NASCAR on FOX’s 12 gifts of the 2018 season: Elliott Sadler & Martin Truex Jr. crash each other’s interviews

NASCAR on FOX’s 12 gifts of the 2018 season: Daryl Motte picks Elliott Sadler and Martin Truex Jr. crashing each other’s interviews as his favorite part of the 2018 season.

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There May Be a Surprising Link Between Depression and Concussions in Kids Who Play Football

For years, studies have found that depression is an all-too-common symptom of concussions. Youth athletes, college athletes and retired NFL players who have suffered brain injuries are all at increased risk of mental illness. A new study, published in The Journal of Pediatrics, flips the relationship between concussions and depression, and asks a different question: Are kids who have depression more at risk of suffering a concussion while playing football?

Indeed, according to the new research, children who have been previously diagnosed with depression had a five-fold increased risk of suffering a concussion while playing football compared to those who did not have a depression diagnosis.

The study tracked 863 youth football players from ages 5 through 14 in the Seattle area over two recent seasons. Researchers found a 5.1% concussion incidence rate, higher than the reported rate in prior studies of youth football players, which ranged between 0.9% and 4.4%. The number of youth players who had been previously diagnosed with depression was small: just 16 out of the 863 players. Still, their greater odds of suffering a concussion was statistically significant, and provides more information for parents to consider when making the often difficult decision whether or not their sons should play football.

Dr. Sara Chrisman, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of adolescent medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, offers potential explanations for this finding. Kids with a history of depression might be more likely to recognize concussion symptoms, like fatigue and wooziness, and report them, which could lead to higher rates of concussion diagnosis. “Often people with mental health issues are very in tune with uncomfortableness in their bodies,” says Chrisman. “They’re more likely to be aware of changes. What’s not as distressing to someone else, might be distressing to them.”

Chrisman also points to research that links depression with riskier behavior, particularly in younger men. “In general, depression makes people want to crawl into a hole,” Chrisman says. “But depression is expressed differently in different people.” If a child with a history of depression is more likely to play aggressively — perhaps throwing caution aside while making a tackle — he could increase his risk of becoming concussed. Children who behave recklessly are also more likely to see a psychologist, which raises the odds of a depression diagnosis. Kids with such diagnoses may bring these aggressive behaviors onto the football field.

The relationship between depression and concussions is ripe for further research. “To our knowledge,” Chrisman and her fellow researchers write, “depression history has not been previously reported as a risk factor for concussions in a prospective manner.” These findings add to the reported risks of football, but Chrisman also found some encouraging news for kids who play the sport. “In general, we found that kids weren’t going back to play football until they’ve recovered from their concussions,” she says. “That hasn’t been true in some prior studies. Some systems in place are working.”

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Winter meetings’ biggest trade was made from the hospital

Jerry Dipoto will literally trade from anywhere. The Mariners general manager is baseball’s biggest dealer, and that reputation was perpetuated at the winter meetings in Las Vegas when he acquired Edwin Encarnacion from the Indians. But it wasn’t that he made the trade that was shocking, but where he made it. Dipoto was admitted to…
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Source: Orioles to name Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde next manager

The Baltimore Orioles will name Chicago Cubs bench coach Brandon Hyde their next manager, ESPN has confirmed. The Athletic first reported the news. Hyde, 45, replaces Buck Showalter, 62, who was let go after the Orioles finished a franchise-worst 47-115. Hyde previously had served as the Cubs’ director of player development and also was their first-base coach, before becoming manager Joe Maddon’s bench coach last season. His responsibilities under Maddon included running spring training over the past several years. Hyde also served as the Cubs’ bench coach in 2014 when Rick Renteria was manager. Hyde interviewed for managerial openings this winter with the Rangers, Twins, Angels and Blue Jays before landing the Orioles job. Baltimore cleaned house in the offseason, parting with executive vice president Dan Duquette and Showalter. Mike Elias was hired as the team’s new executive vice president and general manager, and he initiated the…
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UK politicians blast Arconic’s sale talks with Paul Singer

