The Inexpensive Watch Guide

The truth is, not everyone can afford a $ 1,000 watch or even a $ 200 watch. Style doesn’t have to depend on how much money you have in the bank, so today we will look at how to buy a great looking watch for under $ 100.

How to Buy an Inexpensive Watch Under $ 100

These days, men no longer need a watch to tell time. Dress watches no longer serve a true purpose, other than to communicate your style and your means. Inexpensive watches won’t make you look like an investment banker, but they certainly have a role to play in every stylish man’s wardrobe. You’re going to get what you pay for, but there’s no reason it can’t still be a nice watch.

In the following, we will highlight a variety of wrist watches that are intended to support your style rather than your technical needs. That means you won’t find smartwatches, a GPS watch, or fitness trackers such as an Apple watch, a Fitbit Surge, or an Asus Zenwatch. These watches will complement your outfit but won’t be a triathlon watch that can measure your heart rate.

Three Places to Buy an Inexpensive Watch (and One Place Not to)

1. Online

While this may be a dangerous marketplace for fine timepieces, there’s no risk when you’re only looking for a basic wristwatch. By searching eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and various discount sites, you’ll probably be able to find the watch you’d buy in the store, but at a fraction of the price. This is an excellent source for low budget watches, and you might even look for pocket watches for less than $ 100, if you are so inclined.

2. Thrift, Goodwill & Pawn Shops

Treasures can be found at vintage stores but rarely during sales
Treasures can be found at vintage stores but rarely during sales

Often, these are some of the best places to look for a great deal. You can generally find vintage watches at these places for a small fraction of what they’d sell for brand new in the store, and in the majority of cases, the staff doesn’t know much about horology, so you can actually find some pretty amazing deals. These opportunities may be hard to find, but they do occur frequently. Recently a man found a 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm at a Goodwill store in Phoenix. He bought it for $ 5.99 and turned around and sold it for $ 35,000 to a collector who also threw in an Omega. This same buyer who frequents Goodwill stores has also seen a variety of other luxury watches in the past at stores like these.  You can read the story here.

3. Department Stores

If you don’t have much time to spend and are just desperate to get a watch on your wrist, the final recommendation is to buy at a local department store. Typically, department stores sell higher quality watches than the bargain bin stores like Walmart and Target, but offer competitive pricing. This is the place to locate fashion watches and other watches that are of better quality. Of course, that’s not to say that Walmart and Target can’t be a viable source — I believe they also carry brands like Casio and Timex, which can be very good watches for the money.

4. But Not on Kickstarter

Kickstarter, along with fellow crowdfunding Indiegogo, has become the new frontier for men’s inexpensive watchmakers. Brands like MVMT (which was recently bought by Movado) and Vincero watches have aggressively moved into the low-cost watch market with sophisticated influencer and social media campaigns. These brands are due credit for reinvigorating the watch as an accessory for every man, but there’s a catch: very few of them offer watches under $ 100.

Kickstarter watches are rarely under $ 100

If you’re looking for a great inexpensive watch, we would recommend staying away from crowdfunding, or even brands that have evolved away from Kickstarter. To begin with, they tend to be oversized and minimalist to a fault, and they aren’t really adding much to that more established watchmakers aren’t already doing. Furthermore, they mislead customers into thinking their “direct to consumer” model benefits them; in fact, the quality isn’t better than other watches at the same price point. It’s simply a new way to market watches.

Inexpensive Watch Buying DOs & DON’Ts

The first step when buying a watch in this price range is to understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to play it safe and stick with the basics. Focus on watches with fabric straps or metal bracelets and go in expecting to buy a quartz movement. Anything with a mechanical movement will be inferior, although occasionally you can luck out.

DON’T buy a faux gold or plated gold watch

Fake gold Nixon is something to avoid
This Nixon watch commits 2 sins: gaudy fake gold plating and trying to imitate much more expensive brands

There are a few things you want to look for when buying a watch in this price range. The first thing is making sure it doesn’t contain any fake or plated precious metals like gold. If you plan on keeping the watch for any considerable amount of time, both plated and fake gold (often called ‘gold-colored’) have the tendency to strip off or change color. A perfect example of this is with plated gold, as after some use you’ll notice that it turns a greenish color, usually starting at the lugs. Furthermore, fake plated gold will always look cheap compared to the real thing, so why bother? We recommend skipping it entirely.

DON’T buy a knockoff or a fake

The first rule to remember is that if you can’t afford the $ 10,000 Rolex, don’t try and imitate it (better to buy it used from a specialty retailer like Bob’s Watches). One of the biggest mistakes men make is buying a watch that just makes them look cheap. I’m talking about the oversized, fake gold, plastic stone-encrusted watches. There is no humanly possible way to look good wearing these.

Can you spot the fake Rolex
Can you spot the fake Rolex? Those who can won’t tell you they know your secret

Buying a fake or imitation of an elegant watch poses the same risk. While you may be able to trick the average Joe into believing you’ve got a real Rolex on your wrist, anyone who knows a thing or two is never going to take you seriously. Wearing a knockoff is like trying to pay your check with Monopoly money. The second someone notices it, you’ve lost all credibility. If you want to be taken seriously, avoid the fraudulent watches because, in the end, you’re going to look like a joke.

DO focus on an “authentic” watch

As in, look for a watch that is not desperately trying to be something it’s not. This Seiko watch is classy and has a few interesting details, but it’s not trying to be something other than a Seiko. Try looking for watches that are made of a standard metal, plastic or composite, and you’ll end up getting the best bang for your buck.

DO lower your expectations for a leather strap watch under $ 100

Greg Stevens watch straps
Leather watch straps

Avoiding leather is usually a good idea since inexpensive watches tend to have cheap leather or imitation leather straps which will show wear very quickly. Unless you plan to use an after-market strap (which is a good idea), focus on finding watches that have fabric straps, metal bracelets or rubber straps. They’ll last longer and maintain their appearance, provided of course the metal isn’t plated or poorly made.

DO buy a quartz movement

Even under $ 100, your watch should work well. This isn’t such a big deal when buying new, but it’s still a good idea to make sure it keeps accurate time. Quartz watches are going to be your best bet. They may not have the appeal of mechanical or automatic, but they do keep better time and are usually what you’ll find in this price range.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Depth Gauge
Timex Intelligent Quartz Depth Gauge

Ideally, you want to find a watch that has Japanese movement. You can often determine this by looking at the back of the watch or the six o’clock position on the dial. Finding something that’s Swiss Made is almost out of the question, although you may find ones labelled Swiss Movement or Swiss Quartz —they are not the same. While some watches with Chinese movements aren’t bad, for the most part they tend to be the least reliable when it comes to watch production. It’s not the end of the world if you find a watch you like with it, but it shouldn’t be your first pick.

DO look for watch styles as if you had an unlimited budget

Frederique Constant Automatic Dress Watch
The Frederique Constant Automatic Dress Watch may be out of reach, but you can find something similar

By keeping this in mind, you’ll only buy one you really like and one that suits your lifestyle. If you’re going to wear it with a business suit, avoid sports watches; and if you’re going to wear it to the beach, make sure it’s water resistant.

DO save for the watch of your dreams

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch with a metal band
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch with a metal band

Furthermore, we always recommend saving more or paying less. The majority of watches between the $ 500 and $ 1500 mark aren’t worth the markup, because they aren’t adding quality above the $ 500 price point aside from better branding. In almost all cases, they’re overpriced. Stick with either a cheap daily wear watch or save up until you can afford the watch you really want where the quality matches the price tag.

Recommended Watch Brands

Watch Model Brand Price
T2N747KW Weekender Timex $
Casio GA100-1A1 Casio $
SNK805 Seiko $
699.02 Aviator Quartz Stuhrling $
N14555G NST Nautica $
AK715SSB “Retro” Stainless Steel Akribos $
BF0580-06E Citizen $
Silver Dial Black Bulova $

When it comes to watches that cost less than $ 100, the only thing that really matters is whether you like how it looks. The movement is not going to be anything fantastic so focus on its appearance — you just want it to look good on your arm.


Timex Weekender Central Park
Timex Weekender Central Park

You may remember Timex being mentioned in our Low Budget Watch Guide. Their Weekender line is a GG favorite watch for daily wear. It’s easy to wear, relaxed, and not so precious that it can’t get dirty or wet. If it breaks, oh well, it’s replaceable. It’s a nice looking, classic timepiece that is great dressed down but also with a suit. You can make it preppy for the beach with a NATO strap or dress it up with leather. All-in-all, it’s a great watch and when it comes to Timex, you really can’t go wrong. As far as classic watches go in this price range, Timex is a top pick.


The Casio G-Shock definitely isn’t for the office, but it’s a great sports watch under $ 100

Casio is a very safe brand when it comes to sports watches. They don’t try to make their watches look better than they are by adding imitation stones or gold colored metals. Most of their products are sturdy workhorses that add the necessary features, like water resistance for a day at the beach. If you’re looking for a decent sports watch for casual wear, any Casio in this price range is a solid investment. Check out this Casio G-Shock on Amazon.


Seiko watches are about as good as they get in this price range as well as in many higher price points. They make some exceptional watches and a quick search on Amazon netted two pages of choices for between $ 50 and $ 100. This military inspired Seiko watch with a canvas band has a great retro look ideal for a casual men’s watch. It is an automatic watch with a stainless steel case,so it ticks the boxes for a weekend timepiece under $ 100.


A lot of people don’t realize that Max Sturhling was actually a master watchmaker who studied under Louis Audemars of Audemars Piguet — one of the world’s most renowned luxury watchmakers.

