Kristina Rihanoff wants marriage – but not just yet

OHMYGOSSIP — Kristina Rihanoff says marriage to Ben Cohen is still “a couple of years” away.
The former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro – who met the rugby star while they were performing on the 11th series of the BBC’s ballroom competition in 2013 – has two-year-old daughter Mila with her beau, but there are no wedding bells just yet.
Speaking to Hello magazine, she said: “It will probably be in a couple of years. Hopefully we’ll gather the family round and it’ll happen.”
For now, the loved up pair are focused on their work and family, and Kristina described her partner as “the best dad in the world” for their kid.
She added: “Ben is the best dad in the world. Mila is such a daddy’s girl and she’s always on the go.
“She doesn’t stop. She goes to rugby class, and also to dance and yoga with me. She’s a very active girl.”
Meanwhile Kristina, 41, previously admitted would “love” to return to ‘Strictly’ in a judging role at some point, but doesn’t feel ready to be in the hot seat just yet despite the recent exit of Dame Darcey Bussell.
She said: “Of course I would love to be a judge. But I don’t see myself in that role yet … I think the panel needs another woman and someone from a different background to ballroom dancing, someone from street dancing or a commercial dancing background, who is also a professional dancer and perhaps a judge.”
However, she believes bosses could go for an unknown dancer for the judging role because ‘Strictly’ “makes everybody a household name”.
Reflecting on Darcey’s judging style, she added: “Darcey was … a classy lady and always so very kind and true to herself in her comments. She never said something to make a headline.”

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Tiffany Haddish Cancels Atlanta Show Over Georgia’s Abortion Law

Tiffany Haddish has canceled her upcoming Atlanta performance because of Georgia’s new restrictive abortion law.

via Page Six:

News outlets report that the “Girls Trip” star sent a statement to ticketholders Saturday, saying she cannot “in good faith” perform in Georgia unless it withdraws the so-called heartbeat bill. Haddish had been scheduled to perform June 22 at the Fox Theatre.

The new law would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks, before many women know they are pregnant. Unless it’s blocked in court, it’s set to go into effect in 2020. The ACLU has already said the group will mount a legal challenge.

Major Hollywood studios have said they may reevaluate filming in Georgia if the law goes into effect.

Kudos to Tiffany and others for taking a stand.

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Taylor Swift Surprises Fans At NYC’s Stonewall Inn With ‘Shake It Off’ For Gay Pride Month

Taylor Swift showed further support for Gay Pride Month by hitting up New York’s historic Stonewall Inn for a surprise performance honoring the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

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Lucy Fallon to become an auntie

OHMYGOSSIP — Lucy Fallon is to become an auntie.
The ‘Coronation Street’ actress – who plays Bethany Platt on the ITV soap – took to Twitter to reveal her sister is pregnant and due to give birth in just two months’ time.
Lucy also shared a scan picture of the unborn baby, and added the caption: “My sister is having a baby in August… this is him swimming around in her belly x hello baby x (sic)”
And the 23-year-old actress could have more free time to play with the youngster soon as she is to depart the ITV soap next year.
However, the star could well be busy after recently admitting she is departing Weatherfield to turn her hand to other projects, and expects to return to the cobbles at some point.
She said: “I will be sad, but I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the future, although I have no idea what’s going to happen.
“When I leave I’ll have been there for five years, and I’ve never done anything else. But I’ll end up going back – I’ll be back.”
While it’s not yet known how Bethany will leave Weatherfield, Lucy is hoping her alter-ego isn’t killed off, and she would love her character to head back to Italy, where she spent half of her life with mum Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien).
She said: “If it was up to me she would leave in a really nice way, just going to Italy or something. Smiling and happy, no bad things happening. But we’ll see …”

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Watch: Surveillance Video Shows Cuba Gooding Jr. DID Touch Groping Accuser’s Thigh and Breast [Video]

Cuba Gooding Jr. was captured on video with his hands on the thigh and breast of the woman accusing him of groping.

via TMZ:

Around 10:15 PM on Sunday, Gooding and his GF, Claudine De Niro, were sitting on a couch in the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge in NYC … when the accuser sat down next to them. Almost immediately you see Gooding reach over Claudine and place his hand on the woman’s left thigh.

A few seconds later his hand moves up to her breast, and the accuser puts her hand on his. What happens next is open to interpretation — she either pushes his hand back toward him, or he pulls her hand to his mouth and kisses it.

Another man then walks over and stands in front of the group. He puts his hands on the shoulders of Gooding and the accuser, leans over and appears to be talking to the entire group.

Things get a little weird then … as the man gyrates, drawing attention to his crotch. It appears Gooding and his GF playfully paw at his crotch. The guy also takes a drink away from Gooding. A few more people join the group, and everyone’s casually chatting for a few more minutes. They all walk away — separately but in the same direction — about 3 minutes after the initial touching. There’s no argument. 

However, about 30 minutes later … Cuba and Claudine were downstairs lounging on a couch and making out. A man, who we’re told works security for the bar, was standing next to the couch when the accuser approached him and started arguing.

We’ve blurred her face to protect her identity, but she appears to say, “Yes, he did.” She repeated that after the security guard shook his head. It’s unclear if Cuba heard their conversation, but he got up, stumbled and then walked right past the accuser and left.

Claudine and the security guard followed right behind him. 

Check out the clips below. We don’t know what went on, but it certainly isn’t looking too good for Cuba. He was arrested Thursday and booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree.

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Wendy Williams She’s Aware Her New Man Has a Criminal Record: ‘I’m Living My Life’

Wendy Williams has been galavanting around Los Angeles with a new man — and as it turns out, he has a criminal history.

According to Wendy, she knew about his past and it’s all good.

via TMZ:

Wendy and the guy, Marc Tomblin, were all over NYC Tuesday doing some hardcore shopping, and yes … even stopping by an ATM to make a withdrawal. The pics are kinda ironic, considering Tomblin has a record for armed robbery.  

According to court records, Tomblin pled guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon in Charlotte back in 2013. Police say he was part of a group of 3 people who robbed a man at gunpoint. He was sentenced to 15-30 months — none of which is a surprise to Wendy.

The talk show host tells TMZ … Marc had already told her about his conviction, and her assistant also gave her a heads up. Wendy says her reaction is, “I am a 54-year-old grown ass woman. I know what I’m doing.”

Wendy describes it as just good fun between friends, something she deserves.

After all, as she put it … “Look, my husband had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years … where I was cooped up only to be a show pony. Now, I’m living my life.”

As for the pics of them at an ATM — Wendy says she thought, “Oh my God, if cameras are there it will be, ‘there she is giving him money.’”

TMZ broke the story, Wendy met Tomblin while she was partying with her pal, Blac Chyna. Wendy says she was jonesin’ for barbecue potato chips and orange soda one night, and he knew where to score both.

She joked on social media she was old enough to be his mother — but Tomblin was still by her side late Sunday night when she got emotional, talking about her family drama.

Wendy flew back to NYC Monday morning, with Marc in tow for “no strings attached fun.” She adds, “He is lovely, but let me make it clear … I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Yeah, we have a feeling Marc knew where to score a little more than barbecue potato chips and orange soda.

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Liam Gallagher: Aliens might have created Oasis

OHMYGOSSIP — Liam Gallagher thinks aliens might have played a role in the formation of Oasis.
The 46-year-old rocker – who starred in the iconic band from 1991 until their acrimonious split in 2009 – has suggested that aliens could’ve played a major role in their meteoric rise to the top of the music industry.
He said: “There some f***ing ­activity going on that we weren’t aware of. Whether it’s aliens or spirits.
“But we were going to be in this world-famous band. Someone was making plans.”
Liam – who has an infamously strained relationship with his older brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel – also revealed he considers himself to be a “God-like” figure.
Speaking in the new documentary ‘As It Was’, the outspoken rocker explained: “I’ve always thought I was God-like. From the day I was f***ing born.
“I think I could get struck by lightning and f***ing stare at it just before it hits me.”
Liam – who released his debut solo album, ‘As You Were’, in 2017 – is currently preparing for the release of his second album.
And Charlie Lightening – who helmed Liam’s ‘Chinatown’ video and worked with his former group Beady Eye – recently teased details of his new material, revealing the upcoming release could have the same impact as Oasis’ sophomore record, ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’.
He said: “It’s a continuation of ‘As You Were’. If you look at ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’, one’s the more punkier one and one’s the bigger one, you know what I mean?
“That’s progression. It’s someone in the prime of it all. People aren’t gonna be disappointed with it. I think it’s gonna blow people away.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: How They Feel About The Kids Spending Father’s Day With Gavin Rossdale

As Father’s Day approaches, HL EXCLUSIVELY learned how Gwen Stefani & her ex Gavin Rossdale are managing to co-parent around the special day, despite Blake being a big part of the kids’ lives.

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Wendy Williams’ Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter and Son Kevin Jr. Still Aren’t Speaking After Their Physical Altercation

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 11: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE)(L-R) Kevin Hunter, wife Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr pose at a celebration for The Hunter Foundation Charity that helps fund programs for families and youth communities in need of help and guidance at Planet Hollywood Times Square on July 11, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)

Wendy Williams’ estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, is still at odds with their son, Kevin Jr., after their fight a few weeks ago.

via TMZ:

Sources close to the family tell TMZ … Kevin Sr. has made no headway toward patching things up since the fight that ended with Junior’s arrest. We’re told he’s getting iced out, despite several attempts to reach out and talk to his son.

We’re told Wendy’s ex thinks he and his son should settle their differences on their own — but he believes Wendy is behind the decision to go radio silent.

We broke the story … Kevin Jr. was arrested for assault for punching his father in the nose in a New Jersey parking lot after Sr. put him in a headlock. The fight allegedly stemmed from an argument over the divorce, and Kevin demanding spousal support from Wendy.

Hunter told us afterward he loves his son and was not going to pursue the matter legally, and he’s committed to fixing the relationship. We’re told he understands their son is being protective of his mother through the divorce, but he still wants to make peace.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s looking happy to put her ex in her rear view. She was out in L.A. last week, flaunting her huge diamond flower ring and talking biz with TV execs.

If we were Kevin Jr., we’d be at odds with our father too…for several reasons.

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Marcia Cross saved by check-up

OHMYGOSSIP — Marcia Cross credits a routine medical check with saving her life.
The 57-year-old star was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2017 and admitted the news came as a shock as she had no symptoms so couldn’t believe what came to like during an annual visit to her gynaecologist.
Speaking on ‘CBS This Morning’, she said: “I was so not thinking anything was wrong because I didn’t have any symptoms.
“She gave me an exam and came around and said, ‘Well, I just want you to know, whatever it is it’s curable.’ It was like – ‘What?! What are you talking about?’ ”
Doctors suspect Marcia’s cancer and her husband Tom Mahoney’s 2009 battle with throat cancer came from the same type of human papillomavirus, (HPV), which can be transferred through sexual intercourse or skin-to-skin contact, so the couple – who are both in remission – are planning to have their 12-year-old twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, vaccinated against HPV very soon.
Marcia said: “My girls don’t know it, but they’re up for their first shot at the end of the school year.”
The former ‘Desperate Housewives’ star hopes she can end the embarrassment surrounding anal cancer and doesn’t want sufferers to feel “ashamed” of the condition.
She said: “I know there are people who are ashamed. You have cancer! Do you have to then also feel ashamed? Like you did something bad, you know, because it took up residence in your anus?
“I mean, come on, really. There’s enough on your plate.
“Even for me, it took a while. Anus, anus, anus! You just have to get used to it.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Exclusive: NeNe Leakes Forced to Sit Out for AT LEAST the First Part of ‘RHOA’ Season 12 Filming After Getting Physical with Crew & Poor Behavior + Producers on the Hunt for a New Housewife

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is just two weeks into filming for season 12 and already has some exclusive tidbits to share.

As revealed during the reunion, NeNe’s altercation with producers was way more intense than we saw. We saw NeNe rip a cameraman’s shirt, but Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss shared that one of the crew members ended up in the hospital with a missing tooth after NeNe put her hands on him.