The sale of Arconic — an aluminum manufacturer whose construction panels were partly blamed for the quick spread of the 2017 London Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people — is facing fresh heat from UK politicians. A British member of Parliament who publicly questioned the sale has told The Post she is now concerned…
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Banking mogul hired private investigator to get leverage in deal: suit

New York billionaire Howard Milstein dished dirt about a Texas financier’s divorce proceedings as he sought to gain leverage in a contentious business deal earlier this year, according to an explosive lawsuit. Milstein — a 67-year-old heir to the Milstein family’s Big Apple banking and property empire — allegedly hired a private investigator to “tail”…
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How to Watch NFL Games Online for Free Today, Including Rams vs. Bears on ‘Sunday Night Football’

The NFL games on TV today in week 14 of the 2018 season include exciting matchups like Patriots vs. Dolphins, Eagles vs. Cowboys, and Ravens vs. Chiefs, finishing up with a top-notch “Sunday Night Football” game: Rams vs. Bears.

The Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears are both leading their divisions — NFC West and NFC North, respectively — and either team could go far in the playoffs. In fact, the Rams, who are 11-1 and have the best record in the NFL, are now being given the best odds of winning the 2019 Super Bowl, scheduled for February 3 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

But there is plenty more football to be played before then, including a full roster of games on the NFL schedule today. Here’s a guide for how to watch today’s NFL games for free — online or on TV — around the country.

What Is the NFL Game Schedule Today for Sunday, December 9?

First off, football fans do not get to watch every NFL game for free today. NFL games are broadcast on the major networks, which are free, but fans are typically limited by which Sunday games are being aired locally in their region.

Everyone gets to watch the Rams vs. Bears “Sunday Night Football” game for free tonight, because it’s being broadcast nationally by NBC stations all over the country. Otherwise, fans will get to see a few (but not all) of the Sunday afternoon games for free that are airing on CBS and Fox.

Here’s the full NFL game schedule for Sunday, December 9, and what channels are broadcasting the games:

• New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills, 1 p.m. ET on CBS
• New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins, 1 p.m. ET on Fox
• New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1 p.m. ET on Fox
• New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m. ET on CBS
• Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 1 p.m. ET on CBS
• Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans, 1 p.m. ET on CBS
• Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers, 1 p.m. ET on Fox
• Carolina Panthers vs. Cleveland Browns, 1 p.m. ET on Fox
• Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers, 4:05 p.m. ET on CBS
• Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Chargers, 4:05 p.m. ET on CBS
• Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals, 4:25 p.m. ET on Fox
• Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders, 4:25 p.m. ET on Fox
• Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys, 4:25 p.m. ET on Fox
• Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears, 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC

Unless you have a special NFL subscription package (see below) that includes broadcasts of out-of-market games, you’ll be limited to watching only the games airing on your local CBS and Fox stations. In general, that means you’ll receive broadcasts of your local team’s games, in addition to a couple of other NFL games that the networks believe will interest fans.

You don’t need cable TV or another pay TV subscription to watch these NFL games. All you need is a TV connected to a digital antenna. You can buy a decent HDTV antenna for around $ 25. Once it’s connected to your TV, you’ll be able to watch free, unlimited broadcast of over-the-air networks like CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, and PBS.

Note, however, that the exact list of channels you can watch for free with a digital antenna varies based on where you live and the strength and position of the antenna you have.

How to Live Stream NFL Games for Free on Your Phone

What if you want to watch NFL games online today — on a phone or other device? There are a few possibilities.

To live stream NFL games for free on your phone, simply download the latest version of the Yahoo Sports app or NFL App. Both of these mobile phone apps have free live streams of all the NFL games that are airing on your local CBS, Fox, and NBC stations. (They also have free live streams of “Monday Night Football,” which is broadcast on the pay channel ESPN.)

The Yahoo Sports and NFL apps are totally free. They are free to download, and the NFL game live streams are free as well. However, the live streams are available only on phones. You cannot use these apps to watch NFL games on a larger screen, such as a tablet, laptop, or smart TV.