Sturhling Original watch for under $  100
Sturhling Original watch for under $ 100

However, Stührling wanted to make well-built timepieces that every man could afford. He left the luxury industry, in which he could have easily made a name for himself, and developed a line of watches that retails for no more than a few hundred dollars. Many of the watches feature automatic or mechanical movements and you can easily find some of their watches, like this one, for under $ 100.


Unique and fun Akribos
Unique and fun Akribos

Akribos is one of those brands like Invicta, Fossil and Nixon that caters to a younger crowd. They do attempt to imitate the appearance of some famous luxury watches, but they don’t put imitation stones or metals on their timepieces or make watches that are as big as fists. Granted, some of their watches should be avoided, but they also make some pretty interesting timepieces that are great for the hipster crowd, design-conscious artists or someone wanting a fresh look. Check out this interesting Arkribos watch for a great price.


Citizen watches are really quite good for the price. Granted, their $ 500 timepieces are terribly overpriced, but any of the watches priced under $ 100 are well worth it. In 1979, the brand created Citizen Eco-Drive, the first analog quartz movement to be powered by light. Many of their watches with this feature are priced under $ 100. They are a very respectable watchmaker and one that is globally popular across almost all demographics. Here’s a handsome Citizen quartz dress watch. The case diameter is 39mm, which is an ideal size for most men.


Many falsely assume that Bulova is a luxury brand. In effect, they’ve done a fantastic job making a lot of people think that they are. Bulova, despite these questionable marketing practices, actually realize what (some) of their timepieces are really worth. They do offer some crystal-encrusted and over-the-top chronographs, but if you look through their collection there are a few classy pieces. This simple Bulova stainless steel one is one worthy of your attention as it’s a perfect dress watch for a low price.


Inexpensive watches, by virtue of their cost, shouldn’t seem less-worthy. Just because something is less expensive doesn’t mean that it’s ‘cheap.’ However, let’s call it what it is. When you’re buying a fifty dollar watch you’re foolish if you expect that you’re going to get a Rolex. You’re even more foolish if you try and get one that imitates it. Be proud of your watch, regardless of whether it’s a $ 30 Casio or a $ 30,000 Jaeger-LeCoultre. Your watch may not be an heirloom piece to hand down to your child, but you can be confident wearing it when you buy one that is simple, works well and didn’t cost more than a car.

Buy what you like, what you can afford and what you can justify. I know many men who can afford expensive watches but can’t justify in their own head spending so much on something that tells time.

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UPDATE: The First Iron Throne Has Been Found, New Throne Hidden in the North

UPDATE (03/21/19): The first of six life-sized Iron Thrones from HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones has been found. As an ongoing event to lead up to GoT‘s eighth and final season, HBO will be hiding the Thrones in all corners of the world until some lucky fans finds it.

Posting a 360-degree video to its official YouTube page, the first Iron Throne could be seen hidden in some sort of forest. The mystery setting turned out to be an ancient wooded site in Gloucestershire, England, which was found by two young men.

Now the journey continues as the next throne has been hidden in the “North.” Take a look at the new video posted above to see if you have any idea where it could be located. And according to the #ForTheThrone countdown, there are 13 days left to find this second throne.

Head over to for more details and find the original story below.

Original Story (03/19/19):

As fans around the world patiently wait for the return of HBO‘s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones to return for its eighth and final season next month, the network has decided to hide six life-sized Iron Thrones all across the world for them to find.

In a video posted to HBO’s official YouTube channel, the first Iron Throne can be seen hidden in what looks to be a forest with the caption “#ThroneoftheForest.” The 360-degree video is also accompanied by a countdown timer, allowing fans to see how much time they have left to claim it. The network has also shared a marketing video starring the show’s biggest actors to its Facebook page along with, “6 Thrones. 6 Locations. Who will be the first to find them?”

Once the first Iron Throne has been successfully found, HBO will hide another one, totalling up to six. Interested participants can head over to for more details. Grab your chance to claim the Iron Throne now.

Game of Thrones season 8 returns Sunday, April 14. In the meantime, take a closer look at the highly-anticipated GoT x adidas UltraBOOST collection.


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Seek the Weirwood in this Kingdom on Earth. Begin your Quest #ForTheThrone. #ThroneoftheForest (LINK IN BIO)

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Total Silence or Gossip Central: How Close Should You Be With Your Hairstylist?


For some women raised on the feel-good ethos of Steel Magnolias and Legally Blonde, where salons were sacred spaces and the bond between stylist and client almost therapeutic, a hair appointment is more than just a cut or color.

“We’re the first ones to know about cheating, pregnancies, wedding plans, job interviews, health changes, doctors visits,” Devin Toth, a stylist at Salon SCK in New York’s Upper East Side, told The Daily Beast. “I see many of my clients more than I see my parents or best friends.”

This weekend, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet of The Daily Front Row awards with longtime hairstylist Frederic Aspiras on her arm. The newly-single Gaga and Aspiras mugged for the cameras like professionals, holding hands, cheek-kissing, and even dancing for the paparazzi.

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Fenty Beauty Restocks Body Lava, Launches Three Limited-Edition Bottles

Fenty Beauty just announced it’s dropping three variations of its best-selling Fenty Beauty Body Lava, including a brand-new shade called Trophy Wife, which everyone knows is signature to the brand. The new Body Lava shimmery oils drop on March 21 at midnight PST. Learn more about the launch, here.


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EBay Roundup

We spend hours trawling for the best of menswear on eBay so that you don’t have to. To get a third eBay roundup each week, along with a list of the best sales, subscribe to our exclusive Inside Track newsletter. It only costs $ 5 a month. The savings you’d earn from just one eBay purchase a year will offset the subscription.

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Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson and More Dazzle at The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards

Lady Gaga, Tan France, Kate Hudson, Daily Front Row AwardsThe Daily Front Row hosted its fifth annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday, and several celebrities attended for a night full of fashion and fun.

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Would you buy these ‘dirty’ Gucci sneakers for $900?

Filthy rich fashionistas are pumped for Gucci’s latest kicks. Taking its name from a basketball term, the Italian house’s “Screener” sneakers — inspired by a vintage sports style from the ’70s — are a purposely dirty style that were “treated for a vintage, distressed effect.” Beat-up Gucci still doesn’t come at a bargain, though. This…
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Help, Whitney Wants to Wear a Pair of Literal Children’s Shoes

French brand Veja has long been making the holy grails of ethically-sourced, cool-looking footwear. (Just ask Megan Markle.) In a sustainable fashion marketplace littered with boho sandals and other festival-appropriate garb, Veja’s sneakers speak to a different aesthetic — one more likely to be …

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In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

And here’s one: You know that confident feeling you get when wearing your favorite suit? Imagine feeling that way about your finances. Personal Capital tracks your net worth and spending for free, so you know where your savings stand and how your investments are performing. Get started here.

Spier & Mackay Sunglasses – $ 68

Spier & Mackay is moving and shaking. If diving into the shoe world wasn’t enough, now they’re breaking into sunglasses as well. And just like their suits, shirts, shoes, etc… their sunglasses are priced plenty fair, and feel/wear quite good out of the box. Especially the acetate/round lens options.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Tortoise with green lenses. Classic.

You learn a lot about a pair of sunglasses as soon as you pick them up and swing open the ear pieces. Are they rickety? Do the hinges or ear pads make funny noises when you lift them out of the box? Do the temples flop about? Do they sit on your face square, or do they list to the side? None of these issues arise with these Spier sunglasses.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Branding is on the inside, not outside, of the frames.

The round lens, acetate options are straight up beautiful. All edges round off perfectly. The plastic frames are nice and smooth. The tortoise shell pattern bright without being garish. And they’re super comfortable. Size is 49mm, which usually is a good size for small to medium sized faces, but I found that even my larger than average mug took to these pretty well.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

The wire aviators. Lightweight without feeling disposable.

The aviators are a larger 57mm in size, but don’t seem to wear quite as large. Noticeably lighter in weight than the acetate shades, but not feather-weight and weak feeling like super-cheap shades. Nose pads are comfortable. Ear pieces are smooth. No loose plastic seams razoring into the tops of your ears here. Hinges are like the acetate option, and have a smooth operation and just enough tension so they aren’t flopping about.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Good hinges. And again, branding is on the inside.

No polarized options as of yet, but that’s actually preferable if you’re looking at screens outside (or, inside a cockpit if you happen to fly planes and stuff). The plastic/acetate round lens frames feel a bit more luxurious than the wire framed aviators. I can’t quite explain why, but both fill the oddly large gap between gas station throw-aways and crazy high end luxury brands. Nice work outta Spier & Mackay, once again.

In Review: Spier & Mackay Sunglasses |

Dappered Style Mail


Pros and Cons of Buying Vintage

If you’re anything like me, for example, not only do you enjoy learning about classic menswear but you enjoy wearing it as well and while it is possible to assemble a classically styled outfit using only more contemporary pieces, turning your attention to consignment stores, second-hand shops and so on to look for vintage pieces will also be a fantastic option. Still, buying vintage isn’t always a breeze.

Benefits Of Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing
Vintage Clothing

1. You May Find Garments That Are Not Commonly Produced Any More.

If you do find garments like these, they’ll allow you to stand out even from other well-dressed men; you can be a true dandy in head-to-toe vintage if that’s your thing, or you can mix vintage and contemporary pieces for a look that’s still classic and harmonious. Whatever the case may be, having a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe will allow you to be truly unique and inventive with your outfits.

