Can ‘Game of Thrones’ regain Emmy throne after winter vacation?

When it comes to the Emmy nominations, what isn’t on the ballot has become a significant factor, with more shows taking longer-than-customary lapses — for reasons ranging from scandal to health to simple logistics — that sometimes have them sitting out a year of eligibility. – RSS Channel – Entertainment


Bonnie the wonder cow flees N.Y. farm, becomes a ‘deer,’ survives winter and is saved from slaughter

Disney endings like this are un-herd of in real life.

A young cow is safe at last after fleeing captivity by escaping into the woods of upstate New York and surviving for nearly a year by joining up with a family of deer.

Bonnie the cow’s unlikely story began on a farm in Holland, N.Y., where she…

Life Style – New York Daily News


Surfline’s Wave of the Winter Goes To Nathan Florence

There must be something in the Florence blood because each and every one of these boys have set out for greatness. Nathan Florence won this year’s Wave of the Winter by Surfline surfed in Hawaii.

What an awesome capture and great surfing!

“Winning Surfline Wave of the Winter was a dream but unexpected, to say the least. Mahalo Surfline, O’Neill, Nathan James Florence and everyone that supported me throughout this season. Aloha!!” – Chris Kincade

Winning Surfer: Nate Florence

Winning Video: Chris Kincade

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‘Frostpunk’ Review: Survival City-Building in a Winter Wasteland

It’s the end of the world, as we know it. In Frostpunk, the snow has consumed everything. Hundreds of Londoners set out to create a new city, built around a life-saving, coal-burning Generator. Managing the world’s last city, Frostpunk tests your ability to have your empathy pulled in multiple directions and stay frosty.

Witness the rise of the winnable city-builder. Much in the same vein as They Are Billions, Frostpunk tasks you with building a city to weather a timed calamity. In this case, you’ll weather the weather.

Frostpunk is essentially steampunk in a universe where the sun is dying. The planet is scorched. Daring friends to lick metal poles is strictly forbidden. You and your expedition will make a new home out of a resource-rich crater, braving nature’s icy wrath until the worst of the storm passes and you realise…

We built this city. We built this city on rock and coal.

A Frostpunk city nestled in a large crater

If Looks Could Chill

Frostpunk is a beautiful game. From the early moments of just a few tents around your Generator to the bustle of coal industry filling your cozy crater, it impresses graphically. Even the menus are pleasant to look at.

Workers will make tracks in the snow as they wander out to build or gather. You can zoom right in and see what individual citizens are up to. Clicking on them will even reveal aspects of their grim, grey lives.

Your city itself will huddle around the generator for warmth, as Frostpunk’s clever city design sees buildings created outward from the center. The essential roads that connect and power your workplaces fit in between buildings, as do the mobile mini-generators. It’s all very clever.

Trails in the snow lead away from a Frostpunk city

Even as the architect of your radial rooftops, the similarly snow-covered shelters make it hard to tell if you’re clicking on one of the three different kinds of temple, or the four different kinds of medical centre. We sometimes clicked from white roof to white roof, unable to find our Cookhouse. But it’s a nice touch that you can tell how heated a building is by its crest of snow.

The further out from the Generator, the colder it gets of course. At first it feels unfair when the game dips you from a delightful -20C to -40C. For every 10 degrees Celsius the temperature plunges, you’ll need to research additional heat and insulation. Below a certain threshold, your workers can’t work, your engineers can’t engineer, and your doctors can’t doct.

A heatmap shows which buildings are warm and which are freezing

The combination of Generator power and range upgrades, mini satellite generator hubs, and individual workplace coal burners will tickle the optimisation centre of your brain. It’s not just about resource parity, it’s about stockpiling for the hard times.

Trust us. You’ll be wishing for -40C before the end.

Hope and Discontent

Here’s something different. In this new icey world, there are only so many productive hours in the day. Although the day/night cycle doesn’t affect the temperature in Frostpunk, night is when people often get sick, and you’ll have to plan for most buildings and workers functioning for 10 out of 24 hours.

The off hours are still relevant — cooldowns cool down, and automatons still work. But no one’s going to work through the night unless you force them to do so with laws.

It’s the end of the world, but these jokers are clocking off at 6pm. Bloody unions, amirite?

Automatons walk from the Generator to their workplace
Automatons can work through the cold nights

In addition to managing your coal, wood, and steel, you’ll have to manage your people’s mood. Represented by the Hope and Discontent bars at the screen’s bottom, this is the mechanical representation of empathy, preventing you from pushing workers until they drop in the snow.

Mix too much sawdust into their food rations and their ungrateful stomachs start to rumble. Treat a few people on the floor of a crowded Medical Post, and the whingers start to lose Hope.

For survivors of a winter wasteland, these people just can’t seem to chill.

Order and Faith

Like the air around them, your citizens are prone to radical extremes. Partway through the game, you’ll choose between extreme nationalism and blind zealotry to combat the cold.

The paths of Order and Faith are thematic opposites but similar in systems. Both use buildings with an area of effect to keep citizens in line. Both culminate in eliminating the Hope bar as you become unquestionably supreme. Nothing like a good public execution to take your mind off that mild frostbite.

Things get mighty grim towards the end, and it takes extreme measures to survive. Your citizens will likely banish or execute you before everyone dies. In Frostpunk, the only fail state is a failed state. Before the Hope bar reaches zero or the Discontent bar reaches full, it’s up to you to convince them that fortune favours the cold.

Frostpunk has a great understanding of what a moral choice should involve in an interactive narrative. It avoids Telltale’s “Kobayashi Maru” formula, a simple serving of two bad outcomes. Neither does it fall into the trap of offering story consequences without representing those results tangibly in gameplay.

Every decision is appropriately weighted against a thematically sensible in-game resource. Sometimes you’re weighing up Hope vs Discontent, or Discontent vs time, or skilled engineers vs coal, or scout exploration vs an increasingly sick population in need of heat. It’s all tied to something solid, in a way that makes sense, and in that way Frostpunk achieves its goal as an empathetic, story-driven city-builder.

Scouts, Events, and Sameyness

People are a valuable resource. A fragile one too, considering this resource can get sick. People don’t reproduce within the timeframe of this game, so adding to your numbers involves scouting the surrounding Frostland for survivors. If you’re short on workers, whether you force them through longer shift hours or introduce child labour is one of Frostpunk’s many tough calls.

They are however, from game to game, the same calls at the same times. Frostpunk is a city-builder, but also very much a crafted scenario with fixed points along the way. Each game will have the man who refuses an amputation. Each game will feature the troublesome rebels who want to pack up and go back to London.

As you explore the wider Frostland for resources and survivors, the map will be the same each game along with its events and rewards. You’ll know exactly where to go to get the automaton, and exactly where to set up the outpost sending you 800 coal per day.

There’s seemingly some post-decision randomness at work. The aforementioned unwilling amputee may later thank you for saving his life, or he may commit suicide. But often, you’ll know the script, fully aware of exactly how many volunteers will die when you send them to save the coal mines.

All of this means Frostpunk’s carefully crafted narrative comes at the cost of discovery. It’s absolutely worth replaying, but don’t expect anything new.

That’s a trade we’re happy to make in a game so utterly unique, and the developer has also said it’s planning a sandbox/endless mode.

Is Frostpunk Good?

Frostpunk is hard, but you’ll get the hang of it. And when you do, it’s waiting with some harder scenarios, and all-too-rare intelligent achievements for you to play again in challenging, interesting ways.

Just like 11 Bit Studios did with This War of Mine, it has brought a unique take to this genre with well-thought-out underlying systems. You won’t get the million hours that you would from Civilization or Sim City. But you will get something completely different, interesting, and memorable.

It seems odd to apply the word “fun” to a game so grim, but like life in extreme circumstances, Frostpunk finds a way.

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Why Adam Rippon, Lindsey Vonn and More Winter Olympics Stars Skipped the White House Visit With Trump

President Donald Trump hosted American athletes who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics at the White House on Friday — but some of the PyeongChang games’ most famous faces opted to skip the ceremony.

Ice skater Adam Rippon, skier Lindsey Vonn and snowboarder Chloe Kim are among the marquee names who skipped the trip to Washington. Five American Olympians — including cross-country skier Jessie Diggins, freestyle skier David Wise and biathlete Maddie Phaneuf — made the trip to Washington to meet with Congressional leaders on Wednesday about their climate change advocacy work with Protect Our Winters Alliance. But they won’t attend the White House celebration because they made the “Congressional briefing their priority,” a spokesperson for the athletes told USA Today.

Some athletes cited Trump’s politics as their reason for skipping the White House meeting, while others said they had scheduling conflicts. Almost 200 athletes were expected to attend the event, according to the Washington Post.

President Trump did not mention the absences in his remarks at Friday’s event. Instead, he lauded some of the other athletes in attendance, including figure skater Vincent Zhou, the gold medal-winning women’s hockey team and the men’s curling team, which also took home gold at the 2018 Olympics.

Here are some of the big names —including Adam Rippon, Lindsey Vonn and Chloe Kim — who chose to skip the 2018 Winter Olympics celebration at the White House this year:

Adam Rippon

Mladen Antonov—AFP/Getty ImagesUSA’s Adam Rippon competes in the men’s single skating short program of the figure skating event during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangneung on Feb. 16, 2018.

Rippon, a 2018 TIME 100 honoree and the first openly gay American athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics, told TIME last month that he wouldn’t attend.

“This Administration ran on a platform of fear. I don’t think that’s any way for us to live. I would never want my sister to be spoken to the way Donald Trump has spoken to women. I would never want anyone to talk to my mother that way. And my mother would never tolerate one of her sons doing that, either. I think we can do better,” Rippon said.

The figure skater, who won a bronze medal as a member of the U.S. figure skating team in PyeongChang, famously said he didn’t want to meet with Vice President Mike Pence before the 2018 Olympics and criticized the Vice President’s views on gay marriage.

Lindsey Vonn

Matthias Hangst—Getty ImagesBronze medallist Lindsey Vonn of the United States celebrates during the victory ceremony for the Ladies’ Downhill on day 12 of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Jeongseon Alpine Centre on Feb. 21, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Vonn, who won a bronze medal in PyeongChang in downhill skiing, told CNN in December 2017 that she would “absolutely not” go to the White House after the 2018 Olympics, which took place in February.

“Well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,” Vonn told CNN at the time. “I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”

Chloe Kim

Tim Clayton—Corbis/Getty Images

Kim, the 17-year-old snowboarding sensation who won a gold medal at the 2018 Olympics, also didn’t attend Friday’s ceremony. She told the Washington Post she had a wedding to attend.

Kim, who was also a 2018 TIME 100 honoree, has spoken out about causes aligned against Trump in the past. In March, she tweeted her support for March for Our Lives, the massive gun control rally organized by the survivors of the deadly Parkland, Fla. shooting earlier this year.