How to Watch NFL Games Online for Free on a Big Screen

To watch NFL games online today on any screen you want, considering registering for a free trial of a streaming TV service such as Fubo TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, or YouTube TV. These live streaming TV services bundle together dozens of channels into subscriber packages, and in most of the country they include local broadcasts of major networks like CBS, Fox, and NBC.

Packages for these streaming TV services start at about $ 40 per month, but all are available free to new subscribers during trial periods that last about a week. To watch NFL games online for free today, then, you could register as a new subscriber to one of these streaming services — and afterward still have nearly a full week to check them out.

Just remember, that if you don’t want to become a paying subscriber, you must cancel before the free trial ends.

How to Watch Every NFL Game Today

All of the options above work if you’re trying to watch NFL games broadcast on your local channels on Sunday. But what if you want to watch out-of-market NFL games — i.e., games that aren’t airing on your local CBS or Fox stations?

If that’s the case, you’ll need access to a subscription package that includes out-of-market NFL game broadcasts. NFL Game Pass package is the cheapest option ($ 99.99 for the season), and new subscribers can sign up for a seven-day free trial. NFL Game Pass subscribers can watch (or stream) out-of-market NFL games, but games are available only after they have ended. In other words, you can’t watch games live with NFL Game Pass.

The upside of NFL Game Pass is that the service allows subscribers to watch condensed, commercial-free versions of the games, which can be a huge time saver.

The other main option for fans who hope to watch out-of-market NFL games is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Packages start at $ 300 per season (on top of a pay TV subscription), and viewers get to watch all out-of-market NFL games every Sunday. Unfortunately, there is no free trial for NFL Sunday Ticket.

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How to Watch the Vikings vs. Seahawks ‘Monday Night Football’ Game Online for Free

The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks face off on “Monday Night Football” tonight. And the Vikings vs. Seahawks game is a critical one as the 2018 playoff brackets start to take shape: Both teams have winning records (the Seahawks record is 7-5, while the Vikings are 6-5-1) and have a good chance of making the playoffs if they finish the regular season strong.

The “Monday Night Football” game tonight is being played at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, and the Vikings vs. Seahawks betting odds indicate that the home team Seahawks are 3-point favorites to win. The Seahawks are scoring an average of 26.6 points per game this season, compared to just under 23 points for the Vikings. The over-under in tonight’s game is 45.5 points.

Here are all the options for how to watch the Vikings vs. Seahawks “Monday Night Football” game — online or on TV — including tips for getting a free NFL game live stream on your phone.

What Channel Is the Vikings vs. Seahawks Game on Tonight?

“Monday Night Football” TV broadcasts, including the Vikings vs. Seahawks tonight, are handled by ESPN. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

If you have satellite or cable TV, you probably have ESPN included in your bundle of pay TV channels. All you have to do is find ESPN if you want to watch “Monday Night Football” on TV.

If you don’t have cable, there are still ways to watch the Seahawks vs. Vikings game online for free. Check out the options to live stream “Monday Night Football” for free below.

How to Live Stream the Vikings vs. Seahawks Game for Free

To live stream NFL games for free on your phone, use either the Yahoo Sports app and the NFL app. Either app provides free live streams of many NFL games, including “Monday Night Football,” even though the TV broadcast is on the pay channel ESPN.

In addition to matchups like tonight’s Vikings vs. Seahawks game, these apps let you live stream “Thursday Night Football” games (broadcast on Fox), “Sunday Night Football” (NBC), and all the NFL games normally broadcast on your local CBS and Fox stations on Sunday afternoons. While the apps are free to download and use, the live streams are available only on phones. So you can’t use them to watch NFL games on a larger screen, such as a laptop or smart TV.

How to Watch “Monday Night Football” for Free Online on a Smart TV

If you want to live stream the Vikings vs. Seahawks “Monday Night Football” game on a screen that’s larger than your phone, consider registering for a free trial of a streaming TV service that includes ESPN in its packages.

The streaming TV services Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV all include ESPN in their basic packages. The costs of these packages start at $ 25 to $ 45 per month, but they’re available to new subscribers for free for about seven days.