2. Prices Are Often A Fraction Of What You Would Pay For Something New.

Our founder, Sven Raphael Schneider has had good luck purchasing things at European flea markets especially in the off seasons. For example, he once found an overcoat in the summer that no one else was looking at because it was out of season and got it for a real bargain.

Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown flannel glencheck
Yours Truly in Firenze wearing a vintage brown flannel glencheck

3. Vintage Garments Can Generally Be Tailored Just As Easily As Something New.

This depends on the individual garment, of course, and whether it’s got excess fabric to let out or remove. As an example, you could find a sport coat for $ 15- 20 dollars, spend another $ 30 or so on tailoring and end up with a vintage piece that fits you like a glove for just a fraction of the price of what you would have paid for a new garment and that’s one that probably wouldn’t fit you as well right off the rack anyway.

4. Vintage Garments Are Often More Durable.

In a similar vein, older methods of clothing construction were often more durable both in terms of the raw materials used and in the detail of human construction. Conversely, a lot of modern clothing made for the fast fashion world that we live in is frankly designed to fall apart in the days when durability was prized over having the newest and latest garments of the season. You could get a great deal more wear out of your pieces.

Greenwich Vintage Co. Showroom
Greenwich Vintage Co. Showroom

5. You Will Be Supporting Your Local Economy.

Another plus by shopping at a consignment store or similar establishment, you’ll be supporting your local economy rather than some giant corporation; this isn’t to say that we’re suggesting you swear off Macy’s, of course, but it is nice to know that in some circumstances, you’re supporting small businesses in your area.

Vintage Ties
Vintage Ties

6. Buying Vintage Is A Greener Way To Shop.

In a similarly conscious frame of mind, buying vintage garments is a particularly green way to shop since you’re essentially recycling old garments and giving them a new lease on life. Furthermore, because you’re not buying a new garment and therefore contributing to that supply chain, you are theoretically reducing the amount of raw materials needed to produce more similar new garments.

7. You Might Not Have To Buy At All.

If you’ve got older relatives who are looking to downsize their wardrobes, family heirlooms like watches, for example, or friends who just know that you’re on the lookout for vintage items, you might be able to come up with some vintage finds at no cost to you.

Vintage Showroom in London
Vintage Showroom in London

8. Vintage Pieces Make For A Great Conversation Starter.

Finally in the positives category, buying and wearing vintage provides a great conversation starter for those who might be especially curious about what you’re wearing. For example, a comment on your vintage tie might get another gentleman the path of dressing stylishly and as we all know in the vintage menswear community, the more the merrier.

Drawbacks Of Vintage Clothing

So as you can see, there are a lot of potential positives when shopping for vintage menswear. With that said though, you should also be aware that there can be some potential downsides.

Vintage WWII Peacoat Tag
Vintage WWII Peacoat Tag

1.Limited Sizing Options.

Firstly, you might not always find the size you need especially if you’re a larger man in terms of both height and weight. The average man has just gotten bigger around the world in the last 100 years. As such, if you’re looking for vintage garments, you might not always find something in your size.

2. Tags & Labels On Vintage Garments Can Be Misleading.

Still the bottom line is trying something on for yourself to see just how well it fits is always going to be your best course of action.

Vintage Scarves
Vintage Scarves

3. Vintage Clothing May Have Some Form Of Damage.

Here’s a drawback you may already have thought of, some vintage clothing may have issues with odors, stains, or other damage, however, even if this is the case, there are workarounds available to you. Also, a good tailor can sometimes remedy structural damage to vintage garments depending on the severity of the damage in question.

4. Vintage Garments Are Irreplaceable.

Speaking of damage, though that is another potential downside, if you do damage a vintage piece irreparably or lose it for that matter, you might not be able to find another one quite like it. That old item you found might truly be one-of-a-kind at this point or at least rare enough to basically be such. Even so, in the case of a sartorial emergency, because they do happen to all of us from time to time, there are solutions there too.

5. Sellers Might Overcharge You.

Now regarding pricing, while many vintage shops and online retailers will often be offering things for great prices, there is the occasional chance that a seller might be trying to overcharge you after all. Once you become a more frequent and savvy vintage shopper though, you’ll develop a better sense of what truly makes for a good deal. As with most things, practice makes perfect and experience is the best teacher. Also along this line though, the market is getting more and more saturated by people who aren’t as knowledgeable about either what makes for a good deal or about garment quality in general. This is particularly true online, therefore, developing a sharp eye for materials, construction, sizing, and price will be the best way that you can get ahead. Don’t make foolish mistakes and buy something you won’t wear just because the salesperson talked a good game.

Flea Market in London Spitalsfields
Flea Market in London Spitalsfields

6. You Have To Make Time To Scout Out Vintage Stores.

While the online space is becoming more crowded, physical storefronts are becoming a bit more scarce. So if you’d like to go that route, you’ll probably have to put in a bit of additional time to scout out locations in your area. It may take more time than you might otherwise prefer to actually go out and track things down. As such, you really should enjoy the process of shopping vintage as it will be something of a treasure hunt.

7. Poor Fitting Room Conditions.

The lighting may be substandard and you might not find a three-way mirror so in other words, you might not get the best look at how a garment fits you from all angles. Some stores may not even have fitting rooms at all which can leave you in a particularly awkward spot if you’d really like to try something on, which of course, you should.

Vintage Tennis Sweater, Boater Hat & Blazers...
Vintage Tennis Sweater, Boater Hat & Blazers

8. Limited To Zero Returns Policy.

This may translate into a monetary loss if you end up not wearing or liking a garment barring additional financial outlay for tailoring.

Taking all of these factors into consideration then, the required effort may ultimately result in you falling prey to the so-called “This will do” phenomenon. Since you might only find one sizing option for a particular garment, for example, you may decide to lower your standards a little bit and buy it even though it might be too loose or too tight and even if a garment does fit you well, you may be willing to buy something that you don’t truly love or think you’ll wear often just because you are getting a deal. In short, just don’t settle for something that you’re probably not going to wear. There will always be other vintage finds out there that will suit you better.


So there’s our list of the pros and cons of buying vintage menswear in general. Though the question remains, do we recommend that you actually try it out? The short answer is absolutely yes! There is a bit of work involved and granted you may not hit a home run with a great vintage find right away but if you’re looking for a unique way to add a distinct flair to your wardrobe at an economical price, the benefits of buying vintage are clear.

Which of the arguments we laid out today did you find most compelling? If you haven’t tried it before, are you tempted to try shopping for vintage menswear now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Tattoos Were Once for Rebels. Is Popularity Killing the Art?

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

In 1896, an Italian criminologist named Cesare Lombroso—whose infamous, disproved, scientifically racist theories include believing all offenders were part ape—wrote another spicy take on tattoos for the April issue of Popular Science Monthly.

After studying the prevalence of tattoos on Italian and German law-breakers, Lombroso came to the conclusion that “criminals, like savages, are very little sensitive to pain,” since their lot did not mind getting prodded by needles for the sake of making a statement.

At the same time as Lombroso was spouting his social Darwinist nonsense, aristocratic women all over London were taking to the boudoirs, rolling up their sleeves, and getting ink of their own.

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Inside Track: March 17th – March 23rd Edition

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NemeN’s Second SS19 Delivery Includes Newest Master-Piece Collab

Italian fashion brand NemeN has just released the second wave of its SS19 designs. The drop includes the coveted Master-Piece bag collab as well as a few of its acid-dyed garments. The label’s SS19 has been a standout for the season as outerwear, trousers and accessories got an updated look with more technically-difficult execution and outstanding details. There’s something here for outerwear enthusiasts especially those who lean towards the techwear aesthetic — expect functional drawstrings for a secure fit, large zip pulls for closure convenience, easy to reach pocket placements and more.

Take a look at the second delivery pieces above and shop them now at NemeN’s official site.

In other fashion news, see Tired Lab’s SS19 capsule.

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ICYMI: Wrapping up Fashion Month Fall 2019, Shop Platform Sneakers and Tan Handbags & More Street Style Inspiration

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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Max Mara reissues Nancy Pelosi’s viral red coat

It was the little red coat that set the internet on fire last December when then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sported a sharp shade of scarlet pulled from Max Mara’s fall 2012 archives. However, this wasn’t the first time Pelosi was caught red-handed in the candy apple coating known as the “Fire Coat.” Pelosi first…
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How to Earn Respect without Being a Jerk

We can all be jerks sometimes, however, if you truly want to earn respect, this can’t be a permanent state and you have to change.

“Respect” Defined

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration elicited by someone’s qualities behavior, actions, or achievements. Basically, it’s something we all want from other people but it’s not something you can easily demand. In fact, openly trying to command respect from others can be interpreted as being insecure and that, in turn, will earn you even less respect.

What It Means To Be A Jerk

Let’s quickly touch on the points on what it means to be a jerk so you can avoid those things.

  • A typical jerk can’t handle any kind of criticism and typically, they care more about winning an argument than anything else. Typically, they only talk about themselves and they’re willing to dismiss others, their feelings, or their needs in order to get what they want.
A jerk is self-centered
  • Jerks often deliberately use insults and name-calling to keep other people down and they often believe that they’re at the position in life just because of their own merit and they never had any kind of help.
  • Most jerks often think they’re the victim or they were blamed by others and they have to stand up for themselves and they also assume that life, in general, is a zero-sum game and they just want to come out ahead no matter the cost.

While some jerks may be successful in achieving what they want in the short term, in the long term, they will always lose any kind of respect; so here’s what to do instead.

