of places in Los Angeles, which is totally unrelated. We also wrote another pilot and we also wrote a feature based on another subject. So a lot of stuff in the works!

Geva: We pretty much schedule our lives around our work schedule.

What is your message to any woman who wants to get an abortion?

Katch: Make sure you do not call a hotline that is actually an anti-choice hotline. I made that mistake and just found a random hotline online and they were like “are you avoiding the child?” Which was horrible. So yeah, my advice would be reach out to someone, make sure you have an ally that is legitimate and pro-choice. Also don’t delay—just do it!

Geva: If you can afford the good drugs, do that. Woman are amazingly strong and able to withstand extraordinary pain, but still—if you can afford the good drugs, do it.

Katch: And also, VOTE!

You can watch CTRL ALT DELETE here.

Tiernan Hebron is a Los Angeles-based activist and writer and an Editorial Intern at Ms. Her work has appeared in LA Magazine, ATTN, Feministing, Galore, Tribe de Mama, LadyClever, Elite Daily and Adolescent. Tiernan is a sexual and reproductive rights peer educator for Amnesty International and manages digital communications for DIGDEEP and the Los Angeles Black Worker Center. You can find her being very opinionated on Instagram.

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The Salt Spray Steph Has Been Using for Years

Salt spray is something I don’t talk about often because there’s nothing new or trendy about it — Bumble and Bumble launched its cult-favorite Surf Spray back in 2001, with just about every other salon and mass hair brand following suit in the decades since — but I’ve tried ’em all. My hair texture …

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Jerome LaMaar Using 9J Store to Relaunch Collection

After taking an 18-month break from showing, Jerome LaMaar will return to New York Fashion Week Feb. 6 at Tumblr’s headquarters. Five years after he started his collection, the designer has spent two years building up his 9J online business and boutique in the Bronx. Through advising other designers, he said he developed a better sense for what to sell in the store, he said. “What I learned in this process was that customers didn’t really care about other brands. When they came to the store, they wanted pieces from me.”
LaMaar is all about figuring out what makes his customers come to the Bronx to shop. Beyoncé and Tina Knowles helped to raise his profile two years ago by wearing his designs and posting their support. Cardi B’s stylist Kollin Carter has pulled pieces from his line, and Carter recently told WWD that LaMaar is on their wish list. “And she’s from the Bronx,” LaMaar said.
Guests at his “very simple” presentation will find the designer’s fragrance, eyewear, bedding, chairs, furniture and unisex men’s wear. The plan is to show buy-now unisex styles that can be purchased immediately. The color palette has also been toned down, with black, ash and dark

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

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30 Everyday Objects You’re Using All Wrong

Most people learn how to use an item and never question it again — but they’re missing out. We’re here to tell you about all the common household items you’ve been using wrong, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Home Ideas – Good Housekeeping


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Using Solar to Heat Your Home

The sun is one of the most reliable sources of warmth on the Earth, so why not use it for your home heating? Solar-powered heaters take the comfort and convenience of conventional heating and combine it with energy-efficient solar energy for an interior heat source that’s as great for your energy bills as it is for that cold spot in your bedroom.

If you’re thinking about converting your existing heating system with a solar heat source, there are a couple different paths to get there. You can supplement your conventional forced air system with a solar space heater, or connect a solar collector or hot water storage tank to a radiant floor system, baseboard heaters or even a forced air unit. Here’s a brief rundown of all the most popular methods.


Portable Solar Air Heaters

Solar Infra Systems is the most respected names in solar heater tech. In fact, they make one of the few—if not the only—commercially available portable solar air heaters out there. And you can purchase these units at retailers like Walmart and Home Depot! They offer three residential units, one free-standing portable model and two window-mounted units.

Each heater pulls in cold air from the interior of the room at the bottom of the unit, runs it across the sun-heated solar collectors, and pushes it out near the top of the unit. The warm air is forced through a connected duct, which you can move around the room to place it in the most convenient spot.

column radiator

Radiant Floor Heating

Solar makes the perfect heat source for installed radiant floor heating. Typically, in these kinds of setups, a solar heated storage tank is connected to the radiant system to pump heated liquid through the pipes embedded in the radiant flooring. There’s often a gas, electric or oil backup for particularly cold days. These systems work well in areas that have a high potential for solar activity—especially in homes that already have a radiant system in place.