So, to watch tonight’s Seahawks vs. Vikings game online for free, you could register for a new subscription and live stream the game during the free-trial period. Afterwards, you would have most of a week to check out the service. Each is a little different, with different bundles of pay channels, but they are all basically the online equivalent of the traditional cable TV package — only they tend to cost less per month, and have fewer surprise fees.

Sling TV is the cheapest streaming TV service that includes ESPN in packages. But Sling TV also has fewer channels than the other services. It’s worth taking a close look at all the fine print, and what’s included with each live streaming TV service, before registering for a subscription.

Also, remember: If you ultimately decide you don’t want to become a paying subscriber, be sure to cancel your streaming TV service before the free-trial period ends.

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Steph Curry Says He Doesn’t Think Man Went to the Moon

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is giving Kyrie Irving some competition when it comes to being a player with a conspiracy theory in the NBA.

During an appearance with teammate Andre Iguodala on Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Annie Finberg’s Winging It podcast, the two-time league MVP revealed that he didn’t believe that man actually landed on the moon.

Curry initially asked the rest of the podcast: “We ever been to the moon?” Many others responded to the query with a resounding “nope.”

Curry then announced that he didn’t believe in the moon landing.

“They’re gonna come get us,” he said. “I don’t think so, either.”

Curry’s comments follow fellow NBA player Kyrie Irving’s multiple comments about the earth being flat, a comment he later retracted.

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Jon Gruden wins power struggle as Raiders fire Reggie McKenzie

It’s not just game-changing players whom Jon Gruden is getting rid of in Oakland. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has been fired, according to NFL Network, as the power struggle between him and Gruden reached a breaking point. The report said McKenzie was given the chance to stay through the end of the season but…
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First Male Transgender Pro Boxer Wins Debut Fight

The first professional transgender male boxer in U.S. history made his pro debut on Saturday— with a decisive win.

Patricio Manuel, 33, defeated Mexican super-featherweight Hugo Aguilar in a bout at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported. The judges unanimously ruled Manuel the victor.

Although the bout only lasted for 12 minutes, Manuel’s journey to the fight began years ago, the Times reported.

Manuel decided to transition to become a man a few months after he fought in the 2012 Olympic trials as a woman.

In addition to complex medical treatments, including surgery and hormone therapy, Manuel faced added challenges to preserve his boxing career. Besides working to get a new license, Manuel also lost his coach and his training facility, which were unwilling to work with him after his transition, the Times said.

Manuel told the Times that he was excited to be in the ring.

“I wouldn’t trade any of it. It was worth everything I went through to get to this point,” he said. “I’m a professional boxer now.”

Manuel told an interviewer after the bout that he is determined to keep moving forward.

“I’ve got some naysayers out there— I need to prove that I deserve to be in there as well. I’m not in here for one show, one fight— this is something I love. I’m not done with this sport and I’ll be back,” Manuel said.

Aguilar, who had learned that his opponent was transgender two days before the fight, reportedly handled his defeat with grace.

“For me it’s very respectable,” he told the Times in Spanish. “It doesn’t change anything for me. In the ring, he wants to win and I want to win too.”

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Classy gesture: Fired Packers coach Mike McCarthy takes out full-page ad to give thanks

McCarthy, who was fired after a loss on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals, took out a full-page ad in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Green Bay Press Gazette and other Gannett papers. In it, McCarthy talked about the good times. The ad was titled, simply, “Thank you, Green Bay.” McCarthy had been coach of the Packers since 2006.

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Redskins routed by Giants, 40-16, as most fans leave at halftime of embarrassing home loss

Washington trailed 34-0 after two quarters in a loss that effectively ended its playoff hopes. Josh Johnson replaced Mark Sanchez and produces two late scoring drives.


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Bad communication is why the stock market has been so down

It’s the holiday season. The economy is the best its been in over a decade. So what’s got the stock market so down? To make a holiday cocktail as strong as our current volatility, you’d need several key ingredients. The bartender would add two shots of Federal Reserve — way more than needed. A shot…
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Market experts: Don’t bail on stocks in 2019

Don’t bail out on the stock market just because your stomach can’t take it, market pros suggested last week. Yes, it will continue to be a rocky ride for investors. And yes, a bear market will eventually come (if not for a couple of years). But neither the stock market nor the economy is likely…
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Afghanistan suspends officials after women’s soccer team abuse investigation

Afghanistan’s Attorney General has suspended the head of the Afghan Football Federation after a probe into allegations of sexual abuse of members of the national women’s soccer team, a spokesman for the attorney general said on Sunday.