For that reason, in addition to NeNe’s ‘bad attitude’ in dealing with producers and execs behind the scenes, sources tell that NeNe has been forced to “sit out” for at least the first part of the season — maybe longer — as the ladies begin filming.

NeNe is being paid per episode, so every filming she misses is money out of her pocket — so we’re sure she’s not thrilled.

As we’ve exclusively reported, Kenya Moore’s return is a done deal and she’s preparing to film season (with a raise, contrary to other reports) and we’ll get to see her husband AND baby Brooklyn.

We’ve also been told that the network is on the hunt for a new housewife with a BIG name to draw viewers.

The season is just getting started and, as always, we’ll will keep you up to date on the latest ‘Housewives’ tea coming out of Atlanta.

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Miley Cyrus groped by fan

OHMYGOSSIP — Miley Cyrus was groped by a fan in Barcelona over the weekend.
The 26-year-old singer found herself in a panic on Sunday (02.06.19) when a fan lunged towards her while she and her husband Liam Hemsworth left their hotel in the Spanish city, threw his arms around her neck and pulled her in for a smooch.
The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker managed to turn her head just before the man – whose identity is not known – was able to plant a kiss on her cheek.
Security guards, who were following the couple through the crowd, stepped in and managed to prise the fan off Miley, before she ran towards the 29-year-old actor.
The pair haven’t commented on the incident but the whole thing was captured on camera and shared on social media by Twitter user AlvaroSaucedo13.
Although Miley was spooked by the touchy-feely fan, she recently said she likes going through airport security because she enjoys being felt up before she flies.
She said recently: “They have a love/hate [thing]. Because you know they hate because it’s definitely kind of annoying because I never take it off, but they love me because they always get to do the pat down. “They’re getting very sensitive with the pat down and I’m kind of like in to it. Like human touch, you know. But they’re getting like more and more nervous about doing that kind of thing but I actually like it you know … I need a little human touch.”
Meanwhile, the former ‘Hannah Montana’ star released her new album ‘She Is Coming’ a few days ago and is promoting her release with branded condoms.
The contraception come in a black wrapper with “She is coming” and “1-833-SHE-IS-MC” written on the outside in white.

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Say What Now? Walmart Gives Customer a Graduation Cake Made of Styrofoam [Video]

A high school graduate in Texas went to celebrate her big day, but according to her mother, Marsy Flores, the celebration was ruined by a styrofoam cake given to her by Walmart.

via NYDN:

“This is my baby, and she was graduating, so it was very important to me,” Flores told station KPRC in Houston.

According to Flores, when she went to pick up the two-layer cake she’d ordered for her daughter’s graduation, Walmart didn’t have it. The box store offered Flores a smaller cake, for which she wasn’t charged. At least the cake was blue, which was the graduates’ school colors, Flores figured.

Once she arrived home with the pastry, Flores had a hard time carving out slices for celebrants who were ready for dessert. She quickly realized the cake was a block of Styrofoam covered by icing.

Upset, Flores notified Walmart of the mistake and they offered a $ 60 gift card.

“They can’t replace the moment that we lost,” Flores said. “It’s a special moment, and this is what we got for it, a Styrofoam cake.”

A Walmart rep reportedly called the incident a misunderstanding that had been resolved.

“The customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience,” read the retail giant’s statement.

Gross. Watch the video below.

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‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee Replacing Bristol Palin & Joining The Series In Season 10 — Report

Mackenzie McKee is reportedly making her long-awaited return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, after Bristol Palin took her leave! However, a source claimed whether or not Mackenzie will be an ‘official cast member.’

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Lamar Odom: Tristan Thompson was ‘as stupid as he was’

OHMYGOSSIP — Lamar Odom thinks Tristan Thompson was “as stupid as he was”.
The basketball player dated Khloe Kardashian for seven years until 2016 and has criticised her most recent partner Tristan – with whom she shares 13-month-old True – for cheating on her.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Lamar said: “It’s a bad situation. She doesn’t deserve that. She’s a beautiful person from the inside out. You know, (it’s) just a man being as stupid as I was. Just a bad decision.”
Khloe, 34, recently said there is “no bad blood” between her and Lamar, and she still thinks he’s an “incredible person”.
She shared: “We speak every now and then. There’s no issues. There’s no bad blood. There’s no anything. It just didn’t work out and I think he’s an incredible person and I just want the best for him. But there’s no negative anything.”
However, it may be a while before Khloe is ready to give it another shot with Lamar, as she recently said she’s sworn off dating for a while following her split from Tristan after he locked lips with Jordyn Woods.
Asked if she’d put herself on any dating websites or apps, she said: “No, I’m not on anything. I don’t care to be. I’m so in love in True, and being with her, and enjoying every moment. I know that probably sounds like the typical answer but I’m working. I’m working on myself – mind, body, soul, that other cliche. I’m just happy and I want to filter through whatever I feel like I need to filter through, but my focus right now is True. I don’t feel a sense of urgency to be in a relationship, or even to go on a date. I don’t want to.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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A Hero! 10-Year-Old Atlanta Girl Recuses Her 3-Year-Old Sister From Drowning in a Pool

A 10-year-old Atlanta girl is being hailed as a hero after saving her 3-year-old sister from drowning in a pool.

The entire incident was captured on video.

via People:

Jayla Dallis and her little sister, Kali, were at the Savoy Apartment Complex in Chamblee, Georgia, on May 15 when Jayla noticed Kali submerged underwater and gasping for air for nearly two minutes. That’s when the big sister sprang into action, jumping into the pool and saving her sibling from drowning, WSB TV reported.

“She was like heavy, so I had to pull her by her hair and then I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up,” Jayla said in an interview with ABC News.

Chamblee Police Sgt. Ed Lyons, one of the first responders on scene, couldn’t help but be reminded of his own 6-year-old daughter.

“I saw my little girl laying there. Same kind of little bathing suit she wears. Same little hair pulled up in a little bun up top. You know you kind of have to push past that and do what you’re trained to do,” Lyons said.

Kali’s aunt and the apartment’s operations manager took turns giving the young girl CPR before she was rushed to Scottish Rite Hospital alive, but in critical condition.

Jayla and Kali’s mother rushed to the hospital upon hearing of the incident, and was told by doctors that they weren’t sure if the 3-year-old would survive.

But now, just two weeks later, Kali’s back to her lively self and will be heading home from the hospital as early as Friday.

“It’s amazing. It’s a miracle. Don’t take your eyes off of them. Don’t take your eyes off of them. All the floats are not safe. Be careful. Watch your kids,” Kali’s mother said.

Doctors are expecting a full recovery for Kali.

We love a happy ending! Check out the video below.

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Kevin Hart pokes fun at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

OHMYGOSSIP — Kevin Hart has accused Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson of stealing his nickname.
The 39-year-old comedian has claimed he was known as the iconic moniker around the gym before his ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ co-star took it as his stage name when he became part of the World Wrestling Entertainment in 1996.
When asked if he has a cool nickname round the gym like The Rock, Kevin said: “It is already! I’ve been The Rock, you guys just didn’t know that. He [Johnson] took my name. You guys tell everybody that he took my name!”
Kevin’s quip came just a few days after he was left red faced when he took a bad fall at the wedding of his personal trainer Ron Everline and his bride Dominique.
The ‘Ride Along’ star shared details about his injury on his Instagram account and admitted he feared that he had broken his hip as his “life flashed before” his eyes.
He wrote: “When you get older falling down is the scariest s**t ever … My life flashed B4 my eyes when I went down (sic)”
The ‘Night School’ star went on to reveal that his fall happened because he was wearing “defective shoes” and both of his heels came loose.
Speaking in a video, he explained: “I had a great time, the Everlines had an amazing wedding. We drank, we danced and I took a spill at the reception. The world thinks that my fall was funny, which it was, I just want to let you guys know there’s more to the story.
“Look at the back of my shoes, what in the f**k is this? My heels on both shoes came off, that’s why I went down. I am the product of defective shoes. These shoes are defective, you don’t just fall like that on your own. That don’t happen to nobody, years of dancing. I didn’t have a heel! I only went down because I didn’t have a heel on both shoes! On both of them.”
But Kevin will accept that “dancing in the rain” is never a good idea.
He added: “I figured that y’all should see it here first….dancing in the rain is never good. I blame @therealtank for doing this dumb ass s**t…f**k u and R&B….My hip is killing me. The entire crowd yelled out ‘OH NOOOOO’ ‘Kevin Hart Just bust his ass’ ….I didn’t no what to do so I faked an injury….jokes on y’all bitches because I ain’t hurt. Ha (sic)”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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R. Kelly Accusers Testify for Grand Jury, Detail Sex Trafficking and Witness Payoffs

R. Kelly’s accusers are giving testimony to a federal grand jury.

According to the girls, Kelly went out of his way to traffic underage girls all across the country for sex.

via TMZ:

Sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ … numerous witnesses testified before the grand jury Wednesday, claiming Kelly’s team secured travel at the singer’s direction to move them across state lines for sexual purposes while they were underage.

And, we’re told, the grand jury is also hearing testimony that could lead to obstruction of justice indictments. One of the alleged victims testified Kelly’s team paid off witnesses to NOT testify in the 2008 trial … where Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges.

One of the families supposedly paid off by Kelly was the family of the alleged victim in the 2008 trial … his goddaughter. Prosecutors claimed the girl in a sex tape that was submitted into evidence was the goddaughter, but apparently, the jury wasn’t convinced … in no small part because she didn’t testify.

The grand jury is keying into allegations Kelly and his team attempted to impact the outcome of the 2008 trial through witness intimidation and threats of bodily harm.

The grand jury testimony also revealed that witnesses in the 2008 case were allegedly sent on vacation when the trial was underway so they wouldn’t be available to testify. The witnesses say Kelly’s team secured the 2008 witnesses’ travel.

As we’ve reported … prosecutors in the Northern District of Illinois are building a case against Kelly, which is separate from 2 other probes currently underway in New York.

We’ve reached out to a spokesperson for the Northern District of Illinois, who declined comment.

R. Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, also declined to comment.


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Paralyzed High School Student Walks Across Stage at Graduation: ‘Couldn’t Do Anything But Smile’ [Video]

We always hear about the crazy stories coming out of Florida, but here’s one that’s sure to warm your heart.

A high school student who was left paralyzed from the waist down last year was determined to walk across the stage during graduation — and he did!

via People:

Kolton Smith, 18, told ABC affiliate WFTS that he was injured in a car crash that happened in June. According to the news outlet, he was ejected from his truck because he wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

“The next thing I know, I was on my back looking at the sky,” he told WFTS. “I thank God every day for letting me stay on this earth.”

Smith, who used to play football at Durant High School and aspired to join the military, now plans on enrolling at Southeastern University and will study business.

“If you have an injury, you can overcome anything you want,” said Smith, who said he didn’t realize that he received a standing ovation when he managed to walk at graduation.

“I was just focused on walking. I looked at my feet. I didn’t even know everyone was standing,” Smith told WFTS.

He added: “When I was on stage and I heard everyone scream when I stood up, I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I just smiled. I couldn’t do anything but smile.”

On Thursday, the Hillsborough County Public Schools posted on Facebook that seeing Smith walk was “an inspirational and emotional moment.”

“Kolton was paralyzed from the waist down after a horrible car accident last summer,” they added. “He was determined to rise from his wheelchair and walk across the stage to receive his diploma. We are in awe of your perseverance, Kolton. Congratulations!”

Watch the emotional moment below.