Gus Kenworthy

100 Days Out Celebration - Team USA
Mike Stobe—Getty Images/USOCSkier Gus Kenworthy attends the 100 Days Out Celebration in Times Square on Nov. 1, 2017.

Freestyle skier Kenworthy, who is also openly gay, opted not to make the trip to Trump’s White House.

Kenworthy has spoken out about Trump in the past, telling TIME in July 2017: “I think we had been two steps forward with Obama. And it’s a step back with the Trump administration.”

Erin Hamlin

2018 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony
Ryan Pierse—Getty ImagesFlag bearer Erin Hamlin leads Team USA at the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Hamlin, who served as the flag bearer for Team USA in the 2018 Opening Ceremony, didn’t attend Friday’s festivities, according to USA Today. The luger said she planned on visiting the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center on Friday morning instead.

Mikaela Shiffrin

Tim Clayton – Corbis—Corbis/Getty ImagesSilver medalist Mikaela Shiffrin #19 of the United States at the presentations after the Alpine Skiing – Ladies’ Alpine Combined Slalom at Jeongseon Alpine Centre on February 22, 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Shiffrin, who won a gold medal in giant slalom at the 2018 Olympics, chose not to visit the White House, according to the Washington Post. She did not speak publicly about her decision, but told CNN in 2016: “The value that [Trump] portrays to everyone is not ideal… I don’t think women are going to be looking to him. I think they still look to Hillary [Clinton].”

Shaun White

Ian MacNicol—Getty ImagesShaun White of United States celebrates after winning the Men’s Halfpipe Final at Phoenix Snow Park on Feb. 14, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Shaun White, the legendary snowboarder who took home a gold medal in the halfpipe event in PyeongChang, was another notable name who skipped Friday’s festivities, according to the Post. He told the Post he was attending a wedding.

Mirai Nagasu

Mirai Nagasu Skating
Harry How—Getty ImagesMirai Nagasu of the United States competes during the Ladies Single Skating Free Skating at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 23, 2018 in Gangneung, South Korea

The figure skater, who became the first American woman to land a triple axel in PyeongChang, told the Washington Post that she was too busy with rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars to make the trip to Washington.

Sports – TIME


‘Bill & Ted 3’: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter Talk Proposed Sequel | PeopleTV


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‘Bill & Ted 3’: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Writers Talk Proposed Sequel | PeopleTV


SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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The ’90s-Inspired Turtleneck That’s Saving Alyssa Through the Second Half of Winter

Sometimes you never quite know how impossible a particular item is to find until you desperately need to acquire it. For me, that was a white turtleneck in late February, just days before I flew to Paris Fashion Week — where temperatures were topping out at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. While it was …

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After Conquering the Winter Olympics, Norway Just Conquered the Iditarod, Too

(ANCHORAGE) — Joar Ulsom’s dreams of making it big in the dog-mushing world started small.

When he was a boy growing up in Norway, he watched videos of the world’s most famous sled dog race and figured out a way he could replicate the Iditarod: He borrowed his neighbors’ two small house dogs and had them pull him around on skis.

The dogs and equipment got bigger and better until he finally captured the biggest prize in the sport on Wednesday. The 31-year-old became the third person born outside the United States to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race that spans nearly 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers) over rugged Alaska terrain.

“I don’t know what to say about it. It’s out of this world,” he said before hugging each of his dogs.

Ulsom came off the Bering Sea ice in the small city of Nome early in the morning and ran his dogs down the last few blocks as a crowd cheered him on. His supporters crowded the finish line, one waving Norway’s flag.

His victory generated heavy media attention in Norway, a winter sports nation still basking in the glory of winning the most medals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

“This is completely insane. It’s fantastic to win this race here,” Ulsom said, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “It was rather tough. It was hard to keep my tears back when I crossed the finish line.”

He picks up about $ 50,000, a drop from the 2017 winner’s earnings of more than $ 71,000.

The Iditarod, which began March 4, has been suffering financially and lost Wells Fargo bank as a major sponsor in the last year. Organizers have blamed animal rights activists for pressuring sponsors.

The race also was marked by fallout from its first-ever dog doping scandal. Race officials announced that the team of four-time champion Dallas Seavey tested positive for an opioid painkiller after his second-place finish last March but said they could not prove he gave tramadol to his dogs.

Officials didn’t punish Seavey but changed race rules to make mushers responsible for any positive drug test. Seavey, who won four titles between 2012 and 2016, denied giving drugs to his dogs and sat out this year’s race in protest.

The Iditarod also reprimanded but didn’t fire the head of its drug testing program on Monday after a musher claimed Dr. Morrie Craig threatened him minutes before the race’s start.

Musher Wade Marrs said Craig threatened to expose him as another musher who had a positive drug test last year. Iditarod spokesman Chas St. George has said Seavey’s team had the only positive test.

The Iditarod started north of Anchorage with 67 mushers. Eight of them, including Marrs, dropped out.

Ulsom, the winner, moved in 2011 from Norway to Willow, Alaska, the dog mushing capital of the U.S., after receiving a 10-year sports visa.

He first entered the Iditarod in 2013, when he was named rookie of the year, and has never finished below seventh place. His previous best finishes were fourth-place rankings in both 2017 and 2014.

Ulsom said the last 77 miles (124 kilometers) of this year’s race was a “super fun, emotional ride. I’m super happy with the dogs. It couldn’t have gone any better.”

Sports – TIME


19 Rehearsal Dresses for the Winter Bride

A wedding day is a momentous event, and there are usually long hours (if not days, weeks, or months) poured into carefully selecting what to wear for the occasion. But what about other big days leading up to the actual wedding—like the rehearsal dinner? The night is often more intimate but just as photographed. Typically more casual, it’s also a time to showcase your personal style in a less formal way, meaning you’ll probably be wearing a piece you can pull out again and again.

For the winter bride on the hunt for some stylish options, we’ve done the legwork and rounded up our favorite pieces. From a cream dress with voluminous sleeves and covered buttons to a floor-length silk maxi trimmed with romantic floral details to a classic cocktail dress you’ll have in your closet forever, shop 19 dresses that are perfect for a rehearsal dinner.

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The Best Gold Medal Celebrations of the 2018 Winter Olympics in GIFs

The 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang have been a wild ride from the start, with unbelievable upsets, do-or-die moments and come-from-behind victories constantly keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. But unfortunately for winter sports fans, all Olympics must come to an end.

The Games will officially conclude this weekend, with the produced broadcast of the closing ceremony set to air Sunday night on NBC at 8 p.m. E.T. — 14 hours after it actually takes place in South Korea. Leading up to the ceremony, there will be four final events to catch on Feb. 25, including men’s bobsledding, women’s cross-country skiing, women’s curling and men’s hockey.

But before the Winter Olympics wind down for another four years, let’s take a look back at some of the best gold medal celebrations. From snowboarder Red Gerard unexpectedly taking home Team USA’s first gold to Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue capping off a near-perfect week of ice dancing, here are a few of the Games’ most memorable—and GIF-able—moments of triumph.

Red Gerard: Men’s Slopestyle Snowboard

After falling on his first two attempts, the 17-year-old American went from last place to first place on his third and final run of the men’s slopestyle final to win Team USA’s first gold medal of the 2018 Games. Not to mention he also became the youngest Olympian of all time to medal in snowboarding.

Hanna Oeberg: Women’s Biathlon

Thanks to some immaculate shooting, Oeberg was able to pull off a major upset in the women’s 15km individual biathlon. The Swedish racer completed the event in in 41 minutes and 7.2 seconds to beat out Germany’s Laura Dahlmeier, who was heavily favored after winning gold in the first two biathlon events.

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue: Ice Dancing

Ice dance darlings Moir and Virtue executed a near flawless free skate routine to cap off their extraordinary gold medal Olympic comeback. After taking home silver at the 2014 Sochi Games, the Canadian duo’s Moulin Rouge-themed program earned them an overall score world record in PyeongChang.

Yuzuru Hanyu: Men’s Figure Skating

Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu became the first men’s figure skater to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals since American skater Dick Button achieved the feat 66 years ago. And he had plenty of Winnie the Pooh bears thrown at him along the way.

Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall: Women’s Cross-Country Skiing

Diggins’ come-from-behind finish on the final straightaway of the women’s team sprint freestyle race gave her and teammate Randall only a .19 second margin of victory over their lauded Swedish competitors. But that was still enough for gold. The pair are the first-ever Americans to win an Olympic gold medal in cross-country skiing, an achievement that earned Diggins the spot of U.S. flag-bearer at the closing ceremony.

Ester Ledecká: Women’s Super-G Skiing

Despite the fact that she’s primarily a snowboarder, the Czech Republic’s Ester Ledecká beat out seasoned skiers like America’s Lindsay Vonn and Austria’s Anna Veith to win gold in the women’s super-G race. The look of shock on her face upon learning her score was the definition of priceless.

Sports – TIME


Norway Crushed the Competition at the Winter Olympics. Here Is the Tiny Country’s Secret

Tore Ovrebo can be forgiven for having a little swagger as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games near their end in PyeongChang. Well, as much as swagger as is acceptable for a Norwegian. Ovrebo is the director of elite sport for the Olympiatoppen, an organization of scientists, trainers and nutritionists who work with Olympic athletes across Norway’s sports federations. And Norway is crushing the Winter Olympics. As of Friday Feb. 23, Norway has far more medals than any other country at the Winter Games, with 37 total medals. Canada is second, with 27 medals.The United States is currently fourth, with 21 Olympic medals.

Norway’s Olympic success is all the more impressive when you consider the team’s size. While the U.S. sent 242 athletes — the most in Winter Olympic history — to PyeongChang, Norway sent just 109. A team with less than half of America’s Olympic workforce won almost twice the number of medals. Norway was also tied with Germany for the most gold medals as of Friday, with 13.

Ovrebo’s contract running the Olympiatoppen, which is funded by Norway’s national lottery, is up soon. “I will probably keep my job,” he says Ovrebo when we met recently at the speedskating venue in Gangneung. “Though you shouldn’t quote me on that.”

Norway's Marit Bjorgen crosses the finish line first during the women's 4x5km classic free style cross country relay on Feb. 17, 2018.
Odd Andersen—AFP/Getty ImagesNorway’s Marit Bjorgen crosses the finish line first during the women’s 4x5km classic free style cross country relay on Feb. 17, 2018.

So what, exactly, is Norway’s Olympics secret (besides crazy curling pants)?

Ovrebo went out of his way to explain he didn’t want to come across as giving anyone, lest the United States, any advice. “I am not a tiny gorilla beating my chest telling you what to do because it’s not my position,” he says. “We do it this way, others do it another way.” He also admits Norway is blessed with many advantages for Winter Olympics dominance, like snow, a history of excellence in sports like biathlon and cross-country skiing, and free health care, which helps keep young athletic talent in good shape.

