Outfit Formula: Casual Holiday Dress

Holiday parties are a lot more relaxed than they used to be, which brings me to the casual holiday dress. It is comfortable, sleeved and insulating. No form-fitting silhouettes that need shapewear. No need to find the right topper because it’s sleeveless. No worries that your outfit looks best with a jacket, because the dress does all the talking. And you can wear comfortable and practical footwear.

A shout-out to Artful Home where they sell eclectic and arty holiday attire from an XS to XXL (size US2/4 to US18/20). Silhouettes are fluid, a little architectural, and provide ample coverage. I found this site through the wonderful Brenda Kinsel, who wears their items with panache.

Here are some neutral and understated renditions to get you started, but feel free to add more colour and pattern. You might also like the combinations for settings other than casual holiday parties.

1. Arty Tartan

A sleeved A-line dress in a pattern made of substantial fabric WITH pockets and a versatile neckline ticks off all the boxes. It’s warm, comfortable, interesting, festive, forgiving and elegant. Throw it on over leggings or hosiery with a pair of flat or heeled shoes, and Bob’s your uncle. Add bling, a clutch, lippie, and possibly fingernail polish. Brenda Kinsel wears this dress with grace and panache. I love her dressier additions of fishnet hosiery, matching specs, low-heeled ankle strap pumps, and sparkly expressions. You can also keep the look more casual with leggings, skinnies, flats or casual boots.

Artful Home Ainslie Dress

2. Magical Movement

This type of drapey dress works on most body types. It’s just structured enough through the sleeves and upper torso, and lets the volume and colour-blocking below the bust create movement and interest. Wear it over leggings, skinnies or hosiery, and add anything from ballet flats, booties, and shooties, to oxfords, Docs, pumps and ankle strap looks as footwear. Add festive bling to dress up or dress down this look as much as you like.

Artful Home Kelsey Dress

3. Cosy Cardi Layers

An A-line shift dress in a jersey or silky fabric looks surprisingly good with a tailored maxi cardigan worn loose like a casual jacket. A fine gauge knit cardigan is dressier than a chunky knit, and can be longer than the dress. Finish off the look with hosiery, boots or pumps, flats or oxfords, and some bling.

Expresso Pebbles Jurk Zwart

4. Sweatered & Booted

A great sweater dress is a beautiful thing because it’s the warmest and most versatile option. The turtleneck midi here has been layered with a cardigan, but you can wear the dress on its own with hosiery and your choice of dressy or casual footwear. You can add a scarf instead of a necklace. Finish off the look with bling and bag that make you smile.

JOSEPH Sally Wool-blend Turtleneck Midi Dress

I wore formula #4 to a few casual events last year, but more frequently when I work with clients. It’s a workhorse olive sweater dress from Banana Republic that is my go-to Winter dress. It’s gorgeous quality and hasn’t pilled, stretched out of shape, or shrunk. I wish I had it in other colours. I dress it up with hosiery or boots, shooties, pumps or heeled oxfords, and pick from my large capsule of handbags and outerwear to change up the palette and the mood. I’m happy to pattern mix up to three patterns in an outfit. I’ve also dressed it down with cream hi-top Converse sneakers and a guitar-strap crossbody bag. I often wear it with a scarf for warmth, which I either drape around my neck indoors or take off. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that I mix and match to create an assortment of outfits.

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

There seems to be less party wear in brick-and-mortar stores this year, and I was wondering if you’d noticed that too. Online assortments, on the other hand, are as full, extended and diverse as they have ever been. There is so, so much more available online. 

Here are my top picks for this week across a range of items, price points, silhouettes, dress codes and colours.

Go to the collection page to see pictures of the items alongside my descriptions.

Finally, here’s a selection of statement socks that you can incorporate into outfits in a deliberate and fashionable way. I’ve bought a few neutral and non-neutral pairs to wear with boots and am enjoying the maximal vibe. The Hot Sox with the Yorkies on them had to be mine in the stone colourway.

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Outfit Formula: The Fun Holiday Pant Suit

A pant suit that doesn’t look corporate is an excellent, versatile and easy outfit to pull out for the holidays. It’s less formal than a skirt suit, a whole lot warmer than a dress, can be layered with knitwear for extra warmth, and works with practical and weatherproof footwear. The suit can look as dressy, casual, festive, fun and elegant as you style it. The jacket and pants can be separated and remixed with other items.