Retrofitting your existing floors with a subfloor heating system can be pretty intrusive since it requires ripping out your existing floors and subfloors and replacing them with new concrete slab flooring. And it’s fairly costly—expect to spend between $ 9,000 to $ 22,000 on average for a 1,500 square foot home. But it’s undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and quietest heating systems around.

Radiant Floor Heating

Hot Water Baseboards or Radiators

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits—financial and otherwise—of solar-powered heating unless you have radiant heating installed in your home. Hot-water baseboards and radiators offer a less invasive alternative to radiant floor heating.

These are usually connected to flat plate collectors, similar to a solar hot water heating system. The baseboards or radiators have a larger surface area than conventional electric heaters so they can hold more heat. Most homeowners choose to connect them to a backup heat source for colder weather.

Solar-Connected Forced Air Systems

It is possible to connect a liquid solar heating system to a forced air system, though it will take a little work. Mainly, you need to install a liquid-to-air heat exchanger or heating coil in the return duct before it reaches the furnace. Air cycled through the duct will be heated as it passes over the solar-warmed liquid in the coil, then blown out into the rooms of your home.

The heating coil itself is fairly inexpensive—you can pick one up for a couple hundred dollars or so. But you’ll probably want to hire a professional HVAC technician to place the exchanger in your return duct, which can drive up the cost a little bit.

However, supporting your heating unit with a 100% free heat source will make a big difference in your energy bills, even if it’s only supplementing a conventional heating unit. And that’s a great reason to get on board with solar heating!

The post Using Solar to Heat Your Home appeared first on Modernize.



Creative New Year’s Eve Decorating Ideas Using Balloons

It’s that time of year again! Time to resolve to have a better 2018 while making the most of the rest of 2017. If you’ve got a New Year’s Eve party on the horizon and you’re puzzling over decorations, let us help get the creative juices flowing – keep reading for DIY-able decorating inspiration using balloons. 


A New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock  

What you’ll need: 12 gold balloons, a helium tank, black self-adhesive vinyl or large number stickers, black curling ribbon, clear tape, black cardstock paper, painter’s tape 

Photo Source: thesuburbanmom.com

Visit The Suburban Mom for full instructions on how to DIY this New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock.  


A Balloon-Covered Ceiling 

What you’ll need: golden balloons, a helium tank, ribbons, scissors (to curl the ribbons, if desired), Polaroid’s 

Photo Source: homedit.com


A Champagne Balloon Display 

What you’ll need:Mylar champagne balloon, balloon pump, microfilament (fishing line), sewing needle, scissors, balloons in assorted colors and sizes, spray paint, spray adhesive, crafting glitter, painter’s tape 

Photo Source: ideas.evite.com

Visit Evite for full instructions on how to DIY this Champagne Balloon Display.  


Glow Stick Balloons 

What you’ll need: white balloons, balloon pump or a helium tank, assorted glow sticks 

Photo Source: sayyes.com

Visit Say Yes for full instructions on how to DIY these Glow Stick Balloons. 


Confetti-Filled Balloons 

What you’ll need: transparent balloons, balloon pump or helium tank, assorted confetti 

Photo Source: wideopencountry.com

Visit Wide Open Country for full instructions on how to DIY these Confetti-Filled Balloons. 


We hope these DIYs help you blow your guests away this New Year’s Eve! 

Home Trends Magazine


Facebook improves how blind can “see” images using AI

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — When Matt King first got on Facebook eight years ago, the blind engineer had to weigh whether it was worth spending an entire Saturday morning checking whether a friend of his was actually in his friend list. Such were the tools at the time for the visually impaired — almost nonexistent.
Technology Headlines


Discover high-quality men’s and women’s wear and accessories carefully selected for impeccable make and lasting quality.