But a distinctly Norweigan rule for their youth sports may strike a particular chord with many Americans. (This one included: I’m a youth sports parent, and wrote a TIME cover story on the booming kid sports industry last summer).

Ovrebo says that in Norway, organized youth sports teams cannot keep score until they are 13. “We want to leave the kids alone,” says Ovrebo. “We want them to play. We want them to develop, and be focused on social skills. They learn a lot from sports. They learn a lot from playing. They learn a lot from not being anxious. They learn a lot from not being counted. They learn a lot from not being judged. And they feel better. And they tend to stay on for longer.”

I tell him that the U.S. operates in the polar opposite fashion. We crown nine-year-old national champions. There won’t be nine-year-old national champs in Norway any time soon.

The system, Norwegian athletes say, can really pay off. “The culture and the environment we grow up in, it’s great for us,” says Norwegian skier Ragnhild Mowinckel, silver medalist in the giant slalom and downhill races in PyeongChang.

Norway has other sports development quirks. Trainers don’t tell athletes how much they weigh. “It’s very dangerous,” says Ovrebo. “They can develop eating disorders.” Olympic athletes don’t receive prize money or bonuses from their federations. “We think prize money turns people into something they shouldn’t be,” says Ovrebo.

Norway also wants high-character performers on its teams. “No jerks,” says Ovrebo.

It seems, I tell Overbo, that Norway values the psychology of sports. “Your mind is where you experience your life, isn’t it?” Ovrebo says.

Gold medalists, Norway's Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo during a victory ceremony for the men's cross-country skiing team sprint free event at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
Sergei Bobylev—TASS/Getty ImagesGold medalists, Norway’s Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo during a victory ceremony for the men’s cross-country skiing team sprint free event at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Norway’s philosophy has paid off. The Norwegian Olympians play cards and charades before their competitions. “We think it’s a good way building the team up, if you have fun with each other,” says Mowinckel. Now that they’re old enough to keep score, the athletes must outdo one another. “Everyone wants to show guys that they can take some medals,” says Martin Johnsrub Sundby, a cross-country skier who won gold in the team sprint event on Wednesday. His teammate, Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, started celebrating before the finish like, like Usain Bolt.

Perhaps Norway’s Olympics swagger is starting to reach dangerous levels. “It’s a good feeling when there’s cake on the table every night,” says Johannes Thingnes Bo, a biathlete who has won gold and silver medals in PyeongChang. Apparently, Norway’s athletes get treated to dessert every time one of them earns a medal. “That’s why we have four chefs,” says Bo. “One can’t make all that cake.”

Sports – TIME


Luke Pell Ghosted Stassi After ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt ABC/Paul Hebert

After The Bachelor Winter Games finale, the World Tells All reunion featured an update on all of the couples! Here’s everything that went down on the Thursday, February 22, special:

Courtney Dober and Lily McManus
The New Zealand and Australian stars found love immediately in the house and were still inseparable on the reunion show. After the show, they got an RV and took a road trip across America. Now, they’re both living in Los Angeles!

Lesley Murphy and Dean Unglert
The couple exchanged “I love yous” before Dean got down on one knee. However, he did not propose. Instead, he told her that with all of her traveling, he wanted her to have a place to call home. So, he asked if she would “accept this key to my house.” She said yes.

Luke Pell and Stassi Yaramchuk
After the show, Stassi went back to Sweden and Luke went back to Nashville. However, she was shocked when he never, ever, reached out in the two months since filming. “It seemed so real,” she told Chris Harrison before Luke came out from backstage. When Luke was brought out, she actually shook his hand, making it clear she didn’t know who he was. He had no explanation for ghosting her, just continually saying “yeah” when she tried to ask how he could just act like they were nothing after the cameras stopped.

Nastassia Yaramchuk and Luke Pell ABC/Paul Hebert

Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt
These two are still going strong, “digging each other.” She’s traveled to Canada, he’s gone to Los Angeles many times and they’ve gone to Boston together. She’s a diehard Giants fan and she accepts that he’s crazy about Tom Brady … it must be love. They did not reveal what happened in the fantasy suite and ultimately, she doesn’t plan on it.

Clare Crawley and … Benoit!
Clare went home solo after Winter Games, turning down Benoit Beauséjour-Savard when he told her he was falling for her. She then tried to see if it’d work with Christian Rauch, but there was a disconnect. However, when she got home, she had a message from Benoit, they started dating. On World Tells All, he proposed and she said yes!

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The Bachelor Winter Games’ Clare Crawley Reveals She Found Love After the Show–Who Is the Mystery Man?

The Bachelor Winter GamesClare Crawley is no longer single!
Though The Bachelor Winter Games viewers saw Clare choose to leave on her own after failing to find a connection in Tuesday night’s episode, the…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Beating the Winter Blues

February can be a trying month for your style when you have long, cold or grey Winters. Your skin feels terribly dry, you’re recovering from a cold or the flu, negative body image sets in, and you generally feel down about your look. Chin up! Here are some strategies for beating the Winter blues that I’ve used myself or suggested to clients. 

1. Closet Edit and Review

Forget Spring cleaning — edit and review your closet in Winter. Pass on items that you’re done with, and identify wardrobe holes. You might have many wardrobe items, but do you have enough of what you need at this time of year? If you keep wearing the same items over and over again, get variations of exactly those items to counter outfit boredom. Grab what you can on sale, and inject some newness.

2. Outfit Creation Session

Set aside some time to try new combinations with the items in your wardrobe. Invite a fashion-savvy friend or family member along and have a ball. Document the outfits by taking a quick photo of them, and plan what you’re going to wear for the following week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

3. Refresh With Some Quick Fixes

I believe in a slow approach to style, but the occasional quick-fix purchase can add just enough excitement to your style for a while. Items like a new coat, pair of boots, bag or scarf can make quite the difference as you wait for Spring to dawn.

4. Wear Spring & Summer Colours

If you crave colour, wearing brights, pastels, rich jewel tones, and shades of white in the middle of Winter goes a long way to creating a happy mood. This isn’t usually something you can fix in the middle of Winter unless you already have the items. But you can plan ahead for next season and make sure your happy colours are reflected in your Winter wardrobe.

5. Plan Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

It can be therapeutic to plan how you’ll refresh your style for Spring and Summer when there’s ice and snow on the ground. It gives you something to look forward to, plus you’ll be sorted on that first warm Spring day. That’s why a closet edit and review is essential. You’ll know exactly what you have before you plan how you’ll add that next layer of fabness to your style.

6. Change Your Hair and Make-Up

Do something drastic to your hair, or make a more subtle change. Cut it shorter, grow it out, add some colour, go grey, leave it curly, or fire up the flat iron. Or change up your make-up routine. Treat yourself to an hour at the make-up counter and see what happens. Whatever it takes to create a happy change — go for it.

7. Arrange a Clothing Swap

Arranging a clothing swap with friends is one way to pass on and repurpose wardrobe items. It’s a fun, sustainable and affordable way to inject newness into your wardrobe and the wardrobes of others. Turn up the music, add some snacks, and get styling.

8. Get Great Underwear

Do not underestimate the power of good and new underwear. It feels great on the body and positively affects the silhouette and drape of your clothing. It can also boost your body image and make you feel more desirable.

9. Move Your Body

Creating endorphins is one of the most positive effects of exercise. Move your body to create those endorphins and experience a mental and physical change. Your mood is lifted, stress is relieved, you’re energized and motivated to get on with the tasks at hand. There’s nothing like a workout to get your mind, body and spirit in a healthy place.

10. Create Something

Creating something from scratch is very satisfying, therapeutic, and clears your head. Find something creative to do daily or a few times a week. Perhaps it’s trying a new craft, restoring an old piece of furniture, painting, playing a musical instrument, re-decorating, sewing, designing a website, knitting, creative writing, DIY home projects, or cooking up a storm at home.

I use many of these strategies. I edit and review my closet monthly. I just bought a pair of gold boots that make my Winter outfits feel fresh and futuristic. I wear brights and shades of white throughout Winter because they create sunshine on our awfully grey days. I’ve been planning my Spring and Summer style refresh since January, and have completed purchasing my Modern Retro beach capsule. I bought red bra, knickers and camisole to celebrate the Lunar New Year (it’s the year of the dog, which is my sign in the Chinese zodiac.) I go to a heated Vinyasa yoga class four times a week, which feels like a bit of heavenly Summer in the middle of Winter and creates loads of endorphins. I walk our Yorkie Sam daily, and cook from scratch most evenings as a creative outlet.

Over to you. Feel free to add how you beat the Winter style blues in the comments section.



These Are the New Events on the Winter Olympics Sports Lineup This Year

More athletes, more countries, more events.

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea are off to a historic start this year as 2,925 athletes from 92 countries compete — marking the biggest representation for the winter event. Olympic athletes from around the world have already glided to victory, with a number of medals already awarded. Others are still waiting to compete on winter sports’ biggest stage.

A number of Olympians this year have the chance to debut in four new events added to the Winter Olympic sports lineup for the 2018 Games, ranging from curling to snowboarding. While the new curling event has already concluded with a gold medal-winning pair, Olympic fans still have a chance to cheer on athletes yet to go for gold in their new Winter Olympic event.

Here’s what to know about the new Winter Olympic events on the sports lineup for 2018:

Big Air for Snowboarding

Sean M. Haffey—Getty ImagesSina Candrian of Switzerland competes in the final of the FIS Snowboard World Cup 2018 Ladies’ Big Air during the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix on December 10, 2017 in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Sean M. Haffey—Getty Images

Snowboarding’s power at the Winter Olympics just keeps getting bigger. Following the addition of the slopestyle event at the 2014 Games in Sochi, the IOC approved the new big air program for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

In the event, snowboarders drop in on a ramp and speed down to a jump, where they will launch off and, as the event name suggests, get big air. Like other events in snowboarding, athletes are judged on a scale from 1 to 100, and they will be critiqued on the difficulty of the tricks they perform, their execution, the amplitude and their landing. Riders get two chances to show off in the qualifying rounds, and three attempts in the final round, where the best two scores will be added together to determine the medalists.

Canada’s Mark McMorris and Max Parrot are expected to land on the podium, and the U.S.’s Chris Corning is hoping to get there as well. The U.S.’s Jamie Anderson already won gold in the slopestyle event, but will join the U.S.’s Hailey Langland and Julia Marino, as well as Austria’s Anna Gasser, in an attempt to medal.

The women’s event will begin Feb. 18 with qualifying rounds and finals will follow on Feb. 22. Qualifying rounds for the men’s program will take place Feb. 20, with finals on Feb. 23.

Team Event for Alpine Skiing

Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Men's and Women's Team Event
Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom—Getty ImagesEmelie Wikstroem of Sweden, Coralie Frasse Sombet of France compete during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Finals Nation Team Event on March 17, 2017 in Aspen, Colorado. Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom—Getty Images

Like mixed doubles curling, men and women will join forces in the alpine skiing team event.