Men’s fashion shows practical, warm and swish holiday attire every season, while women’s fashion continues to showcase a plethora of skimpy sleeveless dresses. It drives me bananas. I for one want to look festive AND feel warm.

As much as I adore wearing dresses, I’m into the fun holiday pant suit, and hope to encourage you too. Pant suits are cosy, versatile, and a great combination of dressy and smart casual. Here are four ideas.

1. Brocade Suit

The dandy and baroque integrity of a brocade suit is classic, romantic and luxe. This one is multi-coloured, but the more subtle self-colour brocade suit does exist. Choose a neutral or non-neutral, pop a silky camisole underneath, or a simple knitted layering top. Finish off the look with pumps, boots, Mary Janes, loafers or oxfords. Add knee-highs or trouser socks for warmth, and a clutch for dressiness.

Eloquii Brocade One Button Jacket

2. Velvet Suit

Velvet, another regal and luxe fabric, is a fabulous idea in a pant suit. Think neutrals or non-neutrals. Subtle or bright. Pop a casual tee, fitted knit top, turtleneck, striped top, or silk camisole underneath, and wear anything from boots to loafers as footwear. A velvet blazer can be remixed with jeans as holiday outfit #2, while the pants can be remixed with a dressy pullover for holiday outfit #3.

Boden Velvet Straight Leg Pants

3. Plaid Suit

A plaid suit is another way to go. High-contrast plaids are a commitment to wear from head to toe so make sure you’re comfortable doing that. Here’s a classic low-contrast plaid that looks streamlined with a navy turtleneck. It’s easier to wear than a bright or high-contrast plaid. Your choice of pumps, boots, Mary Janes, loafers or oxfords as footwear with hosiery or socks. A sparkly bag and brooch would lift the dark palette of the outfit if that tickles your fancy.

Hobbs Cassidy Jacket

4. Bright Suit

Think of a brightly coloured suit like red, pink, mustard or purple. Or less bright, like teal, plum, blush, forest green, burgundy or cobalt blue. Finish off the outfit with a top, shoes and small handbag in the same colour or pattern. Finish off the look with a suitable layering top, footwear. Add as much bling as you’re comfortable sporting for the festive season.

Karen Millen Waist Emphasis Tailored Jacket

You could wear a leopard print pant suit, a metallic suit, or a classic black “Le Smoking” tuxedo too. Switch out the layers, footwear and accessories to create a fresh look, and layer a warm cape, coat or puffer over the top.



Thoughtful Gesture Helps You Find Unique Gifts

Guest Post

Our lovely Inge started her own gift scouting business a year ago. Consider leveraging her considerable sleuthing skills to find special gifts for special people as we approach the gift-giving holiday season.

I’ve always had a knack for finding things, and it’s absolutely what I love doing most. It’s also been an unofficial yet key component throughout my professional career. As a translator and editor there wasn’t a day that went by without my having to research new topics and dig up information to get the job done. And here on YLF I thoroughly enjoy helping our forum members find clothing and accessories that they have a hard time tracking down on their own. 

Starting my own business that would put my sleuthing skills front and centre, had been a dream of mine for years. So that’s why I launched Thoughtful Gesture in November 2017.

What Thoughtful Gesture Does

Thoughtful Gesture

I help individuals and business owners find unique and truly thoughtful gifts. Because getting an amazing present can make us smile from ear to ear. In the same way that giving a fantastic gift feels especially rewarding.

It turns out though that finding the present that does both can be a bit of a struggle for many of us. Most of my clients fall in one of two categories:

  • They don’t have the time to  go searching for the “perfect present” in crowded brick-and-mortar stores or sifting through tons of options online.
  • They feel they aren’t creative enough to find a gift that will wow.

However, one thing they all have in common is that they want to choose thoughtful gifts because they want their family, friends, and business clients to feel loved and appreciated. Being able to give them something that shows “I get you”, does exactly that.