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President Trump Officiated the Coin Toss at the Army-Navy Football Game

(PHILADELPHIA) — President Donald Trump mixed politics and sports Saturday, announcing the departure of his chief of staff before settling in for Army-Navy football game.

The commander in chief flew to Philadelphia for the 119th meeting in the storied rivalry between the service academies, and officiated the coin toss at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Navy called “tails,” and that’s what it was when Trump’s flipped coin landed on the turf. Navy elected to kick off.

As he left the White House, Trump told reporters that chief of staff John Kelly would step down at year’s end. The president was expected to soon name a replacement, and a White House official said Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, was Trump’s top choice.

Earlier Saturday, Trump picked an Army general, Mark Milley, to be his next top military adviser.

Trump, who saw the Army-Navy contest in 2016 as president-elect, is the 10th sitting president to go to the game. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first, in 1901.

Like previous commanders in chief, Trump was expected to switch sides at halftime in a show of impartiality.

No. 22 Army (9-2) is in the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1996. The Black Knights have won seven in a row and have defeated Navy (3-9) two straight years.

The series began in 1890, and Navy leads 60-51-7.

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Trade grades: What the Bucks-Cavs deal means

The deal Bucks get: Guard George Hill and forward Sam Dekker Cavaliers get: Guard  Matthew Dellavedova, center John Henson, a 2021 first-round pick and a 2021 second-round pick Get more trade grades for every deadline deal here Milwaukee Bucks: A For the Bucks, this is probably two parts a long-term salary move and one part a basketball move for this season. Dellavedova and Henson were set to make a combined $ 20.1 million in 2019-20, the final season of their contracts, when Dekker will be a restricted free agent (if Milwaukee chooses to make him a qualifying offer) and Hill’s $ 18 million salary is just $ 1 million guaranteed through July 1. That gives the Bucks more flexibility going into what figures to be a fascinating offseason for one of this season’s pleasant surprises. Of Milwaukee’s five…
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Why USA Gymnastics’ Bankruptcy Will Delay Abuse Survivors’ Search for the Truth

USA Gymnastics’ announcement Wednesday that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was in some ways expected. The embattled organization is currently under investigation by Congress and under threat of losing its status as the national governing body for gymnastics by the US Olympic Committee (USOC). It faces more than 100 lawsuits by gymnasts who claim that the organization failed to act to protect them against sexual abuse by Larry Nassar, who for many years was the national team doctor, even after reports of his abuse were made to USA Gymnastics officials.

Board chair Kathryn Carson said in a statement that the move is meant to “expedite resolution of claims by the Nassar survivors.” However, John Manly, the attorney who represents more than 100 of those survivors – including Olympians McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber – says the bankruptcy filing will delay, not speed up resolution of those lawsuits. Manly is currently taking depositions and discovery in some of those suits, which are now on hold because of the bankruptcy filing.

“If the goal is to delay, this is what you do,” he tells TIME. “We have depositions and request for other discovery and subpoenas lined up to get at the meat of what they knew and when they knew it [about the sexual abuse]. Bankruptcy stops that because there is an automatic stay on litigation.”

In its filing, USA Gymnastics lists former CEO Steve Penny, who led the organization during much of the time Nassar abused gymnasts, as the largest creditor, with a nearly $ 340,000 claim. Penny resigned in 2017 as the sexual abuse allegations mounted, and he and the organization were criticized for how they handled the abuse reports. He left USA Gymnastics with a reported $ 1 million severance, approved by the board. And in October, Penny was arrested after he was indicted on charges of tampering with evidence in the Nassar case. Texas law enforcement officials charged Penny with ordering removal of documents from USA Gymnastics’ national training center, the Karolyi Ranch, in 2016.