Sixteen teams composed of two men and two women from each country will race down a slalom side by side in a single-elimination event—a new discipline added to the Winter Olympic sport this year. The racing format differs from others seen in the sport, which largely focus on the individual. The head-to-head race alternates between woman-man-woman-man, and the winners of each heat move on to the next round.

This event debuted at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2005. The alpine skiing team event at the Olympics will take place Feb. 24.

Mass Start for Speedskating

ISU World Cup Speed Skating - Heerenveen
Christof Koepsel – ISU—ISU via Getty ImagesSkaters compete during the men mass start final on Day Two during the ISU World Cup Speed Skating at the Thialf on Nov. 11, 2017 in Heerenveen, Netherlands. Christof Koepsel – ISU—ISU via Getty Images

Twenty-four long-track speedskaters will compete on the ice all at once as part of a new event added to this Winter Olympic sport. The additional event, intended to bring excitement to the long-track scene which typically has two racers per heat, has athletes race 16 laps around a 400-meter ice track.

The race also includes four sprints sprinkled throughout the event where athletes can earn points. The top three finishers of the event will earn medals, and the standings for the remaining athletes will be determined in part by those points.

As noted by Joey Mantia in an interview with NBC Olympics, the event aims to bring more excitement to the sport as spectators can see the athletes head-to-head on the ice, rather than compare their times completed in different heats.

“There is no waiting for 25, 30 minutes to see who else is going to do the time trial and how is it going to unfold,” said Mantia, the current world champion in the mass start event.

The men’s and women’s mass start events will take place Saturday, Feb. 24.

Mixed Doubles for Curling

Curling - Winter Olympics Day 4
Jamie Squire—Getty ImagesKaitlyn Lawes and John Morris of Canada deliver a stone against Switzerland during the Curling Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Game in PyeongChang on Feb. 13, 2018. Jamie Squire—Getty Images

Canadian curlers Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris already won a gold medal in the new mixed doubles event for curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Curling teams are composed of one man and one woman who compete with six stones and eight ends per game — making the event a bit faster moving than others in the sport, which typically have eight stones to throw with 10 ends.

The sport of curling was officially added to the Winter Olympic program in 1998, and its popularity among viewers of the Games took off from there. The International Olympic Committee officially added mixed doubles to the program in 2015 due to the sport’s continued popularity, according to NBC Olympics.

Canada’s Lawes and Morris beat Switzerland’s Jenny Perret and Martin Rios, the reigning mixed doubles world champions, in the event’s first-ever gold medal match at the Olympics. Though Canada’s team wasn’t an easy gold-medal favorite in the new event, Canada’s victory in the sport is no surprise. Its men’s and women’s teams have medaled every year in the sport at the Olympics since curling officially debuted in 1998.

Sports – TIME


Done With Winter? 12 Things You Can Do Now to Prep for Spring

Don’t wait until spring has actually sprung to get ready for the change of seasons. As milder weather approaches and you await the return to outdoor living, there’s more to do around your home—both indoors and out—than just spring cleaning. Here are 12 tasks to tackle now to make springtime safer, easier, and more enjoyable.
Bob Vila : Trusted Home Renovation & Repair Expert


Snowboarder Markus Schairer Breaks Neck in Horrifying Crash at the Winter Olympics

Austrian snowboarder Markus Schairer was seriously injured in a horrific crash on Thursday during his run in a quarterfinal heat at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

During the end of his run in the men’s snowboardcross event, Schairer lost control while mid-air and crash-landed on his backside—and the force of the impact was so great that the three-time Olympian’s goggles broke from his helmet as competitors boarded past him. Schairer was unable to move while on the snow for minutes after the crash. Schairer, 30, was eventually able to strap on his board and rise to his feet without help. Even crossed the finish line before waving to the crowd.

According to NBC, Schairer was then transported to a hospital where it was determined he broke the fifth cervical vertebra in his neck. The Austrian Olympic Committee announced in a statement that it appears Schairer suffered no long-term neurological damage and that he would fly back to Austria to receive further treatment.

Before the frightening crash, Schairer injured his elbow in an earlier event on Thursday.

Keep Following PEOPLE’s Complete Coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics

Schairer has also experienced several injuries before: he ripped four ligaments in his left shoulder while training at the end of 2013, and broke five ribs at the Winter X Games in Aspen in 2010, according to ESPN. He also ruptured a ligament in his knee during 2008.

RELATED: See That Moment an Olympic Skier Crashed Into a Photographer and Lived to Tell the Tale

There have been a series of scary crashes so far at the Olympics, including two accidents that involved camera operators. Swiss skier Lara Gut wiped out during the women’s giant slalom and took out a photographer in the process. After the crash, Gut talked about the danger of taking pictures of speeding athletes on the mountain.

“I‘m okay, I‘m okay,” she said, according to Reuters. “I asked the photographer if he was okay too and he said he was. I think it’s getting scary to be a photographer on skiing hills.”

Fashion Deals Update:

16 People Treated for Injuries Due to High Winds at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang Olympic organizers say 16 people were treated for scrapes and light injuries caused by high winds whipping through some venues.

Organizing committee spokesman Sung Baik-you says 13 staff members and three spectators were injured Wednesday. All were released.

Sung says most of the damage was in the Olympic Park area in Gangneung, which is on the coast and is the base for ice hockey and other ice sports. Pyeongchang is in the mountains and houses primarily snow and ski events.

Sung says 60 temporary tents were damaged along with signs and fences. Flying debris accounted for many of the injuries.

The wind and cold that has hit the Olympics subsided on Thursday with clear skies, light winds and above-freezing temperatures across most of the venues.

Sports – TIME


‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Recap: Ben Still Isn’t Over Lauren

Let the games begin! Couples began forming one day one of The Bachelor Winter Games! The cast, comprised of 14 players from various international versions of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and a dozen American contestants, had no problem overcoming cultural barriers to do everything they could for a chance at love. The twist is they have to compete in Olympic sports against each other to win dates, and of course, it wouldn’t be a Bachelor spinoff without rose ceremonies. Here are the biggest moments from the newest ABC show.

Ben Still Isn’t Over Lauren

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell may have called off their engagement eight months ago, but it seems like Ben isn’t over it quite yet. “That was the happiest day of my life,” Ben said about when he proposed. “The breakup still hurts.” He claimed he’s ready to “turn the page” and was working hard to schmooze all of the ladies in the house. “I’m hoping for that spark,” he said. “I want to be in love again.”

Eric Bigger, Dean Unglert and Josiah Graham on ‘Bachelor Winter Games‘
Eric Bigger, Dean Unglert and Josiah Graham on ‘Bachelor Winter Games‘ Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Josiah Compliments Ally’s ‘Badonkadonk’

Josiah, who was featured on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, knows he is “physically blessed” and is trying his hardest not to be arrogant during the Winter Games. However, he couldn’t help but compliment Ally, a previous contestant on the New Zealand Bachelor, about her figure when the two got to know each other a little better.

“We like that badonkadonk,” he told her. “Black men, we like the curves.” His comments obviously worked, because they ended up sharing the first make out session of the games. Even though neither of them won the biathlon later to get to go on a date, it looks like these two didn’t need a fancy dinner to get some one-on-one time. “I could see myself being with Ally,” Josiah said.

Ashley I. Cries … Again

Ashley I. might have a strong personality, but at least she is self aware! “I have a big reputation for being dramatic,” The Bachelor alum said.  From day one, she thought the only possible reason Kevin, a Canadian who Bibiana was flirting with, didn’t like her was because the cold air was making her skin dry and ugly. When Kevin won the biathlon and took Bibi on the date, Ashley’s signature water works made an appearance.

“I just don’t know what I’m doing,” Ashley sobbed. “Why does this always happen?” It looks like some things never change.

Kevin Wendt and Ashley Iaconetti on ‘Bachelor Winter Games‘
Kevin Wendt and Ashley Iaconetti on ‘Bachelor Winter Games‘ Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Lesley Gets Candid About Her Boobs

After her Bachelor experience, Lesley discovered she was at a high risk of breast cancer and chose to have a double mastectomy. She got her boobs reconstructed and is proud of the way she looks, but is nervous because she hasn’t been with a man since her surgery. “I’m a bit apprehensive to really dive in with someone,” Lesley said. “It’s a little bit nerve wracking.”

However, she wasn’t afraid to talk about it when flirting with Dean. “You can be the judge,” she said. “I think they look great.” The two ended up making up on the couch, so her comments obviously worked.

Christian Feels Left Out

It didn’t take long for couples to form from night one. Kevin and Bibi, Lesley and Dean, Josiah and Ally, Courtney and Lily, Luke and Rebecca and Clare and Benoit all made out almost immediately. “People are already pairing off and we’ve only been here a couple hours,” Luke said. It made some people, like Christian, the competitor from Germany, nervous for the rose ceremony.

“I’m really sad,” he said, even though multiple women have commented on his good looks.

The Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison revealed that the rose ceremony would be going down very differently this time: the men had to write down the name of the woman they felt wasn’t there for the right reasons, and the women had to do the same for the man they felt wasn’t there for the right reasons. The three women and the two men with the most votes would be going home.

Laura Blair, Zoe Tang, Lauren G., Courtney Dober and Eric Bigger were sent home. It’s definitely an interesting spin on the traditional rose ceremony process that requires the contestants to get to know their fellow housemates.

The Bachelor Winter Games airs Tuesdays and Thursdays on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.

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Winter Neutrals With Visual Interest

A new outfit from Kimberly Smith of Penny Pincher Fashion, whom we introduced to YLF in October 2013.

Kimberly cleverly uses neutral colours to create a Modern Classic Winter look with plenty of subtle visual interest. She’s layered a black crew neck sweater over a plaid flannel shirt that echoes the black, while the white adds lightness to the look. Pearl buttons on the sweater sleeves further complement the white. The silver studs on our blogger’s pointy-toed ankle boots also add a touch of light to the dark footwear. The “stitch pattern” is a fun way to add textural interest. Opting for a higher shaft bootie with the cropped jeans “bridges the gap” and ensures Kimberly’s legs stay warm. Her streamlined toffee coat creates structure and adds warmth to the black, white and denim colour palette. The chain-strap crossbody matches the palette. Rich burgundy nail polish and plum lipstick finish off the look beautifully.

Kimberly - 1

Kimberly - 2



Shaun White Is Going For Gold in the Halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here’s What to Know About the Event

Snowboarding legend Shaun White is aiming for gold Wednesday morning in his signature event of the men’s halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

After easily qualifying for the men’s snowboarding halfpipe finals Tuesday, White faces stiff competition heading into the finals, where he will square off against Australia’s Scotty James and Japan’s Ayumu Hirano.

The competition follows the women’s snowboarding halfpipe finals, where American phenom Chloe Kim won gold and became the youngest woman to do so in the event in Winter Olympics history.