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Sir Cliff Richard quits Britain for New York

OHMYGOSSIP — Sir Cliff Richard has quit Britain for New York.
The 78-year-old singer spent two years being investigated but was never charged after being falsely accused of historic sexual abuse in 2014 and his close pal Gloria Hunniford has revealed that the ordeal left him “disillusioned” with the UK.
Gloria, 79, told The Sun newspaper: “Cliff won’t come back and live here. He has made that jump now. He was very disillusioned with what happened.
“He likes the anonymity in America. Some people recognise him but he does not get it all the time like he does here.
“His place is in New York and he likes it there. He loves coming back to perform occasionally and is looking forward to playing summer shows this year.
“But I don’t think he will ever live here all the time again.”
Cliff has previously insisted he would never have gotten through the ordeal without his Christian faith.
He said of his religion: “I can only say it’s the major thing that helped me get through the past four years.
“Having no faith would have left me hopelessly lost and in the dark.
“My good friends were always there for me and I couldn’t have done without them either.
“But in the end, when you say good night and you close your eyes, there’s nobody else but you. But for me there was someone.
“I never felt neglected or ignored by God. And that was a major factor. I believe it’s God’s presence that makes you see how committed other people are to you.
“With what I went through, it would have been easy to become self-centred.
“But I believed that the goodness that Jesus talked about let me see that my friends and family – and fans – were very concerned about me. There were really moments when I could not stop weeping and thinking, my God, I will get through this.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Harriet Tubman Is Already Appearing on Some $20 Bills Thanks to Artist’s Clever Stamp

The Trump Administration decided to delay the release of the Harriet Tubman $ 20 bill, so one artist decided to take matters into his own hands.

He created a stamp, retailing for $ 20, that allows people to put Harriet’s face on whatever $ 20 they already have.

via NYDN:

Brooklyn artist Dano Wall has taken the money matter into his own hands, designing a 3D stamp big spenders can use to replace Andrew Jackson’s mug with a picture of their favorite abolitionist and Union Army spy.

The final design for the new $ 20 bill was originally set to be revealed next year, marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote.

But after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a congressional panel this week that the government would be pushing back the plan to replace Jackson with Tubman on the bill to 2028, Wall took to social media to voice his displeasure.

“We’ll see about that,” Wall tweeted, along with a doctored picture of the bill.

Wall designed the stamp in 2017, soon after President Trump took office. The 3D image of Tubman’s picture covers the face of the nation’s seventh President, a slave owner whose sordid history includes the 1830 Indian Removal Act.

Will you be buying one?

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DJ Khaled knew Nipsey Hussle was ‘special’ from early on

OHMYGOSSIP — DJ Khaled knew Nipsey Hussle was “special” early on and tried to sign him to his record label.
The ‘I’m the One’ hitmaker has opened up about how “blessed” he was to have known the late rapper – who was shot and killed in March outside his Marathon shop in Los Angeles – for more than a decade and revealed he was keen to get him on his label, We the Best Music Group, which is now an imprint of Epic Records, which already had Nipsey on their books at the time.
Speaking to DJ Semtex on the Spotify Original ‘Who We Be TALKS_’ podcast, Khaled shared: “I was blessed to know Nipsey for a long time, I’ve known him probably 12 years.
“I’ve always been a fan of him ever since he had that documentary out, it is a long time ago and I’ve seen the documentary of him before I even heard a record, and I was already like this kid is special.
“I actually tried to sign him, he was on Epic that time, and I was working at Def Jam and he came to Miami to record with us and caught a vie and the minute I met him I’m like, ‘Yo I am a big fan.’”
Nipsey features on the 43-year-old star’s star-studded new album ‘Father of Asahd’ – which is out now and also features collaborations with Beyonce, Cardi B, Post Malone and Travis Scott, to name a few – on the track ‘Higher’ with John Legend, which they shot the music video for days before his tragic passing at the age of 33.
Among the tracks is ‘Celebrate’ featuring hip-hop superstars Travis Scott and Post Malone, and Khaled says he was determined to get both of the rappers in the studio to lay down their lines in person.
He said: “Travis Scott and Post Malone I fought to make sure we actually recorded the record meaning through everybody’s schedule, its Travis Scott coming off ‘Astroworld’, just fighting through that schedule to get a recordable, before I talk about how we recorded, I just want you to see the picture, the visual of me Travis and Post standing next to each other, those two guys are rock stars, you know, look at Travis right now, look at Post Malone, that’s like a dope collab and that’s a big collab, especially for the generation now.”
Listent to the full interview on ‘Who We Be TALKS_ ‘ on Spotify now.

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50 Cent’s Estranged Son Shades Him – ‘He Owes Me Money Too’

The rapper has been the one asking for his money to be returned from a number of different people who owed him but this time around, it looks like he might be the one in debt.  50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson decided to troll his dad by claiming that he ‘owes me some money too’’

The father and the son have been feuding for a while and this would definitely not be the first time they call each other out on social media.

It all started with the 21-year-old posting a birthday tribute for sister Mia Jaè earlier today and in the comment section, Blue Mountain State star Page Kennedy did not leave his wishes but instead commented: ‘Yo tell yo pops to pay me my money son.’

If you expected him to defend his father or just ignore the comment you would be wrong because Marquise took this opportunity to reveal that ‘S**t he owe me some money too 🤷🏾‍♂️😂.’

Obviously, Page did not expect that to be his response either since he replied with a simple: ‘Oh.’

That’s definitely a big turn of events that 50 owes people money since he’s been so vocal about others having debts to him and pressuring them to pay him back.

Marquise has shaded his dad before as well.

He once slammed 50  after the rapper attacked his ex and Marquise’s mom, Shaniqua Tompkins in a post.

As the woman was getting ready to have a reality TV show, her ex joked that ‘you starting to look a little thirsty you ok?’ and also ‘Child support ls over😟.’

In defense of his mom, Marquise clapped back at his dad, saying ‘And y’all wonder why I do not respect him as a man or a father? You had a good run but it is over big fella lol it has been a decade. You are 40+ you can grow up any day now.’ Yikes!

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‘RHONJ’: Melissa Gorga & Jennifer Aydin Scream At Each Other In Wild Video From Hamptons Fight

Video footage of the latest fight between ‘RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin has surfaced, and it shows the women yelling at each other at a restaurant in the Hamptons!

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Say What Now? Perfectly Healthy Dog Killed So It Could Be Buried With Its Owner, As Per the Owner’s Will

A perfectly healthy Shih Tzu mix named Emma was euthanized, then cremated in Virginia because the dog’s owner demanded in her will that the dog spend be buried and spend eternity with her.

via NYDN:

Emma was delivered to a Chesterfield County animal shelter on March 8 and put to sleep a couple of weeks later, despite staffers trying to urge the deceased woman’s family to let the dog live, WWBT in Richmond. Va. reported.

“We did suggest they could sign the dog over on numerous occasions, because it’s a dog we could easily find a home for and rehome,” the shelter’s manager reportedly said.

After Emma was killed, the dog’s carcass was brought to a pet cremation center and her ashes were poured into an urn. That container was to be buried next to the owner who posthumously ordered the dog’s death.

According to WWBT’s report, burying a dog’s cremated remains alongside a human corpse is illegal in public cemeteries, but allowed in some private burial grounds.

Shih Tzus are “affectionate, playful, outgoing” dogs that live up to 18 years if not interrupted, according to the American Kennel Club. Emma’s age at the time of her death is not known.

That poor dog…

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Maluma reunites with Madonna on Soltera on new album 11:11

OHMYGOSSIP — Maluma has dropped new album ’11:11′ featuring new songs with the likes of Madonna, Ricky Martin and Ty Dolla $ ign.
The 25-year-old Colombian star recently helped launch Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ era with the lead single ‘Medellin’ from her hotly-anticipated 14th studio album.
Now he has released his own star-studded record, featuring catchy Reggaeton number ‘Soltera’ with the Queen of Pop, the second of three songs from the pair, with ‘B*tch I am Loca’ also set to appear on ‘Madame X’.
The record was made after the Latin Grammy-winner underwent knee surgery and was left unable to tour.
On the concept behind the album, Maluma said: “’11:11′ is a direct signal from our guides, angels and teachers to establish a moment of connection, synchronicity and awareness with ourselves, with the whole.
“It is a wake-up call, a door to meditate, to listen to our intuition, to look into our interior, time to stop and feel the subtle energies of the universe, it’s a call from our essence, a reminder of our true purpose on earth, it is a call to trust.”
Maluma has also reunited with Ricky on ‘No Se Me Quita’, which follows their 2016 collaboration ‘Vente Pa’ Ca’.
Whilst rapper Ty features on beat-heavy track ‘Tu Vecina’.
Maluma will head out on the ‘Maluma 11:11 World Tour’, kicking off in San Diego, California, on September 6.
The run in support of his fourth studio album – the follow-up to 2018’s critically-acclaimed ‘F.A.M.E.’ – will see him perform in more than 21 cities across the globe.
’11:11′ is out now via Relentless Records/Sony Latin.
The track-listing for ’11:11′ is:
1.’11 PM’
2. ‘HP’
3.’No Se Me Quita’ featuring Ricky Martin
4. ‘Dispuesto’ featuring Ozuna
5. ‘No Puedo Olvidarte’ featuring Nicky Jam
6. ‘Me Enamoré de Tí’
7. ‘Extrañándote’ featuring Zion y Lennox
8. ‘Shhh (Calla)’
9. ‘Dinero Tiene Cualquiera’
10. ‘Soltera’ featuring Madonna
11. ‘Te Quiero’
12. ‘Instinto Natural’ featuring Sech
13. ‘Tu Vecina’ featuring Ty Dolla $ ign
14. ‘La Flaca’ featuring Chencho
15. ‘Puesto Pa Ti’ featuring Farina
16. ‘Déjale Saber’

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Eva Marcille Is Promoting A Clothing Line With The Mission To Uplift, Inspire And Encourage Others

Eva Marcille and more celebrities are supporting a clothing line which has a great mission. The Shade Room detailed more about this and it’s genuinely uplifting. Check out their post below.

Here’s what TSR posted: ‘Our friends over at @SupportBlackCollege, a clothing line with a sole mission to uplift, inspire and encourage others to Support HBCU’s are doing a $ 40 hoodie sale on their word famous hoodies! Celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown Chris Paul and many more have been spotted rocking the brand! We’re telling you right now that once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Head on over to and get yours now!#SupporBlackCollegesPartner.’


As expected the post triggered a massive debate in the comments about racism, white supremacy and more issues.

Someone did not get into these serious issues and just said that they love Eva: ‘I think Eva is the prettiest model ever and her personality🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love her.’

Another person posted ‘I think this is smart. A really good friend of mine graduated from a historically black college, but because of the lack of support and name recognition, many jobs have been denying her. The support will put names of these universities out there more for certain fields to higher. Or at least compare the academic levels.’

One fan made their point and said ‘Couldn’t imagine if a white blog posted something like this in support of White Colleges. I notice how some of us want equality, and some are demanding, “black-owned everything.” Sounds great, but it’s like reverse racism to me.😩

The comments continued, and you can see more in the original post.

But speaking of Eva, she was recently praised for her kindness and humbleness.

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Rihanna Talks New Music, Says She Doesn’t Plan to Collaborate with Drake ‘Anytime Soon’: ‘I Don’t See It Happening’

In a wide-ranging new interview with the New York Times focused on her Fenty luxury fashion line, Rih took a moment and touched on her new music.

As expected, Rihanna confirmed that her long-awaited next project will be a reggae album.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview:

H: I’m not in the Navy,29 but I am Navy adjacent. So I have to ask some questions I saw floating around the message boards.

RF: O.K. [Laughs.]

JH: Is it true you are doing a reggae album?

RF: Yeah.

JH: You are? O.K., are you collaborating with Lady Gaga?

RF: No.

JH: Oh, they think you’re doing a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

RF: Maybe because she followed me on Instagram. It’s not in the books right now, but I’m not against it.

JH: Are you going to collaborate with Drake again?30

RF: Not anytime soon, I don’t see it happening. Not on this album, that’s for sure.

JH: What is the album called?

RF: Uh, I don’t know yet.

JH: If you don’t know yet, then you probably don’t know when it’s coming out?

RF: I don’t.

JH: Do you have any names under consideration?

RF: No, so far it’s just been R9,31 thanks to the Navy. I’m about to call it that probably, ’cause they have haunted me with this “R9, R9, when is R9 coming out?” How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?

JH: It’s this gift to the fans who have been most hungry for it.

RF: That would be cute.

Well…at least we know the album is coming. Eventually. Read the rest of Rih’s interview here.