How My Service Works

  • You tell me your budget and fill out a questionnaire to provide more info about the people you are buying gifts for.
  • I go over your info carefully and hand-pick 3 gift options for each person on your list. All the suggestions will be fully personalized.
  • I never use algorithms, nor I am affiliated with any particular store or brand, so I’m entirely free to pick only those items that suit your recipient to a T.
  • Within 5 business days you receive the 3 gift suggestions for your people. The only thing you need to do is decide which of the suggestions you like best and order their spot-on gifts online. It’s that simple.

If you’re struggling to come up with fun, original gift ideas for the holidays, then I’m here to help with my Holiday Hero packages. No going to the mall, no comparing reviews on Amazon, no wasting money on things your family and friends won’t like.

Finally, I’m running a give-away on Instagram this week in which you can win one Holiday Hero package to find gifts for 3 different recipients. Good luck with all your holiday shopping!

Thoughtful Gesture



15 Things I’m Thankful For

I love the Thanksgiving tradition of reflecting on what you’re thankful for. Here are fifteen things that come to mind for me this year. Eight are in fashion and style, and the other seven are in my personal life. 

In Fashion & Style

  1. FINALLY this year, many more retailers in the US provided extended sizes across assorted collections. More models wear a size larger than a US0 to 4. Nordstrom made a point of displaying regular sizes and plus sizes in the same in-store department. May these significant changes pave the way for a more diverse fashion world.
  2. YLF has a strong Southern hemisphere contingent who stick with the Northern hemisphere seasonal content on this site. That takes commitment, patience, and I’m impressed. Thank you Australian, New Zealand and South African Fabbers for your support and loyalty. You are an amazing bunch.
  3. Thank you Naturalizer for making fashionably fab shoes in an assortment of widths and colours that go the distance.
  4. Thank you Boden, COS, Pendleton, G-Star, Club Monaco, Universal Standard, Furla, Pendleton, Aquatalia, Ecco, Paul Green, Helene Berman, Zella, Hispanitas, Reiss, Karen Millen, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Converse for providing consistently good quality.
  5. Thank you Spring & Summer 2018 collections for the best dress and skirt season that I can remember.
  6. I’m grateful for the very large assortment of jeans silhouettes for those who wear jeans regularly.
  7. Thank you for bringing back earth tones because we were starved of them. It has taken ten years for brown to make a comeback! My word. It’s about time.
  8. I wear footwear with heels between one to one and a half inches 99.9% of the time. I’m grateful that flats and very low heels are on-trend and modern, and that there is no need to wear a higher heel for any occasion these days.

In My Personal Life

  1. Six months ago, we committed to a loft in Salt Lake City, UT, which is where Greg works part of the time. Having a second home where Greg, Yorkie Sam and I can have more family time has been a game changer. We are thoroughly enjoying our life in both cities. It’s fun to make new friends and to make a new city our home. 
  2. Our dual city lifestyle would not work if Sam didn’t travel by air as well as he does. He’s an experienced frequent flier and as good as gold. I can’t be more grateful for our precious little doggie, who is a constant source of joy, support, love, and entertainment.
  3. My flexible work schedule allows me to live in Salt Lake City for part of the month, and visit my sweet Dad in the Netherlands every three to four months. If I didn’t have YLF and a very established clientele in Seattle, things would be harder.
  4. I’m grateful to have spent quality time with Greg’s parents in South Africa this year. I love them dearly, and hope to see them more frequently.
  5. Although visiting my Dad frequently has its sad moments, being able to see Inge every time I visit is a gift. Inge is an absolute sweetheart, and I am grateful for her friendship.
  6. I come alive in hot weather and love dressing for Summer. So I’m grateful that between spending a fortnight in Italy, having better than usual Seattle weather, and spending half my time in Salt Lake City, I had a very hot and long Summer this year. Woohooo. My favourite weather.
  7. Most importantly, I am grateful for my hubs Greg, and all that he is and does. He continues to devote time and expertise to YLF despite his busy work schedule. My most fun and happy times are with Greg, and I’m thankful to have him as my best friend and partner.

We at YouLookFab wish you and your families a happy, safe and peaceful Thanksgiving weekend.