That was just one gold medal in what has so far been a U.S. sweep of the sport, with Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson scoring gold in the men’s and women’s slopestyle events, respectively.

Before White, James and Hirano face off on the halfpipe in a battle for gold, here are several things to know about the snowboarding halfpipe event.

Rules of the snowboarding halfpipe event

Cameron Spencer—Getty ImagesShaun White of the United States competes during the Snowboard Men’s Halfpipe Qualification on day four of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Phoenix Snow Park on February 13, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Set on a 22-foot halfpipe, the men’s halfpipe event at the Olympics includes a qualification round and a final round. The top 12 scorers from the qualifications, where athletes had two runs on the halfpipe to earn the best score possible, go on to the final round. There, they will have three runs down the halfpipe to earn their highest score, which can range from 1 to a perfect 100.

According to the rules set by the International Ski Federation (ISF), athletes compete in the finals in reserve order of when they qualified. So, because White had the top score in his qualifications, he will compete last amongst the 12 finalists Wednesday.

An athlete’s score is determined by a panel of six judges, who will rank the halfpipe run on a scale that goes up to 100. The lowest and highest amounts from the six judges are then removed, and the remaining four scores are averaged to create an athlete’s final score, according to the ISF.

A judge’s score comes as the result of a number of factors that determine how difficult a halfpipe run was. Here are a few of examples of how these factors fit into a score:

  • amplitude, or height, the more difficult the run
  • A controlled execution of tricks, rotations, speed and landing will make for a better score.
  • A variety of tricks makes for a good run.
  • Using the full pipe throughout the run.
  • Helping the sport’s progress with new tricks bodes well for judges.
  • An ability to take risks on the halfpipe is vital. But, as the ISF notes, judges want the athletes “to push their run to its maximum but not beyond.”
  • Performing a combination of difficult tricks and moves back-to-back, rather than separating them with easier ones.

Of course, athletes can be deducted for a number of mistakes, from small to large, during their runs. Though White had the highest score in qualifications going into the men’s halfpipe finals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, he fell twice in Sochi during his first run and lost points that could have placed him on the podium. Luckily for White, he didn’t stop during those spills in Sochi. If a snowboarder stops on the halfpipe for more than 10 seconds, they can no longer earn any more points on their run and they must exit the course.

Snowboarding’s history at the Olympics

Final Half Pipe - Mens Snowboard
Adam Pretty—Getty ImagesShaun White of the United States (C) celebrates after winning the Gold Medal with teammate Daniel Kass (L) and Markku Koski of Finland in the Mens Snowboard Half Pipe Final on Day 2 of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games on February 12, 2006 in Bardonecchia, Italy.

Spectators certainly did not see any snowboarders shredding the half pipe at the first Winter Olympics in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The sport of snowboarding and the halfpipe did not make its Olympics debut until the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan. Back then, Switzerland’s Gian Simmen claimed the men’s halfpipe victory, and the U.S.’s Ross Powers earned bronze.

After that, the U.S. went on to dominate in the halfpipe event at the Olympics, with Powers securing gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and his teammates Danny Kass and Jarret Thomas earning silver and bronze, respectively.

White took the lead from there, earning gold medals in the event in 2006 in Turin and 2010 in Vancouver. Iouri Podladtchikov brought home another gold for Switzerland in 2014 in Sochi when White failed to make it on the podium.

Similarly, the women’s halfpipe has been dominated by the U.S. Americans have won gold, silver or bronze in the event since it debuted in 1998. Kelly Clark was a stand-out for Team USA in the event, which she won gold in 2002 and bronze in 2010 and 2014. This year she placed fourth, behind her teammate and 17-year-old star Chloe Kim, who won gold, and the U.S.’s Arielle Gold, who won bronze.

Popular snowboarding halfpipe moves by top competitors

Cameron Spencer—Getty ImagesScotty James of Australia competes during the Snowboard Men’s Halfpipe Qualification on day four of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Phoenix Snow Park on February 13, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

With difficulty and risk-taking as a vital part of a snowboarder’s score in the halfpipe, the best athletes in the event often try to land technically challenging moves to appease the judges and improve their chances to get on the podium. The top three competitors in the men’s halfpipe this year — White, Hirano and James — have all landed impressive tricks before.

Here’s what we know about their spectacular moves:

In White’s most impressive run to date at the Winter Olympics qualifications earlier this year when he scored a perfect 100, White completed one 1440 and a double McTwist 1260, one of his signature moves that he first debuted in 2010. That tricky move includes three twists and two flips.

Hirano is the first snowboarder to land back-to-back double cork 1440s in the halfpipe run. He first landed the trick at the X Games Snowboard SuperPipe competition earlier this year, where he won with a nearly perfect score of 99.00.

James, who has voiced criticism over White’s perfect score of 100 earlier this year, has a signature move of his own. His backside, double cork 1260 includes three-and-a-half rotations with a blind landing — and he is the only snowboarder to land the move in competition.

Sports – TIME


American figure skater responds to outrage he was ‘robbed’ at Winter Olympics

Rippon skated a near-flawless routine but the U.S. team won bronze.
ABC News: Top Stories

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Keep cozy this winter with 5 favorite stretchy baby carriers


Joyce Slaton

posted in Products

Whether you live in a location with cold wintry blowing winds or nonstop ice and snow, a stretchy baby carrier is just the thing to keep your newborn cozy. Here are our 5 faves for the winter months, and videos that show how to put each on, so you can pick the method that appeals to you.

1. Boba Wrap

So beloved by BabyCenter moms that it was a Best Baby Carrier finalist for 2017, this snuggly wrap is made of 95 percent cotton with 5 percent spandex for a little stretch, and holds your baby from birth to 30 pounds or 36 months, whichever comes first. Like many wrap carriers, the Boba takes a little practice to get on comfortably. Parents say about the Boba: “Criss cross, cross tie. Done. I can get this wrap on while holding the baby, or if I’m lucky enough to be able to put him down, i can get it on within 30 seconds.” “My 2 month old loves this wrap and I take him everywhere in it; the grocery store, baseball games, around the house, etc. It’s helped so much during his fussy times, we cannot live without it.”

Here’s how to put it on:

Buy it: $ 40

2. Moby Wrap

Another Best Baby Carrier finalist for 2017, the Moby, like the Boba, takes some practice to get right. Once you do, though, you may find yourself using the Moby well beyond the newborn phase since it holds toddlers up to 35 pounds. The 100-percent cotton fabric is washable, so no worries if a spit-up situation occurs. Parents say about the Moby: “Instantly makes a crying baby go to sleep. Baby was very, very cozy in there.” “I love that there are so many different ways to wear it so that it can be used for a long time with your growing baby.”

Here’s how to put it on — basic instructions start at :55:

Buy it: $ 45

3. Boppy ComfyFit

The newest carrier on this list folds into its own little pouch to make diaper bag or stroller basket take-alongs that much easier, and has the same comfy stretch as yoga pants. It’s machine washable, allows you to carry your baby from 8 to 35 pounds in the front-facing-in or front-facing-out positions, and has a click-to-fasten adjustable waistbelt that handles waists of up to 56 inches, which makes it easier to fit most parents and share one carrier between every caregiver in the house. Parents say: “This carrier provides great head support while still keeping him close.” “It’s a happy medium between the all-fabric stretchy wraps and the bulky harness ones.”

Here’s how to put it on. Since the ComfyFit is so new, there’s no English-language instructional video on YouTube at this time, but you can figure it out with this Italian-language video:

Buy it: $ 70

4. Baby K’Tan

Parents love the K’Tan because it’s relatively easy to put on — you put it on kind of like a halter top, and only have to wrap the waist section, so the fabric doesn’t drag on the ground like it can with wraps with longer tails. It does mean, however, that you have to take the K’Tan’s sizing seriously, and if you and your baby’s other caregivers have different-sized bodies, you may have to get more than one carrier to fit everyone. You can use the K’Tan’s sash as a carrying pouch to wrap it up in your diaper bag. Parents say: “I wear this out like an infinity scarf, and when kiddo gets hungry, I slip the loops on (just follow instructions in package) and pop her in.” “When nothing else calms down the baby, I put her in this and it does the trick.”

How to put it on for your newborn baby:

Buy it: $ 50

5. Ergobaby 4D Stretch Baby Wrap Carrier

Parents love this carrier, which they say is more breathable (yet still cozy) than other carriers, and doesn’t stretch out as you wear your baby. Suitable for newborns and children from 8 to 35 pounds, the 4D is often compared to the Moby in terms of quality and wear. You’ll love the pocket on the wrap that holds the essentials so you can leave the house bag-free on occasion. Parents say: “I like that I can put it on and keep it on all day and take my son in and out of it without rewrapping.” “It is very easy to use! I love the option that it folds back into pouch for easy, clean storage.”

Here’s how to put the Ergobaby Wrap on a newborn:

Buy it: $ 80

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which allows us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Underwear for Boys: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!


Underwear for Girls: 20% OFF with the Purchase of 3 Items at Souris Mini!

All the Medals the U.S. Has Won in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Team USA athletes are hitting the ice and slopes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, with the hopes of standing on the coveted Olympic podium.

Often a top contender at the Winter Olympic games, the U.S. has a number of gold-medal favorites, including snowboarder Chloe Kim and alpine skiers Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn. But the U.S. faces stiff competition this year from countries like Norway, which dominates in cross-country skiing and biathlon, among other sports, and Germany, which has forceful teams in luge and bobsled.

At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the U.S. came in second with 28 medals overall, including nine golds, behind Russia, which earned 33 medals and 13 golds. The International Olympic Committee banned Russia from competing this year due to doping, so 169 athletes from the country who were cleared to compete will do so under a nameless flag.

Snowboarder Red Gerard, 17, won Team USA’s first medal at the Winter Olympics this year with his gold in the men’s slopestyle event in a stunning upset. And just after Gerard won gold, luger Chris Mazdzer made history when he scored silver — the first men’s Olympic luge medal of any kind in U.S. history.

Here’s how many medals Team USA has at the 2018 Winter Olympics so far.


  • Red Gerard, Snowboarding/slopestyle


  • Chris Mazdzer, Luge

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Teenager Red Gerard Wins Team USA’s First Gold at Pyeongchang’s Winter Olympics

(PYEONGCHANG) —American teenager Red Gerard has won the first gold medal for the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics, edging Canadians Max Parrot and Mark McMorris for the top spot in men’s slopestyle snowboarding.

Gerard, a 17-year-old from Silverthorne, Colorado, drilled his third and final run on the chilly but sun-splashed course at Phoenix Snow Park. His score of 87.16 was just enough to edge Parrot.

Parrot washed out in his first two runs but nailed his final trip through the tricky series of rails and jumps to post a score of 86.00. McMorris took third after putting up a score of 85.20 in his second run.

Gerard is the second straight American to win the event, which made its Olympic debut four years ago.