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Kailyn Lowry Disses Jenelle Evans Amid David Eason Scandal: ‘Her Drama Is Hurting Our Show’

Kailyn Lowry spoke out about Jenelle Evans’ latest scandal involving her husband David Eason on May 18 and she admitted that she thinks the situation is negatively affecting the reputation of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

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Don Lemon Says He’s All About Taking Care Of His Health These Days – Here’s Why

According to Page Six, Don Lemon is all about his health, in fact, he refuses to eat junk food almost entirely. The CNN anchor recently said to the outlet that he’s more concerned with nutrition and health now that he’s slowly getting older.

Lemon said to reporters from Page Six that he is a “man of a certain age now,” and has to make particular changes to his diet, otherwise, he won’t fare well for the future. “I would have to cut out the fried food,” the CNN anchor remarked.

With that said, however, he still is a “Southern guy” in his soul so he has to eat all of the good southern foods like fried chicken, gumbo, crawfish bisque, crab cakes, hush puppies, french fries, and catfish.

Followers have come to know Don Lemon, especially in the Trump era, for his controversial comments regarding the president, whom he believes to be one of the worst and most damaging politicians in recent memory.

DePaul University professor, Jeffrey McCall, said to reporters from Fox News that Don isn’t a traditional anchor, in the original meaning of the term. The professor explained that Don is at the forefront of a TV show in which his opinions are at the primary focus of the program’s content.

Reported first by Fox News, the outlet explained his break into broadcasting, including his career start as a reporter who dished on breaking news and major stories. Over time, however, his opinions came to be more respected by the left-wing establishment, especially since Trump’s election in 2016.

The academic said to Fox News that Don Lemon’s reporting style was emblematic of the way in which CNN has focused primarily on spouting opinions, rather than fact-based news reports. Whether that be true or not, now that Don is in his 50s, his career is at its peak, and his on-air persona is appreciated by his base over.

If he intends to continue giving his opinion at the network, he needs to cut out all of the fried food, and focus more on foods that serve longevity, rather than just his taste.

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Selena Gomez’s Puma collection contains secret details

OHMYGOSSIP — Selena Gomez’s second Puma collection contains hidden messages about her life.
The 26-year-old singer released her much-anticipated new fashion line with the sportswear giant on Wednesday (15.05.19), and the star has revealed that she included subtle details about her past in her designs, including the “coordinates” of her Grand Prairie, Texas “hometown”.
There are semi colons referenced to represent the tattoo she got with the cast of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ – which she is executive producer of – that has become a symbol for the battle with depression and a new life chapter.
She told US Glamour: “I’ve put everything from some of my tattoos, my birthdate, the coordinates of my hometown — even working with lupus and having an artist create a box for a shoe that I release where some of the proceeds are able to go to that.
“I try to find original ways of doing it. Every single thing that I do in my career and my life, I just feel so grateful. So most of the time, I try to put a little piece of me in [it].”
And Selena loves to keep her wardrobe simple and “sophisticated”.
She added: “I love trying new things, but I generally love pieces that I feel very sophisticated, sexy, and classy in. I personally don’t want anything that’s too distracting.
“I like to be chill. I don’t overthink anything. I’ll put things together randomly–put on a sweater, throw on a belt with it, maybe wear a skirt or something. It just depends on where I’m at, mentally. I mean, half of fashion is being confident, I think.”
The ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ hitmaker also insisted that her attitude to fashion can come and go, but for the majority of the time, she “loves” it.
She continued: “I go through periods where I’m absolutely in love with fashion, and then I go through periods where I’m like, ‘I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know what’s cool.’ And I’m going to just do my own thing.”

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Say What Now? Mother-Daughter Duo Charged in Murder of Pregnant Teen Whose Baby Was Cut Out of Her Womb

A mother who lost her son in a few years ago and her daughter were charged in the sadistic slaying of a pregnant 19-year-old whose baby boy was cut out of her womb after she was strangled to death.

via NYDN:

Clarisa Figueroa, 46, and her daughter, Desiree, 24, were both charged with first-degree murder in the death of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, Chicago police said at a news conference Thursday.

A third person, Piotr Bobak, 40, was charged with concealment of a homicide. Bobak is the elder Figueroa’s boyfriend.

Cops said a coaxial cable was used to strangle Ochoa-Lopez. The device was discovered in the same garbage can where her body was found in the Figueroa’s backyard on May 14.

“Words really cannot express how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are,” Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

When asked for a motive in the murder, Johnson replied, “Let’s look at what the crime was.”

“Only they can know that. We can only assume [they wanted to] raise the child as their own,” he added. Johnson noted that the 46-year-old Figueroa’s 20-year-old son died of natural causes in 2017.

Police said Ochoa-Lopez, who was nine months pregnant, had bought baby clothes from the elder Figueroa in the past.

The victim had gone over to Figueroa’s house the day she was murdered, on April 23, to purchase more clothes and other baby items.

A spokesperson for the victim’s family, Cecilia Garcia, said Figueroa made it seem as if she was “giving clothes away, supposedly under the pretense that her daughters had been given clothes and they had all these extra boy clothes.”

Four hours after Ochoa-Lopez was seen driving to the suspect’s home, Figueroa was spotted “standing out on the street with a baby” and calling 911. Authorities confirmed they did receive a call for help about a baby from the same address where Ochoa-Lopez’s body was later found.

They said at the time the call was made, authorities had no indication Ochoa-Lopez was in that area.

Figueroa’s daughter, Desiree, allegedly confessed to police that she assisted her mom in strangling Ochoa-Lopez, according to The Chicago Tribune. Police did not disclose details on how the baby was removed from Ochoa-Lopez’s womb.

The baby boy is currently still in “grave condition” and not expected to survive, Johnson said.

“I can’t even imagine, pretend to imagine, what that family is going through right now,” he said. “They should be celebrating the birth of a young baby. Instead, they’re mourning the loss of a mother and possibly that young child.”

Ochoa-Lopez’s father, Arnulfo Ochoa, questioned both the hospital’s and the police’s effort in the case, saying he believed they did not give it enough attention early on because of the family’s immigrant background, the Tribune reported.

“We came to this country to give a good life for my daughter,” he said Thursday. “We just want justice for what they did for my daughter.”

This sounds like something STRAIGHT from a horror film.

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Kenya Moore’s Baby Brooklyn Gets Her Ears Pierced – Watch The Cute Video

It’s time for Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s baby girl to ger her tiny ears pierced. Kenya shared a new video of the baby girl on her social media account, while she’s waiting to get her shots.

Brooklyn’s smile has fans in awe, and if you watch the video, you’ll have a better day as well, for sure.

In the video, Kenya can be heard saying ‘What are you doing Brooky? Huh? Are you ready for your shot? Are you ready for your shots, little girl? Are you ready for your ears pierced?’

Kenya’s precious infant can be seen wearing only a diaper while she’s smiling.

Fans are grateful to Kenya for sharing these precious moments with Brookie with them, and they make sure to tell the mom this in the comments.

A fan asked Kenya, ‘Does she ever cry or fuss? She is such a happy baby ❤’ while another one showed their gratitude to Kenya for the sweet pics and videos she has been sharing: ‘Just adorable!!!!! Thank you! Thank you for sharing these precious moments!!!!’

Another commenter also gushed over the baby and said ‘She is simply beautiful I ‘m so happy for Kenya. 💓💓💓

Someone said Brooklyn looks like Marc: ‘She looks so much like her dad. All she needs is the nose piercing, and they would be twins. Sooo freaking cute!’

Another follower posted ‘She’s enjoying the noise that paper is making 😁, to hell with the shot.😂

One fan is worried about the fact that Brookie will be in pain and said ‘I’m a fan but could you not wait until she’s old enough to choose if she wants them coz it’s unnecessary pain for her just for looks .its painful even as an adult to lay your head onto it afterwards let alone a little baby who has no idea why she would feel any pain.’

Do you think Kenya is doing something wrong by getting the kid’s ears pierced?

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Robert De Niro stars in new Warburtons advert

OHMYGOSSIP — Robert De Niro is the star of a new Warburtons advert.
The Hollywood legend has teamed up with the bakery brand to help launch their brand new Plain and Cinnamon & Raisin bagels.
He said: “It was a pleasure to fly to the UK to film this ad with the Warburtons family, and star alongside Jonathan. Getting into the bagel business has been great fun, and I hope everyone enjoys the final cut.”
Whilst Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, added: “As an iconic New Yorker, Robert De Niro knows his way around a bagel so it’s great to have his seal of approval. We’ve spent months perfecting the recipe and process to ensure we delight families up and down the country with the best thing since sliced bread!”
In the advert, De Niro travels with his team from New York to see Jonathan Warburton after finding out the bakery brand’s bagels are on the up. Bursting into the office, he confronts Warburton and tells him about a world where De Niro rebranded Warburtons bagels as ‘GoodBagels’. And as in previous commercials, Jonathan Warburton mistakes this threat as storytelling for a new advert, which has previously featured the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Peter Kay, and The Muppets. Asking the Hollywood star “how does it end?”, De Niro replies in Hollywood film fashion, “not well”.

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Wendy Williams Is Dissolving Her Foundation for Addicts with Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter

The Hunter Foundation, much like the Hunter marriage, is coming to an end.

Wendy Williams is dissolving the non-profit organization she founded in 2014 with her now-estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

via People:

The foundation is dedicated to providing resources for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs and works to support people as they transition from addiction to recovery.

Williams, 54, announced the news on Wednesday’s episode of her talk show with an official statement, noting that she “remains committed to helping others in the struggles of life.” She said she would be dedicating herself to “other foundations.”

The talk show host, who was living in a sober house up until recently, has been increasingly open about her own struggles with substance abuse, including a cocaine addiction in the past.

In March, she announced that The Hunter Foundation had partnered with T.R.U.S.T., an organization dedicated to building a bridge from treatment to long-term recovery, to launch a national resource hotline.

It is unclear what will happen to the hotline. PEOPLE has reached out to T.R.U.S.T. and The Hunter Foundation for comment.

It’s best Wendy severs ALL ties with Kevin.

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Keanu Reeves What Happens When We Die Theory Goes Viral – Watch His Video With Stephen Colbert Here

In a bizarre turn of events, Keanu Reeves gave a profound answer when Stephen Colbert asked the actor what he thinks happens when we die. It was a heavy topic for the late-night show host, and Reeves answer left Colbert speechless.

Mortality is certainly not a topic most celebrities want to discuss when they are doing the talk show circuit. However, it was brought up thanks to Reeves talking about the plot for the upcoming third installment in the cult Bill and Ted franchise. He was discussing the plot for the flick, which is tentatively titled Bill and Ted Face the Music, when the subject of mortality was inevitable.

The plot as Reeves explains, has Bill and Ted writing a song that must reunite the broken universe or life as everyone knows it will be over. They have only minutes to complete the song, which is all about invoking peace in the world. If the crazy duo fails, then the current space-time continuum will be finished.

Once Reeves finished explaining the premise of the movie, Colbert brought up the question that changed their entire conversation.

“So you’re facing your own mortality and the mortality of all existence,” the Late Night With Stephen Colbert host asked before questioning the actor’s thoughts on what he thinks happens to people when we die.

“I know that the ones who love us will miss us,” the 54-year simply stated.

He didn’t say much, but his message left the host speechless. Colbert was silent before reaching over to shake Reeves’ hand and reminding the audience John Wick 3 movie opens later this week.

Keanu Reeves is a man of few words. However, his words regarding what happens to people when they die has made him go viral. They are not only 100% accurate; they are absurdly beautiful. Don’t you agree?

The actor is no stranger to losing someone to death. He was best friends with actor River Phoenix when he passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 23.

Reeves and ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme had a stillborn daughter back in 1998. Three years later Syme tragically died in a car crash. However, given the loss he suffered, Reeves has some pretty insightful and not bitter words about death.

Fans can catch Bill and Ted Face the Music in theaters in August 2020.

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Russell Wilson Surprises His Mom with a Brand New House for Mother’s Day [Video]

Russell Wilson, fresh off of becoming the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, used his newfound coin to make this Mother’s Day extra special for his mom.

He surprised his mom with a brand new house!