9 Ways To Earn Respect Without Being A Jerk

1.Do Not Walk Away From Conflicts

An easy way to earn respect is by not walking away from conflicts but accepting it at what it is and doing so in a graceful manner. So what does it mean? You speak up when it’s necessary, either for yourself or even more so for others. If you think something is wrong, say something, don’t just shut up.

Do not give in to peer pressure
Do not give in to peer pressure

2. Be Immune To Peer Pressure

I know it’s always easy to fit in and speaking up can be hard but often, in a group, there is a certain dynamic that makes you do things that you will later regret. Most of the time, people don’t look up to Joe average, instead, they respect leaders that swim against the stream and maybe say something that could be interpreted as unpopular at the moment but in line with their beliefs and value system. So that means you have to be your own person and consider yourself as the decision-maker in your life and not as someone who is controlled by others or mainstream movements and you just have to tag along.

3. Embrace Criticism

I know, even the most confident people sometimes struggle with criticism especially when they’ve worked really hard on something and put everything they had into it. Criticism can hurt especially if it’s voiced in an absolute way and no other positives are mentioned, however, if you shift your mindset from criticism being a form to put you down to criticism being a tool to making you better, things all of a sudden change.

In my experience, failure and criticisms are key components to growth, not only in your business but also on a personal level. Most people don’t try to be jerks intentionally and they do something that annoys others. If they know about it, they can change the behavior, learn from it, and grow from it. It may hurt in a moment but it will make them a better person down the line.

4. Accept That Not Everybody Will Like You

Yes, we all want to be liked and to be liked, you have to be likable in the first place. However, at the end of the day, we all have our value system and if you stand up to those values, there will inevitably be people that you disappoint and that is okay and you have to be okay with that.

Assertive & Aggressive
Assertive versus Aggressive

5. Know The Subtle Difference Between Being Assertive & Aggressive

Being assertive means that you’re not a pushover when people try to talk you into something, you think about it and you speak your mind, you bring arguments, pros, and cons, why you make your decision in a certain way and you leave it at that.

Being aggressive means you raise your voice, you may use physical intimidation, or try to simply put others down with your presence.

6. Give Up Trying To Be Right All The Time

I know it feels good to be right which is one of the reasons I probably went to law school because most lawyers want to be right, however, if you just try to be right to win an argument, it will damage your relationships long term because people don’t want to be around you, they don’t want to discuss things with you because they think that you’re never open to constructive criticism and arguments and you will never change your mind anyway.

If you argue, ask yourself, why am i arguing? Do I just wanna win the argument or is there a deeper thing behind it that I want to achieve? Also, keep in mind that we all think of ourselves more highly than of others. In surveys, people always think they are smarter than others or that they have better motivations than others, that they’re more careful than others, this is called the blame bias and just knowing that we automatically assume other people are less smart than we are or that they made a mistake just means that you’re often judging them in a way that is not fair.

So, if you want to earn respect, rather than just blaming others or assuming that others are stupid, think about what you may have done that is not super obvious that may have contributed to the negative outcome.

7. Keep An Open Mind

Your mind is open and you’re willing to change your opinion based on facts that are presented to you. Jerks, in particular, are often very stubborn and unable to accept different opinions or facts and they always want to argue in a way and just be right. By falling into this trap, you deny yourself any ability to grow and to get better.

Also, other people will notice that they will look at you as a person who is stuck in their ways, who is never going to change, and they will not try to use you to promote something in a company that needs adaptive performance, change, or innovation.

8. Do Not Be Afraid To Show Your Vulnerabilities

At first, it may seem counterintuitive because you think “oh if I’m perceived as a strong leader, people respect me more”, however, if you are a strong leader and you’re very confident and secure with who you are, you have no problems with sharing your struggles along the way because that will give people a path and perspective showing them that you struggled but you nevertheless succeeded and it makes them be more hopeful about their own lives.

At the same time, they will have something going on in their lives right now that bothers them and if they can see that you also have something that bothers you, they don’t feel alone and they feel more normal which in turn, enables them to become better.

Always keep in mind, everyone has problems but by being the leader and sharing your own vulnerabilities and putting yourself in a light that is not super favorable, you become more human and people will respect you more. Also, it can be a way to be really funny without hurting anyone else and people will look at you and respect you more for it.

9. Analyze Your Problems & Act On Them

Last but not least, one good way to earn respect is to analyze your problems and to act on them. If you are unhappy with your relationship, don’t just complain about
it, talk to your partner about it, maybe go to relationship counseling and also look at yourself and how you can change to achieve what you really want.


So in a nutshell, take control. Don’t blame others and don’t waste your lifetime. if you follow these nine techniques and you speak like a gentleman, I truly believe you will earn more and more respect at your workplace, in your neighborhood, or in your community, and wherever you are where you are in contact with people. People will look up to you and when you’re in a situation where you need something, people will be much more willing to help you than if you’ve always been a jerk because then, you’re on your own.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re incredibly thankful to have sponsors supporting our work, so twice a month, we like to give them a special shoutout. With spring officially starting next week, we thought we’d run through some our sponsors’ latest deliveries and happenings.

Proper Cloth started years ago as an online made-to-measure shirtmaker. When I talked to their founder Seph Skeritt last year about how they’re able to achieve a better fit than most, he said it was a combination of starting with the right paper patterns and allowing for free adjustments on customers’ first delivery. To get the right fit, you just have to submit measurements of either your body or best fitting button-up, and they’ll deliver your custom-made shirt a few weeks later. Those who want a simpler process can also just stick with Proper Cloth’s standard ready-to-wear measurements, and then choose their stylistic details.

For a while, Proper Cloth also offered made-to-order suits, sport coats, and tailored trousers. The difference between MTO and MTM is that you can customize almost anything in MTO except the cut, which makes the process a bit more streamlined and predictable for the maker (MTM, on the other hand, allows you to customize both measurements and style details). When the company first introduced the program, Skeritt told me he wanted to be careful about doing online MTM tailoring for more complicated garments, since he knows his company has built a loyal base of customers and a solid online reputation.

This month, however, they’ve finally unveiled an online MTM program for tailored jackets and trousers. Customers can modify a base size along various dimensions, including the width given for the chest, shoulders, midsection, and hips; center back length; sleeve length, bicep width, and opening. Prices for a half-canvassed, made-to-measure sport coat starts at $ 545. “There are some nice menswear staple options are buried in there,” says Skeritt.




Long-time readers know Chipp supplies the most affordable grenadine neckties. They source their silks from the same Italian mills as top-end brands, but their ties start at a much more affordable $ 45 (grenadines are $ 60 and, like everything, Chipp sells, made in New York City). Paul Winston, the shop’s owner, tells me he can’t imagine charging much more because he remembers what neckties used to cost fifty years ago, back when his family’s business dressed men such ass President John F. Kennedy, Andy Warhol, and Joe DiMaggio.

If you’re looking for your first grenadine, consider three colors: black, some sort of dark blue, and silver. Black can look severe in certain contexts, which is why it’s often not recommended for suits or socks, but the color manages to be neutral for grenadines and knit ties. You can wear a black grenadine with navy suits, tobacco linen suits, and brown tweeds. Dark blue, either in a shade matching your navy suits or one shade lighter, is equally versatile (a dark blue tie can also be a good way to visually anchor a light-colored sport coat, which could otherwise float away from you). Lastly, silver grenadines are for guys who only wear ties on special occasions — weddings, fancy parties, and other formal gatherings. Silver ties look less like office-clothes than their dark blue counterparts, and the textured grenadine weave here keeps these from looking cheap and shiny.

For other versatile ties, you can try silk stripes. Dapper Classics just got a whole new shipment of them for spring. The ties are made in New York City using 100% Italian silks. Pastel colors could be good options with a white shirt and linen suit (think of the summer weddings you’ll invariably have to attend), but dark blue will be your most versatile option. Dapper Classics also just restocked some of their spring/ summer trousers. Their tailored pants have become a favorite of customers who want slim-classic trousers that are well-made, but also reasonably affordable. The pants are made in New York City at the Hertling factory, which has supplied tailored trousesrs to some of menswear’s greatest retail namess. Dustin at Dapper Classics tells us they’re planning to release some new trouser styles later this month.



Rowing Blazers, purveyors of a more irreverent prep look, just received their first shipment for spring. Included are all the sorts of things you might expect from the company — playful takes on prep classics with nods to academic life. Their sweats this season are all heavyweight reverse weaves that have been made in the USA. The crewnecks feature crossed racquet patches and hand-embroidered goldwork Naval Crown patches; the hoodies feature a hand-embroidered goldwork “Derry Bones” motif. The dad caps are emblazoned with things such as “The Archeology Club” and “Byzantine Art Club” (actual membership in these fictitious clubs is not required). Perhaps most striking is the Gordan Modern tartan suit, pictured above. Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson tells us: “Gordon Modern is one of my favorite tartans, and this is an incredibly beautiful cotton rendition of the pattern woven in Japan. We’ve used it for jackets, trousers, and shorts.”

Since their founding two years ago, some of Rowing Blazers’ more popular items include their rugby shirts, which can be worn with the sort of colorful prep look they promote or more discretely with blue jeans and suede Wallabees (a good outfit for listening to vinyl records). This season, the brand is adding a new collection of soccer shirts based on traditional British schoolboy styles. They’re similar to rugbys, except whereas rugby shirts are traditionally solid or horizontally striped, traditional soccer shirts are vertically striped.