A prominent LA hospital is using Fitbits to help patients go home sooner

Patients who reach 1,000 steps a day are typically ready to be discharged sooner than those who don't.
Health Care


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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

The Morphe brushes all your favourite beauty influencers are using are getting the Black Friday treatment


black friday morphe

As one of the most in-demand beauty brands of the year, chances are you’ll have seen your favourite YouTubers busting out their pot of Morphe brushes or scrolled past pictures of their impeccable 35 shadow palettes. Luckily, Beauty Bay is offering 10% off a bunch of their products and they’re easily the best Morphe Black Friday deals we’ve seen around. See our edit of the best below.

Morphe Black Friday 2017: 10% off a 12 Piece Black and White Morphe Brush Set

black friday morphe

You’ve seen all the big beauty vloggers and influencers using these brushes and now it’s your turn. Beauty Bay are offering 10% off an entire pot of Morphe brushes which come in a chic black and white striped travel case, with handles and bristles to match. It’s a favourite with professional makeup artists and has everything from a liner through to blending brushes, so you’ll never have to reach for another tool again.

It’s available for £22.50 down from £25 and plus, Beauty Bay’s offering free UK next day delivery on all Morphe products so you won’t have to wait till Christmas to bust these open. (Heads up: you can only get two of these per person.)

Buy now

Morphe Black Friday 2017: £20.70 for a Morphe 35OM 35 Colour Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

black friday morphe

If you’re serious about your earthy eyeshadow tones, then you won’t have to look much further than this extravagant Morphe palette. Featuring 35 different deeply pigmented shades from a autumn-friendly ochre to smoky blacks and a champagne for a dash of highlight, it’s an all matte version of one of their best-selling palettes. (Which, by the way, has unfortunately sold out in the BF sale so you’re going to need to jump in on this soon.)  JUST THINK OF ALL THE COLOUR COMBINATIONS. I can’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail.

You’ll now be able to snag it for £20.70 with free delivery. It’s limited to one per person, sorry to those hoping to buy in bulk.

Buy now

Morphe Black Friday 2017: 10% off a 35C 35 Multi Color Matte Palette

black friday morphe

Life’s boring without colour and this rainbow palette will definitely bring a ray of sunshine to any day. Whether you want to play with toned down neutral look or go for an on-trend smoky red shadow, you’ll be spoilt for choice with 35 different matte shades to choose from.

Like the Nature Glow palette, it’s now dropped to £20.70 with free shipping included.

Buy now

Morphe Black Friday 2017: £20.70 for a Morphe 9C 9 Colour Highlight & Contour Palette

morphe black friday

Get ready to serve face with this contour and highlight palette, which will have you beamed and baked in no time flat. With nine different shades for you to play around with, it’s small enough to fit into a purse and combines both matte and shimmery tones depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

It’s now £20.70 (10% off) and you’ll be able to buy two per person with free delivery.

Buy now

While we’re utterly in love with everything above, there’s loads more Morphe on available on Beauty Bay – seriously, it’s palettes galore over there. We’ve also done the work for you and combed through their other brand bargains, so take a look at our curated Black Friday beauty deals, Black Friday makeup deals and Black Friday clothing deals pages if you’re looking for a cute outfit to finish off your look. We’ve got our eye on the Black Friday ball for you, don’t worry guys.

Keep checking back in with us as we’ll be combing through everything that comes your way, with everything from the high street, designer brands through to indie cuties you definitely need to have on your radar. It’s a hard job essentially putting together our Christmas wish list, but somebody’s got to do it.

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Style Your Home’s Outdoors with All the Perfect Additions from MacKenzie-Childs! Save on Tables, House Letters & Chairs. Shop Now!

Using Green Peace as a Neutral

Beauti-tone’s Color of the Year, Green Peace, is the new go-to neutral. It pairs beautifully with a monochromatic color scheme, resulting in a calming, warm, inviting space. I chose to design this living room in warm greys, blacks and golds with pieces that lean towards the contemporary but are inarguably timeless. I complimented the nature-inspired color by working with natural materials like linen, wool and marble.