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This Is the Order That Countries Marched in at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

The broadcast of the peace-themed Opening Ceremony of the highly-anticipated 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea officially kicked off Friday at 8 p.m. local time.

Around 3,000 athletes from 92 countries and territories braced frightful temperatures as they marched into the new PyeongChang Olympic Stadium under their country’s flag during the Parade of Nations – as per Olympic tradition. North and South Korea made history when they marched together under a single flag, as musicians performed John Lennon’s iconic hit “Imagine.”

But many social media users observing the ceremony seemed slightly confused by the order of events. “What is the order of the countries coming out in the opening ceremony? It’s not alphabetical?” wrote one Twitter user. “Weird opening ceremony. Don’t know how they’ve determined the order of countries. Not alphabetical just muddled up,” added another.

In fact, the order that the countries marched in was alphabetic – but following the Korean alphabet known as Hangeul, as opposed to the English alphabet. That is why, by way of example, Denmark followed New Zealand, Iran followed Ukraine and Bermuda followed the United States of America.

That said, there are two exceptions to the rule. Firstly, an Olympic Opening Ceremony parade always begins with Greece, in honor of where the games originate from, and the host nation always goes last. This time, both North and South Korea appeared at the conclusion of the parade, as they were marching under the same flag.

Here’s the full order that countries marched in at the 2018 Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics:

1. Greece
2. Ghana
3. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
4. Nigeria
5. South Africa
6. Netherlands
7. Norway
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
10. Germany
11. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
12. Latvia
13. Olympic Athletes from Russia
14. Lebanon
15. Romania
16. Luxembourg
17. Lithuania
18. Liechtenstein
19. Madagascar
20. Malaysia
21. Mexico
22. Monaco
23. Morocco
24. Montenegro
25. Republic of Moldova
26. Malta
27. Mongolia
28. United States of America
29. Bermuda
30. Belgium
31. Belarus
32. Bosnia and Herzegovina
33. Bolivia
34. Bulgaria
35. Brazil
36. San Marino
37. Serbia
38. Sweden
39. Switzerland
40. Spain
41. Slovakia
42. Slovenia
43. Singapore
44. Armenia
45. Argentina
46. Iceland
47. Ireland
48. Azerbaijan
49. Andorra
50. Albania
51. Eritrea
52. Estonia
53. Ecuador
54. Great Britain
55. Australia
56. Austria
57. Uzbekistan
58. Ukraine
59. Islamic Republic of Iran
60. Israel
61. Italy
62. India
63. Japan
64. Jamaica
65. Georgia
66. People’s Republic of China
67. Chinese Taipei
68. Czech Republic
69. Chile
70. Kazakhstan
71. Canada
72. Kenya
73. Kosovo
74. Colombia
75. Croatia
76. Kyrgyzstan
77. Cyprus
78. Thailand
79. Turkey
80. Togo
81. Tonga
82. Pakistan
83. Portugal
84. Poland
85. Puerto Rico
86. France
87. Finland
88. Philippines
89. Hungary
90. Hong Kong, China
91. Korea (North and South)

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3 mental tricks to win gold at the Winter Olympics

By the time Olympic athletes arrive in Pyeongchang, South Korea, they have trained their bodies to near-perfection. But it’s how well they’ve trained their minds that may determine who’s more likely to take home a medal. – RSS Channel – Health


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How Nathan Chen Became America’s Greatest Hope for Figure Skating Glory at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Nathan Chen hit the ice jumping when he landed in PyeongChang, South Korea to compete in his first Winter Olympic Games. Despite not sleeping through the night because of jet lag, the young American star managed to skate all three practice sessions to which he was assigned and he held little back, landing most of the challenging quadruple jumps for which he’s known.

That bodes well for the first member of the U.S. Olympic figure skating team scheduled to compete in PyeongChang. Chen, 18, will skate the short program portion of the team event this Thursday, Feb. 8, at 8pm ET, a day before the official Olympics opening ceremony on Feb. 9.

It’s a moment Chen was all but groomed for. When he was seven, Chen used to perform a routine set to “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King, decked out in a Simba costume with hoodie, ears and tail that his mother made for the occasion. Few could have predicted how prescient it was.

Chen is now the two-time U.S. national figure skating champion and is known as the Quad King for being the first skater in the world to land five quadruple jumps in a single program. Most elite figure skaters perfect just one or two of the four-rotation jumps. But Chen’s ability to whip off five different quad jumps makes him a favorite to win individual Olympic gold in PyeongChang.

A native of Salt Lake City and the youngest of five, Chen displayed his extraordinary skating skill from an early age, landing his first triple jumps at 10. Mastering quad jumps was an extension of the work ethic instilled by his parents, who immigrated from China. “My parents always wanted the very best from me, and pushed me further and further,” Chen tells TIME. “That stuck with me, and it’s something I’ve taken hold of myself and tried to improve on.”

As a rising junior figure skater, Chen noticed a “dry spell” in men’s skating in the U.S. during which there “hasn’t been too much motivation to do quad jumps,” he says. (A U.S. man’s last Olympic skating medal was Evan Lysacek’s gold in 2010.) “I was seeing younger guys at international competitions do crazy things, and realized we were a little far behind, and that we needed to keep pushing forward.”

Watching a competitor from China packing his figure skating programs with three quad jumps sparked a competitive fire in Chen. “Knowing that other guys were far ahead of me switched a light on in my head, that it was really important to get these quad jumps,” he says.

Trained in ballet and gymnastics along with skating, Chen’s strength and technique offered a strong foundation for building his repertoire of quad jumps. His training partner and Olympic teammate, Adam Rippon, says Chen is “one of the best jumpers in the world” and credits Chen with improving his own figure skating.

Chen is also among the most versatile. His programs seem to be a continuous work in progress — this season he has not performed the same long program twice, switching up his figure skating jumps depending on how he is feeling physically and compensating for any mistakes he may have made. Because he is able to execute five different quadruple jumps (not to mention their triple versions too), he has a range of tricks he can slide into his routines. “I’m the only skater currently who can do all five quads. So having that technical difficulty in my arsenal allows me to manipulate my program however I want during competition.”

Read More: 31 Athletes to Watch in the PyeongChang Olympics

The downside of all that flexibility (and sheer physical force) is the toll it can take on his body. Just after winning his first medal, a bronze, at the senior U.S. national championships in 2016, Chen injured his hip, forcing him to spend five months off the ice to recover.

Once back in the rink, Chen focused on soaring even higher. “I never set out to do these programs, or to make history,” he says. “I just like to keep pushing myself and the sport.”

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Lindsey Vonn Had a Rough Time Getting to the Winter Olympics

Lindsey Vonn has waited a long time to represent Team USA once more at the Olympics — so a (very) delayed flight wasn’t going to bring her down. The athlete’s flight, which was scheduled to depart from Munich to Seoul at 4:10 p.m. local time, was held back because passengers were told that they needed a new document to fly.

According to ESPN, Vonn and her fellow passengers — which included other Olympic athletes — sat on the plane for three hours before having to get off to board another aircraft.

“I want to sleep so bad but I have to wait until we take off,” she wrote in a text, via ESPN. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

Luckily, the 33-year-old made it just in time for the Pyeongchang Games. “After over 6 hours of hanging out at the gate, we’re off!! See you in another 10 hours Korea!” she tweeted on Wednesday night. “We made it!!! It took exactly 24 hours… but we are here!!”

This is Vonn’s first time back at the Olympics in eight years. She had to miss the Sochi Olympics because of her knee injury. The opening ceremony kicks off on Friday, February 9, and her first scheduled event is the Super G on Saturday, February 17.

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The coolest tech innovations you’ll see at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics

Already known as a booming tech hub, South Korea is gearing up to impress the world with cutting-edge innovations at next month's 2018 Winter Olympics.
Top News & Analysis


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Lindsey Vonn Is Having Trouble Getting to South Korea for the Winter Olympics

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is on her way to South Korea for the Winter Olympics, but only after encountering a series of delays.

Vonn tweeted to her almost 1 million followers on Wednesday, writing that her Lufthansa plane sat on the runway for nearly two hours without taking off, and that it seemed like incorrect travel documents were to blame.

Two hours later she updated her Twitter feed, saying that the airline had passengers deplane while a new plane was being located.

Ever the prolific tweeter, Vonn also included a play-by-play of her experience on the delayed flight, telling her followers that she caught a man next to her discreetly trying to take a selfie with her when his camera flash accidentally gave him away.

About five hours after getting on the original plane, Vonn tweeted that she was finally on a new plane:

Vonn is trying to get to PyeongChang to participate in this year’s opening ceremony, which kicks off Feb. 9. The Olympics-bound athlete is the most accomplished female ski racer in history, with 78 World Cup wins under her belt.

She had to sit out the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, due to injury, so this will be her first Olympics in eight years. She said on social media that it will be especially emotional for her due to her grandfather’s passing, saying she would “make him proud.”




Sports – TIME


Shaun White Is Chasing Gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here Are 5 Facts You May Not Know About the Snowboarder

Shaun White wears many hats.

Best known as “the Flying Tomato,” the break-out star of the Winter Olympics of years past has set snowboarding records and, most recently, scored the perfect 100 in his qualifying event for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. White also has a number of ventures outside of the Olympics, including a skateboarding career and a stint as the guitarist for a rock band.

But with great success sometimes comes hardship. White had a disappointing finish in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, where he placed fourth and missed the podium in his signature half-pipe event. And his run-up to the Olympics this year was threatened by two major injuries that both landed him in the hospital in the fall.

Nonetheless, White will return to this year’s Winter Olympics with an eye on the podium, as recently teased during a Super Bowl LII commercial set to to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” Here are fun facts to know about White before he hits the half-pipe with qualifications on Feb. 12:

Shaun White won’t be sidelined by snowboarding injuries

Just months out from the 2018 Winter Olympics, White fell during practice in New Zealand and split open his face. The bloody crash in October 2017 resulted in 62 stitches — and a missed month of training.

“I just like scared myself,” White said after the injuries, according to the NBC Olympics site. “I’ve never really had that much blood coming out of me before.”

The gruesome crash did not appear to affect White’s snowboarding, however. At the U.S. Grand Prix in January, where athletes vying for Olympic spots compete, White not only qualified for his fourth Olympic team, but he also scored a perfect 100 — the second perfect score of his career.

As expected with extreme sports, White has suffered a number of other injuries throughout his career — including another serious one this season. Last September, White was sent to the hospital after he fell while attempting a double flip. That injury kept him out of the Winter Games NZ, where his Olympic teammates Chloe Kim and Kelly Clark competed.

In a post on Instagram, White wrote: “The biggest scare was seeing blood in my urine but after the tests came back looking good I was released to go home.”