“The word ‘soccer’ began as an Oxford nickname (part of what’s known as the ‘Oxford -er’ fad in the late 19th century) for ‘association football’ or ‘assoc” for short, as opposed to rugby football, or ‘rugger’” Carlson says. “Unlike traditional rugby shirts, which are super heavyweight (the nearest thing to pads ever to grace a rugby pitch) and either solid or horizontal hoop-striped, old-school soccer shirts are traditionally much lighter in weight, with a tab collar and vertical stripes. Adapting soccer shirts for fashion is nothing new, but we wanted to do what we do best, which is go back to the beginning. The result is very different from a lot of the streetwear takes on the soccer jersey, but we think it’s pretty cool and perfect for that time between rugby shirt weather and polo shirt weather.”

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Gradient Nails Are the Prettiest New Manicure Trend for Spring

Spring’s new nail trend are “gradient nails,” a rainbow-inspired type of nail art that uses a different color on each nail to create the gradient effect of a paint sample. Artists are trying the trend in rainbow colors and nudes, taking it all the way from dramatically vibrant to soft and subtle.


Kate Middleton Discovers Trousers—and a Fresh Sense of Style

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

“Pants!!!” fashion bloggers screamed through their keyboards this week, after Kate Middleton attended a charity engagement in pleated navy trousers from Jigsaw, a fashion label she worked for as an accessories buyer in the early aughts.

The look was instantly cited as an example of Middleton taking a page out of Meghan Markle’s stylebook. Markle wore many tailored pants before pregnancy relegated her to a few months of maternity dresses (often paired with stilettos, which Markle absolutely commands).

But it was not the first time the duchess swapped her favored fit-and-flare dress for something more business casual.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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We’re excited to reveal our April issue, celebrating 14 global…

We’re excited to reveal our April issue, celebrating 14 global superstars: Angelababy, Doona Bae, Elizabeth Debicki, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Golshifteh Farahani, Liv Lisa Fries, Eiza Gonzalez, Hera Hilmar, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Kirby, Bruna Marquezine, Deepika Padukone, Alba Rohrwacher and Lea Seydoux. 

Read the full story.



The Webster FW 16

Poppy, Lupita Nyong’o and Other Celebs Went All out With Bold Fashion Choices on the Red Carpet This Week

While the fashion world is still reeling from the end of a relentlessly hectic Fashion Month, celebrities are keeping their foot on our necks with plenty of bold and adventurous red carpet looks. For the iHeartRadio Music Awards, singer Poppy opted for the ultimate statement piece, a dress …

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The Weekend Reset: Erin Go Bragh, Bruh.

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

And here’s one: You know that confident feeling you get when wearing your favorite suit? Imagine feeling that way about your finances. Personal Capital tracks your net worth and spending for free, so you know where your savings stand and how your investments are performing. Get started here.

It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week contributor Tim Johnstone pulls together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.

Ah St. Patrick’s Day. The pageantry! The green beer! The not-really-Irish Americanisms of one of the country’s favorite excuses for drinking. This week’s recommendations offer a more traditional take on the best of the Emerald Isle. And yes, that does include a noteworthy cocktail.


EAT: Dublin Coddle with Pearl Barley.

Dublin Coddle with Pearl Barley

Donal Skehan, an Irish food writer, photographer and rising TV personality has had an interesting past. He has performed in bands, published award winning blogs and several books based on his “The Good Mood Food Blog.” He has shared a number of traditional Irish dishes (he suggests that most Irish food is comfort food) through his books and blogs. And since corned beef and cabbage isn’t really an Irish thing (it is an American creation), I am sharing one of his favorite recipes this week. Dublin Coddle with Pearl Barley. The ingredients are readily available and while you will need to convert a couple measurements from their metric origins, that really shouldn’t be a deal breaker here. C’mon now! It’s coddle. AKA rechauffe. Basically, leftovers. This is the best thing to dig into after a few celebratory beverages.


LISTEN: Wasteland, Baby!

Nobody was more surprised at his sudden success than Hozier. He was largely unrecognized in his home country when his single “Take Me To Church” was first released. That would not last for long. Five years on, he has toured the world, sold out concerts in his wake. His place in the world changed, he set to the task of following up one of the most important debut records of the last 10 years. And here it is: Wasteland, Baby.  If you were a fan of his first album, this will not disappoint. I was fortunate to get some time with him on the phone a couple weeks ago. We talked about the new album, pressure he was under, dance, his gospel influences and more. You can listen here.


READ: Seamus Heaney – Ireland’s favorite poet.

I have Gary Lightbody and Andrew Hozier to thank for my introduction to the poet Seamus Heaney. I am a fan of poetry but I’m not always comfortable reading it because it never sounds in my head as it does when it is read. That’s on me. Heaney is an Irish national hero who has had such an influence on Irish culture. His work is lovely for many reasons. Helen Vendler of The New Yorker called him “by turns mythological and journalistic, rural and sophisticated, reminiscent and impatient, stern and yielding, curt and expansive” In my recent interview with Hozier (above) I asked him about his thoughts on Seamus Heaney. You can hear his thoughts right here. This part of our visit comes about 8 minutes into our conversation.


WATCH: Forget Darby O’Gill. This is your movie of the week!

Hands down, this is one of my favorite Irish movies. There are lots of them actually (here and here and here and here and also here) but this is one I go back to often. It features terrific performances, a great deal of humor and charm, and a wicked sea-beastie. In addition to all of that, it’s a wonderful movie for those who love the language and accents of all involved.


DRINK: The Fat Frog is a legit Irish Favorite. 

The Fat Frog

I’m sorry. Let’s just get this out of the way right now. I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure that if you have more than a few of these you are going to Vesuvius some day-glo green comeuppance. Everywhere. This drink, the Fat Frog, is an Irish favorite. This is likely due to the fact that, to quote one fan, it “gets u rat assed quik.” There is nothing at all noble about the ingredients. They are all beverages I stay very far away from. Let’s be honest. St.Patrick’s day has become one of America’s grandest displays of ritual excess. This drink, just one step removed from 151 and kool-aid, makes it perfect for a day of debauchery and bad accents. But. And here’s where I could get in trouble. Because, in the spirit of the day, I would try one in a minute. I might even have two. By then I’d either be down for the count or half naked, wearing a pair of four leaf clover novelty underpants and covered in glitter belting out Thin Lizzy songs in the local parade. Totally worth it.

Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s currently chasing his spirit animal. He is not a fan of pudding but he’s looking forward to this.

Dappered Style Mail


Lemaire Taps Veja for Collaborative Sneakerboots & Slip-Ons

Lemaire follows in the footsteps of like-minded designer Rick Owens in collaborating with French ready-to-wear label Veja. The sustainable footwear includes a water shoe-inspired option crafted from recycled plastic bottles and a tall sneaker inspired by an Italian army boot. The former sports a breathable, laceless woven upper with rear pulltab in either black or red tones, while the latter pair come in black or tan canvas, with a gum outsole and suede panels. All the shoes boast the Vejas “V” branding towards the rear.

The sneakers go live on stockists like Farfetch and Vejas’ web store today.

To see what the Parisian designer is cooking up for year’s end, catch up with Lemaire’s Fall/Winter 2019.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST



Disco romance and sad farewells from the runways of Paris

The City of Lights’ glamour, forward-thinking ideas and sweeping sets never fail to amaze me (@anahitaglitters): from the runway debut of Rokh Hwang (who cut his teeth at #OldCeline) to the final show from Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and Hedi Slimane’s shocking sartorial reversal (back to ’70s bourgeois) at the new Celine. In the end,…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


11 Style Choices That Can Enhance Your Physical Appearance

When selected and paired strategically, clothes are more than simply stylish; they can make a man look even better than he naturally does, playing up his best features. But what are some of the best techniques to illustrate this principle?

At the heart of it, clothes are designed to make us look good. Unlike other creatures in the animal kingdom, we, the largely hairless apes, have little ornamentation on us. We don’t have colorful feathers, no iridescent scales or lush fur (at least not until genetic modification becomes a thing); our decoration is pretty much limited to how we style whatever hair we have on our heads and faces.

Unlike the extravagant peacock, the natural features of the human male aren't quite as flashy.
Unlike the extravagant peacock, the natural features of the human male aren’t quite as flashy.

So, clothes are the best option we have to elevate our looks, whether for a romantic partner or for corporate success. Every article of clothing and many accessories can impact how your physical features are perceived.  Now, while it’s certainly important to be happy with the way you look, you can use classic men’s style to enhance your physical appearance. Let’s examine the possibilities from head to toe.

1. Brimmed Hats to Complement Your Head/Face Shape

Yul Brynner in a hat
When he wasn’t flaunting his baldness, Yul Brynner knew how to style a hat

While Yul Brynner and Professor X are just a couple of men who make bald sexy, if your hair is spare, the fact is you have fewer styling options for the top of your head. That’s why a brimmed hat is an excellent choice to embellish your dome.  Baseball caps won’t earn you style points, and a knit cap is great to keep your noggin warm, but only a brimmed hat, like a fedora or flat cap in winter and a Panama hat in summer, will measure up to a tailored outfit. If you have a head that is long and narrow, the width of a brim can help counterbalance it, and any hat will create the perception that your head is shorter because it essentially splits your head height at the forehead. Shorter men,  by contrast, can use a hat with a taller or pinched and pointed crown to create an impression of greater height.  It’s amazing how many ways a hat can affect the perception of your face–from the size of your nose and chin to how prominent your ears are–and even your body size depending on the color and height of the hat band or the width of the brim, among other things. Check out our article on choosing the right hat for your face and body type for more details.

