Review: how artrepublic Brighton celebrated its 25th anniversary year

From local events and big-name exhibitions to taking art onto Brighton’s streets, here are artrepublic’s highlights of 2018.

Typically, as we head towards the end of a year we start to look back at all the things we’ve seen, done and accomplished over the past 12 months. What were the highs and the lows? What do we want more or less of, and what exciting plans and experiences can we carry with us into the sparkling new year? For artrepublic, this has been a truly special and spectacular year.

Our 25th anniversary year has offered up almost too many gems to mention. Early in 2018 we launched our brand-new gallery area, doubling the wall space at our Bond Street location to bring you even more of the art and artists that you love. And, with that space came a whole new events calendar, featuring monthly activities for kids hosted by our artists, evenings of edition screen printing with The Private Press (and a few more of our artists), and even some live real-life storytelling with Spark. We had a fair few parties too, with bubbles flowing to celebrate exclusive print launches, including an exclusive launch with Mark Vessey, where we were treated to a spin on the desks from legendary Brighton DJ & producer, Fatboy Slim. There were also solo exhibitions from the likes of Bruce McLean, collective showcases – taking in everything from abstraction to our Modern Masters – and even an album launch for  drum & bass legend, Friction. And that was just inside the four walls of the gallery itself.

Out in Brighton, beyond the gallery doors, our annual Art Yard Sale had people queuing round the block in the blazing sunshine, all waiting to get their hands on original art, at great prices, direct from the artists themselves. Some of the newest additions to the artrepublic family were there, right alongside some of the gallery’s veterans (not in terms of physical age, but in terms of long-held creative friendships) and, wandering among them all, was the host of our freshly-launched podcast, Art-related Nonsense, collecting stories from some of the best in the art business to share with you all. Check the first series out on iTunes.

Elsewhere on Brighton’s streets, a little later in the year, the gallery was represented in the Martlets Snail Trail with a design created for us specially by Eelus. Unlike that snail (who was very much rooted to the spot), for us this year has sped by.

The artrepublic Snail by Eelus 

We’re so grateful to be able to share all this with the art lovers out there – each of you has brought something to the artrepublic story in 2018, a big thank you to you all and we look forward to seeing you at plenty more of the gallery’s events, openings and occasions in the year to come. From everyone at artrepublic Brighton, season’s greetings and we wish you a very Happy New Year.

For more news stories and events visit our Brighton Gallery page

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Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 25th to December 1st: It’s the perfect post-Thanksgiving week

Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 25th to December 1st: It’s the perfect post-Thanksgiving week

Your HelloGiggles horoscope, November 25th to December 1st: It’s the perfect post-Thanksgiving week

This week will be fairly easy-breezy, thank goodness. We can breathe in the expansive and optimistic air of Sagittarius season, and enjoy the dreaminess that Neptune going direct has evoked in our lives. It’s probably the perfect post-Thanksgiving week as we get back to our daily grind, not to mention deal with the demands of the holiday season. However, not everything’s 100% peachy in the cosmos. Let’s not forget we’re still in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, and this week the little planet enters Scorpio on December 1st. Ouch.

Scorpios, the serious and salty stingers that they are, don’t mess around. As a result, we might be perceiving and picking up on a whole lot in the energy field, which might cause us to impulsively speak out about something without knowing all the facts. You might find yourself thinking negative and suspicious thoughts instead of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Beware of knee-jerk reactions and old fears cropping up. Instead, try to do some self-reflection and self-soothing.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in your weekly horoscope.


You’re feeling a huge shift in your life in so many ways, Sag. It’s important to understand that you are able to make anything possible right now. Really. So make sure you’re focusing on what’s truly moving you towards the highest good. Think long-term gains and get ready for your blessing.



Don’t worry, Capricorn, all is well. You might be in the midst of an upset or disappointment, but the stars want you to know that life’s rejections are truly the Universe’s blessings. Try to see that everything is working out for you right now, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Trust.



You’re surrounded by an awesome support system, Aquarius. This is important to keep in mind when life becomes overwhelming or even overbearing at times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your tribe wants to help you thrive, so lean on them.



It’s time for you to make some moves, Pisces. While you might have hesitated or doubted whether you should move forward with this new transition—whether it’s a relationship, project, or literal move—the cosmos want you to have faith in yourself. You can do this.



You’re headed for a major revelation, Aries. You’ve always known you’re a powerful manifester, but lately, something’s been off about a certain project or situation. Now the stars are lining up for you so that you’re able to finally hit that reset button. You got this.



You’re ready to just hunker down for the holidays, Taurus. You’re at a place of stability and comfort, which is where you like to be. Enjoy this for now because the stars don’t want you resting for long. There’s a spark within that needs to be lit. Don’t underestimate yourself.



You’re feeling feels, Gemini, which feels a bit scary for you. You typically like to remain in control of your emotions, but a certain situation or relationship requires you to empathize and sort it out with feelings rather than solutions and intellectualism. Feel what you need to. It’s the only way through.



It’s time to revisit something you left behind, Cancer. Maybe it’s a project, a job opportunity, or relationship. Perhaps the timing was off then, but maybe it’s the right time now to pursue it. Or maybe you need to return to it in order to finally let it go. Whichever you choose will push you forward.



You’re waiting to see if something is worth it, Leo. You like to be sure that whatever you’re doing is worthy of your time and talent. You don’t want to waste your electric energy on just anything or anyone. But sometimes you gotta take a chance and find out by doing it. So, do it.



You’re finally seeing your value and worth, Virgo. Meaning you now know that you deserve to reach for the stars. Like, really reach. You’ve always known you’re talented and intelligent, but now you understand you’re worthy of greatness. Don’t forget this feeling.



You’re doing you, Libra. While it might feel odd to be so focused on yourself and not really caring about what others think, this is the most liberating thing you can do for yourself. Continue to break free from old connections and habits, and keep moving ahead.



You need to act on the images you have in your head, Scorpio. You have big goals, but sometimes you lack the wherewithal and the confidence that you can make those dreams into your reality. The only thing stopping you is you. Get out of your own way.


Basically, bbs, if we can take life day by day and continue to check in with our feelings about where we are and where we want to be, this could be a turning point for us. Keep yourself in check, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

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Today in History for November 25th

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