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Lawmakers Are Using Tax Reform Legislation to Push an Anti-Abortion Agenda

In the latest draft of the GOP’s tax reform bill, lawmakers outlined a provision that would enable the naming of fetuses as beneficiaries of 529 college savings plans. The policy, and the language accompanying it, could codify the anti-abortion notion of “personhood” into law.

Trish N / Creative Commons

In the tax bill, lawmakers defined the term “child in utero” as “a member of the species of homo sapiens at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.” This definition aligns with repeated anti-abortion efforts to pass personhood legislation and grant constitutional rights to fetuses.

The new provision is unnecessary, as expectant parents currently have the option of opening a 529 account during gestation and naming a new beneficiary upon birth. The real underlying cause for the amendment is clear: This is a blatant attempt to define life as beginning at conception and put abortion rights in danger.

“This is a back door attempt to establish personhood from the moment of conception,” claimed Rep. Diana Degette (D-CO). “What’s next, giving a social security number to a zygote?”

The GOP’s plan for tax reform has already been exposed as a pushback against civil liberties. The legislative package wages war on key Affordable Care Act regulations surrounding reproductive rights. It proposes $ 1.5 trillion in cuts to funding for such programs as Medicare and Medicaid, and eliminations to key tax exemptions on healthcare for the elderly and disabled, repealing an effective medical expense deduction which allows individuals to write off out-of-pocket health care costs. But despite the Trump administration’s eager profession of the fiscal benefits of such reforms, the Treasury Department found that the current health exemptions cost the federal government $ 10 billion a year, while the plan to afford such tax breaks to large corporations would result in $ 225 billion a year in lost revenue.

The 529 modification to the tax bill is merely the latest in a slew of attempts by congressional lawmakers to propel an anti-abortion agenda. Last week, the House conducted a hearing on legislation that would ban abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy; earlier this month, the Trump administration unveiled new regulations which would allow employers, universities and even entire insurance companies to opt out of contraceptive coverage for their beneficiaries by citing religious or moral objections.

But the insertion of personhood language into the tax bill can’t be lost in the mix. This insidious attack on reproductive rights will endanger women’s lives. According to a spokesperson for NARAL Pro Choice America, the GOP’s proposal “is just the latest example of how they’re trying to turn back the clock on this country.”

Sarah Alexander is a recent graduate of Cal State Northridge. In addition to being a writer, she is a visual and performing artist, and attempts to use film, music and online platforms to spark conversation about social activism. She is an anomalous LA native, which affects her personality in a plethora of unique ways.

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Kendu Isaacs Seeking Increase In Support Because Mary’s Been Using Him For Successful “Divorce Songs”

A judge ordered Mary to only pay $ 30,000 a month in spousal support, now Kendu wants $ 65,000.

The post Kendu Isaacs Seeking Increase In Support Because Mary’s Been Using Him For Successful “Divorce Songs” appeared first on MadameNoire.



Why are longtime athletes still using interpreters?

Dear John: I can accept the Yankees’ Gary Sanchez not speaking English. What gets me are players who have been in the majors for 10 or 20 years and still need an interpreter. On the other hand, baseball players from any country, most whom have never attended college, seem to speak more intelligently than football…
Business | New York Post


7 Vacuum Attachments You’re Not Using Correctly

Chances are your vacuum cleaner came with at least one, and probably more, vacuum attachments. It probably also came with a detailed user manual that described the purpose and function of each and every attachment. If you didn’t read the manual (we understand), we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover what your vacuum attachments are made to do.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


EQT accused of using ‘blatantly decptive’ maps in hopes of acquiring Rice Energy

EQT used maps that are “blatantly deceptive” as it tried to garner support for its planned acquisition of Rice Energy, hedge fund Jana Partners said in a letter to EQT’s board Monday. The Pittsburgh energy company said in June that the combined companies would have 1,200 wells in Western Pennsylvania, up from 775. After doing…
Business | New York Post


Every new parent should be using these 5 Amazon features


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

Every pregnancy is different, every family is different, but one thing is the same for anyone with a newborn: it is hard to cook, and it is hard to shop. And the baby always needs something, and you are always hungry. The more things that show up at your door right when you need them, the better.