In her statement, Carson said that any money USA Gymnastics may owe as a result of the lawsuits — when they resume — would be covered by the organization’s insurance policies.

But those athletes with pending lawsuits will have to take yet another legal step because of USA Gymnastics’ decision to file for Chapter 11 protection. The federal bankruptcy court in Indianapolis, where the organization is based, will set a time during which all creditors must step forward and file a claim for any funds they are owed by USA Gymnastics. Creditors usually have four to six months to file these claims, and the gymnasts currently suing USA Gymnastics must also file this separate claim for any damages or recompense they feel they are owed.

From the survivors’ perspective, the delay in the litigation means they will continue to search for answers about why the organization they believed was protecting their best interests allowed Nassar to continue to treat them — at competitions, including in hotel rooms, and at training camps — even after many of them had reported his abuse to USA Gymnastics officials.

“I think USA Gymnastics thinks this is now just about money,” says Manly. “My direction from my clients is that we are not discussing money until we get the truth. The bankruptcy definitely makes it difficult; it delays things and is definitely not a win for us. But we have trial dates set, and we are moving toward trial.”

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Seattle has an impossible NHL expansion act to follow

For all the griping we do about the NHL, they certainly have a handle on how to do expansion. But as opposed to the Vegas Golden Knights’ fairytale inaugural season, the still-nameless Seattle franchise is going to have to change their expectations a little bit for their inaugural season of 2021-22. What happened in Vegas…
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How to Watch the Jaguars vs. Titans ‘Thursday Night Football’ Game Online for Free Tonight

Tonight’s “Thursday Night Football” game is the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans, and there are easy ways for fans to watch for free — online or on TV.

The Jaguars vs. Titans TV broadcast is being handled by Fox and the NFL Network, and fans can also live stream the Jaguars vs. Titans game for free via Amazon Prime or mobile phone apps. All of the options to watch “Thursday Night Football” for free are explained below.

But first, who is the favorite in the Jaguars vs. Titans game, and what are the betting odds? The Tennessee Titans, who are 6-6 and playing at home at Nissan Stadium, are 4.5-point favorites to beat their AFC South rivals Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) tonight. The over-under for the “Thursday Night Football” matchup scheduled for December 6 is 37.5 points

Here are all the details for how to watch the Jaguars vs. Titans game for free tonight.

What Time Does the “Thursday Night Football” Game Start?

Like most “Thursday Night Football” games this season, the main TV broadcast for the Jaguars vs. Titans tonight is being handled by Fox, and the kickoff is scheduled for 8:20 p.m. ET. To watch “Thursday Night Football” on TV, simply find your local Fox station.

If you have cable TV or another pay TV service, it probably includes Fox and other broadcast networks in the package. If you don’t have cable and want to watch network TV, it’s well worth purchasing a digital antenna.

You can buy a decent digital antenna for about $ 25. Once it’s connected to your TV, you’ll be able to watch unlimited, over-the-air network TV for free in most of the country. Which channels you can watch with an antenna depend on where you live, but most people in the U.S. can tune in the local channels from all the major networks, including Fox.

How to Live Stream the Jaguars vs. Titans Game for Free

As we have reported earlier this season, fans can watch “Thursday Night Football” online for free — in addition to many other NFL games — on their phones. Here are the details on how to live stream NFL games, and what football games you can watch online for free, on your phone:

After downloading the latest versions of either the Yahoo Sports app or the NFL App, you’ll be able to live stream a host of games on your phone. Specifically, the Yahoo Sports app and NFL App let fans live stream games that are being broadcast locally in their region by networks like CBS and Fox, as well as all nationally broadcast primetime games. That includes “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, “Monday Night Football” on ESPN, and “Thursday Night Football” on the NFL Network and Fox.

The free NFL game live streams available with these apps only work on phones. In other words, you can’t use these apps to live stream games on a laptop, tablet, or connected TV.

What if you want to live stream the Jaguars vs. Titans “Thursday Night Football” game for free on a screen that’s larger than a phone?