Shaun White has two Olympic medals—and is chasing a third

Vancouver Medal Ceremony - Day 7
Kevork Djansezian—Getty ImagesShaun White of United States celebrates his gold medal during the 2010 Vancouver medal ceremony for the Men’s Halfpipe in Canada. Kevork Djansezian—Getty Images

Following a disappointing fourth-place finish in Sochi, White aims to return to the podium in his fourth Olympic Games in PyeongChang. In fact, gold is a familiar color for White. He’s won two Olympic gold medals and has the most gold medals of any X Games competitor.

It’s unclear how White will fare against stiff competition in PyeongChang—particularly from the Australia’s Scott James and Japan’s Ayumu Hirano — but his perfect score on the halfpipe in January could be an indicator of his snowboarding talent at the moment.

“Getting the perfect score was just nuts,” White said after the event in January. “I mean, I’m just so happy. Honestly, I never say this, I’m really proud of myself.”

“It’s been a long recovery from that to get to this point to try to make the team, and just to get rewarded for that run,” White added. “I really felt like I put it down.”

In addition to his Olympic gold medals, White’s accomplishments include 18 X Games medals in snowboarding, 10 ESPY awards and 10 U.S. Open medals. (Additionally, he was the youngest rider to ever win a U.S. Open.)

Shaun White got his first sponsorship deal when he was just 7 years old

Daniel Milchev—Getty ImagesShaun White competes during the Men’s Halfpipe finals of the 2017 Burton U.S. Open on March 4, 2017 in Vail, Colo. Daniel Milchev—Getty Images

At just seven years old, White landed his first endorsement deal with Burton, a snowboarding apparel and equipment company. Soon after, the sponsorship deals continued to grow.

Going pro at age 13, White also scored endorsement deals with brands like Oakley and Target, where he had launched a boys clothing line several years ago.

White now has a number of his own entrepreneurial ventures. He has a men’s clothing line called WHT Space, and he owns a percentage of Mammoth Mountain, a popular Southern California ski resort where snowboarding athletes often train. White consistently tops lists of the highest-paid Olympic athletes and Forbes valued him at $ 20 million in 2012.

Shaun White is also an accomplished skateboarder

X Games 13 - Skateboarding - Halfpipe
Icon Sports Wire—Corbis via Getty ImagesSkate Boarder Shaun White during the skate boarding event at the X games at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. Icon Sports Wire—Corbis via Getty Images

In addition to snowboarding, White is also a decorated skateboarder, with five X Games medals, including a gold in 2011.

White road professionally for Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards, and has floated the idea of competing at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where skateboarding will debut as an Olympic sport.

The actual skateboarding events at the Olympics aren’t within White’s specialties, as the park and street competitions don’t include a half-pipe. “It’s going to take a little learning curve but it won’t be too dramatic,” White told the Associated Press of training for those events.

Shaun White is also a musician

Scott Dudelson—Getty ImagesProfessional snowboarder and musician Shaun White performs onstage with his band Bad Things at Rose Bowl on February 21, 2015 in Pasadena, Calif. Scott Dudelson—Getty Images

Outside of sports, White also plays the guitar. He played guitar for and went on tour with the group Bad Things for several years until they disbanded in 2015. White learned to play guitar after he won a snowboarding event and received a Fender Stratocaster, according to Rolling Stone.

White’s band released one self-titled album in 2014, and performed at 2013’s Lollapalooza.

The band also performed at Air + Style, which is a snowboarding, skateboarding and music festival held in Los Angeles. As it combines many of White’s interests, the athlete became a majority shareholder in the event in 2014. The festival has drawn talent like Kendrick Lamar, Flume and J Cole, and the upcoming event in March will include performances from Phoenix, Zedd and Gucci Mane.

Sports – TIME


Winter Olympics Security Guards Pulled After Norovirus Outbreak


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The 50 Best Products for Surviving Winter

It’s official: Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and that means we’ll have to endure several weeks more of winter. Rather than suffer through to last month and a half of the coldest season, why not enjoy it? These simple yet genius buys will keep you warmer, safer, and more prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.
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What Are Your Favorite Stores for Winter Coats?

favorite stores for winter coats

Alas, I think I’ve waited too long to do my Hunt for winter coats, as there are only lucky sizes left for everything I like. So instead, let’s have a discussion about three things:

  • where would you go if you’re looking for an AFFORDABLE BUT DEPENDABLY WARM COAT?
  • where would you go if you were looking for a STATEMENT COAT (that’s slightly affordable)?
  • where would you go if you were buying an INVESTMENT COAT?

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Pictured at top: pink / blue / brown. Oooh, this one is also lovely but is down to one size and even at 75% off it’s still $ 2K+. 

My answers would be these — but I’m really curious what you guys would say. (For those of you who have loved J.Crew coats in the past, would you still put them in the first category?)

As far as statement coats go, I never got a ton of wear out of it but I was pretty thrilled to find a fake fur coat for $ 10 at a random thrift store in Evanston, IL during my college years — it’s probably still hanging in my parents’ basement. I also still regret losing my grandmother’s blue tweed coat — I’m still hopeful I’ll find it one day. Finally: it wasn’t a winter coat, but rather a lighterweight jacket that was a gray check lined with a red satin that I bought on a trip to Germany one summer when I only packed summer clothes, somehow forgetting that 70 degrees is jacket weather, at least for someone who’s always freezing like me. It was bought during my skinnier years, and it’s one of those things I stubbornly hang onto, even though I haven’t fit into it in years.

How about you — where are your favorite places to go for winter coats? Have you bought any great coats recently (regale us with your sale stories, ladies!)! Have you ever had a statement coat that you were super happy to have? 

Psst: we’ve also talked in the past about what to look for in a great winter coat, and rounded up washable winter coats over on our blog for working moms.

We rounded up our favorite stores for winter coats in three categories: affordable and dependably warm coats, STATEMENT coats, and investment coats.

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Celebrities Got the Winter Blues This Week, Sartorially Speaking

The red carpet rainbow favored vibrant blues this week, with the on-trend tone making an appearance at premieres and parties all around the globe. The cobalt-colored festivities kicked off at the Grammys and closed out with Kate Middleton’s trip to Sweden, with numerous celebrities getting in on …

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5 English-Dubbed Anime to Watch This Winter 2018

Winter is almost over, but anime streaming services have only just released their English-dub lineups for winter 2018. Finally, dub fans will get a chance to watch the winter favorites their sub-loving counterparts have been raving about. Here are five English-dubbed anime shows you should watch this winter.


 english dubbed anime winter 2018 DARLING in the FRANXX
  • Premiere date: February 1, 2018
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures and Trigger
  • Genre(s): Sci-fi, Mecha
  • Where to watch: Funimation

DARLING in the FRANXX takes place in a war-plagued future where children live in cages. The children solely exist to pilot giant mechas called FranXX against a mysterious race known as the Kyoryu. Hiro, our protagonist, was once considered one of the best FRANXX navigators. That is until he lost his ability to pilot the giant robots and, subsequently, the admiration of his peers. After all, not piloting a FRANXX is the same as not existing. However, when Hiro meets Zero Two, a strange girl with horns, his luck begins to change.

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

english dubbed anime winter 2018 Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler
  • Premiere date: February 1, 2018
  • Studio: MAPPA
  • Genre(s): Drama, Game, Mystery, Psychological, School, Shounen
  • Where to watch: Netflix

The high-stakes gambling anime, Kakegurui, was a surprise hit last summer. So, of course, Netflix decided to stream the English-dubbed version to reach a broader audience. In Kakegurui, the students spend their days studying traditional school subjects. But when night falls, the real lessons begin. High-rolling teenage gamblers play kids games, such as rock-paper-scissors, but if the player loses, they must become the winner’s servant. Kakegurui is an unexpected adrenaline rush. With a thrilling story, an awesome soundtrack, and insane characters, this anime will keep you hooked.

Pop Team Epic

english dubbed anime winter 2018 Pop Team Epic
  • Premiere date: January 22, 2018
  • Studio: Kamikaze Douga
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Parody
  • Where to watch: Funimation

Pop Team Epic follows two girls, quick-tempered Popuko and the calm Pipimi. Their absurd adventures are full of odd, dark humor that will have you clutching your pearls. If that isn’t enough to worry your grandparents, then the girls’ potty mouths will. Despite its crudeness, Pop Team Epic has achieved internet fame. There may be no rhyme or reason behind anything that the girls do, but that’s a part of the show’s charm. If you are looking for a laugh, then this is the anime for you.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

english dubbed anime winter 2018 Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
  • Premiere date: January 28, 2018
  • Studio: Shin-Ei Animation
  • Genre(s): Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Where to watch: Funimation

“If you blush, you lose,” is a principle that middle schooler Nishikata knows all too well. Tired of his classmate, Takagi-san’s, teasing, Nishikata intends to turn the tables on her and get revenge. But is Takagi-san’s continuous pestering a front for something else? Something beautiful? Will the young Nishikata ever learn Takagi-san’s true intention? This winter 2018 season has many slice-of-life shows, but Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san is one that you should check out. Not only will it make you laugh, it will fill your heart with joy.

Dagashi Kashi 2

english dubbed anime winter 2018 Dagashi Kashi 2
  • Premiere date: January 29, 2018
  • Studio: Tezuka Productions
  • Genre(s): Slice of Life, Comedy, Shounen
  • Where to watch: Funimation

In Dagashi Kashi 2, Kokonotsu continues to pursue his dream of becoming a shoujo manga artist. However, his family wants him to join the family business, a shop that sells traditional Japanese candy. When Hotaru, a lover of dagashi (candy), finds out about Kokonotsu’s plans, she (along with his other friends) decides to do everything possible to push him into the candy business. Will Hotaru sway the aspiring manga artist to take over his father’s sweet shop? Or will he broaden his horizons and follow his dreams?

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The 10 Most Important Layering Pieces for Winter

To be honest, looking stylish in the winter months can sometimes be a tall order. How are you supposed to bundle up when the temperatures dip to freezing single digits and also pull together a cool outfit? Looking to fashion girls, we picked up on a few tricks. What it really comes down to is making sure you have a few key essentials in your arsenal. Start with some wardrobe building blocks like a turtleneck or tights that are perfect for layering. Then, add in accessories like a warm scarf in a bold color. And finally, invest in a coat to top off your look—styles like puffers are not only practical but also make a statement for a winter outfit.

Leather pants are a chic way to stay warm.
Wrap yourself in a warm, colorful scarf.
A leather jacket is an essential. Try a less traditional one covered in fringe.
Turtlenecks are the ultimate layering piece. Wear them with everything from high-waisted trousers to skirts and boots.
A patent leather coat is sleek and cool.
Wear tights as a layering piece to stay warm but also to make a style statement. In addition to black, we’ve been seeing opaque tights in an array of fun colors.
A patterned coat is the statement-making piece that can pull an outfit together.
Add a bomber jacket to your outfit but try one in an unexpected print.
Not only are puffer coats warm, they’re also the piece of outerwear every cool fashion girl owns.
Add a jacket to your look in a bold color for an outfit that stands out.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage |


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The Best Dressed of Berlin Fashion Week Tell Us Their Survival Strategies For The Berlin Winter

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to feel inspired in winter when you’re drowning under layers of turtlenecks and fleece. We […]

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John John Florence & Jamie O’Brien Owning Pipeline This Winter

Both Jamie O’Brien and John John Florence light up some backside bangers at pipeline during a free session this winter.



