Thom Solo Has Put Lady Gaga and Britney Spears in 10-Inch Heels. Next: Your Feet

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photo Courtesy Thom Solo

Thom Solo put on his first pair of heels in 1995. He was a 5-year-old boy growing up in Newton, Massachusetts. Solo cannot remember the exact brand—“it probably doesn’t even exist anymore”—but he is sure they were a pair of suede fuchsia pumps.

Suddenly a few inches taller, Solo sprinted out of his mother’s closet, running down the stairs and all around the house. “Well, it was more of a Clydesdale run,” Solo told The Daily Beast. A clunky stride, for sure, but he does not remember falling.

Solo had graduated to his mother’s pumps after first obsessing over jelly sandals at age 2. “My mom knew how badly I wanted them, so I think we spent 11 hours of journeying around trying to find a pair,” he recalled. Once they managed to scoop the jellies, “I don’t think I took those shoes off until my feet exploded out of them.”

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