Bing Crosby in a hat with a tall crown
Bing Crosby, who was 5’7″ tall, wearing a hat with a tall crown

2. Glasses to Suit Your Face and Head Shape

As with a hat, it’s important to consider which glasses look good on you depending on the shape of your face, whether you wear a prescription or plain old sunglasses. However, the reverse is definitely true too: you can emphasize the best features of your face with the right shape of glasses and de-emphasize others. Of course, if you make a mistake, you can call negative attention to less flattering facial features. If one has a big nose, for example, large glasses will only make it look bigger. On the other hand, if you’ve got a narrow face (or a small nose), avoid small glasses and go big. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, with glasses the rule of thumb is to choose the opposite proportions to your features.

Tom Ford often wears bold sunglasses
With a face that is more long than wide and a narrow nose, Tom Ford can wear large sunglasses

3.  The Best Shirt Collars for Your Face Shape 

When buying shirts, most men don’t consider the importance of the collar. Either you have a favorite you prefer, like the classic button down, or you buy whatever is available. However, the collar you choose affects the impression of your face. To optimize your appearance, you want to take the same approach you would with glasses and get a collar that counterbalances the shape of your face. When you think about it, collar points are like arrows; where they point is where they direct the eyes. So, if you have a round or wide face, it’s best to avoid a spread-collared dress shirt, because the width and open points enhances the impression of width. The better choice is something like a narrow spear-point collar. If your face is lean, then go with the spread to draw the viewer’s eyes outward.

Avoid widespread Cutaway Shirt Collars
Men with narrower faces can afford to wear wider spread collars.

4. The Right Shirt Colors for Your Skin Tone

Because it’s directly next to your face, the color of a dress shirt is another factor that affects your appearance. In general, the two things to avoid are shirt colors that closely resemble your skin tone and those that create too much contrast. If you’re brown-skinned and wear a brown or olive shirt, your face may make less of an impression, while those with pink or yellow tones in their skin should usually avoid these colors. They will either make you look blotchy or take these colors out of your skin, leaving you looking faded. A similar negative effect is created if you wear a high-contrast color, especially if you’re pale. Nothing makes a light-skinned person look more like a ghost than a black shirt or even a navy one. If you’re tan, the contrast is reduced, which is why navy shirts may work better in the summer. Therefore, those with mid-tone and darker skin have a more range of color options available to them because there will be less contrast.

Paper test to determine your skin undertone
Paper test to determine your skin undertone

5. The Right Jacket Shoulder for Your Anatomy

Since its origins with Beau Brummell, the features of a suit have been tweaked and adjusted with the express purpose of enhancing the male physique. In fact, fashion historian Anne Hollander has explained that the suit developed with the goal of making men look like ancient Greek statues. It does this is by using cloth to create the impression of broad shoulders and slim hips–no need to go to the gym! This can start with the structured shoulder on suits made in the British style, where padding is used to make the shoulders appear larger. You can also see this on high-end French suits, most famously the “Cifonelli shoulder.”

Lorenzo Cifonelli (and the famed Cifonelli shoulder). (Photo courtesy of The Parisian Gentleman)

The additional padding in the shoulder area is specifically designed to make one look more physically imposing, perfect for the battlegrounds of business but best on lean men. Those who have athletic builds or otherwise bulky shoulders would end up with an exaggerated look if they stuck to structured suits. The best option in this case is the natural shoulder, without padding, exemplified by Neapolitan style suit jackets. These fit like shirts and allow your own shoulders to shine without enhancement.

Unpadded "natural shoulder."
Unpadded “natural shoulder.”

Another possibility for those who want to widen their upper bodies is to look for an extended jacket shoulder, where there isn’t heavy structure as in British suits, but instead a sleeve head that begins further out beyond where your shoulders end. This “cheats” by adding an inch or two to your width, giving you an impression of greater shoulder width. Ring Jacket and Liverano & Liverano feature these among high-end brands.

Extended shoulders
Taka and Qemal from Liverano & Liverano sporting their house style with extended jacket shoulders.

6. Jacket Patterns That Can Slim You Down or Bulk You Up

The pattern you wear on a suit jacket or sport coat can trick the eye to make others see you in a different light. If you’re broad chested, stripes are your best friend, because their vertical lines are slimming, whereas a man who is stocky and built like a brick wall wearing a bold windowpane-pattern sport coat will only look even wider. Meanwhile, if you’re thin, wearing a windowpane or a large grid makes your upper body appear broad because the horizontal lines are widening.

A comparison of shows the effect of a checked pattern has on the impression of chest width.
A comparison of vests shows the effect a checked pattern has on the impression of chest width.

7. Lapels Affect Chest (and Shoulder) Width

Suit jacket and sport coat lapels vary in width depending on the era. It’s usually said that a moderate width of around 3-3.5″ at the widest point is preferable. However, the choice boils down to your anatomy. A guideline related to lapel width and physical shape is that thin guys should err toward narrower lapels while big guys should go larger. This is to so your jacket matches with the overall impression of your size. However, this does serve to accentuate your physique. If you’re skinny and wear skinny lapels, your thin build will be even more apparent, and the same is true on the other end of the spectrum.

Avoid lapels that are too wide
Avoid lapels that are too wide

So, whether you want to do this depends on the physical impression you wish to create. You could very well do the opposite and create the sense that you have a bigger chest by wearing broader lapels if you are built like a stick, for example. Peak lapels, as opposed to the more common notched versions, can also can achieve the effect of widening the chest; like the points on a shirt collar, a peak lapel is really a large arrow pointing outwards. Keep in mind though that peak lapels have an “alpha male” and may not be appropriate for all workplaces unless you’re a high-ranking individual.

Wide lapels in navy blue by Sciamat
Wide lapels in navy blue by Sciamat

It’s also worth stating that wider lapels broaden the chest at the expense of narrowing the shoulders, since they cover more of the shoulder area, so you have to decide which area of your upper body you prefer to emphasize based on your physique.   

8. Suit Jacket Features will Affect How Tall You Look

On a notch lapel jacket, the mouth or v-shaped notch of the lapel is known as the gorge. Where this gorge sits on the lapel can vary from the upper chest to nearly at the top of the shoulder. Suits from the early to mid-20th century (for example, the 1930s) tend to have a lower gorge, but it has migrated upwards on contemporary jackets, especially in Italian tailoring. Conventional wisdom is that a higher gorge placement creates the impression of a broader chest and greater height because the lapel line is longer and uninterrupted.

A contemporary Cesare Attolini suit with a high gorge; Gary Cooper in the late 1930s wearing a suit with a low gorge

Alongside gorge height, buttoning point–where you close the button on the front of your suit jacket–also impacts the sense of the wearer’s height (and mass). When the buttoning point is lower, the V-area of exposed shirt and tie is larger, elongating the perceived size of your torso, which is why many men also prefer a 3-roll-2 jacket to a standard 2-button. This is especially useful if you have longer legs and a shorter torso: making the upper body seem longer balances things out. If your legs are short, a higher button point can be advantageous because it makes your upper body appear shorter and your legs longer.

Aleksjj wearing a Neapolitan jacket with open quarters, creating the impression of a shorter torso and longer legs.

A similar effect can be had with a shorter overall jacket length. Longer jackets will make your upper body appear longer. Though no population is uniform, Southern Italians are statistically shorter than Northern Europeans, so it is perhaps not surprising that Neapolitan style is marked by high gorge placement and shorter jackets that elongate the legs. Neapolitan jackets also have open quarters–the front flaps–revealing more of your pants, which further shortens the appearance of the jacket while lengthening the look of your legs. Depending on how tall or short you are and how much you want to compensate for your excess or lack of height, you can find jackets with favorable features to suit your situation.

9. Trouser Rise and Cuffs Impact the Impression of Height

Ethan Wong wearing high-rise trousers
Ethan Wong wearing high-rise trousers

Ultimately, manipulating the features of a suit jacket represents a balancing act between making either the torso or the legs seem longer based on the wearer’s proportions. As mentioned directly above, playing with the lapels, jacket length and buttoning point can accomplish this, but it can also be done with pants. Specifically by altering the trouser rise, you can make your legs seem shorter or longer. Rise refers to the area of the pants between the crotch and the waistband. High-rise pants are also called high-waisted pants, because the waistband sits higher–around where your natural waist is, not at the hips. This makes your legs seem considerably longer and so is desirable for those with long torsos or shorter legs.

Cuffed chinos offer a casual balance when paired with a jacket and tie
Cuffs have the effect of shortening the line of your legs

On the other hand, if you have long legs, high-rise pants would not be a good style choice. Since low-rise should never be an option if you want to keep a classic style, a mid-rise trouser along with a longer jacket would work.  Another possibility is adding cuffs to your pant legs, as the horizontal line they form makes your legs look shorter by the height of the cuffs. Again, you can play with a combination of jacket and pants features to achieve the optimal balance between your top and bottom halves. 

10. Pleated Pants will Affect Leg Width and Body Mass

Clark Gable wearing a v-neck sweater and a printed tie micropattern tie with grey pleated high rise pants
Clark Gable with grey pleated high rise pants

Though we may think of pants solely in terms of leg length, they also play a part in the sense of lower body mass. Pleated pants add more volume to the lower belly area, especially if they are combined with a higher waistline, so those who carry weight there may want to avoid them in favor of flat-front pants, which can be more flattering though also more confining. Volume also comes into play with the width of pant legs. During the Golden Age of menswear, pant legs tended to be quite large, as can be seen in the photo of Gary Cooper earlier in the article. This served to make the legs seem bigger and lend an overall sense of stature to the wearer.