Instagram: @Chris.Kincade



Shorebreak Madness – Botha – JMV – Seabass – Clark Little 2015…

The post John John Florence & Jamie O’Brien Owning Pipeline This Winter appeared first on .


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North Korea Pulls Out of a Cultural Event With South Korea Ahead of the Winter Olympics

(SEOUL, South Korea) — North Korea has cancelled one of the key joint cooperation projects with South Korea planned for next month’s Winter Olympics, officials said, further proving the delicate nature of ties between the rivals split for seven decades.

North Korea on Monday night sent a message saying it won’t hold a joint cultural event at the North’s Diamond Mountain on Feb. 4 to mark the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, according to Seoul’s Unification Ministry.

The ministry cited North Korea as saying it has no other option but to cancel the project because of South Korean media reports that it says defamed its “sincere” measures for the Olympics. The North also accused South Korean media of picking a fight over an unspecified domestic festival in North Korea, according to the ministry statement.

The statement said South Korea considers the North’s decision “very regrettable.”

The North didn’t say which media reports were at issue. But some reports had criticized the North’s plan to stage a major event to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of its military on Feb. 8, just one day before the Olympics’ opening ceremony. South Korean officials have said the North plans a massive military parade on the anniversary.

It’s not clear how the latest development would affect other planned Olympics-related cooperation projects between the Koreas. They agreed to field a joint women’s hockey team and have their athletes parade together under a single flag during the Feb. 9 opening ceremony. A dozen North Korean hockey players arrived in North Korea last week to practice with the South Korean players.

North Korea has a history of last-minute cancellations and unexplained reversals, and some experts say it might have sought to gain concessions from the South. The visit earlier this month of a prominent band leader to inspect artistic venues in the South was delayed by North Korea but eventually took place.

The Koreas’ current reconciliation mood followed a year of heightened animosities over North Korea’s nuclear program. Many analysts say the North may want to use improved ties with South Korea to weaken U.S.-led pressure and sanctions on the country.

Sports – TIME


Survive the winter with these $13 cleats that attach to any shoes or boots

Best Snow Boots On Amazon

A lot of people think that they can slap on any old pair of snow boots and they don’t have to worry at all about slipping on the snow or ice. Yeah, that’s not the case at all. Snow boots give you better traction, sure, but they’re nothing compared to Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats. These awesome rubber straps fit over any shoes or boots and metal coils on the bottom give you excellent grip as you trek out into treacherous winter weather. They start at under $ 13 and go up to $ 15 depending on your shoe size, and they could be the difference between a quick walk to your car and a serious injury.

Here’s what you need to know from the product page:

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Lightweight and affordable slip-on traction cleats to reduce the risk of falls when walking on snow or ice to work, school, or even to the mailbox
  • Made of abrasion-resistant 1.2 mm steel coils with zinc coating to prevent rust; secured to shoes with durable Polyelastomer outer band
  • Provides 360 degrees of traction on cold surfaces for all-direction stability
  • Highly elastic outer band with heel tab slips easily slips on and off of shoes; perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly
  • Tested safe from breakage in temps as low as -41 degrees F; available in XS (Extra-small) S, M, and L sizes to fit most shoes

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice, Medium: $ 19.80

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Winter Ready: What to Wear in 30-Degree Weather

When the temperature drops below freezing, dressing to brave the outdoors isn’t an easy task. Dressing to brave the outdoors in a stylish getup is even more of a challenge. To get you through these winter months—bundled up to brave the cold without compromising your personal style—we’ve put together some welcome inspiration for what to wear in 30-degree weather. Straight from the streets of New York, Paris, and Stockholm fashion week, our favorite It girls serve up plenty of cold-weather outfit ideas to give a try this winter. Just add your coziest pair of gloves and your favorite insulating beanie and you’re good to go.

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How to Care for Curly Hair in Winter

how to care for curly hair in winterHere’s a question for all the curly girls out there: what are your best tips for taking care of your curly hair in the winter? What are your best tips for controlling frizz, moisturizing your hair, caring for your scalp, and so forth? We had a great discussion about curly and wavy hair in the winter a loooong time ago, and I thought we’d have an updated to care for curly hair in winter

Here are the major questions for curly hair in the winter: when do you shower? Do you wet your full head every day — or just attack it with a spray bottle in the morning? How do you avoid wet hair on your commute (does anyone do the spray/rejuvenate curls step at the office?) What hats, headbands, or other types of things do you like best to preserve your curls? Do you find that you need to cleanse your hair MORE–or less in the winter — and if it’s less does your scalp need extra TLC? What curly hair products do you like best for winter? (Does anyone prefer to just wear updos in the winter?)

As I’ve noted before, my hair always had a wave to it, but as I get older it gets curlier and curlier. There are huge differences in my curl pattern, though — the back of my head is super kinky, while the pieces in the front are looser, almost wavyish — and although I would say I’m getting more in control of when it looks “good” (maybe 80% of the time now versus 40% of the time in previous years), I still get a blowout for major events.  So: I consider myself to be a “part-time curly” in that I only wear it curly some of the time. Accordingly, I get “straight” cuts, not curly cuts, because the few times I’ve had curly cuts (years ago now) I hated getting blowouts because there were so many odd, choppy layers. (When my curly cut was blown straight, my hair definitely had that “toddler attacked my hair with scissors” (or, hey, “I got drunk and tried to cut my hair”) kind of look to it — and that’s from the Mothership of curly cuts, the Devachon salon in SoHo.) Last year I also started getting keratin treatments based on the recommendation of another curly friend — it’s made blowouts easier and faster, and it’s made my regular curls less frizzy and slightly looser. Expensive and time-consuming (the keratin appointment is 3-4 hours), but I kind of like it.

Curly Hair Products I use and like:

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Note that all of these links go to Amazon, which I did just because it was a fast and easy way to give you a visual of the product — you can find a lot of these at a better price at your local drugstore. Also note that in the beauty world it’s a truth generally acknowledged that Amazon may not have “authorized” sellers (or out of date products, or fakes) so: caveat emptor. 

Readers with curly, kinky, or wavy hair — what are your tips? How do you care for your curly hair in the winter? 

Stock photo: Shutterstock/Jeanette Dietl.

What are the best tips for how to care for curly hair in the winter? We had a great discussion with the Corporette readers a long time ago, and thought we'd update it -- Kat shared her tips as a "part-time curly," and other readers advised how to deal when it's freezing outside and you can't just quickly blowdry your hair like a straight-haired woman.

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What to Wear to Work in the Winter

what to wear to work in the winterAt some point, every stylish young professional wonders what to wear to work in the winter. We’ve had a ton of great discussions over the years, from how to do business casual in cold weather, to specific advice on navigating a New York winter with style and grace (watch out for subway puddles!) I thought we’d round up some of our best advice in one spot!

What Tops to Wear to Work in the Winterwhat to wear to work in the winter - image of a woman in a coat, hat and mittens

  • It’s hard to beat cashmere sweaters or merino wool sweaters for warmth, and you can find them in a huge range of styles, colors, and prices. We round up our favorites on a regular basis — see our most recent roundups of our favorite affordable cashmere for work or our favorite merino wool sweaters.
  • Don’t be afraid of layering for additional warmth, particularly on top — a silk button front blouse layers nicely under most sweaters as well as some sleeveless sheath dresses; a thin turtleneck can also be a great layering piece when you just need warmth.
  • Whether it’s a holiday networking event or a holiday office party, I’ve always been a fan of the festive blazer in fabrics like velvet or tweed — here’s our last roundup of the best winter blazers to wear to work.
  • Sheath dresses or sweater dresses can also be great — especially if you’re dealing with a warmer winter with a lot of slush and puddles. They’re warm enough that you’re not freezing, and the tights + dress + boot combo leaves you without any too-long trouser legs to get wet. (See more thoughts on tights/stockings below!)

The Best Bottoms to Wear to Work in the Winter

What to Wear to Work in the Winter: Professional Outerwear

  • Keep your feet warm! If it’s slushy, cold weather, check out our last roundup on weatherproof boots. And if you have to INTERVIEW in a snowstorm — or otherwise want to wear, say, a skirt suit and pumps — we rounded up some of the best foldable, packable boots so you can easily change once you get inside the building. (These boots can also be great to keep at your office as emergency footwear!)
  • Ideally, you want to look for a grreat winter coat that fits on top of blazers, is long enough (mid-thigh) to wear with skirts, and is polished enough to walk down the office hallway. We’ve rounded up thoughts on how to find a great winter coat, as well as all-time favorite winter coats — note that while I’ve always been against puffy coats for work, many readers swear by this one from Patagonia. Over at CorporetteMoms, we’ve shared some washable winter coats.
  • If you’re always freezing, you may want to choose a scarf that’s big enough to double as a wrap so you can keep it on once you get to the office — they’re great for layering, even on top of blazers. We rounded up our some of our favorite wraps here.

What to Wear to Work During a Warm Winter (or: What Not to Wear to Work in the Winter? See what works better with summaries) [what about too-hot office heating?]

Finally, if you’re new to business attire and need some broad categories of what not to wear to work in the winter (or to winter networking events like those held for students home on break), these should help:

Readers, what are your thoughts — what do you think you should NOT wear to work in the winter? What do you wear the most to work in the winter (sweaters? warm blazers? fleece tights?)? What fashion gaffes for winter workwear do you see at your office or on your commute?

Stock photo via Deposit Photos / @ adam_r

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Ensemble: Texture Rich in Winter

Get the creative juices flowing in Winter by pulling together outfits that incorporate a wide assortment of textures. There’s tweed, velvet, faux fur, mesh, suede, leather, beading, embroidery, metallics, silk, hosiery, saddle-stitching, patent, pom-poms, mesh, woolly yarns, stitch interest, cashmere, lace, plaids, tortoiseshell, hardware, studs and jewellery. 

Think of any way to combine a variety of textures into an outfit to create the maximal “kitchen sink effect.” Choose any colour palette. You’ll probably do some pattern mixing in the process. Here are two renditions to get you started.

Tweed, Leather and Faux Fur

Combine a tweed skirt with a basic top. Layer over a suede topper and roomy faux fur coat and silk scarf. Choose textured pantyhose that work with the outfit and either patent or leather footwear. Finish off the look with metallic bag, tortoiseshell eyewear and jewellery as desired.

Plaid, Mesh and Shine

Combine a mesh patterned dress with a plaid coat or jacket and faux fur scarf. Add pantyhose with embellished moto boots or patent boots. Throw in a suede bag, embellished hat, and some studded gloves. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Ensemble: Texture Rich in Winter