“All these years you have never asked me for anything… only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma,” he captioned a video of her reaction.

Watch the touching moment below.

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Rita Ora loved flirting with waiters at Met Gala

OHMYGOSSIP — Rita Ora spent the Met Gala flirting with waiters.
The 28-year-old singer said fellow musician Lizzo, 31, was her “date” for the evening at the Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (06.05.19), and the pair enjoyed their night at the exclusive bash with supermodel Kate Moss and designer Marc Jacobs.
Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’, she told host Jimmy Fallon: “Lizzo, she was so fun, she was my date. We all went with Marc Jacobs. It was like me, Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Lizzo, it was really fashiony.
“Lizzo and me were like drinking at the table. I was like, what are you looking at? She just kept flirting with all the waiters! I thought, let’s get involved ’cause they’re so handsome!
Rita joked that the hunky waiters were the pair’s “entertainment” for the evening, but that all changed when she had a fan girl moment after spotting ‘Believe’ singer Cher at the event.
She admitted: “That was our entertainment. And then Cher came out and I freaked out!”
Rita was spotted in a stunning golden gown and posed with supermodel Kate as they arrived on the pink carpet at the ceremony.
The ‘Let You Love Me’ hitmaker joked that she felt under dressed at this year’s glitzy event, with so many stars going above and beyond with the ‘Camp’ theme.
She added: “That was my seventh Met. It was great because everyone was really dressed up an I felt normally dressed for once!
“I wanted to go for the old glamour look, and then I looked around and I was like – jeez, I should just set my hair on fire or something.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Why She Feels Their Family Is Complete After Birth of ‘Perfect Gift’ 4th Baby

Kim Kardashian finally has the four children she always longed for. There’s a big reason she feels her family is complete with the addition of their brand new baby boy.

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Watch The Moment Kourtney Told Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian’s And Kanye West’s Surrogate Was In Labor — It Happened On Ellen!

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Kim Kardashian went public on Twitter and officially announced the birth of her fourth child, a son. However, on Thursday, while momager Kris Jenner was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kourtney Kardashian broke the news to her that the couple’s surrogate was in labor. Kris Jenner is known for creating a successful empire after going through personal loss, tragedy, and divorce. As a single mother of six children, she created a way to not only provide for her family but made a dynasty. That dynasty has greatly expanded in the past year as many of her children continue to have babies.

Appearing on Ellen was Kourtney’s and Kim’s children. The Kardashians and Jenners have seen an influx of new children as Kylie Jenner gave birth to Stormi, Khloe Kardashian gave birth to True, and Kim added to the family with her daughter Chicago. All of the children are within months apart and now Kim’s new baby boy is one year younger than his year-old sister and cousins.

At the rate the Kardashian/Jenner empire is growing, one foresees the day when the younger children will dominate gossip columns and news headlines.

You may watch the moment as it unfolded and Kris Jenner’s shocking response to hearing the news that Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s surrogate was in labor in the video player below.

The Kardashian Jenners continue to dominate the news with their social media posts, the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWK) that is currently in Season 16, their fashion statements, and their beauty and other lines.

Kim Kardashian-West has made recent news by saying she has entered a law apprenticeship and studying to become an attorney. She has worked behind the scenes in helping more than a dozen people who were incarcerated for non-violent, drug-related crimes find freedom.

What Kim’s expanding family means for her law studies is not yet known, but Kim Kardashian has proved that when she sets her mind to doing something she’s unstoppable.

What did you think of Kris Jenner’s interview with Ellen? Were you surprised by her reaction to Kourtney’s revelation that Kim’s and Kanye’s baby boy was on the way?

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Wendy Williams Sounds Off, Says ‘There’s a Hot Place in Hell’ for Women Who Sleep with Married Men [Video]

Wendy Williams shared her thoughts on Ayesha Curry’s comments about being frustrated with women who try and get too comfortable with her husband, Steph Curry, and kept it real.

While she didn’t directly address her own estranged husband’s cheating scandal, it’s clear that her commentary came from a personal place — and rightfully so.

via Page Six:

“There are a lot of women with no respect for a marriage,” Williams said, before pausing. “You know what I’m saying? A lot of women who know your man is married and will have the nerve to be right up under him, right under your nose.”

After Williams aired a clip of Ayesha talking to Jada Pinkett Smith on “Red Table Talk” about a woman who flirted with Steph and proceeded to tell Ayesha, “Oh, honey, you know what you signed up for,” Williams threw barbs.

“For you lonely girls who can’t keep their hands off other people’s men, there’s a hot place in hell for you,” the daytime host said.

Watch the clip below.

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Ulrika Jonsson isn’t ready to date again

OHMYGOSSIP — Ulrika Jonsson isn’t ready to start dating again after her third divorce.
The 51-year-old presenter doesn’t feel up to trying online dating after splitting from her husband of 11 years Brian Monet – with whom she has 10-year-old son Malcolm – as it feels like “such a foreign thing” and she’s scared of meeting “an idiot”.
Speaking on ‘Loose Women’, she said: “No. It feels like such a foreign thing to me. I have never been on a blind date … I don’t know how you meet people. I guess I have met people through work and one thing or another. A good friend of mine, Laura has gone online dating and says, ‘Ulrika, it’s a nightmare, they never look like they do in their profile photos and then he is an idiot.’
“I just think, God, I don’t want that. I have got my gorgeous dogs and my children.”
The former ‘Gladiators’ host – who also has Martha, 14, with second spouse Lance Gerrard-Wright, 19-year-old Bo with ex-lover Markus Kempen and 14-year-old Cameron with first husband John Turnbull – went on to explain that her relationship with third hubby Brian collapsed as she felt like she was “dealing with things on my own”.
She said: “I think there is just a moment when you realise you can’t do it on your own. I really believe in [couples] counselling, psychotherapy is amazing.
“I have gone on my own [to therapy]. I felt like I was dealing with things on my own a lot of the time and found it really hard to cope, you are trying to keep things even in front of the children but it’s just not possible.
“It’s just not going to happen, especially when they are older. They are emotionally mature, my girls, and they [pick up when you are sad] more so than you think.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Ramona Singer Would ‘Never Say Never’ To Getting Back Together With Mario!

During a brand new interview, RHONY star Ramona Singer revealed that she and her former husband are in a ‘good place’ these days. As fans remember, the two put an end to their marriage back in 2014 after a shocking cheating scandal.

The reality TV celeb even admitted that she is not a hundred percent against the two of them getting back together.

As you may know, Ramona and her ex, Mario surprised fans when they reunited on RHONY for one episode late last month.

But would they maybe give their romance a second chance?

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Ramona talked about that possibility, saying that ‘Getting divorced wasn’t easy, but you know what? Mario and I are in a good place which you saw on the show. I love him as a person. I settled into that and it’s important to not harbor any animosity towards one person for the other.’

The celeb explained that the main reason why she wants to stay friendly with her ex is that it’s not healthy to have resentments, cheating or not!

It’s just ‘not good for yourself or your heart and soul or your children that you share.’

The two are the co-parents of a 24 year old daughter named Avery.

When asked about whether or not she would consider getting back together, Ramona admitted that ‘We’re friendly and that feels good. You always say never say never but I don’t know. I don’t think so. We’re different people. We want different things.’

So it sounds like resetting their romance is, while not impossible, very unlikely at this point.

Ramona also rejected the idea of the two of them just casually hooking up, saying that she’s too ‘mature’ for that.

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So Sad: Dad Allegedly Kills 1-Month-Old Son by Punching Him in Head After Losing at Video Game

Anthony Trice, of Kentucky, has been charged with murder for fatally punching his infant son in the head in frustration after losing a video game.

His bond has been raised to $ 1,000,000 full cash.

via People:

His son was initially listed in serious condition but later succumbed to his injuries, according to LMPD.

According to an arrest slip, Anthony Trice was home alone watching the child when he was playing video games. Trice started losing the game and became frustrated, throwing the controller and the punching his son in the head.

After punching the infant, police said Trice picked him up to try to quiet him and while carrying him into the kitchen, dropped the child.

Later, Trice made his son a bottle, set him upright and left him unattended to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he noticed the baby was in distress and called 911.

The boy was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital where he later died.

The child’s grandmother set up a GoFundMe account saying the child’s name is De’Anthony Trice. The GoFundMe says that none of the family saw this coming and the they need help for funeral costs. A picture of the De’Anthony Trice shows him connected to several breathing tubes in the hospital.

Ironically, child safety advocates released a new video on Monday that they hope will save lives in situations just like this one. This video created by Prevent Child Abuse of Kentucky will be distributed to every birthing center in Kentucky, which means it has the potential of being viewed by more than 50,000 parents each year, in more than 100 hospitals. The video educates caregivers about safe sleep practices and pediatric head trauma.

“I think it’s a much bigger problem than you might realize,” Dr. Kelly Duak from Norton Children’s Child Abuse Task Force said in the video. “I saw a statistic that an infant in the state of Kentucky is 70-times more likely to die from an abusive head trauma than they are from a motor vehicle accident.”

The video shares a personal story of a mother who opened up about her son who suffered pediatric abusive head trauma at the hands of a caregiver when he was an infant.

“We want to make sure that we understand that in a blink of an eye, we have the opportunity to impact a child’s life and with prevention and awareness we can stop tragedies from happening,” Jill Seyfred from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky said.

Our hearts are breaking. Throw that man UNDER the jail!

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LeBron James Shares Adorable Pics Of His Daughter, 4, With A Major Warning To All Future Suitors

LeBron James took to Instagram on May 7 to post two precious photos of his four-year-old daughter Zhuri and he captioned them with a memorable message for any of those looking to ‘try’ with his ‘Lil Princess’.

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Noah Centineo confirms He-Man role

OHMYGOSSIP — Noah Centineo has confirmed he is to play He-Man.
The 22-year-old actor – who rose to fame playing Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ – has announced he will star in Sony Pictures and Mattel Films’ upcoming live-action reboot of the ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ 1980s toy line and cartoon series.
When asked ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ whether he’ll be taking on the iconic role, he said: Yeah, yeah.”
The ‘Perfect Date’ star then joked: “I have an affinity for being in my underwear. I don’t know what it is. I’m very excited, it’s quite an opportunity.”
The cartoon was previously brought to the big screen in 1987 as a live-action movie with Dolph Lundgren playing He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor.
A young Courteney Cox also earned just her second film credit playing the character Julie Winston who aides He-Man in his quest to save Earth from the invading Skeletor.
The upcoming film will be helmed by Aaron and Adam Nee, while Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, penned the script after taking over from David S. Goyer.
Plot details are as-yet unknown but the original animated series focused on Prince Adam who lives on the planet Eternia and can use his Sword of Power to turn into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, by uttering the words “By the Power of Grayskull!”
He-Man must use powers to defend Eternia from the evil Skeletor whose goal is to conquer the mysterious fortress of Castle Grayskull, from which He-Man draws his strength, so he can rule Eternia and the rest of the universe.

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Adele’s Estranged Husband Simon Reportedly Texting With His Ex Before Their Split

Adele is currently going through a $ 180 million divorce from her husband, Simon Konecki, after three years of marriage. And, a new report claims that before the split, Konecki sent secret texts to his first wife, stylist Clary Collicutt.

According to The Sun, last Christmas Konecki secretly texted Collicutt after he and Adele had started to live separate lives. However, the former couple didn’t announce that their marriage was over until April 19th.

“Clary was shocked to get a message from Simon wishing her happy Christmas, especially because the news he had split from Adele wasn’t out there, but now it all makes sense,” says an insider. “He messaged again on her birthday in February, and wanted to meet for coffee in Hove, but she hasn’t told anyone if she has met him yet.”

The source added that Collicutt and Konecki have a long history. At first, they were neighbors before getting together, and they were a couple for more than four years before he met the 30-year-old superstar. The insider explained that Collicutt and Konecki have the same friends, and it seemed their relationship was solid. Collicutt adored him, so it was a shock to everyone when they split.

Konecki, a charity entrepreneur, moved to Los Angeles with Adele after his divorce from Collicutt, and she moved on and remarried. She launched a successful business as a personal stylist, and in her free time, she loves to practice yoga and focus on environmental sustainability.