Vintage illustration of suits featuring double pleats from Kuppenheimer, a menswear retailer based in Chicago, photographed by John Blah.
Vintage illustration of suits featuring double pleats from Kuppenheimer, a menswear retailer based in Chicago, photographed by John Blah.

While wearing pants that wide today would look dated, classic fit or full-cut trousers remain the best choice for most men. Slim-cut trousers should not be worn by those with big thighs, lest they create the appearance of being stuffed into sausage casings. Men with thin legs can pull off slim (though never skinny) fit pants if they prefer a young and lean look, but a wider leg will add girth and create an impression of maturity.  Whatever the choice, make sure what you wear on your upper body is the same sort of fit; wearing full-cut pants with a slim fit jacket or vice versa just looks disproportional.

11. Shoe Toe Shape to Complement Your Foot Size

Bestetti elongated toe
A highly elongated last (with a round toe): Riccardo Freccia Bestetti’s Boston shoe

Last in our top-to-bottom guide is footwear. You may be surprised that shoes can affect the way your body is perceived, but toe shape on a pair of shoes is important in creating a balanced finish to your look. If your feet are average or small, you may want to avoid shoes with rounded toes because they make your feet appear even smaller. Instead, seek out shoes with chiseled toes or lasts that are longer in the toe area to elongate your feet. Do bear in mind that longer and more pointed shoes look strange with slim fit pants, however, so if you have long feet or shoes with a longer toe shape, make sure the leg openings of your pants are wide enough to balance them out.  

Conclusion: Be Mindful of Proportions to Play up Your Features

Humans have had a sense of the ideal proportions of the body since from Ancient Greek sculpture to da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. Classic menswear worn today remains intimately tied to these ideals. We often hear the advice that the best way to look good in tailored clothes is simply to exercise, get fit, and follow the advice of your doctor. While this is important not only for style but for health, even without doing so, you can make certain style choices to accentuate your best physical qualities and disguise flaws.

The Vitruvian Man (by Da Vinci) and the Golden Ratio
The Vitruvian Man (by Da Vinci) and the Golden Ratio

There are an infinite variety of body types out there, from tall and thin (Jeff Goldblum), to tall and broad (Dwayne Johnson), tall with weight in the torso (Stephen Fry), short and thin (Daniel Radcliffe), short and stocky (Joe Pesci), and many others. Each can be addressed by making the right combination of stylistic choices that will bring every man closer to the ideal physique.

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J.Lo, A-Rod, and the Return of Gigantic Engagement Rings

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos by Getty/Instagram

Somewhere, Elizabeth Taylor is smiling. Last week on a secluded beach in the Bahamas, Alex Rodriguez knelt down and proposed to Jennifer Lopez with what appeared to be a gigantic, Pepsi commercial-sized ice cube.

In reality, the former Yankee shortstop popped the question armed with a massive stone that People estimated was 11 to 15 carats in size and cost some between $ 1 million to $ 5 million.

While ridiculously huge, the emerald cut ring is simple, unadorned by any fussy band or extra accent. But no one’s fooled by the rock J.Lo’s got—there’s nothing understated or minimalist about this chunk of diamond.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast — Fashion


The Best iHeartRadio Music Awards Fashion Looks of All Time: From Flashy Jumpsuits to Goth Glam Dresses

Rihanna, iHeartRadio Music AwardsGet ready to gasp… at the best iHeartRadio Music Awards fashion looks of all time.
The star-studded ceremony kicks off on Thursday, March 14, and fans will eagerly await to see which…

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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Chester Mox Starts Anniversary Sale

It’s easy to get affordable basics from Uniqlo for under $ 100, and even easier to get fast-fashion takes on the latest trends for less. But while the bottom of the market is spiraling downwards, the cost of luxury goods continues to rise with no end in sight. In recent years, the cost of luxury fashion products has grown at twice the rate of inflation, with men’s clothing and accessories leading the way. There was a time when Common Projects Achilles were about $ 250; today they’re north of $ 400. Even traditional clothiers aren’t immune. In 2010, J. Press retailed their Shaggy Dog sweaters for $ 165. Today? $ 245.

This bifurcation is just one of the many reasons why I love Chester Mox, a Los Angeles-based leather goods company that I often write about here at Put This On. They’re one of the few companies that still offers Old World craftsmanship at reasonably affordable prices. A few years ago, I called a New York City menswear shop about commissioning a custom leather wallet. My quoted price? A whopping $ 1,500 (“Yea, I admit that’s absurd” the salesperson sheepishly admitted to me). Chester Mox’s price for the same design ended up being about 75% less, which is lower than what that store pays in wholesale to their European supplier.

For the next week, Chester Mox’s prices are little lower still. They’re holding their four-year anniversary sale, where you can take 25% off any order with the checkout code ANNIVERSARY. The code excludes bespoke, but since everything they sell is made-to-order, you can get simple customizations such as choosing your own threads and leathers, picking out the colors, and getting a hot-stamped monogram (should you wish). The promotion ends on Tuesday, March 19th.



The thing that makes Chester Mox special is their constriction. At the moment, luxury e-tailer Mr. Porter has no fewer than 120 leather wallets at their store — more if you count larger leather goods. Most of those wallets retail for about $ 350, with some reaching as high as $ 1,470. For luxury brands such as Dior and Saint Laurent, leather goods are often high-margin items used to make up for the company’s loss leaders. Haute couture, for example, is dearly expensive, with dresses selling for tens of thousands of dollars. But given the time and labor needed to create such items, those pieces don’t actually make that much in terms of profit (there aren’t many customers for such things anyway).

Instead, things such as couture and special runway pieces are typically produced to give the brand a halo — they confer prestige, generate press, and allow devoted fans to dream of one day owning such items. Where the company actually earns their money is in the mountains of expensive, but relatively affordable accessories they move every year — plastic sunglasses, synthetic perfumes, and leather goods. The quality of those leather goods is often fine, but not remarkable. The construction is almost always machine-sewn and the leather, while decent, is commonly corrected grain (e.g. pebble grain, which is a technically a type of corrected leather).

Chester Mox’s products are all handmade using traditional tools — an awl, a needle, and some thread. They’re produced in Los Angeles, but are often cheaper than designer leather goods. A few years ago, Bellanie apprenticed under a former Hermes craftsperson. There, she learned how to make leather goods using an old European method: saddle stitching, which is what you’d find on most Hermes products. Today, she saddle stitches everything by hand and sources full-grain leathers from top-end tanneries. Among their inventory, they have Horween’s lustrous shell cordovan, smooth calfskins from the Hermes’ owned Tanneries du Puy, unfinished Barenia leather (which Hermes uses for their bag handles, and will patina in the same way), and some of the best exotics I’ve seen around.

Technically, saddle stitching results in a stronger seam, which is why you see it in high-end saddlery and European luggage. Whereas a machine-sewn seam can unravel if just one stitch breaks, a saddle-sewn one requires a special tool to pick apart. But, realistically, unless you’re stuffing your wallet like George Costanza, I find saddle-sewn products to be more about a look. In the photo above, you can see a tan RRL eyewear case (on the left) compared against a Chester Mox Barenia card case (on the right). The RRL case is machine sewn with a straight stitching pattern, where each line follows the next (like so: ——–). The Chester Mox card case, by contrast, is handsewn with tighter stitching and no visible holes. It also has a slightly slanted stitching pattern (like this: /////). The stitching looks a little better, to my eye, and carries a bit of Old World craft charm. Those card cases start as low as $ 60, or $ 45 with the checkout code.

Chester Mox is a small, family-owned business run by a husband-and-wife team (Bellanie and Brandon). Since everything is made upon order, it’s easy to switch things out. If you see a leather you like on their Instagram, but don’t see it offered for a particular design, just contact them. Some of my favorite things include their Dogleg card cases, alligator belts (get them in a color that matches your shoes), and a modernized coat wallet I designed last year (ideal for use with tailored clothing, I think). Ian at From Squalor to Baller also recently posted photos of how his compact bi-fold has aged over the years.


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In Paris, Nike Women Debuts National Team Soccer Kits, High-Performance Sports Bras, Footwear and Apparel

Hundreds of influencers and media professionals — plus more than 40 top female athletes — from around the world gathered at the Palais Brongniart in Paris on Monday to witness the debut of Nike Women’s upcoming releases for the summer. The main attraction? A total of 14 national team kits that will …

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How to Wash & Maintain Wool Sweaters

This article will show you some techniques you’ll need to know in order to easily wash at home what some people consider to be a fairly temperamental garment, wool sweaters.

This video is part of a series we’re doing on garment care, the first video in the series dealt with how to get that musty smell out of vintage clothing.

First of all, wool doesn’t actually need to be washed very often as the lanolin oils that are present in the wool make it naturally anti-microbial. So as long as your wool garments are only subjected to average wear and you give them a little bit of time to air out in between wearings, you won’t actually have to put them through your washing machine or hand wash them all that often. In those situations where you do think that a wash would be best, however, fight the impulse to take your wool garments to the dry cleaner. The solvents that are used in dry cleaning are eventually harsh on wool fibers and will break them down over time.

Cleaned Wool
Cleaned Wool

Essential Truths About Washing Wool

The most common knowledge seems to be that wool will shrink if it’s exposed to water, heat, detergents or other factors.

The detergent acts as a surfactant when washing your clothes.

The water is doing the work of the washing, not the detergent.

Firstly, what’s actually doing most of the washing when you wash your clothing is having water pass over and between the fibers of your clothing. The detergent that you use in your washing machine is acting as a surfactant. Essentially, it is making the water more slippery so that it can more easily get between the fibers of your clothing.