Amazon Prime has a live stream of most “Thursday Night Football” games, including Jaguars vs. Titans tonight, on Prime Video. Amazon Prime members can simply log in to their accounts and go to Prime Video to watch the game on any device.

Amazon Prime membership, which includes free two-day shipping on most Amazon purchases in addition to free streaming video and music content, generally costs $ 119 per year or $ 12.99 per month. New subscribers can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, and it might not be a bad time to try out the service — considering that it’s the holiday shopping season and you may be making some online shopping purchases.

It is also possible to live stream “Thursday Night Football” for free by registering for a free trial of a streaming TV service that includes local broadcast of Fox and other networks in its bundle of channels. The streaming TV services Fubo TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV include such broadcasts in most of the country, but coverage varies and you should inquire if Fox is part of the package before subscribing.

All of these live streaming TV services can be tested via free trials that last about a week. After that, the basic cost of a package starts at about $ 40 per month. If you don’t want to become a paying subscriber, remember to cancel before the free-trial period ends.

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Eddie Lampert offers $4.6 billion to buy Sears out of bankruptcy

Sears Holdings Chairman Eddie Lampert’s ESL Partners LP has submitted a $ 4.6 billion bid to buy the bankrupt retailer, the hedge fund said on Thursday. Sears, which had filed for bankruptcy protection on Oct. 15, faces a Dec. 15 deadline to find a buyer to keep it in business, according to court papers.
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Here’s what you can safely talk about at this year’s office holiday party

The Post — like plenty of other companies — is having its holiday party in a couple of weeks. No, you aren’t invited. But since I am going, I thought it would be wise, given the current social climate, to make a list of the topics that are safe, or not, to discuss over a…
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USA Gymnastics Files For Bankruptcy in Wake of Sex Abuse Scandal

USA Gymnastics is turning to bankruptcy in an effort to ensure its survival.

The embattled organization filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition on Wednesday as it attempts to reach settlements in the dozens of sex-abuse lawsuits it faces and to forestall its potential demise at the hands of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

USA Gymnastics filed the petition in Indianapolis, where it is based. It faces 100 lawsuits representing 350 athletes in various courts across the country who blame the group for failing to supervise Larry Nassar, a team doctor accused of molesting them.

Kathryn Carson, who was recently elected chairwoman of the board of directors, said the organization is turning to bankruptcy to speed things up after mediation attempts failed to gain traction.

“Those discussions were not moving at any pace,” Carson said. “We as a board felt this was a critical imperative and decided to take this action.”

The filing does not affect the amount of money available to victims, which would come from previously purchased insurance coverage, she said. Carson said the insurance companies “are aware we’re taking this action and our expectation is they will come to the table and pay on our coverage.”

Carson added: “This is not a liquidation. This is a reorganization.”

One that USA Gymnastics hopes will buy it enough time to fend off the USOC’s intent to decertify it.

The USOC on Nov. 5 took steps to remove USAG as the sport’s governing body at the Olympic level — a step that’s taken only under the most extreme circumstances. In an open letter to the gymnastics community, USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland said “you deserve better,” and that the challenges facing USA Gymnastics were more than it was capable of overcoming as currently constructed.

Carson said the legal maneuvering Wednesday delays the USOC’s efforts to strip its designation as a national governing body.

“We always have a dialogue going with them and intend to make it clear with them we have a lot to talk about and we want to keep that going,” Carson said.

USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky disagreed.

“While we fully understand that USAG believes this restructuring will begin to solve deficiencies we’ve identified, the filing does not impact our Section 8 complaint and that process will move forward,” Sandusky said.

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Report: Cleveland PD Launching Internal Investigation Into How NFL Obtained Kareem Hunt Police Report

An unidentified officer reportedly leaked a copy of a police report following an incident involving Hunt in February.

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‘Reaves targeted him the entire game,’ but won’t face suspension for hit on Tom Wilson

The hit on Wilson by Vegas’s Ryan Reaves resulted in a five-minute major penalty and Reaves’s ejection. “Reaves targeted him the entire game. You could hear it on every faceoff,” said Capitals coach Todd Reirden.


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