The insider revealed that Collicutt’s life is completely different from the one he was living in Los Angeles, and Konecki finds this “refreshing.”

The former couple’s divorce is already final, and cameras have already caught her with a bearded mystery man that looked a lot like her ex-husband. Another insider claims that Adele has said behind closed doors that she is divorced and trying to find her new normal. While she hasn’t said much publicly about the split, in private, she has been open and honest about the divorce.

The Someone Like You singer is telling her friends that “the marriage is done and dusted.”

It’s possible that Konecki will get half of Adele’s massive fortune because they didn’t have a prenup. The former couple continues to co-parent their 6-year-old son, Angelo.

Adele recently hinted on Instagram about a possible new album. Along with four black-and-white pics of herself smiling with friends, she wrote in the caption that “30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you.”

The singer has a history of naming her albums after her age, which always come a year after she records them. For example, her debut album 19 came out when she was 20, and her massive hit album 25 came out when she was 26. So, it would make perfect sense for 30 to drop now that Adele is 31.

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Stop the Madness: Man in Custody After Posing as Ride-Share Driver and Sexually Assaulting a Woman at Knifepoint

A 41-year-old man is in custody after Delaware authorities say he pretended to be a ride-share driver and sexually assaulted a woman at knifepoint.

via NYDN:

The suspect, identified as Roberto Rodriguez, picked up the woman just after 1 a.m. on Saturday as she was walking in Newark, according to authorities. The man told her he drove for a ride-share service and offered her a lift in his GMC pick-up truck, but she had not ordered the ride.

After she entered the vehicle, Rodriguez pulled over and threatened her with a knife as he ordered her to perform a sexual act with him, according to Newark cops. He then continued to drive her, but she was later able to flee the vehicle.

Cops released surveillance video of the vehicle, and said Sunday morning that Rodriguez had been apprehended. He was hit with multiple charges, including first-degree rape and possession of a deadly weapon.

Rodriguez was also charged with malicious interference with emergency communications for taking the woman’s phone to prevent her from immediately calling the police.

The defendant was ordered to be held on $ 63,000 cash bail.

Last month a woman in Maryland was also sexually assaulted by a man who pretended to be a ride-share driver, and a college student was murdered in South Carolina earlier this year after getting into a vehicle she mistakenly believed was an Uber.

We can’t stress this enough — before getting into ANYone’s car, please make sure the driver and licence plate match what’s displayed on the app you’re using. Those extra 15 seconds of verification could possibly save your life!

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Amy Schumer Shows Off Huge Bare Baby Bump & Jokes That She’s Been Pregnant ‘A Long Time’

Seven months after announcing her pregnancy, Amy Schumer is still dealing with severe nausea and vomiting — but her face (and T-shirt) said this all during a sonogram session.

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Kandi Burruss Gets NSFW With Todd Tucker During Dungeon Show — Sparks Debate Between Fans

Kandi Burruss’ dungeon tour has begun and is a big hit in the cities that the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star is taking it. One of the singer’s performances found Kandi in a NSFW position with her husband Todd Tucker — and fans definitely feel a type of way about it.

Todd uploaded a photo of his wife’s hand on his private area alongside a caption that read: “When she touches your dog in front of a sold out crowd! Dungeon Chicago!”

The sexy tour idea stemmed from a shocking storyline on ‘RHOA.’

Porsha Williams accused Kandi and Todd of plotting to drug and sexually assault her in their ‘sex dungeon.’ The season nine reunion revealed that it was none other than Phaedra Parks who put the nasty bug in Porsha’s ear.

Although the Xscape singer admitted that the rumor was bad for business. she turned lemons into lemonade by creating a dungeon-themed party.

“I wanted to take that whole rumor and turn it into something that was fun and more of a positive situation meaning that I wanted to make it fun, positive, and lucrative,” she explained on the Bravo aftershow.

However, some fans think that Kandi is being hypocritical by hosting the burlesque-themed shindig.


View this post on Instagram


When she touches your dog in front of a sold out crowd! Dungeon Chicago!

A post shared by Todd Tucker (@todd167) on

Underneath Todd’s photo that was reposted by a Housewife fan page, one followers said: “But she was so devastated by the ‘rumor’ and it “tarnished her ‘brand ‘ now she tryna capitalize off of it.”

Another chimed in with: “okay so phaedra gave you this idea and you still mad but yet making a bag”

Some social media users feel that Kandi’s show is completely inappropriate.

“Kandi is a freak, she’s comfortable showcasing the open marriage she and her husband been having. In oder to keep her marriage they have to been other people in their bedroom. Is called Hollywood. There’s nothing normal about that life. This is the example they’re setting for her daughter. Ok I 👀

“Now I see why his daughter doesn’t like to be around them in the public eye….just doing way to much,” a commentator added.

There were people who came to Kandi’s defense by saying she turned a negative situation into an experience everyone can enjoy.

What is your opinion on the ‘Welcome to the Dungeon’ tour?

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David Dastmalchian joins cast of The Suicide Squad

OHMYGOSSIP — David Dastmalchian has joined the cast of ‘The Suicide Squad’.
The 35-year-old actor is set to star as Polka-Dot Man in James Gunn’s follow-up to the 2016 DC ensemble movie ‘Suicide Squad’ which is thought to be a reboot of sorts rather than a direct sequel and is planned to start shooting later this year.
The ‘Ant-Man’ star will be joining returning cast members including villains Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jared Leto (The Joker), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) and government official Viola Davis (Captain Waller).
Polka-Dot Man, also known as Mister Polka-Dot, debuted in 1962’s Detective Comics No. 300 and using his ability to turn the polka-dots covering his costume into a variety of devices, launches a crime wave based on spots and dots in Gotham City.
David joins Idris Elba, who will play a new character in the sequel, rather than replacing Will Smith as Deadshot.
The 46-year-old actor was previously believed to have signed on to the sequel of the 2016 DC ensemble movie as the hitman adversary of Batman after Will Smith exited the project in February.
However bosses involved with the sequel, including director Gunn, have reportedly decided to move on from the Deadshot character and axe him from the movie, with Idris instead taking on a new character.
As of the time of writing, it’s not known what DC Comics villain Idris will take on instead, but reports claim that the decision was made as bosses didn’t want to disrespect Will by replacing him, as he’d helped to bring Deadshot to life on screen for the first time.
The film’s release date is currently set for August 2021.

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Verizon Looking to Sell Tumblr After Destroying It By Removing Adult Content, PornHub Interested in Buying and ‘Restoring It to Its Former Glory’

Late last year, Tumblr announced that it would start banning all adult content.

Late last year was also the last time most people logged into Tumblr.

According to The Wall Street Journal, that Verizon has approached other companies in recent weeks that may be interested in buying Tumblr.

via The Verge:

On Thursday evening, Pornhub VP Corey Price claimed in a statement to BuzzFeed News that his company is “extremely interested” in buying Tumblr and “very much looking forward to one day restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content.” The company did not say whether it has actually made any legitimate offer to Verizon, however.

Price is referring to a major change implemented late last year, when Tumblr took the controversial step of banning porn on its platform. The company has been using AI to detect and automatically block images and videos that contain certain adult content. Existing posts containing porn were made private and are no longer publicly accessible. The move resulted in harsh criticism toward the company and a steep decline in web traffic, but Tumblr has given no indication that it plans to reverse its decision. Pornhub quickly sought to attract those users that Tumblr drove away.Tumblr itself was acquired by Yahoo for $ 1.1 billion in 2013 during the Marissa Mayer era as an attempt to revitalize and steer new, younger users to the sinking internet staple. But Yahoo never really knew what to do with Tumblr, and the micro-blogging site — with its millions of personal blogs and some of the weirdest, best things on the internet — did nothing to reverse Yahoo’s business fortunes.

Verizon finalized its $ 4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo in 2017, which led to it taking ownership of Tumblr. Tumblr is currently part of Verizon Media Group (formerly Oath), the umbrella brand for digital properties that Verizon ultimately controlled after its two buyouts of AOL and Yahoo. The Journal notes that Verizon’s attempt to offload Tumblr comes as it tries to make the best of its collective media business after a $ 4.6 billion write-down last year, which was essentially an acknowledgement that both deals had been a mistake. Verizon sold one of its Yahoo assets, Flickr, to SmugMug about a year ago. Guru Gowrappan, the executive put in charge of Verizon Media Group last year, later criticized that sell-off as too time-consuming without enough reward.

But publicly, Verizon executives remain committed to the properties despite layoffs that have affected some of the sites and entertainment divisions. “I hope there is no doubt about our commitment to Verizon Media Group and how it fits into our whole strategy,” CEO Hans Vestberg said earlier this week, according to the Journal. Tumblr, it seems, is not necessarily part of that strategy. But now the question becomes whether there’s even a viable buyer for the platform in 2019 that won’t let it slowly wither away.

Listen, we’re all adults here — PornHub stepping in wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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Kenya Moore Tells Fans To Join Her In The Quest Of Getting Back In Shape – Her Jaw-Dropping Photo Has People Praising Her Looks

Kenya Moore shared a photo in which her jaw-dropping figure has fans really excited. She’s wearing a skin-tight dress which shows a lot as you can see in the photo below.

Kenya has definitely snapped back to her old self after giving birth to baby Brooklyn, and fans never miss an occasion to tell her this.

Here are Kenya’s pic and her advice on getting your body back in shape.

‘Summer is around the corner! @bodycompleterx will help you get your body right! Lose those last pounds with me. Let’s do this together! #bodycompleterx,’ Kenya captioned her post.

Someone commented ‘If you sexy and you know it 👏 your hands if you sexy and you know it raises your hands Yesssssssss !!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A follower posted ‘OMG!!! I would die for that hourglass shape!!! Yes, I would live for it, abundantly!!’

Someone else is really happy that Kenya will be back on RHOA and praised her and her family as well: ‘Hello Kenya you look absolutely fabulous new baby Brooklyn she is just absolutely fabulous adorable. God bless you with a beautiful family and your husband is handsome endearing looking. God is good. Now you stay strong and encouraged. I’m glad you back on Atlanta Housewives everyone has a character to bring long as you keep your truth. God will keep his truth with you like he said he would you’ll never leave you nor forsake you always with you and your family. I love you. Mrs. Lady Kenya. Detroit lady with a Boss diva natality with nothing but love and kindness behind it..💕💕💕💕💕

Kenya is an inspiration for this person: ‘You inspire me SO MUCH @thekenyamoore I wish I could have you as my workout partner. It’s so hard to stay motivated, yet you do it with ease. Looking good Queen 🍑🏋🏽‍♀️🏆

Someone else gushed over Brooklyn’s mom and said ‘Ms Kenya Moore! You are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve loved you since way back when u had your roles in shows. Now you a boss and mother.💕🌹

Recently, Kenya had an exciting announcement to make on her social media account for her fans.

She told them that her dream of having a great hair line has now become a reality after the latest partnership.

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Charlize Theron: Time’s Up is ‘exciting’

OHMYGOSSIP — Charlize Theron finds the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements “exciting”.
The ‘Long Shot’ actress has praised the two movements which aim to bring an end to sexual harassment and gender inequality for creating “change that is going to be sustained”, and says she’s thrilled “as a woman” to witness the changes taking place.
She said: “I feel like everything that’s happened in the last year or so has created change that is going to be sustained. Things are happening right now where doors can’t be closed on what’s been opened and shown. And that, to me as a woman, is exciting.”
And the ‘Atomic Blonde’ star – who has children Jackson, seven, and three-year-old August – can’t wait to see her brood “benefit” from the way the world is changing, and says she’s “optimistic” for the future.
Speaking to Notebook magazine, she added: “I mean obviously it would have been great if that was the case 20 years ago, but I’ll take it now and I’m happy I’m a part of it. More than anything, I look at my two kids and I’m so happy that they’re going to benefit from this. And that drives me to make sure we don’t screw this up and we actually do this in a way where it can be sustained and be something that’s talked of in the past – caveman style. Done. So I’m very optimistic, and I’m usually not!”
Meanwhile, the 43-year-old actress previously praised the movements for helping to create a “gender-neutral” environment in the workplace.
She said: “Since Time’s Up, I’ve been in meetings and on set and there’s not a moment that there isn’t a conversation happening. We’ve recognised that it’s going to get ugly and now it’s about who has the tenacity to see it through. We’re in pre-production on a film right now and we’ve worked really hard to make everyone very aware that the industry needs to change. We need to start hiring differently and we need to create opportunities for a gender-neutral set.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Nipsey Hussle’s Sister Files for Guardianship of His Daughter Emani

Nipsey Hussle’s sister, Samantha Smith has filed for legal guardianship of one of his children.

She filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court asking for guardianship of 7-year-old Emani Asghedom.

via TMZ:

Sources say Samantha believes the child’s biological mother is unable to care for the child.

We’re told Nipsey cared for Emani before his death March 31 after being gunned down at his L.A. clothing store.

Samantha says she has assisted in the care of Emani throughout her life and wants “to ensure the continued stability for Emani and ensure that she will be able to maintain her current and ongoing relationship” with Nipsey’s family.

Nipsey had another child, 2-year-old Kross, with Lauren London. Kross is not the subject of the conservatorship. Kross lives with Lauren.

On April 2, Samantha posted in her Instagram account a tribute to Nipsey, and in it she says, “I got Emani.”

The judge has yet to rule on the guardianship petition.  

We hope this doesn’t get messy.

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Kelly Clarkson Shares Which Of Her 4 Kids Want To Be Famous!

Kelly Clarkson took her whole clan at the premiere of her animated movie UglyDolls and it was as if the event had turned into a super cute family outing. While on the red carpet, the star chatted with ET, revealing which out of her and husband, Brandon Blackstock’s four children dreams of becoming famous.

The singer looked stunning in a bright pink Siriano dress and smiled brightly as she posed for pics alongside her young ones – Savannah, 17, Seth, 12, River, 4 and 3-year-old Remington – and her hubby.


The mother admitted that while she was super happy to have her kids with her at the premiere, it was not the easiest thing to do.

‘Man, that was hard to navigate a red carpet with two toddlers. That’s not for the faint [of heart],’ she told the news outlet.

But Kelly also revealed that her daughter River was overjoyed to be in the spotlight at the event.

‘This was the greatest thing. We said to her, ‘When we get on the red carpet, they are gonna be yelling mommy’s name. Do not get freaked out. Just keep smiling. And what she got from all that was, ‘Why are they screaming only your name?’… she was like, ‘Why are they not screaming my name?’’

‘I thought, ‘Oh my god, the foreshadowing is scary,’’ she laughed, suggesting that she may grow up to have celebrity aspirations.

But that is Okay since Clarkson has been getting ready for the young ones to start making names for themselves already.

‘River and our 12-year-old boy just love doing stuff like this. Our oldest and youngest are kinda like, ‘We’re good,’ but our middle two, they love it,’ the celebrity went on to also dish.

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R. Kelly’s Lawyers Argue He Lost His Sexual Abuse Civil Trial Because He Can’t Read

R. Kelly’s legal team says the reason he didn’t appear at the hearing for his sexual abuse civil case is because he can’t read … and they’re asking for another one.

via TMZ:

Kelly’s attorneys, Zaid Abdallah and Raed Shalabi, filed legal docs claiming even though Kelly was served in the civil case — in which Heather Williams alleges he sexually abused her when she was 16 — he was in Cook County Jail at the time for failing to pay child support and should not have been served there.

More significantly, though, according to the docs … Kelly “suffers from a learning disability that adversely affects his ability to read,” adding … “in essence he cannot.”

Translation — Kelly had no idea what the legal papers were all about, so he didn’t take the appropriate steps after being served to defend himself.

The new legal docs also blast the fact Kelly was served while incarcerated, claiming Williams’ lawyers could have easily served Kelly’s criminal lawyer or delivered the docs to Trump Towers where he lives. Williams’ lawyer has said security at his residence made that impossible, but Kelly’s attorney calls BS on that.

As we reported … Williams won a default judgment against Kelly when he failed to appear for a hearing in the case.

Kelly’s legal team is asking the court to vacate the decision … so he can properly mount his defense this time around.

If he (and his team) can read documents enough for him to show up for appearances and schedule shows, then there’s no excuse as to why they couldn’t read the document requiring him to show up to court.

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Naomie Harris thrilled to return to her mother’s home country for Bond 25

OHMYGOSSIP — Naomie Harris says it’s “amazing” to be able to shoot ‘Bond 25’ in Jamaica because it is her mother’s home country.
It was confirmed on Thursday (25.04.19) that the 42-year-old actress will reprise her role as Eve Moneypenny for a third time in the new 007 adventure alongside returning cast members Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinnear, Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Craig – who is playing the British spy for the fifth and final time.
The movie will begin with Bond off active service and living a tranquil life in Jamaica and shooting is already underway.
‘Skyfall’ star Naomie revealed that her family “went crazy” when she told them she’d be returning to the franchise and says they’re “so excited” that the movie is being filmed on the Caribbean island because it is where he mother was born and grew up before she emigrated to London.
Speaking during a live Q&A announcing the cast and confirming shooting is underway, Naomie said: “All I thought about was my family actually I just thought, ‘Oh they’re gonna go crazy.’ And they did go crazy, they threw a massive party and it’s been like a whole celebration. It’s not like I just got the job it’s like the whole family got the job and they’re so excited about it, they’re all huge Bond fans, it means so much to all of us. They’re all so excited because it’s happening here [Jamaica]. I’m Jamaican, that’s where my roots are from, so it’s amazing that it’s being launched here, so amazing.”
The film’s producer Barbara Broccoli added that its “incredible” to be shooting in the country where James Bond author Ian Fleming, lived when he created the iconic character.
She said: “It’s incredible to be here this is where James Bond was created 57 years ago.”
The film will see Bond return to the same beach that featured in 1963’s ‘Dr No’ and 1973’s ‘Live and Let Die’.
Other locations for filming include London, Italy, Norway and Pinewood Studios.

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Porsha Williams Talks About Her Special ‘Porsha’s Having A Baby’ On Fox5

Porsha Williams just has an interview on Fox5 about her spinoff special called ‘Porsha’s Having A Baby.’ She talked about the show, pregnancy, snapback and more. Here are the videos that she shared on her social media account.

Fans can see the special edition on April 28.

Someone asked Porsha: ‘Are we gonna get to see baby PJ’s face after your Bravo special airs? I wanna see her 😍 But, I also understand if you don’t plan to show her on social media.’

Another follower said ‘Yasss. Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.😍

One fan posted this: ‘I just love you. Your whole aura….I have always rooted for you, even when everyone on the show misunderstood u….I’ve been there myself.’

A supporter calls Porsha an inspiration: ‘Always love you Porsha… Your growth over the year on RhOA is truly an inspiration…👍👍👍😊😊😊

Someone also addressed Porsha’s snapback game: ‘Love that you embracing yourself and looking good doing the snapback is gonna be epic because you’re taking your time to care for the baby and yourself… 🙌🏾

A fan said that Porsha deserves the great life that she has been living for a while: ‘You deserve all the happiness Porsha! Its been a long time coming 👏❤❤

Porsha has recently shared a photo in which she’s rocking an outfit from her own clothing line, and fans are here for it again.

But, she also managed to spark a debate in the comments regarding her body after giving birth to baby PJ.

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John Singleton Is in a Coma Following Serious Stroke, Family Is Establishing a Conservatorship

John Singleton is still in the hospital after exclusively broke the news last week that John suffered a stroke — and his condition is worse than the family initially wanted the public to know.

John is in a coma and the family is in the process of establishing a conservatorship for him.

via TMZ:

TMZ broke the story … Singleton suffered a stroke last week after returning from Costa Rica and experience problems with his legs.  He checked himself into Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. and suffered a stroke Thursday in his hospital room.

We know he was in ICU as of last weekend, but family members characterized the stroke as “mild.”

According to the legal docs, obtained by TMZ, John’s mom, Shelia Ward, is asking a judge to appoint her temporary conservator  because he is “unable to properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter.”

 We’re keeping his family in our prayers.

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Kevin Feige ‘got chills’ when Avengers assembled for first time

OHMYGOSSIP — Kevin Feige says he “got chills” when the Avengers assembled for the first time.
‘Avengers: Endgame’ is released Thursday (25.04.19) and will wrap up 21 films and 11 franchises taking place over a decade, and will complete phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The Marvel Studios President explained that he knew the franchise would be a success while making 2012’s ‘The Avengers’ – when the movies heroes were brought together for the first time – and praised the film’s director Joss Whedon for “pulling it off” and creating an “iconic moment” in cinema.
Speaking in a video for Rotten Tomatoes, he said: “That shot, the shot of all the Avengers assembling for the first time, was so much spectacle, so many visual effects
“It was filmed in an open air warehouse in New Mexico, not in New York. There was nothing but green screen behind them.
“Hulk wasn’t in the shot. Iron Man wasn’t in the shot because they were CG and put in later, but it looked pretty cool and Joss had a great vision for it.
“Cut too many months later, the visual effects are coming together, it’s starting to look cool, Iron Man’s now landing, Hulk’s there.
” But the moment when I realised that this could be an iconic moment not just for the MCU, but for these kinds of films, was on the mix stage.
“You get the experience of watching the final playback on the mix stage with Silvestri’s amazing score building to that moment and I got chills. And I realised Joss had pulled it off.”
But while the studio had “high expectations” for the franchise, Kevin admitted it still went beyond their “wildest” projections.
“We had high expectations for what the movie could be and the way the audience responded and the box office numbers behind it exceeded even our wildest expectations.”

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Gwen Stefani’s Boys See Blake Shelton As A ‘Father Figure’

It turns out that everything is as perfect in Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s family life as it seems from the outside! One insider report claims that it’s not just about the two adults loving each other but that Gwen’s sons are also very attached since they see the country singer as their ‘step dad’ not just a man their mom dates.

Of course, that is not to say Blake has any intention of getting ‘in between’ them and their biological father, Gavin Rossdale.

Despite not having any children of his own, Shelton is taking his role as a ‘father figure’ really seriously and is also very good at it!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Blake and Gwen spent Easter together as a family because Gwen and the kids think of Blake as a father figure. They respect and love him and are very appreciative of him being there for them.’

Apparently, Blake acknowledges his responsibility as a sort of role model for Gwen’s three sons.

The insider went on to dish that ‘Blake is taking on the role of a step dad close to his heart and is really loving it. This in no way takes the kids away from Gavin and how he is as a father because Gavin is a wonderful father, but Gwen and the kids are happy that everyone gets the best of both worlds. Blake stepped up and will be in their lives forever just as Gavin will be. It’s a pretty healthy situation. Everyone is getting along which is pretty nice to see.’

Blake totally respects Gavin as their dad but sees no harm in him bonding with the kids and helping out with them.

After all, he believes it’s the healthy thing to do since he’s so much in their lives via Gwen anyway.

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Say What Now? Teacher Charged with Hiring a Hitman to Kill the 10-Year-Old Student He Allegedly Molested

While 36-year-old Deonte Taylor was awaiting trial on accusations he molested a 10-year-old student, the former teacher was hit with another charge after he allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill the boy.

via NYDN:

Deonte Taylor, 36, was accused of exposing himself to a 7-year-old student and putting his penis in the student’s mouth when he worked as a teachers aide at Lusher Elementary back in 2015, the attorney’s office said.

Charges were not filed and he went on to secure other jobs; however, the case was reopened three years later and he was arrested in November 2018.

At the time of his arrest, he was working at the Ferguson-Florissant School District. Following his arrest and the molestation allegations, police said Taylor was still being paid.

As Taylor was awaiting trial on the molestation charges, he and his accomplice, his boyfriend Michael Johnson, allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill the child and his family.

Taylor now faces both conspiracy to commit murder charges and witness tampering charges, a spokeswoman for the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said Monday. He was already facing three counts of first-degree sodomy.