So if you have a new baby at your house — or if you’re pregnant with one — here are 5 startlingly useful Amazon services you should sign up for ASAP.

1. Amazon Baby Registry

What it is: An online baby registry.

What it costs: Free

Why you need it:

* Everything you need for your baby and family, from strollers to bottles to maternity clothing is all available in one place. If Amazon doesn’t stock it, you can use Amazon Assistant to add anything from any website to your registry.
* Automatic completion discount: You can buy anything on your registry that your family and friends don’t buy for you at a discount of 10 percent (15 percent for Prime members), saving you hundreds of dollars.
* You can manage your registry from any mobile or desktop device.
* Since your family and friends probably already have Amazon accounts, buying you gifts is easy and uncomplicated for them.
* If you don’t know what to put on your registry, Amazon has Ideas & Inspiration and a Registry Checklist to help you sort through it all.
* A Thank You list tells you who bought what.
* Free two-day shipping for Prime members.
* Registrants can get a free Welcome Box worth up to $ 35.

Where to find it: Amazon Baby Registry

2. Amazon Family

What it is: It’s like Amazon Prime, but customized for families.

What it costs: 30-day free trial; $ 99 per year

Why you need it:

* Free two-day shipping on millions of items — and once you have a baby, you will understand the importance of what you need arriving fast.
* Save 20 percent on diapers when using the Subscribe & Save option (see next section).
* Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of family-friendly movies and TV shows (and Mom/Dad-friendly too).
* Unlimited ad-free streaming of over a million songs.
* Exclusive coupons and deals.
* Exclusive Baby Registry benefits.
* Easily manage your Subscribe & Save subscriptions from the Amazon Family hub.
* See what products are best for your children’s age or stage with Amazon’s recommendations.

Where to find it: Amazon Family

3. Subscribe & Save

What it is: Have your favorite products (like diapers!) shipped to you at whatever frequency you choose (like monthly, once every 3 months, etc.). You will automatically receive a discount, and if you subscribe to 5 or more items, you will receive an additional 15 percent discount on top of that.

What it costs: Free

Why you need it:

* You don’t want to run out of diapers. You really, really don’t want to run out of diapers.
* Schedule weekly, monthly, or every-other-month deliveries of essentials like pet food, coffee, tea, milk, energy bars, formula, or whatever you rely on to get through the day.
* You don’t want to run out of toilet paper. You really, really don’t want to run out of toilet paper.

Where to find it: Subscribe & Save

4. Amazon Prime Video

What it is: Unlimited streaming of thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. You can also rent or buy movies and shows.

What it costs: Free with Amazon Prime membership (Free 30-day trial; $ 99 a year).

Why you need it:

* You will have a surprisingly vast amount of time to sit at home, staring into space — OR staring at all the movies and shows you meant to watch but didn’t get around to.
* There is nothing to watch on regular TV in the middle of the night when you’ll be awake.
* Once your baby can focus, they may appreciate the colors and sounds coming from the TV set (even though they won’t be able to make sense of what they’re watching for a while).
* You need all of Prime’s other benefits, including free two-day shipping and extra savings on diapers and other products.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime Video


5. Amazon Home Services

What it is: A marketplace of professionals who can do things around your house like cleaning, putting together furniture (cribs!), repair plumbing or electricity, babyproof with safety locks, etc.

What it costs: Free (but you have to pay for the services you order).

Why you need it:

* Though you could flip through the phone book or search online for local pros to do work for you, finding and vetting them takes precious time that you just don’t have right now. In addition, work done through Amazon Home Services is backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee.
* Pricing is provided upfront, so you know before you book if you can afford what you want — no need to call for an awkward price quote only to find you can’t afford the service.
* Cleaning goes right to the end of your to-do list when you have a new baby, yet you will be in the house a lot. If it’s clean, you will be less bummed out about that reality.
* You can’t get to important tasks like unclogging a drain or putting together a new crib when you have a baby in your arms. You think you can put the baby down in a bouncer while you unscramble the instructions? Good luck with that.
* Amazon pros charge the same prices as they would if you called them.
* Professionals will do the job right the first time, with less hassle.