Wool does not actually shrink when washed

It does not actually shrink in the laundering process. Rather, as the wool fibers are agitated back and forth and move around during washing especially during drying, they lock closer and closer together creating another material that you may also have heard of, felt. Sometimes, of course, felting wool can be a good thing such as in the process for making traditional men’s hats. But of course, you do not want your sweaters to end up the same way.

Furthermore, though, the majority of felting is not going to take place in the washing machine since water will be in between most of the individual fibers. Rather, where felting occurs most often is in the dryer as the clothes are dry, hot, and being constantly agitated. So ultimately then, the primary thing to focus on whenever you are washing wool is just to prevent felting. This is true for either of the two techniques we are about to show you.

Shetland Wool Sweater from Pendelton
Shetland Wool Sweater from Pendelton

Wool Washing Techniques

Hand Wash

With that in mind then, hand-washing your wool sweaters is the safest method for cleaning them so it is the method we will go over first.

To get started, add two capfuls of a gentle cleaning agent like wool and cashmere shampoo to a container of room temperature water. Turn the sweater you are going to wash inside out, submerge it in the water, and gently agitate it with your hands so that the cleaning agent is thoroughly worked through. Then, soak the sweater for at least ten minutes and up to half an hour. After you’ve done this, you can rinse the sweater by running cool water through it and when the water is no longer soapy, you’ll know that the garment is thoroughly rinsed.

Before drying the rest of the way, you can take some of the excess water out of the sweater by applying gentle pressure. Keep in mind that you should never wring out a wool sweater as the excessive agitation is definitely going to distort the fibers and might have the potential to cause some felting. By the way, if you see any visible color in your basin of water, don’t worry. The garment has just released some of the excess dye and you’re not going to see any visible loss of color in the garment when you wear it again.

Delicates laundry bag
Delicates laundry bag

Machine Wash

First, turn your sweater inside out. Roll it up as tightly as you can, don’t bunch it but roll it, and then put it inside of a mesh washing bag which should also be rolled as tightly as possible and secured with a safety pin if necessary.

This preparation is done with felting in mind, simply stated, if the sweater is rolled up tightly, it’s not going to move around and it’s not going to come into contact with other garments’ fibers or with its own fibers to a certain extent. Therefore, the risk of felting is greatly minimized. Also, we turned it inside out because if any felting or pilling does happen to occur, it’s only going to be visible inside of the sweater, not the outside. Putting wool items into their own mesh bags is also beneficial for your washing machine as felt fuzz from loose wool items could clog up the machine. Therefore, having things in mesh bags is good for your garments and your machine.

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

Next, add the appropriate amount of wool and cashmere shampoo, depending both on the size of the machine as well as the load in question. Also, you don’t have to worry about using the delicate or woolen cycle on the machine or worry about spin speed. As long as you’ve got the wool sweater tightly compacted inside the mesh bag and the bag itself is also tightened down, the express cycle on the machine will be just fine.

Once the washing machine is finished, promptly remove your garments both from the machine and from their mesh bags to reduce creasing.

The Drying Process

As we mentioned before, don’t use your dryer. Remember, that’s the location where felting is most likely to occur. Rather, what you should do is lay out your garments flat on a drying rack and leave them there to dry. With the garments in its natural shape, roll up the towels slowly like a sleeping bag using gentle pressure to get out some of that excess water. Wait a few moments, unroll the towel and then put the garment on the rack as normal.

While your sweater is on the drying rack, you can reshape or block it using gentle pressure with your hands. Once you’ve gotten into the shape you desire, just leave it on the rack and then it should dry that way. Avoid placing your garments in direct sunlight or near heat sources like a radiator because this could increase the risk of yellowing as well as shrinkage. Also, you should never hang your wool garments to dry them because gravity will pull on the water that’s left in the garment, unevenly spreading out the fibers and distorting the garments over time. Using a drying rack is your best course of action. The process for washing really is that simple.

Wool Maintenance Tips

To get wrinkles out of your wool garments, it’s best to use a garment steamer rather than an iron as the heat and pressure from an iron will be more likely to distort the natural structure of the fibers. If pilling has occurred, you can take a sweater comb and gently run it across the surface of the fabric in one direction only to remove the pills effectively. Also, using clothes brush in between wears is an easy way to get rid of lint, fuss, and hair and also to release some of those lanolin oils that keep the sweater looking its best.

Olive oil

If you have been hanging to an old sweater that shrunk in the laundry, there is a way to bring these old sweaters back to life. Add one tablespoon of olive oil to a container of hot water, submerge the sweater and swish it around as with the hand washing process we laid out before and then leave the garment to soak in that container overnight. The next day, take the sweater out of the container, lay it flat, and block it as desired, and then leave it to dry completely. After it is thoroughly dried, you can wash it as normal using the techniques we outlined here.

J Hilburn Cashmere wool sweater
J Hilburn Cashmere wool sweater

Sweater Storage

Woolen knitwear should always be stored folded to prevent stretching or distortion of the fibres. Also, woolen cashmere are susceptible to insect damage. When you are storing your wool garments, make sure they have been cleaned first so that you are not providing any food sources for potential bugs. It is best to store your woolens in a cool dry place in a breathable cotton storage bag with a zip closure.

Lavender Sachets

Because bugs can get into openings in a seater chest over time, the seater will also occasionally lose its effectiveness the longer you have it around. Also, storing in plastic encourages yellowing and it might also provide a moisture that bugs will love. Optionally here, you can also include in the storage box a sachet of about a half cup of dried lavender since bugs hate the stuff.

And there you have it, all the techniques necessary to properly and easily wash your wool sweaters and other garments at home.

Did we blow your mind that wool does not actually shrink or did you have a different takeaway from today’s video? Whatever the case may be, share with us in the comments below!

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Steal Alert: Half Off Nordstrom Exclusive Cole Haan Chukkas

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

And here’s one: You know that confident feeling you get when wearing your favorite suit? Imagine feeling that way about your finances. Personal Capital tracks your net worth and spending for free, so you know where your savings stand and how your investments are performing. Get started here.

Cole Haan Colton Chukka Boot – $ 124.97 ($ 250)

Chukkas are great. But not all chukkas are as great as others. For example, take desert boots. Love desert boots. But that crepe sole and more casual shape/floppier construction just doesn’t look all that good dressed up. The ultimate style of chukka is a sleek but not pointy, slim soled chukka that can do work with both dressed up and dressed down outfits. In cold or hot weather.

The Nordstrom exclusive, Cole Haan Colton is a fine example of that kind of super-versatile chukka.

Cole Haan Colton Chukka Boot

They’re not dirt cheap, but you do get a lot for the cash. A stitched, storm welt, a slim sole that still has some grip to it, a full-of-depth copper leather color, and a bit of flash with those blue panels. Plus, they’re extremely well reviewed. 4.5/5 stars after 150+ reviews.

List price is $ 250. Drops to $ 150 during big sales. Was recently on clearance for this same price of $ 125, but sizes were short then if memory serves.

Just about a full size run is back now, but they’re being sold through HauteLook, which is the flash-sale site that Nordstrom happens to own.

Shipping is free since they’re over $ 100. Returns are free if you can walk them into a Nordstrom Rack brick and mortar. Otherwise, returns through the mail will cost you $ 5.95.

That’s all. Carry on.

Dappered Style Mail


Secrets from the Barbie fashion workshop

Fashion designer Carol Spencer spent her career creating covetable clothing for a highly unusual client, one who stood just 11 ¹/₂ inches tall: Barbie. Spencer designed the doll’s wardrobe for more than three decades, making her the iconic figure’s longest-running stylist. Now happily retired, the 86-year-old writes about her reign in the colorful “Dressing Barbie:…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


Lady Gaga and Halle Berry’s Spine Tattoos Double as a Sex Ed Lesson

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

Lady Gaga
celebrated Valentine’s Day by gifting herself not the cliché chocolates or jewelry, but rather an extra long tattoo of a rose. The piece traces her spine, running from the nape of her neck down to the small of her back. Gaga surrounded the art with text: “La Vie en Rose,” a nod to a pivotal scene from A Star Is Born.

This week, the ever-glamorous Halle Berry posted a photo on Instagram shot from behind. She stood in front of a stove, skillet in one hand, egg in another. She wore metallic lounge pants and no shirt—not the most responsible cooking attire, but definitely the chicest.

Berry wasn’t using the photo-op to prove she knew how to make an omelette. Instead, the 52-year-old showed off botanical-inspired ink that covered her entire spine.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Inside Track: March 10th – March 16th Edition

Here are our hand-selected favorites from eBay for this week, plus heads-up on recommended sales. If you’re a member of the Inside Track, log in with your CrateJoy username and password.

If you’re not a member, you can join now for just $ 5 a month. You’ll get access to one of these members-only lists every week, and your membership supports Put This On!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Launches Dipbrow Gel – Review With Photos

Anastasia Beverly Hills has announced that it’s launching Dipbrow Gel, its first new eyebrow product in three years — “a highly pigmented, waterproof eyebrow gel featuring a smudge-proof, long-lasting formula that adds volume to brows, creating the appearance of natural dimension and fullness.”


ICYMI: Karl Lagerfeld’s Final Chanel Collection, The Best of Paris Street Style & Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya

Sure, we’re all glued to our phones/tablets/laptops/watches that barely tell time, but even the best of us miss out on some important #content from time to time. That’s why, in case you missed it, we’ve rounded up our most popular stories of the week to help you stay in the loop. No need to thank …

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