Fab Finds: Loungewear and Sleepwear

Here’s my annual cold-weather loungewear post for those who like to incorporate lounging comfies into their style. Some wear pyjamas, a robe, or yoga separates as loungewear, which can work well too. I prefer to wear soft, floppy and ultra cosy fleece loungewear when it’s cold. I layer a sweatshirt and sweatpants over boy shorts and tee first thing in the morning, and after my evening shower at night. Loungewear is a workhorse, and I have lots of it.

Here are some personal favourites, and basics that have worked well on my clients. They make practical Christmas gifts too. Browse through the size and colour options, and lounge in style.

1. Flared & Floppy Lounge Pants

These bottoms are tried and tested winners, which is why Nordstrom repeats and replenishes them every season. I’ve had most of them at some point because I tend to prefer a wide leg sweat pant for comfort. My favorites are the “Lazy Mornings” lounge pants. I order a size up and they wash and wear well.

2. Make & Model Lounge Around Pants

I tried something new when I bought these, because the legs are tapered and I usually wear flared lounge pants. I bought them to wear with an oversized Simple Minds sweatshirt that I got at their concert last month. The sweatshirt needs a narrower pant to offset its volume. These are the SOFTEST and coziest lounge pants of all time. They fit really well, and I didn’t size up. I’m sold and getting another pair.

3. Boden Cosy Woven Pyjamas & Pompom Slippers

These are the prettiest and most well-made flannel pyjamas I’ve seen this year. The patterns are darling, and the fit is roomy, but not overly so. Classic and fabulous. Read the rave reviews. The slippers are a lot more sturdy than I expected. They’re very soft and fuzzy, but have thick soles. I’m not tripping up in them like I thought I would. I may or may not have the Graphical Dog with matching slippers in my closet.

4. Brunette the Label Sweatshirts

I’m in one of these if I’m not wearing a Seahawks or Simple Minds lounging sweatshirt. I wear the “BLONDE” and have both the hooded and crew neck styles across a spectrum of colours. They are fabulous quality, last for years, and fit well. They look trendier and more flattering than classic sweatshirts, and are very comfy.

5. Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Coastal Hooded Cardigan

I have many, many happy clients in this robe style cardigan. Some even wear it to and from yoga practice. It’s EXTREMELY soft and cosy, and wears quite well. Size down a size.

6. Sleep Shirts

Some like to sleep in long shirts instead of separates, and these are a few of the best right now. They are a good idea if you run warm, and don’t like pyjama bottoms riding up your legs at night. Read the rave reviews.

7. The Cat’s Flannel Pyjamas

The whimsical patterns alone might pull at your heart strings. Party Pups, Saucy Cats, Sushi, Cafe au Lait, Merry Moderns and Haiki Kitties can make you smile. Nice quality, classic roomy fits, and very soft and cosy to wear. The colours are lovely too.

8. PJ Salvage Lounge Tee

These tees are best suited to a larger bust and/or broad shoulder line. The long tapered sleeves are extra insulating. Super comfy and easy, and fun for either a dog or cat person. Read the rave reviews.

As a bonus, here are two beauty finds:

9. Music Flower Liquid Eyebrow Pencil

I used to be a die-hard Anastasia classic eyebrow pencil fan for years because the effect looks very natural. Just last month I stumbled across this waterproof liquid eyebrow pencil on Instagram, and the ad was compelling. I ordered a pencil and haven’t looked back. It’s AMAZING how well it fills in and defines the brows, and lasts throughout the day. It does not come off at all – not even after hot yoga practice. The effect is natural enough for my tastes too.

10. Library of Flowers Hand Cream

And last, if you like scented hand cream that moisturizes without the grease, try this. I received it as a gift from a friend and loved it, so much so that I have an ongoing stash and buy it as gifts for my friends too. I like the “Field of Flowers” best.

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The Corduroy Trend

You might have noticed a larger assortment of corduroy items at retail over the last few seasons. We see corduroy skinnies every season, but at this point you’ll find corduroy pants, jackets, coats, skirts, hats, dresses, overalls, jumpsuits, bags and footwear too. Most of it is solid, but patterned corduroy is available too. 

Here’s a range of corduroy items across many colours and styles.