Where to find it: Amazon Home Services

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Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

Does Using Talcum Powder Increase the Risk of Ovarian Cancer?

If recent headlines have you worried, you’ll want to read this.

Health – Good Housekeeping


Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Twitter Backhands Piers Morgan For White Girls Using N-Word

Earlier this week, news broke that a bunch of white sorority girls at the University of New Hampshire had Snapchatted themselves singing ALL of the lyrics to Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger,” including the n-word.

After backlash was unleashed upon them, the ladies are now under investigation by the college, and the question at large is…should they get a pass since their uttered N-word was a song lyric?

Piers Morgan jumped into the debate today, first by announcing he would be writing a think piece on the matter. His choice of words, however… “Should white girls be allowed to sing ‘niggas’? New column posting very soon”…caused yet another backlash across Twitter.

Morgan’s column basically blamed the rap industry for using the N-word in songs, leaving white girls like the Alpha Phi sorority at UNH no choice but to say the word as well. Also, he used the racial epithet 21 times in the column.

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7 reasons you should start using reusable snack bags right now


Sabrina Garibian

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Reusable snack bags are a staple item in our home. We use them for everything from snacks (duh) to Little People to makeshift toiletry bags.

Instead of wasting a plastic baggie every time you pack a snack for your children, consider switching to reusable snack bags.


Here are 7 reasons you should be using reusable snack bags:

  1. The environment
  2. Cost
  3. Fun
  4. Easiness
  5. New “no waste” policies at schools
  6. Versatility
  7. Long-lasting

Let me explain…

The environment

Reusable snack bags are just that, reusable. If I put dry snacks in a reusable snack bag I simply shake it out and put it away. If I put fruit or something that might make crumbs like muffins, I simply toss the bag into the wash along with our dish towels. This is a much better choice for the environment than using and throwing away one or many plastic baggies every day.


One large reusable snack bag might run you about $ 5, which seems like a lot when you can buy a whole box of disposable plastic ones for a couple of bucks. But consider that I invested $ 20 in five reusable snack bags six years ago and haven’t had to buy plastic baggies since. I have bought a few more since then, but in general they are a great longer-term investment!


My kids love their reusable snack bags and get compliments on them all the time. Being a kid is about having fun, and they love their Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, and Super Mario Brothers’ reusable snack bags. As an adult, I love opening my lunch box to find my colorful reusable snack bag inside.


Reusable snack bags are easy to use. You don’t have to worry about plastic baggies that rip or are hard to open. All the ones we use open and close with a zipper that is easy enough for even my 2-year-old to handle herself.

New “no waste” policies at schools

Plenty of schools have or will soon adopt “no waste” policies. This means children are instructed to bring in lunches that will have no waste, or trash. Reusable snack bags are a great way to adhere to a school’s “no waste” policy without having to stick your child’s snack in a bulky plastic container that will just take up room in the dishwasher at the end of the day.


Like I mentioned, reusable snack bags aren’t good only for snacks! My kids often have to sit through their siblings’ sports’ practices so I like to pack little trinkets and things in reusable snack bags for them to play with during those times. I have also used our reusable snack bags as a makeshift toiletry bag, for makeup on the go, to store pens in my purse, etc. You can buy them in various sizes, but the size large is my favorite. They can be used for so many things!


My original reusable snack bags are going on six years right now and still look practically brand new. A plastic baggie, on the other hand, is only good for one use. Invest a few dollars now to get years and years out of your reusable snack bags.

While there are several brands of reusable snack bags on the market, these are my absolute favorite:

Bumkins (Amazon, $ 4.99-5.95/bag)

bumkins reusable snack bag

Itzy Ritzy (Amazon, $ 9.99/bag)

itzy ritzy reusable snack bag

Yummi Pouch (Amazon, $ 14.99, set of 3)

yummi pouch

Wegreeco (Amazon, $ 11.99/set of 3 sizes)

wegreeco reusable snack bags

Come over to the dark (bright!) side with me and start using reusable snack bags. You won’t regret it.

Do you use reusable snack bags?

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