In a court appearance last week, Taylor and Johnson pleaded not guilty. Johnson faces two counts of conspiracy to commit murder and two counts of witness tampering.

Calls to the school district were not immediately returned.

Cops also learned that Taylor was HIV positive when he allegedly molested the boy, now 10. An additional charge of knowingly exposing someone to HIV was added.

A GoFundMe was set up for the alleged victim, who was not identified. The proceeds will go toward the family “who have struggled financially and emotionally since the original incident in 2015.”

They need to lock his nasty, murderous, ass ALL the way up. Forever.

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Kate Del Castillo Reveals How She Felt Returning For ‘La Reina Del Sur’ After 8 Years: I Was ‘Scared’

‘La Reina del Sur’ returns for season 2 on April 22. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kate Del Castillo about coming back to the role of Teresa Mendoza after 8 years, Teresa’s daughter, and more.

Hollywood Life


Save Up to 50% Off ROXY Sale Styles!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s communication has improved

OHMYGOSSIP — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s “communication has improved tremendously” since they were declared officially single.
The former couple have been working on a bifurcated judgment, which allows the courts to officially declare them as single, and they have now filed papers to officially restore their single status and their relationship is said to be better than ever now.
A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Brad and Angelina have come a long way. To the surprise of many of their closest friends, their communication has improved tremendously and they’re both dedicated to co-parenting. Their kids have a custody schedule and that’s made a huge difference for the whole family. The schedule has alleviated any of the planning pressures Brad and Angelina have faced in the past. Now the kids spend time with both their parents and are happy and thriving.”
Meanwhile, it was revealed in December that Brad and Angelina had reached a custody agreement for their six children.
Samantha Bley DeJean, Angelina’s attorney, said at the time: “A custody arrangement was agreed two weeks ago, and has been signed by both parties and the judge. The agreement, which is based on the recommendations of the child custody evaluator, eliminates the need for a trial. The filing and details of the agreement are confidential to protect the best interests of the children.”
It was previously reported that the pair are making a huge effort to be civil for the sake of their children – Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 12, and 10-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.
An insider said: “It’s a huge turnaround from where the marriage ended, especially given the claims Angelina made against Brad, but they are now on pretty good terms. Both decided it was crucial for the children that they had a respectful relationship. The key thing is that they agree to custody sharing, with Brad having access and working with Angelina on logistic issues about work and travel.”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Alex Trebek Says He’ll Return For ‘Jeopardy’ Season 36 — Lists Lake House For Sale

Alex Trebek wrapped up Jeopardy Season 35 and gave a special health update to his fans. The 78-year-old host of the show announced during Season 35 he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He made the announcement in a video to his fans and in return, they rallied together in prayer and well wishes for the game show host.

On the last day of Jeopardy’s Season 35 taping, Alex Trebek provided a video update and stated the following.

“I wanted once again to thank you for your continuing messages of encouragement and support, particularly the many cards I’ve received from young people. I’m touched beyond words. I’ve always tried to be straight with you, and I’m not going to stop now, so despite what you may have heard, I’m feeling good. I’m continuing with my therapy and we, by we, the staff, is already working on our next season, the 36th year of Jeopardy.”

Jeopardy returns for Season 36 in September 2019.

You may see the full video announcement made by Alex Trebek in the video player below.

As Alex Trebek continues to focus on his health over the spring and summer, his fans continue to pray for him and hope he makes a full recovery.

In other news, Alex Trebek has listed his Lake Nacimiento, California home for $ 1.399  million. The house is described as being 2,600 square feet and includes a 1,500 square foot workshop. Located on 30 acres of Lake Nacimiento, there is a covered dock and ramp with a private launch making it perfect for water enthusiasts.

The property is furnished and includes some extras such as his and her Honda ATVs, a Sea-Doo and even a jet ski.

Alex Trebek began hosting Jeopardy in 1984 and many can’t imagine the long-running game show without him at the helm.

Though Alex Trebek is committed and determined to return to the show for its 36th season, it seems that will be his last. Alex Trebek’s contract expires in 2022, but he has hinted that he may retire in 2020.

It’s too early to tell what Alex Trebek will ultimately do. He appears strong, healthy and in good spirits and is motivated to return for Season 36.

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Good for Him! Eminem Celebrates 11 Years of Sobriety: ‘Still Not Afraid’ [Photo]

Eminem is continuing on his path of sobriety.

The 46-year-old rapper shared on social media that he’s celebrating 11 years sober with a photo of the medallion he received for his accomplishment.

via People:

The medallion is stamped with the Roman numeral for eleven, “XI,” and the words “Unity,” “Service” and “Recovery.”

“11 years – still not afraid,” Eminem captioned the photo.

Last year, the rapper, who was born Marshall Mathers, also acknowledged the anniversary of his sobriety, sharing a photo to Instagram in between his headlining sets at Coachella.

“Celebrated my 10 years yesterday,” he wrote alongside the image, in which he held a medallion up to the camera.

Eminem previously revealed he had a near-death experience from an accidental overdose back in 2007 after his addiction got so bad that he was taking up to 20 pills a day.

The star opened up about his near-fatal overdose on Revival, his ninth studio album that was released in December 2017.

On the 18th track, titled “Castle” featuring Skylar Grey, Eminem writes letters to his 23-year-old daughter Hailie Jade, with the third verse talking about her 12th birthday and recalling how he overdosed on methadone and nearly died.

“Your dad’s at the end of his rope/ I’m sliding down a slippery slope/ Anyway, sweetie, I better go, I’m getting sleepy … Love, Dad, s—, I don’t know,” he raps.

Then on the 19th and final track of Revival, titled “Arose,” Eminem continues the narrative of “Castle” by speaking directly to his daughter again, this time as final apologies from his deathbed.

“Just heard they’re unplugging me/ And it’s your birthday/ Jade I’m missing your birthday/ Baby girl, I’m sorry,” he says.

However, the end of the verse is noticeably different: “I’m pledging to throw this methadone in the toilet” he says, referring to a new beginning.

Congrats to Em.

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Joe Giudice ‘Heartbroken’ After Having His Deportation Appeal Denied But Is Not Done Fighting!

As you can imagine, after he lost his deportation appeal, Joe Giudice was no short of heartbroken! However, the man is determined to keep on fighting and do whatever he can to avoid being sent to Italy forever.

After all, not only is America the country he’s lived in all his life, his entire family is also here! The stakes are very high!

At this time, however, the situation doesn’t look too good for him after he lost his deportation appeal.

Now, one source close to the Giudice family shares with HollywoodLife that ‘Joe Giudice is absolutely heartbroken and devastated that his appeal in his deportation case was denied. However, he plans to keep fighting.’

Real Housewives of New Jersey star and Joe’s wife, Teresa Giudice has made it very clear before that she has no intention to move their four daughters to Italy just to be with him as a family.

She believes it’s best for the girls to continue their lives in the U.S. and Joe agrees.

That being said, he also thinks he doesn’t deserve to be deported.

‘He truly believes he does not deserve to go to Italy. He will stop at nothing until he can be home again with his girls and his family. He feels like he is truly living a nightmare and has never felt more miserable. The facility at ICE is way worse than in prison in Pennsylvania. Joe wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. The one thing keeping him going right now are his daughters,’ the source went on to say.

Speaking of the daughters, the insider mentioned that they are very ‘distraught’ over this situation.

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Gabrielle Union took her family to Pride Parade

OHMYGOSSIP — Gabrielle Union took her “entire household” to a Pride Parade.
The 46-year-old actress took her step-sons children Zaire, 17, and Zion, 11 – whose father is Gabrielle’s husband Dwayne Wade – and her five-month-old daughter Kaavia to the Miami Beach Drive Festival earlier this month, because she believes attending the events – which are designed to celebrate the LGBT community – are “part of being a global citizen”.
Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: “It feels normal. My mom took me to my first pride at eight years old. We moved to San Francisco, and it’s kind of part of being a global citizen.
“People talk a lot about diversity and inclusion, but they don’t actually mean it. In our household, we mean that, and that’s why the entire household went to pride.”
Dwayne – who is the father of Kaavia, and also has five-year-old son Xavier, and custody of 17-year-old nephew Dahveon – wasn’t with his family because of work commitments, but took to Instagram to praise his son Zion, who had his “own cheering section” at the festival.
He wrote: “Zion had his [own] cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid! … It’s a family thing. (sic)”
Zion identifies as gay, and the family took the trip to the Pride Parade to support him in his first LGBT event.
Meanwhile, Dwayne recently praised the ‘Being Mary Jane’ star for being the best stepmother to his brood.
He wrote on social media: “She’s a star in her most important role. I wanna acknowledge my wife and the kids step mom for being everything that each boy and i have needed her to be. We couldn’t have wished for more @gabunion … Thank you for loving us! (sic)”

Source: Herald Mail Media
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Say What Now? Massive Gas Station Brawl Breaks Out Over Hot Dogs [Video]

Gas prices are soaring all over the country, but that’s not what led to this brawl at an Ohio gas station.

This brawl broke out over hot dogs.

Yes, hot dogs.

via NYDN:

Four women were caught on video attacking a man with everything they could get their hands on when he stepped in to stop them from beating up another female customer, according to Cam Dancy, who posted the video on YouTube and spoke to Cleveland’s 19 News.

“I know the video makes it look like he was trying to fight them, but they were actually jumping him,” Dancy said. “They were throwing trash cans and the windshield wiper thing, and one girl ripped the gas pump off and tried to hit him with that.”

According to a service station employee at the Akron station, the dustup started after someone in the shop accused the four women of stealing hot dogs.

When the foursome descended on that woman, the man in the video allegedly intervened, shoving one woman to the ground in the parking lot. Her friends then swarmed him, throwing a squeegee, a gas hose and what appear to be plastic garbage can lids at him.

Dancy said, “They threw the entire gas station at him.”

We thought our eyes were deceiving us, but one woman is actually slinging around an entire gas pump + hose.

Take a look.

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Kevin Hunter Apologizes To Wendy Williams And ‘Her Amazing Fans’ – Read His Message Here

Everyone knows by now that Wendy Williams finally took the decision to end the toxic marriage she has been in for a really long time.

Her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been having a mistress, Sharina Hudson for quite a while and the couple has been reportedly living on Wendy’s back, financially speaking.

Sharina even turned out to be pregnant which landed Wendy is the hospital.

This has led to Wendy having health problems and more and the woman finally woke up and decided to end the nightmare by filing for divorce.

Wendy ‘had her estranged husband served with a box that looked like a gift,’ and GossipTooMuch wrote ‘His reaction was not that of a happy man.’

Wendy also made sure to address the divorce on her TV show, and she opened up to her audience which, of course, appreciated her honesty.

The Shade Room brings fresh news from The Blast and said that Kevin finally spoke and apologized to Wendy, his family and Wendy’s fans. Read his message below.

Kevin has reportedly issued a public apology via The Blast! He said he’s ‘not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family, and her amazing fans. Twenty-eight years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world. I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter, a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally.’

View this post on Instagram

TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny! _____________________ Now y’all know #WendyWilliams and her soon-to-Be ex-husband, #KevinHunter have been under the ‘scope lately — especially following Wendy’s recent file for divorce. Just yesterday, she threw a few shade trees at her situation and then today, #Kevin followed up with a public apology via @blast! He says he’s “not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans.” _______________________ “28 years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world. I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter, a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally.” ________________________ Kevin continues, “I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.” As it relates to the future, Kevin says, “No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still The — read more at!

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Kevin continued and said, ‘I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family, and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.’

Wendy’s fans were not here for his message at all.

Someone said ‘Y’all always apologize after you’ve been caught😩. STOP IT😩😩🤣’ while another fan posted ‘I don’t care what anyone says, NOBODY deserves what Wendy is going through.’

Another Instagrammer had this to say: ‘Takes you to have a whole kid with someone else to apologize? LMFAOOO 🤦🏽‍♂️

A follower said ‘They only want to apologize when they get caught.’

Another person hopes that Wendy will not take the man back: ‘She better not take him back 🙄🙄 he had a full relationship on the side.’

What do you think about Kevin’s alleged message?

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