Most of my clients wear corduroy skinnies because they are an excellent casual alternative to jeans. A very comfy, practical and cosy option. Corduroy bottoms tend to feel warmer and softer than jeans, and come in lots of colours. I find that corduroy tends to look richer in non-neutrals than denim, which is all about the texture of corduroy fabric. The wales create an iridescent effect in the light, and that’s visually interesting.

Some of my clients will wear just about any corduroy item. Some like to stick to corduroy pants and skirts. Others will throw on a corduroy jacket or coat. And some won’t touch corduroy at all.

I have a complicated relationship with corduroy for my own style. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s by no means poison eye either. I’m not overly fond of the casual integrity of the fabric, and the potential bagging out at the knees after you’ve crossed your legs. These things happen more frequently when the wales are very narrow, the corduroy is thin, and there’s a high stretch content in the fabric.

I DO like the ‘70s integrity of corduroy because I love the fashion era. I like the look of a tailored and crisp corduroy blazer in a thick, broad wale. I also like the look of wide crops and a midi skirt in a thick, broad wale. Combining corduroy with dressy fabrics like silk and cashmere appeals to me too. But invariably what happens is that I fit on a velvet blazer and bottoms – no textured wales! – and prefer that to corduroy because velvet is a dressier fabric. I LOVE my floral velvet blazer from Boden that I got last year. Maybe velvet is “my corduroy”.

Over to you. Do you like corduroy? If so, which items do you like to wear in corduroy.

ROSIE ASSOULIN Cotton-blend Corduroy Blazer

Frye Ilana Ultra High Rise Corduroy Wide Leg Jeans

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Link Love: Budget-Friendly Skincare Products

Refinery29 rounds up six heavy-duty body lotions under $ 10 to hit the drugstore shelves this season.

The Fashion Spot shows us 38 drugstore skincare products dermatologists swear by.

With the future of The Ordinary uncertain, The Pool suggests some other new brands making effective skincare affordable.

Face serums often come with a hefty price tag, but here are 17 options that clock in at $ 30 or less.

Fab Links from Our Members

Scarlet was trying to figure out what the brand Jen7 is, and came across this article explaining it. “Interesting concept. The jeans are supposed to be for the original customer of the ’90s, who is now in her 40s, and whose body may have been changed due to child bearing.”

Rachylou liked that Emma Thompson wore sneakers to her damehood ceremony.

Vildy recently found this series of videos on how to style various basic items ten to twenty ways. “What I like about them is how she classifies each look — street style, preppy style, etc. It’s enjoyable to see how she tweaks each outfit to represent modern iconic looks, while at the same time keeping a very small wardrobe. A different kind of versatility than just dressy, casual, etc.” Vildy thought this fit right in with the shop-your-closet-challenges on the forum.



Multiple Reds in One Outfit: Yay or Nay

There is a lot of variety in the reds available at retail right now. From a bright orange tomato red and blue-toned Christmas red, to pink watermelon reds, deep cherry reds, and all shades of burgundy. It used to be stylishly best to perfectly match the reds in an outfit, making sure that they were all the same. A modern and more relaxed approach is to incorporate different reds in one outfit. 

Here are some combinations that work particularly well.

1. Tomato Red & Christmas Red

The clash of the warm tomato red bottoms and cool Christmas red pullover and even richer and deeper cool red bag creates harmony. It’s a tonal family that enjoys spending time together, and a column of colour that creates vertical integrity. White footwear freshens the look, although it isn’t essential.

THE ROW Ophelia Oversized Cashmere Sweater

2. Tomato Red & Burgundy

I think tomato red and Christmas red complement most colours — almost like a neutral does — but I also understand that the combinations are an acquired taste. Here, the brightness of the warm red top adds punch to the cool-toned burgundy and navy plaid suit. The black footwear and shoes are an interesting addition. I’d have added white, red or burgundy footwear and bag. Another option is to add navy to pick up the blue in the plaid.

SONIA RYKIEL Checked Wool-felt Blazer

3. Christmas Red & Cherry Red

The top and bottom in varying shades of red have an ombré and two-piece dress effect, and harmonize like water colours. The footwear looks like an exact match to the top, but could have been another shade of red. Any colour bag would feel right at home with this outfit.

SIES MARJAN Brynn Gathered Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

An orange-y tomato red has been one of my favourite colours forever, and is well represented in my wardrobe. I have a few other reds in my wardrobe like cool reds, watermelon and burgundy. This collection shows all my red wardrobe items.

I used to be a purist, only wearing one shade of tomato red, and making sure that my reds matched perfectly in an outfit. Especially when matching handbags and shoes. But over the last few years, I’ve broadened my red horizons and will also happily wear mismatched reds. I like the punch and unexpected combinations that look more interesting. I’ll combine watermelon red with tomato red, burgundy and Christmas red in one outfit and enjoy it.

I prefer not to wear a cool-toned Christmas red as a top, jacket, scarf or dress, but it’s fine in bottoms, bags, belts and footwear. Warm reds like tomato and watermelon look better against my complexion. I will wear a burgundy top or dress, and better still, combine it with a warm tomato red.

I’m a solid Yay for mismatching reds both in my wardrobe and in my outfit. How about you?

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

It’s midseason and it won’t be long before US retailers clear out regular Fall and Winter merchandise to make room for party wear. In the meantime, here’s a list of items that recently worked on my clients, or that simply caught my eye. Be sure to browse all the colour options, and check for extended sizes if you need them.

  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Teigan Moto Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A fairly refined pair of pewter moto boots that are lightweight and comfy. Might need to size up half a size for higher volume feet. Do the ’90s thing and wear these with skirts and dresses. Comes in dark camouflage and black.
  • Leith Leith Gillis Stretch Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A festive bootie for high heel wearers with lower volume feet. Moderately comfortable.
  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Tate Platform Chelsea Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: ’90s Chunky Bootie Fabness. Comfy, warm, lightweight, stompy, and best on a wider ankle and calf. Comes in black. Read the rave reviews.
  • Sheridan Mia Sheridan Mia Casey Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A rather gracefully casual mid-calf bootie that is as nice in the muted red. Comfortable and fabulous with casual midi skirts and dresses. Works on an assortment of foot shapes.
  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Rhys Pointy Toe Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Sleek, dressy and festive. Can be paired with just about any outfit. Best on lower volume feet and narrower ankles. The gold leather is soft and pretty.
  • Rag & Bone rag & bone Aslen Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: Gorgeous quality, and with an excellent tailored high shaft for cropped jeans and pants. Soft and comfortable. Best on lower volume feet and narrower ankles.
  • Michael MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Ace’ Wedge Sneaker Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: This style is for Team Sporty. Fits a range of foot and ankle shapes because the sock style moulds to the foot. If you wear a lot of black, white and grey – try these. The 2018 way is to combine them with skirts, dresses, culottes, wide crops and dressier cropped pants.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Jeffrey Campbell Luzbel Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Dramatic ’90s Fabness, and comes in black. Makes your foot look extra long so you have to be okay with that. Comfy if you can manage the heel height. A stretchy style that moulds to the shape of the foot.
  • Miz Mooz Miz Mooz Lane Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Comfy, rugged, and a divine shade of distressed cognac. Might run a little short in the toe box.
  • TARYN ROSE Taryn Rose Bryanna Genuine Calf Hair Loafer (Women) | Nordstrom: A beautifully made loafer with arch support. Works on wider feet.
  • Boden Alicia Heeled Loafers: I haven’t seen these yet, but have the red on order as my new party shoes based on the rave reviews. They look more current and on-trend than red pumps, and are more stable too. Comes in black and leopard print. Will keep you posted.
  • Boden Boden Relaxed Colorblock Wool Cashmere Blend Sweater | Nordstrom: Fabulous fluid pullover that works on an assortment of body types, and especially on Team Tall. Gorgeous quality. Crisp, sporty, and polished. Runs a size big
  • J.Crew J.Crew Yuna Teddy Faux Fur Jacket | Nordstrom: Light Blue Teddy Bear Fabness. Avant-Garde, and will not date. Works over an assortment of body types. A fab, casual and cosy way to make a dramatic statement. Read the rave reviews.
  • Boden Boden Double Breasted Blazer | Nordstrom: STUNNING Modern Classic blazer. Impeccable quality, and fun lining too. It works extremely well on a larger bust and curvy body type. My client who wears a US12 wowed me in it. The button positioning creates a V-shape which visually narrows the waist and streamlines the silhouette. No need to fasten the double-breasted buttons in front.
  • SOREL Sorel Ainsley Conquest Waterproof Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: Casually fab weatherproof boots for snow and ice. Works well on higher volume feet because you can adjust the width with the laces. Unusual colour combination.
  • Cartonnier | Anthropologie Plaid Wrap Blazer: One of the best belted jackets of the season, and in on-trend earth tones too. A great fit and comfortable despite the structure. Soft and sharp in a RELAXED way. Does not look good unbelted so don’t try that. The navy lining looks nice turned back on the sleeves to create a cuff.
  • If By Sea | Anthropologie Kenton Surplice Top: It’s unfortunate that this was styled tucked in the photo because it’s best left UNtucked and worn over all sorts of bottoms. It’s quite soft as far as lurex fabrics go, and has a manageable blouson sleeve. It glides over the body in a fluid and dainty way. Works well on a shorter neck and larger bust. Might need a camisole. I did not find it short like the reviews suggest. A versatile party piece.
  • Maeve | Anthropologie Chevron Shine Skirt: Very fun sparkly ’70s midi. It’s long, but can be easily hemmed. The chevron stripe creates a visually streamlined effect because diagonal lines are magical that way. Fabulous in motion. Despite the elastic waist, tops look good semi-tucked. Can be worn with hosiery despite the knitted fabric.
  • Hinge Hinge Print Midi Dress | Nordstrom: A fabulous fit on a curvy hourglass or pear-shaped body type with a larger bust. Elegant, and comfortable. Can work well on petites and is hem-able.
  • J.Crew J.Crew Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat (Regular & Plus Size) | Nordstrom: AMAZING statement leopard print plush coat that runs TTS. It works over just about anything, and is easily pattern mixed. A versatile length, crease-resistant, and a good fit. LOVELY fabric, and available in plus sizes too. Works on most body types.
  • Jonathan Simkhai Rinsed Denim Cig Jeans: Avant-Garde Jeans Fabness. This one is for Team Gold because the hardware is gold and glitzy. They are dressy, dramatic, and can function as a party piece. The high rise is girdling and comfortable. The denim does not bag out, and is thick and substantial. If you want them to fit like the model, they run TTS. I wanted a snugger fit so I sized down. They remind me of ’80s Versace which makes me smile. Pricy, but will not date. A quality piece that oozes a luxe integrity. They earned a place in my wardrobe, and can work for holiday parties.
  • Madewell Pleat-Sleeve Sweatshirt in Leopard Dot: Super cute polished sweatshirt for Team Cinnamon. I LOVE the ’80s dropped shoulder seam with puffed sleeve and long cuff. Welt creates great structure.
  • Madewell Madewell The Delilah Mary Jane Pump (Women) | Nordstrom: Blush Glitter Rose Gold Retro Fabness. Very comfy on a low and regular volume foot. Excellent on those who like low heels and a secure pump. Beautifully made, and the glitter does not come off. The surface of the glitter is hard, but the inside of the shoes is very soft. Good with or without hose. Looks like a Jimmy Choo, but at a fraction of the price. More comfy too. They come in a warm brown suede. The pink glitter earned a place in my wardrobe. Dainty and delightful.
  • Madewell Madewell Starry Night Quilted Puffer Parka | Nordstrom: If you like astronomy, galactic patterns, and starry nights, try this fun puffer. It’s well made, unique, and works over most items these days. The interesting pattern gives it a dressier integrity.
  • Madewell Quilted Military Coat: Equestrian Fabness and best on Team Tall. It has a very straight and architectural fit that screams Tomboy. It can though, work well on a tall curvy person with a larger bust.
  • Madewell Sherpa Portland Jacket: This sherpa topper is a beautiful shade of toffee and not orange like the photo. Gorgeous quality, and fits like a bomber jacket. Straight and boyish so best on a boyish body type.
  • Madewell Northward Cropped Army Jacket in Cottontail Camo: Sherpa Edition: The back of this jacket is trapeze and fun. It billows out and creates a straight architectural drape. On-trend and interesting. Works on a range of body types as long as you like volume.

Go to the collection page to see pictures of the items alongside my descriptions.

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